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Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Short Story · Comedy · #1306244
Help two teens along on a road trip complete with supernatural creatures!
[Introduction] A seventeen year old girl goes on a road trip in Europe with her best friend (who happens to be a guy). Along the way, they discover that indeed, faeries, demons, elves, angels, and other magical/supernatural creatures DO exist! Add to the fact that humans make for good mates (and dinner), what chaos will ensue?


*Note1* Keep the bad language to a minimum.
*Note2* Stick to the plot...as general as it is
*Note3* You have ONE WEEK to post your addition. If you need more time, message me and I'll try to accommodate.
*Note4* Please use good grammar. Spell-Check if necessary.
*Note5* Please post in third-person POV.

*Star*More Info


*Balloon4*Emily - (f) 17. Brown hair, gray eyes, 5'2. Can be a bit ditzy, loves to laugh, fast driver, gets teased about height, loooooooooooooves candy. Human.

*Balloon1*Jade - (m) 17. Black hair, green eyes, 5'10. Sarcastic and sometimes cynical, bites nails, observant, likes to tease Emily. Human.

Any other characters you bring in:

*Balloon4*Susie - (f) ? age. Strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, 5'3 height. Lots in common with Emily, curious, quite possibly color-blind, talks a lot, ability to heal others and self. Fairy.

*Balloon1*Asiryn - (m) ? age. Dark blue hair, crimson eyes, 5'11. Adorably British, seemingly soft-spoken, thoughtful, friendly when he's in the mood to be, helpful when he's in the mood to be, intelligent, addicted to pretty girls (feels urge to eat them most of the time, but restrains himself...most of the time), hides a fiery temper and possessiveness. Dragon/Human hybrid.

*Balloon1*Kynt - (m) ? age. Werewolf form: Shaggy dark brown fur, yellow eyes, long, fierce claws, 6'9. Human form: Dark brown hair, slanted yellow eyes, elongated canines, 6'0. Free-willed, stubborn, close to very few people, easily annoyed. Werewolf.

*Balloon1*Slade - (m) ? age. Werewolf form: Light brown fur, yellow eyes, neatly trimmed claws, 6'5. Human form: Light brown hair, slanted yellow eyes, neat little canines, 5'10. Playful, not a typical hard werewolf, involved in the performing arts (which is one of the few things he is serious about), eager to please and make friends.


Emily and Jade go on a road trip in Europe and Asia. Destinations are in the following order: Dublin, Ireland; London, England; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Berlin, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Bern, Switzerland; Milan, Italy; Paris, France; and Barcelona, Spain. Along the way, they discover all sorts of magical creatures, including but not limited to: faeries, elves, sprites, angels, leprechauns, etc. And is that a budding romance we see between Emily and Jade?

*Note* I really don't know how long this will go; I'm just focused on having fun ^^

*Note**Note* If you're going to add any history between the characters, please keep track of it ^^ We can't have them be friends since birth but have met when they were 15. Remember to make it humorous!

ON WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!
"HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONK! HONK HONK!" blared outside of Jade's window.

"GAH!" the teen woke up with a start. "She's here already?"

"Hurry up Jade!" Emily called from inside the car. "I know you've been packed for days, so grab your stuff and MOVE!"

Jade rolled his eyes and snatched his suitcase and backpack filled with a wide variety of entertainment. After all, a guy couldn't go for long without playing video games, right?

He headed out to the idling car, and flashed a brief smile at Emily, who was selecting a piece of Starburst from a king-size pack. After tossing the luggage into the trunk (which was more difficult than one would think, due to Emily's four bulging bags of stuff), Jade slid into the passenger seat and stared at Emily.

"Sure that sugar won't overcharge your little body?"

Her only response was a glare (her mouth was stuffed with Starburst) and a squeal of tires as Emily sped off to the airport, where they would catch a flight to Dublin, Ireland. Jade hoped Emily had remembered to reserve a rental car...
The drive turned out to be rather pleasant. The wind whipped through their hair and across their faces, causing Emily to constantly flip it off of her face in annoyance. Jade laughed and Emily turned her glare back on him.

"Hey, don't give me that face again! I'm not the one who bought a convertible."

"Yeah, well...," Emily replied. "It was cheap and I thought it looked cool."

"So you're also really shallow," Jade said with a laugh. "I'll put that on my 'Emily's a Terrible Person' list. It seems to grow a little bit more every day..."

Jade laughed again and ducked out of the way of Emily's incoming smack. Her attention diverted from the road, the car started to slide into oncoming traffic. A loud honk later, a semi barreled by, only inches from the left mirror.

Jade sighed out his relief and leaned back in his seat. He had forgotten how Emily's driving was. It could be an awfully long ride to the airport...

She shirked off his glare and sped along through the intersection. His heart pounding in his chest so hard he thought it might pop right out, Jade tried to stop staring at her. A half hour later, they pulled into the airport's long term parking, and she pressed the button to close the car's top. Gears moaned and vinyl stretched above his head.

"Jeez, Em," he muttered. "It's a womder we made it this far without you killing us or getting pulled over for racing."

"Oh shut up," she snapped and winked at him playfully. "Help me get my bags." She shimmied out of her seat, and he averted his gaze to the gray buildings before them. They were about to embark on a long journey. He hoped the adventure would bring him closer to his friend.

Taking a deep breath, he grasped the strap of his bag and got out, making sure to lock the car. She always forgot things like that. When he joined her at the trunk, he chuckled. "Enough bags?"

"Well, I figured since you're a guy, you'd only need the duffle you're carrying."

"Right." He reached in and unloaded the first two of her overstuffed suitcases. "You know they'll charge for extra bags. I think it's one per person, not eight."

She unwrapped a half melted Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and pressed the globby thing into her mouth. He decided she did so to avoid an arguement.

Shrugging, he found a cart and loaded her bags atop it, balancing them as best he could. Emily hurried ahead, skipping like an overgrown child. "You got your ticket, right?"

"Of course!" She waited for him inside the terminal and pointed at the counter for KLM. "There we are. At least the line's not too bad."

He paused and mentally counted the thirty-seven people ahead of them. Jade nibbled off the end of his thumbnail and rolled his eyes.

She slapped his hand away. "That's so gross. Don't swallow it."

Narrowing his gaze, he spit the errant nail at her feet.
Emily stared at the bit of nail at her feet and stepped away disdainfully.

"There's thirty-seven people, Em. It is bad," Jade mumbled, chewing on another nail.

Emily frowned.

"Nuh-uh. See, it's that one right over-...oh. Wrong line. Sweet nibblits..."

Jade paused from his nail-biting to laugh and push the cart up a bit as the line progressed.

"Been watching Hannah Montana lately?"

Before Emily could do anything besides blush, he went on.

"It's a goofy show. Just like you."

Emily's eyes widened. Ooops, Jade thought guiltily. Wrong thing to say...


People began to stare as Emily continued her rant about various Disney characters that she disliked.

"And Donald Duck! I-"

"Emily, shut up! People are staring!" Jade snapped. Emily stopped and looked around. She put on an angel face and waved to the vexed strangers.

"Hi!" she chirped, as innocent as a newly-hatched bird. Though without the squalling and addiction to worms...

"Hello," the person behind them answered. Jade turned to see...
A short, petite girl stood behind them, smiling brightly, if a trifle zanily. Jade wondered if perhaps she might be releated to Emily in some way.

"I'm Susie," the girl added. "Who are you? I don't like Goofy or Donald Duck, either. But particularly not Mickey Mouse." She gave a delicate shudder.

Emily looked delighted. "I'm Emily," she said. "I don't like Mickey Mouse, either."

Jade looked at Susie a trifle doubtfully as he introduced himself. She had rainbow-colored socks on and a denin jumper over a purple-and-green-striped shirt. Was she colorblind?

Emily and Susie started talking like a pair of chirping birds, while Jade rolled his eyes and returned to surreptitiously biting his nails. The line progressed inch by torturous inch.

Will this never end? Jade thought. A loud noise off to the side jarred his concentration. He looked over. What on earth could that be?

Smoke billowed out of a doorway a few hundred feet farther down the terminal. A security guard ran past them toward the smoke. "What happened?" Susie said.

"I don't know," Jade said. "I hope it doesn't screw up our flight."

Emily flipped her hair back. "Maybe it was terrorists."

The smoke drifted toward them. "What if it's poison gas?" Susie said. "Should we go outside?"

Emily frowned. "I'm not going to lose my place in line."

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Jade started nibbling on his thumb nail. It figured any trip with Emily would involve some sort of disaster. More security guards pushed past and ran towards the smoke.

"Oooh, let's go get a closer look!" Susie squealed.

Emily eyed the smoke. She didn't want to give up her place in line, but she was dying to know what was going on. Jade couldn't believe it, what were they thinking? He glared at the two girls.

"No!" He said, "You two stay here. There could be something seriously wrong and I'm pretty sure the guards don't want two tiny teenage girls running around."

