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1Zeus: +Wielder gains power over thunder and lightning. -when removed owner is struck by lightning(Thor)

2Loki: +able to transform into anything -when you lose ownership people transform into your greatest fear.(Xiro)

3Heimdal: +sight, hearing, and smell are extreame!! -when ownership is lost you lose all senses(jarrad drand){small crystal sphere with an eye in the cinter}

4Hermes: +flight and the ablity to speak any language is granted. -loss of voice and use of limbs.(ninjaspence)

5Odin: +ablity to forsee the future and command holders of other idols -left eye is painfully ripped from your skull and armagedon begins.(Free)

6Bacchus: + Causes others to feel drunken joy in your presence -Causes Drunken anger(saki){shot glass}

7Janus: +can alter people's point of view -former owner cannot enter the spritual gates(ninjaspence)

8Ra: +when sun arises immortality and inhuman strength are gifted till sunset.-at sunset idol holder is turned to dust till the sun rises.(free){Sun charm}

9Jesus: +everyone believes what you say -you are shunned and hated(free)

10Buddha: +nullifies all other idols -no peace among idol holders the buddha has met(LdyPhonix){yin yang charm}

11Hades: +can dystroy all idols but dystroys owner(free){three headed dog statue]

12Brhama: +can create an idol is unneffected by all other idols but buddha
(free){card with brahma's picture}


unless the owner knows the name of his/her Idol its ablity(+) cannot be used thus ownership is not claimed until ablity is used,if one dies his/her ownership is void and he/she suffers no "idol Wrath"(-)
if idol is lost or stolen you recieve Idol wrath unless it is recoverd in 24 hours
Ra will stay dust till sun rise
you can't call off idol powers
idols cannot be given away.
there are more than 12.
I found it in my attic. My grandfather had just died and i was looking for his Suit in the attic. all I found however was the wooden carving of an old man holding a bolt of lightning. Grandpa loved wooden figures so I thought it was his. little did I know that the Wooden Model of zeus would be my ticket to adventure.
Evangeline woke as the sun set, as per usual. She took a quick shower, ran a comb through her still wet shoulder-length brown hair, and pulled on a black tank top, a pair of dark jeans, and black tennis shoes before checking her appearance in a mirror. Skin wasn’t pale, but it wasn’t quite tanned either – “sun-kissed,” I guess one could say. Large brown eyes had flecks of gold around the pupil; form was slender and somewhat tall. And, always, there was the same silver chain adorning her neck.

It was nothing too extravagant, simply your basic necklace. A silver lotus about the size of a half-dollar coin was attached to it and had a small, round, crystal orb in the center of all of the petals. In fact, the only thing relatively special about this particular necklace was the fact that the crystal changed color…

“Mom…” she murmured, touching the necklace fondly for just an instant. With a sigh and a shrug, she practically sprinted out of the door and down the stairs of her apartment building into the crisp night air.
I never really cared for mythology like grandpa,He was a history teacher at Morrison High. after he died and I found the idol it sat on my night stand for almost a year beforethat day.

