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A school of Magic
[Introduction] 265yrs before Hogwart's was established into a school a wizard named Valkuun met his death within the walls by his predessor Voldemont. Not many speak of what lays beneath the castle floors. It is now the yr 2008 Harry, Hermione and Ron are now in their 6th yr at Hogwart's School of Wizardry and dementors have been spotted on the ground just weeks after their return. . .
[Rest of introduction]

As of yet the Dementors are just residing on the property of the Hogwart's castle grounds and the sightings are rare. The unusual is they not attacking students they just seem to stay in one area as if awaiting someone or something.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you wish to join email me a character you may use the four following or a new c. Use the following for new and story c's. PLus be sure to add what school a new c is coming from :) Also we will be starting all post on a Monday night in the dining hall with the srting hat so people may be sorted into houses. Please for first post just post c's for now until we get enough people to start. THANKS!

Name or original c played by:


House and year:

description: Which we all know


special abilities and or items: (limit three items and one ability. Only two people in group may have the same ability).

wand type:

pet or pets: (limit two with how you aquire them)

class schedule: (limit is 10 nothing under 8 for students under their 6th and 7th year)

O.W.L.: (If you are in that year please post)

Fave subject and least:


Now then Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco are up for grabs their only things you may differ from in the top c info is abilities and items, classes, pets (if you want two I want to know what and how they aquired it), owl scores and fave and least fave subjects. Before I forget they do not be in love with any certain person from original story if you play an original c.... they can interact with the new with the exception of Ron and Hermione.

We will all be posting our c's first so please pay attention to what is posted whoever grabs an original c first gets it. Pay attention to class schedule they are important to interact with other c's and to make this easier so everyone knows the days please in in top corner before writing put the day whether it is still Monday or you've moved on to another. Please all pay attention to the days and try to keep in order this way we are all on track. Any fresh ideas are always welcome. Some things of magic will be of old and new to add more to them. For instance crystal ball reading colors will actually mean something....we shall say due to more studies by the teacher or something.

Name: Isabelle Lawton Nickname: Belle

age:15, fifth yr

house: gryffindor, Beaubaxton transfer

Description:long blonde hair, blue eyes, lightly tan skin, height 5'4", 115lbs

personality: most would label her a snob by the way she looks, but she is actually not. She is very quiet since her past she tends to try to steer clear of people afraid of what might happen. She strives to do her best but the past she can't seem to live down and let go.

special abilities/ items: Has an eerie ability to be able to touch something or someone and see where they or the item has been and it's memories and she can let others see the visions and hear them through her. She has a jeweled box with pictures of her family in it each picture plays a seen of her life as well as a special necklace that allows her to blend with the shadows.

wand type: dragon heart string cherry 10 inches

pet or pets: a black owl named Salem

class schedule:

Mon: breakfast, double potions, lunch, double divination, dinner

Tues: breakfast, charms, DADA, lunch, herbology, HOM, dinner

Wed: breakfast, transfiguration, CMC, lunch, break, astronomy, dinner

Thurs:breakfast, charms, DADA, lunch, herbology, HOM, dinner

Fri: breakfast, transfiguration, CMC, lunch, break, astronomy, dinner

owl:(Don't need)

fave subjects: CMC, DADA, Tranfiguration and charms

least fave class: Arithmancy can't seem to get into the class, Astronomy (likes to star gaze but not so good in the class), Herbology

okay classes: HOM, potions

Background: She is from Manchester England lived there her whole life until her families car accident. At age 14 while visiting her muggle Aunt Nita and her Uncle Drue the family car went off road going down a steep cliffside and hitting a few trees on the way down. The car stopped when the gas tank got pierced by a fallen tree's branch. The car was ablaze when Belle awoke she pulled her family from the firery wreck. Her mother died from smoke inhalation as Belle tried to free her she had trouble getting the door unstuck to free her. Her father was already dead due to a fractured skull and severe internal bleeding. Her brother died in her arms from a severe intusion to his head. She went to live with her muggle Aunt and Uncle but they were unprepared for the difference in raising a wizard compared to a muggle child. She now resides at Hogwart's with little word from her Aunt and Uncle. Since the accident she has blamed herself for her mothers death and not being able to free her in time to save her.

