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There are times when we just feel ugly and we need someone to tell us we're beautiful
This is pretty much a light romantic story, Basicly it is mostly about teenage romance, and as the title suggests, inner beauty.

One day before Christmas Break, Ichabod wakes up sad and he doesn't know why, he tries to enjoy the Holiday Party at School but just generly feels sour.

Even though he and Marzipan have officaly broken up he still longs for her and craves her touch.

Marzipan is equally lovesick for Ichabod but feels that he and Alice belong together because it is DESTINY.

So it's basicly a bit of a ramble of a story about confusing emotions and teen love

OK have fun!
Drip, drip, drip.

The only sound that could be heard in the Crane family bathroom at 5 in the morning.

Ichabod stood sillently looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, he normally didn't wake up so early, but only a few minutes ago he had suffered from horrible nightmares!

He dreamt of Marzipan Cheshire, his dear little Anthropomorphic Cat friend had died.

His dreams were particuly violent, Jack the boy who sold drugs to gulible teenagers and who had a personal grudge against Ichabod, In his dream Jack cornered him in some trash strewn alley and was about to shoot him with a tommy gun.

Suddenly Marzipan lept into the scene and tried to wrestle the gun away from Jack,

Suddenly BANG! The gun went off the the cat lay dead, her breast punctured by a bullet.

That's when Ichabod woke up, feeling dizzy and sick he hobbled into the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face.

When he turned on the light and saw himself in the mirror he thought to himself "Ye Gods I look terrible."

His skin was ghostly pale, his glassy green eyes were baggy and bloodshot, his toussled mop of carroty red hair was tangled and greasy

"I can't beileve it." Ichabod sighed "I'm only 15 years old and I look like an old man!"

He took off his pajama top and looked at his lean torso, Unlike some people Ichabod was painfully aware he wasen't going to get any more muscular over the course of puberty, his father was skinny as a pole and suffered greatly from bullies when he was young, so Ichabod knew he was going to be skinny for the rest of his life.

Ichabod placed his hands on his chest, over his nipples, feeling just how little meat was on him, he sucked in gut and you could count every rib, Ichabod ate three meals a day just like everyone else but you could hardly tell just by looking at him.

Ichabod sighed for a final time, put his pajama top back on and headed back for his room
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Alice stared out the window at the boring landscape. Her fingers drummed on the desk, next to her Maths workbook. It was so dull and uninteresting- how was she to use it in the future? The scene outside was just as it always was- the plain road, the rest of the schoolyard, and sometimes a person or two.

Alice sighed, wishing for something more interesting to occur. she was a girl of fantasies, always wishing and waiting for things out of the ordinary to come her way as the did in the stories and books that she grew up with, or the ones she made up in her head. Another person and his dog came up the sidewalk. Oh, yes. Very interesting.

She listened to their teacher drone on about whatever part of the workbook they were supposed to be doing. But Alice paid no attention, and didn't care. She would just ask someone for help and do it later.

She glanced across the room at the other kids. Only one or two seemed as bored as she was, another was doodling in the margins of his paper, and one girl was scrawling something upon a piece of paper underneath her desk. Two boys were passing notes, undetected by the teacher, of course, and another girl was inspecting the wads of chewed up gum under her desk.

And there, a few seats over and behind her, was Ichabod. He used to look so happy and alive, and even sometimes interested in their lessons. But somehow a change had come across him and he looked dull and saddened, like a snuffed out candle. Alice sighed again and picked at a piece of paint on her desk, and waited for the very uninteresting lesson to be done with.
After class was the first break, Alice took Ichabod's hand and for a second he hardly noticed.

Than he turned and saw her, a faint twitch at the corners of the mouth and for a nanosecond he seemed to smile.

But it quickly faded, he whispered "Let's go somewhere a bit more...private.."

He headed downstairs with Alice and laid his hand on an anchiant poster, at once the wall opened up and Alice and Ichabod hurried through before it closed again.

A year and a half ago, Ichabod along with several other boys who were being picked because they were 'geeks and nerds' found a hidden chamber within the walls of the very school, they called it 'The Secret Sanctuary.'

They invited everyone who was being bullied on account of the intelligence and began to call themselves 'The Commrades of Intellect' Marzipan was allowed in when she said she wanted to be bodyguard for the nerds

Alice was allowed in on account of her being Ichabod's girlfriend.

When the got to the main chamber, they found Rook Reynardo an Anthropomorphic Fox whom they shared classes with

(but than again they shared classes with a menagerie of all sorts of humanoid beasts, From a dragon on the cheerleading squad to a potbelied pig in math class so... A fox wasen't all that unusaul.)

"Hullo, there Ichabod." Rook smirked with vulpine charm "Haven a 'bout with the Missus, eh Guvnor?"

"Rook, Don't pretend to be cockney for a day." Ichabod said firmly "You're terrible with accents. Alice and I are going to step into the private relaxation chamber, Since you're here you'll be in charge of making sure no one walks in on us."

"Hardly anyone uses the private chamber." Rook said "You're the only one with a girlfriend and most of us are too proper to masturbate at school... Unlike a few football players and cheerleaders I could name."

"Pfft!" Ichabod scoffed "Jocks are horny all the time, that's why they're so athletic! They have severe horomone problems!"

Alice was a little offended as she used to be a cheerleader... but than again she wasn't espessily happy when she was, as the other cheerleaders kept making fun of her because she was so small and shy."

Ichabod and Alice entered through a beaded curtain to a small chamber laviously carpeted and perfumed with incense

Ichabod wrapped his arms around Alice's waist and pulled her in for a kiss, suddenly she broke the kiss and pulled away

"Is something the matter?" Ichabod asked

"I... just....I just don't feel like kissing today ok?" Alice folded her arms

"Is there something on your mind?" He asked "Listen if something is troubling you just let me know..."

"No listen!" She said "It's nothing important, I just don't feel like touching you!"

Ichabod looked dumbfounded and baffled for a second "Oh." He said "I guess I've just been spoiled from when I was Marzipan's boyfriend because she would kiss me all the time, weather we were in public or not."

He looked a little annoyed "I suppose if you're unwilling to kiss me I can go to Marzipan and she'll..."

"No no no!" Alice cried "You don't have to do that!" She sighed exsasperated "I'll tell you why I don't want to kiss!"

She wrung her hands nervously "It's just... You look awful today..."

"What?" Ichabod asked with a dangerously angry tone in his voice "What's so awful about how I look today?"

"Well just look at you!" Alice exclamed "You're skin is so pale and pasty you look like a ghost! You're nose is so red it looks like a cherry..."

"Hey this is just something that happens to me during the winter!." Ichabod said "I'm sensitive to the cold!"

"And also you're hair is a bloody mess!" She scolded "Look at those cowlicks and split ends! Don't you groom yourself properly?"

"I'm just having a bad hair day is all!" Ichabod said exsassperated

Marzipan liked to climb the rope in gym. She was very fast. Unfortunately, sometimes she would freeze when she got to the top and the fire department had to be called to get her down.

Not really. A lot of coaxing from her classmates usually did the job. "Come on, Marzi! Just come back down the way you went up. Don't worry. If you fall we will catch you."

And then when Marzi was on the ground again they would say, "Why do you keep climbing up if you know you can't get down?"

But Marzi didn't know. Just like she didn't know why she still thought about Ichabod even though they had broken up and Ichabod had a new girlfriend now. Alice.

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Alice continued to stare at Ichabod. It was kind of like a glare, except less angry and demanding. all she wanted to know was why he was acting like this. Was he still sore from Marzipan?

Alice had always been jealous of Marzipan. They had been best friends at one time, a time that was best left forgotten and to memory, and not to be brought up for any reason. Alice always felt Marzipan liked to achieve things before she did. A spot on the cheerleading squad. Climbing the rope in gym. Ichabod.

Ichabod was a touchy subject. Alice had this deep longing passion for him, and yet when he wanted a touch, a kiss, anything, Alice denied him. And why did he have to be in such a bad mood? he was probably right, it was just the cold. As always.

Would things ever stop being the way they had always been?
Ichabod just scoffed "Forget it." and left "Break is over anyway..."

Alice and Ichabod left the secret sanctuary, Ichabod headed for English and Alice headed for cooking class.

Marzipan was a wonderful cook, in spite of hert seeming like a tomboy maybe even a butch lesbian (She was bisexual)
She was pretty darn skilled in the kitchen, Alice on the other hand couldn't boil water without setting the stove on fire.

Everyone had a buddy during cooking class, Alice was buddied up with Martbell Porc the Pig Chimera.

Alice was grateful she would have someone to help her this time, and was glad it was Martbell for Pigs are well known to have an exquisate sense of taste.

Today's assignment was something fish.

Marzipan was buddied up with her human friend Pandora, right away they began with a large fat monkfish and began to remove the bones and scales.

"Come on! Pay attention!" Martbell snapped her fingers in Alice's face "Any ideas with what to do with this fish?"

Alice gagged If there was one thing she disliked it was fish...

"What ideas have you got?" She asked weakly

"Well we could just fry it." The Pig offered "My Papa came home from Maine one with a recipe for beer batered fish."

