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Summoned from their world in order to save another.
[Introduction] This is for anime lovers and everyone else who wants to give it a try. We're going to begin with a character bio. That way we can understand the character.

We'll start of with two girls who visit the Tokyo tower while on a class trip for their respective schools. Tranported to another world, the girls must become magic knights and save the land if they wish to retrun home. Just try to be creative and have fun with it.

Name: Hikaru Kobayashi

Age: 17

Appearance: 5"9' with short, reddish brown hair and green eyes. slender yet fit.

Background: Hikaru's parents died when she was very young and she was adopted by her fathers brother. Hikaru is is a fun-loving girl who is always up for adventure. She is very smart and pretty although she doesnt think so. Hikaru is a bit on the shy side and has a little difficulty showing her feelings. Cheerful and active, she never gives up on her dreams. She may be a bit of klutz and sort of clueless at times but she never lets her friends down.

The alarm clock was ringing and Hikaru rolled over and lazily turned it off, covering her face with the pillow. Then she heard a knock on the door. "Hikaru, you better get up or you'll be late to school." said her mother opening the door and placing her school uniforn on her dreser. "Breakfast is ready as soon as your dressed." her mother said walking towards the door. Hikaru scrambled out of bed, tripping on her blanket and falling face first to the ground. Her mother laughed as she left and closed the door behind her.

Hikaru regained her composure and changed out of p.j's into her school uniform which consisted of a blue mini skirt with a yellow stripe going all the way around at the bottom, a white long sleve shirt with a red bow tie topped off with a blue blouse on top. Hikaru said bye to her parents and started off to school.

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Name: Sasami Nechosa


appearance: 5"3' with silky long black hair that nearly touches her knee's. Gorgeous violet eyes that sparkle in the sunlight. Also slender since her mothers a health nut and cooks crazy foods all the time.

Background: Sasami's parents are very accomplished business people with their own branch of companies. Although Sasami was brought up to be very proper and well behaved, she insisted they not put her in a boarding school but allow her to attend public. Sasami is often found reading books though that doesn't stop her from thinking about food and boys. She loves to sing and has a very uplifting and funny side that only the closest of friends can see.

Sasami briskly walked to school as she read a book about faries and goblins taking over a school. She'd mastered the art of reading as she walked without bumping into people. It would be her first day attending this new school and her stomach was filled with butterflies but empty of food. Her mother had tried to make her eat a horrible concoction that smelled of old gym socks and looked like rotten vegetables. Luckily she'd ducked out of the house before her mother made her try it. Her father was away on business and her mother would be leaving on a business trip of her own soon. Since their estate was far away from school, Sasami's parents bought a house where Sasami only saw the once every so often. "Does mother think poisoning me will show me how much she misses me?" She asked herself as she closed her book and walked into her new school. "I wonder if the cafeteria serves a good breakfast..."
Hikaru was walking to school when she spoted Genma opening up his flower shop and ran up to him to give him a hug. "Good morning Grandpa Genma!" Hikaru said in a cheerful voice. "Hikaru, where are you off to so early this morning?" "I'm going to the Tokyo tower with my class and some other kids from different schools. It's gonna be lots of fun!**" Hikary said smiling widly. "Well you be careful now, and I'll see you when you come by later." Hikaru waved good bye leaving Genma a little worried.

Genma wasn't Hikaru's real Grandfather but the two were very close. Hikaru made it to the school where her class was to meet for the fieldtrip. "Well, I guess I should get some breakfast since its gonna be a while before we get to Tokyo." Hikaru said out loud to herself wandering into the cafeteria.
Getting her tray and loading it up with food Hikaru looked around for a place to sit when she saw a girl sitting by herself reading.

"Hey, mind if I sit with ya?" Hikaru said in a loud voice that made people turn and look at them."Um sure." "Thanks, the names Hikaru Kobayashi. Whats yours?" " Uh.. Sasami Nechosa." "Well nice to meet ya. I'm from Kisaragi Girls School. How about you?"