Name Akkin Sanders


House and year: Slytherin 6th yr Durmstang transfer

description: black hair that is cut chin length in back it is shaved with a fade wears it pulled back into a ponytail, grey eyes, tan, height 5'9", 135lbs, muscular build

personality: Can be a bit cocky at times but that is only if he knows what he is talking about, he likes to show off to girls although sometimes his knowledge is lacking, has a bad temper that he has trouble controling, but is loyal to his friends

special abilities and or items: No special ability, but he has a necklace that his father bought him for a gift that can go back in time or move it foreward for 20 minutes only.

wand type:(can I get alittle help with this?)

pet or pets: an brown owl named Taliem, and a snake named Druid

class schedule:

Mon/wed: b, charms, transfiguration, l, DADA, CMC,d

Tues/thurs: b, double potions, l, HOM, astronomy, d

Fri- b, double divination, l, arithmancy, break, d

O.W.L.: (Need some help with this what are you rated?)

Fave subject: DADA, arithmancy, and potions.

Least fave: Herbology dropped it because all he could do was kill the plants, astronomy all the stars are good for is light blah blah,

okay classes: divination and HOM
Belle looked around and sighed she headed towards a group of a few students ahead.

"Excuse me." Belle reached out to tap one on the shoulder and the boy turned around. He had dark hair, glasses and an unsual scar on his forehead.

"Yes?" The boy replied looking at the girl who was slightly shorter then himself.

"Could you direct me to the dining hall?" Belle looked at him expectantly.

"It's just down this hall on the left." He pointed with a smile.

"Thanks." Belle was about to head that way when he began to speak again.

"You're new here? I'm Harry Potter, this is Ron and Hermione." The boy introduced himself, a blonde girl and a red headed boy.

"I am Isabelle. Yes, I am a transfer from Beaubaxton. I must be going now. Um. .thanks." Belle hurried off.

Belle followed Harry's directions and walked into the huge dining hall where everyone seemed to be gathering. She noticed Harry, Ron and Hermione come in and take a seat at one of the large tables motioning for her to join. She smiled fraily and headed that way taking a seat with them. No sooner than she had sat down she heard a man call her name.

"Isabelle Lawton!" Voice called again.

Isabelle stood having noticed someone ahead of her having done it and went toward the stage. She looked at the old man who smiled and motioned for her to sit on the stool next to where he stood. She sat down and watched has he placed a hat apon her head she grew alittle hesitant when it began to speak to her.

"Ah yes Miss Isabelle Lawton. Hmm. You are a tough one to place considering you are shielding your thoughts from me. What exactly is it your afraid of? " The hat sighed and Belle bit her lip.

"None the less I am sure Gryffindor would be the place for you." The hat said has it was removed from her she felt a sense of relief although she sreaded going back to the Gryffindor table. She sat back down aside Harry, Ron and Hermione growing quiet. She sat in silence and ate her food only nodding when they spoke as she watched the rest of the students be placed.
Akkin watched the girl that was called to the sorting hat before him and arose at the sound of his name. The hat was placed on his head when he sat by the head master of Hogwart's Dumbledore.

"From Durmstang Mister Sanders. Hmm. Ah, yes quite the showoff and a natural prowless for pranks. Hmph. Your true colors should shine bright in Slytherin." The hat retorted and was taken from his head.

"Slytherin." Akkin thought a perfect choice considering his love of snakes and such. He went and sat down the Slytherin table greeted by a boy with blonde hair.

"Welcome to the Slytherin table." The boy said coyly.

"Uh yeah thanks." Akkin replied and turned towards him.

"I'm Draco Malfoy and they are Crab and Doyle. Not much for brains but they're loyal." Draco laughed and Akkin raised an eyebrow at the boy before turning to his food.

Belle followed Harry, Hermione and Ron after dinner as they led her to the Gryffindor common room.

They stopped in front of a portrait of a lady and she smiled at the group.