"Beer battered fish?!" Alice exclaimed "I don't think we're allowed beer in school, not even as an ingridiant!"

"Pandora," Marzipan could be heard saying across the room "Hand me the orange peel."

Pandora said "What orange peel?"

"Crimmeny!" The cat exclamed her fur standing on end "How am I supposed to make Bouillabase without an orange peel?!"

"Oh that little show off!" Alice cursed "Making such tawdy high brow cuisine!" She turned to Martbell "Hurry up and fry that ugly thing!"
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Meanwhile, Greg and a few other teachers all got together to decorate the school for the winter season. Shelly came along as well with her two new kids. One was a half human dragon. A human baby with wings, tail, horns with the same skin and look as Greg. The other, a full blooded dragoness, but without no wings and a smoother skin like scales on her body. She wanted to take the kids to school to show the others of her and Greg's new kids.

"Careful Greg you don't want to fall from that ladder!" she called out.

Greg, at least a couple of stories high hooking up ornaments on the audotorium ceilings.

"Don't worry hun! Im perfectly fine~! Nothing a man like me can handle!" he called back.

Before he knew it, Greg accidentally slipped on the other step and yell as he came crashing down on a giant plastic ballon christmas ball and bounced off landing on Dojen.

"GAH! GREG GET OFF!" he yelled.

Greg shooked his head and laughed as he helped Dojen up.

"Sorry bout that Doj. I was working on decorations."

"So I noticed."

Dojen chuckled and hugged him and his cousin.

"Dojen shouldn't you be heading to class?" Shelly asked.

Dojen stood for a few minutes before he ran off towards English class.

"Sorry! Got to go!"
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Alice was having a horrible time. Cooking was her worst class- she couldn't even boil water with injuring someone, starting a fire, or breaking something.

While she was glad to have Martbell, someone who might actually know what they were doing. She glared at Marzipan from across the kitchen and was sure Marzipan's smirk was directed to her, and not someone behind her. And that just infuriated Alice more. In fact, the only fortunate thing was that Marzipan couldn't make her fancy dish without the stupid orange.

She sighed and turned to help Martbell fry their ugly fish. They were going to have the worst dish of the afternoon.

The cooking teacher, Mrs McGillicuddy, went around the room tasting the student preparations. "That's delicious, Marzipan! A wonderful Bouillibase! I don't know how you come up with these fabulous dishes!"

Marzipan grinned and said thank you.

Mrs McGillicuddy worked her way around the room to Alice's table. She stared at the dish offered her. "What is this?"

"Uh... Fried fish," Alice said.

Mrs McGillicuddy took a bite, held it in her mouth a moment, then spit it out on the floor. "Good grief, girl! That's awful! Argh! I need some water to wash the taste out of my mouth. How you can turn a prerfectly good fish into something as nasty as that, I don't know. If you don't improve you will be luck to get a D in this class."

Alice felt like crying but she could feel Marzipan looking at her from across the classroom so she just stood stiffly and tried to keep a blank face.
Finally the school day ended, Alice rejoined Ichabod,

"I'm sorry," She whispered

"For what?" Ichabod asked

"You know...Insulting you..." She murmured

He looked away and said softly "You're forgiven."

They walked together in the falling snow, Ichabod freaquently sneezed and rubbed his cherry-red nose

"Something bad happen to you today?" He asked

"What ever do you speak of?" Alice asked

"I study psycology." Ichabod said "I can see it in your eyes somethings botherig you."

"I'm failing cooking class." Alice said "What more Marzipan trumps me everytime."

Ichabod was quiet for a while trying to think of answer that was both honest and sympathetic

"That's too bad." Was all he could say

Meanwhile Dojen was finished with his class work and began to head home

"Brrrr!" Dojen shivered "It's a good thing I have fire inside me. It sucks being a reptile in the winter. All the turtles and lizards and snakes are hibernating but the dragons are awake all year."

He passed a Yankee Candle store there was a help wanted sign

It read 'Help wanted. Needing Chimera to be Christmas Critters (There like Animal Versions of Santa's Elves)

Only Mammals and Birds need apply, reptiles and ampibians not allowed."

"How do like them apples?" Dojen muttered sourly

"I like them apples a lot," said a small voice by his side. Dojen looked down. It was a mouse chimera.

"Whoa!" Dojen said. "I didn't even know there WERE mouse chimera! How do you get around the city without getting stepped on or run over?"

The mouse rolled his eyes. "Aw, give me a break, buddy. Even normal mice manage that. You think a chimera can't do it?"

"But why the small size? I never heard of a chimera being that different in size from normal human size. Look at me. I'm a dragon, but I'm not 50-feet-long, just a normal-sized guy. What happened to you?"

The mouse spoke in a low voice. "I was created for special missions... about which I can say no more... or I would have to kill you."

Dojen laughed. "Sure you would. By the way, my name is Dojen. What's yours?"

"It's Fidelio, but I don't have time to talk with you. I got things to do. See ya around, okay?"

"Okay. Bye!"
Alice and Ichabod got to their respective homes.

Alice ran straght to her room and shut herself in. Even though she had reconciled with Ichabod at the end of the day she still felt awful she was doing so poorly at school.

Meanwhile Greg Narson and Shelly were at home, the two little kids were in their high chairs waiting to be fed,

Shelly was making a batch of her famous Holiday Turkey Chili.

"Alright Greg." She asked "Are you ready for Dragon-spicy chili?"

"I was born ready!" Greg said, with a spoon in each hand
Shelly laid the bowl in front of him Greg took a bite, for a second it seemed the chili had no effect of him, than a nanosecond later steam was shooting out his ears like fireworks!

"This is great!" He exclaimed taking anouther spoonful

Meanwhile Dojen was thinking about Yankee Candle and its deliberate snubbing of reptiles and amphibians

"I mean I know most of them are hibernating so they couldden't join if they wanted to." Dojen said rolling around on his bed. "But saying they're not allowed to sign up is just plain snobbery."
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Alice was not one to cry a lot. Very seldom would anyone see Alice cry. And that's why she did it alone. She felt so embarrassed about everything! Marzipan was a show-off and always trying to shove her out of the picture, and Ichabod was . . . well, there wasn't anything horribly bad to say about Ichabod at the moment. But he always expected her to do things precisely when he was ready and she wasn't. She wasn't Marzipan! And then there was everything else. She was doing atrociously in every class but Worlds, Relations, and Gym, though it was nearly impossible to fail gym class. Oh what was she to do?
(OK FarynKatz, I have to tell you some things before we continue you DO NOT have to write only Alice's point of veiw all the time, this is NOT an RPG Campfire and you're expected to write about more than one character, this campfire is supposed to be mostly about Ichabod anyway, also you're kind of desending into what I call WANGST (Whiney Angst)
ok I'm done)

Alice heard a knock on her door.

"Sweetheart? Are you all right?" It was her father Mr. Jervis Tetch

"I'm fine Papa," Alice said "Just needed some time to think is all."

"Is there something you're not telling me?" Her Father asked

"I'm fine I assure you." Alice pressed

"Just thought I'd let you know..." He said "You're mother sent me this letter, Seems she'll be released from prison real soon"

"Do you honestly think she'll visit us?" Alice asked, her tears completly dry now "The first thing she'll do when she gets out of prison is get back with her sadistic new boyfriend and... well they'll be back in jail before dinner."

Jervis Tetch sighed "Very well," He sighed "I'm going downstairs to watch the news..."

Alice just sighed fell back on her pillow, stared at the celing and thought 'Something is wrong with me... my life is falling apart and I don't know why.'

Meanwhile Ichabod was busy on his computer, lurking on forums, visiting blogs and occastionaly editing Wikipedia

He yawned "Oh Gee, I've really been cramming. What time is it?" He looked at the clock "It's only 7:00?"

Ichabod just stared at the clock for some time. For the first time in his life he was struggling on deciding what thought to think.

"I guess this winter weather has really been taking alot out of me." He said to himself "I suppose I can spend a veiw more minutes surfing the net before I crash for the night."

He decided he'd head for the online books page when suddenly a popup caught his eye

"You have one unread messages"

'Who emails me at this hour?' Ichabod wondered as he clicked on the popup

The E-mail was from Rook Reynardo

'Hello Ichabod.' It read 'Remeber Lyle Bolton, that horrible Hunter? Well he's been released from prison he's on parole but I think we both know he's as reformed as a mushroom. I know you're back with Alice know but watch your back all the same.

May you ears always be sharp.


'May your ears always be sharp.' is a Fox's blessing every species of chimera had their own little saying or motto that they used as a blessing

for cats it was 'May Bast be with you.' for dragons it was 'Always burn bright'

Ichabod felt worried but not too much, he knew a chimera hater like Lyle Bolton had a snowball's chance in hades of refraining from getting into trouble. Mr. Bolton would probaly be sent back to jail within an hour or two.

Lyle Bolton stepped off the bus. So this was Compton? It seemed like a nice little city, but what made it interesting to Lyle was that it was where Alice Tetch lived. He reread the letter...

