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New York City, where cultures combine and the supernatural tred. Welcome to Demon Square.
[Introduction] Each person can have up to 3 characters. The characters can either be human, demon, or half-demon. All entries must be made in first person POV. You start somewhere in New York City, and must somehow find your way to the 'imaginary' community of Demon Square. You cannot kill other characters without the permission of their creators. When creating a character, you must give their name, race (and type if demon or half-demon), appearance, personality, orientation, and any other special abilities they have. Please, no god-moding. Have fun!

P.S. When you request an invite, please send a follow-up e-mail with a character bio.

P.S.S. You have up to three days to write your addition before you are skipped.
NAME- Hisan Tokage
RACE- Dragon Demon
GENDER- Female
APPEARANCE- She has long black hair that falls to her waist. She has dragon wings and a tail that are the same shade of forest green. Her wingspan is twice that of her height. Her eyes are alson green, and the pupils are slitted, like a reptile's.
PERSONALITY- Hisan is a loner, and has been since her parents were killed by humans when she was very little.
ABILITIES- She can fly, of course, and she can summon great strength. She can also turn into a dragon when she needs to.


As I walked down the crowded streets, I pulled my trench coat tighter around my lithe frame, and tugged the lid of my cap lower. Though the nearby humans thought I looked weird, they would have absolutely lost it if they saw my demon-like traits. They probably would have called the cops and tried to kill me. But nothing more could really be expected of such narrow minded creatures. The only reason I was even among them was because I was trying to find a place to belong. A place the humans knew nothing about, even though it was right under their noses.

Glancing at a nearby wall, I couldn't help but smile. It bore the mark, the mark that could lead demons to safety, to a haven of sorts.

Quickly, I ducked down a nearby alleyway. The mark was here as well. At least I knew I was headed in the right direction. Soon, I would have a real home, after so many years. Someplace warm to sleep, plenty of food, and peace from the ever nagging humans.

'Sounds like paradise,' I thought as I continued to walk the lonely path, with nothing but the sound of my echoing footsteps to keep me company.
Name: real name unknown, senpai for a nickname
Age: unknown
Race: Half-breed. Soul stealer/siren
Appearance: slim but with some attractive curvs, she is the ultimate huntress. Her eyes are a peircing blue that change to red when she needs to feed, and her sleek brown hair falls to her waist in straight sheets. She has side bangs that accentuate her angular face. she stands 5ft 8 inches and weighs around 150 (its the boobs)
Personality: A very social person by nature, Senpai is outgoing and talkative, and usually friendly to either sex. Her victims are always male, though. She travels around a lot so she has relationship issues and cannot connect to a single person for fear of eating their soul by accident.
Orientation: Straight
Abilities: mesermizing gaze, soul absorption, and a singing voice that could mesmerize a cround of a thousand into awe that they even stopped breathing to hear her. Its the Siren genetics.


"Senpai! Senpai! Wait up!" A young man called behind me as I stalked away, tugging at my tight black dress as I marched away from the human movie theater.

"What do you want Silas?" I said tiredly, flicking some bangs out of my face. It had been a long night with this little human, and I had found his blood to be rather distasteful, not even worth the effort to seduce him. He panted slightly as his eyes roamed over my body once more.


I slapped him across the face sharply and he jerked back.


"Thats for feeling me up in the theater, jerk." I spat, and turned away again. I felt my pupils constricting as my hunger constricted my blood vessels. The slight glowing of those around me revealed the most delectible souls. Young children were the best, so innocent and pure. I never fed on them, however, prefering the sharp sour taste of tainted souls. It made things interesting.

"Sen...senpai...what does that mean?" Silas asked suddenly. I turned to look at him with one eyebrow twitched up.

"It means elder in japanese." I explained curtly and moved along my way. I turned into a short alleyway and noted the mark of Demon Square when I was suddenly spun around my a hand grasping my arm.

"Senpai...you cant leave me...youve done something...I want you...I want you to be mine..." Silas whispered hoarsely. Whoops. Maybe I had used too much glamour on him. He pressed his lips roughly to mine and my hunger roared within me. I grabbed the back of his head, digging my fingers into his hair and sucked in a breath as my lips cruchd against his. With the breath, I brought out his soul and he crumpled in front of me.

"Ugh, humans..." I snorted and brushed myself off. I returned on my normal path of travel, feeling full but violated.

I would be glad to get to Demon Square where I could buy souls in jars. Humans were getting close to rapist levels.
The hairs on the back of my neck prickled. Every fibre of my being quivered with excitement. I could tell that I was close. So very close.

I turned down yet another alley, but this time, I was met by a wall with a much larger version of the symbol carved into the brick.

'At long last,' I thought, running my hand over the rough stones.

"Rokotsu sono toguchi tame seidou," I whispered.

As I finished the words of entry, the symbol began to glow a bright, almost neon, blue. With a groan, the doors began to slide open, the sound of stone scraping against stone causing me to flinch a little.

A bright light filled my vision, blinding me temporarily. When it had cleared, I nearly began to cry at the sight that met my eyes. Above me hang a huge banner, proudly proclaiming its message:

"Welcome to Demon Square!"
NAME- Kasaguri Amatsuka (Ka-sa-gur-i A-ma-su-ka)

RACE- Wolf Demon (not a werewolf)


APPEARANCE- He has long silver hair, and a very ferocious face. His eyes are pure blue,
and his teeth are very sharp. When he smiles around humans, most run scared. He always
has a hunger for meat, and very rarly is it quenched. He is about 6'1 and 180 lbs. Most
of it being muscle. He has many scars on his face and all over his body from many

PERSONALITY- Though most wolfs travel in packs, wolf demons are usually loners. If they
happen to see another of their kind, most likely they will fight to the death. He tries
to hide himself most of the time unless he sees another wolf demon, then he will fight.


ABILITIES- He can change into a wolf or humanoid at will. He has alot of endurance and can run and fight for days with minimal food. He is a very good fighter.


I stood up, fresh slashes on my face. This one was the strongest wolf demon I had fought in a long time. I suffered more wounds than usual, it was a good thing that I'm a fast healer, but these would be very bad scars. I looked at the broken body under me.

I was tired of this. This was the 17th fight I had this week. I wanted a place where this didnt happen, if only for a little while. I looked around remembering hearing about a place called Demon Square. I didnt know if it would be a place where I could have some peace and stop looking over my shoulder everywhere I go but it was worth a try.

I walked through the city looking for the tell tale sign, trying to remember the words he needed to say to open the way.

"What did he say it was?" I asked myself as I was walking. I felt a tug on my hair.

"Thats beautiful hair," I heard a female voice behind me, out of reflex my fangs grew and I growled. I felt my hair fall and heard the footsteps backing up.

I turned around, seeing the girl and her seeing me. Her hand went to her mouth as she saw my scarred face. She turned and ran away, just like all the rest that see my face. Before the scars I was very handsome, I still am, but it was hard for humans to see past the scars.

I turned around and continued walking until I saw the mark. I took in a breath and walked down the ally.
NAME- Selena Chiharu
RACE- Fox demon
GENDER- Female
APPEARANCE- Long, curly red hair, red fox ears tipped with white, and a fluffy tail with the same pattern. Her eyes are grass green.
PERSONALITY- Smart, polite, and soft-spoken.
ABILITIES- She has the ability to control fire, and pass through walls.

"Of course it has to snow the one time I leave my house..." I mumbled, getting stares from the people passing by me. My ears were hidden by a hat, and my tail was hidden by my skirt. I kept glancing around, searching for the safe home I had heard about. If I didn't find it tonight, I would have to flee this city. I couldn't afford to be seen, because I would be killed. I gasped slightly. I had found it, the place stuck out like a neon light. I ducked into an alley, making sure no one was looking, and I slipped through the wall. Warm air and friendly laughter greeted me. I smiled, knowing I could at last be safe.
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NAME- Ari, no nickname
RACE- Half 'Shadow Shaper' Demon
GENDER- Female
APPEARANCE- Black, wavy/curly hair two inches past her shoulders. Usually seen in a long black trench coat, black cargo pants and a plain black T-Shirt. Wears combat boots. Very pale. When she has spent a large amount of time in the form of a shadow, the top layer, epidermis, of her skin will become translucent. Her veins and arteries will become visible, but the rest will turn a very dark grey.
PERSONALITY- Ari is often misrepresented as cold and aloof to others, though she doesn't mean to be. She takes little pleasure in mundane activities, but she is impossibly stubborn when it comes to her strong personal values and beliefs. She has good intentions overall, but people fail to see it, because her actions say otherwise. Rather than participating in human relations, she observes them, but intervenes when some sort of problem arises. Ari spends most of her time examining her own thoughts, more or less, introspection.
ABILITIES- Ari is able to become a shadow, and move around as such. When she is a shadow, she can move extremely fast, and along walls, but can only stay that way for 2 hours, due to her half demon status.
On top of the apartment complex, I was hunched down; shielding myself from the cold and prying eyes. It was well into the afternoon, and it was getting dark, but the streets I watched below me were still as crowded as ever. Even though I was out of sight, I still kept my composure.

My apparent goal was to watch the streets below for anything interesting, or worth following and looking into. Perhaps another half demon, or a demon would show up. I wasn't doing it for any sort of police work, it was simply for my own interests; something to pass the time.

