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Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1463541
Ok, it's about a girl with a special power, a vampire clan and a fairy clan.
[Introduction] Ok, Alexandria, a princess within a half vampire, half mermaid clan has always been special. She is neither vampire or mermaid, but looks completely human! Her parents did not find this amusing. Her dad wants to become allies with a stronger vampire clan, and her mother a fairy clan. Their only resorts lie on their daughter with marriage with either clan. But because the assume she's human, no clan would take her. Until her 16th birthday they find out by an enchantress that whatever creature she is intiment with, she will become. With this new knowledge, her father, Valdimair, invites Prince Marckane of the Vampire clan, and her mother, Marissa, invites Prince Xandir, of the Fairy clan. Unfortunatly, both Kings send their sons on the same day. Alexandria must look her best and choose wisely, but it becomes hard when both parents want two different clans and only one can be chosen.
Alexandria was in her room getting ready, for it was her sixteenth birthday. There was going to be a wonderous celebration. Alexandria smiled as her mother came in. "Hurry, dear, everyone is waiting downstairs for you." Alexandria smiled. "I am done, mother. I will follow you down."
Alexandria smiled as she and her mother walked down the hallway together. They stopped just short f the stairs. Her mother went down the stairs. Then there was an announcement, and Alexandria walked down the stairs, her chin in the air just like she practiced. Her face burning with wonder, fear and happiness. Once she made it down, her best friend Sabine, met her. "You look wonderful, Alex. Are you ready?" Alexandria smiled brightly. "As ready as I will ever be, Saiby." Sabine smiled. "I am glad. Your parents invited the Enchantress. They are hoping she can help you with you---problem."
After Alexandria danced with every elegable guy from every clan and Kingdom, her mother lead her to the Enchantress. The women was dressed in fine spun gold and dark blue. She was also decorated in fancy jewels and glitter. After Alexandria was seated, she though the Enchantress looked like an overly decorated ordiment. They both smiled sweetly at each other before the Enchantress worked her magic.
----in an hours time----
The Enchantress looked up from Alexandria's out streached hands. "Your daughter is very special." She cooed. "She will become what ever creature she is intiment with." Both the King and Queen looked astonished. "The gift your daughter has bestoad apon her comes every millenniu, dear King and Queen." The Enchantress continued. "I urge you have you daughter choose wisely on who to marry." In a puff of smoke the Enchantress disappeared, and the celebration soon ended after.
Marckane looked extremely bored when he was told that he had to go meet yet another princess of some Kingdom he knew nothing of, but that didn't bother him in the least he would probably reject this one like he did so many others.

"Marckane, my son, you must take care when you meet this princess, she may not be the best, but her family line is of noble blood and we can benefit from such a family as you've offended all the others greatly. His mother pleaded.

Taking his eyes off the painting he was giving a once over he looked at her with a bored expression, and said, "Mother, all the girls that you've shown me have been nothing, but boring mindless twits I would probably want to kill after too long." Marckane replied, with a cold that even his mother could feel.

"Marckane you have to understand that for a Kingdom to continue you there must be heirs to the throne, and you are our only child, you know we won’t be here forever. With the cleansing ritual." His mother explained.

"Very well mother, I'll go and make the best of this...this event." Marckane agreed reluctantly.

His mother's face lit up with a beautiful smile played across her lips, it was then that his father the King came into the room with his usual air or authority.

"Marckane, there will be-" He did not get to finish because the Queen interrupted, knowing that if she had let him Marckane would have probably gone back to his usual brooding mood.

"My King, I've already informed Marckane of the coming event, and he has said he would do his best." She finished with a smile as she looked from the King and back to Marckane.

"Oh, well, very good then. Make sure you represent us well boy." The King huffed, and then left just as fast as he had come.

"I hope this girl isn't as ditzy as all the rest were." Marckane said aloud.

"I don't think you'll be quite impressed. I heard she is a bit feisty."
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Sabine watched the entire night as her best friend Alexandria danced with all the handsome fellows in the room. Sabine wished that this night would never end, the festivity, the dancing, the men . . . though hadn't been asked to dance yet. Sabine sighed. she loved balls. Even if nothing particularly noteworthy happened to her, she still loved to dress up, and to get ready together with her friend. Alexandria was pretty much the only friend she had, all of the village children thought she was a freak for some reason, her mother said she'd tell her when he was older. Well, she was older and now she knew what the children had been talking about. She was grateful to her father for sending her down to the castle to ask for work, and grateful to the king and queen for granting it, and then to Alexandria, for befriending her and making her Lady-in-waiting. The night flew by for sabine and once the Enchantress had left she followed Alexandria upstairs to the room they shared.
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*Note, fairy wings aren’t tangible so cloths aren’t a big deal.*
“Are you ready yet Xandir? Xandir’s mother called poking her head into a rather large bedroom, her aqua blue eyes scanning the room for her son.
“I’m right here, geez let me get dressed” Xandir laughed from his closet, slipping a white shirt over his luminous golden blond hair, followed by a pure white tux and an aqua blue tie. “How do I look?” Xandir asked as he approached his mother.
“You look just like your father.” Xandir’s mother gushed at the site of her son all dressed up. No madder how many times Xandir got dresses up to meet a potential bride, his mother lost it.
“Where’s the old man?” Xandir asked looking around with a suspicious look.
“Your father isn’t feeling well so I’m going to stay with him tonight.” Xandir’s mother replied a flash of worry crossing her face.
“Should I stop by on my way out?” Xandir asked, causing his mother to smile in relief.
“Could you? That would make his day.” Xandir’s mother beamed regaining her usual cheerfulness. Xandir clutched the ever-changing stone that dangled from a silver chain around his neck in anxiety. His father had recently come down with some form of chronic pneumonia, some days he was perfectly fine, and others he couldn’t even leave his bed. This worried Xandir but not as much as his mother, some nights Xandir would hear his mother crying in the halls when she thought no one was around. Xandir stepped into his parent’s massive bedroom expecting to see his father lying in bed asleep. What he saw instead was his father laying on the floor, arms spread over his head as if he were reaching for something. Xandir was instantly by his father’s side, to his great relief his father was only sleeping.
“You shouldn’t scare me like that old man, imagine if mom would have walked in and saw you like that.” Xandir scolded his unconscious father, as he placed him back in the bed. Xandir was about to leave when his father grabbed his wrist.
“Xandir you’re certainly going to break some hearts tonight.” Xandir’s father laughed at his leaf green eyes examined his son.
“Let’s hope not” Xandir replied taken aback by how weak his father’s voice had become since that very morning. Seeing the worry in Xandir’s eyes the kings face dropped
“Don’t look at me like that, not my own son.” The king muttered almost incoherently falling back asleep, but not before slipping an onyx black stone into his sons hand.

