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The world's ending was their beginning.
Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow
-T.S. Eliot

After a world-wide epidemic kills over seventy percent of the population, Earth is on the edge of extinction. Help comes from an unlikely race, the Anom, humans who had been abducted and genetically altered. Thirty years later, the Anom and human survivors look to join the Federacy (composed of various races throughout the galaxies). But tension between the Anom and humans has put the two on the brink of war. Its the fight of a few to bring peace and look to a new beginning.

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Age --
Appearance --
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History --
Personality --
Other Important Stuff --

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Name: Ambassador B.J. Spurlock (No one but her knows what initials stand for.)

Gender: Female

Age: 34; looks about 20

Race: Half Human/ Half Anom

Appearance: She has medium brown skin and stands about 5’6”. B.J. keeps her jet black hair long and tied back so it doesn’t get in the way. Her eyes are black as pitch and little escapes her attention. She has a curvy body that makes her appear soft, but she has a great strength she intentionally keeps hidden.

History: Born on Earth to Anom mother (abducted from Egypt around 1330 B.C.E) and Human father, she grew up on various planets during the reconstruction period. At the age of fifteen, she was the sole survivor of a fire attack brought on by rogues. The attack killed her entire family. She was taken in by the Federacy and educated in the ways of diplomacy. B.J. was named the youngest Ambassador to the Federacy when she was twenty. Because of her various skills like adapting, negotiation, and what some people say a severe death wish she is given the harshest of assignments.

Personality: She’s a loner by nature, B.J. is often seen as unemotional. There are many things her superiors don’t know about her past which makes them nervous and suspicious. They feel her allegiance is questionable because of her parents and her tendency to go rogue in the field. B.J. has a wicked sense of humor, likes to talk in riddles and is quick on her feet.

Other Stuff: She always carries around the black queen from a chess set she used to play on with her father.
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Name: Ciya Foster AKA- Koma Khi (Rogue)

Age: 20

Gender: female

Race: half Anom, half Havis race

Appearance: Short hair cut at an angle with six different shades of violet and black hair underneath. Her eyes are a robin egg blue. Thin and lean with an average height. Nails- like hair are naturally violet. Often wears a black long jacket with a high colar when on a mission. Her special guns secured to her legs.

Personality: Ciya has a tough exterior. She's a captain in the rogue forces and constantly trains to keep her body in perfect condition. She's very intelligent and is one of the best in her field. She studies as much as possible and usually keeps to the serious side unless her men convince her to sharing a drink with them after a mission well done. Then she's much more fun to be around.
Other: Because she's half Havis and Anom, she has great reflexes and can fight in harsh conditions and at a higher level then most. She's the best at interigating though, thanks to her Havis blood- a secret technique not many know of except the havis' themselves.
Ambassador Spurlock walked silently along the corridors of the Orion Space Station with two Anom guards along side her. The station was eerily quiet in the late night hour. The dimly lit hallways made the shadows stretch in monstrous shapes. The whole place reminded her of a giant, metal tomb.

Although her face was passive, uneasiness burned in her gut. Spurlock rubbed her fingers over the chess piece concealed up the sleeve of her tunic. The feel of the black queen gave her a small sense of peace. This was the first time she had been ever called home early from a mission. Nothing good waited for her at the end of this journey.

The guards led her to a silver door at the end of the corridor. One of the them passed his hand over the identification reader and pushed the door open to a small piece of paradise. The inside of the room was awe-inspiring, perfectly constructed to give the visitor a sense of serenity and tranquility in soft shades of blue and white.

It was the most beautiful prison she’d ever had the grace to be in.

Spurlock took a measured step into the room and covertly scanned the room with her eyes. She took note of possible traps and exit points before turning back to the guards.

“These are your quarters, Ambassador. On the bed you’ll find your ambassadorial robes and belongings. Someone will come to escort you to the Federacy Council meeting when you are summoned. If you need anything just use the panel beside your bed to call one of the guards.”

Spurlock nodded in understanding. Like ghosts in the night, the guards left with the silver door closing quietly behind them and the mechanisms on the outside locking firmly in place.
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Ciya woke up from a sound sleep when her alarm went off. It was a pleasant sound to wake up to- an old music box you could set to go off whenever you wanted it to. Ciya was laying on her stomach and crawled up on her hands and knee’s stretching like a cat as her back cracked. Ciya’s apartment was small but she didn’t need the luxury of space like her fellow captains and lieutenants. She didn’t keep hardly any keepsakes or personal items. She had three rooms- a kitchen, bedroom/living room, and bathroom.

She turned off the music box and got out of bed. Her old training pants and tank top served as pajama’s. She ran her fingers through her greasy hair to get it out of her face. “Ugh, definitely need a shower after that last mission in the marshes. A week in there‘ll make me and the men stink for a good day or two.” She laughed to herself. “But first I’ll have a nice work out.” Ciya dropped down to the cold wooden floor in between her bed and the desk and chair where she wrote her reports at and began to do push-ups. She counted out loud to herself. “One, two, three, four..” A half an hour later she had down 100 push-ups and 50 for each arm. Then she walked over to her closet and jumped up- grabbing a metal bar that was screwed to the wall. Ciya swung her legs up and hung from the bar upside down where she did 150sit up’s. An hour and a half later her work out was complete.

Ciya wiped her sweaty brow. “Now for that shower.” She said as she headed towards the bathroom. Ciya threw her dirty clothes off and jumped in the shower. She relaxed under the hot water and let her tense muscles loosen. When she was finished she climbed out and got a towel around her. Ciya took her comb and combed through the knots in her hair until she could comb it back without snagging it on a tangle. She put on some arm deodorant and got on a clean pair of black sweat pants and matching tank. “Now I can relax. She said as she sat in the wooden chair at her desk. Ciya took out her two guns that was as reflective as a mirror. She cleaned the smooth metal and began taking the guns a part for maintenance. She kicked her feet up on the table and relaxed as she worked.

Someone knocked on the door. “Come in.” Ciya said with authority.

A man a few years older walked in. Ciya looked up at him. It was one of her men- Sorrel. He still had on his thick vest linned with chain mail, which he always wore for luck on their missions. He still had the thick march mud coated on his knee high boots and tucked in pant legs. “Captain,” He said, standing in salute.

“At ease.” She waved at him. With Anom and Humans on the brink of war- the colony had begun it’s preparations to secure it’s peoples safely in the even of an all out war between races. For the past while Ciya and her men had been sent of missions. Nothing more than reconnaissance but gathering information was just as deadly when you weren’t wanted in the lands you were sneaking into. “What is it?”

“Captain, it’s the councel. You need to get ready and come with me at once.” Just then, Ciya cocke her gun to check it and pointed it at Sorrel. The man jumped as his eyes widened. “Ma’am?”

“Relax corporal.” Ciya smirked. “My gun needs constant care if I want it to function properly. Now what’s this about the council?” Ciya asked.

“It’s our inside man- something’s going down soon. Something big.” Ciya sighed. It was one of the last things she wanted to hear.
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Name: Roh'er Kitho


Gender: Male

Race: Full-Anom

Appearence: Silver/White hair with a patch over his left eye(he's not blind but no-one knows why he has it, except that it hides a gentitic alter.) His body as an angular tone to it that helps serve to his new-found genetic altering: speed. He wears loose-fitting brown pants and a loose white shirt. He also has a sword straped to his back and many throwing knifes on a rope around his waist. Also has a small pistol in a holster on his leg.