I had slept late again, as I reached to hit the snooze button on my alarm for the uptenth time, I hit the Wooden carving insted. It fell to the floor and the bottem fell out reveiling a small paper:
Zues God of Thunder
was all it said.
Miranda woke up when she heard a loud crash. She rose quickly and looked outside her bedroom window. She saw her brother, Miles, laid out on the ground. She opened up her window and yelled, " I told we agreed not to go no more midnight flying, you Douche!!" Miles picked hisself up from the ground and replied, " Yeah, my bad, but I had a good reason. I had to return a book to the library before 7 o'clock."
Miranda sighed as she headed toward her bathroom. She looked at her tired experssion in the mirror. " I really need to get a life." She mumurred to herself. She combed her long brown hair and tied it into a braid. Miles and Her are twins.
Miles snuck past his dad's study since that is where he usually sleeps. He crept into his sister's room, but once he got in there, his toughts turned into mush. "Get out and get ready for school." Miranda said to his mind. Miles obeyed like a slave and left Miranda to do her girly things. " I love the jedi-mind trick." She chuckled as she flipped the coin of Janus in the air.
"Breakfast is ready!" Their mom called out from the kitchen. Miranda came down before Miles so she could get the bigger piece of the bacon from her brother. " I'll just take mine to go, okay Mom." She stated. "That's fine." she smiled. " I'll do the same."Miles said while stuffing his face with his toast and egg sandwich. " This is high school. Y'allknow, that you don't have to do the twin thing anymore." "We know, bye." They both said within sync.
As the two were walking they noticed something was going on at the school. Miles saw people with guns storm the place. "Sis, this is bad." He gritted his teeth. "Are you ready to spring into action?" Miranda said holding the Janus idol. "Way ahead of you sis!" Miles said while tying the hermes idols or shoes on to his feet. " It feels like something is about to happen. I feel an unwelcome presence here." Miranda thought to herself as her brother wisked her away on his back as he flew towards the school.
I didnt go to Spency school of the arts and didn't see the huge gunfight the news would later call the moral and immoral gangs of South Harpie, Louisiana
As soon as Miles landed on the school's rooftop, there was already guards patrolling the area. "So what's the plan?" He impatiently whispered to Miranda. "I make them bend to my will!" She shouted as she waved the two gruntly men to thier position. Miranda tossed the Janus coin in the air and the two men froze like statues. "Now then," she started, "you two take out anyone that may try to kill us." The two men lead them inside the building and shot thier fellow crime members. Their boss, Copperhead, a.k.a. Bob Makial, fired a shotgun at both of them killing them both.

"Well, Well, Well," he started, "The Janus and Hermes idols holders. I thought y'all would be older, but to use the gifts of the idols so well at a young age." Miranda asked Copperhead gruffly, "Why are you attacking our school?" Copperhead hesitated for a minute. "Ahh... for this!" He held up something shiny that blinded the twins and faded them somewhere else.
Maya watched the comotion from her home 25 miles away. "They were caught, we cannot reach them now" she said to the shadows that filled her room
"i think there may be another but he knows not who he is nor what powers he holds. Odin will be mad." her eyes focused in her head and she turnd to the darkness "Loki is not home yet."
Maya was seventeen and had short red hair she wore a diamond around her neck,a diamon with an eye in the center.
“Venti Half-Caf Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato!” Kinsley yelled for the fifteen millionth time that morning. There were days when she just wanted to dump the caramel crap over the customers’ heads. Why didn’t anyone drink plain coffee anymore?

The T.V. flashed from the regular morning news to a breaking bulletin about a shot-out at a school not far from the coffee house. Kinsley pushed a long violet curl behind her ear as she watched the camera move through the crowd. Her yin-yang necklace began to tingle under her work smock.

“Hey lady! Will you change the channel?” The picky caffeine guy in front of her asked. She simply ignored him as she gazed at the screen. Something didn’t feel right to her, this went beyond just a school shooting. He banged his fist on the corner to get her attention. “Look kid, what’s your prob-”

Kinsley swung her dark eyes toward the jerk. “Shut it, would you please?” She pointed to the news. “I’m trying to watch.” The guy’s eyes went wide with anger as he started shouting for the manger. Fed up, she went to the employee’s lounge and grabbed her messenger bag. Throwing the smock on the counter, Kinsley shouted over her shoulder, “I’m going on break.” She was in her car before anyone could think to stop her.
I was sitting in my desk during third hour when it happened. mathmatics was my worst subject, and notgetting any better, I couldn't get the thought of the little statue and the note out of my mind. Zues God of Thunder Zeus God of Thunder, over and over Zues God of Thun-
"Michael! what are doing? daydraming in class again? Michael, Micha-" -der flash the roof of the school was blown off and Ms. Margret was nomore. the entir class was instantly thrown into utter turmoil, studens screamed others ran in the halls yelling at the top of their lungs "Ms. Margret was struck by God! By God!!" I just sat there looking at thr remains of my math teacher. it wasn't untill he ws led out side by a fireman faintly hearing a purple haird woman in a near by car saing "Have all the schools in this town gone to hell?" that I relised, I killed Ms. Margret.
Trish glanced at the television in a half-hearted kind of way. What the hell was wrong with kids nowadays? She found herself wondering just that, as the screen flashed images of gunfights and what looked like a fried corpse. Turning away, Trish pressed a button and the screen went dead.