As Xandir flew to meet his potential bride parting the air as he flew for virtually no air resistance. Xandir only once looked up from the strange black stone his father had given him. No madder how he looked at it is was just an ordinary stone the size of a marble.
Talise took another sip of her white punch as she watched the elegant couples twirl around the dance floor. I wish I could do that, she thought with a sigh, pushing a strand of brown frizzy hair away from her glasses.

The truth was she would never be able to look dance like that. It was a lucky thing she was able to stand still without falling over her own two feet! In the depths of the ocean she could be graceful even somewhat pretty. But outside, on dry land, she was a clumsy, hopeless mess. The accidents she'd had walking were enough to send her mother into vapors. Walking on two legs was a lot harder than Talise ever imagined.

"Talise! You made it," her cousin greeted as she politely left her dance partner and made her way through the crowd. They gave each other a warm hug and Talise found herself smiling for the first time in days. "I didn't think you'd come."

Talise's face turned pink as she stared at her feet, abashed. She pushed the frames of her chunky glasses further up her nose. "I wouldn't miss your birthday even if I am like a fish out of water," she replied with a little laugh.

Alexandria laughed back in all of her celebration splendor. "Well, I'm glad you made it."

Suddenly, Talise saw her aunt escort a regal looking woman dressed in gold and navy blue finery into the ballroom. At the sight Alexandria tensed beside her. Her cousin took both of her hands in hers. "I have to go now and see to my special guest, but I'll see you soon."

And with that Alexandria walked off, leaving Talise to wonder what was so special about this guest and why it made her cousin nervous.
"Oh I cannot believe this!?" Alexandria yelled as she angrily walked in circles around her room. "I just cannot, Sabine!" Alexandria abruptly sat on the floor and cried as Sabine went over and patted her softly on the back. I was two days after her birthday and her parents already scheduled her to meet Prince Marckane from the vampire clan, and Prince Xandir from the Fairy clan. She knew things would become difficult, and she did not like it.
After an hour of worry and an hour of making sure she looked al right, her father came in and said, "Prince Marckane is waiting for you, my dear." With a sigh Alexandria gave Sabine a hopeless look and was lead out of the room by her father.
Marckane arrived at the castle at the beginning of dusk so as not to be bothered by the troublesome sun. He looked at the Castle he was about to entering with contempt.

“This had better be worth my time, or someone is going to be lunch tonight for sure.” Marckane thought darkly.

“Hello Prince Marckane, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” A woman said to him, from the smell of her she was either part fish, or just liked being in the ocean, though she smelled pleasant despite the fact. Something which surprised Marckane to the point of almost laughter, but he quickly checked himself.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well…” he responded. Taking her hand in his, she was warm to the touch. He could feel her hot fiery blood flowing through her and seemed to increase while he was holding her hand waiting for her to introduce herself.

“Talise, I’m Alexandra’s cousin from the sea.” She young woman informed, while doing her best to courtesy, but almost fell over. This act caused the surrounding guests to gasp quite audibly. Marckane kept hold of her to make sure she did not fall before turning away to await the princess.

As Marckane stood there many thoughts went through his mind about how he would decline marriage to this princess like all the rest who were not worth of such a title as to be called his Queen, but what he did not know was that in the next minute all his thoughts would leave his mind in a rush.

“Introducing, King Vladimir and Princess Alexandra.”

Marckane felt like a bolt of lightening struck him, he was stuck to the spot with a weird sensation that spread all over his body as he watched this woman walk so gracefully arm in arm with King Vladimir. She seemed to be surrounded in an aura of light that spread throughout the room as she walked forward to stand in front of him with the King. Marckane could do nothing, but keep his eyes on her, she took his breath away.

“Prince Marckane I presume?” She asked, just saying his title and name seemed to melt his heart. He had prepared for a lot of things, but never planned on falling in love with her at first sight.

