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the lust for power,the fight for honour andt he pursuit of a kingdom.ppl needed!
[Introduction] by the way u dont realy need to have watched the movie!!!!

This is 5 years before the Troy incident,no-one is married.before the Trojan war,Egypt is threatened by Greece.we move through the years and through troy to its downfall,but at a very steady pace.


The rising warrior,an empty man who lives for nothing but war.

The sorceress princess of Egypt.Independent and true to country and temple.

The beautiful woman that men only dream of,cousin to SENNA. Proud and aristocratic with a suave air.

The handsome prince of troy who is known widely by women.

The noble prince of Troy

The short tempered,brother of the king.who is later bent on destroying SENNA.

The brother and assisting king of the ruthless Greek emperor.

Choose wisely friends,and know your fate

SENNA----- salemcatdj
HELEN----- annie
PARIS----- ?
HECTOR---- ?
ODYSEUS----- joe strong

-You may not kill another player until you are given permission to do so.
-there may be some swearing but please don’t be too excessive
-your English may have mistakes but please let it be readable
-keep to the plot,this has nothing got to do with the movie but a mixture of both history and myth
-this is romantic even,but don’t get too mushy or too graphical with love.
-lots of violence is ok,but don’t make it at every sentence of the story.
-You can only have ONE character,only ones from the characters i have mentioned
-this may not be historically accurate,so plz spare me the critical crap,just here to have fun!
-Have fun!!!
-You better!

by the way if you wanna join then you HAVE to email me saying who you wanna be,dont just email me and expect me to add you rite away!!!! please be considerate and actualy say who you wanna be!!!!



Senna held the sword high,and thrust it round above her and attacked.
Antony blocked it effortlessly then laughed and with ease hit the sword of her.

Antony laughed at her "sister,i have told you already!you are a good fighter,but a princess as yourself should stay in the palace...or rather the temple!"

Senna brushed her brown hair away from her grey-brown eyes,crossing her arms she looked at her brothers hand so strongly holding the sword.

like a hot rod he dropped it,putting his hand to his mouth.

she smiled "dear brother,i can kill you without a sword i only bother so i dont have to be aunt Yessina's mindless drone!"

"You use magic for everything!"he smiled"it is one thing you cannot do without!"

"i can do without anything!"she fumed.

"...well anything apart from temple!"he laughed before being chased around the garden with Senna's brandished sword.


"the city is at war..."Antony said his voice wandering.

they were sleeping on their backs,watching the sky.

"and i cannot do anything"he continued "...father will not let me fight Menelaus,when he comes....my people are dying"

"they are my people also."Senna told him. "and the Greeks are stronger than us..."

"I dont care about the Greeks,i want to see Achilleas!"

"Achilleas?!"Senna gasped. "That so-called "warrior",this is not his war....this is between us and Agammegamon!"

"so called warrior?!that man is a living God!men quake at the site of him,i have seen the men who were injured they said they saw Achilleas!and as they spoke they trembled!with agonizing fear in their eyes"

"well,if the Greeks are so powerful,then how come they haven't killed us as they vowed?it has been months since they reached the shores of Egypt!and thay have sworn to kill us within a year!"

"the year is not done"

"the year is not done?!we are in what they call September!"

"still we are ants beneath their feet,we can let them step on us or negotiate and sort out their grains of wheat"

"dont rehearse your metaphors on me"

"no,i'll leave that for your husband"

Senna poked him sharply in the ribs."i dont plan on getting married!Antony,certainly not at this time...i am too young for that!and besides...teach me your metaphors so that i can recite them to you once you marry Helen"

"Helen and ME?!"he said apalled but flattered "you flatter the woman!"

"Antony,"Senna gave him another jab "what's wrong with Helen?"

"she is beautiful,"Antony admitted "but personaly i dont like her extravagant air,too exorbatant..."

Senna mocked him by raising her eyebrow.

"but YOU perhaps i would consider if you weren't my sister and a pain--Oww!dont poke me..listen,you are much more desirable,the men of Country are extremely dissapointed in you"

Senna stiffened.

"what is it?"

"can you hear that?"she replied several moments later.

"what?"he strained his ears.

"a war trumpet."

he raised an eyebrow

"you have an over reactive imagination"

"i need to tell father!"

she got up,gathered her skirt and ran towards the palace.


Achilleas bent to the ground and sifted the sand through his fingers.

"we're close"he said grimly.

Odyseus rolled his eyes as he adjusted himself on his saddle."you can tell just by touching the sand?!"

Achilleas turned towards his friend and nodded,"we go east"

"I'm tired so can you stop with your dramatic infatuations and head east,or do you want to garden in the desert?"Odyseus replied sarcasticaly.

"a few more miles to the Egyptian palace.Odyseus, then you can bed with who-so-ever you want.Our men are strong and prepared,we should be finished by midday tomorrow...we attack now"Achilleas brushed the desert off his sandy blonde hair then mounted his horse.
he turned his horse and looked at the vast army behind him,Odyseus did the same and waved to Menelaus.

the red headed prince dug his heels into his horse and came forth to Odyseus."Achilleas where are you taking us?its been three months!"Menelaus demanded."Is this one of your tricks?"

Achilleas glared at Menelaus and Odyseus gave him a warning glance.
Achilleas put his hand threatengly to his side where his sword was ready toerupt in his sheath.Odyseus held his shoulder and his hand immediately paused.

Menelaus dared him with his eyes.

