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2 girls are in need of getting out of a locked church before there captor finds them.
[Introduction] Ok, 2 girls, Allina and Mayella are stuck in a church while their parents are out getting coffee. Allina is 23 and Mayella is 20. The night is al right, except for the fact that they are not alone. A very creepy (trust me), bad ( evil almost) man is after them. They only have until 11:30pm to get out of the church. They need to puzzle out all the random clues that they find laying around the church and get out, before this evil guy finds them.
Allina and Mayella have just said good bye to there parents. While there parents go out for coffee, the 2 girls help with the cleaning, as it is there family's month to do so. They are about half way through, when they notice a strange man looking at them. He looks about 6 feet, balding, and is about 45 maybe 50 years old. As he walks away the girls stare at each other for about 3 minutes, and then finish their cleaning. As they are walking to the door they see the man again, and notice as he walks away, his shoes squeak. Now when Allina and Mayella reach the doors, they find that they're locked. They go around to the back doors, and they're locked as well. Allina normally has a set of keys with her, but cannot find them in her purse. As Allina closes her purse, a thunderstorm sets in. With nothing to do they sit down and think of what they are going to do. About 5 minutes later there is a loud crack of lighting and the lights go out a half a second later.
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"Ummm, Allina? Tell me that we're just experiencing technical difficulties, please," Mayella said. "Uh, hate to break it to ya, but I think the power's out, May," Mayella smacked her forehead. "Fun. Well, screw cleaning, let's get outta here. This place is so big it gives me the creeps when it's dark and unpopulated." Mayella said. "Sure thing." Allina answered. They groped their way to the doors and Allina pulled. "Uh oh," she muttered. "What?" Mayella asked. "We're locked in." Mayella nodded. "Well then, we're alone." Mayella tugged on Allina's sleeve. "Wait- did bald guy leave?" Allina gulped. "Nope." Mayella sighed. "Then we're stuck here with a scary bald guy. what's the worst that could happen?" Well, the girls were about to find out.
Once they turned from the doors, they herd a squeaking sound come from above them. They were too scared to move, but looked up on to a balcony clearing on the second floor. " Oh, shit." Allina whispered trying to keep her voice low. "What?" Mayella asked not knowing to keep her voice down. All Allina did was point up to the balcony clearing, waiting for Mayella to see.....him. "What are you pointing at Ally? I don't-" As soon as Mayella's eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could see the faint, outline of a man. He was staring right at them. After a moment or 2 of silence Mayella asked, "So what are we going to do?" She started to whisper now knowing they were in some kind of danger. "Run." Was her answer and both girls headed to the closest bathroom. They both knew they weren't going to be safe there forever, but it was ok for now. Panting Mayella half collapses by the sinks and Allina leans against a section of wall. " Geese May, you sound like you ran a 800 relay." Mayella turned and stared at her laughing friend. " Very funny Ally." Mayella replied. " How long do you think we'll be safe in here?" " I don't know. Possibly for a while, until the guy knows for sure that were in here." " That doesn't help are time much." Mayella commented. " No, it doesn't May, but we can't help that." Allina answered, wondering how they were going to escape. " HEY!" Mayella yelled. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." May, don't yell, he'll here you." Allina stressed trying not to raise her own voice. " Sorry, but I can up with something." Mayella responded. "Yes. What is it?" " Do you still have your cell phone?" Allina searched her bag. Yes, yes I do. She held up a cherry red SamSung. "Whats your thought?" "Call your parents and see if they can come unlock the church doors for us. If they ask why, tell them the truth....you lost your keys." Mayella told her. After that Allina flipped open her phone and hit the number 4 on her speed dial. The phone rang twice trying to connect with her mom's cell, then her phone stopped. "What the." Allina said confused. "Oh thats just perfect!" She yelled. "What Ally? What happened?" Mayella asked her. Allina turned and looked at Mayella and said, " My phone's out of battery."
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Mayella slapped a hand to her forehead. "Allina, I swear one of these days I am going to hurt you." Allina gave her The Look. "Just saying. But anyway, how are we going to get out of here now?" Allina shrugged her shoulders. Mayella heaved herself upward to sit on the counter. hey, there's a note or something here. You still have that mini flashlight?" she said. Allina took it out, and it omitted a faint ray of light. It was a note for them.
"I know your situation- there is little I can do, but give you these instructions. There is one opening. find it and you can get out. Your trapped with an evil man. I will be watching. Good Luck." Allina sighed. Mayella nudged her with her elbow. "What now?" Mayella asked. "It's just like Phantom of the Opera . . ." Allina daydreamed. Mayella hit her hand to her forehead again. "Yep, we're screwed."
"You don't have to be so skeptical and annoyed May." Allina said while laughing. Even in this bad situation, Allina found some enjoyment, even if it meant laughing at her friend. "Whatever Ally." May replied. "Who do you think this note is from?" "I have no idea May." "I thought we were the only ones in here."Allina retorted. " And the creepy bald guy." She added quickly after. "Wait a minute!" Mayella exclaimed. "What if the 'evil' man as the person put it, was the person who wrote this note?" "Oh there you go again, being skeptical and cautious, but yeah I guess, you never know." Allina replied knowing that the evil man was a suspect in with whoever wrote the note. "So what do we do now?" Mayella asked. " I have no idea May." "All I know is we can't stay in this bathroom hideaway forever." "The guy who's after us has too much time now, so he most likely has started searching for us in every unlocked room.........If there are any." Allina explained. After being in the bathroom for what seemed like and hour or 2, they finally opened the door and looked out with the flashlight. They didn't see anybody, so they stepped out and started walking. There was no sound, well except the thunder outside, but the storm really doesn't matter, what mattered right now is that the girls find another hiding place, and fast.
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"Quick, over here," Mayella whispered, towing her friend to one of the rooms used for children. "This one's unlocked." she tugged on the handle. "Or not." "Quick! We can't be seen by the guy!" Mayella pulled every door in sight. finally, one opened and she pulled her friend inside. They didn't know that the worst was yet to come.
"Where are we?" Allina asked Mayella. "I don't- Wait I think I do." Mayella replied. "You know the farm house room we always clean?" "Yeah." "Well, this is it." "Fun." Allina retorted. "So do you think he's checked this room already?" "I haven't the slightest clue." Mayella responded. "Hey, another note!" Allina turned to where Mayella was pointing and went to pick up the piece of paper. "Ok May, here's what it says:
"'Hi, sorry about the brief intro, but the evil man
is getting frustrated. He didn't think two teenage
Girls would be hard to catch. Just stay calm
and find your way to the next room.'"

"Oh fun!" Mayella cried. "This is totally perfect." "First being locked in a church. Next the lights going off. Then after that we see this 'evil' man and hide for an hour in a bathroom. Then, we find the first note, which doesn't give us any information, EXCEPT about another guy who is supposedly helping us. Then we are hiding in here and find another note about a warning. I think this guy is either the evil one, or is an accomplice." Mayella broke down from there. She sat on the floor and cried. Allina rushed over to comfort her, which took several minutes. But what truly shut up Mayella was the squeaking foot steps slowly approaching the room. The girls looked at each other in scared shock.
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Mayella split. Her nerves were getting the best of her and it was uncool. Maybe she whispered to Allina to follow her, maybe not. But at any point, she found herself alone in the hallway. Even more not cool. And even worse, the squeaky footsteps were right behind her.
"Mayella!" Allina yelled while turning in a circle trying to find her friend. "Why did she run?" Allina asked herself. It was normal for Mayella to get overly scared, but her running away while an evil man was after then was, well, unlike her. After turning for a few good minutes Allina fell to the floor in dizziness. She laughed out loud at her realization of being on the floor. But that suddenly ended when she heard faint steps running toward her. thinking it was Mayella, she yelled, "Over here, May!" And got up off the floor. As the figure came closer, the outline didn't look like Mayella, but a taller, more manly looking figure. "Oh shit!" Allina exclaimed and ran. As she ran the foot steps got softer and softer. Then they were no longer hears. At this Allina stopped running and panted from running so fast. "I............must....................never..............do..............that........again." She said to herself while trying to ketch her breath. When she stood in an upright position, she took in the some what see able scenery. It was a baby nursery. "Fun." Allina said aloud. She had always wanted a child, but could never find the one special guy. Then all of a sudden she was pinned to the ground. She was about to yell, when a unfamiliar voice rand in her right ear, "Don't scream or you'll get us both caught." It said. "I saw you girls slit up, so I decided to find one of you and help." "Now, all I need are a few answers answered, and I'll let you go." "I am giving you nothing until I become free." Allina remarked angrily. For one, she and Mayella got split up. two, she is now pinned hard on the ground by a guy she doesn't know. And to top it all off the same guy wants answers and thinks she's going to cooperate. "I'll let you go if you promise not to run." The voice said. "I'll only run if you give me a reason to." Allina replied. With that the mystery man let her go. "Now before I answer any of your questions." Allina said with a forced calm. " You have to answer one of mine." "Who are you?" "My name is Erik, and I have been trying to help you." The man replied. "By leaving unhelpful notes!." Allina exclaimed. Fat chance that was help." "I understand they weren't helpful. I was writing them as I went." Erik replied. "Oh thanks a lot." "Now." Erik said disregarding Allina's reply. "What is your name, and why are you and your friend here?" Allina stared at Erik for a while before answering him. "My name is Allina, and my friend, the one who ran, is Mayella. We are trapped in there, because our parents went out for coffee. We apparently got locked in by the evil man. By the way, why are you here, and how is this evil man, evil?" Allina told him. "I always stay in the church. I have my own hiding place under it. The man I warned you about is evil because he is a murdering rapist who goes after cleaning ladies in big churches." Erik replied. "You know what, Erik. I'm going to go fine my friend. Thanks for the information, Mayella will enjoy it so very much." As Allina turned to go, Erik grabbed her arm and said, "Not without me you aren't." Allina turned her head and stared at him angrily. How dare he tell her she can't take care of herself by only a few, unsaid, but implied words. "What I mean is, I know they way out of the church, and your going to need the guidance." With that Allina let out a long groan and motioned Erik to follow her.
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Mayella was not good at thinking on her feet. She knew that. Kids at school would taunt her for some stupid reason, and then the next day she would come up with a good response. Well, right now she was feeling similar uselessness. She was frozen with fear, cornered in a little kids room with an evil guy (come to think of it she didn't even know how he was evil . . .was he Elmo or something?) in a dark locked church with, apparently, only one opening. Great. Funtastic. Suddenly Mayella had an idea. With a slight screech, she wheeled around and flashed one of her soccer moves, slamming her feet, neatly dressed in semi-uncomfortable platfrom heels, into his gut, and then to his cortch. The guy groaned and fell to the floor and Mayella ran. Oh yeah, she ran. She had never been a good runner, she could barely run for a full seven and a half minutes that they had had her do in gym last year. Suddenly, she tripped. What the hell? What had she tripped over? Then a familiar ray of light shone. "Allina?" she whispered. It was Allina with her tiny flashlight. And with her was a guy. What the hell? A guy? How did Allina manage to get guys, having two boyfriends and Mayella only having one close to a relationship but not yet one. Grr. "So, All, who's the newest guy?" she asked, a note of sarcasm in her voice. "May," Allina answered with an unnoticable (to anyone but Mayella) note of warning. "This is erik, he ummm, sort of lives under the church." Mayella fought back the overwhelming urge to laugh. "Bitter, bitter irony," she whispered, then recieved a smack on the shoulder from Allina. Her uncanny way of attracting guys was unfair.
As Allina told Mayella all she knew, Erik was pacing back and forth on a newly hurt ankle. "You shouldn't do that." Allina said noticing him. Erik stopped pacing and paused to look at her. "I know, I'm just worried." He said. "Well since your here to help us Erik-." Mayella started, "Get us out of here." Allina gave her a 'what the heck is your problem' look and turned away from Mayella. Mayella noticed this and mumbled 'don't look at me funny. I'm not the one attracting guys.' "Ouch!" Mayella screamed. Allina heard her and tried to punch her 'playfuly', but ended up punching with force. "Will you girls stop it." Erik commanded, trying to be sincere. "One split up and you girls are fighting all of a sudden. geese I'm glad I don't have any sisters." Mayella shut up, but what Erik said left Allina dumb founded. She never took kindly to those who thought, or implied that they were above anyone, stereotype or not. "Just lead the way." Mayella told him noticing Allina's face.

As they walked Mayella got a little casual with Erik, and started talking to him. Allina stayed in the back, still upset about what he said. "She never lets bad words go easily." She heard Mayella say. "It's not her fault, it's just how her mom made her." That brought back memories of her family as a little girl:

She used to live in England with her parents and two older siblings. Every one was happy, there were hardly ever family related issues, everything seemed to be perfect. Then the day came where Allina's mom went ballistic. Apparently Allina had a birth defect she though, because her ears started to point at the top. Her mother saw this as a way to hurt Allina. So everyday that her siblings went to school, and daddy was at work, her so called mom would toucher and punish Allina when she thought it was needed. After a while Allina was only five at the time, and didn't understand why mommy did suck things. Had she done something wrong? Her dad would always ask her why she looked sad, but all Allina did was force a convincing smile and say "It' ok I'm ok." See, she still got to learn, she just had to be home schooled. Her mom didn't allow going out of the house in her 'condition.' But one day Allina's father secretly stayed home. He hid in the basement, where no one went during the day, and heard his wife and daughter through the ventilation shafts-clearly. From that day on, she no longer had a mom. until Allina and her father fell in love with a maid that worked for them. She was so kind to the family, especially Allina, to where the whole family loved her. She would always say- "Allina!"