“Y-Yes, I-I’m, I mean, Yes, that is my name.” Marckane mumbled, this caused a laugh to escape Princess Alexandra and her smile lit the room up for Marckane like never before.
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Sabine crept down the hall after Alexandra and her father. She checked each of the guests for any of the tell-tale signs of love. One man, of about 82 years, looked as though he would gladly die for her, which he might indeed- right onto the floor next to the punch bowl. The others were fine, just a bit of puppy love striking some of the younger men, reigned in because there was no many the princess could ever marry someone of lower stature. Sabine giggled as she watched one man fawning over the princess get stepped on by his date, a pretty girl with ruby colored hair. Sabine stopped when she saw some poor fellow so head over heels that his eyes were glued onto Alexandra's beauty. She gasped when she herd her friend address the man as Prince Markcane. Sabine giggled when he stuttered. Oh the poor poor man. She would have to tip him off sooner or later. Alexandra was a handful, a lot more than meets the eye.
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Xandir landed on the huge balcony in a panic, before landing the stone had been safely tucked away inside of his pants pocket. The only explanation Xandir could think of was that he had missed his pocket as he flew past the balcony. Not bothering to worry about his cloths Xandir dropped onto his hands and knees and searched the floor for the stone. Beginning to loose hope the winds began to pick up complementing Xandir’s rising agitation. Breaking through Xandir’s frantic state floated the voice of the princess.
“Excuse me but are you looking for this?” She asked holding out the little onyx stone, the wind seemed to settle at the sound of her voice.
“You found it, thank you” Xandir responded as he reached for the stone, not realizing he was talking to the princess. The princess carefully placed the stone into Xandir’s hand realizing its importance to him, and accidentally but quite noticeably brushed her hand agents Xandir’s hand. The second there hands touched the stone in-between the two teens’ hands the little black stone burst into a surprisingly breathtaking display of multi-colored lights, at the same time Xandir’s usually dimly lit stone began to shine with the same intensity. The princess pulled her hand back in surprise, and the stone in Xandir’s hand quickly returned to an onyx black followed by the quieting of his own stone. “That was a little strange” Xandir commented with a laugh.
“Ya, why did that happen?” Alexandria asked looking at the stone like it had bitten her.
“I don’t know, but if you wouldn’t mind I would be grateful if you held out your hand for another second.” Xandir did his best so be as formal as possible, although he hated talking like that. Alexandria held out her had probably knowing full well what Xandir was about to do. Xandir dropped the stone into Alexandria’s hand taking care not to touch her again, and to there great surprise the stone began to mirror the one around Xandir’s neck. “hmm that’s strange…” Xandir thought out loud.
“What’s strange?” Alexandria asked still holding the colorful stone.
“Well watch this” Xandir placed his hand underneath Alexandria’s so they would both be holding the little stone, and right on queue the little stone brightened in a unparalleled display of colors and beauty. Then after a few seconds of admiration plucked the stone from Alexandria’s open hand making the stone instantly return to onyx, then dropping it back into her hand where it continued to mirror the stone around his neck.
“So what does that mean?” Alexandria asked unable to tear her eyes away from the stone in her palm.
“Well I think it means you should hang onto it for a while, ill find you when the party’s over and well decide from there. But from what I can see that stone, might belong to you.”
“Wait your giving me the stone?” Alexandria asked with a confused look on her face.
“Maybe, but for now your just kind of looking over it, my names Xandir by the way” Xandir finished his last words in the air. As he flew to the front, to meet the princess. Wondering why he left something something so important with a girl he didnt even ask the name of.
It was two days after Alexandria's birthday ball and Talise found herself wandering aimlessly around the castle grounds. The days hadn't been too bad. She had gotten to spend some nice time with Alexandria and her lady-in-waiting, Sabine. But all too soon the royal duties had called and Talise was left alone. Not that she minded. She wouldn't wish on her enemies the type of frustration her cousin was going through now.

Walking through along the ivy covered path, the tantalizing smell of water hit her nostrils. With a burst of energy, Talise flew down the path, mindless of her clumsy nature and the small pebbles that awaited her fall. Running downhill, she was able to stop herself just in time before falling face first into the large, clear water lake.

Talise closed her eyes and inhaled slowly. The lake water wasn't of the seas like her home, but it was close enough to calm her senses. She needed to be immersed in it again almost as much as she needed her next heartbeat. With a quick glance over her shoulder to make sure no one could see her, Talise stripped off her blue dress and petticoats until she was just down to her undergarments. Quickly, she tossed down her glasses onto the pile of clothes at her feet and dove into the water as graceful as a swan.

Fully submerged, Talise finally felt like she could breathe for the first time in days. As she twirled about the water, her legs came together and transformed into a beautiful mermaid tail made of iridescent gold and mother of pearl scales. The last rays of sunlight captured the red and golden tones of her brown wavy hair. The frumpiness of being a land being was gone. Talise felt giddy with joy.

The afternoon sunshine slowly faded into twilight. Talise completely lost all sense of time and place as she drifted on her back on the surface of the lake, her arms weaving lazily through the water and her eyes were closed in bliss. If only the rest of her days at the castle could be this carefree.

Suddenly, a male cough broke through her reverie. "Pardon me, Miss. Are you alright?"
Alexandria has in a giddy state. She resumed her place next to Prince Marckane after taking a short breather outside. She loved the night sky and all it's wonders.
It seemed, though that she had been lost in thought, for Marckane had started to speak louder, and tapping her.
Alexandria shook her head, and wide eyed, came back ionto reality. "You worried be, princess. You were not answering me." Alexandria blushed with embarrassment. "I am deeply sorry. I must have been lost in my thoughts." Marckane smiled. "What were you thinking about?" Alexandria returned the smile and said dreamily, "The night sky."
Marckane stood staring at the Princess for a moment transfixed by her, he could sense she was the one for him, yet he also know there was another Prince that was seeking her hand, and he would be a formidable foe. She went out on the balcony where she was talking with another man this brought a growl to heis throat that made those around him quickly back away. She was not his yet he felt the connection to her. He found his mate and he would not let her be taken away from him so easily.

When she came back however she seemed to have a far away look in her eye, Marckane tried telling her about his Kingdom, but she seemingly could not hear a word he was saying. So speaking louder she was finally taken from her thoughts.

"You worried me Princess.You were not answering me." Marckane said with genuine concern.

She blushed with embarressment, "I'm sorry, I must have been lost in my thoughts."

Marckane smiled, "What were you thinking about? He inquired.

"The night sky." She replied dreamily returning his smile.

Thinking for a minute, Marckane stepped close to Alexandria, so close he could smell the wonderful fragrance that rose from her skin. She gasped at his sudden movement. He could feel the heat rising from her skin, so tempted was he to kiss her neck to slowly sink his teeth into her making her his, but restraining himself from such an act.

"Princess, would you like to fly with me?" He asked, he could hear her blood quicken from his nearness.

