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Same as The Phantom of the Opera, only twisted
[Introduction] It's like the phantom of the opera, the only thing chances is, the main girl's name is Roseibella, not Christine. Also, some to all scenes are changed/ twisted around. There is more talking also.
Roseibella was getting ready for rehearse on the opera, Hannibal with Meg. They were ready and waiting for their cue. Once Carlotta had her turn, and the group before them, They and other girls set to so their dance. Roseibella focused as she heard Ma'am Giry tell the new managers who she was, even though she wanted to say something. After their rehearsal was finished, they waited with the rest who were not on stage. After the rehearsal was complete, she heard Carlotta complain that the manages only wanted the dancing girls. "Wow, we must have been great!" she thought. Then she heard the managers grovel with Carlotta, and she gave in after a minute to two. "Great." She thought. Carlotta sang the song, Think of Me, in her high, annoying voice. Suddenly the kertin came down on Carlotta. "Wow!" Roseibella yelled in her head, "That is shocking, but normal?" Then she heard the squabble as the Bouquet told them he wasn't at his post or something and as Carlotta yelled at the managers response to what happened and left. Becoming uninterested Roseibella daydreamed about her 'angel of music'. Then all of a sudden Ma'am Giry said that Roseibella could sing in place of Carlotta. This had definitely scared her. "How is your teacher?" She heard one manager ask. "I don't know his name misure." She responded. "Let her sing for you misure, she has been taught well." "Very well, per seed." She heard the other say, oh if she could only remember their names... .Roseibella per seeded to walk closer up to the top of the stage, as she did she per seeded to sing.
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On the stage as well, the Vicomte de Chagny heard the voice. It was different then the one that had sang three moments ago, yet it was not the diva's voice. It was beautiful. He closed his eyes and let the music consume him. he had been leaving, but he could stop for a moment. When the singing stopped, Raoul found himself smiling. He walked back to his carraige humming the tune and replaying the song with the angel's voice in his head. He would have loved to find out who the sensation was, but he was already running late for tea with his mother. He would hear her tonight. The managers would be fools to not put her in the spot of grand singer. Yes, great fools.
Roseibella was applauded for her singing, She smiled, ready for tonights gala. She was glad she finally got her chance to sing as lead soprano. She had to tell her angel of music. As she waited for Ma'am Giry to come and get her ready, she called out to her angel. "Angel!" "Angel of music, come to me, please!" He came a moment later. "I am here child." He answered. "I have glorious news angel." She started. "I am the lead soprano for tonights opera." "Isn't it wonderful?" "That is wonderful." He answered. "My singing lessons for you have payed off magnificently." "They have." I'm really thankful to you." At that Ma'am Giry came into her dressing room, to help her get ready.
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Raoul practically had ants in his pants waiting for the upcoming Opera. he couldn't wait to find out who the new singer was. Her voice stayed with him, eerily familiar. He had thought he had heard the voice before. Or was it just his imagination?
Roseibella sang. She sang her heart out with the last song, Think of Me. After she finished her last note that she held perfectly, there was glorious applause. Once she was able to get away, Roseibella went down to a chamber to light a candle for her father. She wished he were still alive. So Roseibella sat in front of a burning candle that was behind her fathers picture. All of a sudden she heard, "Bravo, bravo, bravissimo." She new it had to be her angel of music, so she was about to reply, she heard Meg calling her. "Roseibella, Roseibella."Meg came down the steps and sat by her, Then she began to sing "Where in the world have you been hiding." "Really you were perfect." "I only wish I knew your secret." "Who is your great tutor?" Roseibella answered, "Father once spoke of an angel." "I used to dream he'd appear." "Now as I sing I can sense him, and I know he's here." At this point she got up and started walking, so did Meg. "Here in this room, he calls me softly." "Somewhere inside, hiding." "Somehow I know he's always with me." "He- the unseen genius." Christine and Meg started to walk backstage. Meg began to sing, "Roseibella, you must have been dreaming." "Stories like this can't come true." "Roseibella, your talking in riddles, and it's not like you." Then Roseibella sang out. "Angel of music, guide and guardian, grant to me your glory!" "Angel of music, hide no longer, secret and strange angel!" With this, Meg lead Roseibella toward her room.
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Raoul was stunned. In all of his imaginings he had never once thought that the singer could be Roseibella! He remembered a time from their childhood. During the winter, her hat had blown into the river. Raoul swam out to fetch it. He was sopping wet and cold but her smile was etched into his memory forever . . . . And he would now see her again. Or so he thought.
Roseibella sat in front of her dressing room mirror holding her red rose with a black ribbon tied to it. It was from her angel. "I knew he would be pleased." She said aloud. Oh if only she could see him again tonight. Suddenly Raoul came in with a bouquet of flowers. "Little Lotte, let her mind wonder. Little Lotte though: Am I fonder of dolls or of goblins or shoes." Roseibella heard this and decided to remember some parts of her childhood. "Raoul." She said.They talked in turn, "Or of riddles or frocks." "Those picnics in the attic." "Or of chocolates." "Father playing the violin." "As we read to each other dark stories of the North." "No- what I love best, Lotte said, is when I'm asleep in my bed, and the angel of music sings songs in my head, 'the angel of music sings songs in my head.'" Raoul complimented after that, "You sang like an angel tonight." Christine told him, "Father said, 'When I am in heaven, child I will send the angel of music to you'. Well, father is dead, Raoul, and I have been visited my the angel of music." Raoul answered her by saying, "Oh, no doubt of it- now we go to supper." Once Roseibella heard this, she didn't like it one bit. No, Raoul, the Angel of Music is very strict." Knowing that her angel would not like her spending time with him, she told him this. "Well, I shan't keep you up late." He told her this thinking she was only kidding."Raoul,no." She replied. "You must change. I'll order my carriage. Two minutes- Little Lotte." With this he walked to the door and left as she yelled, "No, Raoul, wait!" Hoping he would come back and ask why, he never did. So Roseibella undressed and re-dressed, and hoping to leave her room, not knowing her Angel of Music had something else in store.
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Where was she? He had waited so long for Roseibella. Well, he wasn't going to wait any longer. He was paying by the hour for that cab. He walked back inside and ran up to her dressing room. He knocked and tried to open it, but it was locked. "Roseibella!" he called. She was apparently ignoring him. Then he heard a man's voice. She was having an affair!
'Insolent boy, this slae of fashion!" "Basking in your glory!" Roseibella new at once her angel was not happy with Raoul. It was in his voice. "Ignorant fool, this brave young suitor!" "Sharing in my triumph!" Roseibella took in his words wondering how she could respond. Then the words came, "Angel I hear you!" "Speak- I listen!" "Stay by my side, guide me!" "Angel, my soul was weak- forgive me!" "Enter at last. master!" She hoped this would please him. It did. "Flattering child, you shall know me!" "See why in shadow I hide!" "Look at your face in the mirror!" "I am there inside!" At this Roseibella turned from the door to finaly see her angel on the otherside if her mirror. 'Wow!' she thought. Then she began to sing to her angel, "Angel of music, guide and guardian!" "Grant to me your glory!" "Angel of music, hide no longer!" "Come to me strange angel!" She pre seeded to walk toward her angel, not knowing what would happen. Soon after her, her angel sang, "I am your angel of music, come to me: angel of music!" He sang this over and over again. Sge ignored Raou when he was at the door, pounding on it. She wanted her angel more. But she didn't know where he was going to lead her next.
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Raoul was stewing in his anger. Who the heck did Christine think she was, blowing him, the vicomte, off? Darn her. Darn them all. Darn them all to heck. He strode across the street angrily, unaware of all else going on around him. there was a shout from someone else and Raoul was hit by a carraige.
The Phantom lead Roseibella down to his layer. They both sang to each other while being fasinated by all that she was seeing. She was first lead by hand down a long hallway. The she was escorted by horse, then by boat. The whole time she was singing her heart out, knowing that was what her Angel desired most. Once the boat came close to the Phantom's layer. She saw tons of candles in the water and on cement land. 'Wow!' She thought. Once the boat docked, and they were finished singing, the Phantom got out of the boat. He walked away a short distance, and then began to sing his strange sweet music. "I have brought you, to the seat of sweet musics throne." "To this kingdom where all must pay homaged to music, music." He turned to Roseibella, like he was telling her this through song, "You have come here, for one purpose and one alone." "Since the moment I first heard you sing, I have needed you with me, to serve me, to sing, for my music, my music." He turned from her and takes a few steps, almost looking like he was trying to calm down. Then he turned around to face Roseibella again, and in a softer tone, sang to her again, as she steps out of the boat and walks toward him. "Night-time sharpens, heightens each sensation." "Darkness stirs and wakes imagination." "Silently the senses, abandon their defences." "Slowly, gently night unfurls it's splendour." Grasp it. sense it- tremulous and tender." "Turn your face away, from the garish light of day." "Turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light- and listen to the music of the night." "Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams!" "Purge your thoughts of the life you knew before!" "Close your eyes, let your spirit start to sore!" Roseibella closes her eyes and waits. At the end of that line, she opens her eyes again. She looks right at the Phantom, her angel. He continues to sing, 'And you'll live like you never lived before." "Softly, deftly, music shall surround you." 'Hear it, feel it closing in around you." Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind, in the darkness that you know you cannot fight- the darkness of the music of the night." He raises his voice a bit, "Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world! "Leave all the thoughts of the world you knew before!" "Let your soul take you where you long to be!" His voice lowers, "Only then, can you belong to me." At this he turns Roseibella with him and feels around for her hands. "Floating, falling, sweet intoxication." "Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation." "Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in, to the power of the music that I write- the power of the music of the night." During this, the Phantom has conditioned Roseibella to the coldness of hid touch and her fingers are brave enough to stray to his mask and caress it, with no hint of removing it. After he is finished singing, knowing that his enchantment worked, he leads her to a large mirror, in which reveals a perfect wax figuar with a wedding dress on. At seeing this, Roseibella is so overcome in fear, that she faints. But the Phantom ketches her and carries her over to the swan shaped bed where he lays her down. "You alone can make my song take flight- help me make the music of the night." He sings gently in her ear, and closes a curtin that is around the bed, and walks away.
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Raoul awoke in the hospital. "Am I dead?" he asked a passing nurse with her wide brimmed white hat. "No, not yet, but you might be soon," she answered. Thanks. well that wasn't discomforting at all. Raoul lay there thinking of chocolate and wether Christine would prefer flowers or a wheel of cheese and sighed. he wished Christine would get here.
Roseibella was returned by the Phantom back to her dressing room, where Ma'am Giry lay waiting. The Phantom said noting, only gave her a note, and left the way he came. "Your face has tear marks on it. Where you crying?" Ma'am Giry asked her. "No, no ma'am I wasn't." Roseibella turned her head. She knew some how she was in trouble. "Hurry and get dressed, the vicomte was ran over by a carriage late last night, and he wishes to see you." "Ran over!" Roseibella yelled in shock. Not because she loved him, but out of fear for her friends safety. She got dressed in a flash, and was brought to the hospital. "I'll stay here to bring you back before the opera starts." Ma'am Giry told her. Roseibella was escorted down a hallway to Raoul's room. It was decorated with flowers and hopefulness of a full recovery. "Roseibella." She heard. "I knew you'd come." "Oh, Raoul, are you okay?" "Oh besides a broken leg, and a few head ingeries, I should be out in a week." Roseibella didn't know to be releived, or still frightened. "All that matters now, is that your here." Raoul lifted his hand, and touched her face lovingly. Roseibella didn't like it. "I'm sorry Raoul she said standing up from kneeling." There is something I have to tell you." Roseibella paused before beginning her explanation.
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Raoul didn't believe a word of it. A Phantom under the Opera House? Making love with Roseibella? Ha! She was just playing hard to get. But Raoul would show her that he was the best offer she would ever get, being a chorus dancer at the Paris Opera Populaire.
'Well, thats all I have to tell you." Roseibella said after her explanation. "I have to get back before the new opera preformance, will you be there?" Roseibella didn't know why she asked him, she only did. "Yes, well, I'll do my best." Raoul told her. Indeed he had every intention of going."Ok." She said and walked out of the room to meet Ma'am Giry, and left for the opera house.
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The day he was released form the hospital, Raoul went back to the opera house to watch Roseibella practice. In a flurry of dancers hurrying down onto the stage, Raoul was knocked down a flight of stairs and promptly sent back to the hospital.
Roseibella got the new about Raoul's accident, but couldn't go see him. " Il Muto starts in half an hour, and I have to play my part. No matter how obscure it is." She thought while getting ready. She was to the pageboy, a silent part in the opera. She loved singing, but she will wait her turn.
Once she was ready, Med and Ma'am Giry lead her to the stage, where the Opera was about to begin. "Are you ready?" Meg whispered to Roseibella. "Yes" she answered getting her words out, before having to stay quite. Meg smiled, and left to get into posistion.
The opera begins, and Roseibella enjoys it, even as the pageboy. But not even a third into it, the Phantom stops it by complaining. "Did I not instruct that Box Five was to be kept empty?" Roseibella's eyes widen. She knew instantly who it was. "It's him, the Phantom of the Opera." Meg tells the closest person to her. "It's him.?" Roseibella half askes, half says. "Your part is silent, little toad!" Charlotta says rudly. "A toad, Ma'am.? Perhaps it is you who are the toad." The Phantom mummbles to himself. Charlotta, unknowing that her vial of spray had been switched, has one of her maids spray her throat, as every time she sings. Then Charlotta moved back onto the stage, ready to sing again.
"Serafimo, away with this pretence!
You cannot speak, but kiss me in my husands absence!"
"Poor fool, he makes me laugh - Hahahahaha!"
"Croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak" Everyone in the opera house starts laughing at Charlotta's croaking. She starts again, slowly, hoping it won't happen again, but it does. The audience laughes even harder, and Charlotta runs off stage, full of embarassment. The owners of the opera tell the audience that this will all be sorted out, and that the countess will be played by Roseibella, and to proceed by showing the ballet of act 3 of the opera.
As the ballet is going on, the Phantom leaves to go back to his chamber below the opera house, but there is one person, Joseph Buquet, who thinks it is wise to follow the Phantom, gets chased through the ropes above, gets cought, chocked and hanged above the ballet.
Roseibella freaks out and starts running away from the stage, toward the stairs that lead to a balcany roof of the opera house. On her way, she mummbles to herself, "Can't go back there." "He'll kill again." "His eyes will find me there." "Those eyes that burn." "If he has to kill a thousand men. The Phantom of the Opera will kill and kill again." "My god who is this man, who hunts to kill?" "I can't escape from him, I never will." "And in this labyrinth, where night is blind, the Phantom of the Opera is here inside my mind." At this point Roseibella is up on the balcony roof, looking around at the statues that stand there. She loves the Phantom, but doesn't like the horrid actions he commits. "Why, why must he kill!" She screams out into the night sky. She sits down on the cement and begins to break down into tears, not knowing the Phantom, was behind one of the staues listening.
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Roseibella was out of breath. Singing and climbing stairs took alot of breath, apparently. She started to cry, but then felt a hand on her shoulder.
Roseibella looked up to see the Phantom staring at her, lovingly ans comfortingly. Sh was suddenly afraid at what he may have heard. "S-so what did you hear?" She asked, not bearing to look at him. "I heard you scream about why I choose to kill people. And then, you crying your heart out." The Phantom answered her. "I never knew it scared you." He said. "I knew you understood, but you should have said something." Roseibella only shook her head. "You would have grown angry. You would have yelled at me about trying to stop you from what you desirve to do." She told him this, her voice shaking. She could feel his hand shaking n her shoulder. "Stand up." He said quietly. "Please, get up." He repeated, with a little raise in his voice. Roseibella stood up and faced him, not bothering to wipe her face. "I knew that night when you saw me, the curiosity of taking my ask off." She only stared at him as he told her this. "I was most happy when you didn't do so." She nodded, and turned her head away from his stare. "Will you make me a promise?" The Phantom asked her. Roseibella quickly tuned her head back and their eyes met. "Yes." She said weakly. "If I let you see my face, will you stay with me, no matter who or what gets in the way?" Roseibella took her time to answer, then she said, "Yes, I promise." With that the Phantom took off his half mask, and showed Roseibella the destorted form of the left side if his face. She had a streak of fear quickly pass over her face, but it didn't go unnoticed. "Your scared of me now." The Phantom said, seeing her fear. "No, no, not scared." Roseibella pleaded, not wanting him to go. "Frightened at the first sight, yes, but not entierly scared of you." She pulled the Phantom into her arms and held him there for a while. "What's your name?" Roseibella spoke at last. "Erik, It's Erik." The Phantom told her, holding her tighter.
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Roseibella and Erik stayed on the roof for a few moments longer, holding each other in the moonlit snow. "I had better go, they will have cleared the stage by now," Roseibella whispered. "They will have you play the lead now that your fellow soprano is turning amphibian." Erik said. Roseibella glanced up at him and smiled slightly. "And you wouldn't have anything to do with that, would you?" she asked teasingly. Erik smiled back. "Of course not," They kissed and Erik watched Roseibella fly back down to the stage and get dressed for the performance. He left as well. It was time to watch his love in action.
Roseibella preformed Il Muto perfectly. The audience loved her performance. Surprisingly she saw Raoul in box 7 with the managers, watching her. She noticed he had a newly broken arm, and in a wheel chair. 'He must have a broken leg.' She thought while ending her final note. The audience applauded greatly and from the corner of her eye, Roseibella saw Charlotta evilly staring at her, dressed as the pageboy. 'How hidious she looks.' Roseibella thought. She didn't like Charlotta, not because she wanted to take her place, but because Charlotta had never been nice to anyone, or meant anything she apologized for.
Roseibella quickly left with Ma'am Giry and Meg to change for a dinner they would be going to. But first, she had to tell Erik. Once they got there though, Raoul was in the dressing room. Ma'am Giry looked tense, but whispered something to Meg, and they left Roseibella's room. "You sang wonderfully tonight." Raoul told her, as Roseibella looked for her cloths. She wasn't going to change in front of him, but she could still find something to wear. "Thank you, Raoul." She said not looking at him. "How have you been?" "I've been recovering in the hospital. I was knocked down a flight of stairs by accidnetly and received a broken leg. I didn't expect to be in a wheel chair until properly over 80 year old. But fate has a weird way of working." Roseibella paused thinking about Erik. "Yes, yes it does." She responded. She found an elegant dress to wear so she asked Raoul to leave her, so she could get dressed. "Your angel is letting you out, I see." Raoul commented a bit harshly. Roseibella turned to meet his gaze, a bit of coldness in them by how he talked. "Yes, yes he is." She said simply with a hint of a warning tone in them. Raoul smiled. "Well have a great night, I shall see you there." He turned and wheeled his way out of the room. "Oh for the love of- Erik!" She nearly swore, and called her love. "Yes, my love?" He said coming through the mirror. Ma'am Giry has asked me to a dinner party tonight, and I was wondering if I could go." She told him. "Will Raoul be there?" "Yes, but I am not going with him, or to see him. He will be there by the managers request." Roseibella said in a clam tone. "You may go, but I'll be watching over you." Erik told her. Roseibella smiled and said, "I know." The Phantom left her, and she got dressed in a teal blue dress with navy blue accents on the hems of the dress. She was escorted to a carrige. In the carrige were Meg and Ma'am Giry. Meg and Roseibella talked about the preformance and the accident, until hushed to silents by Ma'am Giry.
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Meg and roseibella sat together, giggling girlishly and talking of how Carlotta sounded like a derranged housewife and how the dress was so pink, frilly, and lacy, and the wig was so heavy they were hideous and how anyone could ever wear them. Madame giry silenced them with a harsh look telling them to be quiet. Raoul came over to Roseibella and asked her to walk with him. Roseibella was about to refuse, but Meg hurriedly assured her to do, giving her glances teasing her about their supposed relationship. But Roseibella couldn't tell them about erik, so she had no choice but to leave with raoul.
"Damn." Roseibella thought as she and Raoul walked along the road outside. It was a chilly January day, so they stayed close to the resturaunt. "How have you been?" She asked, trying to break the unbearable silence that was between them. "Decent." He simply told her. "How are you?" "Decent as well." She said coming up with no more than that. She wanted to say, "Great!" "Fantastic!" "Joyful!" But that would lead him to question, and then she would have to tell him more about Erik, and possibly end up exposing to Raoul that he was here. "I surely hope he's watching over me tonight." Roseibella thought. She didn't want there to be a misunderstanding scene that would cause whispers and rumors of them being in a relationship. She didn't want that to happen, because she'd have no choice in exposing Erik to the world. And for his sake, she wasn't going to let that happen. Unknowingly she must have been looking around be cause Raoul asked her if she was alright, and what was bothering her. "Oh, nothing, it's just chilly out. Thats all" She stampered out trying to fake being cold. Raoul smiled at the atempt to switch the subject, so he continued to question her. "You look warm and cozy, though. He started. "How could you feel cold?" She answered without thinking. "Because The air must be more colder than I thought." Raoul smiled at her answer. "Poor dear, let me make you warmer then." He took his coat off and came right up to Roseibella, who shuttered at the thoughts of what he could do. He put the coat around her shoulders and rapped it around her. "There, you should feel much warmer now." He said without backing away. "But I must say, you look more scared than cold." A hint of fear shown on her face, that quickly vanished, but not unseen. Raoul smiled coming even closer and grasping her arms. "Why is that?" "I-I don't know." She stampered out, not wanting what was about to come. He smiled again, his face deadly close to hers. He was leaning closer to her when suddenly there was a loud crash, and a cat scampering away from the noise. It made Raoul jump, but Roseibella stayed calm, knowing that had to have been Erik. "Maybe we should go inside now." Roseibella said slipping from his now loose grip. Raoul turned his head to where the crash came from, saw nothing and said, "I agree. Lets go." So they both went back inside and sat where they were, Roseibella was greatful that he was at a different table. She also refused to answer any questions that Meg through at her.
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"Roseibella, spill it," Roseibella looked up from the mirror in her dressing room. She had been intently watching for Erik and now whirled around at Meg's voice. "Spill what?" she asked. "Oh come on, about you and Raoul," Meg gave her a devious look. Roseibella couldn't help smiling. "Oh, it's nothing, I swear." Meg nodded. "Uh-huh. Look, if you don't want to tell me I can just wait. It'll eventually come out- it always does," she said smiling. Roseibella gave her a friendly shut up look. "Really, Meg, I am so over Raoul." Whoops. Meg slid down onto the floor to join her friend. "Really? Well you certainly had the I'm-in-love look in your eyes tonight," Roseibella blushed. Meg grasped her hand. "Who is he? Does he have a brother?" she smiled deviously again. "I-I don't know his name," Roseibella murmurred, lying through her teeth. Meg nodded. "Well find out- and ask him if he has a cute brother." She stood to leave and turned to wave good bye to Roseibella just as Erik appeared in the mirror.
"Find out if I have a cute brother, huh?" He commented with a smile Roseibella hadn't seen before. "Oh, shit!" Meg said. She hadn't left the room yet, which Roseibella suddenly realized. "Meg." Roseibella started. "Your dating the Phantom!?" Meg said not knowing it was true. Meg was expecting her to say no, but instead, "Yes Meg. I'm dating the Phantom. His names Erik, and no, he has no brother." Erik stood there, not knowing what to do. Meg, overtaken by this scene started to leave. "Meg, please!" Roseibella ran to her friend to stop her. "Please keep this secret. o one was supposed to find out. Your mother would kill the both of us if you tell her." Roseibella said frantically. Meg looked at her. "This is more than I expected." She said. "The Ph- I mean, Erik, the opera ghost." Meg said like she had just run a mile nonstop. All Roseibella could do was half smile weakly and walked over to Erik, who put his arm over her waist. "I can't believe this." Meg continued. "Please, Meg, can you keep this a secret, please?" Meg took her time to answer, but seeing that Roseibella and Erik realy loved each other, by how they held each other, the smile on his whole face plus eyes, and Roseibella's scared pleading Meg had to help her dearest friend out. "Alright, Roseibella, I promise that I will keep this secret, but you have to tell me everything that your going to do that consists of Erik." Roseibella hugged Meg tightly and said, "Thank you, thank you so much." Erik whispered something to Roseibella and disapered through the mirror. Meg left Roseibella so she could rest. Roseibella had pleaseant dreams that night
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Meg's head was reeling as she walked back to her dormitory that night. it was late, so everyone was till asleep. "Christine is dating the opera ghost? Who'd've thought?" she murmured to herself. But she didn't know that Raoul had heard her.
Roseibella arose early to find Erik looming over her. "Hi?" She said a bit scared and confused. "I told you I'd talk to you this mourning about Raoul's little feasco last night." He reexplained to her. "Oh, yes, well, go on." She said not knowing how else to answer. "I don't want him that close, or even closer to you again." He half commanded half pleaded. "I don't want him that close to me either, Erik. What am I supposed to do?" They both knew Raoul would never stop clawing his way to Roseibella. They kept hold of their gaze as he pulled out a ring from his pocket. "Marry me?" He asked with a hint of unknowing tone. Roseibella's answer was, "Answer me this, do you truely love me or is this your plan on trying to get rid of Raoul?" Erik had to think about her question. "Both.? I guess. I truely love you, and hopefully Raoul will see you are taken, and not come near you anymore. He explained slowly. Roseibella turned and sat up in bed to face the kneeling Erik. "Yes. Yes, I'll marry you." With a huge grin Erik put the ring on her left ring finger and kissed her passionatly.
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Later at Breakfast, Meg sat down next to roseibella for their morning oatmeal. she glanced over at her friend to whisper something to her and choked on a spoonful of hot oatmeal. Madame Giry, at the head of the table, gave her daughter a patronizing look. She sat at the head of the table, and the highest dancers next to her, all the way down, top dancers, replacements, trainees, and newcomers. Roseibella helped her friend and once Meg could breathe again, she hissed at christine. "You're engaged now?" Roseibella shushed her. and then nodded. "We figure it's the only way to stop raoul from trying to seduce me every other evening." Normally this would have made Meg laugh, but today she sent roseibella a look. "Well, don't look now, then," she muttered. Roseibella looked, and there was Raoul, bending over to talk with madame Giry.
"Shit." Roseibella whispered into her oatmeal. "Why would he be talking with Ma'am Giry for?" "Meg, did you tell him?" "No I didn't, I swear." Meg told her. "Don't worry, maybe he's not talking to her about you and Erik. Maybe it's something else." "I hope your right." Roseibella said. She hoped to God that it wasn't about Erik, but her hope was crushed when the girls were asked to go to their dorms while Meg, Roseibella, Ma'am Giry and Raoul stayed behind. "Girls." Ma'am Giry started. "You have some explaining to do."
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"The Vicomte and our gracious patron has come to be with some very disturbing news. I hope for the sake of yourselves that it is not true." Madame Giry stared them down. She held up Roseibella's hand. "I see it is," she whispered. "Roseibella, would you care to further enlighten us on the properties of this ring?" Madame Giry asked. "I-It's a ring . . ." Roseibella said. She was freaking out. "So we have established. But what sort of ring my dear?" Roseibella glanced at Meg, who looked nearly as nervous. "A-an engagement ring, ma'am," Roseibella stammered. "And engagement rings tend to mean that the wearer is?" Madame Giry stared at her with an iron gaze. "E-n-engaged," Roseibella whispered. Madame Giry dropped her hand. "And Meg? Did you know of this?" Meg glanced at Christine and then at her feet. "Yes, mother," she whispered. Madame Giry narrowed her eyes. "I am disappointed in both of you. You could be thrown from the dancing program, Roseibella." She sighed slightly. "Go to my office. I shall be there shortly and we will oversee punishment." As Roseibella and Meg walked, they could hear raoul's raised voice and Madame Giry's calm one, heavily accented in French. Madame Giry finally left after them twenty minutes later. And that's when Erik decided to pay her a visit.