Allina woke up from her day dream and looked around the room confused. Then she remembered where she was, and who she was with. "What it is May?" She asked. "Where here." Was her only reply.
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Mayella talked casually with Erik, still wary but trying to get to know him, for Allina's sake. She tried to get along with all of her boyfriends, but they all irked her in some ways, one way or another.
Happy to see that Mayella was trying to get along with Erik, Allina smiled. Yeah sure she had just met Erik, but it felt like she had known him her whole life. He also looked familiar. He lives under the church, so maybe he's been to the sermons before. "So where are we exactly?" Allina asked. "We are approaching my living quarters under the church." Erik replied. "We should be there soon." Soon did not come soon. They spent over twenty minutes walking down the hallway. Allina and Mayella dropped back a few pases to whisper to one another. 'I'm getting worried Ally." Mayella told her. "This walk is taking forever. What if it's really a trap and he's really the murdering rapist with different, none squeaky shoes, on ?" Allina could sense the worried look on Mayella face as well as hear it in her voice, so she knew she had to be careful, because she could be right. She was some of the time. Allina finally replied with, "I know May. I am too. You could be right." After Allina said that Erik suddenly stopped and looked at the girls with a strange look on his face.
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Mayella always reacted without thinking. The moment Erik turned around she slapped him. Hard. It was an involuntary reaction, but till. "May!" Allina whispered fiercely. "Sorry," Mayella whispered. Erik sat up and looked at her. "Ow. What the hell was that for?" Mayella didn't have time to answer. Because at that moment Allina realized what was behind them, and she screamed.
Suddenly Allina felt a cold hard hand cover her mouth, and another hand jab her hands behind her bath. She also heard a angry, sharp voice yell to Erik and Mayella, "If you don't want her dead, I expect you two to obey my orders!" Allina looked at Mayella's scared face and looked at Erik's. She was shocked to see he was faking a scared look. She could tell that he was angry and clam at the same time. Allina started to wonder about that and hoped she could get a chance to ask him about his expressions. After being in the same position over five minutes the evil man commanded again, "Follow me o- "I heard you." Erik said trying to sound scared. "We will follow all your commands." Mayella looked at Erik in disbelief. He turned to her and motioned to follow the evil man in the 'I know what I'm doing, just trust me' look. Mayella was still not sure and looked at Allina. Allina had the same facial expression. So Mayella said, "Lead the way, sir." And the evil man picked up Allina and slung her over his shoulder, not thinking that they would converse, and turned and started walking.
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Mayella walked silently next to Erik. Her knees were shaking and her hands were trembling. Why did this have to happen to her? WHy? She could only decide one thing: Fate was a cruel and unusual punishment. But for what? Mayella glanced at Allina's scared face again. What was her best friend thinking? Mayella would probably have been thinking along the lines of we're all going to die, we're all going to die, we're all going to die, but Allina seemed strangely calmed than she would if it were any other situations, which Mayella cared not to go into detail about, even in her head, where there were no such boundaries. She looked at Erik. What was he thinking? She could never tell, his face seemed never to change. He reminded her of Sesshomaru, on her favorite anime, though she couldn't picture erik with long silvery hair, purple face markings, and kimono, a few really sharp, really big swords, and a big fluffy pelt over one shoulder. Sesshomaru, for reasons yet unexplained in the episodes of the anime Mayella had already seen, was usually devoid of all emotion, though he had an adoptive ward named Rin that he brought back from the dead, and he was always trying to kill his half-brother, Inuyasha, for a sword that their father had left him in his grave, which had been inside a pearl in Inuyasha's eye. For some reason thinking about anime was soothing to Mayella. Anime was interesting, stuff that would never happen in real life. And she never knew what could happen to them right now. The man stopped in front of a door and unlocked it. What would happen to them now? Mayella certainly hoped that erik had a plan.
Once they all got out of the long hallway, Allina was now being carried up stairs onto the main floor. She slightly looked up at Erik and winked three times. Mayella looked at her and Erik in puzzlement. "What are you-" She started to mouth, but then Erik slowly withdrew a short dagger from his jacket pocket and slowly and silently walked up from behind the evil man. Before acting out-again- he turned his head toward Mayella and put a finger to his closed lips. She nodded figuring out the 'be quiet' signal and continued to stare at him. Once Erik was close enough to the evil man, he quickly bent down and stabbed the guy in the thigh. The evil man yelled out in horrified pain while dropping Allina head first over his body. She let out a terrified scream which didn't last long, because instead of hitting the ground, she was being lifted up in Erik's arms. His dagger was gone, he put Allina back on her feet, motioned for the girls to follow, and started running back the way they had came.
After running for a while, they finally stopped. Glad to have gotten away from her captor, Allina hugged Erik, tightly. "Thank you soooooooo much." She said, still hugging him. He smiled and replied, "Your welcome." And hugged her back. "Can we get a move on already?" Mayella said getting frustrated at the fact that they still were not out of the church, still in danger, and that Allina and Erik's embrace will never end. "Yeah, we better get out of here quickly." Allina agreed as she let go of Erik. "Alright then." Erik said. "Follow me." They soon reached his living quarters and to a open window that was two feet above them. Luckily there was a latter near it. Soon enough, Mayella, Allina and Erik were out side, on a strip of grass, by the parking lot.
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Mayella rolled her eyes. it was not fair. Allina ALWAYS got the guy. She climbed up the ladder in a stony silence and waited for the two of them to follow. Once in the parking lot Mayella grabbed Allina's arm. "Thanks, but we have to leave now." she said tightly. "Um, Mayella, we rode here with Jen and Jo," she said. Mayella nodded. "So we'll take the bus," Erik sighed. "The busses don't run this late. "Then we'll walk!" Mayella cried. "But May, it's too far!" Allina complained. Well, she was wearing high heels . . . "Then we'll just have to wait here." "No way!" Erik intervened. "I can't let you. Bald guy might discover a way out once his leg stops hurting," Mayella sighed. "Then what do you suppose, Mr. Smart Answer Guy?" She asked. she could feel Allina giving her The Look. "You can all come to my house and stay the night. It's not that far." Mayella snapped her head up so fast it hurt. Allina in some guy's home, a guy they hadn't even known for a whole day? And at night no less? Mayella closed her eyes. Allina was giving her the puppy dog face. There wasn't any way Mayella was going to win this argument.
So they walked 2 blocks to Erik's small house. 'Waite!" Allina suddenly remembered. "I though you lived under the church." Erik looked at her and smiled at her puzzlement. "I do." He replied. "But I also have a home of my own. I used to live under the church. Now I have a cozy home 2 blocks from it. It's not the same, but it's close enough." Allina frowned. "But that doesn't make any sense. When we passed your living quarters under the church, they look as if they were never abandoned." "She has a point." Mayella agreed. "Everything looked as if you still live there." "Thats also true." Erik started to explain again. "I go back time to time checking on everything. I mean, I just couldn't leave it all there unattended." "But couldn't you have brought it with you when you got your house?" Allina asked still confused. "No I couldn't have." Erik said. "I moved into that house unexpectedly." Now Mayella has confused. "What do you mean 'unexpectedly'?" "I mean, I had to move into that house." "Why?" "Because my older sister died, and her kids had no father, so I moved in just before she passed away to take care of them." Erik explained this to Allina and Mayella without even turning his head to look at them. Allina, no longer confused, looked at Mayella and smirked with a 'I told he was a good guy' look on her face, and continued walking.
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Mayella was really getting annoyed with Allina and Erik. Every time she meet a new guy she thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. What was it with her and guys? Oh well, Mayella only had to deal with them for one night. But something told her that Allina wasn't going let let go of him that easily.
They arrived at Erik's house in the gloomy darkness. Mayella knew it was nice and cozy the first time she saw it, but she wouldn't admit it. Now, she wondered, what her 'his' kids like . . . . .
Erik lead them into a small two bedroom, one bath house. Most of the house was decorated like a mom lived there. Seeing Allina's expression of the colored walls, furniture and paintings Erik said, "She died only a year ago. I didn't take the time to reconstruct everything." Allina nodded. "Nice living room." Mayella said as she walked into his living room from the short hallway leading to/away from the door, depending where you are standing. "So where will we be sleeping?" Allina asked suddenly yawning. Mayella looked at her shocked. "What May? I'm only sleepy?" Mayella gave her, 'I don't believe you, whatever' look and turned her view to Erik and said, "Yeah, what she asked." Well I have space in my room." Mayella looked at Allina to check her expression, Allina stayed clam. "Or you can camp out in the living room." Right away Mayella choose the living room, while Allina decided to hang out in Erik's room. Mayella did not like that decision one bit. The girls borrowed pajama's from Erik, he still had some of his sisters clothing, and, with a sleeping bag. Mayella went to sleep immediately on the living room couch. Allina laid awake on a spare bunk bed in Erik's room. As she stared at the sealing she quickly played the days events in her head. Slowly but surely she was drifting to sleep. It took about 15 minutes, but she finally turned to face Erik's bed and fell asleep.
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Mayella had trouble getting to sleep. she always did, when she wasn't in her own comfy bed. She missed their apartment with Jo and Jen, though it had only been hours since she had been there. And Allina sleeping in Erik's room didn't help her anxiety any. How did they know he wasn't the bad guy? though the chances were basically slim and none, it could still happen. How did they know that Erik wasn't a raping murderer or a child molester or something? A guy like that wouldn't be taking care of his sister's kids, her inner voice said. Shut up, Mayella told it. she really hated her inner voice at times. But somehow she knew that Erik really was okay, however, her acceptance of the fact was an entirely different thing. Having settled that dispute and not winning, Mayella finally fell asleep, dreaming of Orlando Bloom and Java milkshakes.
Allina woke up to the smell of bacon and pancakes. She rubbed her eyes while sitting up. It took her a while to remember the night before, and where she was. Then she got up and started walking. She was greeted by the sight of Mayella sitting and eating breakfast while Erik cooked. There were also to little kids at the table as well. A little boy, about 5 and a baby girl. "Oh there so cute!" Allina exclaimed knowing those were the kids Erik had talked about. "Thank you, Allina." Erik said. "Yes they are cute." Mayella agreed. "Now sit down and eat." With that Allina sat down across from Mayella and ate.
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Mayella contemplated her situation. Was it just her, or was Erik growing on her? Was he trying to warm up to her? Part of her wished he was, and the other half wanted to stay mad at him, like it had with her friend Alyson's boyfriend, Jake. she had really hated jake. Mayella finished off her pancakes and looked up. Erik and Allina were smiling at each other. Erik looked away and caught Mayella's eyes and grinned. Mayella gave him a half smile back and turned to the baby girl and the small boy. They reminded her of her cousins. Well, if Erik was good at raising these children right, he couldn't be all bad.
Allina couldn't stop smiling. 'Running into him was the greatest thing I did last night' she kept telling herself. She was just so happy. Mayella may not agree with her decision, but she knew she was going to visit him again. There was a knock at the door. It was a friend of Erik's son. When the little boy started to go Erik called out, "Now David don't be gone to long, come back before the sun sets!" Erik closed the door after hearing his son's reply and turned to the girls. "When do you think you'll have to leave?" Mayella looked at him trying ti hide her delight at the question. "I called our friends this mourning before you got up. They should be here in five minutes." "Five minutes!" Allina yelled. "Why so soon?" Allina snapped out of her happiness and looked hurtfully at Mayella. 'Apparently she is more concerned on how much time she has left then wondering how Jen and Jo' feel about the night before.' Mayella thought before answering. "Yes Ally, five minutes." Allina went over and sat on the couch in a huff. She wanted to stay a while longer, she had the day off from work, so why not? "Allina." Erik said calmly sitting next to her. "Maybe you should go when you need to. I don't want to have anything hurtful come in between good friends." She turned to him with tears in her eyes. He smiled trying to comfort her. Allina hugged him in a quick motion, wishing she didn't have to go. When she looked up Erik was still smiling. She smiled back, they both leaned in and kissed.
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Mayella closed her eyes against the PDA (Public Display of Affection) and grimaced. Why? Why did they continue to show how much they liked each other? Why, even when they knew she was uncomfortable with it? Why did Mayella feel so empty when she saw? Why had she never had a chance to love?
She heard a car horn honk outside and turned on instinct toward the door. She wiped away the tears in her eyes before Allina or Erik could see them. But somehow, Mayella was certain Allina would know. They collected their few belongings and headed to the door. Allina and Erik sent glances at each other, but Mayella guessed they didn't want to PDA in front of her again. Mayella stepped forward with what she hoped were dry eyes and shook Erik's hand. "Thanks for all your help. We'd be dead by now- literally." he smiled and gripped her hand as well before she let go. They turned and walked out the door and jumped into Jo's car. Jen was in the front seat and Mayella climbed in back, Allina, a little reluctantly, after her. Erik stood on the porch and watched them go, and allina watched him too, as long as he was still visible. Jo and Jen held their questioning, Mayella guessed they'd decided not to talk about it just yet, even though they were pretty much oblivious to what Mayella and Allina had gone through the last night. Mayella sat silent and gazed out the window. She was in one of what she liked to call her 'emotional phases'. Why was love so tough to come by, and once you held it, why was it so hard to keep true? Mayella squeezed her eyes shut and thought of her last chance at love, with a guy she had known basically her whole life. why? Why hadn't it worked out? Mayella felt so ready. and maybe that was the reason it didn't come. And yet she still waited. Allina put a hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay?" she whispered. "Yeah, just tired," Mayella replied. "You know I don't sleep very well unless I'm in my own bed." allina's hand squeezed her shoulder in a friendly way and then it slipped away. Somehow, Mayella doubted her friend would leave it at that. Just like she doubted that her friend hadn't seen the tears in her eyes and the hurt in her heart.
Once they all got home Allina half walked half dragged Mayella into her bedroom. "Ok, whats wrong?" She asked shutting the door. "What do you mean?" Mayella responded. "Nothings wrong." "I know you were trying not to cry back at Erik's house." Allina started. "Why?" Mayella stared at her for a while. She wanted to tell Allina how she felt, but then she wanted to keep it bottled up and not deal with it either. "I hate not being in love." Mayella finally said. Allina looked at her understandingly. 'Ok now to work my skills.' she thought to herself. She was a councilor after all. "Mayella." She began. "I know that you would like to be in love, but maybe, just maybe God's plan for you is not to fall in love." Mayella looked at her angrily, and understandingly. "I thought about that option for the longest time, Allina. But I wish I would find love. Just seeing you with all those guy who like you, I wish I could have those feelings." Allina nodded her head in understanding. "From experience May, it is a great feeling to get, but it is also the most pain when lost." Mayella nodded in reply. "But, since you need and want to fall in love, we can pray about it." If God says yes, I will help you find that special someone. Ok?" Mayella smiled and said, "Yes, yes please." They both left Allina's room to go meet the others.
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Mayella felt much better after that talk with Allina. she had never wanted to accept the fact that God just might not want her to fall in love. But hopefully he did. After that, they found Jo and Jen making an enormous breakfast- french toast, waffles, eggs, bacon, orange juice, coffee, milk, cinnamon rolls, pretty much the works. Over the huge breakfast, Jo and Jen finally decided to make their friends talk. But would Mayella and Allina really want to talk about it?
Once everyone was settled at the table, Jo asked, "Ok, what happened?" Allina and Mayella stared at each other, 'Just like Jo'.' Allina thought then she answered. "We were done cleaning and were going to leave, when we got locked in." Allina paused for a moment for Jo' to take in the beginning. "When we couldn't find any other way out..........then the thunderstorm started and the lights went out." Allina looked at Mayella to start her part as well. "Before that though, this creepy bald guy was following us, sort of." Mayella looked at Allina. "When May asked if he ever left, I said no, then we started to freak out once the lights went out." "Yeah, I was really scared, Especially when Ally saw the guys outline on the second floor balcony." Mayella added and Allina nodded. "What did you guys do next?" Jen asked excited at the story, the seriously as well because it was a frightening experience. "We ended up running into the ground floor women's bathroom, for what it was worth then, we thought it was pretty safe." Allina answered. Jen and Jo' both nodded. "After being in there a for a while, we found a note from some guy that said he could help us." Mayella added. Jo and Jen looked really intrigued. "Was that the same guy who's house we had to get you guys from?" They both asked excitedly? "Yes, yes that was." Allina responded and started to day dream. "How did you guys run into him?" Jen asked. "After being in the bathroom for a long while, we heard the bald guys squeaky footsteps and panicked. Once they subsided, we decided to run and find a new hiding spot." Allina explained. "But me being the freaked out one." Mayella started. "I ran off without a word to Allina." Allina nodded and finished the answer, "And when I was trying to find her, I ended up running into him." "How so?" Jo' asked. "Well, it was more a hand over my mouth." Allina started again. "I panicked at first, because I thought it was the creepy bald guy, but it ended up being Erik, the guy who saved us." "How did you find out it was him and not the other guy?" Jo' asked as Jen sat in amazement. "He stood there with his hand over my mouth until I stopped trying to struggle free. Once I did, he whispered about who he was and if i trusted him, he would help me find May and get us out safely. When I think about it, I'm glad I trusted him." "Yeah, 'cause now she has a new boyfriend." Mayella mumbled. Allina looked at her opened mouth, but not wanting to fight, let it subside. "So, bottom line, you guys were caught and scared, found Erik and got out." Jen summarized. "If only it would have been that simple." Allina replied and with Mayella's help, told the rest of their, 'adventure.'
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Once Jo and Jen were satisfied with their tale, Mayella found it wa time for her to get to work. She worked at Starbucks, three blocks away. It was a nice day, so she thought she'd walk. Allina accompanied her, talking about erik the entire way, which made Mayella want to kick some sense into her. Thankfully, they got to starbucks before that happened.
Allina sat by the Starbucks counter talking with Lauren as she worked. Her boss was soooo awesome to let Allina do that sorta stuff. "SO!" Allina said a little bored. "What do you think of Erik?" "Mayella stopped what she was doing and looked at her. "Do you want the truth?" "Yes, I'd like the truth, and hold nothing back." Mayella tried not to look annoyed. "Well, I sorta like him, and sorta don't." "Why don't you like him?" "Because he all of a sudden shows up in the church. If that doesn't say he could of been the bald guy, I don't know what does." Allina took this in before responding. "I agree. He could have been the evil bald guy." She agreed. "I understand how you feel. I mean a guy all of a sudden comes to me and saves us. I kinda didn't believe it at first, but once I got to know him and stuff, my view changed." Mayella listened with utmost care. "Now why do you like him?" Allina asked. "For, what I hope, the same reasons you do." Allina looked at her questionably. "I mean, in getting to know him and all. I don't plan on dating him. He's your special 'Erik'. Not mine." Allina nodded and said, 'You'll find your special someone someday. You just haven't found him yet." Mayella nodded and smiled at her friend. 'Thanks Ally." "Trust me." Allina started again. "You won't want to go looking for your special someone on your own." "That I can believe." Mayella said and went back to work.
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Mayella still dragged through work, but was a bit more melancholy and yet a bit more happy after Allina's advice. She wiped down the counters and waited for a customer to come in, half dead with lack of coffee. The bell over the door clanged and in walked someone. Mayella sighed, set down her rag, and walked over to the cash register. "What can I get you?" she asked. "A grande mocha," aid a voice. Mayella looked up and gasped. it was a guy. A really nice looking guy. She stared for a few more seconds before rushing off to prepare his mocha, and so he wouldn't see her blush. She turned slightly and got Allina's smirk and her look. I told you so.
After Mayella shift was over, and eager to bagger Mayella with questions, Allina walked with Mayella back home. "So..........." She began. "Whats his name?" "What?" Mayella said trying to look confused. "You know what." "The guy you met, whats his name?" "Oh, it's, um, Jake." "Thats cool." "So what did you talk to him about?" "Oh, just random things." "Like what?" "Jobs and how hard they are, no matter how much you like them, or what your doing." "Thats it?" "And about the writing.com conference." "Apparently he is one of the advisers who is running it." "Thats why he looked he dang tired." "Thats interesting." "I saw you hurried to get his order." "Were you blushing?" Mayella turned and smiled. "Yeah, I was." She answered simply. Allina smiled at her friend. "You plan on meeting him at all?" "Well, he did talk about coming back." "But I don't think he was really interested in dating." "Guy's aren't at first, but then when they get to know more about you, he'll branch out." Mayella smiled at her friend, happy she may have found her special someone.
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Mayella's mind was a whirl of things. 1) she was totally flipping out over meeting Jake (which was ironic because her friend's boyfriend that she had absolutely almost hated was named Jake). She remembered what her Youth pastor had said the year she was in 8th grade- When you love someone you hit the snooze button and then jump up because you realize you are going to see him today. 2) she wished Allina would leave her alone about him. She was just going to take it easy for now, if they saw each other again then they did, and if they didn't then they did. 3) She was craving a cinnamon roll.
Allina was sitting at the breakfast table the next morning thinking about Erik. She wanted to see him again, but had no way of contacting him. She didn't have his phone number, she lived to faraway to walk, and she didn't want to drive all the way over there and have him not be able to spend time with her. So she sat eating breakfast daydreaming. Suddenly Jen sat next to her and asked, "What do you plan to do today?" "Oh, I don't know." Allina responded not taking her eyes off her food. "You want to go spend the day with Erik?" Allina looked up at her. "I want to, but I have no way of contacting him to see if he's able to." Jen looked at her, then said, "Yesterday when you were spending time with Lauren, I drove over to Erik's house." "I asked him how he was, and if he'd be able to spend the day with you tomorrow, which is today." "He said yes and to know what time." "I told him after you were finished eating breakfast, which is around ten o'clock." "So, he's expecting you in about, a half an hour." As Jen finished, Allina had a huge smile on her face. She jumped up, hugged Jen and asked if she could get a ride. They had two cars, but Lauren was using one, and Jen and Jo' had shopping to do. Jen gladly agreed and said she'd be back to pick her up whenever they got back from shopping. So Allina road happily all the way to Erik's house. She was surprised to see him sitting out on the front lawn waiting. "He also wanted to know if you'd spend the day learning where everything is under the church." Allina nodded her head, hugged Jen again, and got out of the car to meet Erik. They hugged and per seeded to walk toward the church as Jen drove away.
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Mayella slept in the next day. she had no plans, no work at Starbucks, no appointments. So, she just decided to hang around their apartment or maybe go for a bike ride. So, once Allina had gone off to who knows where with Jen and Jo, Lauren crept out. It was nice so she was wearing comfy shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top. she wandered over to the fridge and went to see what there was for breakfast. She smiled. Allina must've known she was crazing a cinnamon roll, or Jen or Jo, because there was a box of Cinncredible Cinnamon rolls.
Around Noon Jen and Jo' came home from shopping. "Hey, Mayella." Jen called noticing Mayella was up and reading. "Hey, Jen." She replied. "Where is Allina?" "Oh she's handing out with her new boyfriend." Jen said teasingly even when Allina wasn't there." "Oh fun." Mayella commented. "When is she getting back?" "When ever she calls to come pick her up." "Knowing Allina, she never will." Jen laughed at this, because it was somewhat true. "Yeah, well, if she doesn't call by eleven at night, I'm going to go get her and bagger her on why she didn't call." Now it was Mayella's turn to laugh. "Good plan, Jen." As Jen put away the groceries, she suddenly remembered something. "Mayella, what size are you in a dress?" "I'm a medium, why?" Jen got out a cute, medium length sun dress that Mayella had been hoping to get for the longest time, but could only find it online. She did not online shop, otherwise she may become addicted. "Oh my gosh, Jen!" She screamed in surprise. "Try it on." Mayella went to go try it on and it fit perfectly. "I am so wearing this for the rest of the day." She announced. "Good, Jo' said as she walked in to the dinning room. "It's going to reach up to 95 degrees today." "Next weekend it is going to reach 102. I wanted to know if anyone wants to go to the beach." "Yeah, sure." Jen and Mayella answered. "Well need to get bathing suites and stuff though." Mayella reminded them. "Why don't we do that now?" Jo' asked. "Allina's not with us." Jen reminded her. "Why don't we call her and see if Erik will come with us." "That isn't suck a bad idea."
---------------------------------------So they called Allina.----------------------------------------------------------
"Hello?" Allina answered. "Hey, Jen." "Whats up?" "Ok, I guess so." "Yeah, I'll ask." "Yeah you can start heading over." "OK, see you soon." "Bye."
"Hey Erik!" Allina called from across the church. She had stopped following him back to his living quarters to answer her cell phone. "Yeah!" He said running back as fast as he could. "Jen wanted to know if you'd come to the beach with us next weekend." Erik stared lovingly at her, for no apparent reason. and answered, "Sure, I'd love to." He took her in is arm and hugged her tightly. "She also told me that they, including me, needed to get new bathing suits." "So, would you like to come with us for that to?" Erik let her go and answered, "I'm not sure, what about the kids." He said suddenly remembering them. "She said you could bring them along to the beach, and to the mall if they needed new bathing suits." "Ok then, Lets go." Allina and Erik left running back to his house to get the kids.