Personality: Would rather take action than talk. His voice, though rarely heard, is raspy and harsh, like it hasnt been used in years. Roh'er truely belives that if one listens he can learn anything. He is also a master at reading lips and body language.
Name -- Darrick Minil

Age -- 21

Appearance -- Stands roughly 6'0". Light brown hair, dark blue eyes. Tan complexion. Very athletic, as is most of his race.

Race -- Jovan (A race in the Andromeda galaxy, human, but not of Earth, though some speculate that the Jovans are of Earth-descent.)

History -- Darrick is a military man, as are most of his race. He lost his family in the Jovan collapse, which lost nearly all but handful of Jovans. Currently serves in the only part of the Jovan that remains, the Elite Marines.

Personality -- Though he acts cold, he tends to be very caring of non-military persons. He only eases his cold misdemeanor around those he trusts, which are few. He doesn't even fully trust all of his Jovan brethren.
Name: Pyne Fyrre

Age: 25

Appearance: Her skin stays true to her race by having a metallic look to it, but unlike metal they are very warm to the touch, their national average of body heat is 63.9°C, Pyne has a silver sheen, her hair is paper white and her eyes are completely black, unlike humans, Tesk'Aban's do not have the whites in their eyes. Her body is somewhat strange, it doesn't hold a regular shape as Tesk'Aban's have half the bone structure of humans, the muscles are a lot further developed to hold the body together

Race: Tesk'Ab

History: Pyne was one of the first of her species to venture out into the universe, second in charge of Tesk'Ab's third ship to venture out of their planet's atmosphere.

Personality: Pyne is not afraid to speak her mind about anything

Other Important Stuff Pyne wear's a glowing jewel around her neck which is Tesk'Ab's currency for the universe. It was carved in the shape of a creature that was mascott for Pyne's village called a Pinter, it glows pale purple.
Name: Cam'ron "Cam" Carr

Age: 19

Appearance: In his normal form he is a handsome, yet rough looking boy. He has tanned, caramel skin. He has short, silver hair with black streaks that sit on his head in spikes. He stands at about 5'9". Like most Lycads, his canine teeth are longer and sharp as well as his nails. He has pointed ears, and instead of white in his eyes, he has a dull gold with smaller pupils, like most Lycads. He also has two more forms, each more beast-like. In the second, the black almost completely leaves his hair(except for the tips), and his silver, metal-like body hair stands erect. His canines and ears also grow. His nails become claws. The third only advances these same attributes to the point that he looks like a silver werewolf. His favorite item of clothing is a sleeveless jacket.

Race: half-Lycad,half-Anom

History: Lycad father, Anom mother. Little else is known about Cam except for he was very close to his mom.

Personality: Loner and a rebel. He is very rude, especially to authority and somewhat of a delinquent. He is a great stratigist. He is quick-witted and is very smart. If you insult his intellect he takes it personal. He is hot-headed and is always getting into fights. His lack of concern for others and authority is the only think stopping him from being a great leader. Despite his wild attitude, he is an all around good person.

Other: He has a photographic memory. He keeps a picture of his mom in his wallet.
Time past without consequence as Spurlock paced silently in her quarters. Although she tried to find a way to keep track of how much time had past, there was nothing in the room to help her. The windows had been bolted shut with steel shutters, there were no clocks, and the time piece she always packed had mysteriously gone missing. It was unnerving but not unexpected. They were waiting for her to do something stupid.

Spurlock methodically went through her belongings to make sure everything else was in order. Except for the watch and her utility knife, her things were exactly how she had left them prior to departure. Thank the Gods for small favors.

She stripped out of her traveling clothes, neatly fold them into a pile, and place them back into her knapsack. Dressed in nothing except undergarments and a dagger attached to her thigh, she slowly unwrapped the blood-crusted bandage just below her left shoulder. The cut had closed enough to stop bleeding. “Not bad. Should be just another scar by morning,” Spurlock commented as she rewrapped the wound in a clean bandage. There was enough Anom in her blood to benefit from fast healing.

Spurlock took the Ambassadorial robes off the bed and carefully put them on. She took comfort in the familiar dark gray cloth as it slipped over her skin. Since the Federacy has taken her in as a young girl, the robes had become a symbolic suit of armor. They gave her purpose while reminding her of the reason why she became an Ambassador in the first place. Remembrance of her father‘s words brought a pain to her heart. “ ‘The purpose of life is a life of purpose.’ ”

Dimming the overhead lights, Spurlock sat in a full lotus position on the floor and began to meditate, preparing herself the meeting to come. Hours later, Commander Creely of the Anom Tactical Forces found the Ambassador in same position. His hawk-like features twisted into a sneer as he gazed down at her. The hate he felt burned as bright as a nova. His distaste was hard to hide.

“Do you always enter a room unannounced or are your lack of manners just for me?”

Commander Creely scowled. The woman wouldn’t even open her eyes to acknowledge his presence. He chose to ignore her question with one of his own. “I see you’ve survived the mission to the Shadowlands. But I wonder, did they survive you?”

“What are you implying?”

“I’m implying,” he spoke angrily, “that the body count seems to go up every time you step on a planet. My reports state that three Shadowland chieftains were discovered with knives in their back moments before you left for transport.”

Spurlock unfolded herself gracefully from the floor and faced the Commander with steady composure. “The Federacy called me back early from my assignment. I can assure you my leaving was not a hit and run.” She raised a dark eyebrow in his direction. “Your compassion for the Shadowland people truly astounds me, Commander. Who knew your heart showed such empathy.”

Commander Creely dismissed the comment with wave of his hand. “The whole of the Shadowlands are savage, barbaric people. Their knowledge reaches little past the Stone Age. I don’t care if you slaughter them all just as long as the Federacy is not brought down by your actions. An assessment of your mission will be brought to the attention of the Council.”

A dull roar sounded in her mind. In the eight months she has been stationed in the Shadowlands, the people had come to recognized her as one of their own. They were a desert people, some might even call them primitive, but their level of sophistication outdistanced Commander Creely by a galaxy. Quietly seething at his comments, Spurlock reigned her murderous thoughts back under control. Killing the bastard would serve no purpose other than to make her feel better. Extremely better.

“Since I‘ve now been properly informed of your intentions you may leave now.”

“On the contrary. I’m here to escort you to the Council meeting.” A sneer spread across his face again. He lowered his head in a mock bow. “It would be an honor.”

Spurlock‘s face was cast in shadow as she raised the hood of her robes and proceeded to the door without comment. Commander Creely stood at the entrance waiting for her to walk ahead of him when she motioned him through. “You first Creely.” She watched as uncertainty clouded his eyes at leaving his back vulnerable, no doubt thinking of the dead chieftains. “Don’t worry, Commander. If I were to kill you, I'd be looking you in the eye when I did it.”

Peter Parker's Bio

Name: "Captain" Vaughn Campbell
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Race: Human
Appearance: Stands about 6 feet 200 lbs. Dark skin with long straight black
hair down to his shoulder blades usually braided. When not wearing a top can
see that he has many scras on his upper body. Scarred from fire, cuts, and
bullet wounds. He doesn't talk about the scras much or about anything he just
does his job. Usually in Camo pants and a black tanktop.