"I asure you that we are fond of each other. Are we not?" Erik said walking beside Ma'am Giry. No one was alound in the hallways at this time if day and Raoul had left the Opera house after telling Ma'am Giry the news. Ma'am Giry tried to smile, but has to deep in thought, and only frowned. "I didn't think it would go this far, in such a sot time." She told him plaicidly not wanting to take in what she now knew. "I've been watching Roseibella since she was seven, he have grown to love one another." He out right told her. "As you and I." Ma'am Giry reminded him. "You know we never worked. 'Only friends', thats what you said. And now that I am loving another and loved in return, I cannot have her?" "I never said that-" "Your surely acting like it. Especially not making sure the managers Vicomte stays far away from her. He nearly suduced her at that dinner party last night!" Erik tried so hard not to yell. He was angry, but tried to stay calm. "You were there?" Ma'am Giry asked dryly. "I was only watching over Roseibella, because of Raoul. He has gotten too close to her." "And being engaged to her will stop him?" "To his title and the well being of Roseibella, he should stay away from her. She only agreed because she truely loves me. Other wise she'd already be with Raoul. Don't you agree?" Erik couldn't help but stare coldly at his friend. Out of everyone in the Opera Populaire, surely she would have understood. "I agree, about the Raoul buisness, but is he the only reason you are engaged?" "No. I love her as true as night is dark." Erik said mater of fact. "I see." Ma'am Giry answered turning her head. "Why does my daughter know?" "I arrived to meet Roseibella too soon. Your daughter was not supposed to be there." "She knew about the engagement?" "No, she only knew we were dating. I asked Roseibella to marry me the mourning after." Ma'am Giry's expression did not lighten. They were steps away from her office when Erik ended the conversation, "I am giving you think warning. You through Roseibella out, and hurt your daughter in anyway, shape or form, the opera populaire will have an never ending haunting." With that he disappered into the shadows. "Ma'am Giry sighed with disgust, but had to head his warning. "She took a deep raspy breath and entered her office.
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Madame Giry sat down opposite the two girls. "Roseibella, I think that you are old enough to make the right decision. However, I want no publicity, no snip of rumor about the Opera house. Erik has caused enough mischeif over the years." Roseibella smiled. "Oh, Thank you Madame Giry! Thank you!" MAdame Giry nodded. "And Meg, you are to make sure Roseibella does not get into any of this trouble. If she does, you come immediately to me." Meg nodded. The two girls left the office. Once the door closed behind them they shreiked happily and hugged each other, skipping away to practice.
After practice the girls skipped dinner, for they were not hungry. They sat in Roseibela's dressing room. "I'm so glad your mother didn't throw me out." Roseibella exclaimed. Meg smiled. "So am I." "The only thing is if Raoul thought that getting me into trouble was supossed to make me like him the way he wants me to, he's got another thing coming." Meg nodded in agreement. "Very stupid on his part if that is the case." "I wonder if your mom's decision was based on Erik's help." Roseibella wondered. "Why don't you ask him?" Meg suggested. "Erik! Erik I have something to ask you!" Roseibella yelled out. After about 10 minutes Erik came through the mirror. "Yes, dear. What is it?" Roseibella smiled at his familiarity toward her. "I was wondering if Ma'am Giry's decision of keeping me here was helped by you." Erik smiled in return. "It was. I was going to be most displeased if she were to throw you out." Erik came toward her and hugged her. "I also said she was to not harm you, Meg." Meg directed her attention to Erik. "Thank you." Meg said before taking her gaze away.
Roseibella just got finished dressing, for she was going to bed. It had been a long evening. She spent a lot of time with her beloved Erik, who said he had to work on an opera he was creating, and should show it to her once finished. Her and Meg sat around after he left coming up with ideas about what his opera was about and it ended up half passed 8 once Meg left to visit her mother before going to bed. Roseibella sighed thinking about the day. Then there was a knock on her door. She put on a silk dark red robe that Erik gave her, and Answered the door. It was Raoul. Roseibella, at first, had no expression. Then she remembered what he did and imediatly tried to slam the door. Unfortunatly Raoul caught the door with his left hand and swung it open. He was not angry at her attempt, but understanding. He closed to door, and stood in between that and the mirror where, if he came, Erik would emerge. "We need to talk." Was all he said once his focus was on her.
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Roseibella, trembling, sank down into a chair. "About what?" she asked. "You know what." Raoul said cautiously glancing into the mirror. Oh God why wasn't Erik coming? Roseibella wondered. As Raoul spoke, her eyes stayed on the mirror. He noticed and suddenly spun around, grabbing her wrists, forcing her attention on him. But only too late Raoul had let his guard down and Erik stepped out of the mirror. Roseibella was happy for just a moment until she saw what he intended to do- and so did Raoul. The enraged vicomte spun around, pulling out a dagger and attempting to free his neck of the noose that Erik had slipped over it. the two fought, Roseibella too frozen with horror to scream. But thankfully footsteps raced to her door and who should step inside but Madame Giry.
Ma'am Giry stepped inside Roseibella's dressing room to see Raoul and Erik fighting, dagger in Raoul's hand and a noose around his neck. She went to Roseibella who was told to go to Meg until she came and got her. Once Roseibella left Ma'am Giry forced both guys away from each other. "Raoul." She started with Raoul. "You shouldn't have been in here while Ms. Daae was trying to sleep." She turned her attention to Erik, "You should not have tried to kill him without a reason tonight." Erik looked at his feet. "He was going to do something to my sweetheart. I wanted to stop him before he got ahead." He sounded like a punished child. "That is still no reason." Ma'am Giry said with edge. "You Raoul, should not have had the idea of harming Ms. Daae, nor the Phantom." Raoul did not respond. "Now, leave, the both of you, and stop trying to win over Ms. Daae, she's already been won." With no intention of calling her an object, Ma'am Giry left with Raoul, once she was sure Erik had gone back down the catacombs.
They walked silently down to the main doors of the opera house, where she saw him off. "And at this time of night." She mumbled as she went to go get Roseibella.
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Roseibella was shaking like a leaf in Meg's arms while she waited for Madame Giry. "It was so sudden and very strange," she muttered. "They were going to kill each other!" she felt tears. "Erik was trying to hang him and raoul had a dagger and- oh, Meg it was just so frightening!" Meg nodded and wiped away her friend's tears. "Well, for the record, I think Raoul is just a self absorbed hot headed vicomte and a bully! I'm glad you had the sense to not marry him." "True as you opinion may be, Margaret, he is still an important funder of this opera house and will be treated as such. Without his money we could loose all. Would you rather we were sent back to Limoge and sent to the poorhouse? And God knows where Roseibella would go- and wether or not Erik would ever be able to find her." Madame Giry grasped Roseibella's hand and hauled her to her feet. "I hope the both of you have grasped the seriousness of this situation," she said, leaving with Roseibella. "Although there may be nothing we can do about it as of late," Roseibella was just about to reply when a man walked up the dim corridor towards them. In the light, Roseibella could see it was none other than Joseph Bouquette, drunk as usual. Madame Giry sighed and muttered something in fast french which Roseibella guessed was 'God could this night be anymore hectic?' "Roseibella go to your room and stay there. I doubt you'll have anymore interruptions. I must take care of this idiotic," but her words were lost in French swearing.
Roseibella lay awake for a while. Her brain would not rest with it's constant fear. She played Ma'am Giry's words in her head again, "Raoul is an important funder, without who we could loose everything." She hated the thought of having to play nice with Raoul, or worse, be more than only friends with Raoul, just because he is the funder of the opera house. Roseibella tossed and turned in her bed, wishing Erik would show up at any moment and cuddle her until she fell asleep, but he didn't come. Ma'am Giry must have told him not to. After an hour of laying awake, Roseibella finally fell asleep dreaming about her adventures with Erik.
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Meg also lay awake, wishing she could help Roseibella. But she was probably fast asleep by now, or with Erik. Her mother's words also played inside her head. 'Would you rather we were sent back to Limoge and sent to the poorhouse?' Meg closed her eyes against the frightful images of her past. Limoge was where her mother's first husband had deposited them after falling for another dancer just like her mother. Meg wondered what he had done with that woman. had he forsaken her as well? and then a new thought occured. Raoul must be happy with the opera house or he would stop funding it. if roseibella was engaged to Erik and the two would kill each other each time they saw each other, someone would have to keep Raoul busy and happy. And if Roseibella couldn't do it, that left one other alternative. Meg.
Roseibella met Meg at the dining hall. There was going to be a huge announcement that mourning, so everyone who was part of the cast had to show. She nearly ran into a few girls along the way, and hurried away at the sight of Raoul, and hoped that he didn't see her. Once she was there, she ran to Meg, who had a very unhappy look on her face. "Are you alright, Meg?" Roseibella asked in a whisper not knowing what to expect. "No, I'm not." Her friend answered truthfully. Roseibella smiled at the honesty, but the smiled turned into a frown and asked, "Why?" Meg looked at her for a moment and then said, "I've been thinking about my mothers words. I hate my past in Limoge and I don't ever wish to go back." Roseibella nodded as Meg paused. "Since your ma-" Meg nearly forgot Roseibela;s relationship hadn't gone that far-yet, she started again. "Your engagement to Erik, and the thought of him and Raoul fighting every time they meet, and with Raoul funding the opera house, that he needs to be kept calm and happy. And I fear that I can get him to love me to stay clear of you." Meg gasped for breath because she hardly breathed explaining that all. Roseibella had a horrified look on her face. "No, Meg, no. You don't need to keep Raoul happy. He needs to deal with his situation alone. He shouldn't stop funding just because of me, thats silly ans stupid. And I'm sure Erik would love to help you and your mother. You could live a normal life outside the Opera house, you'd just be living under it, thats all." Meg smiled at her friends awareness of the situation, and the thought of helping her and her mother, but Meg thought it wouldn't be any use. "I understand, Roseibella, that your trying to help, but my mind it made up." Meg, hurried away to sit by her mother, while Roseibella was left sitting away from everyone else. She sat alone for most of breakfast, until Raoul came to sit by her.
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The second Raoul came to sit by Roseibella, Meg could see her friend tense up. Time to put her plan into action. She went and sat down next to the vicomte, on the other side. "So, tell me Vicomte, how do you fare?" she asked, masquerading a ladylike French action with perfection. Raoul turned away from Roseibella and began the conversation. Meg caught her friend's eyes, telling her to leave as she flirted. Roseibella faltered but silently excused herself. And that was when Meg started laying it on thick.
"Oh Meg, what are you getting yourself into." Roseibella sighed. She didn't like her friends assumption. "Why you, Meg. It could be any other ballet dancer that he could fall in love with." She thought. Maybe those should have been choice words Roseibella should have used. Roseibella didn't seem hungry any more, and she didn't seem to care about the announcement the managers were going to tell everyone. Meg will tell her anyway. Especially if it is big. So Roseibella went to her dressing room to think everything through. "Maybe Erik will help me." She thought, and hurried the rest of the way.
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Meg returned triumphantly from breakfast and entered her friend's bedroom. Roseibella was sitting on her couch, staring at the mirror. "I really have him eating out of my hand," Meg said enthusiastically. Roseibella smield thinly. "Don't worry, Rose. I'll keep him occupied until we get another funder. Then I'll drop him like a sack of wet potatoes!" This made Roseibella crack an even bigger smile. "That'll teach him a lesson about us girls," meg said. "ANd who are we teaching lessons to?" Erik asked, stepping out of the mirror.
Roseibella looked unusually happy. Meg was shocked a bit, but quickly recovered and said, "I uh, never mind." Erik looked at her questionably, but dismissed her answer. "Have you been waiting for me, Rose?" He asked turning his attention to her. "She smiled wide, and blushing and answered. "Yes, yes I have." They walked toward each other and quickly embraced. Roseibella was glad to be in comforting arms again. Turning his attention back to Meg, not forgetting her not giving him a straight answer, he asked again. "Now seriously, Meg. What are you planning with Raoul?" Shocked by his question, she answered, "What makes you think my plan is about Raoul?" He smirked. "Who else would 'him' be?" Meg looked away a little flustered. She sighed and told him everything her mother told her and Roseibella, and her plan to make sure it never happened.
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Erik nodded. I think it's a brilliant idea! nice work Meg. How long?" Meg blushed at the compliment. "Just until we get another funder." she replied. But Roseibella still had a sickening sensation about the whole plot . ..
'Again, I ask why.' Roseibella thought while sitting back down on her couch. She didn't hide the fact that she was upset, which didn't stop Erik from asking, "What is wrong?" Roseibella looked away from them and shook her head. Erik went to kneel behind her and put his arms around her. "Now, please love, what is bothering you?" "I-I just have a sickening feeling about the whole thing." Erik nodded, but Meg asked, "Why? It's fool proof." Roseibella didn't believe her. "No it's not, Meg." "If Raoul does fall in love with you, he'll never stop wanting to have you, just like he wouldn't stop trying to get me." Meg still didn't believe her. "Think about it Meg. What if we never get a new funder? What if he does fall in love with you, and because of it, he'll never want to leave, because he'll be funding something that your doing." "If you get him to fall in love with him, he'll think that you truly love him, and will want to marry you." Now Meg was taking in Roseibella's words. She didn't want to Marry Raoul. It was never her intention. She didn't think about the fact that he wouldn't leave if he came to think that there was another love possibility at the Opera Populare. "Damn." Meg mumbled, now frustrated. After a while of deep, hard thinking, Meg came up with a flimsy, but ok plan. "I'll keep with my original plan, but with a different way of going about it. I just have come up with it." Roseibella nodded, but was still unconvinced. Needing comfort Roseibella told Meg, "I'm going to spend the rest of the day with Erik, ok." Meg nodded and she left the dressing room, while Roseibella left down the mirror catacomb with Erik.
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Meg pondered over her friend's advice. Was her plan really that un-foolproof? She totally didn't want to marry the dreaded vicomte, but she surely didn't want to be sent back to Limoge. Well, which was the better option? marrying the vicomte wouldn't be so bad, to have money and fame, and especially to save her friend. But she would never love him, would she? And there was no up side to Limoge. There just wasn't.
While in Erik's chambers, Roseibella sat by the organ, pondering over all the music he had on it. Soon after in pondering, she came across an almost finished Opera. It's title was Don Juan. She was about to look into it, but Erik came to her in a hurry and yelled, "Don't touch that!" He snached it from her forcefully, and it scared Roseibella. She quickly got up from the organ chair and backed away from it, and him. He didn't notice her backing up. He was rearranging the music, making sure that the Don Juan was well hidden again. By the time he noticed her she was sitting in the boat. She was still a bit frightened, but she didn't want to leave him. She could sense him looking at her. He was slowly walking to her. He didn't want her to leave, so he kept at a low pace. She looked away from him, a bit shaking. She knew he had a slight temper. It came with how he was treated. She didn't know she wasn't supposed to touch that piece of music.
Soon Erik was right behind her, but he made no movement. "Rose." He started. "I'm so, sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you." He was kneeling behind her now. She could tell that he was trying to use a resuring voice, but it wasn't working. She turned to face him. "I forgive you. But it wasn't your fault." After her answer was when he touched her. He tightly hugged her. He was definitly sorry for what he'd done.
Once the mood was calm and loving again, Roseibella started to fall asleep in his arms. Once he knew she was asleep, he took her to the bed and layed her down. But instead of walking away, he lay right next he her.
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The next morning, Roseibella and Erik slept late. Way later than they should have- Roseibella was missing practice. They hurried up to the mirror and Roseibella hopped through and was about to head for practice, thinking up excuses. Surely she couldn't tell Madame Giry that she'd been asleep with Erik! And that's when she noticed Madame Giry herself, sitting silently in the chair in the corner of the room. "Roseibella." Madame Giry addressed her. Rosiebella was frozen with fear. "Did you know that you have been missed in the last hour of practice?" she asked, her eyes boring into Roseibella like steel bullets. "Umm . . " Roseibella knew she had missed practice, but not how much. "I told you that your seeing Erik was fine, no publicity and garbage like that. But this a bit tad too far. I should have also told you that Erik may not interfere with your singing or dancing or any other part you may play in the opera house. She stood and looked down at Roseibella. "You musty continue to come to practice. But, s punishment, you will not be allowed to perform in this opera." Roseibella gasped. "Wait, madame-" Madame Giry opened the door and looked back to Rosiebella. "And tell Erik that there is nothing he can do to change my mind." And she walked back out, leaving Roseibella to get ready for practice, miserable about losing the part.
'Why must I still practice if I can't be in the opera?' Roseibella thought to herself. She hated the punishment. She only missed this practice, none others. She practiced anyway. Maybe with sheer luck that a main character or 2- no, Ma'am Giry was quite clear about having her not be in the opera.
Once practice was over, Roseibella tried to find Meg. Once she found her, to her horror, she was still with her plan to flirt with the Vicomte. So she went to her dressing room. She sat on the bed facing the wall, away from the mirror. She felt terrible. She loved spending time with Erik, but she didn't like Ma'am Giry's punishment. It's not like some line was crossed or anything. A few minutes passed, and Roseibella was still all alone. She started to silently cry. She didn't want to appear any more upset, especially if Erik was watching her. Then suddenly she remembred the announcement the managers were going to tell everyone. he had forgotten to ask Meg what it was. So she wipped her eyes and got ready to leave. But as soon as she reached the door, Erik grabbed her lovingly, and apologeticly around the waist.
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Meg sat in one of the stage rooms flirting with Raoul in between practices, still working the french accent. Once she had gotten rid of him she would go find Roseibella- Meg had wondered where the girl might be. Hopefully no harm had come to her . . .
"I hate the damn punishment, Erik! I do!" Roseibella yelled from his chambers after all practice was over. "Don't get me wrong." She said in a normal tone. "I love you, and cherish every moment. But does her punishment have to be this crule? At least not have me go to practice. Then I'll have a real reason not to know up!" She started to raise her voice again. She took several quick breaths, then continued as Erik started to advance toward her. "What's Meg going to say once she finds out.? I know she'll ask why I can't participate unless her God forsaken mother told her already!" Erik had his arms around her. He started to cradle her in his arms, trying to get her to calm down. He liked that she was trusting him to tell him all that she was feeling, but it wasn't helping her at all. He led her the organ and played with one hand, as he held her with the other. The music was calming and sweet. She started to drift off, but she need to stay awake. At seeing this Erik started to resure her. "It's ok, you don't have to do anything else today, unless you wish to eat dinner?" She shook her head. "Then fall asleep. It's alright." So she finally gave in and fell asleep in the enchanting music. Erik layed down with her again and caressed her face.
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"WHAT?!" Meg cried. "Roseibella can't dance?" her mother looked at her squarely over her desk. "Meg, it is not becoming to shout so." she stated. Meg stood there, waiting for an explanation. "She was late for practice this morning since she was sleeping with Erik," Her mother told her. "What? Oh My God! Roseibella's been sleeping with him?" Meg rushed off in fury, trying to get her head on straight. What if Roseibella got pregnant? She'd have to leave the opera house! And who should Meg run into but Raoul.
Roseibella lay asleep in Erik's chambers. She had skipped dinner, but also forgot to ask about the message that the managers told everyone, because she had skipped it. Soon she was half asleep, half awake and could felt Erik's body against hers. "I love you." She whispered. She didn't know weather or not he herd her or not. And frankly, she didn't care either. She turned to the other side, where tErik lay, and put her arms around him. She didn't want to move, but she needed to find Meg. She needed to explain her situation about the whole sleeping with him thing, because she hadn't. She slipped away from Erik, wrote a note telling him where she would be if she wasn't back before he woke up, and left to go find Meg.
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Meg had only narrowly escaped a brush with Raoul, though she had accepted a dinner invitation for tonight. She sat on her bed, crying at what felt like the loss of her friend. Roseibella was swiftly slipping away from Meg and more into Erik's . . . . . clutches? He wasn't that evil, but that pretty much summed it up. Meg dressed in her finest, a purple satin gown her mother had given her. She was just exiting the opera house and headed for Raoul's carraige when Rosiebella came running up. Meg turned to look at her before excepting Raoul's hand into the carraige, and driving away.
"Meg!" Roseibella yelled, feeling hurt. She didn't understand why Meg did that. Was her plan more than she could chew, or were her mothers words mixed with the confusion of a thing happening that didn't. "It's the second one." Roseibella thought. Of course the way Ma'am Giry would tell Meg, it would sound like Erik and her actually slept together. Roseibella didn't know what to think; but she couldn't help but think that she had lost her only friend in this opera house. She came up with the conclusion that she would finally live with Erik, for good. Yeah, she'd still make it to all the practices and final curtins, and whatever parties the managers came up with; but would never be seen by then that. Roseibella turned and ran to go tell Erik her new plan on her life.
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Meg had an alright time with Raoul, more than she had expected. They stayed out late and it was raining heavily when they left the restaurant. But, rather than ordering the carraige to the Opera House, Raoul directed it to his own home. "Are we not going back to the opera House?" Meg asked. "It is a dark night, and you should be safely in bed, my dear." he noticed the look in Meg's eyes, her look of horror at the prospect of spending the night with the vicomte, which he took as a look of surprise. "Don't worry, my dear Meg, I will explain to your mother in the morning." He put his arm around her and Meg rode silently away in the dark, stormy night.
Roseibella couldn't sleep. She told Erik her plan, and how she felt. He agreed with it for the most part, but she couldn't help but notice that he didn't entirely like her idea. He really couldn't explain why either. She sat on the stone steps, playing with the shallow water that lopped up. He was sitting at the organ, finishing the Don Juan opera, that he wouldn't let her see. It was near the new year, and apparently there was a new announcement that the managers were going to tell everyone because of it.
"Well." Erik finally said looking up from his work. "It took me about three months, but I've finished it." He wasn't looking at her, nor her at him, so Roseibella didn't smile. She new just what 'it' was. She knew he would let her see it, especially now. All she did was say, "That is lovely, dear." And continued to play with the laps of water.
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Meg did not sleep at all. She was too afraid. Stories from Joseph Bouquet played in her mind. What if Raoul got the idea to come see in during the night? But she couldn't cry- because what if he did? She found herself wishing Roseibella were here. OH, why had Meg been such a fool, to blow her best friend off like that? But it still felt like Erik over Meg.
It was a month before the new year, and there was to be a Masquerade. Erik loved the idea. He could dress as the Red Death and introduce his opera to the managers. They were only doing so, because Erik hadn't been tormenting then during those 3 months of making Don Juan. Since Roseibella wouldn't have anyone else to go with, she asked Erik if he could make a dress that matched the Red Death's, so they can look like a couple when they went to the Masquerade. He agreed, and she couldn't wait.
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Meg returned home safely. As she walked up the stone steps to the opera house, her mother flung open the door and marched down the steps. "Margaret Giry! Where have you been, you insolent child!?" Meg stopped on the steps. She hadn't counted for her mother's wrath. "You, young lady, are in trouble up to your eyeballs!" She grabbed Meg's wrist and turned back to the opera house. Raoul stepped out of his carraige, cool and calm as ever. "Excuse me, Madame," Madame Giry whipped around at his voice. "I am terribly sorry for any confusion I may have caused. When we had finished dinner it was late and raining so I decided to take Meg home with me. I hope you do not object," Madame Giry released Meg and stared at the vicomte. "No, it is no problem, Monsieur Vicomte." she said. Raoul turned away with a smile, and he did not see the daggers Meg's mother shot at her. A look that said 'I don't care if you were out partying with the vicomte. You. Are. In. Trouble.'
It was the day of the Masquerade, and Erik and Roseibella couldn't wait. The costumes he made were stunning. He would look exactly like the Red Death, and she, like his wife. Even though the Red Death didn't love anyone but himself, it still looked stunning. Meg had been acting weird lately, but keeping to her plan, Roseibella didn't say much. Meg must be thinking real hard about what she was going to do next with her plan about the vicomte. Erik had planned out his entrance. He would enter as soon as all the partiers were dancing on the steps. It was odd how he knew this was going to happen, but there were no questions asked. So once Erik and Roseibella were ready, they headed off to join the party.
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Meg was with Raoul for the Masquerade. He was a soldier like figure, Meg guessed it was a family heirloom or something of such. But Meg was dressed in all white, a Swan Princess type outfit. Raoul told her many times just how lovely she looked. Meg and Raoul sang with the Opera ensemble- Carlotta, Piangi, MAnagers Andre and Firmin, and of course, her mother. Other dancers followed suit, but Raoul led Meg out to the dance floor. As the ballet dancers were in their routine, an eerie red glow spread about the floor and suddenly and with a loud sounds as if a smoke bomb had gone off, Erik was on he steps as well. Everyone looked at him, and the woman closest to Meg fainted, her husband not quick enough to catch her. "Erik," Meg breathed. She noticed Roseibella behind him. But so did Raoul. "Stay here, Meg," he whispered. "I must go destroy this monster," Meg turned a half a moment later to stop him, when she could tear her eyes away from her best friend and her beloved, but he was gone!
Roseibella smiled mockingly at all who looked at them in shock, as Erik started to talk. "Why so silent, good messieurs? Did you think I had left you for good? Have you missed me, good messieurs? I have written you an opera!" He shows them the bound manuscript. "Here I bring the finished score- Don Juan Triumphant!" He throws it to Andre, but it land on the floor, and he pulled out a sword he had in a sheath by his side. "A few instructions just before rehearsal starts." He turns to Carlotta. "Carlotta must be taught to act. Not a normal trick of strutting around the stage." He swishes his sword back and forth in her hat, so he wards off Piangi by bringing the tip of the sword to Piangi's stomach. "Our Don Juan, must loose some weight. It's not healthy in a man of Piangi's age." He turns to Andre and Firmin. "And my managers must learn that their place is in and OFFICE, not the arts." He turns to his beloved Roseibella, who by this time, is standing at the bottom of the stairs, he puts away his sword. "As for our star...... sweet, Roseibella." His voice went to a whisper while saying this, as if his words were meant to trail off. They walked toward each other. Once they met, he took her hands and lead her backwards, as if they were going to dance. But instead he turned, swished off his cape, and went through a trap door with red smoke because Raoul was about to strike, all in one moment. Everyone was shocked at Erik's coming and going, and Raoul's exit into the trap door, where it soon after closed.
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Meg had no idea what was going on. What was Roseibella doing? What did Raoul think he was going to do? Ok, she needed to have a talk with Roseibella. This was getting out of hand.
Roseibella was about to walk back, the way she had come, but Meg ran to her and took her by the arm. "What in the world was that!?" Meg asked loudly. Roseibella smiled. "That was Erik's way of saying, 'hi' and 'here's my opera'." Roseibella couldn't help smiling. Besides Raoul's attempt to kill him, the plan had gone quite well. "I can't believe you would go along with his plan." Meg said dumbfounded. "I can't believe you were sucked too deep into your 'make Raoul love me', plan. Roseibella sounded annoyed. Meg couldn't help but feel hurt. "Why?" Meg asked her. "Why did you choose Erik over me?" "Why did you choose to have Raoul love you? Why come up with any plan with his love life in it at all." Roseibella took a deep breath and stared at Meg. "He would have gotten over it. That, or the managers would have talked him into something to make him stay." "Your not answering my question, Rose." Meg protested in annoyance. "I'll answer your question, when you answer this. Why did you not stop and talk to me that day when you went off with Raoul, and only looked back at me!? What did I do to deserve that!?" People were starting to stare, so Meg lead her out into a deserted hallway. "I felt like you were choosing Erik over me." Meg said in a sigh. "Because?" Roseibella urged Meg to continue. "Because- because." "Let me guess." Roseibella cut in. "Your mom told you that I couldn't participate in the opera two months ago, because I had slept with Erik. Am I right!?" Meg nodded. "Well guess what, Meg! I didn't sleep with Erik. Not in the way that you thought to believe because your mom didn't explain everything to you correctly. I fell asleep in his arms, and he happened to be beside me when I woke up. We were both fully clothed." "But-" Meg started. "No, Meg. Don't give me that, "Maybe he seduced you in your sleep' nonsense. Erik is not like that. You'd know if you fully got to know him. He's more a gentle men, then the managers ever hope to be." With that Roseibella left Meg standing in the hall way as she left to go to her dressing room.
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Meg ran to her room and threw herself on the bed, sobbing. How could her best friend do this to her? What had happened? This was all Erik's fault. If he had not come in and made Roseibella love him, than none of this would have happened. Raoul and Roseibella would still be together, or at least on terms where they would feel the urge to kill each other each time they caught each other's eye. Meg wouldn't be caught in this downward spiraling mess, loving Raoul, losing her best friend to a guy who wore a mask on his face for god knows what reason. Her world was cascading down around her. Would no one be there to pick up the pieces?
After she got dressed, Roseibella sat on her bed and re did her conversation with Meg. Should she have been that cruel. She didn't plan on yelling at her, or being harsh. "I didn't expect her to blow me off either." She thought. "Oh what am I going to do." She yelled out in frustration. "You could apologize and listen to Meg." Erik told her as he walked through the mirror. "You heard our conversation?" She asked confused. 'Yes, all of it actually." He said bluntly. "How?" Erik laughed at her confusion. "There are a lot of secret catacombs, my dear. I found the one I needed when I found you not in the chambers after my disappearance, so I went looking." "You are one strange phantom, Erik." Roseibella said with a sigh. "Indeed." He said laughing again. "Now, lets go talk to Meg."