When I focused my attention back on the streets, a woman caught my eye. She was weaving in and out of the humans. She was hiding her discomfort well, I only noticed her because she had a peculiar, standing out appearance, and a destination. Her long, black hair and cap stood out a bit. But, her destination was unknown to me, so I followed her.

As she turned down an alleyway, I noticed that she was out of sight, and I was too far behind to catch up by foot. Stifling a shiver from the cold, I buttoned my trench coat and disappeared into the shadows of the dark, abandoned alleyways of the streets.

When I slid through the crowd undetected, I had the strangest feeling that something else interesting was happening nearby. It didn't seem to have anything to do with the woman I was following, but it went on elsewhere. I ignored it and moved onwards.

After sliding up and against the walls for further stealth, I returned to my physical form a good distance away from the woman. I stopped and slipped into the shadows again when she stopped at a wall, with an odd marking on it. When she whispered something inaudible, the symbol on the wall glowed a brilliant, bright blue. Caught off guard, I moved to shield myself from it, but in the process I saw the doors to Demon Square open slowly.

And back in my physical form, I also stepped through them, but quickly.
I threw my coat and hat on the ground, hopefully abandoning them for the last time. With a sense of elation, I stretched my wings to their full extent, feeling unused muscles stretching stiffly as they were once more awakened.

Folding them back in a litte, I began to walk down the street. Demons and half-demons passed by me all over the place. They were chatting happily, headed towards unknown destinations.

Finally, I spotted where I wanted to go: a restaurant. I walked in, only just able to keep myself from drooling. As I stood awkwardly in the entrance, a middle-aged cat demon walked over to me.

"You must be new here," she said with paternal warmth. "Come on, I'll get you a table and a menu."

I hesitated for a moment, and then followed her quickly as she seated me in a booth by the window. I appreciated that; apparently she knew I wanted to check out the sights a little while I ate.

The waitress handed me the menu with a smile. I eyed it quickly, immediately seeing what I wanted. Obviously, the waitress could already tell what I'd decided.

"I'll be right back with your food," she told me, before walking off.

My stomach growled loudly. I hoped she would hurry.
(Senpai's POV)

I sighed, shivering slightly as a chilly wind roared down the slim space of the alley way. The thin black fabric I wore now did not help much either.

"I dont know why I EVEN BOTHER!" I thought frustratedly and I nearly tripped over a stray cat that darted in front of me. Cursing the mangy feline softly under my breath, I looked up and saw another person standing at the end of the alley way. I hissed softly under my breath when I saw it was a man. His silver hair glinted in the soft light that came from a lamp beside the mark of Demon Square.

"Oh great, another human. Ooohhhh joy." I muttered and was about to turn and sneak off when the cat yowled and the man's head snapped toweards the sound.

"Oh shit, been caught!" I yelped and tried to dart back the other way when I heard a snarl and heavy footsteps behind me. I saw the symbol of Demon Square again and barked out the words, knowin ful well humans could not enter that haven.

"Rokotsu sono toguchi tame seidou!" The wall began to creak and tear open and I dove in head first, tumbling head over heels onto the cobblestones and alarming the passing demons.

"Oh, thats a rele-OOF!" I was cut off in my sigh of releif when the guy behind me bowled into me, despite the human barrier as I stood back up.

"What the-?!" I growled when I fell back on my butt. I looked up and saw that the man was indeed not human....but something with fangs...and a lot of scars.

"Oi, dont kill me please." I whimpered overdramaticly, scooting backwards, my face a pitiful one but my eyes cold and steely, calculating. I stood once more when the man failed to comment, then grinned lopsidedly.

"Werent expecting me to be a demon either, were ya?" I piped, all traces of acted fear gone. He seemed almost taken aback.

"Ah, well. See you later bub!" I said and waved slightly before turning on my heel and marching off to find a clothes store. This dress was really starting to bother me.

After a few minutes I found a good, cheap store and bought some jeans and a tee-shirt, along with a packet of hair ties. I walked out of the store and sighed contentedly, using a torch by the door to incinerate the insulting black frilly thing I had worn only a few moments ago. It stunk of humans.
I stared after the girl. That was the first time that happened. I was already starting to like Demon Square. Looks like I got lucky by chasing that one...

I looked around, this was a huge place, the first thing I wanted to do was get rid of the tattered clothes I had on. I went to a store and got a black hooded cloak, much like the one I already had on but it didnt stink of blood.

I went back out looking around again. I didnt know where to begin with this enormous place. I started to walk around aimlessly looking at all the places and all the other demons and half demons. I had never seen a place so welcoming.

I came up to a building and read the sign.


Great Prize For Winner

I smiled, although I was tired of fighting, if it was for a prize I wouldnt mind fighting a little more. I looked around once more, and entered the building.
I found a table, and sat down, trying to stay out of the way. I noticed a waitress stop in front of my table, and I looked up. "Need anything, Sweety?" She asked, smiling. My stomach growled loudly. "A steak, bloody, please." I asked, returning the smile. "And a glass of water." As she left, I looked around at all the different demons. I wasn't surprised, as all my friends had dissapeared, or been killed. I tried to find a friendly face, but I didn't want to seem like I was staring, so I stopped looking around. At least I knew that I could be with my own kind here, and I didn't have to worry about being hunted or killed. I could worry about friends later
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I stepped into Demon Square, the cobblestone paths scraped approvingly under my boots.

I studied the Square; I had been told of it before, by other demons in my early life. The nature of the place eluded me, and I didn't know exactly how one was greeted as they entered. Instinctively, my hand went to my trench coat pocket that contained my dagger, but it stayed there. The Square did not seem dangerous, a few demons would glance at me without curiosity, but that seemed to be all.

I lowered my arm away from my weapon, and observed everything around me. It was a warm and inviting place, the streets were busy, but not crowded. It was teeming with demons, but with shops and stores as well. There were stores that seemed normal looking enough, but then others with window displays that showed all sorts of assortments I couldn't make out.

I started walking again, the woman I followed here was somewhere else, but there was a bit of exploring to do. My aim was to find anything I could do at the apparent time, and boredom was something I wanted to avoid entirely. I walked along one side of the street, looking at the many shops, and many more different people. Some demons looked at me, being a newcomer, and I avoided their gaze entirely. A short time later, I had spotted something of interest. A book store.

I hadn't read a book in a few days, and reading was a practiced hobby of mine, so I stepped inside. A coolness greeted me as the door opened, and so did the demon behind the counter. "Hello, there! I haven't seen you before, you must be new." When she smiled, I tried to offer a courteous greeting back, but my poor social skills stuck out. I shuffled past her and looked for a good book.

When I went back outside after getting my new book, I sat on a stone bench near the building by myself. I started to read it when a sign caught my eye. It read something about an arena and a prize involved. I contemplated this for a very short time, and decided against it. I could fight well, but what would be the point?

I continued to read my book, occupying my mind with something other than my own thoughts, for once.
I sat back, sighing contentedly. I hadn't had a meal that good in quite some time. There just wasn't any substitute for good old-fashioned demon recipes.

Leaving the money on the table, I headed back into the streets. A crowd of people had gathered near a wall, apparently looking at something quite exciting. Making my way over there, I attempted to push through, but failed. I tapped a burly looking demon on the shoulder, and her turned towards me.

"Excuse me, but what's going on?" I asked.

The demon grunted. "You must be a new arrival," he said gruffly. "It's a flyer for the tournament they're having at the arena. There's some kind of huge prize for the winner."

A wide grin grew on my face.

"In that case, I know where I'm headed."

Spreading my wings for the first time in ages, I took off into the sky, heading straight for the arena.
"Fooood, glorious foooood! How Im dying to try some!" I sang as I pratically skipped down the cobblestone streets looking around with a giddy smile on my face.

Demon Square rocked!

"This place is so amazing!" I whispered to myself as i tried to give myself whiplash from looking from side to side at the shops as I walked.

I was looking in a shop window when my body pulsed with the need to feed once more. A pitiful soul so hastily extracted did not satisfy even a half-breed like myself for long. I licked my lips as I looked around and saw the orange-red glow of the demons that surrounded me.

Many beleived, mistakenly, that demons and creatures of the night did not have souls. That is not so. Every living being has a soul, and all are edible to a soul stealer. I whimpered slightly as I felt my blood burn with hunger. I looked around once more and saw a voo-doo shop.

"Oh thank god." I murmured and sprinted down the road, my hair, pulled back in a ponytail, whipping behind me. I skidded to a halt in front of the drape-covered doorway and walked in. The toad-like creature behind a roughly carved wooden desk looked up at me with beady eyes.

"What is it that you seek, my little half-blood?" The voice was so creaky and sounded too much like a breaking twig to tell if it was a girl's or a guy's voice that spoke. I shivered.

"Do you have bottled souls? Im so hungry." My voice was plaintive as I walked over to the desk. The thing chuckled and reached under the table to bring out a glowing and pulsating jar.

"Is this what you seek?" The voice seemed to cackle even as it spoke.

"Yes.." I murmured, reaching out for the bottle, my body craving so much for satisfaction.

"How will you pay for such a hard to renew resource?" I blinked, then snarled, obviously not in the mood.

"With money of course!"

"My dear child, what use does a shaman like me have for human money? I will need your powers to renew the souls that you take. You will work for me to pay for your meals." The Shaman grabbed my wrist and carved a quick crescent moon acrost my wrist, branding me. I jerked back, but she tossed the bottle of souls to me anyway.

"You are bound. So eat, then go look around your new home. You will be notified when you need to work." I snarled and backed out out of the store, then ripped off the seal and devoured the souls with greedy pleasure.