They stood there together for what seemed like forever, Marckane whispering so sweet and seductively in her ear detailing his intentions. He reached down grabbing her hand in his interwining their fingers. She was so soft, and her skin so hot compared to his, it sent a fire racing through him. One only she could put out. Marckane pulled back from her ear, and not being able to restrain himself for any longer placed a light kiss on her neck, the place he would mark her as his when he was given the chance.

He looked her in the eyes, his vampiric blood was ablaze never before had he felt like this, his eyes had changed from their normal color of azure blue to a bright glowing red, and his black shoulder length hair that was kept so straight seemed to go a bit wild while looking longer in length.

"Y-Yes, I want to fly with you." She said hesistating for a fraction of a second.

Marckane's smiled revealing his sharp vampire teeth that seemed to gleam in the light of the room, and all the guests backed up. Marckane who still had Alexandria's hand in his motioned his head toward the balcony that she had just come back from then looked back at her seeing if she wanted to go. He kissed her hand tenderly, and she nodded slowly, and said, "Yes."

All the guests parted to let them through. Once out on the balcony Prince Marckane removed his shirt he was wearing revealing his finely toned body. After a moment of concentration his muscles began to ripple his mouth opened in agony and his back began to change from the smooth creamy white skin. Two bumps appeared and grew bigger until there was something pretruding from them.

Wings burst free from Marckane's muscled backthey were longered then his body, and the color of night. With them finally free Marckane flexed them experimentally when he was done working them he reached out a hand for Alexandria. She had been watching this spectical with awe, and wasn't expecting him to hold his hand out to her just yet so she kind of just stood there staring.

"My Princess, Did you not want to fly with me?" Marckane asked with a hint of confusion in his voice.

Alexandria coming back to herself she said, "Y-Yes of course!" She said excited.

Taking her hand in his seemed to make Marckane feel lighter then air. He pulled her close to him, and then began to rise slowly off the ground with her body clutching his tightly.

"Don't worry Alexandria I won't let anything happen to you." Marckane promised.

He beat his powerful wings against the air propelling them higher until they were well over the castle. Alexandria screamed with joy as the night air brushed her face. Marckane made sure to hold on to her securely.

"I'll always protect you Princess."
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Sabine watched along with the rest of the crowd as Markcane and Alexandria flew farther and farther away in the sky. Oh, how marvelous it would be to fly. To always feel the wind rushing against your face and whistling past your ears, to always stay in the air. Sabine sighed. She was a fairy but her wings were small, and therefore did not allow her to go very far or fast. Sabine turned to the crowd. the king and queen were chatting with some diplomats or something and everyone else was watching the vampire and the princess take flight. Sabine saw someone at the back of the crowd who did not look very happy at all. More like crushed, a wilted flower. Sabine made her way over to say hello before she realized it was the other prince. Xandir.
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Xandir looked down at his stone in dismay, the swirls and flashes of colors began to fade until a thin transparent onyx black layer had engulfed his stone leavening only a small amount of light to shine through. At first Xandir thought giving his stone to the girl must have been a mistake, Xandir was angry at himself for giving something so important to a complete stranger. Knowing full well he would have to meet with the princess sooner or later Xandir frowned at the thought of disappointing his father or his mother. Disappointing his mother by missing the meeting with the princess, or disappointing his father by loosening the stone the though depressed Xandir but only for a moment.
Looks like the princess will have to wait, I need to find that stone. Xandir thought stepping outside once again, in hopes of finding the girl from before once again. A flash of black streaked by the corner of Xandir’s eye followed by a soft tug from the stone around his neck, turning his head just in time to spot Marckane holding exactly who he was looking for. With a relived smile Xandir flew into the air easily catching up to Marckane and the girl from before. Flying upside down completely parallel to the two so he could face them Xandir grinned.
“May I cut in?” Xandir asked, Marckane’s eyes flickered with rage.
“What do you think YOUR doing here? Insolent fool!” Marckane seethed.
“Chill out hot head I’m just here to check something out, its not like I’m gunna bite her or anything.” Xandir laughed “Well if you’re not going to decide how about I just take her for a couple minutes?”
“Don’t make me kill you fairy boy” Marckane threatened a low growl emitting form his throat. With a grin Xandir reached out and took the girls hand while taking out his own stone and holding it next to Marckane’s face. The light caused the arrogant vampire to release his hold on the girl and cover his eyes. By the time Marckane was able to see again Xandir and the princess were already out of site.

Xandir had the girl by the hand and that’s all that was needed, unlike vampires who rely on brut strength Xandir had to put up little to no effort to keep the girl in the air. This was due to a unique combination of fairy magick and air manipulation.
“Hey I’m sorry about this, I just really need to figure out this whole stone mystery.” Xandir apologized as he began to land. The girl nodded and pulled out her stone, Xandir put both stones together and noticed his had gone back to its original state, and the girls mirrored it once more. “Well that didn’t help much.” Xandir laughed. “Oh I almost forgot!” Xandir exclaimed reaching into his pocket and pulling out a chain. “I wouldn’t want you to loose the stone”. He said answering the girls questioned look as he placed the chain into her hand. Immediately stone attached to the chain as if it were a magnet, Xandir laughed as the girl struggled to get the chain around her neck. “Here let me get that” Xandir said as he clicked the necklace around her neck.
“Thank you” the girl replied with a smile.
“No problem your actually doing me a favor” Xandir said returning the smile. “You know what I just realized I don’t even know your name”
“Alexandria” she replied with a laugh. “Do you always give gifts to people you’ve just met or am I special?”
“Your special, how special I don’t know yet but I hope to find out soon. However for now I bid you farewell, I need to meet the princess before the nights over or ill never hear the end of it.” Again Xandir finished his last words in the air, flying from the garden to the all too familiar balcony.
After staring into the night sky after Xandir, knowing how ironic it was going to become when he finally got to meet the princess, who he has already met, Alexandria looked for any sines of Marckane.
It was only a few moments after that Alexandria's mother came running toward her. "My dear, come in side!" She yelled with glee. Once her mother was near, she took Alexandria's arm and tried to lead her inside. "Why mother? I enjoy the night." Alexandria kept looking into the darkness. "Oh, you take too much after your father." Her mother sighed. "You must meet Prince Xandir!" Alexandria let out a ironic laugh and with one last glance and no sign of Marckane, Alexandria let herself be lead back inside.

