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One world-two races. One town-two fractions, one colliding point-sector 11
[Introduction] Welcome to Azhul, ladies and gentlemen. I am Jimmy- your tour guide. How do I begin? I yes, you would like to know what the hell’s going on here, right. Well, you are on Azhul. Azhul’s our planet’s new name. The year is 2250. Centuries ago no one would have believed that vampires and werewolves exist, but no a days not only do we know for a fact that they arte alive, but also that they are a part of our society. We, humans, call them the inhuman. They have their own part of the world- the East provinces (situated in Asia). We have our, on Europe and Africa. America is the collision point between our two races, between the humans and inhumans. Though the times have changed and humans are not as aggressive to inhumans as usual, there is still bickering and gang wars between clans of inhumans and humans. “Aringotics” are called the people who believe that humans and inhumans must stay away from each other. they also believe that marriage between humans and inhumans must be prohibited. “Free launchers” are called those who believe that humans and inhumans can work together for the good of the Azhul. You are now in New York City. You live in the sector 11- the four neighborhoods which have mixed population- in which humans and inhumans have learned to live together in harmony. Make your character and send him to me by e-mail.

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The character’s profile:

Age: (must be between 13 and 20)
Race(If you identify your character as an inhuman, you must specify what kind of inhuman. You can chose any kind of super natural being as long as it is human like(vampires, werewolves, elves, dwarves etc.) )
Powers if any:
Political stands (Is he free launcher or aringotic):
Other If any: (If there's anything else that you want to say, put it here.)

Name: Mia James bambirayne
Age: 17
Race: Human
Appearance: Mia has long dark brown hair kept in two low ponytails, that fall to the
back of her knees. Her bangs cover her left emerald-green eye. She stands at about 5'5,
and has a slim build. Being half Swedish, her skin is fair and soft. She is usually seen
wearing torn jeans, a t-shirt, and racing goggles around her neck.
Personality: Outgoing and fun, Mia has a great personality. She can be a prankster at
times, but she is serious when she needs to be. She is street smart and clever, and knows
all about inhumans. She quite the expert. She is sweet and sour most of the time. Get on
her bad side, and it'll be hard to get on a good note again. So, don't get on her bad
side. Even though she has a great personality, she has been known to be an underdog, and
is very pessimistic.
Powers : None, yet she is a master of dual revolvers.
Past: When Mia was 3, her parents were killed by Aringotics, so she grew up hating them
with a passion. At that time, Mia and her older sister, Holly, lived in Denver, so when
her their parents were killed, they moved in with their uncle in New York. Mia's uncle
was a professinal hover bike racer, so she grew up around them. When she was 14, she
decided to take up a weapons class, and specialized in the dual revolvers. She attaches
blades to the end of them, so she doesn't waste bullets unless she needs to. A year ago,
Holly moved out, and her uncle gave up hover bike racing, and though her uncle gets a
large check every month, Mia is the basic source of income. She works at the hover tracks
as a guard, making sure no one kills each other.
Hobbies: hover racing, breaking up fights, watching the fights she can't break up...
Likes: Walking in the rain, watching the sun set/rise, playing pranks on people, and
Dislikes: Aringotics, frogs, old people, hot days, and mustard.
Political stands: Free Launcher
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Name: Ivory and Ophelia Graham
Age: both girls are 15
Race: Because their parents are different species, the girls are different. Ivory is a vampire and Ophelia is a werewolf.
Appearance: Ivory and Ophelia are identical twins with the exception of their eye and hair color. They are both 5 ft. 6 with tan skin and slender bodies. Ivory has long white hair and sea green eyes while Ophelia had short black hair and deep reddish-purple eyes. Ivory hides her fangs with a magical charm until she needs them. They have matching tattoos of a celtic knot on the back of their necks.
Personality: Ivory is calm and reserved. She thinks rationally and is intelligent in a quiet way. Ophelia is upfront and loud. She's more of a do-er then a planner. She loves action. Both girls are very sweet once you get to know them. Despite being so different in attitude, they tend to like the same things.
Powers if any: Ivory has the regular super strength most vamps have, along with great eyesight, speed and ability to fly. Ophelia can change into her wolf form whenever she wants. {but it drains her strength when it's not the full moon.}
Hobbies: Both girls love exploring New York. Ophelia races hover motorcycles and her sister likes to draw people. Both work as waitresses at the local coffee shop.
Likes: boys, ice cream, magic, books, hover motorcycles, and tattoos.
Dislikes: Arignotics, guns, onions, perverts, and piercings.
Political stands: Free Launcher.
(Ivory Pov)
I watched impatiantly as my sister finished up her rounds at the coffee shop. We were going to be late for the hover bus... Again. Ophelia picked up the patrons check and signaled that we could leave. On our way out, we scanned our fingerprints through the time-x. The time-x recorded the hours we spent on the job. I waved good-bye to Gordy, the elf who ran the shop.

We stepped out onto the sidewalk to walk to the hover bus station. The buildings all around us were big and made completly out of metal. Hover cars whizzed by on the road, reaching speeds up to 180 mph.

"What do ya say we go down to the tracks later?" Ophelia asked playfully, "Race some of the big boys on their whimpy little hover cycles?"

I groaned. Ophelia was going to get us in trouble one of these days. The tracks were outside of Sector 11. Every time we went there we risked being attacked ny the Arignotics.

"Not today, you heard the news... Gang wars are breaking out all over New York. They're thinking of blockading Sector 11 for Safety!" I said.

Ophelia grinned.

"An even better reason to go!" She laughed.
Name: Heather Munosco
Age: 19
Race: human
Appearance: Heather is extremely tall for a girl (5 ft. 11). She has long, curly red hair and golden skin. Her eyes are a deep blue framed by long black lashes. She has a few freckles across her face and a curvy body. She looks perfectly innocent until you make her upset.
Personality: Being a redhead, Heather has a bit of a temper, but only when you make her angry. Most of the time she's off in her own world, thinking and singing. She gets distracted a lot, but is always reliable. She's very laid back and casual. She hangs out with guys a lot because she hates shopping and makeup. She can also be very intense and focused.
Powers if any: Heather is human, so she doesn't have any powers, but she is an awesome mechanic.
Past: Heather moved in with her adoptive family when her parents were killed in a bank robbery. She was 13 at the time. Her new adaoptive parents are elves. She spends a lot of time trying to track down her parent's killers. She took up knife, gun and karate training when she was 14.
Hobbies: Heather loves running and practicing with her guns and knives. She also enjoys working at the car garage, fixing broken hover cars.
Likes: excersize, chocolate, TV, running, swimming, singing in her band, and hugging random people. (She find their reactions funny...)
Dislikes: bullies, arignotics, the color pink and bad report cards.
Political stands: Free Launcher
I watched in fascination as Tim, my boss, hauled in a hover car to be fixed. It was missing half top and the engine was hanging out of the bottom. The sides were burned and the inside was a wreck.

"You're kidding... right?" I asked, eyeing the car.

Tim shook his head. He pointed to the car and then back to me to tell me I better start working. Tim doesn't talk... Largely due to the fact that he doesn't have a mouth. Or a face either. I'd never asked him what he was exactly(It always seemed a bit rude, plus he can't exactly answer me back...), but I had gotten used to it. I turned back to the car. It looked like someone had torched the thing. I sighed. I better get working, I thought.

An hour later, I was covered in grease and the hover car didn't look any better. I heard a howl coming from outside and a trio of guys rushed into the shop. I grinned. They slid up to me, still howling and jumping.

"Jeez, calm down!" I laughed.

"Oh, come on Heather" Chester grinned,"Lighten up! We're heading down to the tracks to race some of the cars we've been working on!

I raised my eyebrows.

"Tim is letting you race his clients cars?" I asked.

Chester shrugged.

"What Tim doesn't know won't hurt him."

I looked at the car I was working on. It was hopeless. This time I shrugged.

"What the heck, why not?"
Name: Kimasae Romesa Litheran (Sae for short)
Age: 16
Race: Vampire
Appearance: Around 5 foot 8 inches she is tall and curvy, not too thick but not flat as a board. She has long brown hair that falls to her waist and is straight and shiny. Thin, black streaked bangs frame her face and make her ice blue eyes pop out from her naturally pale face. She is usually seen wearing worn jeans, a white belly-shirt, and a red leather jacket over top. She usually wears flats that are covered by her jeans, but shes been known to hike around in stilleto boots. She has a thin face with a slightly sharp chin, a thin nose and plump lips. Her smile, when revealed, stretches across her face, revealing razor sharp incisors that fall half way down her bottom pair of theeth when her mouth is closed, meaning they are in no way the smallest pair.
Personality: Having been raised by human foster parents, she has the bubbly mentality of a human teen who has led a happy, shelterd life. That happy child, however, is reserved for those who she trusts and is friends with, but she usually doesnt make friends easily. She is cold and seductive on the surface and holds seperate from most she meets, knowing that her hunger might very well drive her to kill them one day. Feircly loyal, she will protect her friends with her life, and would do the same for family if she had any. She also sings and she becomes almost a different person when she is on stage, singing with almost a siren's beauty. She relaxes and a serene look takes over her feirce beauty, showing the softer side under the tough surface.
Powers: remakable speed, agility, a bone blade that slides out of her palm.
Past: Originally raised in another part of the country, she had human foster parents after her biological parents were killed in a skirmish. She lived happily there for thriteen years until their home was invaded by strict aringotics who heard of their situation. The humans killed Kimasae's foster parents and enraged by their actions she slaughtered them all. She fled to New York after hearing that there was a section where humans and inhumans led a life together in peace. She lived a rough life on the streets for 3 years until she found a job at a night club and bought an apartment.
Hobbies: Painting, singing, and managing the bar in the club.
Likes: roses, old books, human/inhuman half-breed boys
Dislikes: aringotics, stuck-up stuffy people and the elders of her race, people with big egos, and braggards (she has a tendency to act as bouncer when they start running their mouths)
Political stands: Free Launcher
Other: Her boss in the night club thinks shes 21 due to her looks.


"Sae! Saaee! Damn it Sae pay attention!" A gruff voice shouted before a towel smacked me in the face, jerking me out of a pleasant daydream. I pried the offensive drying utensile from my forehead and slapped it down on the counter before shooting a furious look at the one who threw it.

"What do you want old man?" I snapped, rubbing the back of my hand across my forehead to remove the residue left by the towel. It smelled like antique grey goose vodka. ' Nasty stuff. Makes my throat burn like hell. I prefer bloody marys.' I thought sourly as I sniffed my hand. My boss let out a barking laugh and crossed his hairy arms over his barrel chest.

"I want you to pay attention and clean up the bar a little so that we look like a respectable night club, not some twentieth century tap bar." He said and I flipped him the bird. He laughed uproarously and stomped back up the stairs to the Reserved Lounge.

"Ugh, bumbling moron of a werewolf." I growled and rinsed the towel in the ice-bucket-bot that hovered by, making it squeal in anger before releasing it so it could go clean itself. I snickered, and began scrubbing down the counter top, marvelling as the colors pulsated under my hand. I never got tired of how the countertop's sensors sent streams of light flickering after where your touch had been. The thing never got stained or broke either. Not a bad investment.

As my hands went through their normal routine, my mind wandered back to its little daydream and a smile tugged at the corner of my mouth. I had a gig tonight at the racing tracks and I could just imagine the reception. Screaming fans, hooting humans and inhumans alike. They all would fall silent as soon as I approached the microphone, however, and listen in almost a trance as I crooned songs from before the wars, before all the suffering. Songs from bands famous in the twentieth century, some still known today, but considered retro. I chuckled softly to myself and finished up with the counter, sneaking a look up at the Lounge. I had told Gregory that I was taking the night off, but he always seemed to rope me into working an extra shift, so it was better to sneak out quietly. I grabbed my red leather jacket from the coat stand, and had almost made it out the door when my stilleto heel clicked on the metal exit plate.

"And where do you think you are going?" The rumbling voice that floated down to my ears made me flinch. I regained my composure immediately, though, and turned on my rarely worn boot heels to glare powerfully up at my boss.

"This is my night off Gregory. I am leaving, the day shift is over and I'm going home." I snapped and dissapeared in a flash. I could hear Gregory yelling curses after me and I let out a rare laugh as I sprinted down the street, alarming pedestrians as I streaked by as a blur. It was better this way, because he had no right to be angry in the first place, and if I had stayed he would have talked me into staying. I slowed down to an agile walk and slid my arms into my jacket as I approached the hovercar and hoverbike racing tracks. Excitement fluttered in my stomach as the roar of the vehicles vibrated in my rib cage.
Name:Jason Peerce
Age: 17
Race:inhuman (unknown)
Appearance:Jason is 6 ft tall. Slim and muscular, he has dark, straight, spiky hair and velvet eyes. He has a sharp nose and long chin. He has a bit of an aura around him that people feel. He usually wears black a suit that make him quite formal and in the same time elegant. No tie, but a pair of strings that attached to the two buttons on his neck-piece. Quite fashionable! He wears a pair of black shoes to go with his suit and black leather gloves.
Personality:Jason was born in a human family, but raised in an inhuman one, because his family died in a car accident, when he turned five. That is why he was afraid of hover cars up until he turned ten. His step-father thought him that he was the most powerful inhuman he knew, and that had made him a bit of arrogant. Since the day his step-father freed him from his phobia, he has developed a liking to high speed driving. He is very intelligent and quiet in a crowd, but when he opens his mouth it is always in order to say something important or sensible. It is very hard to provoke Jason and though he is not the guy to start fights, if physically provoked he would protect himself no matter what.
Powers if any: His powers and race are a mystery to everyone. No one really knows what he is. That is why he is registered as a forgotten(unknown) species His hands’ grip has the pressure of 500 kg and he is an excellent hand-to-hand fighter. Also his right hand has the ability to destroy anything that it takes hold of. He usually wears a glove on it to isolate the hand’s effects, because he cannot control it yet.
Past: Jason was born in a human family that lived in Chicago. They died in a car accident when he was five. When the government found out he was an inhuman he was assigned inhuman foster family. He adapted to his new family slowly. Before a few days he got involved in a car accident in which the governor’s son died and his step-parents sent him away to New York, knowing that he could take care of himself.
Hobbies: hover car racing, reading, computer programming and hacking, working out
Like: Women (of course), his cousin May, hover-car racing
Dislikes:Aringotics, back-stabbing and is afraid of clowns (they just freak him out)
Political stands: Free launcher


The streets were washing away in frint of my eyes like a wet painting spilled with diluents. The speed of “Charger” was making the surrounding buildings and vehicles stretch, painting a daubed picture in my brain. My hover car-Charger had a black aerodynamic corpus and three wings situated on the rear and upper side of the vehicle. They looked like tentacles of a squid, which had extended them towards something in front of itself. When the super burst was on the wings would retract pointing at the opposite direction in order to stabilize the machine and increase the aerodynamic features of the vehicle. This would also give the ability of Charger maneuver 75% better while in burst mode. The lower hovers lit colorless fire, as the main booster ignited the air in huge, pure white beams, which were called the HC’s flair. HC stands for Hover Car. Charger was ready to beat every one. Especially after his uncle, Alexander, had installed a new energy core and a new burst engine, which increased his burst with 200 %. I had made sure that if someone beat me, it was because of my lack of power, not my car’s.

New York was quite different from Chicago. The buildings were taller, the police was lousier and cops’ cars were so slow. Come on, there must be some one out there with a badge, who can hold on to me for more than five minutes. I took a left turn. The HC looped on the right, its lower hovers burning the building’s windows on the left side. The windows burst into small pieces of glass, falling on the pedestrians. Shit, I should be more careful. What if some one gets hurt? This right turn was really sharp, I wonder if the cops took it. I pushed a button on my left and a monitor on my left opened. The monitor worked like a rear mirror. Well one lapsy was still on my tail. “Gosh, who invented this word any way? Lapsy!?” I snickered at this strange word for police vehicle. He must have some talent to be able to take that sharp turn. “Alright!!! Main Street!!! This is gonna be fun.” I said to myself. Main Street was a very long straight line of cement and slow-moving vehicle-obstacles. “Great time to see what this new M.E. Boost is all about!” I shouted to myself.
“Computer, prepare M.E. Boost.” I said. The main monitor turned red. The once colorful image of the front of the Charger turned crimson.
“M.E. Boost preparation will be complete in 5…4…3…2…1… M.E. Booster at full capacity. Awaiting orders,.” said the mechanical voice of the main computer.
“Then LET’S…GET…CHARGED!!!!” I shouted out, and pushed a red button which was on the steering wheel, next to my left hand. The cop was right behind me. “Oh, that’s a bad idea, buddy.” I thought as the M.E. Boost engaged. The HC’s flair tripled, blinding the cop’s HC for a few seconds. He backed away just in time; because my three wings had just retracted and if he had not retreated his HC would have been cut in three. My HC’s wings were sharp and had quite a grip. Almost as great as mine! The Charger’s speed accelerated triple, and in a few moments of dodging stopping vehicles and restrictive signs, the lapsy was out of sight. Now I have to get to the car race on the other side of town. It’ll be fun for a moment.
Name: Celestina Zarita (Heavenly Princess)
Age: 14
Race: mermaid/magical girl/ human/ Sorceress
Appearance: Standing at about 5'7, Celestina, being from Spain originally, is naturally tanned to perfection, has a pair of big, bright, chocolate brown eyes, along with a dazzling smile, and curly, black hair that goes a little ways past her butt when she leaves it out. Celestina's mother, Adriana, had a sand dile like figure, long, lucious legs, and had a really big set of breasts, so, naturally, she inheritted those qualities, too. Also, she has a star shaped birthmark on the right side of her neck. On a regular basis, Celestina wears either her black, 1 shoulder cropped t-shirt with a red heart on the front paired with her favorite dark blue jeans, black sandals, and a heart shaped barrette on the left side of her face, a red spaghetti strap top with a denim mini skirt, the same sandals and golden, dangley earrings, or a short, black dress with the same jeans, black combat boots, and her black baseball cap turned back, and her hair in a ponytail. The hat has her 1st enitial and last name in pink rhinestones. She alway wears her mom's charm bracelet. It's silver, and every charm has either a topaz or a ruby on it.
Personality: With Celestina's wardrobe, you'd think that she's goth, but she's super sweet. She just grew up in a bad part of Spain, and is used to dressing that way. She's a whole lot of fun to be with. She's like Orihime (from "Bleach") most of the time, but when she gets mad or competitive, you'd better watch out! She's a hotheaded little cutie with a passion for fashion, and is always ready to (quote on quote) "Shop 'till I drop!". She's kind, loyal, brave, a little boy crazy, and has an erresistable charm when it comes to boys or the old people she helps take care of at the senior center on Sundays.
Powers: As a mermaid, she can control both water and ice, in her hero form, she controls fire and lava, in her human form, she controls light and lightning, and when she uses her magic, she does some type of dance for each specific spell.
Past: Like I said, from birth until about 9, Celestina and her familia lived in a bad part of Spain, but her and her sister, Marianela, were the toughest girls on the block. Personaly, Celestina hated fighting, but she and Marianela fought when she had to, and when they did, they'd beat your sorry self in a minute even if they weren't together. The day before the girls bday, their mom was killed, and they were devistadted when they heard that it was their own father who did it. After that, the girls were finally just tired of living in that town, so they ran away that night. Their old town was close to Barcelona, where their auntie, uncle, and grand parents lived, and luckyly, they caught got to them a few months before they moved to New York. After those few months passed, all 6 of them (the girls, their aunt, uncle and grandparents) moved to New York City. Celestina and Catalina's lives have been great since then.
Likes: Celestina loves to sing, write, draw, dance, and design her own clothes. She also likes shopping, flirting, boys with green eyes and spikey hair, cats, anything beautiful, cute or happy, and having a good time by any means neccisary.
Dislikes: Arrogant people, and anybody who dissed her friends and family.
Political Stands: Free launcher, without a doubt.
Name: Marianela Zartina (Beloved-star Princess)
Age: 14
Race: Same as Celestina.
Appearance: Same as Celestina accept her outfit is a cropped white tank top with a heart on it, jeans, black sneakers,and her fav black wristbands. Oh, and she always keeps her hair in a ponytail, and as a star shaped birthmark on the left side of her neck.
Personality: Same as Celestina's.
Past: Take a wild guess.
Likes: Again, take a wild guess.
Dislikes: Guess.
Political Stands: Free launcher.
Celestina's (POV)
Me and Marianela were in our room talking when... "CELESTINA AND ZARTINA!!!!! GET DOWN HERE!!!!!" I recognized he sound of uncle Armando's yelling anywhere. It usually meant either his dog tore up his new pair of pants again, or me and Marianela were in deep trouble. We got up, and walked downstairs to the kitchen. "WHICH ONE OF YOU 2 HAS BEEN USING MY CREDIT CARD AT THE MALL AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!" uncle Armando yelled. He sounded as loud as one of those trainers in militaty schools like on TV. Me and Marianela looked at eachother, and then pointed at eachother.
[3 hours later]
Me and Marianela had just got done with the nearly endless chore list uncle Armando gave us. We were exausted, so we were sitting in our room reading magazines. "Celestina, you have to see this!" Marianela said handing me a magazine. I took it out of her hand, and read the page. There was an ad for a 1 week hover-car racing competition in Sanfransisco, and both humans and non humans were invited. There was also going to be a competition for un-discovered talent, and the winner was gonna get a record deal with "Silver Rose" records, and get to be in a music video with the singer of their choice! The winner of the races would win $10,000. I was both a hover-car racing champ, and an amazing singer, so I had an edge in both! Me and my sister ran to find auntie Maria who was at the senior center. We asked her if we could go to the competition, and luckyly, she said yes! "YES!" Me and Marianela shouted. We highfived eachother, and ran home at double speed to tell our friends the good news.
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(Ophelia POV)
I paced back and forth on the dining room floor, waiting for Ivory to come downstairs. We were heading out to the tracks to meet up with a bunch of the other racers. I was anxious to start having some fun, it was near the full moon and I was having a hard time controlling my wolf instincts.

"Hurry up you lazy vamp!" I called up the stairs.

I heard an unintelligable reply. I was guessing it wasn't complementary to my character. I loved visiting the tracks. There was always some good bands to rock out to and I always enjoyed racing my hover cycle. I stretched, letting my muscles relax.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I heard Ivory yell as she dropped three stories over the railing and landed easily in front of me. She was wearing a white knit sweater and skinny jeans with ballet flats. She had her hair in a pony tail with a bow... Oh sweet lord, how could she be my twin?

She eyed me and rolled her eyes. I was wearing tight leather pants and leather boots with a bright red tank top. I wore leather when racing in case I fell (It wouldn't be the first time), but Ivory always protested it.

"Let's not have this argument tonight, please?" I asked, flipping my short, dark hair out of my eyes.

I didn't let her answer, I just turned away and walked out the door. I hopped on my hover bike and grinned as I slid my hands over the smooth exterior. I had just gotten a new paint job {metalic silver with a black celtic knot on the side) and added a hydrofuelic charder. I flew on this baby.

Ivory came out behind me and tossed me a helmet. We pulled them on and she slid on the bike behind me. Are you ready? I asked her silently from my mind. Her grip tightened around my waist and she nodded.

I revved the engine and we blasted out of there.
(Ivory POV)

I squeezed my sister as we sped in between slower moving cars. I hated it when she went this fast, it scared the shit out of me. My hair blew straight back in the wind and the bow came loose and fell off. Ophelia laughed as she sped up, enjoying the thrill. She let loose and howled at the near full moon. I could see people stopping to stare at us. We look so much alike except for our hair and eyes, but we are so different in personality.

I heard a siren sounding in the distance and I swore. We were going to be pulled over... Again. But instead of following us, the police bike sped after another biker. I let out a sigh of relief. We closed in on the gates to the tracks fairly quickly. The parking ramp was already filled with hover cars and bikes.

Ophelia stopped the bike and got off smoothly... I tried to do the same and fell to the concrete. Ophelia grabbed my hand, pulling me up. She looked at my outfit and raised her eyebrows as if to say What were you thnking?. Without a word, she loosened my ponytail and ripped one of the sleeves on my shirt.

"What the heck?" I yelled.

She rolled her eyes. "I'm helping you out, you twit. Now stay still!"

She pulled out black eyeliner and I tried not to flinch as she put it on. When she was done, she stepped back and gave me a thumbs up. We walked with the rest of the crowd as we entered into the tracks. The tracks was a huge lot with a course designed to scare the best drivers. There were twists and turns in the track. In the very center was a huge stage where the bands performed while the race went on. Stands surrounded the tracks and there were kiosks selling food and t-shirts.

We walked the bike to the starting point and Ophelia stopped along the way to high five other racers. We reached the gate and a huge troll holding a clipboard looked down at us.

"Name?" He asked. His voice was high pitched and sounded vaguely feminine.
Chester, Lenny, Paul, George and I all climbed into our racers. Going to the tracks was always fun. I'd won a couple of times, but nothing too special. I slid my leather bomber jacket over my halter top. I slid my knives into their sheaths and my two pistols into my shoulder holster. I never went anywhere without them. I turned ignition over and marvled at the rumble the car produced. I had built it from scratch, it was my pride and joy. It ran on sunlight during the day and moonlight during the night. The chargers were state of the art.

I pulled into the tracks, ready to race. I spotted the racing bouncer Carl talking to two girls. I gave a wave and he nodded his head at me. I didn't have to check in anymore I've been here so much. My friends gathered around me, checking out the scene. There were both humans and inhumans at the race tracks.

"Oh my god... Look at all the mamacitas in the house" Paul yelped."I see twins too! Excuse me please, I must go get my groove on."

Paul was 4 ft 11 at most.

We laughed as we watched Paul tried to put the moves on two twins talking to Carl. The dark haired one looked amused, the white haired one looked confused.

There was a shout from the tracks and I turned to see a fight break out between a human and a vamp. The arignotics were at it again. The fight grew into a mob as opposing arignotics atacked eachother. I slipped out my blade, ready to defend myself if I had to. I looked over to see how Paul was doing and saw the white haired girl had sprouted fangs and her sister had changed into a wolf, her clothes in a pile on the ground.

A gunshot rang out and I saw a group of arignotics had started to attack the bystanders. The fight had grown into a moving mob. With a growl, I launched myslf into the fight, trying to stop the arignotics from killing anyone.
I had finally made it to the tracks, having slipped past the border guards without much incident. Coming in the gate, however, I was nearly mowed over by a speedind hover car. I glanced up and noticed it was the familiar "Charger". I snorted softly to myself and shook my head. Jason was well known around the race tracks and I had met him once or twice as I gave him an award or something for tromping the competition in one of the races. I showed Carl my card and began to head over to the stage entrace when someone bumped into the back of me and crimson suddenly sprayed everywhere. For a moment I couldnt realize what it was, then the pain hit me and I tried to suck in a hiss of breath, only to have it come out a gurgled sucking noise. My eyes turned an instant black and I whirled on my attacker, sinking my fangs into his shoulder, sucking the missing blood directly out of him. He was a hollow shell within twenty seconds, and I had healed fully, dropping him to the floor, when another of his buddies came up to me, a gun leveled at my chest.

"You damn Free launcher leech! You'll pay for killing our leader!" He roared. I smirked, blood tinting my lips and I tilted my head to the side as the small scar across myself dissapeared completely like a zipper being closed.

"Heh, little Aringotics...you have no idea what you've started." I purred darkly, hearing bystandards beginning to scream. A gang of the stiff-lipped Aringotics had circled around me and I glanced to the entrance, seeing Carl give me a slight nodd of the head as he pressed an alarm button. I grinned even wider and my onyx eyes drifted over to the now sweating gun holder.

"Bring it on little man. Ill drain you like a spicket!" I growled and dropped down to launch towards him, hitting him in the stomach with my shoulder and causing him to fall back, firing his gun off into the air. That only managed to cause mass panick as some free launchers decided to help out and attacked the Aringotics from behind.

'Shit, so much for my song.' I thought grumpily as my fists went flying. I heard a snarl and a knife weilding snake of a man was tackled by a wolf and had his throat ripped out. I grunted a quick thanks and returned to my work. Suddenly there was a great rumbling and everyone but me stumbled or fell over. In the sudden open-ness about shoulder height I saw Jason standing in the middle of a small crater with a deep scown on his face. He glanced up and I caught his eye, and flashed him a quick grin, and as I lost sight of him again I resumed pounding the weakling sticklers.
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"I'm late. Plain and simple. I'm late. It's my job to keep everyone from killing each other. I'm late!" I scolded myself as I whipped around the final bend to the hover tracks on my hover bike.

The tracks were in view, and the alarm was sounding.


I turned off the ignition and jumped off my bike. I ran up to Carl. He nodded, I pulled my hair back into a single ponytail, and clutched my revolvers.

I jumped into the fight, dodging Aringotics and inhumans. I wasn't doing any good just letting them kill each other. I needed to get up higher. I hopped onto an small building . I shot up into the air about 7 times before everyone stood stock still. After I lowered my gun from the air, though, the Aringotics were at it again.

I sighed and jumped into the crowd, hoping that some way I could stop this before anyone got themselves killed. But, I knew I was too late when I saw a lump on the ground. A pale Aringotic.

"Great. Just great." I muttered, dodging attacks.

A couple of inhumans were kicking some butt. There were some humans, too.

"This could take awhile."

Charger made a left turn and from here on the road was a very long straight line. Since the lot were the races were supposed to take place was very far away even in this point I started the M.E. Booster and the Charger started maneuvering around the traffic with such speed most drivers which I passed would loose at least a little bit of control over their cars, if not all of it. I suddenly realize that I was getting close to the tracks. The gates were dead ahead and I was closing in fast. I had to stop before I hit someone’s HC. I turned off the M.E. Boost and after that the HC’s flair. The speed still was not low enough for me to stop on time and I had already whizzed through the gate of the tracks, almost hitting a biker in the process.
“Computer, activate hover breaks!” I shouted. The computer turned it on and the car started slowing down even faster, but still not fast enough. I looked at the steering wheel and quickly hit a black button. This button was for the rocket bumpers- crude, old-fashioned, but very effective. Holes opened at the front of Charger and through them burst fire, and in a second the HC had stopped. This sudden stop almost threw me on the screen along with my seat. I had stopped just before hitting some guy’s ride.

I parked close to the guy and went out. The guy with right was waiting for me. He was a young man of about 19 years old, black hair, black eyes and a dangerous look on his face. He was pissed off and was ready to jump me.

“Hey, watch where you’re heading with this bolt bucket, you rookie!” he shouted closing his face on mine. My face did not react.

“I’m sorry. I just need a bit of time to get use to my new ride.” I said calmly.

“Hey, I don’t care if your rides the newest and coolest ride. Next time I’m torchin’ the thing, got ‘hat?” he said his face inches away from mine.

“Sure, I…” I said, but did not finish it. I could hear a fight starting down close to the race bouncer.

“Oh, yeh, this time the inhumans did it. Let’s go kick some freakshows’ ass.” The black-haired guy said and pushed me away from him. Good ridden, his mouth smelled like tuna fish. Kicking inhuman’s but, huh. Not if I have something to say about it. I ran after him and was about to jump him and his gang, when a few shots sounded off and the fight down at the race bouncer seemed to quiet down. Then it started again, as suddenly as it had stopped. “If these guys got to the melee fight someone might get hurt.” I thought. I jumped them right when they got to some girls watching the fight. Gosh, how low could they get. Well, with the strength they displayed no wonder. Such a pack of wimps is hardly worth the effort. At least I stopped them from interfering. I quick punch for every one and a squeeze to one of them was enough. I did not even use Snake Bite.

After I was done with them I joined the others in their battles. The fighting was coming to an end, because even if the aringotics were more in numbers, they were not very skilled. I used a small proportion of Snake Bite only when needed. My hand having the pressure of 500 kg was a powerful weapon, when fighting hand-to-hand. It was perfect when disarming my oponents(either from their knives, or guns). I used it only three times. Now I had two bums and one of them was holding a knife. “Here we go again.” I thought and kicked the other one in the lower jaw. He fell as I took a step to the right and dodged the attack of the bum with the knife. In the same time my right arm slipped past the knife and grabbed the bum’s wrist. I then squeezed it, using Snake Bite and he dropped it. I kicked him in the ankle, and then pushed his other foot, while he had jumped on it instinctively. The bum fell. I realized that I was now surrounded by five of them. I felt a pain in my right palm and saw that the bum’s knife had actually made a big cut through my glove and on my right hands palm.

“Argh, lucky shot!” I shouted, took off my glove and placed my palm on the ground. A crimson lightning spread through the ground and in a few seconds a huge explosion ripped through the ground and I fell in a small crater, filled with smoke and fallen pieces of concrete. I stood up and my eyes saw an old acquaintance of mine- Sae was here, well, I guess that if there is a race and I win it she will be the one to give the prize. She gave me a quick grin, how cute, she’d better watch. I might fall for her. I continued on as I looked around for people who needed help. I walked around, and saw two girls fight in tandem. Two sexy girls in strange outfits. “Hm, wonder who they are?” I thought as I watched them fight on.”Wonder if any of them is looking for someone to warm their bed, even if it is temporarily.”
(Celestina's POV)
Marianela and me had got to the race a while ago, and I was coming up behind this guy with dark, spikey hair. Marianela saw, and started sayin' that he was a good match for me, and I started yelling at her. "Marianela, shut up or I'm going to lose focus!" I shouted. I kept on going, and my big mouth of a sister finally shut up. By the end of the race, some short guy got 3rd place, me and Marianela came in 2nd, and the dark haired kid came in first. I was mad because I wanted to win, but I was happy for him anyway. After the race, there was this huge party at a teen club close to here, ans all of the contestants from the race were invited. I was talking to my sis when that kid from the race came. He was wearing a cool looking black suit , and now that he wasn't wearing the helmet, I could see his velvet eyes a lot better. They were looking right into my chocolate brown ones, too. When he got to the place where me and my sister where, he sat next to me. "Hey there. Name's Jason." He told me with a cool smile. "Hi...I'm Celestina. That's my twin sister, Marianela." I said pointing to my said sister. "Hi." she said. "Hi there, girls." Jason said with a really cute, slightly devious looking smile on his face. I couldn't help but blush slightly just looking at his face. I looked at his face, and saw a slight blush on it, too. The two of us started talking, and in the middle of the conversation, Marianela walked off somewhere. Out of a stroke of luck, she wasn't really all that far away, and was using our twin telepathy to talk to me, and help me through this. **************************************************
(Marianela's POV)
I was sitting a little ways away from where my sister was. She was talking to some dark haired kid that I could tell she liked, so I left so that they could be alone, but I used our telepathy to help her out. I heard her ask the guy if he was going to the races in Sanfrancisco, and he said he was. Lucky her! They'd get to hang out at the races! They talked throughout the entire party, and I barely even had to help her! I was so proud of her. I know she was only younger by 5 minutes, but I was still older, and as my "little" sister, I had to say I was so proud of her. I was also happy that she found somebody like Jason that had so much in common with her. In a few minutes, some elf came up onto the stage, and said that it was spotlight night. The spotlight ran over everyone in the crowd, and finally landed on my sis! This is definatly pure perfection! This would be good practice for the talent comprtition. Of, course, never missing a chance to sing, my sister went right up there, and sang one of her best songs; Stuck by Stacie Orrico. She rocked up there! Her voice usually cracked when she didn't have a glass of water or something close by, but this time, she sang every note perfectly! After her performance, she bowed, and everyone applauded her as loud as possible.
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(Ophelia POV)
I had changed into my wolf form when the fight had broken out. Damn Arignotics. I bared my teeth at the retreating figures. Cowards. I eyed the people around me, except for a few dead arignotics, everyone seemed fine. I could see my sister wiping blood form her mouth, looking disgusted. My sister must be the only vampire who hates blood. I spotted a couple other people who had helped out in the fight. There were two human girls, a brunette and a red head who had used guns, the vamp who had been attacked first and a guy with a glove on his hand. I tried to grin at them before I realized that I was still in wolf form.

I searched for my clothes and picked up them up in my mouth when I finally found them. I searched for a safe place to change back into them. I trotted behind a hot dog stand and quickly transformed back, hoping no one had noticed. I stepped back out into the open to find that things had almost gone back to normal. The crowd had dispersed and the remnents of the fight were being cleaned up by workers. I jogged over to Ivory, she stilled looked a little queasy from the blood.

She looked up and smiled sweetly at me, her canines fully extended. She looked like a little china doll... With fangs. I grinned back.

"Let's go find someone to race!" I pleaded, "I won't crash this time! I swear to God!"

"Ophelia..." She sighed, "You fell of your bike when it was 30 feet in the air and slid for over a hundred feet!"

I smirked. "But this time, I'm wearing my lucky leather pants."

She rolled her eyes. "I'm not even going to begin on those pants..."

"I think they're fine!" a voice chimed in.

(Ivory POV)
Ophelia and I turned around to see our friend Luke grinning at us. Luke worked as the announcer at the race track, he'd been a close friend of ours ever since the 2nd grade. I gave him a brief hug and he looked at the black eyeliner I had caked on. He jerked his head over in Ophelia's direction. I nodded, Luke knew I never wore makeup.

"Were you two here during the fight?" He asked, wanting all the details.

Ophelia took the chance to jump in with her rendition (which was much bloodier and more dramatic then it actually was.) I scanned the tracks while Ophelia talked, looking for someone I knew. I saw a tall red head talking to a brunnette. They both went to my school, so I decided I might say hi. I walked over, waving good-bye to my sister. The red head grinned at me when I joined the group.

"Hey, I recognize you... You're Ivory, right?" She asked. "I'm Heather."

Before I could talk to her more, Luke's voice boomed over the loud speaker.

"The races will begin in 10 minutes. I repeat, the races will begin in 10 minutes."
I was chatting with this brownhaired girl who had fought near me in the fight. She had used guns too. A girl I knew from school joined our group, her name was Ivory. I looked around and spotted her sister chatting with Luke. I waved to both of them and they grinned back. Luke returned to his job and I heard him announce the race over the loudspeaker. I hadn't planned on racing, but I loved watching other people race. Ivory and I walked over to the stands, discussing the arignotic's attack. They were becoming more and more bold, attacking closer to Sector 11 each day. I still had all my knives and guns strapped to me, so I wasn't worried about another attack. We sat down on the bleachers, getting ready to watch the race.

The race started with a bang and the cyclists raced down the track, their chargers shooting them down the lane. Ivory was cheering on her sister, and I was looking for Chester and the other guys. They had disapeared. I finaly found them flirting with some girls in the stands below us. I rolled my eyes. I turned my attention back to the race only to find that it was over. Damn, I had been distracted for longer then I thought. I didn't even notice who won.

Ophelia skipped over to us, happy, but not too happy. I didn't think she won, but she obviously didn't care.

"A couple guys invited us to this bar downtown!" She grinned, "Want to go check it out?"

I was up for it, even Ivory looked interested.

"Come on" I said, "Let's take my ride there."
After the fight finally calmed down, my eyes faded back to their normal peircing blue. Things went back to normal after the bodies were cleared and fresh dirt was kicked over the blood stains, as well. Carl came over to me and gave me a good ass-chewing for starting such a good mess, but I was in such a bad mood I snapped back that they started it and he kicked me out on my butt. I shot some nasty curses after me and sulked off to a favorite club of mine.