Sasami Nechosa was a surprised at this girl who just come up to her and starts talking her like they've known each other for years. "Hello, is anyone in there?" Hikaru said waving her hand in front of Sasami's face snapping her back to reality. "Oh..Jonan. I'm here for the fieldtrip to the Tokyo Tower." "Oh, me too." Hikaru said just as Ms. Shima called for everyone to get on the bus. "Well, guess I'll see ya at the tower?"
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Sasami watched as Hikaru walked away. "Oh, wait a second..." Sasami blushed. "I told her my old school." Sasami set down her book and took a bite of her peach when the teacher called for the last time that they were leaving. "Crap!" she hurried up and quickly ran to the three buses.

Sasami climbed onto the middle bus and found that Hikaru wasn't on it. She had hoped she'd be able to sit with someone but there was no one there she knew so she quickly grabbed a seat in the front by herself. At first the ride hadn't been that bad but when the students started to get restless, some of the class clowns decided to start throwing spit wads and paper airplanes at the people in the front.

Sasami found she was their favorite target, since she was the farthest away. It was a horrible feeling so Sasami slouched down in her seat and forced herself to ignore the loud noises and shower of piece of paper. She focussed instead on her book and it's characters... peaple strong enough to withstand anything and brave enough to do the right thing.

The next thing she knew the bus had stopped. The teacher told them to behave and that they'd walk around at the bottom first before heading up the elevators of the tower. Sasami looked down at her book and found it nearly completed. She stood up and got off the bus. "Here we go." She said.
"Hey, Sasami!" Hikaru yelled as she ran up to Sasami hugging her in excitment. "Hey, isn't this place great? I've never been to such a big city before." Hikaru said trying to take it all in. "Uh..Yeah, I guess." Sasami was nervious about being around so many people. "Dont be so nervious. This trip is suppose to be fun so relax!" Hikaru said looking at Sasami who didnt seem to pay much attention to what she said. Just as Hikaru was about to say something Ms.Sima blowed her whistle. "Alright now everyone, get into groups and be ready to go."

As the students scrambled into their groups Hikaru took hold of Sasami's arm and dragged her into her group. "Since you dont really dont any one else you can tag along with my group if you want?" Hikaru said in a kind and sincere voice. "Sure, why not." Sasami said with a huge grin on her face. With that, the trip to the tokyo tower begins.
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Sasami was so relieved that Hikaru had asked her to come along that she couldn't help but smile. Hikaru returned it with a smile of her own for a moment but it quickly faded as she pointed to Sasami's head. "You've got pieces of paper in your hair. It must have been Kyio and his gang. They can be such jerks.

Sasami sighed heavily. "Great..." She said with embarrassment. Sasami looked up as though she might be able to see how messy her hair was. She quickly took out the ribbon that had kept her hair neat. Her hair came out like a wave of a star filled sky. With a few shakes all the spit wads fell out of her hair. After double checking Sasami tied her hair back with the white ribbon again. "

"Wow." Hikaru blinked. "You've got great hair."

"Thanks." Sasami giggled.

"I wish mine was like that." She said as she grabbed a strand of her hair. "Mine just sits on top of my head in a big mess." The two girls laughed.

The tour was long and boring. Hikaru moaned out of bordom and leaned against Sasami. "Ugh!" She grummbled. "I am so bored... and we've been walking all day!"

Sasami nodded gravely. "Yea... who'd of thought someone could spend so much time talking about a building." Sasami looked around and saw that all the students in their group were just as tired and bored as they were. Hikaru closed her eyes until they were only slightly open.

"Ugh!" Screamed again and shot back up. "That's it, I can't take it any more." She yelled. Everyone glanced over at her and Sasami. The two girls blushed and shrank back. "Hey, Sasami... why don't we sneak off and go to a gift shop or something. Or better yet, why not just skip to going up to the top of the tower."

Sasami looked at Hikaru with a little surprise. "What? Skip? I don't know..."

