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Sequel the my famous interactive. The Jocks and Nerds are on a class trip!
[Introduction] Hello People. I've deleted my Serendipity Island campfire (mostly because someone wasn’t updating and because the story was beginning to fall flat on its face) and have now taken my extremely popular (OK maybe not that popular) Jocks VS Nerds Interactive and made it into a campfire!

This is not the Jocks VS Nerds storyline in campfire form. Rather it is the sequel to the events of the interactive set in a class trip to historic Williamsburg Virginia

(I and my family went on vacation there last week therefore I got a lot of inspiration)

All the playable characters from Jocks VS Nerds will appear as main characters in this story. Each group Jock, Nerd and Teacher has a quartet of characters

Without further ado here are the main characters.
(p.s. in this story Anthros will be referred to as Chimera. The reason for this is I feel Anthro sounds way to bland and generic and also because I was inspired by a novel by Will Shetterly called Chimera which I highly recommend)

Jock Quartet: the four biggest bullies

Human Male-Sammy Smith: Sammy was once the hero of the school, athletic, handsome and sensual. He was the captain of the basketball team but also the biggest bully in school especially if you were a nerd! Two things ruined Sammy's reputation. He developed a crush on teammate Mark and he and everyone else realized he was gay (only the humans cared about that, Chimera don't seem to give a rat's tail about orientation) 2nd the school found out he was a chimera killer. He and his family hate chimera and would kill and eat them! Mark who had a Tarbosaurus Chimera for a girlfriend turned his back on Sammy forever.

Sammy is 9 feet tall, 16 years old, has blond hair and brown eyes

Human Female-Lucy Wilcox: Lucy is an exchange student from Sweden. Not much is known about her other than she is not very bright. She likes to bully human nerds but Chimera can fight her off pretty well. She is not a chimera hater like Sammy

Lucy is 7 feet tall, 16 years old has blond hair and blue eyes

Dragon Chimera-Taren Dragonnache: Taren is a green dragon chimera who is the captain of the football team. He is one from one of the richest Chimera families in the county and therefore was able to afford a human name (others have to have names like Marzipan or Rook or other unusual names) Taren was one of the biggest bullies in school but there may be some hope for him because he was once a 98 pound weakling who got bullied often and so may be able to see the error of his ways.

Taren is 9 feet tall, 15 years old has yellow eyes

Dragon Chimera- Lea Draco: Lea is the most popular chimera girl in school. She is a cheerleader and Taren's girlfriend. She is shallow, vain and petty. Chimera seem not to care about gender and seem to be willing to snuggle up with anyone boy or girl. This has caused many human to think chimera as bisexual but in truth it seems they are pansexual. Lea had a couple of trysts with her fellow cheerleaders including Julia Hamm.

Nerd Quartet: The leaders of the Nerd Revolt

Human Male-Ichabod Crane-the 2nd in command:
Ichabod looks very much like his literary namesake. He is tall and lanky, got big clumsy feet, and has a long nose and even the classic glassy green eyes! Except for the fact he has red hair he would almost like the living spit of Irving's character. While not a charismatic as Pandora he is shrewd and cunning and makes an ideal 2nd in command. He has a crush on Alice Tetch

Human Feamale- Pandora Nashton-The Leader:
Proud, charismatic, aloof all these words discribe the mysterious Pandora. The leader of the nerds or 'comrades of intellect' as she coined the term. It was Pandora's idea to lock down the school so they could get revenge on the Jocks. She did not know that among the Jocks she had a secret admirer!
Minos the white bull chimera tried to kidnap her and have his way with her but the nerds rescued Pandora before that could happan. Minos has apolgized for the incident but Pandora still dosen't like him. She is close friends with Marzipan the cat chimera.

Pandora is 5 feet tall, has red hair and green eyes

Red Fox Chimera-Rook Reynardo-The Double Agent:
Rook was one of the most prominant nerds in the nerd comunity. Pandora appointed him messanger due to his quick foxy feet and talent for spying.
Unfortunetly Rook played both sides of the field and spyed for both the nerds and the jocks! When the nerds found out he was a double agent they didn't take kindly to it. Nonetheless Rook proved himself a valient fighter during the battle so the other nerds put him on probation, not allowed to take part in leading the comrades of intellect. Rook turned double agent out of self-protection he had a couple of trysts with male students and even a few male jocks! And therefore revealed information to the Jocks to avoid being outed

Cat Chimera- Marzipan Cheshire-The Enforcer:
Marzipan was origanaly not one of the nerds. She was a loner who spoke to no one. She claimed she joined the nerds becuase she had nothing better to do and she felt bad for them. The pink and purple cat quickly became friends with them and formed close bond with Pandora and Ichabod.

Teacher Quartet-The Protecters

This one won't nealry be as complex as other two Promise

Human Male-Mr Irving Diedrich AKA Prof Jonathan Crane (Yeah I know I watch too much Batman) Jonathan Crane is Ichabod's father. Hiding from the law for various crimes he had to change his identity to see his son. Only he and Ichabod know the secret and do whatever it takes to keep from slipping.

Human Female/Triceratops Chimera. Ms Momo Kashi: Momo is half human/half chimera she is a rare breed. She can switch between human and chimera forms. Only a few half human/chimeras have ever been born but the fact that humans and chimera can produce offspring together is what cuased humans to forbid the two species from marrying. Humans and chimras can have sex but can never marry. Humans who like sex with chimera are called furries and chimera who like sex with humans are called pets

Cat Chimera- Mr. Quaxo Tabby: Mr Quaxo is an orange tabby cat chimera and the first chimera teacher at Moreau High. A curious thing about Anthro teachers is that they are called by the first names not last names (In anthros their last name is called their clan name) Therefore he is always called Mr. Quaxo not Mr. Tabby.

Silvery Bat Chimera- Ms. Iris Ogg: Ms Iris is the newest teacher to Moreau High she is a silvery bat chimera. She is unique for too reasons one she grew up in Europe (Ireland to be exact) Where chimera have more rights and she was raised by humans (adopted when her parents were killed by chimera haters)
If you went to the Wyndem Moreau High School you would know of the terrible battle that went on there a month or two ago. Both the Jocks and the Nerds lost badly and neither clique was able to redeem themselves in the eyes of the other students.

The Jocks were reveiled to be arrogant pompous bullies. Everyone knew they ran the school but it wasen't until the Jocks got their butts handed to them that the regular students relized that the Jocks only had power because they let them have power. That day it was also reveiled that Sammy Smith, The Captain of the basketball team was a chimera killer he and his family had murdered severel Chimera and ate them! When his teamate Mark Baroni learned of this he swore he would never be friends with Sammy ever again for Mark was hopelessly in love with a Tarbosaurus Chimera named Ember.

Mark and Ember made a little song about the battle that mocked both Jocks and Nerds

The Jocks and the Nerds as everyone knows
Are proud and implacible passionate foes
It is always the same wherever one goes

And Men and Chimera though most people say
That they are not friends though once in way
They band together to join into the fray

And they fight fight fight fight
fight fight fight
Until you could hear them throughout the whole night!

The nerds had not fared much better although the regular students might have once felt pity for them. (Not enough to actully help them however)

Because the nerds started the whole fight and nearly ruined the whole school becuase of it. The regular students saw the nerds as intellectual snobs therefore no less arrogant than the jocks.

Four techers got together Mr Irving Diedrich,(AKA Jonathan Crane) Ms Momo Kashi (A teacher from Japan who was half Triceratops) Mr Quaxo Tabby (A cat chimera) and Ms Iris Ogg (A bat chimera from Ireland) thought that the perhaps both the jocks and nerds needed some time off to get away from the demands of peer pressure. Not a vacation excatly but just a getaway where they could take in some culture, some nature and the techers could talk with them one on one and help heal the wounds of the battle.

They chose Willamsburg Virgina becuase it was a very Historic place and a very woodsy not overly developed place which would be soothing to the chimera students who love forests and meadows and rivers and swamps. Plus their was also a theme park. The famous Bucsh Gardens Europe voted the most beautiful theme park in the world. The techers decided the promise of the theme park would be used as a reward at the end of the week if the Jocks and Nerds could get along for a week without fighting.

They gathered every athletic student who had been a bully. And they gathered all the nerds who had been part of the nerd revolt. The four key players were Ichabod Crane, Pandora Nashton, Rook Reynardo and Marzipan Cheshire the only other members of the 'comrades of intellect' as they called themselves were Fireheart Thunderpaw (A red cat chimera) and the three hacker cousins Bob, Pual and Albert.

Unfortunetly the only plane they could get to Willamsburg was a redeye flight that did not leave till 7 at night!

Of course, that was no major problem for the Nerds, who liked to stay up all night studying and had all brought their laptops with them. And it wasn't all that big a problem for the Jocks who liked to stay up all night partying and had all brought their Sony PSP's, Gameboy DS's, and cell phones with them. But the teachers would have preferred an early bedtime in a nice hotel.

The hotel was another problem. The hotel they had originally reserved had canceled their reservations because of a fire at the hotel. Now they were going to stay at a place they never heard of, a hotel called Pleasure Nights owned by an Indian man, Deepok Chopta. His wife and five children helped him run the small hotel. It was so small that the Teachers, Nerds, and Jocks would fill all the rooms. Ms Momo Kashi wondered why every single room would be vacant and available but she was too shy to ask about it.
That night it was very wet and it lightniged and thundered everyone had a rather uneasy sleep. They kept feeling as if someone was watching their every move.

Finaly as everyone woke up their stomachs rumbled for breakfast.

The four teachers got four large rental cars and began driving around looking for a nice breakfast place.

Ichabod, Pandora, Rook and Marzipan were being cuaferred by Jonathan Crane. Only Jonathan and Ichabod knew the secret that they were father and son respectivly and took great pains not to show it

Jonathan even died his hair black as so he would not look too much like Ichabod.

Marzipan Cheshire the pink and purple cat chimera was stil very sleepy and had difficulty staying awake.

"Poor Marzipan. She's kind of cat-a-tonic!"

Pandora giggled at her joke but Rook the red fox chimera was not amused.

"You are a Homo Sapian Ignoramous!" The Fox snapped "Are you not aware that Marzipan is so tired because of her medication?"

"What medication?" Pandora asked

"It has been a problom for mammalian chimera like us ever since we intergrated into human socity in 2010" Rook said "All female mammal chimera from a fluttering bat to a massive whale will sooner or later come into heat. It is differant for every species for some it only comes once or twice a year for others it comes every two weeks. When it happans two things happan. 1st The female in question begins to act like a slut and starts flirting with everyone she sees 2nd all the boys in the area will react to her hormones and go into 'a rut' and start fighting over her. Not even humans are immune to it!"

Pandora and Ichabod shuddered at the thought
"So therefore Marzipan must take meds for her heat season to act like a normal human period"

Finally all the cars pulled up to a place called Shoneys and everyone hopped out and got ready for breakfast

The Shoney's staff was used to large tour groups so it didn't surprise them to slide the tables together for 12. However, they were surprised by the appearances of some of the group.

"Did you get a look at that one," one waitress said to another. "She has a face like a cat."

Mr. Quaxo motioned the waitress over. "Do you have any fish?"

The waitress raised her eyebrows. "Fish for breakfast?"

"I like fish. Is it a problem?"

"No. It's just unusual. Say, is that girl over there your daughter?"

"Marzipan? No, she is my student. We are a school group."

"Ohhhh." The waitress hurried back to exchange her new information with her buddy.

Ms. Iris leaned over to address Mr. Quaxo. "Look at them whispering. It's a shame we can't go anywhere without attracting attention."

"I'm used to it," Mr. Quaxo said.
Marzipan desperatly needed breakfast so she asked if she could do the breakfast buffet.

Mr. Quaxo said ok so Marzipan helped herself to bacon and eggs.

As everyone ate the teachers began to discuss well... teacher stuff

"Have you ever heard of the works of James W Redfeild?" Jonathan Crane asked "His books are living proof you can take absolute nonsense and dress it up so it sound authentic and have people take it as scientific fact!"

"Let me guess." Mr Quaxo said "His writings were about the natures of race."

Prof. Crane and Mr.Quaxo were not friends excatly but they did discuss many a topic together. Prof Crane was considering writing a book about how humans see chimera and why they were so beloved among communites.

"So where is our first stop?" Asked Ms. Iris

"Our first stop is at Historic Williamsburg." Said Mr. Quaxo "Their we will see historic buildings, taverns, gift shops and of coarse plenty of people running around in colonial dress!"

The teachers chuckled

"Do you think we would see any chimera working there?" Momo asked

"Not if they were striving for perfect historical accrucy" Jonathan said "Chimera didn't exsist until 2008 but still it's hard for their not to be chimera there as they cover more than half America's population."

"There don't seem to be very many here." Momo said

"That's becuase most chimera live in big cites." Said Ms. Iris "They haven't excactly moved into the small towns yet."

"This is the blacksmith shop," intoned the guide. "Here the blacksmith made horse shoes and tools that the colonists needed."

"Did they play a lot of horseshoes in those days?" Lucy asked.

"Not particularly. The horse shoes were for the horses to wear."

"Oh my God!" Lucy said. "The horses wore SHOES?!"

"They were iron protectors for their feet, not shoes like humans wear."

"Oh. My brother plays horse shoes sometimes. Once he knocked me in the head with one and I was unconscious for an hour."

"That explains a lot."

"They thought I was dead. It's lucky they didn't bury me alive."

"Yes," the guide said. "Or maybe unlucky depending on your point of view."
The group walked into a place called Basement Bargains.

There they met a Stegosaurus woman in a coloinial gown.

Momo was amazed that they would find anouther dinosaur chimera! Dinosaurs were the rarest of all reptile chimera. Dragons were more common than Sauians were!

Momo blushed as the Stego looked at her and wondered if even though she was in human shape. This other one could smell her inner triceratops.

"All right folks. I'll let you in on today's secret. Today any taveren will give anyone a free lunch if they come dressed in coloinial clothing!

"You're kidding right?" Prof. Crane asked

"Fraid not. The rental costumes are in the back of the shop."

Ms. Iris turned to the class

"Kids. In order to save on expenses we are going to play ... dress up."

"This outfit is the ultimate humiliation!" Ichabod grumbled as he put on the shoes

"Ichabod don't grumble" Prof. Crane said "It will only be for the day"

Lea Draco the dragon had already gotten dressed. She sat on a bench. As she watched the world go by she spotted a familer face. She blinked and rubbed her eyes

"What you lookin' at?" Her boyfriend Taren asked

"I thought I saw Mick Roger." Lea responded

"Mick Roger? The Gym Teacher who shags Chimera girls?"

"Yes," Lea said. "I recognized him by the gleam of lust in his eye."

"What? He saw you?"

"No, he was just checking out all the girls in the crowd. I don't think he recognized me."

Taren rubbed his chin. "That's funny he would be here at Williamsburg the exact same time as us. Do you think he came up here on purpose?"

Lea shook her head. "You're trying to make it look like I arranged to meet him here, aren't you?"