"Didn't get to sing...didn't get to say hi to Jason...didn't get paid either! Damn, what a bad night.." I gurmbled under my breath as I shoved open the door after passing by the bouncer. No one was there yet, seeing as the race was going on at the moment, but I knew very well that people came here to celebrate. I plopped down in one of the leather seats, leaning my head back and staring at the dark blue ceiling.

"This just plain sucks..." I mumbled and I let my head fall to the side and my eyes close, dozing off.

I was jerked awake by a soft hand on my shoulder, shaking me awake. I blinked blearily and looked into Jason's eyes. He gave me a crooked, mocking smile and showed off his first place ribbon.

"Well now isn't that nice for you." I said, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes with my fists. I heard him chuckle softly and step off. I looked after him and saw him go sit next to this hour-glass shaped little kid, and I felt a slight pang of jealousy that he always hit on other girls. I had known him longer than most of the random girls he always went up to.

I stuck my bottom lip out in a pout and crossed my arms over my chest, when this little shrimp of a guy came over and plopped down next to me, attempting to wrap his arm around my shoulders. I glanced down at him and he raised his eyebrows suggestively. I simply lowered mine and he shied away. I heard laughter and looked up to see a very tall, very red-haired, older human girl holding her ribs as she bent double, laughing with a few other guys.

"Ah, dont mind him, he hits on anything thats got curves, dont ya Paul?" The red head said after catching her breath and the other guys around her laughed heartily. I twitched an eyebrow up, removing the pout from my face and replacing it with a chilly and indifferent one.

"Im Heather by the way. Hey, you're that one girl that always sings at the races, aren't you?" She said, taking Paul's abandoned seat, grinning in a friendly manner. I, however, wasn't really in the mood to be chatting, so when I saw the spotlight flashing around, I turned my attention to it. Heather seemed to simmer at being blown off, but I really didn't care at that point, because the spotlight chose Jason's new little girly. As she bounced to the stage, I saw my opportunity and whispered a quick apollogy and scampered over to the now vacated seat.

"Jason, robbin the cradle a little ain't ya?" I hissed, it sounding a lot more vehement than I initially intended. "She doesn't look older than twelve!"

He simply gave me an innocent look and turned to watch the girl sing. I had to resist the urge to laugh at her. It seemed she thought she was all that, when her singing was merely medeocre. I blinked suddenly, taken aback by my own anger. I blew it off as being territorial from the fight and decided to go up after the kid and show her how singing was really done. When she finally finished everyone applauded, and rahter loud at that. I snorted, and gave her a few claps, admitting the kid had some talent, but she still needed some work. Maturity would help her voice grow, like wine. She stepped off the stage and I stood up, dumping my jacket on Jason's head.

"Hold that for me." I said, walking with such grace to the stage that it seemed as if my pale figure seemed to glide. Everyone's attention was immediately on me and I skimmed a hand across the electronic board that read what song you wanted to sing. The lights dimmed in the club as a violin and a guitar's sonber song filled the cramped building. As Yuki Kajiura's Key of the Twilight played softly in the background, my siren-like voice filled in the lyrics. My body seemed to relax, its rigid lines becoming softer as my tension flowed out with the emotion needed to give the song's words meaning.

"Come with me in the twilight of a summer night for awhile
Tell me of a story never ever told in the past

Take me back to the land
Where my yearnings were born
The key to open the door is in your hand
Now fly me there

Fanatics find their heaven in never ending storming wind
Auguries of destruction be a lullaby for rebirth

Consolations, be there
In my dreamland to come
The key to open the door is in your hand
Now take me there

I believe in fantasies invisible to me
In the land of misery I'm searchin' for the sign
To the door of mystery and dignity
I'm wandering down, and searchin' down the secret sun

Come with me in the twilight of a summer night for awhile
Tell me of a story never ever told in the past

Take me back to the land
Where my yearnings were born
The key to open the door is in your hand
Now take me there
to the land of twilight!"

After I finished, it was dead silence. I opened my eyes, not having realized I had closed them and clasped my hands over my chest. I let my hands fall to my side as the club erupted into shouts and applause. I smiled a small, shy smile and walked the back way off the stage, slipping out into the night. I figured Jason would be pissed I showed up his new little plaything, and I didnt want to ruin my new found good mood.
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After the fight simmered down, I was chatting with the tall red-head that kicked some major butt. After a while, Luke annouced the race. I walked into the booth and sat at the record computer, recording the scores as the winners passed the finish line.

The crowd was beginning to disperse, and all the employees were leaving for home or for the nearest bar, except for me. I still had to record profits and take note of the scuffle that happened earlier. It wasn't really my job, but somehow I always got stuck with doing it.

It was quiet. The only sound was the distant rumble of thunder. I sighed as I grabbed my coat and walked out the door. I figured I was the only person left at the tracks, but there was still a sleek, black hovercar in the lot.

"Huh..." I said outloud, figuring someone would reply, but no one did.

"Maybe I'll go to a club tonight. Blow off some steam. Oh, look at this...now I'm talking to myself."
I had parked Charger and in front of the club. The race I participated in was fun. Not many could be as fast as me, but I still needed to work on the sharp turns. The obstacles I handled perfectly though. Even with my problem with the sharp turns I won. It was a quick and almost uneventful race. Only one driver had the speed to race as fast as me, but her HC lacked the maneuverability of Charger, which made it stiff.

The club was in a huge building downtown. When I passed through the bouncer, the party had started and a lot of people from the race had come. It was very usual for me to go to clubs on my own. Besides, I did not know anyone in New York. I saw on one of the tables a familiar face- Sae. She was a beautiful vampire- very tall for her age and curvy. She was a tomboy, with a danger magnet stuck to her butt. But I guess that was her charm, I just could not feel her as a cute little blonde with negative results on her IQ test. She looked relaxed on her chair, almost as if she was sleeping. The fact that I could see her breasts made me rejoice. A dirty smirk formed on my face, but in a moment I had erased it. I approached her slowly and quietly and after putting my right hand around her shoulder, I shook her softly to wake up. As she woke up; I gave her a smile and showed her my first place ribbon. She sat on the chair and said: "Well now isn't that nice for you." and rubbed her sleepy eyes. Just that moment I saw Celestina and Marianela sitting close by. Celestina was the driver that won second place in the race-the one person who was fast enough to get to me. She was a sexy little girl with а seductive body, attractive lips and eyes to kill for. Besides, she was a very good driver. I quickly walked to her and introduced myself, forgetting about Sae. She and her twin sister were exact copies except for the hairstyle and clothing.

We started talking smoothly and in a few minutes her twin sister left us alone. How tactical of herself. Our conversation took over us completely, but soon after I realized it was spotlight night. The spotlight shone upon Celestina and took her away from me. She went to the dance floor and started singing a retro song from the early years of the XXI century. She was great. Just as I was listening I saw someone sit next to me. It was Sae and she looked a bit pissed off.

"Jason, robbin the cradle a little ain't ya?" she hissed. "She doesn't look older than twelve!"

I simply gave her an innocent look and turned to watch the Celestina sing. It was not like I was not planning on banging Celestina as soon as I was given a chance, it was just that Sae was reacting so territorial. It was untypical. She had never shown any interest in me, and by showing her no interest I believed I showed her how special she is…as a friend that is. She choked in a desire to laugh but did not. I think she did not like Celestina’s singing. Well that is what I get for dumping her so unexpectedly now. Celestina finished her song. It was a splendid song, but unfortunately I was not very much into singing, so I did not appreciate it as much as others did. Sae stood up, threw her jacket on my head and went to the stage to sing. I bet she would do all she could to punish me. She started singing, and how beautiful she sang. The beauty of this song however was mixed with anger and that made me uneasy.

I felt a soft touch on my neck. I turned around and saw the culprit. May, my beloved little cousin was standing behind me and was rubbing my neck. My heart started drumming my chest, as I stood up and hugged her. A few years ago, we use to live together and became quite attached to each other. When her father had to move to New York she was heartbroken, but we promised to see each other again. Now I could see her clearly. She had changed a bit- for the best. Her breasts were bigger than before, though not as big as Clelestina’s, her body was curvy and her voice had already matured.

“Hi, JJ!” she screamed out from joy. She was the only person who called me JJ. May was a few inches shorter than Celestina, with Pitch black hair, black eyes and snow-white skin. She had put black lipstick on, and had black nails. She wore a white short-sleeved shirt and a black mini-skirt, which moved every time she did.

May took a good look at me and then kissed me on the right cheek. I felt someone rise behind me-Celestina, of course, and turned around.

“Soo, May, this is Celelstina. Celestina this is my cousin May.” I introduced them to each other and saw Celestina’s face change from anger to relief, when she heard the word “cousin”. The girls shook hands and suddenly everyone started applauding. I took a look at the stage and saw Sae leave in a hurry. The two girls had exchanged a few words while I was staring blank, with the feeling that I had forgotten something. The jacket! Sae forgot her jacket. That is what it was. It was too late to run and give it back. I will give it back to her next time we see ourselves.

“Helloo?” May said waving her arm at my face. “I’m leaving, whether you tell me bye or noot!” she said.

“But why?”

“I have work to do. And it can’t wait.” She said with a firm voice. “Besides, I see you’re in good hands here, so I’m leaving.” She said with a smirk on her face, while she was leaving, throwing to both of us kisses. After that we both sat and looked at each other.
Before I start, I want everyone to know that Celestina and Marianela are really 16. Sorry.
(Celestina's P.O.V)
After I got of stage, a blone vampire (I think) got on stage. She was absolutely amazing! She just might be the best singer I've ever seen! I don't really know too many people that can sing as well as her, and I'm really lucky to have heard her tonight if you ask me. After she was done, everyone in the club applauded, almost as loudly as they did for me, and I think I was the loudest out of all of them. She shyly smiled and walked out off the stage. She left, which was really too bad. I wanted to ask her who she was. Anyway, after that, I saw some girl with black lipstick on talking to Jason, and then she kissed him on the cheek. I almost felt jealous, but I just decided to let him introduce her to me. When he said that May was his cousin, I was SOOOO relieved. After a while, I started talking to her, and I really thought that she was cool! It's too bad she had to leave, though. Through that whole night, me, Jason and Marianela had a pretty good time. Marianela tried to get us to play spin the bottle with her and a group of contestants from the race, but I knew what she was trying to do, and it wasn't happenin', so I told her no. Anywho, after the party, me and Marianela didn't have anything else to do, so we went home, and packed our suitcases for the races in the one and only Sanfransisco, California.
(Marianela's P.O.V)
A few days after the party, it was finally the day that we go to Sanfransisco!!! Me and Celestina were so excited, but Celestina was even more excited when she saw Jason. I wanted to walk over to him, his blond vamp of a friend, and his cousin, May, but Celestina ran as fast as she could. (Eh, I can't exactly say I blame her, though. She's excited about the trip, just as boy crazy as me, and I had to admit, J was sort of cute. I mean, he's not my dream guy, but he's cute none the less.) As soon as I got over there, Jason and Celestina introduced me to everyone. Well, Jason introduced Sae to me and Cel, but that's not the point. Anyway, as luck would have it, all of us were on the same plane! Celestina was really happy about that, but what impressed me was that since we were part of the races, we got to ride 1st class!!! Boy, did that get me pumped!!! Anyhow, Celestina got a window seat, May got the aisle seat, and I was in the middle of them. We all got to talk for a while, and after what felt like hours, the plane finally took off.
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(Ivory POV)
I watched in morbid fascination as my sister chugged a whole can of Diet Coke in under five seconds. The group around us cheered when she slammed the can onto the counter, crushing it. "That's five, pay up!" She announced happily. Several racers reluctantly pulled out bills and grumbled while they handed it to her. It was the fifth time she had done it that night.

I walked over to her barstool. "Doesn't that give you a headache?" I asked, a little worried.

"Honey, I lost all feeling in my head over an hour ago." She laughed. I shook my head. Ophelia was always the party animal, sometimes quite literally. I turned back to the stage and watched as performers took their chance at the mic. Most were quite good... some were not. Ophelia caught me eyeing the mic. "You should sing!" She suggested evily.

I winced. "Why would I want to subject these poor people to that kind of torture?" I asked. Ophelia grinned, "More entertainment for me." I stuck my tongue out at her. I was tired of the bright lights and loud music, I really prefered to be alone sometimes. I waved good-bye to Ophelia as I searched for an exit. I spotted a staircase at the end of a hallway. I let my curiousity get the best of me and opened the door. The door led up to the roof of the club. I could see buildings glint in the moon light and the hovercars streaked by. I took my drawing pad out of my bag and settled on the concrete floor of the roof, this would be a perfect still life.
(Ophelia POV)
I waved good-bye to Ivory as she hurried off somewhere, she always hid during parties. My head still felt a little numb, but so far the night had been cool. I hadn't won the race, but I hadn't crashed either, so I took that as a good thing. I was joking around with a couple guys at the bar area when I spotted a couple people I recognized from the race. There was the red head from the races. She was talking to vampire who had been. I also spotted the guy who had won was talking to two twins. I waved at them, smiling.

It was getting late and I really had to get home soon, so I waved good-bye to my friends and walked out to the hovercycle. I wasn't worried about Ivory, she often flew home when she wanted to. Knowing her, she was probably out drawing somewhere. I hopped on the cycle, starting the engine. I drove around the block, circling to get back home. I enjoyed the wind in my face, it always relaxed me. On my way, I passed a couple of police cars as they sped down the street,and wondered what the emergency was.
I lost sight of the girls I came with a few minutes after being in the bar area. I spent part of my time talking to people from the races. The brown haired vamp seemed angry about something, I shrugged. Everyone had their off days. I spotted my friend Paul trying to hit on the bartender, what a playboy. The dance floor opened up and the guys and I laughed at all the couples who couldn't dance. I heard a cheer rise from the bar and turned to see Ophelia cruch a can on the counter, looking satisfied with herself. The other racers in the club were talking and dancing. I gave a nod to Jason and Celestina, they were pretty good racers.

I looked at the time and swore, I had work in a couple of hours. I signaled to my friend Chester that I had to go, he nodded and returned to flirting with some chick. I left hurridly to my car in the ally I had parked it in. The ally was dark and unlighted, like most of this part of town. I spotted several figures a block away or so, they looked like they were up to no good. I put my had to my side where I kept one of my knives. The men ignored me though, so I didn't unseath them. I slid into my car, making sure the men kept their distance. I pulled out of the lot and sped through the ally, eager to get home and catch a few hours of sleep before I had to return to work. I turned on my radio and blasted the punk rock station. I danced along in time with the music... Dorky, I know, but it's what I liked to do. I was a couple blocks down the road when a couple cop cars whizzed by, their sirens blaring. I stopped the car quickly. What the heck was going on? The cars seemed to be going near the club, but it could always be a coincidence. Just in case, I dialed my friend Kevin's cell phone, he was at the cluba and tell me if anything was wrong.
I hummed as I skipped along a dark and dank alley, too lost in the music playing in my head and my own thoughts to notice the group of men at the entrance of the alley behind me.

"Hm, wonder if I should go down to Sanfran with Jason and May..." I wondered out loud, slowing to relaxed walk. A sudden, freezing wind howled down the narrow walkway, sending an unnatural chill flying up my spine. Goosebumps popped up over my marble skin and I suddenly realized, with a flash of panick, that I felt my jacket back at the club. It had my phone in it.

"Kimasae Romesa Litheran?"

I froze in my tracks, my hands even stopping in mid-rub half-way up my arms. No one knew my true, full name. Not even my foster parents. They called me Sae. Jason called me Sae. Everyone called me Sae...except for...

"The Elders were wondering when you would wander out of your little hole. We're honored to meet the Dutchess' daughter, but man, weren't you a pain to find? Pity we had to kill the Dutchess, or we might have used her to draw you out sooner. Too bad...she was just so stubborn...defending her Free-launcher sister...and leaving poor little you all on your own." A dark and musical voice purred from the inky black shadows behind me. The towering figure of the 6 foot 10 killer of my foster parents, and now...apparently my biological ones, floated into the yellowish light from the bar at the other end of the alley. His silver hair fluttered in the tainted wind that roared down the alley once more, whipping my own dark hair around my face.

Dark, blood red eyes bored into my own icy blue ones with a blood-lust I could not even comprehend.

"Wh-what...what do you want?" I stammered, the grip of his own glamour holding my body frozen, unable to flee the terrible danger before it. The older vampire smiled, revealing almost werewolf sized fangs.

"Don't worry, little one. I'm not here to kill you. Oh, no. I'm here to make sure that your precious little Free-launcher allies do that for me." He barked out a laugh as the confusion on my face turned to a look of suprised pain. I looked down at the source of my sudden loss of breath and jutting from my chest was the tip of a spear tip. The blade of it was identical to my own bone sword, but the blood that stained it was my own, not some mouthy Aringotics'. A sickening, wet, crunching noise resounded through the black alle as the blade was yanked from my frame. I collapsed onto my knees and fell foreward onto my hands, blood trailing from the corner of my mouth.

"Ah, little Kimasae. Dramatic as always I see. You know as well as I do that the wound is not a lethal one. It simply makes you thirst for blood as your own flows from your undead body. Sad, isn't it? What we are tempted to feed on to save our own hides. I myself fed on one of my own generals when I lost my arm to your father." He said, walking over and lifting my chin up with a finger. The sadistic smile on his face as he talked of my father broke through my terror and awoke a long-buried fury. Snarling, I launched myself at him, wrapping my hand around his throat and extending my bone blade from my palm at the same time.

"Don't you DARE speak about my parents AGAIN, you dusty corpse of an Elder pet!" I spat, shoving my sword through his neck entirely and into the cement below. He looked up at me with such loathing, such utter hatred, that I felt a flash of fear and a need to run.

I never got the chance to, however, for I had forgotten the spear weilder, and suddenly a boot connected with the side of my head, throwing me against a dumpster. Darkness began to creep in on my vision and I knew I was going to black out. My sword crumbled as I fell into unconciousness, he last sight being the gang of Vampire Assasins circling around my bloody figure, and a pedestrian fleeing the entrance of the alley, a phone to his ear.

When next I registered anything, I was in complete darkness, something warm and heavy sitting in my lap. I realized after a few moments that the darkness was due to a bandage or something tied around my head. A dull throbbing pain enveloped one eye, but being groggy, in pain, hungry, and blinded, I couldn't really focus enough to figure out which eye it was. Also...my hunger was getting worse. A lot worse. I needed to feed soon or I would simply dry up and die. An enticing smell, strong enough to fight through my haze and make my mouth water, floated up from the thing in my lap.

"Hmmm, you smell so good." I rasped, my throat parched. I laid a hand on the lump spread out on my outstretched legs. My fingers brushed silky hair.

My heart nearly stopped.

"No..." I gasped, trailing my hand lightly over what I soon realized was a human child's body. Her heartbeat was slow and even, there were no wounds on her, and GOD did she smell like dinner. Even through her skin, I could feel the pulsing of the blood through her veins, and her small heart beat echoed in my head. I shook my head violently, using the sharp stab of pain to focus through the haze and blood-lust. Whimpering, I shoved her away from me, but was stopped short by something connecting her to my wrist. Loud clanking betrayed the identity of the bond as a heavy iron chain. Chewing through that would be impossible.

"Feed or you will die!" I let a smirk curl up on my face as the voice from my attacker hissed the obvious in my ear.

"I would rather die than let you please your masters. Besides, this child is an innocent. I do not feed on innocents." I said slowly and calmly, enfuriating my captor enough to get a backhand across the face. I fell on my side, head spinning.

"Foolish girl! No one is innocent anymore! Your mind lives in the old world, yet this is the New! We will use you as an example as to how humans and inhumans can never lvie together! The police are on their way, and when they arrive, they will find the famous racing singer, Kimasae, blood stained and poised over the drained corpse of a human child. Your bloody body, the innocent's blood dripping from your fangs..."

"Never." I whispered, more pleading to myself than anything as the head assasin placed the child in front of me, her wrist, right below my nose. Rough hands reached down and ripped off my blind, sitting me back up with the effort. I cracked open my good eye, the right one, and raised the free hand to touch the swollen shut left eye.

"You are forever marked, either way, my dear. That eye will always show your hunger, and the symbol engraved around it shall remind everyone of who you belong to." The voice began to fade as the sirens got louder. The animalistic instincts of survival made my hand reach down and lift up the child's arm, bringing it to my mouth. My fangs actually grazed her wrist before the taunting voice of my family's killer ran through my mind.

Tears began to stream down my face as I set the child back down, as far from me as possible. I was faced with my own demise or the slaughter of an innocent infant, and the thought of being used as an example for the murdurers of so many good people made something within me snap.

"I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, and sucking in a breath, I clamped down my powerful jaws on my own wrist, clenching my eye shut, crying and whimpering.

The police found me like that, and rushed the child to the hospital in a seperate hover-ambulance. Delerious, blood-soaked, hovering near death, my wrist still held in my mouth, I was carted off with a police escort to an inhuman hospital. All the club's occupants saw the morbid parade leave the alley beside them.
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I searched around awhile, looking for a club to wind down at. I finally pulled up to one, parking in the lot and pushing past the bouncer.

I noticed alot of people from the races. It was spotlight night, and the hovering light fished through the sea of faces, finally stopping on a dark haired girl. She sauntered up to the stage, taking her place at the mike and busted out a ballad. I recognized her from the tracks. She had a twin sister, nowhere to be seen ,in my line of vision. When she finished I clapped mildly and took a seat on a stool. As I did, the spotlight picked a new victim. Sae. She was supposed to sing at the tracks, for she had a beautiful voice, and would be paid generously.

She rocked the club, getting booming applause. She quickly walked out, as I was getting up to offer her another night to sing at the tracks. I sighed and plopped back down on my stool. I always got stuck doing everyone's work.

Ophelia, a girl I recognized from the tracks was chugging down a diet coke. She also had a twin sister. Hm.

The night was wearing on, and I needed time to think about...stuff. I eyed a staircase, then without thinking, bolted up the steps a threw open the door.

It was a beautiful scene. I stepped from the doorway and inhaled deeply.

"Hi." An unknown voice came from beside me.

I gave a little yell and whirled around. A white-haired girl sat on the ground with a drawing pad infront of her. She had the outline of the buildings already drawn. She was pretty good.

"Oh. Hi. Ivory..right?" I asked her moving closer. She was Ophelia's twin.

"Yeah. And your..."


"Right." She said.

She was really quiet. But it would give me time to think. I sat down and pulled my knees up to my chin. And started thinking. I thought about the fight, the Aringotics pushing closer to the city, and then after a little while of awkward silence between me and Ivory, sirens wailed in the distance. With each passing second, they got closer and closer. Finally, it sounded as if they pulled into the parking lot.

I stood up and peered over the edge, and it looked like they actually did come to the club.

"Oh joy."
(Celestina's POV)
On the way to Sanfran, me and Marianela wound up falling asleep after an hour or so.
<My dream>
We were walking down a dark pathway. There were these weird looking trees all over the place, the sky was completly black, and the only light to guide us was from a purple moon. I was really getting creeped out. Then, I heard Jason's scream! It was a painfull scream. I heard him calling me. Then, there was a shreik of pain that sounded like it was coming from Sae! After that, I heard May screaming! Me and Marianela looked at eachother. We had just been thinking of the same thing. I could feel it. She cloned herself, her clone went in May's direction, she went in Sae's, and I went to find Jason. As I ran down the pathway, Jason's screams got louder and louder. My heart was beating so fast...I was scared for him. When I finally reached him, I couldn't believe what I had saw! He had several swords stabbing him all over his body! There was a huge one in his back, and a whole lot of other ones everywhere else on him. I was frozen with fear. I couldn't move a single part of my body. to see Jason like that...I couldn't take it! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" You could probably hear me screaming thousands of miles away from where I was.
♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*(Marianela's POV in the dream)
♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*I went to where I heard poor Sae's scream. As soon as I saw her, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. She had a black eye, bruises and all kinds of marks all over her entire body, claw marks on her face, and she was on her knees, coughing up a whole mess of blood! I felt like I was totally paralyzed. I didn't know what to do. Suddenly, I heard Celestina's scream! I helped up Sae, and ran as fast as I could to her. Then, I saw why she was screaming. She was on her knees, crying, and looking at poor Jason. He had a huge sword in his back, and some smaller ones everywhere else on him. Then, my clone had come back with an unconcious May. I tried to feel her pulse, but I didn't get anything! I started tearing up. Then, me and Celestina heard a dark, evil voice say "Your friends are just the beginning. I have already killed your family, and soon, ladies, I will have killed you. Then, nothing will stand in my way!"
<After the dream>
I woke up, and so did my sis. We also saw that May, Sae and Jason had fell asleep, and had the same dream, most likely. (Jason and Sae were in the row right next to May, Celestina and me.) Me and Celestina see the future through our dreams. I really hoped that the nightmare that we just was JUST a nightmare or else me, Sae, Celestina, Jason and May were all going to be in big trouble!
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(Ivory POV)
A brown haired girl I recognized as Mia walked up to the rooftop. She jumped when I said hi and I smiled sheepishly. I was working on my drawing, but so far all I had done was the outline of the buildigs. We didn't say much, but I was ok with that, I respected anyone who didn't feel the need to talk in order to relax. We sat there for a while, just looking out at the city. I heard sirens in the distance and I was startled to see the cop cars pull into the club lot.

"Oh, joy" Mia mumbled.

I leaned over the side, trying to get a better view. They were loading a girl into an ambulence. There was so much blood. I felt a pang of hunger in my gut at the smell of it and revulsion at the thought of someone bleeding. Blood gives me the creeps, irionic I know. I looked closer at the girl. I recognized her as one of the girls that had sung in the club. Sae, I think her name was. I jumped over the side of the building, hearing a yelp from the girl behind me. I landed on the cement below and felt the air rush out of my lungs as I made contact with the ground. The police were clearing out and soon only the police tape was left. Ophelia's bike wasn't in the lot, so I assumed she had gone home. Oh well, I guess I would have to walk or fly.

I walked out of the lot, heading north to home. I had gotten a couple blocks fairly quickly (Being a vampire had it's advantages) before I noticed a sleek black hover car out of the corner of my eye. I sped up a little, but so did the car. I finally stopped, angry. I whirled and faced the car, ready to confront the driver. The window rolled down and I caught a glimpse of something shiny. A pale face looked out at me. It was one of the arignotics from the races. He fully extended his gun and shot off a couple rounds. I felt a burning sensation, but didn't realized I'd been shot until the car sped away. I looked down and saw my white sweater was seeping through with blood. I had been shot four times in the chest. It wouldn't be lethal if I drank blood from someone soon, but nobody was around and I was loosing blood quick. I stood there for a second, paralyzed.

I heard a clatter of footsteps and a man stood in front of me. He caught one glimpse of the blood and reached for his cell phone. I wanted to bite him so much, but I knew I couldn't. I looked at the blood on my sweater again. it was all red and shiny and... wet... and oh God I felt like I was going to pass out.

So I did.
(Ophelia POV)
I was almost home when I felt a tug at my chest. I winced as a burning sensation spread through my body. Oh, no. Ivory. My phone started to ring and I answered it before the first bell ended. "Hello?"

"Opheila Graham? This is the Sector 11 Hospital staff calling. We're so sorry to inform you, but your sister has been injured. She has been shot by what appears to be an arignotic group. The police have some questions for you about the incident at the races earlier today. Could you please report to the hospital right away?"

I hung up without answering. I swung the bike in an illegal u-turn. I was going to find who had shot my sister and they were going to pay, but first I had to see how Ivory was doing.
I closed my cell phone, worried. Sae had been attacked in the alley way... I suddenly remembered the men I had seen lurking there. Oh, dear lord! I should have told somebody about them. I groaned and thunked my head down on the steering wheel. Between this and the fight at the race, I was exhausted. I looked up and saw a white haired girl trotting down the street. Ivory. I was about to offer her a ride when a black hover car stopped by and started to fire off shots from a semi automatic. The car sped away and I saw Ivory fall to the ground. I was torn, should I chase the car or should I help Ivory? I saw a man from the building across the street rush up to her, so I decided to follow the car.

They were only a block away, so it was easy to catch up. I pulled along side the car and tried to look in the windows. I saw a pale man pull out a gun and I ducked, nearly swerving. I drove the car with my knees as I hide under the window. The glass on my side window exploded as shells poured into my car. I tried to grapple for one of my guns, but I was positioned so awkwardly, I couldn't reach them. Instead, I pulled out a dagger I kept in my calf sheath. When the gun fire stopped, I sat up and chucked the knife into the car next to me. I heard a thud as it struck the driver in the neck. The driver clawed at his throat and the car swerved out of control, hitting a street light. I slowed my car and watched as the remaining people in the car piled out onto the street. I got out of the car, not wanting them to get away.

There were three of them. They were all pasty white and wore combat boots with army jackets. I nearly laughed. They were ridiculous. The first charged me and I flipped him onto his back stepping on his windpipe until he blacked out. The second was smarter and pulled out a gun while the third approached me with a knife. Knife man I gave a roundhouse kick to the solar plexous and finished him off with a knifehand strike to the throat. These men weren't fighters. They were idiots with weapons. The man shot at me, but his hand was shaking so much that he missed. I pulled out my own revolver and shot him in the arm, causing him to drop the gun, and then the knee, making him drop to the ground. So now I had four unconcious and maybe even dead men at my feet. What was even weirder was that they hadn't said a word to me. Not one word. They had just attacked, even though I wasn't inhuman. I heard sirens in the distance. Cops. Oh, crap. How was I going to explain this?
"MOTHER!" I gasped, sittung up, the strangled scream making someone twitch beside me. I blinked and looked around, groggy and befuddled.

"Where...where am I?" I murmured, rubbing my eye and gazing around the cramped row of seats.

"We're on a plane to Sanfrancisco, Sae. Releax, we're fine. The doctors said you shouldnt get all worked up." Jason said, yawning widely and rubbing the sleep out of his own eyes. It all slowly came back to me and I relaxed my grip on the padded armrest. I looked down and noticed my nails had ripped holes in the fabric.

Sighing, I shook my head and looked around again. I was in the window seat with the seat between me and Jason stuffed full of carry-on baggage. In the row of seats beside us was May, and the kid from the club.

"Oh, thats right. They came too." I said, almost suprised. I had spoken to the girl, her twin too, Celestina I think was her name, her twin being Marianela. I relaized that the anger I felt before wasn't really deserved, it wasn't her fault that Jason hit on anything with boobs.

"Yeah, you invited the gunslinger and the other twins, too. Must have been feeling generous in the hospital, Sae." Jason said, corssing his arms over his chest, apparently not wanting to nap again. Honestly, neither did I. I couldnt exactly remember what my nightmare was about but...

I touched my still-bandaged eye and my mind drifted back to when I was in the hospital.

"Sae! Sae! SAE! Oh jeezu, what happened to her?! Who did this?! Ill rip their freaking throats out!" My eye fluttered open to look with one-eyed foggy vision at my gruff werewold od a boss bending over my bed to peer at me with worried and misty eyes.

"Stop yelling you grumpy old man. Im fine." I muttered, then winced as my own voice shot a nasty spike of pain through my head.

"Miss Sae, you really shouldnt try to speak or move for a while. Your nerves are still raw from the rescent hunger and sudden blood infusion." A chipper nurse reported as she shooed Gregor away from the bed. I grunted a soft agreement.

In the short moment of silence as the siren nurse stared down Gregor, I took stock of my injuries. My eye was definately in trouble. I didnt think I would loose it, but there was some damage to it. There was a bruise healing on my temple and there was a dull ache in identical spots on my chest and back. The most alarming thing, however, was my arm. There were two cold, almost numb wounds wrapped up on my wrist.

With a horrified gasp, i tried to jerk up into a sitting position. I hadnt made it even a half inch before iron-laced leather straps snapped around my chest, waist, legs, head, and wrists. The pain that ravaged my body as the straps constricted on my open-ended nerves was so excruciating that tears could not come and my jaw fell open ion a silent scream.

The nurse and Gregor whirled to face me when they heard the mechanisms snap and they both paled when the shock of the sudden and massive amount of pain caused my heart to flat-line.

"SAE!" Gregor roared, and the nurse reached over, flipping a button tat both released the restraints and shot a pint of painkiller-laced blood through the IV in my arm.


My heart returned to its normal pace as the pain slowly faded away and by system could recover. I let out a choked whimper that drew the attention of the person in the bed to the right of my own.

"Hey, what got at you? I saw you fight in a mob of Aringotics before, and they didnt get a single scratch on you." The voice was a girl's and I rolled my head to the side to look at her better. She had an IV like mine, but she seemed to try and avoid looking at it as best she could. She seemed really pale too.

"Something a little more powerful that an Aringotic, obviously." Another chimed in, and I blinked. The two speakers were identical...well if they wore the same clothes and makeup, they would be. I blinked again, suprise playing on my face and the healthy twin chuckled.

"Yes, we're twins. I'm Ophilia, and this is Ivory. She got shot by some Aringotics right after you were taken to the hospital." Ophilia said, resting one black-nail painted hand on her hip and the other on her sister's shoulder. My eyebrows shot up a notch furthur with my unspoken question.

"Ah, why shes here over just that, right? Well...heh she hates blood. Odd for a vamp, no?" Ophilia grinned but frowned suddenly when that statement earned her a punch in the side from Ivory.

"Perhaps, but Ive never seen a werewolf slash vampire pair of twins." Gregory said, my thoughts mirroring his words. God, I swore that man was telepathic sometimes.

"But how did you-?" Ivory questioned, but was cut off by a booming laugh from my stocky bar-keep boss.

"Girly, Im a werewolf as well. I smelled your sister as soon as she walked down the hall. Ive heard of you two. Ophilia's the reacer, right?" Gregor said, collapsing into a chair on the oppposite side of my bed from the them. The werewolf twin nodded and I noticed that she did look familiar.

I was about to say something when there was a wail from the door.

"Saaaaaaeeeeeee!!! What are you trying to doooo?! Give me a freaking heart attack?! First startin' a fight at the races, then missing your song, now getting jumped, right when ive got a spot reserved for you tomorrow!" I groaned and rolled my head to look at the stressed out form of Mia that stood in the doorway.

"Shes fine, Mia. Breath, please." Gregor said, chuckling.

"How can I breath when the Aringotics keep edging closer to Sector 11 and the tracks when I'm the one thats supposed to keep everyone from killing each other?!" She cried, throwing her hands up in the air in exasperation. I sighed, poor Mia. She never got a break.

"How'd you even hear about Sae gettin hurt, Mia?"

"Well I saw her leave then I headed up to the roof, heard the sirens,and saw them pull up and haul her away. It was kind of obvious. She's known for her temper, anyways. I tried to call her but some Jason guy picked up instead."

"Oh yeah, hes still got my jacket." I said, poking my nsoe into the conversation at last. Everyone turned to look at me as if I had just professed my love for frog legs or something.

"Oh well, he can give it back when we go meet up to catch the flight to SanFrancisco." I said, shrugging off their looks. An idea struck me as I mentioned SanFran.

"Hey, you guys should come!" I said, a whide smile spreading across my face.

"Huh?" Was the chorus reply.

"Well since Im singing, I had a few tickets to get in the races, for, like, guests, you know?" I explained excitedly. "'Cause lord knows you need a vacation Mia. And Ophilia, you would do well in the races! Ivory, you can come and hang out too! It'll be a nice chance to get away from Sector 11 and the Aringotics for a while!"

"Saaaeeee, you alive or what?" I twitched slightly as May waved her hand in front of my face, sitting in Jason's seat.

"Oh, yeah...I was just thinking, is all." I said, stretching my stiff arms over my head.

"JJ went to talk to the twinnies up in the dining cart. You want anything? I might go up soon." She said cheerfully. I liked May, she was a very friendly person, and the few times I met her left a lasting impression of a good friend.

"Uhm, they serve alcohol?" I asked, my smile wry.

"Nah, no such luck for you girly." She laughed, and I pouted animatedly. "Hey, you said some others were coming, too, right? Well, are they on this plane or what?" She piped, bouncing slightly in her seat.

"No, they're coming in the flight right after ours." I said, rubbing my still bandaged wrist. "It itches..."

"Well, your boss said to leave it on, so listen. I dont want him mad at me...he kinda scares me..." May said, looking around nervously at the end. I laughed.

"Oh, fine." I said, giggling.

May skipped off to find Jason and I looked back out the window. So far everything had gone off without a hitch. Getting out of the hospital in time to catch the flight had been a little close, but it worked.

I sighed, leaning back in the seat and stared at the ceiling.

"Better be a damn good race."
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I clutched the carry-on bag at my side as I stepped into the terminal. The air was thick with conversation, and I could faintly hear the calls for boarding.

I looked down at the slip of paper I held in my hand. Gate 32-A, it read. I started towards the gate, pushing past the crowds of humans and in-humans. When I finally found my gate, I sat down in the first seat I could find, and waited for the boarding call.

I glanced around and noticed alot of people from the tracks. I waved when I saw Ophelia and Ivory sitting a ways down.

The intercom boomed to life.

"First boarding call for Flight 260 from Sector 11 to SanFransico." The old lady chimed over the loud speaker.

All of the rich, snooty people with first class tickets moved towards the large door, handing over their tickets and shuffleing down the passage.

When they were done, I handed over my ticket and made my way through the tunnel. I smiled at the stewardess and took my seat. I silently thanked Sae for the ticket. I didn't even get a chance to see who was sitting next to me. I fell asleep the moment I closed my eyes.
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Name: Silas Donell


Race: Elemental
Appearance: Short black hair with tan-brown skin and cold, pale hazel eyes. Tall and muscular.

Personality: Independent, arrogant, short-tempered and calm-voiced. Prefers action over speaking, so doesn't talk much.

Powers if any: Silas has the ability to control any type of metal, so long as its original components weren’t man-made. He can also absorb metal, and change his skin and body to match a particular metallic substance.

Past: Eldest of 4 children, with many problems in school and at home that he wishes not to talk about. He still loves his parents, and just got a new hovercar for his 18th birthday.

Hobbies: Drawing, video games, reading, and working on and riding his hoverbike.

Likes: Women(he’s a bit of a perv), vampires(especially vampire women)

Dislikes: Arignotics, fire elementals, and werewolves.

Political stands: Free launcher


Elliot approached a tall crew-cut shaven man, with biker's apparel reminscient to back in the 21st Century. He had no helmet visible, and was polishing a black hoverbike with a rose snaking its way to the middle, finishing the criss-cross with the scythe behind the red skull logo in the front. The infamous "Red Reaper." The pilot, a young man by the name of Silas Donell, glanced back and snorted in amusment at him. Elliot took this a bit offensively and stepped up to the man and tapped his shoulder.
"What?" Silas said with frustration.
"No helmet, no hoverin'." He said as he jerked a thumb to the exit. Silas grinned, and veins appeared in his head. They turned a silvery color, then oozed out, along with plates that seemed to come from the back of his head. The substance quickly molded into a bright silver helmet. He took it off.
"There, happy?" He said. Elliot made a scowl and walked off, and Silas pulled his middle finger behind his back.
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(Ivory POV)
I pulled my luggage out of the cart near the entrance to the airline. We were finally in San Francisco. I was still surprised Sae had invited me, it had been so unexpected. But also nice. It was great to be able to get away from the fighting. I loved New York, but traveling had always been my dream, being here was the perfect getaway. It was around noon time and the sun was a scorching 98 degrees. I knew Ophelia and I were going to stay at a hotel near the airport (Thanks to our parent's generosity), but I wasn't sure what about the others. I knew the races began tommorrow afternoon and I was excited to see it.