Dear Lyle,

I know we usually talk to each other on email or in chat, but since it's Christmas I wanted to do something special and send you a snail mail letter. If you ever get out of jail maybe we can get together for a real world chat.

There was more, but the cool part to Lyle was how she had written her return address on the envelope, probably just out of habit, because on the internet she had never told him where she lived. Wouldn't she be surprised when he showed up at her house on Christmas Eve?

Marzipan was writing a Christmas letter to Clarisse Spooner, a friend who had moved to another city...

I broke up with Ichabod. We both felt it was better. I don't hate him or anything. We are still friends. He has a girlfriend now, Alice. I hardly see Ichabod anymore except sometimes at school. But I still think about him. I try not to, but I still do. Even though I know it's better for him that we are not together, I still sometimes think maybe we should be together. It's very strange because sometimes I think I'm doing the right thing and sometimes I think I'm making the biggest mistake I ever made in my life.

And Ichabod was sending an email to Marzipan...

Remember Lyle Bolton the Hunter? He's out of jail. Rook just told me. I don't suppose the Hunter will come back to Compton after what happened, but I thought I better warn you anyway.
Clarisse Spooner was an Ant Chimera, Albeit one who was adopted buy humans. (And was not half human)

Chimera insects are funny creatures and by funny I mean GOLDARN freaky!

Even though they are fused with human genes as are other chimera they don't look so much like humanoid insects and more like insects that are god damn humongous! Only a few are capable of standing on their hind legs.

Most insect chimera are barely intelligent at all just basicly still running on instinct...

Clarisse was different she was able to seperate from the 'hive mind' of the ants and become truly intelligent.

Marzipan recieved the E-mail Ichabod sent her, when she read it, a deep cold chill ran down her spine 'That slimey rasist hulking brute of a homo sapian.' she thought 'if I never see that bilge rat again it will be too soon.'

Marzipan sighed, turned of her computer and curled up in her bed

"I can't wait for spring." She mused aloud to herself "Than I'll be able to run and jump and frolic outside and not be cooped up all day indoors"

She finally closed her eyes and fell into a deep, deep sleep.
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Ichabod spent the rest of the night on the Internet, not caring about the time, or sleep. It was a curious but regular habit. It seemed that Ichabod only slept when he couldn't keep his eyes open. Something popped up on the screen. It was a message from Alice. 'Ichabod are you still up?' she asked. Ichabod typed back quickly. 'Yes I am,' he responded, and Wikipedia was soon forgotten as he and Alice launched into conversation.

ALICE: What are you wearing?

ICHABOD: Pajamas. You?

ALICE: Your eyes would pop.

ICHABOD: I'll bet. LOL.

Meanwhile, Marzipan dreamed that the Hunter was chasing her again. She climbed a tree but he chopped it down. Everywhere she ran he was right behind her. He cornered her and she arched her back and hissed and yowled.

Marzipan woke up shaking. She got out of bed and poured a glass of water and drank it. It was the middle of the night. She crawled back into bed and pulled the covers over her head and hoped she didn't have any more dreams.
In the morning, Marzipan woke to see the pink light of dawn shining on the snow.

"Today is the last day of School before the Winter Holidays" Marzipan said "Today is also the day of School's Winter Fairstivel" (Yes I delberatly spelled wrong it's supposed to be pronounced 'fairstivel')

Marzipan quickly got dressed, she ate a quick breakfast of ramen noodles and headed out to school.

Ichabod had collapsed as usaul from the long nights on the computer, it wasen't until seven something when he finally woke up.

The first bell rang as the students began to enter.

"Attention Students." Came the voice of the princepal Mr. Dokken "Winter Fairstival is just getting under way, Go to room 101 for the pot-luck, head to room 506 for charictures....head to the computer lab for a power point presentation."

Alice and Ichabod were walking by room 506.

"Why don't we get are charictures drawn?" Alice asked

"Eh, probaly cost too much." Ichabod said dismssivly

"But the sign says it's free." Alice pointed out

"Alright you won me over." Ichabod said affibly

The guest artist was some univesrity drop-out named Artsy Bartsy the line was surprisingly short and Ichabod was first to get his picture

"Do you like roller skates?" Artsy asked as he was drawing

"No." Ichabod said

"Everybody likes roller skates." Artsy said as if he didn't hear

After a few minutes he was done, he handed the picture to Ichabod

"Let's see what we got here." Ichabod's eyes went wide with shock because in the charicature Artsy had drawn Ichabod was potrayed as a slobbering, unkept, long nosed, spindly legged lech, chasing after what looked like a terrified girl.

"This doesn't look anything like me!" Ichabod protested

"Really? Artsy Bartsy asked "You must not look in mirrors to often."

Ichabod blushed "I am not some slobbering unkept pervert!" he hissed through gnashed teeth

"Hey I just draw what I see." The artist shrugged

Ichabod held the picture close to his chest so no one would see it and tried to find a sutible place to dispose of it.

Just than the school bully Sammy Smith popped up

"Got a charicture Ichy?" He asked slyly

"None of your buissness." Ichabod growled

Sammy reached and tried to take the canvas out Ichabod's grip, Ichy tried vallently to hold on to it but Sammy gave him a shove and that was all it took to loosen his grip.

Sammy took a good look at the charicture, first he cracked a stupid looking grin, than he began to cackle loudly

"You really do look like this Ichy!" He cackled "You really do look as disgusting as this doodle!"

"Hey everybody!" Sammy called "Come take a look at this! This what Ichabod really looks like!"

Ichabod didn't want to wait for everyone to laugh at him so he ran away to the basement, hid himself in a closet and cried his eyes out.
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Sometimes Alice really did want to kill people. Like Sammy Smith. A crowd was fast forming around Sammy, who was holding Ichabod's caricature. Oh, this was all her fault! Had she not insisted on getting a stupid caricature they wouldn't be in this mess.

She looked for Ichabod but he seemed to disappear. Oh, this was so frustrating!!! And she didn't know where he could have gone to either.

She tried to navigate through the crowd and finally stepped out of the clamor. She brushed herself off, having gotten quite jostled about in the sea of kids, all laughing about the stupid caricature.

"Alice, I need to talk to you," she heard. She turned around and saw Marzipan. "Sure . . . where?" Alice asked, still frazzled about Ichabod and the crowd she'd just left. Marzipan just pulled her into a room that was empty. she shut and locked the door, and Alice waited for her to speak.

"I'm scared," Marzipan said. "There is a monster loose in the world and I keep dreaming he is coming after me."

Alice laughed. "A monster! What kind of monster?"

"He's horrible. He's known as the Hunter. He hates Chimera. He was put in jail for killing one but somehow now he is loose again. I feel like I'm next."

"You're just paranoid," Alice said. "Do you know his real name or where he lives?"

"His name is Lyle Bolton."

Alice gasped. Her face went white. "Wh- what is his name?"

"Lyle Bolton. What's the matter? Don't tell me you know him?"

"I- I've been chatting on the net with a guy who is in jail. His name is Lyle Bolton."

Marzipan put her hand over her mouth. She started shaking. "Oh my God! How can this be happening to me? Now I'm sure he's after me. Did you ever talk about me?"

Alice grabbed Marzipan's shoulder. "I might have mentioned your name, but you don't have to be afraid. I never give out my address on the internet. He doesn't know where we live."

"He's a Hunter!" Marzipan screamed. "Don't you know what that means? He tracks down Chimera. He was using you to find Chimera. Oh, this is awful." There were tears in Marzipan's eyes.

"Ichabod will help us," Alice said. "But first we have to find him. He was humilated terribly by that Artsy Bartsy guy and he ran off somewhere."

Marzipan wiped a tear out of her eye. "I know where he might be."

Using her super sensitive nose, Marzipan trailed Ichabod's scent all the way to the basement.

They found a broom closet where they head Ichabod's muffled sobs

The cheshire cat knocked gingerly on the door "Ichabod are you in there? It's me Marzipan, Alice is here too."

The sobs stiffled a litte, than there was silence, than Ichabod said

"Marzipan. You can come in, Alice can not.

"What?!" Alice exclamed "Why not?"

"I just want to talk to Marzipan about something." Ichabod said "I'd rather you not hear this."

Alice hoped that what he wanted to say wouldn't be anything negative against her and left

Marzipan entered the broom closet, It was dark but being a cat she could see well enough in the dark.

She sat down next to Ichabod on a wooden box "Is this because of that caricature that drop-out drew of you?" She asked

"It's not just that." Ichabod sighed "It's just that ...I'm ugly."

"You're just going through a phase." Marzi tried to comfort him "Everyone goes through an akward stage even I did

"I've just always been ugly." Ichabod shed a tear, he wiped it away and turned to Marzipan

"Why did you fall in love with me?" He asked

Marzipan was shocked "I'm not sure why I fell in love you, because I don't understand the mechanics of love but I'll try to explain it.

Marzipan was with her biker chick friend Melissa Mallard the duck-woman, Maripan was walking across a fence, Mellisa was flying

"Have you ever thought about it? " The Cat asked the Duck

"About what?" Melissa asked

"About what seperates us from normal animals." Marzi replied "Is it just the use of speech, bipedal stance and hands or...Is it something deeper?"