History: Vaughn's Home was burned down by Anon when he was 11 years old. his
entire family died except for him but he still has the scars that constantly
remind him of what had happened. Since then he has done everything less suicide
trying to be killed which has earned him the nick name of the reaper because he
kills and is never killed himself. He has since hated the anon and secretly
himself for never being able to die. He became a soldier with the sole
intention of dying on the battle field. He figured at least that way he'd have
an honourable death as a warrior. Being hot headed and "gung ho" got him
quickly premoted to captain to the disdain of many.

Was given the authroity to hand pick his team but is never sent on reconnisance
only sent in when something is to be exterminated so he doesn't see much field
action. Keeps himself occupied by field training himself and any men who think
they're tough enough to be in "Reapers" squad, most of which fall by the
wayside. Has recently been hired by the Federacy to help in the stiffling of a
potential war. Knowing his history and hate for the Anon is also having certain
people assist more to keep him and his gun in line more than anything else.

Personality: Doesn't say much anything to any one at all. The hardest person
you'll ever engage in conversation and isn't angered or annoyed easily. If he's
on the "hunt" or something (no matter what) stands between him and his
target/goal he won't hesitate for a second to take them out of the equation...
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“Very well.” Ciya replied. “Inform the council that I’m on my way.” She said and rose from her seat.

“Yes ma’am.” Sorrel saluted her before leaving and closing the door behind him.

“What in the worlds could be happening?” She wondered as she changed into black leather pants. Putting on her holsters which secured her guns safely to the side of her legs. Then she put on her leather coat, it’s back nearly touching the floor. She even put on her violet gloves, ready for a quick departure. Finally, before leaving, she strung up her boots.

Ciya slowly made her way to the council. Being called by them was never a good sign and she found her mind racing with possibilities as to why they required her presence. “What’s going down?” She wondered. “Has a war begun between Anom and Humans? Or perhaps another mission…” Even though she wondered, she forced herself to remain professional. Her posture straightened as she entered the large council room. She saw other captains there along with some people she didn’t know.

“Koma Khi, Captain of the eleventh division, responsible for reconnaissance missions, so nice of you to join us.” One of the councilmen replied. He was one of her least favorite but she refused tightening her hands into fists, knowing all to well he was trying to get her angry.”

“Yes, sir.” She replied and bowed formally. “You requested my presence?” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Yes. Please take a seat.” Another councilmen replied. Ciya did as she was asked. This ought to be interesting. She thought to herself.
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Roh'er twirled the knife through his fingers watching the sunlight glint off it's pure silver edges. A mere human lie at his feet, lost of all life. His dead eyes stared endlessly up at the dark colors of the sunset as if he were looking at it for the last time. Which he probably was when he died.
The human had gotten in Roh'er's way, he had no choice but to remove him. He felt no remorse or guilt for it, in fact he savored the kill, the same way a wolf would savor the hunt. An old saying that his father told him before he was killed by the humans on a raid:
"What are you, the wolf, or the sheep?"

Roh'er smirked, stood up and continued his journey of vengeance.
Darrick looked out of the viewport of his flagship. They were nearing the Terran system, where most of the races where meeting for either peace or war. He and his handful of Jovan's were pretty much just a military force. The only reason they were their was to try to prevent conflict. And it wouldn't be that easy.

Humans, Anoms, Gruus, Jovans, just to name a few. All of these races depended on the meeting that was to take place within a few hours from now. He turned back to his crew. The Elite Marines. The most powerful military presence in the galaxy, now dwindled to a few hundred ships and a few thousand men. But the day would go on, and the future unclear.
Name -- Ami'ter Leah

Age -- 26

Appearance -- About 5'8", 140 lbs. Lithe, with dark brown hair and olive green eyes. If one could get close enough, one would see the golden halo around her pupil. Her skin is well tan, her body well muscled.

Race -- As human as they come.

History -- She was born to two human "traitors". They were peace advocates and spokespeople for the Anom. Ami'ter grew up believing in equality and tolerance. When she witnessed her parents' death, however, it changed many things. She was immediately removed and placed into a home for orphan girls (she was 15), where she learned to fake complete submission, and became rather good at it. At 19, she left and began a life on the run from her parents' killers, who still wanted the daughter, who knew too many secrets, dead.

Personality -- She is kind, caring, and compassionate. She will forsake her life for anyone in need. As her parents taught her, she is forgiving and tolerant. However, underneath all of that polish is a thick layer of steel. She believes what she believes, and unless there is an extremely well placed argument, she won't change. Ami'ter can, and will, radiate innocence and naivete, but is far from. Her MO is to make those closest to her believe that she trusts them, though she has not let them off the hook yet.

Other Important Stuff -- She is a trained killer, though she won't seem like it at first. She has a very..."bubbly" personality, though not annoyingly so. Every move she makes will betray her attitude, though most won't see it. A slight turn of a foot, a tiny shift of weight, and she is in defence mode. It all means something to those trained in such ways, and nothing to the untrained eye.
Name: Kaszire

Age: 23

Appearance: 6'4, slim muscular defined body, black eyes with red pupils, tan complexion, very athletic, Kaszire has long straight medium length black hair which he keeps tied in a ponytail, Kaszire wears black pants with a red shirt along with a long black trench coat and his black leather silver tipped boots.

Race: Saurians

History: The Saurians are of earth descendents, when the earth sent out space ships in search of what else is in the universe one of the ships was captured by the Saurians of old and the earth women and men were used to create a whole new Saurian race. The original Saurians could use their bones as a protective shield against attacks, however after merging themselves with the captured humans they can now take their reconstructed bone structure and pull them free from their bodies making more bones to take the place of the missing one's and using the discarded bones as weapons making their race the perfect assassins. Kaszire grew up alone on the Saurian home world his parents leaving him half-dead because they saw him as a failure and wanted nothing to do with him.

Kaszire remembers their last words to him to this day, "You're weak and will never amount to anything, your brothers are better then you are and we only want the best now die!" Kaszire's father stabbed a blade of bone into his body ripping it to the side to kill Kaszire while his mother and brothers watched with gleeful smiles on their faces." Kaszire did not die that cold night; instead, he planned his revenge on them vowing one day to rid the universe of his lineage.

Kaszire healed over time, but was cast out with no one wanting anything to do with him and after being beaten repeatedly for asking for food he began doing anything he had to, to survive. Killing came easy to him, he would wait for someone to be coming along with food in their hands then would spring on them slashing and stabbing until they were dead then would rob them of anything that was of value and of course take their food. Kaszire waited behind a nearby tree waiting to attack a man carrying a sack full of food patiently waiting for the man to come close to the tree.

When Kaszire thought the man was close enough he jumped out and was about to try to stab the man, but the man was not there then Kaszire heard a noise behind him and quickly the ground rushed up to meet his face. Awaking with a terrible headache Kaszire saw that he was surrounded by a group of people with hoods covering their faces, he did not know what to expect so as he slowly drew out a sharp piece of bone from his elbow without using his hands a trick he picked up after being cornered and beat for stealing food. Someone behind him to the left said, "We've been watching you for sometime Kaszire son of Kilvarr and Mandi, we are the Assassins guild of Saurian, Kaszire didn't know what he was talking about other then he knew the name of his parents and he wanted to know more.

