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Fairy wings, Giant's rings, and mermaid sings-will you add some things?
Just imagine yourself with emerald fairy wings;
you find three golden giant's rings
on your way to the 15th Annual Mermaid Sing.

What happens next...can your imagination provide the next line, or two, or more?
Be creative, add some colorful descriptions and see what we can do together*Heart*!

A ring of gold with a heart of sapphire hue
the second, a scarlet egg no bird ever grew,
third, a brilliant sun for each to view.
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A new Fairy born with wings of Blue,
Was of purity *Flower1* for all to see beautiful and new,
She came from the last ring of gold of which there were of so few
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As daylight broke, and bird song filled the glade, all eyes fell onto the three enormous gold rings. The head fairy, Amethyst, asked for quiet. The collected Fairy folk fell silent.

“The rings found by Emerald, are the most recent addition to our arsenal. A dispatch has been sent to the Elves. As you are all aware, the Elves are hosting the 15th Annual Mermaid Sing this week and therefore we are not expecting them to arrive until at least the weekend.

We must all thank Emerald for bringing the rings to the group. As you know, she was en route to the Mermaid Sing, when she found them, and, rather than thinking of herself and her ambition to win the Mermaid Sing cup, she brought them here.”

Loud applause and cheering drowned out the bird song. Amethyst raised her arms and once again the only sound was that of the birds as they went about their business of collecting food and nesting materials.

“Whilst we are all gathered here, could we please welcome the newest fairy to our clan, Sapphire?”

Once more, clapping, whistles and cheers filled the sun drenched wooded glade.

“Thank you. I am sure Sapphire will be a wonderful asset to us as her skills grow under her parent’s excellent tutelage.
Now back to the matter in hand. If any one has any ideas as to how we can best use the rings in the battle we are facing, please write them on a leaf and post them in the Owl box. The elfin leader and I will work with the delegation to ensure these exceptional pieces can be best employed. Your ideas will be taken into account, as always.

Thank you all for your attendance and patience. Have a wonderful day, and all of you, please be careful. You all know how dangerous things have become, and unfortunately, it would appear the situation is set to become more unsettled.”

Amethyst left the glade with applause ringing in her ears and a worried expression on her pretty face. What did the future have in store for her band of fairies, not to mention the elves?

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