"I have found her, for you, Prince Xandir." Alexandria's mother said all to delightfully. Xandir turned to face them, face a glow, that changed into pure shock when he laid eyes on the too familiar face of Princess Alexandria. "Y-you." He cleared his throat. "You are the Princess I have needed to meet this entire night!?" He exclaimed in utter shock. Alexandria smiled politely. "Yes, very much so." With a pat on her back from her mother, she walked away to leave the two alone.
Marckane had lost all control of himself, and to say that he was angry would have been an extreme understatement. He returned to the castle after searching the grounds for his princess. It wasn't official but he felt such a strong connection to her he felt as if she was his already.

He found her inside talking to the very one he wanted to end. The Fairy boy. His first thought was to bath the room in darkness while making quick work of the so called Fairy prince, but knew that if he did something like that it would send the wrong message across to the princess turning her away from him forever and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

"Ahh, Xandir. I see we met under the wrong circumstances. I hope we can forget all that has just transpired so that we may move forward postively." Marckane said as he walked into the room. And his mother told him he couldn't put on a false face. He was back to his normal self with his clothes back on looking the image of perfection. And his mother told him he couldn't put on a false face.

"Of...of course." Xandir said as he stood standing next to Princess Alexandria.

"Princess Alexandria I do so hope we'll be able to finish that flight together again soon?" Marckane said to her though it was more of a question while he took her hand in his then placed ever so lightly a kiss on her delicate skin whilie looking deep into her beautiful eyes trying to convey all the feelings he had for her.
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Sabine watched her friend chat with the princes. She giggled at how head over heels they both seemed, even the most unenjoyable looking one, and how they obviously didn't like each other. Good thing it was Alexandria's choice, or else a war might have been started between the two worlds. She saw that things could possibly get ugly between the two princes and decided to step in.
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Kali watched the others dance around her. She could probably join in, but she didn't feel up to it that night. Instead she placed herself in a corner where no man could ask her. She'd folded her wings behind her, not wishing to show any extravagance. Thankfully her mother didn't see her. She would scold her for not showing off the backless dress. But it was too form fitting for her taste, so she constantly had her back to the wall, arms obscuring the front. She was not one that wanted to be seen that night.
Talise watched everything unfolding before her extremely confused. Both of the princes were switching off with her cousin like she was a Frisbee. Good grief, she thought as Sabine stepped in to intervene. Alexandria must be dizzy from all the back and forth.

Just as Talise thought to provide help as well, a strong hand fell on her forearm to restrain her. She swung around to look at her captor and immediately came up short, nearly colliding into his chest. Stunned, Talise pushed her displaced glasses back up her nose and peered into a very amused male face.

"What are you doing?" Talise asked, trying best to hide her blush.

The vampire chuckled softly under his breath. "Saving you from interfering. Prince Marckane is trying to woo his lady love."

Talise frowned at his arrogance. "What makes you think he'll succeed? From what I can see Prince Xandir is a perfectly nice gentleman."

"Intuition. When a vampire sees something he wants, he'll stop at nothing to get it." Talise opened her mouth to argue the point, but the dashing vampire took her hand and kissed the palm, signaling an end to the conversation.

"I must attend to other business, my lady." The corners of his crinkled with mirth. "It was nice to see you again... although I do miss the lovely golden scales."

Talise stammered. "C-can I at least know your name?"

"Yes," the vampire said, his deep blue eyes shining. Talise found herself holding her breath as she waited for his answer. "When we meet again, Talise."

With that, he walked off, leaving Talise to wonder how he knew her name.
Watching Prince Marckane walk away, took every though of Prince Xandir out of her mind. Oh how easy the decision was, yet she still did not know much about the two, that made her stay quiet. But with a touch from Prince Xandir, sent the stone she was wearing into a beautiful array of colors once again, and she was taken from her thoughts. "Are you all right, Princess?" Xandir asked, face a glow once again. Alexandria smiled warmly. "Yes. I am quite all right. Though, I do feel a bit tired, could we sit down?" Alexandria did not wait for a reply, but went over to the nearest table, and sat down. Only thankfully Xandir followed and sat next to her. "Now, Prince Xandir." Alexandria turned to address him sweetly. "Tell me everything about you?"
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Sabine stood idly behind one of the golden accented pillars of the ballroom, watching her friend chat with the fairy prince. She felt a tap on her shoulder and whirled around to face the vampire prince, Markcane. "Greetings and felicitations, Prince Markcane," Sabine said, curtsying, though not dipping so low that she couldn't keep her eyes on his face. "Greetings. You are Lady in waiting to the princess, are you not?" he asked, a bit gruffly. Sabine raised her chin. "You are correct. What can I do for you?" she asked. "Tell me everything about the princess. I must have her." Sabine smirked slightly. "You speak of my dear friend as if she were but a prize to be won." she observed. Markcane raised an eyebrow. "Is she not?" Sabine's smirk turned to a frown. "That she is not. But tell me, why should I help you?"
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Kali's thirst drove her over to the punch bowl. It was difficult to leave her corner, but her throat felt like it was closing. She took a cup and retreated once more, sipping it gradually. A couple people had glanced her way, but thankfully most of them returned their attention to the party. All except for one, that sent shivers down her spine. She pushed herself further against the wall, trying to blend in with the shadows. He continued to watch her, but never stepped any closer. She closed her eyes briefly, wishing the party were over.
The ball went on well into the evening as another day of the Princess's celebration came to an end. After some many hours on her feet, Talise could only fantasize about laying down in bed for the rest of the night and dream about crystal blue waters. And maybe the unnamed vampire as well, she thought shyly. Talise was so lost in thought about the wonderful idea she didn't see the absent-minded couple heading in her direction. They bumped into one another, sending the contents of Talise's half empty cup of bunch colliding into her formal dress. The cold liquid hitting her skin made her gasp as she frantically grabbed at napkins to dab at the newly forming red stain.

