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want to try something new? Check this out. (Closed)
[Introduction] This is an idea I got from my creative writing teacher. He told me you use it to make a character, but I used it for a story. Right now, I don’t have a plot but for your first turn, you have to give me one of your favorite story plot. And after i have everyone favorite plot i will put it together to make one plot.
I haven’t got anyone for this, so if you like this idea. Please asked for an invitation. Thank you.

For your first turn, please put ONE of your favorite story plot with the title. It can be a plot from anything. From Books, movies, show, cartoons, anime, comic books. But please not use your own plot, Sorry. (I will make a campfire for that, if this one works out.)

Once we have a plot, it will go like a normal campfire, make a characters and start the story.

After we have a plot, and you will like to join, just make a character and go long with the plot.

Thank you,
Ace Combat 5: the unsang war

Tensions rise between two superpowers,Yuktobania and Osea and one nation declares war on the other. But, this war was not instigated by Yuktobania, as is believed early in the game. The fallen nation of Belka which was defeated by the allied forces of Osea and Yuktobania in The Belkan War of 1995, sought revenge and pitted the two nations against each other.

(i wont go again until we get more people. okay?)

The present day, in a world filled with superheroes. An archer hero, long thought dead, returns with no memory and no idea of when he died or what he is doing alive. He immediately gets back to work and takes on a new female teenage sidekick, and sets off tracking down the city's newest menace: a devil-worshipping child eating man.

Meanwhile, his teammates, who are astonished to see him alive, have to figure out: why did he come back? And why are demons following him around everywhere he goes?
Icewind Dale II

An organization consisting of society's outcasts and half-breeds seeks to bring about destruction on a massive scale upon the towns of Icewind Dale. Having suffered much persecution at the hands of the locals for simply being half-demons, siblings Isair and Madae lead this strange army as a part of their personal revenge. That is, until an unknown group of adventurers band together to save one of the towns from a seige, and embark on an epic quest to figure out the Legion of the Chimera and end the threat.
Pillars of Creation

Jennsen is one known as a "hole in the world." She is search of the one responsible for the death of her mother. She is helped along the way by Sebastian, Tom, and others. Little does she know the secret and truth of everything on the way to her half-brother, Lord Rahl. She thinks he is responsible. But the truth will shock her.
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Sadie's life was a lie from the very beginning. Her real parents were killed and replaced by fakes that trained her and molded her according to their plans of domination. When she turned 17, she discovered the awful truth and released a force that cannot be taken back. Now she's on the run, and forced to save the very ones who betrayed her.
a war between two nations is finally coming to an end, As one of the nation's leader is
going to the peace meeting. his is attacked by a unknown aircraft from an unknown
superpower. And a group of characters is the only way two stop this superpower. Within in
the group of characters, a lost hero returns but doesnt remember anything about his past.
as his old friend look for him. they began asking why he came back and where is his
memory? Another member of the group is looking for killer of her/his mother with the
help of friends, the serect is begans to come out but will she want to learn the truth?
also another character's life has been a lie from birth, and her fake parents has now
join this unknown super power. now she must stop them. As this is going on,
another group of characters isrying to avenge their dead family,the group turns into an
small army and the two group of characters must save the world!

okay, this is our plot. if you have any questions, email me.

this time around, make up a character. you can have up to two.

they should look something like this.


also from now on, please get you addtion in within to days. i will not be afrid to skip.

thank you
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Name:Kale Unther



Describe:A dancer's body, tall, lean with small boobs and a lot of wiry muscle. Her black hair is medium length and always in a bun. She has a dark complexion and always looks sad. When she looks at you, you feel like like she sees you for what you truely are, her bright blue eyes are that brillant. She has an ugly scar down her left cheek bone.

History: She lived in the nation where the peace treaty was to be held. She has no connection to anyone, but is an excellent fighter because her father was in the army and expected her to keep her family safe while he was away (her mother having died in her youngest sister's childbirth). She's had an advantageous life. Her family is extremely wealthy.