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Mayella had a new set of emotions now. she was ultimately happy that Jen had remembered that totally cute sundress AND had bought it for her (no online shopping for Mayella- addiction occurs too much), and she was thrilled to get new bathing suits and go to the mall, which she only did once in a blue moon. Then, she wasn't so thrilled, since erik was coming, not that she hated him, it was just that he and Allina would go all couple-y on her, and it didn't help that either Jen or Jo didn't have the same feelings regarding the boy in question. Mayella sighed, and no one noticed, so no one could ask her what was wrong. In Jen's words, she would just have to suck it up and dead with it. or maybe she could purposely ditch them in the store . . . . .
Allina, Erik and his children waited outside for Jen, Jo' and Mayella to get here. Soon after Erik's little boy David asked, "When are they getting here?" Jen pulled up in the red van. "There are eight seats so everyone can fit in." Allina told him while hosting Erik's baby girl, Elisabeth into the middle seat in the middle isle. After accomplishing her task, Allina looked around to see where everyone was sitting. Jen and Jo' were up front. Erik was on the right side of Elisabeth. Mayella was behind Erik in the last tree seats, where she always sits. David sat next to Mayella, and Allina took her spot on the left of Elisabeth, and shut the door. "Everyone in?" Jen asked. "Yes." Was her reply, so she backed out onto the road and per seeded to drive.
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Mayella, as much as she disliked Erik for the one obvious reason, had to admit his kids were adorable. David reminded her of her across the street neighbor from her childhood, Orion. Elisabeth reminded her of cousin, Genevieve, when she was younger. it was blistering hot in the car, given the sunny day and the lack of air conditioner-ing. Mayella nearly died of heat, and what was worse she could see the sweat patterns on erik's neck. Gross. she couldn't resist telling Allina that later, though she'd probably get slapped for it. They got out of the car, parked it, and went into the mall. Ahhhhhh, glorious air conditioning.
Allina and Jen looked in the array of juniors bathing suites, because they still fit into them. Jo' and Mayella, unfortunately, and to look in the womens sizes to find the perfect fit. Erik took his kids to find bathing suites before finding his own. Allina smiled to herself. Erik was really a great guy. Maybe she had found her true love. "I hope Mayella is doing okay." Allina told Jen. "She never liked her body, even as a younger teen." "Yeah, I know." Jen replied. "She'll get over it." Allina couldn't help but laugh. "OOOOOOOO." Allina said aloud, finding a cute, bikini. "What?" Jen asked wondering what Allina found. Allina found her size, and happily held up a black and red bathing suite in the design of swirls. "Too cute." Jen commented. "Well go try them on once I find my-." Jen sudden;t saw the perfect bathing suite. It was a powder blue bikini with dark blue edging. "Great choice Jen." Allina complimented her. The two girls hurried to the dressing room to try their new bathing suites on. Both were wondering what Jo' and Mayella had found.
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Meanwhile, Jo and Mayella were in the women's suits. Mayella was never really sure who Jo was, figuratively or litterally, she didn't know. Jo had what Mayella sometimes called Multiple Personality. She had about 50 of them, fairies and stuff. So, Mayella was never really sure who Jo was or whatever. She found three suits, all tankinis, and silently slipped off to the dressing room. She had a rule of thumb when she was younger. Bikinis are for overly confident people, one pieces are for those who hate their bodies, and tankinis are for people who are in between. Well, Mayella was never able to fit into a bikini and one pieces made her feel fat. She wasn't as chubby as she had been, but she was still confident and practically on Weight Watchers. She tried on the suits- a dark red one with pink accents, a turquoise one with light blue edging, and another turquoise one with black accents. She decided she looked good in the two blue ones but couldn't chose which one. she decided to go find Allina and Jen and see what they thought.
"Hey!" Jen heard Mayella calling. "Over here!" Jen called to her. Mayella ran up. "Allina is still looking at herself in the bikini she found." "It fits her perfactly and is overly happy about it." "Fun." Mayella said. "Loook at the bathing suites I found." She help up the two bathing suites as Jen looked them over. "Come with me and you ca try them on." A sales women said to Mayella at the desk she was sittling at. Mayella smiled and followed the women to an open dressing room, while Jen stood outside the door. First Mayella tried on the turquoise with black accents, which Jen liked. Then she tried on the turquoise one with light blue edging, which Jen also liked. 'When no one can deside, talk to Allina." Mayella said aloud. She had her fashion experiences where Allina found just the right print and color. Jen walked to Alina's dressing room and banged on the door. "Allina!" Jen called, "Yes." was her reply. "Mayella wants to know what bathing suite she should get." "Come and look at them." Allina came out of her dressing room with her bikini still on. She walked over to Mayella's dressing room with Jen to see the bathing suites. Once Mayella saw her, she was intruiged and shocked. "Oh my." She exclaimed. Allina stared at her. Thn she asked. "So what bathing suites?" She asked. "Mayella was wearing the blue and turquoise with light blue edging, and then tried on the Turquoise with black accents. "Turquoie with black." Allina said simply. "Why?" Mayella asked. "It gives more edge to the bathing suite." Allina told her. Without question, Mayella got dressed, and so did Allina, both in their own dressing rooms, and left th fitting area to find what Jo' had picked out.
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Jo had picked out a really scary orange suit, with indents in the sides. Mayella thought it looked repulsive. But hey, it was Jo's suit, she could get whatever she liked. After they had gotten the issue of what suits they would be getting, Allina dragged them over to find Erik. "Hey, All," Mayella said randomly, noticing the food court. "yeah?" Allina asked back. "Why don't we all have lunch at the food court after you find Erik? Jen and I can go hold a table and see what's in our price range." Allina nodded. "okay, good idea. We need a table for seven, I think." Mayella and Jennifer took off in the opposite direction Allina was going, and decided what was good for food choices. Mmm. Cinnamon rolls.
Allina found Erik in the mens section looking at several bathing suites. Being a normal guy, he instantly picked up a plaine black one. 'Cool.' Allina thought. 'His bathing suite will match mine if he dgets that one.' Allina smiled at his as she walked up. "All the girls have chosen their bathing suies and Jen and Mayella are saving a tabe for us at the food court." "Thats cool." Erik said. "I think I'll go with this one." He held up the plane black bathing suite. "Awesome." Allina said. She knew whn it came to men, don't push their limitations, unless you needed to, for this, she didn't need nore want to. Allina and Jo' took Elisabeth and David with them to the food court while Erik went to try the bathing suite on. When they got there Allina asked "So whats in the budget?" "We can have chinese, itallian, mexican or american food." Jen told her. "Ha ha jen, thats the funniest thing I've ever heard." Allina teased. In the end, Jen and Lauren choose Chinese. Jo' and Allina choose Sub Way, and once Erik got back, he and his kinds went to A&W. Once everyone got back to tge table, they perseeded to tell about their time at the mall.
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After their expedition to the mall, Mayella found that she was very hot and tired. They got home and Mayella looked to Jen and Allina. Jo had dropped them off before going to take Erik and his kids home. "Hey, I'm going to go take a shower- a cold shower- and then possibly take a nap." she said. "Ok," Allina called form her bedroom. So, off Mayella went.
"Well since Mayella ans Jo' and doing stuff. Hey Jen! Do you wanna watch The Phantom of the Opera?!" Allina called. "Sure, I'll make popcorn, you start the movie!" Jen called from the hallway while she walked to the kitchen. "I love this movie." Allina said to herself. Thats was indeed true. Jen and her practically fell in love with the phantom. What makes Allina's interesting is she puts real life people into the movie, so she can have her own fanticy. Once Jen was done with the popcorn, she also had made drinks, they sat down to the beginning of the movie. They always skipped over the commercials for other movies because they were pointless. Allina was always mesmorized by how once they pulled up the broken chandelier, the movie went back in time. "I still say the men during the 18-1900's were more gentalmen then we have now." "I agree." Jen said. With the naked gold status of women in the opera house, it did show a more gentalmen quality in the men of that time.
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Mayella heard the echoing sound of the Phantom of the opera through her wall. He first though was damn neighbors. But then she realized it was one of the girls and settled back to her nap, listening to the pleasant music she had fallen in love with when she was still a young teen.
Jen and Allina ended up falling asleep to the intoxicatingly strange and sweet music of the Phantom. Once they awoke, Jo' was making dinner. "Well, well, well sleepy heads." She said. "Dinner is ten minutes away, and I need some hands to set the table." Allina and Jen slowly got up, streached and set the table for dinner. "Ohhhh, hambergers." Allina said, taing in the sent. "I even made Mayella some raviolie because everyone kows she doesn't eat hambergers." Jo' exclaimed. "Good thinking Jo'." Jen complimented. When Mayella came to to the dinner table, they all sat down to Hambergers, with condiments of their liking, with a side of beans and freacnhfries. Well, except Mayella.
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Nearly dinnertime, Mayella got a text from her friend Alyson asking her to dinner at a local Italian place. "Hey guys, I gotta go- I'm meeting a friend for dinner, I haven't seen her in like three years." she said, texting back. "Okay, cya," allina said, sitting down to the table. "Bye!" Mayella called, stepping outside and closing the door behind her.
'Fun." Jo' said while picking up Mayella's dinner. "I guess I can give this so my dog then." She walked over to her dog, Marckane, dish and scooted the ravioli into it. "Oh, Jo'." Allina said. "You didn't need to do that." Marckane ran to his dish ad started eating his treat. "I know, he hasn't had a treat in a week, so I had to give him something." "I guess thats reasonable." Jen said agreeing with her. Allina still looked a little ticked. She didn't like people wasting food. Thats why she made sure everyone saved their leftovers for another night, especially when they couldn't think of anything to make. Once everyone was finished eating, it was seven thirty at night. Jen decided to take a shower and get to bed early. She had work to do tomorrow and she said she'd be early. "Ok, have a good night Jen!" Allina yelled after her as she walked to the bathroom. Jo' decided to walk Marckane, because he had to go to the bathroom and he wasn't aloud in the back. Thats were Allina's flowers were growing and Mayella's out side thinking space. Once Jo' left and Allina heard the water running, she sat down to read a book she had been reading for the past week. It was titled Wish List. She had found it in a garage sale and was very interested in it. Sh had gotten a through a couple pages when the phone rang. It was a number that she didn't recognize, so she hesitated at first, but picked it up just before the voice mail took it. "Hello?" She asked cautiously. "Hi, baby." It was Erik. "Erik! Hi!" She exclaimed. She never knew he had her number, she should ask him. "How did you get my number?" "Your freind Jordan gave it to me before she drove off." "She said you'd want me to call, so I did." "Thats was awesome of her." "Yeah, it made you pretty happy." It went on like this for a while, until it was after midnight that they got off the phone. Which only quickly afterwards did Allina pass out on the couch.
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When Mayella entered through the back door, The house was dark. One light was on in the living room, where Allina was chatting on the phone, possibly (and probably) with Erik. Instead of interrupting her friend, Mayella tiptoed quietly into her bedroom and fell asleep, dreaming of her and her friend Alyson, and of times in Jr. High with them and Alyson's now husband, Jake, which reminded her of her own Jake, making her smile in her sleep.
The next morning, Allina woke up on the couch. "What am I-" She cut herself off. She knew why she was there. She only shurgged and got up. She put the phone on the receiver and made a qick breakfast. Jen was most likely gone already. Allina didn't have to be in until this afternoon, she she ate breakfast slowly. Then she decided to go for a walk. Before she left, she left a note on the TV. door, and Refridgerator to tell everybody else she was going to be gone.
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When Mayella finally awoke, the glanced at the clock. 11:25. CRAP! She had to be to work in 35 minutes! She took a quick shower and took time to blow dry her hair, which took forever, before she got dressed. By that time she had about three minutes to get down to Starbucks. and the car was gone. Mayella sighed, thinking of how much she was going to owe her coshiftworker and started walking.
Allina started walking back to the house so she could go to work. "Hey Mayella." She said seeing Mayella coming her way. "No car at home?" "No car at home, Allina." "Wow that must suck." Mayella nodded. "When do you have to be at work?" "Oh in about-" Mayella looked at her watch, "20 minutes." "Good luck." Starbucks is like 30 minutes away." "I'm sure you'll make it on time." "If not, only a few minutes late." Allina resured her friend. 'thanks Ally." Mayella said smiling. She quickly hugged her friend, looked at her watch again and started to run. She wanted to get there as quickly as she could.
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Mayella ran her fastest. She couldn't believe this was happening, but running helped her concentrate on something else. She stopped at a corner for the light to flash WALK. One man standing out in the crowd caught her eye. A man with a bald head. Mayella gasped and her eyes remained fixed on him, unable to look away, and her heartbeat raced even though she wasn't running. Her gaze was broken by a voice to her list. "Need a ride?" a man's voice asked. looking down, still dizzy from seeing the bald man, Mayella saw Jake sitting in his car. "Uh, yeah," Mayella said. Darn I must sound so dorky! She criticized herself. She looked up and the guy was gone. "No car at home, so I had to walk and I may be late to my shift at Starbucks," Mayella explained. Jake laughed, cool and crisp. "Well, hop in, I was feeling the need for a Grande Mocha." Mayella smiled gratefully and hopped in, just as the light turned green.
Allina had gotten to work on time. They lived a few blocks away from the hight school that she worked at. It was break, and she had nothing to do except file a few papers and wait for any students to show. As Allina was sorting papers to file, a young man knocked on her door. "Ms. Morgan, do you have a moment?" Allina looked up to see one of the best students. His name was Tyler Wilkins. They had a mother -son like bond. She had helped him from so much and never gave up on him. "I was wondering if we could do lunch?" Allina smiled at him. "I'd love to." Tyler smiled back and watched her put away the papers she had out. Then Allina signed herself and Tyler out so they could leave, and went to have lunch and talk.
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Mayella rushed into starbucks three minutes early. "Hey Jill," she called to her shiftmate. "Hey May," she called back over the noise of the espresso maker. Mayella hurried back to get on her apron and when she came out, Jake was waiting for her. "Hy, can I get you that Grande Mocha?" she asked. "Sure," Jake smiled. As she prepared the yummy warm drink, Jake started talking to her. "Mayella, I was wondering if you'd like to do dinner once your shift is over?" Mayella looked back at him and tried to keep her shocked happiness secret. "Sure, I'd love to!" she answered quickly. "What time do you get off?" he asked. "5:30," Mayella replied. "See you then!" he said, slipping her a ten and taking his mocha, walking out the door. Mayella sighed. Yes! She fumbled for her cell and called Allina. She was on break right now, or should be. The cell when to voicemail. "Hey Ally, call me back when you have a sec," she said. Allina usually had her phone on, but if it was off she was with someone. Mayella called Jen to tell her she wasn't coming home for dinner (for the second night in a row). Mayella leaned back against the counter. Her life was going so great.
Allina sat on a hill with Tyler eating Burger King and talking about his troubles. "So, as I was saying, dad hasn't been in the happiest mood." He explained to her. "He's been tormenting us more often." "Thats terrible Tyler." Allina told him. She knew who, 'us' was. It was his little sister and him. "What has your father been doing to the both of you? "He won't let my sister play outside unless she staying in the back yard. And if she doesn't obey him, she gets grounded for a week." Allina could see the torment in his eyes. So she put down her food and scooted over to him to hold him in her arms. He let himself fall into her embrace. He was glad his friends intoduced him to her. He had to admit, he actually had a crush on a teacher. She was only a few years older than he. "What has he been doing to you?" She asked him. "He's been abusing me, sevearly." He hugged her tighter while he said this. "Where is mommy in all of this?" "Thats why he's acting horrible." "Mom left him once he came home in a drunkin blind rage." "She said she'd come back, but we haven't heard from her." 'Hm.' Allina thought. "Do you know where your mom is now?" "No I don't." "Has she a different name?" "The only other name that Wilkins is Forrest." "I'll do this for you then." Allina told him."I'll find your mom and see if she'll give me permition to help her get you and your sister away from your father." Tyler shot his head up quickly and looked at her. "That would be the best thing ever Ms. Morgan." He exclaimed. "The it's settled." She told him. I'll do my part, if you do yours." "What is my part?" "You have to get evidence of hoe horrid your father is treating you and your sister." She told him simply. "It won't be easy, but I'll try." He told her. "All right Tyler." "But,I need your evidence first before I go and talk to your mother." He nodded. "Your going to find her right?" "Yes, I'll find her, but I can't do anymore that that until your evidence is collected." With that they got back into Allina's car, and drove back to school before Tyler had to be back to class.
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Mayella sat restlessly on the counter of Starbucks, waiting for Allina to call her back. They weren't that busy today, and Jill had gone out for a smoke before it started to rain like the newscaster had predicted it would. Mayella was so happy to be going to dinner with Jake and almost forgot where she was when the door clanged open. She glanced up and was immediately paralyzed with fear. the bald guy stood before her.
By 2:00, Allina noticed she had 2 missed calls; both from Mayella. She decided to call.
Mayella picked up the line. 'Hello?" She asked hurriedly. "Hey May, are you okay?" "No, the bald guy came into Starbucks and wont leave." Mayella was whispering. "Ok, I'll see you in about 10 minutes." Allina reasured her. "That would be great, but be careful. "Hey, Tyler!" Allina called him just as he was leaving. "Yes, Ms. Morgan?" Can I borrow your car?" "Why?" "My friend needs help, and I got here by bus." Allina started to explain. "Sure, but you'll have to include me." He told her simply. "Thank you Tyler." She answered and was about to get into the passenger seat when, "Um, Tyler?" "Yeah?" "Can I drive, It'll make the trip much faster." He nodded his head, and slipped to the passenger side, and Allina took her seat, and started to drive to Starbucks to help Mayella. In the mean time she called Jen and Jo'. She also called Erik, which Tyler didn't like.
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Mayella was crouched down behind the counter. She hadn't heard the doorbell tinkle, which meant the bald guy hadn't left. She also hadn't heard the back door slam open or shut, which meant that Jill was taking her sweet time smoking. Mayella heard footsteps and started praying when the door burst open and Allina arrived, flanked by Jen, Jo, Erik, and some little blonde kid who looked alot like Allina's first boyfriend, way long ago. And even stranger, behind them was Jake.
"Hey, I got your message and thought you'd need all the help you could get." Allina explained to Mayella as she started standing up and complaining that her legs hurt like heck now. "Thanks Ally." Mayella said rubbing her craped legs. "Hi, Jake." Mayella said in noticing him and blushing. "Allina saw me walking and he stopped me and asked me if I'd help you in your perdicement." "She told me about the bad guy." He explained trying not to point at the guy he was talking about. At first Mayella looked puzzled, then smiled. "Thank you." "Hey, were here to, ya know." Jo' said sarcasticly. "Yes you are, thanks guys." Mayella said smiling. "But while we're here, anyone want coffe, dessert?" Allina said looking around at the group. Everyone sat down and some ordered others didn't. Mayella remembered seeing the little blond boy, and remembered to ask Allina about him. "Hey, Ally?" She asked. "Yeah?" "Who's the kid?" Mayella asked her slightly pointing at Tyler who was staring a bit angrily at Erik. "Thats Tyler, John's son." "You mean your ex boyfriends son?!" "Yes, keep your voice down." Allina looked around Starbucks and saw that everyone heard Mayella's out burst. "Sorry." She told everyone. "Why is he here with you?" "He's one of the kids I council, and I needed a car to get to you faster." "I got to him before he left, and he let me use his car as long as he could come along." "I let him." Allina looked at her friend, who took her words in. "Ok, cool." Was her only reply. After that everyone was just waiting for Mayella's shift to be over.
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Mayella was super glad her friends were finally here- it was a relief not to be here alone with the bald guy. And Jill had come back from her smoking break, not noticing that anything had been the matter. Everyone sat down and Mayella took their orders. Mayella got her usual, a caramel latte. Tyler got a fudge brownie, Jo and Jen both got mochacinnos and cookies, Erik got a Coke, and Jake had his usual iced mocha with a cinnamon roll. But the bald guy never took his eyes off of Mayella . . . . .
As soon as Mayella's shift was over, her group of friends got her safely out. The bald guy stared at her, but said nor gestered any signs of leaving with them. Jake took Mayella home to change, Jen, Jo' and Erik waited for Allina to give Tyler a note. "Now, give this to your dad in case he doesn't believe you on why your home so late." Tyler nodded, hoping Allina's help would work. 'Thank you Ms. Morgan." Tyler said, and drove away. Allina then got into the back seat and sat next to Erik as Jen drove him home. "Pretty interesting kid." He commented. "Yeah, he is." Allina agreed. "Counciling?" "Counciling." He asked and she answered. Once Jen got Erik home it was 7pm. Jen drove them home, so they could eat before going to bed for a new day.
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Mayella was creeped out all through her date with jake. She thought she saw the bald guy everywhere. Was this fate's evil twisted way of letting her have the guy for once? She hadn't meant it that way! Jake noticed this. "Mayella, you're still on edge, aren't you?" he said. Mayella nodded, embarassed. "I'm sorry," she said. Jake smiled. "It's okay. I'll take you home." Mayella was grateful for such and understanding boyfriend type guy. But she still worried all through the night.
Allina had gone to bed early that night. She worried about Mayella. Still thinking Jake would pertect her friend, she knew the bald guy was dangerous and devious enough to over power him to get to her. Allina got out of bed to join Jo' on the couch. She knew she wouldn't be able to sleep until Mayella got home. "Whatcha watching?" Allina asked as she sat down next to Jo'. "Oh, just some late night comedy central." Jo' said simply. Allina sat through an hour and a half of comedy and comerchals before Mayella came home. "May!" She yelled hugging her friend. "Hi, Ally." Mayella said sounding sufficated. "I was on edge all through our date, so Jake took me home" Allina let go of Mayella and nodded. "Since I was, and since he was king enough to take me home early, I offered him to stay the night." "Thats fine by me." Allina told her. "Is that fine by you, Jo'?" Jo' looked up and said, "Yeah, it is." Mayella smiled and sat down on the couch with Jake and Jo' to watch whatever. Releived Allina went back to her room, where she finally fell asleep. knowing that her friend was safe, for now.
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The next day was a rainy day. Thunder, lightning, wind, hail, dark storm clouds. The works. Jake had to leave early to go to work and Allina had an emergency with a kid at the High school who tried to commit suicide. Jen got a call from her ex-boyfriend, Ahnre, and went to meet him for a cozy indoor lunch at the nearest Panera bread. Jo decided to go grocery shopping- they were getting low on food again. And Mayella decided to go to the YMCA. She felt like swimming. She practiced her strokes- butterfly (though it killed her lungs, she was almost okay at it), breast, back (her favorite) and freestyle. She got out an hour later and got changed she walked home. At the corner of the two streets by her house, the bald guy swooped down to her.
Suddenly Allina got an ergent call from Mayella, who left a message saying she was locked in the church. The bald guy had gotten her as she was walking home. He had left her alone to find something, something of what he didn't know. Allina looked at the young girl of 15, and asked, "What to fight someone and get all that bad energy out of you?" The girl smiled and nodded, and left with Allina, who called the police and her friends.
Once Allina called the police, she picked up Jen, and Erik, and Jo' was driving right behind her. "When we get into the church you stay by me." She told the young girl. "Yes, Ms, Morgan, I understand." "Thank you Tiffany." Allina told her.
- -- - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - -Once they got there - -- - - - - - -- - - - - -- - -- - - -- - - - -
The police hadn't shown up yet, so Erik lead the group to his window and latter, and opened it. "The opening." Allina teased thinking about the last time she was here. "Yeah." Erik said. They all got into the church and followed Erik through is living quarters, knowing there was no time for explanation. Once hey got out of the long hallway and up the long flight of winding stairs, they heard a muffled noise coming from a little kid room. Allina lead the group this time. Each had a weapon with then, except Tiffany who could use her karaty skills. They checked every room. They were aproching the next one, when they heard Mayella scream. Once they got to the room, they saw the bald guy on top of Mayella. Oh, fuck it all!" Allina screamed. She knew what was happening, and they needed to get Mayella out fast. Erik helped Jo' and Allina break down the door. the bald guy looked up suddenly. A flash f fear and anger went across his face, then a huge smile spread when he saw Allina. "2 girls for the price of one." She said in a low, devious voice. "Let the girl go, or you will suffer!" Allina yelled at him. "What makes you think I will?" The bald guy said, pressing harder into Mayella, who yellped. Allina looked away at the terrible sight. 'Oh, Mayella, this should have happened to you.' Allina thought. Suddenly there was a crash from one of the windows, and a ton of police officers came in. "Finally." Jo' said. They got the bald guy off of Mayella and put him in hand cuffs. Jen found Mayella's cloths and she got dressed. Allina ran to her and hugged her. "You shouldn't have had to go through with that." She told her friend franticly. "Where is Jake?" Mayella asked in a whisper. "I didn't tell him what happened, because I knew he would over react to the situation." Allina explained. "But I'll be happy to take you to see him oce he's of work." Mayella weakly smiled and and nodded.
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Mayella was okay-ish, especially for a girl who had just almost been raped. She was glad Allina had shown up as quickly as she did, or else something really bad and scary might have happened. Jake was apparently out when Mayella and Allina stopped by, so they just went back home. Jo and Jen went to bed early, since they both had work tomorrow. Allina had promised Mayella she would stay up until her friend fell asleep, but Allina was tired, so Mayella left her where she lay snoring. But Mayella couldn't sleep. she couldn't close her eyes even. She shuddered every time a new thought came in, and the way her brain was wired at the moment, every thought connected to the bald guy. for the first time in a long while, she was truly terrified. Shadows played tricks on her eyes, so Mayella turned on all of the lights and put the TV on History channel (there was always something interesting on there). She could still find no comfort. She clutched a pillow and cried long and hard, all the way through the night.
Allina awoke the next mourning to find Mayella asleep on the couch, Jen gone, and Jo' making breakfast. "I"ll take you to work if you'll let me use the car." Allina told Jo' while grabbing a bite to eat. "Ok, you have a deal." Jo' said not looking up from what she was doing. "What about Mayella?" Allina asked. "I already called hr work and told them she was taking a month leave." "You never know how long this memory will stay strong." "I know, It won't stay strong, but it will always be there." "You think a month will help Mayella not shutter from every person or shadow she sees?" "Idk, your the conciler." "Yeah, I am." "It should help, you just never know. Each same experience is different from one person to the next." Jo' laughed. "I also wrote out several notes for Mayella to see just in case she panicks when she wakes up." "Fun. and good thinking." Allina complimented. "Come on, I gotta get you to work soon, otherwise I'll be late." So Allina got Jo' to work on time, and she got there right when she needed to be, while Mayella still lay asleep on the couch.
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Mayella awoke and saw no one there. Everyone was gone. They had left her all alone. How could they! Mayella panicked. She saw a note "Hey Mayella, we haven't left, you, Jo just went to work and Jen went . . . um . . . somewhere . . . and I'm out for a bit, but I'll be home before lunch, okay? We can go out if you want, or just stay in. Tut tut, it looks like rain!" Mayella looked out. Rain was pouring, but she hadn't noticed it. Rain used to be her favorite thing ever, staying up and watching it forever. Mayella stood up and went to sit on the fire escape while the rain poured all around her. she liked rain because no one could see her cry.
Allina came home around noon. Tyler stayed at school, who said he was working on getting the evidence. "Maybe Mayella can help me with Tyler." Allina said aloud. "It'll give her something to take her mind off of things." Allina came into the house to find Mayella drying her hair. "What happened to you?" She asked. "Oh nothing much, just standing on the fire escape. "Hey, thats my crying spot to, ya know." Allina said trying to lighten the mood. "So whatya wanna do?" "I really don't know, I didn't really think about it." "Ok, well, while you think of stuff to do, Jo' called in for you and said your taking a month off from work." "Why!?" Mayella asked in a raised voice. "They know about the bald guy, and they agreed that you can have the month off with pay." Allina explained this to her with a hint of 'calm down' tone in her voice. "Ok, thats cool, I guess." Mayella said calming down a bit. "If you want you can come to work with me and see first hand on what I do." Allina suggested. "That would be cool." Mayella said. "Will I get to meet the Tyler kid." "Yes, and the girl Tiffany, who I had, but you didn't see, there during your, um, molestering....." "Uh, Thanks." Mayella said, She knew Allina used big words that meant the same thing as little words that people knew often, that most people didn't know. "I also have a case with Tyler that I need help with." Allina said. "What is it?" Mayella asked suddenly curious. Allina told her about Tyler's mother and her plan to help his family.
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Mayella found their plan confusing and it was too much for her to deal with at the moment. "Hey, Ally? I'm going to take a bike ride, ok?" Allina nodded, looking worried. Mayella got out her bike and strapped on her helmet. She peddled furiously down the road. She desperately needed to talk to someone. Someone who understood. Someone who would understand no matter what. Someone who had no idea what she'd been doing all this time. And suddenly she knew who that would be. She swerved to avoid getting hit by a brown sudan and turned around. She was headed for the airport.
Allina sat at home, she left work early hoping to spend the day with Mayella. "Oh well, better get a lead on Tylers mother." Allina thought and started with search sites in the web.
It took her a few hours, but she finaly found his mom. She was some where in Montana. "All I have to find out is what city, and how to get to her." Allina said to herself.
It was 5 o'clock when Jo came home. "Your home early." Jo' comented. "I was home since noon, hoping to spend the day with Mayella, but she went on a bike ride." "She didn't came back, I called, But her phone was off." "Thats weird." Jo' said getting stuff out for dinner. "You hav anything in mind for dinner?" Jo' asked. "I was thinking about having pizza." Allina said. "Pizza it is. " Jo' set to work.
Allina tried calling Mayella again, but her phone was still off. Jen came home at 5:30, and asked where Mayella was. Allina repeated what she told Jo' and Jen started to worry. She found Jake's number and called him, but he knew nothing about Mayella either. "This is bad." Jen said getting off the phone. "Not even Jake knows about her whereabouts." Allina and Jo' exchanges fearful glances, not knowing what to think. "Maybe she wnet somewhere far to think." Jo' said trying to stay calm. "If she's not back by nightfall, I'm calling the police." Allina said. "It has to be at least 24 hours before you fial a missing person report, Ally." Jen said frustarded as she sat on the coutch. "So then what do we do?" Allina asked. The 3 girls looked at each other not knowing what to do, when suddenly Allina's phone rang. It was Mayella.
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"Allina?" Mayella asked, glancing out her window. "Oh my God, Mayella?" she cried. mayella cringed at the loudness. "Okay, Ally, you're going to think this is really stupid, but I'm on an airplane headed to California," Mayella said. "WHAT? What in the world were you thinking??" Allina cried. "Ally, you being a counselor I think you would understand. I have to get this all off my chest." Mayella explained. "Okay," Allina said, now a little wary. "Allina, I got locked in a church, stalked, fell in love, almost got raped for God's sake and you expect me just to live with it?" Mayella burst. Allina sighed. "I'm sorry May. Who are you going to go see anyway?" she asked. "MY cousin live here," Mayella said. "I think she'll understand. I'll call when I'm coming back, okay?" Mayella told her. "Okay. be safe," Allina said. Mayella nodded. "I will." and the two hung up.
"Mayella is on a airplane headed for California." Allina told Jen and Jo' after hanging up. "SHE'S WHAT!?" They yell together. She's going to see her cousin in California to talk to her about what had happened to her, Mayella. "Why not contact us first?" Jen asked a little angry. "It may not have been her first thought Jen." Allina responded. "Well, not to act like I don't care, i do, but leave Mayella alone. Hopefully what she is doing will help her." Jo' added. Allina and Jen agreed with her. "We can't do anything more to help her anyway." Jo' continued. "We'll wait this out until May gets back." Allina and Jen agreed again. Soon Jo' had dinner done, and they ate without a word.
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Mayella slept most of the way to California, or stared out the window. She had acted on a whim, so she hadn't even brought a suitcase with her. She sighed, really wishing she had a book. She stared out the window for the rest of the trip.
The rest of the girls went on with their daily lives. Today Jen was in Detroit on a buisness trip, and would be gone for a week. Jo' had a day off, so she walked her dog, Marckane around a few blocks, then returned home to check on her side of the cleaning as well as her bills. Allina was off with Tyler and Erik to fine Tyler's mom in Montana. Allina had Erik help her, since Mayella couldn't, and Erik found exactly where Tyler's mom or, Mrs. Rafaella Roads Wilkins. "We'll find your mother soon." Allina told Tyler. He had gotten the harsh evidence of his dad, John Wikins. The tapes he had gotten were of his father beating his 5 year old sister with a wooden paddle for not picking up her toys in five minutes time of finishing her play time, not eating quickly enough, and her grounding for no reason other than not cleaning her plate from the table. Tyler also got his dad in action of Yelling at him once he got home, let the one day Allina had him stay with her. And how his father didn't believe the note she wrote out for him. Tyler also showed all the bumps and bruises he and his sister have on their legs, arms and back. "This is only some of the abuse I got on tape." Tyler told Allina. "Most of it was in his room doing, terrible things to Elisabeth." "Do you have that as well?" Allina asked. "Yes, on this tape." Tyler took out another tape from his canvas bag he carries around with him. "Excellent." Erik commented. "This I think will work." Allina said. Erik turned around in his seat, as Allina kept driving the van.
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mayella got off the plane and stared around in the sunlight. she had enough money for a taxi, so all she had to do was hail one. Not as hard as hailing one in NYC, but still. Mayella then found that she didn't remember her cousin's address. "Hey, Allina, go get my blue address book. can you tell me what my cousin emily's address is?" Allina told her and Mayella was off in the scarily yellow taxi. when she arrived at her cousin's house, she rang the doorbell and knocked, but no one answered. so, she sat on the porch to wait for her cousin's return.
Allina hung up her phone. They had been on the road for only a day and a half now, and Erik drove with the need to have Allina sleep. "I'm fine." She kept telling him, but he wouldn't accept her word. Luckily he knew how to drive, other wise Tyler would have to take the wheel. "How much longer 'till we get there?" Tyler asked from the back seat, bored as heck. "We should be there by tomorrow mourning." Allina told him checking over the map they made. "I hope Elisabeth is alright." He said not knowing what his dad was doing to his little sister now that he wasn't there to fight him.
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As she waited for her cousin, Mayella got a call on her cell phone. "Hello?" she answered. "Is Allina Morgan there, by any chance?" a man's voice asked. "No, this is her roomie Mayella. Who is this?" the voice sounded strangely familiar, though not the voice of the bald guy. "Tell her that if she knows what's good for her she'll stay away from my wife and return my son. Tell her I have worse ways for the girl." mayella scrunched her brow in confusion. "What the hell? Who is this?" But all she recieved in answer was the dial tone. This sounded serious. She quickly flicked her cell closed and then open and dialed Allina's number. But when the phone was answered, it wasn't Allina. It was Erik.
"Hello?" Erik answered Allina's phone because she was asleep. "Oh, hey Mayella." "What!" "Ok, I'll wake her up." "Allina!" Erik said shuving her shoulder. "Wha- what is it?" She asked waking up. "Mayella called saying that a guy called saying that he has worse things in store for a little girl and to stay away from his wife and return his son." "Give me the phone-now!" Allina yelled. "Mayella was what Erik told me true?" "Shit." Allina swore after Mayella retold the phone call. "Damn John. how does/did he know/ find out." "Thank you Mayella, bye." Allina hung up the phone. "We have a big problem Tyler." "What is it/" He asked worried that they were talking about his dad. "Your dad knows, and he wants us to stay away from your mom, return you or your sister will get the bad end of it." Allina turned away from the guys because she couldn't bear to have them see her cry. Tyler didn't know what to do. They were so close, but what torchure would his dad do to Elisabeth that he hadn't already. "Lets turn around." Allina said. "I know were so close, but I didn't bargin for Elisabeth to get hurt." At that Allina burst into tears and Erik stopped the car. "Allina no dear, come on. It'll be ok. We'll find a way." Allina just cried worse. She didn't know what else to do. Tyler got out of the car and opened Allina door and knelt down to face Allina and took her by the shoulders. "Allina." He said not minding his manners. "We're not turning around. I love my sister, but dad doesn't know how close we are. We can still get mom and she can help us. She can get divorce papers and a restraining order. We can put my dad on jail for life for constant abuse. Allina, please stop crying." Tyler hugged Allina tightly. She hugged him back. She finally stopped crying and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. "Thank you Tyler." Allina said and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled, let her go, shut her door, and got back into the car. Erik started the car again and started drivng the rest of the 15 miles.
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The phone call left Mayella puzzled but didn't worry for long. Soon a gray minivan pulled up in the driveway and a slim blonde stepped out and walked up to her porch. "Mayella?" she asked. "Hi Emily." The two cousins hugged. "What are you doing here, May?" her cousin asked. "No luggage or anything." Mayella gave her a weak smile. "Well, it was kind of on a whim. But some pretty bad things have happened to me as of late and I needed to talk to someone." Emily nodded. "come on in, I have a spare room and I think we still fit each other's clothes. Mayella nodded, grateful. "So where is your family?" she asked. "Oh, the kids are all at camp for two weeks, and Jason is on a business trip for the next three days." Mayella nodded. "well, I might be gone by then, I think my best friend just got threatened." Emily gave her a look. Mayella sighed and started her long tale.
Allina, Tyler and Erik reached Mrs. Wilkins house exactly at noon. Tyler held the evidence and stood behind Allina and Erik. Allina rang the door bell. There was no answer, so she rang again. This time a slender pale faced women with sandy blond hair opened the door. "Hello, Mrs. Wilkins, I am Mrs. Morgan and this is my partner Mr.London and we are here with knowledge of you son Tyler and your daughter Elisabeth's abuse. May we come in?" Mrs. Wilkins hesitated. "Where are my children? What has their father done to them!?" She asked frantically. "Mom?" Tyler spoke up. Allina and Erik moved so he could be seen. "I have terrifying evidence of dad. We are hoping that you will cooperate enough to go along with our plan." Mrs. Wilkins started to silently cry, so Tyler handed the evidence to Erik, and went to comfort him mother, who let them in.
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"Okay, so let me get this straight- you were locked in a church and then escaped with your friend and some guy living under the church, right?" Mayella nodded. "Then your friend fell in love with said guy under the church. Then you fell in love with a guy who came into Starbucks, correct?" Mayella nodded again. "and then you got cornered by some scary bald dude at starbucks, and then were abducted and almost raped by said guy." Mayella nodded again. Emily whistled. "Wow. Big story." Mayella nodded again. "I just can't get over the fact that I was almost Done by some guy." Emily nodded and hugged her cousin, blonde hair twisting around brown. "It'll be okay. So what does Mr. Stealer-of-your-heart look like?" mayella smiled, about to tell her when her cell rang again. "hello?" she answered expecting to hear Jake, Jo, jen, allina, or even erik. "Tell your friend time is running out. She failed to obey my words and now I'm going to get her. all of them." the dial tone set in again. Mayella quickly called allina, but she didn;t answer. She tried three more times. allina must've left her phone in the car. Darn it. "Okay, My life has no stop button. Allina has just been threatened yet again by her first ex and she won't answer her flipping phone. Now I'm going to have to take another plane to Montana." she looked to her cousin. "Wish me luck." and strode out the door. "Luck!" her cousin called. Mayella got to the airport five minutes before the next plane to Montana started boarding. With luck she would reach Allina before her ex did. and then they could stop this once and for all.
After seeing the evidence Mrs. Wilkins grew angry. She was angry at no one but herself for leaving with out her kids. "I'm so sorry." She told Tyler. We need to get those papers, and quickly. If your dad finds out, there is no telling what he'll do." "Mom, he already knows. and Elisabeth is in grave danger." Mrs. Wilkins look like she was going to collapse. "Ok we need to hurry." So they went to go get a divorce and restraining order.

