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Kids get sucked into their favourite video game
[Introduction] Living in Fantasy is a newly invented video game that several kids have devoted their time into. It is a game where you can be any age, live the life you've always wanted and you can be any fantasy character of your choosing. Your character can be good or evil, and it will be 13+ so no major horror violence please and to keep it fair, no killing other players unless they're unimportant. Also you can chat with other players by using a head set to speak into.

Our story from the start of when your character got his or her video game. Then, one night there was a glitch in the system while all the kids where playing and they got sucked into the game and became their fantasy character. All is fun and games until things start to go from bad, to worse and the kids have to find who caused the glitch and get out before it becomes too late.

You will need to add 2 bio's for your first add. The first is your 'human' character:
level of addiction:(1-10(1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest))
where they live:

And a bio for you fantasy character:
fantasy character:
where they live:(make up a place)
what their life is:
Name: Jezibelle

Age: 17

Where she lives: Derbyshire, England

Level of addiction: 10+, played it even before it came out

Appearance: long auburn hair she ties in a pony tail that reaches down to the small of her back. Dark Jade green eyes take the show of Jezibelle's porcelain skin and her athletic build, that fills out, but not too much.

Personality: She loves animals and being outside. Most of the summer she is out training for soccer and tennis, so she runs a lot. She still gets in 5 hours of gaming time, especially during the summer, and still gets her homework done, who would think. So she does well in school, and has a very creative look on life, but is serious when she needs to be. Jezibelle is an only child with a layer for a mother and a game maker for a father, that how she gets all her video games. She will voice her opinion when necessary, and will put you in your place when needed as well, so don't cross her. She's not popular, she thinks girls like that are somewhat stuck up, and they are, so she has a small group of friends. Like you all know, she's huge into fantasy, but she also loves to read.

Character name: Empress Ramerria

Age: 25

Fantasy character: Elven Faerie ( same thing as Fairy)

Where they lives: Land of the Elves (any of them), Versaillaeria

What their life is: Ramerria lives as the Empress of Versaillaeria. Jezibelle was able to make up her own land, in being the first to start playing the game. She has defended her land well, she has a truce with fellow Elven Vampire Lord Phoenix, and gets help from him when she calls. Versaillaeria flourishes well because of her reign. She loves her people, and what ever gold she collects she keeps half and disperses the other half evenly among her people.

Abilities: Very skilled sword-stress and archer. She uses a 'hand made' belt to house her red and black sword and electric blue daggers. She takes special cares of her bow, it is very valuable, a gift from a ancient elf of war, and speciality made arrows with red and black feathers. She knows all the languages of the fantasy characters in the game and is a mistress of magic.

Appearance: Because she's a Elf, she has pointed ears, porcelain/pink skin and is 6ft tall. Elves are in between 6-8ft, depending on gender. Ramerria wears a mixture of dark and light coloured clothing. Most of her dark clothing is armor or war outfits. She wears nothing but dresses, and doesn't wear shoes, they bug her. Because she is a faerie, she has wings that are as long as one of her arms, not too terribly long, and are a mixture of dark and light purple. She has long black hair that blends well with her dark navy blue eyes. She has a swirl tattoo over her right eye that extends down to her middle finger. She is slim, but very much in shape, she also fills out quite well in the right places.

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Name: Cade Carlstrom
Where he lives: Derbyshire, England
Level of Addiction: 7, 'cause his cousin got him into it
Appearance: light brown hair, blue eyes. He's slightly well built, but only because of weight lifting that was mandatory for graduation.
Personality: Excels in english and he's way into video gaming. Has a huge crush on Jezibelle.

Character Name: Lord Phoenix
Fantasy Character: Elven Vampire
Where they live: Cortez, Land of Eastern Elven Lords
What their life is: Has conquered many lands, killed many enemies and loved only one women.
Abilities: master in sword fighting and archery as well as simple spells
Appearance: two words: deadly and regal

Name: Eric Masters

Age: 18

Where he lives: Somewhere in the backwoods of Alabama. How does he have internet, tv, and things? Can't tell the secret sorry.

Level of Addiction: 10+ He played it before it came out and had a whole bootleg system selling it off for twice the store price. *He is quite the hacker*

Appearance: Standing about 6'1 he has longish hair with dark brown crew cut hair. He wears glasses that are gold wire rimmed. Caramel skin complexion with green pierccing eyes. He usually wears blue jeans with a "Get Em' Gator black t-shirts" on his feet are always his black and gray converse or his steel toed black boots.

Personality: He is your garden variety hacker that is very paranoid of "The Man" he by no means wants to be caught procuring things the way only people of his calibur acquire things. He hate his family that is the reason he's by himself now. He enjoys letting all this tension go in the virtual world but also knows when to turn the game off and enjoy his life after being on the game for about 48 hours straight that is.
~ ~ ~

Character Name:Lord Conall Wolfrik


Where he lives: Wolrac: The Isle of the Forgotten

Fantasy Character: Demon Wolf God

What their life is: Has conquered many over his life time, but has finally settled down on his own island away from all, and those who dare come to his island have never left, and now serve him or die.

Abilities: Master of all types of weaponery, he loves using swords even though his teeth are the deadliest thing he has being that one bite will poison , he can also change his appearance to that of his choosing, though most of his abilites he learned from others he conquered.

