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What's so special about one of the inhabitants in the bungalow across the street?
[Introduction]           Etu had been sent to observe her. He drew his ruby wings against his lithe body and settled down on a garden wall across the street to wait. He watched as his target walked down the street and entered a brick bungalow with a tall, blonde woman.

          Etu hadn't asked what was so special about her, he'd learned long ago not to ask questions, but he did wonder as he looked her over. He had no problem seeing in the dark but he leaned forward to get a better view. She turned then and he saw her eyes. No normal little girl had those eyes.
They were green, not the hazel color normally mistaken for green, but a rich, clover green.
Inside the bungalow the little girl turned to the woman. "Mom, the contacts hurt," she said as she bent over and popped them out then looked back at her mom with absolutely colorless irises.
"Your special contacts will be in tomorrow. I'll pick them up on my way home from work," Kelly said as she checked to make sure the curtains were closed. When she was sure no one could peer into the window, she nodded at Samantha and the girl vanished her contacts, happy that she could walk around freely.

They had become extra careful about anyone seeing Samantha's true eyes since they were forced to move when one of the neighbors' kids saw them and began tormenting her at school. The accusation that she was a demon spread from the kids to their parents and Kelly and Sam became outcasts. Things escalated from name calling to barely contained violence. Kelly moved them in the middle of the night. She had her daughter use her gift to pack up their apartment in a hurry and they left before anyone could harass them.
Both mother and daughter knew that Sam was not a demon but despite what her mother told her about her special power, Sam wasn't quite sure WHAT she was.

Sam thought Yeah, I know I can make things disappear, and make them show up someplace else, across town or anyplace in the world; like I did with the stuff in our last apartment, but I wish I could make MYSELF disappear and go someplace else in the world. With that Sam smiled and said, "Mom is making things disappear my only special power?"

Kelly looked at her daughter, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. No it's not time to tell her about the other powers she has, she's not old enough, not mature enough to be able to handle them. "Dear," she said aloud, "We only know of the one power you have. There may be others that will come later; we'll just have to wait and see."

Etu laughed, thankful that neither of the two women could hear and thought Yes, little girl you DO have other special powers, and your mother is right in not telling you what they are, not quite yet. That day will come soon though, perhaps even too soon – unless I act quickly.

The End!

He stretched his wings and shot up into the night sky. He flew back to his master's quarters on the other side of the city, the humans below him completely oblivious to his passing. He would have stopped to torment them but he was under a strict compulsion to spy on Samantha and return to his master.

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