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Somethings killing the humans and it takes people from a whole different planet to stop it
[Introduction] You can change where this story goes because I really don't know or care where it takes the reader! We already have a foundation but you can turn it around.

So far it's about a member of a high council that takes care of supernatural monsters and such. He has two students, Jack & Sarah. But their mentor leaves them alone to deal with the Wolf of the Black Fog, (which comes from my short short story), so he can tell the 'Princes' that the thing is on ANOTHER killing spree.

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A scream came from deep in the forest.
Then a growl.
More deathly screams.
Rough screeches and the sound of wood splintering.
Then silence… nothing but silence…
The shortest of the three removed its hood to reveal the face of a red haired and red eyed woman in mid 20's. She lowered herself closer to the body and spoke in a high cracked voice holding back tear, "How could this happen? We took every possible step to protect the humans. This shouldn't have happened!"
The largest of the three, clearly a man, put his hand on his crying friend's shoulder and spoke in a low rough voice, "It's just as you said, Sarah. We did everything we could-"
"Then why did this happen, Jack?" The women jumped up and started screaming at Jack, "If we did everything, why is she on the ground in pieces? After all we went through to capture that thing, we were doomed to watch as it just breaks free and kills again? After Alex-“
“Shut up!” The sudden yell of the third person scared Sarah and Jack. They both fell silent from his outburst. The man picked up the body which had magically been put back together and the blood cleaned up. The man walked the dead girl to a hole he had made when they found her. After lowering the girl into the hole burying her completely, he looked back at the other two, his hood still on.
“Alex knew exactly what had to be done. He knew it would take his life but he did it anyway. It was his act and his alone. Don’t ever question it,” The man looked down at the grave in thought,”…it’s an insult to his sacrifice.”
The other two watched him until he say to return home. As Sarah and Jack left, the man looked at the grave one last time thinking. How many more will it take to satisfy the thing blood thrust? Hundreds? Thousands? Or more?
As the man walked away, he thought about Alex, about the “Thing”, about what happened, and about the family of the girl who were still asleep on this night, not knowing that they will never see her again. Just before the man vanished a small drop of water fell to the ground from his cheek.

Not knowing why they just didn’t stay with Rupert so he could teleport all of them back home, Sarah was starting to feel cramps in her legs; and moaned.
“Relax, Sarah. We’re going to have to get used to walking until he starts to teach us again.” Jack told her.

“Everything was fine until…” Sarah drifted off. She did not want to talk about such things after what happened.

“I know. But the number one rule he taught us was to be patient, right?” Jack sighed; he knew exactly what she felt.
The apartment they lived in was in the middle of a small rundown town where everyone knew everyone, except them. The charm Rupert put on them made them non-existent to the other residents. This was another charm Sarah was irked of for not learning it. Sarah’s outgoing, shares her feelings and won’t be patient if it’s not absolutely necessary. This was one of the necessary times to be calm and collected, which Sarah was having a hard time doing.
Jack has eccentric thoughts and feelings of his own, but he was taught that you have to keep yourself together and never let those feelings stand in the way of what’s apt. He kept his eyes away from the other two and stared at the ground as Rupert began to tell them of what’s going to happen.

“He strikes again,” Rupert stated, but no one needed to be told twice. It took him awhile to start again. “I’m sorry that I’m leaving you both again…”

“What!? They know! The clan knew this was going to happen, why do you have to report it to them? It’ll be easier not to tell them and handle it ourselves, with you here.” Sarah immediately put in.
After the thing went loose the other Commanders and Princes wanted to be careful and place the mission in better hands. A Commander, the lowest of the four and his two students will not deal with the beast and still be alive to tell the tale. They thought it’d be best to send a better troop to manage it, if it ever came to be overwhelming.
Losing this mission meant losing Rupert’s place as Fourth in Command.
“You know as well as I that we cannot handle this alone! Losing my respect will be a small sacrifice for the hundreds that will be saved from the wrath of the beast.” Rupert insisted.

“Listen to him, he’s right.” Jack told her. He didn’t want it to happen either, but knew that this was what had to be done.

“But we don’t know the charms you can do! What will we do when you’re gone? Sit here and wait to be discovered by one of the people in the town? Be questioned and possibly jailed? What if the thing attacked again? You cannot leave us!” Sarah argued.

“You’ll have no choice but to think of something,” Rupert looked her in the eye and said “because I’m as good as gone.”
And with that he disappeared out of sight from the trembling Sarah and the confused but thoughtful Jack.

Jack sighed heavily, walked into the kitchen and began making a pot of coffee. Sarah just looked around the room angrily until her eyes rested on Jack. "How can you be so relaxed?!" she yelled at Jack no longer able to hide her frustration.

The tall man watched his coffee boil. In these past two months Rupert, Sarah and himself had pulled many all-nighters in their mission, the coffee was the only thing keeping him going. He wished more than ever that he was back in his own country, in his own bed, not having to worry about this silly world threatened by some horrid monster.
The timer told Jack that his coffee was ready. He poured it into two cups and handed one to Sarah. Although she would never say it, Jack knew she needed the coffee more than he did. Her country needed sunlight for energy, however unlike this world; Sarah's has no moon to reflect the much needed light to her people at night. Thus, she was cranky, slow, and weak after dark.
Jack took a sip, "There isn't much we can do right now." Sarah opened her mouth to speak but Jack held up his hand to show he wasn't done. "Rupert already said it. He doesn't care about his title as one of the Eternal Five. He just wants to get this thing before it hurts more people." Jack took another swig of coffee and placed the cup on the counter.
Jack turned back to Sarah with a small smile, "Besides, the court won't dare pull the rank of a Eternal not after they lost Alex. It would weaken the people’s faith too much. The last thing they need is panic. Rupert will be back in no time with good-"
Jack stopped short was a huge pulse went through him as he talked. From the look on Sarah's face she felt it too.