"Ah, so delicious..." I shuddered as my body calmed as its hunger was sedated. The souls were so pure and so full that I would be satisfied for a good few weeks or so. I sighed and shook my head, deciding to take the creepy shaman's advice. I saw a gaggle of people heading towards a large building. I decided to follow.

"Wonder whats going on in here." I mused aloud and god a gruff reply from a burly werewolf that stood a good foot taller than me.

"Its a tournament. Theres a really big prize if you win." He growled and I blinked, suprised.

"Huh, well I dont wanna fight, wheres the seating area?" I asked and he pointed to the left once we got in the doors. I smiled in thanks and found a good spot in the front rows, eagerly looking around.
I walked in the building and instantly sensed the presence of at least three others of my kind. My fangs started to grow, but somehow I was in control, I didnt instantly attack as I usually did.

I walked up to a counter where some others were signing up, "Ahh, another wolf demon, never had this many for as long as I can remember, the man at the counter said, "This looks to be an intresting contest, so your name is?"

"Kasaguri Amatsuka," I said, "why do you say that this looks to be intresting?"

"Kasaguri Amatsuka, okay I got it. Well I say that because wolf demons and werewolves are known to be very ferocious fighters, especially against each other. Okay, the waiting area to go into the arena is down the stairs behind me and keep going stright through the big door, your names will be drawn randomly to set up the match order for the entry rounds, they will tell you more if you make it passed and the when the entry rounds are complete. Any questions?"

I shook my head and started toward the stairs, it looked like I was one of the last to sign up since there was barly anyone headed the same way I was. I went toward the door, and walked in as it opened.

The waiting area was huge, it had rest areas, sparing areas, medical areas, and even a couple stores. The stores ranged from weapons, armor, and it looked like an odd assortment of food. I didnt know the currency of this place and even if I did, I didnt have any, so I went stright to one of the rest areas and sat in a chair.

"The drawings for the match order will begin soon," a man at the top of some stairs roared, "if your match is first, the entrance to the arena is right behind me."

I looked around, there were so many different kinds of demons. I smiled, it looks like this will be intresting.
I looked around, and saw a group of people heading somewhere. My fox-like curiousity took over, and I followed them, not waiting for my food. I bumped into someone, and fell to the ground. The person glared at my, showing off his yellowed sharp teeth. "Watch it, you brat. I'm going to the tournament. Stay out of my way."

'A tournament? Maybe I should enter....It would give me something to do...' I headed towards the tournament with a confident grin.
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It was not long before I realized that one of the Arena posters was a little too close to the bench that I was sitting on. A thick, bustling crowd had formed around it, and that was causing me an incredible amount of discomfort. It is an odd phobia I have, I can't stand being in the middle of crowds. Just the thought of so many people violating my personal space all at once, and in such a loud manner, was enough to make me physically sick.

With that, I left the bench while squeezing and ducking through the crowd, and decided that it would be a good idea to head over to the arena after all. I would rather be watching than fighting, however.

It was a long, uneventful walk towards the arena. There was a plethora of other demons and half demons heading in the same direction, but they ignored me. When I had gotten to the arena, I had already decided where I wanted to sit.

After I was admitted for an audience seating, I climbed up the staircases as far as I could, and found one of the highest points in the seats that wasn't already taken. I took my spot and waited for the fights to begin.
NAME- bane
RACE- half demon dragon half human
GENDER- male
APPEARANCE- long black hair with blood red eyes he has a fit body from years of training
in the way of the warrior he wars a t-shirt and jeans under a black trench cote where he
hides his sword a katana with a black mettle blade he whereas black combat boots.
PERSONALITY- he has dark personality from years of being hunted by demon hunters he
looking for a place to rest and maybe find other like him he lives by his honor and never
acts with out reason.
ABILITIES- fast and skilled with his sword his eye have a demon glare witch lets him send
fear into there hearts of the people he fights. He hasn’t unlocked a lot of his demon
power besides his wings. He is well versed in presser points be it demon or human he uses
them on.

I make my way down the ally way my blood red eyes glowing in the darkness I saw the makings on the back wall of the ally comparing it to the making on a piece of paper in my hand “I found it” I raised my hand “Rokotsu sono toguchi tame seidou” I found myself in demon Square. “I better hurry to the tournament” with that I was gone I ran to the arena entering the competitor area I had sent a message ahead of time telling them I mite be late so I was let right in. I looked around at the other competitors I silently went to a seat and sat down pulling out my Katana and started to polish it.
I landed at the entrance to the arena, folding my wings back up so I could make it through the doorway, where a gruff looking man stood.

"Name?" he rumbled, sounding as if he'd rather be anywhere than where he was.

"I'm Hisan Tokage," I replied cheerily.


"Dragon Demon," I said, my chest swelling with pride.

"Well, I haven't seen one of your kind in quite a few years," he said, looking at me with true interest. "This tournament is sure to be one of the best in a while."

Without bothering to wait for him to say anything else, I ran down the passage to where the contenders were meant to wait.

As I entered the waiting area, I saw a large group of assorted demons and half demons, all flexing their muscles, baring their teeth, and grinning wildly at the prospest of the upcoming battles. I, too, couldn't help but feel excited. I would finally be able to show the world what I was made of, without the fear of being hunted down as a monster.

A loud roar of cheers and applause sounded above us, and everyone immediately tensed, looking towards the door where we would enter the arena from.

'This is it!' I thought excitedly.
"FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" I howled at the top of my lungs, fist pumping in the air, matching the ten thousand or so other demons and half demons as we eagerly awaited the arena doors to open. Tension and excitement, the smell of testosterone and sweat permeated the air. Id never felt so excited.

"This is so much fun!" I cried and a half demon beside me grinned and clapped me on the back.

"First time, eh?" He roared, just to be heard over the noice of the eager crowd. I nodded and he let out a great guffaw.

"Your gonna love it! The fighters are always the best! If not theyr picked off real early! I cant wait to see what the prize is this time!" He clapped me on the back again and I stumbled, ears ringing.

'I think he mighta broke a rib or two...' I thought, wincing as I tried to regain the breath the scrawny half breed had busted from my lungs in his enthusiasm.
I looked up as two names were called. It was two werewolves. I sneered, I hated werewolves, mere imatations of the real things.

As the doors opened, the hall resounded with roars and cheers as the werewolves walked out and began changing. I didnt recall it being a full moon tonight, it must be more magic.

"Kasaguri Amatsuka, get up here, you will be first to enter in the next bout," I stood and headed for the arena door and stopped in front of the man that announced it, "your opponent will be announced and sent out after you are."

I smiled, this had turned intresting. I wouldnt have time to size up my opponent, but everyone now had a chance to do what I could not. I liked this kind of challenge. Thinking and coming up with strategies on the go was on of my strengths.

I could hear the roars of the werewolves through the doors. I could hear the cries of pain coming from one as he was slashed. The cheers of the the crowd as blood was drawn.

All this was causing me to get more and more excited about this. I was starting to not like fighting, but this was renewing my fighting spirit.

I heard a howl, that could only mean a death.

"Ah, so he didnt take the cowards way out. You can admit defeat anytime in the match but you will be seen as a coward, although dying isnt a much better fate. Seeing that we have some new combatants now, Im expecting some to admit defeat," I looked at the man again, "well, it's time for you to get out there," he said to me as the door opened and the roars and cheers once again filled my ears.

I walked out, looking around the huge arena. There were so many different types of demons that I was nearly so distracted that I barly noticed the door opening behind me again.

I turned around, my hands growing into claws, and waited for my opponent.

A Non-Existent User

When the next fighter moved boldly out into the arena, everyone around me stood up, adrenaline pumping, fueling their clouded judgment. I remained seated, however, and not for the first time, I felt crushed by the weight of their writhing nature and their body heat. It was almost as if my mind shrunk at these moments, leaving it fearful of and vulnerable to unwanted emotions; a pressure situation.

I caught a glimpse of the fighter below. Not a werewolf like the last two, no, but a wolf demon. He was an unmistakably tough one; even at this height, I could see the scars of past battles that marked him. Above all else, he looked ready. Wise, I thought as my view was obstructed again by people, The element of preparation above all else is a key factor.

Surrounded with high pitched shouts and roars, I was soon questioning my decision to come here once again. Though I expected nothing less than an angry mob around me, this crowd was distressing and unpleasant; it had reminded me too much of the humans that roamed the New York City streets. Living on the streets for all of my life, I understood how humans worked, but it was information I would be glad to part with. I was quickly reminded of a girl who had been making a large amount of noise over some man she had seen; apparently he had been a celebrity. The teen age girl was squealing loudly, screaming at what seemed to be the top of her lungs. Irritation soon took over caution as I calmly approached the girl and punched her in the face.

But that was a moment that I wasn't proud of; my emotions got the better of my judgment, and I had acted. In all other cases, I kept my cool, something that this fighter should do as well, also.

Shaking off my thoughts, I focused back on the fights, and was irritated yet again when I was forced to stand up to see what was going on. No emotion now, I thought to herself, Use emotion to your advantage, all other uses are meager things only. As I said this, I knew that she had just lied to myself.