"No, no, I'm not. You said that what happened between you and him was a one-time thing and it will never happen again. I believe you. I have to believe you because if I thought you and Mick Roger were up to anything..."

"We're not! Zheesh! I don't know why he's at Williamsburg."
Mick Roger had indeed followed the group to Williamsburg. But the reasons he followed them were very mysterious.

As he watched the group move away from Basement Bagains and check out some more historic buildings. Mick Roger approched a Cow Chimera.

"Pardon me. Madam" He said most politly "Would you care to join me for some refreshments?"

The Cow woman giggled and said "Sure"

The little cow, whose name was Lily Bova, had just step into Mick Roger's trap and it was only a downward spiral from here.

Meanwhile as everyone listened to a lecture about the Historic meeting hall of the founding Fathers. Most everyone was thinking about something else.

Ichabod was wondering about where his dear Alice was right now, Marzipan was thinking about the painful contractions inside her as part of her heat season.

Sammy was thinking about his beloved Mark and how That Ember the Tarbosuarus had stolen him!

Mick Roger and Lily Bova sat down at a table in the restaurant and examined a menu. Mick almost orfered beef and caught himself just in time.

"What would you like, Lily?" he asked.

"Chicken," she said. "I eat lots of chicken. I like drumsticks the best. Can I get a plate of drumsticks?"

"Uh, sure... Want some vegetables with that?"

"Ummm, maybe some alfalfa sprouts. They say the alfalfa is very good this year."

"Do they? I guess I'll have chicken too. And a nice wine to wash it down."

Lily giggled. "Are you trying to get me drunk, Mick?"

Mick smiled.
Mick secretly slipped things into Lily's drink that cuased her to feel woozy. He cuagt her before she fell and gently lead her to his car.

Meanwhile the students had just finished anouther lecture when thunderclouds started brewing before everyone knew it they started getting rained on!

"Quickly everyone," Mr Quaxo said "Let us hurry into the tavern!"

Everyone did so

"Oh geez, My outfit is totaly soaked" Pandora complained

Prof. Crane looked firmly at the Anthro kids

"Don't you young ones dare think about shaking your fur!"

Sammy Smith exused himself to the restroom which happened to be in the tavern's basement.

Along the the way he accidently brushed sides with a Sheep man.

"Chimera filth." Sammy muttered under his breath

The Sheep man turned around and gave a horrendous bleat!

"Baaaaa! Say that to my face you haf-baked, two bit child!"

Sammy didn't say it again he ran for the restroom hoping the ram woulden't follow him.

Well the Sheep didn't he just shook his horned head muttered "Kids these days..." And head off

After Sammy used the toilet he bumped into someone else

"Hello Sammy." It was Mick Roger!

"Coach! What are you doing here?!"

"I've come to help you." Mick said "You've always hated chimera haven't you?"

"Yes." Sammy replied

"In fact you liked to eat them didn't you?"


"Well how would you feel if you could getaway with eating the chimera students?"

Sammy thought about that

"The only chimera students who are with me on this trip are two dragons, a cat and a fox. Those don't sound particuly tastly."

"I've got a whole cow in my car," Mick said.

Sammy's mouth fell open. "What? A cow chimera? How did that happen?"

"Don't worry about that. The important question is: Are you hungry?"

"Geez, coach, I can't eat a whole cow all by myself."

"Don't be dumb, Sammy. You'll have help. I'm thinking about having a big party out at my place. I've got 10 acres of land around my house and a swimming pool. It's quiet. We won't be bothered. There will be maybe 30 or 40 people there. Lots of beer. We'll butcher the cow Saturday morning and eat steaks and chili and BBQ beef all weekend. Sound like fun?"

"I'll say! Can I bring a friend?"

"Sure. Just make sure he's not a chimera hugger. We don't need any chimera lovers at this party."

Sammy and Mick laughed.

Later at Historic Willaimsburg the rain had stopped and it was time to go home.

When they got back to the hotel, Pandora spent some time with Marzipan, brushing her pink and purple tabby fur.

"Marzipan, I wish I had your hair coulor, I mean fur color. If I did maybe some guys would Notice me."

"Pan," (That was what Marzipan called Pandora) "If you had my coulored fur the whole world would notice you

They both luaghed

"Have you ever had a secret crush?" Pandora asked

Marzipan became sillent for a second

"Love is differnt for chimera, we don't always feel the same things humans do, but... if you want to know my secret I do have feelings for Ichabod."

"Ichabod!?" Pandora gasped "Have you ever told him?"

Marzipan shook her head

"Ichabod is far to busy to be bothered with such nonsense and he's got his eyes on Alice besides. And anyway it would never work out."

"Why not?"

"Becuase he's a human being and I'm a cat chimera. We're too different. The world won't let us be a couple but insted call us a furry and a pet. Neither one of us could stand the humiliation of that"

And Marzipan began too weep

Taren and Lea had slipped away from the group. It had been over 24 hours since they last had sex and both of them were feeling pretty horny.

"How about in here?" Taren said. They had traveled down a back hallway and discovered an open storeroom. It was half-filled with wooden barrels and boxes, but there was enough room on the floor. There were even a couple of old tarps to use as a blanket.

"Yes," Lea whispered. "Lock the door."

"There's no light in here," Taren said.

"I don't care. I know what every inch of your body looks like."

Clothes rustled and fell to the floor. Then came the the sounds of heavy breathing followed by the slap of skin against skin and some passionate cries. Then a moment of silence.

"I never get tired of doing that," Lea said.

Taren thought that was an odd thing for her to say. Did she mean she DID get tired of it? But he felt too relaxed now to get hung up on questions of irony. "Yeah," he said. "Me neither."

Sammy was doing a little thinking Who could he bring to Mick's BBQ?

The only friend and non-chimera lover in the group was Lucy Wilcox but an evil thought crossed his brain

What if he got those nerds, Pandora and Ichabod to come along? What if he could teach them to enjoy eating the flesh of talking animals?

It was such a delishously horrible thought that Sammy decided he'd go ahead and do it and force Pandora and Ichabod to eat chimera

Taren and Lea lay in a puddle on the floor, oozing with desire

"Let's do it again," Taren said.

Lea drew back in surprise. "Really? You ARE feeling good today."

"Yeah, I don't know what it is. Something about this place, I guess."

"Colonial Williamsburg?"

"Yeah. Colonization makes me hot. I used to get boners in history class when they were talking about Jamestown and Plymouth Rock and the pilgrims."

"I like those big buckles pilgrims wore on their shoes."

"Yeah, me too. Oh, Lea, you would make a hot sexy pilgrim."

Lea laughed. "Colonize me now."

Taren rode her. "Her comes a boatload of pilgrims!"

Well I supose we can leave those two dragons to their buisness.

Meanwhile Ms. Iris looked at her old yearbooks back when she was a high school student.

She looked at the old pictures with her best friends and her Prom photo with her boyfriend Bat Chimera, Chinook.

Iris sighed. She had lost Chinook in a boating accident some years ago. She knew he was alive but she didn't know where to look for him.

That night as Ichabod and Pandora slept snug in their beds. Sammy and Lucy snuck into their rooms and abducted them.

They brought them to Mick's bbq

Mick was very surprised. He stared at Ichabod and Pandora, who were tied up and gagged and still wearing their pajamas, and clucked his tongue. "Tsk-tsk! I don't get it, Sammy. Why did you bring them here?"

Meanwhile. on an island far out in the bay, a bat chimera scratched a mark on the trunk of a tree. 10,000 days! Maybe he should celebrate. He wondered if he would be marooned on the island for another 10,000 days.

If only he hadn't broken his wing he could just fly away. But in the boating accident the boat propellor had chewed his left wing to shreds. He had tried to learn to fly with one wing but it always ended up badly - clumsy circles and then a crash.

He had made the island as comfortable as possible, had built a grass hut, and then a log cabin. Fortunately, useful things washed ashore from time to time and there were plenty of fish and seabirds to eat. It wasn't a bad life... but it was a lonely life. He looked at the tree where he had scratched "Chinook loves Iris" and tears came to his eyes.
Chinook sat down on a stump. He wondered what he should do next.

Suddenly he heard severel screams and a woosh sound! It startled him right of his feet!

He looked around to see where the noise was coming from.

Then he saw above him a twisty coaster track and a roller coaster car speeding along it.

"That must be the new Trans-Atlantic Roller coaster!" Chinook gasped "The first coaster to cross the ocean!

As the new coaster car came speeding along. Chinook asked

"Where you guys headed?"

A guy with French accent shouted back


"I must find a way to get on that coaster." Chinook said

Meanwhile Lucy and Sammy took off their captive's mouth gags.

"Well, well well." Mick said "Looks like we have someone to test my famous blood soup!"

In a cauldron bubbling hot and red was the blood of Lily Bova. Mick Roger smiled as he took out an ice cube and dropped into the soup. It was no ordanary ice cube I should say it was an ice cube made from the salty tears of chimera! It was an enchanted ice cube that would make anyone who consumed it a horrible craving fror the fleash of chimera.

Mick ladled the soup into some bowls and put them in front of Pandora and Ichabod.

"I insist you take one spoonful of this!"

"No we won't!" Pandora snapped back

"You'll take a spoonful or you'll go into the cauldron!"

That frightened those poor kids enough to take one spoonful of the blood soup
As soon as the soup went down their throats their eyes bulged out. "Ewww!" Pandora said. "That tastes worse than the time I accidentally ate a piece of dog doo."

"How could you accidentally eat a piece of dog doo?" Ichabod said.

"Long story," Pandora said. "Now give me a glass of water so I can wash the taste of blood soup out of my mouth!"

Meanwhile, Chinook the Bat Chimera had concocted a plan for boarding the trans-Atlantic roller coaster. For a long time the skin of a dolphin had been hanging in his cabin. "This is the perfect use for it!" he exclaimed.

He dressed up in the skin and hung a sign around his neck: "Will do tricks for fish!" Then he stood where a passing roller coaster could easily see him. Sure enough, he heard two businessmen comment to each other as the coaster flew by. "Did you see that, Jack? It's a dolphin what wants to do tricks. I could use him in my new Seaquarium Funpark."

"Well then, why don't you jump in your helicopter when we get to Florida and fly out here and get him?"

"By George, I think that's just what I will do!"

Chinook settled down to wait.
After the BBQ Mick Roger took the kids back to the hotel.

"Remember kiddies" Mick warned Pandora and Ichabod "You let one word of this slip and you'll all get a blotch on your permanant records!"

Pandora and Ichabod went straight to their rooms terrified out of their wits!

Ichabod slipped into bed and tried to get some sleep for what remained of the night. He clutched his stomach as it made uncomfortable gurgle noises.

"Ugh! What did that bastard put in his soup? Black widows?!" Ichabod said through gritted teeth as he shut his eyes.

Pandora and Ichabod did not know it yet but Mick's evil plan was starting to come into motion!

That evil magic ice cube made from chimera tears had melted while in the soup and throughly disperced itself throughout the the broth!

Now as Ichabod and Pandora slept an ice cube formed in each of their stomachs and worked evil magic on their minds and bodies

As Ichabod slept he had vivid dreams. He dremt about blood, it seductive rosy-red color, it's ocean-salty taste and the magic way it flows through the body.

Begining it's journey in the sweet marrow bones and coursing through artiries and vains. In female mammals the blood creates a nest in the womb and in humans is shed monthly.

He also dreamed about chimeras. Silky little kittens who mature into lushous cat women. And of plump, seductive pig-women and sheep strippers who sheer themselve for your amusment .

Ichabod woke up with a start! His eyes had darkend and lost their pupils.

"Fresh chimera blood." Ichabod said to himself "I must have some this instant!"

He looked in his suitcase and took out his swiss army knife.

He headed for the room between his and Pandora's which happened to be Marzipan's

Marzipan was already up, watching TV and eating brown sugar straight from the box.

Ichabod came in sillently but she noticed him anyway.

"Hey Ichabod, How did you...AIEEEE!"

Ichabod lunged for her with the knife, She backed away and screamed

Mr. Quaxo Tabby woke up with a start. Had he heard a scream? Yes! There it was again and coming from the room of his beloved friend, Marzipan. He pulled on his red silk robe embroidered with green and gold dragons and flew out of his room. A third scream sounded. He pounded on Marzipan's door. "Marzipan! What is it? Open up!"

The door was locked. He backed up a few steps and lunged at the door but it didn't break. Other doors were opening. Ms. Iris came out into the hall. "What is it? What's going on?"

"Someone call the police!" Mr. Quaxo said. "Something awful is happening in Marzipan's room. She has screamed three times!"

Meanwhile, Chinook was watching a helicopter settle down on his island. He pulled his dolphin skin tighter around him. His bat feet were showing but there was nothing much he could do about that.

Two men in business suits stepped out of the chopper and walked toward him with outstretched hands. "Hello! How do you do! I'm Jack Moneygrabber and this is my partner Bernie. We noticed your sign."

Chinook was too scared to say anything. Surely his high-pitched squeaky bat voice would give him away? But then he remembered how Flipper had sounded, also high-pitched and squeaky, so maybe this could work! "Thanks for coming!" he squeaked.

Bernie was looking down at Chinook's feet. He had question marks all over his face. "A dolphin with little hairy feet? Jack! There is something fishy going on here."

"No!" Chinook said. "I'm a mammal! Honest!"

Jack stared at the ffet. "All the better, Bernie! Even if this dolphin isn't too good at tricks, he'll still wow the customers with those little hairy feet. What's your name, dolphin?"

"Chi- I mean... Uh... Danny."

"Danny the Dolphin. I like it! I can already see your name in lights. What about it kid? Ready for the big time?"

Chinook breathed a sigh of relief. He was going home.
Chinook walked into the helicopter and as it rose into the sky. He lay back and began to dream of Iris.

He dreamed of when they first met in High School they were in the UFOlogy club. A club for those who beleive in aliens (During these years UFOlogy evolved into something of a cult with Aliens being the new saints)

Chinook and Iris were both worshipers of the UFO relegion.

Meanwhile Marzipan was standing on her bed terrified out of her wits!

"Don't come near me!" She screeched "I have claws and fangs I could kill you if I want!"

The fear in her eyes delighted Ichabod. Very few people knew this but Ichabod had a nasty little quirk called his 'fear fetish' where he delighted in having others afraid of him

Ironicly it was this fear fetish that saved Marzipan.

"Hmmmmm," Ichabod murmured "Perhaps I won't kill you just yet, my stomach can wait."

"What do you mean?" Marzipan asked

"Don't be daft." Ichabod snapped "You are still in heat aren't you?"

"Oh shoot" Marzipan suddenly had a sinking feeling He was going to rape her than eat her!

"Remove your clothes." Ichabod growled.

"No! You remove your clothes!" Marzipan snapped!

Ichabod looked taken aback for a second than smiled

"Very well Kitten, we'll play a little game, I'll remove an article of clothing and you'll do likewise."

Meanwhile as the copter landed in Florida. Chinook hopped out! Happy once more to be among the civilized world again!

Back at Willaimsburg Ichabod had removed his nightshirt and commanded the cat the remove hers. Now they were both in their underpants!

