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Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Other · Action/Adventure · #1290366
Fantasy creatures hidden around the human world will get together.
[Introduction] All are welcome to Fantasy Night. This is a place where all creatures, werewolves to elves come to view other non-humans. Humans are also allowed, but they will not be treated with much respect from others.
You may only have one character. At first, you will need to create a description of yourself. Say things such as:

Age:(please 15-19)
Weapons:(take only one; while you can have fangs and such also)

You will need to have full control over any dangerous instincts like killing, biting, anger, and any others.
Begin at the weekend that you are invited to Fantasy Nights. You know nothing about this place, but the things I've told you. Send something telling how you get the letter and your trip into a wood where you meet the others. From there you shall
decide what happens.
Name: Vira
Age: 17
Personality: Likes to be alone. Also very watchful; notices things others don't.
Sex: Female
Race: Werewolf
Appearance: Deep, gold-specked blue eyes. Golden-red shoulder length hair.
Build: Slightly muscular; skinny.
Weapons: Sharp teeth. Can tell when someone is not human. Also may hurt someone badly when angered.

Vira Yamnel took one step toward the edge of the mountain, and stopped. From here she could see the whole village.
It was a town of few immortals, but a very beautiful, well-civilized place. Vira had been born only two hours from this location.
Her family had only one doctor, because immortal doctors were hard to find. This docter now stood in Vira's home, beside her older brother's bed. He had Leasde, an uncommon disease among Werewolves. Thormn was due to die in three weeks.
Vira watched as the towns' people ran errands. She often came here to collect her thoughts. Soon she would have to leave and
move to a new town. The PCH (Paranormal Creatures hunt) would soon be here. They'd been on her pack's trail ever since Vira
had been born, but never found them. This may be the last time she came here.
Then something caught her eye. Someone was coming over the horizon. A group of people, all cloaked in black and dark blue.
The setting sun behind them seemed to fade behind the dark mass. Then Vira saw it. One man, in a very dark blue cloak, grasped his side and fell. Then another. These men were all Vampires. Vira's family had set a spell upon the land around their home, to keep all other Immortals that did not have the mark of her family out. The docter, of course was an exception.
The man in front swiftly pulled something from his jacket pocket and whispered an incantation that Vira could not make out.
No more of his men fell.
With a sudden fright Vira realized that they were headed toward her home. She turned and ran full speed down the path. With luck,
she may get to the cabin before they did. Right now luck seemed to be on her side. The men were not intending harm, Vira knew this by instinct but something told her that she needed to get there before them. She wondered, as she speed past a fawn what they were here for. The time of day was for messages, but her pack did not get messages often, espacially not from a bunch
of vampires. With one last leap over a fallen tree, Vira turned into the woods off the sid of the path. She ran faster than ever before only to come out right in front of a ridge leading off the side of the cliff. It was only about 20 feet down. Vira took seven steps back, a deep breath, and ran forward. Whe her feet hit solid ground, she stumbled, but kept on running toward home. Her father, Lithe Stood at the sight of her. When she knew he could hear her, she shouted "Someone's coming!" Lithe scurried into
the house, followed by Vira.
Vira had arrived just in time to run up the spiral stairs to her room, close her door, put on a dark purple button up sweater to hide
the pawprint shaped birthmark upon her collarbone, and sit on the bed. When the knock came she walked to her door and peeked out.
Vira's father asked "May I help you?"
"We are looking for a young werewolf of the name Vira Yamnel."Answered the man Vira had seen leading the others.She gasped.Vira could not see him, but by his voice knew him to be older of age and still very, very strong. She gasped not becuase knew of her,but becuase he knew what she was. Her pack had claimed to everyone that was not family that their daughter was an adopted human.
"What business do you ahve with my daughter?" Questioned Lithe, his voice a little more forceful.
"We have a letter for her. She must open it under our supervision. We must make sure that she reads it."
"And why," Asked Lithe "Have all of you come?"He seemed to tighten at the the word 'all' and a man behind the leader smiled. "There seems no reason for an audience for just a letter." Lithe continued.
"If she accepts, we will escort to our destination. She must now read the letter."The leader handed Lithe a deep red emvelope.
Lithe took it and with one last, slow glance behind the man, said (never making his voice any louder. "Vira, come down."
Vira opened the door and ran down the stairs. She stopped behind her father taking in the sight of the men before her. They all looked
her way. She took the emvelope with caution. Slipping her hand under the flap, Vira pulled out a letter, written in deep blue ink. It said:

Ms. Vira Yamnel,
You have been invited to 'Fantasy Night', a large wood where you may meet others of your race and many different races.
Everyone will be here for 20 days to see what living together is like.
If you accept, the men who gave you this letter will take you to the location in a matter of seconds. They walked here as not to frighten
you or your family. You have the choice as to whether you come or stay.

Ms. Rita Lerras

Vira looked up. She glanced at her father. He gave her a questioning look, and she whispered " I'll be gone twenty days." Vira had decided
to go right away. Then she made eye contact with the leader. When she nodded, he reached out his hand.
When Vira took it a sudden gust of wind slapped her in the chest and she seemed to float. All around her, the world spun with the darkest
shade of red. Then it stopped, leaving her standing in front of a wood that blocked the sky. Vira looked behind her, but the men were gone.
Name:Kisai DarkFang
Appearance: Tall, with an athletic build, shes not super skinny, so she has curves. Her onyx black hair falls to her waist and is often pulled back in a ponytail with a fang tied to the end like an anchor.
Race: Dragon
Personality: Shes usually rather quiet and introverted but likes to hide in the masses. She likes the idea that no one notices her so she can sneak up on people when its needed. When she finally makes friends shes outgoing and charming, not to mention a little hyperactive.
Weapons: Throwing needles and her fangs.

Kisai wiped the thin line of sweat off the side of her face as she jogged through the opressive heat of the summer city. Her tee-shirt fluttered behind her as she dodged past the bikers and roller bladers on the concrete trail in the tiny park. The sun begins to set on the smoggy day and Kisai sighs, re-tying her hair in the thick ponytail that fell to her lower back, swishing side to side as she walked.Her mind ran over the meeting that she had attended earlier in the day. Her clan leaders had gotten together and told her that they were leaving this area and moving to a new one.

"You are to be the new liason to this city, Kisai." The elder had said, looking at her under his bushy eyebrows. She hadn't really protested, having finally settled into her new surrondings and was unwilling to be uprooted again.

"We will fly out tomorrow afternoon. We are taking the plane to somwhere in the south. We will notify you when we have found a suitable home." Said her father, his icy blue eyes seeming sad and forlorn now that he was leaving his little nymph behind. Kisai had simply nodded and said she understood and walked out.

Kisai and her father had rescently had a very nasty fight that had ended in a forest fire on the outskrts of the city. She was rather happy her father was leaving and to get rid of her anger at seeing him again before he took off, she ran a few miles in the twilight heat.

Now she stalked along the path that lead across the small patch of green in the steel jungle that lead to her new home. She had bought a loft in a fairly descent building and it was big enough that she could make a nest and sleep in her natural form and not break things. She assumed it had been an art studio before, so thats the excuse she made whenever someone saw the golden patch on her floor. She stood at the bottom of the building and looked up at it with a hint of fondness. She was about to walk into the building when the hair on the back of her neck stood up.

"Miss Kisai, I presume?" A velevety voice purred behind her. Kisai whirled around to see that the sun had finally sunk behind the buildings and a group of vampires stood in the blackening twilight.

"Depends on whose asking." She said coldly, eyeing the group with heavy suspicion. The leader grinned slightly, and his pearly white teeth shone in the dull light coming from inside the building.

"I am. We have a letter for you, Miss DarkFang." He said, all courtesy and politeness as he bowed slightly and extended a pale hand holding an envelope. She eyed it for a moment then in a flash unable to be tracked by the human eye, reached out and snatched the letter and had it open, scanning it breifly. Her anger melted away as she read the contents.