Ophelia caught up with me, grinning when she saw my suitcases. They were a bright pink with lime green stripes. It wasn't my first choice, but it was the only available luggage we had. I waved to the people I reccognized, it seemed like everyone was going to the big races. San Fransisco seemed similair to New York in so many ways, and yet so different. We weren't in Sector 11 anymore, so we had to be careful. Some people wouldn't be happy to see us. I winced when I remembered the group of Arignotics who had shot me. It hadn't hurt really, but I was still upset. Ophelia and I walked across the street to the airport-hotel, we should have resevations. The interior was beige along with more beige. Yikes.

There was a pimply teenager sitting at the desk. He looked a combination between annoyed and bored. I approached the counter and he glared at me as if I had the plague or something. "We have resevations here." I said politly. He glared at me some more and didn't bother to respond.

(Ophelia POV)
The nerd at the counter was really getting on my nerves. He was wearing tight jeans and a concert t-shirt from the early 2000's. Usually I thought that was ok, I mean, retro was cool and all. But this kid was obviously a poser, plus, he seemed like a jerk.

"I don't see any reservations." He said flatly, not even looking at the computer beside him. What the hell was his problem? I leaned foreward, taking over. "Our reservations are under the name Graham. G-R-A-H-A-M. We're here for the races." I said clearly, as if speaking to a child. He glared even harder at me. "I don't see any reservations for your kind." He said again, turning away from us. I felt Ivory stiffen beside me. So he was one of THOSE types of people. I felt my blood begin to boil. I had sat on the plane for four hours and I hated flying. I had put up with snotty stewardesses and unhelpful airport personal. I was not about to let some snotty nose kid ruin my trip, darn it. I looked at my sister, her hands were clenched and her pupils were dilated. She was pretty ticked off too, and that was saying alot. Ivory NEVER got angry. I grabbed the boy's shirt, ready to pummel him when I felt an arm pull me back.

"I wouldn't, he's not worth it." A voice said from behind me.
I entered the car shop early that morning, exhausted. I had barely escaped being caught by the police. Dodging them hadn't been easy, it had involved many illegal turns and some unethical driving. Once I had gotten home, there had been a beeping light on the answering machine. The message was from Tom telling me to get to work as soon as possible. When I finally got there, the shop was nearly deserted with the exception of my boss standing at his desk in the corner. He handed me a packet of papers and motioned for me to read them. RACES TO BEGIN TOMMORROW IN SANFRAN the newspaper screamed. Along with it there was a plane ticket clipped to the paper along with a note. Need you to go down there, you've been hired as the mechanic for the races. You leave in two hours. I sighed. Tom was always hiring me out to different races. I wondered if anyone I knew would be there. That would always be interesting.

I packed in a hurry, throwing random clothes in a bag and making sure I had everything I needed. I was used to leaving in a moments notice. My apartment was small and cluttered, but it was cozy in a familiar way. I locked the door behind me and walked outside to take a hover cab to the airport. The lines were crowded when I handed my ticket to the lady at the counter. She took it without a glance and waved me off to the right. There was a line forming in front of the gate and I was surprised to see my old friend Luke waiting with a group of people. "What are you doing here?" I asked happily, giving him a brief hug.

"I'm going down to help out with the races." He said, grinning. "What about you?"

"I was recruited to be one of the mechanics," I explained.

Luke nodded and we talked about the races until the plane was ready to board. I took my seat (which was near the bathrooms much to my dismay) and relaxed. I might as well get some sleep now, who knew what would happen later.
"The plane will arrive at the Sanfrancisco within a few minutes. Please reset your seats to the upright position and buckle yourself in, as there is a chance of mild turbulence." An artaficially perky voice said over the intercom, startling me out of another light nap. There was no nightmare this time, only an energy-restoring cat-nap.

"You ready to go, Sae? We need to get to our hotel quickly, because its already late as it is." Jason said, setting the carry-on bags on his lap so he could carry them as soon as we landed.

"Uh, yeah, here hand me my stuff." I said and slipped the strapps over my shoulders as he handed me my bags. The plane landed with only a few jolts. I followed Jason, May and the twins through the terminal silently, focusing on carrying my bags without tipping over. We finally got to the hotel after all squishing into one hover-taxi, much to my painful discomfort, and I dumped my bags on the bed, collapsing next to them. The twins had a room, Jason and May, May being his cousin, shared a room, leaving me to have my own. I looked at the clock. 5:30 p.m.

"I can probably take a nap and still sleep tonight. Those pain killers are making me groggy as crap." I murmured before yawning widely. I curled up on my good side and closed my eye, letting myself fall into a light slumber.

8:30 a.m.

"SHIT!" I shouted, spotting the time on the alarm clock. Apparently I had slept all the way through till the next day. I quickly threw open my suitcase and changed into some loose jeans and a sweatshirt, launching myself out the door and down to Jason and MAy's room. I pounded on the door, and after a few minutes of no response, I cursed colorfully and sprinted towards the elevator doors.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no, I really, REALLY hope they didnt leave me behind! They were supposed to take me shopping with them! I dont know where to go! Celestina said she had read about a few good shops in the traveller's guide, but I dont have any idea where they were!" I shouted, running a hand through my hair, frustratedly. The elevator doors finally opened and I jabbed the lobby button voilently. It seemed to take forever for the elevator to reach the bottom floor and I saw Ivory and Ophilia, but no one else. I sighed, my hands falling limply to my side.

"Fine, leave little Sae behind. Meanies." I muttered and shuffled behind the miss-matched twins towards the doors when I heard ophilia spell out her last name irritatedly. I glanced back and saw a grumpy teen human glaring her down.

"There are no reservations for YOUR kind here." I heard him say snidely and Ophilia grabbed the front of his shirt. With lightning fast speed, I crossed the distance between us and grabbed her arm.

"I wouldnt, hes not worth it." I said, and when she turned back with a snarl, I simply smiled.

"So, how was your trip?"
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After arriving in SanFran, I quietly moved through the busy airport and tried to hail a hover-taxi. It didn't work quite well. They simply buzzed on by, leaving me standing on the curb, completly dumbfounded. It was hazy and windy out, and my overcoat billowed in the breeze as I continued to attempt to get a ride.

I waved my hand out and a taxi skidded to stop. I rushed into the vehicle, shouting at the man to hurry to my hotel. I glanced at my watch. 8:30.

"Dammit, go faster!" I shouted at the dark-skinned man who was gaping at my fury. It just so happened that my boss hired me off for these races, when I was supposed to be relaxing.

The caddy slammed on the breaks and I jumped out, bursting through the front doors. Ophelia, Ivory, and Sae were all surronding the check in counter. Sae said somthing to Ophelia and she shoved an acne-clad human into his chair behind the desk. Sae smiled at the twins, and ran passed me saying a quick "hello" and bolting out the door.

The clerk behind the counter handed Ivory a key-card with a shakey hand. She guided her sister to the elevator.

"Uh....Hi.Um...James, Mia?" The teen quickly typed in my name and handed me a key. I thanked him with a glare and pushed the round buttons on the elevator. I got to my level, opened my door, and practically hurled my bags onto the bed and whirled around out the door.

"Off to the races I go."
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Silas awoke suddenly, the alarm clock on his nightstand beeping annoyingly. The thumped the clock off and pulled on his racing gear. He put on the silver helmet, and it melded with his skin again, disappearing. He grabbed the backpack lying in the chair and walked to the elevators.

In the lobby, he found two cute girls and a guy holding one of their arms, mostly likely stopping her from doing something to the pimpled-faced racist of a desk clerk. He slipped around them to a hover-taxi to the racing dome.

When he reached the track, he quickly walked through the entrance to the garage. He found his hover-bike, and ran to it, inspecting it. No scratches, no tampering. Good. He dropped the pack onto the floor and opened it up, revealing all his tools and a dirty rag. He took the cleaner off the shelf and began shining up his little red and black beauty for the race.

He was tightening a loose bolt when he heard footsteps. He thought it was that fool Elliot, so a blade shot out of his wrist, and he stood and spun around, arm pointed in the footsteps direction. A spiky haired man with velvet eyes quickly dodged out of the way and put his left hand to his arm, ready to break it. Silas quickly sheathed back the blade and held out his hand.
"Sorry there. Thought you were Elliot."
The fellow racer was taken aback for a second, then shook his hand.
"Jason Peerce."
"Hey, I've heard of you. Your the pilot of the 'Charger',right? My name's Silas."
"You must be the pilot of the "Red Reaper", Silas Donell. Correct?"
"The very same." His body took the posture of one of arrogance at his reputation."Well, nice meeting a fellow racer. Good luck."He said and spun about, returning to prepping his bike. Jason stood there, perplexed for a moment, then walked to his hovercar.
(Celestina's POV)
While me, Jason, May and Marianela were riding off, I kept thinking about the races. They were supposed to be starting in 3 days, and I was so excited about it! Me and Marianela were going to enter separetly, so even if one of us loses, it's more likely than not that the other will win. We had all just come up to a red light when I remembered something. We forgot about Sae! I made a U turn, and went back to the hotel. "Hey, where are you going?" I heard Jason shout from behind me. "We left Sae, so I'm going to go and get her. Just stop at that cafe` I told you about, and we'll meet you up there!" I shouted back. As soon as the light went green, Jason and May went off, so I was alone with my sister for now. I pulled up in front of the hotel, parked my hover-car, and got out. Me and my sister walked into the lobby of the hotel, and saw Sae at the snack machine, getting a bag of chips out of it. When she saw us, she walked over to Marianela and me.
(Marianela's POV)
"So, you finally decided to come and get me? Took you long enough, girls." Sae said with an annoying, yet obviously playful little smirk that mad me mad. "HEY, YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY WE CAME BACK TO GET YOU AT ALL, YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE VAMP!!!!!" I shouted. I rolled my sleeves up, ready to knock that smirk right off of her face, but Celestina pushed me back. "Marianela, if you hurt anybody while we're out here, you're going to ache so much that you won't even be able to be in the races, got it?" she said in that creepy, dark, evil voice that she uses when she's mad at me. She knows that it creeps me out, so she uses it a lot. Unfortunately, it scared me so much this time that I practically ran to the hover-car that she rented, and sat in the back. "I can be such a chicken sometimes!" I thought.
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I was still steamed from the encounter with the desk clerk, but I was happy Sae had interupted me when she had. Starting a fight on my first day here would probably not have ended well. I stormed down the hallway, ready to put my fist through our room's door. Ivory opened the door and we both surveyed the room. There were two twin beds with a plasma TV, a small kitchen and bathroom. Not bad, not bad at all. I threw my bags on the bed closest to the window since I knew Ivory disliked the sun in the morning. We had a couple days until the races started so I was ready to lie down and sleep. Jet lag had finally kicked in and I wanted nothing more than to sleep for a good 15 hours. Ivory grabbed a bathrobe from her bag and headed to the bathroom. I picked up a pillow next to me and chucked it at her head. With her super speed, she knocked it away without even blinking and stuck out her tongue at me. "You throw like a girl" She laughed and closed the bathroom door. "Yeah, well, at least I'm not afraid of a papercut!" I yelled back. Childish, I know, but I was tired and crabby. The phone near my bedside rang and I ignored it. Whoever it was could wait a few hours. I heard Ivory mutter a curse from the bathroom, she rushed out and dived for the phone, but by that time it had already had stopped.

"What the heck!" She yelled. I shrugged, blinking sleepily. I yawned and her glare turned into a laugh. "You lazy dog, you." She chuckled. I swiped at her, growling. She ducked and sat next to me. "I accidently left my toiletry bag at home, so I'm going to go find a supermarket." She told me, "Do you need anything?" I shook my head, grinning. "Toiletry bag? Honestly, Ivory." She flushed and glared at me, she hated when I made fun of her. She left quietly, leaving me to sleep. I yawned and the next thing I knew, I was fast asleep.
I walked a few blocks down the street, trying to remember the directions the bellhop had given me. I knew I was supposed to turn left somewhere, I just had no clue where. I looked at the shops around me. There was a tattoo parlour and a clothing store to my right and on my left there was a vecant shop and an old bookstore. The book store drew me in. There was a mural painted with spray paint on the side of the building. It was old and faded, but I could still tell what it was. It depicted a city burning, the flames intertwined to make a fiery red heart at the top of the wall. I stepped closer, only to see that the city wasn't burning, the flames just surrounded it. There was a date scrawled at the bottom and I had to bend over to see it better. July 4th, 2008. It was painted the day the world discovered the dark side of humanity. When the weres, vamps and everyone in between were finally revealed. I couldn't help but be entranced by it. The store itself drew me in too, and I found myself entering the book store without noticing I was doing so.
San Fransico was cloudy and raining when I arrived. The air was thick with smog and the stupid airport had lost my luggage. At least I had my carry on bag, it had my money, ID and my revolver in it. I had arrived later then some of the others because I hadn't planned on going until I got the mechanic job. Tom had told me I could stay above the shop in a loft while I was there. I looked at the time. It was only 3pm. I hailed a taxi and read off directions from Tom's note. The taxi drove for about 10 minutes before we stopped in front of what appeared to be a huge, gray warehouse. I got out carefully and and rang the doorbell. A small, fat woman in overalls opened the door and gave me an appraising look. "A bit young to be out here, aren'y ya?" She drawled, her accent hinting at a southern raising. I laughed. "I'm 19, and I am perfectly able to take care of my self" I answered, pulling aside my leather acket to show her my knives. She raised her eyebrows, acknowledging my competence. I edged past her and gasped when I saw the interior of the shop. The shop was filled with the lastest tools. Laser chargers and hydrofuelic chambers lined the walls. The latest Khyton Hover Cycle stood on supports, waiting to be fixed. It was a dream come true.

"I see that you've finally arrived." A man said from the corner of the room.

He glared at me, obviously ticked that I hadn't arrived earlier. His attitude set me on edge, I didn't lke people who bossed me around. "Your room is directly upstairs and you may retire there when you fnish your work." He contnued, oblvious to my anger. "You will work from 7am to 9 pm." I gasped, 14 hours of work. There was no way that was legal. I was about to argue when he turned on his heel and dsapeared down the hall. The woman beind me laughed, "Don't you worry about him, he's not as heartless as he seems. You just take a break whenever you feel like it." I nodded, still angry. I didn't have time to think about my anger much longer, because the shop had opened and bikes were starting to pour in for repairs.
After putting the little dork of a desk clerk in his place, I left Ophilia and Ivory to fend for themselves. I gave Mia a quick wave and said "hello" as I passed her to head outside. I walked out into the street, and turned right back around and walked back in, hyperventalating.

"So...many...people!!" I swueeked, back plastered to the door. Never before in my life had I been afraid of tight crouds, but something cold and terrifying gripped my heart when I spotted the mob swarming over the sidewalks. My stomach growled suddenyl, coaxing me out of my panic. I blinked and looked around, finally spotting a vending machine after a moment or two.

"Not usually my style, but whatever." I said to ymself and walked over. I rooted through my pockets with my good hand, and finding that frustrating, I grunted and riped off my bandages. Wiggling my wrist, I sighed and looked at the slightly pink flesh.

'Hm, dont know what he was so worried about, its all healed up!' I thought and tossed the dirty bandages in a trash incinerator. I bought the chips and turned to see Celestina and Marianela walking towards me. I heaved a giant sigh of releif and put on my signature smirk and walked over.

"So, you finally decided to come and get me? Took you long enough, girls." I said and was about to laugh and apologise for sleeping in when Marianela flipped out.

"HEY, YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY WE CAME BACK TO GET YOU AT ALL, YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE VAMP!!!!!" She shouted and began roling up her sleeves as if to fight me. I twitched up an eyebrow.

'Short temper I thought idly as Celestina chewed her out. Marianela fled to the hover cra and Celestina sighed. I chuckled and patted her on the shoulder.

"Its alright. I deserved that, really. I slept in too late, and I wasnt really the most pleasant person to deal with when I first met you guys." I said with an apologetic tone and a sheepish smile. I didnt see her reaction to that, however, because I saw my wrist as my hand rested on her shoulder. I jerked my hand back, as if burned.

Two identical silver crescents scarred my marble skin where my own fangs had saught refuge to save the life of another. Usually such a wound would be the proud mark of a survivor of a cannibal attack, but for me...it was a mark of weakness and shame.

I thought I could hear someone's voice asking me if I was ok, but I could barely think over the sound of the blood rushing to my head. My other hand rose shakily to touch my bandaged eye. What else had they done to me? What had they said? What...what...


"Sae!" I blinked, suddenly aware that the ceiling was wher the wall used to be.

"Wha' happned?" I slurred, suddenly very groggy and confused. I sat up and looked over at Celestina and the nerdy desk clerk as they stared at me, worry written across their faces.

"What happened?" I asked again, my mind almost snapping back to clarity. I scratched my head, now that it was throbbing...must have hit it.

"You fainted." Celestina said, standing up and waving for her sister to stay in the car.

"Oh...really?" I said, rubbing my head gingerly now. That would explain how i got on the floor. "But I feel fine!"

"I dont know Sae. You got pale...er. That and you were starign at your wrist, then boom, down you go. Your boss did tell you not to get worked up." Celestina pointed out. If I wasnt still unsure which way was up, I could have sworn I heard a note of smugness in her voice.

'Oi, still mad about the club incident? Not my fault I got jumped and Jason got worried. I thought and shook my head.

"Yeah, well. Whatever. I think Im gonna sleep today. You know, catch up on jetlag sleep. Tell Jason Im fine and Ill go shopping solo later." I said and stood up stiffly. With the clerk's shoulder for support, I made my way to the elevator and escaped the annoying gazes of the hour-glass twins.

"Tch, mutts. For some reason they always have more attitude then the rest of us."
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I ran from the hotel and noted Sae and one of the twins were standing at a vending machine.

I hailed a taxi with much more ease then the first time. The pale yellow hover-car skidded to a stop infront of me.

As a stepped inside, the soft hum of classical music filled my ears. It was calming, relaxing my stressed out mind, for at least the moment. I started to close my eyes, when the caddy cleared is throat.

"Oh! Um...the SanFransico Races...please?"

The driver rolled his eyes and zoomed down the busy street, weaving in -and-out of the defined traffic.

We pulled up to the races, a crowded set of tracks overflowing with activity. I thanked the driver and hopped out of the cab.

The air was musty and stale, like the atmosphere of a car that's been closed for an hour.

I strided up to the main building, entering the doors and stepping up to a counter. A lady was sitting on a stool, typing away on her laptop.

I cleared my throat gruffly and she turned her eyes to me.

"Yes? May I help you?" Her voice was snotty and rough.

"Uh...yeah. My, um, boss hired me off as an elite guard. Could you tell me what I should do?"

She sighed and clicked at the keys on the keyboard.

"Your name?" She looked at me with dark blue eyes.

"Mia James."

The lady of roughly 50 scanned the screen.

"Oh. That Mia James. From Sector 11, right?" She gave me no time to answer.

"The note says for you to control the garages and waiting room for the racers. You think you can handle it?"

I scoffed at her.

"Can I handle it? Can I handle it? You don't know who you're talkin' to, lady."

She looked around for a second.


"That's right! I can handle anything!" I put my hands on my hips, a proud smirk planted on my face.

The lady just stared.

"O...k. You can go ahead and go on down."

She was gaping at my behavior. I wasn't being serious, just trying to make her laugh. It didn't work.

I gave an embarassed giggle and swept myself out of the room.

I was guided to the garages, the main part of my duty. I sat on a counter, watching as racers filed in, inspecting their bikes, giving out sighs of reilef, the like.

A fight was about to breakout, and I grabbed the revolvers at my side.

The men apologized, returning to their vehicles. There weren't many racers in at the moment, so I thought I give my insight.

"No roughing around, boys."

I stood before I could hear replies and walked through a door that sunshine filtered through.

"Mia James, I repeat Mia James, report to the main building." Called a deep, raspy voice over the intercom system.

"Oh geez! First day and I'm already in trouble!"

(Note: Finally, here is my add. I want to apologize for not adding until now. I hope you like it. Happy reading!!!)

The morning sunrise was beautiful in San Francisco. It was not any different from the one in New York, but it was somehow more relaxing. Yesterday we had arrived on the airport in about 5 pm. It had taken us 25 minutes to get to the hotel and 5 for the clerk to give us the keys. He was an old gentleman with asthma that came every two minutes. We were on edge, because the flight had taken a lot from us. Personally I was not so sleepy than spooked. I have had a really bad nightmare, where I got to be pierced by many blades. What actually freaked me out was that it was so realistic, so frighteningly realistic. It was not just a dream. It was not a vision as well, because visions are usually more torn and chaotic. They are a sequence of puzzle pieces which had been mixed together and the one who receives them must put the puzzle pieces together. These were clear and contiguous moments of time. They looked more and more like… No, must not think it. It can not be. It should not be. I will check it out later in the hotel.

When we arrived in our room, May started unpacking. She seemed alright, though she was a bit silent. She was the one who always unpacked everything. She loved unpacking and packing. Her mother was the same so I guess she got it from her. I would never help her with it. She simply did not allow it. Instead I let her do her do what she liked and sat down on the desk in our bedroom. The room had two single beds with two, huge, beautiful golden red pillows(better watch out for pillow fights), two shelves on the left of every bed and a fairly big desk in front of them. I opened one of my suitcases and took out a laptop- crude, old-fashioned and yet efficient. I turned it on and went in “My files”. The mouse searched the files and finally found one named E.E. project. I clicked on it and looked up the file:

" The Evil Eye Project document №3

Though no one really knows where and how it is believed to be a single multi-billion experiment, probably sponsored by the governments of the Eastern provinces. Its range of effect is still not completely tested out and its aftereffects are astounding…"

I read in the document, but then stopped and hit the return button. I started looking again and found out another file named: the Blue sphere incident:

The blue sphere incident

The blue sphere incident is a good example of what the Evil Eye’s effects and aftereffects are like. The victims go in a telepath’s dream world, in which he controls everything. There they experience either their greatest fears or their greatest delights, depends on the telepath’s decision. Usually the Evil Eye is used only once on one person every 167 hours. The continuation of it is 10 seconds, but it can influence the continuation of a lasting dream with the same features…

I read the information and I froze on the chair. “Someone had cast the Evil Eye on me. Why? Something is going on here, but I don’t know what.” I thought. I heard a noise behind me and turned around. May had gone to bed. She must be really tired. She had a really bad fight with her parents. Her mother did not wish for her to go to San Francisco with me. She always thought me of something like a bad influence. In some way I was, but she also accused me of being responsible of her daughter’s sexual interests in females. It sure was not my fault.

She sure was silent after we got out of the plane. I decided to go to bed as well. After two hours of turning from one side to the other I decided to look in my family album and bury myself in memories. I turned on a little flashlight I usually kept close to me and took the big old album from the sack underneath my bed. I opened it from the middle and started leafing through the pages. A torn off part of newspaper showed itself from under the first two pages of the album. I took it out opened the first page and put it there. On the page was a normal sized picture of a completely trashed black Mercedes HC. Tears started welling up my eyes and I close my eyes hard.

Suddenly I felt something move under my blanket. I raised the album up and from underneath the blanket came out a small female head.

“May, what’s wrong?” I said to her. When we were kids she would usually come to my bed like that, when she has had a nightmare, or when there was a storm. She looked really scared and a bit sad.

“I’m sorry! I know it’s so childish and all, but I had this really bad dream and …” she said.

“A dream? A nightmare?” I asked her. “No way! An expert telepath can cast the Evil Eye only once on one person. How could anyone cast on two?” I thought.

“Yeh, and I can’t go to sleep.” she said. ”And I have the worst head ache in years!” she said. I touched her forehead. She was hot.

“That’s because you have temperature. Is head aching all of it?” I asked her.

“Yeh.” She said. I rose from the bed and opened the drawer of the shelf on my left and took an ampoule. She sat down on my lap, revealing a black see-through nightgown with black bra and panties. “What? You like it?” she said with a little smirk on her face.

“Yeh. Is this April’s birthday surprise?” I asked her. April was May’s girlfriend. They had been together for four years and after four more they were even planning on marrying.

“Yeh, ya think she’ll like it?” she asked and opened her mouth wide because I had just poured down the contents of the ampoule on a spoon, which I had just taken from the same drawer.

“Here, and be careful, it tastes like shit, so don’t spit it.” I said and she swallowed the liquid. “Well, I don’t know April as you do, but I think she will love it, ‘cause she likes you.”

“Thanks, you’re the greatest cousin a girl can have.” she gave me the biggest smile and kissed me on the right cheek.

“No problem! Now, off you go to bed, little one.” I said and slapped her gently on the butt.

“Hey, JJ, can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked with begging eyes looking at me.

“You mean sleep in the same bed with me?” I said with a lecher’s smile on my face.

“JJ!!!” she shouted out and punched me on the shoulder. ”Banging me happens only once in life. And that’s when I’m single and very drunk.” She said with an even more lecher’s smile.

“Yeh, and that already happened.” I said and we both looked at each other with tenderness in our eyes. I tucked myself in bed and she hugged me and rested her head on my chest. “Well, at least I brought you pleasure back then.” I said with a calm voice.

“You sure did.” She said with a sleepy voice. My hand was stroking her black long hair and not soon after, I felt her fall asleep.


The morning sunrise was beautiful in San Francisco. It was not any different from the one in New York, but it was somehow more relaxing. It was eight thirty and we had already come up to a red light, when suddenly Celestina told us that we had forgotten Sae in the hotel. Oh, MAAAAN, is she gonna be pissed off! Celestina told me to stop at a café she had mentioned before and went back with Marianela to get Sae. After we got to the café and sat, we ordered our drinks- a fruit juice for May and a Cola for me-man that Coca Cola Company was older than that Lamborghini Dan used to have.

“I wonder what is taking them so long”- May said after twenty minutes passed.

“Why don’t we see?” I said and took out my laptop. I opened it and took out a stack of cigarettes. My mouth ached for one. I bit one of the cigarettes and took it out of the stack. I was about to light it, when I saw May in front of me. She was standing with her hands folded together and a really mean face.

“I thought you quite them?” she said.

“Hey give me a break, will ya, last month I smoked fourteen a day, now I’m smoking two a week, I think I’m doing just perfectly, right?” I said a little firm, but she ignored it and continued looking at me with a mean expression. “Oh, alright!!!” I said and returned the cigarette to the stack. “Let’s see now.” I said. The laptop had completed its download and now was downloading the video material I wanted. May moved her chair beside mine and looked into the monitor. In a few seconds a window opened on it and a picture appeared in it. It seemed like a video file, taken from a mini-video camera. On the top of the window one could read the word “live”. The file showed a big room with a mirror in the middle of the wall that was in front of the camera. It was just like our room, but on the right one could see only one bed. Suddenly in focus appeared a pale tall girl in a bathrobe. The file even had sound. We could hear her steps on the floor.

“Is that Sae?” asked May.

“Yes.” I said and we both looked at each other. May was about to scold me, when I stopped her by raising my hand. ”Don’t worry. It’s not what you think it is. After her attack I just couldn’t let her be alone for a second, so in the hospital I placed one of those inch-high cameras. It’s not only gonna show us where she is by picture. It’s also a mean tracking device.” I said. She gave a muttering sound, but could not find anything against that, so she just got back to observing.

“Wow, Sae has a great body!” shouted out May and I looked back at the laptop and saw Sae completely naked. She had thrown away the bathrobe and had stood in front of the mirror in an erotic pose. Her curvy body glittered like gold lying on the sun, her still wet, long, brown hair could not hide her well formed butt. She smiled, turned right towards the bed and said: ”Stupid Jason!”. We both looked at each other.

”We haven’t heard or seen any of this, right?” said May.

“Seen or heard what?” I said and closed the laptop.

“Exactly!” she said and moved her chair back. “By the way, why didn’t you tell Sae about the camera?”

“I didn’t? Oh, silly me!” I said.

“Hey, what’s up, guys?” suddenly someone said from behind. I turned around and saw Celestina and Marianela coming our way. Celestina wore her usual black, shoulder cropped t-shirt with a red heart on the front paired, dark blue jeans and black sandals. Marianela wore her usual cropped white tank top with a heart on it, jeans, black sneakers,and black wristband. They were both so beautiful, but Celestina was somehow more sexy then her twin. I really do not know why, but I felt like there was a significant difference between them that made me like her more than her sister, and surely was not the clothing. And that star on her neck made her even sexier.

“Nothing.” I said and tucked away the laptop. “And you’re coming just in time.” I said, standing up. ”You can have a coffee here or something and keep May company. I need to fix the right door and right lower stabilizer of Charger. It won’t take more than fifteen minutes.” I said and headed to the parking garage.


I had just finished replacing the cybernetic links of the stabilizer, when out of nowhere Celestina shouted at me “Hi!” and scared to no end I hit my head on the HC’s hood.

“Wow, Celestina, you almost gave me a heart attack.” I shouted out.

“Oh, sorry, it’s just that we were wondering whether you’re ready or not?” she said with her hands behind her. I looked at my watch and saw I had been working on the stabilizer thirty minutes.

“Oh, crap! Sorry, I didn’t look at my watch. I still need to fix the right door, ‘cause it won’t open, but I guess it can wait.” I said

“Can I peek inside?” she asked.

“Sure!” I said. We went to the left door and I opened it. When the Charger landed one could see that it is really not that high and the doors were not very big. Celestina bent over and took a peek inside. In front were the two seats and dash board and steering wheel. At the back was a really big amplifier for the cd player situated in front. She was looking at the HC front and back, while I was not too keen on looking at it. I was busy watching her cute butt shake while she was looking inside.

“Hey, you’ve got nice stuff back here” she said.

“So do you.” I said and bit my lips the second after. “Damn I’d better watch what I’m sayin’.” I thought.

“What?” she asked, pulling herself out of the HC, her face blushing a bit.

“Your HC’s ok too, that is.” I said and she blushed even more.

“I see, well since you’re ready, I’ll go tell May, and we’ll meet at the grand mall.” She said and turned around.

“Wait! How about you and me go together? Marianela and May can drive there on their own.” I said. She looked a bit surprised by the preposition, and needed a few seconds to think it over. Then she said:
“Sure, why not, just let me go tell ‘em, and get a few stuff.” she said and ran towards the café.


I thought that it would take her some time to get back, so I started to check the stabilizers. After a few minutes she came.

“Hi! May and Marianela took of already, so you ready?” she asked. I looked at the monitor and back at her. There was a sweet smell of a woman’s perfume that covered my nose. Did she put on some perfume before a minute ago? That perfume was not that strong before.

“Yeh, I’m ready. Just let me get out so you ca get in.” I said, but before I could, she stopped me.

“It’s ok. Don’t do unneeded things. I’ll just squeeze myself.” She said and entered the HC putting her legs between my seat. Her breasts were right in front of me. I felt really stimulated, but kept my cool. Then all of a sudden the stabilizer I had been fixing turned on again and the car rose its front part. That pushed Celestina on me, her breasts pressing against my face for a second, after which the stabilizer turned itself off and she fell back on the steering wheel.

“Damn stabilizer!!!” I shouted out and as if I had provoked it, the stabilizer turned on again and pushed the front up again. ”Not aga…” I said, but could not finish because something soft had covered my lips. It was Celestina’s lips. The stabilizer had pushed her on me again. Her soft lips were pressing mine, her eyes where opened. There was fear and awkwardness in them. Her hands were against my chest. Mine were holding her waist. She broke the kiss, continuing to look at my eyes, not even blinking. I was looking at her with tenderness, my hands slowly climbing up her spine. Her sleek, graceful back made my head whirl. As my hands climbed higher and higher, I saw the skin on her neck prick. I looked back at her eyes. I slowly raised my head closer to her lips. Until now she had not said or done anything. She had just sat on my lap, with her hands against my chest. Her hands started to crawl up my chest, towards my shoulder. Her head was not moving though. My head was getting closer; my hands felt her body shiver. I tipped my head on the left and was about to kiss her, when WHAM-WHAM. Someone knocked on the HC’s door. We moved our heads away and I hit the right monitor’s button. A window opened and I saw a man in blue uniform in front of the door. “Copper!” I hissed.

“Up, Celestina!” I said and spanked her softly on the butt. In a second she was on the other seat and I had opened the door. ”What seems to be the problem, officer?” I asked. The policeman was a tall afro-American, with fashionable sunglasses on.

“Your right stabilizer turned on on its own. Were you performing a test drive, or something?” he asked.

“Yes!” I said and showed him the main computer’s documents. He bent over to take a peek inside, looked up the information and raised his head up.

“I’m sorry, sir, I had to be sure that everything is alright.” he said.

“It’s OK. You’re doing your job perfectly, officer. Have a nice day!” I said and waved him good-bye. I closed the door and looked at Celestina. She was a little spooked out from all that had happened, but apart from that, she was OK. “So, what da’ ya say we go to the Grand Mall, hm?”
*Guys, before, I start, I don't have any ideas for Marianela's POV today, so I'll just do Celestina's, ok? Good.*
Me, Marianela and Sae finally got to the cafe`, I saw May and Jason doing something with Jason's laptop, I was guessing. I walked over towards them, Marianela walking behind me. I guess Sae must've went over to another table or somethin'. I decided to say hi to May and Jason. "Hey, guys, what's up?" I said. JJ turned around, and looked at both me and my sis for a minute. "Nothing." he said. After that, he put his laptop away, and said that we could hang with May while he left to fix his hover car. I didn't really blame him, though. I saw it in the parking garage when I parked next to it, and I could tell that there was somethin' up with his door, so I figured that he probably noticed, too. I mean, it's his car!
That day, I caught up with Jason. He was still working on his hover-car, so I decided to surprise him. I shouted "Hi!" right in his ear, and he was so freaked that he hit his head on the hood of his hover-car! I tried not to laugh, but I giggled a little anyways. "Wow, Celestina, you almost gave a heart attack." he said. "That was the point." I thought. I just apologized and told him that me and the girls wanted to know if he was ready to go. He checked his watch, and said that he hadn't noticed what time it was, and that he still needed to fix that door. I was sort of surprised that he didn't take care of that dorr first, but whatever. I asked to check out the car, and he let me. He opened the left door, and I looked in it for a sec. "Hey, you've got some nice stuff back here." I said. "So do you." I heard him say. I felt my heartstop for, like, half a sec, and got out of the car."What" I asked with my cheeks practically glowing red. "Your HC 's ok too, I mean." he said. I saw a faint blush on his face, and I blushed even more than before. After that, I told him that I'd tell May that he was ready, and thaty we'd meet up at the Grand Mall, but Jason wanted to ride with me. I was a little shocked, and I almost thought that I felt myself begin to blush more. I shook it off, and told JJ that I'd tell the girls that I'd ride with him.
I got to Jason again a little earlier than he expected, and I surprised him again. He was about to get out of the car so that I could get in, but I told him that I'd squeeze myself in. I'm lucky that I'm not a fat girl, or that wouldn't have worked! Suddenly, the stabilizer on Jason's HC turned on, and the front of the car rose into the air, pushing me into Jason, then it turned off, pulling me back. I heard Jason yelling, but I couldn't hear what he said because I was kind of dizzy. Actually, really dizzy. The stabilizer turned back on, and at that second, my lips pressed against Jason's right before he was about to say something. I felt myself blush even worse than I was earlier, with my brown eyes still open. I was in so much shock that I didn't even blink for a few minute. I broke the kiss, and I saw this real sweet yet slightly perverted look in those eyes of his that sort of like.I felt his hands move from my waist up my back, and I was getting pretty excited. Not jumpy, but I was shaking a little.
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(Ivory POV)
The door clanged softly as I entered the book store. The inside was poorly lit by outdated flourescent lights and the air smelled of stale cigarettes. The walls were lined with shelves of books and I could tell they were old from the cracked spines. The store obviously didn't sell the normal books you would find at someplace like Barnes and Noble. I wandered through the shelves, looking at all the different titles. Magic and Myth; The Truth Behind the Revolution. I frowned as I picked up the book. The pages were faded and brittle. The book was over a hundred years old! I opened the page and began to read the intro. I could just make out the faded words. I was soon imersed and didn't hear the footsteps behind me until I felt the hand on my shoulder. I yelped and dropped the book, splitting the spine and sending pages fluttering all over the floor. I swore softly and stooped down to pick up the damaged book. I heard a chuckle from behind me, I turned around on my heel, angry at the man for laughing. I froze when I looked at him. He was extremely tall, over 6 feet. He was handsome in an angular way with sharp cheek bones and narrow lips. His blacks eyes glittered as he looked down at me. It wasn't his appearance that got me though, it was his fangs. He was a vampire, and an old one at that. I could tell from the tattoo on the side of his neck, the ancient symbols were etched in red ink. If I was right, he was over 500 years old.

I stared up at him, forgetting the book completely. Old vampires were rare to come by and were notorious for being nasty. I felt my heart tighten in fear when I realized I was alone in a dark store with an elder vampire. I scrambled back, jumping to my feet. He laughed even harder and I got a good look at his fangs. "You don't have to be afraid, I'm not angry about the book." He grinned. I raised my eyebrow, not believing him. Maybe he was trying to lure me into a false sense of security... Maybe he was looking for a unwitting victim... Maybe... My thoughts were cut off when he stuck out his hand. "The name's Miles Albetrous" He said, waiting for my reaction. I reached out and shook his hand without thinking. I cringed when I realized what I had done. "Ivory. Ivory Graham." I whispered, looking anywhere but his face. "Well, Ivory. It's a pleasure to meet you and I am terribly sorry." I looked at him, surprised. "For what?" I asked. "For making you drop the book of course. It's not often I get costumers. And even less often when they actually take the time to read the book." He said cheerfully. I looked at him suspiciously. He seemed to cheerful to be an elder, so what the hell was he?
I wiped my hands on an oily rag as I looked at the clock. I had been working for more then 6 hours and had nothing to eat all day. My stomach grumbled in protest and I decided to call it a day and get a sandwich or something. Most of the other machanics were already gone or somewhere else, so I figured it would be ok to leave. I hoped into the hovercar I had rented from the airport and drove around in search of a fast food place. I stopped at a cross section and spotted a mall to my right. A mall meant a food court, and a food court meant junk food. I grinned, today was starting to look up after all. I turned into the parking lot but had trouble trying to find a spot, jeez, it seemed like everyone was there today. I finally found a spot at the very back of the lot. I grumbled as I got out, I hated busy malls. I was about half way to the mall when I heard a huge crash from up above me. I looked up in time to see glass splinter from the mall's third story window. A second later, the alarm sounded, it reminded me of a fire alarm. I sighed. So much for a vacation.
On the way up the elevator I had my arms crossed tightly over my chest.

'Stupid little punk! I could kick her but in half an instant! threatening me...did she have a death wish?! Ugh...I cant beleve Jason likes them...or her...or whatever! They're gonna smother him and hes going to get tired of the attention once he sleeps with 'em.' I thought snidely.

Me head was pounding, I felt sick, and I had broken out in a cold sweat. Damn, I must be getting a virus. No wonder I was acting like a PMS-ing human female! There was no such excuse for us vampires, for we chose when we wanted to be able to have children, thus eliminating the need for such painful events.

"I need a shower." I muttered to myself as the elevator slowed to a stop at my floor. I stalked out, and went to my room, slamming the door viciously behind me, scaring the little maid bot next door to no end.

I sighed loudly and collapsed face down on my bed.

"This suuuuuuucks!" I moaned and lifted my head to look at my wrist. No one knew the full story of the attack, so they couldnt possibly understand why she would do such a thing to herself. How could I face Jason with the scar of a weakling?