The man continued talking and said, "I'm inviting you to join the guild boy, I saw how you were stalking me and I'm willing to train you to be an assassin like me." Kaszire thought about this for a moment and slowly nodded his head in agreement to the offer, and his training began immediately. Kaszire learned many techniques from the man who inducted him into the hood "Ramiro” 5 years later Kaszire was sent on a secret mission to Earth to kill one of the ambassador's he befriended an earth woman that astounded him.

Personality: cold, secretive, and trusts only himself, though he has a small flicker of affection for a woman that he met briefly on earth.
Name: Balthier (last name must not be mention...we'll find out why later)

Age: eternal but appears 23

Appearance: 5 foot 10, Short brown hair which is almost always styled. His eyes are deepest blue, decribed by others as "when you look into them, his eyes are the blue of eternal calm". He has a well defined body, tonned and tanned. He gennerally wears a white collar shirt with a nifty looking vest over the top also a pair of neat trousers but he often changes his atire being that he can fo it just by thought. Although his boots never change, black boots that tie up high on the lower thigh, they have a silver chain from each of the tounges to the toe of the boot.

Race: Balthier is a "power that was" now trapped in the mortal coil.

History: Baltrhier is a "power that was" , cast out of the supreme heavens by his fellow deities.
Balthier was supreme ruler over several sacred shrines in the supreme heaven. He lost this title and many of his omnipitent powers when he foolishly went against the will of the other powers.
The other supreme beings made vow that he never step foot into there realm again for if he does he shall be more then sentenced to life as a mere mortal,

Personality: Balthier is an easy going fella, he tends to live for the moment not worring to much about the future. He is insainly smart, not that anyone around him would know they all see him as the buff stud.
Balthier likes to joke and fool around, although he comes accross as lkight hearted and care free he has a much darker side, pick a fight with him while he is in a bad mood and you better be able to out run the flash.

Other important stuff: Balthier has a longing for the well being of man, he has a someone bitter view when it comes to women(All the powers that overruled him were women).
Vaughn is sitting on a stool in his room sharpening his comabt knife with nothing more than a flat stone and tap water. He sits there in total silence except for the scraping of the blade against the stone. He seems to be totally oblivious to everything around him but thats just how he is, quiet and to himself. 2 guards come aling doen the hall to his room which is more like a holding cell. He raises his head slightly then discretely slides his knife into an anke sheath. He moves infront of the bars standing straight with his arms folded.

"Captain Campbell... it's time." The first guard says to him and nods to the second who nods back at the first. He then slides a key card into a reader and the bars slide open. Vaughn stands still with his arms folded looking at the first guard who stands infront of him.

"Captain..." The guards voice is a little shaky this time not knowing what to expect from Captain Campbell. Eevreyone has heard of him and knows that he's spontaneous and eradic.

"Since when do you think anyine gives me orders especially someone the likes of you? When was the last time you stood for anything that you beleieved in just because you did and not because you were told to!?!" Vaughn sees the second gaurd reaching for his taser that looks more like a 20th century cattle prod while the one infront of him is slowly reaching for his firearm.

In one motiong he grabs the gaurd infront of him and puts him in a hammer lock preventing that one from grabbing his firearm. The other guard quickly takes out his taser but Vaughn is safely behind the first guard.

"So what do you do now?" Vaughn speaks to teh second guard. "You can either try to detain me with that and mistakenly hit your friend here or you can watch me make him touch the top of his head with his arm behind his back, it's your choice." The second guard reluctantly puts his taser away. When he does Vaughn pushes the first guard into the second.

The guards straighten themselves up and put themself in formation. Vaughn knows how things are supposed to look so he stands in between the guards with one in front and one in back.

"You'll be hearing from the captain of the guards for assulting one of his officers." Thefirst guard who is now standing infront of Vaughn says.

"Really, I hope he sends you to tell me what my punishment will be." The guard walks a little more stifly as Vaughn laughs out loud and continues down the hall with them.
The informal meeting came to a halt as the formal prepared itself to begin. Spurlock was never one for formality but it wasn't her meeting.

Ambassador Spurlock sat in a dark corner of the council chamber room, banished as if she were a small child on punishment. It didn't bother her. If the council thought by giving her the cold shoulder she would simply sit down and shut up, they had another thing coming.

Never before had she seen such a gathering of races. There were at least ten to twelve clusters of people grouped together with their own kind. They didn't intermingle with one another or try to hide their mistrust. Instead they spoke in hand gestures and foreign whispers (some even telepathically) about the hidden traps and deception constructed by the Federacy. But mostly they spoke of war.

The shine off of Commander Creely's medals caught her attention. He knelt before a wizened old Anom named Juhta Haggerty, the head Chancellor of the council, and spoke softly into his ear. In unison their eyes trained on her - one pair a sharp hateful blue, another clouded over with blindness. She forced herself not to flinch. The Chancellor nodded once and dismissed the commander with a flick of his wrist. And with that dismissive motion her fate was sealed.

Chancellor Haggerty picked up an old-fashioned gavel and banged it three times on the steel table before him. The entire room feel silent. His voice rang out like grating sand paper. "Peoples of the galaxies please be seated." Everyone, some grudgingly, took their seats. The Chancellor for their attention to be firmly placed on him again. "We gather together in this emergency meeting of the Federacy to discuss suspected acts of treason. If concluded by this council such acts have taken place the Federacy uses it's right to call for war."

The chamber erupted in outrage. People knocked over chairs as they jumped from their seats in protest. Spurlock translated each language to herself, inwardly smirking at some of the insults the Lycads yelled out about the lineage of the Chancellor's mother. Never a dull moment when the Federacy is involved, the Ambassador thought to herself.

A human fighter pilot Spurlock knew in passing must have caught on to her mood for he leaned over and asked in a hushed tone, "How can you laugh at a possible call to war?"

"A call to war does not scare. Its the war itself I have a problem with." Spurlock knew without looking that the pilot was frowning in confusion. She didn't bother to explain it to him.

"SILENCE! I will have silence in this chamber!" The Chancellor banged his gavel loudly on the table. It shuttered at the force of the blows. When everyone was remotely calm, he sat in his chair which stood a few inches higher than the rest of the council. "Captains of the Anom fleet, you will address the Federacy first."
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Ciya hadn’t expected to be called. When they’d asked her to stand it had caught her off guard. She stared at the council and then at the Federacy. They all stared back. Cuya hated speaking to large groups and the council hadn’t even informed her she’d need to prepare a report of any sort. “Captain?” Her least favorite councilman asked with a mocking tone.

She glared at him. He’d done it on purpose. He loved seeing Ciya make a fool of herself. “Yes, of course.” She said with as much restrain as she could muster. In truth she wanted to cuss the man out and storm out of the room. Who knows… if the wars coming I just might do it before I leave. She thought to herself as she struggled to find the words she knew she needed to have. “How may I help?” She asked. She felt stupid. She knew she sounded like a bell boy or a food server in the cafeteria.

Luckily for her favorite councilman, another responded. “Please inform the Federacy what you witness during your reconnaissance.” They asked. Ciya heard gasps fill the room as different members showed their shock.

“That goes against our peace policy! You said no spies were allowed into each others territory! Who’ve you been spying on?” One asked. She did her best not to look at anyone. It would only make her nervous.