The smoke was curling around their feet by now. It had grown into a thick wall that moved closer every minute. The other people in the line eyed the smoke and some started to leave.

"Look!" Emily exclaimed, "The line's moving!"

There was a scream from in the smoke, it sounded like a man's scream. Emily jumped and Jade started chewing on his other nail.

"I don't know about you two, but I'm going to go see what's going on in there." Susie chirped.

Before anyone could protest, she skipped towards the smoke and disappeared behind hazy mass. There was a second scream a couple minutes later. This time it was a girl's scream.
Emily dropped the two carry-ons in her hands and turned to Jade. Jade looked around, but found they were the only ones in the room. Even the lady behind the counter had dissapeared.

Before Jade could stop her, Emily ran towards the smoke as another scream was heard. It was another girl. As Jade ran after Emily, he noticed movement in the smoke. Susie appeared dragging a hooded figure. Emily stopped running and Jade caught up. A huge gash outlined Susie's jaw and was bleeding profusely. There was ash and dirt all over her jumper. One shirt sleeve was missing and her rainbow socks were torn. Three gashes could be seen on her calf through her knee high socks.

Emily gasped at Susie's appearance and rushed over to help her. "What happened?!" Emily asked. Susie didn't reply at first. After they finished dragging the figure into a waiting area, Susie sat down with a sigh.

"I'm sorry you had to see this." As she spoke the gash on her jaw stopped bleeding and
started to heal. "I'm not exactly sure how you did see this."

"See what?!" urged Jade.

"Well, I'm a fairy." She paused, letting that sink in. "That" Susie pointed to the
figure, "Is a dragon."

Jade's jaw dropped open in disbelief.

"We're not supposed to change in front of humans, but sometimes we can't control it. I
sort of 'sensed' this guy's presence after the bang, so I ran over to the smoke."

"Wait," Jade interuppted, "Where is everybody? Why aren't they concerned"

"Good question," Susie replied, "One of my 'abilities,' if you will, is that I can
control 'planes.' Right now there are people here in this airport, but on a different
plane. I moved this 'situation' to this plane, but somehow you guys made it with me.
Don't worry, time is going by really slowly in the other plane and no one remembers a
thing." By the time Susie was finished, the gashes on her jaw and calf had completely

Emily was completely dumbfounded. She didn't know what to believe and by the look on
Jade's face, he didn't know either. This was way too weird, Emily thought as the "dragon"
began to stir.
"So...is he a friendly dragon?" Emily asked tentatively as the hooded figure raised up, as if from the grave. She stepped back a bit.

Susie shrugged, trying to smooth her strawberry blond hair.

"Who knows? Dragon hybrids can have all sorts of personalities. I met one once who-"

"Excuse me?" a soft, British voice interrupted. "Would you mind telling me where I am?"

The stranger drew his hood off and stared at the three. He brushed his dark blue bangs away from his deep crimson eyes, and continued.

"I'm supposed to be boarding a flight to Dublin, but it seems I've missed it. Unless this is the end of the world, and we're the last creatures on Earth."

Susie, being quite used to these sorts of occurrences, spoke up cheerfully.

"Oh, no. You haven't missed your flight. I've just transported us into a different plane, because you caused quite a commotion in the real world."

"I did? I'm quite sorry about that. I usually keep better control of myself. Well, would you mind taking us back then? Or should we introduce ourselves first?"

"I'm Emily!" Emily blurted, staring at the dragon/human with near reverence. Jade eyed her for a moment, then stuck out his hand.

"Name's Jade," he said coolly. He shook the other's hand, studying him carefully.

"My name is Asiryn. I'm an Elemental Dragon hybrid."

"I'm Susie the fairy," Susie said, smiling. "The other two are humans."

"Humans?" Asiryn's shock was evident. "But then how are they in this plane?"

"My guess is as good as yours," Emily said, rather dreamily. Jade stared at her for a moment, then put a forced smile on his face.

"Would you excuse us for a second?" he asked, pulling the gray-eyed beauty away for a 'chat'.

"What are you doing?" Emily screeched, her gaze still stuck on the British Elemental Dragon hybrid. Jade shook her a bit until she met his eyes.

"Look, this is not normal. Dragons and fairies don't exist!" Jade whispered furiously. Emily stared at him with the look of one who has encountered something (or someone) extremely stupid.

"Uh, DUH!" she exclaimed, pointing over at Susie and Asiryn. "They ARE a dragon and a fairy!"

"No," Jade said, as if he were dealing with a little child, "we're hallucinating. Your addiction to sugar has finally erased all traces of sanity, and your craziness is rubbing off on me. That's the only way to explain it."

Emily's stomach began to boil with fury.

"How stupid can you be, Jade?!?" she yelled. "They're right in front of us! We are not hallucinating! Do you need further proof? HERE!"

With that, she smacked him hard upside the head.

"Owwww," Jade whined. Emily gave him a smirk of satisfaction and strolled over to Susie and Asiryn.

"So," she began, addressing, of course, Asiryn. "Where are you from?"
Asiryn stared at her silently for a minute.

"Well, I'm from New York," he said in a soft, pleasant voice that reminded Jade of smouldering embers. "I was on my way to Dublin to see my cousin Larry when-"

He was suddenly cut off by a frowning Emily.

"Wait, why is his name Larry? I mean, you have a really cool dragon-y name. Why not him?"

Asiryn looked slightly taken aback.

"Umm... Well... His parents are really weird. They were really into the whole human integration thing and gave him a human name. Even tried to make him forget he was dragon for a while, until after his second birthday, when, while potty training, fire started spewing out of his-"

Once again, Emily cut him off.

"So, why were you on the way to see him?

"Apparently he and his family are having a nasty bit of trouble with the werewolves who run their apartment complex," Asiryn replied.

Finally, Jade stopped biting his fingernail with a surprised expression.

"You mean werewolves run an apartment complex? How does that work?"

Asiryn looked at him with the same look everyone else was giving him, trying to figure out if he was retarded or not.

"Obviously, they stay in human form until the full moon, where they are supposed to go and find a nice, human free zone to transform and "frolic" in," he said, emphasizing the frolic with two fingers. "And thats the thing about these two werewolves. They don't care about where they transform or who they hurt. To make things worse, they haven't changed back in two weeks and have just been running rampant around Dublin. My poor cousin, as addled as he is by his parents' rather insane beliefs, won't use his dragon powers to stop them and had to call me. Rather pathetic really."

Suddenly, Emily looked up with a big smile on her face.

"Well, me and Jade are going to Dublin too, as it so happens. Mind if we tag along for a while? I've never seen a werewolf!"

Jade looked at her with an incredulous look and Asiryn looked thoughtful.

Then before he could reply, a huge roar echoed throughout the empty, other-dimensional airport. They all swiveled around to see what had caused the noise and saw a terrifying sight.

It looked like a spider, but was as big as a bus and only had six legs. To make up for that apparently, it had three heads, all with giant, dripping fangs and cunning eyes. With another roar, it started forward, right towards Emily.
Emily screamed and threw her hands up in front of her face when-

Susie snapped her fingers and when Emily peeked from behind her fingers, she found herself at the ticket counter. The smoke had vanished, the plane, if that's what it was that they'd been on, had vanished as well. "Oh my gawd," she sputtered.

"Hi and thank you for choosing KLM," the attendant spouted. "I need to see your passport and ticket, please."

Emily couldn't move.

Lucky for her, Jade shoved her to the edge of the counter. "You okay, Em?" he asked out the side of his mouth.

"Y-y-yes. I think so." She cleared her throat and tried to gather her thoughts while Jade loaded all her luggage from the cart to check in counter.

Behind her, the fairy hummed "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" in a chipper little voice. The dragon groaned and tapped Emily's shoulder. "Can I sit by you?"

Emily shivered. His touch sent a ripple of fiery heat through her body which only served to addle her nerves more. "Aren't the seats assigned?"

Asyrin shrugged. "I just don't want to sit next to the fairy." He winked and grinned, his canines a bit longer than a humans.

"She's with me," Jade interrupted.

The dragon's brows knitted together. "Oh. I see."

Susie poked her head in and cleared her throat. "I have an idea. Miss? Oh, Miss? Can you seat all four of is the middle row together. We're friends." She grinned from ear to ear. Emily noticed a glittery haze around the fairy's eyes and sure enough, the attendant happily agreed.

Riding the escalator to their flight's waiting area, Jade leaned in and whispered in Emily's ear. "I don't trust those two. This is whacked."
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"I trust them." Emily confidently stated. "Besides how many times have my instincts ever been wrong?"

"Don't even start." Jade shook his head.

"Remember that time we were taking a trip and were lost?" She glared at him for forgetting her moments of greatness. "Remember how I found that place um...oh yeah... Joe's Burger Barn?" Jade opened his mouth, until Emily interrupted. "Wait...Don't answer that!"
Jade shut his mouth again with an audible click. Emily smiled evilly at him.