I watched the challengers, calculating.
I was in the waiting hall waiting for my fight. I watched the werewolf and the demon wolf ready to go at it. I watched the demon wolf intently and smiled looked like be a fun fight if I faced him I thought to myself. I let his eyes go red "I wonder who I’m fighting" my hands felt the blade of his sword razor sharp as always. I went to a viewing area were competitors could watch the fight better. As I walked I thought back to my time training I was faster stronger then I was before. “go on little wolf demon show me what you can do or if your smart just do what you haft to win and not show off not showing off is what separates a real fighter from the weaklings” I whispered the words my master preached to him and even now it was his creed I followed.

I held on tight to my opponent as I dove straight for the ground. At the last possible second, I let go and pulled up, barely brushing the ground. The other demon wasn't as lucky. He hit the ground with a sickening crunch, and collapsed into a heap.

The crowds went wild, cheering louder than ever. I bared her teeth in a wide smile of victory. Straightening up, I gave a deep, flourishing bow, then turned and headed back into the waiting area.

The other demons eyed me with a mix of respect, fear, and malice. For most of them, I must have appeared as nothing more than a cocky little hatchling. I couldn't wait to show them just what I was really made of.

The roar of the crowd grew again as the next match began, two fresh contenders ready to stain the ground with each others blood.

Every fibre of my being trembled with excitement as I sniffed the air, adrenaline filling every pore.

This was definitely and interesting day.
(Senpai's POV)

"So, Sen, what brings you here to this raunchy little virewing of gore and bloodshed?" The same half-demon guy from before yelled, eyeing over my slim frame as I was bounced between him and the guy next to me. I was light headed and I was seriously starting to get sore. Neither of my jostlers were in any way cushiony, and I could almost feel the bruises forming on my shoulders.

"I got bored!" I hollered, then a random shove from behind threw me off balance, and I pin-wheeled with my arms, reaching for anything to keep my from plummeting over the edge, into the arena below. That failed horribly, however, and I ended up slapping the over-friendly half-demon in the face, and careening, screaming, into the blood-soaked sand ten feet below.

"EEEEEKKK-OW! SON OF A BI-ooohhh hello mr big thing!" I whinpered as I landed on my back, and was about to cuss out a very large, very scary looking, very grumpy seeming bull demon. He snorted and his nose ring made a light ting noise as it bounced off his teeth. I couldnt help but notice he had sharpened horns and everything, his lip pulled back in a snarl. I scrambled back agains the wall, crab-walking on hands and feet. That only got me about 5 feet away from the boulder of a creature that thought I was his opponent in the arena.

"Are you my rival in this? HAH! I shall rip you in two!" He roared, and I let out a blood-surdling scream of sheer terror. Coming from a siren, that kind of scream is a little stunning, and so the demon balked, and I had a chance to take off like a speed demon.

"Run AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!! SOMEBODY HEEEEEEELLLLLPPPP MEEEEEE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, stopping all the fights I bolted through, my arms waving in the air. Everyone stared at me as the comical chase ensued. This was not a good day.

I watched the chase with a small smile on my face. Even though she was running for her life, it didn't change the fact that it was funny. I turned losing interest and started walking back to the resting area. As I walked past the entrance to the arena, the announcer stopped me.

"Hey, your fights already been done with and that bull demon's opponent was a coward and left. Think of this as the next round and go get that siren out of there."

I thought of refusing, but that bull demon might be a better match than that werewolf I had to fight in the first round. I didnt even have to change all the way into a wolf. Werewolf were always disappointments when it came to fighting.

"Fine, open the door."

The door opened to reveal the chase once again. Nearly all the fights had started up again as well. I would need speed to catch up to the bull, it was amazing, and a little funny, how fast that siren could run. The bull was enjoying the chase, and so was the crowd.

I change into my four-legged form, my speed form. My hair covered my body, engulfing me with silver fur. My teeth grew into fangs as my hands and feet turned to paws and claws. My face grew more and more feral and I was a wolf. I howled, a chilling yet ferocious sound. I locked my eyes on the bull and launched off the ground.

The bull had finally cornered the siren. I chuckled, it sounding like a growl, I had never seen someone so scared. The bull was about to charge, he was going to try to impale her to the wall.

I caught up and let out a snarl as I jumped and latched on to the back of the bull's neck. It had suprised him, but not for long. He started trashing around trying to throw me off. I cursed, my fangs weren't long enough to sever his spine in this form. I allowed him to throw me off toward the wall. I got a closer look at the siren, now it was my turn to be a little suprise.

The one I ran into...literally at the entrance to this haven. She, who had shon no fear of me whatsoever, had screamed in terror of this bull. I hadnt expected her here, and even if I did, I didnt expect her to be here in fear.

I thought about what the announcer said, he had said to think of this as the second round and get the siren out. That meant I didn't have to defeat the bull, I didn't even have to fight the bull. I turned to see the bull now getting ready to charge again. First, I had to slow this thing down. I wouldnt beable to outrun it while carrying another being.

He charged, the siren running along the wall screaming again. I charged the bull, jumping low and wrapping my fangs around his knee. My momentum and the bull's caused me to swing around the bull's leg making my fangs sever ligaments and tendons. I let go and jumped back. The bull's knee buckled and he fell, roaring.

I looked around, spoting the siren again, I raced toward her. She looked back, and put on another burst of speed. I chuckled, she must think Im after her death now.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I heard her yelling. Well, I couldnt do that, or I wouldnt advance in the tournament.

I started catching up to her, she was fast, very fast, but she could not outrun me. She was already tired from the bull chase. I caught up and pounced, causing her to fall and land on her stomach. Immediately she started crawling prone. I chuckled again, the amount of fight in her was amazing and very amusing. I grabbed the waistline of her jeans with my fangs and started toward the arena door.

"PUT ME DOWN, PLEASE DONT EAT ME!!!" I could hear the fear in her voice. I really didnt think anyone could be this frightened. I heard a roar behind me, swinging my head back to look also swinging the siren around, I saw the bull charging once again with only a small limp in his step.

"Ok...please dont put me down and RUN AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!" I obliged, running as fast as I could while carrying her. She wasnt heavy but she did slow me down, I had to hold my head up in an uncomfortable position to make sure she didnt drag on the ground and get in the way of my feet.

The bull was gaining on us, his roar and the siren's screams to keep running filled my ears as we neared the door. The door began to open and I saw the announcer smiling, laughter in his eyes.

I jumpped in the door and it slammed shut, "Looks like you found the loophole I just noticed when I saw you going after the girl rather than the bull."

The siren looked around, still hanging from my mouth, "Whew, Im glad thats ov-OOF," I dropped her and changed back, "Hey, you didnt have to dr- hey! you're that guy from the entrance!"

"And you're that girl," I said and started to walk away.
I heard the excited cheers and the screams coming from the arena. My heart beat wildly in my chest, but not from from fear. It had been too long since I had been in a true fight.

I smiled as I approached the man in charge. He asked for my name. "Selena Chiharu." "And your race?" I grinned. "Kitsune."

Once I was entered, I went to watch the fights. A man had his face slammed mercilessly into the dirt. His opponent was a girl with a confident grin. 'I'd like to fight her.' I thought to myself.
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I heard a cry from the Arena below and stood once again to get a good view. For a split second, I could see in full perspective what was going on.

One of the demons from the crowd had fallen into the Arena, and into a fight. All of the other fights halted for a moment to see the demon race in and out of the battles, quite literally running for her life. While I did not want to be in the other demon's position, from the crowd it was amusing. I sat back down an chuckled in spite of myself, turning back towards the outer sides of the arena.

If I hadn't turned, I wouldn't have seen it; on the outer wall of the arena there was what appeared to be an arm, then it slipped back down and disappeared. I frowned, confused, and squeezed my way through to the edge of the wall. Before I got there, I observed that three other demons in this section had seen the arm as well, and were climbing over the others to investigate.

A light demon had gotten there first and leaned over the side to look down the wall. When I and the other demons who noticed got there, the light demon was screaming and backing away quickly. The group ran the rest of the way and nearly threw themselves over the side trying to lean over the side, including myself. When I saw what was climbing up the walls of the arena, my heart stopped cold and my body froze solid with fear.

It was nothing short of an army; numbers so great they could match, if not best, the crowd of the arena. With ropes and grappling hooks driving deep into the grooves of the arena walls, they were climbing straight up towards the interior of the stadium. I saw the closest one, the one who's arm was at the top of the wall, had the renowned Demon Hunter's tattoo on his face. I could see that the all had the tattoo, but what was worse is that they were heavily armed.

In that second, a million questions raced through my head, many of the repeated by the other demons around me; "How did they get in? The human barrier--" "There are so many!" "Do you think we can fight them off?"
I turned to a new voice, a full Siren demon noticed the ruckus and joined to see what was happening. The siren answered one of the demons next to her, "We can, if we alert the others." The demon turned back around and pushed through the crowd, to a partially clear area in the seats. She drew in an impossibly deep breath, and bellowed out with her siren powers, "DEMON HUNTERS!"

The cry, loud enough by itself, echoed and bounced off the sides of the arena, and everyone heard. The crowd stopped to look, and a few braced themselves, almost suspecting that something like this might happen. Whole groups in each section raced to the sides of the stadium, drawing their weapons and powering up their abilities. The air was thick with tension, though the noise was still constant with conversations. Most of the battles in the arena stopped, but some didn't.