"Awe, come on. It'll be fun. Besides, it's just a field trip. It's not like it counts as a grade."

"well... I suppose we could but-"

Great!" Hikaru clapped her hands together and grabbed Sasami's hand. "Let's go then." She said and dragged Sasami off.
Ikasu Tansei
Age: 17
Appearence: 5' 11" with jet black hair that is tied in a ponytail to his mid back. He has striking red eyes and usually seen wearing a headband and a jacket along with jeans or gi pants and some type of t-shirt.

Background: A half-japanese exchange student from America. He has studied martial arts since he was a young boy starting with karate and then learning the japanese version of tae kwan do and even learning bits of muai thai and aikido. He is fairly quiet and seems to have had some type of rough childhood. He lives with his mother since his father left early in his life. Doesn't usually talk but is not reclusive. He is a bit shy when spoken to directly despite his cool guy appearence in the norm.
Ikasu looked around the gift shop. The tour had bored him nearly to tears. He'd decided he'd just join back up with his group on their way out. They wouldn't notice he was gone anyway. Besides, this gave him a way to get away from the couple of "stalkers" that wouldn't leave him alone. He shuddered at the thought of them as he flipped through a manga about a war between two nations. He got steadily more interested in the manga. Ikasu put his bookbag on the ground and sat down in the corner. The cashier gave him a funny look, "You thinkin about buyin that kid?" she asked. Ikasu looked up from his reading,
"Hm? Oh, yeah...maybe. It's getting interesting..." he replied,
"Why don't you just purchase it and read it at home. I'm sure your school group is looking for you right now."
"No thank you miss. I'm fine for now," Ikasu replied completely missing the fact that the lady was trying to make a sale. Ikasu noticed two girls entering the shop. He blushed and hid his face behind the manga, "They're pretty cute," he thought, "Oh man, I hope their not here to bust me." The one with the brown hair seemed to be almost dragging the shorter longer-haired one into the shop with a large grin on her face. The cashier greeted them warmly. Ikasu saw them approaching a section of merchandise near him and decided to move. He grabbed his bag and slowly inched to the left. The brown haired girl spotted him. They made eye-contact and she moved in for the kill,
"Hi, you thought the trip was boring too?" she asked,
"Uh yeah. I'd rather go on a trip with my imagination than one that puts me to sleep on my feet," he replied. The girl laughed in agreement,
"Definately! I'm Hikaru, and don't worry. We're just bored too. We aren't going to bust you!" she assured. She gestured to her friend who was quietly browsing a section, "this is Sasami." Sasami looked at Ikasu and and quietly waved. He did the same,
"That it is!" came a familiar voice. Kyio had decided to show up with a couple of friends. He began to approach Sasami with an antagonizing look on his face. Just as Hikaru was about to say something to him, Ikasu stood up. He closed the manga and put it back. His bag stayed where it was. He stepped right in front of Hikaru and in the face of Kyio,
"Did you need to buy something?" he asked. Kyio froze even though he was a few inches taller than Ikasu,
"Well...y-yeah," he replied,
"Then go shop," Ikasu said with a cold gleam in his fiery eyes. Kyio's group headed to the other side of the store, "It was nice meeting you. I'm going back now. I'd rather not get in any trouble." Ikasu said to the two girls. He picked up his bag and headed for the door.
"That guy was kind of cute, don’t you think?" Hikaru smiled at Sasami. "We better be getting back before the others decide to leave without us." Sasami motioned looking at the clock and moving towards the door. "Aw man!" Hikaru sighed and she and Sasami went to catch up with the rest of their classmates. "All right everyone, were heading up to the tower so stay together." Ms.Shima yelled surprising Hikaru and Sasami. "They didn’t go to the tower yet? No wonder it was so easy to catch up with them." Hikaru whispered to Sasami. When they reached the tower the teacher told them that they could go look around the tower if they wanted to, as long as they traveled in groups.

