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A princess trap for all eternity, until two knights come to her aid
[Introduction] A princess has been kidnapped by an evil Sorcerer , who has a plan to take over (she got in his way). The King has tried everything to defeat the Sorcerer, but has failed to save his daughter. It has been at least a year, and the Sorcerer's evil plan is almost complete, and the Kingdom is with little hope, until two nights, unknown of one another, plan to save the princess, who knows the secret on how to stop the Sorcerer. Will they be able to band together and save the Kingdom, or will their differences corrupt them and destroy all hope at last?

The main character you can choose from are:
Knight 1- Lonewolf
Knight 2- Vamperian Knight
The King
The Queen-Renee Katz
The Sorcerer-Sammi-jo

You may add a character if you wish. For either a main or added character please do a bio for whom ever you choose:

Age (optional)
Appearance: 5'7 with curly black hair that goes half way down her back. She has dark green eyes and a dimple on her right cheek when she smiles. She wears a lot of blue and red, especially if it complements her medium shaped figure.
Personality: Laura is a smart and witty lady. She is someone you can go to for anything; friendship, love( though she has not found anyone), help, ect. She loves to read, write and walk through town. She loves meeting people and go an adventures. No wonder she got intertwined with the evil Sorcerer and his plan to take over.
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Name: Queen Heather
Age: Maybe thirty or so, but the queen's age is never really something to question or center a conversation around, now is it?
Appearance: Rosy cheeks, high cheekbones, soft grey eyes, long reddish hair, tall. Laura gets her looks from her father.
Personality: Laura got her spirit and sense of adventure from her mother. When she was a princess herself, Heather loved playing in the woods, playing games of fantasy with the page boy, and riding horses. Every now and then she likes to go out for long rides with her horse, and sometimes she and the king set up fun silly things to do in the kingdom for amusement.

Age: 25

Appearance:Dark brown hair with green eyes, just under 6'2. He has a storng muscular build from all the training he does to hone his body into the perfect weapon. He wears a black and gold inlaid armor with the insignia of a dragon over the left breast plate.

Personality: He stands up for what he believe's in not to mention he's all for the little guy. If he knows someone is in trouble he'll be the first to try to help. If you need something done he's the oe to go to. He strives for success in all that he does even at the cost of his life. He is also very down to earth and will tell you how it is.

Name: Dorian

Age: 20

Appearance: Pitch black hair and deep blue eyes. Is 5'11, and not very muscular. Very attractive.

Personality: He used to be kind, caring, and passionate. Now he only has one of those traits left over. And it happens to be a passion for revenge.

Name: Jamie

Age: Almost 19

Appearance: Jamie has short and choppy reddish brown that has a tendancy to fall in her soft dove grey eyes. She stands close to 5'6" with a lithe body frame. At first look she appears to be an adolescent boy, which is her intention. But if one were to look closely they would see she was very much female.

Personality: Because of her station as stable boy and helper for the sorceror, she is quiet and observant, often compared to a mouse. Jamie is also quite bitter especially having to surpress her fiery nature.
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I’m hoping I can edit this a little later, I;ve just gone through a little surgery and shouldn’t be doing this right now lol =p

Name: Sir Hector

Age 19

Appearance: Hector is in no way a traditional knight, clothing himself in white aqua tinted dragon skin rather than armor. His choice in clothing while it leave’s many openings that conventional armor would not leave, it also has many advantages over its metal counterpart besides Hector feels that traditional armor takes the excitement out of fighting. Tied under naturally spiked light golden blond hair is an unusually smooth dragon skin headband. Hectors eyes are a dark and intelligent aqua blue. His body is packed with lean muscle, focusing on speed and accuracy over raw power. On his right hand down to the middle of his forearm there lay a white aqua tinted dragon skin clawed gauntlet, on his other hand a regular dragon skin glove (by the way all of these dragon skin items were all gifts of a grateful dragon who happened to be dying, there was no slaying of a dragon involved.) On his back rest a long sword with a white hilt and dark blue grip wrapped around.