Suddenly they were interupted by a voice, the cat and the duck jumped down behind the fence. They saw a skinny, red haired, long nosed young man tending a sickly little plant

"Ah Juinor." The boy sighed "Juinor I don't know what else to do for you, Pandora and Alice they just met you but I've going through this with you for weeks. Grow and wilt, spurt and flop. Are you sickly little plant are you just stubborn? What is it you want, what is it you need?"

He checked around to see no one was looking and began to sing to the plant

"I've given you sunshine
I've given you dirt.
You've given me nothing
But heartache and hurt.
I'm beggin' you sweetly.
I'm down on my knees.
Oh, please-grow for me!"

Marzipan had never heard such a voice before! She never heard such melody from a chimera before and she never though such beautiful music could come from the throat of a human before!

"I've given you plant food
And water to sip.
I've given you potash.
You've given me zip.
Oh God, how I mist you
Oh pod, how you tease
Now, please-grow for me!"

The boy was know pacing back and forth in the garden and Marzipan and Melissa had to duck behind the fence and peek through the knotholes, The boy continued his song parcticly pulling his hair out!

"I've given you southern exposure
To get you to thrive.
I've pinched you back hard,
Like I'm s'posed ta.
You're barely alive.
I've tried you at levels of moisture
From desert to mud.
I've given you grow-lights
And mineral supplements.
What do you want from me- Blood?"


Alright alright! I get it!" Ichabod exclamed "You don't have to relive that entire silly scene all over again!"

"It really was a nice little song." Marzipan sighed "Whatever happened to that plant you were singing to?"

"Um, er... It died"

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Alice leaned back against the wall, waiting for Marzipan and Ichabod to finish speaking. She lowered herself to the ground and put her head in her hands.

How could she have been so stupid to chat with a guy in Jail??? Why had it never occurred to her? And she just remembered she'd written a letter to the guy!

Great, now Marzipan had another silly reason to hate her, other than the fact that she was dating Ichabod now.

She heard the word "Ugly" drift through the wall and froze. They WERE talking about her. Alice knew this couldn't be good. Now Marzipan would get her wish. She'd have Ichabod again for sure.

Alice decided she didn't need to hear anymore and got up to leave before anyone could possibly see the tears in her eyes.


Lyle Bolton grinned when he found the house that belonged to Alice. His grin intensified when he caught sight of a girl that must be her run into the house, slamming the door and looking too upset to latch it properly. He decided that he'd go meet her a little earlier than he'd planned.
Lyle Bolton opened the door ever so slowly.

"With any luck that worthless father of hers will be in the basement working on whatever he does." Bolton said disdainfully

Alice flung herself onto the bed and began crying her eyes out, she was so buried in her own thought that she didn't even hear Lyle Bolton come in

"My, aren't we little Miss Drama Queen."

Alice heard that and lifted her wet eyes to see an enormous hulking brute of a man leaning over her bed

"Don't bother screaming for help." He said slyly "I'm armed." With that he pulled out a tommy gun, he let Alice look at it in fear for a while in fear before putting it back in it's holster

"Do you have any Chimera for friends?" He asked

"No." Alice said, her voice hushed as a whisper, in fact she was being a bit honest she really didn't have any chimera friends

"Good." Said Bolton "You mentioned something about a chimera named Marzipan, tell me, what spiecies is this Marzipan?"

"She's...a ...tiger." Alice said trying her best to lie with a straght face

Lyle Bolton smirked "You're about as good as lying as your father." He said as quietly as moonlight "I know for a fact Marzipan is a house cat."

Just than something hard hit Bolton on the head! He fainted,

Alice looked up to see her father had knocked out Bolton with a crowbar

"Oh Thank you Papa" Alice gasped
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Once Marzipan had succeeded in cheering Ichabod up to the best of her ability, they left he small, cramped broom closet. "Alice?" Marzipan called. "That's strange . . . where did Alice go?" she asked.

Ichabod was about to have cow. First this whole thing about that stupid caricature and now Alice was gone. It wasn't really a big deal or anything, just kind of annoying.

"Oh great. Alice is gone, and now that stupid Lyle Bolton guy's out too," he grumbled to himself. Marzipan gasped and grabbed Ichabod's arm.

"Ichabod . . ." she said. "I just remembered. alice told me that she had been chatting online with a guy from a jail." Ichabod could not believe his ears, but he had to, as Marzipan finished speaking.

"Lyle Bolton."

Ichabod gripped Marzipan so tightly that she gritted her teeth. "Marzi! Are you sure? What if the Hunter knows Alice's address? We better get over there right away!"

Meanwhile, Alice and her father watched Lyle Bolton regain consciousness.

Lyle rubbed his head. "You didn't need to do that. I'm just visiting my friend, Alice."

Alice's father looked at her. "Is that true, Alice? Do you know this man?"

Alice sobbed. "I never saw him before, Papa, but... but, I did talk to him on the internet."

"Alice! How many times have I told you to be careful on the internet?"

"I'm sorry, Papa!"

Lyle Bolton made a run for the door.

"Papa!" Alice screamed.

"That's alright," her father said as the front door slammed. "Let him go. If he comes here again I will call the police."
The next day there was an anouncement over the school speakers.

"Greetings Students. This is Superindendent Chaucer. Please Report to the Auditorium."

The students and the teachers filed in. On the stage was a VERY stern looking Superindent and a VERY nervous looking Princpal Dokken smoking a cigarette

"Students of Moreau High." Chaucer said "It is my sad duty to inform you that Mr. Dokken has been using School money to buy drugs!"

Every student was shocked! Well every student except the drug dealers... it may have been them...oops

"So let have a warm welcome for your new princepal..Mr. Lyle Bolton."

The students gasped in shock! Lyle Bolton took the podium

"I'm not very good at speeches." He said "While I may not have much experperiance in education, but I've had enough experieance in Crimanal Rehabilitation to get the gist of it."

"Well said Mr. Bolton." Said Mr Chaucer

"Any questions?"

There were no questions but a few people fainted

When the students reterned to their seats you couldn't blame them for looking frightend

"Now class." Said Prof. Jonathan Crane (Who happened to be Ichabod's father) I'm s--s-sure everything w--will be all

"You can hardly keep from stammering yourself Mr. Crane." a Dragon Chimera named Taren pointed out

Jonathan pulled gently on his collar "Yes well...It isn't easy for me knowing that I've had a few run-ins with the law"
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Alice was jittery once she returned to school, and somehow managed not to see Marzipan or Ichabod over the course of the day. But she did show up for the assembly.

Mr Dokken had been doing drugs?? That was very unlike him . . . It sounded to Alice like something fishy was going on here. And she was almost certain it had everything to do with Lyle Bolton. She needed to find Marzipan and find out what Lyle's deal was.
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While she was walking off to find Marzipan, Dojen came across Alice in the hallway around the corner. Already he was blushing deeply.

"A-Alice~! Umm... H-hey~!" he said stammering.

Alice blinked a bit in confusion looking at Dojen.

"Uhh... Hey Dojen how are you?" she asked.

"I was looking for y...Uhh...y...you because I forgot something."

Dojen could hardly hold himself feeling like he was about to drop on the ground from embaressment. It wasn't a good time to talk to Alice. He has a terrible crush on her like the time the play started a couple months ago.

"Umm... yeah? What did you forget?" she asked.
"I forgot to give you back your handkercheif." Dojen said meekly handing her back the piece of cloth.

Alice looked at her handkercheif and it had a hole burnt through it.

"It's brunt!" Alice exclamed

"Yeah well, Dragons are known to have firey sneezes." Dojen said blushing

"They walked together through the hall

"Have you heard about the Christmas Critters at the local Yankee Candle store?" Dejen asked

"I think so. Aren't supposed to like chimera versions of Santa's Elves?" Alice asked

"Yeah, they're asking for mammals and birds to partipate but they are explicatly forbiding Reptiles and Amphibians from applying!"

"Well aren't most reptiles and amphibians hibernating during the winter monthes?" Alice asked trying to sound fair minded "When we think of animals to put Christmas Cards we don't think rattlesnakes or snapping turtles."

"That maybe true but we also don't think of elephants or gorillas either when we think of Christmas and Yankee Candle because they're mammals!" Dojen took some time to slow his breath

"This refusel to hire reptiles is just anti-scaly settement that can be traced back to Carl von Linne who said, and I quote
'Reptiles are abhorrent because of their cold body, pale color, cartilaginous skeleton, filthy skin, fierce aspect, calculating eye, offensive smell, harsh voice, squalid habitation, and terrible venom; wherefore their Creator has not exerted his powers to make many of them."

"Dojen!" Alice remarked "I had no idea you were so well read!"

Dojen blushed "Ichabod has been exposing me to more books."

Alice bit her lip trying to think of something to say to the dragon that would not hurt his feelings

"You are aware that Lye Bolton is our new princepal right?" She reminded

"Yes" Dojen sighed

"We shoulden't get to close because Bolton is a known chimera hater who hate chimera who get to close to humans."
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Dojen tapped his nostrel a few times trying to think.