But the very top of the tower was off limits because it was dangerous. Most of the students were excited to go exploring, mainly the boys. Hikaru could hear all of them getting excited about it. "Hey Sasami, come exploring with me. All of the other girls are too scared to go and I don’t want to be alone with all the boys. Please, please come with me!” Hikaru begged Sasami.

Ok, people make your additions before I start us on our magnificent journey.

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Sasami and Hikaru looked out one of the windows overlooking the city. “Wow!” Hikaru said as she put her head to the glass and looked down. “With the air condition on it feels like I’m flying!”

Sasami looked down and tried to hide how green she was getting. “Yea… or falling.”

Hikaru looked over at Sasami. “Oh, your funny. I guess if someone was afraid of heights it’d feel like that.” Sasami nodded as she slowly backed away. “But look at the view. It’s like we’re on top of the world and nothing can touch us.”

Sasami looked out with a better understanding. “You know, the Greeks believed the gods lived on a mountain called Olympus. They would rule over them from afar.” Sasami paused and looked at Hikaru.

“That sounds amazing. I like the Greek gods.”

“There was just one problem…” Sasami added. Hikaru looked at her with a quizzical expression. “Because they were so far away they often took advantage of the mortals living below them. They were blocked off from the world and didn’t know of the suffering or sadness that was in the world. Some of it they caused but they couldn’t learn from such a distance.”

“Oh, that’s kind of sad.” She said but seconds later she was laughing and dragging Sasami off.

“Where are we going?” Sasami asked.

“We’re gonna sneak up to the upper level. I bet that that’s where the best view is.”

“What?” Sasami tried to stop. “Are you crazy? If we go up there we’ll be in a lot of trouble. We could get months of detention or even expelled!”

“Only if we get caught.” Hikaru laughed.

“It’s against the rules!” Sasami tried to reason with Hikaru.

“Rules are made to be broken. Now come on!” Hikaru let go of Sasami just long enough to grab her book. “Now follow me if you want it back.” She laughed.

“Wait!” Hikaru ducked past a teacher and group of other tourists. Sasami waited just for a second before going after Hikaru. The two crept up the stairs which seemed to take forever when Sasami heard someone else walking up the stairs behind them. “Hikaru…” Sasami and her friends stopped and waited. They thought they were caught. When the person rounded the corner Sasami felt a knot in her stomach.

“Ikasu?” Hikaru sighed heavily.

“What?” He asked.

“You big oaf, you gave us a heart attack.”

“I saw you two go up. You guys are gonna get a mess load of trouble if they catch you. I’m here to try and get you to come back before you get caught.” He said as he put his hands in his pockets.
"Well that's too bad. We've already made it this far so why would we turn back now?" Hikaru said,
"You should at least consider-"
"Hey Ikasu, why don't you just come with us?" she interrupted. Ikasu blushed and turned his head,
"N-no way, that's nonsense. I'm here to bring you back not join your antics!" Ikasu complained,
"Come on Ikasu, it'll be WAY more interesting than whatever everyone else explores! Isn't that right Sasami?" Hikaru asked moving from over by Ikasu to near Sasami fluidly. Sasami drew back,
"Uh, sure yeah! It'll be fun," she said. Ikasu didn't buy into it very much,
"OR we could just go back and-"
"We're not going back Ikasu. You might as well tag along!" Hikaru insisted,
"You're coming back whether I have to carry you or not," Ikasu stated firmly turning back around. Hikaru backed up and whispered to Sasami,
"Okay Sasami, we have to hit him with a team beg," Hikaru commanded,
"Maybe we should just go back..."
"No way! Can you even imagine what kind of cool stuff could be up at the top? Besides, I've still got your book!" Sasami frowned in contrast to Hikaru's big grin. The two turned around,
"What were you whispering abou-"
"PLEASE IKASU?! Please come with us! Please please pleas pleas please!!!" they begged. Ikasu almost fell down the stairs,
"What in the-?"
"We only want to get a peek at what's up there! Just a peek and we'll go right back!" Hikaru continued. Sasami nodded in union with the plea. Ikasu sighed. He couldn't help it, he thought they were pretty,
"Why am I such a sucker?" he asked himself under his breath, "Fine I'll come along. I'd be worried otherwise. Just a peek."
"GREAT" Hikaru said with a wide grin on her face. The three made their way up the tower when they came to a dead end. "Oh man, I cant believe there nothing here." Hikaru said dissapointed. "In that case, why not head back now." Ikasu said motioning the girls to come back with him. "Thats a good idea." Sasami said pulling Hikaru along. Suddenly their was a loud crashing noise and Hikaru ran towards it knocking down Sasami and Ikasu in the process. It turns out that the whole group of students decided to sneek off and explore but got busted trying to go to the top of the tower, so every one was grounded to the 4th floor.

