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Coolers then Luke's
[Introduction] okay, this was taken from thewriter but he took the idea from own creative writing teacher. but any how. unlike luke's, I going to take your own plot.
please enter the plot the first turn. After we have a plot, characters will be made and the story will start.
okay my plot.

a man lost in the world, going from town to town looking for a place in the world. he learns that he is the only thing stopping a evil beings from killing off mankind.
the Stars End(my story)

two friends go on a starcrusie and the crusier is attacked by a superpower, they crash on a planet, which has a door on it. this door is the stars end, the which is the path to the knowlege of the universe. when the door is open, a group superbeings released.
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Unholy Trinity

A young woman from a newly rich family moves in with her family in an old mansion, which was left to her as a gift from an old man, she had helped in his dying days working as a nurse.

She very soon discovers that there is more than meets the eye and ventures ina dedaly search of secret maze inside the mansion's walls to discover the grave of Lilith, ancient goddes of the night. Since in her blood runs the essence of the goddes, exactly why the old man left her the mansion, Lilith is woken and takes hold of her descendent. The goddes is the first part of the Trinity and under her influence gets involved with vampires, who transform her into one of her own. Being a vampire creates the second part of the Trinity.

The third part comes in the face of the angel of Death, with which she merges by usuroping the power of its scythe.

The mission of the Trinity is to make sure that Hell is the ultimate ruler of the underworld and stop the war between Hell and the other underworld realms of the world.
18 year old, Hayden Storm has alot going on; She started college, her mom is in jail, her dad just died from cancer, and on top of all of that her new boyfriend, Derek, is trying to kill her and she doesn't even now about it. She works as and editor for the magazine called, GossipForum. She inherited all of her parents wealth which is like $20 billion.
((okay, we have two choices, wait and try to get more people or start. whay do you guys think?))
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I don't know whether to post here, but i don't wann sklip a turn. It would be great to get more people in it, but if we can't we should rather start. Which are the two choices? I see 4 plots mentioned. Between what shoudl we choose.
((I think that he means if we should start or wait. i would start but its up to you, bleed it out.))
I agree with Luke I think we should just start
When two friends are exploring a old ruins somewhere in africa, they open a gate to the stars end, releasing a super beings named "Dawn guardians" who plan to end the world. while looking for a way to stop the Dawn guardians from destroy earth, the two friends run into a man wonding from town to town. they soon learn that this man has the powers of the dawn guardians. the three team up to stop the Dawn Guardinans and save the world.
In another place in the world a young woman face her own problems, after being control by a goddess, turning in to a vampire and is possessed by the angel of death. she has to stop the the war between hell and the other realms of the world.
When this is all going on, Hayden Storms life has began to other way, with the death of her father, her mother in jail, college, and her new boyfriend who is ploting to kill her.

((okay, now that we have the plot, we need to make character. i really dont which format, just give us a desription and some history. also, i am not the best at spelling and grammer, so if you see a mistake, please dont be afrid to tell me and if you have any questions email me.))
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So my character is the possessed by a demon goddess and so on.

Name: Claire
Age: 23
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Skin: Ivory

Body build: Slender, feminine, but agile and well toned in the muscle area

Personality: From the start she is a sweet, innocent woman with a great sence of humor and high spirits. As the story progresses she loses her innocence and becomes a total opposite of what she once was, but Claire retains a sence of guilt, justice and humanity, although small.

Background: Claire comes from a middle class family and is learning to be a doctor and to sponsor her education works as a caretaker. That is how she finds the old man, who gives her the house and starts the whole mess.

Skills: She has studies gymnastics and went to study martial arts for selfprotection. in the beginning she has only those skills, after Lilith posseses her body, she gets other more spiritual abilities like seing ghosts, reading energy, having premonitions, telepathy, small telekenesis.
Only after she is transformed into a vampire can she perform shadow magic as well having superhuman qualities. After obtaining angel of death's power, she controls the scythe, which has major magical qualities.
Name: Zane
age: 21
Eyes: Black
Hair: black, spiked up
body: his well-build but has the body of a soccer player.

Background: abandon at born, Zane has been wondering from town to town looking for his place in life

Skills: love motorcycles, can do a lot of crazy things with them, his fight skill isnt that bad and is really good at stealing.
Name: Hayden Storm
Hair: light brown, with natural strawberrry blonde highlights
Eyes: icy blue
Body: Athletic
Lives in: New Jersey

Personality: She has the innocent look and is nice to most people but if you make her mad a suggest duck and cover.

Background: Her mom was a drugy (spelling???) and is in jail now. Her dad just died from cancer. Her boyfriend is working for the Dawn guardians behind Hayden's back. When the Dawn guardians find out that Justin, her bofriend, is dating her they tell him to kill her. She teams up with the heros in the story when she finds out he's working for them.

Skills: Martial Arts, has good aim (with guns), telekinesis, healing, and Mind reading.
((just for you to know, me and Luke switched characters.))
Name: Jack Raven
Hair: brown
Eyes: black
Body: little build
History: this was the last vacation before Jack went to the air force (and asked Sara to marry him), but opening the gate to the stars end forced him to stay with Sara.

Skills: one of the best pilots on earth.

Name: Sara Simmions
Hair: short red (to her shoulders)
Eyes: blue
Body: beautiful, in shape.
History: went with Jack on vacation and opened the gate. Also Jack's Girlfriend

Skills: a little good fighting,

(So now we start...)

Jack stood in an abyss, darkness was everywhere, the only thing that he could see was a large white door, which stood in front of him. He studied the door, it appeared as if it lead to a great hall of a castle. Along the frame were words writing in Latin:

Porta ut Olympus quod Abyssus
Porta ut exordium quod terminus
Porta ut vita quod nex
Astrum Terminus

Jack walked closer and placed his hand on handle. Before he could pull the door open, something from the inside force the door to fly open. Jack was knocked a few feet and land unconscious.

Jack awoke in a cold sweat in his bed. “It was just a dream” he rolled over and looked at the clock. 9:20 “Damn it! I was support to meant Sara for breakfast at nine!” Jack jumped up and ran to the shower. Within ten minutes, Jack was dressed and heading out the door.

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