"Before I came to this school, there was an incident on a feild trip that reminded me of someone who was the same hater like this guy." he said.

Alice remembered about Ichabod and Marzipan running in the forest trying to escape the psycho 'Hunter.' A thought also crossed her mind remembering about Greg.

"Wait! Oh crap I almost forgot! Greg and Shelly are teachers here but their together as well! What would happen if he sees those two?" she blurted out.
Alice and Dojen quickly headed for Mr. Narson's room unbenownst to them but knownst to us The Hunter already had goulish plans in mind.

Ichabod had finished Math class, he looked positivly ill! He headed down to the next class, his head hung low his rose red hair limp and tangled hanging about his face.

Suddenly! Faster than you or I could blink Ichabod was lifted up by his collar and snatched into the princepal's office

"Hello Scarecrow Jr." Lyle Bolton's massive face sneered with contempt

"Mr. Bolton---UMPF" Bolton slammed his hand over Ichabod's mouth so hard it stung!

"You're going to keep absolutly sillent." Bolton said as quietly as thunder "While you pay your Father's debt."

'My father's debt?' Ichabod thought to himself 'What does he mean?'

Bolton threw Ichabod roughly to the floor and laid his meaty palm on the boy's cheast

"Your father was the start of it all." He said "When I was chief of security at Arkham Asylum he was the only inmate to escape Arkham under my charge."

Bolton's tiny eyes darted back and forth for a second before continueing

"Batman brought him back and that was what started it all, Batman must've alerted the authorities because next thing I know I'm in a hearing because of the 'complaints' of three inmates Harley Quinn, Alnold Whesker and you're father..."

"W..what are you going to do?" Ichabod asked go quietly his voice sounded broken

"The same thing I did to your father the night Batman brought him back to the asylum

Ichabod was horrified! At first he thought Bolton was going to beat him up, but he soon learned otherwise,

Bolton took a pair of sissors and began to cut Ichabod's shirt off! Ichabod was for a moment baffled but than Bolton took hold of one of Ichabod's nipples and squeezed it roughly!

"You're father bled for days after I was through with him!"

Ichabod gasped! This was even worse!

"Please don't rape me!" He nearly shrieked "I've done nothing wrong!"

Bolton slapped Ichabod's face so hard he saw stars!

"You're scum because your father was scum!" Bolton growled "And by deflowering you I'll hurt Prof. Crane a thousand times worse than when I raped him myself!"

Bolton should not have raised his voice so loud because the chimera students heard him clear as day!

A fox chimera named Rook ran straght to Prof Crane's class and quickly told Jonathan what he had heard.

Jonathan coulden't afford to think twice!

He grabbed a butcher knife (That he had confiscated from a student) and father than death he ran for Bolton's office!

He was not a moment too soon! Bolton was removing Ichabod's trousers and Ichabod coulden't even breathe for fear.

Jonathan Crane slammed to door open, His eyes burning with hate like when he was the Scarecrow and trusted the knife into Bolton's shoulder!

Time stood still for a second than you could hear the polce just arriving

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Ichabod was sprawled on the floor, still shocked when the police arrived and dragged Bolton away from him and his father.

"I'LL GET YOU CRANES!!! IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!" Bolton screamed as they shut him in their car.

Ichabod remembered to breathe and quickly did so. First he stared after the police car, and then at the crowd of kids. Then he realized his shirt was cut off and his trousers were down to his ankles.

He blushed and tried to right the situation. He was still too shocked too look back at his own father.
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They day was so slow for Ichabod... Yet, it was all abrupt. Fortuneatly, when the police searched the princible's office they found loads of drugs stashed away. One of them was marked with Bolton's initials. It was soon discovered that Bolton had set up the old princible making him look like the drug dealer. Alice, of course heard the whole thing and was terribly shocked. She hoped that Ichabod was actually ok. But what struck everyone odd is how Bolton and Crane knew each other. Ichabod knew most of the story.

"Bolton... I'll never forget that monster..." said Professor Crane.

Ichabod finally looked up at his father seeing a bit of fear in him.

"I wished he never came... If Batman was at this spot he would have put him in Arkham Assylum and lock him there."
Since poor Ichabod's shirt had been torn to ribbons, Jonathan found him a spare jacket to wear.

Ichabod tried to piece together the terrifing day but it all felt so jumbled in his mind.

He sat down on the stairs thinking about the day, reliving the experiance over and over again in his mind. Tears ran down his long nose and fell with a drip, drip on the stairs below.

Marzipan was watching him, Ichabod did not relize she was there but she was. Pearched on the stairs above him she wanted more than ever to comfort him, to smooth his rumpled hair, kiss his tearful eyes and tell him how beautiful he was to her.

But she didn't. She knew deep down that now was not the time. Being touched was most likely the last thing Ichabod wanted or needed.

Marzipan was there when the cops took Bolton away. She saw poor Ichabod quickly pulling up his trousers and than covering his chest with what remained of his shirt.

At that moment, in Marzipan's eyes Ichabod seemed like a poor little flower whose petals and leaves had been ruthlessly pulled off.

Marzipan knew you don't often assoiate boys with flowers but Marzipan knew Ichabod was a very attentive gardiener and in some ways he looked like a flower, his legs and body were long and thin like a stem, his eyes were bright green like leaves and the color of his hair reminded her of a red rose.

Marzipan heard footsteps, they were Jonathan's footsteps

"Ichabod?" Crane asked gently "Is there something you feel you need to talk to me about?"

"Is it true Bolton raped you?" Ichabod asked softly

"Yes but he didn't just rape me, He raped everyone who was in Arkham at the time, even Alice's father. Jervis Tetch."

Marzipan knew that the father and son deserved some privacy so she headed upstairs to the second floor.

"I hope this will send a message to all the chimera students." The cat said to herself "That one should respect one's own body, learn when to say no, and the sex dosen't alway equal love"

In a way, it was fortunate that all the excitement had happened on the last days before Christmas break. Over the holidays everyone had other things to think about besides the sordid events of those last days. If it wasn't for Christmas, they might have dwelled on the Bolton episode longer, gossiping and spreading rumors and maybe hurting even more feelings than were already hurt.

Ichabod did not want to see anyone during the holidays and locked himself in his room. "What more can happen to me?" he moaned.

Marzipan spent a lonely Christmas wondering if she would ever find love or if she already had found it then why was she so lonely?

Alice started to think about Ichabod, but all her cousins from Minnesota came visiting for Christmas and her house was so full of laughter and good food that she didn't have much time to think about Ichabod.

Dojen got a lump of coal in his stocking which was a little joke in his family. "Come on, Dojie, light it up with your breath!"

The Yankee Candle Store mysteriously burned down. It was said someone left a candle burning.

Mr Dokken was reinstated, while Superintendant Chaucer was reassigned to another school district.

It snowed the day after Christmas. Rook almost lost his hand when a sled ran over it out on Dingleberry Hill, the best sledding spot, even if it was very steep and dangerous, so no little kids allowed.

Soon it was New Years Eve and Rook and some friends were out in a vacant field shooting off firecrackers. Rook almost lost a hand when a big fireworks he was holding exploded prematurely. He didn't like the pattern developing. Was Fate trying to take away his hand?

At 15 minutes to midnight Ichabod Crane sat down on the couch with his father to watch the ball drop at Times Square. "Would you like to be there?" Jonathan said.

"No," Ichabod replied. "Too many people. I hate crowds."
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Ichabod and his father both just sat as they watched the new years ball drop on the TV screen. It was about 20 minutes left.

"Hey... Dad... What else was going on in Arkham Assylum?" Ichabod asked.

Crane pinched his nose with his fingers hoping not to remember.

"Yeah... There was one criminally insane person more psycho than anyone. His name was The Joker. A mad man too as such." he said.
On New Year's Day Marzipan had a strange dream, The whole dream was just a picture of ...The United States, in tight white-brand underpants...

Yeah Marzi pretty much had no idea what this dream was supposed to mean but when she woke up she felt very refreshed.

"Strange... All of a sudden I feel a vast desire to go see Ichabod."

Ichabod himself had been having dreams about the class trip to Williamsburg last summer.

In his dream he remembered Marzi's gentle touch. Her soft, rough toungue her plush fur.

Than his memories took him to the Scene where Marzipan was giving him a handjob! Masturbating him into handkerchif

At first Ichabod was a bit nervous about letting her see his manhood, his nervousness cuased an erection to spring up early, He blushed.

Ichabod awoke from the dream, he thought back and remembered the feeling he had felt with Marzipan in Williamsburg and a warm smile came to his face

"No one has ever really loved me, the way did." He sighed he thought about how he had been acting over the past couple of days and felt ashamed of himself "Why am I locking myself in my room feeling sorry for myself?" He asked

Marzipan knocked on Ichabod's door at noon, His mother , the former Poison Ivy answered


"Hi. Is Ichabod home?"

"Yes and I think you came at the right time, Ichabod could certainly use a friend right now."

Pamela told the Cheshire Cat that Ichabod was in the greenhouse, Marzipan entered

Ichabod was sitting on a rock, his eyes closed, his back to the sun, He didn't notice Marzipan until one of her whisker tickled his ear.