They waited until most of the party goers had left, and made sure Meg hadn't been one of them, they hurried to her room. Before they entered, Roseibella turned toward Erik and whispered. "You better find a secret catacomb. I don't think Meg would feel happy about us together talking to her. Erik nodded and kissed her before disappearing into the shadows. Roseibella took a deep breath and knocked. "Meg?" She asked as she opened the door.
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Meg turned to see who had opened her door. When she saw that it was Roseibella, she turned away again. "Here to criticize me again? I get enough of that from my mother." she said bluntly. She hated being mean, but she wasn't feeling the love for her best friend very much either. "Meg, just hear me out," Roseibella pleaded. "Shut the door," Meg said by way of response. Roseibella did, and sat down on the bed. Meg waited to hear what her friend would say but doubted it would make her feel any better.
"Meg. Look, I'm sorry I was so mean to you earlier. I just didn't like the fact that you blew me off. I knew your mom wouldn't explain things clearly when telling you that I slept with Erik." She stopped to see if Meg would respond. When she didn't, Roseibella continued. "I was just so frustrated. I didn't like your mothers punishment. I hated your plan about how to keep Raoul happy. I just tried to keep it all in. I see now I let it out on the wrong person at the wrong time. Again, Meg. I'm sorry." Roseibella stood in Meg's room, in silence. "I'm not asking you to forgive me." She said trying to break the silence. When it didn't work, Roseibella felt tears coming, so she said, "Good bye, Meg." And left.
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Once Rosibella had left, Meg felt the tears flow as well. She hated being mad at Roseibella but didn't know what else to do. She decided to go downstairs. She liked to wander the stage and sing, though she wasn't very good. But this time she wasn't alone.
"You have a good voice." Some one said through the shadows that surrounded Meg. She suddenly stopped. Who had said that. "Uh, thanks, I think." She responded, a little fearful. Erik laughed as he came out of the shadows. "Don't be scared. I'm a friendly phantom." Meg's fear shattered. Now she had fixed feelings. Should she be happy, angry, still fearful. "Oh, go away." She said annoyed. "But, why?" Erik asked, now curious. "Because you have no buisness here." "I do actually. This is my opera house." Erik explained. "They only pone without buisness, is you, Meg. You should be sleeping." Now, Meg knew what emotion she was feeling. "Just leave me be!" Meg suddenly yelled. "Shhhhh, Meg, You'll wake the others." "I don't care! Just stop confusing Roseibella!" 'What do you mean, confusing her?" "If it were not for you, she'd be ok, our friend ship would be ok!" "I tell you this truthfully, Meg. All Roseibella did, and will do, is on her own terms. I haven't entranced her since the first time I lead her to my chambers." Meg looked even angrier. Erik smiled. "You don't want to know why I hide half my face either." Meg didn't know how to respond. Erik started to leave, thinking his messages had gotten through. "Oh, and by the way." He said turning to her again. 'Would your friendship be ok? Or would it be similar, or in it's own way, completely different then it was, or is right now, if she loved Raoul?" With that Erik disappeared into the shadows.

Meg ran after that. She ran all the way up to the roof top of the opera house. The same place where Roseibella ran after Joseph Buquet had been hung and feel onto the stage floor during the opening night of Il Muto.
Once she was up there, she leaned against the nearest statue. She was out of breath, and could hardly stand. Ballet had made her legs string, but she never attempted running before. Well at least not non stop with a long distance.
Once Meg had regained strength in her legs, and could regulary breath, she walked around the statues. She continued to ponder Erik's words. Could they have been true? They surely did sound it, but she didn't know for sure.
Suddenly Meg heard something strange. As she looked to see what it was, she bumbed into a cloaked figuar. "Oh." She exclaimed. Not knowing someone else was up here. The cloaked figuar pulled back it's hood, and hid whatever it had been carring. "Raoul!" Meg yelled, finding that it was him. "How nice it is to see you." 'It's nice to see you to, Meg. Why are you up here?" Meg looked at him, "I couldn't sleep. Why are you up here?"
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"I come up here often to think. It is pretty much my Opera House, since I fund most of it's performances and the like." Meg smiled. Erik had a competitor. "But I'm glad that you're here, Meg." Raoul said. "I wanted to ask you something." Meg sat down next to Raoul on the ground. "Yes?" she asked softly. Raoul took her hand and with the other held out a dazzling ring. "Meg Giry, would you marry me?" Meg was speechless for a moment, so Raoul contined to implore her. "Please, my dear, you are the only one who's made me happy since Roseibella left me. Please say yes, so you can make me happy forever." Meg, tears in her eyes nodded. Raoul slipped the ring onto her finger, wiped away her tears and then kissed her gently. Meg kissed him back. "I must go," she whispered. Raoul nodded. "I'll see you in the morning, Meg," he whispered. Meg nodded. She stood up and went to the door, blowing a kiss to Raoul before she disappeared behind it. She nearly killed herself skipping down stairs. She had to stop herself before she ran into Roseibella's room- they were mad at each other and besides, she was probably with her precious phantom anyway. She would see in the morning. And now, standing outside her friend's door, knowing that she could not go in, she felt so utterly alone, even in her recent happiness.
If Meg would have listened closely, Roseibella wasn't with her beloved. She was all alone, and crying.

Roseibella had only slept a little last night. She skipped breakfast, but was right on time for the Don Juan rehearsals. It would take them about a month to get it down pat, and another month to rehearse it all together. Not to mention stage crew had a lot on their hand with getting all the props together.

By dinner, Roseibella looked like she was going to faint, so she ran all she could to her dressing room. She collapsed on the bed, and fell fast asleep.
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Now meg was really worried about Roseibella. She hadn't been at breakfast, she looked as though she were ready to die throughout the rehearsals for the Don juan opera, and had disappeared before Meg could find her after dinner. Regardless if she was spending all her time with the phantom, Meg had to go see her. This was getting out of hand. So she walked silently to her friend's bedroom and knocked.
Roseibella was half asleep once Meg showed up. "Come in!" Roseibella yelled through sleepiness. "Hey, Rose." Meg said seeing her friend all alone. "Why weren't you at breakfast. You looked like you were going to die during rehearsal today. Is everything ok." Roseibella smiled and sat up. "I'm fine. I just couldn't sleep last night. I didn't feel hungry this mourning either." She explained. "What's that on your finger!?" Roseibella yelled, jumping in shock. Now she was wide awake, and terrified. "Oh." Meg said looking down at the engagement ring. "Raoul purposed to me last night. Isn't that wonderful?" Roseibella didn't think it was wonderful. "Aren't you taking your plan a little too far, Meg?" She asked, hopping this wasn't for real. "No, I don't think so." 'It was for real, damn.' Roseibella thought. "Then, yes, It is wonderful." Roseibella said, trying her best to smile. "Now tell me where you were and how he purposed." Meg told Roseibella everything she asked. Their friend ship may last after all.
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Meg was so glad to be on speaking terms with Rose again. But she couldn't help feeling that there was something about her engagement that Roseibella wasn't telling her . . .
It was finally time. Everyone was eager to have the Don Juan Opera over with; especially the managers, who where still getting letters stating that Erik still hasn't been paid.
Once everyone was in costume, the opera began:
First the chorus chosen sang first, then Carlotta and the chorus. It sounded haunting and horrifying. 'It even sounds........angry?' Roseibella though, backstage with Meg. Near the end of the opera, Meg got her cue and ballet on the stage. She looked wonderful, if it weren't a horrid back round. Once Piangi, or Don Juan and his advisor, or what ever Passarino was, came out and conjured a plan.

Once Don Juan (Piangi), exits, unknowing to everyone else, Erik swoops down upon him. So Erik, now playing Don Juan, enters with his cloak over his place.
"Master." Passarino says, not know Erik had taken Piangi's place.
"Passarino, go away, for the trap is set and waits for its prey!" Erik continued to play along. So Passarino goes away, and Don Juan (Erik) is left standing there, waiting for Aminta (Roseibella) to come out. So, thinking this is all an opera, Aminta steps on stage and does her thing.

