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German for Animal Warrior: Dragon Lord Prequel to Jocks VS Nerds learn how Chimera became
[Introduction] This a Prequel to the events of the of the previous campfires. This is the year 1977 in an alternate universe. The world is plunged into world war 3. Scientists predict that if the war continues for much longer the human race will not recover, so they decide to replace human soldiers on the battlefeild as all efforts to stop the war have failed.

Through use of horrific gene splicing and vivisection the scientists turn live animals into animal/human hybrids called chimera.

They main characters from the previous stories like Ichabod, Marzipan and RooK and Pandora will not be seen becuase they either haven't been born yet or are still small children (I estimate that Jonathan Crane is currently in middle school and Greg Narson is currently a toddler)

Here are the characters who happen to be parents of the future students of the High School of Dr. Moreau

Gargomel: Dragon Chimera: Gargomel is a large black dragon with incredible speed strengh and endurence.
He is gifted with emense psychic power, including telepathy and telekinesis he is even able to controll the weather with his mind! Gargomal will be the future founder of the most powerfull dragon clan in Gotham

Halcon and Esmerelda: Cat Chimeras: The future parents of Marzipan Cheshire, Halcon and Esmerelda both have telepahy and are talented at hypnosis. Esmerelda serves both as a soldier and as a 'girlygirl' (Thank you Cordwainer Smith!) As a girlygirl she appeases stressed out males of her species.

Madu: Triceratops Chimera: Madu is the future mother of Momo Kashi. Madu is strong, fast and skilled with weapons but as she has no psychic powers or unusauly high intelligence she works as a common foot soldier.
While occupying Japan, Madu has an affair with a human being beginning her tragic downfall.

Characters who are not parents of a character.

Telekele: T-Rex Chimera: Telekele was once a great friend of Gargomel. He did not have psychic powers but he was extremely intelligent therefore worked in intelligence and inflitration. This was the innocent Telekele, before he became...well I don't like to use the word evil...before he became a terrorist
The year 1977, the place Planet Earth.

Do not ask who was fighting the war, everyone was. Do not ask why the war had started for they had forgotten the reason.

The United States was comfortably well off during the first years of the war, as the war went on they became richer and richer. So they continued to wage war until Africa, the Middle East and South Asia were almost nothing but smoking craters!

But now the U. S. was getting the unexpected side affects of the war, waves of refugees stormed into the country!

Riots broke out, gangs formed, prisonors escaped from already overcrowded prisons! And there still was a war to be fought overseas!

The scientists saw that all over the world, human populations had dropped to an all time low. The war had nearly stripped all thrird world contries of all human life and now there was a lot more room for the cockroaches.

Now the same thing was going to happen to America and the rest of the world unless something was done quick!

"Nobody can stop this war!" Shouted Prof. Sally Wiess "The goverment, the military, they're all determened to fight this war until every other country in the world has been extermened!"

"If this continues the human race will wipe itself from the face of the Earth!" Exclaimed Dr Violet Majors

"Let's all keep a cool head." said Prof. Peter Plum "I think we need to find alternate solutions to saving human life. I think we should replace human soldiers with robots."

"No robot is advanced enough to replace humans on the battlefield!" Shouted Colonel Mortimer Mustard "All robots are good for is doing the same task over and over again. They can't think or act on their own."

Plum sighed "Alright, robots are out. What we need is a human that isn't human. Any ideas."

Mr Jonathan Green, had been looking at Colonel Mustard's dog, who had been sleeping under the table.

"I think I have one."

And that is how it all began....

"You can't be serious!" Shouted Prof. Plum "You're talking drafting people's cats and dogs!"

"I'm dead serious." Said Mr. Green. "And it ain't just cats and dogs I'm talking about drafting every animal in the zoo and all the livestock."

"If we draft all the livestock what will we eat?" Plum asked "Do you expect the U.S to go vegan so we can mutate every ox, pig, chicken and sheep?"

"Open you eyes!" Green exclaimed "For the past 7 years only the Upper class can afford, meat, fruit and vegtables! The rest of Amerca eats soylent soy and food pills."

"You're talking about hyper evolving half of America's animal population!" Plum screeched exsaperated "Think of the biosphere!"

But nothing good be done about it, soon trucks and trains carrying animals from the smallest mouse to the largest elephant and whale were being shiped to D.C. for hyper evolution.
"What is this?" Colonel Mustard asked pointing at a giantic machine.

"It's an evolution chamber." Said the scientist known as Wyndem Moreau "Animals go in, soldiers come out."

"The first delevery is here." Said Violet Majors

"We should start with the larger animals." Mustard pufffed stroking his beard "They will surly make better soldiers than the small ones."

"Not nessisarily." Moreau said as he prepared the Chamber for its first subject

A zebra kicked and thrashed and bellowed and brayed. Four men struggled to keep the mare under controll, the closer they got to the evolution chamber the more wild the beast got.

"It's almost as if she's knows what will happen." Plum said as he adjusted his glasses

"She? Don't you mean it?" Mustard puffed through his cigar

"Don't puff that smoke at me!" Plum coughed "That's a filthy habit you know, and I checked with the keeper therefore I know this particuler zebra is a female therefore it is appropriate to address it as a 'she'. Animals are creatures not things! They have lives and minds of there own. Of course you don't like to think of them as living beings do you Mortimer?" Plum sniffed "It would make it much more difficult to shoot them if you saw them as individuals and not as moving targets."

Mustard did not even twitch a whisker "Lecture me all you want Peter, but you eat meat just as I do."

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Plum stared down at Mustard and scoffed.

"And don't forget Mustard that you too are a piece of meat yourself. Best be lucky that I won't eat you." he said walking off.

Mustard clenched his teeth and curled his fist ready to bash at him. But he decided not to in case he gets in trouble. Plum walked over to the thrashing zebra and laid a hand onto the zebra's head and petted it. It didn't calm her down much but it made sure that at least one human would care about her. Plum leaned over next to her ear.

"Don't worry girl. It'll be ok. I'll protect you if you want." he whispered.

The zebra's ears perked up and glanced over at Plum. She seemed worried but with Plum's words, it somehow soothed her.

With the zebra inside the chamber, the door was sealed and the red warning light came on. A computer voice repeated "Warning! Evolution process activated!" over and over while the whine of electronic machinery slowly increased in pitch.

"This is the critical part," Mustard said to Plum. "A failure at this point and the walls of the evolution chamber will be splattered with blood."

"What a pleasant thought," Plum said, wishing he had never volunteered for the program.
The process was rather quick. After alot of steam hissing and machenery clanging, the zebra mare evolved into a humanoid lifeform, after the physical change she floated up into a fluid filled tube on the top of the machine, floated down the tube into fetal position.

She rested in a tube of blue-green fluid, with her arms around her and her legs curled tightly she slept.

"Now we will geneticly manipulate her mind and psyche so she will be as smart as a human being." Said Moreau
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Plum watched as the other scientists worked around the lab connecting wires in the tube connecting some head device on her.

"When its complete, will she have herself a name?" asked Plum.

Mustard smirked and chuckled but didn't look at Plum.

"She's an animal. Do they have names? She'd be named Subject 777." he said.