"Password please." The fat lady continued to smile.

"Honour and bravery." Harry replied to the woman who swung open revealing the room behind her portrait.

Belle followed them in and looked around taking a seat on one of the couches. Hermione plopped down next to her and looked up at the girl.

"So your from Beaubaxton." Hermione looked at expectantly.

"Uh, yes. Not much differnt then here really. I mean well sort of I guess." Belle could feel her nerves creeping up on her.

"Why did you transfer?" Hermione asked.

"It's a long story. I'd rather not talk abit. Look I am sorry, but I am awfully tired after my arrival. I am going to the dorm to rest." And with that Belle excused herself and hurried away.

"She is an odd one." Hermione looked at Ron and Harry who laughed.

"Perhaps she felt you were giving her an interrigation." Ron retorted and Harry nodded solemnly.

"That was not my intention at all. I was simply trying to be polite." Hermione muttered under her breath.


Belle sighed as she picked up her suit case and put her things away. She then opened Salem's cage letting him strech his wings.

"Certainly you must be hungry." Belle walked over and opened up one of the windows and allowed him to go outside.

"See you shortly." Belle whispered and took a jeweled box from her suitcase and opened it. She pulled a picture from inside out and sat it on her dresser with a sigh. Her head turned towards the door as Hermione came in.

"Is that your family?" Hermione watched her place the picture on her dresser.

"Um yeah. They passed away when I was fourteen. We got into a car accident." Belle sat the box on her dresser and sat at the end of her bed.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry."

"It's alright. It was just a harmless question and you didn't know."

(Change of time breakfast Monday)

Akkin yawned has pushed his eggs around his plate boredly. It was the start of classes today and his first class was charms he wished he could drop it.

"What's your schedule look like?" Akkin's head lifted as he glanced over his shoulder at Draco.

"Here look for yourself." Akkin handed him the paper from his pocket and turned back to his plate.

"Your not one for words are you? I like that. Perhaps you and I could have abit of fun with the Potter boy." Draco handed the paper back and nodded to the Gryffindor table.

"Harry who?" Akkin took the paper and glanced in the direction Draco nodded. His eyes stopped on a boy with dark hair who was conversing with three others. "Which one is he?"

"The dark hair boy. Hmph seems he as aquired a new friend. Better go and warn the girl." Draco headed off to the table.


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Name: Helena Riythe
Age: 15
Year; House: 5th year, Hufflepuff, O.W.L year
Pets: Barn owl named Sahira, a present from her deceased grandmother
Personality: Miss Popularity. Is almost always with her new Hogwarts friends or her old Beaubaxtons friends. Likes to read/write poetry and has a soft inner self under the slight snob.
Looks: long silky black hair, coffee brown eyes, tall and skinny
Origin: She lives in France with her grandparents. Her mom died when she was three and her dad's usually gone to England, as he's part of the French branch of the Ministry of Magic
Special abilities: Still figuring them out. Her grandpa is a goblin, her mom and grandma are veela, and her dad is a wizard.
Other things: One main objective= date Harry Potter. Also a transfer student from Beaubaxtons.
Class Schedule: Mon: breakfast, double potions, lunch, DADA, charms, dinner.
Tues: breakfast, herbology, transfigration, lunch, double CMC, dinner. Wed: breakfast, astrology, transfiguration, lunch, double muggle studies, dinner. thurs: breakfast, double DADA, lunch, double charms, dinner. Fri: breakfast, double CMC, lunch, charms, transfiguration, dinner.
Helena Riythe entered entered the great hall to get sorted, along with many first years and a few other years. She filed her nails as she waited to get called. "Helena Riythe," called the Headmaster. Helena strode confidently up to the chair and sat as the teacher put the sorting hat upon her head. She could hear it murmuring to her. "Lets see, where to put you, an adventurous fifth year. Hmm . . . How about Slytherin," he muttered. No, Helena thought. They're emo freaks in Slyzzerin. "Not Slytherin? We'll go with, Ravenclaw!" Helena was pleased. She was happy not to be in with the emos, but she kind of wanted to be in Gryffindor with that cute looking black haired boy. Helena sat down next to two girls chatting together in whispers. "Excuse moi," Helena asked. "Can you tell me 'Oo that black 'Aired boy at ze ozzer table ees?" One of the girls with straight black hair turned away slightly, but the other, with curly hair, answered her. "Harry Potter," she whispered. "Really? 'Ow nice. I am 'Elena Riythe from Beaubaxtons Academy." she said, sticking out her hand. "Marietta," the curly haired girl answered. "And she's Cho Chang," she said, pointing to the black haired girl. "Nice to meet you. What can you tell me about theese 'Arry Potter?"