Ichabod carefully put down the knife and climbed into the bed and commaded the poor Cheshire puss to lie down.

He ran his fingers through her soft fur. He buried his nose in her bossom and inhaled deeply

"Oh Marzipan," He sighed "You smell as sweet as the cofection you're named after."

Marzipan was torn at this moment. On one paw this was like some wild fantasy come true! On the other paw Ichabod was going to kill her after the deed and that wasen't fun at all!

Mr. Quaxo turned to Ms. Iris."Get Irving Diedrich! He must know about this!"

Marzipan gasped at Ichabod's fever hot skin and metalic hot scent. Acting on instinct she wrapped her arms around him but than pinned him to the bed and sat on his back

"I don't want to this Ichabod, but it has to be done!"

And with that she visously bit Ichabod in his rump!

"OW OW OW!" Ichabod screeced "Marzipan what are you doing?!"

The bite had restored Ichabod to his senses
Ichabod blinked a few times as his pupils were restored to his eyes. Marzipan had ceased biting his behind but was still sitting on his back

"How did I get here?" He asked "Why am I half-naked?"

"You were trying to rape me!" The cat snapped "Don't you remember anything?"

"No...no I can't. Everything is a blur before this moment...."

Just than Ichabod's stomach gave a growl

"JONNY FREAKINOUTER!" Marizpan exclamed "That's the loudest belly rumble I've ever head out of you"

When his stomach rumpled, Ichabod was suddenly able to remember everything

"You're right! I did do those things! Oh Marzipan how can you ever forgive me?"

"I'm not sure" The cat said "are you truly sorry or are you just saying comforting words so I'll get of your back?"

Tears streamed down Ichabod's face "I need help." He wimpered "This horrible curse is still a part of me I still want to drink blood."

Marzipan lowered her head to sniff him. He no longet had that hot metalic scent but once again smelled of vanalla flowers.

"I beleive you mean those words sencerly" She purred

There was a knock at the door "Open up it's the police!"

"AHH! THE POPO!" Marzipan screamed "I can't do anouther nickel!"

She than jumped off Ichabod and hid in a cubord under the sink

"They're here for me you silly kitten." Ichabod said "Why would you think they'd be here for you?"

"Because I've used...drugs in the past"

As the the police began to bang on the door Deepok Chopta together with Pandora rushed to the scene

"Wait! Wait Officers!" Deepok shouted "This is all a big misunderstanding!" He gestured to Pandora "This young lady explained to me what happened,you see these youngsters are under a magic spell the only way to break it is the give them some normal food ASAP!"

The officer in charge, Captain Spotless, gestured to one of his men. "There's a Chinese place down the street. Go get us some take-out, maybe some sweet-and-sour pork, fried rice, kung pow chicken. Oh! And some egg rolls. And don't forget the drinks. Cream soda for me."

Pandora looked at Captain Spotless. "How do you know they even like Chinese food?"

Captain Spotless laughed. "Everybody likes Chinese food, little lady. You worry too much."

Deepok knocked on the door again. "Ichabod? Marzipan? Open up! It's okay. We're getting you some food. Everything is going to be alright."
Everyone sat them selves down at the reasraunt. Deepok ordered the food and set some aside for Ichabod and commanded him to eat it.

Becuase of the magic ice cube in his stomach Ichabod had a hard time stomaching the Chinese food. The evil little ice cube was making the meat of ordanary dumb animals taste rancid in his mouth!

Rook nudged Pandora "Is this what happened to you?"

"Yes." Pandora said "I had trouble eating real food as well all I wanted was raw chimera meat. Luckily Deepok stopped me and gave me some normal food so I'd change back to normal."

Finaly Ichabod had all the General Tso's chicken he could stomach

"Oh Geez! I can't eat anymore! I need to vomit!"

Covering his mouth he raced for the restroom "If he's done can I have his Sweet/Sour Pork?" Rook asked

Ichabod rushed into a stall and began vomiting everything that was in his stomach, Finally he vomited up the ice cube!

Prof. Crane AKA Irving Diedrich knocked softly on the stall door "Ichabod? Are you all right?"

"I'm OK Father...OOPS! I mean Mr. Diedrich..."

Jonathan blushed as Mr. Quaxo and Deepok looked at him "Every student occastionaly calls their teacher Father or Mother don't they?"

"Yes....But you look far too similer for this to be a coincadince." Mr. Quaxo said sharply "You really are his father aren't you? You are Jonathan Crane!"

"Please PLEASE! Don't tell anyone else!" Jonathan begged "I've reformed just don't turn me in!"

Deepok decided to defuse the whole situation

"Well I think we have no more to worry about. Young Ichabod was vomited up the Ice cube that was the cuase of his Chimera craving. Now that it is gone he can resume a normal diet."

(P.S. This is based on real Native American myths about man-eating giants. When forced to eat normal human food the giants would vomit up ice that was in their stomachs ending their cannabalism)

"Very well than." Mr. Quaxo "Now whose ready to visit Jamestown?"

"Me! Me!" said Lucy.

"Calm down, Lucy," Mr. Quaxo said. "We are not going to get there by jumping up and down. I didn't know you were here at the restaurant. Have you seen Lea and Taren."

"I think they're asleep."

"At this time of day?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure they're in bed. Sleeping or not I don't know."

Mr. Quaxo blushed and cleared his throat. "Ahem... whatever. But we must get everybody together for the trip to Jamestown."
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The bus arrived at Jamestown an hour later than expected yet the tour guide that had been arranged in advance was still waiting by the entrance.
"Welcome students, welcome one and all to the Jamestown Settlement Historical Park," barked the guide (his name was Rufus and he was a dog chimera of the German Sheperd variety). "Since we got a late start, if there are no questions let's get going, we have much to see today," he continued.
Rufus led the group through the main entrance and began down path towards the boat dock. Rufus began, "The Jamestown Settlement was the first permanent English settlement in North America. Named for King James I of England, Jamestown was founded in the Virginia Colony on May 14, 1607. In modern times...."
Ichabod was standing in the back of the group barely able to hear the tour guide. He wasn't interested anyway as he couldn't stop thinking about the events from the night before. He motioned to Marzipan to come talk to him. She walked over slowly, being careful not to draw any attention to herself. "What is it Ichabod?" she asked. "I need to talk to you about what happened last night," he replied.
"What about?" Marzipan said

"Well... Thanks for saving me from myself."

"No biggie." The cat meowed quietly

Ichabod blushed and scratched the back of his head "Pandora told me you have a crush on me."

Marzipan looked angery for a second.

"Listen here I'm no Pet. I'm not the kind of critter who whores for Homo Sapians."

"Calm down, calm down!" The red haired boy shushed "I would never force you to do something you woulden't feel comfortable doing! Besides I'm not going to cheat on Alice she'd rip me to pieces if I did that!"

"Good." Marzipan lashed her tail with annoyance.

Meanwhile in Florida Chinook had left his dolphin skin behind in a lavatory and given his rescuers the slip.

He sneaked inside an old house that was beleived to be huanted and fell asleep

Back at Jamestown Ichabod and Marzipan had rejoined the group at the docks

"At this hour we fire the canons." Rufus explained "I should warn you it is very loud so Chimera with sensitive ears should not...

KA-BANG! The canons fired

"MREOW!" Marzipan yowled and fled up a tree!

"YIP!" Rook fled out of the docks with his tail between his legs

Chinook woke up with a start. The wind was blowing and moaning. The old house was shaking. What the hell? Had he stumbled into one of those famous Florida hurricanes? He crawled to the window and looked out.

A huge white face appeared before him and he screamed and fell backwards. Oh. It was only the moon. Or was it? He carefully peeked out the window again. Good grief, what was that thing? It was huge and white and walking around. It slowly turned and looked at him and grinned. Whew! It was just the Michelin Tire Man. But what was he doing here?

"Hey!" Chinook yelled. "Hey! Michelin Man! What's going on? Why is the wind blowing so much?"

"Go back to sleep," the Michelin Tire Man said. "You're dreaming. You're so tired you are dreaming about tires. The wind is real, though. I hope the roof doesn't blow off that old haunted house you chose to sleep in."

"Thanks," Chinook mumbled in his sleep and pulled his wings tighter around him. The wind moaned, "Wooooo-oooooooooo...."
As everyone came back to the Hotel for the night. Everyone went to their rooms to tuck in for the night.

Taren had invited himself into Lea's room. The two dragons nuzzled and interwined their tails.

"What are we going to do tommorow?" Lea asked

"Tommorow we visit Yorktown." Taren said as he snuggled between the blankets "The day after that we'll go to Busch Gardens Europe"

"That will be nice." Lea sighed "Did you hear about the 17 teen girls who got pregnant last month?"

"Say What?" Taren sprang up

"17 Girls made some sort of 'pregnancy pact' and they all got pregnant." Lea nodded "Most of them did the deed with guys their own age but one had sex with some creepy old homeless guy!"

"Ewwww!" Taren shook his head in disgust "Were all these girls human girls?"

"Oh yeah."

"That explains it"

Meanwhile Ichabod was in his PJs reading Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' when he heard a knock at the door

"Who is it?"

"It's me, Marzipan. Can we talk?"

Ichabod opened the door to let her in.

"Hi Ichabod." The cat said shyly "I don't mean to bother you but I'd just like to say a few things about last night that only now just crossed my mind."

Ichabod was a tiny bit nervous worrying what might happan 'if reason led to passon' as his father would put it. But still Ichabod was a teenage gentleman and would not deny the Cat girl a few minutes of his time.

"Remember when you sniffed me and said I smelled like the confection I was named after?

"Only barely." Ichabod blushed "Once again I apologyze for my lewd behavior"

"Don't apologyze, you were possesed. Anyway I was amazed becuase humans can't usualy smell the spirit scent only Chimera can."

"Spirit scent?"

"Yeah you know, the smell your personality gives off. For example you smell like vanella flowers which tells me you're a gentle, honest soul."

Ichabod looked at his feet. "Would a gentle person be turned on by other's fear?"

When Chinook awakened the morning after his sleep in the haunted house he felt great. That's what I needed, he thought, a good night's sleep. He tried to stand up to stretch but was shocked to discover a chain attached to his leg. What the-?

"Good morning, bat thing," said a voice behind him.

Chinook whirled around. "Huh! Did you chain me down?"

The voice had come from the mouth of a little girl with red hair tied up in pigtails.

"Yes I did," she said. I HATE BATS!" She shouted the last three words so loud it blew the hair back from Chinook's face like he was in a wind tunnel.

"I'm not actually a bat," Chinook said. "I'm a bat chimera. It's not exactly the same thing."

"Oh really?" said the girl. "What's the difference?"

"As a bat chimera I am a person not an animal." Chinook said "I have had all my rabies shots and flea meds"

"Mellicant!" Came a voice from below The ghost of a woman rose up from the floor.

"I apologyze for my little sister bothering you. She doses that alot. To show my sympathy I'll undo your chains and give you a choice of three presents."

The ghost summoned three glittering items

"One is the Golden Rose that promises good health your entire life long. The other is the Emerald Idle."

She held up an emerald crarved in the shape of a star "This will let you see into the future."

Than she held up a great ruby shaped like a heart

"This is the Heart of Fire it will grant one wish."

"Choose one and only one."

Meanwhile as the school group was visiting Yorktown. A young man beckonded them to his office.

"The police have notified us that a wanted crimanal, the leader of a polygamist cult may be hiding somewhere near Yorktown. We merely ask that all chimera get a whiff of his scent so they may be able to help us if they find his scent on the grounds.

Ms. Iris, Mr. Quaxo, Taren, Lea, Rook and Marzipan took their turn sniffing the suspects underpants

"Ick." Rook stuck out his tongue "That guy smells like... feces!"

As the school group made their way into the musium. A young turtle chimera spoke to the security guard.

"Sir I don't think I know where the leader is but I think I know where on of his brides is."

The school group walked into the theater part of the musium and began to watch a short educational filmstrip.

It was called "How the Jamestowne Colonists Utilized the Native Animals".

"That's interesting," Mr Quaxo said. "I never knew how they tanned deerhides before and they also used the deer antlers to make handles for their knives. And of course they loved to eat deer meat. A very useful animal, the deer."

Ms Iris nudged Mr Quaxo. "Can you be quiet? The film explains itself without you commenting so loudly."

"I'm sorry. I find the filmstrip enjoyable and I simply wanted to share my joy."

"Well shareyour joy later, please."

At the haunted house Chinook was trying to decide which of the three gifts he preferred. "Hurry up," the ghost said. "Mellicant and I have a noon haunting to attend."

"I guess I'll take the Heart of Fire ruby and make a wish."

"It's yours," the ghost said and put the ruby in his hand. "After the wish it will still be valuable as an ordinary ruby, so don't toss it in the trash."

Chinook closed his hand over the ruby. "I wish I could see my beloved Iris again."

At that moment, in the theater, Ms Iris gasped. Mr Quaxo turned to her. "What is it? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"It's nothing," Ms Iris said. "It's just that for a moment the image of an old boyfriend appeared before me. It was startlingly real. Gee, I haven't thought about Chinook for a long time. He was lost in a boating accident many years ago."

"That's unfortunate," Mr Quaxo said, "but look at the filmstrip. Did you have any idea there were so many uses for a woodchuck?"

Chinook opened his hand and looked at the ruby. He didn't feel any different, but for some reason he had a powerful urge to go to Colonial Williamsburg. "That must be where she is," he whispered to himself. He walked out of the haunted house and asked the first person he met where he could find a bus heading north.
Meanwhile at Yorktown, the school group was busy at the outdoor exibats. Looking at the tents, tools and weapons.

Their was several men and women talking about the guns they used during the revolutionary war.

"We're going to fire these guns in 10 minutes." Said Tour Guide Steve "But first we must have voulenteers to..."


It was the guy dressed as 'town crier' Greg appeared

"Hear Ye! Hear Ye!" Greg shouted "Breaking news from the U.N.! This just in!"

"Greg this is a historical renacment we don't have time for current events!"

"We have time for this one!" Greg countered "Major breakthrough in ongoing negotiations!"

Everyone was baffled

"Team Y issued this following statent to all men, This truce has been ordered, The fighting is over, Lay down your weapons!"

Every male both human and chimera gasped

"Team X issued the following statement to all women, Cease hostilites and disarm."

Every female both human and chimera were frozen with anticipation

"You guessed it, the Battle of the Sexes IS OVER!"

"By Washington Irving!" Jonathan exclaimed "I never thought this would happan, not in my lifetime anyway!"

The students were flabbergasted! Suddenly it felt like doors were opening all around them!

"I could act perky and bouncy and people won't think I'm an airhead?" Pandora asked meekly

"I could enjoy romantic movies and people won't look at me funny?" Ichabod whispered excited by his own voice

"I can just be myself?" Marzipan looked hopefully into the sky "A tomboy and a poet?"

"I can be taller than most guys and not be unfemminine!" Lea crowed

"I CAN WEAR A KILT!" Boomed Taren
Ms Momo Kashi raised her arms to the sky. "I can grow a moustache, drink beer, join the army, wear my panties on my head, crow like a rooster, stuff jellybeans up my nose, and date old Jewish doctors who have retired to Florida with their wives!"