"One thing is clear,Prince"alot of eggsagaration and sarcasm was put ont the word prince. "I can drop you and this army any time i WANT,so do not mock me Menelaus.You are nothing without me and you know it."he spoke angrily "i can end your life within seconds"

the handsome prince smiled at Odyseus knowingly."very well,warrior Achilleas,son of Pelius.my life is yours to spare"Menelaus smiled with satisfaction and rode a few steps forward.

Odyseus turned to the army,raised his arm to the heavens and beckoned them to the east.


"Father,i can hear the drum rolls and the war trumpets,i fear for our lives"Senna kneeling infront of her father told him her voice full of dread.

Helen beside her,comforting her beloved cousin cooed."it does not mean it is a bad sign."

"I'm afraid Helen may be right,"shocking to Senna the king smiled as he said this.

"A GOOD SIGN?"Senna demanded "with all due respect,hearing greek war crys is not a good sign,dear father-"

the king cut her short with an extended supporting hand,bringing her to her feet.
"My dear," he told her " have you ever heard a war trumpet or drum rol before?"

Senna was puzzled but answered "no"

"then how sure are you that it is a Greek war trumpet or drum?"he gave a chuckle " maybe this is a sign for our Victory!this is a reason to celebrate!"

The council who Senna had almost began to forget where there replied with shouts of merry support.

"LET US CELEBRATE!!!"The king shouted merrily over his Kingdom.

while the Kingdom was enveloped in celbration,the King gave a warm hand to his daughter and softly steered her away to a corner.

"Why dont you dance or be merry?"he asked.

"father, i cannot help but be worried"she answered glum.

"Ah...i see,you are just like your worried mother,always suspicious."he smiled."go to temple and meditate,it may comfort you"

Senna managed a light hearted smile "youre right,father..i will go to temple and pray"

Senna waved to her father and made her way towards the exhilaratingly quiet temple.

she did not realise that she would never see her father again in a long time.

The army waited behind the dunes watching the large city.
A man on a horse stealthily approached them,dismounted his horse and whispered in Odyseus’s ear.

Odyseus gave a nod and spoke to Menelaus and Achilleas.

“what did he say?”Menelaus asked.

“the people of the city are drunk,they are celebrating their predicted glory over us”Odyseus answered.

“Victory?!”Menelaus exclaimed angrily.

“this has worked to our advantage”Achilleas said.

“you and your temper Menelaus,the gods are on our side,can’t you see?”Odyseus ushered.

“Gods?”Achilleas mocked.

Odyseus was appalled “insulting the Gods will anger them,they see all…you Achilleas of all should know that-“

“spare your talk for the temple maids Odyseus”Achilleas replied “are we going to attack today or should I wait another century?”

“it is Menelaus’s choice”Odyseus answered Achilleas sarcastic comment “and his to make”

Menelaus replied after a moment of thought. “loot the palace and the temples,chain the men and kill only half of them so we can leave the others for ransom.Leave the women and children,the royalty will be left to us for negotiation of some sort”

“is that all?”Achilleas questioned rashly.

“yes”Menelaus smirked.

With that the army proceeded silently into the city.


Trembling in meditation Senna clasped the stone hands of the IkmenRa statue,praying.
It managed to calm her in a way.
The room was dimly lit by the golden lights of temple candles,offerings and flowers surrounded the statues and the Temple was empty except for Senna and an old temple maid who was watering and rearranging the flowers aroud the statues.
The preists had gone to drink in the palace and even though it was a reasonably far walk from the palace one could still hear their jovial drunken voices.
The priestess swore.

Senna turned abruptly and immediately concerned.”what is it?”

“my back pains princess and my jug of water has come to an end”she replied clutching her back. And moaning slightly.

Senna got up and helped the old priestess to a chair then took the jug from her trembling wrinkled hands. “I will go do it for you”Senna told her firmly.

“Thankyou”the old temple maid replied.

Senna opted to take the back entrance but was stopped uncertainly by the temple maid.

“take the water from the front fountain”the temple maid advised.

“but that water is only used by the high preist.”Senna said puzzled.

“no,no.”The temple maid replied “the water there….is…much cleaner.also I use it ALL the time dear,the high preist advised me so”

“if the high preist said so….”Senna wondered out of the room.

the wind was a calm one and the night was clear except for a few lit torches on the side of the dunes.
"i MUST WARN THE OTHERS!"Senna scurried over to the watch tower.
Senna scrambled into the temple looking for the old temple maid but she was no where to be found.

Hector found himself awake after being violently shaken by the shoulders.
he adjusted his eyes to the golden aura surrounding his womanising brother.

"what is it Paris?"Hector groaned and flung himself back onto the bed.

Paris began stammering madly,driving white fisted hands through his brown hair.

Hector propped himself back up on his elbows,then asked firmly:"what have you done now?"

"cant you see the blood, brother?or am i mad?"Paris asked finaly "am i mad?"

Hector sternely looked his brother up and down,indeed he was covered in blood."No you are not then could be debateable,"he took a deep breath ""what have you done?tell me now Paris"he got off the bed quickly and tied the blankets round his waist."is there one thing you'll never do?"

Paris remained silent as Hector followed Paris to his tent.

Menelaus watched his brother and that pompous fool Achilleas be in heated conversation.

who did that bastard think he was?King?!Ha....or a so-called ":warrior"in search of desperate glory....arrogant fool.If it wasnt for Aggamegmons orders then he would have murdered that idiotic bastard Achilleas months ago.

A slight movement caught his eye but he dismissed it as a swaying of the desert palm trees.
Odyseus came back towards Menelaus and told him it was all clear.