Plum didn't like the idea naming her by that and with numbers. He felt something was not right with Mustard. He continued to look into the tube watching the zebra girl. He knew that his thoughts would betray the other scientests, but Plum's ideas, was to teach her how to be a REAL human. Not a biological solder.
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For Plum, to get his chance and teach, the zebra woman.... that to the others this was just an experiment, but to him it was something much more deeper...came quicker than he thought....
After the others were finished connecting the harness to her head...and double checked the workings of the machines...they all filed out and left the Subject 777. Mustard was pulled to the side by one of the technicans and shown a print-out, and a concerned look crossed the face of the one person Plum thought was not right in the head...
'Or is it me??' he thought as he continued watching the tube, which was filled with the naked, sleeping, yet, vibrant to him zebra girl....' no...she is a woman,...and a human,...to be loved....' He shook his head as other ideas he suddenly flashed in his brain....'Plus, they picked the wrong biological animal to be a soldier....' he started laughing....and closed his eyes....'The damn, stupid folks picked the wrong animal...zebras are too skittish,....they are pure runners....they always run from fights....from the lions, from other predators...." and with his continued thoughts against this entire plan....Plum suddenly had an inspiration....and he formulated, there on the spot, his own plan to properly educate the zebra woman....into a loving human....
As he had been thinking to himself, Mustard was being hand-cuffed, his hands fastened behind his back, as the other law enforcement personel quietly entered the area.
Plum looked up surprized, then a sigh escaped his lips, as he saw his contact within the suddenly swarming group....
"Thank God!.... the F.B.I. got here in time.....thanks, John..." Plum said as the agent entered the room...."I hope you get that bastard deep in some jail...or turn him into one of these freaks he was trying to start pawning off...." another sigh resonated from Plum as he looked back at the tube, still showing the sleeping zebra woman.
"Yes, so are we....and the President has been informed...." John shrugged as he also handed Plum some orders, written on official F.B.I. script. "You are also now the head man of all of this....just let us know who you want to work with,.....but all of Mustard's hencemen and hencewomen are going to accompany him to Levenworth. Just what do you plan to do, Director Plum?" he asked as he smiled, while starting for the door....
To his retreating back, Plum just smiled,....but in a whisper, speaking to the tube of the sleeping zebra woman....
"I think I will call her Zina.....yeah....Zina sounds perfect, for a lovely, loving zebra human woman.....yeah....sounds, just perfect!"

Plum had a special fondness for Zina and she never became a soldier. she worked by Plum's side as his special assistant. Now that Plum was director of the program, he chose the second animal to evolve. This time - a cheetah.

"Now we will have a good soldier," Plum thought. "Cheetahs are naturally aggressive."

The Cheetah's name was Catarrah and he was a male. He evolved into a muscular man with a full head of tawny hair. When Zina saw him emerge from the evolution chamber, her heart skipped a beat.

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Catarrah, unlike others, was younger than most experiments. He looked about 17 from his appearence. Zina, almost felt frightened at first and ran behind Plum avoiding the cheeta's gaze.

"It s ok ZIna. He isn't much of a predator anymore." Plum said.

Zina still wasn't able to get used to the humans language yet but she understood what Plum would say. She would nod or shake her head all the time. Chatarrah almost yelled in fear as he saw the humans and other specimens. He felt like he was in a strange world and no one was there to guide him. Plum marked a few checks on his clipboard and smiled.

"Well well Chatarrah. Welcome to your new life! As half a human to be precise. Don't worry we won't hurt you or anything. Were here to help you." he said.

Chatarrah sighed a little bit but still shivered in his new enviroment.

"I know you may be too young for this but the government has selected mostly animals for experiments, changing them into human form like us. On two legs, understanding our languages and more. I don't approve of the government changing animals towards human like forms but I don't tolerate abusiveness towards them like what happened with Mustard's subjects." he explained to the cheeta.
Moving on with the story... let's move on to our main characters.

"Prof. Plum would you kindly take a look at this?" Asked Mr. Green

Plum looked in a tube of a new 'red fluid' and saw a great black dragon male sleeping tightly.

"This new red fluid is my own invention." Green remarked proudly "This gives the creatures super geneius intelligence so there won't be any confustion following orders like our first subjects!"

Plum was annoyed by the last remark but pretended it didn't bother him

"There is something else you're doing to these creatures, I can see it in your eyes what is it?"

"Come to this computer." Green said

They looked at the computer it showed the dragon's brain patterns

"These are his brain waves." Green said "The fluid has chemical components that will give him immense psychic powers!"

"What kind of powers?" Plum asked "Like bending spoons with the mind?"

"How about controlling weather with the mind?"
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Plum sensed the crude cockiness of Green's last statement....and he sighed visibily as he brought his hands to his temples.
'This is all I need...another stupid, arrogant Mustard.....where do these bastards come from?' Plum thought. 'They get their jollies manipulating this or that.....I wonder how they would feel if the damn things were reversed and done on them?'
All the while, Dr. Green had been going on and on about what his new fluid would protect the experiments,....or control them better...Plum thought otherwise, but he kept his thoughts to himself.
Green looked expectently at Plum, as he came to his close......by ending,
"So, Director Plum....what do you think?"
Plum looked back down at monitor showing the dragon's brain patterns....and Plum smiled as he saw how much higher certain waves were...and he chuckled inside himself.
'Yeah......you poop-head,.....you are so over-confident, this transformed dragon soldier is going to be not only stronger than you,....you dumb-ass,....he is going to be so much smarter than you....hahaha!' Plum thought......'even smarter than anyone....you do not know what type of a monster you may have made....'
"Just glad you are so over-confident....as usual with yourself....."Plum started as his eyes took in Dr. Green...and he crossed his arms.....ready to give both barrels of disdain to the stupid man...."and now let me tell you what you have really done...." Plum watched as the color drained from Dr. Green's face....as he continued...
"If you would see the "S' and the "T" waves....they indicate even at this stage your subject is going to be smarter and stronger than any of the previous cases. Your red fluid may have enhanced things...and they can control the weather...the environment,....but in your efforts to make a name for yourself, you, just as Mustard before you, over-stepped your authority...."
"But....but...but" started the startled Dr. Green....."the,...the monitor, my paperwork...."
"Yeah...yeah....they show to your blinded eyes....your inflated ego, that your fluid does work. I see it even now, since you have pointed it out,.....but this subject,....as a soldier is too valuable to be used in regular operations. This dragon-man,....and I see he is un-named still....will get the name Draco...and will get the rating of "A1".....He will be pulled off of the fluids as soon as it is advisable...." Plum looked down at the print out in his hands, as he added some dictation to its paper...."Draco will also be moved to isolation when that is done...if you value your life and what career you have left.....do we understand each other,....uummm...Dr. Green?" Plum looked back at the white-faced Green,....who numbly nodded his head.....his eyes showing the sudden fear he felt....
"Yes,....yes, sir...Director Plum....Draco will be pulled off the fluids in about an hour....and I will insure he gets set up in isolation....was there anything else, sir?" He looked now like any lap dog....ready to please their master.
"Yeah,..." Plum thought as he continued to look at the dancing waves on the monitor....
"uh....what is it, sir?" Dr. Green asked when Plum kept looking.....not answering right away.
"Just do not try to stab me in the back.....I will have my eyes on you,....Green!" Plum simply stated, as he then made a few more notations on his clipboard...and without looking back at Dr. Green.....he left through the side door, to go visit some other in-work subjects.
Dr. Green looked at the closing door as Plum went elsewhere.....and now wanted to be anywhere else.....but here.....
And the great black Dragon male now named Draco slept soundly in the fluids as they swirled around him......and he seemed to smile at this human's fear.

They kept Draco asleep with tranquilizers as they moved him into an isolation room. The padded steel walls would constrain him while he was studied and analyzed.

After a few hours Draco awoke. He stretched his wings which were small but very strong. He looked around the padded cell. He immediately sensed the weak points where he could break free. But why do it the hard way? He let his mind reach out until it found another mind nearby. Good, it was a maintenance worker mind. He projected a thought into it: I wonder what that dragon thing looks like?