I never wrote a plot so I think that my character will just be thrown into the giant mixing bowl. :)
Name: Aryas Rahl

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Description: Aryas is roughly 5'10" and had brown hair and blue eyes. He has a scar on his left eye that his biological father, Darken Rahl, gave to him. He is muscular and has a very cold stare.

History: Being imprisoned by his father when he was little because he, like so many of his half-siblings, were "holes in the world," he was freed by Darken's gifted son, Richard, because Richard felt everyone should live. He now searches for his brothers and sisters to live in the Palace free and royal.
I want to have two characters, but this is one of them. I'll think of the other one later.

Name: Jack Anory

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown, could be anywhere from 20 to 30

Description: Jack is a tall young man and extremely attractive, not exactly handsome but has the appearance of a very generous and lovable person, usually smiling. He has no left eye and wears an eyepatch, as well as a hearing aid because his hears were damaged in an explosion. His eyes are green and he has curly brwon hair. He is always dressed in black.

History: Jack is a drifter from somewhere outside the known world. If there is any possible explanation for his motives, it is that he travels around doing good deeds. He recently became a member of the group of heroes chosen to stop the superpower. He is a painter, storyteller and magician whose power is creating lifelike illusions, which may actually be real. In this way he can create clones of himself, open doors to other worlds and bring anything he imagines to life. He rarely travels without a paintbrush and is also a very good cook.

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Name: Sadie Lesau

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Description: She's about 5'9" with shaggy brown hair that almost covers her hazel eyes. Her skin is tan and you can tell that there is some definite muscle under there. She normally wears hoodies so that she can hide her features.

History: She recently ran away from home when she found out that her parents weren't who they said they were. Now she travels from town to town in her beat up Chevy, hoping to avoid being caught while trying to figure out how to stop them. To make money, she's been selling stories to local papers, though she leaves before she can take any credit.

Other: Jason, if we hook up in this one, I'll be seriously creeped out.
(Do the countries have names already? It seems confusing to just call them 'the countries'. I'm going to come up with a few names; they can be changed later, it's just so I know the difference for this entry).

Character #1

Name: Rachel O'Shaugnessy

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Description: Very pretty if she weren't always so cruel-looking. She has long slicked-back hair in a black ponytail. She wears black leather cowboy boots and a matching duster jacket. Under the jacket, she carries two pistols in hidden holsters. Surprisingly cold and unkind.

History: Born in Scudamor, one of the countries fighting the war. She comes from a long family of gunslingers, but is the first female gunslinger. Her brothers were all kidnapped by the superpower and may be dead. Possibly they are being held in Braggadocho, the country at war with Scudamor. She is on a mission to rescue them and she will show no mercy until they are found.

Character #2

Name: The Tender Knight

Age: Unknown

Sex: Presumably male

Description: An ancient spirit, appears as a knight in full armor pierced repeatedly by arrows. Carries a sword in one hand and an axe in the other. An invisible magic field prevents anyone from sneaking up on him; any attack must be made in front of him if the attacker has any chance of surviving.

History: A terrifying and diabolical evil spirit, the Tender Knight leads the otherwordly spirit army known as the Cult of the Invisible Painting, dedicated to destroying all beauty and goodness in the world by using a magic mirror called the Unsightful and using it to reflect the whole planet.
(No... the countries dont have any names. For right now call the union and the commonwealth and the who started the war is the republic and we will finish the names later... the others who had not made a character, make one and join. i going to start. Cipher. I got on Zane and Lily if you got Abaddon and Sol.)

Name: Zane Xero
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Describe: A good look young male, his hair is messy jet black, which matches his black eyes. he has a well built body and stays in shape. he usually wears baggie jeans and sleeveless white shirt with a unknown symbol on it.

History: Since Zane could remember, he lived in foster homes, until he was 12; a man and a woman adopted him. They were a strange couple the man was a master in martial arts and the woman was a master swordsmen. Both taught Zane their skills. Two days, after Zane left for college, there were killed in a car crash. Zane drop of out of college and began to live "off the grid"

Other: Master of Martial art and Swords fighting.