"Is this real?" She questioned, more to herself than to the gathered mob before her. The letter had read;

Dear Miss DarkFang,

You have been invited to 'Fantasy Night', a large wood where you may meet others of your race and many different races.
Everyone will be here for 20 days to see what living together is like.I understand that your clan has just placed a great deal of responsibility on you, but also that you are in need of a time to relax and get away. If you are to accept this offer then the vampires that have come to greet you will take you the woods where you can let the pressure slip away and simply enjoy yourself. The choice is always yours.
Ms. Rita Lerras

A cold hand had trailed lightly along her jawline, sending suprised goosebunmps over Kisai's skin. She looked up to see the leader gasing at her expectantly. She gave a crooked grin and slapped his hand away with the letter.
"I take that back. Ill go, but no more touchey, mr leech." She said, her old cold humor coming back. The vampires merely grinned however and the leader steped foreward to wrap his arms around her. Kisai felt her feet leave he ground and wind whipped her hair around her face, obscuring the little view she had around the vampire's chest. When she felt solid ground beneath her again she jerked back and straightened her shirt.
She looked up to glare daggers at the group, but instead found them gone, and her favorite outfit in her arms.
"Stupid vampires..." SHe murmured and looked around at the woods around her.
A Non-Existent User
Name: Terath Eluthien
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Night Elf
Appearance: With dark black hair reaching down to his shoulders, Terath also has almond-shaped eyes that are the same color.
Build: Muscular, but not to the point that he looks as if he is overweight.
Weapons: Has a great sword that he can hide in his cloak. The cloak is called the "Cloak of Shadows" and it enables him to disappear to any unwanted eyes in any location. He also has a bow and he makes the arrows with his strength of mind. Terath can also make Spirit Wolves, but he conceals other skills that his kin uses.


Terath stalked the Wood Elves that were holding a strange piece of paper in their hands. The Wood Elves were supposed to be in their home across the sea in the land of Enaria, and they were exiled from this place, but...

Terath had no more time to think about this, for at that time, he accidentally stepped on a leaf, causing it to make cracking sounds. Immediately swiveling around, the Wood Elves pointed their bows at the leaf. Then, the leader stepped up, laughing.

"Ah, Terath. So you are here! Had I known that you were stalking us, I would have announced your presence a long time before, but you are indeed very crafty. Come now, take off your cloak! We are here on the service of... a witch named Lerras. A letter is only what we wish to give, so out of your hiding!" Terath, seeing no lies in the Elf's eyes, cast the cloak off and put his hand on his sword.

"I cannot believe that the witch sent you, above all else, you: Lorian. Give me the letter." He growled. Smiling, the Elf named Lorian handed him the paper. Snatching it from his hand, Terath read the inscript:

Dear Mr. Eluthien,

You have been invited to 'Fantasy Night', a large wood where you may meet others of your race and many different races.
Everyone will be here for 20 days to see what living together is like.I understand that your clan has just placed a great deal of responsibility on you, but also that you are in need of a time to relax and get away. If you are to accept this offer then the Wood Elves that have come to greet you will take you the woods where you can let the pressure slip away and simply enjoy yourself. Please forgive me for my inconvenience of sending the Wood Elves to you, but understand me, for there were none else. But remember, the choice is always yours.

Ms. Rita Lerras

"Paper!" Terath spat. The Wood Elves looked at him expectantly. "Very well. Take me to these woods."

The Wood Elves surrounded him. Then, they planted several stones with inscriptions on them and took out short daggers in the shape of leaves. Lorian looked up at Terath and said,

"Farewell, Terath. May you reconsider the fate that lies between us again." And with that, the Wood Elves drove the daggers into their assigned stones, and the faces of the Elves swept away and faded while leaves of colors swirled around him...

A Forest appeared, and the leaves were still swirling around him when...

The leaves fell onto the mossy ground, while Terath immediately spun into a combat pose, while looking around. Seeing no danger at hand, Terath spat out the word with disgust:

Name: Evangeline (heh, not very creative...)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Valkyrie
Appearance: long, flowing crimson (the color of blood, actually) hair, pallid skin, vibrant green eyes, heart-shaped face. Heavily armored as if for combat, and large, white, birdlike wings
Build: short and sturdy, with ample but muscular curves.
Weapons: long spear, sword, small dagger tucked into her armor, godlike powers.