Everyone was talking and having a good time so the three went off on their own to mingle and have a good time as well. Then suddenly Hikaru, Sasami and Ikasu heard a sad melody of a woman singing far off in the distance. They looked around but no one else seemed to be able to hear it. Confused to where the odd sound came from, they happened to gaze at one another within the crowd and in an instant they were enveloped in a bright light and dissapeared.

Hikaru slowly opend her eyes only to find herself laying next to Sasami, Ikasu was no where in sight. "Sasami? Sasami?" Hikaru said frantic trying to wake up her sleeping friend. "WAKE UP!!!!" Hikaru yelled in Sasami's ear.
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Sasami opened her eyes. “Wake up Sasami!” Hikaru was yelling in her ear.

“Alright, already! I hear you…” Sasami rolled over on her side and got up. “What happened?”

Hikaru shrugged her shoulders. “No idea. Lat thing I remember was some lady singing.”

Sasami’s eyes grew wider. “Hikaru!” She said as she tensed up.

“What? Look, here’s your book, oh wait, where is it?” Hikaru was looking all around. “Oops, I lost it. Maybe Ikasu has it.”

“Hikaru, where is Ikasu?”

“I don’t know. I just woke up myself. I don’t even know where we are, let alone Ikasu.”

Sasami stood up and Hikaru followed. The young girls mind was reeling with questions. Yet no matter how hard she thought she couldn’t find an answer. “What are we going to do, Hikaru? We definitely aren’t in the tower anymore.”

The two looked around but before they had a chance to see their surrounding, they heard something. “Uh oh, sounds like someone’s coming.”

“A lot of someone’s.” Sasami agreed. “We need to hide. Who knows where we are and if we’re safe.”

“Hide? Why not just go and see who it is. Maybe they can tell us where we are.” Before Sasami could say anything Hikaru was off. There was no stopping her. Hikaru never changed her mind about anything- she had too much energy to listen to reason. Sasami silently hoped Hikaru’s over zealousness wouldn’t get them into more trouble than it already had.
Something in Ikasu's mind shouted out, "Awaken! Now is not your time to rest!" he heard. His eyes shot open. He was falling. Ikasu turned over and looked down into the clouds. His mind raced at a million miles a minute. He looked from side to side,
"What the hell just happened?!" he shouted. His eyes darted from side to side looking for something to grab onto as the wind rushed by and whipped his hair into his eyes and behind him. There was no salvation in sight. His helpless body plummeted from some dizzying height, and there was nothing he could do. For a martial artist, that was unacceptable. He let out a cry of fury as he hurtled toward his doom. It came into the view. The ground. Something he'd never had to fear before was coming toward him now. It was his end. Just before impact he thrusted his hands out as if to stop himself. He did. Ikasu's eyes opened. He was a good two feet above the ground. A surprised smile bubbled from his mouth, then he hit the ground. Ikasu stood and dusted himself off. He looked at his hands and they seemed no different, but he had clearly just done something with them that was impossible by all logic. He looked around at the field he stood in. It was a lush green and there was a forest nearby. He looked off into the distance. There was a group of people in what seemed to be black armor riding horses hurtling toward two smaller people. Ikasu blinked twice and stared harder. Yep, they were definately wearing armor and riding horses. The two people were girls. One of them was running toward the armored group. They were all still a signifigant distance from each other, "Hikaru? Samami? Oh no...this can't be good. None of this is right at all!" he shouted. Ikasu began sprinting in their direction. It was a good distance away but he needed to get there. He didn't want anything to go wrong if he wasn't there to stop it.
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Sasami felt her heart rising in her chest as the strange men in armor approached. “Hikaru, wait!” She called out. Just then Ikatsu rushed out towards the men, ready to fight. “Ikatsu, no!” The horses slowed and reared. The man at the lead drew a sword looking at Ikatsu with disgust.