"OH! Marzipan. How long have you been in here?"

"For about 5 seconds" Marzi replied

"I was just thinking about you." Ichabod said "Last night I dreamed about our time at Williamsburg and how happy we were there..."

He thought about something "Is it OK if I pet you a little?" He asked "Like a normal cat?"

Marzipan rubbed her head against Ichabod's shoulder "Go ahead you know I love that stuff

Ichabod laid her head down in his lap and stroked her thin throat

"Do you remember when ..."He blushed "I let you give give me a handjob? I know I shoulden't have let you do it, I knew I'd get in trouble but something.. I don't know what... I think I just wanted to do something nuaghty to make Alice jealous."
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Marzipan frowned a bit and looked away.

"That wasn't nice to Alice.." she said.

"Why would you say anything like that?"

"Because I think she's hurt from the way I noticed..."

Afterwhile, at Arkham Assylum, a man with a glowing mark on his head, was strapped to a wall. It was all metal and chains restraining every part of his body. His eyes were closed and he made no muscle movements. A huard unlocked the door and walked into the chamber.

"Ah! If it isn't the infamous 'Demonar.' Such a worthless tital for a half breed like you." he said taunting like.

Demonar, as people called his villinous name, opened his eyes and stared at the guard. His eye's were reptillian like. A tail was descending from behind him and wings began to unfold. Demonar, is known to steal the beautiness of all species and people. And he kills those who gets on his nerves. He was once, the most wanted crime boss of Gothom. Batman, had the strength to take him down. Demonar though was slightly insainly similar to the joker.

"Guess what punk? In about 50 more years you will finally be out of Arkham! And you'll spend another 50 at the federal prison once your out."

The guard laughed and walked off. But the only thing he left behind was a feather that was sticking behind his back. The guard had some relationship with one of the Gryphon guardwoman, obviously recgonizable from studying the feather. Demonar was quite the bookworm when he was young and it became as an advantage for his criminal works. Denomar looked down and slowly moved his tail reaching towards the feather. Picklocking with a bobbypin was one thing. But for Denomar, it was a sinch. With a tight grip on the feather, Denomar smiled and pulled it in.
Demonar smiled to himself, In a few moments he was free!

"I may be a half-breed" He said to himself "But I'll show the world I'm as good as any human rougue!"

He flew out of Arkham to his super-secret underground lair, deep in Gotham's forest.

He flew into a cave and opened up his Book of Evil Spells which he had stolen from the immortal terrorist Ra's Al Ghul.

Let's see I've learned how to steal one's beauty, I've learned how to steal shadows, I've even learned how to steal someone's reflection out of mirror but I have one spell I haven't learned yet..."

He turned to page 626

"Aha!" He cackled with Reptilian glee "How to steal a voice!"

We'll leave Demonar to himself for a moment. Ichabod and Marzipan had moved from the greenhouse to the basement

Marzipan knew Ichabod wanting to make Alice envious was petty but she also understood why he did it, But what happened last summer was unimportant, What was important was that after his horrible ordeal Ichabod was able to feel happiness again.

They reclined on the basement sofa, Ichabod stroking Marzipan's ears and Marzipan purring like Barry White.

It wasen't really romantic or intimate touches Ichy was petting like he would pet a normal cat and Marzi playing along to act the pet.

After a while she stopped purring and asked

"I hope you don't find me rude but...Do you feel OK talking about what happened to you with Mr. Bolton? Or should I just but out right now?"

Ichabod looked a bit shocked for a moment but a serene almost winsome look came to his face

"I've talked to my Father about it." He said "And talking with him about it has made me feel better about it... Come to think of it, It really could've been a lot worse, I'm grateful My father was able to rescue me in time." He sighed "It was just so scary what happened that day."

"I saw your cheek was a little red." Marzipan remarked

"He slapped me pretty hard." Ichabod said touching where his face had been slapped "The redness is gone now but he also threw me to the floor real roughly and I've still got the bruise on the small of my back."

He turned around slightly and motioned to the area on his back where he was bruised "Mother was horrified when she saw the bruise, she told me she was going to send Bolton cyanide for Christmas."

"Did he touch you..." Marzipan struggled with how to put this "On your secret places?"

Ichabod took a deep breath and looked not frighted but a little sad

"He didn't touch me where the sun dosen't shine, if that's what you mean. But when he took of my shirt he did..." He placed his had over his left nipple "...He did pinch me real hard over here and I think that was the worst shock."

Marzipan's catlike eyes gazed steadily at Ichabod. "In my family we lick a bad place to make it well. Do you mind?"

"Of course not," Ichabod said. He watched Marzipan lick his chest. He ran his fingers through her thick hair. "That does feel better," he said and closed his eyes.

Marzipan purred.

In his lair, Demonaur was practicing what he had learned on page 626 of The Book of Evil Spells. When he said: "Guess what punk? In about 50 more years you will finally be out of Arkham! And you'll spend another 50 at the federal prison once you're out." It sounded just like the guard at Arkham Asylum.

But Demonaur was dissatisfied with the spell. It was more of a mimic spell, he thought. After he heard someone speak then he could duplicate perfectly what they said. But he wanted to actually steal their voice and leave them speechless. Page 627 looked interesting - Hazard Maklok's Spell Of Identity Theft. Demonaur read the summary:

A spell for assuming the identity of any conscious being who then himself becomes unconscious for the duration of the spell. No special objects are required other than an article of clothing once worn by the target.

Demonaur frowned. That seemed too complicated. He didn't want to have to steal someone's socks before he could steal their voice. Why was there never a simple straightforward spell that just did exactly what you wanted and nothing else?
Meanwhile Jonathan Crane and his wife Pamela were busy working on... well regular husband and wife stuff...

"Is something on your mind?" Pamela asked, Jonathan looked up from his paperwork

"It just eats away at me." He sighed "What I've brought on my son."

"Jonathan, when you first started a life of crime, you had no idea you were going to have a child."

"No..." He said thoughtfully "No I didn't but than again when I started a life of crime there weren't a bunch of animals walking among men as equals... It's not that I mind but it really does make your head spin when you think about it..."

Jonathan..."Pamela began to say

"...I mean if someone had come to me when I was 18 and said I would be talking about the economy with a cat, I would've called them bloody mad!"

"Jonathan you're rambling." His wife said curtly

"Oh so I am. What I mean is...I'm worried about Ichabod..."

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Pamela laid her hand onto his shoulder and rubbed it.

"I understand... I can tell it because from Bolton. He'll be safe now..." she said.

Jonathan looked at her and smiled hugging her.

"I sure hope so. I just don't want anything to happen to him. Lets watch the news to take this off our minds." he said

Meanwhile, back at the Assylum. The guardsman ran through every block and corner of the facility trying to search for Demonar. The chief questioned the guard who was on watch what happened. Obviously he had no idea. That was, until they saw a feather dropped. A Gryphon Feather to be precise

"Kam I swore to my own soul to blame every single problem that happened on you because of this! But since im on watch I can't do a damn thing! Demonar can pick the highest security computer with something as small as this feather!" he said.

The Gryphon Guardswoman ran in to his defense.

"Sir it's not his fault! Its.. Its not his, I just wanted to spend some time with him... I've been alone for so long that I wish a place like this would have someone more like Kam." she said.

The Chief pinched his forhead and growled.

"Goddamnit its never easy in this place... Ok listen! Im laying the both of you off until next week. I don't want any more trouble from the station or anyone from the press! But word that Demonar is out will surely spread like the Joker's psycho explosive hobbies in Gothem!"

And with that, the chief went back to his office and slammed the door.

Demonar sat under the new moon under an old oak tree that was used in the olden' days to hang evil men.

The evil-half dragon meditated, waiting for the demon he had signed his pact with to appear


In a puff of smoke a demon appeared, it looked like a monkey with dark red eyes

"So, you want to have the power to steal voices do you?" The demon asked "That is easily manged."

He took a pin and poked the half-dragon's shoulder with it

"Know you have the power to give things like eternal wealth, coarage or the love of someone who is beautiful if someone gives you their, voice, shadow, reflection or even their beauty!"

"You mean..." Demonar asked "I'm now a true demon?"

"Yes, you are now a true demon. You understand you will be hated by every living thing that lives a natural life, don't you?"

Demonar's eyes glowed. "That is what I have wanted. Not just to have an occasional evil thought which my conscience tries to talk me out of, but to be free of all conscience! To be totally evil! To be able to do the most horrible thing I can think of without worrying a bit about the consequences!"

The monkey grinned. "You got all that now, boy! Demons rock. Long live evil!" He held up his monkey fist in a defiant gesture.

Demonar pushed his own fist to the sky and shouted, "Long live evil!" In the distance a clap of thunder boomed and sent long rumbles of sound rolling through the hills.
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Meanwhile, Jonathan tuned into the news and discovered that a criminal psychopath had escaped Arkham. The new's reporter said that one of Gothom's most wanted had escaped and is now on the loose. Guards were seen scattering everywhere searching for the escapee. Outside and everywhere.

"Oh its Demonar. I knew he would be out." said Jonathan.