Three hours later Mayella found Allina's car and was sitting on the curb when Allina drove up in an unfamiliar car. "May!" Alina yelled and ran to her friend. "Your here. Why?" "John called me again saying that your time is running out, you disobeyed his orders and he is now going to come get you, all of you." Mayella's eyes drifted over everyone around the car. "Great, now he's even more than a threat." Allina said. Come on, I need to get these papers filled out.

Once the restraining order was filled, and Mrs. Wilkins did her part in the divorce order, they all left to get the restraining order final. Once they got back from that though, they found Allina's car busted up infront of Mrs.Wilkins house, and John Wilkins standing in her yard with no weapon seen, but with an evil expression on his half drunkin face.
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The five of them stood very still facing the guy in their path. Mayella, Allina, and Mrs. Wilkins stood in front of Tyler, and when John took another step, Erik moved Mayella and Allina behind him. No one did anything until Tyler called out "Where's Elisabeth!" John smiled evilly again, and pulled a young girl out from behind him. They all could see she was unconcious, or nearly. Huge purple bruises ran down her legs and one side of her face. Mrs. Wilkins gasped. "John, I know what you've been doing to my children. I have a final restraining order. I've also filed for divorce. Take another step and we'll have no choice but to strike." Then suddenly, Tyler ran out to his father and his sister, trying to get her back. "Let me go!" he cried when John grabbed his son's arm as well. Mrs. Wilkins cried out. Allina grasped Mayella by the elbow and led her quietly and stealthily to the bushes at the end of the yard. Erik swiveled his head ever so slightly and Allina gave him a look. Erik turned back and Mayella and allina couched down behind the bushes. "Okay, he's got Tyler and Elisabeth, we have to act fast," Allina whispered. "I left my call in the car, do you have yours?" Mayella was too scared to talk, so she nodded, and pulled it out. "Call 911. I don't know how much time any of us has."
Mayella called 911 and as quietly as she could, she told the police everything. She hung up and whispered, "They said they'd get here in ten minutes time." Allina nodded and motioned for Erik to follow her lead. They both lunged at John, who reacted clumsly, but landed an elbow right into Erik's stomach, but narly dropping Eliabeth. SoAllina, kicked John in his side, knowing it was a weak spot, and grabbed Elisabeth once she was dropping to the ground. Allina ran to Mrs' Wilkins who examined her daughter, and had a releived, but also descuted looked on her face. "I should have left you when you tarted to drink!" She spay at him. "You never loved me, I was blind for not seeing it before you tormented my kids!" John herd this and grew even more angry. "Oh no you don't!" Allina yelled lunging at him to stop him from attacking Mrs.Wilkins, and to free Tyler. She almost had Tyler free, when John grabbed her by the waits and held her tightly. "Damn!" She swore no getting out of his grip. He smiled evilly at her. "I always picture this moment." He said dryly. "I never knew you'd even think of trying to rescue MY children." "They are no longer yours. And your against your restraining order." Allina said through gasped as she struggled to get free. "He laughed evilly as he tightened his grip on his son, who yelled out in pain. Allina looked at Tyler in horror. "How could you hurt your children so?" She managed to get out, for his grip on her was tightening just as much. "I do what I want to children who are mine, but not ours." He whispered to her, getting really close. Allina scowled at him in discussed. "Let me go." She commanded, yet again trying to free herself. He smiled his evil smile, and kissed her hard on the lips. Allina was frozen in shock, and saw Erik's angry, 'I'm going to kill you' expression. She saw Mrs.Wilkins taking car of her now concious daughter, and Mayella's fearful expression. Allina thought of nothing to do but kick him where it would hurt the most. It worked. He howled out in pain, letting go of Tyler, but throwing Allina toward her car. She landed with a hard smack, and fell to the ground unconcious. "Dear, God!" Erik yelled grabbing Tylers arm and leading him to Allina. "Watch her, and I'll take care of your dad. Erik pinned John to the ground with barely any effort. Mayella went to aid Tyler, and soon the cops arrived with an ambulance.
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Mayella was shaking all over for the second time in a month. This was bizzare and freaky. Four of the cops went to Erik and John with their guns out. Another went to see if Mrs. Wilkins and her daughter were alright, and another to Allina and Tyler. someone came up to her, since she was the only one unharmed and just standing there, thought she felt numb. "Thanks to you and your friends for the capture of this guy. He's wanted in half the country for several different offenses. They bagged his accomplice a couple weeks ago for trying to rape a kid in a church." Mayella's jaw dropped but the officer didn't see. Mayella walked up to John as he was being arrested. "Well, I'm glad we caught you," she said out loud. everyone turned to look at her. Allina was even facing her, one eye slightly open as an ambulence guy checked for bumps and bruises. "You know, I didn't even think of it until just now, but you're the cause of everything. Because of you I can't sleep at night. You and your evil bald friend." Mayella breathed. She smirked. "Well, guess you'll be joining him. Ta-ta," and she walked away as they shoved him in the car and drove off. Three others still remained. One officer walked up to Mayella. "I don't know exactly what that little schpeel was all about, but I take it everyone here has known harm by this man." Mayella nodded, glancing around at her friends. "The kids have been beaten, no doubt the wife too before she left, Erik tried to save us when his friend locked us in a church and tried to rape Allina, and then I was almost raped a few weeks ago. Yes, I know what you mean." The officer gave a small smile. "Well, we'll ned you all you testify in court against him." Mayella nodded. "Anything to keep him away for good."
Allina felt strange. The last thing she knew was being smacked onto her car. She could hear voices. Voices of the people she loved. She heard her mom crying helplessly and her dad trying to comfort her. She heard Tyler and Erik, Mayella and Jake, Jen and Jo'. She tried speaking, up nothing came out. She tried opening her eyes. The first attempt stured everyone. The second attempt, everyone was around her, and she could see them. She smiled weakly at everyone in the room. She was so happy to see them. She tried to speak again, but nothing came out. Everyone looked fearful, and it showed. "Allina." She heard Erik say. "The doctor examined you as you were out. Your vocal cords became damaged within the incident. You'll be able to speak again, no one knows when though." Allina could see the sadness in his eyes and beckoned him to come. He keeled down so that their faces were close to each other, and Allina leaned forward and kissed him. Mayella knew what she was trying to say explained to Erik, "She's trying to tell you she loves you." Erik smiled and passonitly kissed Allina back. "I love you to." He whispered. Soon after the doctor came in.
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Mayella sat on the stony steps of the hospital with her head in her hands. She felt as though it was partially her fault Allina couldn't speak. If she hadn't been so selfish to go and talk to her cousin, or if she had gotten there earlier, somehow she might have been able to help. She felt so much revenge and hatred for Tyler's dad. But as she was thinking of the neumerous ways she could kill him, her inside voice echoed something that Allina used to say. "Why to we kill people who kill people to show people thta killing people is wrong/" Allina was right. Mayella wouldn't turn killer herself.
Allina was sitting up in the hospital bed for the second day. The doctors wouldn't let her go, 'You need the rest' they would tell her. Her parents left yesterday, and Jen and Jo' had to work. Mayella was sitting outside, but Erik and Tyler were still there by her side. She looked from Erik to Tyler and smiled at them both. Tyler wouldn't, couldn't talk to her her. He knew if he wouldn't have gotten her into his life, she'd be okay. He looked at her sadly. He got up after a few minutes to look out the window. Allina took him arm to motion him to stay. She knew by the look on his face that something was wrong. She picked up the dry erase bored and marker and wrote what she would normal ask onto it. Tyler smiled at how Allina asked him what was wrong. "I just think that it's my fault." He said bluntly. Allina put on a serious expression and wrote,'How so?' "Your condition. If I wouldn't have gotten you caught in my mess of a life, you'd be able to speak." Allina looked at him, and took a while to write out her response. What he wrote covered everything, "It is not your fault. I knew how tough your situation was going to be from the start. I chose to help you. I could have backed out soon after the plan was created. Hell the plan wouldn't have been created if I wasn't planning on helping you every stretch of the way. I really don't give a damn about my situation either. I regret nothing, and neither should you. Yeah not being able to talk for a while sucks and it's going to make my job hard for a while, but I'll learn to cope. I love you Tyler, just like your mom loves you. I hope to have a son just like you some day. Don't beat your self about me. I'm fine. I've been better, but I'll be okay.' Tyler looked up from the bored and looked at Allina who had a resureing smile. He gave her the bored back. The next thing she wrote was. 'Go get Mayella. She needs to know how I feel to.'
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Mayella was brought to Allina's room, being summoned by tyler, who gave her nothing to go on but a frantic 'get over here' wave. Was Allina still okay? Was she better? Was she worse? Her heart beat wildly but slowed once she saw that Allina was actually fine, and Erik and Tyler were still with her. Allina knew just the thing to write to assure Mayella none of this was considered her fault. In black dry erase board markers were three totally awesome words coming from her best friend that brought tears to her eyes. "I love you."
Allina smiled at her friend, knowing her message got through. Mayella sat next to Allina from her left side, and leaned over to give her a hug. "I love you to, Allina." Mayella said while choking back tears. next the doctor came in and said that Allina could go home, and that her condition would have to come back on it's own. Allina had that 'oh finally' look on her face. She had been laying in a hospital bed for 3 days. She couldn't take much more.

Once Allina was outside she started running childishly around the parking lot. Yeah she was only stuck for 3 days, but for Allina it felt like a year. Once she calmed down, they all got into Tyler's car and drove Allina home.
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Everybody sort of congregated at Mayella and allina's apartment- Tyler, his mother, his sister, Erik, and of course Jen and Jo. Mayella ordered for pizza and Erik went out to get something desert like to celebrate Allina's return home. However, after the food had been eaten and all, there was another matter to think upon. "Hey, Erik, Tyler and his mom and sister are out of a room. Is there any possibility that they could stay with you?" Mayella asked. Catching Allina's glance he nodded. "Of course, I have more than enough room." Tyler's mother thanked him graciously and they started to pack up and leave. "Will anyone be staying with Allina?" he asked. Allina gave him a 'what do you mean' look. "School's out for the summer," he pointed out. Allina nodded. "well," Mayella spoke. "I'm still on my almost-got-raped leave, so I'll be here for another week." Erik nodded. "and then I'll come watch her." He said it forcefully and Allina smiled up at him for being so concerned. "Okay, fine. I'll have to go back to work then anyways." Mayella smiled back at erik. Allina looked between the two. Were they actually being friendly?
Allina slept soundly that night. She dreamed about Mayella and Erik getting along, and how Tyler's family will have a better life. Allina stuck to her word that she didn't regret helping Tyler. She knew that having no voice was better than being dead. She silently prayed before going to bed that night as well, but she knew whatever happened was by God's grace. So if she ever got her voice back, it would be a miracle.
The next mourning Allina was awoken by Mayella who said she was going to take a walk, and that Jo' and Jen were already had gone to work. So, Allina, who was already up, decided to get dressed and watch television. After sitting on the coutch for a while, Allina started to feel uncomfortable. She didn't know what was making her feel this way, but something did. Maybe it was not being able to talk, or council the kids who came to see her, she didn't know what it was. Allina got up and made eggs and toast, and sat back down to watch the Discovery and Travel channel. They had her favorite television shows. After 2 hours of watching nothing but TV Allina started to dose off. She fell asleep a couple minutes after.
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Mayella returned as Allina fell asleep. She smiled, glad that her friend could find some relief. The phone rang and Mayella picked it up, still in a bit of a cheery mood. "hello?" she asked. "Mayella? It's Jake."
Allina had a frightful dream. It was the replay of her accident. She woke up screaming, but because her voice was gone, it was only in her head as she awoke. As she sat up, she saw tat Mayella was back, and that Jake and Erik were there. Allina got up without a word, so no one noticed, and crept into her room to get her white bored and marker. She crept back with out a word as well, and started to watch television again. After a while, she wondered why Jake and Erik were here, and why they were suspiciously in the dining room, so she went to go see why.
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"Oh, hey Allina," Mayella called, getting up to hug her friend. Allina huged her back and then motioned to the two guys and drew a question mark on her board. "Erik wanted to check up on you and I had a little confession I had to tell jake." Allina gave her a look that asked 'everything', complete with a raised eyebrow. Mayella nodded. "Everything." Allina smield and went over to sit on erik's lap, kissing him. Mayella leaned back and sighed, watching the almost perfect scene. Now, if only she could get her love life in order . ..
Life was sweet. One of Allina's bestest friends was back and, to her knowledge, fully recovered, and had gotten her love life back together. She had a boyfriend who loved her unconditionally, and truly. Her and Mayella were going out on a double date tonight with their amazing boyfriends, and Mayella had still a full week of not working, even though the month was almost over. She also went out with Mayella and they bought brand new, beautiful dresses. The only thing bothering her was that Erik was acting a bit strange and would cough up what. The suspense wasn't killing her, but she was still angshis to know what he was up to.
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Mayella was in a flutter the hour before the boys were coming to take them to dinner. "Allina, what should I wear? Sort of dressy, or casual?" she asked., worrying about everything. Allina sighed and scribbled on her board. Just be yourself. Mayella's look softened and she nodded. "I'll improvise. I'll wear jeans and a nice shirt. What are you wearing. Allina scribbled. This. Mayella nodded, got dressed, and acssorized herself. And then the boys were here.
Erik and Jake seemed to be on the same path with suspicion because they were kind of acting the same. But every time Mayella or Allina asked then about what they were thinking/planning, they wouldn't answer, or they would say, "You'll find out."
'Well, two can play this game.' Allina thought. She wrote on her white bored. "Hey, May, what do you think the guys are up to? Use my white bored, don't answer aloud." Following Allina's instructions, "Idk, but I want to know." "I do to, but there is no way of finding out until we tell them." "Geeze the guys are annoying." "Yes, I know, but we still can't help but love them."
After a while of white bored talk, Erik looked back at them to see why they were being so silent. "Hey, what are you saying there?" He asked motioning to the bored. Allina smirked and had a 'wouldn't you like to know' look on her face. Mayella responded with, "Oh, nothing important." Erik smiled and had a 'we deserve that' look.
The resturaunt the guys brought the girls to was magnificent. It looked 18th century from the outside, but was casual dining, inside. They all had a blast. The night seemed to go by quickly. They were enjoying dessert when Erik got up. "I have an announcement to make!" He yelled for the whole resturaunt to hear. "Allina?" He asked getting her attention. Once she was looking at him he asked. "Will you marry me?"
There were gasps through out the whole resturaunt, especially one from Mayella. Allina looked shocked, but happy. She didn't expect this to occure. Allina only wrote one word on her bored. "Yes."
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The restaurant burst into cheers and Mayella hugged her friend tightly as she kissed Erik and he fitted the ring on her finger. But Mayella still didn't know what was to come next for her . . .
'This is so awesome!' Allina thought as they were driving home. The whole restaurant became a party house, sort of speak, after that. But even though all 4 had fun, Alina could still sense something was a bit wrong with Mayella. "Hey, May. What's up?" She wrote on her bored. "Oh, nothing more than wondering about whats in store for me in the future." She replied. Allina gave her a serious look and wrote. "I hope you have a good time, but don't go spending all your time on it. The present is pretty fun too." That made Mayella laugh, and agree. "Who knows." Allina continued. "Maybe you and Jake have more chemistry then whats seen right now. I mean, you glow around him." Allina didn't know how true those words are and would turn out to be.
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Once they got home, they started to say their goodbyes when Jake grabbed Mayella's wrist. "Do you want to go for a walk?" Mayella nodded- the night was beautiful, the moon and the stars almost outshining the pearly glow of the street lights, the grass wet from a slight shower an hour before. The two went around to the park where they sat and talked. Mayella was feeling happy and random, so she decided to walk along the benches, sort of like once of the scenes from the sound of music. Jake took one of her hands and knelt down in the slightly wet grass and pulled out a small box. "Mayella, will you marry me?"
Allina and Erik were making a list on what to do for the wedding. They decided to make it small, because Erik didn't know if any of his family would show. They were making a a list of food, when Mayella opened the side door by the kitchen, and ran to Allina estatic and screaming with joy while Jake walked in a moment after. "You'll never guess what happened!" Mayella screamed. Allina grabbed her bored and asked, "What?" Mayella smiled wide and yelled, "Jake asked me to marry him! See!?" She showed Erik and Allina the ring on her left ring finger. "It's beautiful May. And congradulations." Was all Allina wrote as her response. "We were wondering." Erik chimed in motioning to him and Jake. "That we could have a double wedding." The girls looked at each other, and Mayella squealed with joy, Allina had a very joyful face and was screaming from the inside. The future was definitly bright right now.
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3 Months later
"Hey, Allina, have the flowers arrived yet?" Mayella called. Allina was humming, still happy to have her voice back, though she had gotten it a week ago. "Nope," the doorbell rang, interrupting her. "Yep," "I'll get them, Aly, just stay there." It was the day of Allina and Erik's wedding. It was February, and flowers were pushing up through the snow. The sun shone, making everything sparkle. It was also Vanetine's day. But Mayella was waiting for July, when she would have her originally planned beach wedding with Jake. The car from the church pulled up and the two girls left, Allina heading for the altar.
"This is the most happiest day of my life!" Allina exclaimed as she was stepping out of the car, to the church. Every one she invited was going to be there, if they weren't already, and everything was set. Erik loved her idea of a blue wedding, so he got a navy blue tux, and the grooms men were in regular blue. The brides maids were in sky blue, the flower girl was in white, and so was the ring bearer. The flowers were light blue and white, fake roses, 'Cause there were no real blue roses to speak of. Her gown was turquoise with navy blue accents. She was in a church dressing room, with her bestest friends Jen, Jo', Lauren, and Marie, the brides maids, and her cousin Marcy's littlest girl, Amy, who was 5, the flower girl. They were all happy and excited. The wedding would start in an hour and thankfully Erik's relatives showed up as well, so every one was anxious for the wedding to start.
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Mayella could hardly wait for the wedding. The music started and amy exited, the Marie, as the Matron of Honor, then Mayella, as Maid of Honor, and then Jo and Jen. And finally, Allina.
There were gaspes as Amy and the ring bearer, Erik's little boy, David, walked up the isle. Then even more gaspes as Mayella and the brides maids walked in and up, arms joined with each of the grooms men. The final huge collective gasp came when Allina came in. Pictures were taken as she walked up,radiating with joy, like a bird knowing it's babies were hatching. She noticed Erik standing at the altar with the priest, and his best man, his sisters husband. Erik smiled widely at her as she approached. Neither thought this day would happen between them; but ate as an odd way of working.
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As Allina walked up the aisle toward them, Mayella thought back to when they had first met Erik. Mayella had disliked him very much, given to the way he attracted her friends and the way he creepily lived under the church. But now Mayella loved him like a brother. An annoying older brother. Sort of. And Allina had probably just been grateful for his help, not even knowing it would escalate into this kind of love. mayella hoped this very same magic was what lie in store for her and Jake.
Allina stood breathless next to Erik at the altar was the priest went on, and on. Soon it came time for the vows, and the rings. David walked up and handed the ring for Allina, to Erik, and the ring for Erik, to Allina. Erik recited the vows he cleverly came up with, and placed the ring he had, on Allina's left hand. Allina did the same. The priest did the "Will you....." questions, and Erik and Allina kept looking at each other, as each one said, "I do." As everyone applauded, they walked out of the main sanctuary, and into the lobby to await praise from all the guests.
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Jacob managed to find Mayella in the mess of guests, and they talked together about their own idea. Now that Allina's wedding was done, Mayella couldn't wait for JUly 9th!
There was an after wedding party, where everyone got together after praise and pictures, and settled down to eat. Everyone loved the food, and the cake. Allina and Erik drove to Baltimore, Md., Because that's where Ace of Cakes was located. They make extreme cakes, so Allina and Erik ordered a cake that was a life size replica of them as the bride and groom. Erik liked Allina's idea of a bride and groom cake, then a regular cake with the tiny bride and groom on top.

After everyone was fed, and leaving, Allina found Mayella, Jen and Jo'. "Hey, guys. I have to tell you something." She started. They all nodded and asked, "What?" As Allina paused. Allina took a deep breath and said, "After Erik and I have our honeymoon. We are going to move to a small town in Montana." All three girls looked shocked. "Why?" Mayella almost screamed. "Because. Because it seems like a fresh start. "I've counciled like mostly every teenager in Michigan, and Montana seems like a good place to find more." Mayella still looked upset. "What about the house?" Jen asked. Allina smiled. "You guys can have it. Most likely Mayella will move, so Jen, you and Jo' own the house now." Mayella nodded, and so did Jen, and Jo'. "Another thing." Allina remembered. "I need your help getting Erik's stuff out from under the church. That's his stuff that he needs help getting out, 'cause there's a lot, and some of it's heavy. They nodded and agreed to help. Allina hugged her friends and left with Erik.
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Mayella felt as if her heart would almost shatter at Allina's announcement. She took her friend aside after this 'talk'. "You ARE staying for my wedding, aren't you?" Allina laughed and hugged her friend. "Of course! You didn't think I wouldn't, did you?" Mayella's good feelings returned and she went home with Jen and Jo'.
It was a hard plan; but they finally came up with the perfect one to get all of Erik's stuff out from under the church. The plan was that Erik, Allina, Mayella and Jake would go down to his chambers and wait. Jen and Jo' were going to hide and wait so they could make sure the doors stayed unlocked. After everyone had left, Jen turned her flashlight on for the signal, so the rest could start bringing up stuff. The small, light stuff, was hauled out of the opening, and the heavier, big stuff was carried by two, or all of them through the church, into the car outside. It took them about three hours, but they did get everything. "Man that was hard work." Mayella exclaimed as she plopped down onto her seat inside the car. "Yeah, it sure was." Jake agreed, looking sweaty. "Lets just be glad it's all over." Erik resured them. They looked shocked, because he put it there in the first place. Which now made them wonder how he got all that stuff under the church in the first place, but no one asked. Allina laughed, and kissed her new husband, and got into the car.
"Apparently planning a pool side wedding is harder than it seems." Mayella exclaimed going over all the notes, she and Jacob planned out. This is what she'd been up to for the past 2 months, and there was still 2 months and several days before her own wedding. Allina on the other hand, had been packing all her stuff. She had tons in her room, which would soon be office space for Jen, because she needed one. During her time also, she had been helping Erik and their kids, David and Elisabeth pack. "You know what." Allina started. "What?" Erik asked from beside her. They were packing Elisabeth's things. "Tyler's little sister's name is Elisabeth as well." Erik nodded, remembering that fact, but not knowing where it was going. "Maybe that's why I was so hell bent on wanting to help Tyler. I kept remembering your sweet little Elisabeth, and would hate it if a monster abused her." Erik smiled at the kindness, and drew his wife into a long kiss. He had a sense she loved the kids, but not how much. She just gave him his answer when talking about Elisabeth. "I love you." He told her after he let her go and started to pack stuff up again. "I love you to." Allina replied.
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Another month before the wedding and Mayella was in a flutter. "ARRG!!!" she cried in frustration. "This is never going to work!!!!!!!" but then Jake came in with a cup of her favorite starbucks coffee and sat down to help her.
"Finally." Allina sighed slowly lowering herself down on the living room couch. They had finally boxed all the small this like, cloths, books, ext. All the big things they would have to get help for, because Allina was now three months pregnant, and slightly showing for it. Erik laughed and handed Allina a small glass of iced tea. "That was hard work, I have to admit." He said, sitting next to her and rapping his right arm around her. She snuggled up against him. Now that they had finished packing, they had a birthday to assemble. "Elisabeth's turning 2 this year." Allina reminded herself. "Yeah, and David's turning 7." Erik said. Allina smiled. She was happy to have a family. Out of exhaustion, Allina fell asleep.
Erik put Allina in bed, and went to check on David and Elisabeth. Since the house was small, they shared a room. David was playing with Hot Wheels, and his little sister was fast asleep with an afternoon nap. He smiled from the door way. He was doing to sit down and read, when the phone rang.
"Hello?" "Oh, hey Mayella." "No, she's asleep right now. Any message you want me to give her when she wakes up?" "Uh huh, ok." "Yes." "All right." "Goodbye." Erik rewrote Mayella's message. He had neat handwriting only when he tried his hardest, and right now, his first writing was horrible. By the time he had finished rewriting, it was an hour to 5. "Better start getting dinner ready." He said while walking over to the fridge.
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mayella was a nervous wreck. jake kept saying it would all work out, but mayella didn't see how her budget, her plans, and her wild scheming would all fit together into anything resembling a wedding. she waited for allina to call . . .
By the time Allina woke up, it was half past 6. Erik was sitting next to her. "Is everything okay?" She asked, wondering why he was there. "Yes, every thing's fine. Dinner's done if you want any. Allina smiled and got up. "How long was I out?" She asked while walking through the door into the hallway. 'You've been out, maybe an hour, hour and a half." Erik replied. David and Elisabeth were watching TV, and leftovers from dinner were still on the table. "I made it really quickly, but I kept everything hot." Erik explained. "Allina smiled again and hugged him "I love you." She said and kissed his cheek.