“Yes, of course.” Ciya cleared her throat and gazed around the room- not focusing on anything in particular. “My troops and I just returned from a reconnaissance mission deep within the heartland of the marshes.” She didn’t pause when someone complained of their lands being infiltrated. “While there, my men found factories creating destructive weapons such as type AN392 in our peace policy which strictly prohibits such things to be created without serious deliberation, just cause, and approval from the entire Federacy. It is believed that these weapons will be used against certain members in the federacy- though who is still yet to be discovered.” She said and quickly sat down.

“Thank you, Captain.” A councilman replied. Ciya nodded.
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Koh'er added a few small branches and twigs to the kindling fire, just darkness had crept completely over the world. He knew that the light and smoke of the flames would attract many unwanted humans to his position but Koh'er was confident that they wouldn't be too much of a problem.

Soon the flames were reaching a good two feet off the ground and Koh'er pulled a few pieces of the dead rabbit that lay skinned next to him and stabbed them with the end of a stick. Then he roasted the raw meat of the fire. The aroma crept into his nostrils and once again Koh'er savored the life of a rogue. He loved not having to answer to anyone, being the boss of himself. But most of all he loved the freedom of being able to live how he wanted, to kill as he wanted, and to act how he wanted.
Darrick sat uncomfortably through the first half of the Federacy meeting. So far, the Anom speach had intrigued him. And had found out. The Gruus had just been represented. The meeting would draw to a close soon, and it seemed that the Jovans had no say in the matter. Which is why the following caught him off guard:

"Darrick Minil, do you have anything further to add on the Jovan side?" the Chancellor asked him, clearly not knowing that the Jovans were there for mostly watching. But, like any other race, the Jovans did indeed have something to say. And it seemed Darrick was their spokesperson. He stood up, his muscular frame moving toward the pedestal.

"Thank you, Chancellor, for noticing us." The Chancellor gave a slight bow and smiled. This was when Darrick realised that the Chancellor, at the moment, seemed to be the only person everyone at the meeting trusted. At this, Darrick smiled. And the councilmen noticed. The one, that had earlier mocked the Half-Anom, Half-Havis Ciya, stood up.

"What are smiling about?" he said, "Do you not know that war could very well engulf this entine galaxy? And here you and the Chancellor are making 'pleasantries.' Say what you're going to say or leave."

"Councilman, I have the floor, now, and I think it wise of you to never interrupt or halt the speach of a Jovan in the future. Others will not be as lenient as I am." Darrick stared the councilman into sitting back down. Everyone knew the Jovans were warriors, and as such had an honor code. The councilman was out of place, and Darrick had let him know. The Anom/Havis Ciya gave Darrick an approving bow.

"As I was about to say, it is true that most of the races here don't get along. It is also true that there are some that would like nothing better that to shoot the person he or she is sitting beside. The Jovans don't care too much for politics, but as a warrior race, politics guide where we fight. But we have to look deep into this matter. Even though we, as Jovans, are warriors, fighting is always a last resort. Fighting is the reason why we no longer have a home to go to. And fighting will be the reason why no one will have a home to go back to. And if this surprises anybody that a warrior chooses against war, then you clearly have not truly seen war, as I do. Thank you, Chancellor."

Darrick stepped down and made his way back to his seat. He got mixed reviews as he passed others, but ignored most of them. This was his life, and he didn't much care for how it was going.
Cam sat, alone around a warm fire. His black, leather sleeveless jacket, boots and wallet were lying next to him, near his gun and bag. The woods were dark and the air had a calming breeze. Most likely, the rest of his troop was already at camp with Commander Rolik. He honestly couldn't care less. The planet Gavin was one of the few planets that had such a nice climate. Not only that but it had an abundance of wildlife. Cam took a fish that he had caught in a near by stream out of his leather bag and began to cook it over the fire. Cam had loved being around nature as a child and being on Gavin reminded him of his childhood. He took the picture of the beautiful, tanned, violet haired, Anom woman out of his brown leather wallet.

"Mom." Cam said smiling, showing his unusually sharp canines. Cam put the picture back and began eating the fish. Once he was done with the fish he laid down and began to let his mind wonder. He had joined the Federacy last year just to escape prison. After Rolik had busted his band of rougues for trying to steal some weapons. Rolik had thought he had potential to lead and gave him a pardon if joined the Federacy. Now he was just in it to fight. Unfortunately his team had been sent on a recon mission to gather info on a group of arm dealers. He had been on Gavin for three days with no action.

Rolik had regretted asking Cam to join only a week after he was placed on Rolik's squad. Cam was hot-headed,constantly rushing into battle and had no respect for Rolik, his teammates or any other commanding officer. Yet, he was already Lieutenant of his squad under Rolik. He began to chuckle when he thought of how angry Rolik would be when he noticed Cam wasn't there. "Infact", Cam thought for the first time tonight, "why hasn't Rolik already sent someone looking for me. Unless he can't!" Now tapping into his Lycad side, he could smell gun fire. He had been so busy daydreaming that he had forgotten about his squad.

At once Cam started put on his jacket and boots while placing his wallet within his fitted black leather pants. He placed his gun in its holster on his pants. He had to get there to help Rolik and the rest of the squad. Cam put his bag strap on his shoulders and with one great leap, was on the top of a tree. He began jumping from tree to tree towards his camp. Maybe there was action on Gavin.

Kaszire watched silently from the shadows knowing secretly one of his people was at this
so called hearing waiting for the perfect moment to strike ending the deliberations.
Kaszire eyed the crowded room full of all kinds of races suspiciously; a saurian could be
anyone of them in disguise. Kaszire was not one for peace per say just did not want the
human race to be annulated, either way he knew he was going to be pulled into things
being an assassin and all, Kaszire knew he could not say that he did not do his part to
start all this.

The hearing looked as if it was about to close, the Chancellor stood at the podium with a
new gavel in his hand having broke the previous one, he banged his gavel three times
bringing quiet to the room, "Thank you all who've come here; it is my judgment
that..." He never got the chance to finish whatever he was about to say. Kaszire had
been watching with mild interest actually starting to relax a bit having not seen the
assassin that he was told was here and thought he had been misinformed when high in the
rafters of the room he saw the glint of steel focusing in on its target.

Kaszire had only moments to react before all was over and from that one single moment in
time all hell was going to break loose. Kaszire quickly rushed toward the podium tackling
Chancellor Haggerty as he was addressing the crowd of assembled races while
simultaneously firing his weapon as five "Onaki" hit the spot the Chancellor had
been standing just minutes before with such force it would have cut him straight down the
middle. "Onaki, were strong thin fans that when thrown are almost invisible to the
naked eye they are 5 inches long and can be fired from an Onaki gun or just basically
thrown from the hand they can only be found on the Saurian home world as they can only be
kept by them due to the extreme care they need not to dull." Those secrets
Saurians' don't give to anyone."

The reaction to the crowded room was not fast, but when they realized what was happening
all hell did break loose, Kaszire took off running after he saved the chancellor's
life in pursuit of the Saurian assassin only to be captured and put in restraints, “Who
are you and why have you tried to kill Chancellor Haggerty?" he was later asked.
Kaszire just stared blankly at the guard as if what he said did not understand him,
Kaszire would not tell anyone anything until felt it was time to talk and or until he
gathered more information on who the assassin was because his people were to stay out of
things until a decision was to be made for war or not.
Balthier saw nothing but dark, blank expressionless faces before him. He had no idea where he was or what he was doing. The last thing he could recall was a fight he had landed himself in between the australian war fleet under the command of paulette mistitude.
He continued to look around the somewhat crowded room that was filled with motionless, expressionless faces until he finally came to look apon Belthest Miradel. This woman was the ut most horrific person he had come accross during his time on earth.
She was kown to behead, torture, burn and even slowly poison any person who crossed her path.

