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We must escape the mainland....There's not much hope left...
[Introduction] Campfire Notes:

1. When it's your turn talk in first person, I dont know why...I just like telling storys that way...
2. Create your character, Im sure you already know what to do.
3. Romance is good, I want there to be some romance, if you must have two people do "it" though dont get too descriptive.
4. There should be fighting and that kind of stuff just dont get to gory and bloody.
5. This is to be set in an ancient time, no guns, computers, etc. Only swords, spears, bows and that kind of stuff.
6. This will be a world where magic exist so your person can do magic, but dont make them too powerful.
7. Have fun, even though this is kind of a serious thing I want there to be at least a little comedy.
8. If you do not post within 3-4 days you will be skipped and removed from the campfire, like most, I want dedicated writers.

Character Bio: (please be more descriptive than just a sentence or two)

Appearance: (Remember we are rebels and we will have spent time in battle and dungeons, so dont make your person the most beautiful person in the world)
Weapon of Chioce: (We are starting in battle so you do have this weapon, but once we are in and out of the dungeons you may or may not have this weapon)
Proficiency in Magic: (Dont make your person an all powerful god. You can have healing powers or attacking powers or a little of both, but the more you know in one the less you can have in the other)


In the kingdom of Daango, there was a rebellion. Instead of dying for our cause we ended up captured and doomed to life in dungeons. When we met in those dungeons, we knew nothing of each other, only that we hated this kingdom, no, despised it. We escaped the hell of the dungeon but only went into a much bigger hell. The king doesnt want us to live, he wants us to live and suffer in that dark, cold, painful place. We were not able to defeat this kingdom and only succeeded in making the king more strict on the commoners. If anyone broke a law, they were thrown in jail or castle dungeons. Now...no matter how small the crime is...they are put to death along with their family.

We must escape from not only the king and his nobles but also the commoners wrath. Fortunatly we are not recongnized in every village so we can hide in those places, but now most of our days are spent outside. We have been traveling for nearly two months now...I dont think we have made it even halfway to the bordar of this massive hell. Damn that king for imprisoning us in the capital, directly in the middle of this gigantic kingdom.

(Just for a picture lets just say that the kingdom is as big as Asia)

We had so much confidence that we could kill the king....We conquered almost half the kingdom, which is not easy feat. The rebellion grew until we had warriors streching for miles. Even though most were not trained soldiers we won battle after battle, losing many but gaining more. Until that last battle at the capital city, Randol....this is our story, beginning with that last fateful battle...the battle where we thought we had certain victory...the battle that we thought we could win but the betrayal of our leader crushed us into defeat.
Name: Hiro

Age: 29

Appearance: Hiro has many battle scars, on his face, arms, back, and legs. He is 6'3" and very lean. He has one eye permantly shut from a slash but his other eye is a pure blue color. He has blond hair that covers his one good eye making some think both eyes are bad.

Personality: Before the rebellion, Hiro was very optomistic. He was a very happy and kind person. Now after feeling the weight of many lives he took he has changed. He is very quiet, and cold towords others, he doesnt want to get to close to anyone for fear that they may be killed right before his eyes as his parent were. If he gets close to someone he will help and protect them if they need it. He wont get to attached like he did with the leader of the rebellion, whom he saw as a second father.

Weapon of Chioce: Double-Sided Spear

Proficiency in Magic: Hiro specializes in attacking with fire. He most commonly uses a simple fireball, but much more powerful then most. He also has a spell that he created. No one has seen it yet but it takes time to cast.

History: At age 15 Hiro's parents were killed by a noble's guard for not bowing down when he past. The noble didnt get any kind of punishment and laughed at Hiro crying over their bodys. That is when a man named Rak Shine, introduced himself as the leader of a rebellion. Hiro joined and trained with his hatred feuling him. Once the rebellion started that noble was no where to be found. Hiro killed many looking but never finding him. In the midst of every battle Hiro is looking for that noble, but now at the last battle, he has forgotten his revenge and his only goal is to kill as many as he can to finally bring an end to the chaos.
Name: Shekina

Age: 20

Appearance: Shekina is of petite stature with small features. Her body seems to be made of smooth lines and sharp edges- probably from lack of proper nutrition rather than having a naturally sinewy figure. Raven hair falls in mussed curls to her pale shoulders and tends to hide a high, proud forehead above a squarish face. Her eyes are dark, whether black or brown it is impossible to tell. Sometimes her eyes reveal her youth, but often, the look in them is one of someone who is prematurely wizened to the horrors of life.

Personality: She has learned to make her own decisions and depend on herself, merely because she has to. Given the choice, she would much rather be the protected than a protector. She loves with the fullness of her heart and is generous and sensitive to others. However, a hardness has developed to make the necessities of living possible. Her hard practicality comes off as cruelty but she merely has a strong will to survive.

Weapon of Choice: Given her weight, it is difficult to manage any heavy swords but she works quite well with a bow and also carries several knives

Proficiency in Magic: A muse of sorts, she can inspire emotions in a given individual, which can be used for manipulating her opponent or bolstering a companion's confidence. It's not an easy thing and requires much energy. It only works on emotions already existing, such as an increase of doubt, or decrease of stress. Some of this power has healing effects.