I back away a few paces from the wall and drew out two curved swords from the back of my trench coat, the two that I only used for emergencies. I stood my ground, and waited for the demon hunters to emerge.
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Name: was never given one so he chose the name Ryco

Age: demon years- 7 human years- 140

Race: half white tiger demon

Appearance: short spiked white hair with black streaks with ears and a tail to match. Pale skin and bright yellow eyes, a scar going down each eye and down the middle of his chin. Usually wears leather pants with holes on the knee's and boots along with a leather vest

Personality: horrible temper and wants to fight constantly to prove his worth, wants to be around others but doesn't know how to act around demons or humans

orientation: too young to think about it that much (but in the future definitely straight)

Abilities: Sharp claws and quick reflexes are his natural skills. Carries around a pair of Sae swords which he likes to use as well

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’d been squatting in my seat, watching with excitement at the battles below; tail swishing in anticipation for the day I could be down there. That’s when a deafening scream arose from the other side of the Arena. “Bloody marbles-” I jumped up on my feet as the first of the demon hunters sprung into action. I shook my head and couldn’t help but wish I was back with the humans.

I’d been in Demon Square for only a week- crawling on all fours because I was staving- couldn’t find a descent meal in the bloody city… and because the last group of humans that had seen me just happened to be a gang. They took one look at me and decided I shouldn’t live. The only problem was that I was quicker. That was when I’d had enough and decided to come to Demon Square. Managed to steal me some clothes and food but demon hunters…. That was too much.

I gave a gentle growl as my fists tightened and quickly loosened when my claws came out. I could feel my yellow eyes shine as I let out a roar and jumped onto the back of the closest demon hunter I could find and began tearing into him with my claws and fangs. He cried off and flung me off his shoulders. I easily landed on the steps close by. The demon hunter cursed under his breath and looked at me and smirked arrogantly at me. “Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty…” Already I hated him. Just like everybody else he underestimated me just cause I was smaller than him. My teeth showed in a snarl and I went to attack him again when I was bombarded with a stampede of demons and demon hunters wanting some action. “Blast it all!” He hissed as I struggled to get out from under their crushing feet.
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NAME- Jason savage (jak for short)

RACE- Fox/moutain liond demon


APPEARANCE- Average height, short light brown hair(with a hint of redish orange)is very subconscious about foxlike ears, allways wears a benie to cover them up, tail comes and goes. keeps in very good shape. Light green eyes sometimes seem yellow

PERSONALITY- Does not like to fight but has leared sometimes it cant be avoided espeshally if your a demon, so has learnd over the years to fight and fight well, uses agility and brains rather than brute strength. Could never kill someone even if that someone tries to kill him wich has happend often. Always seeks to make new friends but that tends to not last long when they see his ears or tail. Is very open to anyone and everyone even though it gets him into trouble alot. Treats every one like hes known them for years.


ABILITIES- Has controll over fire but doesnt like to use it to fight because of its destructive propertys. he does however like to practice manipulateing it for fun. Great agility and speed(gained from his mountan lion side and his time in the circus)

"Are you kidding me I came here to get away from all the fighting!" I sighed, as I came up on a group of demon hunters trying to cage up some demon children. Theres not alot that can get me angry but one of the few thing that can is hurting the weak, I lost it... I had never used my fire for fighting before but today was the day, I jumped roof top to roof top so I could supprise them covering my fist in white hot flames I pounced knocking out three of the closest to the kids "GET INSIDE!" I shouted. Then let out an eat spitting howl. I needed help and if there were any other fox demons nearby they would be there shortly, hopefully anyway they might be buisy with there own problems unfortunatly I didnt know how much longer I could keep this up on my own...
Angry roars and yells came from beyond the door that led to the arena. They were definitely different from the cheers and shouts that had previously been there. These new sounds made my scales stand on end, and a chill spread through my body.

A cougar demon stumbled through the doors, bleeding and panting, his eyes wide and panicked far beyond that of a normal fighter. He fell to the ground, his mouth moving as if he was trying to form words. I pushed my way through the now silent fighters, helping the fallen demon to sit up.

Suddenly he grabbed my by the back of the head, pulling me down until his lips brushed my pointed ear, and he whispered two dreadful words.

"Demon hunters..."

Immediately, the rest of the fighters began panicking, yelling and roaring in fear and anger.

'Good god, this is pathetic,' I thought.

I stood up, opening up my wings and curving them slightly around my body to form a sort of amplifier.

"Everybody, SHUT UP!"

All fell silent, and everyone turned to face me.

"Are you demons, or mice?! You're acting like a bunch of hatchlings! I've seen some civilian HUMANS act braver than this! If you have a SHRED of honor, then you will drag yourselves out there, and KICK SOME DEMON HUNTER ASS!"

Another moment of silence, and then a female hawk demon stepped forward, turning to face the group as well.

"She's absolutely right! Let's go show them what we're made of!"

A loud cheer tore from every throat. Each and every one charged for the door, practically ripping it off the hinges in their excitement.

I took a moment to calm myself, taking a deep breath as I called on the well of power that burned in my very core. Scales began to cover my entire body. Muscles, bones, organs, and skin began to rearrange, changing to fit in a much more formidable shape. My fangs grew longer as my neck stretched, becoming a thick, powerful muscle with spikes along the entire spinal ridge.

Finally, my change was completed. Smoke poured from my mouth and nostrils. I let out a long loud roar, the roar of creatures that had once made humans run in terror.

I had changed to my full dragon form.
"That girl huh? How rude! You make me sad." I pouted, thrusting out my lower lip like a child. My heart was still hammering in my chest but my adrenaline stores were officially run dry. When I tried to stand up from where I was dumped on my rump, all the blood rushed from my head and my vision went black. I heard someone curse as I toppled sideways. I would have busted my head like a cold egg on a hot pan if the door-man hadn't caught me by the arm.

"ugh, that was so not fun." I murmured, sinking to the floor, my back against the wall. After a moment I could see straight again and I looked down the hallway where the door-man and the guy who saved me were talking in feirce whispers. I watched intently to try and lip-read their conversation when the door-man mde the mistake of looking back at me.

"You had best not be talking about me! Whats going on? Hmm?" Is houted, lurching to my feet. This time, however, I closed my eyes and kept on hand on the wall. A few footsteps rand in the air but they cut off when I held up my hand.

"Im fine. Tell me what your talking about and why it involves me." I snapped, opening my eyes to glare menacingly at the male duo staring at me.

"Only kinda conceited arent you?" The silver hared guy from before commented, a smirk playing on his scarred face. "Why suddenly so brave? I liked the meeker little terrified thing i rescued in the ring beter."

The door-guy spluttered and stared at silver-hair gape-jawed. I simply sniffed distainfully and flipped my hair over my shoulder with a hand, looking to the side with my nose turned up.

"Hmph, that, my silvery friend, was acting." I snipped, resting my hands on my hips.

"So, you acter like a total moron, running through fights instead of heading for a door, acting like a scared little child?" He asked dryly. I refused to look at him, and he chuckled.

"Your screams didnt sound fake when I came to get you."

I froze completely, even forgetting to breath as embarrased heat rushed to my face. 'Dammit!' I thought peevishly.

"So? Maybe im just a great actress!" I replied, trying to toss aside his argument. That only earned a laugh.

"I doubt even you could act out the stench of fear." He said and I felt my face turn beet red in fury and embarrasment. "You reeked when I carried you in my mouth." He tapped his scarred nose.

I stared at him, incredulous, for a moment, trying to find my voice.

"It-but-he-it-I-I mean-he-gah-horns-teeth...nose ring-he...skewering..." I trailed off in my stammering excuses and just gave up, my hands falling from where they were pantomming the horns of the bull demon. Silver-head and the door-guy merely busted up laughing, and I sighed, head drooping. I walked past the guffawing pair of manly-men as they clutched their heaving sighs.

"Glad to know your having fun with this, guys. See you later silvery-head." I sighed, waving a limp hand over my shoulder.

"The name is Kasaguri, not "silvery-head", thank you very much." The tall demon was suddenly walking beside me, all seriousness. I blinked and looked up at him, just now realizing how much taller he was.

"Hmph, well thank you for saving me Kasaguri." I said dejectedly, this time not acting. I never meant to be the joker, it just seemed to happen.

"Well, can I know who I saved then?" He asked, looking down at me, seeming only slightly curious.

"Senpai, but you can call me Sen." I said, bowing my head slightly in a formal introduction.

"Senpai, whats that? That your real name?" He said, and I bristled slightly.

"Its as real as it will ever be. I dont know my birth given name thank you very much." I murmured.

"Ah, sor-" The appollogy was cut off by the siren's cry of Demon Hunters. We both froze and looked at one another before looking back at the door.

"Oh shit." I gasped, while Kasaguri only grunted and turned to bolt back towards the door.

"Hey-wait! What am I supposed to do?" I shouted, fear already hyping up my adrenaline stores.

"Your a siren, right? Well sing and get some of these guys on our side or something!
I was getting bored with waiting, but I knew it would be my turn soon, so I was content to watch the fights. I looked around at the other demons. Most of them were either cowering at the idea of fighting, or screaming with excitement. I grinned. I was just as eager, but I would keep quiet until my turn. When I heard the screams from up above turn from excited to fearful, I paled. Something wasn't right.
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I cried out in anger and pain as a big oaf had the nerve to step on my tail. “Watch it!” I half roared, half screamed. “I’m on your side. It’s the hunters you want to step on!”

“Watch it runt!” The demon yelled. Just as I managed to get out from under his feet, another group came running up the stairs. I started lashing out at the ones who stepped on me- not caring who they were. “Would you idiots stop and look where you’re going!” I yelled. Finally, someone grabbed onto my vest and pulled me out from under the mass of fighters. I turned around and saw that my vest was caught by the teeth of a rather large dragon.