Personality: Hector almost always keeps his cool unless he sees a strong enemy then its almost impossible to control him, he gets a huge smile on his face and shortly after his sword is drawn and he is announcing a battle with whoever or whatever seems like it would put up a good fight. Hector almost never kills, he especially never kills the people he challenges. This has made hector seem somewhat of a rouge knight.
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Name: Laurence (known as Laurie by friends)

Age: 17

Appearance: Laurence appears both younger and older than his age. He is slightly less than average height, and the muscles of his body are wiry and lack any sort of bulk. His face is youthful, beardless and boyishly attractive, but his grey eyes echo age and experience beyond what most teenagers would even dream of. His hair has been allowed to grow into loose brown curls that fall about his face. He wears the basic clothing of a squire, very simple and without armour. His colors match those of the knight he serves, Sir Darius, in black and gold. As he is still only a squire, he cannot carry a sword, but he has several knives hidden about his clothing, and there is an extra sword among Darius' belongings that he can use quite skillfully when needed. Laurence has an easy smile and looks good natured, but his features quickly change with his mood, becoming stormy without warning. His entire body is covered in scars, most of them hidden by his clothing, but there are several visible, including the ones on his hands and one pale scar down the left side of his face, from a thrown tool.

Personality: Laurence's personality is changeable, but there are a few traits that are very clear. He is friendly, easy going, and accepting. Like Darius, he is always looking out for the underdog and injustice makes him absolutely furious. He also has a keen dislike of what he calls "the system," meaning the hierarchy of kings, lords, masters, slaves, etc. This dislike, along with natural rebellion and the ability to always say the wrong thing to people in power, has prolonged Laurie's time as a squire and stopped him from becoming a knight. He has all of the other traits of a knight, being chivalrous, brave, honorable, noble, honest, merciful, and a great swordsman, but lacks the political side of things. Despite the fact that being a knight is his main goal in life, he doesn't really mind being Darius' squire. He has a long history with him, and though he feels very little loyalty to any king or lord, he is completely devoted to his knight, and would die for him without a second thought or regret. One of his worst traits is his quick temper and impulsive nature...and his tendency to drift into depression without notice. One thing in particular causes his fury to reach its peak, and that is when he sees cruelty toward children.

History: Laurence's first memory is of hiding in a dark corner as his master threw whatever was in reach at him. He couldn't remember his parents, he only knew that they had been poor and had sold him to a blacksmith to work as an apprentice. It was just the boy's luck that the blacksmith was a violent drunk, and an abusive master. Between a meager diet, an overload of work, little sleep, and constant beatings, he was often more dead than alive, appearing like a skeleton as he struggled to perform his duties. Around the age of 6, he started pickpocketing so that he could buy extra food when he ran errands in town, becoming quite skilled as a thief...and skilled as a blacksmith as well. He was lonely, without other children, and spoke very little. He lived this sort of lifestyle until he turned 12, when a young knight that had come for a new suit of armour took pity on him and bought him, taking him home. That began Laurence's worship of Darius. They quickly became more than master and servant, the former urchin looking up to his savior as a master, an older brother, and as his only friend. Darius started training him as a squire, and Laurence learned quickly, thriving on good food and a safe home, though his growth was slightly stunted. He easily took to the life of a young nobleman and future knight, even in speech, though he retains some of the rougher traits that he was brought up with.
Ok, since no specific person is playing The King I ma adding a bio for him, everyone else can add something else, and yes VampirianKnight, you will have a chance to edit your characters bio.