"Dammit...Since when did I like him so much in the first place?" I whined, rolling side to side on the bed.


"OW! SON OF A SCUM SUCKING ARINGOTIC PIG!" I howled, setting off the skittish maid bot next door once more. A loose corner of tape had caught on the sheets and ripped off my eye bandage. I clasped a and over the stinging skin.

I was suddenly very nervous about seeing my eye. My wrist was bad enough, but that was self inflicted. My attacker had said that he too had marked me forever, and I had a realy bad feeling that my eye was what he was talking about.

I spotted a mirror across the room. I sucked in a deep breath, and stood up, walking to stand in front of it.

"Here goes nothing." I closed my eyes and lowered my hand. Ever so slowly I opened both eyes, and gaped at the change.

One eye was an icy blue. The other...was a mix between maroon and blood red, the same color that they both would turn when I thirsted.

That wasnt the worst part, however. Running over my eye, like a scar, was a thin black sketch of a closed rose. The rose bud hovered above my eyebrow and its thorny stem ran over my eye, eyelid and all, slitting at the bottom to make two. They curled out at the bottom but in the space between was a red, ornately drawn dagger. It all looked like an intricate tatoo, but I knew better.

"Hikori's Iki Ikichi. Hikori's Spirit LifeBlood. Its they're symbol...that clan...So thats who they were..." I fell down on my butt and stared numbly at my parent's mortal enemy's brand.

"I am soooooooooo dead..." I giggled, hysteria creeping up on me. I choked it back, however, and decided a bath ould help calm me down.

I managed to stumble into the bathroom and strip down, filling the decent sized tub full of steaming water. I soaked in there for a while and actually managed to relax some. My thoughts drifted back to the others as I scrubbed down.

"Good thing none of them know what this is. They might be curious about it, but I seriously doubt that little vampire twin knows what this symbol is. Jason might know what my hunger looks like, but thats what colored contacts are for. No problem! Ill just act like its for publicity or something. No worries, no one will care!" I reassured myself, and rinsed off.

I grabbed one of the hotel's bath robes and walked out into my room. I stopped in front of the mirror and looked at my face. The thick black lines contrasted sharply with my skin and the red contrasted with both. MY eyes were simply alarming.

"I look lik a claimed half-breed." I grumbled to myself, then had a slight panick attack. I threw off my bathrobe and looked myself over. There were no other scaras or marks, much to my releif.

"Shoo...at leas they didnt manage to violate me too bad." I grumbled, half in releif half in sarcasm. Suddenly in a better mood, I undulged in a random moment and struck a kinky pose. I chuckled to myself. I was hot as hell, simple as that. I let my arms fall from where they were crossed tightly over my nude chest, and turned towards the bed with a smile.

"Stupid Jason." I snapped suddenly, however, because as much as I looked like a porn star, it looked like Jason just wouldnt take an interest in me. Im sure that if I posed like that in front of him he'd stare, but as soon as that little hour-glass twerp walks by he'll go drooling after her massive butt. I snarled in my mind. I decided to skip the bath robe and just put on some underwear and a big baggy tee-shirt. I shoved my bags and the rest of the clothes off the bed as well.

"Ugh, I cant wait to sing. I always feel better after singing..." I mumbled as I felt myself drift off to sleep, sprawled out on my bed, too lazy to even get under the covers. I did, however, curl up on my se and hug a pillow to me, snuggling it.

"Your...never...gonna...fit...in...much....kiiiid..." I whispered into the pillow, singing a bit of my favorite retro punk song by My Chemical Romance. I fell asleep with that very true song, Teenagers, playing in my head.
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(but if you're troubled and hurt
what you got under your shirt
will make 'em pay for the things that they did. Hehe, love that song.)

I walked through the door of the office, sitting down in the velvet red chair, holding my hands nervously in my lap. A large leather chair's back was facing me.

"How cliche.." I muttered, awaiting the figure to spin around, with slicked back hair and an Italian accent.

Not exactly.

A man of about 50 whriled around, with gray hair and aging skin.

"Hello Ms. James. My name is Ricktor Kisnor. I'm head of the races and I'm asking for a favor."

"O...k. What do you need?"

"Well, it'll be kind of difficult. Do you think you'll be up to it?"

"I will be once you tell me what I'm doing." a level of cattiness arose in my tone, and I was sending small glares in his direction."

"Well, see, it has come to my attention that some of the racers are being harrased and I want you to be a...body guard of some sorts. It would be very bad to have someone...harmed."

"Well who do you want me to protect?"

"Kimasae Litheran."

I was relieved that it was someone I knew. I sighed and started to stand.

"Wait. Do not make yourself known, okay?"

"You want me to...spy on her?"

He nodded.
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(They said that teenagers scare
the living ____ outta me.)

Silas returned to his hotel room and took a shower, then changed up his clothes. He went out with his laptop and found a small cafe on one of the corners of the bustling city. He picked a table in the corner and turned on his laptop after ordering a coffee and a bagel.

Silas exited the cafe a couple hours later, satisfied with the parts he had manage to aquire. He had them sent to his dorm at Oxford, and he headed back to the track.

He found a few people tinkering around with their hovercars. Their vehicles looked bulky and boxy compared to his sleek, arrowhead hoverbike, and Silas snickered at this. He inspected his bike once, then got ready to strip-clean it.
He glanced back while he was working to see a girl, most likely a guard, with two revolvers on her somewhat curvy hips. She was pretty, in a foreign sort of way. He elongated his tongue and licked the majority of his lower face, hoping she would notice. Instead she huffed and had a temper as she stamped up the stairs and the sound of the summons over the intercom.
'Shes got attitude' Silas said to himself. Good. He shook his head and laughed quietly to himself as he got back to work.

The Grand Mall was a fifty floor metal-colored building, each of the floors occupying a variety of merchandise. The first three floors were food goods, restaurants, and the famous world market, where one could buy any sort of fresh fruits and vegetables. The next three floors had fast food restaurants, cafés, shops, bowling alleys, arcades, interlink cafés and many more. From that point on I did not really know what was on the other floors. A person would need a whole month just to see everything that they had on the first ten floors. But the girls were making it look as if it was easy as stealing candy from a baby. They skipped the first three floors simultaneously, with the intension of buying some goods at the end of the day. Their main event was the power window-shopping. The second that the elevator doors opened at the fifth floor also known as “the shop world”, the girls charged out of it, resembling a stampede, but unlike the scared horses, they were more anxious and impassioned than spooked.

Seeing their gorgeous bodies thrust made me feel better, since I was already bored to certain death. Somehow window shopping was not in my style, and for a second I had thought, that I could be down at the hotel, keeping an eye on sexy Sae. Wow, did I just call Sae sexy? Haha, I really must be getting bored. In truth, Sae really was sexy in a mature way. She looked like a grown up woman that would know just how to satisfy a man in any way. I was lucky, that my first sexual experience was with such type of woman- one that knew how, when and where. Why I had never shown interest in Sae was beyond me. Beyond almost everyone else as well. When I had won my first race she was the one to give me the cup. I was famous for being a loose fish back then, and everyone thought that I would try my luck with her, but I did not. Since I know more about her now, than before, I know that she would have not fallen for me, but back then I was too into racing to even think so. Simply friends was the issue back then, and I think that everyone was surprised of it. I personally think Sae was offended, thinking I thought of her as a lesser girl. I guess there was something wrong with me. When I had seen her curvy naked body I had not felt the same as I would feel if I see some other girl naked. There surely must be something wrong with me.


“Come on, this’ll be fun!” May said catching my left arm, trying to pull me in a huge shop, through which windows I could see tones of clothes. Celestina was helping her, by pulling my right arm.

“Alright, alright.” I said and before I knew it I was in the shop. May, Celestina and Marianela were observing girl’s clothes and I was just sitting in the middle of the shop ready to fall asleep.

“Alright, put these on.” May shouted in my right ear, scaring me out of my semi-dream and back into reality. I took the clothes somehow grumpily, went to the dressing room and put the brown trousers on. I went out and the girls, applauded May for the good choice of clothesfor me and started commenting, but I really did not listen to them. I was imagining how I was driving in the races. Oh, how I wish Charger was here, so I can hop in it and escape from them.” So what do you think, JJ” asked May and I looked at Celestina. She had put on a black very low-necked, short-sleeved shirt with two embroidered edelweiss flowers blossomed on the tops of her breasts. The shirt was two sizes too little for her breasts, which strained the shirt’s low neck, outlining and revealing much more from her breasts than intended.

“Nice touch….” I said, my eyes glued on a particular part of her shirt. “ Really nice touch, but brighter colors suit you better. If the shirt was light green or, pink…?”

“But it would be just perfect for Sae, won’t it?” said May, looking at me with a mischievous smile on her face.

“Sae?” both twins asked as if someone had spoken their worst enemy’s name.

“Yeh, you know, Sae, won’t she look gorgeous in it?” May asked and looked at it. I looked at Celestina and her shirt, but could not imagine Sae in it. May be, because Celestina’s breasts distracted me.

“I don’t know. See to say!” I told May and continued watching Celestina’s breasts. Why am I such a pervert? “Take it, May, she’ll love it.” I said, but in truth did not know for sure. Just a feeling inside that gave me that idea. Call it guts. Call it intuition. May tucked it in with the others she was going to buy and gave me a blouse to go with the trousers, but which did not go with the black glove on my right hand. “Alright, I like it.” I said. We went out of the shop and continued on. The fifth floor was huge and we were still not half way through all the shops, when they entered yet another one. I entered with them and gasped. In the shop we entered was a life-time supply of various women’s underwear. I felt like I was in heaven, but quickly got back to my senses and tried to get out. May grabbed my hand, stopping me and asked:”Where are you going?”

“Gonna go get some coffee. It’s already passed eleven. I need to recharge the boredom batteries with some coffee, CD shopping and perhaps some arcade gaming. Besides, this shop’s women only. So being here right now, makes me a pervert.”

“And you’re not?” Celestina said putting a pink bra and bikini shoulder in front of her so that I could compare.

”If you gals’d like, when you’re finished here, you can come to the forth floor and fetch me, so we can go have a snack, or may be a lunch on the third floor.”

“You’re leaving me with these two hotties in a panty shop all alone.” May whispered to me, so that the twins won’t hear it.

“Yes! I know you enough to be sure that you will yield to the temptation. Besides, you’re faithfulness to April is stronger than death itself.” I said and opened the door to get out. Celestina waved at me while she and her twin sister were looking at some pink bras. “That’s the wrong size, Celestina, make them order an Extra large.” I thought. Man will I ever stop thinking this kind of stuff?

“Bye!” I said quietly and as I was leaving tripped over the chair that was on the right of the door and exited, hearing the girls giggle. So pathetic!
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(Ophelia POV)

I was lying in an open field, gazing up into the starry night. The grass below me was damp with something wet, probably dew. I could taste something metalic on my tongue and I licked my lips to discover a cool wetness. Blood. I tried to struggle to my feet, but my body was paralyzed. I tried to move my right hand, but I found I couldn't move that either. I stiffly turnd my head to look at my right hand. I stiffled a gasp as I saw that I had no hand, I had no arm either. My right shoulder was a bloody stump. Blood was pooling beneath my body and I realized that it wasn't dew I had felt, it was my own blood. Tears ran down my face as I turned to my left to look at my other arm. I turned to find a pale face next to mine. Ivory. Her face was frozen in terror and she was clearly dead. I felt a scream rip its way out of my throat. My screams echoed in the field and they soon took on a different pitch, they became higher pitched and louder each second...

I woke up to the ringing of a phone next to my head. I snuggled deeper into the pillow, trying to ignore the obnoxious sound. The ringing seemd to grow louder by the second though, and soon I gave up and rolled over to answer the phone, the nightmare already slipping from my thoughts. I reached blindly for a few seconds, trying to grab the receiver. When I had gotten a grip on the handle, I sat up and rubbed my eyes, resisting the urge to yawn. "Waddayawant?" I moaned. The other voice at the end of the line laughed and I recognized my mother almost instantly. "It's after noon and you are still asleep? Why did you go to San Francisco to do that when you could have just as easily done that here in Sector 11?" She sighed, mild amusement in her tone. "I blame the jet lag..." I laughed, getting used to being awake. My mind was starting to clear from the foggy haze and the irregularity of the call was starting to dawn on me. Kathelene Graham didn't believe in sing the telephone, sh said it was to impersonal. I sat up straighter, instantally alert.

"What's up?" I asked, knowing there was an ulterior motive behind her call. I looked around the room. It was the standard suite you would find at any nice hotel. The furniture was slightly above standard and the room was spacious enough. The walls were painted a deep red with fake mohogany panelling. (In the early 21st century, lumber companies had all but used up the lumber supply, leaving only a small amount left. Quality wook was expensive and hard to find.) I didn't hear anyone else in the room, so I assumed Ivory was still out. I looked at the clock and frowned. She had been gone for three hours. Where could she be? I turned my attention back to my mother when she let out a small sigh. "There have been some problems..." She started quietly.

A half an hour later, I had said goodbye to my mother and hung up the phone. I was exhausted again, but this time with the weight of the knowledge that I held. I picked up my cell phone, preparing myself to give the news to Ivory.

(Ivory POV)

I sipped the cup of coffee Milos had handed me and winced as it scalded my tongue. We had ended up going to a nearby coffee shop in the mall after I had bought the book I had dropped. Milos had insisted that it wasn't necsasarry, but the book had intrigued me anyway. "So basically, the book discusses the formation of the inhuman clans during the revolution in the early 21st century." He said as he sat down across from me. "It goes into detail about the different sects of werewolves and the hierachy of the vampires." I glanced up at him, frowning. "I knew vampires had clans, but I never studied into it very much..." I admitted, ashamed, "My family always sheltered my twin sister and I." Milos smiled understandingly. "Is your sister a vampire too?" He asked. I nodded no and he looked startled. "But you are a vamp, right?" I nodded yes this time. "I inherited the vampire gene, but for some reason, Ophelia was born a werewolf, like my father. Everyone always asks me why and I never have an answer to give them." I shrugged. He nodded thoughtfully at that, lost in thought. I looked at his tattoo again, the red ink formed intricate lettering that was probably long since forgotten by the world. "How old are you?" I asked, blushing red as soon as the question left my lips. He raised his eyebrows, "Too old for you." He said simply, which only made me blush harder. "What about you?" He asked in turn. "I turn 16 in a week." I answered quietly. "Ah, so young." He teased. I glared at him, but my cell phone cut me off from replying.

"Ivory, we have a big problem." I sighed, leave to Ophelia to be melodramatic. "Mom just called" She clarified. Shit. Now I knew something was really wrong. "There's going to be some trouble... With the elders" She went on. My heart froze. I may not have known much about the vampire politics, but I knew that the elders were a group not to be messed with. I turned at looked at Milos again, wondering if he had any part in the "trouble" that was going to happen.

"Ma'am, there is no spa here..."


There was a sigh.

"Want me to call a hover-cab for you?"

"Yes, please!" I chircped, smiling widely, and followed the disgruntled desk clerk. I totally ruined the little nerdy guy's week, I could tell by his emotastical body stance as he held the door open for me. The nap had done me wonders, rejuvinating me entirely and returning all my energy. The built up energy needed releasing so I was in full hyperactive spazz mode.

'I think worrying about my injuries made me depressed...or its jet-lag. Either one, I feel great now!' I giggled slightly as the seat in the hover-cab squeaked. I was all decked out for a mall excursion...ok, not really.

I wore a black pair of oversized sweatpants that fell low on my waist and dragged on the floor at my heels, a thight cami that showed off pale skin up top and at my flat belly. On my feet were brown slip-ons and my hair was pulled back in a long ponytail that fell to my lower back. I had a simple loose fabric, tan pocketbook, full with a whole lot of nothing, my money being in a wallet in my pant's pocket. It did, however, hold a brush, mirror, makeup, another pair of colored contacts, bandages, my cell phone, and coverup.

"To the mall, my good chum!" I said happily to the grumpy little man behind the wheel. He gave me a strange look for what felt like an eternity, and my grin faded, happiness replaced by panick and solidifying in the pit of my stomach. When he finally looked away I peeked at my reflection and sighed. Everything was fine. My colored contact disguised the newly revealed blood lust, and coverup hid the marking. I knew that going out with that symbol glaring out at the world would most likely get me jumped...again.

I didnt know SanFrancisco like I did Sector 11, and I could very well be in my own clan's ground for all I knew.

'Being an outcast, they wouldnt recognise me or care. Either way, Id be dead.' I thought dismaly, and stared out the window.

"So, whatcha headin to tha Grand Mall for anyways? Ya look like yer dressed fine, ta me." the greasy voice of the driver floated back to me along with the rotting stench of foul meat. I glanced at the rear view mirror and saw him oogling my low-cut cami.

"Watch the road, little man." I snarled, crossing my arms over my chest and flicked my hair over one shoulder to hide the revealed skin on my chest.

"Didnt mean no offense missy. Just yer a good lookin girly for a tourist type." He muttered but returned his eyes to the air as he expertly weaved in and out of the clogged mid-afternoon traffic.

"There went my good mood." I mumbled under my breath, pinching the bridge of my nose in irritation. The rest of the ride was silent and tense, and I was incredibly releived to escape the musty hover-cab and dove ingto the crowds at the front doors of the mall.

15 minutes later.

"GAH! BLOODY HELL! Freakin' mobs, man!" I gasped as I finally squeezed out of the pack of writing people trying to shove their way in or out the few doors like the place was on fire. I felt disgruntled, off-balance, and somehow violated. Just being that close to complete strangers was enough to make me shiver and spazz out, rubbing my hands up and down my arms as if scrubbing off germs. I checked my pockets for my wallet and then for my cell phone. Finding them in their respective hidey-holes, I looked around.

"God, this place is HUGE!" I gaped as I walked into the middle and stared straight up at multiple floors.

"How in THe hell am I supposed to find a music store in here? Betcha' Ill get lost in 5 minutes. Betcha' twenty bucks." I said, earning alarmed stares from passerbys as I talked to myself. Suddently I felt my phone fibrate, and I pulled it out, and touched the screen, unlocking the functions as its scanner recognizd my fingerprint.

"Hello?" I walked over to a bench and sat down, plugging my other ear with a finger to try and hear my caller.

"Sae?" I blinked in suprise at the voice that asked my name in such worry.

"Boss? Why are you calling me, old man?" II asked, my voice projecting the happiness at recieving the unexpected call. There was a famliliar booming laugh from the other end.

"What, I cant call to check up on my favorite little source of income?"

"No." I snapped playfully.

"Haha, well too bad, all the customers down here miss ya. Apparently Im not as good a barkeep as you."

"Really? Huh, so I get to keep my job when I get back?" Ther was a confuzed pause on Gregory's end.

"When did I say anthing about you loosing your job, Sae?" I sighed.

"You didn't, but you might consider it when you see whats happened to me..." I trailed off, pressing my ice cold fingerse to my equally cold face.

"Sae? Sae...what happened? Was it another attack? Did Jason try something?! Is your wound infected?! Do I need to fly up there? you know I can-"

"Gregory, shut up." I couldnt help but break out in peals of laughter as my bodybuilding, burly manly-man of a boss imitated a fussy, overprotective mother chicken.

"But I-"

"Gregory, its fine, it was sarcasm. You could never sense that, remember?" I lied, my face opposing the cheery tone of my voice. He sighed and we talked about little things like how the club was holding up and how some of our favorite customers were doing. Eventually the conversation wore down to the comfortable silence that my boss and I often shared when we had nothing more to talk about that wouldnt cause tension.

"Sae are you-"

"Im fine, boss. Ill call you back later alright Mom." I snickered as I heard him growl under his breath as I tesed him.

"Alright fine. Be careful up there. You know there are Aringotics up there just like here."

"I know, and I will." I said, serious for once. "Talk to you later, Gregory." I hung up the phone and stared at it. Antagonizing thoughts ran through my head. He knew about the clans and the Hunger, but I hadnt dared to tell him about why or who I was attacked by. This was something much bigger than an atempted lynching. I wasnt sure exactly what was going on at the moment, but I could tell something big and scary was looming on the horizon of tomorrow.

I shivered, suddenly craving company. I looked back down at my phone.

"I wonder...if he'll pick up..." I whispered. I flipped to my contacts and stared at the digital "JJ" placed there. May had hijacked my phone some time during the long plane flight and had inserted everyones phone numbers. I had hers, Jason's, Celestina's and Marianela's. I had left May's and Jason's contact names the same, even though May herself was the only one to call Jason that. The twins however...were now named, "Twin Bitch 1" and "Twin Bitch 2". I highlighted Jawson's name and stared at the phone until the screen dimmed. I sighed and tapped the send button twice, once to wake the phone up and again to dial.


"Hello?" I flinched when I heard the annoyed tone to Jason's voice.

"Uhm, hi Jason. Its Sae." I murmured.

"Oh! Sae! I thought you were asleep at the hotel!"

"Huh? How did you know? I didnt even say anything to the twinnies." I said, suprised.

"Oh, uh, uhm, I figured as much. I mean...they said you headed back up to your room, and you were still recovering and all..." HE stumbled along like he was nervous, or knew something I didnt.

"Oh, yeah. Ok, I did tell them I was heading back. I wasnt feeling so hot after all." I said, pressing my fingertips to my temple in exhasperation.

"Soooo...whats the matter, Sae? I cant imagine this is a call just to chat." I could almost see his letcher's smile.

"No, you guys never told me where you were going, other than the oh-so-specific, 'shopping'." I managed to even do the air quotes with the phone pilled to my ear with my shoulder. Like that did a whole lot for Jason, but I usually talked with my hands.

"Oh, sorry about that. We went to the shop like we said, but we're milling around the Grand Mall now. May and Celestina and Marianela are shopping for....er....undergarments. Im up on the fourth floor now, getting coffee." Jason said and in the background I could hear someone shouting out an order.

"Ah, well, actually Im in the mall too. Do you know where any good CD stores are?" I asked, standing up to go look up the gap between floors again.

"Yeah, meet me up here and we can go look. I wanted to go buy a new CD anyway." Jason said, and I perked up. Company. Sure it was pervy Jason, but it beat the heck out of sulking alone.

"Alright! Ill meet you outside the elevator, ok?" I said happily. I heard Jason chuckle.

"Dont get too excited now. Its not a date, just music shopping. I know you-"

"Bite me." I spat.

"Where?" He snipped right back and I gave a frustrated 'ugh' and hung up, heading towards the silver elevator doors.

"Oh boy, long day, long day." I said, squeezing into the already packed elevator.

"Loooooong day...."
There was a deep feeling inside me, a feeling that did not want to go away. I had seen something for a second. It was not supposed to be there and yet it was. I could not remember what though. I had left Celestina, Marianela and May to choose panties and though I was sure that they were really mad for ditching them, nothing could be done. I was trying to escape boredom for about thirty minutes, before I am thrown into another pool of maniacal window-shopping. “I wonder what Sae is doing. Hitting the snoozes most obviously” I thought. Then it hit me. It was Sae that had made a strange impression on me. It was that same moment when I had seen her naked. Something was missing on her, and by that I did not mean clothes. I took out the laptop and put it on a near by table. In front of me was a mile long queue. I could not believe there were that many people in need of coffee. I turned on the laptop and retracted the video May and I had watched. Her curvy body had taken an erotic stand. My eyes were looking at every inch of her body, from her feet up to her firm butt, then climbed up her spine and finally found what I was looking for. I had finally got to her neck when my eyes had slide on the left towards the mirror she was looking herself into. The one thing that was missing was her patch. Sure she had taken shower, so she had to take it off, but that was not the thing that had made the impression. The iris and tattoo above her right eye. The iris was red. “Bloodlust! Sae, having a bloodlust? That’s so not like her?” I thought. I increased the image to see the tattoo better. It was a rose with a dagger tattoo that looked as if it was made in the local tattoo parlor, but I knew better. The tattoo was not there before the attack, and the doctors did not make it as a bonus, for being a nice bloodsucker. I put the image inside the search program and clicked on the start button. In a minute I found out that I had no information on the tattoo. I turned my cell phone on, went in the phone’s list, and dialed a friend of mine.

“Hey, Sphynx, how ya doin’?” I said

“Hello, Jason, my maaan!!!” a husky voice said from the other end of the line. It was Sphynx the number one hacker in America. Even I did not know who he was but I knew that if there was someone who can find the information that would be him. ”You know that hacking thefts went down thirity two percent when you walked out of the game?”

“Really, didn’t think I was that important. But I guess that if you clear out hacking would be down sixty percent!” I said and we both laughed. “Hey, listen I need you to do me a favor.”

“Anything, maan!”

“I’m sending you an image. Could you find anything about it?”

“Ok!” he said. I turned off the cell phone, closed the laptop and continued waiting on the queue. Things were going so slowly I was getting not only bored, but annoyed as well. Suddenly my cell phone started ringing scaring the Jesus out me.

"Hello?" I shouted out with an annoyed tone.

"Uhm, hi Jason. Its Sae." A female voice murmured.

"Oh! Sae! I thought you were asleep at the hotel!"

"Huh? How did you know? I didnt even say anything to the twinnies." she said suprised. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” I swore in my thoughts.

"Oh, uh, uhm, I figured as much. I mean...they said you headed back up to your room, and you were still recovering and all..." I stumbled along nervously as I thought out of a lie.

"Oh, yeah. Ok, I did tell them I was heading back. I wasnt feeling so hot after all." She said. I felt relief. She had taken it in.

"Soooo...what’s the matter, Sae? I cant imagine this is a call just to chat." I said. I knew what she was going to say. If she was not in bed she would surely be in the Mall. It was the only place she could go.

"No, you guys never told me where you were going, other than the oh-so-specific, 'shopping'." She said. “Right on!” I thought. Then this would give me the perfect time. We would be all alone; there would be no one to support her. It’s perfect for interrogation. I knew that Sae would never tell me the truth out like that. She was the kind of person to rather hide anything troublesome in order to prevent panic in the eyes of her friends. She would try and solve everything on her own. Well, not this time.

"Oh, sorry about that. We went to the shop like we said, but we're milling around the Grand Mall now. May and Celestina and Marianela are shopping for....er....undergarments. I’m up on the fourth floor now, getting coffee." I said and turned the phone towards the cafeteria as someone was shouting out an order.

"Ah, well, actually Im in the mall too. Do you know where any good CD stores are?" she asked.

"Yeah, meet me up here and we can go look. I wanted to go buy a new CD anyway." I said.
"Alright! Ill meet you outside the elevator, ok?" I said happily. I heard Jason chuckle.

"Dont get too excited now. Its not a date, just music shopping. I know you-" I said, but she interrupted me.

"Bite me." Sae spat.

"Where?" I snipped right back and she gave a frustrated 'ugh' hunging up on me.

After five minutes my turn had come. I order a coffee and at that moment Sphynx called me back. He had found out some very interesting things about the tattoo. I was furious with Sae. Why hadn’t she said anything about it? She is such an egoist! She always wants the trouble all for herself. I took the coffee, paid it and went to the elevator doors. The huge mob had already gone out of the elevator, but Sae was nowhere to be seen. I looked around and finally saw her a little to right of a vending machine, waiting for me. Hm, the coffee must have taken more than I have anticipated. She looked a bit pissed-off. She looked great in her black oversized sweatpants. They fell low on her waist and dragged on the floor at her heels. She also had a tight cami that showed off pale skin up top and at her flat belly. She wore brown slip-ons and her hair was pulled back in a long ponytail that fell to her lower back. She looked gorgeus. Her waist was a sensation for my eyes and the tattoo on her eye…

“You look smashing, Sae!” I said.

“Thanks.” She said a bit annoyed. What’s that for. Women these days- you try and be tolerant friend and they blame you for not acknowledging them, you let out a compliment and you’re crowned pervert of the century. If that’s the way you want it then so be it. my gaze lowered.

“Well, let’s go.” I said. We started walking together silently and soon found a CD shop. I had not asked her about her tattoo, her eye had a contact lens, because it was not red anymore. She on her part did not seem to want to talk about anything yet. She seemed pissed off. She was looking up at some CDs. “Is everything ok, Sae?” I asked. She turned around sharply. We were facing a stand full of old CDs from the early Twentieth First century. In her hands was an Eminem Album. Her grip was almost crushing the poor rapper’s head.

“No, not at all!” she hissed. I did not know what I had said. I was only five minutes late.

“Is it because I was a bit late, ‘cause if it’s so, then you should know that if I hadn’t kicked the ass of a few guys in front of me, you would have waited thirty minutes.” I said and laughed.

“Not funny, Jason! You should never make a lady wait!” her hiss was even more threatening.

“Ah-huh, you’re right. Hey, you wearing contacts?” I asked, trying to start the interrogation.

“Huh, n-no, don’t try and change the subject…” she said, lowering her head so that her hair would hide her eyes.

“Yeh, yeh, don’t be late for a date…” I said.

“We’re not on a date!!!” she shouted out as loud as she could, everyone in the shop looking at us.

“Sorry, sorry my bad. What I wanna know is where you got that nice tattoo.” her face went even paler as her eyes looked on the left. A clear sign that someone was figuring out a lie.

“A tattoo parlor, near the hotel, why do you ask?” she said, turned around and tried to leave. It was a clear desire to control the situation, but I wasn’t falling for it. I quickly stopped her, turned her around and forced her on the wall on our right. The high shelves of the stands hid us from everyone now so no one saw her punching me in the face. It was more of an instinctive punch. Her speed and agility were above mine, but her strength or rather punch force was way below mine, so her fist was just staying in the same way, as if she had hit a wall. She retracted her arm and rested it on mine which were raped around her waist, keeping her from running away. “Let me go, or else I’ll…”

“Or you’ll what, hm? Sae, don’t you understand, you can’t lie to me!” I said. “Tattoo parlor near the hotel? What da ya take me fer- low-life degenerate? This is the Hikori's Iki Ikichi.” I said. An amazed expression formed on her face, but I did not let her ask the question I already knew she would ask. “I am not just some wanna-be HC racer. I am… I use to be a hacker, and I have a few friends which can get to any information through internet.”

“But you should have known about my eye in advance.” She said with her face as close to mine as could be. My right hand let go of her waist and took out a small black cube from underneath my right pocket. I put it at her right hand.

“This is a Cathier’s cube. It detects any kind of tapping and hidden cameras. I’m giving it to you so you can use it on your room, when we get back in the hotel. You’ll find one in your jacket’s collar. I have put it on, so don’t take it off, or at least, put it on something that you will wear?”

“You have put a camera on my jacket?” she said her arms taking hold of my throat. Her grip was not that much of a problem as much as her nails that were digging deep in my throat.

“Well, after… the attack… I could… not, let you walk around on…. your own…so…” I said and in the same time tried to breath in a couple of times.

“Ok!” she said, let go of my throat and tried to push away my hands. “Let go of me!”

“No, not yet! Let me help you. You can’t handle them on your own.”

“Yes I can! And I will! You just be a good pervert and stay away.” she said annoyed.

“No, no, no, no! You don’t get it, do you? I can’t just watch. I’m already involved in this. Everyone around you is. Sooner or later they will attack you, through us! You know that! What would have happened then, if I hadn’t found out now, hm? What, you want May to be kidnapped and killed?”

“Shut up! I can handle them all! I can prevent attack! I’m better than you think!!!” she said angrily her fists hitting my chest. If it was some other girl, she would have cried out, she would have burried her face in my chest, but not Sae. She had a mighty will power. She did not know the meaning of crying from sadness. She was too strong to do so. She was the kind of girl that would go through hundreds of horrors and would still smile, try and continue her life as if nothing had happened.

“I’m not saying you are weak. Sure, everyone has a bad day, once in a while. Even I have had one! What I’m saying is that you should not forget that you have friends, real friends!” I said in an instant. Her body had relaxed, allowing my hands to pull her closer to me. Her face was so close that if it went closer, our noses would touch. She was holding her breath. In my opinion she was too spooked from the whole bizarre situation that she could not even instinctively fight me off, but in truth I did not know for sure. Sometimes she was a mystery to me I raised my right arm and put it on her shoulder. “So, are ya gonna let me in on everything or not?”

“Sure!” she said and I let go of her waist. “You seem to know everything anyway.”
A Non-Existent User
"What kind of trouble?" I breathed into the phone, not wanting Milo to hear the conversation. I wasn't completely sure I could trust him. "The bad kind." Ophelia said grimly, "There have been arignotic attacks in Sector 11 since we have left. On both sides." I sat back, stunned. I let my gaze flicker over to my companion. Milo was raising his eyebrows at me in a silent question, I pointedly ignored him and turned my attention back to Ophelia. "We've only been gone for two days! How bad can things have possibly gotten?" I demanded. There was a long pause before I heard Ophelia sigh over the phone. "Let's put it this way. There may be no Sector 11 when we get back. Huge gang wars are spreading like wild fire, Mom and dad are leaving for Sector 76 this evening." I nodded numbly, and then realized how ridiculous that was, considering Ophelia couldn't see me. "OK, do we have to go back?"

"No, even if I wanted to, mom told us to stay here. She said it would be safer." Ophelia sighed. "But, listen, I gotta go. I'll see you soon. ok?" I did some sighing of my own. "All right." I said grudgingly. I hung up my cell phone with a click and sat there for a moment, brooding. A cough jolted my senses and I realized I had completely forgotten about Milo sitting accross from me. "What's new? If you don't mind me asking..." He asked lightly, playing with his coffee cup. I tried to be non-chalant as I sipped from my cup, rethinking anything I had said that he might have heard. "Nothing, just some issues to take care of when I get back home." I said airily. His eyes sharpened. "And where would that be?" I shrugged as I took a long gulp of coffe, "Sector 11," I mumbled. He sat back, surprised, his dark eyes widening. "You live in the Sector 11." He asked, astonished. Not for long... I thought.
"Pfft...know everything my butt..." I chided myself silently as I tried for the third time to explain to Jason my confusing past.

"Ok, lets try this again." I sighed, pinching my nose. I kept my hand a goodly distance away from my cheek, having just rescently applied fresh coverup. A mall was not the best place to host a mob fight.

"Ok, so far, Ive gotten that you were adopted. Now, by who? And who were your birth parents? A dutchess or something I think you said..." Jason said, chin leaning on clasped hands and eyes bright with curiosity staring at me in anticipation. I coulnt help the smile that itched to appear, so I let it slide across my face and shook my head, laughing.

"You act so excited. Like its a big fairytale story and your a little kid on your ma's knee." I said, grinning. He pouted slightly and sat back. He actually looked kind of....cute when he pouted. I shook my head again, brushing the thought from my mind. He was a hacker..and not just a hacker, but a spy and a pervert too! He had put a camera in my room for gods sake!

Suddenly my face flamed up in a bright red blush. My jacket was on my bed. I had paraded in front of my bed...totally nude. I felt fury rise up in my throat like firey bile. My fingers twitched to reach out and refresh the fingernail marks I had left on his neck. Sadly, the table was too wide for me to reach across without throwing myself on the table. Instead I chenched my still shaking hands in my lap and took a calming deep breath.

"What a weird day..." I murmured and I looked up at Jason, who looked oddly hurt all of a sudden.

"What?" I asked, blinking.

"You didnt hear a word I said, did you?" He pouted again and I couldnt help the flutter in my stomach. I grunted and grabbed the cup of tea in front of me, sipping it through the straw.

"See, I knew it! You never listen. Your supposed to listen to your friends, you know?" He sat back in his chair and sighed, looking off into the coffee store we sat next to. I chuckled and it drew his stare. That was only the fifth time he had said we were friends. He seemed rather proud of his new title, once I had admitted it in the CD store after he had forced my secret out in the open.

"Im sorry Jason, what did you say?" I asked, setting the cup back down on the table, and crossing my arms over my chest. He perked back up and leaned his elbows on the table, looking at me with that energetic look again. 'Ugh, cant he ever be serious?' I thought, disgruntled. He had seemed serious in the CD store, but I was still so weirded out by everything that had happened, that a lot of it probably wasnt going to register for at least a few days.

"I said, that maybe your mother was royalty or something and that you were destined to be a very powerful clan leader!" He said, and I stared at him, mouth agape.

"What?!?" I gasped as the incredulous theory penetrated my brooding thoughts. I busted up laughing then, and Jason joined in after a moment. It was suprising how much I had opened up to him once he knew what I tried so desperately to hide. Maybe he was right. Maybe having friends isnt so bad after all.

Panting, I finally stopped laughing and wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. "Ah, thats a good one. Sadly, no." I sighed and sobered down some, fiddling with my bendy straw. "I dont really know who my birth parents are. Alls I know is what little bit my foster human parents knew, and what I learned from my attacker. My parents had said that my parents were wonderful people who fought for the free rights off all creatures, not matter what race. They had a book too. It had all kinds of symbols and drawings in it, and they taught me to recognize them all. They taught me that they were all the clan symbols, and which ones I needed to avoid at all cost. Hiroki..." I tapped my forehead where the tattoo was hid. "..he was a particularly nasty bastard. Incredibly religious, he followed the vampire volumes very closely. He teaches his clan that we vampires are the antivirus to the human disease. He thinks that inhumans and humans breeding and living together is simply disgusting." I shrugged.

"Apparently he and my birth parents had a dissagreement and he killed them. Now..." I leaned foreward and lowered my voice so that only Jason could hear me. "...what I got from the creepy guy that set me up to kill the little girl, was that all the elders were in on it. Even my mother's elders. That would be my grandfather. Ive thought about this for a while now. The attacker called my mother a Dutchess, and said he lost his arm to my father. That means a really big battle must have occured, right? Well for something like an assasination of a baien couple-"

Jason's confused look cut me off and I paused in my speculation to clarify the vampiric term.

"Oh, right...uhm, baien is the word in the old language for an aristocratic couple."

"Oh ok." Jason nodded and I continued on.

"If they were assasinated, then the other elders that were in alliance with my own clan would have taken revenge swiftly, not to mention my clan would have demolished them in white fury. Since nothing happened and I was stolen away to a secret place to human parents must mean that something really big happened. Something that warranted the assasination of a young, powerful couple with a newborn. All of the Elders must have been in on it, and if it was an assasination, that means they didnt want the other clan memebers to find out about it. I think thats why my attacker wanted the police to execute me for feeding on the child." I winced at my own reference to the grisly incident, and tugged my arm under the table from where it rested propped up on my elbow as I talked with my hands again.

"Whats the matter?" Jason asked after I stayed silent for a moment. "Whats wrong with your arm Sae?"

I doggedly looked at a little whorl in the table's surface as I sat back in my chair, my hand clamped over my scarred wrist.

"Sae...look at me."

"No..." I hissed, determined that he should not know about this. I couldnt bear to have him mock me for my moment of weakness.

"Sae you told me that you would tell me everything!" Jason hissed, the anger in his voice wafting over me like tangible heat.

"I cant..." I said, looking up at him. I blinked in suprise when he was no longer in the seat in front of me. I felt something warm grab my shoulder, then my forearm, jerking it out from under the table. In my suprise, I had let it go slack, and Jason, now standing next to me, got a good look at the twin crescents forever marring my wrist. I swiftly wrenched my arm from his grip and lurched out of my chair, backing away from him, indignant.

"I cant beleive you! How dare you-"

"Sae, who did that to you?" The quiet fury in Jason's voice caused my own anger to falter and my words to fade. His face was dark and his fists were clenched. I backed up furthur and bumped into a pillar that decorated the front of the coffee shop.