“What do you think you’re doing, boy?” He asked with snobbery.

“I’m no boy, you jerk. I’m not going to let you hurt them.” He said as Hikaru stopped running towards the armed horsemen.

“You’re all trespassing on the land of our lord. Such actions would lead me to believe that you should be punished.”

Sasami ran up to the group. “We’re travelers- we got lost.” Sasami bowed her head in apology. “We are sorry.”

The men in armor looked at her, then at Hikaru, and finally at Ikatsu who was still holding his fists up, ready to fight. One of the guys made his horse come closer and kicked Ikatsu down to the ground. They all laughed as Sasami and Hikaru knelt to help him up. “Serves you right, boy. You need to learn your place. Now move asside and let us be on our way to the village.”

“Could you give us a ride?” Hikaru asked out of no where. Everyone was a bit surprised. She saw the look Sasami gave her. “What? It seems like someone there might have the magic to send us home.”

“Magic?” The armored leader asked. Hikaru nodded. “There is only one house you need go to find the powers you seek. Clef- a master in magic and crafting the finest armor.”

“Great, can you ride us to him?”
The men laughed. “No, we will not aid civilians such as you. But I will tell you this, Master Clef is short in stature but is known by all for his kindness.”

“So he’s a really cool, short dude.” Hikaru said in more of a fact than question. The men looked oddly at her.

Sasami smiled and laughed nervously. “Sorry, we’re from far away.”

He spent a moment looking the young teens over again. “His house can be seen by only those who are welcomed inside. Your best bet would be to find him in the market place or perhaps a local drinking shop.”

“Doesn’t he visit Miss. Presea on Wednesdays?” Another armored man asked.

“Who, you mean the master weapons smith who happens to be the most beautiful woman in all Japan? No, that’s on Mondays.” He looked back at the children. “Now move asside, it’ll take nearly half the day for you to get there. Find Clef and he’ll help you with magic- if he likes you that is. Maybe he’ll even give you some magic and armor for free.” He and his men laughed. “If you clean his house for a year or two!”

As the soldiers walked rode off Ikatsu picked up a stone, ready to throw it. Sasami had to jump on him to stop him from getting into even more trouble. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“Ikatsu, if you would have thrown that, they could have put you in the dungeon, or just killed you. We can’t do that. We need to find this Master Clef guy and see if he’ll help us out.”

“Yea right, like he’ll just take us in, give us a meal, and a place to stay for a while. SA gifts he’ll bestow magic powers and armor to us.”

“He might.” Hikaru said.
Ikatsu rolled his eyes, giving up. “Fine.” Sasami looked down at Ikatsu for a moment. “Uh…. Can you get off of me now?” He asked Sasami.

Sasami blushed. “Oh, sorry.” She said and quickly got up, not noticing how red Ikatsu was either.