Name: King Garrick
Age: No one speaks of the Kings age, it is disrespectful, though he looks to be about around his 60's
Appearance: King Garrick has graying long black hair, and beard that his wife, Queen Heather tried to make him tame. He was wise, strong, mischievous, and loving dark green eyes. His body structure3 once was firm and kept, but with his age, and position of power, it has layed a heavy burden on his body, yet he still manages to keep a firm hold on being in between physically fit and over weight.
Personality: King Garrick from a child was always serious, well mannered, and greatly educated. Since he would some day be King, Prince Garrick was treated unlike all the kids. He had his close friends, but mostly stayed inside the castle. His father was severely stricted, and kept him inside to study whenever he could, until his mother got him away from his studies. NO his days are full of maintaining a country and taking care of his adorable family.
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Name: Prince and Princess Andrew and Julie

Age: 13 (twins)

Appearance: Neither of the twins look like their parents. They both have sandy blonde hair, which, in the summer, sometimes looks like the color of peaches. They both have striking green eyes, and the same petite build, though Andrew has some muscles from training. If they were both boys or both girls, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

Personality: Julie likes playing the defined role of a princess. Speak when you're spoken to, girls should be seen, not heard, and learning to become a proper wife for whomever her father decides to marry her to. She's very beautiful, but not very vain, and she's not one of those princesses who plays in the woods singing and talking to animals.
Andrew, however, couldn't be less concerned about his princely duties. As far as he sees, leave them to Julie. His father does make his sit in on council meetings of the kingdom (it's a family thing, the queen likes to be up to date on these things as well, and Julie usually sews and Laura reads) however his mind is never really on the subject. he spends the majority of his time practicing with the knights in the king's guard, and usually embarks on a daily horse ride with both his sisters.

"We have the princess." The orc grunted.

"Where did you find her?" Dorian asked, not even looking at the creature but out the window.

"The castle grounds, of course."

"Of course." Dorian echoed, his mind far away.

"Shall we put her in the dungeons?"

"No!" Dorian whirled to face it, anger contorting his beautiful features. "What has she done wrong? Its not her fault that we was born to such a monster of a father."

The burly creature seemed to cringe away from him.

He took in a deep breath and turned back to the window.

"Put her in one of the rooms. Guarded, of course."

The orc lowered his head in respect and then shuffled out of the room.

And as he looked out into the night sky Dorian couldn't help but think about his heart that was as black as the abyss of space.

Yet there was hope.
A star.
A light.
The straw dug into Jamie's back as she turned restlessly in her sleep. The stables were cold and drafty, a fine breeze wafting through the slats of the wood, making her body instinctively shiver all over as the blanket covering her body was thread bare. Subconsciously, she counted the hours until noon when the warmth would be at its best.

Murmuring, she turned again, only to come full awake at the sound of heavy footsteps down the dirt path from the door. Hurriedly, she jumped to her feet and ran for the stable door, peering through the holes to see a trio of of the Sorcerer's orcs coming up the road. Jamie looked closer. One had a large bundle over its shoulder.

"Oh, Dorian." The whisper was one of disappointment as a creased furrowed her brow. "What have you done now?"
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Laurence groaned as he sat up, a root had been sticking in his back all night, and he was stiff and sore from sleeping on the ground. Darius was already up, putting out the fire.

"So, you're finally up, you sleepy head! Its an hour past dawn. We have to get moving again."

"Yeah, sure." Laurence stoop up, and took the hard biscuit that his knight offered. He grumbled and complained, but finished his breakfast quickly, and started putting the saddles back on the horses.

"Did you sleep any better than I did, Sir?"

Darius laughed, "No, not really."

Laurence smiled back. As uncomfortable as it was, there wasn't a place that he'd rather be. Wherever his master went, he went. They had started this quest a few weeks ago, a quest to save the princess. How cliche. It seemed slightly hopeless, and Laurence had been against it at first, but Darius had been able to convince him, as he always did. It made sense now. It wasn't just the princess that they were trying to save, but their very country and lives. He didn't know how they planned on doing it, but they could try anyway.

"Lets go."

The two young men swung up onto their mounts and started off. It wasn't a normal thing, for squires to ride alongside their knights, but they needed to travel in speed. Laurence was still slightly uncomfortable with horses, as he hadn't learned to ride until a later age, but after weeks of constantly being in the saddle, he was getting used to it. He enjoyed being able to watch the land that they rode through. It had been a fairly quiet trip so far, and neither one of them had needed to fight.