"Belthest!!!" Balthier cried through the darkened crowd. "Blethest Miradel!!! Come forth and show yourself in plain sight!"
The crowd of darkened faces did not flinch at the empowering tone that rang through Balthiers voice and neither did Belthest Miradel. She slowly took step after step towards Balthier until she finally landed 6 feet away.

"Balthier...What have you gone and done now?" She sprayed in a mocking tone.
"Taking on the australin fleet? Invoking demons on earth? Playin hero with the chambelands daughters?"

"Belthest Miradel, Have you any other occupation besides hideous wench?!" Balthier spat in disgust. " Why have you taken me here? Hae i wronged you in some way?" He added with a hint of trouble.

"Balthier has it not occured to you to scan these people? No? Well if you had you would have been able to tell that each one of these magnificent people are a member of the triatie clan and we all know what powers members of the triatie clan have dont we?" She said almost smiling.

Balthier took a moment to scan the surrounding population and found that Belthest was not lying, each one of these people belonged to a certain faction of triatie clan. i/ no worries i/ he thought to himself i/ i can handle a few hundred members of the triatie clan.

With this final thought Balthier raised his right arm over his head facing right up to the sky and without warning swung it down again causing a clash of thunder and numerous bolts of lightning to haude accross the people gathered infront of him.

Many scattered searching for shelter and protection from the lightning but many were caught in the blasts and burnt to crisp.

"Balthier!!!!!" Scresmed Belthest " How dare you invoke the elements around me! You are not playing with children here my child. Now its my turn to show you exactly how powerfull the elements can be"

With this she expanded her arms either side of her and in one foul gesture she swung them forth toward balthier. Nothing happend at first whoch caused Balthier to chuckle, however his chukling was cut short when wisps of wind trailed from behind Belthest, these wisps became Breezes which in turn became gusts until finally they had formed to 12 foot tornados. One either side of Belthest herself.......(TO BE CONTINUED GUYS, LATE FOR WORK)
(Sorry for the delay. Serious case of writer's block and a head cold.)


That was the only word to describe what was happening right before Spurlock's eyes. The Council room erupted in a series of screams and crashing chairs as people scurried to find cover. A few of the more brazen of the races scanned the surroundings to find the failed assassin.

The moment the knife struck the wall behind the Chancellor, Ambassador Spurlock rushed over to the man and placed her body over his. The Federacy guards went straight for the doors, searching for the assailant while other formed a protective circle around them. Commander Creely quickly slid next to them as the Chancellor struggled to get up from underneath his cover.

"By the Gods, if you had anything-" Creely said through gritted teeth hunched over his mentor.

"Although questioning my motives is understandable considering our history, I seriously doubt this is the time or place." Spurlock stared straight into the Commander's suspicious gaze, waiting for her words to sink in. With one hand braced over the Chancellor's back, she motioned with her free hand to his personal guards. Her voice was hushed but harsh when she whispered, "Creely, you must give them the order, I do not have the authority to."

Commander Creely blinked several times before coming out his angry haze. "Guards, get Chancellor Haggerty into the safe room. NOW."

Before Creely finished the last of his command, Spurlock found herself pushed aside the six Federacy guards grabbed the Chancellor under his arms and escorted him out of the chaotic room through a secret panel door. She didn't see his feet touch the ground once.

A rough hand gripped her forearm, turning her to face the commander's sneer. There was little doubt in her mind that the Anom thought she had something to do the attempted assassination. The newly forming bruise around her bandage was warning to be on her guard. Spurlock couldn't help but feel more annoyed than scared. That wound had just started to heal.

"Do not move from this place. I will have guards bring you back to your room."

"How very generous of you." The false compliment wasn't lost on either of them.

He pulled her closer, bringing Spurlock nearly nose to nose. "I will prove you had something to do with this if its the last thing I do." Before she could respond, the Anom commander forcefully let her go and walked away.

"Hunting those that hunt you, eh Creely?" She questioned softly to herself. Reaching into the sleeve of her robes, Spurlock lightly handled the sharp points of the Onaki fan she'd found near the falling place of the Chancellor. The weapon of a hired assassin. " 'All warfare is based on deception.' "

Out of the corner of her eye she spotted the young captain who had spoken before the Council earlier approach. Much to Spurlock's concealed surprise the captain stopped in front of her and saluted. "Captain Foster, at your service ma'am. I am here to escort you back to your room."
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Ciya escorted the ambassador through crowded halls. People were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It was annoying. Ciya did her best to keep patient but when she noticed her own men participating in the chaotic disorder she ignored her current task of leading the Ambassador back to her quarters. “What the hell do you think you're doing?” She yelled as she walked with her usual stride that demanded respect. Her men stood at attention.

“Ma'am!” Sorrel called acting as the only one Ciya ever listened to for an excuse. “We've been ordered to look for the assassin.”

“And what makes you think you're making any headway like this?” She glared at him and put her hands on her hips. He didn't answer. “Alright, listen up- I want a group down in the west side, another scanning any and all exits in the south. You men go scan the rooms. The persons in suspect might be hiding to wait for things to die down.” Ciya didn't bother to stop when the ambassador casually walked up behind her with a look that told her she was slightly surprised but impressed with the way she handled things. Instead, Ciya stopped another platoon altogether and began barking orders at them as well. “You idiot's had best shape up. Check the rafters. Does anyone know what race he is? Someone had best find out. Each group would act differently.”

“It was a Saurian Assassin.” The ambassador replied as she pulled out the Saurian trademark weapon.

“Onaki...” Ciya said as she left the others to do as she had ordered.

“That's right.” Ciya cursed and slipped the thin fan blades into her a hidden pocket on her jacket. She looked at the ambassador- both giving each other a look. “What will you do next?”

“Take you back to your quarters and inform the Chancellor what this means.” She said- still using her authoritative tone. “Come on.” She said and hurried off.

“Captain Foster.” A mans voice called from behind. Ciya spun around to see yet another superior. She quickly went through formalities- though it was stupid considering what was going on.

“Yes sir?”

“We've got ourselves a Saurian Assassin. He's not talking and I've been informed of your skills in interrogation.” Ciya looked over at Ambassador Spurlock and then back at her superior. He glared at the woman beside her before looking at her. “I need you to find out what you can get out of him.”

“Yes Sir. I'll finish with this task and be there right away. Though might I suggest we continue looking for other possible suspects?” She asked.

“You're suggestions aren't required. Just follow the orders given to you.”

Ciya tightened her fist but nodded and spun around. “Right this way, Ambassador.” She said through clenched teeth. When she was far enough away Ciya whispered something under her breath about the man which would most definitely get her in trouble were he to hear it. The Ambassador, suprisingly chuckled.
“He has that effect on people.” She replied. Ciya didn't say anything as she closed the 'door' to the ambassador's cell- quarters. Whatever. The woman wasn't staying in the ritz. It was clear she'd done something wrong. If she had time for small chat she might have asked her what she'd done.