Name: Lily
Sex: female
Age: 20
Describe: pretty girl, blond hair with side bangs which stops at her back. Beautiful blue eyes and a lovely body
History: Lived in a normal home, lived a normal life. Not thing special just a normal person. Likes to hang out with Zane and has a little crush on him but he is to blind to see it. Start to give train in Martial arts with Zane.
Other: A little Martial Arts

(Okay here we go!)

As the subway train came to a stop, Zane pushed up the door and he and lily step off.

“Shit, we are going to be late!” Zane said as he began to run towards the stairs.

“Wait up!” Lily said, running after him. They were on their way to a meeting. Zane, a few weeks before, met a man online saying that he was forming group to go against this new superpower. And Zane believes he has the power to help.
As Zane and lily got to the top of the stairs, they entered downtown of New York. Battle scared from the last war; this part of New York was full of roaming homeless people and rundown neighborhoods.

“So where around here are we meeting them?” Lily asked as Zane

“Right here.” Zane stopped in front of a door to an abandon warehouse. The door open and Zane and Lily walked in.

“Nice of you to join us, Zane”
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"What are you talking about?" Kale said angrily into the phone. "Where's my father?"

The other party was silent for a long while. "I'm sorry Miss Unther, but your father's team was ambushed. We have no information beyond that."


It had been nearly two weeks since the Unther's had recieved the devestating news. Kale and her two younger brothers were orphans. Her father, the military general, was gone. Her rock, her foundation, her everything, was gone, and she was stuck watching these two midget brats.

Kale sat up in bed. Looking out her window, she suddenly and abruptly decided that she was going to try and do something about all of this. It wasn't like she was helpless after all. Stretching she climbed out of bed and downstairs for breakfast, her new resolve formulating in her mind.
Aryas Rahl traveled the rocky road towards the south and the Old World. He kept thinking of how kind his brother was. How could someone with such an evil father end up so good. Of course, Richard had killed Darken Rahl before Darken had the chance to kill Aryas.

Smiling at the thought of helping his brother out, Aryas grabbed at the dagger Richard had given him. It was very beautiful, with an ornate R inscribed on the top. It would be a great assassination weapon against the Dark Sisters that the King of the Old World had at his command.

And the rest of Aryas' party were well ready for a fight. Richard had lent Aryas a regiment of his army and a Mord-Sith. The Agiel that the Mord-Sith carried would do him well. That Agiel would really hurt, if it worked on Aryas.

But being a hole in the world, Aryas was immune to the effects of magic. That would greatly help him against the Dark Sisters. So they continued their journey south.
Second character:

Name: Orlean Enfant

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Description: Orlean Enfant was a superhero from the 1950's. His only superpower was the ability to stay pure and incorruptibly good, even having been orphaned in a city infested with crime and hatred. He is tall, handsome and always childishly happy, with a big smile on his face.

Background: In civilian life he did volunteer work at a county fair, dressing up as Cupid. Hence, as a superhero he fought enemies with a magical bow and arrow. However, he was killed almost fifty years ago by the Tender Knight, and has suddenly come to life, although nobody knows why.

* * * * *

"Okay, so what now?" asked Zane, looking around the warehouse in confusion. "Is this all there is of the group of heroes fighting to stop the superpower?"

"Of course not," said Nexus. "We have one more member. And, as it turns out, he's got plenty of experience." She turned to a man far off in the corner, laboriously painting a mural on the warehouse wall. "Oh, Jack?"

No answer. "JACK!" screamed Nexus and Sol together.

"Sorry," smiled the man with dignity, turning to face the group. He was a tall man in black who looked nice enough but, oddly, wore an eyepatch. "Do you like it?" he asked Zane and Lily.

"It's... it's very beautiful." said Lily. It was a painting of two angels making a snowman in the clouds. Not really the kind of thing a fearless hero would paint, thought Zane, but said nothing.

DING! A timer went off. "The cookies are done!" exclaimed Jack, as he went off to an oven that someone had lugged into the warehouse. Sol groaned and Nexus pretended not to notice. For all his annoying pleasantries, Jack was clearly a heck of a fighter... and he DID make very good cookies.