"About time,"Menalaus spat "even the watch towers?"

Odyseus rolled his eyes and with great emphasized sarcasm replied:"Noooooooo ofcourse not,i left them and did not steal there bonfire wood so they could warn the persians and kill us!of course WHY would i do such a thing?!"
Odyseus was greatly annoyed and frustrated by his stupid younger brother who had never had the experience of being a king,Odyseus was king but Menelaus still thought himself the superior Greek.

"fine lets go"Menelaus replied darkly and dug his heels murderously into his horse.


Sneaking past the greeks,Senna had learnt was NOT a fun time,infact it was the most nerve wracking moment in her life YET.
Senna had scrambled into one of the watch towers and prayed she would not meet any Greeks.
She reached the rope ladder which was lank and wet with some sticky smelly liquid,she couldnt see much due to the darkness but she needed to climb and warn the Kingdom.
She shrugged and climbed the rope which at every step threatened to break.
Feeling the hard concrete ground above her she let out a sigh of releif and hauled herself onto the concrete floor.

She recoiled in horror almost slipping backwards on the pool of blood.

She covered her mouth with the back of her hand in shock and disgust.there was blood everywhere....blood in her hair on her clothes,all over her body and face.everywhere,blood.

Its source was a jerking body spewing blood from a deep gash in the throat.Senna couldnt heal him,his life was already lost and it was only reflex spasms that made him jerk all over spewing blood.the gaping lifeless eyes frightened her and she quickly hid its head in a towel.

she wiped her hands on her red stained white robes and looked around,she almost swore by the gods....the greeks had conveniently taken or destroyed the wood for the bonfire,now she had to make do with communicating with Helen(hopefuly asleep)through her dreams.

It was worth a shot,she didnt have a choice.putting her hands to her forehead she called out in thought.



what?helen whispered asleep

warn antony,there are greeks outside

fine..........she wavered.

Helen!Go warn Antony!or we're all going to die!

Helen in shock fell off the bed.
"Senna!"she scrambeled off to the window and made out an army of Greeks outside she swore and scrambeled off to Antonys room.


Antony shouted overhead as he charged forwards,the torrent of Persians running behind him.


"HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!"Odyseus shouted(i know this kinda slang hasnt been invented yet at B.C time,but i used it coz it fit well with Odyseus's character reaction) he fell off the horse rather stupidly and scrambled back on whilst Achilleas and the army charged forth.


It was a suprise attack but Achilleas was prepared.

“how could you have been so stupid Paris?!”Hector fumed as he inspected the latest of Paris’s conquests on the blood stained bed.

Paris began stammering again.

“nothing good can come of this,this is terrible,terrible”Hector paced around.

Paris spoke:
“Brother,it was an accident!”

“I don’t care what it was,whats done is done”

“well…she had chosen to come with me….and I waited for her-but-but-but she lunged at…at me with some blade….she tried to kill me!”Paris steadied himself and took a deep breath “I tried to stop her,I realy did Hector but I couldn’t…she was going to stab me in the throat!”he hid his face in his hands “I grabbed my sword….i threatened her,but she persisted on trying to kill me so as she came down with the dagger,my sword went up”

“I can see that”Hector replied glancing at the sword that was stuck in the middle of the woman’s ribs and had penetrated through her back.”but why would she try to kill you?”

“she is a athenian,is she not?”Paris answered obviously.

“yes,but we have made peace with the athenians….oh,no”Hector forced his eyes closed.

“what ?”Paris queried.

“help me,”Hector wrapped the body with the blood stained sheets. “Paris!”

Paris hurried to his brother’s side. “what is it Hector?what are you doing?”

“we’re getting rid of this corpse”

“why?we should tell the Athenians”Paris demanded.

“what?!tell them we have killed the king’s favourite toy?!”Hector threatened “all of our father’s efforts will have been in vain!you of all people,Paris!didnt you see this as one of the kings favourites as she sat on his lap?fed him grapes,whispered in his ear,most immoraly?!”

“no…I think I missed that.”Paris answered foolishly. “ I didn’t notice she was HIS toy,I just saw a woman in the streets and she asked if she could come to my bed I agreed!i didn’t KNOW Hector!”

“it doesn’t matter anymore…here,help me”Hector silenced him.

They later dug a hole and buried the woman after taking the sword off her.