“Please sit tight. Someone will be here to ensure your 'protection' in a bit” Ciya spun around and strode down the hall. She cracked her knuckles as she approached the interrogation cell- which wasn't too far off from Spurlock. She looked down in her nail bed. Who knew the Havian race produced a strange oil that secreted certain hormones into the blood stream. All she had to do was scratch someone to get them to talk. Of course... each race was different and for some she had to bring them near death for the truth oil to take effect. She hoped the Saurian race wasn't one of the difficult ones. She didn't much care for torturing. Of course... the Havis people... her biological fathers people, were quite comfortable in their use of torture. She'd have to be careful not to get carried away.
Derrick jumped up, weapons ready. After ensuring the safety of most of the Ambassadors and Chairmen, he and the other Jovans got updated on the situation. Apparently, the would-be assassin was a Saurian, one of the few species who chose not to attend the meeting. Well, I guess one decided to anyway, Derrick thought to himself.

He went to check on the Chancellor, and was met by Ciya.

"They have the Saurian Assailant in custody," she told him. He nodded. He figured in a top-security place such as this, that any assailant would be hard pressed to escape. He wanted to talk to the Saurian himself, but knew that would never happen.

"Are you alright?" he asked Ciya. She nodded, clearly not expecting Derrick to be concerned with the well-being of others when a fight arose. He smiled to himself.


"It's just that I know how people look at the Jovans as a fighting race only. So most people don't think us very concerned with others. But that was our ancestors."

"Well, it's good to know your better than your ancestors."
When Cam returned to camp he found the grounds ravaged. He sat on a thick branch of a tree and surveyed the camp. There were 4 bodies on the floor. He recognized them as his teamates. He looked over the bodies not caring to check if they were alive and scanned for his golden-haired Commander.

Toward the corner of camp he spotted Rolik. The Commander was leading an attack team against several large beast with wild fur. Their three claws were a dirty yellow and the legnth of swords. Behind the beast were pale, bald men, covered in tattoos.
the men had guns aimed at Rolik and the rest of his squad. The squad was doing good but they were out-weaponed. How could a simple recon mission go so wrong?

Cam had to act fast to save his squad. He jumped from the tree and landed, claws first, onto the face of one of the Shooters. The man yelled an inaudible curse word as Cam's claws dug deeper into his face. At least one Shooter had to be alive for interrogation, but it wouldn't be that one.

"Kill at that thing!" one of the Shooters screamed pointing at the ground were Cam had just landed. Cam took the gun from the dead Shooter and began firing at the rest of them. Several Shooters hit the ground dying instantly from head shots. It was one of the few lessons Cam learned from the assassins he came across as a criminal "aim to kill".

In a short time the squad had been able to overtake the Shooters." 9 dead. 5 seriously injured. 3 captured and are being imterrogated as we speak." Rolik made his report through his Federate Communicator.

The beast they were using were killed and Cam had already removed their claws to form a new sword. Cam also managed to stuff some of the illegal weaponry into his bag while the squad was healing. "Make sure you tell the General how much I kicked ass back there.

"One soldier dead on our side. A Corporal Lenth. 8 injured, but they'll survive." Rolik shot Cam a disdainful look but kept talking as though he didn't even hear Cam. Suddenly the Commanders face hardened. "What! Is he okay? A Saurian, are you sure!"

"What is it now?" Cam said. He slung his bag over his shoulder. He had changed into a gray t-shirt and loose fitting black pants. He was wearing a long sleave black leather jacket.

"Yes sir. We're on our way." Rolik ignored him again and put down the communicator.

"Well ...." Cam begun "What the hell happened!"

"Chancellor Haggerty's been shot."
Ami'ter crouched low to the ground as a patrol marched by her. The trees hid her from view, only barely, but she would take no chances. Beside her rested the young wolf-like animal which had recently attached itself to her. It bore no name yet, but already the two moved like a partnership. As Ami'ter began to think about moving, the dog sensed her wish and slowly raised itself from its laying position, listening and scenting before stepping cautiously forward.

Irritated but not suicidal, Ami let the huge animal tiptoe itself into a less covered area and then followed when the coast was proved clear. Out of habit, the woman let her hand rest gently on the dog's head as she caught up to him. They walked together along an unnoticeable path following the Ter River until the two landmarks parted.

"Wait." Ami whispered and the dog froze at the warning in her tone.

A crack sounded behind them. The unnamed wolf raised a lip in warning. A whistle sounded as a bullet barely missed its mark on Ami'ter's forehead as she whipped around and dropped to a crouch. Staying low, she pulled out a handgun and began shooting toward the source of the threat. After seeing her to safety, the dog began to hold his ground, challenging the shooters. Ami half-hid behind a small piece of scrub and fired rapidly, reloaded, and continued to fire.

The others' fire stopped suddenly and Ami stopped shooting, recalling the animal.
“Damn, how did I get myself into this in the first place?” Kaszire thought to himself. “I’m a fool to have thought I could prevent all this from happening, but at least I found her again. Of all our talks we never talked about our names, and that night we spent together was wonderful.” He looked around this room they placed him in with hand cuffs on, it was plain with nothing he could use for a way to open the door. Kaszire was surprised there was a bed.

“They’ll be sending someone in to interrogate me, and that’s when I’ll make my move I don’t want to kill anyone, but if I have to…” Kaszire did not dwell on that last thought it would only make things worse, and he was not getting paid to kill anyone so that would only be a last resort the only one he was going to kill if he got the chance would be the fool who disobeyed his orders on not interfering in the deliberations.

There was noise coming from outside from what Kaszire could see the guards were saluting someone, and moving to the side so that the person could pass. The woman Kaszire saw was much shorter then he was with blue eyes, and differing shades of violet going to black hair that was cut short, she was lean in build, but strong . “Hmm…she doesn’t look all that bad, kinda cute actually.” Kaszire thought. “I don’t have a lot of time on my hands.” The woman said looking at Kaszire. “Who paid you to kill the Chancellor Haggerty?” She said as she sat in the chair opposite Kaszire.

Kaszire stared at her, something about her didn’t sit well with him, and so, he took a different tack then normal. “I didn’t try to kill him, if I wanted him dead he would have been.” Kaszire said seriously. “You’re lying, if you didn’t try to kill him then where did this come from?” The woman said pulling out the Onaki from of her pants. “What is your name?” Kaszire asked stalling for time until he could get a better feel for how to take her out without harming her…much.

“My name is Ciya.” She replied placing the Onaki on the table in front of them both. Kaszire had been using one of his bones that he extended until it was just small enough to pull out with his hands while he had been talking to Ciya, and not Kaszire’s hands were free. “Do you think you could get someone to take these cuffs off me really need to go to the restroom.” Kaszire said sincerely looking at Ciya. “Answer my question first Assassin.” Ciya said staring coldly at Kaszire.

Letting out a long breathe Kaszire said, “I wasn’t trying to kill the Chancellor, I was…” Kaszire did not finish because as he was talking to was positioning the same piece of bone that he had used to free his hands toward a corner of the room, and flicked it causing a relatively loud sound in the otherwise quite room making Ciya look over in that direction momentarily giving Kaszire the time he needed to make his move to incapacitate her.