History: When Shekina was eight her father beat her mother and older brother to death. Fleeing from him onto the streets, she was taken in by a man in the worst part of the city and forced into prostitution by men who had a taste for children. Although her magic kept her healthy, she bears heavy emotional scars. At seventeen she managed to escape when the rebellion hit her city and joined the fight for a better life.
Name: Zenisha

Age: 24

Appearance: Zenisha's build is althetic and slightly more muscular than you would expect a female to be, though she is not stocky. She has strong, defined features- large wide set eyes, a generous mouth, high cheek bones. Her eye colour varies depending on her mood, from a flinty steel grey to a soft blue- grey. Her hair is short and curly, a deep red which contrasts her fair skin. She is lucky to have escaped serious disfigurement, though her arms and hands bear numerous scars.

Personality: Zenisha is well known for her fiery temper, she has a short fuse that often gets her into trouble. Because of this she is constantly getting into fights, luckily for her she is skilled enough not to lose very often. She loves a good fight, and is always looking for a challenge. Despite this, she is kind and protective of those around her. She tends to be high spirited but can lack self control.

Weapon of choice: Zenisha's preferred weapon is her staff which she is very proficient with, though she is also a keen archer and has some skill with a sword.

Proficiency in magic: Zenisha has the ability to create a magical shield around her and her companions, though it requires an awful lot of energy and drains her very quickly, so she cannot hold the shield in place for long. She can also imbue a weapon she is using with power, making it stronger, more effective and less likely to be broken. As with the shield, it drains her energy.

History: Both Zenisha's parents died in a fire when she was very young. She was adopted by a mercenary who trained her in the fighting arts (and perhaps accounts for her boisterousness). She made her first kill when she was 14 years old and a drunken soldier tried to take from her more than she was willing to give. They scuffled for a while, and the man was on the verge of overpowering her when she stabbed him with a concealed knife. She felt changed after that incident, no longer a child. She trained relentlessly, pushing herself harder and longer, determined never to be a target again. Since then she has gotten into countless fights and has killed many, though she always tries to avoid this if possible. She herself became a mercenary at age 18, fighting for whoever had the money to afford her. The lifestyle left her cynical and wary, she felt bereft of honour. She joined the rebellion in an attempt to redeem herself, to fight for a just cause for once.
I was walking next to Rak Shine's horse when the capital city came into view. We were going to be there in one day, the final battle to decide the fate of this land. I looked back at the mob we had as an army, I was suprised we made it this far, so was Rak Shine.

"We are disorganized and barly was any type of military training, but we are united like a family for our cause." He always said that to me when I voiced my doubts.

We have conquered almost half of this kingdom and gathered over a million people to our cause, but we lose many in every battle, we have few that can actually fight the king's army on equal terms and now we are not only against a few thousand troops, we are against the king's best, in the capital city alone he has over 300,000 troops and we dont know how many will be coming to aid him from the surrounding areas.

Our only hope is to get into the city fast before more can come. Rak knows the king's strategys.

"What will the king do once we get there, Im thinking he will just hole up in the city with archers." I thought thats what most nobles would do, all the nobles I have seen were cowards till the end.

"No, not the king, he will have about a third of his army outside the city while, yes, the rest stay in the city as archers, we just have to hope we have enough strenth to get through that first wave and hope our ram can take down that gate." He said it with such certainty that Im sure thats what would happen.

Rak signaled the stop and said to set up one last camp. I grabbed my spear, stuck it in the ground and lean my back against it. I was used to resting and sleeping in this position. Some others came to where Rak and I were and set up a fire, we always camped in little groups, so people could take turns on watch, I never needed much sleep so I always took first watch.

We made the last meal we would have before the battle and most settled down, some people stayed up talking. The people around my fire were asleep already. All six of them knew I would take first, and I probably wouldnt wake any of them up for second so they got as much sleep as possible.

"Once that sun comes up...we head to our last battle of the rebellion"
The crackling of the fire brought goosebumps to my arms and I had to fight the urge to shudder as the folds of my cloak slid across my skin when I clutched it tighter to me. It is so easy to sit here in this unearthly calm, this quiet that I've grown unaccustomed to, when in my own head I can still hear my blade punching into the muscle of some opponent. Feel the blood and sweat dribble into my eyes, blurring the motion of sweaty, dirty bodies. This chaos is what my head has become, a slow moving reel of images. And still, this is better than what I have escaped from. That is a practical thought.

I summon what energy I have reserved to draw my confidence closer to me, warmer than any tangible cloak. Sleep flutters on the lashes of my camp mates; a restless few like myself rest on this uncomfortable ground. Across the fire I feel the gaze of a watcher lingering in my direction. Tilting my head back I can see that Hiro has once again opted out of sleeping the first, second, or is it the third watch already... Well who can blame him for wanting to avoid the nightmare that lies behind ones eyes. This war is torture enough without our less than subtle reminders so easily given by our subconscious that never forgets the worst parts.

Our eyes connect, and it's like we've spoken without words. One solder to another. Words aren't necessary to acknowledge the pretense of a kindred spirit. We notice each other, that we are among the few awake and ready. The sun is rising and I can feel it stretching it's way over the horizon. The time is close. My heart palpitates in eager anticipation to get this started.

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