"No thoughts within her head, but thoughts of joy1 No dreams within her head, but dreams of love!" She sits down with the basket she had in her hand and plays with one of the roses inside it. Don Juan starts singing,and advances up the stage. "You have come here in pursuit of your deepest urge, in pursuit of that wish, which till now has been silent" He puts a finger to his lips. "Silent . . " She looks back at him and realizes this isn't just an opera any more.
"I have brought you, that our passions may fuse and merge -
in your mind you've already succumbed to me dropped all defences completely succumbed to me -
Now you are here with me: no second thoughts, you've decided, decided . . ." He looks at her questioningly. "Past the point of no return-
no backward glances: the games we've played till now are at an end . . . Aminta gets up, still staring at him, and stands.
Past all thought of "if" or "when" -
"No use resisting: abandon thought, and let the dream descend . . . "
"What raging fire shall flood the soul? What rich desire unlocks its door? What sweet seduction lies before us . . .?" While he sings this, he puts one hand around her neck, and the other to her free hand. He walks backwards and unhinges a bracelet she is wearing.
Past the point of no return, the final threshold - what warm, unspoken secrets will we learn? Beyond the point of no return . . ."
Roseibella stands there. "So these are the weird lyrics I had to learn. I should have known." She thinks before starting to sing.
"You have brought me to that moment where words run dry, to that moment where speech disappears into silence, silence . . ."
"I have come here, hardly knowing the reason why . . ."
"In my mind, I've already imagined our bodies entwining defenceless and silent -
and now I am here with you: no second thoughts, I've decided,
decided . . ." She shacks her sleeves down.
"Past the point of no return - no going back now: our passion-play has now, at last, begun . . ." They start walking toward the stair case that is on the stage.
"Past all thought of right or wrong -
one final question: how long should we two wait, before we're one . . .?"
"When will the blood begin to race the sleeping bud burst into bloom? When will the flames, at last, consume us . . .?" Now they are at opposite ends of the bridge, and start advancing and singing together. "Past the point of no return the final threshold -
The bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn . . ."
"We've passed the point of no return . . ." Now Erik is standing behind Roseibella and has both her hands. Soon after they finish singing, he turns her around to face him and motions for her to take his mask off. She frees one hand, and takes it off. It was the most frightening thing the audience and opera members had ever seen that day. E
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Meg stood in the wings once her small part was over. Her mother stood near her, toying with her blonde hair. Meg watched silently as Roseibella and Piangi traded lyrics. But somehow Piangi's voice sounded very different. "The bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn . . . . . We've passed the point of no return . . . . ." At that exact moment, Meg knew why Piangi sounded so different. it wasn't Piangi- it was Erik! And then the mask came off and everyone was screaming. Meg whirled around as dancers and the cast raced around frantically behind stage, befuddled at how this could happen. meg steadied herself and kept her eye on Rosiebella and knew something drastic was going to happen. And then it did.
Without the chandelier falling, Erik and Roseibella fell through an opening that lead down into a secret catacomb. Roseibella caught glimpses of the managers, Raoul's and Meg's faces as they went through.

Soon after, Roseibella and Erik were laughing their heads off and reminding each other of the performance. They didn't want anyone to find the chamber, so they sealed off the mirror entrance with a large block of concrete, so no one would expect what was behind it. Then they raced back and fell on the bed, exhausted with the days work.
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Everyone was in a flutter to find out what had happened. Meg had a feeling she knew, and hurried to Roseibella's dressing room. She tried to pull back the mirror, but it was sealed. "Rose!" meg called. No answer. What was going on?
Roseibella woke up laughing three hours later. That plan was great and had gone perfectly. The only thing, is Roseibella need to talk to Meg, and quickly. Who knows what her mother did to/ asked her after the opera.
So Roseibella left a note for the sleeping Erik, and left to go find Meg. It was frustrating, but Roseibella got to the winding stair case and followed it up. But she didn't get up to far, for Raoul and Meg were on the stir case. "Oh, no." She thought and ran back as fast as she could to warn Erik.
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If Meg had ever felt uncomfortable with Raoul, this was the time. He had gone to Roseibella's room after the failed performance of Don Juan and found meg. "Where has that evil monster taken Roseibella?" he asked. Meg was speechless for a moment but then many things came to her mind. Why are you still so tied up with Roseibella even though you are engaged to me? Erik isn't a monster, he's actually quite a gentleman and his face isn't even half bad! But meg just shrugged her shoulders. "It's the mirror, isn't it?" Raoul asked. Meg was frozen with unknowingness as Raoul forced the mirror open and started down the long passageway. Meg then slapped herself for allowing it, and made herself go with him, just so things didn't get as out of hand as Meg hoped they wouldn't.
"Erik!" Roseibella yelled, once back inside the chamber. "Erik, we need to leave quickly!" Erik met her at the Organ. "Why? What's the matter, Rose? What's wrong?" Roseibella took deep breaths to calm herself, and then started to explain. "Raoul and Meg are on their way. I fear that Raoul may want another chance to try to kill you. I don't know if any others are following behind them." She sounded frantic and scared. Erik pulled her into a tight hug. "Ok, well leave as soon as I grab a few things."

It took Erik a good 10 minutes to get everything he wanted to keep. Unfortunately Raoul was closer, and would see them escape and follow. "Erik!" Roseibella shrieked. "We should have left by now!" "I'm sorry, Rose, but I need to deal with this guy." He had a bad look on his face, so Roseibella tried to stop him. "NO! Erik please!" Roseibella did all she could to stop him, but he was too consumed in wanting to kill Raoul.
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Raoul climbed in the boat and took Meg's hand, helping her in. she was still frightened and made an effort to plead with Raoul. "What are you going to do?" she whispered. However he said nothing. Raoul was impatient, so he waded to the gate, where it was opened. Erik was waiting for him on the land, Roseibella still pleading from the mirror he had sealed her behind, so as to keep her out of harm's way. The gate lowered back down and the two men eyed each other, each wanting to know who the victor would be. Who would die and who would live. As Meg reached the closed gate, she heard the stealthy clash of swords as they were pulled out of their scabbards. And raced to the gate and tried to open it but all she could do was cling to the metal bars and watch helplessly as the two men clashed steel in a battle to the death.
Each unsure blow from each man was too much for Roseibella. She couldn't bear to see either man die. "Oh I need to get out of here." She said looking around to see if there was anything heavy enough to break the glass. She saw nothing in the general area. She realized a few moments later, that it was a secret passage way. There must be something in it to break the glass. So she scowered the passage way, wanting to find something. The passage way lead her back stage, where she found a candle holder. "This should work." She said and raced back, hoping nothing new happened while she was gone.
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At this point, Meg was wondering where the hell Roseibella was. Each sharp blow made Meg gasp, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the fighting. Both men were now bleeding, Raoul from a long cut on his arm, and Erik from a gash in one leg. Them men still glared at each other. Meg was worried but could do nothing to stop the battle until someone opened the gate. And then the shattering of glass drew everyone's attention to where Roseibella stepped out from behind what had been a mirror. A fleeting glance of worry crossed over Erik's face, and Raoul seized the opportunity to keep attacking. Attention didn't stay on Roseibella for long.
(can i finish the battle-y thing? Please? I have a good line/scene thing I want to put in)
Fear struck Roseibella once she saw Raoul attack Erik again. "What a bum." She thought "Attacking someone when they aren't paying attention." She then started to look around, hoping she could find a shield or something for Erik. She found something suitable, but didn't give it to him. Her distracting Erik would make Raoul strike, again. So all she could do was sit by the waters edge and look down in dispare.
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After many more agonizing moments (For Roseibella and Meg, anyway) Erik hacked at rRaoul, making the vicomte loose his sword in the murky water they fought in. Erik's eyes held a triumphant look as her cornered Raoul. At that instant Meg knew what he planned to do. He was going to kill Raoul. She gripped the bars so tightly her knuckles turned white and screamed, "ERIK!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Erik, listen to her! This is no way to win battles!" Roseibella was now between him and Raoul in a flash. If Meg thought she loved Raoul, maybe she did. The thought sickened her, but she was willing to let Meg be happy. Erik tried to push Roseibella out of the way, but she stood ferm. "Move, Rose, He needs to die!" Erik yelled not wanting to miss his chance. "No, Erik, I'm staying right here." Roseibella told him sternly, not moving away. Erik continued to look at her. "I need-" "You need not kill any more." She said looking at Raoul. "Unless you want to loose the one you love the most." She said this to both men. Speechlessly Erik throw down his sword and walked furiously to the lever to open the gate. "Go now, or suffer the consequences!" Erik roared at Raoul as Meg ran to hug him. Roseibella found both swords and handed Raoul's to him. "Please, leave." She whispered. "I'll deal with my fiancée." Raoul nodded, and Meg hugged Roseibella before they left with the boat.
Once they left, all Roseibella needed to do way comfort and calm down Erik.
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Meg was trembling on the boat ride back to the tunnel behind the mirror. She cradled her head in her hands and was crying silently. Why was everyone against her and Raoul? And now she was on the fabled opera Ghost/Phantom's dislike list. and were things okay with her and Roseibella again? Oh, why was her world crumbling around her? She still had the fleeting thought that it was still Erik's fault for making everything so difficult, but she knew no one was to blame. Raoul rowed silently, still bleeding. The rowboat hit the concrete and Raoul set back the oars. "Meg, I'm sorry," he said quietly. Meg shook her head. She couldn't say anything to him right now. Or to Erik if he were to present himself, which was a highly unlikely situation. Raoul reached out to her, but Meg leaped out of the rowboat, crying freely now, and ran through the tunnel, back to her own room.
"Oh hold still, Erik." Roseibella was trying to clean and patch up Erik's wound. "I would, but it hurts." He replied. Roseibela looked at him questionaly and smirking. ""Thats why you don't fight with swords." She commented smartly paying attention to his wound again. "No, thats why I choke and hang people." He muttered. Roseibella heard this and slapped him instantly. A flush of anger came over them both. "I don't like your killings, They're immortal." Erik looked like he wanted to yell at and harm her, but he couldn't get himself to do it. "I'm sorry." He said and looked away from her. "Your forgiven." She said and started to patch up his wound.
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Meg sincerely wished Roseibella would get back up here so they could talk about what had happened and maybe come up with something to keep it from happening again. Where was she?
Roseibella knew she would be swarmed over if she went back. "It's best if you stay." Erik said hugging her from behind. "I know. I just hope Meg knows that." She looked upset. She had no idea where Meg was, or what she was doing. "Will you go visit her for me?" She asked, looking hopeful. "I'll do better. I'll lead you to her, as long as she's alone and in the Opera House." Roseibella smiled at his concern and kissed him before he lead her off.
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Meg sat in the small alcove, thinking. It was the room that Roseibella had gone to to light a candle for her father each night. it was beautiful, with a fair number of candles and that beautiful stained glass mural on the wall. She was still thinking when She heard footsteps behind her.
Roseibella and Erik stepped through the stain glass mural. "Hey, Meg." Roseibella said once fully out. Meg got up and hugged her friend. "I ran from Raoul once I was back in the main part of the opera house." Meg told her. "I was angry and confused and I didn't like him at that point and I don't know if feeling I once had for him will mend at all." Meg was chocking back tears. "I don't know if he left or not." As Meg wept in Roseibella's arms, Erik left to go check out the opera house. He came back ten minutes later saying Raoul had left, and everyone staying was fast asleep. So Roseibella led Meg to her room, where Meg fell asleep once she was tucked in. "We love you Meg. You'll be alright." Roseibella whispered to her friend.
As Erik and Roseibella walked back to their chamber, Erik asked her, "So, now that thats done......you think we could have some fun?" Rosiebella looked at him shocked, but giggled and they ran the rest of the way there.
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(Oh, EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW) The next morning, Meg awoke. At first she forgot what had happened, but then she remembered and groaned. TOday she had to see Raoul. And no doubt he would want to talk. Meg picked herself up and got ready for the grueling day ahead of her.
Roseibella woke up late. Like half the day late. Luckily there were no new operas to rehearse. other wise Roseibella didn't know if she would survive. She hugged Erik, who was sitting at his organ, and playing it softly. "I love you." She whispered. "I love you to." He whispered back. "So....when is the wedding?" Ma'am Giry said. coming up to them.
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Madame Giry called both girls into her office, which was unhappiness for Roseibella because she wanted to spend more time with Erik. The dance instructor sat back and stared at the two young ballerinas. "When are your weddings?"
""Erik and I haven't really talked about it, but mostly in about a week to a few days." Roseibella said. "And you, daughter?" Ma'am Giry looked at Meg. "I haven't been able to talk to Raoul about it yet." She looked away from her mother. I see. "Where will your wedding take place, dear?" She was asking Roseibella. "Most likely the stage of the opera house. After everyone is gone." Ma'am Giry nodded. "It will be arranged. "You need to talk to Raoul, Meg." She added and sent the two away.
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Meg was confused. Suddenly her mom was wedding planner mom? how did that work?She told roseibella so, but her friend didn't have time to answer, as Raoul came up to them. Roseibella decided to make herself scare. "Raoul, we need to talk. About the wedding."
"I better go talk to Erik." Roseibella said. "I'll leave you two alone." Meg knew she was only going to escape Raoul's presence and whatever conversation would follow. Roseibella raced down the winding stair case, to find Erik playing his organ and box's of his things. "Are you alright?" She asked hugging his comfortingly. "Yeah." "Why are your things in boxes?" "I want to leave this place." He said turning to her. "Once and for all."
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So, Meg and Raoul went down to the nearby river. They soon agreed on a quiet, simple ceremony at the nearest church.
Roseibella talked Erik into moving to England, but after the wedding at the opera house. "It'll be late at night, and the only ones to be there will be Meg, Raoul, Ma'am Giry, and some priest that will be paid to keep their mouth shut." Erik replayed her words in his head as they continued to pack everything. He planned on keeping his playing monkey out until last. They didn't plan on bring the swan bed with them, too heavy and too much work for traveling as far as they will be. Once it was all done, the stacked boxes where near the organ, that Erik hated to part with, so they were going to get help to move that. "Out of everything you are keeping, Erik." Roseibella reminded. "You will be taking your organ." He smiled and hugged her. "I love you." He said. "I love you to."
So Roseibella went to Ma'am Giry and asked if she could help them move his organ. She obliged and got Meg and Raoul to help them also. "We'll move it after the wedding, dear." Ma'am Giry told her. "Thank you." She walked away to tell Erik the news.
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As meg and Raoul went through the tunnel to help Roseibella and Erik move the organ, meg started conversation. "Now Raoul, if you attempt anything like you did the other day, trying to kill Erik or harm any of us, I swear I will not marry you. I cannot forsake my friend or her happiness for my love. Got it?" Raoul nodded, but his thoughts seemed elsewhere. Meg sighed. She had a very bad premonition about this. Something horrible was going to happen. (Why are your characters always moving away and leaving mine alone?)
(They are? I hadn't noticed) Roseibella smiled as she saw Raoul and Meg come through a tunnel to help her and Erik. She hugged Meg tightly. "Thank you for helping." She said and guided the to the organ. "Ma'am Giry found a safe place to hide it until we leave." Roseibella explained. "So lets lift it and get it through that." She pointed to a mirror opening. "That opening." She went to the left side of the opening where unfortunatly, Raoul was standing, and Meg took a place on the right, where Erik was standing. "Ok, 1, 2 3." They all gasped at the weight of the organ. "I- never-want-to know- how- you- got- this thing- down- here- the first-time........Erik." Roseibella told him through gasps as they went through the mirror tunnel to Ma'am Giry.
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(Yeah, Roseibella and Allina and Adelina's probably gonna move soemwhere with laurie while Aceline and Erik stay soemwhere. nothing to add, want to do soemthing drastic with raoul)
(Well, i had to do something, we al ready planned on having erik and roseibella leave. Allina and her erik wanted the small twon life, lol. i'll promise that Adalina won't go anywhere. it'll be talked about, but she'll talk Laurie out of it. I realized something to day while ion face book flair. Ben Barnes looks like the guy who played Laurie in little women.)

Everyone felt uncomfortable while in the tunnel. They walked in dead silents, not knowing what to say. Erik looked pleased to have his organ stay with him; fond memories possibly. Raoul looked uncomfortable and angry. "Hope nothing serious." Roseibella though as she noticed Raoul's expression. And Meg. Meg looked as if she had mixed feeling. She was happy to hep Erik, excited about the wedding, as was Rosibella, but thats not the point. And scared that something drastic might happen. Little did she know, something was.
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(Oh nice. Oh sure, leave the drastic part to me. have u seen austin powers? i just saw that last night. it's hilarious)
Once they were through the tunnel, Meg hugged Roseibella, since she and Raoul would most likely leave soon, and Madame Giry had left before them. But as they were exchanging goodbyes, they didn't notice as Raoul inconspicuously knocked over a candle. Erik's many beautiful curtains burned quickly, until there was a ring of fire. Meg did not know what to do. She ran for the tunnel that connected to Roseibella's dressing room, pulling her friend with her. A look back told her that Raoul and Erik were now circling each other dangerously, swords out, oblivious of the fire. As Roseibella screamed for Erik over the sound of the fire, Meg pulled her through the tunnel and closed it quickly. Roseibella was in tears now. "Come on, we've got to go get my mother!" she hissed. Meg looked at her friend. "Roseibella, my husband is down there and in danger as well. Do you think I don't car? Now come, on we have to go get help."
(yeah, i have seen a few austin powers movies. your said you wanted to do something drastic with Raoul, don't blame me!)

"I hate him!" Roseibella screamed as they approached Ma'am Giry's room. "Out of everything, this has to be the worst!" She was still fear full of Erik and the fire in the opera house, but she was also angry. As soon as they reached Ma'am Giry's room, the door was open and she was reading a book. "Mother!" Meg yelled. Ma'am Giry looked up at the girls. "What is it dear?" "Raoul set curtains on fire, and Erik and Raoul are fighting in it with swords- again!" Ma'am Giry swore quickly in French and followed the girls. As soon as they reached the guys, Raoul's shirt was gone and there was a large cut in his right arm. Erik looked unharmed from the back, but soon revealed a gash in his chest. "My God!" Roseibella screamed, seeing the sight of them. "What animals." Ma'am Giry whispered. "Raoul stop this now! Your being insane!" Meg yelled at his, then remembering her warning. Before anything else, Ma'am Giry yelled for them all to exit the building. The fire was growing and would engulf the whole opera house soon. Roseibella leaped through the fire at tugged at Erik's arm. "Please!" She yelled so he could hear her. "Please, lets just leave!" He paused for a moment to look at her face. In seeing her sadness, Erik through down his sword and followed her to the dressing room, with Ma'am Giry already there, and Meg following shortly behind with Raoul.
Once they were outside the opera house, all the dormitory girls and crew members where safely outside, along with Meg, Roseibella and their guys. Roseibella was tending to Erik's gash the best she could, yelling at him also. "Meg looked re leaved to be out side. Then Raoul hugged her. "Get off me!" She screamed. "What?" Raoul sounded confused. "I warned you. I told you if you tried to kill Erik again, that I wouldn't marry you!" With that Meg took off her ring and through it violently at the engulfed opera house. She came back and hugged Roseibella, leaving Raoul standing all alone.
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(I just saw the first austin powers and it was hilarious!!! Oh, sure, ruin my romance)
Tears pooled at Meg's eyes and she left Roseibella to go cry. her home was gone, her love was gone. Well, she still loved him, but how could she marry him when he had been such an insolent cow? How could she love him when he had done the very thing she told him not to? How could she love him when he had betrayed her best friend, almost killing her lover? How could she love him when he betrayed her trust?
(hey, you wrote the threat, i only continued it)

Roseibella let Meg go. She knew that Meg would want time alone. She looked at Erik, who looked depressed. "I'll get you a new organ, Erik." She told him, thinking that was the problem. He only laughed. "I don't care about the organ. I'm sorry I let Raoul, silly stupid Raoul, get the better of me." He hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry."