Glancing at the clock, the twenty-three year old woman got up from her place next to her coffee table with a sigh and placed a clip in her mouth while she rearranged her messy red hair into a makeshift bun. She really didn’t feel like going to work today… Slipping the clip from between her teeth, she pushed it into place and let stray strands fall around her face. Begrudgingly the woman gathered her things into a bag and zipped them all carelessly in. Throwing the bag over her shoulder, it was with a second thought that she eyed the shot glass still lip down on the table. It was an interesting thing…she picked it up and put it into her overly large cargo pants pocket. Its weight felt comfortable against her thigh. Somehow…maybe work would be so bad today, she felt herself thinking as she pulled the door shut behind her.
The funny thing was that Eve hadn’t even tried to get involved with the shooting – heck, she hadn’t even heard about it yet! She had simply been on her way back to her apartment after her shift as a bouncer at the (not so) local nightclub. In fact, she had just changed back to her normal self – it was easier to keep an “intimidation factor” going when you were a guy after all… Oh how she loved being Loki! But all she wanted right now was to eat something and crash, seeing how a couple of drunks had been causing problems all night long. Of course, it was probably because she was trying to avoid trouble that she ran straight into it.

All she had done was turn a corner when something whizzed past her face, so close that her hair was actually moved by the slight wind it caused. “The heck-?” was all she managed to say before being forced to duck and deliver a side-roundhouse kick to the guy who had just attempted to hit her over the head with the barrel of a handgun from – what he must have thought was – her blind spot. She actually smirked at herself, not even fifteen minutes off of a ten hour, no break shift and she had still managed to beat the crap out of someone. “Out of bullets?” she asked mockingly to the man (who was now on his knees and clutching his stomach) before realizing that the entire building next to her seemed to be full of people with various kinds of guns, most of whom were using them. Worse yet, it appeared to be a school. But of course, she hadn’t heard any of the gunfire seeing how her hearing had yet to recover from the damage caused by working at a club…

At this, Eve actually moaned. “Why me?” She had a habit of talking to herself sometimes… she needed to break that actually. Her still-empty stomach groaned at her, but she had already made up her mind. Pushing her hunger and tiredness away, she quickly climbed the nearest tree and hid in the branches while she grasped her necklace loosely in one hand – she knew she didn’t have to hold it to use it, but it somehow helped her to focus – and randomly scrambled her features so she wouldn’t be recognized. Once she was satisfied, now having short dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes as well as being a few inches shorter, more tanned, and in general just more scrawny looking, she tucked the necklace into her shirt to make it harder to either spot or grab and jumped down from the tree, running towards the only side of the building that wasn’t being swarmed. It was probably around nine A.M., and depending on when the gunmen had arrived, there could still be students in there.

With but a glance to either side, she looked in to the nearest window and – upon seeing no one in the room – smashed it with another kick and climbed inside. Examining the room - it must have been a science classroom because there were lab stations rather than desks – she tried the door. It was locked, but that was just fine with her, seeing how she heard people talking on the other side of it. Going over to a wooden cabinet, she yanked the cheap lock off of it and looked inside. “Would you look at that? I didn’t know schools were still allowed to keep this sort of crap.” There were buckets and jars labeled by the chemical formula they, she guessed, held within them. There was bleach, ammonia, and sodium that she recognized. After grabbing a small jar labeled sodium, she grabbed another empty flask and filled it with water from a sink at one of the lab stations before topping it off with a cork. She put both into separate pockets and grinned, “Time to go play a trick or two… And I really do need to stop talking to myself.” She muttered as an afterthought, but shrugged it off and stood on one of the lab stations, pushing one of the cheap squares that were put together as a form of makeshift ceiling up and to the side before climbing into the narrow area between the ceiling and the second-story’s floor to see what mischief she could cause.
Kinsley peered out of her driver's side window with a look of disbelief. The first thing that caught her attention, when she came to a screeching halt at the stop sign, was the flash of lightning. She tilted her head up to scan for rain clouds but saw only clear sky with big, puffy white clouds. Then somebody screamed bloody murder. What the hell?