“LET ME IN” a loud and angry voice penetrated the loud castle doors, stopping Menelaus in the middle of a long and boring monologue. A monologue that had caused not only the prisoners, to whom it was directed to, but also his own bother, Odysseus who was seated at his left barely bothered to hid his apparent boredom, to fall into a deep, sleep haze despite there current disposition.
Conceited as Menelaus was, however, he had failed to notice this and was going on, seemingly content with himself and his speech on how he had single handedly captured the Egyptians.
Once again however, he was cut short by the loud and frustrated sound of a person at the castle door, trying to get in, followed shortly by the angry berating of his guards.
“What in the name of…” he shouted in frustration.
He rolled his eyes skywards and inhaled deeply before beckoning a guard over.
“LET THE DAMNED PERSON IN!” he bellowed.
The guard scrambled to do his bidding and returned, seconds later, with a tall dark haired, beautiful woman at his heels.
Menelaus who had taken his seat again , his back turned on her, muttered with an air of intellect.
“IF fools decide to storm the prison shall we not let them in?”
Helen’s face, which had paled at the sight of the whole royal family tied to the great pillar and surrounded with guards, lit up with fury again when she heard what he’d said.
She marched forward and faced Menelaus, ignoring the gasps from everyone and the subtle movement of the guards to stop her, plating her hands firmly on her hips.
“do my ears deceive me or did you just have the audacity to call me a fool?” Helen demanded.
Menelaus, who had been quietly admiring her beauty, frowned at being addressed in such a manner and began to wonder whether the woman before him was as mad as she looked or indeed the fool he had thought her before.
He sat up and cast her an amused smile “ I suppose I did……but wouldn’t you agree with me?”
Helen raised an eyebrow “what? Do I confuse the desire to make sure ones family is safe with being a fool? No! Hardly! I don’t not indeed confuse love with foolishness, as you so readily do!”
Menelaus frowned “family?”
Helen nodded, shaking her disheveled fiery red hair, furiously. “Of course! I am Helen cousin of Senna and Antony!”
Menelaus nodded suddenly remembering that he had heard once of her and her remarkable beauty. Her beauty indeed was remarkable.
“I am sorry but it appears my heart is fully stone now and I cannot acknowledge love when I see It. “ he said, displaying a wickedly cynical smile.
Helen’s dark eyes narrowed for a moment, contemplating her reply.
“Suppose,” she replied finally having decided that using her beauty and flirting with him might just do the trick. “ You could try to could try and redeem your hearts virtue by letting everyone go?” she twirled a strand of long hair around her fingers and smiled as seductively as she could manage.
Menelaus tilted his head back and barked with laughter. To this effect waking everyone, including his brother who had been locked in a deep deep sleep.
Antony’s eyes flickered opened and were on the verge of closing again when he caught sight of her! Silhouetted then as she was by the golden rays of an early sunset, steaming in through the opened door and lighting up the room like fire. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Had she always been this beautiful? Damn it! He said with sharp awakening. She had! He only hadn’t realized it until now.
“Now my dear,” Menelaus responded finally, eyes still brimming with bested humor. “you will allow the…what was the word you used…… audacity to call you foolish would you not?”
Helen cheeks burned with re-ignited fury. She scowled, her initial planned forgone.
“you sir, are…” she began but was cut short by the a lazy raise of Menelaus’s right, ring infested finger as he got slowly to his feet.
“now… now” he muttered lazily, stroking a non existent beard. “ Don’t say anything you would soon regret. I have a plan.” he smiled, a proud, superior smile that touched the very corners of his eyes.
Helen cast him a cynical snare. “A plan?”
Odysseus looked doubtful too, aware as he was from experience that his brothers plans were usually… no who was he kidding, were always bad, made a move to consult with Achilleas, who was obviously enjoying this, wide awake as he was now but he held out a hand to stop him at his sudden movement and mouthed “no.”
Odysseus hesitated but sank back into his seat. “Why not.” He mumbled, noting that if indeed it led to something disastrous, at least they still had Achilleas with them; that was comfort enough for the moment.
On the other end Anthony hadn’t heard anything nor did he want to, captivated as he was by Helens figure, illuminated by the golden rays of sunlight that was fighting its way in through the tiny slits in the curtains, signaling daybreak. She was a vision of beauty. Silhouetted as she was now. Glorified by the light. His heart caught at that moment and once again he found himself wondering why he hadn’t noticed that before. Why? Why? Why?
He sighed. He knew it now and would make sure she knew it by the end of the day. If he was still alive… what did they do with their prisoners? Kill them? He cast a wary look at Achilleas and noticed he was smiling for the first time this Menelaus had started his dreary monologue. He followed his gaze and locked eyes on Menelaus. He frowned on realizing not only that he wasn’t speaking, which was shocking, but also that he was standing really close to Helen. Dangerously close. He narrowed his eyes into slits, paying attention for the first time that night.
Menelaus stopped smiling freakishly by himself and turned to face Helen, staring deep into her hazel brown eyes.
“do you love your family?” he asked “do you really love them?”
“Yes,” Helen bit out “but didn’t we already establish that, sir, shortly after you called me a fool.”
Menelaus smiled “yes that we did but im not sure you knew exactly what it meant. I mean do you really love them…enough to risk you life for their safety?” he asked, his voice stern but clear; His look imploring.
Helen’s reply came as readily as it had before “yes...of course.”
“Are you sure?” Menelaus asked, taking another step closer to Helen.
Helen tried not to waver in her resolve but felt a tingling in the pit of her stomach, a warning sign, she presumed.
What was she getting herself into? She didn’t like Menelaus’s dark look.
“Yes…. I’m sure.” She whispered her confidence leaving her. Deep inside she’d already established that from the look of things she wasn’t going to like this plan.
“Good! Next question…. would you marry me?”
A concession of gasps followed that remark. Anthony tried to get to his feet, and then groaned in pain as a result of the chains he was bundled in chafing his hands and ankles. Senna sat up straighter and opened her mouth but closed it just as quickly. Odysseus’s head snapped upward but Achilleas hand pushing backward prevented him from doing anything. Achilleas,on his part, was now sniggering slightly. The only silent part in the room was Helen. All eyes traveled in her direction.
Helen, calm as ever, turned to face Menelaus.
“Forgive me, but now it appears as if you are the fool now.” Came her cold, sharp reply.
Menelaus shook his “indeed it would seem that way but I beg to differ. What if I was to say that in exchange I for you hand I would leave both your family and the kingdom alone.”
Before anyone could react to this he raised a hand for silence and continued, “what I mean is that we will do what out kings do. We will join our kingdoms together by our marriage. That is unless of course anyone,” he looked at directly at the Egyptian king, who’s face had already retained its color, and then at Helen who was just standing there, looking blank.
Odysseus, had risen now not because he object to the idea, which he was acknowledging to be quite a good one, buy merely out of habit, so used he was to his brothers lame ideas. When he’s stopped frowning, he waved a hand to the guards signaling that they should release the king.
“so?” menelaus asked the king when he had risen.
The king nodded frantically.
“Yes,” he said smiling widely at Helen “yes of course.”
At this Anthony, who they still hadn’t freed shook in his chains but was prevented from saying anything by senna’s hand covering his mouth.
Menelaus turned to look at Helen “so? We are waiting on you?”
Helen’s eyes searched the room frantically and found Anthony’s, they lingered there momentarily before finding Senna’s. They communicated silently for a moment and Helen nodded finally, first at senna then at Menelaus.
“Yes.” She mumbled, sealing her fate. “But marriage?”
Menelaus stopped short and stared down at her. “What would you prefer I made you part of my helm?” he asked amused
Helen didn’t doubt that he had one and she certainly didn’t want to belong to it.
She signed, “as you wish.” She mumbled sealing her fate. …………………………………