Akkin heaved a sigh but reluctantly got up and followed Draco over to the Gryffindor table. He could hear the murmmers as Draco stopped and stood behind the dark haired girl.

"Well, well Potter seems you maight have aquired someone above your taste." Draco smiled at the girl who looked up at him with a weird expression.

"Belle meet Draco Malfoy. Draco this is Belle." Harry through up his hand introducing them his face growing abit red.

Akkin stood in silent wonder of this confrontation as it would seem to him that Draco and Harry must have a long past of confrontations. He bit his lip and turned his head slightly wondering if this would end up in a duel. He was beginning to think he should have let Draco handle it on his on, but the girl before him was peeking his interest.

"Nice to meet you I guess." Belle replied softly looking at the blonde haired boy and then at the one standing aside him. "And, I presume you two are friends?" Belle nodded to the other boy whom Draco elbowed.

"Akkin. . Sanders." He smiled at the girl who nodded.

"The transfer from Durmstang. I hope you are finding good friends well." Belle smirked slightly almost having forgotten about the rude blonde behind her. As she lifted her head back to look at him he was abit red faced alike Harry.

"He is finding friends qute well. I am sure you do not know much about who you lingur with. Unfortunate as it is Miss Granger being a muggle, and red hair a Weasly. And, then we have mister Potter." Draco looked at the three with Belle.

"I did't realize. Forgive me and you are a Malfoy? I can't say I know much about them either. " Belle chose her words carefully she was getting quite agitated with all the people.

"Believe me your not missing much." Hermione spoke up from aside her.

"Shut it Granger." Draco gave Hermione a dreaded look.

"I can see you don't make friends well." Belle commented and looked back to Akkin. "Nice to have met you Akkin. I am sorry, but I really must go now." She stood and pushed in her chair heading away from the whole lot of people.

"You too." Akkin watched her start to head away from the table when Draco grabbed her wrist turning her back. A gesture that much looked like was unpleased by the girl.

Belle stood silent her eyes shut as she reopened them she blankly stared at Draco.

"Perhaps we shall talk again with better company sometime." Draco let go of her wrist.

"Um perhaps." Belle shivered slightly and turned heading away.

As she headed away Draco turned to Akkin with a slight smile and started back towards the Slytherin table.

"You have good taste." Draco smirked.

"What do you mean?' Akkin raised his eyebrow.

"Well, she didn't take to talking to me." Draco laughed.

"Yeah, whatever." Akkin pretended not to notice and shrugged.

"Maybe you could stir things up for Potter." Draco grinned.

"What did you have in mind?" Akkin really didn't care for the answer. He hadn't even thought about telling Draco he didn't value his friendship. Draco to him was more of an aquantance that he sometimes wished rid of. But, he did want to talk with Belle again.

"Why don't you try to find out her role in Potter's little group." Draco watched the Potter boy.

"Whatever." Akkin shrugged again and headed the way the girl had gone. He was actually glad to be rid of Draco. He was getting agitated with how he tried to make him seem like one of his loyal subjects.

Akkin found her sitting alone in the library although finding her had been difficult. He picked up a book and headed to the table she was at taking a seat. It wasn't until he sat down that he realized he had chose a astorlogy book one of his least favorite subjects. He opened the book pretending to read it anyways with a hard sigh. He could of died in spot apon her question.

"Astology, huh? What is it about the stars that you like?" Belle's soft voice sent a chill down his back.