"I believe our old friend Orelan Enfant is wandering around somewhere in the city," said Jackas he offered cookies to Zane and Lily, who accepted them with not a little hesitation. "Does anyone speak Scudamorian? It's the only language he understands."

"But that can wait. We have to get some more members. We need all the help we can get." Jack picked up his paintbrush and palette once more and faced the group with dead seriousness. "The Tender Knight is back. And he's brought the entire Cult of the Invisible Painting with him this time."

"The Who of the Invisible What?" asked everyone at the same time.

The Cult of the Invisible Painting had already been unleashed. Even as the heroes were gathered in one of the nations, the Cult was already running loose in the other nation.

Obviously, nobody had yet realized there was an invincible army of evil spirits running loose. The Cult had emerged slowly, and, as always, in mysterious ways. People looking into mirrors were shocked to find the reflection of their most hated enemy staring back at them. Statues got off their pedestals and shouted angry accusations at surprised onlookers. And, of course, some spirits wandered free, already wreaking havoc.

The Tender Knight's most terrifying and unusual spirits ravaged the landscape. The Mossy Crew rolled across the highways, spitting poisonous stones at every innocent bystander they passed. The Mad Paddlers stormed every closed library with their flaming whips, burning all possible medical books.

To kill the gathered heroes, the Tender Knight had already dispatched his three greatest warriors, the Carnal Cardinals: Wouldn't, Couldn't and Shouldn't. Currently, they took the apearance of armored humans all chained together by the legs, covered in matching green cloaks. Already they were very powerful, but when the Unsightful was found, it would transform them, respectively, into Won't, Can't and Shan't.

At the same time, he had sent his personal messenger, the Fickle Horseman, to capture his resurrected foe, Orlean Enfant, who needed to be sacrificed in order to destroy the world. He had also sent his bodyguard, the Voice of the Lightning, to convert Rachel O'Shaughnessy, the vengeful young gunslinger who could become the Cult's most powerful weapon. As for the Unsightful, only one man knew where it was, and only one other man could take them to it (even if he didn't know that yet). The first man was named Jack Anory, and the second man was named Zane Xero.
“And that’s why we have to stop them,” the group of heroes were circled around Jack as he finished telling everyone who The Tender Knight and Cult of the invisible Painting was.

“So what do we do? This Tender Knight has a whole cult on his side.” Zane asked still confused “And we have how many people? Four or Five?”

Nexus laughed, “You’re cute” She placed her index finger on Zane forehead then pushing him off balance. “But not that smart.” Zane fell to the ground with a thump.

Sol looked at Zane “Well, we’ll keep looking for more people to join to join us. But now we have a different reason now.”

Jack nodded, agreeing with Sol. “Also since this cult is already on the move. We are going to have to move in groups.”

“And who is Orelan Enfant?” Zane picked himself up.
Aryas continued his walk through the forest, this time with only the Mord-Sith with him. They had left the rest of the company back, to alert him should any others try to enter the forest. At the moment, he needed to find an old friend in this forest alone. He had the Mord-Sith as a basic bodyguard.

Right now, he knew he was close to his friends abode. He knew, though, that his friend was not stupid to just be alone out here. She had certain "precautions" to help weed out unwelcome visitors. But his friend's protection knew Aryas, so there would be no problem getting through.

He just had to make sure they did not attack his Mord-Sith, Shakal. Which wouldn't be too hard. He approached the humble swamp home of his friend and knocked. A startled rustle came from inside. Aryas could tell that she wasn't expecting anyone.

But the door opened a bit, and Kale smiled at Aryas.
"It's not Orelan, its ORLEAN." said Jack, slowly enunciating. "OR-LE-AN Enfant."

"Sounds foreign." said Zane.

"Didn't I just say he doesn't speak English?" asked Jack. "That doesn't seem foreign enough?"

"Well, who is he?"

"Orlean was a super hero back in the fifties who was killed by the Tender Knight. He was one of our brightest stars, our most noble and valiant heroes, an inspiration to us all. And now he's back, and quite frankly, nobody has any idea why."

"And where is this Orlean guy?" asked Lily.