Draco sensed the approach of the curious worker and projected a new thought: I'll just crack the door open a little and peek in. The dragon thing is probably still asleep.

The doorknob of the isolation chamber rattled and began to turn...
The janitor peeked into Draco's room

The great black dragon came up right to him! Nose to nose!

The janitor jumped back in fear

Meanwhile a cat chimera also gifted with psychic powers was waking up.

The cat saw the humans outside the glass tube, and longing to be outside he used his claws to shatter
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Everyone nearly jumped and screamed as the cat Chimera bursted out. They scrambled everywhere to get security and more. The cat Chimera didn't bother and just walked out the room naked. And it also seemed to be a male from one scientest's perspective. he walked down the hall only to encounter a screaming scientist who had his encounter with Draco. He accidentally bumbed into the cat man and fell back.

"AHH!" he screamed again sheilding his face.

The cat Chimera didn't respond but went past him to see what he was running from. Meanwhile, several security officers ran through the halls down towards the rooms.

"Somebody call the NSA! Tell them one our cretures escaped its tank!"

"Quiet!" Said Mr. Green "Let us hear its vocal capacity!"

"Vo-cal Ca-pac-ity?" The cat man asked

"Welcome Cat 24601" Green said warmly "My overseer, Plum requested I name you Halcon, So you shall be Halcon."

Halcon's eyes turned to a blue female cat in another tube

"That female over there is going to be your mate." Green gestured toward "Plum is very fond of her and cristened her Esmerelda like the Gypsy maiden in Victor Hugo's Notre Dame De Paris."

"Why did you make me a man?" Halcon asked his voice deep and rich like a baritone singer

"You and you mate are both Hypno specicalists you are programed to hypnotyze enemy soldiers and other such things."

Suddenly the alarm buzzer started going off BRZZZ BRZZZ BRZZZ and the red emergency lights were flashing.

Halcon whirled around. "Why is this noise?"

Green grabbed Halcon's shoulder. "Steady. It's just an alarm triggered when your tank shattered."

But a guard running by corrected him. "No! It's not the cat man, it's the black dragon. He's out and he's using mind control! We must evacuate this section and seal it off with mind shields."

Even before the guard finished talking a computerized voice was coming over the speaker system: "Evacuate section seven immediately. This a priority alert. Evacuate section seven immediately."

Green pushed Halcon toward the exit. "Come on, let's get out of here."

"What about my female?" Halcon said, looking back at the tube holding the blue cat.

"Don't worry. She's safe in the tube until we solve our current problem."

Once outside Section Seven, Green slammed the door shut and twirled the locking handle. "Let's hope the mind shields work the way they are supposed to."

Draco was walking through the labs, looking for the way out. Too bad he couldn't read minds. He could impose his will and make anyone do as he wished, but he couldn't extract any information from their brain other that the fact they were alive and thinking.

He stopped short. Something was happening. The number of minds around him seemed to be rapidly decreasing. Did it have something to do with the red lights and the buzzer? The last mind disappeared from his awareness. Where did they go?

Draco entered a room containing a glass tank that reached from floor to ceiling. Inside the cylinder was a cat girl. Draco could detect no mind but she seemed to be alive somehow. There was a control panel near the tank. Draco slammed at it in frustration. There was a click and a whir. An electronic tone sounded several notes. A computer voice said "Awakening sequence begun." Two minutes later Draco detected a mind. A cat mind.

Draco slashed at the tank and it shattered, tumbling a dripping wet cat girl out onto the floor. "Meeowwww!" she growled. "Where am I?"
Meanwhile, Dr. Green and Halcon were witnessing all of this on the security monitors. Halcon, of course, was upset by what was going on. "You have to get me back in there! My mate is in danger!", he yelled. Dr. Green actually thought about it for a few seconds. All three of the chimeras did have psychic powers. However, there was a small chanse that Esmerelda could handle this herself. Green turned to Halcon and gave the cat his answer...
"We'll send reenforcments into section 7" Green said

Several domestic animal soilders were sent in pigs, goats, sheep and cattle to rescue Esmerelda and secure Draco
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Esmerelda was sitting on the floor staring blankly at Draco who towered above her. She almost wet herself in fear until she heard more voices down the hall. When she looked out she saw several animal solders running in.

"Freeze!" they all yelled.

Draco looked back and made an evil smirk. Few of the solders ran over and tried to tackle and pin the dragon but he was too quick and dodged them.

"What the?" said the goat solder.
A desperate Halcon rushed in to save his mate. Draco had knocked out all the livestock soldiers out.

For a moment that seemed like an eternity the male red cat and black dragon glared and sized each other up.

Than they began to test their psycological wills, battling psychic powers for supremicy

Halcon knew he was ging to lose so he pulled his trump card and let lose a fury of eratic telepathic screaming!




The fury of the screams hurt even him, Esmerelda collapsed in a faint!

Draco's brain hurt so much that he lay limp on the floor!

"Good work Cousin Cat!" The Goat said warmly "With that Dragon knocked out we can take him to section six six six to recondition him."

"Recondition? What's that?" Halcon asked gathering his mate in his arms

A pig looked nervous "Section six six six is only for A1 subjects with emense psychic power." The pig put a thought controlling helmet on Draco to prevent him from waking up

"The common soldiers like us call it the house of pain, Draco is the first A1 subject created and so far he is the only one to show disobediance."

The Goat spoke up again "The helmit is made Sky Iron cut from a asteriod that fell to earth back in prehistoric times, It's supernaturaul properties suppress his powers and block his thoughts from entering our brains."

"But what will they do to him in the house of pain?" Halcon presed

"Eletrocute him most likely." The Pig said "They will shock him until he swears loyalty to the goverment and vows to only use his powers on the enemy."
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Halcon didn't seem to likely approve of this opption, but from what he saw from Draco would be an exception. What would have happened if he actually killed someone? Halcon didn't want to think about it and ran over towards Esmerelda.

"What about my mate?" he asked.

"Don't worry about her. She'll be placed in a psychlogical healing tube. Since... Well that brain battle she collapsed over the power you showed. She'll be alright." said the pig.

Meanwhile, Plum looked over the entire system functions and reading about this Draco character.
Chatarra wandered aimlessly around the room looking for something to do. He finally gotten over his fear of his new foreign self, but he doesn't know where to go nor what to do. Plum looked over and smiled as he turned to Zina who was close by to him.

"Hey Zina. How about you show our new friend the way around here?" he asked.

Zina looked up at him saying 'uhhhh' unsure what to do. Plum could tell she was afraid because Chatarra was a cheeta.

"Don't worry Zina. I'll watch you. I'll be right here."

Zina smiled for the first time knowing that there would be someone there to protect someone else. She ran off almost tripping over her own hooves. Plum laughed and went over to his computer reading the reports.

What else Plum does when he works is searching through the governmental reports. He read up on Mustard's custody and found out that he was released! The President had made no such order for his release! Plum looked over again and found that there was a warrent out for his arrest by the secret government! Sometimes the president has no control over most government positions and these one's act on their own by the highest authority. Plum was so confused. Why would there be a warrent for his arrest? Why would they release Mustard? Did anyone find out about this?

"Green..Green... GREEN!"

Green jumped up and ran over to Plum finally hearing him/

"Plum? What is it?" he asked.

"We got a problem...."

"I'm in trouble with the Secret Government," Plum continued. "Looks like I'll have to hide somewhere for a while, but I don't want things going haywire here, understand?"

"Yes," Green said. "I'll make sure the program stays on track while you're gone."

"Another thing... Mustard has been released."

"What?! Why?"

Plum turned up his palms and shrugged. "I don't know how or why but if that fool Mustard comes here there will be trouble."