"Uh, hmm. Okay I don't know much about them I just like to look at them." Akkin suddenly realized he couldn't stand his ground. (sorry so short post more later)
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(Breakfast) Helena walked down to the great hall the next morning with her new friends from her house. Marietta was there, and Cho-Chang hung at the back, and there were a few new ones, Rina Klasky, Theodora Redd, and Katherine Fredericks, and two from Bauxbatxtons who had switched a few years back, Lauraine Porter and Deirdre Klein. The eight of them had stayed up a little late in the common room sharing stories, and had picked out beds together. Now they walked down to breakfast together. Even on her second day here, she had already had two guys from her house eye her. But she only had eyes for that dark haired Gryffindor boy. They sat down and Helena helped herself to a grapefruit. She sliced it in half and sprinkled it with brown sugar and Cinnimon as she listened to the gossip around her. "So, anyone know anysing about zat 'Arry Potter?" she asked. Theodora nodded. "Oh, they say he's quite a dreamboat," she said, giggling. "Yes, in fact, he's single!" chimed Rina. "And, in fact, Cho-Chang dated him!" Lauraine said. Helena raised her eyebrows. "Really?" Cho-Chang nodded shyly and turned to talk to another girl, with radishes hanging from her ears. At that moment, an owl dropped onto the table beside Helena. "Oh look, my Witch Weekly," she mused. It seemed she would have to go to an outside source to get more knowledge on Harry Potter . . . .
Akkin was growing uncomfortable he watched her laugh off his comment as if it were a mere joke. A small smile pursed his lips as he looked at her.

"Seriously now... what is it you like about them.?" Belle's voice asked again.

"I was serious." Akkin set the book aside as he bit his lip suddenly feeling like an idiot. He looked at the book in her hand quizically. The book was black with an odd symbol drawn on the front and back. It almost looked as if the symbol had been burned into the books cover. "What book are you reading?"

"Oh, this. It isn't a library book. And it's not very interesting. Just sort about old magic from way back." Belle said nonchalantly.

"I'm sorry if Draco bothered you earliar. He I guess and Potter go way back." Akkin's face took on a confused look. He still hadn't figured out what the two of thems history was.

"It's okay. You didn't do anything wrong you don't have to apologize on behalf of your friend."

"Not so much friend as pest. I guess because I am in house means we are sworn bloodbrothers or something." Akkin rolled his eyes.

"Oh. Well, with what I have seen from his mem..." Belle stopped in mid sentence. She was about to say memories, but then she realized he didn't know her ability. She looked at the table and then around the room for someone or anything. Finally she saw Hermione come in and head left towards a bookcase. "Sorry but I really must go. My friend you see and I are going to study together."

"Okay, well I'll see ya around I guess." "Akkin smiled softly has Belle headed off towards the other girl.
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Helena had seen Harry and his friends hanging around another girl from Ravenclaw, the girl with blonde hair and radish earrings, and, Helena noticed, read the newspaper upside down. After breakfast and before their first class, Helena noticed the girl sitting alone in the Common room. She sat down beside her and pretended to look over her schedule. "Aren't you one of those new Baeubaxtons girls?" the girl asked. Helena nodded. "I am 'Elena Riythe," she told her. Luna stuck out her hand. "Luna Lovegood." They shook hands. "What class have you got next?" Luna asked. Helena glanced at the schedule. "Double Potions," Helena answered. Luna folded up her newspaper. "So do I! Do you fancy sitting together?" Helena nodded. Luna stood up and extended a hand to help Helena up as well. "We'd better get going, Professor Snape will make it miserable for us if we're late!
(Later, in Potions) After Snape had given them their instructions, Helena and Luna started on their work. "So, who else do you know?" Luna asked. "No one really," Helena answered, cutting up a root with a name she couldn't pronounce. Luna smiled. "Well, I can introduce you to some of my friends. They're mostly in Gryffindor, though." Helena nodded. "I would like zat," she said. Luna smiled. "Well, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasly, and Harry Potter are in our year, and so is Neville Longbottom. Ginny Weasly is one of my best friends, but she's a year or two younger than us." Luna told Helena. "I know a few other people, but not but name that I remember." Helena nodded. "I sort of 'ang out with Cho-Chang and 'er friend Marietta. And I know some ozzer girls from Baeubaxtons." Luna nodded. "That would make sense. anyway, what class do you have next?" Helena pulled her schedule out of her pocket and looked at it again. "After lunch, I 'ave Defense against Dark Arts," Helena told her. "Oh, so do Harry and Ron I think!" Helena smiled. A scheme was hatching in her head. She just had to wait for lunch to be over . . . .
"What did she mean from what she had seen in his mem?" Akkin's mind fluttered as she hurried away towards the girl. He shrugged and headed out of the library deciding he'd best go feed Druid before his next class. (Sorry so short)
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Helena purposely arrived to Defense against the Dark arts not early and not late. She was usually the first person to class in normally everything, but today she had a method to her madness, to coin a phrase. When she got into the classroom, she saw just what she wanted. There was Harry, his goofy red-headed friend, and they were sitting together- at a table for three. Helena coyly slid herself into the seat next to Harry. This was going to be sun. Watch out Harry Potter, she thought. Helena smiled as he turned to see who exactly was sitting next to him. (sorry, mine's short too, don't have much to add)
Name: Lyra Celeste Warton