"This is going to be fun!" Susie burbled, smiling brightly.

"Yeah, right," Jade muttered under his breath. The dragon looked like he agreed with Jade, giving Susie a wide berth.

The waiting area was crowded. The four found a spot near the back to wait, unconsciously clustering together. Jade found himself standing next to Susie and grimaced. She touched his hand and grinned. He looked down and started, his eyes widening. Multicolored sparkly dust now covered his entire hand.

"Fairy dust," she whispered solemnly. "It helps me find people." Looking around, Jade noticed that Emily and even Asyrin also sported glittery hands.

"Great," Jade grumbled. "Now I look like Tinkerbell."

On the plane Emily and Susie sat next to each other with Jade next to Emily and Asyrin next to Susie. The girls chattered while the guys slept.

Emily glanced at Asyrin and frowned. "Is that smoke coming from his nostrils?"

Susie turned to look. "Oh, he's just dreaming. But let's hope he doesn't have a nightmare."

"Why not?"

"If the passengers saw flames they might panic."

Emily's eyes widened. "He would shoot flames out of his nose?"

"And other places." Susie winked.

Emily drew back and looked down her nose at Susie. "You're just joking with me, aren't you?"

Susie nonchalantly turned the pages of her magazine. "Where there's smoke there's fire..."
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Jade bit down on his fingernail and winced when he drew blood. The dragon was going to burn the stupid plane down! Emily glanced at him and glared at his nails. "That is such a disgusting habit" She whispered, "Why do you always do that?"

"I do it whe I'm nervous!" Jade snapped, "Between you and the odd couple here, I'm not exactly relaxed!"

Susie laughed. "You don't have to be afraid of us! Faries are usually a very peacful group."

"Usually?" Emily asked curiously.

"Oh, we tend to cause madness and mayhem sometimes... But not very often." She said vaguely.

The dragon chuckled, He had woken up. "Faries are a bunch of extremely annoying..."

His sentance was cut off when the plane suddenly jolted. "What was that?" Jade asked, worried.

"It's turbulance, silly!" Emily grinned.

The plane jolted again, bouncing even harder. Emily's grin faltered.

"Maybe not..."
"Uh, We seem to have run into an unexpected storm. If you will please return to your seats and buckle up, we will pass through this in no time. Thanks!" The captain's voice shook as he said those last words more to himself than anyone. This is so weird, he thought, In all the times I've flown a plane, I've never happened upon a sudden storm!

Jade eyed Emily with a look of fear.

"Don't worry, the chance of a plane crashing are like one in a billion!" Emily reassured him.

"Well the chances increase when demons are the cause, dear." The dragon smirked.

"D-demons?" Emily stammered."

"Shh! Don't say that too loud!" Susie quieted, "There's nothing to worry about, we're just passing through and mean the demons no harm. They won't normally attack in such a public place. Or in a situation with huge repurcussions. We're safe."

Jade only heard one word, "Normally? Do planes 'normally' fly through a flock of birds? I think it's safe to infer demons are a bit more intelligent then birds. Somehow they manage to fly out of our way!" Jade's voice rose to an angry squeak.

"Well, if they're pissed, we'll know it shortly." Asyrin spoke, eying the roof of the plane. At that moment the plane jolted so severely, Susie nearly went through her seatbelt.

"Oh yeah," Asyrin grinned, "They're pissed!"
"Pissed at what?" Jade asked, his teeth clicking together forcefully as the plane jolted yet again. Emily looked excited.

"Maybe the demons want a little KUNG FU FIGHTING!" Emily shrilled, her dark gray eyes lit with a wild sugar high. Asiryn snorted, while Susie looked thoughtful. Jade, of course, ignored her. Emily was prone to such odd outbursts.

"You know, I think demons only know jujitsu," Susie mused. Asiryn shrugged.

"EVERYBODY WAS KUNG FU FIGHT-IIING! BLAH BLAH BLAH FAST AS LIGHTEN-IIIING!" Emily was now giggling hysterically, rocking back and forth in her seat as tears of laughter sprang from her eyes.

Jade glanced at her and then around to the other passengers, who were clutching their ears and staring at Emily with a sort of horrified, oh my gosh no she DI'NT! expression. These expressions quickly turned into sickly ones as the plane dropped 700 feet. Jade screamed girlishly and covered his eyes (like that would help anything). Asiryn leaned forward in his seat to stare at the cowering teen.

"You didn't just scream like a girl, mate...did you?" he asked, his crimson eyes wide and just a bit concerned. Jade uncovered his eyes and cleared his throat.

"Dude, never!" he said, in the lowest voice he could muster. "I am a MAN, dude!"

"Right," Asiryn said, still eying him. "Well, carry on then."

It was then that Jade realized Emily was muttering gobbledygook and poking his arm.

"'Cause the full moon only rises when the cheese is rare. Almonds come from little blue men who carry bon-bons in their pockets and try to entice little kids with them. Water lilies are named for their prepubescent pearly petals that potter and patter, provocatively passing presumptuous pixies peddling pots and pans."

This went on for a good five minutes, during which the plane dropped another hundred feet and several passengers began throwing up.

Susie was humming happily under her breath, while Asiryn looked like he'd dozed off again. Jade leaned his head back against the headrest and moaned. It was then that the plane grew deathly silent.

Until Emily began her hysterical giggling again, that is.

"WHO DARES IMPEDE ON OUR TERRITORY?" a voice boomed, rattling the plane and jerking Asiryn awake.

Emily unbuckled and stood, raising her hand.

"Yes, short Earthling?" the voice inquired, and Emily ignored the jibe, instead choosing to introduce herself...amidst her titters and laughter.

"My name, oh large one who has knocked our plane about and made several people vomit, is Emily, and I am here to...SAVE THE WORLD! DA DA DA DUUUUUUUUH!" Emily screamed and made strange flourishing motions. The voice was silent for a few moments.

"Save the world from what?" it asked.

"Your stinky breath," Emily answered, clapping her hands and grinning. Jade, Susie, and Asiryn were watching her with a terrified fascination.

Some teen in the back of the plane went: "OOOH! BURRRN! SHE GOT YOU-"


The teen was no more. The passengers stared fearfully up at the plane's ceiling and at Emily, who was now singing "Willy Wonka stole my father's sister's cousin's brother's daughter's niece's chocolate caaaaaaaaaaaaaaake" over and over again.

Jade started to get annoyed.

"Would you like to play a riddle game?" asked the...thing. Emily paused, and then said...
"Oh I do like riddles."

The dragon leaned forward in his seat. "Don't. You'll only encourage him. The last thing I want to do is sit next to a lonely sky demon for the next eight hours."

Susie blinked and pursed her lips.

Jade's eyes widened. "Em, I think you've lost it. Just sit back and shush. If you don't talk to it, maybe it'll go away."

The people sitting in front of them turned round to gawk. But the voice went one, echoing in the plane's passenger area.

"Wife of the first, mother of all demons, Queen and lady most foul, who was the First Woman created and the one shunned by God?"

Emily tapped her chin and narrowed her eyes, thinking.

Asyrin shook his head. "That's so easy. Don't answer him. It's probably a trick. Some cheesey demon ploy to get on board." He fingered the magazine in the seat pocket in front of him. "He just wants to be released from the clouds."

Jade shot Emily a warning glance. "I think you should listen to the dragon."

The booming voice continued, "I'll give you a hint. It starts with L."

Em frowned. She glanced from Asyrin to Jade and finally at Susie. "I know the answer," she whispered.

Susie shrugged. "I don't know much about demons. Kind of dark for me. Now if you want to know about woodsprites or elves..."

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"...then you came to the right place." Susie smiled.

"It's Lissette!" Emily grinned widely.

"NO, BUFFOON!" The voice boomed.

Jade had to smile Emily's idiocracy had saved them all. It was obvious that the answer was Lucifer.

"Lucille?" Emily smiled.

"CLOSE BUT NO!" The voice continued.

"Wait, Asyrin what did you say about the demon?"

"I said that if you answered his riddle, he will be released from the clouds."

Jade continued to talk without thinking. "So if you say the name Lucifer, he'll come out of the clouds."

"You know you just said the "L" word right?" Susie smirked.

"WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?"Jade shrieked.
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There was a crack of thunder and the plane stopped dropping in altitude. The plane seemed to be getting back to normal, except for the demon standing in the aisle. He was short, no taller then five feet, with tiny pointy fangs and a childs face. Emily burst out laughing. "This is the big, bad Demon?" She bent over, holding her sides. "He's so cute!" She straightened up and reached out as if to touch the demon. "NO, Emily!" Jade yelled, half tackling her in her seat. "Get off of me!" She prostested.

"Do NOT poke the demon Emily!" Jade yelled.