just keep it goin...i cant add
(Note: I love the story of the Trojan War but rather disliked the movie. If this story is based primarily on the movie, I can respect that, but slowly--slowly, I'm going to change my character's personal storyline so that its not quite the same as in the film. Just so you know.)

As Helen went to the king and he began giving jubilant proclamations for a festive wedding, the doors slowly closed behind Odysseus as he led Antony and Senna out. What he had just seen was mystifying. In the past several minutes he had seen a king brought to his knees, a ruling family overcome by desperation and a princess blackmailed into marriage. It didn't seem right. He believed in conquest, in glory, in the exhilaration of battle... not humiliation and force.

He led Senna and Antony out through the doors of the palace and summoned over several chariots. "Bring these two to comfortable apartments in our fortress." He turned to Senna and Antony.

"Soon you will be allowed to return to your palace, if I have anything to say about it. I--" he paused, shifting his gaze uncomfortably. Senna was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. "I'm sorry."

Senna glared at him for a moment. Then, swiftly, she brought her foot down hard on his sandal and led Antony towards the chariots.

Odysseus stood there for a moment, wincing at the pain. Then he turned around and took a medallion out of his pocket. It was a figure of Ares, god of war and bloodshed. Achilleas and Menelaus both had medallions like it. It depicted the god carrying a bloody sword and the head of an opponent.

Laertes, Odysseus' own father, had a different medallion. It depicted Athena, goddess of wisdom and sensible warfare. She carried a sword in one hand, a shield in the other and an owl, bird of wisdom on her shoulder. Laertes was a great warrior as well, known for sailing with the Argonauts and joining the hunt for the famed Calydonian Boar. Odysseus had always wanted to become as famous a warrior as him. But for some reason, his father had never thought it important to feel this way.

"Sir," said a soldier, interrupting his thoughts. Odysseus turned. "King Menelaus wishes to see you inside."

Soon Odysseus walked hesitantly onto the marble floor,still in his blood soaked armor and agonizingly curious.
As he edged into the elaborately godly hall he caught sight of Helen’s ashen face and Menelaus’s arrogant gleaming one.
“yes?” Odysseus looked up to the king who for some-one whose had their kingdom torn to pieces looked relatively happy. Achilles was darkly staring in the darkness, which did not make Odysseus expect the meeting to be jovial.
Menelaus grinned.
“please enlighten me on what you find so funny brother” Odyseus remarked sarcastically.
Swerving the contents of his wine glass Menelaus spoke :
“I’m having a wedding.”
Menelaus gave white Helen a meaningful glance “and I wanted to tell you that the treasure we have been seeking,” he paused for effect “is right here, in this palace”
The king’s smile quivered and his happy aura broke.
“ the sorceress,which is our key to the knowledge of future,” Menelaus continued “that’s the whole reason WHY we came here in the first place…remember”
Helen gave a shaky laugh “you know that’s just a silly myth” her eyes looked pleadingly at the king.
“I beg to differ” Achilles voice echoed round the hall “it is the princess Senna,I saw her use magic…the reason why we took over these fools so quickly was because of their stupidity in misunderstanding a vision she had”
Odyseus looked expectantly at all the hall’s inhabitants. “so the plan is?”
“we sail back with both of the princesses” Menelaus answered firmly. “we leave in two days”
Odyseus looked glum,but nodded his head. “has the king any protests?”
The king bit the inside of his cheek “if I have any will it stop you”
Menelaus shook his head.

There was a knock on the door.
Slowly raising her head,Senna wondered who would be calling on her so late at night.
Her eyes felt like they had lead weights,so much had happened that day…
She opened the door slowly and slammed fast when she found that it had been the Greek king who she had hurt previously.
His expression was just as surprised and she leant on the wooden door.
“please,open the door!” he demanded in a whisper.
She pressed her ear onto the door. “why should I?” she answered back angrily
For a while he remained silent “we know what you can do..my stupid brother wants us to take you back to greece with us…with helen”
Senna caught herself.
“I’m giving you a chance to escape! There are horses outside,tell the man to take you towards the East”
Senna hesitantly opened the door and peeked at the Greek. “and what do you want in return? Perhaps another bargain made as your brother has?” she challenged.
“I am Odyseus,all I ask in return is one thing”
“if you can tell the future…I would like to ask a few questions.”
Senna judjed him with her eyes…he seemed an honest man,honest and honorouble.
Then giving him one more look up and down she opened the door and let him enter.