age: 17

House and year: Ravenclaw, 7th year

description: Long, wavy dark hair with a habit of falling into her violet eyes. Tall for a girl, and has a mysterious/playful smile.

personality: Lyra is a highly intelligent, mysterious girl. She is almost always seen with the same smile on her face, making people wary of her. She is nearly as smart as Hermione, but is not as serious. She is very playful and teasing once you get to know her.

special abilities and or items: Animagus - white wolf

wand type: 11 inches, willow, unicorn hair

pet or pets: A white kitten with blue eyes. She got the kitten when her mother's cat had kittens.

class schedule:

M/W/F: Breakfast - Adv. Divination - Adv. Charms - Tutoring - Lunch - Long break - Dinner - Adv. Astr.
Tuesday: Potions
T/Th: Breakfast - Adv. DADA - Adv. Trans. - Lunch - - Adv. Herbology - Lunch - Anc. Runes
Sat morn: Adv. Astronomy

Fave subject and least: Favorite: Everything but potions. She hates potions, and its the only class she refuses to take the advanced version of because she would have to spend more time being bored out of her skull.
"Uh Hermione." Belle grabbed Hermione's shoulder taking her aside.

"Yes?" Hermione looked at the girl weirdly has she tugged her to a corner.

"Where is Harry?" Belle's voice was hesistant.

"Not sure why?" Hermione shrugged.

"I need to speak with him." Belle's eyes fluttered as she closed her eyes it was happening again. She fought to control it the idea of knowing someone without them saying a word felt like a crime. She jerked her hand away quickly as she opened her eyes taking a step back.

"Are you okay?" Hermione looked at Belle about to grab her shoulder.

"No...don't touch me." Belle jerked back nearly stumbeling to the floor as she scrambeled off.

She had to get away and be alone to think. Memories were flooding her mind Hermione's, Malfoy's, her own and a few others. She had to clear them one way or another she had to stop her ability from happening everytime she touched something or someone. As she headed out the door to the library her books hit the floor as she fell back into the wall her body slumping down. She felt weak and moving seemed a chore as she gazed up watching the lighting going dim.


Belle awoke to a soft voice speaking she took a look around. She sat up slowly reconizing the hospital wing.

"Ah...you're awake." The nurse smiled.

"How did I get here?" Belle's head ached. She cringed her eyes as voices flooded her ears. She tried to single the nurses out from the rest in her head.


"Yeah? I'm out...I mean I'm here I mean where else would I...Um yeah. I should get going I have a class in an hour." Belle bit her lip as she threw off the sheet the bed and grabbed her things beside it.

She didn't wait to hear everything the nurse had said. She couldn't even have singled her voice out from the rest in her head. As she headed out the door she picked up her pace.

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