“I’m no ones lunch!” I hissed as I spun around and scratched at the chin.

“Hey!” The Dragon growled. “I’m trying to help you, runt.” She dropped me and I landed hard on the stadium.

“Ooph!” I cried out as my back his the edge of a seat.

“Be useful and go help somebody. Otherwise- hide in a corner.” She called out as she lashed her tail out at a group of hunters.

I glared at her. I hated it when people did that. I scanned the area and saw a fox demon struggling with a large group of hunters. He was protecting some kids. I got ready and jumped across the stadium until I made it. I roared as loudly as I could and began jumping onto the backs of the hunters and clawing at them until they fell limp to the ground. I spotted a little runt running towards a building- trying to get inside. A demon hunter drew his sword and ran towards the kid. The kid fell and the hunter was ready to kill him.

I pounced on his back and drew my Sae swords- Jamming them in his back a few times. As he fell and got off and looked at the kid- fear in his eyes. “Get out’a here!” I roared. His ears lowered in fear as he turned and ran inside. I turned around and saw the fox Demon.

Thanks… I think…” He said. He must have been shocked that I’d help him.

“Whatever…” I said, unsure of how to take his thanks. “Just find some of your own and don’t take on more than you can chew next time.” I said then ran off. Every hunter I came across I took down. The place was turning into the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I saw the dragon that had helped me. She was backed into a corner with no place to go. They had weapons that could pierce her armor tough skin. I went to go help her when a rope fastened around my neck. “There’s my kitty…” I turned and saw the first hunter I’d run across. Apparently he’d managed to survive- though he had a few good wounds on him. He was choking me and dragging me through the arena. I felt a sharp sting in my side- he’d stabbed me with his sword… he was playing with me.

My anger swirled inside and I gripped one of my Sae harder and quickly threw it at his back. He was done for. I heard a horn. Were they retreating? I didn’t know but for some reason I got up, cut off the rope, and ran back the dragon. I took out a few more hunters- they were retreating. Had they won? Or did we put up too good of a fight? I didn’t know but as I held onto my side- things started to blur. I looked over at the dragon. She’d be fine. Nothing too major. Our eyes met. “Hey…” She said. “You okay, kid?”

I looked at her then at my side and smiled as I dropped my sae swords. “I’m no kid.” I said, though I couldn’t manage to get angry with her. I smiled for the first time in a long time. “Sure… Just get me to a healer, would ya?” I said as I dropped to my knee’s. I saw her change… she had black hair. Then I I fell back, but someone caught me- the fox demon.

“Looks like you bit off more than you could chew, kid.” I growled softly as I fell asleep, but I knew it wasn’t the end. At least, not yet. The demon hunters would be back and we’d all have to be ready for them.
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As I held the small but fierce tiger demon I could hear his heartbeat and breath begin to slow if the dragon and I didn’t get him to a doctor soon he would almost certainly die. Luckily I was easily the fastest demon nearby. “Go help the others ill take him to the healer I owe him one anyway.” I said as I took off at speeds even some of the demons had to stop and admire how fast I was capable of running even while holding another demon. One we got to the “hospital” I decided to stay with the small tiger demon incase the hunters came back for round 2. What seemed like hours passed but the demon boy finally regained consciousness. “What are YOU doing here?” was the first thing he managed to say. “I’m making sure your safe. Just incase that hunter comes back he seems to have a crush on you.” Jason laughed. “I’m Jason by the way, Jason savage but I prefer Jak” Jason said after the demon boy had a chance to gather his wits. “Oh well thanks, I guess… my names Ryco.” He started to get up to shake my hand but grabbed his side in pain and lay back down. Laughing I told him I would be back soon with lunch because even here in demon square the *hospital* food was terrible….

As growled as a healer demon wrapped a bandage tightly around my arm.

"Oh, calm down," she scolded.

As she walked over to one of the counters and opened a drawer, a needle emerged in her hand, and I paled.

"Uh, you didn't say anything about a shot," I said, scrambling off the examination table, and backing against the door, my hands searching for the doorknob.

The nurse put her hands on her hips. "You can face down a whole horde of demon hunters, but you can't handle a little needle?"

She shook her head. "Come on, the sooner we get this over with, the sooner you can leave."


A half hour later, I practically sprinted out of the hospital doors, breathing a sigh of relief. It had taken 4 nurses in all to hold me down while the other one administered the shot. I couldn't help it, I just wasn't a needles person.

As I looked around and surveyed the damage, I felt a swell of anger rise in my chest. Many of my ancestors had helped to create this haven, and it boiled my insides to see that safety disrupted.

With a running leap, I took off into the air.

I would find out who was responsible for such a breach in security.
"Yeah, ok, let the scaredy-cat half siren sing and save all our asses. SUCH a great idea!" I growled under my breath as I bolted down another hallway, avoiding a fresh batch of demon hunters.

'Ugh, I came here to get away from humans, not get rounded up and set up for a giant suprise attack! Though, this was well organized, getting all the best fighters together to beat the crap out of each other, and then attack. Not bad...for humans.' I thought snidely, my lungs burning as I finally made it to the roof. There I looked down upon the arena. What a nasty scene.

Demon hunter and demon bodies alike littered the floor. Fires burned in a few places, indicitive of fire demons getting into the fight a little too much. I groaned then stiffened as the crescent that was carved into my wrist by the creepy shaman demon pulsated and burned.

"Time to pay for your meals, little one." A voice floated to me from what seemed the clear blue sky above. Suddenly I felt something constrict around my throat. I whirled around, expecting an attack from a Demon Hunter, but no one was there. My hand flitted up to my neck and felt a silk choker with a crystal cross charm hanging from it. I instantly recognized the Collector's Collar.

"Fine, fine." I muttered, and looked back down to the arena base. "Im only taking the humans, though. I will not condemn my own kind."

"Very well, just get the job done, then you are free to do as you wish." The crackling voice of the cretin who tricked me faded as soon as it began to speak. I took in a deep breath then faced the most open part of the arena and began to sing.

"I know this will not remain forever
However it's beautiful
Your eyes, hands and your warm smile
They're my treasure
It's hard to forget
I wish there was a solution
Don't spend your time in confusion
I'll turn back now and spread
My broken wings
still strong enough to cross the ocean with
My broken wings
How far should I go drifting in the wind
Higher and higher in the light
My broken wings
still strong enough to cross the ocean with
My broken wings
How far should I go drifting in the wind
Across the sky, just keep on flying
The pain that cannot be measured,
the flow of time that cannot be measured
Even if that may fill up everything
I can still feel
What falls from the sky is not the rain. . .
Did I ever chain you down to my heart
'Cause I was afraid of you?
No, I couldn't hold any longer
Love is not a toy
Let go of me now
The time we spent is perpetual
Our future is not real
I'll leap into the air
My broken wings
still strong enough to cross the ocean with
My broken wings
How far should I go drifting in the wind
Higher and higher in the light
My broken wings
still strong enough to cross the ocean with
My broken wings
How far should I go drifting in the wind
Across the sky, just keep on flying
What falls from the sky is not the rain. . . "

As I sang, the wandering souls of those who had died in a place they did not belong flew to my voice. Lured by the comfort that swirled in my song, the powers of my mother stole the souls of the humans into the crystal that hung in the hollow of my throat. All the demon lives that were taken were returned to their bodies, for one more chance at life. That was my gift, my repentance for taking more souls than were neccissary for my own survival. It alleviated the guilt only a little.

"Very good little one, now you are free." The twiggy voice returned, and the Collar dissapeared. I sighed, rubbing the red band that was burned onto my neck, the result of my greed. I shook my head, dispelling the gloom from my mind and turned and began the long run down to the medical ward. I had a little medical experience, treating my own wounds, and I thought by saving the living, I could forgive myself for stealing the dead.
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“Cowards...” I muttered under my breath. The Demon Hunters were long gone from the arena, but that did not mean they didn’t pose some sort of threat. For all we knew, they could be sneaking through the streets of Demon Square, preparing for a second attack on another heavily populated area. As I trudged towards the hospital, I saw many wounded demons that had taken place in the battle, the ones who were not at the arena were asking excited, curious.

I spat on the ground in disgust of the Demon Hunters. This place was not home, but it was an affront to demons everywhere that one of their safe havens be attacked by...misguided hunters.

I had never met a good natured hunter; they were usually beasts more savage than bull demons with short fuses. They were known to be in every city outside of any demon havens; according to my brief meetings with them, they literally hunted us, hence the name. They would be well informed of their targets; where they lived, how they could fight, stuff like that. But I had never heard of a full scale assault on a demon haven; not in my life time.

As I approached the hospital, a dragon demon burst through the front double doors and soared away, gracefully but with anger. Someone in their right mind; action is preferable to talk and pacing. Since I didn’t want to be assaulted by all-too-caring doctors and nurses, I entered the shadow world and found my way into a medical supplies room. Once all of the nurses left, I reappeared and stole some bandages for the small wound on my fore arm. It was a small one, but it could be worse with infection. I wrapped it around the cut, bound it tightly and slipped back outside again.

Turning my attention towards the arena again, I could think about how many Demon Hunters died in the battle, but I found myself not caring.
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By the time the Fox demon had returned, I’d put his clothes back on and was squatting at the windowsill waiting like a cat who was eager to leave his cage. I looked back at the guy. “What are you doing? The fox demon asked. He’d gotten a couple roasted rabbits on a stick. My mouth watered.

