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this is a campfire story. no questions asked.
[Introduction] This is a story with absolutely NO plot at all. I hope you enjoy it!
"Join the club, Join the club, join the club, there are tons of people there like you there, don't worry." Jenny had told Krystal 1 week ago. that the club was for people that were "different". So, not wanting to disappoint her mysterious friend, krystal joined the Club, not know what she was getting into.
"Alright, Alright I'll join," she had shouted at her best friend. "Great!" Jenny had exclaimed happily. But now as Krystal walked up the steps to Jenny's mysterious "club" she was nervous. Something didn't feel right and she was about to find out why.
Inside the large front room, about 16 people were sprawled out on couches, chairs, and sofas, their eyes showing their anxiety. Krystal scanned the room for a seat and found herself sitting on the floor. She didn't see Jenny anywhere.
"Where is she?" Krystal asked herself nervously.
"Who, Jenny? She isn't here yet. She never is." A calm- looking girl replied. " Don't worry though, she'll come before the lock the doors."
"Lock the doors?!" But the girl had stopped talking and her eyes were fixed on the door.
Suddenly the doors started to open but they didnt see Jenny they saw something completely different.....a purple Nichelleatron. Nichelleatrons were the most ugly creatures in the world but not as scary as Celene-o-nators.
Krystal gasped and turned to the girl questioningly. But the girl was gone. She was approaching the Nichelleatron with sturdiness in her step. Suddenly Jenny came up from behind Krystal and pulled her into a secret room.
"What the heck is going on? WHat is this place!!!???"
"What the heck do you think you are doing?!!" Jenny whispered furiously. Me?! Krystal thought angrily but she just said fearfully, "what was that thing?" "A Nichelleatron," Jenny explained, "and don't be so loud or it will eat you."
"Well, it won't eat us cause we are going to kill it before it kills us."
"Kill it?" Jenny asked, " That's crazy talk!!!"
"Well what else are we going to do? Sit here like a bunch of indians and make a freakin' peace treaty with the thing?!"
"that'd be nice."
"yeah" a voice behind them said, "wait were you being sarcastic?" A stoned-looking guy had come up behind them, and he said "my names Ryan. Do any of you have some drugs I can like borrow?"
Jenny and Krystal looked at each other and shook their heads.
"Umm....when did you get here?" Krystal asked.
"I don't know, i was smoking some of my weed in the bathroom and then I heard a big crash. So I ran."
"Aren't you supposed to be the tough guy?"
"Uhhh. That's what i want people to think." Ryan just smiled sheepishly.
"Great we have a whimp with us." Krystal said.
"Well, it could be worse." Jenny butted in.
"What?" Krystal looked at Jenny.
"He could be a...a"
"A what, i couldn't hear you."
"A hooker." Jenny whispered.
"That would be bad."
Jenny nodded gravely and the three stood around silently staring at each other for several moments until the secret room's secret door started rumbling.
"Holy crap we are going to die!" Ryan screamed and ran behind the two girls. They rolled their eyes and plucked two swords off of the sword tree sprouting out of the wall. *Wink* As soon as they shoved Ryan out of the way and took their fighting stances, the door exploded into a million pieces and standing outside was the Nichelleatron!!!!!!
"Are you ready to do this?" Krystal yelled over the creature's scary roar.
"yeah, I'm ready, I guess!" Jenny replied and they lunged at the beast, killing it in about 10 minutes. The girl's clothes were soaked in monster goo. Ryan recovered himself and asked," Do you guys want to use my shirt to clean yourselves up a bit?"
"Sure why not." Krystal panted. Ryan nodded and took off his shirt, revealing.... A gorgeous 6-pack!!!!!!*Bigsmile*
"OHMYGOSH." Jenny said under her breath.
"You're telling me." Krystal murmured in awe. Ryan smiled and tossed the shirt to Krystal. She wiped up her face and arms and tossed it to Jenny, who cleaned herself off slowly and dazedly. She guestured for him to take it but he declined.
"I'd rather be a little chilly than be soaking in who knows what."
"Suit yourself." Jenny said with a smile and threw it on the ground.
'You weren't getting it back anyways,' Krystal thought.
"Hey guys, before you flip out becuse of the goo and crap we should find a way out. And before i forget, are you sure you don't have any weed?" Ryan smiled.
"Yes we're sure." Krystal and Jenny said at the same time.
"**** it" (Insert swear word at the ****) Ryan said under his breath.
But what they didnt know is the gunk the nichelleonator pukes out reforms into more nichelleonators....(dun dun dun)(sing it)....
The newly formed nichelletrons started to grow and multiply. As they were growing ryan stepped backwards and fell on his back. His hand landed on a secretly concealed button that opened a trap door in the back of the closet.
"OOOOOOOOOOO, what's that?" Jenny asked, stepping over Ryan.
"i don't know," Krystal said and helped Ryan up.
Ryan started twards the door as he walked inside he had an idea.....
"I'm going to call this place weednia" he said happily.
"Why" asked jenny
"Look.......theres weed" "Yes" he said joyfully.
Krystal started twared the weed with ryan. Ryan picked some up and tried to smoke it.
"Its real!!!!!!"
"Ohmygosh. Is there any one else we could be stuck with?" Jenny asked.
Krystal shook her head in shame.
Ryan was jumping for joy.
"He makes me scream inside." Kyrstal said.
"He is just embarssing himself." Jenny sighed deeply.
Ryan wasn't listening. Like a child on Christmas, he scampered about, inhaling all of the weedy smells.
Krystal and Ryan were arguing over who got more of the weed. Ryan yelled at Krystal "I should get more because I dicovered Weedia!!"
"well to bad I am better than you!!" Krystal replied.
"nu uh" childishly replied Ryan.
"Ya Huh, and for your information, we are too old to be fighting like that so there! Grow up." Krystal scoffed snobily, and turned away.
"Jenny, Who should get the most weed?" Ryan asked, " Cause I'm going to put it to good use and smoke it. And sell it. Krystal'll probly just snuff it or sumthin."
"No I'm not, I'm going to burn it so I can build a mini mall in here."
"So what's the problem? You can just give Ryan the weed and then you could build your oddly placed mini mall. Does that work out for you?"
Ryan and Krystal looked at each other and nodded.
"Sure. That works." They said unisonly.
"Good. Now will you please shut up so we can go explore this place?" Jenny sighed frustradtedly.
"Blah Blah Blah, let's go!"
"Its so cool in here!" Krystal yelled after 5 minutes of exploring Weedia. "What?" Ryan asked, looking stoned...again. "Give me that," Jenny said quickly, "you're going to pass out or kill yourself." "I couldn't get that lucky," Krystal muttered. "Hey man get your own weed!"
Ryan kept running around and popping up everywhere but as quick as he was there he was gone.
"Where did he go?"Asked jenny.
"IDK." replied Krystal.
jenny started looking around but couldnt fined him anywhere.
"Krystal?" Jenny yelled.
Krystal was nowhere to be found.

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