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whisked off to another dimension, left alone to fend against creatures of magick.
[Introduction] whisked off to another dimension, left alone to fend for themselves against monster, demons and other creatures of magick.

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Three days past 18 Azazeal stood alone upon the roof to the small cottage he inherited from his grandma past.

"I dont belong here" he mumbled softly as is brown hair whipped his face. "I never have, i know it...grandma knew it...but jordan, how could jordan possibly grasp the seriousness of this situation".

Staring up at the night twilight his incoherant babblings subsided. "Oh misty star, how do you care not? To shine so bright, eluding the harsh rays of the male sun. Sparkle as though you are movie star, but alas only a star is your life, but a life that would be, shining brightly in the summernight sky guiding us lost humes home, lighting our path with your gentle spray, leading us to our loved ones, our cherished homes. We thank you star for your life of selfless-ness"

After his touching tribute to the now faint star he backed off from the edge of the cottage roof and began making his way down to solid ground. Once he was finally inside his humble cottage he lit the fire, not for heat but for ambiance.

Azazeal enjoyed the soft glow that only a wood fire could give.

Now sitting in the old and tathered recliner he gazed into the fire, staring expressionless, just staring until fianlly he could not fight the grip sleep had on him.

He dozed off into his own world...
Trinity ran as fast as she could, ducking and dodging around people. She clutched a loaf of bread and a stick of salami in each hand. She laughed to herself as she heard the following footsteps slow and stop. Trin kept running. The people whose stand she had stolen the food from had stopped chasing her.

Slowing her own run to a jog she turned a corner, heading towards the run down shack she was staying at. She passed a few people on the way and the crowds thinned considerably as she neared her living quarters. Her jog now slowed to a walking pace.

Trin leant against the door, kicking the bottom corner, pushing as she did so. The door clicked open and she slipped inside, closing it behind her.

"I'm home!" She called out, the only answer she received was the soft footsteps of an old bedraggled dog, her only friend. "Hey Muddy! I've got dinner for us tonight." Muddy's tail wagged furiously and his nose twitched as it caught the scent of the salami.

Trinity laughed as she moved to the small kitchenette and grabbed two plates. She ripped the bread and salami in halves and placed one of each on each plate. Her stomach growled as she carried the plates over to the large overstuffed, overused armchair.

"Sit." She set one plate on the ground for Muddy and plonked herself down into the chair. "Okay." She watched at he moved slowly to the food, sniffing at it and taking tentative bites. Trinity then began to eat herself, her stomach growling with anticipation.

She smiled as she felt the first few mouthfulls hitting her stomach. Her eyes fell on the dog as his tail wagged steadily back and forth, thankful for the food she had given him.
The festivities of the evening had gone off with a bang.

Dozens of people had come to the house on the hill to welcome back the owner’s eldest son from college. There was food by the truck load, endless bottles of champagne, and music floating in the air. But the longer the party raged, the bigger the mess got. And the bigger the mess got, the longer Honor had to clean.

It was times like these she wondered if the job was worth it.

Night finally descended upon the household and things were beginning to quiet down. Honor took another plate from the soapy water and began to dry it. With this last chore almost finished, she could finally rest her aching feet.

Her employer’s little boy Jasper, having escaped from the party, was “helping” her by merrily playing with the bubbles in the water. Honor didn’t mind the extra messes he made because watching Jasper brought a smile to her face. She would give anything to feel that carefree again.

“Jasper! What on Earth are you doing?” The mistress of the house suddenly swooped in from the formal dining room and took her son off the bench he was standing on.

“But..” Jasper cried, wanting to go back to the sink.

“But nothing, young man. You know better than to play with the servants.”

“He wasn’t causing any trouble ma‘am,” Honor whispered with her violet eyes trained on the floor. She knew better than to look at her employer directly.

“That’s no excuse.” The woman pointed her finger at Jasper. “March right to your room. I’ll deal with you in a minute.” Jasper’s face was mutinous, but he did as he was told. Stalking upstairs, with his blonde head bowed, Honor watched the little boy leave the kitchen.

The woman turned to her with a glare of superiority firmly in place. “Make sure not to leave spots on the china. Its very expensive,” the woman said as she gestured with her hand at the white and gold dishes. The woman moved to go back to the party, but turned back to Honor once again. “Oh, I almost forgot. There’s a basket of clothes in the laundry room that needs to be mended. See that it gets done by morning.” With that order, the woman walked out with her high heels clicking on the floor.