A twig snapped nearby.

"What was that? Did you hear something, Laurie?"

"Yes. What do you think it was? A rabbit?"

"I don't know, I don't think it was a rabbit. But, I don't think we'll have to wait very long..."

Sir Darius was right, as without further notice, a group of orcs jumped out of the surrounding trees, brandishing their black blades. The horses were startled and walked backwards, but it was a bit late to retreat. They were surrounded.
Princess Laura sat in a surprisingly decorated room. To be held prisoner, she expected it would be a drafty, horrid smelling dungeon cell. Two huge orcs stood outside the door, and she was sure there were several more guarding the castle grounds near and around the window on the right wall of the room. Just to be sure, she went over, and found to no surprise, there were what seemed like a million orcs surrounding the place. "Oh what have I gotten myself into?" Laura whispered as she recalled the moments that led to her position. "I hope father has gotten word." She looked into the night sky, and sighed. She hoped help would come soon.
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Queen Heather awoke with the intuition that today was different, somehow. She sat upright, fully awake, and dressed. A page boy stood outside her chamber door. "Good morning, Queen heather," he said. "Good morning, Nathaniel," she greeted him with a stare. "The king has sent me with word of bad news," he said. "Bad news?" her forehead creased in worry. "Go on." Nathaniel cleared his throat. "Princess Laura has gone missing, it seems, your Highness." Queen Heather gasped. "Gone? Where are the younger prince and princess?" she asked. "TRaining with their swords, your highness. They are unaware." Queen Heather whisked her skirts away and hurried outside to her son and daughter.
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Hector was sleeping soundly when a familiar voice sounded in his head.
”Do you hear that? It sounds to me like someone, or several someones are attempting to sneak up on you.” the voice was deep but the words flowed like a river in his mind. I hear em Hector wordlessly replied. Tell me when old friend he continued slowly gripping his weapon. Leaves crunched nearby, by Hector’s count six, but by Draco’s nine. The orcs were so close Hector could smell them, but he did not flinch, he didn’t give away any sign he was aware of there presence.
“Three…Two…One…Now!” Hectors hand immediately closed around the hilt of his sword, brining his arm and the sword up to block nine different blades simultaneously. The surprised look on the orcs brought a smirk on Hectors face as he brought his other hand to his sword and swung upward unarming four of the orcs and knocking the rest off balance. Before any of them could even regain there balance three already lay on the ground unconscious. See I told you six. Hector laughed in his head a low rumble resembling a laugh answered him. The remaining six closed a tight circle around Hector close enough so he couldn’t escape yet far enough away that he could not easily strike any of them. Making a fist with his clawed hand, and lowering the point of his sword Hector closed his eyes. This gave the orcs a small amount of courage because four of the orcs immediately attacked. The orc to his left swung his massive sword low while the one on his right swung high. The orc directly in front of him as well as the one directly behind began to advance getting ready to follow up if Hector somehow blocked the attack.
“Jump an attack at both head and waist level, strike to your front and you back. Then deal with those on the side.” The voice spoke quickly and precisely but this time they were followed by an urgent growl to emphasize the urgentness of the instructions. Immediately Hector launched himself horizontally into the air kicking both his feet into the orc at his front while pushing off sticking his claws into the orc behind him. Hector mentally cringed when his claws broke through the armor and imbedded themselves deep into the orc. When he pulled his hand back out there was not blood but that wasn’t because the orc wasn’t dead.
“Calm down is was a necessity“ Draco’s voice washed over Hectors mind clearing it off all thoughts but the battle.
“And then there were two…” Hector said in a menacing voice hoping to scare off the remaing orcs. At first Hector thought it worked when the two of them glanced at each other and took off running. by the way killing is never a “necessity” hector replied to Draco’s earlier comment. It Draco had just collected the rest of his things when an arrow whizzed by his head. Hector spun around just in time to swings his sword and catch the five arrows that would have impaled him otherwise. While hector was busy swinging at arrows an orc began to creep up behind Hector.
“BEHIND YOU!” Draco barely managed to warn Hector, Hector again swung around and with his clawed hand grabbed the sword just before it made contact with his head. Behind the orc Hector could see about twenty more orcs running up weapons raised for attack.
“Ten gold says not one of them will even be able to scratch me.” Hector said with a smile before bringing the hilt of his sword down on the back of the orc’s head.
“I may just take you up on that bet…By the way there’s five more behind you”
Ironically, it was a warm beautiful day. Too beautiful to be stuck inside all day. "God, this is the most boring confinement ever!" She yelled out the window. The thing she hated most was being caged up like an animal, thats why she never tied up her animals, she lets them roam, and they always come back. "I truly hope father and mother are not worrying their heads off. As she stares out the window, she notices there are a lot less Orcs outside on the grounds than last night. "So defensive." She mutters as she turns sharply from the window. "You learn one thing, and end up someone's slave." She sits on the bed. She knew her situation was dire, but by what she over heard, he wasn't planning on killing her. At least she hoped so. Her spur of the moment plan was to be a living hell, but rethinking her plan, she decided to be the best slave her ever had. Lets say she's gonna try to figure out how Dorian became so evil, and maybe get a chance to help him, starting with being a good slave and staying quiet and staying put. She would already have gone out the window if it were not for her fear of Orcs....childhood run in with one. Her first dog was eaten by one, dad saved her though...and the confidence that her dad would find the best of best to help her. "Oh please let my plan work." She whispered sadly and confidently, big contradiction, as she went over and stared out the window into the beautiful day.
A sharp hiss cut through the area as Sir Darius drew his sword from the sheath, he hadn't expected to be in battle today, but if it were to be battle he would make the best of it. His apprentice drew his blade, and the both of them launched twin attacks at the ugly beasts with weapons of their own, nasty looking blades with erratically curved ends. They smelled like they hadn't washed in years, a pugent sickly smell that made Darius fight to keep ahold of his stomach.