Ciya turned only slightly and within that time Kaszire threw the table up toward the wall knocking the Onaki to the floor Ciya jumped up then in one fluid movement he pulled out another bone six inches long then sweeping low knocked her feet from under her making her land on her stomach, quick like a cat Kaszire pounced, but found his prey was already on the move. Ciya jumped right back up ready to fight it seemed Kaszire picked the wrong woman to try to take out quickly.

Ciya went for her guns that were in their holsters on her legs, but Kaszire did not give her time for that because he was back on her. He moved forward slashing at her with his bone knife making her retreat. Ciya went on the attack performing a perfect roundhouse kick that sent the blade Kaszire had in his hand flying to the floor.

“Damn, you’re good.” Kaszire exclaimed thoroughly impressed. “Heh thanks.” Ciya said readying another attack. Kaszire and Ciya circled each other then Ciya threw a punch that was caught easily by Kaszire, but when he went to apply pressure she moved forward taking his hand that held her’s and flipped him over her on his back she went again for her guns that rested in their holsters given a moment of respite for an attack only to be caught in the stomach by a foot. The force of the kick knocked her to the wall, and to her knees gasping for breath.

Kaszire was up on his feet again in no time. “…Kill…me…and…you’ll…..never get out of here.” Ciya said between breaths taking in lung fulls of air as if it would be her last. “I wouldn’t dream of killing you, I would like to fight you again, but well I need to get out of here so…I don’t suppose if I left you conscious you would stay quiet now would you?” Kaszire asked sarcastically while judging how much force he should use.

“I’ll…” Ciya never go to finish what she was saying because Kaszire knocked her out cold. “Sorry sweetheart I couldn’t take the chance.” Kaszire said picking up the Onaki, and the bone he’d used to get out of the hand cuffs.

Looking out of the door Kaszire could see that Ciya must have sent the guards that were placed there away. “No wonder we weren’t interrupted during our fight.” Kaszire said under his breathe while glancing back at Ciya as she lay there on the floor looking peaceful all except for the bit of red that was showing on her lip.

“Damn, woman you fight well, I might have to come back to offer you a position with the Saurian’s.” Kaszire said as he checked to make sure she was breathing. After making sure she was breathing he made his way out of the room cautiously. The sound of boots could be heard down the hall, he couldn’t see which direction they were coming form but he knew he did not want to be there when they came. Moving as fast and as quiet as he could Kaszire went to a nearby door, he tried to open it only to find it was locked, and the foot falls of the boots were getting closer, quickly taking the Onaki he acquired from Ciya he placed it in the groove of the manual lock breaking the lock easily.

Upon entering the room Kaszire can see the familiar settings as was in his previous room with one big difference sitting on the edge of the bed was some ten feet from him was his reason for trying to save the human race, and the Chancellor. B.J. Spurlock was just relaxing on the bed trying to get her head around all the things that just happened. “Chancellor Haggerty was almost assassinated today, what the hell is going on?” She said to herself. “A Saurian assassin... it can’t be him, he left me the night I shared myself with him. THAT BASTARD!” The sound of the door startled her out of her thoughts, and toward who she would have to talk to now, the person she saw made her blood boil.

Kaszire turned to see B.J. sitting on the bed a look of shock played across his face, not knowing what else to do he took a step forward wanting to do nothing more then embrace her, but the time they had together was long ago. Stepping into the room Kaszire closed the door behind him making sure it was firmly shut.

A fist collided with his face making his world go hazy, instantly he was on the defense trying to put as much distance between himself, and B.J., she on the other hand was a fury of punches hitting him all over, but he dare not raise a hand against her because even though so much time had passed he still loved her.

“Wait, stop, and give me a chance…” Kaszire was saying in-between getting punched in the chest face and neck. B.J. Spurlock was not going to give him a chance at anything. “You bastard, you dare show your face here again after you left me that night!” She said as she continually baraiding him with punches. Kaszire began to dodge all her punches thus making her even angrier then she started trying to kick him performing round houses, and shuffle side kicks, she caught him with an unexpected side kick that sent him reeling around then she swept low knocking him to the ground, and only after planting an elbow in his chest did she finally begin to breathe again giving Kaszire his chance to make her understand some of what happened the night he left her.

Kaszire seized this moment, and grabbed her by the wrist straddling her mid section forcing her hands above her head. “B.J. it’s not what you think, I didn’t come here to assassinate anyone, there is another of my kind here. I’m only here to stop this from happening, and I’ve done what I’ve set out to do. Why do you fight me like this?” Kaszire asked with a note of sadness to his voice. “Because you’re a bastard that’s why! LET…ME…GO!” She said struggling to get his weight off of her. B.J. managed to raise her hands up off the ground only to have Kaszire pin them back by applying more weight. “B.J. look, I know I left you that night, but there are reasons for all of this, do you think I really wanted to leave you that night? What we shared was sacred to me. I only left because I had to, if I didn’t they would have killed you, and that was something I couldn’t let happen. I loved you B.J., I still love you.” Kaszire said looking into her eyes.

For half a second he saw the look of the girl he once knew who he met after she was taking time away on a vacation from all her worries. It was only half a second. Pain erupted in Kaszire’s forehead blinding him with pain, B.J. Head butted him. “If you loved me so much you would have tried to make some sort of contact! You would have been there when our baby died, but you weren’t!” She said with venom. Kaszire was still suffering from pain, but those last words hurt him far worse then any punch, kick, or weapon. “Our…baby?” Kaszire said letting the words slowly sink into his head. “Our baby died? When did this happen? How?” Kaszire asked desperately.

“Why does it matter now?” B.J. replied. “You weren’t there then, and the only reason you come back is to save the Chancellor, which I think is a lie.” She hissed. “It’s not a lie B.J.; I honestly just wanted to keep things from being worse for the humans.” He insisted.

“B.J. I didn’t do this, you have to believe me.” Kaszire pleaded. “Well, if you didn’t do this then who did?” She asked inquisitively. “It was one of my disciples; he’s taken it upon himself to advance things in this war, after being told we were not to be involved until after it was clear all talks for peace were over.” Kaszire explained.

“Well, it doesn’t matter anyway, in their eye’s I’m already guilty, and Commander Creely is going to do all he can to make sure I’m executed.” B.J. said conversationally. “How about we help each other, now before you disagree, I admit that I should have found some way to contact you, but I just didn’t want any harm to come to you.” Kaszire said with love in his eyes.

There was a moments hesitation in B.J.’s response she seemed to be going over things in her head, but finally she said, “I…I’ll go with you.”

Kaszire smiled at her liking the feel of it on his lips something he had not done since the last time they were together. His smile did not last long. “How do you suppose we’re going to get out of here?” Kaszire questioned finally releasing B.J. from the floor.

She stood rubbing her wrists then said, “Well, That’ll take convincing of another person.” She replied with a sly smile.

“Who?” Kaszire said already on his feet moving toward the door. “Ciya Foster-Captain of the Forces.” B.J. explained. "I sense she's not happy with the Federation."

“Hmm…I see, well, that might be a little problematic B.J. I had to fight her to get her, but I didn’t hurt her too bad, just put her to sleep.” Kaszire said displaying his best innocent smile his could muster.

“Then we best go see how she is doing.” B.J. said starting out of the door cautiously.
And so, the two escape hoping to convince Ciya to helping with their cause. But, with guard on high alert for the failed assassination murdered, the team may have no one to trust.

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