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In a different room, on the highest peak of the house, Helena swept cross the attic floor in anxiety. So… so much had happened that night- none of it good. She had wound up engaged to a men she hadn’t never met and knew nothing of except what the general public said about him… and what they said wasn’t good. She felt disgusted, terrified…scared. She had gone up there to sit and star at the stars, beg them for the answers that she could not come up with on her own. She needed the stars to tell her wheat to do. She needed them as much as she needed him. Thinking of him made her heart jolt in sudden sadness that came with the realization that she would never see him again if she went through with the preposterous plans that she had somehow got herself tangled in. How would she live without him?
She felt her resolve crumbling again. To think, she had done all this for him…scarified herself to give him what he so treasured most (the kingdom.) she should be happy. He was happy! She had made him happy.
But she wasn’t.
She felt as if the world was spinning out of control. Too fast for her to catch her breath. Too fast for her to stop.
She signed and crumbled onto the cold hard floor, cuddling her knees to her chest and laying her face on them. Wishing…

“Helena!” Anthony whispered himself climbing up the stairs to the attic, knowing beyond doubt; for some reason that she was indeed up there.
He was going to tell her to forget the plan, that they could have the castle if they wanted, all he wanted was her! It felt corny. It felt stupid. It was unplanned and spontaneous but he didn’t care, assailed as he was by a sudden surge of love for her.
He was ecstatic! He loved Helena!
He did a jump in the air and sprinted up the remaining few stairs, his heart thumbing recklessly in his chest!

“Helena” he whispered just as he planned. Helena, hearing his voice jumped to her feet, scrambling to make her self look presentable.
“Don’t.” he mumbled, “you look beautiful, as always.”
Helena narrowed her dark eyes. “How do you know! You only just met me!” she spat disgustedly at him.
Menelaus smiled as he walked out form the dark corner he had been lurking in.
“So fiery! So witty. “ He laughed “I like that about you but honey, please don’t continue this attitude when we are in public, okay? Especially when we are married.”
He watched her face pale at his mention of their impending marriage.
“Come on honey, don’t be like that, I know how you feel about me but it could grow into love someday. It will grow into love.”
She tilted her head. “You honestly think that?”
He nodded.
“Then you are indeed a fool.”
Menalaus eyes narrowed threateningly out of habit. He wasn’t used to being abused by anyone, especially not a woman. If he didn’t have feelings for her he would have slapped her.
Helena who was reading his mind, barked with laughter. “I dare you to try!” she challenged him.
Menelaus cursed her powers and took a step closer toward her, waiting for her to move back and show that she was indeed scared of him. But she didn’t. she stayed firmly still, challenging him with her eyes. Menelaus took anther step, ant then another and anther until he was barely inches for her.
“slap me!” she whispered.
Menelaus shook his head, raised his hand and , put it softly on her cheek, trailing a long, sleek finger down it. He then tilted her chin upwards and kissed.
Helena tried to move back but he kept her there locked in his strong embrace…..

“Helena “ Anthony whispered, watching them. “oh Helena.”
He signed, took a deep breath and walked away. His world crumbling around him
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Even in the capitol city, the streets of Egypt were covered in burning sand. The sand rose in great burning clouds around Odysseus' feet and slid into his sandals, hurting his feet. Still he walked, with no change in pace, through the city his armies had conquered. It didn't feel good at all, to tread through these vast and beautiful streets and know they were his. Instead it felt like he was tainting something that didn't belong to him, as if he were walking across someone's spotless white rug in shoes stained with the blood of the slain.

The streets were absolutely silent and empty, except for groans that rose far off in the distance. Whether they were the groans of Egyptians being slaughtered by Greeks, or groans of Egyptian despair at the sight of their conquered city, Odysseus did not know. Not knowing was one of his greatest frustrations. Another one was having people think he was a killer and a monster because of the actions of his two irresponsible half-brothers.

Both of these things had just happened to him. He had been talking to his captive Senna, who not only hated him for the actions of his brother Menelaus, but had also failed to answer any of his questions satisfactorily. Instead, she had told him a riddle. "Grow me a huge tree in one day, and I will answer any question you have."

He was sure she was mocking him with that riddle. His general way of dealing with people who mocked him was to punch them in the face. But that would not do for a woman... especially one as beautiful as Senna. He still couldn't stop thinking about her, and he knew that if he didn't take a stand against his brothers soon, it would be too late to win her over in any way.

It was these thoughts Odysseus hoped to purge as he entered Egypt's largest temple, a beautifully ornamented building larger than a whole Egyptian city block. Perhaps a deeper appreciation of Egypt's spiritual art would take his mind off all this, and perhaps even lose himself in worship. It was not a Greek temple, true, but perhaps the gods did not care so long as it was considered to be a holy place.

However, the place was holy no longer. Inside the temple, everything of value had been taken or destroyed. Vast pitchers of ceremonial wine had been overturned, and several young priestesses lay on the ground with their throats cut. One was still alive and relatively unharmed, screaming at the top of her lungs.

Odysseus drew his sword. "This is the work of some of our own Greek soldiers, dogs who have been given a free reign by Menelaus! Curse him! This disrespect will be punished!"
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Senna walked over to her window that looked over the dark alleyway leading to the city gates. She had spent almost an hour pondering what Odysseus had said and why but it only then occurred to her that maybe he hadn’t really planned to help her escape, maybe it had all been a lie to trick her into predicting his future, maybe he wasn’t as innocent as he appeared to be, maybe he was the shrewd and cunning villain she had accused him of being after all? He was Menelaus’s brother after all, why should be anything different?

