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by Kazzie
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crushes and stuff
[Introduction] ??????????R u crushing on someone???????????
have you ever had a crush well im sure you have but heres a true storie with my friend nichelle. we will tell you all the good and bad kinda like journal...so here it goes......

Kara: So i kinda like someone his name well we will get to that later. Hes very nice and that makes him charming...not romeo charming but the kinda charming that you can hug and talk to really easily.(im a romantic so this sopy romantic stuff gets me)well your probly wondering his name we its.........micheal(nichelle i know your probly laughing) but hes so nice not like those other jerks.....

Now for nichelles life....................
Nichelle: Yeah, well, Kara may like a guy that lives like REALLY far away, but my guy is right here and he doesn't notice me. Like, he knows who I am and all, but he talks to my friends and stuff more than me. He's really nice, and cute, and funny, and an athelete, and best of all, he's my height! If Kara wasn't so darn flirtatious, I might actually stand a chance, but noooo, she won't let me have Trenton.
Well i keep telling nichelle that i dont like him but NO she doesnt belive me......so yeah and micheal only lives 20 minutes away so HA HA HA ummmmm yeah so i play hockey and i meet micheal because hes my defencive partners little brother but he is my age. I would hang out with him at our tournaments and we would go swimming together I LOVE PUSHING HIM IN THE POOL.lol
Nichelle: There is no reason to deny it, because every time I like a guy she flirts with him and I never end up with the happy ending. And for your information KARA, I don't care about Mike, because I hear about him ALL of the time. The only reason she likes going to the pool with him is because she thinks that he's a sexy little boy. So there. Trenton is my guy and I don't even stand a chance with him because Kara is such a big FLIRT!!!!!
I cant help that im a flirt its just my nature and thats not a joke....and yes mike is hot lol you have everything going for you u just have to use it anyways we are soppot to be talking about who we like......hallie is a whore
Nichelle:why did you bring Hallie into this? you must have a lesbian crush on her.
So yeah, I like Trenton and he's a good guy. Kind of stupid at times, but a good guy all around. The only problem with this boy is that we have like nothing in common and it's not cool. He likes soccer and I don't know anything about it besides that guy David Beckham. He's famous or something. But yeah, I am like lost when he starts talking about that foolish sport.
Kara: so nichelle sits infront of him is s.s. its kinda FUNNY he kicks her and stuff.
Nichelle: And Kara thinks that he does this SICK nasty stuff, like when he was shaking my chair back and forth, Kara gets this weird look on her face and this other guy goes, " do you like vibrators?" And Trenton and I were both like "You guys are sick!!" It was retarded. Seriously. So yeah, that's what goes on when Trenton tries to be nice to me and treats me like a friend, and not an aquantance. So yeah. Here's the sick minded fool.
Kara: the funny thing was is that she liked it!!!!!!!!!
Nichelle: Oh My GOD!!!!!! He was actually being nice to me and she goes and makes it sick and wrong. I like this guy and I might actually stand a chance with him, IF Kara wasn't such a NASTY freak! And seriously, maybe I would have a boyfriend if I didn't have such weird friends!
nice so you dont wana be my friend..... so me and ben j were acting horny well fake horny he said he wanted to have sex with me in a closet i was like ooooo be my cowboy lol and he was like your my horny hockey player....so we are going to makeout at the movies
Nichelle: So maybe I want to just have a normal convo with you without having Trenton give us weird looks. Seriously. I'm not kidding. I just want to have a normal friendship that would show him that I'm not weird and that I would make a good girlfriend!That's what I want!!!! screw your horny boy toy!
Kara: oh and im waring some big beaded necklace and he was like they look like balls and i was like you wish you could touch them and he was like i touched some a minute ago but i wana touch your boobs and i was like no thank you and then we stoped and i love horny boy toys!!!!!!!!
Nichelle:OMG,I don't care! I am over your sex toy thing, so you should get over it too! And you know what, I like Trenton Spilker and I would kill you if he asked me to. *Wink*
Kara: thats mean and your probly the one who goes home with alex s anyways and you imagine trentons head on his body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nichelle: That fat body?! Trenton is skinny and cute. Not fat and ugly.
ewww gross i dont wana know about trentons body!!!!
Nichelle: WEll, too bad, cause I know you do. He's hot and my height and cute, and skinny, (which I like). I like him and hopefully he likes me!
ok ok call your self shell...ok so i saw micheal the other night he is so funny.....hahaha...(i dont know what to write so if anyone has any ideas write and tell me)!!!!! ewww yesterday i had to hold pinkies with my ex named matt it was in s.s. class it was occward...sorry about spelling....nichelle thinks i like him still but i dont know who i like anymore!!!!!!
Nichelle: Well, first of all, I'd like to thank you guys for commenting on our work! lol! So yeah, Mike is a little fag boy and I know you say stuff like that about Trenton when I am not listening! lol! Ok, well, I don't know what to say about my sexy man right now so bye!
o what ever so yeah all the boys in our school suck!!!!!!!!!! lol
Nichelle: No they don't they are just...misunderstood....
kara: ok sure ........so me and nichelle are going to do somthing new we r going to answer your questions about love or crushes!!!!! so send me a question we will post it not use you name andanswer you question.... i cant wait
Nichelle: Sure, but we need people to ask questions! But yeah, Trenton's my bitch!*Wink*
omg(i hate when people say that) shut up nichelle i want someone to ask me a question!!!! so tell your friends!!!!!

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