They looked at each other and said, "Its Back!"
‘What was that thing?!’

He ran as fast as he can. The sound of heavy footsteps came closer and closer every minute. He was reminded of how he hated living near the woods as he had to resort to getting lost in the thick foliage. Tall intimidating trees lurked over him as if trying to trap him and let the monster catch up. With the clouds that covered the sky and no moon, he was having enough trouble as it was!

A loud growl came to his ears and he nearly screamed in panic. He made the mistake of looking behind him, and tripped on a loose root. His face met intensely with the hard ground of dirt and moss.

He knew it was over.

Suddenly a shrill battle cry was heard somewhere on his right. Then there was a shooting noise and a snap. The beast that followed him gave out a huge cry of anguish and then the heavy footsteps were faded and were lost in the rage of his own hearing.

“Go after him! I’ll check on the kid.” said a woman. More, smaller but hasty footsteps were heard and then faded.
He managed to bring his face out of the dirt while letting his weight on his arms, but let his head hang from his shoulders as he caught his breath. He was still staring at the ground and didn’t have the strength to face the woman who presumably saved him.
He felt a presence next to him and tried to sit up right. He lost balance and ended up lying on his back in the ground again.

“Are you alright, kid?” the woman asked.

“Uh-huh…” took some more deep breaths, “Just got … hunted by… a monster a thousand… times bigger than me… yeah… dandy.” He shut his eyes and finished catching his breath. The monster made him run at least a mile (or two, he felt) from home. He was outside to get some firewood for the fireplace his parents absolutely had to have, when he saw bright yellow eyes staring at him; so he ran. He never got a good look at the thing but didn’t really want to.
The woman laughed weakly, but said something he couldn’t hear. He assumed she knew he didn’t hear her, so she said it again.
“What’s your name?”

“…Cody… it’s such a dog’s name…” he said.

“No not at all. Are you sure you’re alright, Cody?” she asked.

He managed to get up on his elbows and look at her. She had red hair and… red eyes to match! Cody jumped up and walked back. “Wha- wha- what are you?!” he whispered in panic.

“Oh.” She sighed. “My name’s Sarah… I have one of those… color contacts. Don’t you … like them?” she asked weakly. Cody wasn’t convinced, but had no choice. She saved him after all.

He tried to keep his cool as he put his hand out and said “Nice to meet you…”
Sarah took his hand and shook it.
“Now are you sure you’re alright? Did it hurt you? I saw you trip and I was sure you were unconscious from landed face flat—” Sarah was interrupted.

“I’m fine!” he assured her. “Now what was that thing?”

“It’s better if you don’t ask, kid. Come on I’ll take you home.”

“Kid?! Pfft! I’m not a kid! And ‘go home’? You didn’t think that I’d be completely question free after getting attacked by a monster, did you? Home is the last place I want to be.” Cody declared.

Sarah raised her eyebrow at him. “Well, the way I look at it …you’re a shrimp. And if it weren’t for us you’d be in the dirt, mince meat! So if you think I’ll take orders from you, even if you were practically attacked, then you have another thing coming! You’re just lucky we came at ALL!” she almost yelled.

A tall man came running towards them. “He got away.” The man panted when he reached the other two. “He used a damned—” he took a look at Cody and straightened up. “Uhm, I’ll tell you the details later.” He said to Sarah.

“Damn it! What now?” Sarah asked.

The man looked at Cody again. “First let’s do something about the kid.”

Instead of pouting and saying he’s not a kid, Cody asked “Who are you?”

“Jack. Now don’t you want to go home now? Don’t worry about the monster, it’s off and gone.”

“You said it got away. That doesn’t really make me feel any safer. And I don’t want to go home.” Cody said matter-of-factly.

Well then.” Jack whispered to Sarah.

“Jack, he wants to know what the thing was.” Sarah told him.

“And where you two came from… and why.” Cody added.

Well then.” Sarah said “We saved you from a monster because we could. And we did. So be grateful and let us take you home or you can be a brat and we’ll take you home by force.”

Cody crossed his arms and looked at them both. “Fine. I’m going home. But I don’t want strangers to take me. I know the way, I’ll go by myself.”

“Fine.” Sarah agreed, smiling. Jack looked at her dangerously. She took his hand and led him away from the boy, walking back to where they came from.

Cody didn’t think that’d work. No way was he going back home! But after a good ten minutes he said softy “Fine…” and walked away, towards his house.
A good three steps and he yelled “Wait up!” as he turned and ran to follow them.
The three walked for a few minutes and somehow, to Jack's dismay, Sarah and Cody began fighting over how Cody didn't want to return home. "You have to go home. I'm sure your parents are worried by now." Sarah was trying not to let lose her temper and take out her sleeplessness on Cody. Cody, on the other hand was all for showing his two saviors just how much he didn't want to return.
Sarah was starting to wonder if they should've just left him behind. These thoughts were driven from her mind as she walked into Jack. "Hey, why did you stop?" Sarah asked as she stumbled slightly from Jack's sudden stop. Jack just stood there for a moment before answering, staring intently at forest around them. "Something's wrong. We should have reached Cody's house by now. Also, why is there no light between the trees?"
Both Sarah and Cody looked around and realized this strange and disturbing event. Sarah's eyes widened as she understood the trouble they were in. "It's a trap." Sarah cried as she turned back to back with Jack. Cody fallowed suit and put his back against Sarah and Jack's.
The three stood there backs together waiting. Jack and Sarah both shared worried looks. Then, out of nowhere, an invisible force hit the two warriors, throwing them a few feet away. Cody looked and saw the same horrifying eyes that chased him through the forest just moments earlier.

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