"No....find...princess..." a Orc on the left of Sir Darius said raising his blade to attack.

"You poor ugly thing, nothing shall keep me from finding the fair princess." Sir Darius replied readying his own attack.

"Some day this is turning out ot be" Laurie commented.

Dorian called for the princess to be taken to his study. The room where he almost always spent his time.

The door opened and he turned to see Laura enter, the orc shutting the door behind her.

"Hello." He greeted her awkwardly. "Would you... like something to eat?" He motioned towards a table that had been set.

She seemed taken aback, and but sat down anyways.

"I do apologize for having to keep you confined on such a day as this, and in other circumstances would of course let you roam the grounds." Dorian said, walking towards the window. "But for obvious reasons that wouldn't be the safest choice."

"You mean the orcs." She said.

"No, no. The orcs are quite harmless, unless you attack them of course. The danger I fear hides behind a pretty face."

"Why did you take me?" Laura asked suddenly.

He turned to her. "It needed to be done. The king may be nearly heartless, but he wouldn't put his own daughter at risk."

"What do you mean, nearly heartless?" She stood, angry. "It is not he that has kidnapped someone, or sent monsters to destroy innocent people."

"I admit to the kidnapping, but to the other part, no." Dorian said, his eyes flashing with anger. "Your father is the cause of that."

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"It wasn't I who turned these poor people into orcs! It was your father. I've been trying to undo the curse that he has placed on them."

"My father, doesn't participate in black magic." She said, airily.

"Then who was my mentor?" Dorian said, eyeing her calmly as all the color drained from her face.

"You lie!" She cried.

"You may choose to believe what you want. But I am telling the truth." He paused, letting himself calm down for a moment then walked over to a bookshelf and pulled something out.

"I hear you like to read." He placed the book in front of her. "Perhaps that will make your... confinement less terrible."

"Jamie!" He called, and she came in quickly.

"This is your new friend. She can keep you company."