As they stood there, it dawned on Roseibella that Ma'am Giry and Meg didn't have a home. "Well, that is it then." She heard Ma'am Giry say. "It is back to Limoge." Roseibella heard her and suddenly became angry. "No!." She said loudly. "You won't." She came to Ma'am Giry with a serious look. "You will live with Erik and I until you can a ford a home and are able to get a job." They started at eah other, then Ma'am Giry hugged Roseibella. "You are a sweet girl, Roseibella."
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Meg was happy that they would not be moving back to Limoge, and they they would be living with Erik and Roseibella. But she still harbored feelings for Raoul, though she didn't show it. As far as anyone could see, it was over- he had blown his chances.
Since all their stuff was in the opera house, they walked away not knowing what to do. Thanks fully, Roseibella and Erik had the money they had been saving, and where able to rent a place to stay. "We'll need to find new jobs, because I don't think they will rebuild the opera house." Erik said, disgusted. "It'll be alright." Roseibella resured the best she could while holding him. "It's late." Ma'am Giry said at last. "Lets get some rest." They ll agreed and tried to fall asleep.
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It was late. Eveyone was asleep- Roseibella in Erik's arms and her mother curled on the floor in a corner- everyone but Meg. She couldn't sleep. There was too much going on. The Opera House was gone- her ballet was of no use now. And now Raoul, the only person she had ever dared to love, had dug his own grave. Oh, if only Meg could pull him out, without getting pushed in herself. What would Roseibella say if she knew Meg still loved Raoul with all of her heart? Meg had an idea. Roseibella couldn't say anything f she didn't know. Meg stood and crept quietly outside into the gloomy darkness.
The next morning, Roseibella was the last to awake. Erik was sitting around not knowing what to do, Ma'am Giry was sadly looking out the window. "What is going on?" Roseibella asked. "Meg is gone and I couldn't find her anywhere." Erik told her gloomly. "Oh no." Roseibella said no believeing the news. She sat down on the bed, not knowing what else to do. "Where could she have gone?"
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Meg didn't know where to go. She wanted Raoul, but her guilty conscious to Roseibella would kill her. And she didn't want to go back. She found herself walking by the river in the mist and rain of mid morning. The water was dark and murky and Meg had never learned how to swim correctly. Suddenly she was falling, and then she hit the water and sank under, arms flailing a desperate attempt to save herself. And then she felt strong hands pulling her to the surface before everything faded to blackness.
Roseibella and Erik went out together to find Meg. They checked all the street, ally ways and the opera house ruins. The last place they checked was the river. s they were walking they saw a man fishing a unconcious girl out of the water. "Meg!" Roseibella saw the familiar close and her face. So she and Erik ran to the man to thank him, then abroptly stopped. The man who pulled Meg out of the water was non other than Raoul.
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Raoul ignored Roseibella and Erik, though he knew they were there, in front of him. He did the Himelich maneuver on Meg and she sat up, spitting out water and gasping for breath. She glanced around, dazed and light headed from almost drowning. she noticed first Roseibella and Erik, but then remembered the man who had fished her out. She looked up into the face of . . . Raoul. Her eyes widened and she glanced back at Roseibella and Erik to see what was going to happen.
Thank you Raoul, for saving Meg's life, now her and we must really be going." Roseibella tried to stay civil. She helped Meg to her feet. "Come on lets go." She took Meg's hand, but Meg wouldn't leave. "No, Rose. I love Raoul still, no matter what he did. I want to stay with him." Roseibella looked at Meg shocked. Meg had a serious expression. "I am staying with Raoul." So Roseibella and Erik lefted empty handed. "It is alright, Rose." Erik tried to essure her. "Meg has made up her mind." "Yes Erik, and so have I. Meg is blinded, just like I was once. While Raoul is still alive she'll be with him-" Roseibella stopped talking. "What are you saying?" Erik asked her. Once they were at the building they were staying at, Roseibella turned to Erik and said, "Raoul needs to die."
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Meg couldn't believe she'd actually said that to Roseibella and Erik. She felt horrible. Sort of. Raoul put a strong arm around her shivering body and walked her back home. To his home.
Roseibella sat in a plotting silence. They needed a way to kill Raoul with out Meg thinking they did it. She didn't want Erik to kill him my hanging, strangulation or suffication. Meg would find out too easily who. "We need a clean way to kill him to where Meg doesn't know it was us." Roseibella told Erik as he sat next to her. "I could always strangle him and make it look like he suffication from a glass leak pr something." He said this from the top of his head. "Thats perfect!" Roseibella exclaimed. "We, or you just need a way to get to him and plant harmless, but harmful looking gas." Once she was done they continued to think in silents.
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It was a few weeks after Meg and Raoul had been married. She sent word to Roseibella and Erik to come over for dinner one night. Her mother had taken up residence in England with one of the Opera Managers that she seemed to fancy. Meg's newfound pregnancy was just barely starting to show. She hoped that Roseibella would accept her offer.
In the weeks that followed Meg's departure, Roseibella and Erik where married and her pregnancy was also slightly showing. They lived in a large house in Shropshire, England. It is south west of London. Erik had a new organ, like Roseibella promised, and he wrote tons of songs, and a few operas that he hopes in time to have published. Roseibella found a comfortable job as a ballet/ opera singer in a opera house near by. Roseibella got her letter a week after Meg sent it. She noticed the time frame and got ready to leave in a forth night. The dinner night would give them an excelent time to have Erik kill Raoul.
With in a forth night, Roseibella and Erik showed up with a meloncoly attitude. They still were not happy about Meg and Raoul's marriage, but they were willing to be civil about it. The plan was whenever Erik had a moment alone with Raoul, to strike while Roseibella kept Meg company.
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Raoul opened the door when Roseibella and Erik entered. He led them to the parlor, where Meg sat, waiting. She jumped up to hug her best friend, and then saw the reaction on Rosiebella's face as Raoul talked quietly to Erik. "What?" Meg asked. "Meg- you're pregnant? With his child?" her friend hissed. Meg nodded, looking a tad crestfallen. "Well, you're pregnant as well," she matched. "Yes, but-" Roseibella started. "Well, shall we go have supper?" Raoul asked.
When supper was over, Erik and Rosiebella exchanged an unseen glance. "Well, Erik, would you like to see my violin cloth collection?" Erik nodded and Roseibella knew now was the time to distract Meg while Erik went in for the kill.
"Violin cloth collection?" Roseibella was trying to strike up a conversation. "Yes, apparently he has a fancy with violin cloths. Roseibella nodded. " Now that I think about it, father always did have one cloth missing." Meg and Roseibella burst out into laughter.
Soon it got too late, and Meg and Roseibella where forced to retire. "Where do you think the men went?" Meg asked. "I have not the slightest clue. Maybe they are out for the night becoming friends." Meg smiled at the idea. "That would be nice." They fell asleep a few minutes after.
Very early in the morning Meg and Roseibella we're woken up by a man in a dark blue uniform. " You have to get out of this house quickly." He said once they were up. "There has been a gas leak and it's very poisonous." Meg and Roseibella looked at each other in fear. They were escorted out of the house, where Erik was standing- alone. "Oh my goodness, your alright." Roseibella exclaimed. "Where is Raoul?" Meg asked franticly?" "He ran in to try and find you." Erik said simply. "I could not stop him." Meg looked at him in horror. "We can only hope that he will be alright." Roseibella told her. Soon after a different uniformed man came up to them. "It will take a day or two to get the gas out. In the meantime, you will have to find a place to stay. "We will have to retire to a local cabin or something." Roseibella said. Meg agreed, still in shock, and Roseibella and Erik led her away from the house.
A few days went by before they got word of Raoul's death. The same uniformed man to escorted them out of the house told them he and a few others found him in a vacant room. By the looks of his death they said he sufficated by the gas that spread. At these words Meg burst into hysteric tears. She couldn't believe this had actually happened. Roseibella tried to resure her the best she could and held her, but nothing was working. They all knew she'd need a few days, maybe weeks to get over Raoul.
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Meg had nothing. She had nowhere to go- she couldn't live in that house. And she would feel like a third wheel in Roseibella and Erik's. And Raoul was dead. How could this have happened? Why did this have to happen? And what of her baby? It needed a father, and besides, Meg wasn't sure she could carry on anymore. With a heavy heart she turned to Roseibella to help her.
"What do you mean you can't live any more!?" Roseibella shrieked. "You are fine right where you are." She looked at Meg with pleading serious eyes. "Just because Raoul is dead, doesn't mean you have to be as well. "e will find you a home where ever you want to live. You have a baby to take care of. I grew up with out a mother, how will growing up with out a father be any different?!" Roseibella kept explaining to Meg well into the night. Meg still had doubts, but she would listen to Roseibella and carry on with life.
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Meg, however, had not said that she would live easily. As the months passed and her baby grew, she wasn't getting as fat as she should have been. She wasn't eating well, or sleeping well, and she sat beside the window all day, staring at the outside world. Roseibella and Erik didn't know what to do.
Unlike Meg's, Roseibella's baby seemed to be healthy. They were all excited to learn it would be due in about a month. They continued to help Meg, who had a house, with Erik's help, not far from their own. Roseibella tried to get Meg to date again, or at least think about it, but she wouldn't, couldn't while pregnant. Roseibella was really worried about her.
"You know your baby may not survive with you rarely eating." Roseibella told her one night while handing her a bowl of salad. " "I know that, but I'm so depressed, and to saddened to eat." Roseibella sealed her lips tightly, then told her, "You need to eat. At least let your baby live." Meg rolled her eyes, but graciously took the salad and ate.
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Meg's baby came early. Two weeks early than Roseibella's and four before her own due date. Luckily Roseibella was there, or else Meg and her baby might have both died without any help. The baby was born, crying as it came out into the world. Meg was silent and breathing hard and Roseibella knew her best friend was dying. She bit her lip and took Meg's hand. "Meg, I have a confession to make."
Meg looked at her through tears and low strength. "Raoul's death was no accident." Meg looked at her with wide eyes and was able to get out. "O-of course it was. T-there was a random ga- gas leak." Roseibella felt tears in her eyes. "No it wasn't Meg." She started to cry once she told her; "Erik and I had planned to kill him. When we got your letter, it was a great chance to grab." Meg looked at her confused. "I'm so sorry Meg, I had Erik kill Raoul, and fake a random gas leak so no one would suspect that he was murdered." Roseibella couldn't say any more. She was racked with guilt, and could bare to look at Meg's face. She felt a weak hand on her shoulder. "Rose." She heard in a whisper. Roseibella looked up at her dying friend. "You---are----forgiven." With that Meg closed her eyes and drifted away. The hand slipped from Roseibella's shoulder, which made Roseibella put down her head and sob even harder than before.
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Roseibella sobbed next to her dead friend's body and Erik sat beside her, hugging her until she stopped. "I told her," she whispered through her tears. Erik nodded. "I know." He looked to the small child sleeping soundly on the chair beside them. "What shall we do about Meg's child? We could send her to Madame Giry," he said. Roseibella shook her head. "No, we'll keep her. She will be our child." She looked at Erik with eyes filled with sorrowful pain that he almost couldn't bear to look into them. "don't ask me to give up what little of her I have left," she whispered. Erik held her tighter. "I won't."
Roseibella sat near the fireplace nursing the new born baby boy as Erik wrote a letter to Ma'am Giry about Meg's death and their plan on keeping her child. Roseibella replayed all the fond memories of her and Meg and hoe she wished they would never end. Now they had, and all that is left was a child who needed help and protection. "I promise you Meg, Your child will become a great man."
Despite the first weight of the boy, Roseibella was able to get him to a healthy point. He was not ten pounds and a good length for a three week year old. Just last week Roseibella had her baby. They were twins. They were a boy and girl, the girl came out first. She was writing letters to the new friend she made at the opera house in London that she now worked in. Erik was also working there as a manager and published opera writer. He was now working on the babies room while Roseibella sat by the fire place reading to her new borns.
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(Ten years later)
Erik and Roseibella spent many years at the Opera Company. It was soon in jeopardy of being sold and torn down, so they bought the place and are now the managers. Erik helps with props and scenery and , of course, still writes operas. Roseibella teaches ballet and occasionally singing to promising girls. The memory of Meg Giry lives on through her son, who was raised by Roseibella and Erik along with their children.
One night after a very successful opera and a gala much like one that happened so long ago, Henry, Meg's son, went up to Roseibella."Mother, why am I different from my siblings?" he asked quietly. For the first time Roseibella looked at her foster son with tears in her eyes. She hugged him tightly. "One day you shall know," she whispered. "I promise you."
Once Henry turned eighteen, he was old enough to know the truth. Roseibella led him to the family room late on his eighteenth birthday. "Henry." She started. "I told you when you were ten that one day you would find out about why you were different from Melody and Fiyro." Roseibella could feel the tears in her eyes, and took a deep breath before continuing. Through this Henry kept nodding. "I'll make this simple. You are not my son. I adopted you when your mother, Meg Giry, died." A blank expression crossed over him. "Listen to me." She ordered making sure he stayed put. "Your father and mother were none other that Raoul de Changy and Meg Giry de Changy." Roseibella stopped to let Henry take in her words. He kept shaking his head in disbelief. "How did my father die?" He asked. Roseibella answered him with, "Your father died of suffocation before you were even born. Your mother died shortly after you were." Henry's eyes filled with tears. "Was there ever a Will?" Roseibella looked at him concerned. "I have no idea. No one came to us stating there was." Henry hugged his step mother for a while before saying, then I must find out if there is one. the de Changy name will not live on if I stay hidden." With determination, Henry packed his things and headed out into the night.
For fourteen years Henry's life, he had been searching for any reminence of the de Changy name. He found none in England and have not the slightest clue on where else to look. His father had long been gone and his siblings where now married, except for Melody, who was now 22, same as him and taking care of their mother who no longer could fend for herself. Since he was at a dead end, he'd have to go to her.
There was a knock on the door of the Daae residence. Melody Daae left her mothers side to see who it was. As it turned out Henry went back home. "Brother dear!" Melody yelled in glee, embracing her brother. "Where have you been these past fourteen years? Your letters where quite short and non explaining." She let go of him so he could speak." "You better sit down, sister,my news is too long to be told standing." Melody nodded an lead Henry to the sofa. "I have been looking for any reminence of the de Changy name. Mother told me at eighteen that they were by birth parents." He paused seeing his sister was not confused, but understanding everything. "I have found nothing in England what so ever. I have no idea where else to look." Melody looked at her brother in care. "You should try Paris France. Mother told me all about it. Her and Meg Giry, your mother, where the best of friends. I would come with, but mother needs attending to now more than ever. Would you like to see her?" Henry shook his head. "Very well. Oh, there is something you may want to help you." Melody remembered and went out of the room for a few minutes to come back with a leather bound journal. "This is mother's journal. Once you left she wrote about everything from once she was at the opera, to once you left as a man."Melody handed it to him. "This should do you some good.
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Back in Paris, the de Chagny name was still carried. Though Raoul had died, his sister had married. She and her husband had died as well, leaving behind a daughter. Charlotte de Chagny loved spending her time reading in the attic. One day she accidently bumped a box and it tumbled over. hs epicked up a black leather journal. "What's this? My uncle Raoul's journal? 'Le Fantome?'" she sat down to read.
It took Henry a month to get to Paris, France. It was not hard, though, to find the destroyed Opera House. There was an auction going on as he approached. He had money with him, so he decided to go see what he could find. Once he was in the remains of the Opera House, a very stout man was standing at a podium calling out numbers while a tall, fit man held up the items. "Lot 665, ladies and gentlemen. A figure of a monkey found in the volts of the theatre. The bidding will start with ten franks." A very pretty girl of about twenty raised her hand. "I see ten franks, any one for fifteen." Henry raised his hand. The monkey seemed valuable, and exactly like the picture in his mothers journal. "Fifteen franks, anyone for twenty?" The young women raised her hand. "Twenty. Twenty five?" Henry raised his hand. Twenty five. Thirty?" The announcer looked at the young women. She shook her head. "Very well, Twenty five franks it is, to?" The announcer stumbled. "Sir Henry De Chagny, sir." "Very well, twenty five franks from Sir De Chagny." Henry payed the man and took the monkey. "I hope you still play." He said to it as he walked away; but only to be stopped by the young women. "Sir!" She cried out. He stopped and let her approach. "Sir, did you say you were of the de Changy descendants?" Henry looked over the women. "Yes, madame, I did." The young women smiled brightly.
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This had to be the one! It had to be her cousin! "Henry de Chagny? Was, by any chance the Vicomte Raoul de Chagny your father?" Henry nodded. "And the bellet dancer Meg Giry your mother?" henry nodded. "I am the daughter of Vicomte Wilson, Raoul's brother in law. Raoul's sister is my mother," she said. henry smiled. "So you must be my cousin," he said. She nodded. He kissed her hand. "and may I ask your name?" he asked. Charlotte blushed a bit. Lady Charlotte de Chagny," she told him.
Charlotte kindly and excitedly lead Henry to the de Chagny house. Once he was given a room, they settled for a light dinner, for it was about seven at night. "Was there ever a will?" Henry asked. Charlotte looked at him wide eyed. "I have never heard of one. But there may be one." She told him. "I found my uncle, your father's journal in the attic. Possibly his will is there as well." Henry was about to go look when Charlotte stopped him. "Please, dear." She motioned for him to stop and sit. "We will look tomorrow." She smiled at him. "I promise."
Back in London, Rosealina Daae had finally died. Melody was stricken with sadness. She sent word to Fiyro, but had no way to send word to Henry. She sent a second letter to Fiyro telling him she would be in Paris France for a while so she could tell Henry the news. She packed and set off a day later.
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The next day Henry went for a walk after breakfast to clear his head. He passed the train depot. He caught sight of a familiar face. "Melody!" he called. The girl rushed to him with a smile but buried her face in his chest and started to cry. "Melody, what's wrong?" he asked. "Oh Henry, mother's dead!" she sobbed. "Where is Fiyro?" henry asked, leading her back to the de Chagny house. "Off with his family. I told him I would be coming here to see you."
After introductions and being settled in, Melody explained everything. "She went peacefully, but it was still scary and heartbreaking." Henry looked at her with concern. "How did she go that frightened you?" Melody looked at her brother. "She died in her sleep. I was going in to help feed and bath her, you know, and I became frightened when she wouldn't wake up. I called the medial facility and they came over and confirmed that she had died. I sent out word to Fiyro an hour later. I decided to come to you, because I had no address to send a letter to." Henry nodded after Melody's explanation. "How long do you wish to stay?" He asked her. "I only meant to stay a few days. But I don't know how much longer I can live as a spinster now that mother is dead." Melody felt tear forming in her eyes. Henry swept his sister into a hug. "I'll take care of you. I will have Fiyro help as well. Does he not own the property now?" Melody tightly hugged him. "He does. But he is thinking of selling it, in hope I find a husband." She looked at him. "I just cannot get along with any men in England long enough to form such a relationship." Tears where coming into her eyes. Her problems seemed to form more around and away from the death of their mother.
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"Well, Mel, if you can't find a good english guy, why not a good french guy? I know our-your- father taught us all french, didn't he?" Melody nodded. "Go take a walk around. It'll do you good and maybe you can find someone to hang around with." henry winked. Melody smiled slightly. "And I can introduce you to the rest of the de Chagny family and my friends if you wish," Charlotte added. Melody smiled. "Okay. Henry, give me my coat."
'This is ridiculous.' Melody thought as she walked the streets of Paris. She had no clue on how this was going to work. She has not used french for as long as she could remember. 'I wish I had help.' She continued to think.
She soon came near a book store. She smiled. "I will most likely not be able to buy anything, but I could see what they have." She loved to read.
Once inside the store, she browsed through the non-fiction section when she came upon a book about gypsies and the famous 'Devils Child'. She skimmed through the book and found information about a little boy with half a messed up face and how he killed his father after a performance. Lets just say, the book half half true, but also filled with lies about the boy. The thing that disgusted Melody the most was how they described the child. She checked the back of the book to find the author, one name was given, Sir William Marquet. "Well I never!" She whispered fiercely. She checked her change purse for money and had enough to buy the book. She did and set back off to Henry.
Once she was back, she found Henry reading in the parlour. "You will never guess what I found in the book shop earlier today!" She called. He closed their mothers journal and turned to her. "What, Mel?" She sat in a chair next to him and handed him the book. "This." She said harshly. He took the book, but also tried to calm her down. "What about it?" He asked. She looked at him surprised. "Read it!" She yelled. He did.
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"Mel- you don't think . . . could this be our, well, your, dad?" Henry asked softly. melody nodded, tears pulling at her eyes.
Melody satin Henry's arms and cried. She could not believe it. "Mom never knew about his childhood, so she couldn't tell me anything." She kept whispering. "I want to find out who wrote this book." She told him after calming down. "I want to know how much in the book is true and what was made up." Henry looked at her with care. "Are you sure?" He asked. "We don't even have any information on this guy." Melody shook her head and looked at the back of the book and told him, "His name is William Marquet and he lives here in Paris." She looked at him sadly. "He cannot be that hard to find."
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Henry then asked charlotte if he knew William Marquet. Charlotte gasped. "Oh, he's one of the de Chagny family's oldest friends! let me get you his address. Why?" henry followed her. "He wrote a book about my adoptive father, Melody's dad. It was pretty uncool." Charlotte nodded and wrote down the address. "Tell him you are the Vicomte Raoul de Chagny's son. He will let you see him then, and possibly the girl, if you tell him she is your sister." Henry nodded and thanked her. Charlotte kissed him softly on the cheek. "be careful. and good luck." henry did not know if melody saw the kiss, but he took her arm and they left for the home of William Marquet.
They rented a carriage and it took them to the Marquet residence. As they were walking up the path to the front door, Henry told Melody, "Now I know he wrote about your father, but please act civil." Melody heard him and nodded quickly. "I will try." Since that was all he was going to get out of her, Henry nodded and knocked on the door.
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The door was opened by a stiff man. "Can I help you?" he asked. "We are here to see Monsieur Marquet. I am the son of the Vicomte raoul de Chagny, and my sister." The man nodded let them in.
The man lead them into the parlor. "He will be with you in a moment." And he walked
A few minutes later a tall, strongly built man, close to his forties came into the room. "Hello. I am Monsieur William Marquet." He looked at Henry and them lingering at Melody. "I hear you are here on accounts of a book I wrote."
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Henry stood and bowed, and Melody did the same. "I am the son of the Viscomte Raoul de Chagny, and my sister asked me to escort her here so that she might speak to you about your book." Henry said. William nodded and sat. Henry continued. "A book about a gypsy boy, turned into a Phantom." He nodded at Melody for her to speak.
"I would like to know when and where you got the information to right such a book, and how much of it you either think or know is true." She tried to keep her voice contained as she sat next to Henry. William only smiled. "I can assure you every thing there." He pointed to the book. "Is true." Melody stood up in quick anger and with slight edge to her voice said, " I can assure you, good sir, that most of everything you put in there is false!" William's smiled faded, but not into fear or embarrassment. No, he looked offended, yet proud. Henry Took Melody's hand and motioned her to sit again. She would not. She came a few steps closer to William with rage in her eyes. "Tell me where you got this information!" William smirked at her and stood up. "I do not take orders from women." Melody's anger started to boil. "I would not be demanding suck things if I knew such thing were true!" She stared at his smirking face and felt so strongly to slap it off. "My father!" She started. "My father is the one you wrote about!" William's smirk started to fade. "I know what is true and what is not, sir! How and when did you come up with these lies!" William raised his hand and motioned quick as if he were going to slap her. "You let your sister in here and demand suck information from me Monsieur de Chagny?" Henry stood up and took Melody's right arm. "I came here as a chaperone, nothing else." Henry turned to Melody. "We are leaving." He turned her and walked her back to the carriage. Back inside though, William felt strange. He had been recently looking for a wife, since his last one past away and left him with no children. "I think I have found my match." He told himself and went back into the library.
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Henry comforted Melody as she cried on the way back to Charlotte's house. "Melody, it's alright,' he told her. "No, it's not, Henry," she sobbed. "He wrote such horrible things about our father, and now I cannot even ask what is true and what is lie?" henry put his arm around her. "Melody, it is in the past. If we cannot correct this, we just have to know it in our hearts and keep your father's memory the way we knew it." Melody stared at him. "Don't start preaching to me, Mr. High and Mighty de Chagny. I think that since you've come here to Paris you've changed. You are not the brother I grew up with." she waited for a slow point in their ride and jumped out. "Melody!" Henry called. But she didn't stop or look back.
Melody went from France they way she had come. In about several hours she was home again. She checked for any letters, and sure enough Fiyro had sent one. His letter contained how sad he was and on dates with any visit options. He asked how Henry was and what she did in France. Contained in the letter was a few hundred dollars to help her keep the house. AT the end of the letter he strongly suggested she marry a good man.
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Charlotte saw how tense Henry was when he came back alone. "Where has your sister gone?" she asked. "She left." Was simply all that he said. Charlotte hurried to fix him a strong drink and watched as he drank it. "What happened when you were over at Monsieur Marquet's home?" she asked. "Nothing I wish to talk about," Henry said darkly. "Oh come now," Charlotte purred, leaning down over him to give him a kiss. "What has you in such a foul mood?" she asked. "Everything," Henry whispered. They kissed again, long and passionate.
Melody sat alone in the family room where her mother once sat long ago. She listened to the crackle of the fire as she stared out into the night sky. "This is ridiculous." She told herself again. "Why do I feel this way?" She no longer had the book about her father. She dropped it at William Marquet's house. He was a stubborn man with an disagreeable state about him. She hated the man, and hated Henry at the moment. He didn't understand how she felt. She wanted her old brother back. The one she loved.
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The next morning, Henry awoke on the parlor floor. His shirt was gone, chest muscles barred. Charlotte was still sleeping soundly, her head on his abdomen, her dark hair framing her face and rippling across him. A plain white sheet covered them both. henry sighed and went back to sleep, stroking Charlotte's hair.
Melody awoke to the sound of birds though an open window. She was still sitting in the chair in the family room. When she got up she felt completely stiff. So she stretched a bit and made herself breakfast.
It was lonely being in a big house all by yourself. Melody cleaned all that needed to be cleaned, and responded to her brothers letter. She asked Fiyro to come and go as much as he could and or wanted to. Everything was completely different. She wished they could have stayed they way they were when mom and dad were still alive and Henry had not changed. Tear pricked her eyes as she sat in what once was Henry's bedroom.
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Charlotte stirring against his chest awoke Henry the second time. "Good morning. It's about time you were up," Henry whispered. "Mmm," Charlotte murmured, snuggling back into his chest and pulling the sheet over her. Henry held her in his arms, bring her head to rest under his chin and bringing them closer together. Charlotte smiled, her eyes still closed in sleepiness. henry held her closer.
Melody roamed the streets of Shropshire. She bought a few more books when a tall haughting man came to her. "I see you still trust the non-fiction section." He told her mockingly. "Just because I find one bad book does not mean they all are. How would you-" She turned to address the man who spoke to her, and it was non other than Sir William Marquet.
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Once Henry finally decided to get up, since he remembered he had an important thing to do, he slowly and gently pushed away Charlotte. She put her arms around his neck and tried to pull him back down. "Don't go," she whispered. Henry picked her up and set her on the couch. "I must, my angel," he replied quietly. He kissed her hand and then she pulled him in close for a real kiss before he left to go dress properly.
You followed me all the way from Paris, France just to give me my book back?" Melody asked William as they sat near the fire having tea. "Yes. I saw you left it there are decided to find you to give it back." He smiled slyly at her. "You seemed so interested in the book, I had no other choice." Melody didn't smile; she fround at the man. "I had no intention of keeping that book.-" Melody motioned to the black covered book about her father sitting on the mantle. "I detest it and decided to leave it with the author as a parting gift."She smirked at her quick and sly answer. William's smirk faded and he got up and walked toward Melody. "I had no idea that was your plan, otherwise I would have framed it." Melody fround again. "Why else are you here sir." Melody said with a slightly harsh tone. "I knew from the moment I saw you that we were meant to be." Melody got up and backed a few paces away from the approaching William. "I have no idea what you mean, sir." She told him, backing into the wall. He came closer and closer until he could touch her. "I have been bewitched by you." He whispered and then proceeded to kiss her.
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When Henry returned from his errand, Charlotte flung open the door and threw herself into his arms. "Charlotte, dearest, we must'nt do this here. No one will approve," Henry replied. Charlotte nodded and tugged him into the parlor. With soft, then passionate, then violent kisses, Charlotte tugged off Henry's jacket, and undid the buttons on his shirt. Lips trailing down her neck, Henry slipped off Charlotte's dress to reveal creamy porcelain skin and a soft corset. They sank to the carpet and Charlotte covered them with the sheet from the other night. "What was your errand?" she whispered breathily, lips hovering just above Henry's. "I went to go see William Marquet. Apparently he has gone off to england." Henry whispered as he entwined his hands in her raven hair, pulling her back down to him.
Melody sat in the dining room, far as she could from William. He looked at her with deep compashion. He could not keep his eyes off her. Kissing her was like sweet sugar and lightning. "Melody." He chanted, nearly singing. "Do not act this way." He was trying to romance and calm her. He got up and walked to her. Before she knew it he was right behind her, whispering in her ear. "I want you to come with me to Paris. You will live a grand life. I am all alone in that house, and you are all alone here." He rubbed his hand up and down her right arm. Melody looked at him. "How do I know all this is true?" She stood up before he could protest. "How can I trust you?" He pushed away her chair and he violently kissed her, which she soon after returned. Once they parted he asked, "Does that prove it?" She looked at him slyly, "Yes."
It took a few hours, but soon Melody was back in Paris, France. This time, though, she was not going to her brother Henry's, which house they did pass, but to Williams' which seemed to grow with every minute they grew closer. Melody looked at William once the carraige stopped at the front gate. He smiled. "Welcome back."
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Henry and Charlotte were lost in each other. They were in constant motion with each other. Henry could not stop smiling and Charlotte was giggling like a maniac. Neither one heard the footsteps outside the door until it opened and they froze. In the doorway stood Charlotte's mother. Her face was in a tight O in the candlelight emitting from the lamp she carried. Charlotte regained her senses first and quickly pulled the sheet up over her and Henry with a squeal. Charlotte's mother gained sense next, striding into the room, lines of fury etched into her face. She glared daggers at Henry as she threw her daughter her dress, which had been carelessly tossed aside. She hauled Charlotte up by her elbow, her daughter staggering to cover herself with the garment as she was pulled from the room, sending a glance of worry, sadness, fear, and longing at Henry. He sat there, dazed for a moment at what had happened as he heard Charlotte's mother rage and Charlottes whimpered protests. Henry dressed quickly and sloppily before staggering out the door and to the local pub.
Melody awoke in a different room. She had been tired earlier and needed the rest. William had gave her what used to be his sisters room to stay in. She got out of the bed and strode to the balcony window and watched the busy streets of Paris from far above. A few moments later, William came in the room with dinner. He smiled in seeing that she was up. "You look lovely, my dear." He said as he set the tray of food on a side table. She went to him and they embraced. "For an unagreeable, prideful man-" She started. "You are quite al right." He commented back, "Only quite?" Melody smiled and went to go eat, which William ended up eating with her.
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Charlotte's mother flung her into her bedroom. "Charlotte Annabelle de Chagny, what in God's name were you thinking?" She cried. "Mother we weren't-" Charlotte pleaded. but her mother was in a rage. "You have the family honor to uphold, and you very well know that!! And you toss it aside like garbage! Do you want the whole of Paris to think that the youngest de Chagny remaining is a whore?" she screeched. At this point it would be a miracle if all of Paris didn't think she was, by the way her mother's voice was raised. Charlotte dressed hurriedly, her hair and corset askew. "But mother, listen, please-" she pleaded. Her mother wheeled around to face her. "And who exactly was that man? Have you known him for a while or have you just decided to pick him up off the street for a bit of pleasure?" she cried. Charlotte stood. "No! His name is," she faltered and her mother eyed her squarely, intending to let her finish this time. "Henry Daae," she whispered his last name. Charlotte's mother stared at her daughter. "Daae? DAAE?" Charlotte was thrown back onto the bed with the force of her mother's slap. "Charlotte Annabelle de Chagny! I am appalled at you! Going about with that frivolous family! The wench had fame and fortune and she threw it away to have a few moments of pleasure with a man whose face makes children cry!" Charlotte started to weep as her mother whirled around the room in fury, shouting and muttering in French at her daughter.
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William and Melody were playing a game of cat and mouse in the rose garden. William was the cat, and Melody the mouse. It should have been easy for William, but Melody was sneaky and quick. After a few hours he finally caught her. She yelled no playfully. They were both tired and went inside for drinks and rest.
They sat cuddling on the couch, once in a while, taking a sip of water. They didn't talk, just sat there. Few minutes after, William rubbed his right hand up and down Melody's left arm and whispered in her ear, "I love you."
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Henry didn't know where to go. Charlotte's mother would be dreadfully mad at him, but he didn't want to leave Charlotte, and the de Chagny estate was his only home now. So, he settled on sitting on the steps ti the house. Twilight came, and he heard the door opening. he whirled around and charlotte threw herself at him in a hug, tears starting to fall. "Oh Henry," she whispered. "Thank God you're safe," Henry held her tight and caressed her hair. They broke apart and looked at each other through the moonlihgt. "Henry, I told my mother your last name was Daae," she whispered. She pulled him in for a kiss but Henry turned away. "Charlotte. This is wrong. We are cousins. we cannot do this, it cannot go on,"Henry said quietly. Charlotte looked down at their feet. "I love you," she said, sounding helpless. "I love you as well. But this is not right." There was silence as they held each other on the steps. "Where will you go? If you do not wish to be with me, and my mother hates you?" Charlotte asked. "I will go back and live with my sister Melody," Henry answered. He gave her a slip of paper with the address on it. "Write me. often." Charlotte nodded. "And you write back." Henry gave her one last kiss before calling a carraige and setting off into the night. Charlotte watched them go and then ran inside to cry herself to sleep.
Melody sat awake on the balcony. Some felt wrong, but what. Then she knew. She wrote to Fiyro saying come as often as he wanted. She ran to William's room and shook him up and explained why she was frantic. They quickly dressed and took a carriage, hopefully Fiyro had not been so diligent to answer her letter so soon.
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When Henry arrived at his old home, he knocked. There was no answer. sure Melody could be a lazybones when she wanted to but surely no one could sleep in this late? Well, even if she had, Henry found the spare key that they kept in a now dying potted plant of his mother's. Or, well, Christine. he let himself in and went to go wake her up. But when he got to her room she was not there. Nor was she in the library. or the kitchen. or the parlor. Henry grew frantic. Where was Melody?
Melody ran up the steps of her old home a little while after Henry, who was sitting in family room, looking at old pictures. She noticed the door was open and hoped Fiyro hadn't been there, but checked the mail that had been lying around. One was from Fiyro. He was going to be in Scotland for a month or so, and them would send word when he would arrive. Melody walked into the house with a sigh, but then grew scared. Who was in the house?
She walked from room to room until she found Henry, who stood up quickly once she came into the door way. Henry ran to his sister and hugged her. Once they parted he sat her down and explained why he was here. Then he asked why she was not here when he arrived. Melody blushed and looked into the doorway, where William walked in a few moments after Henry asked.
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Henry led Melody into another room. "Melody where were you?" he asked. "I was in paris. With William," she answered hesitantly. "Oh, so now you're with 'William'? What happened to evil Monsieur Marquet who published a book of evil lies about your father. "Henry he was your father as well and you bloody well know that!" Melody cried. "And you don't know William! And what about you and that dreadful Charlotte? No dignity at all!! And she's your bloody cousin!" she cried. Henry pushed Melody up against the wall. "Melody I broke up with Charlotte. I knew we were cousins and it wasn't right. And I come back here to see you hanging all over the man you detested nearly a day ago!" He cried. Melody tore away from him. "Well I never! You are so full of yourself Henry! You think that just because I'm Melody, the pathetic little girl who stayed with mother until she bloody died and therefore didn't get married that I am not capable of having love just as you are?" Henry eyed her but she didn't let him cut in. "Well I don't need you Henry de Chagny!" she stressed de Chagny as if it was some sort of dreadful illness. "Well, here is news for you Ms. Daae. I don't need you either." He walked out the door, slamming it behind him. melody dropped into a chair and started to sob.
William helped Melody pack all her things as she kept sobbing. She sent a letter to Fiyor's wife to tell him she would be living in Paris France if he ever wished to visit her. She kept staring out the window ans silently crying as they road back to France.
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Henry, who had seen the letter from Fiyro telling Melody he would be in Scotland, henry set out to go find his brother. At least Fiyro still felt like one.
Melody sat in what was not her own library, surrounded by her books. William was out on personal business, so Melody was all alone. She gave the house keepers a day off. She could take care of herself if she needed anything.
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henry slept most of the train ride to Scotland, a dreamless sleep. he wanted to think of nothing until he could talk it all over with fiyro the next day. Not Charlotte, or her mother's temper. Not William. and not Melody, who had made a rip in his already torn heart.
Melody was sleeping dreamless dreams in a chair in her library by the time William came home. She was thankful for it. The last thing she wanted to do was re-dream those dreams about her and Henry, where ever he may be. William swept her in his arms and lay her down next to him in his bed. He did this because she needed the comfort.
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When Henry arrived at the Scottish place Fiyro was staying at, Fiyro was surprised and glad to see him. He had filled out quite well, and had a large thick mustache. "Ah Henry! So nice of you to join us!" he said. "Thank you, Fiyro. I came to speak with you." Fiyro nodded and the two went back into the garden to talk of manly things and manly problems.
Melody awoke around noon. She was greeted by William who was laying next to her ans staring. "Hello, sleepy head." He cooed. "Are you hungry? I had chicken soup and biscuits made." Melody sat up and smiled. "That sounds lovely. Yes, please." William had the cook send up food and watched Melody eat. Once she was done, he let her leave to dress. "She needs to get out." He told himself and had his butler get a couple horses ready for riding. "This should cheer her up." He continued to talk.
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"So what is going on, henry? I mean, it's not very often i get to see you nowadays." Fiyro asked. Henry stared at the ground. "Well, I've had soem trying issues to deal with. It all started when Mother told me my father was the Vicomte de hagny and you weren't really my brother, they had only adopted me after my parents died, shortly before I was born. So I went in search of the de Chagnys. I found my cousin Charlotte, and we kind of, got together." Fiyro nodded with a smile. "But she is your cousin." Henry nodded. "So I ended things. But then Melody came by after mother died. She foudn a book in the bookstore with many lies bout your father. We went to the author's house. Melody got all worked up and left the carraige. Charlotte and I were . . intimate . . . and afer I ended things I went back to live with Melody. But when I got to the house, she wasn't there. And then she shows up arm in arm with the man who wrote the horrible book. I do not know what to do." Fiyro studied his adoptive brother carefully. "Well, you cannot control who you fall in love with." Henry was silent. Fiyro fidgited in his chair. "Well, um, Henry, you do know that Melody has always loved you?" he said. henry's head snapped up to meet his brother's eyes. "No." he said. Fiyro nodded. "Then why does she toss me aside like yesterday's scraps?" Henry asked, an edge of coldness to his voice, and stood. "melody never told you. You were, you know, her brother. She only found out you were not related a few scant months after you left." Henry gave him a cold stare, unwilling to believe the words his brother had spoken. He turned on his heel and left, headed back to Paris.
Two days after William entranced Melody with hourse back riding, they were attending a ball. Melody wore a beautiful turquoise dress and William wore a drark blue suit. The ball was in a few hours and Melody was very excited.
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Once Henry arrived back in paris, he noticed that a large ball was underway. Oh how he wished he could take Charlotte. But she was most likely already going, and her mother would be there as well. Henry remembered a friend of Charlotte's that had seemed to like him. What was her name? Laurette. He went to go find her and once he did, they had a ball to go to.
Melody was having a grand time swinging and twirling on the ballroom floor. She loved dancing since she was a child, but her family never went to things like this. She was excited and very happy, which made William smile greatly on knowing his darling Melody was having fun. Soon, though, William held Melody ever closer. "I have something to ask you." He spoke softly. "Yes, what is it?" She asked him. William looked into her eyes as he asked, "Will you marry me?" Melody let out a gasp, that only a few people around heard. William looked at her lovingly. Melody answered him, "Yes." She said with a smile. "Yes." William laughed with glee and started to dance more quickly., both unknowing that Charlotte had over heard their conversation, and who quickly spotted Henry soon after.
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Henry, who had only brought Laurette to the ball as a respectable date, over heard William's proposal. Something flared up in his gut, and he could hear Fiyro's words repeated to him. "Well she's loved you since we were children . . . ." Henry pushed it aside and decided to leave. If he had to endure any more of this Melody and William romance he might surely die. He caught sight of CHarlotte, but decided that seeing her was even more reason to leave early, and did so.
Once the ball was over and Melody was home, she lettered Fiyro about her engagement and was sure he would approve of William. Melody smiled as the letter was sent away. She was just so happy.
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The night of the ball, henry found himself heading back to heir old house. he slipped silently into the kitchen and went up the stairs. He then looked through melody's belongings until he found her purple leatherbound diary. He opened it and began to read.
Melody slept soundly. She dreamed about her wedding day, with how it would be planned, who would attend and how it wold turn out. She smiled in her sleep, for the moment forgetting about Henry.
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Oh, Dear Diary, I cannot believe this, I must be going mad. every time henry looks at me a blush so largely I cannot hide it. mother smiles in a way that she thinks it is cute. henry doesn't notice, and whenever fiyro does he teases me. Daddy calls me his little flower. fiyro and henry are just fiyro and henry. oh why does my heartbeat quicken whenever I see him, and why do i feel as though I must jump out of my skin everytime i see him? Oh but i cannot, alas, for he is my brother.
Henry skimmed though a few more pages, until another one caught his eye.
Dear Diary, I had another dream about my wedding day. Mom and dad were there. All my friends, Fiyro's and Henry's friends were there. Mom cried as she helped me dress, I was so happy. Dad came in and said everyone was seated and the groom was ready. Mom left to take her seat, My friends went into position, dad took my arm. He smiled and asked, "Are you ready?" I smiled and told him, "Yes." My friends walked out, I could hear gasps of awe. Soon my heart quickened. Dad and I started walking. I heard loud gasps as dad lead me down the isle. I saw shinning faces, and a few tears. I was blushing, I could not stop smiling. As I looked up at the altur, my face burned and my heart pounded faster as I saw Henry standing there, waiting.
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henry sat back, dazed, quite a bit. She had dreams of him as well? Of wedding him? Oh God Fiyro was right. And now Melody was going to be marrying that stupid William Marquet. Henry realized her loved her in return as well. Oh if only he had seen! If only he hadn't screwed over his chances already! perhaps there was one way . . . if he threw himself at her feet, begged for her mercy, maybe she would take him, wretched as he was. That was the only way. henry had to go stall that wedding.
Melody was most excited. She sat with William in the parlor, giving him her opinion on the wedding. They had already decided to have it in a forthnight. Both bride and groom where excited. Fiyro had responded to her letter and would take her fathers place and walk her down the isle.
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Henry found himself traveling back once more to Scotland to seek his valued brother's opinion once more on things with their darling sister. He arrived back at henry's place in two days, only to find that his brother left for Paris not two hours ago. Curse his luck. Damn it to hell.
In a forthnights time, Melody was now blushing fron head to toe. Fiyro stood with her as she finished getting dressed. "You know, Fiyro." She spoke up. Fiyro looked at his sister though the mirror they were standing by. "I always dreamed of this day, but never in this way." She looked at him seriuosly. "Do you think I made the right choice?" Fiyro returned his sisters serious look. He sighed and then told her, "As long as you are happy, everyone else will be happy." Melody looked at his confused. "I am answering your question. As long as you feel what you are about to do is right to you, then it is right in my eyes as well." Melody turned, and hugged her brother. "I love you Fiyro." Fiyro huggd her back. "I love you to, do not ever forget that." They seperated and took their postions.
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Henry ran through town, not bothering to hire a carraige, by then it might be too late. But, always one for dramatic entrances, henry waited outside the doors for the lines "If anyone objects to the matrimony speak now or forever hold your peace" before barging in. "I do!"
Once the words were spoken, everyone turned to look at Henry, who was standing in the door way. Fiyro seemed to smile brightly, while some where confused, and others disapionted. But Melody, oh Meldoy stood there with out any emition. Something inside her seemed to lift. She turned to William and whispered, "I'm sorry." She turned and ran, not stopping to either Henry's, or William's cries of wonder. Once she was gone William stared at Henry with utter rage, and Melody flew to the only place left for her not to e found for a while.......her fathers grave.
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The place was in an uproar. William ran at Henry, who was already making his way through the fattening throng of upset guests, but was held back by Fiyro, who chuckled at this, knowing Henry was doing the right thing, and that, in truth, so was Melody. henry ran but lost track of her, though he knew perfectly well where she was going. he ran and ran and only stopped just short of a single gravestone to watch and hear silently the love of his life.
Melody sat crying on her fathers grave. She was so confused. She though she had done the right thing. She though Henry did not love her. "Oh, father I wish you were still here." Melosy choked out. "You left us too early." She was kneeling and clutching her fathers gravestone as Henry watched from afar, whishing he could swoop her up in his arms and confort her.
----back in the church-----
Fiyro stood arguing with William about how he had no idea where his sister went or could be. Having enough, William left agrily. He wanted to kill Henry for the intrusion. He had been so close to winning his prize, now she was no where to be found.
-----back at the gravestone---
Melody sat listening to the wind rush past. It was a warm afternoon, and she had no where else to go. "I cannot." She started to whisper. "I cannot marry William Marquet. I have to go home." Meldoy got up and ran to a carrige driver, who graciosly exccepted to take her to Marquets house. She needed to collect her things.
--- A few hours away---
William was about to get inot is carrige and leave, when Charlotte de Chagny came up to him. Sme smiled sweetly as on goers passed by, but then turned it into a sinister smirk and told William, "I have a plan if you are interested in keeping Henry away from Melody, William." He turned and saw her expression and instantly became intriuged. "Proceed."
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henry secretly followed melody, keeping close to the shadows until she had returned back to her childhood home where she was alone and Henry could speak to her. Once she had calmed down and had soemthign to eat, henry made his appearance.
_Back in Paris_
Charlotte smiled. "I want Henry back, for nothing but pure pleasure, seeing as we are cousins. You want Meoldy back, I am sure I know your reasons but we will leave them for now. The only way to get what we want is to make them hate each other." William nodded, his eyes gleaming maliciously as he invited Charlotte to his home to plot.
Melody sat by the empty fireplace reading her diary from long ago. She noticd after a while, that it looked like it had been read, but by who? Melody heard someone in the door way and saw Henry. Melody quickly stood up shocked. Henry came to her and tightly hugged her. Without letting her go, Henry sat on the couch and explained everything from the day he went to go see Fiyro to recently when he crashed her wedding. Melody sat listening, then she ended up crying as Henry explained his undieing love for her. Henry tried several things to calm Melody down, but the only thing that seemed to succcessfully work was kissing her.
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Henry held Melody tightly as she cried of happiness, putting his face into her mane of hair. her smell soothed him, settled him for what was to come and such. If he knew anythign about anythign, William marquet may have a bone or two to pick with him. The only thing that satisfied henry to the fullest was when he kissed the woman in his arms, and when she kissed him back.
Melody and Henry sat kissing each othe for a long while, soon darkness seemed to set, which seemed to unlock unspoken sensations, because slowly but surely the started to sink down lower and the kisses became more passonit and violent.
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(*Insert you know what here* But I won't go there.)
"And how do you propose we get Melody and Henry to hate each other?" William asked. Charlotte grinned. "We can start small. I will tell melody, or make sure she hears that henry and I have made love. Is there anything that you can think of that she's done that would upset Henry?" William smirked. "Why yes."
(why is william smirking!)
Henry and Melody woke up to sunlight shining on them. Both where still tired so they got up and retired to Henry's room where it was still nice and dark.
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(idk think of something that might get henry a bit flamed over. he's touchy and easily angered like that remember? Phase one of the revenge plans starts next add!!))
(ok, then, but you have to add the part of william and henry and i'll do charlotte and melody)
Melody, Henry and Fiyro sat convercing in the dininghall as they ate lunch. Melody told them where she ran off to, and they explained everything that happened after she had fled. They laughed and carried on, but Melody had a sikining feeling that William Marquet would not isaly forget or forgive her, nor Henry.
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(kk) Charlotte came by to congratulate Henry and Melody. She sat with Melody in the garden while Henry and Fiyro went to talk about manly things like how to avoid William, should he get the need for revenge. "I am so happy for you Melody," Charlotte purred. Melody could obviously not see the venom that the compliment disguised. 'Thank you Charlotte," melody aid, blushing. "But I am sorry," Charlotte said. Melody looked at her. "For what?" Melody asked. "Well, I would be terribly hurt if I were the second to a man," Charlotte said, faking sympathy and regret. "What second?" melody asked, quite confused. "Oh, dearie, he made love to me first. I'm sorry I got the better of him." Charlotte laughed it off and declared that she had to go now. She hurried away, leaving Melody dazed, confused, and hurting.
Melody, not wanting the fresh air any more, retired to her room. She could not believe what Charlotte told her. Normally she would not have cared what Henry did, for they had only been together recently, but something just did not feel right.
Charlotte went back to Paris to tell William that her part of the plan was done. William smiled, hoping that it would hold long enough to get Henry and Melody seperated. So he got ready to spend a surprise visit.
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Fiyro, convinced everything was okay with Henry and Melody, set off back to his home in Scotland, with his wife, Rebecca and hi two daughters Fancy and Veronica
That night Melody and Henry ate in silents. She was debating weather or not to tell Henry what Charlotte told her. Few glances were made, but conversation did not come until they were relaxing in the family room by the fire place.
"Why are you so silent tonight, my love?" Melody looked at him from her spot on he floor. "Charlotte told me something today that hurt me." Henry felt a pang of fear and guilt. "What did she tell you?" Melody felt tears prick her eyes. " She said that you and her had already made love. How she got the better of you." Melody silently cried as Henry took her into his arms once again. "Melody, sweet, Melody." He cooed. 'I should have told you, but I just could not." He held her tighter as she sobbed. "I knew after a while what Charlotte and I did was wrong. Thats why I ended it. I;m sorry what I did was not right- but Melody-" He said as he turned her to face him. "I did not tell you, for I wanted to forget." He looked at hr lovingly. Her tears ceased to be. "I love you. I did not plan, nor ever do plan on hurting you." Melody hugged him and said, "I love you to."
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(GAK. Good love scene but it's still a love scene. Oh and before you even ask there IS a difference between love scene and INTIMATE love scene. lol :) and before u even say anything: sh that was a pre-emtive Sh! i got a whole back of Sh! with your name on it. LOL) Charlotte had been watching them silently, spying on them to see if their plan was working. She cursed silently when she saw her confession. It was time for plan B.
Charlotte went back to Paris to tell William the news. "Melody told him. She told him what I told her, and they became more inseparable." Charlotte was angry and confused on what to do next. She turned to William and asked, "Had she done anything with you?" William shook his head while thinking. "No. She was well taught on how to get around that subject." Charlotte shook her head in rage. "Damn!." They sat in silence trying to come up with a different plan. Suddenly Charlotte raised her head. "What if you lie?" William looked at her confused. Charlotte smiled. "What if you make Henry believe that you and Melody were intimate. That would surely set him off since she already felt upset about the him and I ordeal. William smiled evily, "That will work. Especially since we were planning on getting married." He started to mumble to himself. "I'll get strait to it." William grabbed him coat and headed to England.
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Henry and Melody had gone out for lunch. melody was in the women's room when WIlliam snuck in to speak to Henry. "Well hello, Henry! Fancy meeting you here!" William said, sitting down in Melody's chair. "Uh, Hello," Henry was still a bit worried about the revenge thing. "Say, Henry boy, I just wanted to apologize for ah, disarming your new wife for you," he said. henry stared at him. "What do you mean?" he asked. "You know. We made love." Henry was speechless. "Well, old chap, I was just popping in for a second, best be on my way!" and William left.
Melody came back from the ladies room a few minuted after William left. Once Melody was near the table, she saw Henry was upset. "Are you alright?" She asked him. "No." He said angrily. Melody looked confused. "Why? What happened?" Henry shook his head. "Why? Why did you get bloody upset that I had sex with Charlotte, but not tell me you had with William!" Henry had raised his voice, and a few people looked at them in wonder. Henry got up and took Melody outside before she could answer him. "Why?!" He asked again, more violently then before. Melody looked at him confused. "I never had sex with William." She told him unbelieveably confused. "That is not what he told me five minutes ago!" He was raising his voice drastically. Melody was shaking her head trying to piece everything together. "What do you mean he told you?" She asked. "He came to you? How did he know where we were?" Melody was unsure on how William would know where they were spending their day."I have no idea hoe he knew where we were. I'm glad he came. If he wouldn't have, your dirty little secret would have never been told." Henry was getting fessed up with Melody. She was not telling him what he wanted to hear. "Henry, I never had sex with him!" She started to yell. "That is hard to believe considering you accepted his invitation to live with and marry him!" Melody couldn't believe that Henry was so hard headed. "I cannot believe what I am hearing! Why are you so strung up on what I did?" Melody looked at him with an unbelieveable expression. "Because you were high strung on what I did with Charlotte!" Not wanting to carry on, Melody started to walk away, but turned before completely leaving and said, "I hope you have a great life Sir de Changy, because I will no longer partake in you unagreeable, self centured,bias well being!" She ran from the resturaunt to the house and locked herself inside.
Henry, with no where else to go, again went to Fiyro. He needed his brother more than ever now.
William and Charlotte, in over hearing Melody and Henry's conversation, smiled triumphantly on how well their plan worked. Now all they needed to do was mend their broken prizes.
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Charlotte followed Henry, and caught him just outside Fiyro's house. "Oh, Henry you look sad. What's the matter?' she asked. "Nothing. Nothing you can help with anyway." Charlotte took his hand. "Oh, come now Henry." She gave him the pouty face. "You need some cheering up. How about we head over to my place?" Henry was unaware of the trap she had set for him.
Meanwhile, William knocked on the door to melody's house. "Go away Sir de Chagny! I told you- I will have no part in your self centered life!" William smiled. Things really were bad. "It's not sir de Chagny. it's William." Surprised, melody opened the door.
"What brings you here Monsieur Marquet?" Melody said wiping away tears. William smiled. "I wanted to visit the one I love." He cooed. Melody gave a weak smile and motioned him to come in. "I beg you do not hope that I will still marry you." Melody told him once they sat in the parlor. William chuckled. "I will not pressure suck a thing on suck a pretty confused thing. William said, going over to Melody and holding her. "I understand you are confused." Melody started to cry, William held her tighter.
(you.....add.........trap scene)