"You dont want to know." I said quietly, looking away from him, down at my toes.

"Tell me Sae."


"Sae..tell me!" He shouted, rage evident in his voice.

"You wont like the answer." I whispered. Vice grip hands grabbed ahold of my shoulders and I looked up in shock.

"Tell me." Jason growled, his face only a few inches away from mine. Never in the span of time that I had known Jason, had I ever seen him so angry. In my current state I couldnt muster the anger to shove him away, to storm off. I simply stared up at him and uttered the condemning words.

"I did..." My head fell so my chin hit my chest, unable to look at Jason's reaction to my admission of weakness and shame. My hair fell in thin sheets to cover my face. I expected him to pull away, revulsion in his stare, or to shove me away and call me a coward, and undeserving to have friends. I did not, however, expect a hug.

"Sae...why?" He murmured, wrapping his arms around my shoulders and pulled my slim frame against him. "Why would you do something like that to yourself? Life is too much worth living. Why give it away like that?"

I suddenly let out a choked laugh. He thought I had done that as a way of suicide. It made sense. We could really only die from wound from another vampire, if they bled us dry.

"Jason, dont be a stupid pervert. Use the brain in your skull for once. I didnt do it to give away my life...it was to preserve the life of the little girl..." I whispered. His reaction seemed to lift an enormous weight off my shoulders. He seemed...worried about me. Ever since my foster parents had died, I had never had someone truly care about me. True, Gregory cared, but he was old and hairy. Jason was someone my age, someone who had girls all over him 24-7. Yet he was happy to be my friend and he cared...actually took time to worry about me.

"Sae...you are so weird." Jason said. I let out another laugh, but he did not join in. "Im serious. You put up this hard shell, like you dont care about anyone. Yet you go through hell to protect those you care about. You almost die to protect someone youve never met before in your entire life! You ask me to come with you to help you look for CD's then you flip out on me. I dont understand you...at all..."

"Thats just me." I said, forehead still pressed against Jason's collar bone, his arms still around my shoulders. "I cant help it...Im always..." I trailed off, not wanting to admit what tied yet kept me away from everyone else in the world.

"Always what Sae...you can tell me anything, you know..." He murmured into my hair, and my shoulders twitched in a supressed laugh.

'So you keep telling me. I thought, but took a shuddering breath and closed my eyes.

"Im always....afraid. Afraid of getting to close to people. I know Im just a giant danger magnet, but...Im a lot different then people think. Im hyper...Im bubbly and spaztic on the inside. I keep the steryotipical visage of a cold vampiress so that people dont get close...and get hurt because of me..." My voice cracked at the end and I clenched my fists against the flood of emotions that came with the admission of such a tender secret. I had never, ever told anyone that. Jason could destroy me with that information. I could take physical pain...but emotional...that was a paricular threshold I had not steeled myself in. I felt warmth flood my eyes and my breathing became tight.'Shit! No, no, no, no, no! I cant cry! I wont cry! Ill be ridiculed for life! I thought in a panick, but my body didnt seem to want to cooperate. All the tension, fury, stress, hurt, anger, saddness, and just plain weirdness of the last month or so washed over me and seemed to overwhelm my need for seeming strong.

"Sae...its alright. You have friends...friends that will be here for you, no matter what...and Im one of them." Jason said quietly, and gave me a soft squeeze with his arms. That sentiment, and the physical contact that I so dreaded yet sought in my heart broke the floodbanks. I sniffled and tears began sliding down my pale face. Jason twitched and tried to jerk back to look at me, but I grabbed his shirt, banging my forehead against his shoulder in an attempt to keep him from seeing my face.

"Dont. Just....just give me a minute...Im fine..." I wheezed, and stood there, a shaking pale figure, dark hair covering my face as shining tears dropped off my nose onto my shoes. It was going to be a very long day indeed.

Sae was a girl that I could not understand. I had known her to be a very strong person.
Determined to her very core. She knew her power both phisically and psychicly. Never
would I have even imagined that I would see her cry on my shoulder. I had tried to look
at her, but she stopped me by grabbing my shirt and pressing her head against my chest.
It was the first time I saw her like that.

“Don't. Just... Just give me a minute. I'm fine.“ she mumbled. Her body was shaking, and
her unimpeded tears were sliding on her. I did not see it, but I could feel it. If it was
someone else he would force her to look at him, he would try and cheer her up, but not me.
For one like me tears were a requirment, not a nuisance. One is not weakened by them, but
relieved. I raised my left hand and started caressing her hair. Her long black hair shined, as my fingers sank in it, reaching the basis and slowly slided down to her neck where they would stop and get back. After a few pets I felt her calm down. Her body was no longer shaking. She wiped her eyes with her left sleeve and raised her head. “I...“ she began, but I interrupted her.

“You know, we have a lot of things in common?“ I said smiling at her, and released her from
my grip.

“Oh? You had your family killed too?“ she said sarcastically. My smile vanished.

“Yes.“ I said with a grim face, memories catching hold of me.

“What? I thought that your parents died in a car accident.“she said.

“No, they didn't. Though everyone else thinks so, it is not the truth.“ I said.

“Really? Why didn't you tell anyone?“ she asked

“I was kid back then. I was scared and confused.“ I said. She looked at me. I knew that
look in her face. It was the same as mine a few minutes ago. She wanted to know more
about me.“Listen, I... let's talk about it some other time, ok?“

“Oh, no, you wanted to hear my story and I told you everything. Now it’s your turn and no buts, get it?“

“I...“ was the only thing I could say, because that very second an explosion accured.

The windows of all the shops in the near area burst into pieces. I hugged Sae, shielding
her from the flying pieces of glass. The glass ricocheted from my back.

“Damn it!” I shouted out. Sae’s face looked scared.

“Are you injured?” she asked.

“No, but my suit is ruined, and it was my favorite.”

“Idiot, don’t scare me for no reason!” she shouted and hit me on the head. We headed
outside. There was a mob running in the opposite direction of where the explosion had
occurred. We could hear their shouts for help, their chaotic steps sounding off in our
minds. We heard a shout of terror and just as we were going to try and find out what had
happened, we saw them. They were sixteen; every one of them dressed in black leather jeans,
black shirts with an unfamiliar to me insignia, on them. A street gang! Before I knew it
Sae had appeared right in front of one of them. Her speed was colossal. A white sword had
appeared in her hand and she had slashed the gangster in front of her. Wow, better go
there before there is nothing left for me. I ran forward towards the closest one to me. He suddenly
jumped forward with such a force that when he bumped into me, we both fell down. I was on
my feet the second after, having caught him by the throat. I smashed his occupit on the
near wall.

Another one attacked me, this one tried to slash me with a sword, and as I caught him by the wrist and pulled him on the ground I saw Sae slash another one. This moment that I saw her fight I felt a strange tremble in my body. Her beautiful long legs were in a steady position, ready to push her closer to her prey. Her hands held the bone sword firm in a slashing position. Her body was twisted in such a way that I could clearly see the outlines of her butt and breasts, her shirt lifted from the momentary change of poses in such a way that I could see her belly and waist. This strange feeling of arouse increased with every change in her position. Her movements were so quick I could only see short glimpses of her in a particular attack pose, slashing her victims in an elegant way. Her eyes were cool and steady. There was nothing in her now that reminded me of what she was a minute ago. She was no longer crying and shivering. In a way she looked like she was having fun, doing the thing she could most. Her opponents were different in races and abilities. All of them were inhumans at least that was for sure. Most of them were trying to attack her by force, but were quickly slashed, their attacks being dodged with a surprising agility. They were all dropping like flies, their numbers dwindling. Suddenly she turned around and looked at me.

“Are you gonna finish that?” she asked. I turned to face the inhuman which I had been pressing to the ground the whole time I was watching her. He had been hitting me at several spots of my body, but with the lack of force, I had not even sensed them. I let go of him and slapped him so hard that he lost conscience.

“Sorry.” I said and stood up. Suddenly I felt hundreds of pin-pricks all over my chest and arms. There were countless lines that were streaming from a sword held by a guy a few steps in front of me. The lines were actually knives flying at me in extremely high speed. They tore my suit’s jacket and shirt to pieces, but my skin repelled them.

“Damn it.” he swore, understanding that the knives were not doing any real damage to me at all. “Well, then let’s see you!” he said and pointed his sword at Sae. The knives started flying at her, but she deflected them all with her bone sword, without even breaking a sweat. Before I could do anything, she jumped him, and he jumped on the left in order to dodge hre fatal attack. Suddenly Sae stopped in midair trying to breathe in, as if some invisible hand was choking her. Two men appeared before Sae. One of them was short, dressed in black, just like all of the others. He had held his right arm on the other guy’s back. The other man was three feet tall. He was very muscular,, with a hairy body, but not head and almost naked, with the exception of wearing black shorts. His right arm was holding Sae in an iron grip. The second I saw Sae choke I had rushed for her. When the two men appeared, the shorter one had told me to stop or else his friend will kill Sae. I had not stopped, because I knew I was close enough. Problem was that the guy looked pretty tough. He probably was not going to be an easy picking and no matter what I did, it would still lead to Sae’s neck being crushed. As I was getting closer, I remembered what my step-father had told me: “The human body is like a pyramid, but turned upside-down. If you cut down the legs, no matter how mighty, the foe will crumble.” So be it. I took two more steps and being already a few inches away from them I ducked and attacked the legs with my hand. “Snake…Bite!” My hand hit the right leg of the tall guy. He stumbled, releasing Sae from his grip, and fell on the shorter guy. Sae fell down, coughing and trying to take breathe. I went to her.

“Are you alright?” I asked, she rose up and pushed me away. She was mad, no, more like berserk.

“You, low-life hair ball, how dare you touch me?” she shouted out and practically disappeared. She then appeared in front of the giant, slashing him in the eyes. He fell down on his knees, gripping his eyes and shouting as hard as he could. I had already turned my attention to the guy with the magical sword, who was now trying to shoot his knives at Sae again. I took a few steps and got in the way of the knives, which started ricocheting from me.

“Why don’t you die?” he shouted and the density and velocity of the knives increased. Suddenly I felt the knives actually cut through me. “That’s more like it.” he said and continued throwing the knives. I closed my eyes. I knew why they were cutting through me now. It was because the knives had more killing intent and the magic, protecting my skin was no longer enough.

“Imperial Cobra Style!!!” I shouted and a vast amount of magic flowed out of me and covered my bones, muscles and skin. I felt my strength triple and my skin no longer penetrated by the knives. On the contrary, the amount of magic covering my skin was so much that the knives were actually being deflected without touching the skin. I jumped him and hit him so hard in the stomach that he flew back and broke through the wall. As I turned around I saw the giant fall down covered in grievous wounds.

“You won this one, you bastards, but I’ll come back…” someone shouted, we could not see him. It must be the short guy that made the giant invisible. Suddenly, Sae jumped in the air and kicked it.

“What the…?” I thought but the second after that a bang sounded and I saw the short guy shrugging like a worm on the cold ground.

“I can smell the human blood on your shirt from a mile away.” Sae said landing on the ground not far away from the short guy. I turned around and saw a souvenir shop. In it were some nice black T-shirts on sale. I took out two of them and started wiping out the blood that was bleeding off of the minor wounds that covered my chest, stomach and shoulders. As I was doing that, I jumped, because Sae had kicked the guy on the ground in the stomach so hard that he had slid right in my direction. He hit the souvenir shop and scores of T-shirts fell down, covering him. I took out a few of them so that he could be seen and took one for myself.

“Are you OK?” she asked. I put on the clean T-shirt in my hand to hide the wounds.

“Argh, just a minor set-back.” I said. As I was about to say something I heard someone come from behind us. Sae had already turned around.

“Hello, Sae. Hey, there you are, JJ. What are you guys doing?” May said. She and the twins were the ones we had heard coming. It looked like they had done a bit of fighting too. Their clothes were a bit messed up, but on the whole they were uninjured. Sae tried to say something, but I interrupted her.

“Never mind what we are doing. Let’s get out of here.” I shouted. All of them nodded approvingly and we ran for the exit. As we went out we were greeted by a creepy feeling that had engulfed the streets that surrounded the Grand Mall. There were no vehicles on the streets and no pedestrians on the sidewalks. The parking under the Mall was a living hell. Scores of burned up, crashed cars were piled on a few of the exits, having hit each other, probably while trying to get out. The twins hopped in their vehicle, while me, May and Sae got in mine. Sae sat on the passenger’s seat and May, sat on Sae’s lap. I started the engine, and drove out, the twins followed me. On our way out I stopped suddenly.

“That’s weird!” I said getting out of the car.

“What is?” Celestina shouted out.

“Well, if a raid like this occurred, there should have been a dozen of lapsies parked right in front of the Grand Mall.”

“What do you think is going on?” asked Marianela.

“There are other raids close by. That’s the only logical explanation. Let’s get out of here, before the lapsies come.” I said, got back in Charger and closed the door. “Sae, you and I are switching places. You’re gonna sleep in with May from now on, OK?”

“What? Why?” May asked. I did not say anything. I put the electronic key in, turned on the engine, hit the gas pedal and released the clutch pedal. My HC charged!
A Non-Existent User
(Ophelia Pov)
I hung up the cell phone with a click, imersed in thought. Violence seemed to be erupting everywhere. Why the hell couldn't anybody get along? My conversation with Ivory hadn't helped my general mood either, she had seemed preoccupied, like she had been with somebody. My thoughts flashed to Sae or Jason, maybe she had met up with those guys on her walk... I shrugged, whatever I thought. I picked up one of the books by Sergei Lukyaneko I was reading and left the room to go sit in the lobby. The hotel room was to confining, and my wolf instincts liked open places better. The lobby was surprisingly deserted, I couldn't see anyone, I frowned. Now that I thought of it, I hadn't seen anyone since I had checked in. I set down the book on a nearby coffee table and quietly approached the hotel desk. I rang the bell a couple times, looking for the pimply faced facist.

"Hello?" I called for good measure. "Is anybody home?" The only answer I got was the whiring of the overhead fan. I cocked my head sideways and surveyed the room, nothing seemed to be wrong except for a strange copper smell that seemed to hang in the air. I sighed, the only way I would be able to find anybody was with my wolf senses. I cracked my shoulders and prepared myself for the unpleasant pain that usually came with partial transformations. I felt my eyes slide backwards and my ears rise and point. I clenched my fists as my nose elongatated into a muzzle and my teeth sharpened to points. To others, I looked like a regular girl... with a wolf head. My nose caught the faint copper smell immediatly, only this time it was a hundred times stronger. I recoiled in disgust as I recognized what it was... Blood.

I crept around the corner of the main desk. The first thing I saw was a lone foot sticking out at an awkward angle. Attached to the foot was the body of the desk clerk. His throat was obviously broken and a small dagger protruded from his chest. His eyes were glazed over in a perennial state of shock and terror. The shock of the discovery sent my body into convulsions. I sank to the floor as I shook over and over again. I could feel my hands forming claws and my legs turning into haunches. I didn't try to stop the transormation and soon I was small black wolf. My highly perceptive hearing picked up the faintest noise from down the hallway. I crept from behind the desk to find 5 teenagers all dressed in black coming towards the lobby. They all sported bloody knives.

I didn't even stop to think before I bared my teeth and leapt at them.
I ran down the pavement at a swift pace, keeping a hand on the knife at my side. The mob scene at the mall had been deadly, with blades flying everywhere. Sae and Jason had obviously had the situation under control though, so I hadn't tried to interfere. I reached my car quickly and slid in, more then willing to get as far away from the parking lot as soon as possible. The police hadn't shown up yet, which was odd, but they would soon and I didn't want to be nearby when they did. I started the engine and drove smoothly out of the parking lot. Trafic was packed, everyone seemed to be trying to get away at the same time. I could hear shouting from down the street. I frowned and stuck my head out of the window, straining to see what the commotion was. There was another shattering of glass from a shop a block or two away. There were more screaming and the sudden realization hit me, there were more raids going on elsewhere. Whatever the hell was happenng was big.

I backed the hover car up and did an illegal u-turn. I parked the car in the parking again and got out on foot, the car wouldn't help me any where I was going. I set off at a run to the store. The screams grew louder as I got closer. I unsheathed the dagger at my hip, looking for the tell tale black out fit of the gang. I reached the store and skidded to a halt in front of the broken glass pane only to find the store empty and riddled with destroyed merchandise. "Damnit!" I whispered under my breath. There was a scream from in back of me and I whipped around to see a man in black running out of a hotel, his arm almost completely torn off. I hurried across the street, ignoring the frantic honking of terrified pedestrians. I opened the hotel glass door to see a black wolf cornering a small group a gangbangers in the corner of the lobby. I squinted, something was familiar about the wolf, the dark hair... the red eyes. I gasped as it all clicked into place. "Ophelia!" I called out. The wolf spun on it's feet, growling. It's eyes flickered as it looked at me. The wolf's jaws worked itself and opened. "What are you doing here?" Opheila asked, her voice thick with strain.
"sae, tell me! JJ? Oh come on you guys! Tell me what happened! I already told you that we scared off two guys in black tee-shirts, how come you wont tell me what happened to you?" May whined for what seemed like the thousandth time as Jason hauled around an abandoned street corner. May's slim frame pressed against my rib cage after every turn, and i was starting to get light-headed as my bruised throat never let me get enough air. I wheezed out a slight cough and May straightened from where she has slumped back against me in frustration.

"Sorry Sae." She mumbled, turning to look out the tiny side window.

"Its ok." I said in a hoarse whisper, and tried to clear my throat. It sounded like a barking dog, and May tried to turn and look at me, worry playing in her kind eyes.

"Are you ok? I just noticed, you've got bruises on your throat. Did someone hurt you when you and JJ were fighting?" She said and Jason flicked his eyes over to look at us for a moment then returned his gaze to the road in front of us. His movements with the HC's steering wheel were fluid and didnt jerk us too bad as we hauled throguh the eerily empty streets. IT wasnt a mystery why he had won so many races back in New York.

I looked out the windows, ignoring May's question. The streeds were so empty. Something just wasnt right in the way that no one was there. There should have been at least looters or panick stricken people scurrying for cover. The city seemed almost void of life. My tension must have radiated up to May, because she voiced my worries out loud.

"Where is everybody?" She asked quietly, as if breaking the silence around the HC's purring engine would make us dissapear as well.

"Bunkers probably." Jason saod, his voice just as quiet.

"What? What are you guys whispering about up there? Is there something wrong?" Celestina's voice squaked through the cell phone that May held in her lap on speaker phone. We all jumped and Jason swerved slightly, cussing fluently under his breath.

"Nothing, just wondering why theres no one out on the streets." May replied, the phone held up to her mouth. We had all thought it a good dea to keep in constant touch as we drove back to the hotel.

"Oh, probably hiding, you know? Who wants to be out in the open with a bunch of psycho Aringotics running around?" Marianela piped in, and it made sense to our paranoid minds. Some of the tension fell from the air with tangible releif.
We finally arrived back at the hotel with uneventful ease. Jason parked and hopped out, checked the area, then flipped open my door and carefully helped May out. I noticed that he only touched her with hs left hand. I fluidly extracted myself from the cramped car as Jason, May, and the twins sprinted for the safety of the front doors.
I rolled my eyes at their caution. A bunch of Free-Launcher racers had stayed in our hotel and any raiders would have surely been dealt with. None the less I wasn't going to risk being mobbed on my own so I flshed to their side and actually managed to be the first one in.
As soon as I stepped foot in the lobby crimson washed over my vision, blinding me as the delicious coppery smell of blood invaded my senses. My body went rigid and my fangs extended so fast that they pricked my bottom lip. Blood roared in my ears as I clenched my eyes closed, sampling the air in great wafts through both nose and mouth. Movement all around me drew my attention as dark shapes pulsed with crimson light through my eyelids.

"Sae, snap out of it!" Someone shouted and suddenly a low dark shape rushed at me with a snarl. I easily dodged it but tripped over a very cold and dead body. Even with my undead speed and grace, fell and cracked my head on the handlebar of the door behind me.

"Ow..." I grumbled, the ecstatic feeling of blood lust flooding out of my system like yolk through a busted egg shell. I opened my eyes only to stare directly at the jagged end of a steel beam. I lifted a finger and lightly pushed it out of my face.

"You back, Sae?" Jason asked, his voice tense and tight with the strain of holding the chunk of solid metal from crushing my head. It was obvous that he was ready to use it, too.

"Yes." I snapped, head pounding, and stumbled to my feet. "Pretty sure Ive got a concussion, though."
Jason set the beam upright next to him with a grunt, and shook his head.

"I thought you could control it Sae." He said, sounding weary. I bristled, my fangs retracting swiftly, and wiped the blood from my punctured lip.

"I can, and I was fine. I was just taken by suprise. I would have been back to normal in a second. Look arond you. Do you see the massive ammounts of blood? How could I not be a little tempted?" I said coldly, and stalked past him towards the elevator doors.

"They dont work. One of the gang members cut the cables when a bunch of people were hiding in it." A soft voice spoke up behind me. I turned slightly and looked down at the black-furred, blood stained wolf that had stopped me.

"Ophilia." I breathed, kneeling down to tug a chunk of flesh off her fluffy ear. "Are you alright? Wheres your sister? Im sorry I dragged you guys into this. I just figured it'd be a nice vacation, you know?" She gave a wolfish smile and shook, as if removing water from her fur.

"Im fine. Ivory is off somewhere, but Heather is around here somewhere. I kind of lost track of her when we were fighting the last of the gang members that had attacked here."

"Oh." Was all I could think to say. I had completely forgotten the others were here in San Fran, too. I stood back up and looked around. I spotted something through a window in the Personelle Only room. I walked swiftly over to the door behind the check-in desk and yanked open the door. There was the item that had drawn my attention. An antique boom-box. I pulled it out and set it on the desk.

"What are you-?" May started, walking over to th the other side of the desk as I started to fiddle around with the antique music player/radio. I cut her off with a held-up pointer finger.

"One second." I mumbled and turned on the radio, fiddling with the antenna. After a few silent moments of everyone coming to huddle around the old contraption, I managed to get something other than silence. Sadly, that 'other' was a loud, obnoxious, hiss-screech of static. Everyone jumped and Ophilia let out a yelp, her ears flattening back agaisnt her head. I desperately tried to turn it off by pushing random buttons.

"Let me see that." Someone snapped and a hand extended to twist one of the many knobs on the top of the boom-box. The static instantly died down. We all sighed in releif and I turned to smile at the owner of the hand.

"Heather!" Ophilia barked happily, and I smiled widely at the tall girl. The smile faded slightly when I noticed her face was grim and blood-speckled.

"Are you alright?" I asked as Heather returned her attention to the boom-box.

"Fine. Just had to take care of a loose gangbanger. Couldnt have him drawing more here, could we?" We all shook our heads 'no', and at that moment a fuzzy voice filtered through the fat speakers on the boom-box.

"EMERGENCY NOTICE! ENERGENCY NOTICE! ARINGOTIC RAIDS ENVELOP THE CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO! EVERYONE STAY INDOORS AND LOCK ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS! THE CITY OF NEW YORK IS ALSO UNDER SEIGE BY HUMAN ARINGOTICS. I REPEAT! ARINGOTIC RAIDS..." Heather turned the volume back down, but none of us protested. We were too shocked by the news. At least I knew I was. Then suspicion gripped me in its skin-prickling grasp. Why New York? Sector 11 is there. They would get the most resistence there. Why send the humans there? Actually, why send the inhumans here? Why start mass raids at all?! However, the inhuman forces would be more effective in New York...
I mentally balked from my own reasoning. How could I think of such things?!

I shuddered.

"Im going up to start packing." I said quietly, and everyone looked at me in suprise. "Im heading back to New York. I need to make sure that-"

"But Ivory..." Ophilia whimpered.

"And Mia..." Heather pointed out. I sighed and ran a hand over my face. Apparently since I had talked at least Ophilia and Ivory into coming, they looked to me as the scapegoat.

"Fine, Ill wait until they come back, or we can go look for them, but I still need to go collect a few things." I said tiredly, and turned and walked away before anyone could protest. May jogged to my side as I ascended the stairs.

"Im coming too." She said and I could hear the stubborness in her voice.

"Im still not telling you May." said simply and she looked like she might pull her hair in frustration. I chuckled and shook my head, earning a dirty look from my grumpy friend.
We arrived up at May and Jason's floor, and I was about to continue going when I was tugged back by the back of my pants.

"Wait a second! Jason said you were staying in my room now!" May said, causing me to shake my head.

"I still have to go get my stuff, May." pointed out and she pouted, not appreciating my tone.

"Well at least come and get some clothes and necessities for Jason." She huffed and I nodded, following her down the hall.

"Sorry, May. Im just kinda thrown off by all this." I sighed, and she turned to smile slightly at me.

"I know, its fine. Im confused and kinda scared too." She sad and pulled out her key-card, opening the bedroom door. I leaned against the doorframe as May scurried around, tossing random items of clothing in a suitcase. Only then did I take the time to look myself over.
I looked like an abstract painting. Blood-splatter adorned my white cami and my slip-on shoes were a ruddy brown-red. I groaned. May was instantly on her feet from looking under a bed, and looking at me in alarm. I raised my hands and smiled sheepishly.

"Its nothing, nothing, im fine. Sorry for scaring you, I just got blood on my shirt, and just now noticed." I reassured her quickly. She rolled her eyes in exhasperation and pulled a shirt out from under her jacket.

"Here, we got this for you. It was even free since the cashiers scattered once the attacks started." May said, proudly and I murmured a suprised thanks as she tossed it at me. looked at the pretty flower-clad shrt. I slipped it over my bloody shirt and smoothed the soft fabric over my slim but curvy frame. edelweiss flowers? Hm, thats a nice touch. I thought idly before May dragged the newly filled suitcase over to the door.

"Alright, heres Jason's stuff. Be careful, its got his laptop in it." May said, dumping the thing in my arms, causing me to stagger slightly under the weight of it.

"A few necessities, huh?" I grunted, heading back down the hallway towards the stairs.

"Yup! Now remember, be careful with it!" May hollered cheerfully as I strained to haul the massive black monstrosity into the stairwell.

A few hellish minutes later I had made it up to the next floor. Thank god, that was my floor. Having promptly dropped the suitcase and commensed dragging it once I got to the rugged hallway, I actually made half decent time. When I spotted my door I heaved a great sigh of releif. I stumbled over, panting and wheexing for my throat had not fully healed yet, and leaned my forehead on the door, my full weight following suit.

Sad thing was...the door wasnt locked...or even closed for that matter.

"GAH!" I let out an alarmed yelp as the door gave way, released the suitcase and arm-windmilled my way on one foot into the room in a desperate attempt to keep from falling on my face. I succeeded all the way to the bed, where it didnt hurt to do a face-plant.

"Ok...thats not even remotely cool." I snrled into the comforters. I pushed myself up and looked, once again, right into the jagged end of a metal beam ready to bash in my skull. I couldnt see the weilder, but in a swift movement I was up off the bed and behind said person. Jason turned to stare at me.

"Oh, it was you then, Sae? I didnt quite recognise you. You suprised me." He said, smiling now that he knew he wasnt being ambushed. Shaking my head, I patted his shoulder and he winced, dropping the metal bar. My hand felt damp, and a glance revealed my palm to be coated in blood. I stared at him, appalled.

"Jason, how-?" I looked back up at his now grim face and noticed he wasnt wearing a shirt. Any blush that would have dared creep onto my face instantly died when I saw the wounds.

"The guy at the mall, the one with the throwing knives sword. He got me a little before I could deflect them. They're only flesh wounds. Im bandaging them now, dont worry." He said curtly and returned to the bathroom where gauze and medical tape was strewn about. I followed him silently, and watched as he tried to tape up his wounds with his right hand clad in a glove.

"Your never gonna be able to do anything like that." I remarked, earning a mild glare. I simply shrugged and grabbed a pack of self-adhesive bandages, some anti-bacterial spreay and some body-wrap bandages.

"Say what are you-?" I cut him off with raised eyebrows that said, "You dont know?". Jason scowled, not moving from the cramped bathroom. "No, I can bandage myself up just fine."

"No, you cant." I retorted calmly, sitting down on the edge of the bed, patting the spot next to me. HE still refused to move, and I sighed, getting exhasperated.

"Jason, Im more stubborn than you are, and I may be a blood-sucker, but Im a really good nurse, so get over here." I ordered, my icy blue eyes flashing. "Besides, its your turn to spill. I told you my past, and a very tender secret. Time for you to reciprocate. I can work while you talk."

Jason stiffened, his scowl deepening and he tried to stare me down. His velvet eyes screamed "drop it" but mine stayed steady and cool. Finally he closed his eyes and shook his head slightly, coming over to ease onto the bed next to me.

"Good boy. Now. Tell me what happened." My voice was gentle and kind. Jason glanced over at me in suprise.

"Real me, remember?" I replied, grinning lopsidedly. He smiled slightly but the smile neither reached his eyes or lasted long. He took a deep breath and cracked his knuckles, and I sprayed some of the anti-bacterial on his shoulder. He hissed, sucking in air through clenched teeth as it stung, and picked up the steel beam that had fallen at his feet. His grip became so tight that the metal began to groan.

"Sorry, Ill try to be a little more gentle." I murmured, scared by his strength and the sheer fury that consumed his handsome face. He suddenly looked much older than merely the 17 that he was.

"Its not you...its just...Ive never told anyone about this before. Never. Not even May...specially not May..." He growled and the steel buckled under his crushing grip. I couldnt stand seeing him like this, and I began to regret perstering him into telling me.

I wanted to reach out, to pull him close and hug him. To tell him that it was alright, that he didnt have to tell me. I wanted his smile back. He took another breath, however, and I forced my hands to keep working.

"This is...really hard to say...and...you probably wont want to be around me anymore-"

"Never!" I cried, causing him to flinch as I launched up on the bed on my knees, gripping his arm. "You didnt abandon me when you found out about this!" I shoved my sacarred wrist in his face. "And you saved me from that burly guy in the mall! How could I ever-"

"We'll see Sae. We'll see." He cut me off, his voice heavy with anger and tension. I recoiled back onto my butt and looked away from his searing eyes, and resumed placing bandages on his cuts. We were both silent for a moment.

"I won't." I whispered. "I promise." He looked over at me with a pained look.

"Don't make promises you can't keep, Sae." I instantly opened my mouth to retort heatedly, but Jason held up a hand.

"Stop. This is hard enough to admit. Don't inturrupt anymore." I clamped my mouth shut and my temper instantly died. No one else had managed to do that to be before. Odd.

"Alright." I murmured and returned my attention to mending his torsoe. I could feel his chest rsing and falling under my diligent fingers. Heh, a vampire nurse. Thats sure to be rare. I thought as an uncomfortable silence followed my outburst. Finally Jason seemed finished with collecting his thoughts.

"It all started with a nightmare..."

“It all started with a nightmare. You see, it happened, when I was only five. I remember we were on our way back from California, where we had had a splendid, three-week summer vacation. It was hot outside and since the cooler of my father’s Mercedes was not working the heat in the car had put me to sleep…” I told Sae. The silence gripped me and I realized that I had changed the subject of the story. “… I dreamed a horrible nightmare. That I remember quite well, but what exactly it was I don’t recall. I woke up, because my mother was pushing my shoulder. The first thing that went through my mind back then was that I want to be comforted by her, so I hugged my mother. Suddenly she started to scream and wriggle. She inflated… ” I said, my anger quickly growing. I pushed the metal bar and bend it in the middle, creating a double tube. Sae had stopped her work over my wounds, just listening as if we were sitting on a campfire, and I was telling her a horror story. “Blood started pouring out of her nose, eyes and ears and then she blew up…” I said, and realized that I was crushing the metal bar now as it was bent in two, smashing it as if it was butter. “…, blood flew everywhere, covering me, my father and the inner side of the HC’s windshield. After that I don’t remember much…” I stopped for a moment. My arms were grasping each other, as metal from the crushed bar gushed out of them like mayonnaise oozing from a hot dog. “… I don’t even know how I got out of the Mercedes. What I do remember is waking several minutes later out of the HC, in front of me- the Mercedes and a truck burning. Father had hit the truck, since he could not see from the blood on the windshield and they had blown up. There was nothing left of them both.” I said letting go of my hands. A squished metal with a resemblance to a smashed fly fell down from my right palm. “I killed them, Sae. I killed them both.” I shouted angrily.

“But you did not do it on purpose, did you? There’s no way you could have known that would happen. You were a child.”

“There is a phrase called unpremeditated murder. I did two of those.”

“No, it’s called INCIDENT. Don’t you understand, you did not want to kill anyone? It’s not like your life was in danger and you had to fight back. It was out of your hands.” Sae said, her eyes fixed on me. She had found the right words to justify my horrible crime. Why was it that she brought up so strange feelings in me? Why did I believe what she said? Because she was sincere. I looked into her eyes, her blue, magnificent eyes and I felt relieved, even excited. My eyes ran down her face, fell off her chin and glided down her thin, soft neck. My gaze slide between her breasts and stopped at her belly. Then my eyes came back at her face and I smiled.

“We really have a lot in common, Sae.” I said and patted her long, brown hair. “You’re very beautiful.”

“Thanks.” she said, as I saw her slightly blush. My hand fell down on the bed and I turned around. I just could not do it. Not now, it would be improper. Her hands started bandaging my wounds and I felt her skin on mine. I shook my head. Suddenly a sound came out of my trousers. I took out my mobile phone and looked at the screen. Gerald Thong!

“Hey, G san, how’s the racing in New York?” I said. Sae finished the bandages on my body, stood up from the bed and started putting her clothes in a suit case.

“Don’t you hey me, ya block head. Why did ya have to go to freak’n Sanfran, hm? Mak’n me all worked up over ya. Ya know ye’r father’s gonna kill me if he finds out that you sneaked out of the Big Apple without tell'n me? Anyway, I’m reserving you an airplane ticket for um… What’s today…Wednesday… for Friday.”

“Why Friday?”

“Don’t you know? You’re such an idiot! Sanfran’s been isolated for a day or so. They’re sendin’ the army to put out the rising.”

“What? For real? This must be some rising, huh?”

“Yeah, well, you should know that New York ain’t much better than Sanfran. ‘cept here the army’s already finished here. So until Friday, no planes are allowed to leave or enter Sanfran. So stay in the hotel or wherever you are and don’t move. Keep your ID to yourself so that when they come to inspect, you can assure them you’re not an arignotic.”

“Ok, thanks!” I said. “Take care, G san, and don’t worry. I’m in good hands.” I said looking at Sae. I pulled with my right hand the giant suitcase that Sae had brought in with much effort and put it on my lap. When I opened it, a whole pile of clothes sprang out of it and fell on me. I searched it through, hopping to find my lap top. It turned out to be at the bottom of the suitcase. May, thank you for tucking it in. I turned it on, and browsed through my files. I had a strange feeling about this whole rising thing.

“Is everything alright?” Sae asked as she pulled her suitcase. I stood up and walked to the door.

“Yeah, um, can you tell everyone to meet me in the hotel’s restaurant in twenty minutes? There is something I need to tell them.” She nodded and I opened the door for her. “Bye!” we told each other and as she turned around my eyes were magnetized by her firm butt and magnificent waste. My god, it was actually happening. My body was doing things that they did not use to. “Hey, Sae? That blouse looks really good on you. Just like me and May thought it would.”

“Thanks.” she said and turned around. As I watched her walk away from the door, I started wondering about the things I would do, after I get back to New York. I wondered how much would Sae laugh at me if I try and ask her on a date. I closed the door.
Jason's words rang in my head as I walked down the hall towards the stairs.

"I never thought...oh, Jason..." I sighed, my chest tightening with sorrow for the man who I realized was much stronger than I, and he had been through worse. Not only was he physically stronger, the remnants of the steel bar were evidence enough of that, but his emotional strength was formidable in his own right. To keep something like that to himself, allowing it to eat away at his heart...

I placed a hand over my heart and leaned against the stairwell wall. I felt so horrible that something like that had happened to him, but the fluttering beat under my hand told of a different emotion as well. <i>"You're very beautiful."</i> Even though the words were only replayed in my mind, they held the same power to cause a light blush to taint my pale cheeks. I turned and continued to walk down the stairs after jarring my head with a quick shake. My pace was slow and even, though my suitcase was a lot lighter than Jason's had been, I walked as if I carried a heavy burden.

I shook my head once more, trying to clear it, as the warm and fuzzy feelings that had filled my stomach returned. My mind was apparently being picky about which parts it decided to replay. The way his eyes had roved over me, and the way my skin had tingled in response was one of the more prominent memories as I walked. Now, however, was not the time for romantics. We were in deep shit down here in SanFran, I chided myself, and we needed to get home. Raids and risings in New York made that option difficult, as far as I could tell by what Jason had said on the phone. I ran a hand over my face as I bumped the door out of the stairwell open with my hip.

Forcing myself out of my thoughtful silence, I placed a mask of content over my face to keep May from worrying.

"Ah, your finally back! why did that take so long? Hmm?" May greeted me as she opened the door after a loud knock from me. Her hinting eyebrow wiggle made my face turn red and I sputtered a moment before clamping my mouth shut and shaking my head violently in denial.

"No? No what? No, that you and J.J. got a lil' freaky freaky up there?" She taunted, making a lewd little gesture with her hips.

"MAY!" I gasped, gaping at her as my face turned a whole new shade of red. She laughed and dodged the suitcase that I threw at her, clutching her sides as they ached from lack of oxygen.

"I'm just kidding Sae! I know your not like that!" She finally got out between bursts of laughter, patting me on the shoulder. "But, honestly, did you think I could let an opportunity like that pass me by without jabbing you in the ribs?" I simply stood there and fumed as she spoke cheerfully. She smiled after giving up on trying to get me to laugh too, and after a moment I let out a loud breath that I didn't know I was holding.

"You are definitely Jason's relative." I said as I walked over to retrieve my tossed baggage. She chuckled and flopped down on her bed as I crossed my legs on mine.

"So, really, what took you so long up there? Is something wrong?" She asked, the seriousness in her voice revealing the tension under her bubbly outer appearance. I simply shook my head.

"Nope, I just had to help him bandage up a cut he got on his back." I saw May's eyes widen, and I smiled reassuringly. "Its nothing big, just a scratch in a odd place for him to put a band aid on by himself. It took so long because I had to watch as he stubbornly refused to let me help."

I watched as the stress flowed from May's form and she laid her head down on her arms. I sighed and hauled my suitcase up on the bed behind me and opened it up. Inside I yanked out a pair of jeans to replace the bloody sweatpants I wore at the moment, and a clean little undershirt.

"Jason wants everyone to meet down at the restaurant in an hour, so Im gonna go hop on the intercom downstairs then take a shower, alright?" I said, setting the clean clothes on my pillow along with a towel. May nodded and I stood, and I walked out to the hallway, walking swiftly towards the stairwell. <i>'God, how many times can I go up and down these things in one day?'</i> I thought tiredly. When I reached the door, I yanked it open, and even though I was on the fifth floor, I hopped over the railing, free-falling towards the cement floor below. The soft thud of my slip-on shoes landing on the floor held no hesitation as they continued on their way to the main lobby. When I got there I went into the employees room where I found the boom-box and poked around before I found the intercom system. I pressed the "All Circuits" button and picked up the mike.