But he was. Just as he had said, she could clearly see the man and two horses waiting for her downstairs. Waiting to help her escape. She almost felt sorry she had shouted at him and kicked him out of her room with a very wrong and devastating prophecy for his future, when in actual fact she had no idea what his future held for him because for the first time her powers had failed to work.

However, she refused to ponder on that. At the moment she had more pressing matters to ponder. He had left her with an escape route and if she wasn’t packed and downstairs by midnight, then the horse and men would disappear and she would be stuck, forced to leave for Greece with Helen. She stopped in her tracks. Helen. Poor, poor Helen. If there was anyway….. She thought, and then went to pack
It was almost midnight when senna, still unable to sleep, made telepathic contact with Helena, whom she guessed could not sleep either.

She was right. She got through to Helen with so much easy; it was as if they were talking in the same room and not telepathically.

"Hi." she replied, obviously close to tears.
Senna’s heart went out to her, knowing full well how she must be feeling and wanting desperately to comfort her. But what would she say? Its okay, tomorrow everything will be fine? Senna shook her head; that would be one lie she didn’t have the power to tell.
“You don’t have to do this Helen.” Senna said, sullenly, staring out the window and her escape route. “You don’t have to scarifies yourself for us.” The guilt of what she was intending on doing settling.

Helen frowned, touching a finger to her lips and remembering the scene in the attic. “I’m not doing it for you only senna…there is something I. …Something happened and I can’t tell you. Not yet anyway “
Helen signed and continued speaking, not wanting to give senna anymore time to consider what she had said for she knew, given time she would find out from her whether she gave the information willingly or if she had to force her way into her mind stream to find out.
Senna was a much stronger sorceress than she was, she could readily admit.

“There is only one thing that worries me, will we still be able to communicate like this all that way apart?” Helena asked with great anxiety.
Senna hadn’t thought of that. She hadn’t thought of anything else apart from her escape plans. Who would she speak to if not Helen? She suddenly began to see the error in her plans. What was she doing?
Just then, Odysseus appeared in the alleyway and seemed to talk to the man with the horse for a minute before turning to look up at her bedroom window, at her.
He tilted his head to the horse and made a calling signal with his hand.
Senna looked down at the suitcase in her hand and then thought about Helen who was mumbling about someone being at her door and then at Odysseus.
She had made her decision. She shut her curtain, what she hoped was a clear sign to Odysseus, and then put her suitcase down by her bed but did not unpack. After all, she thought, tomorrow she was headed to Greece.
“You don’t have to worry about that” she told Helen and then broke the telepathic connection with her, finally able to sleep.

Helen’s eyes flung opened, on the other end of that castle, just as the door to her room did too.

“You!” she said, standing up quickly and pulling on a robe. “what do you want now? We are not married yet, you have no right to be here!”
Menelaus smiled wickedly, “ I was hoping you might have wanted to reconsider my other option… for the night?”
Helen rolled her eyes. “You will have to get rid of you harem when we are married or else…”
“Or else what!” Menelaus interrupted, his dark eyes glittering threateningly. “You forget that I am doing you a favour not the other way around. You wanted to free your family and I graciously provided a means for you to do it. Remember that!”
Helen looked as if she might argue that for a moment but didn’t. What good would it do?
Menalaus noticed that and smiled his approval “that’s what I like, a submissive woman. Its good to see that you are teachable.”
Helen looked up sharply but didn’t reply.
Menalaus laughed softly, tilting his head skyward. “I like you a lot, Helen, enough to let you get a way with a few slip ups. But you must remember that I am menalaus, a Greek hero…a god. I have a reputation.”
Helen signed, not amused. “Okay then, hero, anything else because im tired and want to sleep.”
Menalaus stood, smiling at her distaste for him. It was interesting to meet a woman who didn’t fall at his feet in admiration especially after he had told her his Greek god line. Granted, he reasoned with himself, the circumstances in which they met were…. well not exactly admirable.

He was at the door, then froze and turned, remembering what had been on his mind when he broke into her room.
“Is that what you were doing when I knocked earlier?”
Helen frowned, not knowing what he was talking about “I don’t remember you knocking, just you breaking down my door.”
Menalaus shook his head “but I did. I knocked several times.”
Helen shrugged “obviously not loud enough. No please, if you’ll excuse me…”
Menalaus shook his head “you must have been in deep sleep…very deep sleep… I was knocking very loud…” he stopped a smiled widely “you weren’t asleep were you? You were talking to senna!”
Helen almost choked but cleared her face of any emotion that would give her away. “Senna is not in the room. How would I have managed that?” she asked skeptically. Wondering how on earth he knew.
“Telepathically.” He said triumphantly “I heard you could do that but I never believed…” he looked and sounded like a kid who had just found a bag full of candy.
Helen frowned, trying her best to sound as detached as possibly so as not to give herself away, “and where exactly did you hear this?”
Menalaus shrugged “I told you I’m a war hero, I travel a lot conquering lands and when I’m there I hear stuff.”
Helen tried her most tactful approach “ I would not have occurred to me that a war hero would take part in mindless gossip like a peasant?”
Menalaus would have been enraged at such a comparison but knew what she was trying to do and it only confirmed his suspicions.
He smiled, kissed her cheek and withdrew from her room but not before whispering behind his shoulder “they were right about your beauty though weren’t they?”
Odyseus sat on the edge of the bed, bathed and clean and trembling with blinding rage.rage towards his foolish heartless brother who had refused,despite his retelling of the account at the temple to punish those who had disgraced it.
Achilleas wasnt helping either....the warrior's thoughts were clearly immersed in battles that lay ahead,victories to be won....
what was he doing?would he EVER amount to the great expectations that his father had left behind him?and now he understood....understood Achilleas lust for victory,a lust that he also shared.he wanted people to one day remember him and say great tales...remember him with wonder..
and senna's proffecy...whether he could ever...then he remembered how she failed to escape,no...'refused' to escape.
tomorrow...tomorow,he would speak to her as they returned to Greece.
he had been thinking for a while and saw the sun burst up from the horizon.
no...they would leave today and his heart lurched at the thought of the heart wrenching ceremony of fare well that would soon commence.
one that would force him never ever to forgive himself.