Melody and William sat beside fire place having hot chocolate. Melody had all but forgotten the days argument, but not about Henry. She hated, yet loved the damned man. She felt that William and Charlotte were up to something. What was yet to be determined.
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(Ohhhhhhhh srry i'm a bit off 2nite)
Henry allowed Charlotte to take his hand and lead him away from Fiyro's door. But before she could, his brother poked his head out. "Henry?" he caught sight of Charlotte. "Witch! Get off of my property before I call the authorities! And unhand my brother!" Charlotte, shocked and appalled, let go of henry's hand and fumed off. Fiyro stared at Henry and sighed before ushering his brother inside.
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Once inside, Fiyro offered a bit of ale to Henry, who took it thankfully before getting to the subject. "What has the argued about with Melody this time, dear brother?" Fiyro asked sitting opposite of Henry. "William came to me a few hours ago and told me that he and Melody were intimate. While only yesterday did Melody explode over the fact I- I was intimate with Charlotte." Fiyro took in his words while nodding. "It seems that you are being hoodwinked." Henry looked confused. "In what way?" "Why do William and Charlotte's stories seems similar.?" Fiyro asked. "I know Melody, Henry. Unfortunately more than you." Fiyro sighed. "She would never cry or explode over anything she did herself." Henry took in his brothers words, but still blinded by rage toward Melody. "What were key words that Melody said to you after you confronted her?" Fiyro asked after moments of silence. "Key words?" Henry asked." "Anything she may have said over and over again?" Fiyro explained. "Ah, she kept repeating that she-" It was slowly coming to Henry. "That she never had sex with William Marquet." Fiyro nodded. "And in her state now, he is most likely romancing her to that point." Henry, now mad at himself, quickly headed for the door.
William kept watch of Melody as she lay in his arms on the couch. She was a smart young thing, and did not give in to his hinting. She did so, because she did not love him the way she loved Henry. All though she meant what she said to him, she would still act civil if given the chance to speak with him on lighter terms. It was 3 in the morning when Henry arrived at the old house in England, begging God that Melody had not truely done anything and that she would give him a second chance. He hoped this, until William answered the door.
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Hnery's temper kinda went through the roof. "William Marquet?" he said. "What are you doing in my house?" William smiled calmly. "It is not your house, sir de Chagny." Henry could hear Melody stirring and hoped William hadn't done anything to her. "I live here, and I am the man of the house. And you will get out of my house you lying Son of a Bitch!" And with that, Henry promtly picked up WIlliam and tossed him outside. He walked into his house and slammed the door behind him, locking it.
Melody woke with a start when she head the door slam. She wiped her eyes and noticed that William was no longer with her. She was still dressed, so she went to go see who had slammed the door. She was only half way down the hallway as she saw Henry coming toward her.
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"Meoldy, are you okay?" he asked. Melody was still surprised to see him. "Henry- what," she started. "Melody, I know I was a jerk. Please forgive me?" he looked up at her and Melody saw sincerity in his eyes.
"I- I-" Melody studerd. She wanted to forgive him, yet she did not all the same. "I do not know." She finally got out. "Please, Melody." Henry said taking her in his arms. "I have been a horrid fool. I know I do not diserve your forgiveness." He said out streaching his arms to look at her. "But I would really, truely like it." Melody started to cry. She had fixed feelings, but after moments of silents, she buried her head in his chest. He could barley make out what she was saying, but he could make out the words, "I forgive you."
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Charlotte and William sat in his study, arguing over whose fault it was that henry and Melody would not split. "Oh hell, William, if we can't get them to split up, why don't we hook up?" Charlotte said, exasperated. William smiled, a weird glint in his eyes, and nodded.
Melody and Henry sat in the family room conversing about William and Charlotte. "Why don't they just hook up?" Melody asked angrily. Henry sat unbelieveing. "I do not know. I hope they do not try splitting us up again." Melody smiled and nodded. "If they do. Please do not over react." Henry smiled knowingly. "I know. I promise I will not."
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A few days later Charlotte found that she was pregnant. She went straight to WIlliam. "You've gotten me pregnant you, you-" she couldn't find any good insults. "My dear it was your suggestion." he replied calmly. "Well, will you be a man and marry me for the sake of our child?!?!" she asked. William didn't even look at her. "No, I don't think I will. Wouldn't want to be married to a wretch who gives herself away to anyone." And with that he signaled his butler to throw her into the yard, snow falling around her and the baby inside her. She couldn't go to her mother either. She had no where to go.
Melody and Henry were doing their best to kindle the fire between them. They were in Paris visiting their parents graves, for it was their anniversary. On their way back from the cemetery, Charlotte saw them and approached them. "Oh, Henry, Melody, I am in a terrible fix." She started to explain. "Monsieur Marquet has gotten me pregnant and does not wish to marry me." Melody gave Henry a, 'say something and you die' look before responding, "Marquet was always a horrid man. Why he is a friend of the de Chagny's is far out of my questioning." Melody did want to say more, but with not knowing how either Henry, or Charlotte would take it, she only said it silently in her head. "Please." Charlotte begged after not getting a word from Henry. "Please, I need you help." Henry gave no reply or and expression at all. "Please, I cannot keep this baby. My mother would certainly kill it if she found out." At this Henry and Melody exchanged glances on weather or not they should help Charlotte.
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(OMG she gave him The Look) Henry sighed. "Charlotte, would you like to come live with us to have your child?" he asked. Charlotte bit her lip. "Are you sure? I have been nothing but trouble for you." Henry nodded. "The bible says to treat others as you would have them treat you. I would hope for the same for my Melody if something should happen to me." Charlotte nodded. "Yes, I'd like that," she whispered.
Later that night, once Henry and melody were alone and settling in for bed, Melody looked at him. "You are a kind man, henry de Chagny,' she said softly. Henry smiled slightly. "It is what your mother did for mine." he said quietly.
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A few weeks passed without anything out of the ordinary happening. Everything seemed to be okay. Charlotte was growing like she should, and Henry and Melody's relationship seemed to grown wilder every second. But today they got a letter saying the inheritance they received was becoming slim and would not support more that a couple people. Henry and Melody worried about this, for what would become of Charlotte's baby. With quickly thinking Melody wrote a letter to Fiyro about the buisness and asked for his help.
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Fiyro got the letter and decided to bring his wife, Annabelle, and kids, Emma, Garret, and Elphaba, from Scotland to stay in England for a few days and help his brother and sister with their finances.
Fiyro and his family were greeted with warm welcomes. Fiyro and his wife stayed in Fiyro's old room while his kids got their seperate rooms. Charlotte was staying in Melody's old room while Melody stayed in her parents room while Henry stayed in his room. The months past and Charlotte's baby boy was god and healthy. It wouldn't be 'till later that something would go wrong.
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Soon Melody and Henry were married. it was a small ceremony- just the clergyman, Fiyro, Annabelle, Elphaba, Emma, Garret, and Charlotte.
Tow years past by without any any hassle. Charlotte's baby, Raoul, in memory of his uncle, turned two. Melody was five months pregnant, and it seemed that Garret was hinting on liking Charlotte. With the long awaited time of finding Raoul's, the uncle, Will, William Marquet seemed to pass by unnoticed. He was getting older, and not doing so well in the marriage business. When on spotting Charlotte with a baby boy, he soon composed a plan.
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It was a dark and stormy night when William Marquet showed up. There was a knock at the door. Fiyro and Henry were talking business at the table while Annebelle and Charlotte were preparing supper along with Elphaba and Emma. Garret was out on business, taking young Raoul with him for the adventure. Melody was upstairs, resting; Henry was determined that she do nothing to upset her gentle condition.
"I'll get it!" Henry called. He opened the door to see his arch enemy, he who had almost taken his beloved Melody away from him. "Good evening Monsier Marquet. What can I do for you?" he asked. William shifted. "I should like to see Charlotte de Chagny." William stated. Henry blocked the door. "I am afraid that will be impossible Monsieur." he said. William raised his eye brow. "Will it, Monsieur?" he asked. At that moment Charlotte appeared to ask Henry where the potatoes were. "Henry- where did you put-" she stopped short and stared in wide-eyed terror at William. "Miss me?" he asked with a smirk. Charlotte fainted to the floor and Elphaba and emma hurried to her. Henry blocked the door again. "Monsieur, you will leave this house. Your appearance has a distressing change in Ms. de Chagny's health. Leave." William gave Henry another smirk. "You have not heard the last of me."
A good half hour hour once William Marquet left, that dinner was done, and Melody, with Henry's assistance, came downstairs.
"Honestly, Henry. I think you are over reacting to my condition." Melody stated playful, yet sternly. Henry only smiled and put his hand on her stomach. "As long as it keeps by both beloved safe and unharmed, I will continue." Melody smiled, yet shook her head. "Very well." She breathed and they went to go eat.
---at the dinner table---
Emma and Elphaba were like two mother hens with a baby chick, for they were watching and helping Charlotte very carefully. Melody noticing this, not in any way but curiosity, for she could take care of her self if Henry would let her, asked, "What has happened to Charlotte that your girls act this way Fiyro?" Melody looked at her brother confused. He only looked at his daughters and back at her. "You will have to ask Henry for all the information, dear sister." Melody turned to her right to face her husband. "What excitement had I missed while I was asleep?" Melody asked. Henry looked at her and said, "Not excitement, pure terror, for William Marquet has come around again." Melody nodded and added, "For Charlotte and Raoul I dare say." Henry gave a worried look and said, "Yes, unfortunatly." Melody could only nod. "I know from experience that he will come again and again until he gets what he wants." Melody told Henry. "I was just lucky that I had you to always come in that drove him away." Melody took a quick glance at Charlotte. "Even though I detest her, I cannot help but feeling sorry for her." Henry smiled at her lovingly. "As do I." He kissed her forehead and they continued to eat.
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The next night, Fiyro, Annabelle, Henry, and Melody went out for a celebratory dinner, and Elphaba and Emma went out to an opera with some of their friends. Charlotte stayed home from the dinner with raoul, since she did not feel worthy to be part of their family business. Garret stayed with her, playing with little Raoul. No one noticed that the unlatched door had opened and that someone was in the house with them, until it was too late. Garret saw out of the corner of his eye someone grab Charlotte and then head for him and little Raoul. He got up to react but was knocked out. Before he faded into darkness, he saw the captor's face. It was William marquet.
It was late when everyone came back. Melody, being in a parinoid state, felt uneasy, Her uneasyness kindles as she saw the unlocked door. "Excuse me." She said as she ran, the best she could through the doorway. As Henry and the otehrs followed, they did not run far before they heard Melody shriek in terror. Henry, being in a loving parinoid state for his wife ran like an animal and saw her in the family room door way with Garret's head in her lap. Fiyro, being the paridoid brother he was, came in second to see what had happed and ran fearfully to his unconscious son. Melody was in tears for her nephew. "I know who did this.' Melody choked. "William Marquet came back-" "He took Charlotte and Raoul!" Emma screamed as the rest of the group came near. Henry and everyone else were now fearful. "Bastard!" Fiyro and Henry yelled. They looked at each other. Fiyro then looked at his son and back at Henry and said, "We need to find him and get them back." Henry nodded. "Kidnapping will not keep him alive much longer." As Henry and Fiyro left, Garret being taken care of by Melody and his mother, Annebelle, Henry did not know how true his words were.
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(Wow paranoia runs deep in this family doesn't it? OMG Fiyro said a naughty word . . . lol Who are they talking about not being alive for much longer? Garret, cuz he's knocked out on the floor, Charlotte and Raoul, cuz they were kidnapped by evil Marquet, or William, because he was being a kidnapping bastard? idk wat to add until u explain (no let me sum up . . . . lol))