"Attention everybody, its Sae here. In an hour, Jason wants to meet everybody downstairs in the restaurant for a meeting. Ill say again, theres a meeting in the lobby restaurant in an hour. Sae, out." I set the mike down, rather proud of my little announcement. Humming to myself, I went back upstairs to retrieve my clothes, then dissapeared into the bathroom joined with the bedroom May and Jason had shared. I took my time, savoring the heat of the water and the way the noise drowned out all outside sounds, and all thoughts. I simply stood there for the longest time, the water just showering over my head. By the time I was finished and had gotten dressed, and dried my hair, May had already left.

<b>'Gone to the meeting. Hurry up, your going to be late!'</b> Was what the note said, and I laughed, grabbing my jacket as I bolted out the door. Barefooted, wearing the shirt May and Jason had picked out for me, I leapt down the stairs once more, startling Heather as she walked out of her floor door as well.

"Sae!" She shouted in alarm, watching me as I plummeted to the ground. I looked up after my light landing and smiled apologetically, unharmed.

"Sorry Heather, didnt mean to scare you. I just got tired of walking down the stairs." I explained. She sighed in relief, skipped down the few stairs remaining and we walked to the restaurant together. When we arrived, we saw Ophilia, the twins, Ivory, May and Jason.

"Ivory!" I cried, elated that she came back unharmed. She jumped slightly, but smiled when she saw my smiling face.

"Hey, Sae." She murmured, sitting next to her sister as Ophilia poked listlessly at a salad.

"I hate salads." Ophilia said dully, dropping her fork and leaning back in her chair to yell into the kitchen.

"Are you guys done cooking the burgers yet?" She yelled.

"HOLD YOUR HORSES! Thats like the tenth time you've asked!" Celestina stuck her head out the double doors with a frown on her face. She rolled her eyes and huffed out a sigh before dissapearing back into the kitchen with her twin. I laughed quietly and went and sat at the table between May, Jason, Ophilia and Ivory. We sat there, making idle chatter for a while until Celestina and Marianela carried out the plates for us all. Well, not all. I didn't have a plate, seeing as I wasn't there early enough to order something. Instead I smiled and shook my head when May offered me some of her cheese burger. Human food was good and all, but my hunger was getting a little too close to distracting for my liking. I headed back into the kitchen and swiftly located what I craved. I walked back out with a blood packet from the blood bank in the freezer of the restaurant. I had stuck a straw in the IV hole and was sucking on it like a little kid with a juice box. I got a few odd stares as I walked out but they returned their attention to Jason as he stood in front of them, his hands in his pockets. He glanced over at me and smiled warmly and I smiled back meekly. Swiftly I returned to my seat, and Jason continued talking.

"Alright, since there are risings in New York as well as here, we have got to stay here for one day." There was a collective groan at the announcement, but Jason held up his hands for quiet. "But...Friday there is a flight coming out here, so we can catch a ride home on that."

Everyone smiled at that and started chatting excitedly to one another. I sighed, both in happiness and in relief that the blood flowing into my system gave. I looked around after a moment, the straw falling from my lips.

"Home. Itll be nice to make sure everyones ok." I murmured to myself, then glanced out the windows and leaned back in my chair, preparing for the wait.
The flash absorbed reality. Thin crests of unease pierced my skin and destroyed my calm exterior. The scent of sweat and tension gripped me. I could not feel any floor beneath me and yet I was not falling. I could heel my hands exert as the strange feeling became more
and more powerful. The feeling was of pleasure, all-consuming sinful pleasure. My eyes,which had been pointing towards the endless shining ceiling, fell down towards the source of this limitless pleasure. Surprised filled my mind as I saw May, Sae and Celestina completely naked in front of me. Sae and May were kneeing in front of me, as Celestina was giving me head. She was good. If she continued like this I would soon reach my limit.Her gentle strokes were monotonous, but steady. She stopped because Sae pushed her away.Her pale body was glittering in the shiny room. Celestina tried to push her away on her side but was stopped by May. “You had your turn. Now let Sae have hers. Don't be selfish.“ Sae gripped my waste and began stroking me. She was much more experienced than Celestina. Her blowjob was firm and diverse. Her speed was also on a completely different level. She was so fast, but in the same time so gentle. From time to time she would scratch my thing with her canine teeth giving me even more pleasure. She was too good. I was coming to my limit again. I closed my eyes and gripped Sae's head. Suddenly the girls
screamed. I opened my eyes and saw how Sae's head exploded in front of me. I took a step back, unbelieving what had happened just now pulling my hands away from her. As I looked at my right arm I cried in horror: “Sae!“. My right hand was not in a glove.


I shouted and rose quickly as if trying to push an imaginary person off me. The dark confinements of the room that had been Sae before a few hours was now in front of my eyes. I was in the bed, wearing only a pair of black shorts. I covered my face with my hands. Realizing suddenly I pulled away my right hand and looked at it. It is in a glove. Thank god, it is in a glove. I stood up and walked over to the bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror just watching the my reflection in the eyes. My velvet eyes were red. This was only a dream, only a dream, this would never happen in reality, right. Besides there's no way that Sae would give me head. She's not the kind. I think so at least. May definitely would not. What was that actually. I haven't had a wet dream in almost four years. Why now. Was it because I had seen Sae butt-naked. No, there had not been a reaction when I saw her. It was perhaps because now as never I felt her closer than even May. She knew something that could destroy me. A secret that could destroy now only my reputation and life but my spiritual peace. I was finally able to completely forget my past when she suddenly reminded it to me. I was still unsure why I even told her the truth. I could have lied to her the same way that I did May. Perhaps deep in me I wanted to share the burden with someone, someone who could understand and support me. She was so understanding that it was actually freaking me out. My eyes shivered. Sae was acting normalwhile we were dining in the restaurant. Why was this feeling of disappointment in me. Was I counting on her to have the same feelings for me. What a pitiful guy! I pushed the right button on the sink and splashed my face with cold water. I looked at my face once again.
Suddenly my whole body tilted on its own on the left. A second after that the mirror above the sink broke.

My body instinctively pushed itself to the left, running away from the door, where my enemy stood. I took a defensive position and looked at him. He was tall and slim, just like me, blond hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. He was wearing a light blue T-shirt and dark blue jeans. So old-fashioned. He was not as cool and handsome as me, but who was? What my enemy had attacked me with was a very long, double bladed sword. The man was about to pull out the sword, but I was not going to let him. I took my chance and jumped towards him, hitting him with all I had at the moment. The attacker flew from the bathroom and hit the wall that was facing the door. I took a few steps out of the bathroom and looked at my opponent again. He had made an imprint on the wall. I shrugged my shoulders thinking “What was that guy's problem?“, but froze suddenly. I remembered that he must have been after Sae and the second after, the building suddenly shook as an explosion sounded not far away. I quickly put on my suit and was was going to head for the door as I felt strange behind. I turned around and saw the same guy that I had glued to the wall before a minute, now try to stab me.

“You're not powerful enough to pierce me.“ I said letting the man torment himself.

“No, I was just boosting my force.“ said the stranger as his sword cut through my back. I shouted in pain. The feeling was so old I had forgotten it. It was before eight years that I had pierced myself with a laser cutter, in a suicide attempt. Although I had succeeded in piercing my shoulder I was I had not died. Now this excruciating feeling that I remembered was three times more painful. I took all the force that was left after the pain, and put it in one punch that hit my attacker. He flew at the wall on the South and bore through it. I shouted as I took the handle of the sword and pulled it out of my shoulder. Blood flew out of the wound. I put my hand on the wound and squeezed The blood stopped. Suddenly I saw the attacker get out through the hole on the wall.

“Regenerator! Figures.“ I said. I took my glove off, took a few steps forward, attempting to touch him with my right hand. The blond man did not even try to dodge my attack. A crimson lighting covered his whole body and he burst like a balloon. My whole body was covered in blood and left overs of his skin. I put the glove on once again and headed out. Pushing the wound again to stop the blood from gushing out even more I slowly walked towards the elevator. I looked at the button and pushed it. It was not glowing. Must have damaged the elevators to prevent escape from there. I started walking towards to the stairs as I heard footsteps. I quickly turned and without even realizing it took the blade that was flying at me. It was that blond guy.

“Oh...Come...On! Don't you ever stay dead?“ I shouted. The blade had cut through my right palm and pierced through the wound on my shoulder.

“As you see, I am not a Regenerator. My name's Aluctom. And I am Immortal. No one can kill me.“ My mind was quickly slicing the possibilities. He was not a Regenerator, but he could regenerate from the simplest parts of his body- bits and pieces of his skin. I suddenly came up with a strange idea.

“Imperial Cobra Style!!!“ I shouted and suddenly an incredible amount of magic covered my body. My right palm squeezed the sword to such an extend that it bent. The pain that had enveloped my body was driven away from adrenaline and the strong magic. I sqeezed the sword even harder and it broke. My other hand caught Aluctom and berried him in the wall behind him. I stretched the fingers on my right palm and consentrated the destructive force in it. The blond assassin regenerated and started moving.

“Whatcha gonna do?“

“You're right about one thing. You're not a regenerater. You're just a special and unique son of a bitch. But this ends right now.“ I said and pushing my palm and the piece of sword in his chest. The red lightning crawled over his body once again. After that I took a few steps back letting him go. He got out from the wall and started regenerating. The lightning had not done nothing visible to him.

“It seems you've lost your strength. You're even losing that arm's ability.“ he said. Aluctom took out the piece of sword from his chest. The blood started to poar and did not seem to want to stop. “What did you do...“ he said shocked by the gushing blood.

“...to you?“ I finished his sentence.“You're right about one thing- you are NOT a regenerater. Therefor you are only a genentic abnormality. I have read a lot about your kind. You are more humane than inhumane. Your DNA has only one element not typical for the humans, while inhumans have a completely different DNA, it sometimes is not even a DNA. Anyway. Once I remembered that I knew how to beat you.“

“???How???“ shouted Aluctom, diverting his eyes from his wound and on me.

“DNA, you insolent fool! Your DNA has only one abnormality, which is typical for regenerators, but is much more simple and chaotic. You see, if I concentrate enough I can destroy a particular part of a body I touch- nail, hair from the head, even a particular part of one's whole DNA. In short I made you mortal.“ I said as the guy fell on the ground trying to stop the bleeding. “You shouldn't have taken out the sword. It would have helped you sustain some of your blood.“ Aluctom was not listening. I took a few steps forwards, took a grip of his head and rotated it in a 90 degrees on the left. His neck cracked as his body relaxed on the ground. I waited a few seconds to make sure he is truly dead. After that I started slowly walking down the stairs. I did not have much strength left to run, but I was walking as fast as I could. I could not spare myself when I knew that May, Sae, Celestina and the others needed help. I had to get there as fast as I could. I had to... I had... I..............
"Sae? Can I ask you something?" May murmured, her back turned to me as she lay on her bed. I was sitting upright on my own bed, staring dully at my cell phone. Hearing her voice in the night's darkness, I jumped slightly and glanced over at her.

"Sure May, what is it?" I answered, my voice low and tired. I was exhausted but could not find any way to convince myself to sleep. My mind was running rampant with the knowledge of telling my story to someone and knowing the tradgedy that was Jason's life. I sighed silently, setting my phone down as the glowing screen died.

"Well, I hope you wont get offended or anything..." She started, rolling over under the covers to look across at me, her eyes half closed in sleep. Apparently her curiosity had gotten the better of her in the twilight between napping and true sleep and her groggy mind had talked her into asking said question. Chuckling, I uncrossed my legs from where they were twisted in a pretsel shape, and turned to face her, my legs hanging over the edge of the bed.

"Go ahead and ask May, I wont get mad, I promise." I said, smoothing out the wrinkles in my plaid pajama pants. May sighed, and scratched an itch beside her eye.

"Well, alright, if you promise." I nodded and she took a breath and barreled on. "Ive been wondering this for a while but never knew anyone to ask other than you. How come vampires need to drink blood? I mean, all the stories say that you just do, but also that you cant go out in the sun. So whats up with all the hype and stories?"

I stared at her blankly for a moment, not in offense, but in the simple fact that no one had asked me that before. It was never something I had really thought about before. My origins were always so wrapped in drama just with familial bonds that I never took into mind the genetics that I inherited, and the seeming curse that came with my kind.

"Hm, actually May, Im not quite sure. Give me a minute." I said, crossing one leg over the other and resting my elbow on a knee, I held my chin and stared at the floor, wracking my brain for the answers. Multiple times I opened my mouth and took a breath to speak, to only let it close and regain my vigil of thoughtful silence. May eventually fell completely asleep, and I was sure to get a pouting face in the morning, requesting answers. It was a pleasant distraction from mulling over the depressing thoughts of Jason's and my own past stories. The evolution of my own kind and their unique needs served as an ample time consumer in the inky blackness of the Sanfrancisco night. Soon a blushing rose colored the sky and morning cried its tune. May stirred, but I had not moved from my thoughtful pose, seeming to be made out of the marble that my skin mimiced.

"Hm, Sae, were you up all night?" May yawned and stretched her legs as she sat up in bed. I moved slowly and wearily, as if my form would shatter if its boundaries were tested too far. Instead every joint cracked loudly, making May flinch. "Im guessing so. My question didnt keep you up did it?"

My lingering gaze on her face betrayed the answer and she sighed, shaking her head. "You should have tried to sleep, you know. We've gotta keep our strength up."

"Oui, ma cheri. We would not want you to be fatigued when we take you home to the Elders. We must make you sleep on the way it seems." A smooth voice with a slight french accent made my skin crawl and May let out a keening scream. An explosion ripped through the hotel and I was toeed to the floor, May's screams burning in my ears. She was swiftly silenced by a burly hand being placed across her mouth and a thick war hammer rested threatening on her chest as a mountain of a man appeared behind her on the bed. I snarled and my sword extended from my hand with a stomach-churning tearing of flesh and cracking displacement of bone. The clashing ring of bone blade against bone blade announced the arrival of a second inhuman blockign my attack as I lurched to my feed. I looked up and the fox-like smirk of pleasure revealed him to be the owner of the french accent.
"Ah, ah, ah! We would not want to loose our heads now, or your pretty little friend just might loose hers permanently." He purred, his rapier styled bone sword shaking slightly as he parried my blow that would have driven my blade through the mammoth vampire's forehead. Growling viciously, I leapt back across the room, my steely blue eyes flashed dangerously as they danced from Frenchy to May and back a dozen times within two seconds.

"What do you want?" I said, my voice dangerously low, crouching slightly and swaying side to side as I calculated my options.

"You to come with us peacefully, obviously, mon petite fille. I would simply hate to put a scratch on that pretty little face of yours." He said, his thin face crinkling as he smiled wider, the foxy look around his eyes doubling. My eyes flashed over him as I searched for weak points. A crisp white suit covered thin limbs and torsoe. His eyes were a ruby red, tainted with the slightest bit of what seemed to be purple, and his hair was short and lank, white with a slight blue tint. 'Fruity bastard'. I thought distainfully, my lips curling back in a feral snarl, my fangs extending threateningly. The show only made the Frenchy laugh nasaly. The whiny sound instantly grated on my nerves.

"Hm, Hirrus?" The suited french's purple eyes floated to the corners as he glanced towards his companion.

"Yeh, Bruno?" The burly man replied, looking up from where he was hungrily regarding May's exposed throat. My whole body convulsed with the want to decapitate him where he crouched, but the risk to May was too great.

"How much do you want to bet that the little mistress Kimasae would come more willingly if we beat her in a fight?" I blinked, shocked by the man's reasoning and how close it was to being right. If May was safe, and I knew all the others were as well, and they beat me soundly in a fair fight, then I would be less of a nuisance leaving. Mentally punching myself in the head, I berated my own complacentness. 'What the hell are you thinking? Leave Jason and May? When theres all this shit going down? Whats the matter with you? Nothing, I just want to save my friend'. The intrusive string of emotion and thought made me gasp slightly. Bruno laughed again, his nose laugh making me want to rip the offensive thing off his face.

"So, you noticed my power. Good girl. Bon chance fighting me off forever, though. I will work my way into your mind and I will break you down until you walk out of here holding my hand." He snarled, his accent getting heavier as he stalked a step foreward, fury and hunger roaring in his eyes. "I am a Manipulator, and they would not let me feed until I brought you back." I gaped at him in horror as I finally recognized what the purple in his irises was. They were bruises. His body needed blood so bad that it was canibalizing itself.

"I will not let you take me. Release May and we shall fight. One on one. The big one, then you." I said, straightening up, pointing my sword at the beastly Hirrus. Bruno frowned slightly, his slit eyes widening as I seemed to go along with part of his plan.

"Hm...very well. Hirrus, release the girl. Mistress Kimasae wishes to test your strength....Demolish her." Bruno said coldly, stepping out of the way so that May could flee from the room, tears streaming down her face. I prayed to whatever god there was that she went straight to Jason and that he was alright. Suddenly an image of a skewered Jason flashed through my mind, the crimson blood gushing from his shoulder making my heart freeze.

"No!" I gasped out loud, stumbling slightly as I clasped my head with my free hand. The creaking of bedsprings and a grunt alerted me to movement. I bent over at the waist, and the whistling sound of a large object screaming through the air where my head used to me heralded the attack of Hirrus. I straightened with lightning fast speed and saw the strands of hair that had been sliced by the heavy blade.
"Your mine, bitch." Hirrus growled, his deep baratone vibrating in my rib cage as I danced close to him, dodging his powerful yet incretibly fast attacks. His own body weight and the added cumbersomeness of his choice in weapons in no way seemed to affect his agility or speed. If I didnt end this quickly the random flashes of Jason being injured would surely proove to be my downfall. Leaping back against a wall, I leaned against it nonchalantly, placing the tip of my blade against the floor and looked at my fingernails, seeming bored. I even feigned a yawn.

"Why you obnoxious little brat! Ill run you clean through!" Hirrus howled, abandoning his sword for his own clawed hands, and rushed at me. Bruno called out in alarm, seeing through my ruse, but his denser and shorter-tempered friend could not. I did not move as his bladed hand tore through my stomach and burst out the back of me, wedging his hand in the wall. I smirked even as blood attempted to swarm up my throat in revulsion of the wound. Ignoring the searing pain I looked down at my dense attacker as he desperately tried to remove his arm from the wall.

"Foolish dunce of a man. Dont you know? Feeding on another vampire no longer counts as an offense when your a wanted person. Your no smarter than a human." I whispered into his pudgy ear before sinking my long fangs into his neck. He cried out in pain and thrashed desperately, but soon he was decintigrating into ash and my wound was healing. I stood there for a moment, scowling at the foul burning taste of my own kind's blood. That would require purging later.

"That will kill you." Bruno spoke up softly from where he was perched in the shattered window. As Hirrus and I had danced around the room, trading blows and speedy slashes and parrys, we had destroyed the room, and broken the window. I looked up at him from where my hand was placed over my healing stomach.

"I know." I replied coldly, wiping the black blood from my lips. Bruno sighed and passed a thin hand over his long face. "We are a cursed people, you know. Forced to feed off lower creatures for our own survival."

"No." I said decisively, finally remembering the stories my biological mother would tell me as a child, before I was transferred to a foster home. I was a mere baby, but the rhymes made it impossible to forget. "We are a sick people. Forced to replenish the sickly blood within our veins before our body destroys itself. Our powers come from that very defect. Thats why when humans turn, it is such excruciating pain. Their body is eating itself for the first time. That is also why the hunger is the worst at the beginning. They are not yet used to the burning sensation of dry blood cells as they slowly make their way to a dying heart. We are not cursed. Garlic does nothing, crosses do nothing, and the sun? Please, I like to go out and try to get a tan. Cannibalism is outlawed in the Clans not only because the Volumes state it so, but because it furthur weakens our immune system. Some say it makes us stronger. It does, in a way. Our body takes more and more blood to add to muscles and the brain, but it requires us to feed more often as well. Its a give and take relationship with our bodies. It is like we are our own parasite." I said somberly, watching as Bruno's fox slit eyes widened as he saw the truth in my words. Suddenly fury consumed the enlightened look that had spread across his face like wildfire.

"Blasphmeist!" He spat, glaring at me with such loathing and hatred that I had to resist flinching. "I will inform the Elders of this! I am sure that Eldest Master Senecianus will be so infuriated by your actions that the order will be termination instead of search and return. We were going to take you back after your determination to not feed on the child, but so help me Ill make sure that they never take you back!" He screamed at me, the accent lost in his fit. He turned to leap out the window when he froze. Choking gasps escaped his pale lips as I stared at him, my eyes a purple and green bruised color. In my hand was my sword, but the blade had extended so far that from the end of the room that I was at, I had reached Bruno and peirced the back of his head at the opposite side.

"I cant let you do that, Bruno. Now I know why my parents were killed. I need a little more time to figure out how to gain my revenge." I said exhaustedly, the tainted blood I had drank taking its tole on my already weakened body. I withdrew my blade and watched as his body crumpled and fell from the ledge.

I rolled my head, cracking my neck as the hunger roared within me at a level I had never experienced before.

"I need to feed. Now." I sighed, and within twenty seconds I was gluttonously devouring the contents of the blood bank in the kitchen of the motel. Once I was filled to my body's content, I ran up the stairs, going half my normal speed as I felt bloated and dizzy. I had drank so much...my stomach was not accustomed to the amount that my body now needed, since another vampire's virus was pulsing within my veins. Making it up to Jason and May's floor, I double checked to make sure that May was not somewhere along the hallway, then moved upstairs to my own floor. As soon as I shoved my way out of the stairwell I stumbled across May and Jason.

"JJ! JJ! Come on JJ! Wake up!" May screamed, tears pouring down her face as she bend over her cousin, shaking his shoulder. I froze, my heart stilling for the span of three normal heart beats. My body suddenly resumed motion as the paralyzing fear of seeing a bloodied Jason sprawled out on the floor was ebbed by my sudden need to save him.

"Jason!" I gasped, finding it hard to breath. Why did my heart hurt so bad? Why are my hands so desperate to find a way to fix his wound?

"Sae, help him, please!" She cried, scooting over some so I could have room to examine his still bleeding wound. I was incredibly grateful that I had just fed or my focus would have been broken by the crimson liquid. Swiftly kneeling down, my hands hesitated over the wound as my mind raced.

"Hes lost too much blood. May, stay here with him, I need to go get my medical kit, and some blood for him, alright?" I whispered, afraid that my voice would crack if I tried to speak normally. She nodded silently and in the blink of an eye I was gone, searching through the wreckage that used to be my room. Blood was everywhere, and I could not tell if it was Jason's or his attacker. The bloodied corpse of the hired sword that my parents had told me about send furious bile churning in my stomach.

"This is all my fault! If Jason hadn't been in my room last night, he would have been safe!" I screamed at myself in frustration, then quieted my internal conflict long enough to leap down the stairs and grab a multitude of leftover packets. Sadly, I knew what Jason's blood type was, so I collected the needed ones and flashed back upstairs. Dumping the supplies next to me, I collapsed next to Jason, who had woken some.

"Sae...you...alright?" He whispered brokenly, his breathing ragged and slow, but at least he was awake.

"Yes, Im fine, now, Jason, this is going to hurt like a bitch, but I need you to stay awake, ok?" I murmured, leaning my face over his own, looking into his red eyes. The color shocked me, and my own eyes widened slightly, but a slight convulsion from him triggered panic in my heart. "Jason, stay awake!"

"Mmm-kay..." He slurred, but I could see him fight to keep his eyes open. May was now on his other side, holding his hand tightly, looking from his face, to his shoulder, to me and back. I rattled through the plastic medical box and pulled out a can. It had a nozzle on it and a button on the bottom. I placed the nozzle at the opening of his wound. I looked up at May, and she nodded. Taking a deep breath, I shoved the nozzle end in and pressed the button on the catalyzing foam. Jason's back arched up as he yelled in pain as the foam burned in the cut as it sealed the bleeding, down to the very cells. I winced, tears burning in my eyes as I saw the grim paleness in his face as he stared determinedly at the ceiling, now totally awake.
"Yep...that hurt...." He grumbled and I let out a choking laugh.

"Yeah, at least your awake now. I was afraid you were gone from going into shock. I need to give you a transfusion to replace the lost blood alright? Its just an IV, so it should work fairly fast." I said, looking for a needle and IV tubing to try and hold back the tears that threatened to overwhelm my better senses. Suddenly a muscular hand grabbed my own shaking pale one, making me blink, forcing a single tear to trace its shameful trail down my cheek. I quickly brushed it off and looked down at Jason, who was peering up at me with steel in his eyes.

“Sae. Listen to me, this was not your fault.” He said quietly and evenly. I gaped at him, my hand falling limp from where it had been clasping his hand as a knee-jerk response. Slowly, the tension in my shoulders faded, and I slumped over, my head bowing, my thin bangs falling into my face. He had taken one look at me and known I was killing myself on the inside for what had happened.

“Jason...” I whispered, but when my voice broke I shook my head, my more natural cold exterior flooding over both body and soul to protect itself. When I looked back up, my gaze was even and calloused, emotion fleeting from the icy blue irises. I was suddenly very aware of the colored contact that covered my secret, and my resolve to withhold my emotions solidified.

“Hold still now, or you’ll pass out again.” I muttered in a monotone, pulling my hand from his grasp, I extracted a needle, a tube and a packet of blood. I felt Jason’s confused gaze on my face, and I knew Id have to fess up about all this later. Instead of letting my thoughts run my thought path in circles, I rolled Jason’s arm so that the vein in the elbow joint was exposed and I slid the needle in, as gently as I could. I swiftly connected the tubing to the IV packet and slid the tube into the needle that went into Jason’s arm. The blood sluggishly moved into Jason’s vein, but I could take a breath of relief when it finally did.

“There we go. Now you stay still and you should feel your strength coming back soon, alright?” I murmured, allowing a little of the soft person I was within ebb out into the open as I looked down at Jason’s pained face. Reaching one hand out for May’s, the other sought out the hand that had grasped mine earlier, and finding it, I twined my fingers with Jason’s. We three sat like that while the world around us collapsed into chaos.

My hand could feel hers. The touch was so soft that I could bearly feel it, but it was there. This slow-moving moment in which our unity was so clear and pure that my head started spinning. My eyes started closing, as I grew drowsier. My mind was fading as dizziness shook me up. “Jason? Jason! Wake up. Don't drowse... Jason!“ Sae was shouting. I could feel soft slaps on my cheeks, but they were not working. Darkness crept in the world as Sae's words faded away in the black void.

“Mumfala, Jason!“ a firm voice tore the darkness apart and I suddenly found myself in the middle of a huge, white colored room. The long cristal chandelier hanging from the roman-style patterned ceiling. The light blue walls were hiding behind large beech bookcases. The center, where I was standing, was surrounded by a light green couch. The floor was covered with turkish rugs. On the coach sat a thin, tall white man. He had curly, blonde hair, one blue and one brown eye. The man was wearing a blue robe that covered his hands and legs completely.

“Dad?“ I asked. The man started clapping hands, a cheerful smile on his face.

“Hello, Jason. You look like shit!“ he said, waving his right hand, inviting me to sit on the coach.

“Yeah, I love you too, dad.“ I said, siting down close to him.

“I may be acting all cold, Jason, but know that I am proud of you.“ he said crossing his arms on his chest.

“Dad? I know we're in my mind and all, but are you OK? You sure you're not on something?“

“You're talking like that because you don't know what I am talking about. You defeated a creature that no one has ever beaten.“

“What?“ I asked my as I frowned.

“Aluctom, Jason, Aluctom.“

“Yeah, I did really great against him. He beated me up, and I passed away, and will die any second or something.“

“You know that doesn't go as you say it does. You are unconscience, true, but you won't die. Right now you are being operated and your wound is being treated.“

“What?“ I stood up on my feet.

“I influenced a party of soldiers, from those that are sweaping the city from the Arignotic raids, to check your area. They found your bio signes in the hotel. They found you all and took you to the Militery Medical Center. It's a nice hospital. I even made sure you get a quiet floor.“

“What about Sae?“

“She's fine. They are clearing her blood. She was awake before a few hours, watching over you. She won't be awake when you do, though.“

“I want to wake up, now.“ I said walking towards the window. The window was clear. My eyes opened widely as I saw thousands of tall skyscrapers in front of me, with a creepy reddish air around them. “What are these?“

“Welcome to the Celestial plain. It doesn't look plainy enough I know but still it is celestial. This is the place where dreams come true. The bigger your dreams and wishes, the greater your power and knowledge of this world is, the bigger the room is. As you can see yours is as big as a conference room. You are extremely intelligent and powerful. That is why I want to speak to you about something.“

“What?“ I tilted my head.

“This Sae. She is not even close to your greatness. She is not even as smarter as you. She can't get near your persona. So why is it that you have such feelings for a girl that is so low in your rankings. No don't go shaking your head. I really don't aprove of her.“ he said firmly

“Since when did you started giving a damn about my love life.“ I growed defensively.

“Since the minute you started having one. You think you loved all your previous girlfriends as you are starting to love her? No, I know you enough to know that this one is different. And she is. She is a dangerous thing Jason. Revenge is written all over her face. And you know that revenge does not lead to anything good. She will bring you only headaches.“

“You mean she will bring you headaches!“ I talked ironicly back.

“Don't raise that tone to me, boy! She is a vampire, for Pete's sake. A blood sucker! Do you wanna wake up one day pierced in the neck like a swiss cheese and as dry as a homeless bum's whiskey bottle.“

“Nothing that you say will make me abandon her. Nothing!“ I shouted angrily.

“Alright! Alright, suit yourself. But I warned you.“ he said waving his hand swiftly.

“Oh, no, I know you enough as well, dad. What is it that you want in exchange.“ I said looking at the smirk that formed on his face.

“Patrick got in a bit of trouble, so I'll be sending him to Sector 11 as well.“

“Dad, I'm not a babysitter.“ I waved my hand irritatedly.

“I know, that's why I don't want you to protect him. Let him live on his own. If needed beat some sense in him. Literaly! But even so keep him off propane tanks.“ he said. “Now, I'm letting you wake up. Tomorrow you'll be getting back to Sector 11. Patrick is in your dormitories, the neighbouring room.“


“He really likes you Jason. To the point of worshipping. That's why he wants to be more powerful than you. So act like the brother that I know you are.“
Howl in the night, the creatures are calling.
Bloodless they hunt, the sweet scent appalling.
The mothers, they cry, afraid for their babies.
Their husbands, their lovers, they fight for the 'Maybes'.

Maybe tomorrow.
Maybe the next day.
But someday we'll rise and see only sun rays

The night is a calling, the beasts have arrived.
The mothers are lowing, their grief in their sighs.

Will no one come and save all the lives?
Will no one come back and bring light to their eyes?

The crimson ones
the feeders
the bloodsuckers all
they rise in the moonlight
to herald the fall
they gather around them
like dancers in a ball

Swirling; twirling
frolic in the night
fangs glint
bones split
why do we fight?

we the hunted
the cursed
whose blood eats away
at the fiber, the being
what can we say?

they hate us
they balk
recoil from our sight
yet here we stand
for only their lives

Vampires, they brand us,
a curse on our breast
yet no magic can bind us
a virus, its a fact
such tiny things
yet so powerfull
its tragic

We fight for a chance
a chance to redeem
our past
our acts;
so cruel they seemed

to save our own lives
we fight for another
the humans we hate
though we do not wait
to throw our lives on the line

we are not
sickness wracks our hearts
we search
for a cure

little one of the world
listen to the tales
remember always
how we fought
for those who scorn us so

we were,
just like them.”

A soft and musical female voice sang, a matronly tone making the dark lullaby seem sweet and innocent. “My little one. My baby girl. You will grow up to be a great baien ruler.” The voice cooed soothingly. Heavy footsteps heralded the arrival of another voice. The male that spoke had the voice of velvet.
“She has your eyes, my love.” He murmured, his voice low.

“And your strength. We’ve brought a beautiful steel rose into the world.” The female replied, love coloring her musical voice, yet it was tainted by the sour note of sadness.

“She carries the virus then?”

“Yes. My baby...my blood...she carries the affliction.” The woman’s voice wavered as a terrible agony flowed from her.

“Oh, my beloved wife, do not weep. The doctors said that the treatments might not work. The dream of a clean bloodline will come to fruition someday, do not worry.”

“She is our only child, our only heir. I wished to give her a life free from the bloodshed and strife that comes with our world.” So much regret, so much pain saturated the woman’s voice. An infant cried out, protesting the sadness that it could feel from the tension in its mother’s arms.

“Hush now, little Kimasae. You were always a good baby, stay that way and grow to be the wonderful woman we know you can be. Just remember that we love you, and that if you fight for what you want, in the end you will get it.”

“Fight?” The man’s voice was tight with uneasy tension.

“Yes, the world is about to get very dangerous, my beloved Dragomir. The war is going to steal you from me soon, and I fear that you might not return the same man as you left.”
“No, Liliana, my little lilly, I will return a decorated hero. Have no fear, I am the eldest of our line, and powerful in my own right. I will not see any fighting, anyway. I am a general, set to oversee the others. My name does mean peaceful, as you know.” Laughter and smiles sounded in the reassuring sound of the man’s voice. The baby gurgled happily and the mother let out a soft little laugh. A third set of footsteps came within hearing range and the child began to whimper.

“General Dragomir...” A young male messenger’s voice spoke quietly, as if afraid of retaliation for the message be brought.

“I know. It is time for us to leave. My beloved Liliana. Take care of the baby, and keep an eye on your sister. Her movements are becoming less and less discreet.”

“Drago!” The woman cried, agony ripping the music from her voice. The baby screamed, terrified of the sadness, and even in her tiny heart, one that should have been too young to comprehend such an idea, she knew that her life would never be the same again.

“Is she awake yet?”

“No, but shes been muttering under her breath a lot, and her eyes keep moving under her eyelids.”

“Oh...well why don’t you try and get some sleep, JJ? Youve been by her bed since you woke up from your treatments.”

“May, Im not gonna leave her. She saved both of our lives, and Im sure she would want us with her when she woke up. I know I would.”

“Yea...JJ. Did the doctors tell you why she needed the blood transplant?”

“No, but Im sure if Sae wants us to know, she’ll tell us.”

The voices that floated in the dark void left by the memory that no person should be able to remember sounded familiar, but the fog and mist that made thinking difficult kept the synapses from firing correctly in my brain. I laid there for a good while, semi-conscious of my surroundings, but unable to rouse myself enough to move, or even open my eyes. Finally, after what felt like a week, I grumbled and scrunched my eyes together, a pre-emptive measure to prepare my eyes to the bright lights of a hospital. I vaguely felt pressure on what my brain slowly identified as my hands as I struggled to open my eyes. I finally managed to, but quickly let them shut as a lance of pain shot through my head through my retinas.

“Ow.” I mumbled, my eyebrows knitting together.

“Ah, yeah, the doctors told us to tell you that sensitivity to light and a nasty headache might be a side effect of the blood transplant.” Jason said quietly, squeezing my hand lightly. I heard May sigh and patted my hand with the one that wasn’t holding mine.

“Poor thing, are you ok? You’ve been asleep for half a day!” She said, a frown in her voice.

“Ugh, Ill live, though...why did I get a transplant?” I said, wincing as my voice hurt my own head. I tried to think back to what happened, but there was still a thick fog surrounding the memory part of my brain. It was starting to get rather irritating.

“Don’t you remember?” Jason asked worriedly.

“No...because otherwise I wouldn’t be asking, now would I?” I grumbled peevishly, and I felt Jason’s mood deflate as his hand went slack in mine. I heaved a sigh and cracked one eye open slightly to peer up at him. “Sorry Jason, its just...pain plus amnesia doesn’t usually prove to be a good way to put me in a cheerful mood. “ I said apologetically, and he sighed and shook his head, smiling slightly at my sarcasm.

“Its because you repressed it.” Someone said from the door. I tried to sit up, but started to fall back when Jason slid his arm around my shoulders and supported my light weight. I finally opened both of my eyes and smiled at him, then returned my attention to the speaker.

“What?” May asked, her eyes wide as she clutched my hand still. Three sets of eyes were focused on the doorway, where a white lab coat clad doctor stood. In his hands was a little video recorder screen. A tiny flash of familiarity registered in my groggy mind when I looked from the doctor to that little screen.

“Miss Kimasae. When the orderlies brought you in here, worried and almost spent from caring for your friends, and the corrupted blood that wracked your body, you made me record something for you.” He walked over, extending the screen to me. Reaching out slowly, I took the transparent screen into my suddenly shaking hands. I couldn’t, for the life of me, understand why my hands were suddenly convulsing, but I shook it off, and pressed the blinking play button in the bottom right hand corner. May and Jason leaned in as I held the thing at arms length, staring with narrowed eyes. Suddenly a face materialized on the screen and it took me a few moments to realize that it was my face.

“Sae...or me....or whatever. Just listen up. Knowing me, I’ve probably forgotten everything that’s happened over the last few days. Well, depending on what time you woke up, that might be longer or shorter. Something gives me the feeling that its shorter.” A very haggard looking me intoned in a very pissy voice. Both eyes were the hungry mix of and my fangs were extended to their longest length. I simply stared at the screen, dumbfounded while the me on the screen glared back.

“Im guessing that your just staring at me like an idiot.” I blinked and shook myself out of my stupor as May and Jason blinked in surprise, trying to digest what was going on. Jason had been unconscious for this obviously, and May would have been at his side.

“Don’t worry, I did this right before Im going under for the blood cleaning. Jason is fine now, isnt he? See, so it is you that’s talking here...or me....or what the fuck ever you wanna call it!” The past me growled, scrubbing her hair with her hands in frustration. The veins in her arms were standing out and so were the ones in her neck. Things were obviously getting bad, no wonder I blocked it out.

“Agh, anyway, yeah, I finally figured out why nobody liked mom and dad. They were trying to find a cure for the virus. You know, OUR virus. May, this actually goes with the question you asked me the night before we were attacked. This should trigger some memories in me, so once I wake up from passing out like a stoner who O.D’d from the giant migraine Im gonna get from multiple flashbacks at the same time, get me to explain it. The only other thing I can think of right now to tell you that you might have forgotten is this...” The past me leaned in really close to the screen and seemed to reach out and grab the edges, pressing her nose against it in an effort to get her eyes as big as possible as she glared into the screen.

“...Don’t you ever, EVER, feed off another vampire AGAIN! Do you understand me?! This shit HURTS like HELL!” She howled, making the speakers in the screen vibrate with the volume of her voice. We all winced, then May and Jason turned to look at me as I stared blankly at the snowy screen of static. I blinked, once, twice, three times, before I grasped my head, letting the video screen drop onto my legs then fall to the floor with a loud clatter.

“Sae!” I heard Jason and May gasp in unison as a day and a half’s worth of memories flashed in front of my eyes at one time. My head felt like a sun exploded inside of it and I collapsed sideways, blacking out.

The next thing I knew was the pressure of a gas mask on my face, providing extra oxygen to my lungs.

“Get this thing off me.” I snapped, sitting up suddenly. I went to reach up with both hands, one to pull the strap off the back of my head, the other to pull the mask off, when I found one of my hands was still being held. I looked over and stared into Jason’s velvet eyes. He looked so tired. I frowned slightly and opened my mouth to order him to go lay down when he held a finger up to his lips. Then he pointed at the opposite side of the bed. My different colored eyes followed his finger and saw May dozing on the edge of my bed, her hand flopped open from where I had jerked my out when I sat up.

“Oh...” I said quietly, then looked back over at Jason, my memories suddenly giving me a great deal to worry about.