Jack looked out the window. "Crap. I thought he was outside. All right. We don't have too long before the Tender Knight's servants come. Zane, go out and find Orlean. You'll know him; he's a happy-looking young guy with blonde hair in a tuxedo, maybe with a bow and arrows tucked under his arm, can't speak a word of English. Lily, go outside and tell me when the clouds turn green, because when they do, we'll have about fifteen minutes to run. And Nexus, Sol..." Jack turned to them. "There are others we have to find. I'll need some mercury. Or uranium. Either one."
Name: Lobos
Sex: Male
Age: 38
Appearance: Messy brown hair and an ungroomed goatee. Black tattoos adorn his face and body. He typically wears a Japanese brown kimono and sandals that have a little pink flower on them. A great mercenary looks the part, obviously.
Personality: Lobos seems to have a rather tenuous grasp on reality, and suffers from what might be considered multiple personality disorder, which his other personality is named Lobos as well. When he isn't suffering from the 2nd personality, he is a vile, cruel, evil man, that likes nothing more than to insult and cause pain to others. But when the 2nd Lobos personality takes control, he is the complete opposite, lovable and nice to all. He cares affectionately for his companion, Pandora, though she'd like nothing more than to get away from him.
History: When asked about his past, Lobos just stares off into the forest, trying to reach the treetops with his hands like some kind of child in wonder. It seems impossible to get the man to state any kind of history at the moment due to his mental illness. His mental faculties allow him to be adapt enough at medicine, and the organization that would hire this man must be dark, indeed.
Other: Wields a concealed pistol inside the sleeve of a his shirt, and is surprisingly adept at medicine.

Name: Pandora
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Appearance: Short, black hair, a thin face and body, red pouting lips, and a fair complexion. Pandora pretty much wears any pair of skin tight jeans and shirt, with a brown leather jacket over it.
Personality: Pandora is promiscuous, insulting, headstrong, and independent, and will kill anybody if the pay is right. She works grudgingly with Lobos, and can't stand him, wishing she could just kill him.
History: When asked about her past, Pandora states that you should keep your words to yourself. From what you can guess by her moody stares into the distance, some kind of tragedy has happened in her past, which may suggest she hasn't always been an evil person. She works grudgingly with Lobos, and the only reason she hasn't killed him yet is because of their employer's power hanging over their heads.
Other: Dual-wields two pistols and is an adept knife fighter.

*NOTE* These characters will typically be a sort of comic relief, though they will have their serious moments.
Barely five minutes after the stranger in the black trench coat entered the bar before half the patrons were looking at him. He had a way of calling attention to himself--his silent, tense demeanor, the way in which he sat at the bar table and ordered a glass of wine without speaking, and, of course, the fact that he wore a black trench coat and large black hat which completely obscured his face.

It wasn't until the stranger removed his hat that EVERYONE was staring at him. "He" was, in fact, a girl. A very pretty girl, for that matter. Every man in that bar silently thanked the gods for sending such a beautiful woman their way, but it was a long period of silence that passed before some jackass was brave and half-drunk enough to make a move on her. He sat down beside her on the bar table and took a loud and obnoxious swig of her drink--in fact he finished it. The stranger didn't look at him and silently ordered another one. The man put his arm around her. She shook it off.

By this time, the man was getting annoyed. He wasn't one to treat his women with kindness and patience--nobody in this bar was, in fact. He put his arm on her shoulder roughly and she pulled it off. "Leave me alone." she said.

By now the man had lost it. He grabbed her and pulled out his knife. "You best pay attention to me, lady, or..."

BLAM! He went spinning off his chair and fell on the ground. The woman had drawn a pistol and shot him right in the arm. Everyone was standing up now, mouth agape. The man's knife lay on the floor; slowly, agonizingly, he inched towards it. The girl did not move. It was not until he was within reach of it that she shot him dead.

At this, several patrons stood angrily, rifles drawn. "It's just a girl. KILL HER!" She turned on the whole bar, both guns firing hundreds of times a minute, drowning out the few shots of other people's guns from those who were fast enough to get a shot off. As Rachel had predicted, those who were intent on fighting stayed in the bar and died, and those who cared more about getting away fled and escaped. Nearly everyone in the bar was dead when she holstered her guns, and only four or five people had run off.