Susie laughed and Asyrin raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, please, don't poke the demon." The demon said dryly.
"Lillith." He rolled his cherub eyes. "Lillith is the queen of demons." Shaking his head, the demon stalked over to Emily. "Well, are we gonna stand her blocking the aisle or can we sit down and have peanuts and pretzels like civilized myths?"
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(Sorry, I can be stupid like that)

"So the answer wasn't Lucifer." Jade stared at the demon.
"Nope." The demon shook his head while struggling to open the peanut bag (haven't we all). "What mystical force is holding this paper still? I must revert it at once. Jade grabbed his pocketknife and helped the demon. The sound of turbulence along another plane caught the demon's attention. "I have another plane to catch." The demon stood up with his peanuts. "Maybe this time they'll get my riddle right!" He yelled as he passed through the walls of the plane. The other passengers cheered because of Jade's incorrect answer. Then, they continued with their own business. That's fifteen seconds of fame for you!

The plane continued to glide across the sky. After five hours, they made it to Dublin, Ireland. A man dressed as a leprechaun greeted them all by saying "They always after me lucky charms!" in an Irish accent. Emily couldn't resist. She raced toward him and he dashed away. Susie, Jade, and Asyrin reluctantly followed.

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Emily turned to see Jade running after her. "Wait up, jeez!" He finally reached her side and bent over, breathing heavily. Susie and Asyrin were soon beside them. "You can't just go running off like that!" Jade scolded, straightening slowly. Emily pouted. "I'm 17, not 7. I'm not gonna get lost or anything like that." She complained, "I just wanted to ask him where he got that awesome costume!"

Jade sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Emily... How many times do I have to tell you. You can NOT chase after people, wanting to ask them questions..." Emily glared at him, annoyed that he was right. Asyrin snorted and both Jade and Emily turned to glare at him. Susie looked at the group nervously, "Maybe, we should go get our luggage and figure out where we're gonna go." She suggested.

Okay, here's the thing: This campie has slowed to almost a complete stop. If you don't want to be in this one anymore, LET ME KNOW. There are several people who have neglected to take their turns in quite some time. If you haven't got the time for this campie, just let me know and I'll take you out of the rotation. Okay? Good. Let's see if I can rekindle this thing...

"We should find that leprechaun!" Emily cried, pumping a fist in the air wildly. The three glanced at each other disparagingly. She was hopeless, Jade decided.

"No...we're going to see my friend, the werewolf, remember?" Asiryn pointed out gently. He didn't need another psychopath moment from Emily, not in this airport. He knew people here.

Asiryn took hold of Emily's arm and began to drag her towards the luggage belts. Jade and Susie followed, but not without a scowl on Jade's part. Emily was swooning at Asiryn (again), and he did not like that. Not one bit.

"I can't believe I'm in IRELAND!" Susie burst out, clapping her hands excitedly. Emily stopped making gooey faces at the Brit long enough to turn around and beam at Susie.

"I know! I'm in Ireland with awesome people and I'm about to meet a werewolf!" she exclaimed, sending a wink Jade's way. He sighed despondently. He never could stay mad at Emily for long.
They exited the airport into the brightly lit, bustling city of Dublin. People were everywhere. There were shops and hotels and restaurants and just about anything you could think of. And all of it had a very exotic, European flair.

Jade eyed one of the restaurants hungrily, but noticed Susie and Asiryn carting Emily off in another direction, toward some of the lower alleys. Asiryn's hand was still on Emily's, even though it was obvious it didn't need to be there.
Jade fumed.

That sneaky dragon! Always trying to cart off his girl!

Jade stopped, rather shocked at himself. His girl? He couldn't have feelings for Emily! She was so... well, bright! And cheery!

But then he thought of Asyrin and coiling snakes of jealousy wound themselves around his stomach and squeezed.

He sighed. Obviously he would have to stop and think on this some more... But for now...

"Hey, Emily, Asyrin, Wait up!!!"
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Susie followed along with those other three. Asyrin and Emily had gone ahead of her. Jade was catching up.

Ireland was beautiful. There were enormous gorgeous houses filled with Irish people. Those Irish animals. Those Irish roads. Those Irish cars. Irish, Irish, Irish. Everything was Irish.

Susie was always a city nymph. She would cast spells to make men fall in love with women and created her own version of "Friends", but now sh was in another country. Ireland.

She took in every sight. Every smell. Every taste. Everything.

Soon, the group went into the forest. Little green leprechaun heads popped out of the tall grasses. Jade found a gold coin on the floor.

"Hey." An Irish voice scolded. "Give that back!"

OT: I'm sorry. I have a certain interest with leprechauns when it comes to Ireland.
"Huh?" Jade asked, nonplussed. He looked around, but did not see anyone besides Asiryn, Susie, and Emily.

"I'm down here, ye blithering lunatic!" said the voice again, and sure enough, when Jade looked don, he spotted a small, fierce looking leprechaun. Jade fingered the coin nervously.

"Finders keepers?" he said, tentatively, and the little wee man howled.

"No! That coin be ours! It wasna there for some blustery feller like ye to steal, ye ken?"

Asiryn stepped forward gracefully and took the coin from Jade's hand, offering it to the leprechaun. With one eye squinted in suspicion, the leprechaun deftly snatched it, and placed it in one of his many pockets.

"Aye, there's a wise feller for ye, don't ye ken?" he remarked after a moment. "I dinna think a human would so willingly give up his treasure. Aye, there be something good about ye, sassenach."

"No outlander am I," Asiryn replied. "Only a returning visitor. Would you be so kind as to point us to the werewolf, Kynt? I've some business to do with him."

"Aye, I could," the leprechaun said slowly. "But what be my incentive?"

Asiryn looked hard at the little man. After a few moments, the leprechaun seemed to see something that fightened him, as he broke the stare hurriedly and pointed southwest. Jade glanced at Asiryn and realized that his nose was breathing out smoke.

"It be thataway," he said, before taking his leave and scampering into the bushes. Asiryn nodded, and turned back to Emily and Susie, completely ignoring Jade.

"Shall we go?" he asked genially, and the two girls nodded. Emily spoke up.

"But how are we going to get there?" she asked.

Asiryn grinned, and Jade grew cautious as a pointed canine revealed itself. The dragon/hybrid's eyes grew alight with excitement.

"How? By air, of course!" Asiryn laughed, and then, before everyone's eyes, he transformed into a dragon, with shiny, dark blue scales and glaming red eyes. His translucent wings spread out, covering the entire clearing in silky shadows.

"All aboard!"

Jade stopped.

"Wait... You want us to ride on you?"

His mind recoiled from the thought. That high up in the air with no control, no power over whether he fell a trillion feet to his death was a bit unnerving. And then the fact that it was Asiryn...

Asiryn stared at him and then nodded slowly in a very contemptous way. Jade scowled at him and stood his ground.

"Why can't we just walk there? It would be alot safer than flying. And besides, I dont know if I fully trust you."

Asiryn gave him a funny grin filled with sharp, sharp teeth.

"What's not to trust? You guys are the ones who wanted to come along in the first place."

Jade stopped and looked at Emily and then sighed. Maybe he was just being silly. Asiryn seemed alright... What could a ride hurt?
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"What could a ride hurt?" Jade thought out loud. The girls considered his words and agreed with them.

Asyrin reared up. His eyes peered deep into the blue sky. Asyrin patted his now giant feet backward along the ground. His colossal wings spread themselves out.

Susie stepped on first. Then, Jade came on, who was followed by Emily.

Once they had all boarded the flying dragon. Asyrin stated. "Kynt is a lot like your average street dog only he is more ferocious. So, a rule of thumb amongst us mystical creatures that one musn't eat for an hour before a visitation with a werewolf. So I better not smell roasted flesh on your breath!" He glanced back at the passengers. They stared at him awkwardly. "Oh, that's just me."

Through Emily's horse-like breaths, Jade noticed a hint of chocolate. He handed her a mint telling her to finish it before they meet Kynt, to cover her breath from Kynt's nose.

"And we're off!" Asyrin stuck on a pair of googles that came from nowhere. His wings collected as much wind as they could. Then, he floated into the air, wind whooshing around the camaderie.

Emily closed her eyes recalling "The Tornado", her first roller coaster ride with Jade. He held her hand the entire ride through. That was because he was her best friend.

Or something more.
"Does my breath smell bad?" Susie whispered to Jade, who made a face and pulled another mint from his pocket, thanking the heavens that Emily hadn't decided to go searching through those in search of candy. Well...

"Thanks," Susie said, twisting her head around to give him a smile. "Hey, why are you blushing?"

"What?" Jade blurted. "Just the uh, the air. Kind of harsh against my cheeks, you know? Wind burn."

"Hm," was her only reply as she turned back around. Jade sighed in relief, then straightened abruptly again in surprise as Emily poked him.

"Look at the view!" she exclaimed, pointing down. He obeyed, watching in admiration as rolling hills passed beneath them like waves, and trees rippled in the sunlight. They were high up now, and Jade could feel his breath coming a little short.