"Not as much equal to the Jokar but that man is a madman. Thinking about magic and crap like that. People called him that because he looks like a Demon, and that he can steal anyone's beautiness. Especially a woman."

Pamela looked at the TV screen with a bit uneasiness.

"I sure remember him.... A whole lot.." she said narrowing her eyes angerly.
Ichabod and Marzipan had been cuddling for some time together, Ichabod sighned sadly, "Forgive me." He whispered

"For what?" Marzi asked

"I feel..." He began "I think I shoulden't allow you to touch me the way you do now that we've broken up, It's just that..." He stifled a sob "Alice is just so cold and emotionaly frigid! Whenever I want a touch, a kiss, anything, she denies me."

He looked away, "I know you shoulden't presurre a girl if she dosen't want to touch, but she has been really cold to me..."

He looked back to Marzipan "To you I'm always beautiful, and that makes me feel loved, wanted, needed! Feeling I've wanted my whole life."

He kissed the top of Marzi's head and she purred a little "I don't want to be a two-timing tramp...to you or to anyone..."

"It's okay." Marzi said softly "As a chimera I understand you can love more than one person."

She licked Ichabod's cheek "You're so sweet." He chuckled "But humans can't live like animals...We ultimatly need to make up our minds and choose the person we want to spend our lives with."

He sighed "We can't have multible life partners because that quickly desends into madness remeber those Polygamist Mormons? Back in the early 20th century?"

"Ewww." The cat shuddered "The less talk about them the better."

Than they both giggled like naughty children.

Demonar sensed happiness nearby. An evil snarl escaped his lips. He peeked through a window. There on a couch were a fluffy cat girl and a skinny human, giggling and snuggling. "Too happy..." Demonar muttered. He transformed into a traveling salesman and knocked on the front door.

"Hello," Demonar said when Ichabod opened the door. "I'm selling World Book encyclopedias and I'd like to show you my demo book, It will only take three minutes."

"Encyclopedias?" Ichabod said. "I thought they were obsolete. We use the internet."

"No, my friend, they aren't obsolete. What will you do when the power fails? You can read an encyclopedia with a candle. Can you run your computer with a candle?"

"Uh.. no... but I don't think we're interested--"

Demonar pushed his way inside. "Of course, you're interested, my boy. You want to get a good education, don't you?"

"We really don't want to look at your book."

"Just give it one minute! You can spare ONE MINUTE, can't you?"

"Oh, alright, I'll look at it but I'm not buying anything. You're wasting your time here."

Demonar flipped open a strange-looking book, bound in green leather with brass corner reinforcements. Ichabod gazed at the open page. He became still and frozen, like a statue.

Demonar chuckled and turned to Marzipan. "Now it's your turn, little lady."

Marziopan screamed.
But in just five seconds later, Ichabod became unfrozan

"Whoa," He said shaking the dizziness out of his head "Must've blacked out for a second there. What were we talking about?"

'Curses!' Demonar throught 'The boy must have a dark arua, that canceled out the wicked spell, Strange that he has a dark arua yet such a kind personality.'

"I was just talking to your cat friend." The half-dragon said "About the Cat Goddess Bast and that there are priests and priestesses of her, still in Egypt."

Marzi looked baffled "You know Bast?" She asked skepticly

"I am a scholar of all Chimera faith and folklore." He said "From the Bat People's goddess Nocturna, to the Dragon's folk hero Bluenarian."

"Well you certainly talk the talk." Marzipan put her paw to her chin in thought.

"I should get going." The salesman said and he exited

"I should get going as well." Marzipan said "My mother is making rat soup for dinner and I shoulden't be late, I hope I haven't overstayed my welcome."

"Oh no you, haven't." Ichabod said gently

With a final good bye, Marzi was off

But she wasen't heading home, She was curious that the Man-Dragon knew Bast and she had a strange feeling he could channel the spirits.

Demonar knew her thoughts and he knew she wanted something from him so he walked slowly and stopped in an abandoned lot that was full of weeds and decay

"Are you a priest?" Marzipan asked when she caught up

"I am a channaler of spirits." Demonar replied (And he was telling the truth to some degree)

"May I speak to the Ancestor of All Cats?" The pink and purple puss asked

"But of coarse."

With that the world around The two of them became dark and the demon threw an illustion of the cat goddess about himself.

Marzipan closed her eyes "Oh Mother of All Cats." She whispered "I know you've looked after us well, and I know it is wrong to ask even more of you, But..." She hesitated "You have given us cats the power to see the death of our loved ones... And have forseen that Ichabod Crane will be murdered on his 18th year by an unknown gunman, he will die with two shots in the chest, three shots in the stomach."

A tear trickled down her nose "I want him to be able to die an old man, warm in his bed, to live to see his children even if I did not bear them. I want to make a bargain with you, My life in retern for his."

Demonar was baffled by this sickeningly unselfish request, why didn't she want a million bucks? Eternal beauty? Revenge against her romantic rivel? Or even that her human love her and no one else for all of time."

Than he remembered she was a full blooded chimera, and as she was a pure cat, she was innocent like a cat she had not fallen from grace as man had, She was pure like an animal, he was corrupt like a man and he remembered why both humans and chimera shunned him.

"That is easily managed." He said mimicing Bast's voice "You need not give your life but merely your voice."

"My voice?" Marzi mewed

"Yes." Demonar said "If you are brave this will only take a second."

He held up a contract it read 'I hereby give Bast, the mother of all cats one voice for all eternity sighend____'
Marzi pricked her paw with a needle and pressed against the line

"Now sing!" Demonar commaned

Marzi sand "Moonlight, turn your face to the moonlight, let your memory lead you..." Demonar plucked a light from her throat "...Open up enter in, If you find there the meaning of what happiness is..." The voice was sillenced

"Pleasure doing buissness with you." Chuckled the demon
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Marzipan couldn't speak a word even if she tried. She wondered if she did the right thing. There was a look in Demonar's eyes wicked and smirking.

"Now I'll be on leave." he said walking out.

Marzipan didn't know what to think or say. In fact she couldn't even say a word. She wanted to yell, scream, cry with her voice. She wanted to yell 'I want my voice back' but it was already too late. And Demonar flew right out the door.

'Is this how it happens to me?' she thought to herself.
Marzipan came home with a tearful look in her eyes,

Esmerelda was stirring a large pot of rat soup

"Hi, Honey," She mewed "How did your day with Ichabod go?"

Marzipan coulden't say anything, she tapped her throat with her paddy paw

"Is something the matter?" Her mother asked "Have you lost your voice? Are you getting sick?"

Marzipan nodded

"Oh deary dear." The blue cat sighed "Well at least this rat soup will help you feel better."

Marzipan sighed soundlessly and headed up to her room, Once she got there she weeped and weeped and all the more miserable that you couldn't hear a sound.

Meanwhile in Japan Momo and her adopted family of Ryu and Lir, were at home.

There was a knock on the door, Momo went to get it.

When she opened the door there was a package on the ground

"What's in that package Ma?" Ryu asked

"I don't know." Momo replied "But we'll soon find out."

She used her nose horn to open the package.

It was a book! She looked at the title

Femmenine Magic and Chimera Spirutality

With it came a note, it read 'Dear Momo, I know we've barely gotten the chance to know each other but as a chimera who was adopted by humans I know how it feels to live in two worlds I thought this little tolken of friendship would help you understand your chimera side.

Love Iris Ogg'

Momo sighed "That crazy bat." She said happily

The next morning Ichabod called Marzipan. Her mother answered the phone. "I'm sorry. Marzipan has lost her voice. She is unable to talk to you."

Ichabod wondered if Marzi was having second thoughts about their relationship. He was going to ask Marzi to have some waffles with him at the Waffle House, but if she wasn't talking, then he would eat by himself.

When he walked into the Waffle House he saw Alice there with another girl. "Hello, Ichabod!" Alice said. "I see you had the same idea as us - New Year's Day breakfast at the Waffle House."

Ichabod laughed. "It's almost a tradition, isn't it?" He didn't tell Alice that he had wanted Marzipan to eat waffles with him.

"This is my cousin," Alice said. "Her name is Darcy. She's from Minnesota."

Darcy grinned and said, "How are ya then?"

"Hungry," Ichabod said and smiled. Darcy had blue eyes and rosey cheeks, She looked very healthy.

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The kids all ate at the Waffle House. The very special was the blackberry mix, which Ichabod had. It had the greatest taste there was.

"Mmm this is good." he said.

Alice smiled a bit and ate her own original waffle as Darcy had the rasphberry. Dojen was walking past the Waffle House until he smelled the syrup and waffle. He ran straight in and went up to the barstand.

"One Waffle Special please!" he called out.

Ichabod's eyes popped open as he turned around and saw Dojen. Alice and Darcy looked behind as well and both giggled.

"Its Dojen! From the Halloween play!" said Alice.

After breakfast Ichabod and Alice headed outside Darcy seemed interested in Dojen, and asked Alice if she could visit his house.

"Well, alright..." Alice said "Just stay out of trouble."