"Trouble indeed," Green said, stroking his chin. "Alright, I'll keep an eye out for Mustard. Will you stay in touch?"

"Yes, you and I can use animal messengers to communicate. Good-bye for now."

They shook hands and Plum scurried out the door, carrying his briefcase with him.
Meanwhile, Draco was in the house of pain. He was attatched to an electric web.

The scientists secured the thought blocking helmit to him to make sure he woulden't use any psychic powers on them.

After at least an hour of this eletro-shock therepy. Draco begged for it to stop. He swore he would never use his powers on anyone but the enemy.

Finally the took him off the web and removed the helmit, by than Draco was to tired to impose his will on others

"Take his to the infirmery." Said Agent 2 "He will begin his training tommorow."

Meanwhile Halcon and Esmerelda slept together in the queen sized cat basket of their personal chamber.

Halcon dreamed strange dreams that night

He saw Bast the Goddess of Cats appear to him

"Halcon." The Goddess mewed in her heavenly voice "You are destined to lead your people to freedom."

"What is freedom?" Halcon asked
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Bast moved over and stroked his cheek gently.

"Freedom is union with those who care. Freedom is free will to do whatever people want and chimera alike. This war has brought death, but soon brung new bonds. But it was old society in this world now. Now a darkness will soon rise. The only ones who would protect you will be seperated by another corrupted, and that man will soon bring you all to an end." she said.

Halcon looked down feeling unprotected all of the sudden.

"But fear not dear Halcon. You and Esmerelda shall lead others to freedom."

"But where my goddess?" he asked.

"Wake up, Halcon!" Esmerelda said. "You were having a dream and kicking me."

Halcon groaned. "It was an important dream. You should have let me keep sleeping."

"If your dreams are so important then sleep alone with your dreams and I'll sleep somewhere else where I won't be disturbed."

"No! That's okay." Halcon hugged Esmerelda. "You're more important to me than any dream."

Esmerelda smiled. After a while she was almost back to sleep.

"Esmerelda?" Halcon said.

Esmerelda opened one eye. "What?"

"Did you ever feel you had a great destiny?"

"Go to sleep, Halcon."
In the morning the Chimera began there training.

"This weapon is a HD Rifle" Green said "It is the perfect long range weapon."

A female triceratops chimera stepped on stage to demonstrate "Madu here will show you how it works."

After intital weapons training the first batch of chimera foot soliers were brought to the warzone.

You should have seen it! From the sky a great swarn of bats, crows and birds of prey.

On the earth a massive army of great beasts from goats and sheep to rhinos and elephants and everything in between!

The enemy army never stood a chance... down... down they fell!
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The warzone soon turned to ashes as the solders and Chimera triumphed in victory over the enemy. It was like anything there ever was. The first victory in years, humans and Chimeras fought for freedom against the enemy. But for how long will their succsess strive? Zina watched from beyond the lines wishing that Plum would be here to see this. She knew he'd would be happy to see this day. But she wasn't.... He wasn't here to see. And he also wasn't here to protect her.... They driven him away and she misses him.... Chatara, who was part of the first batch and survived, walked over and hugged Zina in his embrace.

"I know what its like to lose someone you love... To be seperated, is almost as worse as death.... Im sorry Zina...But maybe he will be back." he said soothing her.

Zina looked up at the cheeta man and smiled.

"He was my guardian to me. Same to all of us here. But I knew someone would drive him away from us...." she said.

A crow came circling down from the sky, cawing their names. "Zina! Caw! Catarrah! Caw!"

"That's us!" Zina yelled.

The crow dropped a tightly rolled piece of paper into her hand.

"It's from Plum!" Zina shouted. "He's safe. He's hiding in the hills with an old gold prospector he met. He says he really enjoys being able to relax and get back to nature, but he misses the lab and us."

Zina rolled the paper back up. "Oh, Catarrah. I hope this war is over soon so we can see Plum again."
Draco had proven himself a loyal warrior. He and his friend and T-Rex named Telekele were awarded medals of valor for rescuing hostages and prisonors or war.

That night the Chimera celbrated in Berlin, there was sponge cake and champane and music.

Draco and Telekele strolled through the German streets enjoying the starlight and night air.

"Hey you!" A voice called out

Draco looked around a woman stood under the lamplight

"You call me?" He asked

"Yeah! I hope you relize you're a freak right?"

"What?" Draco snapped

"A freak! A beast! An animal!" The woman snapped back

"Do you not see my medals?" Draco gestured to the pins on his vest "I'm a war hero!"

"Ha! Bloody ha! You're a tool of the goverment!"

At last Draco could take no more and luanched a psychic forcewave out of his brain knocking the young woman off her feet.

Too late Draco relized he used his powers on a citizen! Fearing anouther trip to the House of Pain he spred his wings and flew away!

He decided he had to hide he saw an open window and flew in

The building was a Holucast Memorial Musium
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Abbandoned and locked but few goes inside the musium. They sneak in and usually read or take the stuff from their place. Draco ran through the musium and hid inside the office room. He curled up into a ball sitting as he lets out tears from his eyes.

Meanwhile, Telekele along with a few other solders, searched desperetly for the dragon in Berlin.

"This was bad... I knew we shouldn't have taken them in Berlin. People in Germeny are more heartless than the origional director." said Green as he looked around the street.

"Draco is still an unstable subject. He could hurt someone or worse hurt himself...."

Telekele stopped in the middle of the streets and sighs.

"I hope he's ok." he said.

Draco lay curled in a ball for hours, thinking. He wanted to be back with his friend Telekele. He couldn't hide forever. He sighed. Time to face the music...

"Look!" Telekele said, "There he is!" A dark shape was in the sky above Telekele. It landed beside him and folded its wings. "Draco! Are you alright?"

Draco hung his head. "I psych-blasted a citizen."

"I know. It's okay. You didn't kill her. Her brains are scrambled, but the doctors think with some electroshock therapy and a few weeks of rest she will recover.

Draco let out a long breath. "That's a relief. I don't want to go back in the pain chamber."

"You'll be punished," Telekele said, "but probably just a reduction in rank and a fine."

That night, Draco had a dream.

In his mind he was teleported back to the 1940s, he saw the NAZIs and their tanks relocating Jews into death camps.

At first Draco was baffled, why would a country kill its own citizens?

Than he he saw the USA labs release armies of Chimera out into the world, he saw his fellow, Chimera, his own brothers and sisters of spirit attacking women and children!

Draco flew away as fast as he could, but he fell and landed in a firey pit with the humans.

Draco woke up in a cold sweat, He climbed out of bed and ran straight back to the museum.

There he found the pictures from the Holocast, sick, pathetic skeletons of men woman and children, and NAZI doctors experimenting on live human subjects!
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"Why has these people done this?" he said quietly to himself. He stood there with anger and upset. One picture caught his mind though... He walked over to see Nazi scientists experimenting on a human inside a tube. On the bottom of the tube it was labled "Demon Hybrid MK. I" They were trying to transform humans into some weird hybrid like something out of a horror movie! There was a click and behind Draco stood the one and only scientist who was former director of the science team. Mustard.

"So. Draco. It seems you came to your senses. I can see why Plum wanted to hide the painful truth from you. And his friends as well." he said walking around him.

"Welcome to my homeland Draco. Amazing isn't it?"

Draco growled and stared at the former director.

"Its never amazing to see why you humans do this to your own kind! Its worse than sending us to kill your enemies!" he yelled.

"Oh. Im so sorry dear dragon boy. Its tough to know the truth. That's why Plum wanted to protect you. But instead hurted you. He hurted you because im here now! Oh yes. Betrayal is very harsh.."

Draco held himself from attacking Mustard with his powers. He was tempting him.