"Darn it all!" Talise murmured. "Mother is going to kill me when she finds out."

"I make sure to put in a good word for you then," answered a feminine, regal voice.

Talise looked up to find the Queen, Alexandria's mother, standing before her with a gentle smile. Tension drained from her shoulders as she returned the smile. Her aunt was one of the few people she could really be herself with, thus making her a sight for sore eyes.

"Thank you, your Majesty. I could use all the help I can get."

The Queen laughed and opened her mouth to say something when a loud crash sounded from the back of the room.
Alexandria stood in still as she looked at the ground at her feet. Her face was red, and she could tell Prince Xandir was trying not to laugh. She has accidently bumped into a vase as she was dancing with Xandir, for Marckane went who knows where, and she could not find him. "Oops." She muttered as she stood in embarrassment. Soon, though her mother came over, and though shaking her head, had a huge grin on her face, which Alexandria could not tell it from laughter, or happiness. Once her mother ordered one of the maids to clean it up, Xandir whispered for her to walk with him, and he led her by hand, into the garden.
Sabine had asked Prince Marckane why she should help him win Alexandria’s heart so; he stood there for less then a second debating on how to answer this incredible question that was thrown upon him.

“Never in my life have I ever wanted to be with someone so much. Being a Vampire, the emotions that we have are only given to those that fall in love, and others well…can be cold. I must admit when I was told I was to be sent on another quest to see if I could find a Princess to wed me I was bored with the prospect to the point of almost not coming. That I can assure you would have been the biggest mistake of my life, and now that I have had an opportunity to meet her I can tell you that she stirs feelings in me that I have never in my life felt before. Seeing Alexandria with Prince Xandir makes my blood boil and whenever I’m around her, I feel as if I have found my one and only mate. I have seen many Princesses in my time and I have never wanted to know or for that matter give myself to one before.” Marckane said, while taking the hand of Sabine in his for a moment to convey the truth in his words.

“Uhh…Heh. If I could have my hand back that would be great.” Sabine asked a bit uneasily.

“I’m sorry my lady for being so forward.” Marckane said switching back into formal mode and giving Sabine back her hand that felt so delicate and fragile in his own. “My lady Sabine anything you could enlighten me with on how to sweep the Fair Alexandria off her feet would be most appreciated.” Marckane asked sincerely staring deep into Sabine’s eyes.

“The best way to win her heart or any girls for that matter is to just be honest and truthful about everything. I feel that you are telling the truth Prince Marckane, but I warn you now you being a Vampire or no if you ever hurt you, you will have me to deal with. Got it?”

“I see you are more then just a lady in waiting Lady Sabine. Princess Alexandria is very lucky to have someone such as you to look out for her. And, I will heed your words my lady.” Marckane said, chuckling.
“My Prince, how goes your bid to win Princess Alexandria’s hand? The Vampire asked, walking in step with Prince Marckane who was in search of Princess Alexandria to convey his true feelings for her.

“Things aren’t going as planned. This Princess is different then the others. She has this…fire within her that just draws me to her like no other.” Prince Marckane admitted distractedly.

“Ahh…my Prince I know what you mean. I have met a woman of such beauty this night myself that I would like to be with. Just talking with her makes fills me with the sensation that I have felt for no other. I tell you this because I would like to pursue something further with her however, her status is that of the fair Princess Alexandria’s cousin. If you would think I should not go after her I would understand my Prince.” The Vampire said with a slight bow to show his respect for Prince Marckane.

After standing looking the vampire he has come to know as the brother he never had and not one of his protectors Prince Marckane looked at Demetrius noticing how his blue eyes flashed with such conviction in his love for this woman and how he felt the very same about Princess Alexandria.

“Demetrius, I have known you for so long I have forgotten that you are not of my blood. It would please me greatly to see you as happy as I would like to be with Alexandria. Who is this woman that you speak of?” Prince Marckane inquired.

“My Prince, her name is Talise and to me she is who I have been waiting for all this time.” Demetrius stated, with a satisfied smile on his face.


Demetrius and Prince Marckane looked in the direction the crash came from to see it was Princess Alexandria who knocked over a vase was quickly cleaned up. Prince Marckane’s eyes locked onto Princess Alexandria, and with that, he bid good luck to Demetrius and followed Princess Alexandria and Prince Xandir out into the garden. Demetrius scanned the crowd of people for the woman who had taken his heart but did not see her.

I will find you Talise, reveal my name, and ask for your hand this night. Demetrius promised himself.
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Sabine thought carefully about what she had told Prince Markcane. His words describing his passion for Princess Alexandria had stirred something within her, a deep longing and sadness, perhaps. With no offense to her princess, Sabine felt as though she had always been overshadowed by her best friend. Being the princess got her certain attentions that did not befall a common lady in waiting. Sabine sighed and went out to one of the empty balconies to wait for the night to be over. Even Talise, it seemed, had someone after her. And Prince Xandir was sure to have a fairy princess waiting for him should Alexandria choose Markcane. she closed her eyes but they flew open seconds later, as she heard a noise above her. She turned and caught something in her hand that seemed to have fallen from the sky. She gasped and looked it over. It was a single red rose.
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"What are you doing?"

Kali looked at her mother absently. "What do you mean?"

The woman was growing red. "I mean that you are invited to a party filled with eligible men, and you choose to stand against the wall like a statue. Have you no gratefulness for any of this? Do you know how many ladies stand outside, wishing they were here?"

Kali brushed a lock of light blond hair behind her ear. "Fine, then. One dance."

"Good." her mother breathed. "Because that gentleman has continued to watch you."