Kinsley glanced at the school to her left. There was a black scorch mark of the second story window. The reality of the situation struck hard. Someone had been struck by lightning. "Have all the schools in this town gone to hell?"

Drawn to the chaos, Kinsley drove into the school parking lot, parked her beat up Bug in the principal's space and got out of the car. A boy about her age, sitting on the curb, had his head resting in the palms of his hands. His shoulders were shaking.

Don't do this Kins, she berated herself. This is not your problem. But even as Kinsley was scolding herself, she was grabbing her bag and walking over to the unknown boy. She pushed her way through the masses of students running out of the building as she tried to get by. Kinsley sighed when she finally made it.

"Hey! What seems to be the problem?" She stared down at him while trying not to look imposing. She got that complaint a lot.

The boy picked his head up from his hands and stared at her strangely. Kinsley felt the sparks in her necklace go into overdrive. "What are you doing here?"

"Me?" Kinsley pointed to herself. The boy nodded. "I'm supposed to be at Spency School of Arts across town. But something brought me here." He clutched something nervously in his pocket. "Wanna tell me why?"
"We survived!" Screamed Miranda as she searched for her brother though the wried place that resembled the school. "Up here, Sis!" Miles said for the air hoovering with the use of his idol. "It looks like we were just transported to the old part of the school and it smells of booze." Miles face squished up in distaste. Miles flew down to where his sister was and said frantically, "I think we better get out of the part, because I'm missing all the fun.

Miranda noticed someone moving in the shadows of the booze-vapored room. She filled her coin to tell the intruder to come and explain the situtations with them, but her Janus idol didn't seem to work at all. "Bro, fly over there to the shadowy figure." She requested her brother to do, but he shook his head and said gruffly, "Something or someone is nullifying our abilities."

A young girl walked over to them. She had a ying yang necklace around her neck. "So the Janus and Hermes holders have made it." She said gravely. Her tone switched "Are you two ready?"

Miranda and Miles looked puzzled. Ready for what? they both thought.
Trish tapped the leather of her steering wheel with impatience as the trafic slowly flowed by. The radio was on, continuously blaring about the hell going on at downtown school systems. Trish cut the noise off, tired of hearing how school children were bashing each others brains out and flying out windows for no apparent reason. People really were stupid nowadays...why not blow your brains out in quieter ways? She knew some guys who'd love to hook up some more meatbag--uh customers...

What did it matter? The world was past its expiration date and things had gone rotten...It was only a matter of time before someone took out the trash...

She fingered the glass in her pocket. It was smooth and cool. Somehow it made her feel a bit better despite having her rundown vehicle parked in a backed-up sess pool of easily frustrated people. Horns were blaring, there was yelling and car fumes, but somehow it was relaxing as she laid back her driver's seat and pulled out the small cup. She traced over the lip of the glass, its comforting weight resting in her hand. She'd almost closed her eyes when there was a rude tapping at her window. She started awake and found a rather handsome-looking businessman man glaring angrily at her.

Trish rolled down the window with a sly, "Can I help you?"

The man's eyebrow rose and he somewhat lost his glare. "Um..."

But instead of yelling like he'd first intended, he kind of pointed half-heartedly to the traffic backing up behind her while the rest of the vehicles had finally moved ahead. "Heh...um..can I have your number?"

Trish laughed. "What?"

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