After she had eaten, Erik told Allina that Mayella called needing help with her wedding plan. 'I better go over and help her. "It's been three months and she still is frustrated." Erik agreed. So Allina kissed him goodbye, but before leaving, 'If I have to stay the night, I'll call, ok?" "Ok, have fun dear." With that she left to help Mayella.
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Mayella opened the door when Allina came. "Thank God you came!!! I need so much help it is not funny," she cried. "Chillax, May," Allina said, walking in and shutting the door behind her. "What do you need help with?" And so began the lengthy session of wedding planning.
"Ok, yeah, way too much to chew." Allina commented when Mayella finished listing everything they had. "Let's start with the basic guest list." Mayella handed her, the 4 pages of guests, both from Mayella's and Jakes family. Ok, you have everyone here that your inviting?" Allina asked. "Yes." Jake responded. "Alright. What about outfits?" Mayella showed her the list of possible outfits. "Do you have the out fits?" "I have mine and Jakes." Mayella said. "Then you need bathing suites for the brides maids, groom's men, ring bearer and flower girl. The guests come in their own." Mayella nodded. "Jake, could you go out and get the bathing suites for the guys?" Allina asked. "Sure can." He said, and drove off. "Ok, did you send out invitations?" "Yes." "Ok. What about food?" "Mayella showed Allina the long 2 page lists of food. "Do you have everything?" "We only have about a page of food." "Then we have to work on the rest." Allina said to herself. "Do you have a place for the wedding to take?" Allina asked. "We found several pools that are willing to help out. And a few places for the after parties." "Ok." Allina responded. This was going to take a long time.
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Mayella finally collapsed out of over-party-planning exhaustion and fell asleep at about eleven forty five. jake whispered thank you to allina and she left, promising to come over the next morning. jake carried her up to bed and she dreamed of chlorine and cake.
Once Allina was home, everything was dark and quiet. She slowly walked through the main hallway, living room, second hallway and to her bed room. She turned the bathroom light on, because it gave her just enough light to see her dresser. She quickly picked out pyjamas, changed, turned off the light, and crawled into bed next to Erik.
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Mayella awoke and was actually relaxed for a few moments before she realized that it was one day closer to her wedding. She leaped out of bed, ready to try to plan when the doorbell rang.
"Hey!" Allina said, smiling brightly. "Ready to plan again?" "Uh, yeah." Mayella responded. They sat down with the planning and set the food plan, clothing, pool area's, reception party area's, and after party area's in piles on the floor. "Ok. I say we start with finding a pool area first.....
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Mayella decided on a pool area that was close by, that had also served for her family's other parties, such as wedding and baby showers. She called her aunt in law to see if they could work something out and get a discount because the family worked there. Once that was sorted out Mayella looked helplessly at the piles of papers still to work through.
"Alright. now we can work on outfits." Allina said examining each thing they had to do. "I have money to pay for them. Don't bother on paying me back." She looked sternly at Mayella and Jake.
The first thing Mayella agreed on was that all bathing suites were going to be one piece. Next was the color. Mayella also agreed on turquoise, so they tried to find some. Luckily, the store they went to had all the different sizes in the right color, so they bought a ladies small, medium, large, and just in case, extra large. They went to the little girls section and found a beautiful turquoise one piece, and with thinking, Mayella got a medium size one. Now all they had to do was call all the brides maids and find out who was what size.
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That was easier said than done. Mayella and allina agreed that Jake and Allina would go get the rest of the food while Mayella called all of her bridesmaids and got their sizes and confirmations that they were coming. It was a long day.
Once Allina and Jake got back with all the food, they stored it away. Allina then found Mayella on the phone. Once she was off, Allina asked, "So how many brides maids were you able to get a hold of?" Mayella wrote on the brides maids list and said, "All but 2." "That's great!" Allina exclaimed. Then we can wait for now on the brides maids and start with........Oh yeah, are you planning on having a reception? This was the day before the wedding, where all the guests were supposed to show, and the bride and groom would hold a dinner for all who where there. "No, I think it's better to keep it simple." Mayella responded. I don't think simple is what you had in mind for the wedding, but, ok then." So they started on finding a good place for the after party.
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"Wait . . . Allina, the reception is the after party." Mayella said. "You're thinking of the rehearsal dinner. I'm not going to do it the way it's supposed to be done, but I think I'm going to have a celebratory dinner the night before, and have a quick rehearsal earlier that same day. Does that even make sense? Arrg! I'm confusing myself!!!!!"
"Oh, ok. This is all too confusing, I'm confusing myself." Allina said looking at what they still had to do. We still need a place anyway. So they went to do that next.
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After much frustration and consulting, mayella finally gave up and just decided to use the pool area for a few hours after the wedding. Now all they had to do was burn a remix CD, order the flowers, and get feedback from everyone they had sent invites to. Who knew planning a wedding was this hectic?
Allina spent several hours on the remix CD, and it still wasn't done by the time she had to leave. "I'll take the CD's home and work on them there." Allina told Mayella. "Ok. I'll recall those last 2 bridesmaids. They should be home by now."
Allina left after gathering all she needed. "This is hectic." She said in a huff after carefully putting the box of CDs in her car. It was close to 8:30. "I hope David and Elisabeth are asleep." She hoped as she drove home, thinking she'll be going to bed well after 1 in the morning, if she got lucky.
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Mayella went to bed even later than Allina. Four in the morning. Jake kept telling her to go to bed, but she was so close- only a few more things needed to be done, and they would have two months before their wedding.
Allina was late getting to Mayella and Jake's. But once she arrived, she was greeted by Jake who said Mayella had fallen asleep only an hour ago. "Ok, well here is the remix tape of your guys's favorite songs. Can I get the list of bridesmaids sizes and the size of the bathing suite we don't need?" Jake went to go get the list. "Here is the list. 3 people are already checked off, because we have their size, but there are a few more to go." Allina nodded. Did she get the last 2 brides maids sizes?" "Yes, they should be on list." Allina smiled and left to go get all the bathing suits.
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Mayella slept late. until ten thirty. When she saw the time she went ballistic. "Oh God, I am so late!!!" she cried. Jake came up. "Relax, May. Allina went to go get the suits and besides that they're really nothing to do until the day before is there?" Mayella nodded. "Yes there is! The balloons, the tents, and the arch have to be gotten!" she said. jake chuckled. "May, Chill out. I'll go get those and you stay here and relax. Watch TV. Surf the net. have a nice breakfast. just relax." Mayella smiled and kissed her husband to be. "Okay. I will." Jake smiled. "And when Allina and I get back, how about we all go get lunch?" Mayella nodded. "I'd love that." Jake kissed her again. "I love you." As he left, mayella nodded. "I love you too.
"All right. I have three smalls, three mediums and two larges." Allina mumbled as she checked the list. There where eleven brides maids. Well there were a couple Matrons, but what ever. As Allina stood in line, she couldn't help but notice Tyler and his family where at the mall, same as she. She smiled brightly as Mrs. Wilkins, now Ms. Forrest, her maiden name. "It's so nice to see you again." Ms. Forrest said as she hugged Allina. "It's good to see you to. Especially you Tyler." Tyler hugged Allina and asked why she wasn't in her office as often as she was before. "I've been helping one of my friends out with getting her wedding ready. It's in a month." Ms. Forrest nodded. "That, and I've been packing." Allina added. "Why are you packing?" Tyler asked, a bit of fear showing. "I'm planning on moving to a small town in Montana. I hope your not upset." Allina told him. "No, where moving to Montana also." Ms. Forrest said. "Maybe we could move with you. When do you plan on leaving?" "I'll be leaving the day after my friends wedding. I don't know exactly what day." Ms.Forrest nodded and got out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote something. "Here." She said handing Allina the piece of paper. "The top number is the main line, and the second one is my cell and the third is Tyler's." Alina nodded. It was Allina's turn to pay for her items, so they bid their fair wells and Allina bough her items and left ASAP, to get the bathing suites to Mayella.
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When Allina arrived Mayella instantly hugged her. "Thank God! Allina, without your help I wouldn't even have this wedding." Allina hugged her back and said, "You know I'd do anything to help you, May," The two broke apart and Mayella took the bathing suits. Just as they were about to sit and talk, Jake came and took them out to lunch.
"That was interesting." Allina commented getting into the car. "What?' Jake asked. "Well, being told we're going to lunch a half a minute after I walk into your door." Jake laughed at the sarcasm. "Yeah, that's pretty interesting al right." "So where are we going to lunch?" Mayella asked. "I don't know. Where do you want to go." "I'm in the mood for Wendy's." Allina suggested. "I'm in the mood for tacos." Mayella said. "Yeah, tacos." Allina agreed happily from the back seat. "Alright, tacos it is." Jake drove them to Taco Bell.
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The three of them had a totally awesome time at Taco Bell, discussing many happy memories that had taken place there (when Mayella had slipped and broken her wrist in the bathroom when they were fourteen, or when Allina first had their spiciest food item and they had a thirteen dollar bill in drinks, or when mayella had eaten there for the first time and thrown up in the bushes outside). After that Jake drove Allina home and they all ended up staying at Allina and Erik's house until dinner, which they stayed over for. It was a pretty happy night in Mayella's books.
"So." Erik asked after the dishes were in the dish washer. "So, what?" Allina responded. "Mayella and Jake's wedding. How far have you gotten?" "Oh, were pretty much done. All the big things have been taken care of. All they really need are a few small things." She summed everything up. "That's wonderful, baby." Erik said smiling. "Yeah. We had fun and confusion, but it's all good now." They laughed and kissed. "I ran into Ms. Forrest, Tyler and Elisabeth in the mall today as well." "Ms.Forrest?" Erik asked confused. "Mrs.Wilkins." Allina said rolling her eyes."Oh." Erik still looked confused. "She's going by her maiden name." Allina told him. Erik nodded. "Ok, what did you guys talk about?" Allina told him about their plans to move to Montana together.
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For the first time that month, Mayella slept soundly and unafraid. Her wedding plans were set, everything was taken care of, and there was nothing to do until the day before. Life was good.
Allina awoke early the next morning. She had an interesting dream where Mayella's wedding went well and so did her move to Montana. She smiled at remembering her dream and went to retreive a book seres she had been reading and started where she left off.
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The next few days were good. Mayella got to kick back and relax. One day they cruized around the mall, and another they had a picnic at the beach with Allina and Erik and the kids. but soon the day before the wedding came and Mayella was busy once more.
Everything they had worked hard on was finally coming true. All the food was fresh and ready for the wedding day. Everyone attending was in a 10 minute distance, others where in calling radius and would arrive asap. The rehursal dinner was to take place in about 2 hours. Mayella was excited and scared. Allina and Jake were resuring her as they and others got stuff done.
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At about five thirty, everyone arrived for the rehearsal, which was at the pool. They had dinner first, pizza, hazelnut dessert stuff (really good and resembling the beloved fillichini), and soda. And then they practiced how the wedding would go, Mayella correcting anything that was wrong- but without the real flower petals, tents, or bathing suits. Once that was done, all the bridesmaids went to Mayella's house for a sleepover and Jake spent the night at Erik's place while Allina stayed with mayella. Mayella was still excited and scared. She hoped nothing would go wrong!
"It'll be ok, May." Allina said, noticing Mayella's expression. "Really. Everything will be alright." Mayella could feel Allina's hand on her shoulder as they sat on the floor. No one could sleep. It was only 9pm, but still. All the girls where in a circle watching movie after movie, and consuming unhealthy amounts of soda and popcorn. "Your right." Mayella said. "Everything will be alright." She hugged Allina and went back to watching the movie that was playing.
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Mayella loved being here, surrounded by her best friends, her bridesmaids. It was so perfect, so magical. She hoped her wedding the next day would be the same.
Suddenly, it seemed to Mayella that it had only been yesterday that she had been frantic, but now she was calm and excited. So she stood, waiting in the tent at one side at the other end of the pool, away from the invited. She couldn't believe, after everything, her one moment she thought would never come true, would finally happen, today.
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The music started, Beethoven's Ode to Joy, and her matron and maid of honor left the tent, followed by the other bridesmaids and the flowergirl. The groomsmen and the ring bearer also went out on the other side. And then it was her turn. She glanced at Jake across the pool and continued, the bouquet of white roses in her hands. And then they met at the diving board, walking together up at the end. And then it was time for the vows.
"Mayella looks so lovely." Jen whispered to Allina as they stood there listening to the couple sited their vows. "She does. Jake looks dashing as well." Allina whispered back. "We'll need to get a lot of photos." Jen continued. "Agreed." Allina responded and they went back to silents as the cerimony continued on.
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"You may kiss the bride." Jake and Mayella kissed. When they broke apart, Mayella was glowing and smiling. She handed her veil and flowers to Allina and she and Jake jumped in. As they climbed back out they heard the bridesmaids and groomsmen and some members in the crowd shout "MAZEL TOV!!!" And then the party started.
Everyone was having a splendid time. Most of the kids where in the shallow end, everyone was enjoying the swimming and food. Allina and Mayella where teasing Jake and Erik with a game of Marco Polo. The teenagers where playing their own games, or longing around, and everyone was just happy. But, sadly it ended. It ended sooner than expected, even though it was half passed 11 o'clock at night. As Mayella gave her good byes, Allina turned to Erik after getting her hug, she reminded him, "We have to get a move on with our move." And they rallied up the kids and left soon after.
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Mayella and Jake went back home and prepared to sleep out on Jake's balcony for the night. it was beautiful, stars and moon out, perfect for the after wedding night.
The next day, Allina called Ms. Forrest to tell her they were starting their move. Ms. Forrest arrived with her van, and Tyler in his sports car about an hour after the call. Allina had the kids in the car, and her and Erik were packing all they could in their van. "We're all packed, so you can put whatever else in Tyler's car." Ms. Forrest said while starting to help them. "Whats your first name?" Allina asked. Ms. Forrest smiled. "It's Jane." Alina smiled bakc and they continue with the packing.
It was the third day that they finally finished packing. They planned on staying the rest of the day and leaving early the next morning. "The only thing now is any money in banks to transfer and financial crap and such." Allina said sitting down with iced tea. "Yeah, those are always the hardest when moving." Jane told her, sitting down next to her. With the kids playing in the playroom, under the watchful eyes of Tyler, the adults went on talking about other things besides the move.
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Later, Mayella and jake arrived- they had decided not to go on their honeymoon until Erik and Allina were successfully moved- with Pizza. The three families enjoyed dinner out on the empty porch and in Erik and Allina's backyard, and then stayed late to catch fireflies in the darkness. When it was time for Mayella and Jake to go, Mayella hugged her friend tightly. "Call me when you get there," she whispered. "I will," Allina assured her. Mayella hugged each of their kids, and shook hands with Erik and Tyler. Mrs. Wilkins hugged her. "Thanks for helping me save my kids," she said. Mayella smiled. "You're welcome." And they left.
(we never gave Erik a last name. I'll have him take Allia's)

The Morgan and Forrest family all camped out in the living room. They all slept soundly. At least seven alarm clocks were set for 4:30 in the morning. No one could wait to finally go but all were asleep, dreaming of the adventure.
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( . . . "Don't even know his last name . . . .") (nothing to add)

(oh, very funny)

Allina was fast asleep in the passenger side of the van as Erik drove half the way there. They were going to switch driving responsabilities. Jane was driving right behind them. They were making good time.
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Mayella awoke early, as the sun was streaming through her window. Jake was still fast asleep beside her. she smiled at him, and said a quick prayer for Allina. She reached to open her night stand drawer. She smiled and she pulled out a composition notebook that was falling apart. It had plans for her dream wedding, letters and prayers from her first summer at camp, little tidbits that she wanted some people to see when she died, and the plans for her dream house. She smiled again. She had an idea.
The two families whee resting at rest stop. Allina and Jane where with girls for a potty break, while Erik, David and Tyler where at a bench talking.
"So, are you excited about the move?" Erik asked while making sure David was sitting still. "Some what. I'm going to miss my friends and stuff." "You have a girlfriend?" "No. I haven't really cared to have one. Only friends really." "Any of your friends girls?" "Only a few. They are mostly tom girls too, so we all even out." "Thats cool." "Yeah. Mom mostly wanted to move to get enough away dad. His trial is in about a week. Have you gotten a letter about it yet?" Tyler looked at Erik. "Not yet. Probably not in a while until the state of Michigan realizes we have moved. Tyler nodded. "Yeah, we got a letter a couple days after his arrest." It was Erik's turn to nod. Then the girls came out of the bathroom, and they all got into the cars and continued their drive.
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Mayella was positively glowing when Jake joined her at the breakfast table. "You look in a good move, considering your best friend just moved to the middle of the country," he joked. Mayella smiled. "Do I? Cool," she poured herself a bowl of Rice Krispies, and one for Jake. "So, Jake, want to take our honeymoon in a week and a half?" she asked. Jake nodded. "That'd be great- and I'm still on wedding leave from work." Mayella nodded. "Well, what are we going to do?" she asked. Jake smiled. "Oh, I'm going to surprise you."
They finally made it to Opportunity, Montana. It took about a day and a half, but they finally made it. They found a nice hotel to stay in and were unpacking all the clothing. "We'll go out looking for houses soon after we're settled." Allina told Jane. "I agree. We'll all want to get acuanted with this town and know where everything is and whats available first." So they unpacked what they al thought nessessary.
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So, soon Mayella and Jake were on their honeymoon. Mayella still had no idea where they were going- all she knew was that they were on a plane, and jake wouldn't even let her look at the ticket to see where their destination was. On the plane ride, while Jake slept, Mayella sent Allina a lengthy e-mail.

Allina- Do you remember when I was planning my ultra-cool wedding? I planned my dream house too! Guess what? While we're on our 2 week long honeymoon (jake's surprising me, I'll tell u all about it once it's over), I got my friend Blake (he owns a construction company) to start building our house!!!!!!! It'll be in Abney, Illinois- one step closer to your guys! well, I'll e-mail you later, keep me posted on what's happening in Montana!
-Love, Mayella
Allina was on the computer looking at houses when she got the e-mail. Sge quickly responded back:

May, thats great! Hope you have tons of fun. You don't know where Jakes taking you? Bummer. Hope it's some where great. Erik and I aren't going to do a honeymoon. We're too busy with the move to think about any vacation. I better get back to looking at houses. I love you, have fun.
- Love, Allina
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Mayella smiled as she read the e-mail from her friend. She soon fell asleep and awoke just in time to hear where they were landing: Ontario, Canada. She turned to Jake, who was smiling, waiting for her reaction. "Oh my God, Jake! I've always wanted to go to Canada!!" she cried, kissing him. Jake smiled even larger and chuckled. "Well, your friend Alyson told me how much you loved it and I figured it'd be the perfect place to honeymoon- and if you like the fact that we're in Canada, you'll like this even better- we're taking a scenic road trip through all of the providences," Mayella beamed and kissed him again. "Thank you soooooo much!" but what she left unsaid was that she would have a surprise for him as well, as soon as their honeymoon was over.
Allina and Erik where touring the town to see what they could find. Allina had no luck in finding a good house online, so they decided to skip that for a while. They had found a good preschool for Elisabeth, and a decent elementary school for David. They where now in the business district. They had just passed a Barnes and Noble when Jane asked if they wanted to stop for a quick brunch at a Big Boys that she happened to pass by while on her own tour. Allina said it sounded lovely and went to go meet up with her.
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Two days before her honeymoon was scheduled to end, Mayella got the e-mail from Blake. The house was done, exactly as she'd described it. Now it was time to finish up and get to their new home. She sent Allina postcards from all the providences, and now they were on their way back home- or so Jake thought
In about the same time span, the Morgan falimy was able to find a decent four bedroom house with to bathrooms and a big back and front yard. It had cost $144. They paid it in gull to refrain from paying a morgage. Allina had found work at the local high school that housed about 200 kids. They were only four, including her, concilers. The Forrest Family we're lucky enough to find a house just a few houses down from the Morgan's. Jane was working on transfer papers for Tyler. Since it was still summer, Allina didn't have to work yet, but Erik was trying to find work. He had no success so far, but wasn't giving up.
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They stepped off the plane and jake drove them back to their house. "Okay, Jake, now it's my turn to surprise you- the moving van should be here soon, so decide what you want and what you don't want. We already have furniture though." Jake looked confused but smiled and did what Mayella said. So they packed up and took everything they needed and loaded it into the truck, before Mayella got behind the wheel.
"I've decided to become a teacher." Erik told her that night. "Really, now." Allina commented. "Yes, I'll be taking college classes for about four years." Allina raised an eye brow in amazement. "So that where you've been all day." Erik smiled. "I start next week." Allina smiled. "Getting started on a early basis I see. What made you want to become a teacher? What kind?" "I just like being around kids so much, I thought it would be a great job." He sat down with her on the couch. "I was thinking about being a high school teacher." Alina raised her eye brow again. "But after consideration, I wanted to become an elementary school teacher." Allina nodded once Erik was done. "Any grade level in mind?" "No not really." "I see." Allina said getting up to clean the dishes. "Your plan sounds very interesting, I hope it works out." He got up and hugged her from behind. "I hope it does too."
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Jake loved the house. He and Mayella quickly moved in, sold all the stuff they didn't need, and put the old house up for sale, and then they settled down for a while.
As the school year was approching, Allina and Jane were getting school supplies ready for their kids David and Tyler. Allina was also getting bigger as the months passed. She was told she would be due on October 3rd. They were also making plans for a baby shower. Allina was getting a list of things she would need and or would like to have in her office space at the school. Every one seemed busy.
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Mayella and Jake were happy. Jake had found a new job that payed well, and Mayella's publishing sponsors were awaiting her newest work. She and Allina kept in touch through e-mail and phone calls, and Mayella sent her a baby shower card and a stroller, which wasn't fully assembled in the box. Mayella and Jake had had their baby's room already set up when they moved it, but it looked like they might not be filling the room yet, as they had hoped.
Allina was glad to find that Mayella and Jake were having a great life, even with out the baby luck. She was also happy that school was starting soon, and that Mayella's gift arrived, even a little early. Before anything else was accomplished though, she and Erik started to work on a room for the baby, which unfortunately involved paint, and a lot of it.
"What color do you think the babies room should be?" Erik asked Allina was they looked at paint in the hard wear store in town. "I don't know, there are so many pretty colours." Erik smiled and hugged his wife. "We don't even know what the baby is." Allina sighed. "That's the point. How can I decide?" Erik laughed. "Why don't we go with a cream color? It works for both boys and girls. Allina smiled. "Yeah, but which colour cream?" Erik kept smiling and though, "Here we go again."
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Mayella and Jake were happy in their house, with their life. The people in the town they lived in were nice. Every Friday night, they went out for pizza at the place that had, what Mayella called, the best pizza in the world. On Saturday nights they watched movies, and on rainy days they say together and worked. They were two people in love and all was good.
Allina always got daily e-mails from Mayella about how happy her and Jake were. Allina would send how glad she was to hear about it and about her own life. The school year had freshly started and Allina was very excited. She loved counciling teenagers. She was un-boxing desk supplies when Tyler walked in. "Ready for another great year Tyler?" She asked while getting stuff out. "Yeah. This year is going to be interesting." Allina looked at him. "How old are you?" Tyler smiled, 16, I'll be 17 on the 3rd of October." Allina smiled. "That's fantastic. Are you thinking about getting a girl friend?" Tyler shook his head. "I don't really see that as a priority yet." Allina nodded. "I see. Any ideas on what your taking this year?" "I know I'll be doing advanced Bio, honours Geometry, French 1 and 2, P.E with net games like badminton and volleyball, and a few other things." Allina smiled. "Very busy you'll be this year." Tyler smiled. "Not too busy to visit you. And help with home work on occasions." They laughed. "Any sports?" Allina asked unpacking the second box on the floor. "I was thinking about boys swimming and diving and soccer." "That'll be fun." Allina commented. The bell rang soon after and Tyler left for his next class. "This is going to be the best year yet." Allina though.
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The only part of her life that Mayella disliked was when Jake was sent away on business trips, sometimes for a whole month. He would soon be going to Montana, so he was going to stop by Erik and Allina's. Mayella wished she could go too.
"Then why don't you came, May?" Allina was on the phone with Mayella. "You know I can't. I have work to do." Allina rolled her eyes. "So do I. Just take the week off and come visit. It'll be fun." Mayella smiled. "I know it will be, but I don't know if Jake can take me?" "Ask him. If he can't drive by your self." Mayella laughed at the thought. "I'll ask and think about it." "Alright. I have to go, my lunch break is almost over." "Ok, luv ya." "Luv ya to, bye." "Bye." Allina hung up the phone and started to file more papers and Mayella got back to work as well.
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Mayella knew she wouldn't be able to go see Allina anytime soon. She was behind on a publishing date and another was coming up soon, plus, even if she could get time away just to go see Allina, there was no way she's be able to get enough time for all of Jake's business trip. She sighed. there was no way she was ever going to outsmart fate.
Allina sat at her desk, which was now fully decorated with all her crap that she had on her desk back in Michigan. She was checking the list of students that were assigned to her, when one kid came in.
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Mayella was sitting on her balcony enjoying the sunset and writing as Jake left. His business trips were the hardest times for her.
Allina sat at home because it was a half day at the Opportunity high school. She was reading to her unborn baby while sitting out on the front porch as birds flew by and Erik was coming home with Elisabeth. This moment was picture perfect.
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(Can we jump ahead a little? Our adds are getting a bit short. May's gonna have an unexpected baby- as in they've been trying and the finally get one)
(Oh, fine, but your going to introduce it)
By the 2nd of October, Allina and Erik where talking with Jane and Tyler. Both families where very excited. Tomorrow was Tyler's birthday, and Allina's due date. It was half past ten when Mayella called. "Allina? I have big, big news to tell you............
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"I am Pregnant!: Mayella cried. She could hear Allina screaming over the phone. "Oh, May! That is so great!" she cried. "When is it due?" Mayella beamed. "July 13th! Isn't is amazing? Jake and I have wanted a baby forever!" Allina agreed. "Oh, have you told Jake yet?" Mayella shook her head, even though Allina couldn't see. "No, he hasn't gotten home yet." The door opened. "But here he is!" she whispered excitedly. "Congrats and good luck, May," Allina said and the to hung up.
After putting the phone on the receiver Allina couldn't stop smiling. "What happened Ally?" Erik asked. "Mayella's pregnant!" Erik smiled and laughed a bit. That's fantastic. "When is her baby due?" "July 13." "Does Jake know yet?" "Most likely in a couple moments because he just got home." Erik nodded. "We need to get together again." Erik said. "We do, but more importantly we need to go to bed." Allina got up and hugged everyone, and went to sleep.
At about four in the morning, Allina woke up feeling wet. "My am I-" She started to think, but then she felt pain, and a lot of it. "Erik!" She yelled. to wake him up. "Yeah, what is it." He sat up looking tired. "My water broke." She said simply but painfully. In an instant his eyes shot open and he was out of bed. Erik went to wake up Tyler and Jane. "Jane help Allina get out to the car, Tyler, can you stay here and watch the little ones?" "Yes." Tyler responded and watched Erik and his mother leave with Allina to the hospital.
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At ten o'clock the next morning, Mayella was working on inspiration for a new novel when the phone rang. She didn't recognize the long distance number on the caller ID but picked it up anyway. "Hello, Mayella here," she answered. "Hey May, guess what!" she heard Allina's voice. "What?" Mayella asked. "You're a Godmother!" Mayella screamed. "Oh My God no way!! Allina that is so awesome!! Is it a boy or a girl? What's it's name? How much does it weigh? Okay, now I have to come see you!" Mayella bombarded her friend with questions not caring about how high the phone bill might be once she was done chatting.
"It's a girl. Erik and I decided to name her Marigold, because she was goldish bold hair, I think from Erik's side of the family. She weighed 7 ponds 2 ounces. She the most beautiful thing. You do need to come visit."
Before long the phone conversation ended. Jane went back to the house to collect the kids. Erik called the school and said that Allina was taking a few weeks off, Tyler just for two days, his classes to be rescheduled and Jane would have a few days off also.
Meanwhile Mayella called Jake, Jen and Jo' about Allina's baby, and had them meet her after work. She got them to agree with a surprise visit while Allina was still in the hospital.
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Unfortunately, in the midst of all this good fortune, Mayella's publishers sprang a new date on her. There was no way she could get away now. Jen and Jo would have to go without her. Big sigh. "You had better bring me lots of pictures."