Everyone stared at her.

"It's the war between the sexes that is over," Jonathan said. "Not the war between the normal people and the crazy people."

"Oh." Ms Momo Kashi lowered her arms. "Nevermind then. I'm glad your war is over. I guess I still have a few more battles to fight in mine."

There was some feeble laughter. No one was sure whether Ms Kashi was joking or not.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I have to go to the little girls room now." And she walked away, whistling Yankee Doodle.
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Ms. Momo Kashi entered the restroom, found an empty stall, entered, closed the door and burst into tears. "It's happening again," she whispered. "Please not now," she continued, " I don't think I can handle this again." She took from her pocket book a small mirror. She knew what she would see yet had to check for sure.

She opened up the mirror and in the reflection was not the face of a young Japanese woman but a Triceratops Chimera!

"Hello Momo." The reflection spoke.
"What do you want?" Momo asked.

"Come now Mo, you know what I want," the reflection spoke again," you know what I do, you pretend that this is something new, as if I had never helped you before."

"I am not ready this time," Momo replied.

"The time is now Mo!" her reflection shouted, "we must finish what we have started."

...Momo's heart was beating very fast. She slowly gazed back into the small mirror. The familiar voice of her animalistic half had become more rough and forceful. What she saw scared her. The horns had grown longer and the scales had become more rough, having formed bumps the size and shape of marbles. The scales had grown darker and the bumps throbbed, almost pulsated slowly as if they were trying to break out of the skin.

The reflections' eyes and tone of voice softened for a few seconds.

"The time of mating is drawing near, all creatures great and small must come together when nature says so."

Meanwhile the School Group was waiting around inside the museum.

"Momo sure is taking a long time," Ms Iris yawned as she stretched her wings.

Mr. Quaxo also yawned and began to scratch his front claws on the carpet out of boredom.

"Ahem," A guard cleared his throat.

"Sorry it's a cat thing," Quaxo apologized.

Quaxo noticed something move quickly from the restroom from the corner of his eye. He shook his head, rubbed his eyes and muttered," it couldn't be..."
Momo Kashi had been forced into her Triceratops form. Her sandels were left behind and she ran away in bare scaly feet.

She found a small place under the bushes and sobbed and sobbed for along time.

When she had finished crying she resumed her human shape once more.

While driving back to the hotel, Rook spotted some thing

"OMG!" He said "A Yankee Candle store! Can we have a look around?"

"Oh Fine." Jonathan relented "But no sniffing the scented candles to get high!"

The four cars pulled up and the students entered the candle store

Right away Rook began wondering which he should sniff first

"Should I try the Sandelwood Sage Sunset or maybe the Fresh Cotton Linnins?"

Marzipan was also busy sniffing the Sweet Strawberry candles the sweet/tart scent was making her purr in ectasy!

Ichabod's cell phone rang. He answered it under the assumption it was just his mother checking in on him

"Hello?" Ichabod said

"Ichabod this is Alice, we need to talk."

Ichabod quickly headed for the other side of the store

"Look Ichabod, I just don't feel we should see each other anymore."

"What?!" Ichabod nearly screeched "You're dumping me?!"

"I'm sorry but our relationship would just never work out. I have my reputation to think of!"

And with that Alice hung up

"Reputation?! What is she talking about?" Than Ichabod relyzed "Oh I see. Alice dosen't want to be seen as the girl who dated the least popular guy in school. What a trecherous snake!"

Marzipan had been nearby sniffing the candles when she heard what he said

"Alice dumped you?" She asked

"Ahh! Marzipan! How long were you standing there?"

"For about the entire lengh of your monolouge" She replied

Ichabod felt like he could cry right than and there

"It's just not fair!" He croaked trying to hold in his tears. "I was never bad to Alice and she just dumped me becuase she thought it wouldn't look good to be seen with me!"

Marzipan thought deeply about this than she whispered in Ichabod's ear

"We'll talk about this more after dinner I think I can help."

"Help? How?"

"Help make the pain go away, help make you feel better anyway you want to put it. Anyway 9:00 My room sharp"

Ichabod shuddered with dread at the possibilties of what she had in mind but also dreadfully curious about what she could do to make him feel better

Chinook stepped off the bus in Williamsburg. He was a pathetic-looking figure with his one good wing and one bad wing and the old atheletic bag in which he carried his few belongings. How was he going to find Iris among all these people? Something vibrated in his pocket.

He pulled out the Heart of Fire ruby. It was glowing. He turned in a circle while holding out the ruby. When he faced East the ruby flashed red. That was the way he would go.

After a few minutes of walking he came to a hotel. The ruby flashed brightly. If it had had a little hand it would have been pointing. There! There! But of course it didn't have a little hand. It was a ruby, not a watch.

On the fifth floor of that hotel Ms Iris Ogg sat in front of her mirror brushing her hair, and softly humming Someday My Prince Will Come. Suddenly she threw down the hairbrush. "Who am I kidding?" she said. "I am no Cinderella. There will never be a prince for me."

Ms Iris put her head in her hands and sobbed.
Chinook stepped up to the door of 'Pleasure Nights' "Iris is in here I just know it!"

He entered. He rung the bell, Deepok Chopta answered


"Is there a Silvery Bat Chimera by name of Iris Ogg?"

"I think so let me check."

Chinook sat down next to the Lobby room TV. The news was on

"Breaking news! Locals say that there are now three missing chimera women. One cow and two sheep have gone missing. Authorities belive they were kidnapped."

"Is this the bat woman you're looking for?" Deepok asked

"OMG! Chinook?" Iris gasped

"OMG! Iris?"

Meanwhile Ichabod quietly snuck out of his bedroom in his pajamas into Marzipan's room.

"Hello Ichabod." Marzipan was dressed in a long green nightgown with no underclothes underneith.

Ichabod blushed at what he saw! He gulped and stammered out the question.

"What d-do y-you (gulp) have planned for ton_ITE!" Just as he finished the last sylable of his sentence his voice cracked as was common of boys his age

'Curse this thing called puberty!' Ichabod thought miserably

Marzipan looked thoughtfully at Ichabod "If I said I truly had a crush on you and that I want to make out with you would you accept my offer becuase you truly want to retern my feelings? Or are you acceping a free hand-out becuase you still feel sorry for yourself that Alice dumped you?"

Ichabod was a bit toungue tied by that question "Oh geez that's tough"

Marzipan smiled. "That's alright because I don't know whether I made the offer because I've been sniffing candles or whether I feel sorry for you because you got dumped."

Ichabod frowned. "But neither of those reasons are very good. Don't you have any feelings for me?"

"You mean, like curiosity?"

Ichabod sighed. "I think we are thinking too much. Let's just feel the moment."

Marzipan moved in close and put her arms around him. "Like this?"

Ichabod felt his body temperature shoot up 6 degrees. "Uh... yes..." He put his arms around her.

Chinook and Iris sat on the sofa in the lobby. "Where have you been?" Iris said. "What happened to you?"

"It's an awfully long story."

"I don't care how long it is," Iris said. "I want to hear all of it. Let's get something to eat and you can tell me over a good meal."

Iris was shocked by how skinny and worn-out Chinook looked. The poor guy! Spending years marooned on an island. He didn't look at all like the young handsome bat she remembered from high school.

Chinook sighed. Iris had certainly put on a lot of weight. He almost didn't recognize her at first. He tried to remember the mental image of her that had sustained him during his long ordeal on the island - Iris in her cheerleader costume. She would split the seams if she tried to fit into that skimpy costume now.
Marzipan and Ichabod sat down on the bed for a while simply contemplating this bizzare perdichament

"Are you...still in heat?" Ichabod asked

"I'm pretty much done with estrus right now." Marzipan said "It only lasts for a few days anyway."

"I'm not sure if we should do this." Ichabod rubbed his arm nervously "There isn't any future for us as the Species Purity act made it forbidden for humans and chimeras to marry. We coulden't even be lovers without people clucking their toungues."

"It would be even worse for me" Marzi said sadly "Specificly becuase I'm a girl"

She looked at her feet "If I was in heat and you made me pregnant than I'd give birth to shapeshifting werekittens. Neather human nor cat they would be hated by both humans and chimera."

Ichabod shuddered at the thought "I could never hold my head up high again if I brought a child into the world that was more shunned and isolated than me."

Ichabod thought about how loneley and isolated he had been all his life and began to fully relize just how much Marzipan must care about him if she would willingly want to touch him despite her feelings about Chimera who 'whore for humans'

"I don't want to make you pregnant or do anything that would embaress you" Ichabod said "If it's all right with you I'd rather just kiss and cuddle than make love or anything like that."

"Purrfect" The young cat murmured

Marzi began to stroke her face against Ichabod's, her long whiskers tickled his cheeks and ears

The cat than pressed her mouth against his. Using her toungue to pry his shy lips open.

Ichabod responded by simply pressing his lips back on to hers and doing little else

"You kiss by the book" She meowed

"You read Shakespere?" He asked

"No serously I mean you have no imagenation when it comes to kissing! C'mon Ichy loosen up!"

Ichabod couldn't help but smile at her blunt frankness

"Do you have any wine?" Ichabod asked. "That might loosen me up a little."

"Okay," Marzipan said. "I have wine, but I don't want you getting all drunk and stupid."

"No, I won't! I promise. I just like the warm feeling in my belly. One glass will be enough."

Marzipan handed him a small glass of white wine and he sipped it. "You have beautiful eyes, Marzipan."

"So do you," Marzipan purred. "That's the first thing I noticed about you, how kind and shy your eyes were."

At the restaurant Chinook was watching Iris eat a steak. She really knows hot to eat, he thought. I guess if she had been trapped on an island living off crabs and fish like me she wouldn't eat so much.

Iris looked up from her plate. "Aren't you hungry, Chinook?"

"I'm not used to eating a lot."

"If you don't want the rest of that seafood platter I'll finish it for you. No since letting good food go to waste. They have great desserts here!"

Chinook slid his plate over to her. "Help yourself, please. I'm full now." He watched her start in on the shrimp and clams. For a moment he could hear seagulls somewhere off in the distance. The island had been so peaceful at dawn when the shorebirds were running along the sand by the sea. He liked to walk then.
After dinner Chinook and Iris retreated to their hotel room.

The two bats fluttered to the celing and hung down by their feet, despite having a perfectly good bed waiting for them. Bats prefer to sleep upside down anyway.

"We're going to Busch Gardens Europe tommorow." Iris said "Do you want to come with us?"

"By all mean yes!" Chinook smiled "What have they got there?"

"A couple roller coasters, a dark ride or two, music shows, Europeon cuisine I could go on and on."

Chinook yawned "You know something Iris. At first I was a little shocked when I relized how much you changed from high school but now I kind of like to new way you look."

"Really?" Iris blinked "Even though I can't fit in my cheerleader costume?"

"Enough talk let's snooze."

And with that the two bats settled down to a late night's sleep.

Meanwhile Ichabod and Marzipan were getting to know each other's bodys a bit better.

Marzipan ran her rough toungue over Ichabod's throat. He gave a deep sigh as her little cat tougue felt as warm and pleasantly scratchcy as a washcloth.

She began unbuttoning his pajama top. She slowly and deliberatly undid each button with deep throaty purrs.

When she undid the last button she got a good look at his lanky body.

"You really are skinny." She mused. Before Ichabod could say anything she ran her toungue over his stomach causing him to let out a high pitched wimper

"To rough?" She inquired
"Torture me more." He whispered

After some time of this, they fell asleep in the same bed. Ichabod had pleasant dreams but Marzipan began to lapse into a nightmare.

She was running through a forest on all fours the faces of her chimera peers sneering at her, tuanting her with the little sing-song that is sung to all chimera who fall for humans

"She got the which of what-she-did,
Hid the bell with a blot, she did,
But she fell in love with a hominid,
Where is the which of the what-she-did?"

"NO! STOP! LEAVE ME ALONE" She wailed Than the world arond her shattered and she fell into a deep dark void.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Ichabod called out to her

Marzipan woke up. In bed with Ichabod.

"You were having a nightmare." Ichabod whispered gently

"Hold me," Marzipan said. "Even though my heart wants you so much, there is something in my head that speaks against it. It's the way I was raised, the taunts and jeers I heard others use when I was younger. They are all in my memory and they still influence me. I have to overcome those old memories. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I know what you are talking about. Humans call this forbidden love. But to me that just makes it all the sweeter and more precious."

Marzipan snuggled into his arms. "Thank you."

The moon drifted slowly across the sky of Colonial Williamsburg. The hotels and motels vibrated with the snores and sighs of tourists, both human and chimera, getting their much-needed rest, dreaming their dreams both delightful and frightful, and finally being awakened by the new day.

Chinook yawned and stretched his one good wing. He was about to say "Good morning!" to Iris but she wasn't there. Instead there was a note pinned to the rafters where her feet had clung.

Chinky, darling. I woke up early with a hunger for poached eggs, English muffins, and orange juice. I didn't want to wake you because you were so tired from your journey yesterday. Please join me in the dining room, Your gal, Iris.

Chinook smiled. It was good to have someone to eat breakfast with after all the lonely years on the island.
That morning Jonathan Crane noticed Ichabod was not at breakfast with his fellow students. He knew his son was an early riser, up with the sun most of the time.

'I better check on him' Jonathan thought

Jonathan knocked on the door to Ichabod's room but no one answered. He was about to let himself in when Rook Reynardo interupted him.

"Try looking in the next room over." The Fox boy whipsered

Confused Prof. Crane opened the room next door, not having the slightest idea what he would find.

"Ichabod." He whispered than he saw his son asleep in bed and he nearly jumped in shock!

His son, his own 14 year old boy was sharing a bed with Chimera!

At first Jonathan was frightened, why on earth would Ichabod do this? But than he relized he had been absent for eight years and had never had a proper 'facts of life' talk.

'If any evil comes of this it will be entirly my fualt.' Jonathan thought with a heavey heart.

Gently the Professor nudged his son "Ichabod, wake up." He whispered

A sleepy green eye opened followed by anouther "Good morning Father" whispered a sleepy voice

But suddenly that sleepy boy sprang up like a jolt, his green eyes wide awake, His upper body bare

"F-Father!" He stammered "This isn't what it looks like!"

"SHHH!" The Father hushed "Don't wake her up too!" Marzipan twitched in her sleep

"We'll deal with this later." Jonathan said firmly "I just want you to know today we head for Busch Gardens so I advise you get dressed quickly."

Ichabod tumbled out of bed clutching his pajama top to his chest "We didn't have sex." he whispered "We just kissed and cuddled a bit and I guess we fell asleep together"

"I pray you're telling the truth." Jonathan responded "You're a sensible young man but I don't see why you would..."