Evangeline gripped the textured cylinder of her spear as she watched the raging battle in anticipation. Man battled man, while alongside them god battled god. Ares was in the thick of the fight, his sword plunging left and right, muscles hard and gleaming as he smote his foes, while Agamemnon mirrored him further into the battlefield. Her lips quivered eagerly as each soldier fell, craving the spoils she would soon divide amongst herself and her sisters after escorting the souls of the dead to Elysium. The flesh of the heroic fallen was sweet to her tongue, and her senses came alive at the scent of fresh-flowing blood.

Her reverie was broken abruptly as a distant figure sped towards her through a haze of splattering entrails. As he approached, she recognized him as Hermes, messenger god. He bore an scroll of parchment, sealed with an unfamiliar insignia. The look on his face was inscrutible. She gathered all this information before his winged sandals touched the air near where she hovered above the chaos and, knowing this, he handed her the document and stated, "A Fantasy Night."

"Fantasy Night?" she echoed blandly. The feast she expected shortly was the mecca of her fantasies. Hermes merely nodded noncommitally, waiting for her to read the letter.

Unrolling the parchment, she started at the aroma that wafted towards her...dried blood. She found that the entire letter was penned in the crimson liquid that set her senses on fire. The words made a promise of fulfillment beyond her imagination and desires. What could such a thing be that vowed such satisfaction to a valkyrie? Hesitant as she was to accept the invitation, the scent of the delicious blood overpowered her logical urges and frenzied her brain.

In her own blood, she penned her acceptance, and shoved it towards Hermes as if to quicken his response. She watched him leave, her heart aching for another whiff of that precious blood.
A Non-Existent User
Name: Blanka Gregoires
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Appearance: Small, 5'1", pale with dark brown hair. Hazel eyes. She looks tiny, but is as strong as a mule. She has scars criss-crossing along her arms and legs.
Build: Tiny, with hidden muscles, people always underestimate her.
Weapons: Retractable claws and fangs.
Personality: A sweet gentle demon.. It's possible because she manages it... Don't get her angry though...
Blanka crept from branch to branch, tracking a small group of elves as they searched for her. She wanted to know what they wanted. It wasn't often someone went looking for the likes of her.

"You can come out now.." The leader of the group called.

Blanka grinned. She dropped from the branch and lept to the front of the group. No one seemed surprised.

The leader handed her a piece of paper with slight distaste. Blanka sighed, demons always get the bad rep....

She opened the peice of paper and read...

Dear Miss Gregoires,

You have been invited to 'Fantasy Night', a large wood where you may meet others of your race and many different races.
Everyone will be here for 20 days to see what living together is like.I understand that your clan has just placed a great deal of responsibility on you, but also that you are in need of a time to relax and get away. If you are to accept this offer then the Elves that have come to greet you will take you the woods where you can let the pressure slip away and simply enjoy yourself.

Ms. Rita Lerras

Blanka blinked... and grinned.

"Sweet" She said and grinned at the Elves. The leader seemed caught off gaurd and smiled back hesitantly. Getting away from her brutish family would be a treat. She grabbed the Elve's hand and gave it an ambiable pump.

"Nice to meet you." She said formally.

Now the Elves just seemed stunned.
Name: Anathorac
Appearance: Anathorac is tall and elegant. He has white, wavy hair which falls down to his knees. His eyes have a black sclera, crimson iris, and a cat-like pupil. His skin is pale.
Race: Vampire
Personality: Unlike most vampires, Anathorac is known for his weird nature. Perhaps because he is considered to be a genius, his behavior is believed to be an act of eccentricity, rather than madness. While at one time he would like to play with people’s nerves and to start fights, in the next moment he might want to be friends with everyone. While under constant pressure and when attacked, he seems to be always serious.
Weapons:He seems to have only one weapon-retractable extremely long claws. He also has the Air walk ability-it gives him the power to walk in the air, in what ever way he wants. A deadly combination, no doubt about it.