Allina was- yet again, stuck in a hospital bed. Unlike last time, she was now rest, while Erik sat beside her with their new born, Marigold. She was so beautiful and silky smooth. Soon the door opened an in came Jen, Jake and Jo'. Each had two cameras, and big smiles. "Hey." Jen said with out noticing Allina was asleep. "Sshhhhhhhh." Erik said. "Allina finally fell asleep." "Oh." Jen whispered. "Sorry, and she crept over to Marigold. "Oh, she's even more beautiful in person." They all huddled around the baby, until at last, Allina awoke a few hours later.
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Mayella sat at home, frustratedly trying to write and wishing she could see her goddaughter and her best friend. life sucked.
"Oh, my God, Your here!" Allina screamed when her eyes adjusted to the scenery around her. "Yeah, all but Mayella that is." Jake said from her left. "Her job requested something new and in a short time period, so she couldn't make it." "Yeah, she has suck bad luck." Jen commented. "She does." Allina agreed. "That's why if she can't come see us, we'll come see her." The group of friends huddled together to come up with a plan to visit Mayella.
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Well, evil work schedule was nothing an hour of America's funniest Home Videos, a big bag of sunchips, and a pint of cake batter ice cream couldn't fix. She still missed Allina as well, and couldn't wait to see the baby- that is, if her work ever allowed her time to see the baby.
It was about two days after the group came to see Allina, that she was finally released from the hospital. Once they were at the house though, Allina and Erik and the others, helped pack up so they could go see Mayella.
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Mayella was extremely happy with herself. She had just finished the book, typed it up, posted it on her website, and sent it to her publisher. She was feeling so good she might ask Jake if they could spare some expense to go out for dinner when he got back. The only thing that would make this better was- her thought was interrupted by the shrill ring of the doorbell.
Mayella got up quickly and went to go open the door, which was followed by loud shrieks of excitement. "Oh my God, your here!" Mayella shrieked. "Yeah, since you couldn't go see us, we came to see you." Mayella led them inside. Jake came to her. "Surprise." He whispered. Mayella laughed and hugged her husband. "This was all Allina's idea." Erik said. "Now come see your godchild." Mayella was beaming with delight, which only followed with hysterics once she saw the tiny pink baby resting in Allina's arms. "Oh my, she's beautiful, Ally!" "Yeah, she's a wonderful sight. "Here." Allina gave Marigold to Mayella to hold. "She so soft too." Mayella commented. "We have a ton more pictures too." Jen told her. Mayella smiled with delight as she looked at all who were around her.
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Rather than going out to dinner, Mayella and Jake and the others stayed in and ordered pizza from the best pizza place in the world, holding the baby and looking at pictures of the newborn. Mayella was so happy.
Once the pictures, pizza and holding Marigold her over, the adults sat around on the living room floor. A custom every time when one or many were over at another persons house. The children where asleep, so they could talk with out being over heard. "So how many children are you planing on having Allina?" She and Erik smiled. "Six, like my original plan." "Why six?" Jake asked. "So Mayella Jen and Jo' could have two god children each. Plus I adore kids." "So you have, about three more to go?" Jen asked. "Yes, if you count David and Elisabeth." she looked at Erik, "Which I am." He smiled and kissed her. "So who gets David and Elisabeth then?" Jo' asked. "That's the hard part." Allina started. "Erik recommended they go to a cousin of his who wants kids, but can never have any." "My cousin, Mark, his parents got him nudered since he was born for an unknown reason. So I promised he could take care of the first two kids that I have." "So I guess we need to have five more still, dear." Allina commented. "That we do if there is to be an even share." Erik agreed. The conversation ended in laughing hysterics.
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Soon it came time for them all to leave. The months passed until it was the beginning of July. Mayella awoke to hear distress. "Jake? What's wrong?" she asked. "Oh, Mayella, I don't want to leave you when the baby's due so soon but they're sending me on a mercy mission so to speak- in jamaica." Mayella smiled. "That's ok, Jake, I'll be fine here," she said. Jake shook his head. "No, you won't. I just know it." he said. the phone rang. "Hello? Allina!" Jake said. Mayella looked to him with interest now that her best friend was calling. Jake and Allina conversed quietly and then Jake hung up. "May, you're going to Allina and Erik's until I get back," he said. "Oh, jake! That's wonderful!" she said, kissing him. Jake patted her pregnant stomach carefully. "NOw you be good- and wait for me before you make your entrance!" he said. the two chuckled and then jake had to leave. Allina was coming to get Mayella in two days.
In two days time Allina arrived around about noon. Mayella answered the door with a smile. "Ready to go?" Allina asked. "Yeah, help me get my stuff, would ya?" Allina nodded and laughed. Mayella led Allina to the living room where about six suit cases where waiting. It took about five minutes, but they finally got everything in the van and Allina drove back to Montana with marigold in the back seat and Mayella riding shotgun.
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Mayella felt right at home in Allina and Erik's house. They were all nice to her, and the guest bedroom had been kept clean and tidy. Mayella loved walking along by the river while the kids were at school and the adults at work.
A few weeks past and Mayella was content with her living style. She constantly received and sent e-mails from Jake about his life in Jamaica. Jake would be back in a couple of days. It was around about time that Erik would come home with Elisabeth, which he did. But by the time Allina got home Mayella started to feel strange......then it happened...
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"Umm . . . Hey, Allina . . ." Mayella said weakly, stumbling into the kitchen as Allina and Erik were making dinner. "Yeah, may?" Allina asked, though distracted. "Allina, my baby's coming. Like, now," she said. Allina whirled around, knocking a pan of frozen veggies out of Erik's hands and onto the floor. "Crap!" Erik said. "Allina-" Allina faced her husband. "May's baby's coming. You make dinner nad i'll drive her there," Allina said. Erik nodded as Allina and Mayella left. "And call Jake!" Mayella called. They got in the car and Allina started the ignition. "Don't worry May, we'll get you there fast," Allina said. Mayella was already cringing in pain.
Allina sat outside the hospital room Mayella was in trying to get a hold of Jake. Mayella called before, but only got his voice mail. She wanted to talk to him, not a recording. The phone rang a third time, and finally Jake picked up. "Hey, Allina, what's up?" "The ceiling, and your wife's giving birth as we speak." Allina told him. "Oh. crap, really?!" Jake said shocked. "Yes, really." Allina responded. "I'll get on a plan ASAP and get there ASAP. I promise." "Ok, Jake. Just don't strain yourself." Allina commented. "Thanks, bye." "Your welcome, bye." They hung up and Allina now sat there, listening to the new screams of her friend from inside the room.
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Ok, no one had ever warned her that birth hurt. Alot. Well, ok Mayella knew it was coming but it still hurt like heck. But it was worth it when she finally got to hold her baby boy in her arms and Her best friend and husband burst inside. "Oh my God, May are you okay?" Jake cried. he kissed her and then held the baby. "Jake, I'm fine. Thanks a ton Ally, for everything," she said. Allina grasped her hand. "No problem," she said. "What's his name. Mayella shared the baby with her husband, each holding the child. "Brady James."
Allina smiled at Brady James as she sat in the nearest chair. He was sooo cute. "He has your nose, May." Allina commented as she looked over the soft baby. "He does?" Mayella asked, sitting up. "Let me see?" Allina got up and gave Brady to his mother. "He does." Jake agreed. Mayella smiled. "I guess so."
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Soon Jake had to return to Jamaica to pack up all the way, but then he would go get Mayella and Brady james and bring them home. Mayella was happy to be surrounded by her friends.
"So hows it feel?" Allina asked as she sat beside Mayella, holding Marigold. "Hows what feel?" Mayella asked confused. "How does it feel to be a mother?" Allina asked. while staring at her lovely child. "It feel wonderful." Mayella said. "He is so adorable. I can hardly believe I'd get this chance at life." Mayella looked and smiled at her friend. "I felt the same way when seeing Marigold." Allina told her.
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But soon Mayella and Jake had to leave and go back to their home, plus the grandparents wouldn't stay quiet for long. So they bid Erik and Allina farewell and promised to send pictures and visit again.
After seeing Mayella off, Erik and Allina went back home. "These days have been very interesting to say the least." Erik commented. "Oh really." Allina responded. "How so?" Erik smiled. "Oh just with suddenly coming home and moments later your friend has her baby." Allina smiles. " I see." she comments and goes to put Marigold in her crib.
The rest of July and August seemed to go by quickly. Allina was busy with getting ready for work, and Tyler with his last year of school. He was now 18, and this was his graduation year. Everyone was happy for him, even the new friends he made that were a year younger and the same age as him. He had about six. Elisabeth was turning 2 in a few days, and David was now 8 and enturng the 3rd grade. Erik wasalso enturing his second year of college. Jane now worked as a daycare personel and would be looking after Marigold and Elisabeth in the day care centure, Lots-Of-Love.
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The months passed quickly for Mayella as well. She worked at home, so she continued to watch Brady James when Jake had to work. Jennifer got a job with a modeling agency and was going to California. Jo still lived in their old apartment, only now with her boyfriend, Markcane.
At about noon of October 31st, the friends were all gathered together at Mayella's house for Halloween. They were not going trick-or-treating until it got dark, but who said people could arrive a few days, or hours early. No one was in costumes, yet, but they were making sure they had everything for dinner, drinks and desserts. Everyone had a week off of work, except Mayella, still.
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While her job hadn't exactly given her a few days off, she was able to have all of her friends over fora Halloween vacation. Jake and Erik had gone out the get the pizza and filonchini from A-Part pizza, David and Tyler were throwing a frisbee together outside, Jane was watching Elizabeth, Marigold, and Brady, while Mayella made Java Smoothies, chatting with Jen, Jo, and allina about Halloween and parties past. "Do you guys remember the year I was Barbie?" Mayella asked. Allina nodded. "And remember we drove around for ages with your dad trying to find Mr. Mathes' house?" May nodded. "Yeah, and I was stuck in the backseat hunched over because of the big pink barbie box!"
The memories of the past were great and not so great to remember. It was about time to get ready for trick-or-treating, so Allina went to dress Elisabeth in a princess costume, David as a pirate, and Marigold as a fairy. Allina though, her costume would be put on last. It was a secret.
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Mayella had recreated the Barbie costume. It was insane, and the best joke ever, and now she looked even less like a Barbie then she had years ago. Jen was dressed as Marilyn Monroe, and Jo was a vampire. Erik and David had decided to go as business men, which the kids deemed boring- at least the ones who could speak. And they all watched as Allina came downstairs in her costume . . .
"Oh-" "My-" "God!" Mayella, Jen and Erik said once Allina came down stairs. Except she didn't look like herself, but unmistakably like Christine Daae in her Don Juan outfit. She overly currled her long brown hair to match Christines, wore similar make-up, shoes, the dress and even the wolven basket of flowwer pettles. She smiled once she saw every adults expression. "How did you mannage all this?" Mayella asked her. Allina smiled wider and said. "you know since we were teenagrs I wanted to go as Chrstine for halloween. Well I found the dress and shoes on ebay, don't ask how much. The basket wasn't hard to find, and the rose pettles are fake." Once she was done explaining, Erik came to her and said, "You look lovely." The commented. "You should have told me. I could be Erik the Phantom right now!" Everyone burst into laughed after that.
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Trick-or-treating was fun. Allina's basket was big enough to settle Marigold in amongst the petals, and Mayella easily went for the Mommy-Barbie look. They were a ragtag group but had many laughs, especially when Mayella tripped on some stairs like she had done many years ago- though Jake caught her before any harm could come to her or Brady. Then they all decided to crash in the living room in their costumes watching Phantom of the Opera: Mayella- minus the Barbie box.
Durring the middle section of The Phantom of the Opera, David and Erik were sorting out the candy for David and Elisabeth. Anything with penut butter or any nut or that nmatter, she was lileric to, so that went to David, because he wasn't. Some candy went to Allina and Erik for a little payment of walking with them from house to house; which David saw no problem with.
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Mayella and Jake didn't get any candy, so they had gotten a bag of fun sized assorted candies and were sharing them throughout the movie.
Before the move was over, Allina put Elisabeth, David and Marigold into bed. She went back to the coutch and sat next to Erik. The news she had to tell Mayella and Jen will have to wait until tomorrow.
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Mayella was asleep long before Allina and erik put their kids to sleep. Jake took Brady james upstairs and then all the adults slept in the living room.
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The next morning they all woke up a bit late, which was okay, seeing as none of them had work to do. jake went out to get cinnamon rolls from Ann Sathers' another good eat in Chicago. They sat around, adults eating and kids playing for a while. Allina wiped her hands on a napkin and spoke up. "Guys, I'v got something to tell you."
"This is more dircted to Mayella and Jen, because I'm now newly pregnate with twins." Everyone smiled. "How long did you find tis out?" Mayella asked. "About three months ago. I needed you and Jen with me though, so I could discuss the matter of godmother ship. Mayella and Jen nodded and followed Allina out of the room. "Ok. I had been thinking, since hey are twins, I don't want to seperate them." Allina took a breath as Mayella and Jen took in what she was explaining. "So I have decided to give the twins to Jen." Jen smiled brightly. "May, yu'll have to wait, I guess." Mayella nodded in understanding. Allina smiled and they went back.
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Wow, Allina was pregnant again. jen, Jo and mayella took the time now, when they were all on break, to plan her a surprise baby shower.
In December, before Christmas, Erik took Allina ll over town. He wouldn't tell her why, only that it was a surprise. Once he got a call, he took her home. Then he blindfoldeed her before taking her insde the house. Once they were in the living room, she got her surprise.
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Brady james, it turned out, was a swimmer like his mother. He loved the pool in the backyard and swam nearly every day, though either Mayella or Jake had to watch him.
"Oh my." Allina whispered. "How did you come up with this?" Erik hugged her and told her. "How could I forget your birthday?" Allina laughed in surprise. In front of her were two cats, one male and one female. "I knew how much you wanted to bread cats, so I wanted o help you." Allina kissed him. "I love you. I have to tell Mayella." She raced to the phone.
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"Oh no. I thought you'd forgotten that," mayella said when Allina had told her the good news. "I know!!!! isn't it so cool!!! Erik is soo nice," Allina gushed. "Yeah, soooooooo nice," Mayella mocked, a smile on her lips. "What're you calling them?"
"I have no idea yet." Allina complained. "Every name I come up with doesn't seem to fit right." "Maybe you should go off of a movie you saw or something." Mayella suggested. "I tried that. I thought of naming them Erik and Christine, but they aren't the right color." Mayella laughed. "Good luck then. I have to go, but call me when you figuar out the names for you cats." "I will, have a nice day, May, bye." "Same to you, bye." Once they hung up Allina went to go get Marigold, for she was crying, and still trying to come up with names for her cats.
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During Mayella's writing time, she was immediately struck with a thought for the names of Allina's kittens. But she quickly tossed them aside, thinking that they were weird and might not fit. Hopefully Allina could think of some good names.
'What to name you?' Allina thought as she sat on the living room floor holding the female cat. The cats was totally white, with red eyes. The male cat was base white and golden blond with pale blue eyes. "I think I'll name you Crystal." Allina said to the female. "Yeah, Crystal and.....and-" Allina was frustrated again. "Oh, well. At least I have one name set aside." She went to go feed her cats.
"I think I'll call you storm." Allina told the male cat as he sat on her lap watching T.V. with her. "You apparently love to watch the news about the local storms." She explained to the cat. Erik was at school, Elisabeth was asleep, it was Saturday, so David was out playing with the local children, while Allina was left all alone with her cats.
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Mayella shook her head softly. Well, at least Allina wasn't in danger of becoming a crotchety old cat lady. 5 cats = 1 friend.
Once Allina got her cats names sharpied on their dishes, she called Mayella and told her the news.
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"Woot! Cool, I like those names. I had been thinking of some earlier, like Bonnie and Clyde, Jack and Jill, ect. but I didn't think they'd work for cats."
Allina laughed at Mayella's cat names. "Funny, May. Very funny." Mayella started to laugh as well. Soon Marigold started to cry. "Hey, I have to go. Marigolds up and needing attention." Allina explained. "Ok, I have to start typing anyway." Mayella retorted. "Hey, we still getting together at your house for Christmas?" "Yeah, still are." Allina told her. "Alright then, bye." "Bye."
A few hours later Erik came home with groceries. David was still out playing and called to get permission to go to a sleep over, so Erik packed for him. Elisabeth was sitting on her play mat playing with inflatable blocks. Marigold was asleep again after being changed, fed and burped. Allina had gotten the mail and saw that there was to be a town pool welcoming party to all new comers to the town because the welcoming committee was in vacation when people arrived. "No wonder we didn't get fruit cake once we settled in." Erik commented sarcasticly. Allina punched him playfully and got a another piece of mail stating Mr. John Wilkins was to be tried for attempted murder and child abuse. Allina showed Erik the letter. "That is one trial I will not be looking forward to, but will have to go anyway." "You better call Jane and Mayella because we're all being ordered to go." Erik confirmed. Allina got up and phoned everyone.
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"Umm . . . Allina? I don't even live in your state," Mayella said over the phone. "Yeahm i know, but you should come anyway. Pleeeeeease?" Allina said. mayella sighd, "ok, you win."
Once everyone was called, Allina RSVP to the town party. It would be in a week, which gave Mayella and her family enough time to get over there. John Wilkins trial was in a months time, so everyone could be accounted for. Mayella and Jane knew. They would need Tyler's video, Elisabeth's knowledge and every eye witness they would get to make sure he never set foot out side a prison gate again.
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Mayella, Jake, and Brady James left three days after Allina called, since Jake had some work to do. They planned to stay until after the trial.
In about two more days, Mayella, Jake and Brady showed up. The town party was tomorrow and everyone was going to be at the local pool for swimming and introductions. After tat they were going to come to the church for a nice quiet dinner. You were to dress casually and have fun. Brady was really excited to go. As Mayella mentioned he loved to swim, and being at a pool would be fun. Thankfully they had all brought their bathing suites as well.
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The morning of the party dawned on them. Mayella awoke to see large blue eyes staring at her. "Mama swim?" Brady asked. Mayella smiled. "Let's wake up daddy and go see auntel Allina and uncle erik, ok?"
Allina awoke a few minutes after Mayella had awaken. She shook Erik awake and made sure the kids where up as well, except Marigold, who needed the sleep. Allina and Erik dressed the kids in their bathing suits and packed a cooler of drinks and snacks for everyone and a separate bag with a change of cloths for each child. Once that was done, they dressed in their bathing suites and went to go find out who else was up.
Jake and Mayella were thankfully up and having breakfast. They were dressed and packed, as well as Brady who was really excited. He came up and hugged Allina. "When we goin' anutel Ally?" He asked. He was so cute. "In a few hours Brady." She told him and set him down next to Elisabeth. "Play nice you two." She sat next to Mayella. "Brady is too cute." Mayella looked at her, then looked at Brady, and back at Allina. "He sure is."
in an hour they had all eaten, and Allina had dressed and was now nursing Marigold while everyone was getting the stuff in the car. Once she was burped and cleaned, they got into the car as well, and they headed for the pool party.
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Mayella felt a bit awkward as they went to the pool party. She didn't know anyone. Erik and Jake had gone to hang with the men at the barbecue, and David and Tyler were watching Marigold, Elisabeth and Brady as they splashed in the shallow end. "Hey May," Allina called. She was standing with a cluster of teenagers. "Guys, this is my best friend Mayella," she said. she turned to Mayella. "May, these are some of the kids I counsel. I told them you have sweet swimmer moves." Mayella felt a smile creeping up. "Will you show us?" one teenage boy asked. May took off her dress, revealing the swimsuit under it, and made sure her hair was secured right. "Of course."
As the teenagers watched Mayella swim, Tyler went to them for a moment, but still watching the little ones, urging the group to have Mrs. Morgan participate as well. "Yeah!" One shouted out. Mayella thinking the boy was yelling to her, she stopped and blushed. Allina seeing this, she laughed. "Tyler went to Allina and said to the group. "Who wants to see the teacher swim!?" They all yelled in agreement. Allina looked at Mayella and blushed. Mayella, being the best friend she is, also urged the kids on. "Yeah, have her swim!" Mayella yelled. But Allina kept blushing and shaking her head. Then Tyler gave al the guys a mischievous look, and they all came toward Allina. "Now guys." She protested. "Let's not do anything hasty!" They all huddled around her, took her arms and legs and threw her into the water. She came up laughing, which was a good sign, so no one worried.
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Mayella, still laughing at Allina, decided to cannonball into the pool as her friend was coming up. Allina screamed slightly but they were both laughing again as they came up. The kids cheered and Mayella motioned for Jake to come join her. He did, bringing Brady into the deep end with them, the baby splashing happily.
Erik soon followed, when seeing everyone else in the pool. He grabbed Elisabeth, and Tyler grabbed Marigold. They both carefully swimmed in the deep end. The rest of the teenagers jumped in as well and they all started a game of Marco-Polo.
The fun seemed to end too soon, for it soon came time to head to the church for the dinner. Tyler helped dry and change the children while the adults changed. Once Tyler was free, he went off with his friends and the adults headed off together.
Once everyone was seated in the church's main sanctuary, the food was brought to them. There was salad and soup for appetisers. Chicken, duck, deer, turkey, and ham for main courses. Any vegetable or fruit for sides, and a huge array of desserts after the meal. The kids looked really hungry once they saw all the food. Erik whispered to Allina, "No wonder this took a week to plan." She giggled unnoticed, but told Mayella anyway, who laughed noticeably. She whispered back saying, "I am going to be stuffed by the time we go home." Allina agreed.
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Mayella was too. She and Jake seated themselves, feeding Brady james as well. They st in a group cluster, allina, erik, Jane, Mayella, Jake, Tyler, David, Brady, Elisabeth, and marigold. The group of teenagers also went to sit with them, joking and laughing loudly about the pool.
By the time dinner was eaten, it was well after ten at night. Erik carried Marigold while David held his mothers hand and she carried Elisabeth. Mayella was holding the asleep Brady and Jake followed by her side. Tyler went home to his mother and sister, after saying his goodbyes to Allina and his friends.
Once they got to the house and put all the kids to bed, all the adults just crashed either in a bed, or on the living room floor.
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Mayella fell asleep satisfied, with Brady asleep on the couch and Jake next to her on the floor. it was such a good time.
Allina was stuffed, happy, and sleepy. Normally she would fall asleep until a well half hour later, but once her head hit the pillow she was fast asleep.
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The next few days were uneventful but very fun. And then came the day of the trial. everyone was nervous but they knew they all had to go.
They had to dress profecinal, so Allina dressed in a black suit and a red shirt with red heels. Erik dressed in a navy blue suit he bought for school. Jake borrowed a suit from Erik and Mayella borrowed one from Allina. They dressed their kids like they would for church and drove over to the court house, where the Forrest's would meet them.
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Mayella was suddenly nervous right at the door to the courtroom. "Ally, is the other guy going to be there?" she whispered. Allina nodded. "Yeah, the bald guy? He's John's accomplice after all." Mayella stopped. "Are you coming May?" Allina asked. "I can't," Mayella said. "Why not?" Allina asked. "Ally, the guy tried to rape me! Like, twice!" Allina hugged her friend. "It'll be okay, Mayella. we're here so he can't try to rape anybody else." Jake took Mayella's hand and they went inside together.
Allina, and the Forrest family sat with Jane's layer at the opposite side of the defendance where John and the bald guy sat. Mayella sat nervousely between Erik and Allina. Jake sat behind her with all the kids. They all waited for the court room to fill and the joury and judge to come out so the trial can be done and over with.
Once the court room was filled, and the jury sat waiting, a police officer told every one to rise as the judge walked in. They did, and sat once the judge sat. "In the case of John Wilkins accused of abusement and attempted murder and his accomplice Jerome Henry accused of kidnapping and attempted rape, twice. How do you both plead?" The men started at each other. "We plead not guilty, Sir. John said. "This is going to take a while." Erik whispered. "It sure will." Jake whispered in agreement. The trial had begone.
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Mayella sat chewing her fingernails in stress. She couldn't wait till this was over. Their lawyer stood. "Your honor I would like to call a witness to the bench," he said. The judge nodded. "Mayella."
"Now, Mayella." Jane's lawyer started. "What can you tell me about the night you were locked in the church?" Mayella continued to chew her fingernails. "Well, he were cleaning at first when we noticed the bald guy-" Everyone laughed. The judge told her, "Mr. Henry." "Mr. Henry." Mayella continued. "Was cleaning a room I and my friend would normally clean once a month." Jane's Lawyer nodded and continued with further questions until it was Allina's turn to talk.
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Mayella was totally glad to not be in the spotlight anymore. She fell into Jakes arms and he hugged her as they watched Allina. She was cool, calm and collected. and then erik was called.
Erik was collected, but he was still nervous. He had to confirm everything and even why he was living under the church in the first place. It was not a nice time for him, but he got through it. Allina hugged and kissed him after he came back, Tyler was called to the stand, along with his video evidence.
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The trial was soon over. The video evidence had pushed everything over the top. John and his accomplice were both sentenced to life in prison, and Jane was officially given custody of her two children. To calm their frazzled nerves after the trial, they all went out for ice cream.
Everyone was glad that the trial and it's busyness was finally over. They group were huddled in two booths in the ice cream shop. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. "Did you see the look on John's face when everyone was watching the video?" Allina asked everyone. Some nodded some looked confused. "He knew he'd be convicted. His completion turned starch white." Everyone laughed and proceeded to have a great time.
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Mayella was glad to finally have the trial over, but that meant that it was time for Her, Jake, and Brady to leave as well. They were packed and ready but decided to stay one more day.
The next morning Allina and Erik took everyone out to IHop for breakfast. It was like miny celebration before Mayella had to leave. Brady seemed to get along with Marigold and Elisabeth. Everyone was just so happy, Allina didn't want it to end.
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A few weeks later, near Allina's due date for the twins she was carrying, she and Mayella were talking on their phones as they post did their work. "Oh, I just love the feeling of happiness when we're all together, don't you?" Mayella smiled. "Yes. It's so wonderful." There was a change in tone. "Then you should come down here and live with us," Allina said. "Hold on a sec Ally, we've got family, friends, and our dream house here. We can't move. If you're going to be insistent about being near each other I suggest you move back up here. You didn't even tell me why you left." Silence. "gotta go," Mayella mumbled. "By Allina."
Allina and Mayella hung up. Allina now wondered if moving was a good move. It seemed that way, so she didn't linger an Mayella's comment. She sat down at the kitchen table and started to read.
The months passed until it was Christmas Eve. Everyone was huddled on the floor in the family room singing Christmas carols. Then Mayella got the idea to go out and sing carols in the streets. Everyone soon agreed and got bundled and went out into the night to spread the cheer.
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They all returned rosy cheeked and out of breath from singing and laughing, but all were happy. Mayella passed around cookies, the soft sugar kind with frosting and sprinkles that they all loved so very much, and Erik made rich chocolatey hot chocolate. Marigold and Brady were sound asleep, passed out from caroling and eagerly awaiting the gifts that Santa would have left for them in the morning. Tyler and David and Elizabeth soon followed, and even the adults went to sleep at a reasonable hour, waiting for morning to come.
At about two in the morning when all the children were sound asleep, the adults put the presents under the tree. Once they were done, they went back to bed and waited until they would be woken up by the sounds of excitement.
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And their effort was well worth it to see the kids happily opening up their presents the next morning, even though the were woken up only approximately three and a half hours after they had awoken to put the presents there in the first place. Marigold got a cloth doll, Elizabeth got a few Barbies, Tyler got a laptop, for he would be graduating after the remainder of the year was up. David got a few DVDs and Brady recieved a new wagon. The adults also left out presents for each other. Mayella got a gift card for 50 bucks to Starbucks, Jake got a new digital camera, Allina got a book on Counseling, and Erik got a sweater. The kids were happily playing with their new stuff, which left the adults to have breakfast in somewhat quiet and talk to themselves.
"I'd call this a very successful Christmas." Allina said. "Don't you think?" The adults all agreed and went on eating while the kids continued to enjoy their gifts.
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The next morning, early, Mayella was woken up by Allina. "May," she whispered. "Mayella!" Mayella jerked awake. "Watsup Ally?" she asked. "May I'm going into labor," Allina replied frantically. "Oh my God lets go," Mayella said, getting up careful not to wake up Jake. "Erik needs his rest for tomorrow, so I left him a note. Plus someone needs to be here for the kids," Mayella nodded and towed Allina out the door to her car and they were off.
Allina was now, yet again, going through labor. It still hurt, but now as much as the first time.
-- Back at the house..
Erik awoke in an empty bed with a note. For whatever reason, we panicked. He read it. He was suddenly relieved, but still shocked. With out thinking he bundled all the kids in the car and drove to the hospital.
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Mayella was permitted to stay in the room with her best friend while Allina was having her baby. Or, babies, seeing how she had twins. For some reason, once the labor was head on and intensive, the first child would not come out. It seemed determined to remain inside it's cozy little womb. Mayella was trying to help Allina push the baby out. "Come on ally, you can do it, Push!" she cried. Allina gritted her teeth. "I am! I am!" she called. The nurse was helping her, waiting for the baby's head to pop out so that they could pull the rest of it out and get the other one as well. "Come on Allina!!! Push the baby out!" Mayella was screaming now, well, more like cheering for her friend. Allina closed her eyes tightly, gripping Mayella's hand until her knuckles turned white and pushed with all her might. "Come on Ally, this is your child! Push it out!" Allina grasped her hand tighter and the baby's head appeared. The nurse was able to get it out and the second one come out without a hitch. "Oh My God Allina!! You did it!" Mayella was crying now, out of happiness. "Your a mom!!!! Three times!!!!" she cried. allina hugged her friend tightly and she started to cry as well. Erik and Jake then ran into the room. Tyler and David were in the waiting room with Elizabeth, Brady, and Marigold. "Oh my God Allina are you okay? What's going on? How are you doing?" Erik asked. Allina smiled. "They're out," she said. "You're a daddy again," Erik beamed and Jake hugged Mayella. The nurse came back. "Mr. and Mrs. Morgan you have two twin baby boys," she said. Allina and Erik each took one and held them close. Mayella and Jake watched sielntly, both totally happy for their friends.
Allina couldn't believe it. She now had two baby boys. "What are you naming them?" Mayella asked. Allina turned to Mayella and then at Erik. "I want to name the eldest one Larik, because he was hard to push out." Mayella laughed and Erik smiled. "Do want to name the second, Erik?" Allina asked. Erik smiled at his wife. "Yes." He said and sat there thinking for a while. "How about, Fiyro?" Allina smiled. "Perfect". She said while Mayella was still laughing.
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"Do you want to hold them, guys?" Allina asked. "And then we'll let the kids in." Jake and Mayella nodded, each taking a baby. "Hello Fiyro," Mayella cooed. "You are so cute. yes you are. You're adorable. Once you're old enough to read I'm going to let you read about your namesake. Yeah. yeah. You are sooooooo cute," she said softly, smiling at the baby and allina. Jake also held Larik, and then the two switched. "Hey Larik. Hey there. You gave your mommy a hard time gettin out didn't you? Yeah didn't you? I'm going to call you Lari. Oh you're so adorable. i can't tell if you or erik is more cute." she cooed. Then the kids were able to come in.
Marigold sat in her mothers lap, getting help with supporting Fiyro. David and Elisabeth took turns holding Larik. Brady got his turns with both babies, getting help from his momma. Soon Tyler held both babies and smiled at Allina. "You make such beautiful children." Allina blushed and answered, "Thank you, Tyler."
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Soon after the nurse shooed them all out of allina's room, declaring that both she and the twins needed their rest. Erik decided to take all the kids home, seeing as the younger ones needed to go down for naps. Jake and Mayella, however, decided to go for a walk. It was still cold and snowy, but the sun was shining pleasantly. Mayella lifted her face to the sunshine and its warmth. She ran around in the snow of the park, hanging onto lampposts as she swung herself around. jake laughed and watched her, his beautiful bride. Soon they started a snowball fight. Once they were sufficiently drenched in snow and their cheeks rosy, they held each other close and walked to a coffee shop. Mayella nestled her head into Jake's shoulder and closed her eyes as they walked. "Jake," she said softly.
"Hmmm?" he asked. "Do you want to have another one?" Mayella asked. jake put his head onto hers as they kept walking. "Do you?" he asked. Mayella nodded. "Mhmm," Jake nodded too.
Once Erik got home, Tyler left for his own house, and Erik put Marigold and Brady down for naps. David went to go play with the kids out side, while Erik watched veggie tales with Elisabeth who jumped and squealed with glee.
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The next day allina was released. Mayella and Jake stayed for two more days before going back home.
Allina sat with Mayella, the kids and Erik while Jake went out for a while, in front of the fireplace, trying to keep warm. It was ten below zero, and some how the lights of the whole town went out. Jake offered to help fix the problem. He was so brave.
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(Oh sure, had 2 stall me didn't u?) As they were waiting, erik decided to run across town and get some warm drinks from a starbucks that still had power. mayella was worried about Jake, and also about the new babies. She had allina sit closest to the fire, wrapped in about four blankets cradling Fiyro and Larik. David and elisabeth were sound asleep on the floor, snuggled deep within a sleeping bag. Mayella sat near the fire next to Allina, also three blankets around her. She hugged Brady james to her chest and rocked slightly. "since we're stuck here, would you like to do soem winter campfire singing?" she asked with a smile. "What are we going to sing?" allina asked, smiling back. "Oh you choose, Phantom of the Opera or veggitales?" Allina considered and then with a laugh decided on veggitales for the moment. They broke out into a rousing chorus of the cheeseburger song waiting for Jake, Erik, or the lights, whichever came first.
(lol, yep)
Sing veggie tales was fun and hilarious at the same time. About five minutes later, Erik came home and dispersed the drinks and resumed his position near the fire, holding the sleeping Marigold. It wouldn't be until early the next day that the lights would come back on.
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When Jake came home allina Mayella and erik were still awake, playing the ABC game of Harry Potter. Jake was so exhausted he fell asleep the moment he got to the ground, his head in mayella's lap and Brady James curled at his head. it was three a.m so everyone decided to go to sleep. mayella staying like so was so as not the disturb her husband or son, and Mayella leaning into erik as they held their dearly loved children.
Allina soon fell asleep after everyone else. She lay on her back to support both Fiyro and Larik. She had a dreamless sleep, but didn't really care.
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The next day, mayella awoke while evryone was still asleep. she surveyed the room to make sure thye were all there and all asleep. They were, so she went back to bed.
It was about non that that the lights came on. Though, no one noticed because everyone was still sleeping from the night before.
The first one up was Erik, who had to go to school, becase his classes were in the late afternoon. He took all the babies and put them in the cribs. A few minutes after he left, everyone else ended up waking up.