"You might experience slight nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath!" Asiryn yelled back at them. "The air is thinner up here, and you're not used to it!"

"That's for sure," Jade mumbled. His stomach was doing cartwheels. Emily just laughed.

Of course, Jade thought irritably; Emily's big mouth came with huge lungs as well.

The flight ended some time later, and Asiryn landed smoothly in a grassy clearing just beyond a park.

"Thank you for flying Dragon Airlines, I hope you all had a nice flight," he said, laughing. As he turned back into a human, Jade noticed that he seemed a bit different.

"Wow! That was a-mazing!" Susie burst out happily. "I can't wait to do it again!"

Asiryn grinned.

"Any time," he said, winking, and Jade realized that something was definitely off with him...

"Hey, are we close to Kynt?" Emily interrupted Jade's musings and began to peer through the sparse trees.

"Yes," the crimson-eyed hybrid replied. His voice was back to its soft British lilt, and Jade glared at him. "Just on the other side of that park. Ready?"

"YEAH!" Susie and Emily chimed together, and Jade paused for a moment as the other three began walking toward the park. Emily's long, shiny brown hair seemed to float as a halo would, highlighting her face. Her dark gray eyes sparkled as she...stared at Asiryn?!?

Jade's fists balled together. Making to catch up with the others, he resolved to get his girl back...and find out just who, exactly, Asiryn was.

Jade's eyes were glued to Asiryn as they made their way through the park's rather thick, untrimmed vegetation. As usual, Asiryn was throwing looks at Emily, who just as usual, was soaking up the attention and flashing smiles back.

Jade scowled. Then, Asiryn winked at Emily. Jade scowled more. Then, while in the process of helping Emily over a tree branch, Asiryn grabbed her hand and didn't let go. Jade had to admit it was rather clever, but that didn't stop his face from contorting into the biggest scowl it possibly could. Finally, he couldn't take it.


The dragon who was happily humming to himself and looking at Emily, looked back.


Jade stopped. What was he supposed to say now? He couldn't just blurt out, 'Let go of my girl's hand right now, you fiend!' or something like that. Or maybe he could. Maybe Emily would run up, "Oh Jade, how come you never told me how you feel?' and then kiss him...


Emily was looking at him with a concerned expression.

"Umm... Any particular reason you just yelled Asiryn's name?"

Now was the time! He could do it! He would do it! He opened his mouth to tell her and...
it didn't come out. Instead he said, "Oh nothing. I was going to tell him to watch out for that branch, but he already missed it. Good sight Asiryn. Or good feet. I think I would have probably tripped or something. But you just bounded over it. Like it was nothing. Wow, look at that plant."

He heard Emily's voice, sounding apprehensive and worried.

"You feeling ok Jade?"

He turned from the rather dull leaf he was inspecting and nodded, but she shook off Asyrin's hand and walked over regardless. Asiryn's face showed anger when she let go of his hand and his fangs started to withdraw when she put her hand on Jade's head... but then he just smiled.

"Jade," he started, his voice still smoulderingly British. "If you need to rest or anything, we can stop for a while. All you have to do is ask."

Jade shook his head. "Nah, Im all right. Really." He smiled at Emily.

They continued on for a few minutes in silence, Emily staying by Jade's side. Then Asiryn, still leading, called back, "Hey Emily, would you like some water?"

She looked at Jade's still mostly full cantina and then called back, "No, Im fine. Ill just share with Jade."

Asiryn's face was priceless. Jade almost chuckled, but then saw Emily's ammused expression as she looked at him.


"Oh nothing..." she said and reached out to take his hand.
"When did we get cantinas?" Susie wondered aloud. Asiryn ignored her, as usual, but Emily heard.

"That's a good question," she said, frowning. Jade rolled his eyes, but made sure she didn't see. He didn't want her to let go of his hand.

They walked on in silence for awhile, listening to birds chirping and trees whistling gently in the wind. Asiryn stopped suddenly, holding out a hand to signal the others to stop.

"He's coming to us," he said in a low voice. "Everyone make sure you've got anything that could entice a werewolf to eat us is put away."

Susie grimaced.

"What, do you think we keep roasted flesh on our persons or something? Quit being so paranoid," she said irritably. Asiryn almost glared, Jade saw, but instead he pasted a smile on his face.

"Sorry dear. I just don't want either of you two beautiful ladies to get hurt, yes?"

Susie's knees went wobbly, but Emily, to Jade's satisfaction, stayed silent and unaffected.

There was a tremendous crashing in the underbrush, and in a shocking, heart-stopping moment, a huge, hairy, horrible werewolf came bounding toward Asiryn. Jaws opened in greeting, sharp, yellow teeth dripping with saliva.

"How fare you, Asiryn? It's been a while, hasn't it?" it spoke, and Asiryn nodded, his crimson eyes hooded and wary.

"Indeed, Kynt. We have things to discuss. Shall we proceed?"

Jade could feel the tension hanging ominously in the air, and he felt goosebumps ripple across his flesh. Emily was squeezing his hand tight, he noticed, and shivered again.

"Well," the werewolf Kynt replied after a few moments, "I suppose my quarters will do. My human quarters, that is. I don't think your human friends will relish the taste and smell of roasted flesh the way I do."

"Actually, I'm a fairy," Susie interjected, and Kynt turned eyes fierce as the sun on her. She unfurled her sparkly pink wings, interlaced with blue and purple. "See?"

"Yes, I do," the werewolf said dryly. "What is the meaning of this, dragon?"

"They asked to accompany me on my way here. The maiden, Emily, wanted to meet a real, live werewolf. Would you introduce yourself?" Asiryn asked.

Jade bit his lip as Emily slowly let go of his hand to step forward.

"I'm Emily...uh...sir," she said hesitantly, eyeing his large yellow canines. Kynt threw his head back and laughed, a deep-throated sound that seemed to make the ground tremor.

"Ah, she is cute, isn't she?" he said finally, large, furry body still shaking with amusement. Emily smiled tentatively, and Asiryn chortled.

"Yes, she is," the dragon said, looking at Emily in such a way that made Jade fearless.

"I'm Jade," he announced, stepping up beside Emily to face the werewolf. Those yellow, ferocious eyes regarded him for a moment. Then he snorted.

"Humans," he said disdainfully, and turned back the way he came. Asiryn motioned for them to follow, and on they went, trudging through more underbrush.

After about ten minutes, the group found themselves entering a large apartment complex and climbing what seemed like endless flights of stairs.

Huffing and puffing so that she was sure she could knock any straw house down, Emily whined.

"My legs hurt! How much higher up do we have to go?"

"Just a few more flights, maiden," Kynt answered, loping easily up the steps despite his large wolf form. Emily sighed.

"What exactly is a maiden, anyway?" she asked. Asiryn and Kynt exchanged a glance.

"A virgin," Kynt said carelessly, before casting an thoughtful eye over Emily. "They're by far the most delicious when roasted."

Emily paled.

Finally, when all hope seemed lost, the stairs abruptly ended, and they all passed through an entry door into Kynt's place.

A large growl greeted them, and Jade jumped.

"SLADE!" Kynt roared, standing on his hind legs. A number of crashes were heard, and then another werewolf appeared, slightly smaller than Kynt.

"What now?" he complained, eyeing the newcomers with interest before spotting Asyrin.

"Asiryn! Dawg, what's up? I haven't seen you in forever, homey-G!" Slade exclaimed, and Kynt rolled his eyes as best as he could, being that he was of course, a werewolf. Asiryn glanced at Kynt.

"Is he okay?"

"Well," the bigger werewolf said in an annoyed tone, "my brother's discovered the art of method acting, and now he's trying to live like a gangster so he'll be prepared for an upcoming audition. It's getting out of hand, as you can see."

"Ah," the dragon/human hybrid said slowly. Slade smiled, revealing his own set of jagged, terrifying teeth.

"Of course, bein' such a prick that he is," he drawled, "my loving bro insists that we stay in werewolf form. I had all the clothes picked out for my human form, but it's like, impossible to wear human clothes as a werewolf, ya dig?"

Susie, Emily, and Jade all exchanged looks of horror. The only thing worse than a werewolf was a wannabe gangster werewolf.

"Asiryn, we need to talk," Kynt growled, looking as though he might slash his brother to bits. Asiryn nodded, following Kynt into another room, closing the door behind them.

Slade smiled again, and Emily cringed.

"So, homies, sit down and chill. Welcome to my pad."
Emily slowly sat on the slightly moldy couch, her eyes never leaving slade. Apparently the maiden comment was still hanging with her. Jade sat down beside her and grabbed her hand. She took it and they all sat in the room in silence.

The tension was growing palpable. Slade was just sitting in the corner, growling out some annoying rap song and completely ignoring everyone else. Susie was still standing, leaning against the wall with an air of nonchalance. If not for her eyes, which were constantly darting around the room, taking in every sight, Jade would never have known she was on edge too. Something about this entire ordeal just didn't seem right...