The bartender stared around in absolute horror at the carnage when the girl turned towards him. "Don't try it," she snarled. He was inching slowly for his own rifle, hidden under the bar table. "I'm warning you. Don't."

The bartender had never met a pistol drawer faster than him. Until now. After he was dead, Rachel moved on.

* * * * *

Orlean Enfant had never been in this city before. Where was he? Why did nobody speak a language he could understand? And what was all this new technology doing here? He had only been unconscious for a few months after his defeat by the Tender Knight. Why did it no longer look like the 1950's?

Orlean turned around, to take in all the new smells and sights, and realized, with a groan, that he'd strayed from the warehouse. The nice man with the eyepatch had been telling him to stay put (with pictures, of course; they didn't speak the same language but the man was a wonderful artist), and now he had wandered away. To find someone he knew was a firend he would have to find the warehouse again? But how could he?
Name: Abel
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Appearance: a loner, never really had a friend,
Personality: cold hearted
History:since Emery, was a litte kid he had been alone, he grow up moving from town to town, when he turn 20 gain unknown powers, a first he began to use them as good but after being call a freak he began use it for bad
other: power simiar to Sol's and Nexus's
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Decription:Kiari is a evenly built girl, with a very well proportioned body. She has golden blonde hair and tan skin. She has beautifully large, round, green eyes that are filled with life. She has a sweet dispositon and a kind temperment.
History: Kiari was born in the Union (Braggadocho). After her parents were killed in a freak terroist attack, she was adopted by a missionary from the commonwealth (scumador)and started moving frequently from country to country. After her new father was killed by a part of the new superpower, she became determined to avenge her father and protect the countries.
other: Kiari always seems to be surrounded by life. If you stand by her, you cant help but to feel better.
(i have exams! so i cant write, i got to study!)
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Kale glanced out her front door. "Aryas! What the Hell are you doing here?" She asked angrily.

Aryas shook his head, "Not exactly the greeting I would have liked."

Kale glared, "Well the fact that you left me cold and dry in the middle of a dark night with enemies baring down on me wasn't exactly the thing I would have like as well." She saw the hooded figure lingering behind Aryas. "Hurry and get inside before the Hoods figure out your friend doesn't belong."

Aryas rolled his eyes and stepped over the threshold into her small cottage.

"Why are you here? Aryas I haven't heard from you in what...2 years and now your here..."

"It's time, and I need help."
"With what?" Kale asked.

"Do you know of the Lord Rahl?" Aryas asked.

"You mean the monster Darken, or his son, Richard?"


"I have heard more of Darken, but from my understanding, Richard is supposedly a good man, and a good king."

"He is. He is also my brother."

"Your brother?"

"Yes. Darken Rahl was my father. But Richard needs my help with the South Kingdom." But Kale had not heard Aryas about the South Kingdom, for she had fainted upon hearing that Darken Rahl, one of the most feared and violent men in history, was her friends' father.
(I know the countries aren;t supposed to have names, but I like the ones Badger proposed, Scudamor and Braggadocho. And since some other people are using them already, I think I may also to avoid confusion, if that's okay)

"Where the hell are we supposed to get mercury?" shouted Sol. "Or uranium?"

"Never mind, then," said Jack, with a dismissive shrug. "I don't REALLY need it. It would just be handy. That's all."

"Well, what do we do now?" asked Nexus.

"Well," said Jack, "I was going to use the uranium and mercury to make a portal to warp us out of here--you see, they can be used in a way to make my illusions become real. But if not, we need some other way of getting out of here."

At that moment Lily came down from the window, breathless. "The clouds are green," she gasped.

"Yeah, you know what?" said Jack as he grabbed his paintbrush. "We better just run!"
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Sadie pulled up to the curb of the club and stepped out. She checked her watch. Yes, she was on time. Nervous, she felt in her purse for her gun. You never know what'll happen in these cities.

She was just about to leave when another car pulled up alongside. The window rolled down, revealing her connection. He took a cigarette and blew a cloud of the acrid smoke into her face. She glared at him, but showed no other sign that she was bothered by it and simply held out her hand.