Kali swallowed a groan and forced herself to smile at the stranger. He was the same stranger from before, and he still frightened her.

But her mother frightened her more.
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“I’m afraid the garden isn’t much this time of the year.” The princess apologized as they walked into the rather unappealing mix of brown and green.
“Well I think we should fix that.” Xandir replied walking her over to a patch of ground struggling to sprout plant life.
“And how do you suppose we do that?” Alexandria asked mildly interested.
“Well with magic of course! But I’m going to need your help otherwise this will never work.” Xandir smiled as he grabbed a seed from the ground.
“You see to grow plants you need love…It doesn’t have to be a large amount even the smallest feelings will do. Do you know why?” Xandir asked looking into Alexandria’s eyes.
“Why?” she asked staring back.
“Because a seed is a lot like love, in the beginning it’s small and it doesn’t seem like much. But given the opportunity…” Xandir gestured back towards the seed as it began to sprout and bloom into the most beautiful white rose either of them had ever seen. “…It will grow into something so wonderful words cannot do it justice.” Xandir gently placed the rose in Alexandria’s hand. “As long as you have some feelings for me that Rose will never wilt.” As he closed her hand around the rose the light from there rings reflected off of the petals and all around them flowers began to bloom. Both Alexandria and Xandir’s eyes widened in pure awe at the sight, it was as if the light from the stones had imprinted itself into the garden. Each and every flower shinned as brightly as the stars, colors twinkling in a dazzling display.
“It’s beautiful.” Alexandria stated in awe.
“It wouldn’t have been possible without you.” Xandir replied sliding his hand into her free hand. “Now where were we? I believe you were telling me about your yourself when your not being a princess.” Xandir couldn’t be happier and it seemed like the princess was having a good time as well.
Alexandria was lost in thought, staring at the array of beautiful flowers around her. She had to remind her self to keep breathing, for every time she looked at either Xandir, the shimmering stones, or the shinning flowers, they all took her breath away. Alexandria smiled sweetly, staring at her rose. "Well, the biggest thing I love when I'm not being a princess, is being outside. It's so much wonderful then being cooped up inside all day. She looked up at Xandir, he was smiling as if in thought. "I enjoy reading, dancing, and being with my friend, Sabine, my family, when they get a chance to visit, and my father." Xandir, continuing to smile, stare at Alexandria, nodding in reply. Alexandria looked at her rose for a moment, then looked up at Xandir, then looked out into the garden, and in seeing that the hedge maze was done, she smiled brightly. "Wait right here." Alexandria told Xandir as she slipped her hand out of his and ran inside with her rose, only to come back out again, empty handed. "I wanted to put the rose in a vase so I wouldn't destroy it." She was smiling, which made Xandir curious. "Why would you destroy it?" He asked confused. Alexandria giggled. "Because another thing I do while not being a princes is play hide-and-go seek." And with that she started to run. Xandir, taking a moment to comprehend all that, started to run after her giggling figure into the hedge maze.
Prince Marckane walked with purpose out of the garden doors in search of the woman he loved. It surprised him that he felt like this, and he wanted to tell her exactly how he felt about her. When he got out into the night's air he could smell her scent strongly coming from somewhere deep in the maze of hedges. He could hear her laughing, and the sound of Prince Xandir made his blood boil, but he would keep his cool.

Moving as fast as he could he made his way through the maze in search of her, but something began to interfer with his sense of direction. He scent was masked by something. He felt deoriented all of a sudden, and went down to one knee. Shaking his head to clear whatever it was his vision began to blur.

"Princess...Alexandria...my love."

The next thing Prince Marckane knew he was laying on the cold ground staring up at the night's sky.
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Sabine picked up the rose and twirled it in her palm, careful of the thorns. Who could have thought to toss this to her? Who would have left the ballroom? And where would they have gotten a rose with the garden so desolate at this time of the year?

Sabine heard a giggle and looked up. Alexandria was leaning over the edge of the balcony above the one Sabine stood upon. "Alexandria?" Sabine called up, a bit confused. "Hello Sabine," the princess giggled. "Could you please put that in a vase in my room? I shouldn't like anything to happen to it and I'll be up to other things in the near future," she said with a smile.

Sabine returned the grin and nodded. So the rose was not from anyone who had noticed her, a lady in waiting for the princess. "What is going on?" she asked. "Which prince gave you the flower?" Alexandria giggled once more and sighed. "Prince Xandir. I'm going to go show him the maze," she said before waving at Sabine and disappearing.

Sabine smiled and cast a forlorn look at the rose before taking the rose up to the princess' chambers, one of the only rooms free from party-goers.
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Prince Xandir couldn’t remember the last time he had played hide and seek. But he was more than happy to play with the Princess, the plants gave away quiet hints whenever Xandir reached a fork and just couldn’t decide which way to go. Eventually he began to catch up to her and finally cut her off at a dead end. With a big smile Xandir cornered the princess and began to tickle her, which she retaliated by jumping onto him and tickling back. Xandir being twice as ticklish as the princess has to beg for mercy, after about a minute they both lay on the ground gasping for breath in between fits of laughter. After they had both settled back down they got up and walked around in search of the exit.
“I’ve lived here all my life and I still get lost in this darn maze…its like it keeps changing or something.” As the princess said this Xandir could hear chuckling coming from the plants.
“I think you’d be surprised” Xandir chuckled, “but I’m not in any hurry to get back…to tell you the truth I’m a little selfish…I keep finding myself wishing it could stay like this forever, just the two of us.” Xandir once again slipped his hand into Alexandria’s the stone’s giving off a soft warm glow rather than there usual blinding brilliance. Xandir looked up to notice the light of the sun beginning to make its was across the sky. “Alexandria, please would you share this sunrise with me?” when she nodded she gently floated them into the air just in time to catch one of the most dazzling sunrises Xandir had ever seen. The light created a golden silhouette around the princess that just made him fall for her even more.
“It’s beautiful.” Alexandria beamed looking form the sunrise to Xandir.
“Not nearly as beautiful as you.” Xandir said and couldn’t help but lean in to give her a kiss.
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Kali had to admit, the man did know how to dance. He was also a perfect gentleman when it came to her dress. Her first impressions of him fell away as they began to waltz across the room, and her heart bubbled as if it were made of champagne.