“Are you ok?” I mouthed to him, gesturing to where his wound had been. He blinked and looked down then smiled and nodded his head, moving the collar of his shirt to show a barely visible line of scar tissue. I sighed, relieved. Then my head whipped around to look at May worriedly. I turned back to Jason and blinked when I saw he was standing up, his hands resting on the edge of the bed, leaning towards me. He leaned in, slightly to the left of me so he could talk in my ear without waking May.

“Shes fine, don’t worry. Everyone is ok, we were just worried about you.” He whispered, then laughed softly, his breath blowing the hair on my neck, making me giggle and twitch. I immediately looked horrified at my reaction and rubbed my neck, my eyes wide and confused. Jason just stared at me for a moment then busted up laughing, clutching his sides and falling back in his chair. May jerked awake, looking around groggily, seeming alarmed. I patted her head and smiled, and May looked over at Jason for a moment, then shook her head and rubbed her eyes.

“Ahahahaha!” Jason howled, tears forming in the corners of his eyes as he gasped for breath after another peal of laughter. I leveled an even glare at him, my differently colored eyes being half lidded in ire.

“What is so funny, Jason?” I growled at him, making him stop laughing for a moment, then lit up in another bout of merriment. “Fine, let me know when your done and then we can talk. Otherwise, Ill be on the plane going home.” I said as I spotted my plane ticket on the folded clean clothes at the end of my bed. Someone was taking very good care of me.

“Aw, no, Sae, don’t be grumpy. It was just....funny. I never figured you for a ticklish one.” Jason said, still holding his aching sides.

“Yeah, well, your face is funny.” I grumbled under my breath as I shoved the covers off me. I slid my legs off May’s edge of the bed as she stretched her arms over her head, and I grabbed my clean clothes and headed for the bathroom.

“Wait, Sae, you need to tell us about the virus.” May finally said, making me stop just as my hand found the door handle of the bathroom. I sighed and looked back at her pleadingly.

“Can’t I just tell you on the plane ride home?” She stared at me for a moment then rolled her eyes and nodded.

And thats what I did.
The clock was ringing! I could not open my eyes. There was a sadistic need to smash the ticking noise-maker, but I knew that if it wasn't for it I would not wake up for days. I rose my head from the pillow, opened with great force my eyes, looking towards the quadratic black antique of a clock that was making the monotonous noises. I raised my left hand, pushing the button on the top of the clock and it stopped ringing. I stood up and started warming up. My body was so stiff. The second that I had woken up from my talk with my father I had gone to Sae to see how she was. After that I had stayed awake through the whole process of blood purification, and even until she woke up. After that I could not go on without coffee. There was a strange fear in me. I was horrified of going to sleep. It felt like the whole world was going to go down in hell if I wasn't awake. I felt obliged to stay close to Sae. She had gone through so much that I just could not let her stay alone. That made her more grumpy than when I laughed at her for being ticklish.

About three hours after Sae had woken up we were on the plane for New York. On the plane everyone fell asleep again. Everyone but Sae, who since her long sleep, was so energetic that she could barely stand still. For the six hours of the flight I ordered five grand cups of black Arabian coffee without sugar and was working on my lap top, finding out as much about the raid in the Big Apple as possible. There were a lot of buildings that were missing, two of which were the East Province's embassy and the IPA building(Inhuman Protection Agency). A lot of inhumans were murdered(or rather slaughtered) in their homes and a lot of Free Launchers were assassinated. Yet through all the cameras, that I had hacked, I did not see much of a difference. The citizens were walking by, the sea of heads was as usually thick. Rush hours were forming downtown, as families were trying to get back home. The city of New York had healed quite fast. We had stayed an extra two days in San Francisco, in order for everyone in the group to heal. Heather had gotten a bullet in the back, that by a dump luck had missed her lungs and heart. Ivory had gone berserk from blood thirst, but the squad of soldiers had been able to stop her without killing her. Mia, Celestina and Marianela were the only ones that seemed to have escaped without grievous wounds. Celestina had been by my bed, an hour before I woke up. She had been too exhausted, and was sent by May to bed. After that she did not talk to me and I was not really keen on talking to her. As horrible as it may seem, I had forgotten about her attractive body and bubbly mentality.

An hour before we arrived in New York, Sae finally went to sleep, though I could feel it was a strange semi-dream, from which she could wake up any time. I was sitting on her right, May sitting on the left. May had been so exhausted that through the whole flight she never woke up. I was not really keen on looking at May. I had finished my work on the lap top, when I saw Sae sleeping. She was so beautiful, while sleeping. Her tall, curvy body was relaxed. Her eyes were closed. Her lips slowly moving in mumbles. She was talking in her sleep again. That made her even more cute. While she was still in the hospital in San Fran, I had been watching her like that with hours. Delighted feelings soaked me, as I was observing her lips with a carnivorous lust to kiss her. At that time, when I saw her like that, that lust came back again, twice more stronger. I turned towards her, approaching her face. I knew she would not kiss me willingly. Right now it would be so easy to kiss her. It would, and that is why I didn't. Instead I caressed her cheeks with my fingers. She turned around, almost waking up. I turned around and tried to focus. When the plane landed and we got on the entrance of the airport, me, May, Sae and Heather bid farewell to the others. Me and May accompanied Sae to her apartment and then after I escorted May to her house, I literally ran to my bed in the Hostel on Forth street.

As I stood up, I looked at the clock. I had slept for eighteen hours straight. How tiring! I started warming up my stiff body. After that I walked on my arms and then tip-toed to the toilet. I took a quick bath and went back to the bed. The room was stuffy. I opened the door to the balcony and went out to breath in the “fresh“ city air. The Hostel was a quadratic old building with renovated rooms inside, which balconies were facing the inner garden and each other. So it did not surprise me when I saw two girls in the balconies in front to look at me with interest. I had taken a bath and was now walking naked in front of them. I cracked my neck a few times, breath in and out to relax and went inside without taking much notice to the girls on the front balcony, which were throwing flirty comments and squeezing each other's breasts to attract my attention. I did not have time for this today. Besides, having a threesome with a hostel's number one whores was not something I had not done before. I put on my costume and black shoes and quickly put the textbooks for my first school day in New York.


I stood in front of room 45 of the Darickson High school, waiting for the teacher to let me in and introduce me. The door opened and a long legged, thin, white, young woman pulled me in. She was Ms Melodi Caro. To what I thought, she was the youngest and most sexy teacher in whole New York. And she was not hiding her interest in me as well.

“Alright you morons, I'd like you to meet Mr Jason Peerce. Try not to act like a bunch of apes this time, OK?“ she shouted at them as she pushed me in the middle of the black board. “O, Jason, introduce, yourself.“

“You already did that for him, Ms Carrot-user!“ a boy in the last rows said and a group of boys to his right laughed hard.

“Well, at least carrots are longer than yours, Melvin. As a matter of fact I don't like you, because I never play with beans.“ she said as the whole room burst into laughter.

“Well, what can I say? I'm from Chicago. I'm 17 and I'm inhuman.“ I said as everyone stopped laughing.

“Does anyone have any questions?“ Ms Caro asked. A short, brown-haired girl raised her arm. “Yes, Moyra?“

“What are your hobbies?“ she mumbled, her face turning red as blood.

“You should excuse Moyra. She's a factory for embarrassment. She usually would have fainted by now.“ a girl, with long blue hair, green eyes and flat breasts said sarcastically.

“No, I wouldn't!“ shouted Moyra, furious and yet embarrassed to no end.

“I don't find it funny to be yourself. I think that while you are still yourself, you should not care what people think.“

“Is that what you think really?You don't seem to be acting as yourself though.“ the same blue-haired girl said.

“Why do you say that?“

“Because you wear such formal clothes and expensive watch. You drive such an expensive car and yet you have the mentality of a half-witted weakling.“ she said with an arrogant smile on her face. “Be yourself, and don't care what others think? Ha, Don't make me laugh. You are what you see. If you see a dirty, pimpled dork in the mirror, maybe you would say that to encourage yourself. Wouldn't you try to change so that the others would like you. Is it not what you have done- turned yourself in a hot, six-feet-tall moron with black suit and mania for hover racing.“ she finished, crossing her hands on her flat chest. She was starting to get on my nerves. It was time to show her who she was dealing with.

“You are what you see? How materialistic of you to say. But you yourself are not acting according to what you say. You talk of changing so that others may like you but you don't change completely, you keep to yourself. For example, in my opinion, and I'm sure for a lot of other men, your breasts are small.“ I said. Her eyes widened, her mouth opening to say something, but I interrupted her. “Yet, you don't change them. Your parents are wealthy too, are they not? You wear a dress that is worth five thousand dollars. Yet you don't enlarge them, because lets face the truth- your breast are missing.“ I said. She stood up ready to shout out, but I interrupted her again. “That's because you don't seek that much the physical attraction. Sure, you're not going to fall in love for pimpled dork, but you are not after someone who has more of an ego than you. You want someone who will see through the make-up and whose lips with touch yours, not your lipstick.“ I said calmly. She sat down, unable to say anything. “As for me being a moron, believe me, I have three thousand IQ points.“

“What? No way.“ a girl with glasses from the front roles said.

“I can vouch for that! I've seen his report card and IQ test results. It's true.“

"Wow!" a few girls and boys from the front rows said.

“Do you have a personal site?“

“Yes, but which of the fifteen would you like?“

“What's your IL name?“

“My last one was Bougard05!“

“Alright, people, that's enough for now. You can ask him more questions later. Sit down, Jason!“ said Ms Caro.


The classroom was very warm. The cheerful laughter of the students filled my ears. I couldn't focus. We were in recess and everyone was talking. I was isolated for now.

“Are you just gonna stand there?“ I heard someone say in front of me. I woke up from my slumber and looked at the intruder that had spoken. His short blond hair did not match his black eyes and white skin . He had a sharp nose and low chin, which made his face more smaller than usual. He was wearing blue jeans, green blouse and a red jacket with the symbol of Chicago Bulls. Patrick Peerce was in the house.

“Patrick,don't tell me dad booked us in the same school?“ I said with hope.

“Yep!“ said my step-brother with a smile on his face.

“Damn!“ I whispered enough loud for him to hear. “Oh, well, whatever. Where are you?“

“On the floor below. Shit, bro, you've got some nice whores in here!“ he said.

“Patrick, don't turn pervy in the class room. You're making me look ridiculous.“

“Why should my behavior make you look ridiculous?“

“'Cause you are already beyond ridiculous!“

“What do you mean? I look great. Just last night I got to fuck two sluts in the Hostels, and they were pretty good too. Not as good as me but yet!“

“Great, you fucked them. Congratulations, you're my hero! I can be proud of my brother for sleeping with a couple of sluts!“ I said quietly.

“Look here, dumbass, I may not be as strong physically as you, but I'm just as magically powerful as you and twice more cool than you.“ he said. I stood, my face coming closer to him.

“I don't give a damn whether you're cooler or more powerful, numb nut! I watch you to start acting more civilized. Start wearing some clothes that don't make you look like you're coming from the North Pole!“ I told him. He got back as a pair of female hands caught him. It was the blue-haired girl.

“I don't agree with you. Patrick's style of clothing is better than yours.“ she said with a sarcastic smile on her face.

“What are you gonna do about it bro? I got the upper hand in the girlfriend department.“

“You're dating Patrick, ha, clear as day. Well, if not for anything else I sure have a better taste for women.“

“Why's that?“ they both asked in unison.

“Because he's into women that have breasts!“ said someone behind me, as I felt someone's hands to rap around my neck.

“May?“ exclaimed Patrick surprised.

“I don't need breasts to be sexy.“

“Isn't that the same, as I said before, that as long as we are ourselves we shouldn't care what people say. If we should take your words for granted than that make you weak.“ I said. The blue-haired girl stood there, her face red of anger, powerless to my arguments. “You are what you see!“ I said and smiled. Patrick did not move. He really did not understand what I was talking about. Me and May turned around and I sat down on my desk.

“What is Patrick doing with Felicity?“ May said as she sat on my lap.

“Using her.“

“For what?“

“Sex toy and ego-increaser. The usual.“ I said and opened my lap top.

“How do you know?“

“I went through the same he is. I know what he desires and I know how he will end up.“


“He thinks he is all-charming and that no girl can resist him, but he is mistaking. I used to steal the girlfriends of my co-students. I used to have my fun with them, and then push them away, throwing them away like used tissue. Then I did not realize what I was doing to these girls. I did not know how much violated and used they felt. I would have continued, if it wasn't for Catherine.“

“Who?“ asked May.

“Catherine. She was supposed to be just one of the many I took advantage of. She was nice, cute Blondy with a fetish for the doggy style. She really liked to be controlled, to be guided. After our first time that I did her, she became obsessed with me. I think she really liked my performance in bed. Or maybe she just liked me. I really don't know.“

“What happened?“ May asked.

“Well, she was really persistent. And I did not really have anything against that. I did her a few more times and got bored. Then I split with her in the most horrible way I could have.“


“I cheated on her in front of her.“

“That sounds horrible. Were you really that of a scum back then?“

“Yes, needless to say that I was completely blind to what I was turning into.“

“So what changed you?“

“Catherine was so hurt of my actions and indifference to her that she tried to commit a suicide in school the next day after I had cheated on her.“

“Did she succeeded?“

“No, yours truly was there after all. And knowing that I am a suicidal myself you know how much that worked up that got me. “

“How did you save her?“

“I convinced her that suicide was not the way. I told her that I had tried a few times myself. In the end I found out that in truth she had wanted to attract my attention, not kill herself. I was really sorry for what I did to her. We got back together and from that day on I made sure that she was always happy. Stopped cheating, started to give her presents, made her smile as much as I could. Even so she was always ever-watchful when I was around other women. I guess she never did forgive me for cheating on her.“

“So what happened?“

“She got bored from me!“ May started laughing loud pressing her belly with her hand. “ Yes, ironic as it may sound. But I guess it serves me right.“

“So she cheated on you?“

“Yes, but she told me and we split again. From that day on I haven't had a single steady girlfriend.“


“I never found a girl a really like, a girl that would really suit me.“

"Why, JJ, if I didn't know you better I'd say you're the romantic type."

"Shut up, May!" I said mischievously and spanked her butt gently. "Class is starting stand up and go to your room."


"A single rose? How rare? We're usually getting orders for three or bouquets, but never one." said the shop assistant-an old and wrinkled man in gardener's clothes, as I made my order in the flower shop.

"Yeah." I said calmly.

"A single rose for a special lady, right?"


"Is she human?"


"What kind?"


"Oh, yes, they love roses. So what color is it gonna be sonny?"


"Hahahaha! Oh, sonny, you don't give a red rose to a vampire. It's like standing still in front of a bull with a red blouse."

"Really?" I said raising one eyebrow.

"Yeah. Tell you what, since you look like a nice guy I'll give you a special kind of rose." he said and went behind the stands.


"They call them nature's blue." he said as he took out a beautiful blue rose that had still not bloomed completely.

"Why, nature's blue?"

"Cause they're naturally bred. No genetic tampering and all that. Good old-fashioned gardening. But you should know it's expensive."

"No matter. I'll take it nonetheless."

"You really feel for the vampiress, don't you?" he said. I gave him a big smile not answering the question.
"Oh....My....Gawd!" I cried, running my hands over my face before banging my head lightly against the one-way glass that served as the back of the liquor shelf. It was a good way to watch the crowd that I should have been serving. Of course Gregory had insisted I play up my injury as much as possible to get the most publicity. Now I was quarantined behind the bar until the current customers had invited more people and we were truly out of room and were at our limit for holding patrons. Not surprisingly, I was soon out serving drinks and spinning my lovely little lie about my eye and tattoo, seeing as Gregory had not let me wear my contact and cover up. He said that it would bring the people new hope seeing a fighter like me going about my normal life after nearly getting killed. I could kind of understand, I suppose, seeing as massive raids had demolished Sector 11, and while the buildings had been fixed quickly, the emotional damage that was caused would take much longer to be resolved. So there I stood, smiling radiantly, my fangs carefully retracted as I balanced telling stories and serving drinks. I winced as I walked, once again, behind the bar to get more glasses. Tonight was not a good night for stiletto heeled boots. The outfit was sexy as anything, and it drew in customers as planned, but it was not comfortable in the least. A v-necked white silk shirt with a leather vest, constricting around my already flat stomach to prop up my average bust, rather like a wonder bra would, and a tight leather skirt and my knee-high stiletto boots. I felt like a pirate with the flowing white shirt and all the leather, but people constantly complimented it so I was content enough. They were more interested in my face, for once, however.

So now, whenever a person asked after buying a drink, or a look would linger, I would smile and dive into an explanation.

"Whats with the tattoo right? Well, see, theres this clan of vampires thats really against humans and inhumans living together. They're kind of a part of the arignotics, but a lot more organized. When me and a group of friends were in SanFran, we were attacked during the raids, like what happened here. They tried to kill me, and branded me with this tattoo and made my eye like this. I wear it now in defiance. I live now, and Im still working like a busy little worker bee, so they can officially kiss my ass, right?" Id say, smiling warmly as I cleaned a glass or poured out a beer or shot of vodka. My night was incredibly hectic and about ten o'clock I was getting tired and my voice was starting to creak from the overuse. Suddenly a familiar scent wafted underneath my nose over the scent of booze and heavily cologned men, though it was weak and twisted in it was a different smell and it was overwhelmingly musky. My bi-colored orbs looked up curiously to look into the sleazy grin of a young man with blond hair and black eyes. I tweaked up an eyebrow as he leaned on the bar with an elbow, and rested his chin in his hand, looking blatantly at my chest. I felt my blood pressure shoot up a few notches instantly.

"What can I get for you this evening, sir?" I asked, all sweetness and charm, though the obvious irritation in my voice drew his gaze from my boobs for a moment.

"Hm? Oh, a nice long drink from the twins would be lovely." He said, his grin spreading even further across his pale face as his eyes flashed fittingly to my chest again, revealing what he meant by 'the twins'. Fury rose in me so fast that I had to set the steel bowl down that I was cleaning, for fear that I might bounce it off this little sleaze-ball's forehead. I gritted my teeth and was about to retort with an incredibly vulgar and mean comment when a flat chested girl walked up behind the blond pervert and grabbed his shoulder.

"Patrick, lets go dance already!" She whined, flicking her blue hair over her shoulder. I sighed slightly as he turned to walk away, then I growled under my breath when he turned back.

"Sae, right?" He asked, actually looking me in the eyes. 'Oh, what a step up. Hes finally looking at me, not just my tits.' She thought peevishly as she stared down the boy.

"Yep." I replied curtly, then turned away and picked up a glass and began wiping it out with my sterilizing rag. I waited a moment or two, then turned around again, and caught his eyes roving down at a slightly lower area of interest.

"Alright you little fuck, listen here." I snarled, smashing the glass in my hand as I felt a spasm of burning rage. I slammed my hands down on the counter top , my hand splattering a little blood as the glass cut into it. Patrick jumped back, alarmed at my sudden ire, then he masked his face with that ugly little confident grin again. I reached up, lightning quick, and grabbed that smug face of his by his nose. I jerked him back towards me, so he was bent over the bar a little, whining as I kept his nose in my powerful grip.

"Ow, let go you little bitch!" Patrick howled, slapping at my hand, but I kept my grip tight on him, and lowered my bleeding hand so that he could see it.

"You see this, you obnoxious little pervert? This is going to be your face very soon if you don't learn some manners!" I snarled darkly, and everyone in the bar suddenly went silent, sensing the evil intent in my anger. I will smash that pale little face of yours into the glass spilled on this counter until your own sister wouldn't recognize you

"Sae..." I heard Gregory come around from his watching post in the back of the bar. I held up my bleeding hand to stop him and to show him what the kid had done to me.

"Now listen here, punk. If I ever catch you in my bar again. Or even flirting with the whores that stand outside my bar, then I will personally castrate you with a rusty fucking spoon." I snarled, pulling his face closer to the glass littered counter top.

"B-but..." He stammered, clutching the edge of the counter to keep his face from hitting the glass. His little girlfriend watched horrified from behind him, held back by wise bystanders who knew not to mess with me when I got angry. "...but spoons dont cut anything."

I felt an ugly little smirk curl up on my face, and I leaned in close to his ear.

"Honey, thats the point. It will be slow, agonizingly painful, and humiliating." I hissed, then let go of his nose, and let him see the deadly smirk that played across my marble skin, my differently colored eyes glaring at him. He stumbled back into the arms of his boyish sex-toy and gave me the finger, tweaking his nose back into place with his other hand.

"Ill get you for this, bitch." He shouted as he retreated. I barked out a laugh, and with a smooth motion leapt up onto the counter top, causing Patrick to jerk back in fear. Everyone laughed, and I grinned impishly, my fury leaving with the boy and his girlfriend. I stepped back behind the counter and wiped off where I had stepped before I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder.

"Gregory..." I sighed, knowing he wanted to chew me out. I heard the fat werewolf laugh and he steered me towards the back of the bar.

"Go take a break Sae. Take your feet out of those god ugly boots and have a bottle of water. It'll help cool your head off some." He said, taking over the drink orders that I had lined up. I gave him a grateful smile and disappeared in the door, flopping down in a twirly desk chair and unzipped my boots, kicking them off and wiggling my toes. Heaving a long sigh, I leaned back in the chair, closing my eyes as my feet got some air and room.

Suddenly, I felt strong arms wrap around me, and a wonderful smell filled my nose. I jerked upright, going tense, and my eyes snapped open. At first I thought it was the Patrick kid, trying to get me back by taking me out with a poison or something, when a familiar voice whispered in my ear.

"Sorry, Sae, I didn’t mean to scare you. I figured Id just bring you this. And check up on you and make sure you were ok." I heard the apology in Jason's voice as he pulled back slightly. I looked down at the origin of the delightful smell and gasped. It was a gorgeous blue rose. I felt my heart flutter slightly, and a light blush crept up on my pale face.

"Oh, Jason, its simply beautiful!" I whispered, raising a hand to caress the glowing blue petals gently. The purity of the color was astounding, it was as if someone had stolen the color out of a blue moon and injected it into a rose. I blinked and gaped for a second before I could find my voice when a revelation hit me.

"Jason, is this a Natures Blue?" I murmured, unsure if I wanted to know the answer. Those roses were stupidly expensive and very rare. I heard a soft chuckle from behind me and Jason let go of the stem of the flower with his left hand and ran it up my arm, caressing my cheek lightly as he moved around the chair to crouch next to me so he was eye-level. He had a warm smile on his face, and his eyes were gentle. I was surprised how natural it felt to have him nearby. All during the recovery time in SanFran he had been by my side, and I was surprised to notice how much I had missed him the two days I hadn't seen him.

"Mhm, I thought you might like it." He said, his snile widening as he saw the shy smile on my face that was the reaction to the flower. I sighed and smacked him very lightly on the side of the head.

"You shouldnt have. Those things are freaking expensive! You could have used your money on something a lot more worthwhile." I said, playfully chiding. Jason shook his head and rested his hand on mine, picking it up, palm up to expose the bloody mess. He scowled, and looked at me sharply.

"What happened Sae?" He asked, all seriousness. I let out a laugh and shook my head, rolling my eyes.

"Ah, dont worry. I had this guy harrassing me and I got so mad I kinda crushed a glass in my hand." I said, waving my good hand dismissively. "Im fine, and I threw the obnoxious blond kid and his blue haired dike of a girlfriend out."

"Was his name Patrick?" Jason asked, suddenly on his feet, the rose laid gently in my lap as he clenched his fists. I blinked, looking up at him, and collected the flower in my good hand, not wanting to stain the flower with my tainted blood. I stood stiffly, gingerly testing my sore feet before walking to the storage room to get a vase and filled it with purified tap water from the employee mini-bar. I walked back and finally looked at Jason and answered his question.

"Yeah, why? Whats the matter Jason? He a buddy of yours? I didnt hurt him or anything, I swear..." I said, worried that he was mad at me. He stared at me for a moment, then his face relaxed and Jason wrapped me in a warm hug. I felt my face blush a more vibrant shade of red and I looked up at him, confused.

"Hes not really a friend of mine he...well, hes my half brother." He said, laughing slightly. I could still hear the tension in his voice, and I guessed that those two had a very strained relationship. "So, what did he do to you? Did he touch you? Ill beat the hell out of him if he-"

Pulling back and laughing, I patted him on the shoulder reassuringly with my good hand. "Ah, dont worry, Jason! I can handle myself no problem. And a punk like that has no chance of even getting close enough to try anything. His voice just annoyed me." I said, smirking confidently and wobbled my head in a know-it-all fashion. That earned a laugh from Jason and I smiled, turning to flop down in my chair again. Looking down at my bloody hand I blew on it lightly, testing to see if it was healing yet or not. Jason saw me fussing with it and walked over, grabbing me by the wrist and looked at it closely.

"Jason, I didnt know you had a half brother." Finally sinking in, the fact that Jason had relatives jerked me out of my sulking at Jason fussing over my injuries when I was obviously fine. He glanced up from picking a large shard of glass out of my palm, and shrugged.

"Its not something I like to brag about. You know first hand why." He said pessimistically. Nodding, I winced as he jerked another broken bit of glass out of my hand.

"Ow, alright Jason, let me at it already, sheesh." I grunted and pried his fingers off my wrist and promptly began to kick it like a cat grooming. Jason looked on, seeming slightly hurt, but soon my cuts were sowing themselves shut and the little shards that were still embedded in my hand were forced out and dropped to the floor with tiny plink-ing noises.

"There we go, all better." I said, smiling up at Jason, standing to go get a broom and clean up the bloody debris. Jason caught my by the arm and turned me so he could look me in the eye.

"Im sorry Sae. I didnt mean to hurt you. I was just trying to help." He said, his voice barely concealing the hurt sadness beneath. I looked into his velvet eyes for a moment before leaning up on my tip-toes and brushed my lips lightly across his cheek. I felt shocked by my own action, but I found that it was almost a pre-meditated convulsion, feeling that I had wanted to do something of that sort since I knew it was him holding the gorgeous Natures Blue rose. Jason looked down at me, his eyes slightly widened, and I looked to the side, smiling sheepishly.

"Ah, I'm sorry Jason...I shouldn't have..." I murmured, and turned to go collect the broom. When I returned Jason was still standing there, a perplexed look on his face as he watched me silently. I swept up the glittering bits of glass into a trash bin and tossed them in the incinerator trash can, watching as they melted down. I returned to my chair, now growing antsy from the constant silence that was emanating from Jason's tall form. I looked at my hands that were clasped in my lap, before letting my icy blue and maroon/blood red eyes float up to the brilliant blue rose that sat, solitary in the water of the crystal vase that rested on the desk beside me.

"Sae..." I looked over quickly as Jason finally spoke, and I took in a quick breath as I looked into his eyes. He was close, very close, leaning over some as his hands reached out to rest on each of the chair's arm rests. I could feel his warm breath on my face and my own breathing hitched slightly.

"Wh...what?" I whispered back, afraid to speak too loud as if it would blow him away. He frowned as he gazed right into my eyes.

"Why did you apologize for kissing me on the cheek?" He asked, his hands gripping the arm rests and turned me so I was fully facing him. He seemed miffed, almost. I blinked, some of the haze of him being so close dissipated at the randomness of his question. I opened my mouth to reply then closed it, raising a hand to rest on my chin as I thought, slumping back in the chair, my eyes looking off to the right.

"Hm, I'm not sure. I guess I thought you might have thought it was improper or something." I admitted, looking back up at him, my eyes truthful and innocent. The frown that marred his handsome face crumbled and a small smile spread across it in its stead, lighting up his eyes.

"Silly woman." He muttered as he leaned down slowly, and I felt his soft lips press gently against my own, sending a strange thrill through me. I took a slow, long breath through my nose as my heart hammered in my chest, and I straightened in the chair, getting closer to him in the kiss. I felt my eyes close as Jason's gloved hand wandered up my arm and gently trailed up my neck until it arrived at the back of my neck. He cradled my head gently as his kiss lingered. All too soon it seemed, he pulled back and looked at me shyly, a funny half smile on his face.

"You didnt think that was....improper did you?" He asked teasingly. I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding in a huff and slapped him lightly in the ribs. He chuckled and brought his other hand up to cup my face, his right hand sliding down to my shoulder.

"Seriously Sae...I never thought you would willingly kiss me. You dont think I forced myself on you or anything, right?" He asked, his eyebrows coming together at an upward angle that expressed concerned worry. I smiled radiantly at him and slowly moved to stand up. He let go of my face as he straightened up, and I stood, still returning his gaze.

When he had kissed me, something had flipped on in my head, something that I had never felt before. True, it was not my first kiss, but something was different this time. My smile became smoldering as I stood fully, and took a step towards him, my hands resting on his chest as I pressed my body against him. He seemed stunned, bedazzled by my actions. Sadly, what I didnt know at the time was that the kiss had awoken my Glamour powers, a seductive power that froze a vampire's prey with lust so they could not flee or scream as the hunter fed. The prey interpreted the bite and the dying process as extreme ecstasy.

"No, Jason. I wanted this too." I whispered, my voice velvety and soft. He blushed lightly and smiled, raising his hands to hold my face once more. I tilted my face to his, still smiling that seductive smile. He began to lean back down, when he stopped and whispered something against my lips that were a mere inch away.

"Ive been wanting to kiss you since SanFran, Sae." His voice was husky and that thrilling feeling intensified within me tenfold. I leaned up and crushed my lips against his in a passionate kiss, and he kissed me back the same, his hands sliding down my body to rest on my lower back. My hands slid gently up his chest to wrap around his neck. He tilted his head to the side some as our lips greeted each other's jubilantly. We went on like that for a moment or two, then a slight caress made my eyes snap open. His tongue had flicked against my lips, seeking access to my mouth. I was about to gladly grant him that access when he did it once more and burning hunger roared through my body. It made no sense, I had just fed! What was happening? I pulled back, gasping, my hand over my heart, and I realized my fangs hand fully extended. My eyes widened, horrified, as I realized that in the back of my head I had been planning on how to work down to his neck, and where to move him as I drank his blood.

"Oh god..." I choked, covering my face with my hands, shaking violently, stumbling back from the confused Jason. He seemed to emerge from his Glamour induced lustful trance and looked over at me, wholly confused and alarmed.

"Sae, what is the matter? Whats wrong?" He asked, taking a half-step towards me, his hand reaching out comfortingly. I hissed and slapped away his hand.

"Jason...go....just...go!" I cried, my fury with myself unfairly being transferred to him. He looked at me, then his eyebrows came together in a scowl.

"You said you wanted the kiss too." He grumbled, his hand falling to his side. I looked at him, and the desolation took over my expression.

"I-I cant...I cant explain now Jason...I just cant! Go! Before something bad happens! Please!" I begged, the new burning hunger returning whenever I looked into those eyes of his.

"Sae...what..." Jason whispered, his scowl leaving and that heart-wrenching look of worry returning. I choked back a sob and shook my head, wrapping my arms around myself, bowing my head.

"Sae? Whats going o- Hey! You!" Gregory rounded the corner from the bar and stopped when he saw me standing like that, shivering like a stray dog who had been lost in the cold rains of a new york storm. "No one is allowed behind the bar except workers! Leave! NOW!" Gregory roared, rolling his sleeves up as he approached Jason, protective fury consuming his usually friendly face. Jason tried to stammer something out, but I saved him a beating by stepping in front of Gregory and leaning my head against his chest.

"Its not him....Im...hungry..." I whispered, and Gregory, used to working with me, instantly understood and wrapped one arm around my shaking shoulders. He looked back up at Jason and waved him off.

"Go before I kick you out." He grunted gruffly. Jason looked at me for a long moment then turned and stormed from the bar. I waited for the back door to slam before I pulled away from my boss and collapsed into the swivel chair and pulled my knees up, curling into the fetal position and sobbed uncontrollably.

'What have I done?' I thought as my systems crashed from the sudden high and my mind wallowed in the despicable acts that were caused by my miserable existence. 'Jason probably thinks Im a bipolar slut of a vampire who only wants to use him. Our friendship....oh god..."

The dumpster flew high above the ground and collided with the near-by parked HC, flattening its hood. “DAMN IT!!!” I shouted, clenching my fists uncontrollably. I had kissed her. Then she had kissed me back, and yet pushed me away the second after. “What the hell’s going on?” I shouted again. I was furious, acting like a small child that was deprived of its favorite toy. Throwing dumpsters and feeling sorry for myself was not going to help though. I stopped for a second, opening my palms and started breathing in and out. I felt my mind clear up. “So what did I do wrong in the whole situation?” I thought putting my right hand on my chin. “Did I force her when I first kissed her?” I spoke in my mind, but started shaking my head: ”If that was the case, why would she kiss me back? This makes no sense! Wait! I tried to push my tongue at that time. I might have overdone it there. Damn it! I’m such an idiot!!!” I thought clenching my hands into fists. Suddenly I felt like driving, driving without limits or fear.

I went to my car and entered it. I started the engine and stepped on the accelerator and the car took off with a deafening roar. Three lapsies started gaining on me on the second turn. Because of the raids, the police was still on edge. I changed to a higher gear as more and more lapsies started gaining on me. Their sirens were fading away as I turned on the M.E. Booster. I had gotten away, but somehow that did not make me feel any better. I knew what made me feel good. I pulled over a huge bridge to hide from the police helicopters that were looking for me. The usually warm seat of Charger was now so stiff and cold. I had rested my head on the cool metallic steering wheel as silence slowly engulfed me. My thoughts were with Sae; smiling at her face; hugging her slender body; devouring her pink-colored lips; caressing her thin, gentle neck; titillating her skin as it aroused a lusty, uncontrollably desire in her. I wanted to bring her pleasure, which she will never forget. But now it was too late.

Suddenly I rose my head: “What did she said to that guy? That she was hungry. Could it be that she was afraid she might suck me dry? She should know that my skin is impenetrable. She might have forgotten! If that’s the case, which I hope it is, then I still have a chance with her, right?” I thought taking my laptop from underneath the seat. I knew that I just could not go back to the bar. That old geezer will surely cause trouble. Just remembering how Sae hugged him made my head turn red and hot. Call it jealousy! Call it paranoia! At that time when she had hugged him, I wanted to go and tear his werewolf head off with my bare hands, but it would have been troublesome to begin with.

I shook my head to clear all the unnecessary thoughts from my head and turned my laptop on. An idea had run my mind. I did not want to lose Sae this easily. Actually I never did give up on anything so easily. Ever since May saved me from suicide, I never did. I went in the interlink and started searching. There had to be more of those nature’s blue roses.


The silence of the corridor engulfed my mind. There was a blind spot in my thoughts, an error that was waiting to be repaired. My idea was in progress, as I was waiting for both the deliverer and the recipient to arrive. Suddenly I heard a pair of high-heels sound at the other side of the corridor. They were slow and fatigued steps. I hid behind the shadow of a bay that was six steps away from Sae’s apartment and pulled the curtains. She was coming closer. The eyes on her depressed face looked like she had been crying. “Oh, Sae!” I thought. She got to her room, passing me by without discovering her stalker. She was not concentrated enough, seeing as her gaze was out of focus. Her mind was engaged with something else right now. She stood in front of the door, starring right at the handle. Suddenly I heard many heavy footsteps coming our way. “Thank god, she came before them!” I thought. The footsteps woke Sae up from her state and she unlocked her door and went inside. I could see she was still wearing the v-necked white shirt, lether vest, tight lether skirt and high heels before she went inside and the door closed behind her. Even in such a devastated condition, she still looked gorgeous. Five men dressed in blue and green gardening suits passed me by, carrying twenty Nature’s blue roses each. They stopped in front of Sae’s apartment and kicked the door, as their hands were full at the moment. She opened the door.

"Special delivery from Mr Peerce to Ms Litheran." one of them said trying to show his face from the huge bouquet of blue roses.

"Oh, my god! He's mad!" I heard her say from inside. The men entered left the roses in. Then they left and four of the men left.

“Sign here, ma’am!” the one that had stayed behind said a little louder. I got out of my hideout and approached her door. The deliverer bid her goodbye and started walking away not paying much attention, as he passed me by. The door closed behind her and I stepped in front of it and knocked.

“What now?” Sae shouted from inside. “Jason is mad!” she said, as she slowly opened the door.

“Yeah, I’m mad about you!” I said as she saw me.

“Jason!” she said surprised. “Why are you here? How can you do this even after what I did back in the bar.”

“I love you, Sae! I feel you like a sweet drug! Once I’ve tasted you, I want more and more! Besides knowing that back then you gave me such a nice kiss only from one rose, I wondered what would happen if I get you 100 of them!” I said, and before I knew it, I had already hugged her, pressing my lips against hers. As we were standing on the doorstep, her hands were resting on my chest, her head was slowly tilting from one end to the other, as our kiss continued. Suddenly the seconds became minutes and I felt as if I was floating in space. All of a sudden, I felt her arms push me away. It was happening again! “No, no, no!” I shouted powerlessly in my mind as we broke the kiss. “Sae, what’s wrong?”I said, still hugging her, not allowing her to get away.

“I’m sorry, I can’t!” she said as tears started heaping up her eyes.

“Is it the hunger again?”

“Yes, I’m really sorry!" she said. "I’m not trying to make an excuse!” she said after seeing my face frown.

“It’s not that I don't believe. It's ok!” I said wiping her eyes with a handkerchief; that I took out of my pocket. “You don’t need to worry about it…” I said as I retrieved the handkerchief and took out a sharp knife, and stabbed my left palm. Sae shouted in horror, but then her eyes froze as she saw how the knife’s tip was smashed. “… My skin is impenetrable. You can’t bite through my neck, so don’t worry.” I said as I pulled her closer to me and kissed her again. This time she did not fight back and as I dropped the knife, my hands fell down to her firm butt, squeezing it gently through her tight lether skirt that I lifted as I pulled her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waste. Suddenly I felt her tongue fight its way towards mine. Our tongues intertwined feverishly. A minute later we broke our kiss in the desire to look at each other. “Though to tell you the truth, I don’t mind you sucking me, as long as you don’t bite too hard!” I said with a devilish smile.

“Jason!” she said, hitting me in the right shoulder. “What’s that supposed to…” she said, but I interrupt her with a passionate kiss. Our tongues intertwined again as I took a step inside her apartment and closed the door.
A pair of yellow eyes snapped open, staring into the darkness. He sat up, fiddling with a stray lock of hair that had taken the initiative to stand up of its own accord and aggravate him. On occasion, these hairs which stood perpendicular to his scalp would affect such a juxtaposition that they would actually cause him physical discomfort. This was one of those times.

He stared blankly into the pitch-black room, giving his eyes a moment to adjust. It always took him several seconds. Soon, the lightless room was as bright and clear as an open field on a sunny day. He absently rubbed the crusted sleep from his eyes, wincing as the crust's edges scraped his cornea. He stretched his jaw, feeling it pop back into place with a painful SNAP!
Next, he stretched his spindly limbs. Each joint fell into place with little resistance, and once he was satisfied that his legs wouldn't fail him, he stood up. It had been so long since he'd last woken up. Usually, his sleep was dreamless; an infinite void of blackness, without thought or creativity or anything remotely human or comforting. He reached up and scratched his face, noting the thick stubble along his jawline. He'd definitely have to consult the calendar to see just how long he'd slept. It certainly wasn't the typical length: it felt much shorter. Something else was different about this particular sleep: He'd had dreams. Many, many dreams, all centering on the same cast of characters. This in itself was unusual. His dreams, on the rare occasions they occurred, were typically chaotic and haphazard. These had been linear, and so realistic he'd felt as though he could actually hear, smell and touch the characters. Toward the end, his dream had drawn closer in to focus on a vampiress named Kimasae Romesa Litheran, and a male inhuman of an unknown species who went by the moniker of Jason Peerce.