Honor had to force herself to unclench her fists. Between the dishes and the mending, she would be lucky to finish before dawn. She closed her eyes in frustration, wishing she could be anywhere but where she was. But wishes, she knew, were fairytales meant for little kids not people like her. Facing the inevitable, Honor pushed her dark braid off her shoulder and went back to the drying.
Azazeal awoke from his slumber just as the sun began to rise.

He glanced out the window and then back to the fire which was now cracking and popping attempting to stay lit but without any fuel the fire slowly died.

"Such as life, as in death" Azazeal mumbled smothering the last of the glowing embers.

Stretching as he stood tall he bumped his head on the low hanging chandeleir as he had done so many times before. "Oh crap" He yelped clutching the front of his head. "Why do i always forget that that thing is there?"

As azazeal continued rubbing the pain from his head a dark voice whispered "Perhaps its you, not belonging i mean, you know you dont...never have, never will..."

Azazeal was not frightened by this voice.
He had heard this voice many times before.

"What do you want?" Azazeal demanded

Trinity followed Muddy to the back door and opened it for him. She watched as he trotted off into the yard, sniffing and pawing at the ground. Laughing Trinity turned away, leaving the door open a bit so Muddy could get back in. She climbed the stairs up to the floor above, a narrow hallway extended from the stairs to the back of the house, five doors led off the hallway.

Entering the second door on the left she plopped down onto the four-poster bed, not much dust lifted into the air as this was the room she stayed in. The other three just didn't give of as nice a feeling as this one did. The last door was the bathroom.

Trinity looked around the familiar room. A dresser to her left had a large grubby mirror atop it, a three legged chair was leaning against it. On the other side of the room, opposite the dresser was a wardrobe filled with old clothes.

She would often try them on, they were only a slight too big for her. Sometimes she would go out wearing the clothes when hers become too filthy. Laying back on the bed the teddy collection that came with the house tumbled off the pillow onto Trinity.

Smiling she reached out and grabbed the dusty pink one. She could hear Muddy's claws clip-clopping up the stairs and down the hallway. Trinity rolled over and turned towards the door.

"Hey Muddy." She smiled and patted his head, his tail wagged slowly back and forth as he plonked himself down at the foot of the bed. He put his head on his front paws. Trinity closed her eyes, using the large fluffy teddy as a pillow.
Long after the guests had gone to sleep, Honor quietly made her way back to the servant’s quarters with clothes basket balanced on her hip. Her room was located in the farthest corner in the back of the house. The room was small, often times drafty, and offered little light but it was the one place in the world she could call her own.

Honor set the basket on her bed and quickly changed into her night clothes. With her hands moving in routine motions, she lit the candle that sat on top of her dresser. The room was washed over in a faint glow. She warmed her hands by the flame for a second to ward of the stiffness in her fingers. Honor couldn’t help but sigh in relief. The warmth felt good.

She took the well worn green blanket off her bed and wrapped it around her shoulders. It was one of the few things she had brought with her when she left home three years ago. Time seems to be flying by, Honor thought to herself as she collected the needle and thread from the dresser’s top drawer. It was hard to imagine that she had been fifteen when she had taken this job. Sometimes she felt much older than her years.

The sound of Honor’s soft humming filled the air as she began to fix a hole in one of Jasper’s shirts. The act of sewing put her in a hypnotic state. The rhythmic push and pull of the thread took no real conscious thought on her part and she moved through the basket load quickly. Soon though, the article of clothing she was mending became slack in her hands and Honor drifted off into sleep.
Azazeal could here a smile within the voice. "You know what im here for Azazeal..Im here for you!"

Azazeal stood motionless but afraid no longer, his dark face glaring at the smoky patch of charred wood in the fire, his eyes beagn to burn and his fists could stay clenched no longer. Before he knew what he had done it was to late, He had swung his body around in a swift motion and extneded his right arm carrying a rock hard fist until it made contact with the owner of the voice.

The man who was cloaked in darkness just laughed, he was un phazed by the blow which would have been devastating to any one human.

"Now Azazeal, is that any way to treat your guests?" The voice mocked him with a glammer of passion and hysterics.

"Guest? oh you are my guest are you? Why don't i just offer you some tea? or perhaps you would enjoy a nice cold one? Huh?! Want a nice cold one?!" His voice now raised and firm Azazeal continued spouting remarks to the cloaked man.

"YOu come here whenever you feel like it! I have no idea who you are or even what the hell you are, you just appear, its like your a freak or something!!!"

Suddenly the cloaked man removed the hood from his face revealing himself. Azazeal knew this face, he knew it all to well, this was the face of...

"Freak?! i am no freak young man and if i am so to are you! This is no burden...you have defied me one time to many!"