"You betrayed him! He didn't! I learned all about you."

"Than why did they torture you?"

Draco felt contempt over that question.

"Because I was foolish. They didn't kill me though."

Mustard frowned a bit and continued to circle Draco.

"And you.... Your kind killed your own people... In your own country! Because of their religion and your fanatical ideas!"

"Ah poor Draco.... So smart yet so stupid... Don't you know why we have this war? Because of deliverence. Hitlar, our father, wanted a true empire. An Empire with a new world and more perfect people."

Draco growled and clenched his fist, unable to hold himself any longer.

"So that's why.... I shall become the next Hitlar. After I stopped letting the entire world eat from out of my hands."

For the first time Mustard took his gaze off of Draco and stared at the portiat of Adolf Hitlar. The words he mumbled out quietly was 'Hail Hitlar'.

Draco stared at Mustard. How could one little human be so evil? "Tell me this, Mustard. How many followers do you have in this Hitlar movement of yours?"

Mustard pulled his eyes from Hitlar's portrait and back to Draco's frowning face. "I know you doubt me, Draco, but my movement is very real. My followers are called the Mustardeers and they exist in all walks of life, secretly for the moment, but soon we will declare ourselves. Then you will see that there are Mustardeers everywhere, even in the highest seats of government."

Draco turned his head slowly from side to side. "You poor old fool. If you think people will march in the streets yelling 'Hail, Mustard!' I think you are sadly deluded."

"Don't mock me, Draco. The time is near when you will acknowledge my leadership. Better for you if you do so now of your own free will instead of later when you are forced to do it."
Draco knew he coulden't be beaten by this murduring maniac, so he was going to do what he had never done before,

He was going to take this battle to the world of dreams.

He grasped Musatard's head and the world around them began to fade as they entered the world of dreams.
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Mustard looked around him and noticed he wasn't in the normal world no more. He smirked as he thought what Draco has planned.

"So.. Your willing to fight me? In a dream? Hahaha. Ah yes. I know a lot about psychic abilities such as this. That's why... I plan to destroy that ability because I know it will end me." he said.

Draco smirked and stepped forward closer to him.

"Than let us fight. Here. To the death. If not, than I guess torture will best suit you." he replied.

Draco smiled. This puny human had no idea of Draco's real power. He decided to play with Mustard like a cat with a mouse. First a little slap. He projected a thought: Feeling week. Knees crumbling. Stomach upset. Fall down. Puke.

To Draco's surprise, Mustard just stood there smiling and did not fall down and puke.

"Draco..." Mustard whispered. "I created you. Do you think I would create a creature that could kill me? Do you think I know nothing of the psychic mechanisms of the brain?"

Suddenly Draco felt a coldness in his chest. He couldn't breathe! Air! He needed air! Draco fell to the ground, thrashing around, clutching at his throat, gasping for breath... then just as suddenly he could breath again.

Mustard chuckled. "Your turn, Draco..."
Suddenly, Draco knew for certain he would have to come up with with something more origanal to defeat Mustard

He thought, 'Nonsense, confuement, bafflement, bafoonary.'

Suddenly a little robot with nine pieces of chewed gum on its face, started hopping around on one foot and singing the 'I'm Just Me' song

"I'm just me, Can't you see? I'm just a silly little Bumblebee!"

Mustard just stared at the robot baffled "What was that supposed to Prove?"

"That was just a warm up, for my next trick.

For his next trick he summoned a floood of ice cream to drown Mustard!
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Mustard stood dumbfounded as he see's himself covered in the flood of ice cream.

"Is that it?! That's all you can do?! This is childs games!" he yelled.

Draco smirked and laughed. The only way to beat Mustard was to make him crack. Another trick of his was creating a giant teddy bear. Mustard look behind him and just growled to himself.

"You have GOT to be KIDDING me!" he yelled.

The teddy bear wobbled as it walked over towards Mustard, arms wide.

"Would you like a huggy?" the bear said.

Mustard knocked the teddy bear back. There were beads of sweat on Mustard's brow. "Draco! Fight fair! You know I hate anything cute or adorable. Yech!" Mustard felt the bad taste rise in his throat. Teddy bears! Can't stand them!

Draco thought bunnies. Lots and lots of cute adorable bunnies.

"Noooo!" Mustard screamed. "No! No! No!" Panic seized him. His brain wheels spun like a crazy clockwork.

Then with a great effort Mustard got hold of himself. Must. Not. Let. The dragon. Win. Mustard squinted and thought hard.

Draco grabbed his own foot. "Ow!" He hopped around. "Ow! Ow! Ow! What are you doing?" Draco's foot was on fire. It burned like a blow torch was being held to it. And yet when he looked at it it looked okay. But the pain! The pain! Draco tried to think of something cute and adorable to get at Mustard, maybe a lamb? But the pain was too much to permit precision thinking. The lamb he was trying to project became a rotting zombie lamb, not cute at all.

Mustard threw back his head and laughed. "Zombie lambs? Ha! I spit on your zombie lambs!"
Soon Draco began to figure he must be really creative in order to stop Mustard,

So he thought of a river, and lo and behold he summoned a river.

He summoned a thousand chimera soldiers, at first, Mustard thought they were going to attack him but they ran right by him not paying the slightest heed.

Draco projected the images of houses, the chimera ran into the houses and stole the children inside

"What are you doing?" Mustard asked

"Wait and see." Draco replied

A Dragon-woman flew into the sky and laid a flower on the grave of a yong man.

Suddenly the chimera came back full force Each one with a child in arm.

They flung the children into the river, where they were eaten by crocodiles

"What was that?" Mustard asked

"That was a story." Draco replied "The story of the chimera who gave humans a taste of their own medicine"
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Mustard was swating uncontrollably as he watches as the chimeras threw each child into the river. After that, Draco projected another images. Humans butchering the chimera solders over the loss of the babies. Soon... They began to butcher one another out of grief. One human picked up his own brother and threw him in the river with the crocodiles.

"And this is what happens.... When they are wrecked with grief. They kill one another."

After each human was killed only one was left. As old as anyone would know. He took out his sword and slashed his own head off. Mustard gaped in grief as he watches the whole event.

"Stop..." he said quietly.

Draco knew he wouldn't listen to him. He sent more images of war. And one... Was one of Hitlar's own creations. Only succseeded. The Demon solders. Half human hybrids combines by god knows what it is... They slew every solder Chimera and Humans. And they drank their blood from the ground. But they didn't stop as they set buildings ablaze.

"And this... Is the future... Because of you." Draco last said.

Mustard stood quietly in thought. "No," he said. "No, I don't believe it. You have twisted my dreams into something awful, but it's not like that. Chimera will serve humans as proud servants. Victory in war will be glorious. The bravest Chimera will be rewarded with medals and extra priveleges. It will be a time of great honor for the Chimera. And listen closely, Draco. Without my efforts there would BE NO CHIMERA! It is I who champion chimeras. I who will make the chimera race be all that it can be. HAIL, MUSTARD! For Mustard is the God of the Chimera!"
Getting extremly tired of Mustard's twarting him at every turn. Draco decided he had to play his trump card it could very well end both of their lives but he had no choice

Draco, got into meditating position he called the patron diety of dragons the God Bahamut

"Father of all Fire breathers give me Streangh" Draco prayed "If you see fit to end my life now I shall accept it as my fate."

Draco concetrated with all his might! His brow becoming nothing but wrinkles finally he realeased the psychic attack to end all psychic attacks! Using only his mind he created an explostion!

It ended the dream and an explostion like Hindenburg and the Challenger bspace shuttle combined blew half the building into the sky!