As dawn light and luminous began to settle over the castle, warms rays of bright orange streaming in thought the already drawn windows and fighting its way through the creaks and cracks in the aging stone, Antony shifted in his bed for what seemed to be the hundredth time. He hadn’t slept that night, something which he considered rather unsurprising. He had tossed and turned until now his bed sheets lay on the floor in a messy lump, evidence of his rough night.

Finally, hair disheveled and eyes red, Anthony stopped pretending to himself that sleep would eventually settle over him, numb the pain, and got out of bed. He paced the circular room several times and stopped by the window, which had already been drawn for him as always. Conveniently, but if not ironically, his window faced the beach which was lined with several, grand sailing ships, nine of which were theirs and, to his discomfort, two new shiny black vessels that held the grand extravagance evident of the Greek merchant fleet.

They were really going today, he thought to himself as if he had not known this, as if this had not been the source of his distress. The very same distress that had infiltrated his subconscious and had kept him wide-awake all night. The love of his life and that hideous Menelaus were going where he could not reach her and there was nothing he could do about it.

He signed; gripping the window ledge with such ferocity that it felt like he was gripping onto a lifeboat and that if he let go or loosened his grip even slightly, he would surely drown.

“Helen!” he murmured to himself softly, like he’d done all night long, “don’t’ go…” he whispered but just as he did, an image formed in his minds eye of the scene he’d witnessed the night before and the cold, icy feeling that had taken over him last night did so a second time. Only this time it felt much much worse and then, just like that, he loosed his grip on the window ledge, falling…falling into the feeling, being submerged by it. A feeling that was so cold and icy it could have very well have been the sea.
"Bastard." Odysseus had finally brought himself to say it. He was alone, in his own quarters, with nobody around to hear; even so, it had taken such a looong time time to finally speak the word of hate. He hated his half-brother, hated his campaign of conquest, hated the way he humiliated kings and enslaved princesses... hated, above all, the way Odysseus' own mad lust for glory had blinded him to Menelaus' monstrosity until it was too late.

What was he to do?

Odysseus gazed out the window onto the seaside. Beyond those oceans lay Ithaca, and home. His father and mother. His kingdom. His own life. More than anything, now Odysseus wanted to leave and sail away, no questions asked. If he only could convince Senna to go with him, he would be happy for the rest of his days.

And yet he knew even that would not suffice. Menelaus would be offended, would follow, asking questions, asking favors, asking for a return to service. Perhaps he would even turn his murderous appetite for power to Ithaca, his one-time ally and the dwelling place of both Menelaus and Odysseus' mother? And Senna? If her captor professed his love, then left her when she needed him most, what could he expect her to think of him?

No. he had to stay, that was all there was to it. Maybe he couldn't stop the wedding, or help Senna get her kingdom b ack and restire her to dignity. Maybe she would hate him forever. But at least to stay in her sight would be its own reward, for now.

Besides, thought Odysseus, as he drew his sword and adjourned to the yard, perhaps Menelaus would be doing some sparring today before his departure and wedding. They had not fenced in some time, and Odyssesus looked forward to winning. Perhaps he could at least teach the brute how it felt to be brought low and defeated in the seat of your own power.
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Senna clung to Antony like a life line, she would be leaving her brother and they both wept.Antony had forgotten his sister all those times whilst he thought of Helen, he felt ahamed.
" we'll see eachother again" he assured her patheticaly "ill come for you...i promise"
she smiled and they seperated, walking to the other side of the room.
the sparring would begin and Odyseus stood ready...looking murderous.
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Helen took meticulous care getting ready the next morning. By nine, she had changed her mind about which particular dress she would wear, jumping from the modest brown one which seemed to set alight the hazel in her eyes almost alluringly, to the funeral black one, so many times that her chambermaid was visibly shaking in fury.
She just wanted it to be perfect. She wanted to send the message across to Menelaus that she was grudgingly annoyed with her current disposition but at the same time try to charm Anthony for what she knew for certain would be the last time.
“oh Anthony,” she mumbled, wincing as Elaine tugged at her corset strings with so much force she almost tumbled. “Would that you knew that my heart beat solely to see you and that all that I do…everything I have done…is for you. “
As she said it, a small rain like droplet caressed her soft cheek and landed on her dress, leaving its mark on the glittering brown silk.
She signed and stood up, turning to face her old chambermaid and friend, whose aging face had turned a pale white in fearful anticipation that her mistress might have changed her mind for the thirteenth time and that she would be forced to undergo the tedious occupation of redressing her.
“Its time I went to join my future husband.”
And with that, she stood and walked out of her room, the room that faced Anthony’s and down the stairs without pausing, ready to met the future she had chosen for herself head on and knowing full well that it would be the last time she stalked the corridors of her beloved home…….

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