Dojen smiled warmly at Alice

"Come on Darcy, " He said taking her small white hand into her large clawed one "My house just go repaited over the Holiday Break"

Alice and Ichabod also took hands and began walking along, Alice sighed sadly.

"Is something the matter?" Ichabod asked

"Darcy's mother, My Aunt Petuna, is something of a rasict against chimera." She rubbed her arm nervously "If she found I let Darcy make friends with a chimera... She'd raise the roof!"

Ichabod smoothed her golden hair, "Than we'll just keep it a secret than." He soothed

Meanwhile, Marzipan was recieving and Email from her old friend Clarisse Spooner, the Ant Chimera who moved to another town

'Greetings Marzipan, I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I currently live in a little moutain community called Idlewild, It's a small town you probally woulden't of heard of it. It is in California, on high above the desert regions. I remember snow when I lived in Gotham, and now I see that snow in a big city in nothing like snow in a small country town.'

'Humor aside I'm will soon be coming to Gotham real soon. I'm going to present my seinor thesis to the univeristy but before I do that I must interveiw one of the former Gotham rougues and the only one who agreed to do an Interveiw was Jonathan Crane the former Scarecrow.'

Marzipan was astonashed her friend was coming back to Gotham but what was evn more amazing was why she was coming back. To interveiw, Ichabod's father!
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Marzipan couldn't figure out how to tell Ichabod so she decided to write a letter to his house.

'I hope this gets to him on time.' she thought.

Afterwhile, Dojen looked down feeling kinda nervous. He knew Dracy liked him a bit but Dojen still felt affection for Alice.

"Is something wrong Dojen?" she asked.

Dojen closed his eyes hoping not to cry.

"My stomach hurts... Badly...."
Darcy took a handkerchif out her pocket and wiped away his tears.

"Thank you." Dojen said "But you shouldn't have, I'm a dragon, I tend to burn handkerchifs."

"Oh I don't mind." Darcy said "I've got like a dozen more just like it."

Alice headed home after her walk with Ichabod, and Ichabod decided to head for his respective home.

He was almost at the front door when he noticed Marzipan dropping of a letter, in the mailbox.

He called out to her "Hey Marzi! Marzipan!"

The cat tried to sneak away but Ichabod caught up with her, Fortunetly, Marzipan carried a pen, and a notebook in order to communicate

"Is it true you lost your voice?" Ichabod asked

Marzi took her pen and wrote in her notebook 'yes.'

Ichabod felt her brow, "You don't feel warm." he said

He took hold of her wrist to feel her pulse, "You're pulse seems normal."

He looked in her eyes "All in all you don't seem to be sick, is there something you're not telling me?"

Marzipan wrote in her notebook, tore out the piece of paper and handed it to Ichabod who read it aloud

"If you knew someone was going to die, but you could not tell them because it was forbidden, and you wanted to do everything within your power to save them..."

Ichabod was confused, "Marzipan I don't understand"

Marzipan looked with pleading eyes, Ichabod guessed that somehow she was forbbidan from telling him the whole truth,

Ichabod thought and thought trying to put two and two together

"Did you sell your voice?" He asked he never thought such a thing was possible.

Marzipan did not write anything down in her notebook or even nod, she just burst into soundless tears, which Ichabod took to mean yes

"To who?" He pressed

She wrote in her notebook 'I don't know.'

Darcy and Dojen found a lot to talk about. She told him about ice fishing in Minnesota and Dojen was fascinated. "So they cut a hole in the ice and just drop a line down? That's cool. I wish I could go ice fishing in Minnesota."

"No reason why you can't," Darcy said. "My mom loves visitors and we have a big old farmhouse with lots of rooms. Why don't you visit us this winter?"

"Gosh, thanks! I can't wait to do some ice fishing!" Then he thought of Alice. But Alice and Darcy were cousins. Surely Alice wouldn't be jealous of her own cousin? Besides, Alice didn't even like him that much. Talking with Darcy made him realize how little he and Alice had ever talked.

Later, when Alice and Darcy were home alone, Darcy told Alice about inviting Dojen to visit her in Minnesota.

"Are you crazy?" Alice said. "You know how Aunt Petuna feels about Chimera."

"I don't care what my mom feels," Darcy said. "I can choose my own friends."
Dojen felt a little embaressed to be the source of all this fuss.

"Ladies, ladies calm down!" He said "I don't want to be a source of trouble so I'll just... I'll just...head on home."

With that Dojen spred his leather wings and flew away.

"This is all your fault." Accused Darcy

"I'm just trying to protect you!" Alice huffed "I know what a temper your mother has."

Meanwhile Ichabod and Marzipan walked together in the snow, Ichabod trying to figure out the riddle as to why Marzi sold her own voice.

He thought about what she had written to him, She pretty much admitted that she had sold her voice to prevent someone from dying, but said she was foribidden to say who it was.

"Can't you just tell me?" Ichabod pleaded

Marzi wrote in her notebook 'It's bad luck to tell.'

"Can't you give me a little hint?" He was getting desperate

She scribbled in her notebook 'Look in my eyes.'

Ichabod looked in her eyes and saw his reflection.

"Marzi, all I can see is my reflection I don't know what you're trying to tell..." Than he figured it out

"Did... Did you sell your voice?" He trembled "To save m...my life?"

Marzi could only nod

"Why would you do that? I'm not in any danger!"

She wrote 'Not yet.' on her notebook

"If I'm in danger why woulden't you tell me?" Ichabod asked beginning to get angry "Don't I have right to know?"

She turned the page over and wrote 'Telling someone about their death, makes their death come faster.'

Ichabod didn't believe that at first but than he looked at the poor cat's tearful eyes and realized if she could've just told him about she would've never sold her voice!

Ichabod held Marzi close "You don't have to sell your voice for my sake." He said words trembling into her fur

"We're going to get your voice back."
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Marzipan wrote on the next page and held it up saying, 'I can't now... its gone, that man had it.'

Ichabod turned around and began to become a bit more angry now but less aggresive.

"Seriously Marzi? I have to let his out. I can't stand anymore philosophy and religion anymore! What would make you think of saving my life over selling your voice? And what danger would make my death faster if you already told me it?! Marzi I can't stand it anymore... If you wanted to know the real truth about why you think you shouldn't be together then find something worth belivable. Otherwise, just look at those humans with their Chimera mates... Im getting your voice back... no matter what you or anyone says." he said.
Marzipan was shocked by Ichabod's speech but than a warm smile came to her face and she licked his forehead.

Meanwhile Demonar was looking at the pair through his crystal ball.

"So, the skinny kid thinks he can get back the cat's voice eh?" He sneered "He won't be able to retern her voice if I drag her to Hades!"

He lit a fire in the fireplace and threw some oil on it. The fire became alive and began to slobber and hunger

"I want, a child to swallow!" Cried the living flame

"Patience." Said Demonar "You'll get what's coming to you."

A knock was on his door.

"We've come for the cat's voice." Ichabod said as the door opened

"I'm sorry." Demonar said "But a deal with the devil is forever!"

With that he threw a gold chain around Marzi and began dragging her to the fire

"This living fire, is really a portal to Hell!" Demonar grinned "When the cat is swallowed by it she'll have a one way ticket to eternal damnation!"

Ichabod didn't have time to think, he grabbed Marzipan as she was being dragged away

"Why would you do such a thing?!" Ichabod demanded of the demon "Marzi doesen't deserve to go to hell, all she wanted was to save my life.

"Ah yes," Demonar said "You're right Marzipan doesn't deserve to go to Hell, All because SHE'S A CAT!"

The demon's scream sent Ichabod and Marzipan flying

"Chimera don't go to Hell." Demonar explaned "Because even though they are people they are still animals and unlike humans, animals are naturaly good and loyal and kind."

"So you want to trick Chimera into Hell?" Ichabod asked

"Yes." Demonar grinned "If I can trick enough Chimera into signing demonic deals than it will start a chain reaction...and the chimera will fall from grace like Man has and start coming to Hell upon their deaths."

"This can't happan!" Ichabod dified the demon "I won't let it happan!"

"You're too late kid!" The half-dragon smiled "The cat signed a contract."

He summoned the golden contract for Ichabod to read "Read it and weep. Because it is legal and unbreakable even for a rouge's child like you."

But Ichabod read the contract and saw the answer "I believe your wrong." He smirked "This contract clearly pledes a voice to Bast, and unless Bast is another demon in Hell I do believe you lied to make a deal, Isn't that against the rules?"

Demonar was sillent, than the evil monkey appeared

"He's right you know, Devil's must always tell the truth and keep promises."

"NOOOOOOO!" The half-breed screamed as the chain unwound around Marzi and wrapped around himself

Suddenly Marzi's voice was released "Moonlight." It sang "Turn your face to the moonlight, let your memory lead you, Open up enter in." The voice flew the the cat's throat and she finished the song "If you find there the meaning of what happiness is...Than a new life will begin!"

Marzipan and Ichabod hugged each other.

Demonar struggled to free the chain from his neck so he could breathe.

The evil monkey shook his head in disgust and walked away.
So in the end everything turned out just fine! Marzipan wonderded what was going to happan to Ichabod but he assured her he would be fine.

The End!

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