"So, you have yet to tell me your name." she commented.

He shook his head. "I prefer to remain the unnamed stranger. It's much more mysterious, don't you think? I become 'It was so wonderful, I wish I knew his name', instead of 'Yes, I danced with so-and-so, and it was fun'. I refuse to be just another so."

Kali laughed, and her tension was released. "Fine, then you will never learn mine."

"Touche. Oh well, I'm sure I could find out from the other guests."

She remained quiet, knowing that he was about to continue.

"I will make you a deal, then. If I do not find you within a week, I will tell you my name, and we will never have to speak again."

"And if you do?"

He smiled. "I will still tell you my name, but you will owe me a kiss."

She blushed and turned away. But her curiousity got the best of her, so she took his hand and they shook on it.

"You have one week."
For once in her life Alexandria had no idea how to deal with her situation. Both Xandir and Marckane were exponential. It was no wonder her parents chose them. They did not know she knew, but she figured it out. Alexandria's birthday celebration had gone on for a few nights now, and they only guests remaining were her cousin Talise, Kali, and the residents of the castle. Marckane and his vampire friend, who ever he was had to leave to not be harmed my the bright sun, which was unfortunate, but he promised he would be back by twilight. Xandir had left only a few minutes ago. Alexandria still leaned on the balcony railing watching in the general direction of which he left. She clung to the onyx stone around her neck, remembering his lingering kiss at dawn. The memory made her nearly fall off the balcony ledge because she started to day dream. But thankfully Sabine had come at that very second to tell Alexandria something, and kept her from falling instead.
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Sabine returned from stowing the rose in the Princess' room. She had treated it with care, as though it was her own, bestowed upon her by some handsome gentleman who she'd happened to run into.

But she vowed to herself not to let her lack of love life get in her way. She was the princess' advisor, watcher, confidante, and friend. This was not about her- Alexandria had larger problems, like how to choose between the two very handsome, very charming princes. Her destiny and that of the kingdom rested upon her decision.

"Sabine, a word?" she heard, and turned, to find herself facing the king and queen. "Yes, your majesties?" she asked. The Queen's brow was furrowed with worry as she watched her daughter at the balcony. "Look at her. Isn't she lovely? And she is having such a fine time. However will she choose?" she whispered. Sabine could only nod.

"But my guardsmen have brought me word," the King started, concern and authority in his voice. "That there is danger afoot. Foul play from one of our guests." The Queen placed a hand on her husband's arm, as if to try and steady his temper.

"Sabine, one of them, Vampire or Fairy we cannot find out, has come intending corruption and harm." Sabine gasped. "Prince Mackane? Xandir?" she asked, eyes darting to her friend. The king shook his head. "But one of them might be aiding this mysterious man."

Sabine nodded. "Who is he? Where has he been all night?" she asked. The queen answered her this time. "He has been dancing with that young girl, Kali." she said. The King nodded, and spoke again.

"We cannot imagine the things he will do to our daughter, to this castle, to us- to the rest of the world. Alexandria must be protected! You must take her and her cousin, Talise." he said. "I will send the Princes out when they come back, to protect my daughter and to catch this man, and bring him either to me or to his death."

Sabine's eyes widened. This was dangerous- what if he was still watching them? "Where do I bring them, sir?" she asked. "Anywhere safe. Away from here. Go far and deep into the woods. Alexandria and Talise have the abilities it will require to stay safe. The Princes will find you, come nightfall. If they do not, stay where you are." Sabine nodded.

"Go now. There is not a moment to waste!" he said. Sabine set off hurriedly down the steps and toward the Princess. "Alexandria!" she called. Sabine grasped her friend's hands. "We must hurry," she said.

"Sabine, what are you talking about?" Alexandria asked. "You are not safe here," Sabine hissed. "There is someone out for your blood! Your mother and father have ordered me to take you and your cousin away from here, into the woods. We must make haste!" Alexandria looked more confused than frightened, but looked up to her parents, standing at the top of the staircase.

The King bowed to her, and the queen merely buried her face into his shoulder. And Alexandria knew that Sabine was right. There was some danger. Sabine had told Talise, and now the two were waiting for her. Sabine handed Talise and hooded cape, and slung one over Alexandria's shoulders, as well as one over her own.

With a final glance at the castle, the three girls turned and ran.
It was dark in the deep woods that surrounded the three girls. They had made it half way to the center of the woods, that Alexandria knew too well. They could all take shelter there, for she had a cottage in the middle of the woods, no one but her and her parents knew about. It was almost night fall and there was no sign yet of the princes.

Oh how she missed them. Marckane, her prince of Darkness, how wonderful it would be to be a vampire, yet she would miss the sun rise of every morning. To only live for one time of day was hard for her to grasp. Xandir, of wonderful Xandir. His rose, making her flower garden bloom, the ray of sunshine that always seems to glisten off his wings....his stone....

Alexandria touched her neck where the chain was placed and followed it until she found the stone that the chain held. It glowed in the palm of her hand, until she released it when she saw the familiar cottage she knew.

"We'll be safe here." Alexandria said as she found the key in its usual hiding spot and unlocked the fairly build cottage. "We will all have separate rooms to sleep in, unless you girls feel uncomfortable being alone, then we can all camp together in the basement."

She turned to see Sabine and Talise staring at her in disbelief.

"I promise you. No one knows we will be here except for my parents and I." Alexandria explained. "Only father will tell the princes where we are at, so they can come to our aide.

In some confusion, and trust, Sabine and Talise followed Alexandria inside and waited for Prince Marckane and Xandir to arrive.

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