"She!?" Both Jamie and Laura cried at the same time.

"I am most certainly not a-" Jamie began.

Dorian took a step closer to her and touched her face.

Suddenly her hair grew to shoulder length, now making it quite obvious what sex she was.

Jamie's mouth was stuck open, horrified that she'd been caught, and Laura was just staring in surprise at the entire ordeal.

"I always knew what you were." Dorian whispered softly, and as he took his hand from her face her hair went back to its original length. "You can sleep in the same room as she." He said, motioning to Laura. "Its about time you got out of those stables."

"Sir!" An orc came through the door. "There are some people, a little ways away. They have been battling our forces."

"Who is it?" Dorian asked.

"Knights." The orc grunted.

Dorian sighed. "Do you see how hard my job is?" He shook his head. "Take them back to the room." He waved his hand and another orc came in and escorted them out.

"Your orders?" The orc asked.

"Well, we obviously cant let them take the princess. She's the only defense we have." Dorian paused, deep in thought. "Send more troops to meet them. Stun or maim them if you can, kill them if you cant. My shadow will join you shortly."

The orc nodded and left, the door shutting behind it.

Dorian walked over to the small crystal ball hovering over its stand. He looked into it, and sited an incantation that would allow part of him to go where these "knights" were. Perhaps he could convince them to stop all this trouble.

Hurriedly, Jamie walked just a step behind the princess with an orc pressing closely at the backs of her heels. The room they were rushed into was something Jamie had only imagined in her dreams. The trimmings and finery were in opulent, but not overly done. Even though the room was dreary with dimness, she could still see the beauty underneath and the comfort should one seek it. Much like Dorian himself, Jamie thought.

"You will be confined here until the master comes for you," ordered the guarding orc.

The princess looked as if she was going to open her mouth to argue the point, but Jamie stepped in front of her before she could make matters into something troublesome. "We'll be fine," she replied clasping her hands together in front of her body. Softly, so only she and the orc could hear Jaime said, "Watch yourself."

They stared at each other, sharing a moment of understanding, and maybe, of caring. Jamie and the other orcs of castle served the same master, and shared the same anger towards the man that put them in their current circumstances. She made it a point to be pleasant to them for they were the closest thing to family she had ever had. The orc nodded once in greeting before he shut the door firmly behind him and locking the door from the outside.

Jamie composed herself to the best of her abilities and turned back to the princess, only to find her trying to haul herself out the window. Cursing under her breath, Jamie ran to the window and grabbed the dimwit by the waist, pulling her struggling body down. They both ended up as a heap on the floor.

The princess got up from the floor in a huff, trying her best to straighten her gown. Glowering, she looked down at Jamie's sitting form. "Why did you try and stop me?"

"Because," Jamie replied, trying her best to keep her calm. "Killing yourself for being locked in a room is stupid. And I, most likely, would have to clean it up in the end."

"I wasn't trying to kill myself!" The princess threw her hands in the air. "I was trying to flag down the knights attention should they ride close enough. I was trying to help us escape. Do you take me for an idiot?"

Jamie stood slowly, the temper in her veins rising to new levels. Softly, gritting her teeth as to not scream, she said, "I take you for many things, dear princess. Idiocy is just one of them. Dorian hides the inward views of the castle with magic. No one can see inside."

The anger in the princess's eye was almost humorous. "You vile being! I'm trying to help us both. This evil sorcerer had trapped us in a locked room without escape! He'll enslave us to his evil plans; he'll use me against his father. Has he brainwashed you so much that you don't have a free thought of your own?"

"You know nothing of Dorian!" Jamie took a menacing step toward the princess, watching with cold calculation as she instinctively stepped back. "He took me in when no one wanted me or the orcs. He may seem hardhearted to you, but he wasn't always like this. Even now, he gives his best to keep you comfortable." The last of her words were tipped with contempt. "You, dear princess, know nothing of enslavement. Of working at anything that would dirty your pretty little dresses. So I suggest you keep your mouth shut and stop all your ridiculous escape plans."

