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by mars
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A small campfire, warming Soulcolors and Mars. Somewhere near Neptune?
[Introduction] The campfire warming Saraswathi and Mars, after a long day hiking through the marshes and the bush. Drowsily letting their thoughts flow, to the times they were (or they may) floating freely some where out there. Till Neptune and beyond....

When God created Universe,
Alas, so far
Neptune stood from Mars

Time was when belief was paramount
When to question the official line was tantamount
to questioning God, Einstein, and AT & T
But today, denying the official line
News of water on Mars gives hope for life

When rumour roamed around undeniably
Mars angrily frowned her reddish face
What nonsense cometh from the earthly race
Question Einstein and moreover Mighty God
Whilst believing CNN and Winfrey and who not?

Atta Girl! Breakfast at Tiffany's
Breaking with Tradition
Breaking the mould
Bridging the Gap
Jumping the Moon
Falling flat on the Face
Whose lines shall I quote?
Who will tell me the distance from here to
The never ending place

Have faith
Bemoaning on the moored Belief Ship
Rage plunges me to the depths of despair
Hell's angels freeze me over
and I suddenly lurch
back to my undeniable oblivion space
at a restless pace

Afloat she was
Yet freedom none
Tied to the spot it seemed
Blind fury invading her
Trying to destroy the chain
But ouch, it was in vain

She hung her head
Turns to Holy Dad
Take life as it comes
Settle down, forget the frown
No breakfast at Tiffany's
Neither jump the moon
Awaits her a blackened gloom
Empty space, days of doom

Bring on the moon
In full force
Eclipse it and there
comes the new one

Holding hands with eternity
Handling infinity
Heralding serenity

I sit still
Call out to my philosophy
Ain't it a figment of my imagination
Nay, it is my destination

As she stood there
Listless, without motion
Mars felt deep inside
A pang of great devotion

She eyed at Neptune
Unfathomable far apart
Tried to signal from her heart

But alas, so far
Neptune stood from Mars.


The End!

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