Mustard was flung out of the dream world and into Outer Space! Where his head promptly exploded due to lack of air.

(Serously Steve. We all love a good battle. But a villain who is immune to all attacks is a bit much, take iniative, give the hero some leenancy)

Draco flew out of Germeny and into the sea! Fortunetly hedid not drown becuase a friendly whale cuaght him and brought him back to shore

"Am I dying?" Draco asked

"No" Said the whale "But now you must change your name. You prayed to your God for streangh and all though he let you live he dosen't give something for nothing. You must change your name."

"I can't think of a new name right now." The Dragon panted "Can you think of one for me?"

"From here on out, you name will be Gargomel"
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Draco... Er... Wait I mean NOW! Gargomel! Nodded his head and smiled a bit.

"Thanks.. I shall accept that name. Thank you." he said.

The whale smiled as well and nodded.

"Now.. You must get back to what's at stake. Mustard may be gone but there's still the secret government."

Gargomel slowly got up and coughed a bit.

"How do you know so much?"

"Me? I always know. But there's a secret in it. But you must find a way to stop this war with the help of your friends and allies. If you trust them that is."

"I'm not sure I trust anyone," Gargomel said.

"Listen to me closely," the whale said, "and understand that it is I,Bahamut, speaking through this whale. Do you trust me?"

"Yes. You I trust with all my heart. But no one else can I trust."

The whale leaped out of the water then fell back with a mighty splash. "Hear me, O Gargomel! You will be the founder of a great clan of dragons. They will trust you and follow you. But your own heart is such that you will never trust anyone except me... and one other... one who you will come to love... and one who will be your undoing and your final destiny.
Be careful, Gargomel, and lead wisely. I, Bahamut, will be watching you, and when your final destiny comes and your soul is returned to me... then if you have followed my will I will reward you in Heaven... but if you have sinned against me, then your punishment will be eternal. Heed my words!"

The whale leaped up again and splashed down and swam away.

Gargomel watched the waters return to a smooth surface, then he turned in the direction of Gotham. There was a new gleam in his eyes. Now he had a reason to live.
Gargomel began his quest to lead the Chimera revolution! He knew he would face many dangers and the journey to vicory was perilous but if he did not, than the chain of life would be broken.

Meanwhile Halcon and Esmerelda were sleeping in their cat basket. Halcon dreamed again of Bast.

"Halcon." The Goddess spoke

"Yes?" Halcon mewed quiettly

"Do not be afraid Halcon for Brother Dragon is on his way."

Halcon woke up, Esmerelda sleeping beside him, he leaned down and licked her forehead

Suddenly, a knock on the door! "Breakfast Kitties! Come and get it!""

A bit of Little Friskies and a bowl of water was left at the door
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Halcon came out and looked down to see the food and water. Halcon didn't like it when it was like this. It wasn't enough to eat. But he shruged it off and took it into his room. The knock woke Esmerelda up a bit and she looked over to see the food and water.

"This again? Its not much for us..." she said.

Halcon nodded and gave the friskies to Esmerelda.

"That's what I thought. But I figued that it be more for you so you can have it." he said.

Esmerelda was about to object but had no other choice. Halcon would get the best of her anyways. A few moments later another knock came at the door. Halcon walked over and opened the door and was soon bagged by a masked group of humans. Esmerelda tried to fight them but was bagged as well. Muffled screams were heard as they were both being dragged away.

A few human guards that were guarding the hallways were dead. Only one was conciouse and alive but wounded. He couldn't get up nor anything as he watched the group take the cats away.

Esmerelda grunted as the sack she was in was bounced down the stairs and dragged into a waiting vehicle. "Halcon!" she called, but there was no answer.

One of her captors kicked the bag. "Shut up!"

The vehicle started up and after a few minutes she knew they had left the city. She concentrated on using telepathy to reach Halcon, but there was nothing there, no answering mind. Then, after another hour of traveling, she sensed something. It was weak, but it was definitely Halcon. Esmerelda?

"Yes! I'm here! Where are you?" she telepathed to him.

She learned that he was also in a sack in a vehicle headed somewhere unknown.

"I hope we are going to the same place," she sent to him and he agreed.
Gargomel had been flying across Gotham when he heard the cats' telephy

He saw the two sacks being carted off, and using his firey breath, killed their captors and resued the cats.

He opened the bags and the two felines jumped out

"Thank you" Halcon gasped

"Your welcome." Gargomel said "But listen, I need help with something."

"Hmmm?" Halcon asked

"I need to gather many chimera soldiers, as many as will come."

The cats listened intently

"I am planning on staging a revolt! A revolt against our creators!"
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Halcon and Esmerelda both gasped in shock.

"Again's the human!? But ..Gargomel you don't remember Plum? He's the one who kept us safe!" said Esmerelda.

Gargomel growled a bit and turned his head.

"Where was he when we needed him the most?!" he yelled.

Halcon and Esmerelda both were unsure what to do and both looked down.

"But he was the one who helped us be more human. More equal. Wasn't that his dream?"

Gargomel turned and stared.

"His dream died when he left us!"

"That was not his fault! Didn't you hear everything?!" Halcon yelled.

"About what?! What could this possibly change my mind about Plum?!"

"He was in love with Zina..."

Gargomel and Halcon and Esmerelda sat quietly looking at each other for a moment. Because of their mutual psychic awareness, Halcon knew Gargomel was thinking deeply, reorganizing his thoughts. Finally Gargomel spoke.

"I am not full of hate," Gargomel said. "It is not necessary to kill all the humans to achieve our goal, only to make them become aware of our rights. But some violence may be necessary. They are not going to willingly grant us freedom. However, you are right. Some humans are already on our side and also want what we want, which is equality between Chimera and Humans. I agree that Plum may be one of those."

"Let's find him and enlist him in our cause," Esmerelda said. "I know he would help us."

"Very well," Gargomel said. "This may be our best path to follow. Having humans on our side may enable us to achieve our goal faster. But how do we find Plum?"

"If we can find Zina and Catarrah," Esmerelda said, "Then I am sure they will know where Plum is."
They headed off on their way, Halcon was deep in thought

'This must be what Bast was talking about, Our people being led to salvation, That I will free my people!'

Meanwhile Plum was reading a letter from Zina, he sighed deeply
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The events that had dwelled around him and the Chimera's has been very difficult. He felt that there is something that is coming for everyone. He feared for Zina. He is always constantly worried about her everyday since he found that file. Still in his cave, but with only man made garments on, living out in nature hasn't changed his worries still. That was until the female triceritops Chimera Madu came. She and few other humans and Chimeras came to find him. Something was wrong? Or different?

"Plum!" yelled Madu as she ran and hugged him.

"Madu! Gah... Easy now... What's happened?" he asked.

Madu released him and stood up.

"A lot of things has changed since all then. I think that most other humans are very much against Chimera appearences. The secret government had attacked the facility! Green's hurt and Halcon and Esmerelda are nowhere to be found! Mustard is gone but I fear something else will be happening." she explained.

Plum looked admiringly at the group of Chimeras and Humans assembled around him. He had always believed that the day would come when all cretaures would work together. He climbed up on a packing crate and spoke to them.

"A fine day is coming! But what stands in our way is the forces of evil who are conducting the wars. The ordinary person wants peace and equality between all beings. But the warmongers continue to fight their wars and use mutated animals for soldiers. It is the warmongers that we must stop. They are our enemy. They are more powerful than we are in many ways, but we have our strengths too. We will beat them. It may take a while and I know it will take a great effort, but the force of history is on our side. We shall overcome!"

Everybody cheered and Plum felt that a real change might be possible after all.
Gargomel had rounded up many Chimera soldiers, from dogs and cats to bears and buffalo.