The silence stretched between the two of them, making Jamie's skin itch in awkwardness. She wasn't use to finery and having the exact image of her wrath looking hurt and human in front of her. Compassion tempted her to apologize, but she wanted to keep her anger. It was one of the few things that kept her moving forward.

Watching quietly, the princess folded her hands in her lap as she sat delicately on the edge of the canopy bed. She looked to Jamie as if she would burst into tears at any moment, but to her credit she keep them inside. "This wasn't suppose to happen," the princess spoke in a voice almost a whisper. "It was a mistake that will cost me my life. I miss my parents, my family, my books." She glanced up in Jamie's direction, the tears still trapped making her green eyes sparkle.

"Can't you see how horrible this situation is? Can't you understand?"

Jamie thought of her life, her existence from the moment she truly understood what her position in life had left her. She had been discarded like trash when she was just a babe. She had lived in the slums, pretending to be something she wasn't so she could survive. Now, she had made a life for herself after a fashion. And that life left little for the one sitting before her in pain, even if the need to comfort was as instinctive as the big sister she was.

"No," Jamie said as she turned her back and gazed out the window. "I can't understand. I've never had a family."
Laura and Jamie sat in silence on opposite sides of the bed. Jamie faced the door, while Laura was facing the window. Fighting still took place outside, but Laura's frantic thoughts drowned out everything. 'Who does he think he is.' She thought. 'Accusing my father of going against the laws of the kingdom, some he made, no dough.' 'And his accusation of being his student, what a stupid thing to say. Never have I seen him in my life, I being the eldest and the closest to my father.' She shifted her weight as she was being to get stiff, but never looked away from the dimming sunlight outside. 'How I'd love to ring his neck for suck a lie.'She thought with anger, but she knew that if she ever was given the chance she'd surely die. As she tuned into the endless fighting, she started to loose hope. 'I'm going to stuck here forever.' She thought as she hugged her legs, fighting back tears.
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As Queen Heather hurried herself out through the various sword training areas, she worried about her eldest daughter. She surely hoped that this disappearance had nothing to do with her girl's hardheadedness or stubbornness.They were always getting her in trouble in various places.

The Queen could see her children nowhere, and her worry increased by the minute. "Andrew! Come back here!" came a shout from a voice the Queen knew well, and turned to see her younger daughter standing near the stables. "Julie! What is going on?" Heather asked, hurrying over.

"Mother, Andrew won't listen to me!" Julie answered in a distressed tone. "You're not my mother!" came Andrew's indignant reply from inside the stables. "No, but I am. Andrew, dear, come out of there," Heather said. Her son complied, but arrived saddled on his favorite horse, carrying a sword as well. "Andrew! What in the name of the kingdom are you doing?" she cried. "I'm going out to look for Laura, what else?" he answered. Heather shook her head. "No. No, you are not. We leave that to the knights, but not to you, the Prince, whom we cannot afford to be killed by Orcs and the likes of dark magic," she scolded sternly. "But, mother, what if the Knights can't find her?" he asked. Heather sighed. "Then your father will ride to find her, and bring her back home to us," she answered softly. "You need to do your own duty. Now come off of that horse and put your sword away."

As Andrew was putting both weaponry and horse away, the Queen spotted three knights running toward her. "Your Highness!" they cried. "Your Majesty, an Orc comes with a message that he will deliver to no one other than the King, he says. His Majesty refuses to come out of his study, and refuses to see anyone," they told her. Heather set her mouth in a line.

"You two, take the Prince and Princess to their room and set a nurse to watch them and see that they not get into any trouble or mischief. You, take me to this Orc. He shall answer to me, or my husband shall. Either way we will find what happened to Laura."

Dorian opened his eyes and found himself somewhere else. To everyone there he appeared only a shadow. A dark, wisp of a human being.

Two knights, or perhaps one knight and a squire, (he couldn't tell), were viciously battling his orcs.

The nearest one cut down an orc, then aimed his sword at the shadow.