“Look, its not like I need to be in the hospital to heal or anything. I figure there’s plenty other demons who need that bed besides me.” I swooshed my tail back and forth. My side still hurt like mad and the fox demon could tell. “I’ll be fine in a few days so I really don’t need to sit around when there’s work to be done.” I could see the look in the fox demons eyes. “What? You think I’m gonna run just cause of a few demon hunter?” I asked.

“You’re not? You’re going to stay?” He asked as he bit off a piece of the rabbit. He tossed me the other one. I caught it but I didn’t eat.

“Where’s there to run to?” I asked. “I can’t blend in with the humans. They always end up seeing me. I aint got no where to go. If this place isn’t safe anymore… nothing is.” I said.

Jak took out a flyer. “They started dropping these and passing them out all over the city.” He said.

I read it.


“I see.” I said. Then I looked out the window. I could easily land on my feet.

Just as I went to jump Jak called out. “You know they’ve got a front door here?”

I smiled back at him. “Please, windows are like a back door. Why go so far out of my way when I can do this?” I said before jumping down to the ground floor and standing up. When I looked back Jak was behind me. “What are you following me or somethin’?”

He looked at me with a smile of his own. “Didn’t you listen? I told ya I’d keep an eye on you in case your friend came back for seconds.”

“He’s dead.” I said flatly.

Jak shook his head. “Nope. The dragon lady you helped said his body disappeared. He’ll be back all right.” I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t killed him. It worried me but I didn’t let it show. Instead I stuck my hands in my pockets and began walking. When Jak and I got to the south side, we couldn’t believe it. The entire entrance had been blown to smithereens somehow. They’d made a huge hole in our defenses and the people who had come were busy trying to fix it with boards and cement blocks. The hole was nearly as big as half a block. It’d take days if not weeks to fix it up. I went to go find someone who could tell me what I could do to help but I ended up running into someone. “Watch where you’re going!” I snapped. When I looked to see who it was I saw the dragon lady with her long black hair.

“Fancy seeing you here.” Jak said.

She gave me a weird look. “Shouldn’t you be at the hospital?” She asked. “What’re you two doing here?”
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"Isn’t it obvious we came to help", the dragon demon didn’t say anything she just handed each of us a hammer and sent us to a gap in the wall to fill up, The bigger demons were going to put the bricks up. After a few hours I dropped the hammer and turned to my little friend, "LUNCH BREAK want anything" I asked the dragon demon as we passed. “Unless you would like to come with us?” I asked with a smile she was obviously about to say know when her stomach growled. She agreed and we were on our way to find a restaurant. We were about a block away when we were stopped by a light demon “Excuse me my kids tell me you saved there lives, is there anyway I could repay you?” I was about to say no when Ryco interrupted with a “Lets hurry I’m hungry!” The light demon was happy to find a way to repay me for saving his kids. I would have refused but it was right then I realized I didn’t have any money left. As we sat down the Dragon demon introduced herself.

I still had plenty of work to do, but even a demon can't work on an empty stomach. I followed to other two into a nearby cafe, coming close to drooling as a multitude of delicious smells wafted by me.

"Sorry if I was kind of rude earlier," I told them, bowing my head in apology. "I was just pretty pissed of that security was so lax, especially on the day of a big event."

The half demon waved his hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it. We've all had a long day. My name's Ryco, by the way."

"And I'm Jak," the fox demon chimed in.

"You can call me Hisan," I told them, shaking their hands in turn.

"So how come you're so into fixing the security?" Jak asked. "I mean, we're all upset that hunters were able to get in, but you act as though they attacked you directly."

I ran a hand through my hair, sighing wearily. "A lot of my ancestors put their hearts and souls into building up the protections around this place, so if those protections fail, it means that someone isn't bothering to maintain all that effort. And if they aren't respecting my family's work, they aren't respecting my family, and that just burns me up!"

I slammed my fist on the table angrily, almost causing it to crack in half.

"Woah, take it easy," Ryco urged. "It's not like it's your fault. Besides, this kind of thing has never happened before, so who could've known that it would ever happen."

"I know, I know," I replied, much more subdued than before. "But still, the sense of security that this place is supposed to give to people has been shattered. Who's to say they won't leave?"
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As I walked slowly through the back alleys of Demon Square, I wondered if there was meaning behind the Demon Hunters’ actions. Usually they hunt specific targets and use surprise and stealth tactics, not a bold assault. The only explanation I could think of was that the attack wasn’t the real reason they came to Demon Square. Just then, another, more disturbing thought came to me. What if the attack was only a distraction, some way to get the demons alone? To make them vulnerable? To trap them, perhaps in back alleys?

I looked in all directions, some garbage, a few boxes, but that was all. I could smell nothing unusual; then again my sense of smell wasn’t any keener than a human’s. There wasn’t anything out of place, but I was still uneasy. Suddenly, I wondered what I was doing here in the first place. Curiosity, maybe. The more likely reason was homesickness. This place wasn’t any different from New York; it was cleaner and certainly nicer, but still very busy. Indeed the only thing missing from home was...

I put the thought away and made my way towards the nearest exit to the Square. I was rather hungry, and I would need to regain myself; I was already thinking strange thoughts.

When I got to the Square, I spotted (smelled, more like) the nearest café and walked inside.

There was an extremely pleasant smell, well-accompanied with warm lighting and a dull but pleasant color of red on the walls. It was, to my happy surprise, mostly empty, except for a nearby table. When I looked at the people at the table, I was startled to see the dragon demon I had followed to Demon Square, along with a fox demon and a tiger demon. They were talking, but I couldn’t tell what they were talking about from this distance. Whatever it was they were talking about, it seemed to be important; they certainly weren’t chatting happily.

The dragon demon saw me looking at them, but before I could look away, she said, “What are you staring at?” I felt my nerves start overacting as I said, “Nothing, it’s just that I s-saw you…earlier, when I first got here.” Her companions looked at me too, as well, and whether they meant it or not, I felt exposed. She seemed to calculate me and replied, “Huh…I didn’t see you. At least I don’t think I did.” “Well, uh, I kind of followed you into Demon Square. I couldn’t get in any other way, I hope that’s alright.”

She laughed, but not heartily. “It’s fine, as long as you didn’t try to attack me or anything. Why don’t you sit with us? Maybe you can help us figure this out.” As to what needed to be figured out I wasn’t sure, but I was thankful for the change of pace. As I pulled out a chair and sat down, I said “My name is Ari.” I felt like we should shake hands, but I forgot to put my hand out. The dragon demon nodded and said, “I’m Hisan,” she gestured to the tiger demon, who had crossed his arms apprehensively at my presence. “and this is Ryco.” Hisan nodded at the fox demon, who said to me, “Call me Jak.”

As we got acquainted, we ordered our meals. It wasn’t long before the previous conversation was brought forth again. We began to talk about serious issues.
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I sat there impatiently staring at the new one. I didn't feel threatened or anything but it was my instinct to be suspicious. Course... I'd already let Jak and Hisan closer than anyone ever before. This wasn't good. Any time anyone ever got too close something bad always happened. So I always prefered being alone... or at least- excepted that that was my fate. That's why I always stayed clear of crowds. How in the heck was I supposed to act anyway? I never did anything like this before. My meals were always few and ALWAYS alone. My tail swished as I listened to Jak, Hisan, and the new one- Ari. My eyes were closed and my arms still crossed.

“We're wide open. It makes me uneasy... I hate it. I want that wall fixed as soon as possible.” Hisan said, clenching her fists again.

“Don't worry. We'll all work hard to help get it back up and running in no time.” Jak replied cheerfully.

“Do you think it will be that easy? Will everyone stay and help?” Ari wondered outloud.

“Yea right.” I realized I'd said as I opened my eyes. The three looked at me. “Look- I don't go or anything cause I ain't got a choice. This is it for me.” I said. Slouching was killing the wound in my side. I sat straight up again but it was too fast. My side felt a little wet but I ignored it. A few days was all it needed, i assured myself. “But people like you-” I said looking at Hisan and Ari... even Jak seemed to be able to keep up a human appearance enough with his ears covered. “You guys can blend in. A lot of demons can. There's gonna be some who won't want to risk their neck. They'll slip back out into the human city and find a way to survive and wait for news of demon square being either safe again... or destroyed.” i took a deep breath. I was tired... and angry. I always was bitter with things. Didn't get how I couldn't blend in worth a crap while others could. The beatings I got from all those different cities left me angry at everyone.

“Ryco...” Ari whispered. I looked up at her. My eyes flashed yellow. Food was on its way but I wasn't sure if I could eat.

“Here's your food.” The waitress said as she gave each of us our plates. My mouth watered at the meat in front of me. God it looked good. Aside from the little snack Jak had bought for me... hadn't had much in the last few days. I dug into my food. I never did have table manners- no one ever taught me them. When I looked up, my fingers and face covered with the juice from my animal, the others were looking at me weird.

“What?” I asked with a big mouthful of meat still being chewed. Jak laughed and pointed to a fork and knife. Hisan and Ari had a weird look I didn't get. I burped.

“For god's sake. Sit down on the chair and eat like a normal demon might.” I looked around. So... I had jumped up on the table and was eating on my knee's... and I was the only one. I jumped back down on the floor after throwing my meat back onto the plate. I took the chair with my greesy hands and scooted up to the table. “Now wipe your face and use the fork.”