The night grew young. A wolf impishly howled at the full moon, which was shining through the small windows of the tower, with a mystical brightness. The darkness, surrounding the soft light, stirred. A shadow of a man leaped out. He ran chaotically, his gasping was increasing. That man was father Kayne Miroth. His black robe was dirty; his forehead was bleeding, because he had hit his head on a branch. The staircase he was running was situated in the tower. Somehow it did not seem to end and he could feel that that man was getting closer. Why did he take the job? Because it was an important one- to purify a man- Kad’am Woric, who was the same man that was now after him. Why did he have those long teeth and why did Kayne run into this tower afterwards? Suddenly he tripped over a step and fell down face wards. He landed on his knees and arms and looked around hectically. There was no one there and yet he could feel that man breathing right in front of him. He was afraid to look down, because he might see Woric coming this way. He slowly approached the end of the staircase.
“Pick-a-boo!”-someone shouted from below and a hand came out, caught him by the black robe and pulled him off the staircase. Kayne shouted, but felt how the same hand that pulled him was still holding his black robe in a tight grip. Kayne opened his eyes. Woric was grinning at him with his long canine teeth. He was supposed to be a victim of a demon, not a vampire.
“Right now, you must be wondering, why am I a vampire and not a poor man under the demon’s control, right?”-Woric spoke. “Well, nothing big of a deal. It’s just that I’ve never tasted a priest’s blood before. That was the perfect way to get you. Oh, by the way, my name ain’t. Kad’am Woric. It’s Anathorac”-he continued. Kayne tried to push him away, but without success. Suddenly Anathorac pushed Kayne’s head to the right, revealing his neck. “This is going to sting a bit, but bear with it, ok?”. Anathorac’s teeth sank into the priest’s neck.


“Pardon, Lord Anathorac? We wish to speak to you.”- spoke the group of vampires that had witnessed everything. They were a floor away from him, watching his body floating in mid-air as steady as if it was standing on glass. He was still feeding when they interrupted him. “How rude!”-he thought. He saw Uthra-his servant, coming his way.
“Ah, I see I have guests. If I had known you were coming, I would have saved him for you, gentlemen, but unfortunately I didn’t. And I’m afraid he’s all dried up now.”- he said with a devilish grin on his face and let hold of the priest’s body.
“No need, Lord Anathorac. We are only messengers.”- said the leader of the group. The moment after that they heard the sound of the priest’s body smashing on the ground.
“Oh, please, don’t call me Lord, just because my father was a Lord once. Please call me A.”
“Yes, Lord...I mean, A.”-answered the leader.
“So what’s this messenger business?”-Anathorac asked and walked towards the group of vampires while still in the air.
“We have a letter for you,...A. You are to open it under our supervision and read it.”
“Then, why are all the other happy people here? Couldn’t you deliver it on your own?”
“If you accept, we must escort you to our destination.” The leader handed him a deep red envelope. Anathorac extended his forefinger. From the tip of it grew a sharp claw. He ripped the envelope open and pulled out the letter within. It said:

Dear Anathorac,
You have been invited to 'Fantasy Night', a large wood where you may meet others of your race and many different races. Everyone will be here for 20 days to see what living together is like.I understand that your clan has just placed a great deal of responsibility on you, but also that you are in need of a time to relax and get away. If you are to accept this offer then the vampires that have come to greet you will take you the woods where you can let the pressure slip away and simply enjoy yourself. The choice is always yours.
Ms. Rita Lerras

He read the letter again. He looked at the group of vampires. This witch had called him by first name. He felt strangely relieved.
“Alright, I’m in. Uthra, tell Macuya to take my place temporarily. Give him this letter. It should explain everything.”
He then turned around and faced the leader of the group. The leader reached for his pocket and suddenly a gasp of wind whirled around him and he started to float. He closed his eyes. When he finally felt solid ground beneath him, he opened his eyes. Usually a person would have fallen on the ground, but he did not. He looked around. It was a forest. A strange, spooky feeling took grip of him. He could not shake this feeling that this “Fantasy Night” was something bigger than a gathering.

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All rights reserved.
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