"Demon!" He cried. "Relinquish the fair princess, or feel my blade." He said valiantly.

The insult as well as seeing one of his subjects killed so, made Dorian very angry indeed. He fumed inside but tried to keep a calm countenance.

"You are lucky I am not like some." He growled. "I am here to suggest for your own health that you turn back. You have my word that you will not be harmed if you leave now."

The knight spat on the ground near the shadow. "It is certain you would not keep your word, but I am no coward. I am here to rescue the princess, and I will not leave without her."

Dorian glared at him, and issued a harsh command. "Then you must be taken care of. Kill them."

Then he disappeared and found himself back in the room.

Insolent soldier!

Mindlessly following his wicked king!

Dorian paced back and forth from the window to the far corner of the study.

Back and forth.

Back and forth.

The orc he'd sent to give the message had not yet returned, which made perfect sense, seeing as the royal families castle was quite a ways from his hideout. And he need not be concerned for the well being of his messenger, for he'd bequeathed the poor fellow with a protective charm. Not as though the king did not have even darker magic up his sleeve...

Yes, but he was more concerned as to wether the good Queen would hear his pleas, or wether she would stand by her fool of a husband. If the latter were to occur it would force Dorian to even more drastic measures. But what? How far would he go? His order to have the knights killed had not come easily. Or... had it? Was he just as bad as the king? Was he truly... a demon?

But surely demons could not know love? Dorian had been working furiously for a long time to make things right. He wanted to help the orcs, poor creatures. And he'd accepted Jamie into his castle because he... he shook his head. He gave her a home because he did not have one for a long time. Her fiery spirit reminded him of, well, himself. And he knew how hard it had been for her to keep it in check. It had been a risk, allowing her to be this close to him. If she had wanted to, she could have run off to the king at anytime, ruining his plans.

If she had wanted to...
Laura sat, trapped. What could she do to escape without being seized by Jamie or Dorian. What a fool. How could he not see how her father loved his kingdom! Foolish boy that he is, how could he not see....

Laura stared out of the window, watching the knights and orcs battle. The orcs are not terrible creatures, so she could not be smudge them, but neither were the knights trying to rescue her. They have good souls, and good intentions, she could feel it, but being kept here was insanity. Why should she have to suffer being home sick with people who put up with having to baby sit her because they kidnapped her. Quite honestly, it sounds dumb.

Oh a spell any spell her father taught her would do to get her free. The knights were not working. She closed her eyes at the scene below her and thought up a simple spell. An invisibility spell, tricky only if you do not remember how to undo it.

And so she thought, ''The chameleon dances in the glade he blends, he shifts, and now he's shade. I change myself to fit the need my essence now they cannot see. As I will, so mote it be!''

She opened her eyes and looked back at Jamie who's eyes grew wide when Laura could not be seen any more. Laura smiled faintly.
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Queen Heather may have appeared calm to anyone witnessing her actions, but inside she was scared, scared for her daughter, and for her family. What was it that they wanted? Whoever had kidnapped her daughter was going to pay dearly. And at the same time Heather wished that she knew what Laura was thinking at this moment.

Her daughter was smart, smarter than any young maiden her age. But had the princess received enough instruction to combat whatever she was faced with? Had she learned any helpful magics? Had she learned anything from the history books, or from her favorite pieces of literature that might help her escape?

Heather pushed those thoughts out of her mind. She did not need this stress right now. of course Laura was alright! She had a strong, wise head on her shoulders and she was unafraid. Her mother had no doubt she could succeed.

The Queen marched purposefully over to the Orc, the filthy being standing on her palace floor, and looked him square in the eyes. "What is your message?" she asked. "I shall only deliver it to the king," the orc told her, glaring.

One of the knights held his spear up to the orc's throat. "My husband is otherwise preoccupied," Heather answered, matching the creature with a glare of her own. "Any message you can give to him you may relay to me." she demanded. The orc looked as though it would surrender, and finally rely its message.

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