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"Well, Ally, we have to go," mayella said sadly. "Jake and I have some . . . overdue . . . things . . . to do," she said blushing. Allina smiled, atching her drift. "Ohhhhhh, I see," Mayella smacked her playfully on the shoulder. "Shut up." but her blush didn't fade. since the power had returned over the town, Jake and Mayella saddled up, making sure Brady James was still asleep in his car seat and set off, waving goodbye and promising to see each other again soon.
Allina watched Mayella and Jake drive away. She sent back inside and sat on the couch. The children were still asleep. Allina sat wondering what she should do next.
School started a few days after the Mayella left. Allina was back in the routine of getting up early and what not. She always made sure Tyler was up and that Elisabeth, Marigold and now Larik and Fiyro where packed and set for the day at the day care. Allina gave a descriptive list to Jane on how Fiyro and Larik were to be cared for. They are only infants.
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Soon after school resumed and Jake had to return to work and Mayella to her writing, they recieved the news that mayella was pregnant again. But that wasn't the most surprising news. "OMG Hey Jo! Haven't heard from you in a while. How are you? Yeah, and Marckane?" Mayella asked. "What's the news? Is it about Jen? Ok- OH MY GOD You're pregnant?!?!?! So am I!!!!!!"
Mayella tried to call Allin and tell her the news, but her phone was off. Allina was talking with Mark, one of her students. Mayella left a message telling her to call ASAP once she gets the message. Mayella then hung up and resumed to write.
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It was near two thirty, once school was over, that Allina could call Mayella up. "hey may, I heard you have some news," she said. "I sure do! I'm totally preggo!" Mayella cried. "Really!? Cool! I'm so happy for you!" Allina said, packing up. "But you'll never guess what else-" Mayella said. "I'm not the only one- Jo's pregnant too!"
"OMG!" Allina yelled as she almost ran a red. "Yeah, I know!" Mayella continued. "Your serious?!" Allina continued. "Yes, I am." "We so need to do a double baby shower!" Allina suggested. "Yeah, that would be so totally awesome!." Mayella agreed.
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Allina assured Mayella that she would do all the planning, but that she needed to call Jen. They hung up and Mayella dialed her oldest, best, and now totally famous friend.
After they hung up Allina started on the double baby shower. She ended up having Jane and Erik help her once they were home. This was going to be another big celebration.
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Mayella was already dreaming of the shower, and the birth, and of all the small things she would buy for the baby. And then of course, she would have to explain things to Brady james, and grow very fat again. Well this was certainly strange: the first time she was looking forward to growing vast as a beached whale!
Allina had everything planned in a week. She called Jo' and Mayella to be at her house a few days after. Everyone was excited.
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mayella arrived and was so happy with the shower that her friend had planned. Jo was far more pregnant than Mayella, with maybe 5 months to go, whereas Mayella was barely two weeks. Jennifer was the last to arrive at their small party. She took Mayella, allina and Jo aside. "hey guys, you think we could make this a triple shower?" she asked. Allina smiled. "Is one of your friends prego?" Mayella asked with a smile. "No- I am."
So now Jo', Mayella, AND Jen were all pregnate; what a ecuse to consume unheathly amounts of carrots and water. Allina tased about them having thier babies all on the same day, even though it was highly unlikely. Everyone had a grand time.
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Once the party was over, they all had a good, friendly talk , having not seen each other in a while. And allina had it wrong, they had the right now to consume unhealthy amounts of coffee and chocolate. "Now I'm going to have to get pregnant again so we can all be prego together," Allina laughed. "No way ally, not a chance. besides, you just had twins," Jo said, tickling little Fiyro. "yeah do we have to kidnsp Erik?" Mayella teased. "Your new Schemmel?" Jen said. They all laughed and had a good time.
(his name isn't schemmel, it is John!!)
Everyone enjoyed the evening so much, that they all decided to spend a few more days. So when night fell, all the adults camped out in the living room with either a few blankets and pillows or a sleeping bag and pillows.
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(True, but u know what I mean and oh fine just delay me soem more while you're at it why dontcha.)
The next morning the guys where the first one put. They decided to kame breakfast after getting dressed. As they did, they conversed about guy stuff and waited until the women woke up.
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When the women awoke, Mayela and Jake had to leave, and so did jen, but Jo could stay a while longer until she had to return to Markcane.
Allina sat on the coutch nurrsing Larik and Fiyro as David went out to play as usual and Elisabeth and Marigold slept on. Erik sat next to her, watxhing his beloved wife and his children ans he though about how perfect his life turned out.
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(Skipping ahead) It was almost September. Jo had had her baby four months previous, in May. She had a beautiful baby girl named Tanya. Jen and Mayella spent much of their time together, hanging out and shopping for baby things. Allina agreed to come stay with them until they had both had their children. Mayella was three days past her due date, but Jen was a week away. And then one night something happened.
Allina was woken up by shortness of breath. She quickly got out of bed. Mayella and Jen were trying to wake people up. Apperently both were going into laybor. Allina woke up Jake, Erik and Jen's husband franticly. Allina instructed that Jake and Jen's husband take their wives and get them to the hospital ASAP. Allina told them that she and Erik would stay with the children for a while, then they would come to visit. Everything she ordered was followed and Alna and Erik sat frantic in the living room, praying that everything would turn out alright.
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Mayella and Jen were in rooms right next to each other. Jen's contractions were coming fast and furious but Mayella's baby, it seemed, was more anxious to get out, and she gave birth before Jen. About two hours after Mayella gave birth to Danielle Elizabeth, Jen gave birth to triplets Yvette, Wren and Victor.
Once Allina jot the call, she drove over to the hospital, leaving Erik home with the kids. There were cries of excitement as she came into Jen's room. "Hey." Jen said seeing Allina. "Hey, Jen. How'd it go?" Jen motioned to the little bed beside her, with Yvette, Wren and Victor in it. "Oh, their beautiful, Jen." The friends hugged and Allina went to go see Mayella's baby.
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Mayella was asleep when Allina came in, Jake was in the room, helping introduce Brady james to his new sister. "Isn't she beautiful?" he asked Allina as she came in. Allina nodded. "What's her name?" she asked. "Danielle Elizabeth."
Allina held Danielle as Jake and Brady went to get something to eat. Mayella woke up a few minutes later. "Hey." Allina said once Mayella was awake. "Hey. I see you met Danielle." Allina smiled and nodded. "How is Jen?" "She gave birth to triplets." "What are their names?" "Yvette, Wren and Victor." Mayella smiled. "Very interesting names." She commented. "Yeah." They at in silence until Jake and Brady came back with food.
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The nurse allowed Mayella to get out of bed, even though she had only given birth three hours ago, and see Jen. Jennifer smiled when she saw her friend, and they exchanged the holding of their kids, and Allina and Jo brought in their kids too for a baby playdate. Yvette, Wren, Victor, Danielle, Fiyro, larik, and tanya.
The adults sat around and helped each of their children meet one another. It was a halmark moment
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(WOOT GO HALMARK) After a few days, Jake had to return to work and Mayella had to keep writing, though she welcomed Jen and Allina to stay for a while.
Since it was new school year, Tyler would no longer bee there. He had graduated with top honours, and was accepted into Harvard. He told Allina that he would call and or show up on lunch breaks to talk to her like he usually did. He gave her a small picture frame with a graduation photo of him in it. She kept this by the computer.
Besides Tyler, she had a new list of students, mostly freshman and some upper class men, and the few other teenagers who she counciled the year before who had not graduated yet.
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Mayella's newest book was published and sold, and Jake's business flourished. The CEO died, and jake was given the position. Brady James went into Kindergarten and Danielle Elizabeth was growing fast. life was good.
Everything was going fast. Erik was not successfully going into his third year of college. Allina had a ton of more students to council and de-pick who she saw already and who still needed to be seen before she sceduled her old students. Elisabeth was turning three, David nine and entering fifth grade. Marigold was turning one, and Larik and Fiyro were old enough to eat Gerber baby food.
Allina now sat at home taking care of the kids. "Mommy, whens daddy coming home?" Elisabeth asked from her seat as Allina was serving dinner. "Daddy should be home in a few hours sweet pea." Allina told her.
When the time Erik was due home came and gone, Allina didn't really think much about it for he could be doing homework, a project with a few classmates, anything that would delay him. But when night fell, Allina started to get worried. Erik never stayed out that late without calling first. She sat down on the couch after all the kids were in bed, praying to know where Erik was. Then she got a phone call.....
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"Is this the Morgan Residence?" a gruff male voice. "Yes," Allina answered in a shaky voice. "This is Frederik Lyman from the local hospital. Are you the wife of Erik Morgan?" he asked. "Yes," Allina said, still worrying. "We found him a few minutes ago on the side of the high way, it would seem that his car was hit by a passing semi truck." Allina's heart caught in her throat. "You might want to get over her quickly. We don't know yet if he'll live, he's pretty mangled up." Allina nodded, tears starting to fall. "Thank you. I'll be there soon." she hung up and immediately dialed Mayella to see if she could come watch the kids for a while while she spent the night in the hospital with Erik.
Mayella rushed over ASAP once they got off the phone. Allina drove to the hospital, face soaked in tears. By the time she got there, she was escorted by the same man who called. He is being put on a few machines at the moment." Lyman told her. "It will take a while, you cam wait out here for the moment being." Allina, still in tear, nodded quickly and sat in a chair seated outside the doorway.
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Mayella fell asleep on Allina's couch, praying for Erik. A few hours later, she heard the kids waking up. David and Elizabeth were up first. "Where's mommy and daddy, Auntie May?" Elizabeth asked. "Mommy had to go see where daddy was," Mayella explained. "I don't know when they'll be home though." She didn't see any reason to worry the kids. She then heard Fiyro, larik, and Marigold awakening and went to them.
Allina now sat in Erik's waiting room, holding his limp hand. Allina sat tear drenched face, praying that Erik would make it out al right.
In an hour or so, Allina called Mayella and said she would have to stay the night with the kids. Erik had not woken up yet, and she would like to be there when he did. Mayella agreed and wished her the best of luck.
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Mayella got the kids their breakfast and successfully saw Elizabeth and David to school, and Marigold to daycare. She then proceeded to wait by the phone with Larik and Fiyro while she waited for word from allina.
Allina did not, could not sleep. She had called into her work and Erik's school and said they would not be there and what condition he was in. A few college buddies dropped by to see how he was, they were depressed to see he lay unchanging. They gave Allina coffee and left flowers for Erik with a get well card. Allina thanked them, then they left, leaving her alone again with her unconscious husband and her prayers.
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While Elizabeth and David were at school, Mayella decided to bundle up Fiyro and Larik and take them to see what condition their dad and mom were in.
Allina still sat in Erik's room, begging, pleading and praying for him to wake up. Her face was still tear soaked by the time Mayella arrived with Fiyro and Larik. Mayella became worried the moment she saw Allina in the state she was in. Allina quickly said she was ok, just not all there and held her sons.
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Mayella set the sleeping babies on the chair beside them and hugged Allina tight. "Do you want to do a spontaneous prayer?" she asked. it was something they used to do at camp, when she was with her best friends. Allina nodded and they started to pray.
"Dear God, we come to you today to help Erik who lay before us unconscious. We beg that you give us a sign that he is al right." Mayella started. "Lord, I beg you help me through this terrible time. I am grateful for everything you have done for me, and beg you for forgiveness on anything I have put side that I needed to have done. I ask that you lend me a sign and let me know my husband is al right."
Once they were done, in a few minutes time, Erik was starting to wake up.
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Allina gasped and Mayella had to smile a bit. "Told you praying works," Erik turned his head on the pillow but didn't open his eyes. "Al-allina," he murmured. Allina grasped his hands. "I'm here erik!" she cried softly. "Don't try to move or anything. You got hit by a truck last night." Erik's lips moved slightly into a hint of a smile. Mayella squeezed Allina's shoulder. "I'll go, Fiyro and Larik need to have their naps and david and Elizabeth will be home soon."
Allina tightly held Erik's hand, silently crying with joy. The doctor came in a few moments later with a diagnostic. "I am happy to say, Erik Morgan will live." The doctor started as Erik and Allina listened. "Unfortunatly, both of Erik's leggs have been shattered completely and will need a wheel chair." The couple fround. "Now Ally." Erik started once the doctor left the room. "I will be okay." Erik now had his eyes open, the bright blue caring eyes where shinning with hope." Allina nodded, tears on her face. "I know." She choked out.
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Allina stayed in the hospital for a few more days, until Erik could come home. During those days, Mayella continued to look after their kids.
The day Erik came back. Mayella called everyone, and were in the house for a surprise welcome back celebration.
It was hard getting Erik out of the car and into the wheel chair, but he made it. Allina and Erik where hoping to tell the kids alone, but they were in for a surprise once Allina opened the door.
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"SURPRISE!" they all yelled. Jake, Mayella, Jennifer, Jo, and the Forrests were there, along with the assorted kids. "Daddy!" Elisabeth and Marigold ran to their father, and allina picked up Larik and Fiyro. Mayella came out of the kitchen with a cake.
Erik and Allina where deffinitly surprised. They did not expect a surprise welcome back party. Once everything was explained though, they all started to have a good time.
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Mayella and jake and Brady and Danielle had to leave shortly after the party, but wished allina and erik good luck and promised to come visit soon.
As night fell, Jen and Jo' left with their kids after bidding their a dues. Erik went to bed early so when all the kids were asleep, Erik was already taken care of. Allina hated to see him in pain, but knowing he must have though no different when she couldn't talk. After getting into pyjamas, Allina slowly got into bed, so Erik wouldn't wake with pain. With a few tears pricking her eyes, Allina kissed Erik's cheek and whispered softly, "I love you."
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The next day Mayella decided to call up Allina and see how Erik was. "How's Erik doing?" she asked. "Okay, I mean how okay can he be if he'll never walk again?!" Mayella sighed. "Allina, is Erik going to be able to work anymore?" Allina was silent. "I don't know." she replied sadly. "And if you still have to work and Erik's going to be out of commission for a while, who's going to help with the kids?" Allina started to cry. "You're right! Oh May, my world is falling apart!" Mayella smiled silently to herself. "Ally, do you want us to move down there?"
"I-I don't know." Allina replied. "I do need the support, and Erik does what to continue his learning- Oh, Meg I think we need to move back." Allina started to cry louder. "Ok. Ally. calm down." Mayella told her. "Talk to Erik about this, and call me when you have an answer, okay?" Allina took a deep breath and then said, "Okay." With a smile, they hung up. Shortly after though, Erik came wheeling into the kitchen. "When do you want to start packing?" Allina looked at him confused. "What do you mean?" Erik smiled and wheeled over to her. "When do you want to start packing so we can all move back." Erik explained more. "Oh Erik." Allina said hugging him the best she could. "I'm sorry, but life is just-- "It's just too hard right now." Erik interrupted her. Allina looked at him, worried about what he was really thinking, but when she saw a full smile across his face, she nodded and said, "Yes." Erik kept smiling as he gave Allina the phone. "Then call Mayella back and see if she can come help you pack." Allina smiled and kissed him before she recalled Mayella.
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Mayella sighed when the phone rang. She had just gotten back to work on her next novel. It had better not be those stupid telemarketers, she thought. "hello?" she answered, ready to tell them to back off and quit calling her. "May? We're moving back." It was Allina. "Oh Ally, are you sure?" Mayella asked. "Yeah. Can you come and help us pack and move?" she asked. Mayella nodded. "Of course. I'll see if Jake can find you a house and I'll ask Jo to look around for another counseling job for you."
Allina hung up happily. She quickly had David help her find all the empty boxes they used for the move there. She called Jane and asked for help as well, so they could get something done before Mayella arrived.
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Mayella had to make a few calls before she jumped on the bus to Allina's house. First, she called jennifer, who was still at home on leave from modeling to take care of her kids. Mayella asked if she would take Brady and Danielle for the day, and she agreed. Then she called Jo and asked her to call Allina's old school and see if she could get her counselor job back. She then called Jake at work and told him her plans and asked if he wouldn't mind if they added five rooms- a bathroom, and living room, and 3 bedrooms- for Allina, Erik, and their kids to move in with them. Jake agreed and said that he'd stay at a hotel until the house was ready, and get the kids from Jen as soon as he was done with work. Lastly, Mayella called the workers who had built her house and asked if they could add on the rooms. They agreed, and said that they could have it done in a week. Then Mayella packed up a few things, buckled Brady and Danielle in, brought them to jen's house and headed for the bus station.
By the time Mayella arrived, only half of the packing was done. Erik helped as mush as he could. Mostly he held onto Fiyro and Larik as the rest of the kids helped pack their stuff. All the living room things where packed. Jane had rented a moving truck and her and Allina were loading all the furniture they wanted to keep in it; anything else they were going to sell before officially leaving. Marigold and Elisabeth had their stuff all packed up and where helping David pack what little Fiyro and Larik had. Mayella was started on the kitchen and could tell this was not going to be easy.
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After a few more hours it was all packed, though the movers couldn't move it for another week. Erik and Allina brought out the baby crib and a few pillows and sleeping bags so that she could camp out in the now empty living room. "Wow Allina," Mayella said as she finished packing up the kitchen. "I have got to teach you how to organize your kitchen," They all laughed.
Allina slept okay that night. It was different that was for sure, but it was alright. In the morning they started to set up the yard sale with some old baby close that Fiyro and Larik couldn't wear because they were Marigold's. Some kitchen things, a few chairs, David and Elisabeth's old bunk bed, a few things from the bathroom and Erik and Allina's room, and a esortment of Erik and Allina's shoes that were too small; Erik packed the shoes he wanted to keep just in case he was given the chance to walk again. A few books Allina either ha double of or was sick of reading over and over again. She did keep the ones she adored though.
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Mayella and Allina ran the yard sale most of the day, and Jane showed up to help as well. Erik took the kids to the park with David there to help him maintain order.
Once night started to fall, the things for sale were only half gone. They packed everything up and put it in the empty kitchen to await for a continuous yard sale tomorrow. Whatever they couldn't sell by the time they could finally leave, they would pack quickly and stuff it with the rest of the things they were keeping.
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The news soon reached Tyler, off in college in the next state over. He found out when he called his mom on his week off. "Hey mom, what's up?" he asked. "I can't talk long dear, I have to go help Mrs. Morgan," she said. "What's she doing now?" Tyler asked. There was a note of sadness in Jane's voice. "Oh dear, you haven't heard have you? Erik had a nasty crash on the highway and will never walk again! Allina's selling the house and moving in with her friend Mayella. I'm helping them sell the things they don't need anymore, at the garage sale, at least until the movers cane move their things." Tyler was saddened by this news and decided to bring a bunch of his friends down to buy from the garage sale and to say goodbye to Allina, erik, and their kids.
A half hour later, Tyler and his group of friends came to the garage sale. Tyler went up to Allina first thing. "Mom told me you were moving." Allina looked surprised and then sad. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I haven't been thinking about anything more than moving. I'm so-" Tyler tightly hugged her. "You don't need to apologize. I understand." Allina hugged him back. She could feel Tyler smile. "You were always a great counciler." Tyler hugged her tighter. "I will never forget you, or your teachings. I will visit when I can and update you also." Allina smiled and kissed Tyler's forehead. "Thank you." She told him and they parted as soon as a few of his friends, and Mayella started to tease; "Oooooooooooo." Mayella continued until Allina playfully slapped her in the arm. Teasing her still Mayella said, "Oooowww."
Tyler and the group of teenagers and college kids he brought bought everything that was left. Once everyone had what they wanted they said their good byes,along with one last hug from Tyler. Now all that there was left to do was wait until they would move.
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The next day Mayella got a call from Jake saying that Allina and erik's part of the house was finished. She was happy and couldn't wait to surprise her friend. Then Jo' called and said that not only had Allina's old job taken her back, they had enrolled her kids in the school as well. The next day the movers arrived.
Allina got all the kids in the car as Erik sat in the passenger seat, smile on his face. Mayella sat waiting in the moving van, waiting for the single to go. Once Allina was done buckling Fiyro and Larik in, she hugged Tyler, Elisabeth and Jane goodbye and Jane gave her their phone number, her cell, and Tyler's numbers and said to call once they got settled in again. Allina gave a tearful thank you, wiped her eyes and motioned for Mayella to go.
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They took off, Mayella giving directions to the truck driver. Halfway there, Mayella got a call from Allina on her cell. "Hey, May? I just thought of something. Where are we going to live? And where will I work? And who'll make sure Erik's okay? And where will David and Elisabeth go to school and Marigold to daycare?" there was panic etched in her friend's voice. "We got it covered Ally," Mayella told her. "Okay, are you sure?" the panic had ebbed away a bit, giving way to doubt. "Yes, I'm sure. You'll love it." Little did allina know she was in for the surprise of a lifetime.
In several hours, Mayella and Allina came to Mayella's house where Jake was waiting with Brady and Danielle, who Mayella called to get from Jen's. Allina got out of the car and went to Mayella who told her everything.
Allina happily unbuckled all the kids, who ran to play with Danielle and Brady, except Firyo and Larik who were asleep. Once the adults got the furniture out of the truck, the man drove away, and then they stored them in the new living room and were going to rest before they unpacked everything else.
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Mayella was happy that allina liked her idea of adding to her house and having them move in. Life was going to be so fun now.
"It is just like we started." Allina told Mayella "Except we weren't married with kids and Jen and Jo' and her dog were with us." They started laughing. Allina sighed saying, "I love this idea."
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That night they had a fun night, watching Veggitales with the kids until they fell asleep and then watching Pirates of the caribbean. There was pizza, Dr. Pepper, and ice cream and they all fell asleep happy.
Allina drempt of the old days when they were little and how they wished they could do sleep overs all the time. Now they were, permanetly, well until Allina and Erik found a new house.
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Which Mayella didn't want them to and would make sure she didn't.
Allina woke up to Fiyro crying. It was 6 in the morning, and Jake was already up. So Allina went to go get Fiyro and came back. "I don't remember if Mayella told me when I was going to work." Allina told Jake who was easting. "I think Mayella said the school princible said you can start once your settled in." Jake smiled. "You settled in yet?" Allina smiled. "I don't think so." They laughed and chatted until Jake had to leave, and Fiyro by then was asleep again.
Allina made herself breakfast and got dressed after she put Fiyro down. David and Elisabeth were awake and so was Erik. The couple kissed and ate until they were full. Then they waited until Mayella was up.
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Mayella awoke to find Brady James asleep on her chest. She set him on the bed and tucked the covers under him and quietly crawled out. She went downstairs to find David and Elisbaeth watching TV nad Allina and Erik chatting at the table. Allina looked up. "Well hello, sleepy head!" she said. Mayella smiled and poured herself a bowl of corn chex. "Hello to you too- both of you," she sat down and started to eat. "Allina, do you need anything that we either got rid of at the garage sale or never had? We can go shopping today if Erik will watch the kids,"
Erik didn't mind watching the kids, so Allina and Mayella went out shopping. Erik needed more clothes, especially socks. Fiyro and Larik needed more clothes as well, and Marigold's dresses were getting a little too small for her. David and Elisabeth would need new shoes, and all the kids needed new beds. Shopping was going to take a long time.
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First they perused around Target for the necessary clothing, and ended up buying lunch there too. Then they went to get beds for the kids. Later they got to Sam's club for some groceries and to pick up pizza for dinner.
Lugging everything in the hose was easier said then done. Bringing in the clothing and grocheries, David and Elisabeth did just fine. Bringing in ten ton four separate beds, one being a crib and the three others being twin beds, now that was the challenging part, especially since Erik was in no position to help, even though he wanted to.
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(Holy crap how did we need that many beds?!?! I hope allina's visa covered it lol)
(*Smile*. Well think. You needtwo seperate beds for the girls. A crib Fiyro and Larik can share, and David would need his own bed. lol I'm sure they were covered.)
Mayella and Allina put everything away before they tried tackleing putting the beds together. They successfully got the girls beds built, but he crib and David's bed they waited until Jake got home to help them. Most of the parts for both beds, looked a like;go figuar.
Once they had the beds together and had them set up in the right rooms, Mayella, Allina, Jake and Erik relaxed as Fiyro and Larik slept, David and Elisabeth played outside and Marigold was watching SpongeBob SquarePants.
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It was a good day, and they had accomplished alot. summer was approaching soon too . . ..
Since there was only a month left of school, Allina told the principal that she would start next year, bright and early. In the mean time, though, Elisabeth, David and Marigold went to school.
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renee was struggling to finish her newest novel. For some reason she couldn't quite get the ending right. Allina came into the kitchen, tired because of Larik and Fiyro learning to teethe. And then inspiration struck her.
As Allina watched Mayella type her ending, Allina fished a bottle of white tea from the frige and went to take a short nap. She had a headache.
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Mayella sent her manuscript to the publishers right away and sat anxiously at home watching TV waiting for their reply.
Allina woke up a few hours later to the sound of Erik's wheel chair. "Erik?" She asked rubbing her eyes and sitting up. Once her eyes focused she screamed in fear. Erik was ttrying to walk again, and had fallen. She hopped out of bed and looked to see if he was hurt. Erik lyed there, with a mad stare. He wanted to be able to walk again. He felt like he could do nothing without it. He let Allina haul him back up into the wheel chair after a while and reassured her that he was alright. He kissed her in the forehead and exited the room. Allina proceeded to be in utter shock as she sat on the edge of the bed.
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Mayella awoke groggily from Allina's muffled scream. Wait a sec, scream? Oh great. She hopped out of bed and ran to her friend, almost running into Erik in the hallway. "Is Allina okay?" she asked. "Yeah," Erik grumbled. Mayella was about to ask what was wrong but he wheeled past her quickly and she hurried into allina's room.
Allina dried her eyes and was going to go for a walk when Mayella came in concerned. "I woke up to your scream, are you okay?" Allina gave a weak simile. "Yeah, I'm okay. I woke up to see Erik lying on the floor." She signed in disbelief. "He wants to walk May, I can see it in his eyes. I-I just don't know how to tell him he'll never be able to walk again." Allina sat on the bed again and started to cry. "Now, now, Ally." Mayella said patting her back and sitting next to her. "Everything will be just fine." Allina shook her head. "NO, it wont. May. My injury was said to go away after a while. Erik's legs are permanently shattered and unless we schedule surgery to give him false legs, he'll never walk again."
After that, Allina went on her walk as Mayella stayed home to watch the kids and start on a new story. Erik followed Allina outside shortly after she had left.
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Mayella had an idea. When Allina came back, Mayella handed her a flat rectangular package. Mayella smiled. "Early Easter present," Allina opened it. " 'Heidi'?" she read the book title. Mayella gave her a sly mile. "Just read it and I'm pretty sure it'll give you an idea," she said before sauntering into the kitchen.
Allina didn't know what Mayella was hinting at, but she might was well find out. So she went into the living room with a sack and a drink and started reading.
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(Have u ever read Heidi? If not do u want me 2 explain my ideas?)
(please explain. I have not read Heidi.)
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(KK. Heidi meets this girl Clara who can't walk so through a long and boring process she goes up to the mountains to live with heidi for a while and they teach her how to walk again.)
(ok, thanks)
Allina was half way through Heidi once Erik got home. He had gone out for a while to clear his head. Allina bookmarked the book and went to see him. She didn't know how helping him learn to walk would do any good, for his legs were shattered. Allina tried to smile as she went to go talk to him.
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Mayella was invited to an important dinner with her publishers, so she and Jake left, leaving Brady and Danielle with Allina and Erik.
It was an interesting time as Allina tried to help Erik walk. They nearly fell several times going a short distance from the living room couch. By the time they stopped, Erik hurt like hell, and the kids needed to be put into bed. Allina same back and helped Erik put ice packs onto his legs as he streched his legs out on a stand as he sat, once again, in his wheel chair.
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Mayella and Jake returned late, at more or less O dark thirty. They snuck in quietly, as not to wake up anyone already asleep. Mayella crept by Allina and Erik's room after checking the kids and heard her saying, "We'll try tomorrow Erik. I know it hurts but we ahve to keep trying." Mayella smiled. Apparently her friend had gotten the desired meaning of Heidi.
Allina had trouble sleeping that night. She kept having horrid nightmares about Erik and the crash. It was about 3:30 in the morning when Erik woke up and held her, is when she finally got to sleep.
In the morning when Jake got up, he helped Erik out of bed, for Allina was still sleeping. Once Erik was all set, Jake left for work and Erik was going to see what he could do to make breakfast.
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Mayella awoke late, due to her partying the night before. The kids were already up and the older ones to school. Mayella came into he kitchen to find Allina crying. "What's wrong Ally?" she asked. "Oh Mayella, Erik's gone!"
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(OMG I'm just plot twisting here!!! It doesn't have to be anything bad! He could be out getting a cake or soemthing if you wanted it to)
(then you do it!)
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(Fine, gosh!) Mayella stared at Allina. "He's gone? As in left or as in kidnapped type stuff?" she asked. "I don't know!" Allina cried exasperatedly. As Mayella was comforting her friend, Erik came in through the door. (There. Now you make the excuse)
(geeze. now was that so hard?)
Alina and Mayella quickly looked up from the table as they heard the growing familiar sound of Erik's wheel chair. Allina tried to quickly dry her eyes and smile. Erik, in no way fooled by her happy appearance asked Mayella to leave so he could talk with his wife.
"Why were you crying?" He asked her once he got a good spot at the table. Allina sighed and answered, "I didn't know where you had gone, and your short note was too blunt to make out if you were coming back or not." Allina felt her eyes water. She blinked and continued to look at Erik. "Why would I leave such a wonderful life?" He asked surprised. Allina was as well. "I don't know." Was all she could say, though. Erik smiled and put Allina on his lap. "I love you. I love David, Elisabeth, Marigold, Fiyro and Larik too." He held her close and tightly. "I would never leave you, no matter how hard things will get."
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(Oh shut up) That night was pizza night, good stuff from A-Part, with Faygo and fillichini for dessert. In the middle of dinner Mayella's cell phone rang. "Hello?" she answered. "Oh hey Alyson," she said. "What's up?" she went into the other room for a few moments. She came back into the dining room and picked up her pizza again. "What's up, May?" Jake asked. "Oh that was Alyson, a friend from High School. Her husband, also Jake," Mayella smiled. "Has to leave for a few weeks to take care of his mother's funeral. Alyson isn't supposed to be moving alot so she wanted to see if I could come stay with her until he got back." "Why isn't she supposed to be moving?" Allina asked. "Oh, she's pregnant, and like really close to her due date. I'll be leaving tomorrow night."
Allina was happy for Mayella. She did worry though, for who would watch the kids. Mayella assured her not to worry, so Allina tried her best not to think about it.
By next morning, Allina helped Mayella make sure everything was packed, nothing missing, and in the car.
Once Mayella had left, Allina ushered all the kids inside, and told Jake goodbye as he went to work.
An hour passed and Allina sat on the couch watching television with her kids. Erik had taken David out for a while, and promised to be back by dinner. It seemed strange being in a semi-quiet house, which, if you think about it, would be totally silent if were not for the tv.
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Mayella arrived safely at Alyson's house and they had a wonderful evening of playing LIFE, watching Pirates of the caribbean, talking bout baby clothes, and eating pizza and ice cream.
Since Mayella left, things were a little hectic. It was a week into summer, and David and Elisabeth were more prone to playing outside with friends then being in the house. Erik was also getting used to his every other daily learning how to walk lessons. Allina constantly prayed that Erik would get better; not because she wanted him to be 'normal', but because she knew he wished to walk again. Fiyro and Larik were not even 3 yet and they were wearing 4t, it was scaring Allina. Marigold was also communication in almost full sentances and would be going to pre-school next September. Life was growing and moving fast.
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Alyson had her baby and Mayella was coming home early, but not before she picked up a few little surprises for her family back home.
Allina had all the kids in bed and was able to finally sit down with Erik without interuption. They were going to spend the night watching Star Dust.
They were half way through it by the time they fell asleep.
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Mayella got back late. Later than she intended to. it was late, so everyone would be asleep. She went to the back door and got the spare key. She opened the door only to drop one of her bags. She bit her lip, hoping no one had heard. But Allina and erik had.
Mayella? Allina asked sleeply as she rubbed her eyes. Mayella smiled embarrassed. "Yeah." Allina sat up half awake. "I f i knew you were coming back so soon, I would have hosted a welcome back get-to-gether." Allina teased sarcasticly. Mayella laughed. "Do you need help getting your luggage inside?" "No, no. I'm fine." Mayella said nervously. Allina smiled. "Okay." So she and Erk went to their room to go back to sleep while they lefy Mayella standing at the door way, releaf on her face.
It was half past non by the time Erik and Allina woke up. They thought it would be an ordinary day, since the kids acted no different, but oh, were they wrong.
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(oh no wat will happen?? duh duh dun)
(oh come on, you have to add the surprise whatever it is)
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(Fine be that way) Mayella awoke late, having come home at o dark thirty. She trudged downstairs to see Allina and Erik drinking their morning doses of coffee. "Hey," she greeted them groggily. Allina gave her a smile and Erik raised a hand by way of greeting. "Oh, I almost forgot, I have some gifts for you guys. I'll hand them out at dinner. Pizza night!" Mayella said before taking a long sip of coffee.
The day went pretty fast once everyone was wide awake and ready to start the day. It was not until dinner, that a few were getting ansey about what Mayella's surprise would turn out to be.
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When jake got home with pizza and dessert from A-Part, the family sat down to eat. Once fillichini was eaten, Mayella went upstairs to get the surprises. There wwere dolls for Danielle and Marigold, small toys for Larik and Fiyro, a new veggitales movie for Brady, a book for Elizabeth, some shirts for David, a sweater for Jake, a t-shirt for Erik, and a DVD of the broadway musicals Wicked and Phantom of the Opera.
For the rest of the night, all the kids played with their toys and watched veggie tales with Brady, as the adults watched. They kept laughing at Mayella as she kept saying and singing along with the actors. Soon the house was filled with all the adults and kids singing along to veggie tales.
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And it was full of LOLness.
By the third veggie tales movie, all the kids were passed out on the floor, so Allina and Mayella put the kids to bed, and Allina and Erik went to bed, leaving Mayella and Jake some alone time.
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(Yes . . . alone time . . .) And the next morning was yet another day of surprises.