"Alice broke up with me." Ichabod murmured "I did it becuase I felt sorry for myself"

Jonathan was a bit shocked by that but than a warm smile came to his face

"I understand." he said and no more was said on the issue

"On to Busch Gardens Europe!" Mr Quaxo cheered As the four cars parked in the 'Italy' parking lot they began on their way to the entrance

"I want to see the Emerald Beat Show!" Lea said

"I want to ride the Griffon coaster!" Sammy remarked

As the group paid for their tickets Ms. Iris got out a map of the park

"We'll start our journey in England." She said "After that we'll come to the crossroads now, do we want to turn right and go to Italy or turn left and head for Ireland

"Italy!" Said half the students

"Ireland!" said the other half

"Let's flip a coin." Chinook said "Heads, Ireland, tails Italy."

The coin was flipped and turned out...

...tails! "Mama Mia!" exclaimed Ms Momo Kashi. "It looksa like we visit Ee-tah-leee!"

The group shuffled off down the road, laughing and talking.

The three hacker cousins, Bob, Paul, and Albert, hung back by themselves.

"Listen up," Bob said. "I think I know how to hack into the main ride control computer."

"Oh yeah?" Paul said. "Is that why you were mumbling in your sleep all night?"

"No, that was a dream about Pandora. But yesterday I was talking to one of the ride guys and he showed me the terminal he uses. It's primitive, man. No security at all. If we could get to one of those terminals then we could access the main computer and shut this whole place down."

"Cool!" Albert said.

Mr. Quaxo noticed the three boys lagging behind. "Don't get lost! We are having pizza for lunch!"

"We won't get lost, Mr Quaxo. We like pizza too much." Bob nudged Paul in the ribs. "As soon as Quaxo and the rest of them turn that corner then we make a break for it and find a ride that's not operating right now. If we can activate its terminal then we're in."
None of the cousins knew it but underneath the theme park, deep in the sewers was a frightening horror!

Thousands chimera mice were being held captive!

It started a few years ago when chimera started moving in to human communities.

Unlike some other creatures like cats, dogs and even rabbits who had been genetically modified not to have litters but instead had only one or two infants at a time mice had the ability to have as many as 12 infants at a time! And they seemed to have a new litter every year!

It soon became apparent that there were too many mice. Entire clans of mice would arrive early at grocery stores and buy nearly everything edible leaving none left for humans or other chimera.

And what gluttons they were! Because they had larger families and because they did not ration but ate nearly all they food within a household within 24 hours they constantly needed to return to stores every morning to restock their pantries

Consider this; the same amount of food that could supply a family of humans, a family of swine or even a family of oxen for a month would be devoured by a family of mice in a day!

Quickly the world saw a problem so at the house of Chimera Representatives (who represent species rather than states) gathered at the meeting of July 4th 2013 Senator Hill addressed Squeak -Squeak the representative of mice.

"Mr. Squeak your species is out of control! They breed at appalling rates and buy up nearly all the food and supplies that are meant for the entire community! Not even your own cousins the rats live as you do! If every one of us lived as you mice do we would need 5 planets to support us all! We give you this ultimatum, if you do not find a way to control your people; we will find ways to control them so mark what I say."

But that vain haughty mouse would not listen and said to all "My people are the strongest in the world. For they breed faster and eat more than any other this proves they're superiority over all other fauna yes even humans! For they have proven that they produce more offspring and consume more food so therefore I suggest if the rest of you are unhappy with this I suggest the rest of you breed less and eat less rather than hinder the beautiful lives of nature's most perfect creation!"

This angered everyone but what could they do? They could not cull them like dumb animals becuase they were people and they coulden't force them to take birth controll or anything like that.

But desperate times call for desperate measures. So they captured 100 young mice every year and hid them away underground where they were watched day and night by soilders.

But mice are a stedfast race and as the years went by they waited for chance to escape, escape and REVENGE!

Meanwhile while everyone else was enjoying lunch. Ms. Iris held out the map for all to see

"Now what rides and shows are of most interest to everyone?"

"I want to ride the Griffon, the Loch Ness Monster, the Big Bad Wolf, The..."

"Hang on Sammy." Said Minos the white bull chimera "Let's see what everyone else would like."

Minos than passed the map to Pandora. She looked it other "I'm not interested in rides with loop de loops or 100 foot drops."

"Neither am I" Ichabod said turning green at the thought

"Nor me." Marzipan meowed

"What's this ride in the Germany section?" Pandora asked

"That is Curse of Darkastle." Minos lowed "It's a dark ride where you put on 4D glasses to see holographic affects. I hear the ride is like a ride through a huanted castle populated by werewolves."

Minos was a bit of an unusual jock becuase he was nice to nerds. Granted he was only nice becuase he had a crush on one ('cough' Pandora 'cough') The teachers decided to bring him along to serve as peacekeeper.

"That dosen't sound too bad." Pandora mused

"I'm game." Marzipan said

"The other nerds agreed

"We better get there soon." Rook said "Becuase here come the singing robots!"

And so the entire school group headed for Germany to avoid the annoying singing Italian robots.
The tinny voices of the robots filled the street with song... When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore! When your guy gets so high there's a glow in his eye, that's amore!

"Hurry!" Rook said. "I hate those mechanical musical machines and there clanky songs."

At the Italian/German border they were stopped by armed guards. "Halt! Where is it that you are going?"

"We just want to visit Germany, sir, and ride the Darkcastle ride."

"Where are your papers? Are you spies?"

"No, we are not spies. The only papers we have are American greenback dollar bills."

"That vill do. Give me one."

The crossing gate went up and the group entered German territory. "Oooo!" Pandora said. "That must be the Darkcastle over there!"

Bob and Paul and Albert (the three hacker cousins) had discovered an unused ride, the Crazy Crazy Teacups. Albert lifted the tarp covering the ride. "Come on guys! Get under here. That's good they put a tarp over it. No one can see us"

Bob clicked on his mini LED flashlight. "There's the terminal! Let's see if we've got power... Yes! Now to access the central computer..."

From out on the street you could barely hear the rapid typing Bob's keystrokes. It sounded like mice running across a sheet of plastic.

Bob's unfortunate tinkering with the computer system had unfortunetly undid the security that kept the mice contained. When he first broke into the system the doors unlocked and the mice made a break for it.

The armed soilders tried to stop them, but the mice easily killed them.

Now as they climbed through the sewers their leader, Swany Sixclaw vowed he would take revenge on all creatures that were not mice!

Meanwhile the kids had gotten to the darkastle ride, unfortunetly the line was terribly long!

"Have a nice time on the ride kids!" Said Ms. Kashi "Me and the other teachers are going to enjoy some Italian Ice while you wait."

With that the teachers headed off.

So the only students standing in line were Ichabod, Pandora, Rook and Marzipan in front

Taren, Lea, Sammy and Lucy behind. "I hear this ride is really scary!" Lea said "And you also get wet!

Ichabod yawned "I read Edgar Allen Poe to send myself to sleep!" He said "This ride shall be a relaxing little 4D tour."

Finaly they were at the end of the ride, inside the castle! After putting on 4D glasses they boarded a golden slegh that would take them through Mad Ludwig's castle. The nerds in the font row, jocks in the back row.

They did not know that this ride was much more real than they suspected and Mad Ludwig the Werewolf king was watching them!

Bob grinned and held up two thumbs. "I did it! Power shut down everywhere!"

The golden sleigh ground to a halt deep within Mad Ludwig's castle.

Mad Ludwig's were ears perked upa t the sudden silence. He licked his lips.

Thousands of angry mice poured into the streets. No alarms went off. No electronic doors were locked.

Ms Momo Kashi looked up from her Italian Ice. "Hmmm, the lights went out. Nothing serious, I hope."
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"Alright everybody remain calm, the lights will come on in a moment," Ms. Momo Kashi said.

Swany Sixclaw peered at the teachers and other students from the bushes.

"On the count of three, we will surround them 1.. 2.."

Meanwhile on the Darkastle ride, when the power went off the Golden Slegh that contained our heroes crashed to the ground!

"Ow..." Taren growled in his dragon voice "I think my keys landed on my keys."

"What's that!?" Lea screamed

In front of the sleigh was what appeared to be gray ghostly werewolves hitched to the sleigh by silver harnesses!

"Were those always there?" Lucy asked

"Welcome little children." A feral wolfish voice came from above

"Whose there?" Rook yapped

A werewolf dressed in King's clothing stepped out.

"To what do I owe the pleasure to be visted by such company?"

"What do you mean?" Rook asked

"You are like me." The werewolf smiled almost gentlemanly "You are Werefolk like me,"
he continued.

Marzipan's eyes began to adjust to the dark, and she could finally make out the figure belonging to the voice. She looked over at Rook, he seemed to have made out the figure aswell. Both stood confused. No one else made a sound.

The werewolf continued,"My name is Ludwig, I live here, welcome one and all, there is nothing to be afraid of."

Most of the class were still unable to see where this voice was coming from. Marzipan looked at Rook. Rook seemed to be unsure if this werewolf's greeting was authentic. His hair on the back of his spine was still standing straight up. Marzipan spoke,"We are a class from the High School and we are not werefolk but infact highly evolved chimera."

Ludwig looked puzzled as if a Ancient Greek Scholer was shown a TV ffor first time

"Chimera? As in the Greek Monster?"
"Chimera." Marzipan said "As in Animal uplifted to human level."

Ludwig looked slightly baffled he neared the 8 students and the yellow light of his eyes illumenated his appearance for them.

It suddenly occured to the students that something was terribly wrong! The idea of a real werewolf living inside a ride was too ridiculous to be true!

"Won't you come to the dining hall?" He asked most cively "I have a fine selection of whine for the tasting and other delectables besides."

Taren considered this for a moment and than he climbed out of the sleigh

"Taren! What are you doing?!" Lea asked genuinely terrified

"Don't be stupid." Taren snapped "He's part wolf, an animal person like us. No animal person would delebratly hurt anouther."

"Said the Dragon who lit my tail on fire." Rook muttered.

If Taren had seen Swany Sixclaw and his band of vengful mice he would have retracted that statement

The Mice completly surrounded everyone in Picnic area including the teachers and other students.

"None of you are getting out of here!" Sixclaw gnashed his teeth "Until our demands are met."

A random cat-man growled and tried to swat Sixclaw but than the mouse swung his whip-like tail and knocked the old cat man out!

"Right. Anyone else want to be a hero?"

For a second everyone was frozen. Untill Ms. Iris spread her wings and took to the sky

"Come back here!" Screeched Sixclaw

Iris responded by plucking an apple from a tree and throwing it at Sixclaw's headed

"Ouch!" Sixclaw said and shook his fist at Iris. But she flew away to the Darkcastle ride.

When she got there she saw they had no lights either.

Iris flew into an open window in one of the towers of Darkcastle. She heard laughter and saw the glow of candles down below. She was in a huge dining hall. A long table was set and she saw Taren and Rook and Marzipan and the others who had gone on the Darkcastle ride sitting down to the table. At the head was a werewolf wearing a crown. The servants were lobsters wearing black tuxedos. They held the serving plates in their claws but they were clumsy about it. There was a crash as one of the lobsters dropped a 7-course meal on the floor.

"You clumsy oaf!" King Ludvig yelled. "Throw him in the pot!"

A couple of apes ran out and grabbed the clumsy lobster and hurried him off to the kitchen. There was a scream and the sound of splashing.

Iris settled on a chandelier and watched. The others didn't seem to be prisoners but they weren't eating much either. Maybe the food was bad.

Back in the street, Sixclaw yelled at his second-in-command, "Horatio! Bring up the cannon!"

A red-headed mouse saluted. "The cannon is ready, Herr Generalissimo Sixclaw!"

"Fire!" Sixclaw yelled and there was a sound like a cork popping from a champagne bottle.

"Ow!" Marzipan said. "Why did you shoot me?" She wasn't badly hurt because the cannon was so small - mouse size.

"Because you are a cat!" Sixclaw screamed. "We hate cats! Right, men?"

"Yes, sir!" yelled several dozen mice.
King Ludwig picked up Sixclaw by his tail and stared at him with amusement.

"What a charming little morsel." He mused with a woof "I'm sure you would be splendid roasted or baked or even eaten raw."

The guests had mixed emotions about this. On one paw Ludwig eating a sapient mouse chimera would be a horrifying idea! But on the other paw this mouse was clearly insane so is it so terrible to eat the crimmanly insane?

Lucy looked a bit woozy, she swooned and fell of her chair!

Ludwig saw this and smiled. He put Sixclaw in a bird cage

"I'll leave you there until I decide what to do with you."

Rook whispered to Pandora.

"You got to get us out of here this guy is insane!"

"We better head back to the sleigh." She said

"What good will that do us?" Rook yipped

"Remember those werewolves attatched to the sleigh? If we can figure out how to controll them they might be able to pull us out of this enchanted castle!"

Iris than flew out of the castle "I must get help." She said to herself "Those kids we'll need it if they want to escape a werewolf!"

As Sammy carried the knocked-out Lucy in his arms Everyone headed back to the sleigh.

The gray ghostly werewolves were still hitched to the golden vehicle by silver harnenesses.

"How do we get these things to move?" Pandora asked looking at the reigns

"Maybe I could use my firey breath on them!" Said Taren

"Oh good idea." Rook yapped sarcasticly "If that dosen't make them turn around ad kill us than it woulden't work in general because if you haven't noticed their ghostly! Not excactly flesh and blood!"

"Have you considered just tapping the reigns?" Marzipan sighed exsaperated at no one considering the simple answer the best answer.

Pandora got the 'why didn't I think of that look' and took hold of the reigns. The werewolves began to mush and so began the nightmareish ride through the castle

Outside the dining room was the Great Hallway lined with portraits of all the crazy kings and queens in Ludvig's ancestry.

There was Old King Wenceslas who thought he was the true Santa Claus and kept reindeer in the courtyard. He was arrested for child molesting when he kept making the village children sit on his knee and tell him if they had been good or bad.

There was Queen Lativa, the notorious "black queen" who ran away to America and was never heard from again.

And King Oscar Meyer, know as The Big Weenie. Nobody knew exactly why. Everybody hoped it wasn't because of why they thought it might be.

And there was the portrait of Queen Annie, known as The Orphan Queen. It was rumored for a long time that she had no mother or father, but one day one of the villagers said, "But wait a minute, you guys, if she had no mum or papa then how in the name of blazes could she have gotten born in the first place?" There was much nodding of heads and soon after that they stopped referring to her as The Orphan Queen. Instead, they called her That Little Bitch Who Won't Stop Singing That Stupid Memory Song.
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Meanwhile, the kids raced through the main hallway and entered the study. Lining the walls of the room were various mirrors framed ornately in meticulously carved woods. As the children passed through each caught a glimpse of their reflection. To their surprise they no longer appeared as they normally do. Each took a different form, all distorted and gruesome.
Ichabod flinched as he noticed his nose was the size of a turnip and his limbs seemed longer and skinnier than a "daddy longleg" spider.

Marzipan looked in the mirror and saw a big fat cat so bulbous that she was rolling around like a beach ball!

"Oh No!" She screeched "Mom warned me about too much Carl's Jr!"