He handed her an envelope and parked the car while she tore it open and examined the contents.

"How can I be sure this is right?" she asked.

"Gotta trust me, babe. I don't screw over chicks like you." He looked her over. "Hey, don't you got something for me?"

She tossed a wad of cash into his lap and walked away, stuffing the papers into her pocket.

"Don't I at least get a thank you?"

Sadie pulled out her gun and shot out the headlights, then climbed into her Chevy.

"Thank you."
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Kiari stared out the window of the taxi.

"We're here." said the cab driver. Kiari handed a stack of dollar bills to the driver.

"Thank you." she said pleasantly as she grabbed her backpack and stepped out of the cab. The cab drove away and Kiari examinded her surroundings. She was standing on the dirty streets of downtown New York.

Kiari pulle a map out of her backpack.
"Two blocks down and around the corner."she said to herself. She swept her golden blonde hair out of her face and set out towards her destination.

Kiari was at the end of the second block when she stopped in her tracks. Something felt wrong. She glanced up at the sky and realized that the clouds had a green tinge to them.
"No" she whispered. She carefully peeked arond the corner. Just as she suspected, there were two cloaked men men were guarding the doorway of a warehouse. Kiari turned and and ran in the direction she had come in.
Sorry, guys. Kinda swamped right now, but I'll make up for it in my next addition.
Jack, Sol, Nexus and Lily gathered their things quickly and prepared to flee. The possessions they had weren't many--a few swords, a paintbrush (Jack's), a small suitcase that smelled strongly of spices (also Jack's) and one two-handed gun with only four shots left in it.

"Come on, guys," said Jack as they heard the sound of the warehouse door being torn off its steel hinges. "Where's your car?"

Sol and Nexus looked at him. "What do you mean? A car?" We don't have any?"

"What?!" said Jack. "No car? That's just great! How the heck are we going to get out of here?"

"And what about Zane?" asked Lily. "We sent him off to find Orlean Enfant and he's not back yet."

"Shh!" said Nexus. "Listen!" The four of them perked up their ears. They could hear figures moving about in the hallways. Three of them, to be exact, stepping in unison and accompanied by the rattling of chains.

"Crap," said Jack. "It's the Carnal Cardinals." He waved his arm and a large section of the wall disappeared; obviously, it had been one of his illusions. He pointed through the hole into the street outside.

"You three go outside. Find Zane and Orlean. The Cult will be looking for them. I'll create a diversion to hold these three off. We'll meet again in three days at the poorhouse near the city reservoir."

Jack grabbed one of the swords, handed the gun to Lily, and ran off towards the sound of the footsteps. As Nexus, Sol and Lily ran outside, they turned and caught a glimpse of an enormous lava monster (another of Jack's illusions).

"Look there!" said Sol. An attractive young blonde girl was running away from the warehouse, chased by other members of the Cult whose appearances were too bizarre to describe. Lily loaded her gun and took aim.
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Sadie instinctively ducked down at the sound of gunfire. The cement hurt when she hit it, but it was only an addition to the scratches and bruises she had already acquired.

She looked up through her hair at the scene before her. There was a girl running from a man in a cloak, and another girl with a gun. She pushed herself up and surveyed the scene. The other girl was taking aim again.

"Bad day to have a conscience." she muttered to herself. "I'm so gonna get killed for this."

Without another thought, she lunged for the running girl and covered her with her body. There was another shot and the man fell on top of them. She shoved him to one side and smiled at the girl.

"Nice to meet you." she whispered, before tackling the other girl.

The two wrestled for the gun until Sadie knocked it a few feet away. Then they were able to have a full fledged fight.

Sadie quickly had a mouthful of blood and a cut above her eye, but she did an equal amount of damage. She was pretty sure the other's nose was broken and had a bruise on her shoulder.

The fight could have continued a lot longer if they weren't pried apart. Her elbow quickly went into the guy's gut. He groaned, but still managed to restrain her.

"Feisty, huh?" said his friend, with an attractive smile. Although, she'd been fooled by smiles before.

"Who are you?" she cried.

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