“Well, lets get going!” Hikaru said with a smile.
Ikasu was still scowling a bit from the humiliating defeat by the horse. Sasami saw him pouting and chuckled to herself. She stopped when he looked at her. Hikaru looked at him funny, "Ikasu, it was a horse. Let it go," she said,
"But dammit!" Ikasu shouted, "I alway mess up in front of the pretty ones..." he said under his breath. Hikaru halfway looked back at him,
"What was that Ikki?" she asked,
"Ka-WHO?" Ikasu shouted. Hikaru smiled. She had heard him,
"It's your nickname!" she piped cheerfully,
"B-but what if I don't like it?" Ikasu asked,
"Sure you like it! It's cute!" Sasami said with a giggle,
"Hey! My name is Ikasu, you guys know that! Come on!" he shouted helplessly,
"It's sooo cute! Right Ikki?"
"Aw, damn it," Ikasu whined. The girls' plans had worked. Ikasu was now not focused on his defeat. Yet, he still pouted...
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“Phew!” Hikaru looked up at the sky as she whipped her brow. “It sure is not.

“It’s because it’s part noon. It’s the hottest during the day from noon to three in the afternoon.” Sasami replied. She was hot too. “We really should be staying hydrated.”

“Hey, if you can point out the nearest water fountain or river, I’d be happy to stay hydrated.” Ikasu groaned.

“Awe, Ikki! Don’t feel bad.” Hikaru teased.

Sasami couldn’t help but laugh, even though she knew he didn’t much care for his new nick-name. “I think the sun and Hikaru are beginning to warp my sense of humor.” She whispered and sighed to herself.

“What was that Sasami?” Hikaru asked, coming from behind her and nearly giving her a heart attack.

“Uh, I said, um…” Sasami looked around and noticed in the horizon something she never would have thought she’d be happy to see. “We made it, it’s the city!” Sasami pointed with her finger.

“Huh?” Ikki and Hikaru looked and squinted their eyes. Finally, they saw it and when they did the three of them started jumping up and hugging each other.

“The sun really is frying our brains.” Sasami thought to herself but was too tired to care.

The three made their way into the city with a few hours before dusk. “Where do you think we should look?” Sasami asked.

“No idea.” Ikasu replied, putting his hands in his pockets.

“Me either but who cares. I need some water now. Maybe one of the stores will have some.” Hikaru said before running off into the crowded streets. Sasami and Ikasu glanced at each other and sighed. Neither were looking forward to having to chase after Hikaru but they did. The two managed to almost catch up to her. Yet, when Sasami was running past a sake bar, a customer was on his way out and neither saw one another coming before they ran into each other.

Sasami fell hard on the ground. “Ouch!” She closed her eyes as her bum fell under a rock.

“Careful.” A man replied. As he stood, Sasami noticed how short he was, just barely able to see over her own head. He looked down at the spilt bottle of sake on the ground. “Awe man!” He whined, almost like a child. “Now I’ll never hear the end of it from Lady Presea.” Sasami looked up at Ikki and over at Hikaru-who’d stopped running when she’d heard Sasami fall. They couldn’t believe their ears.

“Mr. Clef?”

The man looked at them strangely. “Huh? Now how did you know my name?”
"We were told you were good with magic and at making armor..." Ikasu replied. Mr. Clef seemed to take offense,
"Excuse me? GOOD at magic? GOOD at making armor? I am the greatest I tell you! No one in the land is as adept with spells and protectory armor as I!" he gloated, "If it existes under the sun I know it! If it can be crafted as armor I can craft it so!"
"Um...cool so-"
"Do not fear! I, Niles Ronery Clef, am the master you seek to find!"
"Alright so-"
"No no, no need for flattery! As great as I am I am also humble! you won't find a more honest soul in the land!"
"Okay now we just-"
"I hope you know how lucky you are to have met such a wonderful soul!"
"Mr. Clef..."
"That is I! MR.CLEF! The master of all things masterful!"
"MR.CLEF..." Ikasu's voice began to show much more tension,
"Hey, Ikasu settle down..." Sasami coaxed,
"Yes, quell the butterflies in your stomache young one! I am human just like you..."
"HEY!" Hikaru shouted just as Ikasu's red face seemed it was going to catch fire, "Stop going on and on about yourself and TELL US HOW TO GET HOME!!!" she shouted.

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