(I was talking about William not being alive for long because we planned on Garret killing him remember??? Now you ruined the foreshadowing)
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(Oh well, we already had it planned, and u were making it very unobvious to tell who u meant) The next morning the house was dreary. It was pouring, and Fiyro and Henry and Garret were trying to figure out a way to get Charlotte back. Melody was still sleeping and Emma and Elphaba moped around with out little Raoul to play with. Annabella was the only one who was somewhat on a normal schedule. She made breakfast and tried to strike up conversation but quickly let it go when everyone was in a somber mood.
Melody woke up to faint crying. As she went down stairs, the crying became louder and louder. When she reached the hallway, she could hear a baby screaming. It was coming from outside. It was slightly raining, and she was all alone in the house for once, so no one stopped her from finding a basket hidden deep within the bushes of the front yard. She checked the basket. Inside was Raoul with a small note attached to him. With a gasp of shock and glee, Melody looked around to see if anyone was near. When she saw no one, she rushed inside to take care of the child.
Once everyone got back, Henry got worried when he saw Melody was in the house with a baby. "Oh Henry, Melody is only five months pregnate, she's fine." Fiyro, Henry and Garret went to go see why Melody had a baby. "Oh you will never believe who I found in the yard earlier in the day!" Melody said excited. "What Henry asked curious. Melody held Raoul in her arms. "Oh, my." The men said together. "Melody, you had not?" Melody laughed "No, I found him in a basket hidden deep in the bushes. And-" She gave Henry the note. "He came with this." Henry looked dumbfounded at he read Charlotte's quickly written letter. "I cannot believe it." Henry said. "She tried running away and left Raoul here." Melody smiled. "She must have known William would ketch her." She went to her husband. "And if he did, he will want to know where his child is." Henry looked at her. "Even if she does not tell him, he will suspect us and come again." Fiyro spoke up. Henry and Garret nodded. "We will have to make due, father. For if Raoul were to live with us, he would surely make the connection in due time." Fiyro agreed with his son, and they left to tell the women while leaving Henry and Melody alone with Raoul.
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Charlotte hated it here. After her small escape, William was in a mad fury. he had lashed out at her with everything nearby. She had two large lumps on the top of her head, and many bruises and even a few cuts that bled onto her dress. William had shut her in here. Shut her away from all of it, from everything. But at least Raoul was safe. At least her son was safe.
The men were very very protective with Raoul and Melody. Any where outside she went, Raoul and her husband or her brother and her brothers son would be there to protect her. Henry stayed up most of the night to know that Melody and the baby where safe. The other women carried on with their lives and helping once in a while. Emma and Elphaba went back to playing with Raoul, without a care in the world. Henry, Fiyro and Garret though, were most coucious in not knowing if or when Marquet would strike.
Eight months past and Marquet had not shown his face. Henry became more parinoid for Melody for she was in her final stages of pregnance. Raoul was three, and all but the men seemed to forget about Marquet and his taking of Charlotte. Melody and the guys prayed for her safty, for they did not know if she had survived Marquet's recapturing. Every thing seemed to be ok, until late one night, Charlotte showed up in a torn, ragged dress and many many cuts and bruises.
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All the adults had gone out again, to see an opera and to have dinner on the town, so Garret and Emma and Elphaba were left at home with baby Raoul sleeping. Garret and Emma were playing a game of mancala and Elphaba was reading one of Melody's classic novels on the settee. Elphaba looked up from her book as Emma and Garrte battled for the win. "Did you hear that?" she asked. Emma looked up. "What? The sound of your brother losing? His chances of winning flowing quickly out the window?" Elphaba rolled her eyes. Emma had always been the overdramatic and poetic one of the family. "No- that, there it is again!" Elphaba answered. There was a feeble knocking. "Raoul, do you suppose?" Emma whispered. "No, he's in the other room- it seems like this is coming from the front of the house," Elphaba whispered back. "If it's Marquet, I will kill him," Garret seethed and jumped up, mancala forgotten. He wrenched open the door and his look of surprise was astonishing. Charlotte looked up at him with a face stained by blood and tears. "raoul...?" she whispered, before falling into Garret's arms.
A half hour later, Elphaba came running into the opera house. She found her father and mother and told them what had happened. They looked scared. Melody and Henry followed Fiyro and Annebelle out of the opera and to the house.
Sure enough, when they got there, Garret had the unconscious Charlotte laying on a towel in the kitchen floor as he cleaned her wounds. His mother rushed over to help him as Melody went to get one of her old dresses that would fit her. They shooed the men out of the room so they could get Charlotte properly dressed and clean. Elphaba came in a few moments after the guys where shooed out with Raoul so Charlotte could see him when she woke up. If she ever woke up.
In a three days time, Charlotte had not woken up. Everyone was worried that she would never wake up. She was taken care of just like everyone else, so she wouldn't smell or look horrid.
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Garret was furious with William for how he had treated the one he loved, a little Raoul. But he decided to wait until the end of the week or until Charlotte awoke . . . whichever came first . . . until he did anything drastic. beside, Charlotte opened her eyes.
Everyone was glad when Charlotte woke up. She was lying on the couch in the family room as Emma and Garret played with Raoul and the adults were making dinner. She looked at Emma and Garret as they showed her Raoul. She shot up and hugged them both. "Melody helped take care of him." Garret told her. "You should go thank her as well." Charlotte kissed him on the forehead. "I will." She went out of the room.
Charlotte surprised all the adults, and Elphanba as she walked into the kitchen. Everyone gasped, and Melody accidently dropped the ham that they were going to eat onto the floor. Fiyro muffled a laugh as he helped his sister clean it up. Henry and the others stopped what they were doing and swarmed around Charlotte with continuous questions.
After the many questions about Marquet, who seemed to have no knowledge of Charlotte's escape yet, the air around them all got tense. They knew it would not take long for Marquet to discover Charlotte was missing, or where she had gone.
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While everyone was pretty much just going to sit round and wait for Marquet to come, and then just hope to be able to protect her and Raoul, Garret had another plan that would surely put Marquet in his place before he even knew they were one, and make Garret a hero in Charlotte's eyes. He was going to burn down Marquet's mansion. Hopefully with him inside it.
Garret slipped away without being noticed by anything with the tools he would use to be the great hero for once. He had it all planned out. He would go around the property with the gas can then with a single stroke of a match he would finally have what he always wanted. For Charlotte to love him as he does her.
Melody awoke late that night. She had the worst cramps ever. Come to think of it, pregnate women are not supposed to get cramps. "Oh, no." She whispered as suddenly realized what was happening and went to wake up Henry.
As Garret made his way down the road toward this final destination, be became aware of a ruckus going on back at the house.Damn have they found me out already. He thought as he began to turn back. He could then hear his name being called by Henry with fear striking his heart for he never knew Henry to call him in such a way. He poured on the speed at which he returned to the house. It was not the fact that Henry was calling him that made him move in such a way it was the fact that Henry had called him like it was a matter of life and death, something that had never happened before.
Melody lay in pain as she was surrounded by family, friends and a few doctors, who think they knew what they were doing. If you haven't already guessed, Melody is giving birth. Everyone waited for the moment to arrive, bu everyone seemed to be in shock that it was finally happening.
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Meanwhile, Charlotte lay curled on the tiny bed that William had given her. She was locked in the room by William. Oh why couldn't she just die? she wondered. But William had removed all of the sharp objects or anything that could possibly spell escape or death. And jumping out the window wasn't an option either- it was too small for almost anything since the shutter was stuck halfway down. Her only route would be starving herself. She started to cry. How had charlotte de Chagny come to this sort of end? How had it gotten this bad? She wished that she could have little Raoul back. She hated to think what William could be doing to him right now.
Charlotte woke from her horrible dream screaming from the horrors she suffered at the hands of William Marquet. She was alone in the room given to her by Henry upon her arrival to the house. She quieted herself letting the knowledge that she was save from that horrible man sink in before realizing that the house was not silent there was chaos going on in the rooms below her. She wondered what was going on and was worried about little Raoul. She would get up to make sure he was safe then seek out what was going on below.