He clutched Emily's hand a little tighter and noticed her staring at Slade with a slightly frightful, slightly curious expression. Slade had gotten some sort of bone from somewhere in the corner and was gnawing on it, looking at everyone with bright red eyes. To Jade, the bone looked like a rib. And it was human sized. He shivered.

Suddenly, the door opened and Asyrin and Kent stepped out.

"Well, it's been settled now," Asyrin announced. "Kent has agreed that he and Slade won't ravage anymore of the country around here."

Emily looked up with a smile. "That was quick! What made them want to stop?"

Asyrin grinned, but it was a really odd grin, full of mirth and viciousness all at once. "I just had to give them something magical. Really magical and really rare."

Emily frowned thoughtfully. "But we don't have anything like that do we?"

Kent, who was also smiling and baring those gigantic teeth, said,"Actually, yes you do. I believe you said her name was Susie."

Susie sat up quickly, her wings beating frantically as she backed away.


She gave Asyrin a look of horror.

"What does he mean?"

Asyrin kept grinning. "Well, you were part of the deal. You and Jade. You for the magic and Jade for the food."

Slade dropped his bone and started towards Jade.

"Oh, hell yeah! Fresh meat, yo!"

Emily and Jade jumped off the couch and Jade stood protectively in front of her, carefully shielding her from the werewolf's hungry gaze.

Asyrin laughed. "You don't have to worry about Emily, Jade. She'll be safe. She wasn't part of the deal and I think I've taken quite a liking to her."

Kent took his eyes off Susie for a second and looked over. "Shame too. Cause I was really looking foward to some maiden."

Jade looked back and forth between the two killers. How was he, a human teenager supposed to stop two grown werewolves?
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This was Asyrin's day. Back when he was a kid, no human girls had ever liked him because he was half-dragon. No dragon girls ever liked him because he was half-human. Humans and dragons had always been mortal enemies.

But now he has received some love and attention from Emily and he wasn't giving it up to Jade.

Emily, the love of his life, was concentrating on the saliva dripping from Kynt's fangs.

"Can we eat now? Can we eat now? Can we eat now?" Slade skipped up and down like an anxious six-year-old who needs to do No. 1 on a nationwide road trip.

"No." Kynt answered abruptly leading to a release of Jade's tension. Before anyone could stop him, he grabbed Jade by the arm and dragged him into a separate room. "But a taste test won't hurt. To see if we got a good deal." He entered the other room and slammed the door.

Then, Slade grabbed the now-rambunctious Susie and screamed to Kynt. "Can we eat the fairy too?"

From behind the door, Kynt answered. "When she's all out of magic." Slade entered the room carrying Susie and slammed the door behind him.

"What do you want to try?!?" Kynt boomed leading to a complete silence. Asyrin trotted over to the couch and sat down.

"Sit down." He coaxed the still awestruck Emily. Reluctantly, she obeyed. "Now, why..."

"OH! OH! OH! I WANT A FINGER!!!" Slade screamed from behind the wall interrupting Asyrin.

"Now, why don't we..." Asyrin started.
"Now, why don't we talk about our future?" Asiryn suggested, and Emily stared at him in disbelief. His deep crimson eyes were warm and sincere, but she couldn't push Jade out of her mind. He has those wonderful green eyes that seem to stare deep into my soul... she thought, and then shook her head. Since when did her thoughts become so cliche?

"Well?" Asiryn prompted, and Emily found herself comparing Asiryn to Jade. Asiryn was definitely captivating, with his amazingly soft-looking dark blue hair and crimson eyes that made her want to melt. And he could take her flying, in his dragon form, and...her eyes popped wide open as she thought of the sort of babies they'd make. Little human/dragon hybrids, blowing fire everywhere and ruining all the things she imagined her dream house to have. She cringed.

And then there was Jade. Sarcastic and teasing, yet supremely caring, he'd been her best friend since kindergarten. No other person had ever come between their friendship, and lately, Emily had been noticing signs of something more beginning to blossom between them. And, she amended to herself, I did suggest this trip to see if anything would happen...

Something had happened all right. Two guys to pick between, with her best friend on one side and a mysterious human/dragon hybrid on the other. She bit her lip, ignoring Asiryn's concerned looks. Jade was in the other room right now, and who knew what was happening to him even now? What would happen to him later?

Her heart plummeted, and it must have showed on her face, because Asiryn pulled her close for an embrace, murmuring softly in a language she didn't understand. Her eyes watered as she finally realized.

I've always wanted Jade...

With this minor revelation (minor because it was only her conscious mind that hadn't known; her subconscious was much smarter), Emily desperately tried to think up a plan.

She couldn't refuse Asiryn, not right now at least. If she did, who knew how mad he'd get? He might attack Jade and Emily both. She had to find a way to stay with Asiryn while secretly helping Jade. Her mind reeled, and she slumped forward dejectedly.

"Are you all right, love?" Asiryn asked, pulling back to gaze into her eyes. Her breath caught. Oh, Jade... she thought miserably, I'm so sorry...

"Yes," she answered, smiling as brightly as she could. The other's mouth drew up into a smile too, and he hugged her again briefly.

"Now, as to our future. We have to get to know each other a little more before getting married. Why don't we go to my home in London, and we can get better acquainted there?"

Emily heart jumped to her throat, and she nearly choked. MARRIED?!?

Asiryn sensed her disquiet.

"Is something wrong?" he asked, and she shook her head mutely.

"No," she said after a few moments of composing herself. "That would be lovely. When are we going to leave, then?"

Asiryn gave a huge smile.

"Yes, I'm rather ready to get out of this place myself. Away from Susie...and Jade." His eyes narrowed, and a thrill of fear shot through her. "You don't harbor any feelings for Jade, do you? Because if you do..."

His words hung like a knife in the air, and she struggled.

"Of course I don't!" she mustered up all the indignation she could in her voice, wincing internally. The crimson-eyed Elemental looked at her happily.

"That's all good then!" he exclaimed, all hints of anything menacing disappearing as quickly as it had come. "Let's head out, shall we?"

Slowly, Emily stood and took his proffered arm, throwing one last look at the door behind which Jade was trapped. She fought off the urge to cry, and silently resolved to rescue Jade...no matter what the cost.

<<NOTE FROM artistic:x:emo ~ A few people have been spelling Asiryn's name wrong. It gets confusing, I know, because I almost typed it wrong too. It's A-S-I-R-Y-N. Others have spelled it Asyrin, which I suppose is the same thing, but in the character list at the very beginning of the campie, it's spelled with the "i" first. So try to remember ^^.>>
Jade sat in a small, darkened room, wincing as he accidentally brushed his arm against the wall. The werewolves had eaten one of Susie's fingers and Kynt had taken a big bite out of Jade's arm, right below the muscle. Jade was just glad a bite was all he'd taken. Slade had wanted to eat all of him right then, but Kynt, being ever so reasonable, told him that they'd be hungry later and that meat was always better fresh.

As for Susie, she was laying in the corner a few feet away, occasionally whimpering in her sleep. Slade had come in every so often to hold a glowing red pendant to her chest and mutter various incantations. Then he would go, leaving Susie looking just a little paler than before.

Jade stood, careful not to brush his arm against anything again.


He walked over to her and gently patted her arm. With a start, she awoke, yelling and thrashing. Jade jumped up.

"Hey Susie! Its just me!"

She stopped.

"Jade? Is that you? How come I can't see anything? Are we in the dark?"

Jade looked at the moonlight streaming through the window, illuminating the room with an eery glow and then back at Susie, who was groping blindly at the wall, trying to stand up. She really couldn't see anything. He went to help her stand and said, "They've been draining your magic while you were asleep. It must have affected your sight as well."

She clutched on to him tightly, as though trying to stay afloat in a raging current. "My magic... is what lets me see... and hear..." She sobbed and slackened her grip, falling back to the floor.

"But you can still hear me right? I mean, they can't have taken all your magic yet."

She looked up at him with blank eyes.

"Yes, I can still hear you, but only barely. It sounds like a whisper." She stopped suddenly and looked towards the ground. "I'm so afraid... It'll only take one more incantation to drain me completely and then... well, then I'll die..."

Jade was horrified. "Die? But why?"

"Because fairys are tied to this earth with magic. Without it, we are nothing," she said mournfully. " And I am very close to having none left to hold me here."

Jade's mind was racing. He wasn't going to let Susie die. Suddenly,it came to him. A plan... a rather ingenious plan at that.

"Don't worry Susie," he said as he bent down to embrace her. "The next time Kynt comes in here, hes going to get a nasty suprise."

A few minutes later, as he layed down to go to sleep, Jade finally let himself think of Emily. She had better be allright. If Asiryn had hurt her, or worse... Well, if he thought a dragon's rage was bad... he definitely wouldn't like Jade when he was angry.