"Tonight we march on Washington!" The black dragon cheered

They set out under the cover of darkness

Meanwhile Wyndem Moreau was hiding Green at his house, he was mixing chemichals together

"Do you know what I am making?" Moreau asked Green

"No, but I'm sure you'll tell me."

"Behold." Moreau held a vial of golden fluid aloft "This is my Brainiac Formula! It can greatly increase intelligence!"

"Whoop-de-freaken-do." Green mumured sarcasticly

"Do you relize that more and more retards are being born each day?"

"I think you mean autistac saviants." Green corrected

"Screw pollitical correctness!" Moreau thundered "They're not 'special' they're retards! I'm not talking about those with Asperger's syndrome or other high funtioning Autisam I'm talking about the living brain-dead, Who can't talk or communicate in any way, can't be housebroken, and can not function in adult socity in any way shape or form!"

Moreau took a deep breath to calm down "Do you know where all these worthless people come from?"


"From our toxic soicity!" Moreau sighed "Look at our foodstuffs alone! There is growth horomones in our milk and dairy, mercury in our fish, and gallons of pesticides on our produce!"

He looked at the vial "This Brainiac potion can prevent autisam, and it increases the intellect to genius levels! However..."

"However what?"

"There is a snag. If a fetus is givin this potion while still in the womb, it would grow up to be smart, clever, eloquent, demure most importantly of all fertle and virile, it would have a few issues."

"Such as?"

"Very poor eyesight, for one." Moreaue sighed "Perhaps even legally blind and always in need of corective lenses, also they would have delicate digestive systems by that I mean they coulden't tolerate the previously mentioned toxins, I told you about... They would have to live strictly on a diet of completly organic food and I'm not sure if the world can afford organic food anymore."

"There is something else isn't there?"

"The most crippling thing is that in order to develop such extreme mental powers, their bodies would be frail and weak, This would be harder for male children than it would for girls because the boys would have much less muscle mass than children who are not Brainiacs, if they are not skinner than average they'll be fat and flabby."

"Can't you make a potion that will make kids brawny and brainy?" Green asked

"I could if I wanted to kill the child."

"I don't understand," Green said. "Why would brawn AND brain be so deadly?"

"Because such a being would fight to the death in competitive contests. The business world would be a shambles. Walmart and K-mart would have gun battles to determine dominance. The world would be run by gangs and warlords. The warlords would be men of extreme intelligence and brawn, able to read a dictionary in one sitting and also able to tear that same dictionary in half with one hand."

"How could you tear a dictionary in half with one hand?" Green asked.

"Hold it in your teeth," Moreau said. "Obviously you are not one of the generation of superior minds if you cannot see something so simple."

"Sometimes simple is a synonym for idiotic," Green said. "Nothing you have said inspires me. It only makes me sorry for the future of Mankind if fools like you are going to influence it. Destroy that vial of Braniac Formula! Enough with the tampering! Let Nature proceed in her own way without human intervention!"
Meanwhile Madu was with Plum and the assorted Chimera and Humans

She happened to pass by an orchard, the smell of apples was intoxicating.

She saw a young Japanese boy with a basket of ripe apples in hand.

The triceratops-woman looked hungerly at the fruit,

"Would you like some?" The boy asked

Madu nodded vigorously

He offered her one and she took a bite out of it.

"I always did like dinosaurs." The boy said with loving eyes "They are my favorite animal"
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Madu ate the apple the boy gave her but stopped as he looked at the young boy. She felt a little blush left on her cheek.

"Hehe. T-thanks." she said finishing the apple.

The boy blushes a bit and looks up at her rubbing the back of his head.

"But... This is really AWESOME~! Because your here~! And your on 2 legs and you look so amazing~!"

Madu blushed even more and covered her smile with the bitten apple. The boy blushed as well and looked away. She looked back at a small group talking amongst each other setting up camp.

"Whats going on here?"

Madu looked down a bit knowing that he would notice and see this.

"Were at war..." she said.

"Your in war too?"

"Yeah.... were fighting a corrupt government. War is a terrible thing... Something I wish I don't see again after this."

The boy walked over and hugged Madu tightly.

"Please don't die.... I don't want you all gone again..."

Madu hugged him back and cooed.

"I won't... Trust me boy... So. Whats your name?"

"Jonathan," the boy said.

"That's a nice name. I hope your life will be very wonderful. That's why we are fighting. Never forget that, no matter what terrible things are happening, we are fighting so the children of today will grow up to have a wonderful tomorrow."

"Thank you," Jonathan said. "I hope you win. When I am old enough I will fight with you."
Madu rejoined the soldiers on her side.

That night, on the houses that still had TVs Gargomel appeared on all the national stations

"Chimera of the world, Hear me!" The Black Dragon stood atop the Washisgton monument "We the animals of a planet Earth have been used and abused buy human beings, but it waen't until man gave us increased intelligence that we relized just how cruel man can be to his own kind!"

The chimera all around were sillent "I propose a new world order." Gargomel "Where Humans and Chimera with as equals and friends and work together to build a more humane world. All humans who agree to our terms shall be our allies, all humans who object, or try to destroy us will not be tolerated! Today the Beast Revolution begins!"
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Madu walked back to the enchampment. Plum took out his portable TV and turned it on showing Gargomel's speech on the revolution.

"Look's like Mustard's creation failed him." he said smiling.

"Maybe their will be hope yet for all of us. We need to meet up with him and the rest of the solders to break through the enemy brigade."

Madu walked over and kneeled towards them. Her mind was still on the cute Japanese boy. She felt something in her, something she didn't feel when director Mustard made her. It was something that was lost was found and put back together.

"Madu are you ok?" asked Plum.

Madu looked up and nodded.

"More than better to tell the truth." she replied.

Halcon and Esmerelda were assigned to the Western Front - California.

"We'll start with Hollywood," Halcon said. "We must make sure the moviemakers don't make any more anti-chimera pictures."

"Definitely," Esmerelada said. "Have you ever seen those horrible 'Chimeras Gone Wild' movies?"

"You mean the ones shot in Florida showing Chimeras getting drunk and performing lewd acts on each other?"

"Yes! Awful! If I find the producer who made those I'll kill him."

"Easy, Esmerelda. We're here to persuade and influence, not to slaughter and kill. I've got an idea for a movie. How's this for a title? The Chimera Who Came To Dinner?"

"Meh. Too old school. How about Chimera Man? It's about a super-powerful Chimera who saves the world."

"Like Gargomel."

Yeah... like Gargomel."
OK I'm giving this campfire a break, it's getting kind of unweildy, I'll retern to it when I get some new ideas

The End!

(OK Break over)

In the end the Chimera were given Civil Rights and became complete citizens of the world.

But first becuase they had been trained as killing machines (Most of them anyway) They had to go through a 're-education' process that would tech them things like, table manners, paying taxes jury duty and all that.

There were six reeducation camps in all.

One in England, one in Scotland, one in Ireland, one in Italy, one in France the last one in Germany.

Along with teaching them civil duties, each of the education camps taught human history and culture. The chimera were fasinated by such things the domestic creatures understood it most clearly but the wild creatures were most fasinated by it.

One day, both Esmerelda and Draco's chosen mate the white Dragoness Tam Lin were coming to the Nurse's office

"Docteur Alceste de Salutations." Esmerelda greeted her doctor (They were staying at the French camp)

"Bonjour petit chaton" The young man said almost most coyly "You both have made wonderful progess on your French lessons but for simplicty's sake we will speak english during appointments."

"Shirks." Tam Lin said in her sly reptilian voice "I was so hoping to be able to practice my lecons de langue"

"I understand both of you are pregnant?" Alceste asked

The cat and dragon nodded.

