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A contest like no other, try to build on this sentence
[Introduction] "Fools live in Paradise" -

We all need to expand on this statement.
Some of us can write for this quote
While others can argue against this point.

My take:

Fools live in paradise" is partly true. They can convince themselves that all bad things happen for a purpose and that it is pre-ordained. Otherwise, reality demands rational thought, and suspension of faith. Reality demands that one questions the existence of paradise.
Well, this would also require a definition of "fool".

I do not want to quote from the Dictionaries that are dime-a-dozen on the web, but would like to coin my own meaning.

A fool is someone who defies reality or bothers the least about reality and rational thought.

But then I could also be wrong.
Just some thoughts on fools - before proceeding:

- fools live also elsewhere (than paradise)(see below, for further expansion)

- I tend to call people "fool" who irritate me to no end. Whether that's right or wrong, remains to be seen.

- Ideamatters definition of fools seems quite apt. But are all fools categorized under this definition of their kind?

- Do fools live in Paradise? Or could it also mean hell, when one is not bothered about reality? Or any place in between...

My thoughts on a campfire on Fools and Paradise:
- a great and vast subject, giving lots of space for adding thoughts and opinions. And can be dealt in any mood: ironical, emotional, serious.

Hoping it will be glowing, warm, enchanting as a real campfire...
But paradise is such a limited space and sphere
limited space and sphere....never say that to a believer: it's vast, multilayered, all encompassing.
But then we are talking about God's Paradise, way beyond the concept of Paradise of (most) man (men).

I'm sure that it's also not that Paradise of the Fools...let's say they have their own, here on earth.
Or they believe that it is better to mask their reality
Now we are going to discuss on fools?

The King's Joker is being called a fool. Yet he might be quite visionary. This on the side.

Who are the fools, supposed to inhabit Paradise?
Most appropriate seems indeed to opt for those forgetting about reality.

One who choses to mask his reality, does he posess the innocence to experience an earthly Paradise?
I don't think the one who masks his reality possesses innocence to experience an earthly paradise. To be totally innocent or sinless you would really have to be a baby who can't act on his thoughts. Fools who experience earthly paradise are just naive and overly optimistic. They tend to block out the negativity as if they don't exist. To go back to the question they don't possess the innocence because they are blind to their own wrongdoing.
Well said Dntd and Mars, I agree to an extent that one has to leave one's judgement behind to feel that whatever one sees, believes, as also where one lives is paradise.

Okay, now, why do they commonly use this phrase, "fools live in paradise" -

1) does that mean that others don't
2) does it mean that paradise is not a possibility
3) does it mean that if one believes in paradise, one is a fool or
4) does it mean that being foolish one tends to believe in paradise

What exactly is the connotation of this phrase.

Do you all think it is a worthwhile proposition to go into this deeper and instead of talking about its impact, we need to discuss about, whether the phrase itself makes any sense at all from any angle.

Just my 2 cents.

Thank you,
I think you are missing the point. Paradise for a fool is not a place you go to. It is deep in their own minds! A fools paradise is his distorted vision of his own existence. That is why there is no reality for them. Ski
Hi Guys, Just concluding it for the time being as this is the first campfire from me, and we seem to have run into some minor glitches. Next time around, I would like to pick a story that we could all complete or a poem, wherein, someone writes the first line, the second the 2nd line and so on .... do let me know if anyone likes the idea ...

Thank you for participating in this and for all your inputs ...


The End!

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