**Note from artistic:x:emo - Spelling for the older werewolf, Kynt, is K-Y-N-T. Pronounced like Kent, spelled with a "y".

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Asiryn dragged Emily down the plethora of stairs leading to the exit.

"Do you know the way back?" Emily asked him."There are a bunch of staircases here, ya know?"

"I know the way to the exit." Asiryn thought she was just nervous about starting a relationship, which was normal, so he continued on.

"Should we go back to ask for directions?" Emily questioned him.

"Trust me." He answered. "The last thing we'd want to do is interrupt two werewolves during a satisfying meal." He continued to drag her. Soon, Emily became inches away, then feet away, then yards away, and then kilometers aways, and before you know it miles aways from that door but still on that endless staircase.

"Where do we go next?" Emily asked.

"We just take the left staircase at this fork." Asiryn answered plainly.

"Are you sure?" Emily finally started to think.

"Pretty sure." Asiryn answered.

"Are you really that sure?" Emily was starting to bug him.

"Yes, I am. Why don't you trust me?"

"Cuz from what I remember we took the right staircase."

Asiryn rebuttled reluctantly: "Fine, we'll go back!"
Emily smiled secretively behind Asiryn's back, whooping internally. They were now lost, all because she'd mixed the dragon hybrid up. She felt proud. Now, if they could just happen to end up back at Kynt's apartment, maybe she could get Asiryn to ask for directions. And then she could...what? Run in and drag Jade and Susie out, regardless of their condition?

Men never ask for directions anyway, she reminded herself. Jade was proof of that.

"Bloody staircases!" Asiryn burst out angrily. "Why is it so bloody complicated to find an exit? This would never happen in London! Our staircases are perfectly arranged: one goes up or one goes down! Never sideways, or the middle path through the fork, or east or west or south or north! UP AND DOWN!"

His rage was hilarious, and Emily had to hide a smirk as he turned to face her, seething.

"What do you say we just blow the roof off this place and fly our way out?"

Uh-oh, Emily thought, suddenly nervous. He's irrational...


Jade chewed his lip, crossing his fingers and praying to whatever gods were listening. He would need a lot of help for this plan to work. He'd only said it was ingenious so he could reassure Susie, but he hadn't told her all the details...he didn't want to make her feel hopeless.

As he mouthed one last prayer, the door creaked open, and Kynt stepped in. Time to put the plan to work.

The werewolf was his normal menacing self as he stepped into the room. His red eyes gleamed brightly as he walked towards the inert form of Susie.

Jade stood up.


The werewolf turned to look at him, with an expression of one looking at a ham sandwich.

"If you don't mind... I prefer it when my food doesn't talk," Kynt said softly. "Besides, I'm rather busy at the moment." He pointed at Susie.

"Well, it's just... Well, I really need to talk to Slade! You see..." Jade took a breath, his mind whiring as he tried to come up with something, anything that could get them out of this.

Kynt looked at him suspicously. "Well go on with it."

Suddenly, Jade had an idea. A crazy idea, but just maybe it would work and he wouldn't end up a sack of meat.

"It's just, well, I'm an actor too, and I've notcied some horrendously negative things about Slade's method acting! I have to tell him about it! It's been driving me crazy!"

Kynt looked at him like he was insane.

"Right... You mean, this entire time... while we've been threatening to eat you at least daily, you've only been thinking about my foolish brother's bad acting habits? Why don't I believe you?"

Jade's hope started to die. It really had been a stupid plan, and Kynt wasn't a fool...

Suddenly, Slade burst into the room. "What do you mean, my method acting is wrong?" He looked quite frantic and had even abandoned his drawl. He siezed Jade by the arm and pulled him foward.

"I heard you from the hallway. Tell me immediately what it is about my acting is 'horrendously negative'!"

"Well...," Jade started, "Where to start?"

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Emily cheered as they crossed a flight of stairs toward the werewloves' apartment. Asiryn went to knock on the door, but stopped.

"I hope you know that we're not here to rescue your friend." He turned around. He had found her out.

"I know." She said, but she definitely was still hoping. He continued to go knock on the door.

"What do you mean, my method acting is wrong?" Slade's voice echoed through the door. "I heard you from the hallway. Tell me immediately what it is about my acting is 'horrendously negative'!"

"Well...," Jade started, "Where to start?"

"I think we came at the wrong time." Asiryn sounded kind of scared. "An angry werewolf is always trouble."

"NO!!" Emily yelled out of touch, shocking him.

Great. She thought. What now?

"What did you just say?" Asiryn asked, his face twisting.

Emily immediately put on a concerned face. "When?"

"I mean, what did you just shout?" he repeated, staring hard at her. She frowned and put a hand to his forehead.

"I didn't shout, sweetie...are you feeling okay?"

Asiryn gaped at her. "But I heard you shout! I said that an angry werewolf is always trouble, and you shouted something! What did you shout?!?"

Emily clicked her tongue.

"Oh, Asiryn," she cooed, "I never did anything of the sort. Are you sure you're all right? I didn't hear anything besides Jade and Slade in there."

Asiryn's crimson eyes showed his confusion, and Emily giggled internally.

"But...I could've sworn..." he started feebly, but she shushed him.

"No, silly. It must have been your imagination. Have you had enough sleep lately?"

"Well, the jet lag does have me kind of tired..." he admitted, scratching his head. "Oh well," he concluded. "We don't want to go in there."

"Why not? We need directions, and I think we could save Slade from having a mental breakdown and possibly having Jade overpower him," she burbled out. Asiryn gave her a strange look.

"No one can overpower a werewolf..." he said, but he didn't sound too convinced.

"You wouldn't want to give Jade an opportunity to get me back, would you?" she asked coyly, and Asiryn hissed.


"Well then," she said, teacher-like, "let's go in there!"

"Well..." Jade said, a little more confidently now. "It just has to do with the way you talk... You don't sound like a REAL gangster. Kinda just a fake immitation. There isn't any emotion or spirit in it. You're just a carbon copy."

As Jade spoke, Slade quieted, his face turning from an angry red to a pale white, if that was possible for a werewolf.

"You're... Well... You're right," Slade said as he slowly sank to his haunches, his face drawn in depression. "I just didn't want to face it. Maybe I'm not any good at this."

"No!" Jade said, "You shouldn't abandon it. There are only a few things to fix! And thats what an actor is! A problem-solver, able to make any changes for the good of the show!"

Slade slowly looked up.

"But I just don't know what to fix..."

"Well, I'll help you!" Jade said.

Slade's head and ears perked up. "You will?"

Kynt finally stepped foward, his face grim. "No you won't."

He glared at Jade. "Slade. I will not let you be in debt to this... meat... over something as stupid as acting."

Suddenly, Slade slammed Kynt into the wall by his throat and held him fast.

"My acting is not stupid," he said in a low, dangerous growl. "And I will run my life how I want too."

With a snarl, Slade threw Kynt to the ground and turned back to Jade.

"Now tell me how to fix it."

Jade gulped nervously and then started saying whatever random things that could pass for helpful commentary that passed through his head.

"Well, first you should stand up straighter. Gangsters don't slouch." Slade immediately stood straighter and smiled.

"Then, you shouldn't smile. Have you ever seen a gangster smile?"

"Well no," Slade said and turned his smile into a menacing smirk.

"Much better!" Jade said encouragingly. "Oh, and get rid of all that bling. Real gangsters don't need that to represent."

Slade looked at the only accesories that could fit on his werewolf form and then looked back up. "All of it? Are you sure?"

Jade nodded in a very professional manner and Slade slowly started pulling off his jewels and tossing them to the floor.

Jade saw a flash of silver and inwardly smiled. What was a werewolf's greatest weakness? Sharpened silver. Now he only needed a way to sharpen it without the werewolves noticing.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and Asiryn and Emily stepped in through the door slowly, Asiryn looking a bit nervous.

"Hello," he began in his soft, smoldering voice. "We were just wondering if we could have some directions.

Suddenly, Jade saw his chance.

"Slade. Hey Slade!" He whispered as Kynt walked foward to speak to the waiting dragon.

Slade turned. "What?"

"Would a real gangster let some punk dragon just walk onto his turf like that man? No. They would do something about it."

Slade looked over at Asiryn and snarled. "No. No they wouldn't. You have an excellent point."

And then he pounced at the suddenly shell-shocked dragon.
Emily was watching Jade whisper to Slade, wondering when in the time of Jade's captivity he had gotten the courage to talk to the werewolf. Kynt was explaining to Asiryn how to make it out of the apartment, and she was panicking. She didn't know how to escape, and--ooh, that is lovely! Emily thought as Slade suddenly jumped Asiryn. This could work!

Jade rushed over to Emily--no, wait, NOT to Emily. He ran away, into another room. Emily pouted as she stepped away from the scuffle, which Kynt had just joined. Jade came back, dragging what looked like a zombie version of Susie.

