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Just a roleplay. =]
[Introduction] Its a roleplay, not a lot of rules. Must be in third person, and past tense. No killing. Or swearing , unless necessary. ((HHAHAHA)). Ok.
Liz spun around Yuriko and laughed.

"Don't worry about what other people think, just dance!" She screamed, guys were just stared at Liz. But as she went to stop she tripped and nearly flew into a girl. Which made her spill some type of drink on her outfit.

"Oopppsss Im so sorry!" Liz begged to the brown haired girl that looked around her age.
"Hey, it's no problem," Ari replied, "Accidents happen."

She carefully wetted a napkin with warm water, rubbing on the stain until it had disappeared.

"See!" she said proudly. "All gone!"
Yuriko smiled at the scene, nodding her head to the music. She had never been good around people, but Liz made it seem easy, so it couldn't be very hard. she closed her eyes and spun around a few times, like Liz had done. "Better?"
"Just do it like you want. " Liz grinned at Yuriko.

"Hey umm.. my names Elizabeth, call me Liz. Whats yours?" She asked the girl, suprised that the stain had come completely off. "Im a vampire." She grinned, and sounded proud of it to much.
"My name's Ari, and it's nice to meet you!" she said, spreading her wings a little. "I'm an avian myself."
She squeaked when she bumped into somebody. She turned to apologize. "I'm sorry!" The person she bumped into grinned at her. "That's okay, I dind't mind." She almost pulled out her sword, but she moved forward to stand by her friends. "Wow! You have wings!" She blinked, and pushed up her glasses.
"I wish I could fly. If I wanted to ignore someone I could just fly away." Liz babbled on about freedom or something. When she finally stopped Ari and Yuriko stared in confusion.

"Oh just forget it." Liz laughed. " Just so you know, im actually 100 years old, so I only look 18."
Ari blinked.

"Wow, you look good for your age!" she teased.

She and Yuriko burst into giggles at the confused look on Liz's face.
She got her laughter under control, and said to Liz. "When I was training to be a prietess, we weren't allowed to make any noise. It feels good to laugh. I'm glad I stop my old job a long time ago."
Liz turned a bright red, she knew they were making fun of her and it made her angry.

"Yea well that sucks. I wish I had been old enough when I was a human to get a job." Liz snapped and spun around.
"Hey, I wasn't making fun of you," she replied frantically, "It was just a compliment!"

The last thing Ari wanted was to tick of a new friend.
Yuriko smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, I wouldn't laugh at you, that's not nice...." She told Liz. "Are you mad at us?"
"No im not mad, it's just im not used to people. And especially when they laugh at me, I travel alone to avoid people particulary." Liz did a half step to the music.

"What type of music is this? And what type of dancing are those people doing?" Liz pointed with a sickened expression at a girl and guy basically dry humping each other.

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