"We're going to go through a procedure that will allow us the veiw the infant in both of your wombs."

He bade the two females lay themselves down on a table and they complied. Next he got out a bottle of fluid.

"I'm going to be upfront with both of you." He said "You along with all other pregnant females in this camp are going to be used as test subjects for this formula."

"Formula..." Tam Lin's voice was almost a growl

"Yes." Alceste said backing away from the dragon's glare "Please listen kindly as I explain..."

He held the bottle aloft "This mind altering formula was designed to tone down violent instincts that are particualy problomatic in carnivores."

"I think I know where this is leading..." Esmerelda said

"Yes, this is mostly to suppress the hunting instinct that will prevent your children from hunting the children of prey species...after all a society can't function if citizens fear to leave their homes at the prospect they will be devoured."

Tam Lin was not so sure "Will this make our children defensless?" She asked

"Certenly not. Your children will be very strong and fast and when need arises they can fight in a pinch all this formula does is discourage violent impulses."
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They both looked at the bottle which had a very distant green color.

"Is there any Side effects?" asked Tam Lin.

"We tested it and it was perfected. There was no possible side effects nor any other problems." he explained.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the camp, Plum waltzed around the enchampment trying to find his zebra friend. He felt like he wanted to say something to her... Something like a confession. His heart was racing a bit and his skin turned pale sweating. He looked to see her teaching the other chimeras about human intelligence.

Plum listened to his zebra friend, Zina, lecture...

"...and so we see that the human brain has evolved through the ages. Originally man could only grunt and cry and laugh, but these simple expressions were enough to have a happy home in the caves. 'I'm home!' Dad would grunt and Little Billy would laugh."

A student raised his hand. "But how could they have names for their kids if they had no language yet?"

"Don't be a smart ass," Zina said. "I have to make this so you undersatnd. In reality they had no names, just visual recognition. Names was the next step. But first they had to invent fire, because if you are cold then you don't worry about names so much. You just want to be warm."

Another hand went up. "But did they invent fire? Humans aren't gods. Didn't they merely discover fire?"

Zina smiled. "It's healthy that you realize humans are not gods, but you don't need to interrupt me everytime my speech deviates slightly from what you think is acceptable. Ask serious questions, please. Now after they in--, discovered fire and names, the human mind evolved to the farm and town stage. At that point they stopped hunting rabbits and turtles and started eating wheat that they grew themselves. They invented bread and rolls and buns and cookies. It was a more settled life so they had time for games."

Plum wondered if Zina's students were getting a good education, but then he sighed. Any education was probably better than none at all. And he was glad to see Zina doing something with her life.

Plum greeted Zina after her class.

Zina we've been together for a very short time..." He said slowly "Oh...boy this is difficult."

He got out a small box he revealed a ring

"Will you marry me Zina?"

Zina neighed with glee and lept into his arms!

"OOF" Grunted Plum

Finally the Chimera completed their Reeducation and some moved back to the U.S. some stayed in Europe others moved to other nations.

(I think I may have to rethink how old some of the characters, I think by this point Greg Narson is in High School, Prof. Crane is in Collage.)

Esmerelda and Halcon, Gargomel and Tam Lin moved to Gotham City, Madu moved to Japan Zina and Plum moved to New York.

Esmerelda and Halcon entered the suburban house that had been given to them by the goverment.

"This house is absulutley Purrfect!" Halcon mewed "Perfect for our kitten!"

"Yes it is quite lovely." Esmerelda agreed

Suddenly the doorbell rang, Halcon got it, a young Fox-woman was at the door

"Whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?" Halcon asked

"My name is Vixen." Said the Fox "Vixen Reynardo. I saw your moving van and when I noticed you were Chimera I thought it would be the neighborly thing to do welcome you in."

"I assume your all settled in yourself?" Esmerelda asked

"Yes, My mate and I moved in yesterday."

"Well I hope we see each other soon." Halcon bid the fox farewell
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(Yeah your correct. XD lol)

Everything was now perfect since the war ended, but there had been prejudicial actions made by fanatics against Chimera and hybrids. The president does all he can to help the nations. But now life was changing into the better. Gargomel and Tam Lin both owned a mansion and had their child. Halcon and Esmerelda had their's, and time goes on but for Madu it wasn't the same. She never had any mate yet and shivered from being alone. Until Johnathan found her and came to her. She was sitting at a chair in the re-education camp away from others. Johnathan sat down next to her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her.

"J-Johnathan?" she said surprisingly.

Johnathan looked at her and smiled not letting go.

"My english name is kinda getting too old... You can call me Tanoka if you want. I love you Madu." he said.

Madu pushed him away. "No, it wouldn't be right. I am so much older than you. You don't want me."

Tanoka smiled at her. "I DO want you, Tanoka. You are the kindest, gentlest person I have ever known. I want to be with you forever. I love you."

Tears fell down Madu's cheeks.
Madu, quickly ran away, she couldn't tell anyone but she was already had a child!

It started a few years ago when she first met Tanoka in the apple orchard. She was young and careless and didn't care what would happan if she and Jonathan made love, well they did and now she had gotten pregnant.

She couldn't tell anyone and she was afraid.

Her child was hidden, she had put her daughter in an orphanage, it killed her to do it but she had to...

Meanwhile Gargomel and Tam Lin had their first child, a son named Taren.

He was bright green not black or white like his mother and father.

"What a little wise guy!" Gargomel smiled tickling his son's tummy "He'll grow into a fine dragon"
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Taren giggles and laughed rolling around and cooing. Gargomel felt compassion for his new family and hoped to one day. He's grow just like his father.

Tanoka slowly walked off into wherever in the world unknown... He was alone and abandoned... He had no one else left... He feared for Madu and her child... But she had left him... Everything fell apart for him.. At first, he almost commited suicide. The pain was too great. And no he does not know what to do if he can't live without Madu. He loved her unlike anything he loved before. And the child... Oh how he wanted to see what she was.
Madu later developed Alchaholism whilst trying to drown her troubles... she died of Liver poisoning.

Her duaghter Momo grew up in a home for human/chimera hybrids where she learned how to controll her shapeshifting powers so she could pass for human.

The little chimera grew very quickly, Taren could breathe fire before he could talk properly.

His parents had two more children, two daughters Yin and Yang.

Esmerelda and Vixen became good friends The Cat bore a daughter the Fox bore a son.

Esmerelda named her child Marzipan, after the box of sweets that was brought as a baby shower presant.

Vixen named her child Rook after the chess piece that came with the antique chess board that was given to her at her baby shower.

Marzipan was large and strong for her age, at one weekr old she was already toddling on four legs, hunting her stuffed toys, teething on them and generaly acting like a kitten.

Rook on the other paw was frail and weak for a fox cub, rather thin and with poor eyesight he was quiet and reserved.
"I'm terribly sorry your cub is so...frail" Esmerelda said to Vixen

"Don't be." Vixen said sipping her tea "It probbaly is because of the father, he isn't particuly strong himself."

They watched their children out on the front lawn Marzipan was wrestling her stuffed snake, Rook was sitting on the oppisite side of the yard sunning himself

"Rook alway seems to feel cold." Vixen said sadly "He can never seem to get warm enough."

As if he heard her, Rook shivered.

"Come here, baby," Vixen said. "You need a sweater today."

Rook frowned. "Marzipan isn't wearing a sweater."

"Well you aren't Marzipan, are you? Let Marzipan do what HER mother tells her to do and YOU do what YOUR mother tells you to do. Okay?"

"Alright," Rook grumbled.
And so the seeds of the next generation of chimera were sown, a new day is dawning for animals everywhere....

The End!

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