"Now, Susie!" he whispered hurriedly, taking from a pile of jewelry on the floor a glowing red pendant. Zombie Susie smiled weakly, and suddenly, the red glow expanded and surrounded the fairy, slowly melting into her body. Red sparks played across her skin as she stood, now very much normal looking. Well, except for the look of bloody murder in her eyes.

"Hai tur yun key rha wee KAH SHUN!" she screeched, holding the now normal silver pendant high in the air. It elongated rapidly and became a short sword, which she brandished wildly for effect before handing it over to Jade. The three stood in the middle of the living room, watching the dragon and werewolves work their way out of the tangle they were in.

Time dragged by, and still the three evil ones were trying to get untangled. Kynt's long claws had gotten locked together with Slade's, and Asiryn was between them in an awkward position.

"Do you want to just go?" Susie asked finally, when it was apparent that they wouldn't be untangled until the full moon (which would be devastating indeed for Asiryn). Jade and Emily nodded, and the three sidestepped the tangled group carefully, unheeding of their shouts.


"Homey, that just don't sound right," Slade muttered.

They maneuvered down the stairs to the exit with relative ease, considering just how confusing the layout really was, but then again, wasnt Emily always saying Jade had a built in navigation system?

They were all dead silent as they stepped out into the bright sunlight. It felt good to Jade to finally be out of that dark, cramped room and back with Emily.

He turned and grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. After all that had happened, there was no way he was going to miss his chance now.

"Emily..." He started, and she looked up at him grinning, with those dancing, amazingly cute eyes.

"Yes Jade?"

"Well, I wanted to tell you that I missed you. And I'm glad that you're alright."

"Oh. Well, thats good. I'm not sure if I missed you or not..." she said and then trailed off into giggles at the look on Jade's face. Here he was, trying to be serious, and she was being annoying as usual...

Suddenly, she threw her arms around him and kissed him, long and deep.

Jade was confused only for a second before kissing her back, just as passionately. He wasn't thinking, his mind was only swimming in a sea of hazy bliss. He had always wanted her this bad, he just hadn't realized it.

Eventually they pulled away, staring into each other's eyes like they were seeing each other for the first time. Then Emily started smiling and kissed him one more time.

"Well, I decided. I definitely missed you too!
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"Guys." Susie interrupted them. "Where to now?"

"How about London?" Emily smiled.

"That sounds like a good idea." Jade looked at Emily. "But how?"

"I have a couple of friends I know." Susie whistled. Out of nowhere came a horse-drawn wagon. It rattled toward the trio. The wagon stopped right in front of them, beckoning them to enter it. "C'mon." Susie coaxed as she flew into the back of it. Emily and Jade took one look at the conductor. It was a leprechaun in little green clothing. He tipped his hat at them.

Reluctantly Jade and Emily went inside the wagon to see Susie and a bunch of short, ragged, ugly leprechaun singing their Irish tunes.

"To London." Susie called out to the conductor. Before long, they were off.
The three stepped out of the wagon, clutching their ears.


"SURE!" Emily shouted back after a moment. She glanced at Jade and shrugged.

"GOOD THING I LEARNED A SPELL TO COUNTERACT DEAFNESS CAUSED SPECIFICALLY BY AN OVERDOSE OF LOUD IRISH JIGS!" Susie yelled again, holding up her hands and clapping until yellow sparkly dust began pouring down on her. She shook her head furiously as it settled around her, and then smiled brightly at Jade and Emily.

"All better! Now let me do it to you guys."

"...WHAT?" Jade asked, clearly afraid of the sparkly dust. It just wasn't manly. Susie just kept on smiling and clapped yellow sparkly dust over the two, and before long they were shaking their heads and exclaiming in relief.

"Wow! This is so much better. If only I could get the songs out of my head now," Emily sighed, looking around. Jade observed their surroundings.

"This doesn't look like England. Or London," he said, feeling a little gypped. Seriously, he put up with awful singing leprechauns that damaged his hearing, and he just wanted to go to London. It is where all the tea is, after all. And Jade loves tea.

"No, it doesn't," Susie said thoughtfully. "In fact, it looks like a deserted island."

With growing horror, Emily stared at the mass of water that shimmered a mile or two away.

"An island?" she whispered. Jade noticed the look on her face and grabbed her hand comfortingly.

"What's so bad about an island?" he asked.

Emily shut her eyes tight and squeezed Jade's hand.

"Surrounded...by...water..." she spoke in a strangled voice. "...Torture!"

Jade looked at her in amusement.

"Just water," he said. "We could even drink it as long as we managed to purify it somehow."

"And yet it would never lessen the vast amount of water that fills Earth's craters with its poison," she whispered darkly. Jade raised a brow and frowned.

"It's almost like you have something against seawater, Em. Did you have a traumatic experience or something?"

The skies darkened instantly and rain began to pour in heavy sheets as Emily began to talk.

"When I was little, my parents took me to the beach. Innocent and unknowing was I back then, and I was content to splash on the shoreline and build lumpy sandcastles with a cheap plastic bucket and shovel. I got bored, and I saw other little kids swimming in the water, so I decided I wanted to too. I waded out into the vast, roaring waves alone, wishing only to join the other children in their play. But alas, that never happened. A wave crashed over my poor little head and I was pushed underneath the waves into a strange, murky world where every breath stung and every limb twisted and turned by the unerring tide."

Emily paused and lifted her now pale face towards Jade.

"I almost died that day because of the poisoned salt waters. Never again will I frolic or build castles on the beach. Never will I dip so much as my little toe into the ocean's fearful waters. Never will I--"

"Emily!" Jade interrupted. She stopped with her mouth hanging wide open and a finger raised in the air.


"I get it."

"Oh," she said, dropping her hand. "Yeah, well...that's why an island is the scariest thing on Earth to me. More than the Boogeyman, more than Saruman, more than Gene Simmons, even more than your mom. The oceans and sea are the most evil things on this earth."

Jade stood silent, contemplating.

"Well Em, I--"

"Well Em, I-- Wait... Even more than my mom? Is that even possible?"

Emily nodded her head meekly.

"Im so sorry, I had no idea..." Jade shook his head, muttering about his diabolical mother.

They looked around the island. It was sparce, with a few tropical trees and little shrubbery. A big wave came crashing down on the beach and Emily grabbed Jade's hand even tighter. He put his arm around her and held her close.

"Its okay Emily. I'm not gonna let the waves get you." Emily just nodded, still looking out at the waves with a precariously paralyzed expression.

Jade looked at her with worry and then turned to Susie. "We're gonna have to do something about a shelter. Its gettting dark fast."

Susie smiled. "Sure! I know a spell that should do the trick!" She started to wave her hands around and mutter, geting louder.

Suddenly there was a flash and a giant six foot frog appeared in front of them with a loud, "Ribbit!!!" Jade screamed like a girl, grabbed Emily and backpedaled as fast as his legs could carry them. The frog looked on with little interest and then hopped off into the ocean with giant leaps.

Susie looked a bit ashamed. "I guess that was the wrong spell... I just cant remember the right incantion. Well I guess well just have to do this the old fashioned way..."
"You mean I have to build a shelter out of sticks and mud and tree branches like on Survivor?!?" Jade asked in panic, before pausing. "Oh, wait. The people in Survivor don't build their own shelters, the camera crew just makes it look like they do. My mistake."

Emily remained silent.

Susie shrugged, twisting a piece of strawberry blond hair between her fingers. "I'm a girl. Girls don't build."

"What? Girls can build just fine! Don't you know that there are female lawyers, female policemen...policewomen...ahem. Female boxers, female baseball players, females who rant on and on about their feminine maleness...wait that doesn't sound right."

"Indeed," Susie said, her eyes darkening. "What are you, some sort of feminist? Huh?"

"...Wouldn't you be glad if I was a feminist?" Jade pointed out. "You are female after all."

"THAT'S A STEREOTYPE!" Susie shrieked. "...Wait, no it's not. Well anyway that was fun. Now build a shelter."

Jade stood in stunned silence.

"Great, you too," Susie complained, beginning to pick up sticks. "Fairies have to do all the work for the lazy humans. All the time. Never-ending labor for us lower creatures. Pooh."

"Wait, I'll help," Jade blurted, feeling bad.

"What, you think I can't do it because I'm a girl?!?" Susie seethed, throwing a stick at him. Jade recoiled.

"No, I just--"

"MISOGYNIST! WOMANIZER! SEXIST! MAN-LOVER!" Susie paused when she said the last insult before cracking up in laughter. "Oh, Jade! I am so funny!" She chucked some more as she began to pick up more sticks.

Jade backed away slowly, keeping his horrified green eyes locked on Susie, ready to grab Emily and run if necessary.

"Em, what's with her?" he asked warily. Emily barely moved her mouth when she answered.

"PMS. Of the fairy kind."

The acronym immediately repulsed him, yet it made sense.

"Oh. Right."

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