I rolled my eyes. Someone else in the distance burped so I did it too. “What?” I yelled in defense. “HE CAN DO IT!”

“That doesn't mean a darn thing.” I sighed heavily, feeling awkward again. “No wonder you can't blend in.” I glared at the three and stood up, taking my plate with me and jumping up to the rafters above the table. I'd eat there and afterwards catch some z's while they talked. I was tired and the jump stung but I'd be fine in a few days anyway so there wasn't anything to worry about.

I watched Ryco's interesting display, from his odd (even for a demon) eating habits, to his quick jump to the lofts of the restaurant. True, some half demons had trouble fitting in with either of the worlds, human and demon, but still...

I knew what it was like to be alone. To feel like there was no place I would ever truly belong. I had spent years on my own before I even caugth a whisper about demon square. Since I was one of the remaining few of my breed, and most demons and half demons didn't want anything to do with a lone dragon demon, I had no one to turn to in those dark times.

I cleared my throat to catch the attention of my other two companions. "You'll have to excuse me. I think I'll go have a word with our little friend up there."

With a brief downward sweep of my wings, I landed beside Ryco.

I cocked my head to one side, eyeing him curiosly. "Ya' know, that's no way to make friends."

He gave me a glare that would have sent most people fleeing for their lives. I just continued to watch him calmly.

"Look," he snapped, "I'm not exactly good around 'any' type of people, and I don't plan on apologizing for my behavior, so don't bother asking!"

"I wasn't going to," I told him. "Just because you don't have the best manners, or the best attitude, it doesn't mean that others won't like you."

"And what would 'you' know about that kind of stuff, little miss 'my ancestors helped build this place!' I doubt you have any idea what it's like being on your own, and I 'really' doubt you've ever lost it like I did down there!"

Without letting my facial expressions reveal my emotions, I reached over and took a big chunk of the food that he held and began to tear into it with reckless abandon, not caring about the strange stares and whispers from the other below.

When I looked back at Ryco, he had a strange look on his face. I only grinned in reply.

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I gave the rafters another glance before returning to my meal. It was unusual for me to even glimpse another demon, let alone talk to one; I felt out of place in Demon Square, and after the actions of the people I was currently with, I suddenly wished I was back in New York.

As we continued our meals, Jak and I talked, although he did most of the talking; I hadn’t been much for conversation these past few years. He asked me, “So, what kind of demon are you exactly? You look human.” I swallowed my food and said, “I’m a shadow demon, but only half.” “You live in New York, obviously.” I nodded. Jak asked, “Apartment, I’m guessing.” “No, I live on the streets, if you can call it living. All my life.” “Huh, most demons do, but they’re usually the ones who can’t blend in.” I shifted in my chair and said, “It’s not really about blending in. How about you?”

Jak was about to answer, but he stopped. His chair was facing the counter where people ordered their meals to eat outside of the café, and he had been looking in that direction when we were talking, but now he squinted in that direction.

“What is it?” I asked. He shook his head, unsure. “I think I just saw the waitress get dragged away by someone.” I swiveled my head in that direction, seeing no one at the counter. I turned back and asked, “Demon Hunter?” He nodded, “Most likely, he definitely had tattoos on his face.” Both of us stared at the counter now, not sure what to do. Follow or leave?

Hisan and Ryco had apparently heard from the rafters as well, I had heard Ryco say calmly, “So they’re using stealth tactics to pick the others off. The attack on the arena was a diversion.” They both jumped down to the table. Hisan said, “Two of us should follow the one who took the girl, the other two should warn the others.” We all nodded and looked at each other, wondering how we would be paired up.
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Everyone seemed froze. What was taking them so long? Was it that hard to pick who split off where? I mean, sure... one time I snook into human school and they took just as long picking for a dodging game at recess that ended with my disguise falling off and everyone screaming. Then the game changed and instead of throwing soft balls, they threw rocks... and I'd become their only target. I shook my head trying to focus on the important task at hand. I waited a little longer than rolled my eyes and let off an annoyed growl as I grabbed Ari's hand and pulled on it as I walked away. “We'll take care of the girl and the hunter. You guys go do something about warning everyone about whats going on.” I grumbled as I jumped over the counter. Ari was doing all she could not to fall on her face.

Jak smiled and nodded. “You two have fun.” He laughed. I looked back. Hisan had a funny grin on her face too.

“What? I asked.

She just shook her head. “Make sure you don't get hurt this time, Ryco.” I froze. Oh swell... clearly it was gonna take forever to live that one down.

“Yea, yea, yea. Whatever.” I called back before running. I ran on all fours. It was the quickest way to travel for me. I was so focused on finding the hunter and the girl that I nearly forgot about Ari until she spoke.

“Don't forget, we need to follow them and see what they're up to.” She said in a serious tone. Her black hair flew behind her as she kept up with me.

“Why's that?” I asked. “Why not just kill the hunter and bring her back.

“They're up to something. Why else would they take her ALIVE?” She asked.

“Fine, whatever. Lets do this.” We looked at each other and for what seemed like forever, I actually smiled and she smiled back. As we ran through the streets, following the scent, I wondered if having friends would be so bad.

We caught up with the hunter but staid back. To our surprise he didn't leave Demon Square. Instead he went to a large building that looked abandoned. Ari and I decided to split up. She disappeared into the shadows and I took to the rafters- a favorite way of lurking around of mine. As I silently made my way into the building through a broken window on the roof, and climbed down onto the rafters I could hear talking and hear the familiar buzzing sound of machines. I kept on all fours as I jumped from one rafter to the next, getting closer to the demon hunters.

“Have the second and twelfth units responded?” The one carrying the waitress asked. She was a mouse demon. Not know for violence or self defense. I clenched my hands into a fist. He picked her off because she was weak and couldn't do anything to fight him off. My eyes flashed yellow and I did everything to calm myself down and focus. What were they doing anyway? I wondered.

“No sir. It seems the plan is going perfectly. Those two units were nearly wiped out so the rest of us could sneak in and set up undetected.”

“Excellent. I'm sure the other Generals are just as pleased. Now then...” The demon hunter looked at the prey who squealed in his arms out of pure fear. My fangs shown in pure rage as I clenched my jaw shut, forcing the growl in my throat back down. “Let's get you hooked up shall we. Lucky you, you aren't of any combat importance. So I think we'll just study the demons resilience to pain ad disease.” He laughed as he pushed her into the arms of some hunters without any armour. Instead they wore white lab coats... they were doctors or scientists. The mouse demon squeaked again.

“No please...” She begged as they picked her up and carried her off somewhere. I followed close behind, still masked by the shadows. What was going on? They took her into a large room that looked like it had once been a storage room but now it had dozens of weird machines all over the place along with about fifty tables with restraints built right into the metal tables. Seemed like it was split up into two different groups.

About ten tables were already occupied by demons. I held back a gasp. There were four strong looking demons unconscious with different drugs being fed through tubs. One hunter scientist took some blood from a demon while another took a skin sample. *What the hell-* I thought as the scientists with the mouse demon locked her into one of the tables and started hooking her up to different machines. “Lets try out the newest batch of poison.” One replied as he gave her a shot that nearly put her to sleep. I focused on the other side of the room, where they were taking samples of the demons and looking at them through their machines.

“You think we'll be ready in time?” One scientist asked.

“We'll have to be if we want out men strong enough to get rid of all these filthy demons.” The other replied. “It's a shame we gotta sacrifice some of our best in the end though...” He replied. “But the serum still isn't ready to distribute to the men. Their bodies will reject the demon powers and they'll die. We need to perfect this as soon as possible.”

My eyes widened as a thought crossed my mind. Something I remembered an old water demon whisper before he died on the streets. At the time it hadn't of made any sense, his crazy ramblings but now... “Gene splicing.” I whispered as I backed up. I cursed when my foot slipped and had to quickly regain my balance. But I made a noise and the scientists looked up. I was still covered in shadows but I needed to get out of there quick before they found me. I still couldn't leave though... I needed to find Ari.

Jak and I looked at each other, smiles fading as we realized the full severity of the situation.

"How are we going to warn the entire city?" he asked, brow furrowing in frustration.

"Just gimme a minute," I said, rubbing my temples. "We don't want to let the Hunters know that we're on to them, or they might just scatter again." I snapped my fingers. "I've got it!"

I leapt down from the rafters, landing gracefully on the countertop. "Listen up!" I yelled.

Most of the panic died down. Demons and the like didn't take as long as humans to calm down. Once someone took charge, they were more than eager to get organized.

"Ok, any demons or half-demons that can transform into some kind of beast, do so immediately. Once you have transformed, start running through every street you can and warn everyone, but remember to use your beast's voice only. If you use demon tongue or any human languages, the Hunters will know that we've found out about their more subtle attack. We musn't let them know that they've been caught again. Be sure to pass that warning along as well."

The crowd nodded, murmured agreements passing through each of them.

"Remember everyone, this is our home. Not their's, our's. We can not- will not- let them take this place away from us!"

A mix of cheers and roars met my ears as those who could transformed and dashed out through the doors and windows.

Jak just looked at me, shaking his head. "You sure know how to get people stirred up."

I grinned, flashing my fangs. "Better get a move on, Jakky-boy, or you'll miss all the fun!"

Power surged through my veins as I transformed, rushing through the broken entrance and taking off, already roaring about the danger that had once again taken away our sense of security.

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