Both of these names seemed relatively normal compared to his own, at least in his opinion. After pondering on his dreams for a short while longer, Anders Corinth strolled to the door and let himself out.

Name: Anders Corinth
Age: Unknown, but physically around 20
Race: Unknown; possibly an alternate breed of vampire.
Appearance: Anders is exceptionally tall (over seven feet) and also disconcertingly thin, almost wraithlike. His skin holds a deathly pallor, often appearing to be nearly gray in color. His eyes are yellow, and when he is enraged or fighting, they become slitted like a cat's. His hair is sheer black, impeccably groomed, and cut in a short, functional style. He dresses to the nines, in full tuxedo: black suit jacket and slacks, white shirt, sapphire cufflinks, silver vest, black business tie (never a bow tie), and white suspenders. he wears suspenders instead of a belt not only as a style choice, but because belts slide down his narrow hips. He tops off his ensemble with a long suede coat over his suit jacket.
Personality: Anders is, for the most part, quite laid-back. His memories seem to show him things that he can't remember having happened to him, and he feels as though he's been around the block enough times to have memorized every available parking spot, metaphorically speaking. He finds himself most easily irked by annoying questions and idiots who hold delusions of grandeur. He is swiftly enraged by racism, betrayal (not only against him; betrayal in general pisses him off), senseless violence, and rape. When not angered, however, Anders is typically the calmest one in the room, always ready with a word of advice or a plan of attack. He often uses big words or antiquated terminologies, simply because he prefers them to the simplified vocabulary of today's cultures.
Powers:}/b} Anders finds himself able to feed on blood to heal grievous wounds or to gain extra stamina, but he is not consumed by vampiric Hunger in the way that other bloodsuckers are. Anders is able to regenerate from nearly any wound; typically the regeneration is almost instantaneous. He does find himself vulnerable to classic anti-vampire acoutrements: holy water burns his skin like a mild acid, places of faith such as churches make him physically nauseated upon entry, and silver weaponry leaves wounds that must heal like human injuries, although Anders can consume blood to significantly speed the recovery process. His speed seems equivalent to an Olympic athlete, but is typically inferior to the regular vampires' speed. His strength, however, far outstrips the garden-variety vampire: he can hurl cars around like sacks of flour, and snap bones like balsa wood. He can see perfectly in even total darkness, retaining 20/20 vision without any light at all. While he is a decent fist fighter, Anders prefers to do battle with an utterly massive .58 caliber pistol. He modeled the design and the bullets after the Hellsing manga, and even refers to the gun as the Jackal. No one knows where he keeps it; it is never seen bulging out of his jacket, yet that is exactly from whence Anders retrieves it.
Past: Anders prefers not to talk about his past. He doesn't remember much of it, and the rest is quite a jumble. Quite a number of Anders' memories don't sync up with his others, leading him to believe that he has somehow acquired someone else's memories in addition to his own. His primary goal is uncovering his lost memories, and discerning which of his memories are fundamentally HIS, and which ones seem to have been donated. Anders is very wealthy, with stakes in the criminal underworld that stretch across the entirety of America. Anders still has yet to figure out exactly how he's acquired this influence in the nation's dark side, and he fears that asking outright could place him in grave danger.
Hobbies: Anders enjoys listening to and playing music. He plays the guitar, albeit poorly, and has recently begun experimenting with the piano. He also has fun reading older novels, such as The Dresden Files and Preston and Child's Pendergast novels. His other interests include hockey, watching movies, playing video games (strictly in his private time; it'd make a poor impression on important people to see him playing Metroid), and going into long, philosophical discussions.
Likes: Old novels, smart people, action and/or comedy movies, penguins, music,bacon, onions, and clocks.
Dislikes: Imbeciles, hypocrites, people who hate without reason (or without a good/actual reason), people who try to pass themselves off as experts when they lack the real talent, bigots, sexists, racists, piercings, opera, bad jokes, poor writing, spiders, crawfish, and hairless cats.
Political Stance: Undecided. Anders favors free launchers, but he doesn't really give two cents over a damn.
Other: Anders may actually be any age, but most of his memories and his physical appearance lead him to believe that he is around 19 or 20.
"Jason?" I murmured in the darkness as I stared at the ceiling, my pale form snuggled against his side as we both laid there on my floor, tangled in the sheets that at one time resided on my bed. He made a tired noise of acknowledgment and yawned, raising his arms to rub the sleep out of his eyes. I could tell we had been asleep for a few hours by now, by how stiff my body was and by the ache of my inner thighs and womanhood. I really should have warned Jason that it was my first time, so that he would have taken it a little easier on me. The thought, however, had flown from my mind just as fast as my worries about feeding on him had.

"Hmm...yeah?" He mumbled, rolling onto his side so he could wrap a muscular arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him while he tucked the other under my head. I snuggled close to his chest, my head resting against his arm that looped under my face and gently caressed the back of my head, his fingers trailing through my hair. He was so warm, and despite his muscularity, surprisingly comfortable to lay with.

"What you said outside...did you mean it?" I whispered, half terrified to know the answer, half embarrassed to doubt his honesty. His arm slid off my hip, and I could feel him pulling away. I clenched my eyes closed and bowed my head slightly, mentally kicking myself in the butt for voicing my doubt. To my surprise, however, his soft hand picked up my chin, lifting it so I was forced to look into his velvet eyes once they opened in shock. Those orbs were smoldering, making my heart flutter and a blush taint my pale cheeks. His thumb trailed under my eye, tracing the tattoo that was painted there.

"Kimasae Litheran..." He murmured, his voice serious yet warm and filled with passion at the same time. "...I meant every word I said. I love you, and you could never hurt me, unless you wanted to. I want you by my side every moment of every day. When your not near me...I hate those that your with. I want you, all of you, no matter what that might be. I truly do love you Sae."

I stared into his eyes for a long moment, before a smile slowly spread across my rosy lips, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him warmly. I pulled away after a heartbeat or two, gaining a frustrated growl from him, but I patted the side of his face lightly.

"Jason, my love, let me have a rest for a day, okay? Your a little rough when you get worked up, and Im kinda sore." I said, laughing. Jason beamed when I called him my love, and seemed to completely ignore the rest of my statement as he rolled on top of me, his lips seeking out the sensitive spot he had found at the base of my neck a few hours earlier. He had exploited that little weakness in my resolutions as he had literally ripped the clothes from my body in his haste to feel his skin against mine. True, I was as eager as he was, but that was not a cheap outfit and I would have liked to keep it in one piece. Jason had his way, however, as he did most of the rest of the night. Once tossed onto the bed, we had out fun until we literally broke the thing. Un-phased by the snapping and groaning of the broken bed, he hefted me up and moved to my table. He was a very strong man, and my poor table was about twenty years old. Needless to say, Jason's weight and movement, added to my own, crushed the poor table. We had continued our escapades on the floor where we resided now, and Jason teased my ticklish spot with his breath.

"Ehehe! J-Jason! Knock it off!" I giggled and slapped his shoulder lightly as I could feel him grin and he kissed the spot once before pulling back and looking deep into my eyes.

"You have off from work today and I dont have school. Why dont we just have fun today, eh?" He asked, his body pressing close to mine as his elbows rested on the floor next to my shoulders as his hands trailed through my hair. Laughing I shook my head, resting my hands on his bare chest.

"Jason, your too rough! Im still sore from last night! That was my first time and you simply didnt give me a chance to uhm...adjust." I said, a dark blush flaming up on my face as I looked up at him. He gaped at me, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open slightly. Sighing, I raised a hand to lift his jaw closed, afraid that I was about to get drooled on. Jason eventually blinked and shook his head side to side once.

"That was your first time? You have got to be kidding me! You were amazing!" He said, his voice loud and filled with wonder. Giggling almost as if I was intoxicated, I rested one hand over my eyes as my face blushed even brighter.

"Im being serious!" Jason insisted, a wide smile on his face as he pried my hand off my eyes as a wide rougish smile spread over his face.

"Jason, shut up. You have to let me recover!" I said, still laughing as I linked my fingers with his. Jason pouted adorably and I looked away, squirming under the sheets that I gladly realized separated our bodies.

"Aw, come on Sae! Please? I mean, Im still kind of sore, too! We went for a long time, and like you said, I wasnt taking it easy." He said, and I could have sworn I heard a slight bit of proud bragging in his voice. My oppositely colored eyes floated back over to his face with a hard look under the surface. Sighing, and knowing no amount of arguing could convince me otherwise, Jason slid off me and sat up.

"Thank you love." I said cheerfully, holding the sheets over my chest as I sat up as well, looking around at my busted room.

"We broke my bed....and my table..." I gaped as I recognized the amount of damage we had done.

"Whoops. Guess we were a little rough, huh?" Jason said, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. I looked at him with a 'no duh' look playing on my face before closing my eyes for a minute.

"Looks like I need to go to work today anyway. Just so I can pay for new stuff." I muttered, standing and letting the sheets slide off me so I could shuffle stiffly towards the bathroom. I could feel Jason's eyes greedily eating up the sight of my nude body, and I blushed lightly, a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth. I stepped into the shower and slid the door closed, seeking refuge from his burning eyes that caused such a reaction in my own. I turned on the water, letting the warmth of it flow over my icy cold body and work away the soreness.

I scrubbed down swiftly, some part of me afraid that if I took too long that when I got out, Jason would be long gone. I slipped out of the shower, towel-drying my hair before wrapping it around myself and poked my head out of the bathroom.

"Jason?" I called, eyes scanning the dark room for that familiar shape, but finding nothing. I felt sadness and guilt building up in my stomach. "Jason..." I called again, this time letting my hurt radiate out through my voice.

"Sae, whats wrong?" Jason's head suddenly appeared from the other side of the bed, a sock perched precariously atop his head. Swallowing a laugh, I instead sighed with utter relief. He stood, and I saw he had found his pants, and one sock. 'Ah, he was looking for the other one under the bed.' I explained to my over-paranoid brain, a small smile finding its way onto my face. A smirk wound its way onto Jason's face as he sauntered over to me, his gloved hand rising to tug the sock off his head, the other sliding to my lower back, pulling me flush to his body.

"I really like the after shower look, but I must say, youd look so much better without the towel." He murmured, leaning in so his lips brushed teasingly against my ear. I let a pleasant shiver curl up my spine but shook my head and pushed him away gently.

"I told you, I have to go into work!" I protested mildly, a smile still playing on my face. Rolling his eyes, Jason groaned and muttered something under his breath.

"Dont you even whine." I ordered, wagging a finger at him chidingly. He pouted again and I tweaked his nose gently, pecking his cheek sweetly. "You can come and hang out with me if you want." I finished, and he beamed with a sudden idea.

"Why dont you just take off and Ill buy you a new bed and table! We can go and hang out at the bar. I bet youve never thought to actually party at the bar you work at." Jason said eagerly as I rooted around for a new outfit, my old one laying in tattered rags around the room.

"Hm, no actually, I dont think I ever have." I murmured absently, finally finding some nice jeans and a tee shirt that looked nice. Walking over to my bed, I kind of tuned out Jason's eager ranting as I looked for some undergarments in the smaller drawer next to my broken bed. Finally locating everything I needed, I dropped my towel, and noticed the instant silence that engulfed the room. Chuckling softly under my breath, I glanced over at Jason as I got dressed, dragging the fabric over my pale skin tantalizingly slow. Finally bursting into a full fit of good natured laughing, I found a jacket and tossed Jason his shirt. Spotting one of the roses on the floor, I picked it up and placed it gently in my hair.

"Shall we go then?" I asked, my eyes dancing as I slipped on some flipflops and stood by the door. Jason tugged his shirt over his head then grinned as he crossed the room in a few swift steps and scooped me up in his arms, bridal style and opened the door, hefting my light figure out to his hovercar, our laughter echoing across the parking lot and the apartment complex.

A shiver crept all over my skin. It was not one of those grim messengers of danger, that kept your head turning round in 120 degrees, slowly eating away order, inviting paranoia, erasing peace, destroying control. No, it was not the same feeling. One could have easily mistaken it for one, but not me. I was trained not to. To know when it comes, to stop it and push it back. This feeling was not new, nor was it forgotten. It was so unneeded up till now, and an addictive necessity from now on. It did not come suddenly. So the fear of disappearing as quickly as it had come was not apparent. This feeling was independent, strong. Every touch, gaze, every color, sound, scent, all was perfect, all was flawless, all was…mine. This feeling gave me reason, and stole it. It gave me hope and shattered it. It gave me humanity, only to lay the eggs of insanity. Yes, I had this feeling from the beginning, that I had seen her. She was so secretive, so magnetizing, yet so plain, so normal. And yes, I fell for her from that moment that she gave me my prize for the first time. But I had not seen it. Now as we saw, did, hear, smelled together the trouble that was enveloping the world, the feeling was not able to hide. Now that I had her, the question that came to me was how to keep her safe. I fell in love for Sae from first sight. What a cliché?!

My steps slowly echoed in the garage. Charger was parked in the end of the parking lot. Her light body was mesmerizing. As I approached the HC I raised her head, pushing her on a near-by HC and kissed her. I could not control myself, and that made her angry, mad to the point of pushing me away.

“You’ve become sloppy.” A voice ripped through the silence. We parted our lips as I looked towards the voice. Behind me stood a man dressed in a white costume. His short, white hair was done into small needles, which stood in a chaotic mix. His hands were in white gloves. His brown eyes were silent and calm. He had a sharp, long nose and a high brow. “I found you twenty times easier.”

“Jason? Who…?” asked Sae, looking at me. I knew that it was going to happen soon, but not that soon. Sometimes I hated my brilliant mind, and the knowledge inside. Sometimes we were better off not knowing.

“Galron! I should have known that you’d come at the most inappropriate time. Why now?” I asked, letting go of Sae, as I turned to face him.

“Oh, don’t be so overconfident, Jason. I have come for the blood-sucking corpse that you were doing a few hours ago. Besides it took them that long to find me in Kenya. Now be a good boy, give me the long-fang bitch and I’ll let you live for now.”

“What?” growled Sae, as she took a step forwards. My hand got in Sae’s way as I started to force her on the left. Galron started walking on the left, completing the circle we were making.

“Stay back, Sae. You can’t handle him.”

“What? Who is he?“ she asked showing her fangs.

“He is just like me. But in his case both his hands can’t touch anything. As a matter of fact he can’t touch anything with all of his body, right, Destructo?” I said sarcastically. Sae did not answer, but I knew that she felt powerless.

“Oh, you of all people shouldn’t give me that speech. Killing your parents was only the beginning. With this, destruction started, and with it the end shall come. Unless you die.” said the white-suited man, as we continued our whirl around the invisible circle.

“I will die no matter what, so why come out now?”

“Because you’re already planning on leaving linage. Our race is to come to extinction.”

“So, you have come just to put an end to Sae, so I wouldn’t be able to make another as myself?”


“Hahahaha. You can tell that to someone like Patrick. That will work on him, but not on me. More than anything, you are a sword for hire, and you never change. Which clan hired you?“

“The grand council did, all of them. There is something coming, and the old geezers are afraid. It is something very big, and they need the pure whore.”

“Pure? I see. I guess I’ll have to kick your ass to get all the info.” I said, taking off the glove.

“You know one hand can’t win against a whole body, Jason, so don’t try to impress the girl.”

“Stay still, and whatever you do, don’t come near.” I whispered to Sae. “If he wins, run.”

“No, you win, you hear?” Sae said. I turned towards her. She was shivering. “You win, because …I’m not sure that I can take losing someone else again.” She said as we parted from each other.

“Don’t worry, baby. If there is one thing I know, it is how to improvise.” I said, my left hand taking my right hand in a stand. A magical thin shield revealing as it protected me from the destructive force within.

“Come die!!!” said Galron as he jumped forwards punching my chest. Red light screamed from the impact, as I shouted. “Gotcha!” he said as my body relaxed in his grip. Suddenly my right hand rose and took his.

“Hehe, just kidding.” My hand’s grip was stronger than his. I pushed it away from my chest and kicked him in the stomach. As he flew a few feet away, I turned around, ran to Sae, taking her left hand with mine.

“What are you…?” she asked as I pulled her towards my HC.

“Like hell I’m fighting him with the level of technology I have now.” I said as I pushed her in Charger.

“But I thought you can handle him?”

“You shouldn’t be so naïve, Sae.” I said as I took off my left shoe. It was melted, to the point of dripping on the floor.

“Who is he, Jason?” said Sae as the HC

“This charming mother-fucker was Doctor Galron Stapleton. Thirty years ago he came to the conclusion that the evolution process is a complete circle. In other words, in the beginning was full of organisms. Not the same as today, but similar. Then the dinosaurs came, after which for some reason they became extinct. Why?”

“You’ve got an answer, don’t?”

“In his theory, he claimed that the dinosaur generation started showing signs of mutations in them. For example- the birds. He claims that every species can theoretically live infinitely on this world. But everyone knows never to say never. So sooner or later a mutation from the dominant species becomes the species’ doom. It destroys the species and either self-destructs or continues destroying. At that time he announced that the mutants with similar, or the same powers as mine and his are to be killed before they lead to the destruction of the human race. Of course he promised to all who followed him to kill himself, when all of his kind are gone. He was stopped, but since no one could literally touch him, he was only sustained in lethargy.” I said quickly as Charger swept the streets in death corners.

“So how come he’s here.”

“He escaped five years ago. No one knows how, but there were suggestions that perhaps he had an outside help. I believe I know who.”

“Who? Wait, you don’t think that…?”

“Yes, the vampire race is one of the most opened and welcoming community for assassins and killers. It protects and hides many of them in return for “small favors”.” I said. Suddenly I felt that feverish unease, and before Sae knew it, I stirred the HC on the left dodging a missile.

“Wow!!! What is…?”

“Those are arcanes.”


“Yes, EMP missiles, created to neutralize the energy of the street-racing HCs. I guess the lapsies finally took me seriously.” I said as I dodged another missile. On the roofs of the building was a small, but a very fast vehicle that was tracking me, sending info to the rocket launchers, close by. “Buckle up; this one won’t be so easy.” I said as she looked at the next missile closing from our right.

“Maneuver tactic 14!” I shouted at the computer as it closed in. The side hovers engaged and twisted the HC to the left, whirling it in a circle around itself, taking out the windows of a few buildings in the process. The missile passed above us, and hit the solid metal wall of a skyscraper. As Charger stabilized, I looked towards Sae, to find her hair messed, her face tense. It seemed that the speed was raising the adrenaline in her veins, slowly awakening the blood in her without the need for fresh one. “There’s more? Good!” I said excitedly as I saw a missile falling from the sky, as if trying to hit me in straight shot. “Perfect!“ I thought, as the missile was targeting straight down, calculating how to hit me straight, I got an idea.

“Jason!!! It’s gonna hit us!!!” shouted Sae as she looked to the sky.

“No worries!” I answered back.

“Jason, it’s gonna…” she shouted again as we approached to the impact point.

“No worries!” I answered as I added a quick equation to the computer.

“Jason!” she shouted as she put hands in front of her face. I pushed enter. A few meters away from the missile the hovers on the hood engaged and made the HC’s nose go down, missing the missile by inches. The missile continued down, hitting the ground, as the HC made a summersault and stabilized.

“No worries.” I said as she put down her hands, realizing that we had evaded the missile. “Heads up. We’re not done yet.” I told her.

“Oh, come on. How many are there.”

“They can be targeting us all day. Good thing they can send only one at a time.”

“How do you know?”

“Every missile needs a tracker. We have only one after us. Here’s Johnny!!!”

“What?” but her question was answered the second she saw the rear mirror. I took a quick turn to the
right, taking the hardest turn. As I looked back the missile was still gaining on us.

“Son of a machine is good.”

“What now? It’s getting closer.”

“I’ll be damned if I let a mere machine defeat me.” I shouted, hitting my chest. Good thing I had the glove on or else it could have been a suicidal action. “That’s it!” I said as I looked at my hand. I turned the HC on the left and increased the speed. As the missile came closer I increased the speed even more. A meter away the missile would make a short boost to attach to the HC. That was when I had to act. “It’s close, but not enough. Come on, come on. Now!“ I said pushing the button. The hovers flew me away seconds before it attached to Charger. Instead the missile hit the tracker, destroying it. “Computer prepare for ME Boost.” I said. The computer confirmed.


“Jason, what are you…?”

“We still need to lose the chopper from above.”

“ME Boost- prepared. “

“Let’s….get…CHARGED!!!!!!!” I shouted pushing the button.


Charger stoped in front of the bar. The doors opened and we got out. Sae staggered as she stepped out. “Are you ok?” I asked as I went to her.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Do you go through this always?”

“Well, this is something usual for…” I said as I saw something strange on Charger- a scratch. “… Son of a machine! And I painted him four weeks ago.” She looked at me with an angry face, which suddenly turned to smiling one. Before I knew it we were both laughing, without even knowing why.

“Does it even matter that much?” she asked and before I knew it I was nodding.

“Come on; let’s go have some well deserved fun…” I said as we approached the entrance, where two men stood. “Jack? Melvin?” I asked as I saw their faces. Jack and Melvin were two muscular giants, who I knew from Patrick’s gang.

“Hey, boss. How are ya?” Melvin said as they both shook hands with me. “It’s a meeting of the old gang.”

“What is Patrick up to?”

“Boss, you might think that Patrick did the bad choices very often, but not this time. He heard that you were in trouble, so he called all of us, just to help you. So go easy on him.” Jack said putting his hand on my shoulder.

“Sure, just know that Galron is back.” The two giants looked at each other, fear taking over their gazes. “No worries.” I said tapping Jack’s hand back. I took Sae’s hand and pulled her in the bar.
The bar was full tonight. The countless heads bounced at the loud vibes of the melody, the sickening smell of tobacco, that kicked the nose with the first step one made in, was even more intense tonight. The mixing colorful light; the hands that rose and fell, waved and clapped, appeared, touched and pinched; screams of ecstasy; all seemed so typical, all but the grim glow of a few news cameras. As we got in the crowd, I saw a few friends from a few years, who had nothing to do with the gang. I realized that this was not Patrick’s idea. A few of them saw me, and came at me, shaking hands, shouting their greetings in my ear. Thanking me for inviting them to this great party. Sae had let go of me, watching from afar, waiting as if to find out what was going on. Suddenly someone hugged me and I felt something soft touching my lips. Someone was kissing me, and it was not Sae. I pushed her away, just to find out that it was a beautiful elf girl. She greeted me and tried to kiss me again, but I pushed her back completely. I looked towards Sae, only to find that some guy was hugging her on force. I walked to them and turned him around. The song had ended now it was easier for him to hear me.

“Hands off! She’s mine.” He took a step back, hands in front and smiled.

“Jason, Jason, you’re too easy.”

“Father?!” I said surprised. ”You switched bodies again. I knew you’d be close by.”

“He’s your father?” asked Sae.

“Step-father” I answered.

“Yes, that’s why I called you daughter. I wanted to hug my future daughter-in-law, you know. Now let’s move to a quieter spot.” He said as he moved towards one of the corners in the club. “Now, we need to find you a hiding place that is more permanent.”

“Wow, wait, all this is a bit too quick, from vampire clans to the council, and now you come fighting back the pure-bloods. Are you sure that you can handle this situation.”I asked. I knew that Sae was even more in the dark.

“Will you trust me, junior? I took all your mutant and powerful human friends and put them in here. I even put news cameras to make sure they won’t attack. Now relax.”

“Why do they want Sae so much? What is they fear in her?”

“Her? Ha, no offence girly, but you ain’t their problem.”

“Then why?” I asked.

“Christ, boy, for once serve your prepuce without asking.”

“Shut up!” said Sae. Both I and my father looked at her, silent. “What kind of a father puts their child in danger, without even telling him what it is. You are the worst.” She spat at him. It was the first time that I saw her so angry. Suddenly the body started to shake and in a few seconds he eased, falling on the ground.

“Ha! You banished him.” I said. “I am impressed.”


“You freed this guy’s mind. I have never seen anyone do that. Cool!” I said, as I moved the chair next to her, taking her waste, and moving her to me.

“Jason, I…” she started, as I took her chin and moved it to mine.

“No worries!” I said, as I kissed her. As the crowd saw this everyone shouted.
Good lord, this was going to be a bad day. I knew it from the moment I awoke. Nevermind these bizarre dreams I'd been suffering through; the real bane of my existence is the entire Earth's population.
It all started when I asked my secretary to read any messages. Apparently someone named Galron had been spotted, and I should know about it. Unfortunately, I had no idea who this Galron was, but somehow I doubted that anyone would take heed to my protests. So, like most other things of which I have little comprehension, I swallowed my comments and decided "c'est la vie." Mind you, I abhor the French language. It is impossible to pronounce the syllables of the aforementioned tongue without sounding like an arrogant bastard.
Regardless, I decided to covertly perform an Internet search of this Galron fellow. Committing to memory as much information on the man as I could, I holstered my Jackal and stepped out into the world.

The sun blazed on my skin, and I had to avoid shrinking back and hissing like in a bad horror film. Truth be told, I face no real danger from sunlight, but it is indeed most unpleasant. I donned a fedora to help shield my melanin-deficient flesh, and pressed onward. Involuntarily, my mind wandered to P.G. Wodehouse: "Half a league, half a league, half a league onward, with a hey-nonny-nonny and a hot-cha-cha!" I could not help but crack a smile as I thought of Bertram Wooster and his ingenious manservant Jeeves.
I snapped my fingers at the doorman standing at ready; I was too impatient to waste time with words. Fortunately, this one was hardier than most: having worked here for an entire month, he had yet to tender his resignation. This of course meant that I could snap at him in a particular manner and he would immediately get the gist. The man hailed a nondescript taxi; even though I was going out in full dress, I still desired some semblance of anonymity. Drawing on some obscure memory that I was quite certain did not belong to me, I instructed the driver to take me to a particular location.

Upon arrival, I sat on a bench, essentially back-to-back with another man on an adjoining bench. "Galron," I murmured. I still had little idea why I was here, but hopefully a conversation and some improvised doublespeak could net me some useful intelligence.

The man's voice held a slight smile within it as he replied, "Anders. Good to see you still alive."

"And what exactly are you implying?" I scoffed.
He shrugged. "Nothing much; but I've heard some things. And after Kuala Lumpur, I'd at least figured you'd be out of the game for some time."

"Oh, give me some credit. I'm not one to break after something so trivial." I had no idea what he was talking about, but perhaps downplaying the event might convince him to restate the scenario, thereby netting me the information I required.

"Nothing much!?" Bingo. "You dueled with a man calling himself the Soul Eater. That alone would scare the piss out of me. Then the two of you shatter a city block and start devouring one another! My god, Anders! If that's trivial, I don't want to see what you'd call a problem."

I laughed in reply, verbally waving the matter aside. "Regardless, why are you back in town? Last I checked, you were... Where were you, again?"

"Pittsburgh. Hiding out with some of my followers. Downtown's such a hellhole..."

"Regardless, what brings you to my little dungeon of fun we call a city?"

"Jason Peerce," he replied, as if that were an answer in and of itself.
I prodded a bit. "Galron, I work in the underworld. I am forced to memorize the names and nicknames of the mafia lieutenants' lieutenants. I cannot be
bothered to remember such a bland moniker as Peerce."

"Fair enough. He's the only other one of my kind left. Once I kill him, it's over."

I nodded, feigning comprehension. It's a skill that I have finely honed over the years. "So, why did you make yourself known to me? I'd think that reconnecting yourself with such a widely-known personality would be bad for one on the run from the authorities."

"To be honest, I need your help, and your connections."

I had to resist the nearly uncontrollable instinct to roll my eyes. Thus far, no one from my storied past has ever reemerged to merely pay a visit; they all wish for me to provide them some service. It becomes quite disconcerting, to be objectified as such. I get the impression that I may well understand how women feel about "gangsta rap."
But, I needed as much information as I could obtain, and perhaps this odd individual could aid me in sorting out my memories. This duel with the Soul Eater was a promising avenue of investigation, indeed. "Speak to me," was my succinct reply.
Anxiety, anger, scrambling thoughts, and for some odd reason, mild nausea. These emotions wracked my already fried nerves as I sat with fists clenched at a small L-bench in a discreet corner of the bar. Smells, visions and figures swirled around me and I nearly balked at every flittering shadow in the clustered and smokey room. Typically ice cold skin felt clammy and warm to my touch. Restricted, tense breaths whistled between my teeth and rattled in my ears as I felt my jaw muscles flex and relax at a repetitive yet remarkably rapid pace. So many things had happened in such a short amount of time, it was if my mind simply couldn’t process it, and the gears were starting to fly apart.

“Im....going to pass out.” The simple phrase heralded my abrupt rising and the blurred flight up the stairs of the bar to the VIP lounge upstairs.

Blinking in confusion, I could feel Jason staring after me before lurching to his feet and speeding in my trail. I was the faster of the two of us, however, and scrambled over the top of the bar like a snow white panther chasing its prey. Except this time this hunter was fleeing. Not from a particular person, but from the confusion that rattled my world more than almost dying had. As Jason shouldered his way through the crowd, I could hear him howling my name, even using my full name, only in vain. When he finally burst his way from the crowd of clinging, scantily clad women, his heavy footstep turned hurried as he pursued me.

“Sae! Where are you? What’s wrong? Sae? SAE!” By the time he had reached the top of the stairs, I had slipped into a dark corner of the top floor and began pacing back and forth like a caged animal. Jason finally picked up the sound of my flip-flops slapping loudly on bare floor, and following the sound, he swiftly covered twenty feet of ground before turning a corner and nearly rammed into my shuddering and angrily pacing figure.

“There you are! What are you-?” Jason’s relieved and warm words were cut off by my pale fist slamming into his teeth. It was pure reflex. His imposing figure and the suddenness of his arrival into my dark isolated sanctuary caused my already fried nerves to jump the thought process that was currently occupied with questions to the immediate reaction of...punch him in the face as hard as possible. Unfortunately it did no damage to Jason, but two loud cracks did echo down the short hall that we two were standing in.

“Arg! Son of a Whore!” Howling in white-hot pain, my pacing jerked to a halt as I bent double, clenching my injured hand tight, white bone glistening in the soft glow emanating from the recessed lights above. Slipping into a guttural snarling language, I turned her back on Jason for a moment, hunched over her injury like a sulking child. Letting flow the lovely string of curses I had learned in my travels of the dark back streets of LA, I resisted the urge to hop up and down like the miserable, confused child I was turning into.

“Jesus Sae! What was that for? Are you alright? Let me see...” Apparently growing aggravated by my random behavior, and worried to near illness about me, Jason grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me to face him so he could look into my eyes. I ducked my head low so my long hair obscuring me features and expression, and I forced my body to go limp in his hands, knees nearly buckling in resignation. Growing exceptionally worried now, Jason looped his left arm under my rump and hauled me up, balancing my frail and limp body against his chest, his right hand picking up the shattered left hand to try to see the extent of the breaks. I felt him wince, however, when my body’s healing kicked into gear and my hand twitched visibly and then my fingers extended, the bones diving back under the skin and snapped back together like a macabre puzzle. The skin slowly stitched itself back together, but no movement of my body or change in my expression registered that my own poor body was experiencing exponentially more pain added to the initial impact.

I felt...desolate...completely numb. My whole world was spinning and I couldnt...didn’t... quite know how to handle this new feeling. This feeling of...helplessness. I had always seemed to know how to deal with the stressors in her life but now...I was completely lost.

“Jason...don’t you ever...fight over me again.” When I finally spoke, my voice was hoarse, but no tears found those inhuman eyes of mine. IT felt as if my tattoo burned with shame, searing the mark further into my fragile psyche. I came to realize I would never be free, and at some level I had accepted that ever since I had been abducted the first time. But now... I had someone to love. Someone that I would gladly give my life for, and now I was risking that very man simply with my own existence. Living peacefully suddenly seemed taboo to me now, and knowing Jason would never be convinced to leave me, even for his own good, caused that liquid hot shame to flare hotter. All of these thoughts ran rampant and chaotic throughout my brain, and flimsy connections between thoughts suddenly became concrete and rational thought faded to conjectures and theories.

“What are you talking about? Galron? He would have found me anyway. I will always fight to keep you at my side. I love you Sae.” His words were kind, sweet, and full of the truthful love that I could nearly feel radiating off the chest that my weak body was using for support. And in my heart I knew very well I loved him, simply adored him, and wanted nothing more than to protect him and see him smile.

“Don’t...just don’t fight that man...okay? If I lost you...Id never forgive myself. This infinite life of mine...would turn into sheer hell.” Raising my head slowly so my silky hair fell from my pale and angular face, I gazed into his eyes pleadingly. “I just found you. Don’t leave. Its selfish, but I only want you to be safe and happy. I wont let you waste your life for mine. I don’t deserve it.” Throwing arms around his neck, my body shuddered in a massive dry sob, rattling like dry bones shivering in the wind.

Jason made a soft noise as if his heart was breaking and wrapped both arms around the slim vampiress that was my form in this miserable word. “Im not leaving you Sae. I would never be able to do something like that to you. I told you before, Im addicted to you like a drug, and the withdrawal from your presence would just kill me. I swear to you, Im not going anywhere. That is...unless...”

Hearing the hesitation in his voice, I jerked my head back with a crushed hiss of breath through my nose, only to freeze at the sight of a smile lighting up Jason’s boyish features.

“Unless you punch me in the mouth again. That was just plain meaaan.” Dragging out the last word he laughed, flashing his most charming grin. I simply couldn’t suppress the involuntary chuckle that slipped past my rosy lips, even with a hand covering my mouth.

“Im really sorry about that Jason. I was kind of zoned out and my reflexes were on high alert when you came barreling around the corner like that.” Finally releasing some of the tension in the hard lines of my body, I flashed him a warm smile in return and patted his cheek with my newly healed hand. “Hey Im the one who had her bones shattered, so why am I the one saying sorry?”

“Hah, because you’re the one who punched me in the first place!” Chuckling again, he nipped my chin lightly and pinched my butt, earning an embarrassed squeak from me.

“You’re the one who snuck up on me! And don’t do that! Not in public anyway!” I could feel a soft blush rising to my pale cheeks as I slapped his chest lightly and squirmed in his grasp, wanting to be put down. Jason merely warped his playful grin into an impish smirk, his arm tightening and pinning my hips against his. Swallowing hard, I could feel my heart skip a beat, and I placed both her hands on his chest, trying to push myself away from him in a futile attempt at freedom, and an escape from what was coming.

“Well you’re the one that tried to get away. But what public? As far as I can tell we’re all alone in a remote hallway of the restricted VIP room that’s not only sound proof, but blocked off by your boss.” As he spoke the hair’s on my arms slowly stood on end, the passion suddenly burning in Jason’s eyes setting a light to my poorly suppressed libido. Trying to restrain my own impulses, I closed my eyes tight and shook my head vigorously.

“No! We cant do it here! My boss would kill me! Can you imagine if we got stains on something?! He’d make me wash it out by hand!” Whining like a little kid, I continued to shake my head stubbornly, unrelenting in my refusal.

“Who said anything about doing anything? Sounds like someone has got a dirty mind.” A soft, seductive chuckle reached my ears as I let out a soft gasp, realizing that I really was just assuming what he wanted to do and had revealed what my own body was yearning and craving for.

“Hey! Don’t read too much into it!” I snapped opened her eyes to glare at him, but suddenly I felt something bump against my back, then turn into constant pressure, and I finally noticed that while I had been shaking my head with my eyes closed, Jason had discreetly snuck over towards an open space of the hall. Now my upper body was pinned between his chest and the wall, my hips still held prisoner by his arm. “J-Jason...”

“Its okay...I like the way you think.” Almost sounding like he purred the words, I could only watch in stunned shock as his Jason’s face dipped down, stopping only when I felt his lips on my neck. Kissing his way from just under my chin, down my neck to the little bit of collar bone exposed at the neckline of my shirt, Jason’s free hand found my left leg and slid from the hip down to just above the knee. My hands pinned between my own ample bust and his muscular chest, I could only whimper softly in defiance and dig my fingernails softly into the fabric of his shirt. It was an utterly ineffective strategy as it turned out, because Jason merely growled seductively and began to nibble on the porcelain skin beneath his lips until little rosy red marks were left behind.

“Ja-Jason! H-Hey! That’s....That’s just mean...” Panting slightly as my head began to feel pleasantly light, I felt a new type of heat start to build in my veins. It was somehow softer yet hotter than the burning shame that stung my scar earlier. It felt like the feeling Jason had evoked in my system the night before in my apartment, but that was so rushed, the feeling of euphoria after nearly caused amnesia. Now I squirmed in his grasp as the fingers of his right hand caressed the back of my knee through the jeans, my stubby little toes struggling to touch the ground. Instead, as if knowing of my attempts to escape, he lifted his hand, bringing my ever resisting leg with it. Wrapping my left leg around his hips, he switched his right hand with his left, the adjustment never disrupting his quest to leave hickeys along my long, elegant throat. It did, however, give me a breif opportunity to finally free my hands, and after doing so, I dug my fingers into his hair and jerked his head to eye level. The movement wasn’t enough to hurt, just enough to get his attention.

“Hey...” Being forced to take a moment to recollect my thoughts and gain some breath, I leaned my head back against the wall for a moment. “...damn...you made me forget what I was gonna say...aw forget it.” Giving up on my shoddy semblance of resistance, my right leg lifted to twine with its twin around his waist, arms tight as vice grips around his neck, pulling my eager body flush against his. My lips hovered but a centimeter from his, smouldering eyes burning deep into the eyes of the man I loved with all my heart, as if trying to provoke his very soul.

Taking a breath to say something that would surely set him into a lustful fit, a soft, embarrassed cough from the end of the hall brought her to an abrupt stop. Turning in slow unison, Jason and I looked to the end of the hall at a partially opened door. Two figures stood there, adjusting their clothing as they looked down shyly. They had obviously just partaken in some rather frisky enjoyment themselves and I narrowed my eyes in recognition of the little elf girl that had stolen a kiss from Jason earlier. She was pushing the strings of her thong back down into her pants and the black frill of her bra stuck out because of a torn shirt collar. The man, or boy rather, was beet red from his neck to his pointy little werewolf ears as he fidgeted with his belt buckle.

“Uhm...sorry to...to uh...interrupt...but I....Im late for my curfew...and...and the only way down is past you guys...” Staring determinedly at the floor, the poor boy stuttered from shyness and obvious flushed excitement. Rolling her eyes, the elf girl took the werewolf boy by the elbow and dragged him past us, refusing to make eye contact with anyone. Still pinned to the wall, mismatched eyes glared with vehement fury at the scrawny little tramp as she wobbled past, balancing on one heel, the other held in her free hand, the point broken. When they finally rounded the corner, the elf paused and finally looked back at me, top lip drawn back in a snotty snarl, only to scream as I hurled my bone sword at her, barely missing and skewering a few long, platinum blonde hairs to the wall. Turning to stare with wide eyes at my fuming expression, Jason left his jaw hanging.

“What? I knew she was gonna say something. Little elf whore.” Sticking my nose into the air, I removed her hand from its throwing position and crossed both over my chest and leaned back against the wall.

“Remind me to never piss you off.”

“Can do.”

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