Garret, where are you when I need you? She thought as she placed her foot down on the cold hardwood floor this shock on the cold went through her driving all reminants of sleep from her.
Melody was releived once then pain started to subside. Her breathing started to regulate and everyone was giving congradlations. Henry laughed with joy. Fiyro went to Melody's side and told her that she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.
Soon life returned to normal. Everyone was caring on and everything seemed to go just right. This was so until a few weeks later when William showed up again.
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Charlotte and Elphaba were out in the garden when they saw him coming. Charlotte dropped everything and ran inside. she ran smack into Garret. He looked into her eyes and saw the fear in them. "Charlotte, what's wrong?" he asked. "William," she whispered. "He's here."

Garret thought as rage filled him. "How dare he show his ugly face here!" Garret spat through clenched teeth.

Charlotte looked worrried as a cold fright filled every fiber of her bring she remember how William would beat her, and how he locked her away for so long away from her son Raoul. Garret caught her at the last second as she fainted, and as he held her in his arms looking down at her. His anger was slightly washed away as his love for her poured forth taking over momentarily then he remembered all the horrible things tht she told him that Willaim had done to her.

"Elphaba, take care of Charlotte. I'll go handle William once and for all." Garret demanded. Laying Charlotte on the cool hardwood floor then walking out of the door with a purposeful stride.
All the adults, and Emma gathered around Elphaba and the unconscious Charlotte as they wondered where Garret went. "Elphaba." Fiyro said in a demanding tone. "Where has your brother gone?" Elphaba felt tears coming to her eyes as she told her father, "He went to take care of Sir Marquet."
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Charlotte's eyes fluttered. Ok, what had just happened. Little flashes passed in her mind. Garret. William. She knew Garret loved her, but what would he do to Marquet?
Garret walked around to the front of house looking for the vile demon that went by the name of William Marquet. William however did not see Garret as he approached, he was too busy with his horse to see that Garret was coming to confront him.

"You evil bastard!" Garret shouted as he walked up to William taking him by surprise by turning him around with one hand and planting a fist into his face with the other.
Everyone started to panic as they heard terrified screams and angry yells coming from the front of the house. Melody, Fiyro and Henry ran outside and found Garret on top of the fallen Marquet beating him savagely.
"Garret! Stop!" Fiyro yelled at his son, but still knowing well that Marquet deserved it. As they got Garret off Marquet Garret yelled, "Let this be a warning to you! Never come by here, or Charlotte again!" They left Marquet laying by his horse in tears, bruises and blood.
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Charlotte was quaking, standing in the doorway, holding Raoul, who, gratefully, happened to be asleep. She stared at William, lying half dead on the ground and the cluster of family near him. Garret was panting heavily, his fists and part of his face splattered with Marquet's blood.
Garret finally did what he felt was right by Charlotte and only hoped she knew and could feel how much he loved her. His thoughts weren't only about her though.

I nearly killed him. If I wasn't stopped I don't think I would have. Garret thought scared at this realization.

His fists hurt terribly from the damage he inflicted upon Marquet. The flesh on his fists were slashed and needed to be nadaged badly. He let himself be taken into the house by Elphaba and his father giving Marquet one last look from over his shoulder.

Melody, not knowing what to do, stood between Marquet and the family, who wanted to proceed inside. She felt uncomfortable. Uncomfortable about leaving Marquet lying there, and uncomfortable about needing to go inside. She looked quickly from both Marquet and Henry. After a few minutes, Melody looked at Marquet's figuar, bleeding badly. Tears cane to her eyes and all Melody said before rushing inside to get a towel and water was, "Damn it father!"
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(WAT????? Y IS SHE RIPPIN ON ERIK NOW????? THAT IS HORRIBLE AND I DON'T GET IT. i like charlotte and garret tho- nice job Lonewolf :) PLZ EXPLAIN!)
The pain from Garret's knuckles shot through his body sending hot fire rushing all over his hands, and she had a worried expression on her face. The simple act of placing bandages on his hands re-awakened the reason he fell in love with her in the first place.

"You should have been more careful Garret. Look what you've gone and done." She chastised.

Garret did nothing but smile and took all that she had to say to him. His skin was on fire from the pain of his wounds, but also from the touch of Charlotte everytime her hand touched him it was a fire that spread from the touch that would spread out throughout his body and pool in his chest where his heart was at.

"Whatever you say Charlotte," Garret replied losing himself in her eyes whenever she would give him a stern look. The way he looked at her seemed to make her shy for a moment then she would chastise him again when she saw his hands again.

After she finished bandaging him, and though it pained him greatly he took her small hands in his then placed his lips upon her hands to show his thanks.
(Melody ended up thinking about her mom and dad, and how Erik had a tainted soul, but was still a human being. She doesn't get mad, she just realizes no matter how crooked Marquet is, someone should still help him.............It sucks, i know)

Melody argued and helped Marquet all in one. She finally got him to sit up from his position on the ground., and wipe away all the blood. She would had lead him inside, but he refused to get up and walk into the clean and dry house, because he could not for the most part. As she continued to wipe his face, he kept flinching, which made her job ever more hard. "Oh, just keep still." Melody said sharply as she finished wiping the blood from his face. She bandaged all she could of his bleeding face, and proceeded to wipe the blood from his chest. 'Garret did a mighty fine jog with tearing his guy apart.' Melody thought. No matter how much blood she wiped away, there all ways seemed to be more. 'I hope that boy gets a strong talking to.' She thought. "Please, William!" Melody yelled as he violently flinched, grabbing a hold of her when she got closer to his wounds. "Stay still, and this process will go much faster!" Marquet gave a half smile, she said his name, and let go of her and stayed still as much as he could.

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It was long and hard work, but Melody finally had Marquet cleaned and bandaged up. Weather he, or the rest of the family liked it or not, Marquet was going to need assistance, for he had a broken foot. It apparently was given when Garret forced Marquet to the ground, twisting and breaking his ankle. In fear of Charlotte and Raoul Jr., Melody agreed to go live with Marquet until he could manage on his own, which should only take a week, week and a half tops. Henry would be going with her, but leaving their son, Erik Jr. at home, for Fiyro agreed to take care of him.
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Soon after Melody and Marquet had left, Charlotte sat in the small courtyard of theirs, watching little Raoul play in the leaves. She sighed sadly; she feared this trouble was all her fault. If she had not been so stupid and childish and foolish to go off with Marquet he never would have come looking for her, and Garret wouldn't have had to beat his arse, and Melody would not have gone back to his house with him. If anything happened to Melody, Charlotte would never be able to forgive herself. She sighed loudly again, though her son took no notice. Why did the center of all things resulting in pain and misery seem to come from her? She heard another sound in the leaves and Garret sat down next to her.
Marquet lay there in bed in astonishment on how Melody could be taking care of him after all that has happened between them and Charlotte. Henrey accompanied her here for protection.

"Why are you doing this?" Marquet snapped. After Melody brought him his evening supper.

"Because Willaim everyone needs to be taken care of when they can't take care of themselves, and I couldn't live with myself knowing you were helpless and had no help at all." she replied, gathering his dishes and taking them to the kitchen to be washed.
Melody shook her head once the door to Marquet's bedroom was closed. She was thankful that she would not have to stay any longer than she had to to give all her instruction to Marquet's servants. Until then, she was stuck. Besides, she did not mind the him so much, it was his attitude and way of dealing with things that agrivated her. As she set the dishes in the sink for one of the other maids to do, she went to see what else she could do.
Henry could not help but be upset that Melody wanted to be here taking care of a man that was as close to pure evil as could be. He was once a close member to the family but has since shown his true colors of that as the evil bastard that he really is, but for Melody to want to take care of him and Henry himself know of the history they had before made his blood boil. While Melody was down in the kitchen Henry slipped into the room with Marquet.

"What do you want?" Marquet snapped.

"I want to know why what happened to you. Why did you do all those things to Charlotte?" Henry asked generally curious.
After giving her instructions to a few maids about how Marquet was going to need when she left, she got side tracked for a while, for soon she was walking from floor to floor of Marquet's grand home. His walls seemed to playing out his past as she walked by a few paintings of him and one one seemed to be his wife, for there was almost a full wall of pictures of him, his wife, and a few kids on the top floor. "What happened to this man?" Melody thought out loud as she kept looking at all the portraits.
"You want to know what happened to me?" Marquet said aghast.

"Yes, you were once a noble man with a thriving family. I remember how you used to come over and play with us." Henry agreed.

After thinking for a moment trying to determine if Henry was being sincere or not then deciding that he just didn't care Marquet went into his story of how he became the man he is today.

Okay, Henry have a seat, and I'll tell you the story of Willam Marquet...
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Soon, Melody lost track of time. Once she noticed she had been gone for a while, she ran down several flights of stairs, almost killing her self in the process, but successfully made it down all 3 flights without doing so. Once she noticed that most of the maids had gone home, for their days work was done, Melody sighed annoyed, and went to see what Henry was doing, since he did not really have a purpose to be here, and she had to make up for the decision she made, which she did not care that she made, but to at least make her husband happy.
Once she go to the room, though, there was not a sign of Henry, which made Melody confused, then nervous.
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My wife Emilia and I had been married for a few years when I was finally granted a son who had taken my very own name. I had loved both him and his mother. She and I had a relationship that was built on trust or so I thought.

After having little William, Emilia and I grew apart for some odd reason. She would not talk to me much anymore nor would she accept my advances for love, and as far as I can see it was not because I was not a loving husband. I only had eyes for her, but it would seem the same was not meant for her.

I came home one dark stormy evening after spending time with your family, and playing with you kids to stumble upon my wife cheating on me with my former butler, and after kicking them both out of the house, and telling her that she will no longer set eyes on my son sometime during the night someone snuck into the house taking him from me forever.
William finished with a tear in his eyes that disappeared in a blink.

“I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you. I- I just don’t know what to say.” Henry stammered.

A laugh exploded from Marquet that caught Henry off guard to the point of putting his hands up defensively in reaction to it.

“You are such a gullible fool Henry. How I came to be this way is none of your business and if I want you to know anything you’ll be the first to know until then mind your place.” Marquet snapped. “Get out of my room!” He said, in a savage tone.

Henry stared at Marquet in bewilderment wondering how much of the story was true and not wanting to get into a fight with someone injured decided it was a good idea to leave well enough alone. He instead turned his mind toward finding Melanie it had been a while since he had last seen her.

“I don’t know what happened to you William, but I hope you come back to your senses.” Henry said leaving out of the door and closing it behind him then flinching when he heard the crash of something hitting the door he just left out of thinking it was probably the book that was lying next to the bed William laid upon.

After throwing the book at Henry, Marquet laid on his bed letting his mind drift back to the final days with his family and his son little William.

Emilia, why have you taken my son away from me? Did I not love you enough?

Fresh tears filled his eyes at the thought of losing his family he loved so dearly then the rage that had built up over time came back washing away any trace of tenderness that had crept in.

Meanwhile, Garret was out in the garden letting his mind drift over the night he had planned for Charlotte.

Meet me in the garden Garret. There is something I want to show you. Garret thought, going over the words Charlotte had told him shortly after wrapping his hands up.

What could she want to tell me? Should I bring some flowers or something? Garret thought while pacing the floor in the kitchen.

Garret left the house in search of the fields that were located not to far away to collect some flowers for Charlotte.

If I remember correctly there should be some wild blue orchids somewhere in the middle of the field. Garret thought moving fast to be back in time for his meeting with Charlotte.
While Henry has well away from Marquet's room, Melody came walking up in a hurry. She could not find her husband anywhere, and she feared he had been in Marquet's room. "Just to know he's not there will help me calm down." She kept saying to herself. Once she was at his door, she knocked, for she did not know what state he was in. When she heard in say "Come in" in a not so happy tone, she worried even more, and almost made the door slam into the wall when she opened it. With fear on her face, she looked around the room. To see Marquet alone made her fear wash away and a defensive nature took over. To make it so she wad there to do something productive, she started to clean up what the maid asigned to his room did not do. "He must have scared the poor girl out of her wits." Melody whispered as she started to clean, not noticing that Marquet never stopped staring at her.
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Charlotte took deep breaths as she sat beside Garret. She didn't know what exactly to say, though she had told him to meet her so she could tell him something. She only wanted to be around him, to bask in his presence. She knew she loved him, more so than she did Henry or Marquet. She had been such a silly, shallow girl. So naive. She wished she could take it all back. Perhaps Garret could help her right her wrongs . . . .
Marquet started at Melody as she busied herself around the room purposely not looking at him. A wry smile crossed his dark features as an idea popped into his head. Having made up his mind on what he was going to do he looked at Melody once more then began to cough histirically. Melody saw this and thought he was having a real problem and being the sweet woman that she is she jumped to Marquet's rescue there by doing exactly what he wanted. When she came over to him he grabbed her, and seeing the fear on her face from the surprise capture he smiled evilly.

"You don't know how long I have waited to have you in my arms again Charlotte." Marquet spoke softly with the hint of a growl.

While Melody was in Marquet's clutches, Garret sat beside Charlotte thinking about how much he loved her and how this moment with her was one he had hoped and wished for, for the longest time.

I wonder what she wanted to tell me. Garret wondered, as he looked all the beautiful stars that seemed to come out just for them.

Looking over for a moment he saw that Charlotte was looking at him and in that moment he saw just how beautiful Charlotte was in the moonlight and forever would he remember this night.

Melody, in shock, took a few minutes to realize what had happened. "No!" She yelled fearfully. "Help! Someone!" She yelled out as loud as she could as she started to fight Marquet's grip, but he held tight of her. Not knowing his intensions, she screamed even louder, hoping, praying someone would find her...

About three hallways down, Henry was searching for his wife, for she was not in their room. As he kept walking, he hear a faint sound, so he started to walk toward it. Soon it became distinctive as Melody's pleading cries for help, and anger and fear ran through Henry, for he knew where she was. In no time to think, Henry ran in blind anger to Marquet's room.
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Charlotte took another deep breath and then looked up at Garrett. "I just wanted to thank you," she said softly. "For all you've done to help me, and to help my Raoul. I was a stupid and foolish girl, and I don't deserve any of this." Charlotte confessed. she'd told herself there would be no tears, but she couldn't seem to stop these from cascading down her cheeks.
Marquet held Melody in his grasp and relished in the fact that she was fighting against him definant to the very end. He would have her tonight and there was nothing she could do about it, but he wanted her to admit defeat before he finally took what he wanted from her. He forced himself on top of her and between her legs, but with every effort cost him hold on her until she was free of him and desparately trying to get out of the room. She made a move toward the door but he was on her again and had her by the ankle. A gasp escaped her as she fell to the floor hard. This reminded Marquet of a night so long ago. A night just like this, only the woman that was fighting him was not Melody but his wife Emilia.

He had thought he wouldn't see his son again, but at last he found them, but things turned tragic. Melody reminded Marquet of Emilia so much it was uncanny that is why Marquet wanted to be with Melody so bad because he wanted another chance with Emilia. Maybe this time he would get it right he thought to himself at one time, but that time had passed and now he would take her against her will since she would not come to him willingly.

Melody clawed at Marquets' face as he tried to climb on top of her and successfully gave him a good long scratch on his face. Henry came bursting into the room grabbed Marquet by the scruff of the collar and threw him away from Melody. After making sure Melody was alright before springing on Marquet in a flurry of punches and kicks.


Henry slowly opened his eyes to the beautiful face of his wife Melody. Sitting up from his position on a couch located in the den on the giant house.

"Henry, I was looking all over for you." Melody said in a worried tone.

"Did Marquet do anything to you love?" Henry said jumping to his feet. His dream fresh in his mind.

"No, he was just looking at me strangely" Melody said thinking back on when she went into Marquet's room.

"Well, we did have a conversation about his family that he lost some years ago. He used to be a good man I just wonder what happened to him to turn him into this monster of a man." Henry said taking Melody's hands in his own.
Garret sat beside Charlotte as tears began to spill down her cheeks. He took his hand and caught them before the tears had time to roll all the way down her face.

"Charlotte, don't say such crazy things. You deserve me helping you and more." Garret said softly to Charlotte while gazing into her eyes.

"But there is just so much that I regret." Charlotte began to say, but Garret cut her off.

"Charlotte, I care for you deeply. I would do anything to protect you and Raoul." Garret said leaning in close for a kiss.
Melody lay awake that night thinking about what Henry had told her. 'How and why did he loose his wife.' Melody whispered as she sat up and looked at her sleeping husband. After a few minutes though she sighed and got out of bed. She couldn't stop the thoughts in her head, so she went to stroll down the hallway with the portraits of Marquet's family to see if there were any clues to his problem.
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After Charlotte and Garret had spoken, they decided to head over to Marquet's to find Henry and Melody. Charlotte took little Raoul and bid the others, Fiyro. Elphaba, and Emma, good-bye.

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