Pandora looked in the mirror and her red hair turned into red snakes. "No biggie," she thought. Then to her horror, the snake like locks began to turn into flowing, long blond, hair, manicured to perfection, that "just from the salon" look. "Ohh no," she screamed," I'm a Barbie Doll."

Pandora screamed and closed her eyes in dread in doing so lost controll of the reigns.

The werewolves then began to relize that it was ordanary mortal children. Not a great werewolf master that had taken their reigns.

Enraged they jumped through a mirror! The kids screamed but no one was cut.

They were transported to anouther room, it looked like a great parlor.

All other the wall there were gisly paintings of horrible things like torture, hell , the Devil etc...

Everyone was too frightended to speak but everyone had the same thought Where are we?

Just than out of the fireplace a little bit of smoke wiffed out, the smoke grew larger and lager until it was the size of bowling ball and shaped like a skull

The smoke skull was completly expresstionless. When it spoke it did not speak as you heard it with your mind rather than your ears...

"And thou shalt not lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith;"

Ichabod knew those words (Although he was Agnostic) And knew those words were aimed at him. He covered his ears "Stop it." He growled

"neither shall any woman stand before a beast, to lie down thereto: it is confusion."

"Stop." Ichabod hissed through gnashed teeth

The smoke skull had all but evaporated now and in it's place floated a giant eye

"And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast."

The eye fired a laser from its pupil it was headed for Marzipan!

In desperation Ichabod yanked Marzi by her shirt coller out of her seat and sheilded her with himself

The laser hit Rook instead! He howled in pain and seemed to vanish in a flash! Only his clothes were left!

But than something moved from under the clothes, a nose polked out.

"OMG!" Pandora gasped "He's been Devolved!"

Yes Rook had been demoted from Chimera to normal fox

Rook barked in shame. Then he jumped from the sleigh and ran off down a hallway.

"Come back, Rook!" Marzipan called, but he was gone. Tears filled her eyes. "I feel like it's my fault."

Suddenly the floor fell open like a giant trap door and all the kids fell into a pool of water. Gasping and splashing, they helped each other out of the pool. They were in a huge underground room. Around the swimming pool were many columns. They staggered between the columns looking for a way out and found a set of double doors leading into a gymnasium where some skeletons were playing basketball with a human head.

"Oh my God!" Pandora screamed. The skeletons stopped their game and stared at the kids... then leaped toward them.

"Run!" Ichabod yelled and they all ran back into the pool room and threaded through the columns with the skeletons right behind them.

There was splash and Taren yelled out "Just push them in the water! They can't swim!" Soon there were many splashes as the kids ganged up on the skeletons and shoved them into the swimming pool.

"Okay! Back to the gym!" Taren yelled. "That must be the way out!"

"Should we take that head with us?" Marzipan asked.

"Are you crazy?" Ichabod said.

"I don't think it's anybody from our group."

"Forget about the head!"
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Rook had run for about five minutes without knowing where he was going. So much was going through his mind, he was frightened. He finally stopped and sat for a moment. He was in a dark space, it was cold and he paused next to some sort of garbage pile next to a metal shoot that he could only assume was used to transport the garbage from the pile someplace else. He began to cry, tears flowed like rain down his nose and dripped from his chin. "Who am I, " he tried to scream but he could no longer speak. Suddenly he leapt into the metal shoot not knowing where it would take him. He didn't care at this point.

Rook tumbled out of the shoot and into... a greenhouse?

Rook looked all around himself and saw a greenhouse full of plants!

'This is awfull elaborate for an amusement park ride.' The fox thought to himself

There wasen't just plants there were animals too! The lobsters and apes that had served them in the dining room must've lived there.

Rook saw a mouse run across the floor before he knew what he was doing he had pounced on it!

'What am I doing?' he thought and he released the mouse

Than he heard a screech! It sounded like Pandora!

At first he thought he was going to run again but suddenly the screech turned into luaghter....

'What is going on?' Rook wondered but when he peeked through the window out of the greenhouse he gasped!

Everyone was dead! No... not dead they were all asleep a little old lady ghost had sprinkled powder over them

The little old lady turned and looked at Rook. She slowly grinned and while she was grinning her face dissolved into maggots and fell off her head so that there was just a skull there. Rook screamed and ran away.

Taren and Pandora and Ichabod and Marzipan and the rest of the Darkcastle kids found a doorway leading out of the gymnasium and into a cafeteria. All the seats were taken by people who seemed frozen in position. One had a spoon halfway to his mouth. Another seemed about to speak.

"Keep going!" Taren yelled. "There must be a way out of this funhouse!"

"It's no fun for me," Marzipan said and a few kids were able to laugh. The rest had looks of panic or tears in their eyes.

The gang stumbled up a long stairway that seemed to go on forever. Marzipan noticed a sign that said "Stairway to Heaven" heard Led Zeppelin music playing. When they reached the top of the stairs they had to pass through two huge "pearly gates" made out of plastic and cardboard with glitter and fake pearls glued to them.

There was a crowd on the other side and they began cheering as the kids passed through the pearly gates. It was some kind of arena. The crowd filled the stands, clapping and cheering for the kids, who stood there in the bright lights looking around trying to figure out what was going on.

Suddenly there was a blast of trumpet fanfare and the crowd grew quiet. A voice called out: "Release the lions!" and the crowd cheered. The sound of iron cages being opened was followed by the roar of lions who bounded into the arena and switched their tails as they stared at the little band of teenagers huddled there.

"Oh my God!" Pandora screamed. "We are going to be eaten by lions!"
Finally no longer able to put up with anymore nonsense, the kids began to faint dead away one by one...

After what felt like a very long time the kids opened their eyes.

"Where are we?" Sammy asked

"You outside." Said Ms. Kashi

Suddenly everyone sat up looked around to see they were finally out of Darkastle!

"How did we get out here?" Lucy asked

"When all of you fainted at the same time, you broke the spell and were transported out of the castle." Ms Iris said

"Wait, you mean to say we broke the spell by just giving up?" Marzipan inquired "That dosen't make much sense."

"Whatever." Taren growled "I'm never going on that ride again!"

Rook peeked out from behind a bush still a normal fox. Still hesitant to show himself

"Come on out, Rook," Sammy said. "We see you."

But Rook was too wild and shy. He ran deeper into the underbrush.

"What are we going to do about Rook?" Sammy said.

Ms Momo Kashi shrugged. "I not know what to do. Maybe he turn back. I don't know. What you kids want to do now? Maybe 'nother ride?"

"Yes!" Marzipan said. "But not so scary this time. Darkcastle was too intense for me."

"I'm hungry," Sammy said. "Let's get something to eat."

Rook ran into a hidden grove of willow trees and hid himself among the vines.

'How am I going to change back?' he thought 'I can't go home like this!'

He lay down between the willow roots. 'maybe I can just sleep it off.' He mused hopfully

After a while it got late. "I think we should go back to the hotel." Ms. Iris said

"We can't leave yet!" Marzi said "What about Rook?"

Chinook smiled "I'll find him. I'll just use my nose to sniff him out!"

Meanwhile under the willow trees Rook woke up to find he was still in quadroped mode.

But that wasen't all! At least a dozen mice had surrounded him! Leering with hungary eyes

Rook growled at them, but they just growled right back!

Rook thought he was going to be eaten right then and there, but than he remembered foxes can climb trees!

So up the willow he climbed! He heard Chinook's voice calling his name saying

"Rook! We're ready to leave! Don't worry! We know a way to change you back!"

The mice began to scatter and Rook, hoping the promise was real headed back

The mice grumbled among themselves. One skinny runt with an eye patch spoke up. "That Sixclaw said we were going to raise hell but I don't see where we've done much of anything at all."

"Right you are," said Julius, a fat little mouse with curly yellow hair. "We've made a few threatening moves but we ain't killed nobody. We ain't even trashed nothing. I don't get it. Is Sixclaw afraid to do anything?"

There were muttered approvals, then a broad-shouldered mouse stepped forward. "Don't be badmouthing Sixclaw. He has plans that none of you know about. Your job is to follow orders, not cause trouble by speaking traitorous thoughts."

"Traitorous!" Julius said. "We ain't no traitors. We just wants to see some action."

"Yeah!" someone called out. "Action!"

"Be patient. You'll see some action soon enough."

After some time everyone got back to the Hotel.

Chinook whispered to Iris "How are we going to change Rook back?"

"We could go to the Chimera Health Department to get him Re-evolved but that stuff is costly and exspensive so I was thinking we take him into the forest to a small meadow in the wood. When the light of the full moon touches his fur he'll turn back into a chimera." Iris said as she poured some cream into a dish

"What scientific basis would make that cure work?" Chinook asked skepticly

"It will work after we feed Rook this cream laced with peppermint oil." Iris said firmly

"After he drinks this he will be sensitive to negative ions found in moonlight."

Meanwhile exsausted from the Darkastle Ordeal Ichabod changed into his jim-jams and settled down for a good nights sleep.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door! "I don't want to sleep alone tonight." Marzipan said "May I sleep with you?"

Ichabod had to think for a second "Heck I don't care." He said "Come in"

Marzipan silently glided into the room and into the bed

"To think." She whispered "It could have been me who was devolved."

"Never mind that now." The red haired boy said "Let's get some sleep."

They snuggled down between the sheets and settled in for a deep dreamless sleep.

Meanwhile Momo Kashi was grooming her long black hair. When her Triceratops reflection came to her.

"Mo This is importent! You're evil cousin from Japan Mary Sue is coming!"

"AH YA!" Momo screeched "Not Mary Sue! She ruins everything!"

Mary Sue was not really her cousin and Mary Sue was not her real name her real name was Jasmyne Rose Silverlight, with a name like that she has to be evil!

Mary Sue was a genetic experiment by Japan's Biosyn Industry. She was created to be the perfect woman. A woman who could do anything and everything including have so many superpowers that she could kill every member of the Justise League in 3 seconds!
Mary Sue did not look Japanese, she had blond hair, blue eyes and Scandinavian pale skin.

Momo needed to do some serious thinking and becuase she was part Triceratops (i.e an Herbivore) She did her best thinking when eating.

She opened up her mini fridge, "Should I have something sweet or savory?" She wondered aloud, Fruits or veggies, peanut butter or hummus, The flavor of the snack might influence her logic and thinking
Finally she settled on bean sprouts, tofu, and water chestnuts. Water chestnuts lend fluidity to one's ideas. Sprouts engender creativity. And tofu is just tofu.

"Ah so," Momo said. "And a dash of soy sauce to wake up my brain. Now, lert's see... what to do? What to do?"

Momo nibbled and thought.

Meanwhile, Mary Sue was tapping her fingers impatiently as she waited to get through customs at JFK airport. "Why you take so long?" she shouted at the customs man. He had immediately been suspicious when he found brass knuckles in Mary Sue's carry-on bag. Now he was going through her suitcase with a fine tooth comb.

"What's this?" he said, holding up an orange box with green oriental lettering on it.

"Personal!" Mary Sue shouted and snatched the box from him.

"Hey! Give that back!"

Mary Sue opened the box and showed him the feminine hygiene product inside. "See?"

"Oh. But no more snatch backs." The customs agent pawed through Mary Sue's packed clothing.

Mary Sue frowned. "You take too much time, custom man. You lazy and slow. In my country people fast and efficient. Not like here. Everybody here lazy and slow."

The customs man deliberately moved even slower.

Down in the Williamsburg sewer, Sixclaw sat in his favorite chair smoking a pipe. He looked at his personal assistant, Colonel Squeaky. "So you think the people are turning against me, eh?" He blew smoke out his nose. "I know my people. They may complain a little, but I will always be their leader."

Colonel Squeaky kept his true thoughts to himself and said, "Yes sir, I think you are right."

Sixclaw gazed at the Colonel. "You always think I am right, don't you?"

"Yes, sir." Colonel Squeaky felt uncomfortable with Sixclaw staring at him. What if Sixclaw knew something about the plot to overthrow him? Colonel Squeaky had been promised a top leadership position by the plotters, but if Sixclaw found out beforehand, Colonel Squeaky knew what his fate would be. He kept his face outwardly calm. Inside, he was a bundle of nerves.

"Is something bothering you?" Sixclaw said.

Colonel Squeaky's heart stopped beating for a moment. "No, sir. Everything is fine."

Sixclaw blew three smoke rings toward the ceiling. "Hmmmm..." he said. "Yes... everything is fine." He looked sideways at Colonel Squeaky and suddenly Colonel Squeaky knew that Sixclaw was no fool, that he had found out about the plot, that he knew everything, that he was just toying with poor Colonel Squeaky now before he sentenced him to death.

"I'm sorry, sir!" Colonel Squeaky blurted out. "I'm so sorry! I didn't know what I was getting into. They tricked me! You know I could never hurt you!"

Sixclaw stared at his assistant. He took a puff off his pipe. His eyes were cold as ice. "Tell me everything and leave nothing out."
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Mary Sue was on her way to Williamsburg! As she walked through the airport she tossed her long blonde hair and batted her eyelashes. Men everywhere stopped what they were doing to turn and look at her!

'Soon,' She thought 'soon every man in the world will belong to me!'

She stopped to wave down a taxi, ten taxis stopped for her!

Meanwhile after her late night snack, Momo decided that she must challenge Mary Sue to duel! (By that she meant she would fight with swords or pistols not play Yu-Gi-Oh with her).

Momo exited her room and entered Jonathan Crane's. He was, as she suspected, fast asleep. She looked in his minifridge and looked through the fruit, veggies and...AHA!

She found a test tube containing his famous Fear Gas! She snatched the test tube from the fridge, and held it up the light from the lamp by the bed. She smiled. "You shouldn't have come here Mary Sue," she thought to herself.
Momo, sneaked out of Prof. Crane's room. She was so quiet the Jonathan did not even stir.

Jonathan's son Ichabod on the other hand felt an odd premonetion!

His eyes shot open and he sat up, He looked around the room trying to relieve himself of the sudden terror he had felt a few seconds ago.

He looked at the cat chimera laying at his side, Her pink and purple fur seemed gray in the moonlinght. She was pressed against his side, curled in fetal postition.

His back was damp with sweat and his throat was parched, he decided to get up for a drink.

He lowered his feet to the ground, one lanky leg following anouther. He yawned, stretched his back and hobbled to the bathroom.

"Lowsy cheap hotel," He muttered under his breath "Gives us so few paper cups,"

He quietly gulped down the water, save for a few alchaholic drinks he never drank anything besides water. It was Rook who taught him how to enjoy Alchahol and he still haden't forgivin him for it.

"Coulden't sleep?" A voice asked Ichabod was initally startled but than relized it was just Marzipan she was sitting up in bed looking at him with her cat eyes.

"I had the oddest dream." He said "About a Triceratops stealing my father's fear gas."

"Yeah that is weird." Marzipan agreed than she looked out the window "It's almost dawn." she wispered.

They both got up and opened the window together to see the sunlight touch the trees and grasses of the golf course that surrounded the hotel.

"People talk so much about sunsets you almost forget that sunrises are nice too." The cat observed

Ichabod snuggled his nose into Marzipan's neck.

She giggled. "Ichy, you're feeling frisky this morning."