Reaching in to his gown the man pulled out a handfull of what looked like sand or dust.

"You shall see, in the darkness you will be, guided by celestial light upon the fathers lonely night, by the stars above and shaken ground below, leave my voice, leave my sight destined in the darkest night" With these words Azazeal started worrying, he was scared.
'is this man a psycho' he thought to himself, but before he could even finish his thought properly he began feeling warm..no not warm hot and sick, violently sick. His stomach churrning, doing backflips while his head felt like it was being passed around like it was a foot ball, he became itchy, he couldn't see himsel, he was lost, black..everywhere..nothing...nothing..until he slammed into the ground, he didn't even know he was falling but it was to late. HE lay there unconcious...barely breathing....
Trinity rolled over, feeling herself falling out of bed she opened her eyes but didn't feel the thump of the floor underneath her. She reached out feeling for the floor or bed, anything but her hands didn't make contact with them.

"Muddy!" She screamed, usually she would have been met with sticky saliva on her hand as he found his way to her bed, but in this instance, nothing.

Suddenly Trinity felt her breath pulled from her chest as she met the ground, she struggled for a few seconds gulping at the atmosphere. Air hit her lungs, stinging a bit.

Along with her desperate breathing she heard shallow breathing beside her. Her vision was still dark, but vague shapes were starting to come into focus as her breath came back to her.

She reached out gently feeling towards the sound of the breathing. As soon as she touched the warm skin she quickly drew her hand back to her body, but not feeling like it was a threat she reached out again.

"Hello?" Trinity tested her voice, hearing it come out a bit shakey. Her hand coming to rest on the persons forearm.
Honor felt like she was plunging into Hell.

The continuous freefall made her stomach sink to the floor as she tried to grab onto anything to retain a sense of balance. Her arms swung back and forth meeting nothing except air. A scream crawled up her throat, attempting to escape the deep confines of her body, but silence was the only sound that met her ears. The nightmare was a world without end, forever holding her in it‘s icy grips.

Honor didn’t know how long she fell. Fright and terror seemed to block out all sense of time. One minute she was descending into darkness, the next she was frozen in mid air. She could feel invisible shackles close themselves around her neck, wrist and ankles. The breath in her lungs laid imprisoned in her chest.

“Tell me where the others are and I’ll let you go,” came a voice from the shadows.

Honor turned to find the voice in the dark, but the chain around her neck left no room for movement. Her own speech was hoarse and distant. “What others?”

The nerve ends throughout her body went off like tiny explosions, sending her into blinding agony. “Don’t be coy with me, girl. I can drag this torture out for centuries. WHERE ARE THE OTHERS?

At the sound of a call in the distance, the pain intensified tenfold before suddenly stopping. The shackles immediately sprung open releasing her into the void. The blackness of the void twisted as Honor’s subconscious woke in reality.

Slowly, Honor regained her focus. Someone was shaking her shoulder, asking her to wake from slumber. Reacting on instinct Honor shot up from the floor and darted away until her back hit a wall. Protectively, she wrapped her arms around her knees as she addressed the person in the dark.

“Who are you?”
Azazeal felt somthing touching his forearm, unable to move and un able to call for help he just lay there, breathing slowly.

"Hello?" a voice came, it was a shaken voice, uneasy filled with uncertainty and dismay.

"hello?" the voice rang again. "Hello?"

Azazeal felt the hand slowly make its way up his arm reaching his shoulders then his face.

"Hello? Mr? Hello? are you awake?" The voice was becoming irritated. "Hello?" the voice chimed again "Are you going to answer me?"

Azazeal opened his mouth attempting to speak but all that escaped his lips was a gasp.
He struggled against the invisble binds that help him in place, slowly he managed to raise his arm and touch the girl that had been touching him.

Trinity jumped in fear. "Hello? please, i dont want to hurt you...are you ok? Please answer me Mr"

Azazeal attempted to speak again, only managing to muster a faint coarse whisper.

"i..i am Azazeal...and you are?"
"My name is Trinity." She said looking at him. "Are you ok? Are you hurt?" She asked as she looked around. The pair had landed in what looked like a large paddock. Tall grass surrounded them, it was brown as though there had been no water here for many years. Trinity now sat as she looked at Azazeal.

"I'm alright." He mumbled, coughing as though the two words dried his throat like the land was around them.

"Where are we?" It was a question she knew neither of them could answer. He looked just as stunned and shocked that they were there as she did. She saw Azazeal shrug in response to her question. "Well I think we should try and find some one, anyone. I want to know how we got here and how we get back home." She looked at her companion. "Are you able to walk?"

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