(lol...i wonder what)
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(That was a topic opener 4 u :) )

(well, i don't really have s surprise)
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(me either. make soemthing up.)
(i don't want to. some of my idea's don't turn out interesting enough)
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That day was the day school ended and Elizabeth came home with the best report card she'd ever gotten. There was a special ice cream outing as a reward. (There, happy?)
(lol yes)
An hour later, everyone went out after dinner for the ice cream outing, while congradulating Elisabeth the whole way.
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The next week was summer. Mayella decided to see if any of them were game for being counselors at Little Pine Island that summer.
Allina thought it would be a really great idea, but everyone would need to know what they would be doing, so they could be persuaded to go.
Once they had all decided, everyone was packing up for a month of camp. All the little kids were signed up to attend Little Pine Island, and all the adults would be counselors. Everyone was excited.
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They stepped out of the van, pulling their luggage behind them. Allina and Mayella had requested being counselors in adjoining cabins, so they were counselors of Clark and Dixon cabins. Erik was the arts and crafts director, and Jake was a lakefront director. Marigold and Danielle would be in the youngest cabins, and Brady James would be in his own cabin, while Tyler was in the highest boys cabin. Larik and Fiyro were not old enough yet, but they stayed with Allina in her cabin.
It took a while for every one to find their cabins, for they kinda got lost for about ten minutes, but once they found them, they started to unpack their things. Larik and Fiyro were asleep in their stroller, so Allina kept them there, while she unpacked and up away her things and waited for Mayella to finish putting her things away.
BY the time every one was done, it was ten minutes to noon, and they had to go to a counselors meeting that asigned them to a group of students, the hours they would be working and the daily activities set in place for them. They already knew the meeting would be long.
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The four of them arrived at the meeting a few moments early- long enough to grab a pop and talk to some of the other counselors. Mayella stopped in the front doorway. "OHMYGOSH BUG!" she cried, and ran to hug one of the other female counselors. "Bubbles! OMG I haven't seen you in forever, girl!" Mayella beamed. "Dude I missed you!" she turned to the rest of her friends. "Bug, this is my friend Allina, her husband Erik, and my husband, Jake." Bug smiled. "You're married?" she asked. Mayella smiled. "Yep. and my two kids are here too!" Bug smiled, and Mayella could tell this was going to be a kickin summer.
Allina smiled warmly as she finally met one of Mayella's old camp friends from when she was 13. IT had been a while, so Mayella and, Bug, as she called her, talked until one of the top Counselors instructed that the meeting was beginning and to take a seat.
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Mayella was so excited to finally be back at camp, and couldn't wait to meet the campers the next day.
It was dark out by the time the meeting was over and they had their list of campers, Allina and Mayella said goodnight to their husbands and went to their own cabins, which for the moment woul have their little girls in them.
Allina felt totally exhausted once she set Fiyro and Larik in the crib the camp had provided, no questions asked, and didn't bother to change clothes, but laid down and went right to sleep. which left Mayella to get the girls in bed, and to go to sleep herself.
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Mayella awoke bright and early the next morning, excited to meet her campers. there was an all counselor breakfast, since the campers wouldn't be arriving until ten thirty. Since allina had been utterly exhausted last night, Mayella decided to take Larik and Fiyero to breakfast and bring back some poptarts for Allina. Allina, her note read. Gone to breakfast with Fiyero and Larik, come down when you're awake if I'm not back. will same some food. Love, May. And she headed off.
About ten minutes after Mayella left, Allina awoke. She read the note, and got herself dressed. Once she was done, Allina went to the breakfast hall, only to be greeted half way by Mayella. "Hey." Mayella called as she came up to Allina. "Hey, so whats for breakfast?" Mayella giggled, Pancakes, bacon and eggs." "OOo, sweet." Allina said really excited. Mayella laughed even harder. "Come on, lets head there." So Mayella and Allina went arm and arm into the breakfast hall.
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Allina and Mayella were putting the finishing touches on their cabin and chatting when their first camper arrived. "Hi," Mayella said. "I'm Mayella, and this is Allina." the girl smiled. "I'm Angie," she said. "Where should I put my stuff?" Mayella waved around the cabin. "Anywhere. And here's some paper to make a sign for your bed, so everyone can get to know everyone." Angie smiled and chose the lower bunk in the top corner, and started making a sign. A few moments later, two girls came in arm and arm, giggling and talking. Mayella smiled, remembering her first summer here with jessie.
"HI." Both girls said excitingly. "Welcome." Allina said. "Who are you?" The girls smiled brightly. "We're Amy and Lilah.We're twins. "Allina smiled. "I'm Allina, and this is Mayella." Allina pointed to Mayella, who had a box of markers and a large stack of paper."Choose your beds, and make a sign so everyone can get to know you." Amy and Lilah smiled and chose the bunk bed closest to the door. Both girls giggled as they were making their signs. Allina and Mayella smiled at each other as the other seventeen girls showed up.
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When the day was coming to a close and it was time for the counselors to get their ni