"Let's go back to bed, darling," Ichy murmured. "It's too early to get up."

"I think something's up, alright," Marzipan said and made a playful grab between Ichabod's legs.

They tumbled back into the big hotel bed with the crisp sheets and the soft pillows.

Mary Sue waited for Colonial Williamsburg to open by having coffee in a diner just outside the gate. There was a family of tourists having breakfast at a table near her. Mom, Dad, son, daughter, baby. How typical, Mary Sue thought. Two and one half children.

Suddenly there was a tiny explosion and the restaurant began to fill with smoke. A mouse wearing an eyepatch leaped up on Mary Sue's table and shouted "Viva La Revolution!"

Mary Sue's fist shot out and the mouse groaned as she pounded him into the table. Everywhere mice were running around, flashing knives and screaming revolutionary slogans. Mary Sue leaped into action, kicking, stomping, slapping. She lost count of how many mice she killed.

Soon there were sirens and the sounds of police vehicles. A SWAT team entered the restaurant but by then most of the mice were dead. A police captain looked Mary Sue up and down. "You did all this?"

Mary Sue grinned. "I am a genetically-enhanced perfect woman. No problem."

The police captain rubbed his brow. "Wow... amazing. I'll need to ask you a few questions for my report."

"Sorry. No time. I am going to Colonial Williamsburg to meet my cousin Momo Kashi."

The police captain looked stern. "You will have to make time. Meanwhile, I'll have someone round up this Momo Kashi person and bring her here. I want to ask her some questions too."

"What about me?" asked the chef, who had been nearby listening.

"You, too," said the cop. "Listen up, everybody! Nobody leave! I want to ask everybody some questions!"

Sixclaw collapsed into his favorite chair. He was bleeding from a cut on his arm. Colonel Squeaky stumbled in and fell on the floor. His fur was smoking. "That was a disaster! We lost over half our army!"

Sixclaw was silent. Was this the "turning of the tide" that great leaders spoke of? The time when one's fortunes changed and a life of good luck became a life of bad luck? His mouth tasted sour. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something nice.
Mary Sue was bored she had listed everyone of her super powers, every sport she particepated in during the Tokyo Summer Games (She had particepated in all of them, In fact she was Japan's only athlete competing that year) All the clubs she was in at shcool. (she still went to high school despite the fact she was 25) She even told of how many people he had sex with. (She had pretty much had sex with every hetrosexual male in Japan)

After she had said all that, everyone around her suddenly felt very afraid of her. Who was this woman who could do everything? Why haden't she taken over the world yet and why dose she go to High School even though she's an adult?

Sixclaw, watched the news and was frozen in his seat for a long time. Sixclaw may have been beligerant but he was no dummy. He knew when he had met his match.

'We're done for.' He thought 'We're all going to be killed or devolved.'

Develotion was the the 2nd most serious punishment for Chimera (1st one was death) Chimera were devolved into normal animals so they could be reintroduced into the wild where they repopulate the bioshpere (After WW3 the goverment had turned so many animals into chimera that there were very few normal animals left)

Meanwhile. Marzipan and Ichabod were experimenting a bit more. They tried to uphold the No Snoo Snoo rule. So insted Marzipan was mastubating him into a hankerchif.

She previously suggested oral sex, but Ichabod knew what sharp teeth she had so it was No way Jose Oraly speaking.

She rubbed him with the silk cloth and he was about to climax until she noticed something was happaning on the dresser beside them.

"Um... Weren't those flowers prevously dead?" She asked

As she said that, a vase full crumbley dead flowers suddenly rejuvinated to full bloom (interestingly they also changed species as well like a pansy became a daisy and a carnation became a rose)

"Oh that..." Ichabod said "That is the result of a weird quirk I have." He cleared his throat."You see my mother is Pamela Isly AKA Poison Ivy. and I inherited some talents from her, weird talents. Like flowers will burst into bloom when I feel really good. When I went on my first date with Alice the flowers even pulled themselves out of the ground and started singing and dancing it was....kind of creepy..."
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Greg figured to stay in the school so he can catch up on his latest assignments to give to students. He looked around at his desk and noticed that one of the students had dropped his or her binder.

"Hmmm.... Which student have this kind of red colored binder?" he said to himself as he took it and placed it in his drawer.

He walked out the door and decided to head over to home after he got his supplies for tomarrow. It was a bit crowded in the store but he pulled through.
Greg was watching TV in the Teacher's Lounge when he saw what looked like Momo Kashi on TV.

Greg always had a special place in his heart for the Japanese Teacher, due to his general cluelessness he was the only teacher in school who was still unaware she was part chimera.

"Ms, Kashi, Ms, Kashi." Said the reporter "Is it true your mother was a Triceratops chimera?"

"Well maybe..." She whispered nervously twirling her black hair

"Answer me!" Screamed the reporter

"Yes. Yes my mother was a chimera."

Greg snarffed his Mountain Dew when she said that "Wowsers!" He said "I had no idea!"

"And you are cousins with this Mary Sue woman?" The reporter asked

"We're not really cousins." Momo said blushing "When the scientists were creating her, they took sample DNA from every chimera in Japan, myself included in order to give her the power to turn into any kind of animal."

"Is it true Japan kidnaps Amrican chimera to force to be sexual slaves in so-called 'Heavy Petting Zoos?'

Momo looked indignant "Why don't you people stop picking on Japan? China and Korea are the ones you should be looking into not us!"

Suddenly a blond blue eyed woman walked into veiw and snatched the michrophone away from Momo.

"Holy Moly!" Greg said to himself "That must be the legendary Mary Sue!"

Mary Sue began to sing "La la la la la la la I'm so pretty! La la la la la la Everybody loves me! La la la la la..."

She sang so high she shattered the cameras that were filming her!

Greg suddenly remembered the legend of the Mary Sue. It said that scientists would create a perfect woman he would be able to do anything and everything but she would be so powerfull she would distroy the world!

"Somebody has to do something about this!" He said "Somebody has to stop that crazy woman!"

Greg went to a locker labled DANGER DO NOT TOUCH! He opened it and inside was a bottle filled with green glowing pills.

He opened the bottle and took one of the pills, Soon he began transforming into a great red dragon!

The Dragon Greg than hopped on his moterbike and headed for Willaimsburg!

Meanwhile Mary Sue's singing had forced Momo into her chimera form, In this form she had yellow scaly skin, three horns and a boney frill. Although she lost her hair she still had massive mammeries.

"Must you do that every time you're on TV?" She asked her cousin "It dosen't make people like you and you're just making yourself look worse."

Mary Sue stared at Momo Kashi for a moment without saying anything. Then she unbuttoned her shirt. "I want to show you something."

Momo Kashi grabbed Mary Sue's hand. "Wait! Stop! What are you doing?"

Mary Sue laughed. "It's okay. I am not stripping. Look. I had a costume made for myself."

Under her shirt Mary Sue wore a blue and green latex costume. Along the sleeves were orange stripes.

"I don't like the colors," Momo Kashi said.

"What?! Blue and green are my favorite colors. The orange makes them glow, don't you think?"

Momo Kashi shook her head. "You look like a plastic action figure, like some kid's toy."

"I AM an action figure! I was bred for action! I am the most powerful woman in the world! And I can sing!"

"You scare me," Momo Kashi said.
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Greg sped faster down the road heading towards the scene. And soon dropped his jaw as he saw Momo. He wasn't paying attention as he crashed into a news van and was sent flying and landed right in front of them. He looked up at them and blushed at the scene he made when he crashed.

"Uhhh...Who's this freak?" said Mary Sue as he pokes him with a stick.

Greg was getting annoyed by the poking and graped the stick and threw it away.

"Ok. I came here for a reason and.... Am I on TV?!" he was soon distracted by a camera and ran towards it ranting in front of it about his life and everything.
Meanwhile the rest of the students and teachers were resting after having such a busy day at Busch Gardens everyone was just hanging around the hotel.

Rook had been transformed back into a chimera. Although he was back to normal he mostly said nothing and just sulked in his room.

Pandora and Marzipan were watching the Discovery Channel while Ichabod was reading Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevention.

The three hacker cousins were discovered to be the ones who hacked into the system and released the mice so they were being lectured by both Mr. Quaxo and Ms. Iris.

and when you're getting lectured by a cat and a bat you're going to want a rabies vacine afterwards.

Taren was in his bathroom practicing the art of meditation, with the lights turned off. He said darkness helped clear his mind.

Meanwhile Momo was with Greg who was looking rather foolish after making an arse of himself on TV.

"You don't need to help me." Momo sniffed "I can take care of her myself"

"Come now." Greg said "How can you defeat a woman who has every super power known to man!"

"I have an ace up my sleeve" She murmured

Meanwhile Ichabod had taken Marzipan aside to talk for a moment.

"We've been friends for quite sometime." He said "And while I never claimed to be an expert on Chimera, it wasen't until now I relized just how little I knew."
He sighed deeply "Tell me, why do chimera sleep with humans?"

Marzipan looked thoughtful
"I think part of it is partly deep primel memories from when we were dumb beasts. For the longest time man had absolute power over the animals but than he evolved them to personhood. I think many chimera still feel humbled by humans, or perhaps they want to prove they are better by seducing them"

Ichabod contemplated this, "You mean, a form of sexual conquest." He rubbed his chin thoughtfully "You chimera can still remember all the horrible things humans did to you when you were mere animals."

Marzipan licked her paw thoughtfully "Chimeras like me don't remember all that well becuase I was born humanoid and I don't feel my relationship to you is a form of conqest

Ichabod stifled a chuckle at a thought "When Alice finds out I was masturbated by a chimera I think she'll raise the roof!. She'll be green with envy."

"I don't get way a human will cancel a relationship but than get mad when the one they dumped finds someone else." The cat mused

"There is no mystyery," Ichabod said. "Part of a relationship is possessiveness, a sense of ownership. She is MY girl. He is MY boyfriend. When you dump someone it's like loaning them out to the world. They still belong to you in some way."

Marzipan squinted. "You say there is no mystery but your explanation was totally mysterious."

"I guess it's something humans understand better than Chimeras. I suppose animals don't have as advanced a concept of ownership because they don't own much."

"I'm not an animal!" Marzipan sniffed.

"Sorry. You know what I meant."

Marzipan raised her shoulders up. There was tension there. "You always think I know what you mean."

Sixclaw limped slowly down the sewer pipe with Colonel Squeaky holding his arm. "It was fun while it lasted, eh, Squeaky?"

"Yes, sir. We showed those humans what mice are made of."

Sixclaw sighed. "I was too arrogant, too sure of myself. If only I had been more humble, taken some advice from YOU, Squeaky! Maybe things would have turned out different."

"Don't worry about the past, sir. We're still alive. We have our future together. I'll never leave you, sir. You can count on me."

A tear came to Sixclaw's eye. "Thank you, Squeaky."

"Can I do that interview again?" Greg said.

"No!" The cameraman was hurrying away but Greg followed him.

"Please! One more take! This time I won't mispronounce J-J-Jamestown! Damn those J's! Why do I only stutter on J?"

"I don't know," the cameraman said, "But if you don't leave me alone I'm going to punch you in the face!"

"Oooo, Mister Big Man," Greg said. "Fine! I'll j-j-just leave you alone!" Greg looked around to see if there was any more newsmedia in the area. Aha! Wasn't that a network newscaster over there in the dark suit and great haircut?

"Hey!" Greg called out. "Hey, you! TV man! I was born in a little shack in Mississippi. We didn't have anything to eat but catfish and squirrels. But one day I.. Hey! Are you listening? Get this on tape!"
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Momo took her opportunity to sneak away from Greg. She noticed Mary Sue's thermous of coffee. She smirked.

She sneaked up to that thermous and gently unscrewed the the lid. She pulled the cork out of the test tube of Fear Gas and emptied into the coffee.

"Now Mary Sue won't bother me for a long time!" she said as she screwed the lid back on and strolled away whistling.

Meanwhile Jonathan Crane had 'overheard' his son saying that he had let a chimera masturbate him and so felt he needed to give a 'facts of life' talk.

As he entered his son's room he felt a bit nervous. He hadn't been prepared to give this speech quite yet. He looked around the room and noticed that Ichabod was not in it. "Where is he," he thought to himself. He glanced around the room. Something caught his eye sticking out from under the bed. "Ohh no, I hope that's not what I think it is," Jonathon gasped.

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After Greg finally stopped his ranting in front of the Camera, he found and went over to Momo who was walking off to talk and discuss about what's going on.

"Uhhh Momo? I mean Ms. Kashi? Is it ok if I can talk to you for a minute?" he said as he changed back to his human self.

Momo looked over him and back to where she is and sweats a bit.

"What do you want to talk about?" she asked.

"Ummm... I wanted to know what was going on here."
Momo looked a tiny bit miffed, "What's going on here." She said "Is strictly private buissness between me and Mary Sue.

Jonathan meanwhile had found a 2011 issue of 'Playbeast' under Ichabod's bed!

He picked it up trying not to look at the naked cat on cover than he it read 'property of Marzi'
in small sticker leetters

"Oh thank goodness." Jonathan sighed "That cat must've just left this in his room"

But than the door opened and Jonathan himself was cuaght by suprise

"Father? What are you doing here?" Ichabod asked Jonathan quickly regained his composure

"You really ougt to tell Marzipan to pick up after herself." Jonathan said holding up the Playbeast

Ichabod blushed when he saw that. "I don't know where she got that!" He stammered "I swear I've never looked at Playbeast in my life!"

"Good" Jonathan said "But while we're on the subject let's talk a little more about chimera sex, specificly you letting that cat-girl masturbate you."

Ichabod turned so red you'd think he spilled tomato juice on himself. "Y-you h-heard about that?" He asked Jonathan nodded

"Ichabod, I don't like to put my foot down but as your father AND as your teacher I feel I need to protect from things you're not yet ready for."

"We made a promise not to have intercourse." Ichabod murmured

"You think you will be able to keep a promise but what happens if she goes into heat? If she neglects to take her medication you'll be the first one she seeks out for sexual gratifaction and I doubt you have the willpower the resist the slew of horomones that come from chimera in heat."

Jonathan sighed "If you want to a cat's boyfriend that is your buisness but you are only 14 and you are my son so from now on you two can not sleep together and you certanly can not drop your pants for her not until your 18 anyway."

"Yes father" Ichabod nodded glumly

"Don't look so sad." Jonathan "We're going home to Gotham tommorow. This time the flight leaves early in the morning so make sure you're well rested."

It was their last night at Colonial Williamsburg so evryone decided to make it something special. Several dinners and parties were planned. Some of the teachers had gathered at Ye Olde Colonial Chicken Hut for some authentic colonial southern-fried chicken with rice and gravy, collards, black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes, biscuits, and iced tea.

"What a feast!" Chinook said. "Please pass the chicken." The restaurant served family style and the teachers were sitting at one long table.

"You eat like a starving man," Mr. Quaxo said.

Ms. Iris said, "He should be starving after being stranded on an island for so many years. Do you know the story?"

"Yes, yes, Ms. Iris. You have told us all the story. Now everyone tell me this. Did you enjoy our trip to Colonial Williamsburg?"

"It was great." Ms. Iris said, "Except for the part where the mice revolted. I hate mice!"

"Yes," said Mr. Quaxo. "I too could have done without so many mice, but the food here has been excellent, no? How about that ice cream yesterday? 57 flavors! Who would have thought so many?"

"And Krispy Kreme donuts?"

"Yes, you have a sweet tooth like me."

"I have a tooth for anything!"

There was laughter, and conversation, and the sounds of mouths chewing and throats swallowing, the clink of tableware, the background murmur of the restaurant, the crash of someone back in the kitchen dropping something...

Chinook paused for a moment with a piece of chicken skin hanging from his mouth. It was so good to be back among people again!
Mary Sue meanwhile was sipping on her coffee.

"This coffee taste funny." she said "Never mind." She shrugged "If it's poisoned I won't die becuase I can't die."

But than some very funny things began happaning Mary Sue saw the world was melting away and when she looked at her hands she gasped!

"I'm gray and wrinkly!" She said "I'm old!"

A mirror appeared before her so she could see her hair was gray her mouth was toothless and her face all wrinkled

"This isn't possible!" She screamed "I can't grow old I'm perfect!"

Well let's leave Mary Sue to herself meanwhile Ichabod was looking up at the stars from his balcony when Greg came in

"Hey this isn't my room!" Greg said

"You don't have a room" Ichabod replied "You weren't even supposed to come on the trip with us."

"Oh...right." Greg said

Ichabod sighed "Mr Narson you've never been my favorite teacher as I find you mentally unstable and you think I'm a boring bookworm but I feel I need a second opinion about something."

Ichabod puased puased before he continued "I'm going to regret telling you this but... I've fallen in love with ...a chimera."

"You mean Marzipan?"

"Well I was trying to be subtle but yes that is who I ment. The law says humans and chimeras can not marry and socity as a whole seems to despise humans who fall for chimera so... Where should my loyalty lay? With social norms or to the romance?"

"That's a good question," Greg said. "We all have to balance our individual needs against the needs of society. Sometimes it can be difficult. But if you are asking me to decide for you, I can't do it. It has to be your own personal decision. You have to live with it. But I can tell you this: Romance is temporary. Social norms are permanent."

Ichabod frowned. "But social norms can change, can't they? Look at Civil Rights and Women's Liberation and Gay Liberation. Social norms are constantly changing. I think you're wrong. It's romance that is forever and it's social norms that are temporary."

Greg sighed. "Like I said, it's something each person has to decide for themselves. As for me, I would never sleep with an animal. It's disgusting."

Ichabod's face grew red. "I didn't know you felt that way. But a chimera is not an animal. I think you better leave now."

"Okay. I'm sorry if I upset you. It's your life. You asked me what I thought and I told you."

"Yes, I undersatnd. Just go. I've got a lot of thinking to do."

After the door shut and Ichabod was alone again, he sat down on the edge of his bed and looked up at the ceiling. God, what was he doing with his life? Was he about to make a huge mistake? Then the gentle face of Marzipan entered his mind and he thought of her warm soft purring and huge green eyes and he smiled. No... If it feels this good it has to be right.

Soon morning came, everyone had to drag themselves out of bed to be ready for the plane.

After the long trip to the airport and through the airport which I won't bother telling you about everyone was snuggly on the plane ready for lift off.

"Good morning this is your captain speaking It looks like it will be clear sailing from Williamsburg to Gotham. Fasten your seatbelts as we begin to lift off. Today's in flight movie will be the 2012 classic:+ Anima: The Fatel Attraction"

Pandora nudged Marzipan "Do you remember what the what the movie was when we came to Virgina?"

"I was barly awake Pan!" Marzi exclamed "But from what I saw it was some...movie...with a hedgehog chimera"

"That must've been The Hedgehog can never be Buggered at all" Pandora mused I'm glad I was asleep for that."

Ms Iris spoke with Mr. Quaxo "What do you have planned for lessons tomorrow?"

"I think we'll wrap things up with a guest speaker on Chimera history" Quaxo yawned "I invited 2 ww3 veterens to speak of their evolution and history on the battlefield."

There are so far 3 generations of chimera 1st generation were the ones created for battle. 2nd generation is there children. Mr. Quaxo and Ms Iris and Chinook are 2nd gen

Third Gen are the children's children that's where most of the students fall in.

Ichabod didn't feel a need to watch the movie he was comfortable with his books as was most of the nerds.

Taren looked out the window dreding the invivitable retern to school.

"Why so glum?" Lea asked

"This was the best week of my life and now it's over." Taren grumbled

"I woulden't call it the best week of our lives." Lea said "That Darkastle ride was a nightmare!"
Finaly everyone came back home to Gotham! Everyone was able to tell the story of their exploits in Williamsburg.

(Now here comes the dessert of the story Alice's turn to cry)

The day everyone came back to shcool the jocks and the nerds mostly left each other alone. They haden't really become friends over the course of their one week class trip but they did learn the fighting and bullying are useless.

So as Ichabod put away his book one by one in his locker. He was not suprised when Alice came up to him

"Hello." She said

"Oh. Hi." Ichabod said

"Just hi?" Alice remarked "No forced sillence treatment? No Please come back to me? No crude curses?"

"Nope." Ichabod smiled "I found someone else"

Alice was a bit shocked by that. "I really am amazed you found someone else becuase I didn't think anyone as unpopular, nerdy and ugly as you could meet someone else."

Ichabod was a bit annoyed at her remarks but smiled anyway. "Don't worry" he said "My new girlfriend dosen't care about any of those things becuase..." He took a deep breath of satisfaction "...She's not human."

Alice gasped "You can't really mean you're in love with a chimera! Ichabod if you get too close to a chimera you'll turn into one"

"That's like beleiving in cooties." Ichabod sniffed "It has no basis in reality."

Alice wrinkled her nose in disgust "So who is this chimera? A Bat? A Rat?

"Got it wrong" Marzipan said coming up behind Ichabod "Felis Catus"

"Oh a chimera and a tomboy." Alice said

"It's time to go to the audtitorum." Marzipan said "I came to remind you today we have some of the first chimera speaking about their creation"

As Ichabod and Marzipan left. Alice hid in the girl's bathroomand cried her eyes out
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"Attention students of Moreau High, please take your seats we have some very special guest speakers for your edutainment," announced Principal Dokkin. The students all sat in the seats and Principal Dokkin waited for silence and then began," I am pleased to announce some very special guests Falcon Chimera Colonel De,Six and....." He shuddered at the 2nd one "Army Ant Chimera G,Eight."

Mr Dokkin stepped aside and the two ancient warriors stepped forth. The Falcon's dignity and plumage not withered by age while the army ant's age wore her down so much that she had to walk on all six legs.
Colonel De Six paused, looked out over the audience with his keen eyes and started speaking. "Let me start from the beginning please. I was born in the great forests of the pacific north west of North America. I flew freely along the coast and hunted every day the tide pools and cliffs of what was at the time the state of Oregon. I was happy, and healthy, the air was clean and the rodents plentiful...(he stared off and continued to ramble on something unintelligible). The Army Ant G, Eight grumbled and nudged her fellow guest speaker as she cleaned her compound eyes. "Uhh, anyway, life was good is all I mean, err, uhh, that is until that one day," he continued, "that one day I will never forget."
"I was captured! Taken away from my home in the forest!"

"Boring!" A student said

"Who said that?!" The Falcon screeced "Who the (BEEP) said that?! I'm warning you I'm not going to continue until someone owns up! Now who said it?!"

Sammy stood up "Sorry, that was me...My bad."

"Get the hell out of here!" The Colonel growrled

Sammy's footsteps echoed like raindrops in the silence.

"Moving right along" He said as if nothing had happened "I was taken to the evolution chamber..."

Colonel De Six paused and shuddered. "I don't know if any of you have ever seen pictures of what happens in an evolution chamber but... it's quite an experience to the animal in the chamber. The sudden infusin of awareness into a mind that only operated on instinct... well... basically it's like shaking hands with God. You come face-to-face with the awesomeness of the universe."

Someone in the audience called out, "Sounds like a mescaline trip!" and there were a few giggles and snickerings.

"Shut up!" yelled Colonel De Six. "Do you want to follow that other young man out of the auditorium? I came here thinking I would be taklking to a group of serious mature young people. Was I wrong? Are you just a bunch of spoiled brats?"

In the silence you could hear a pin drop.

"Now you are probably wondering how long it takes to evolve in the evolution chamber..."
"It depends on how close to humanoid intelligence the creature is. Many of you are mammals so your grandparents only spent let's say.... 4 to 5 minutes at most"

G,Eight spoke up. "Insects like myself may have spent 24 hours in the evolution chamber so as you can expect not too many were made but the ones who were made breed quickly."

De,Six nodded "As a falcon I was a bird of moderate intelligence so... It took me roughly... 10 minutes I should say."

G, Eight cleared her throat "Something funny happened to me after I was evolved. I was evolved in the later years of the war 2009 I believe, and people were campaining for chimera rights, saying evolved animals were sentient beings with free will who desverved to be given personhood after the war was over."

"I was made in the earliest years." Said De,Six "Though my muscle mass has withered with age if you could see me in my glory days you would've seen feathered beefcake!"

"May I continue?" G,Eight snorted miffed

"My apologies." De,Six chirped

"In those later years when more and more people were seeing chimera less as tools of war but as true people, various clergy from churches of all stripes were entering the chimera labs and trying to convert the chimera as soon as they came out of the chamber!"

The students found that both humorous and creepy

"When I first came out of the chamber in my humanoid form, A Rabbi attempted to take aside and teach me his faith before the others could but... I don't remember what happened excatly but I think I tried to eat his Torah..."

A few giggles echoed and G,Eight smiled

Suddenly there was a commotion at the back of the auditorium. A group of students with signs and banners broke through the doors. "Chimeras suck!" one of them yelled.

People in the audience turned their heads to see what was going on. The protesters yelled and held up their signs and chanted: "Humans yes! Chimeras no!"

G, Eight spoke into the microphone, "Security! Remove those people immediately!"

"Don't tase me, bro!" called out one of the protesters.

Security guards herded the protesters back outside.

G, Eight tapped on the microphone and quieted the audience. "Alright, settle down. You have seen an excellent example of how society has not yet completely adjusted to the new age of the chimera, but it will eventually. There is still much work ahead of us to do. Any questions from the audience?"
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Greg walked past audotorium until he heard a loud commotion. He walked in and noticed a lot of protesting students of every species. Greg sighed and brought out his giant whistle and blew at it.

"EVERYONE SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled.

Everyone looked around each other and back at the teacher who was not happy at all.

"Now what the hell is going on with you kids?!"

"Chimeras suck! They think their cool in everyways and smart! And everything else they do!"

"No way! Humans! Their racist and annoying! Slobs and violant!"

Greg lost his temper and blew the whistle again.

"From my point of view, everyone in this audotorium are abunch of smart allacks, show off racist annoying stupid snot nose slobs who are always violant in this school looking to blame on everyone else! Now your gonna tell me who the hell started all of this!"



It was unanimous. "Well Sammy." Greg said "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"It's not my fault!" Sammy said "It's the Gym teacher Mick Roger! He told me to do it! He even eats Chimera!"

When the two guests speakers heard that they flew into a rage! The falcon shrieked and clenched his talons, the army ant clicked her mandibles together.

"Feel like some Kentucky fried human?" De,Six asked of G,Eight

"You read my mind." She replied

The Colonel took to the air and exteneded his claws to the gym teacher. G,Eight likewise raced to the fleeing Mick

They almost had him in their grasps when Mr. Quaxo and Ms Iris halted them

"He's not worth it!" Ms Iris chided "A human like that would only taste foul. It is much better to see him tried before due court."

Taren and Lea smirked, Rook licked his chops and Marizpan grinned like a Cheshire Cat which she was.

"True." De,Six said "Far batter to see him executed"

Quickly Mick Roger was taken to Arkham Assylum for the crimanly insane and Sammy and Lucy, for willingly collaborating with him were given community service.

After the assembly the students reterned to their routine. Marzipan headed down the stairs only to find Alice Tetch weeping at the bottom of the steps.

"Cry me a river Blondie" Marzi sneered "If you didn't want him to find someone else you soulden't have dumped him in the first place!"

"You don't understand." Alice said "I thought dumping him would make me more popular but it hasen't! I only dated Ichabod becuase both he and myself suffer from a similer curse. We both have Gotham Rouges for parents!"

Marzipan thought about that for a moment

"The popular girls told me it would be better for me to have nothing to do with Ichabod so..I broke up with him. But now he has someone who will willingly touch him and I don't! I can't have a chimera for a boyfriend, my father would send me to a convent for that!"

Ichabod had cuaght that bit of that conversation as he walked by. His heart skipped a beat.

This was a side of Alice that Ichabod hadn't known before and it made her strangely appealing to him in a new way. But he couldn't forget how she had dumped him for such trivial reasons - to be more popular! Obviously it was never true love. It was a good thing they had broken up.

He kept walking and passed Sammy and Lucy. They were wearing orange vests and picking up litter beside the road. He thought about giving them the finger but didn't. Instead he grinned and said, "Nice day, isn't it?" Lucy gave him a disgusted look.

It truly was a nice day, Ichabod thought. Blue sky, warm sun, he really ought to do something outdoors, maybe walk down by the river, or maybe even get out his fishing rod and try to catch something with it. He wasn't much of a fisherman but he did have the rod and reel his uncle had given him.

That's it! he thought. I'll get my rod and go fishing. He broke into a trot and ran towards his house.

Meanwhile Marzipan listened to Alice rant on about her troubles. Marzipan had seen Ichabod pass by out of the corner of her eye and was surprised when he didn't stop. Then she figured he just didn't want to have to deal with Alice. But now she had to deal with Alice and Alice was showing no signs of running out of steam.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," Alice said. "Sometimes I think I should just kill myself and solve all my problems that way. ... Are you listening to me?"

"What? Huh?" Marzipan said. "Yes, I understand. Life can be tough but you just have to endure it."

"Why?" Alice said.
Marzipan thought for awhile, What could she say?

She sat down and squeezed her eyes shut. It looked like she had a headache but in reality she was using her Cat Senses to see into the future.

"I see in my mind's eye..." The Feline whispered "That Ichabod and I will leave one anouther because humans and chimera can not marry."

Alice wasen't suprised by that, It was only logical they would enevetibly split after all what future could they have? They could only be a Furry and a Pet and neither of them could stand the inequality of that.

"I see a new vision." Marzipan said "You and Ichabod with get back together when you are both grown-up he..um...he will...um impregnate you."

"Really?" Alice inquired

"Unfortunetly yes." Marzipan said

Than in a flash a new vistion struck, She saw Ichabod at 18 years of age being shot repeatdly twice in the chest, three times in the belly. In her mind's eye he fell down dead

"What else do you see?" Alice asked

"She saw a pregnant Alice weeping beside Ichabod's corpse."

"Nothing of importance." The Cat replied

The End!

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