Appearance: No one really knows his true form only that it looks nothing like a wolf.There lies the danger.
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Name: Katera Hoong

Age: 18

Where she lives: University of Chicago, Illinois

Level of addiction: 4, she was holding the controller while her sister was in the bathroom. Go figure.

Appearance: Silky black hair that reaches just past her shoulders, and almond-shaped brown eyes. She's fairly small and compact, with a figure complementary of her father's karate school.

Personality: She's bright and bubbly, friendly toward everyone. She is a good student, and fairly modern, to the point where she doesn't always remember her Chinese heritage. Some might call her a perfectionist, but she just thinks of it as trying hard. She likes to take her school books outside, while playing games such as soccer with her friends.

Character name: Lady Andielle

Age: 76

Fantasy character: Centaur

Where they lives: Dunhollow Wood

What their life is: The character is basically a vigilante. She takes the law into her own hands, and protects those that need it.

Abilities: Besides being able to out run/ride her enemies, she is talented with the blade and close combat. She knows how to use both parts of her body. The horse half is often used for kicking or carrying passengers.

Appearance: The horse half is powerful and completely black. Her longer black hair is now curly, and the top half is tied back into a braid. Her body is extremely muscular, and she wears silver fabric wrapped around it. She carries a long sword and a shield overlaid with silver and gold designs.
Name: Evelyn “Eve” Ingham

Age: 17

Where She Lives: Spokane, Washington

Level of Addiction: 8 going on 9

Appearance: Eve has a short mop of curly brown hair that barely touches her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep grey and her skin is a shade of brown sugar. If she were standing, Eve would be close to five and a half feet tall, however, she has been bound to a wheelchair for a major part of her life due to a car accident. Eve prefers simple clothes in rich, deep colors – jeans, flowing skirts, tunics and such with sandals.

Personality: Eve is easy to smile, willing to see the positive in almost anything. She enjoys problem solving and the different worlds of fantasy through books and movies, and most recently video games. Secretly, Eve feels that she is not strong enough to face the big world, which is why she created such a tough, independent character.


Character Name: Seraphine, Mistress of the Flame

Age: 598

Fantasy Character: Aurchon – The People of the Flame

Where She Lives: Legend says that she resides in the sands of the high deserts of Bennu, but no one knows for sure.

What Their Life Is: Those of the Flame were once many in numbers, but soon war and strife cut down their population to but a small few. In order to save the secrets of the people, the powers are given to one woman who, upon the arrival of her death, would give birth to the next heir. Seraphine is the fourth of her line.

Now Seraphine seeks to rebuild what once was her kingdom. None knows if she is friend or foe as the people of the Flame have faded into myth, and as such their alliances. In order to gain the things she needs to resurrect the past she must bring down the power that stole from her people.

Abilities: Seraphine and fire are one, thus giving her the ability to transport herself through any flame ignited in the game. She has complete control over the fiery element, using it as a weapon when she desires. Seraphine can also take different forms and colors when immersed in flame.

She has excellent combat skills, preferring hand-to-hand fighting, although results to fighting as a last defense. The only weapon she carries other than herself is a simple bronze dagger at her waist. When the ancient runes on the handle are activated, the blade extends into the length of a sword. In addition, given the second command, the handle retracts to release a second sword-length blade. The dagger has been in her family for generations.

Appearance: In human form, Seraphine stands about 5’8” with a proud stature about her. Her hair is wavy, hanging down to the middle of her back, in a myriad of reds and browns. As one of the Flame, her eyes are distinctively the shade of dark shining opal, making it difficult to look her in the eye. Serephine’s body is pleasantly curvaceous and has medium brown skin with red undertones. Most of her clothing is made up of simple, corseted gowns of soft, nearly transparent dark fabrics so as not to encumber her movements. As flame, Seraphine can become any form she wishes.
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Name: Tomas Black

Age: 17 going on 18

Level of addiction: 10+

Where they live: Seattle Washington

Appearance:Tomas has dark blue eyes with a black beanie covering his messy light brown hair. Around his neck rest a pair of oversized white headphones. He stands at about 5’10 and tends to slouch to 5’9-5’8. He used to be extremely active until about a week ago when he discovered this game. Now all he does is lock himself in his room all day and night. He is rapidly loosening muscle mass and if he would just tear himself away from the computer he may notice.

Personality: A week ago Tomas was outgoing and just being around him made you think with a positive attitude. And at the very least you would walk away with a smile on your face. He used to be a big dork and people loved him for it. His parents and friends used to say he could become friends with an angry grizzly given the chance. But since he started playing he has become shy, sometimes even irritable. He is almost like a different person.

Name: Uriel

Age: 832

Fantasy character: Angel/Demon

Where they live: This character doesn’t have a specific home. He tends to do what he wants when he wants. These things range from stopping robbers, brining peace to a land, stealing, occasionally instilling chaos.

What their life is: Uriels life is a constant battle, not so much a physical one as much as an inner battle between his inner demon and his inner angel. Good cannot exist without evil and vise versa. However keeping them in the same place is nearly impossible. It has taken Uriel nearly 900 years but he is finally beginning to find a median. On his travels Uriel had the pleasure of meeting with Seraphine, thought in the beginning of there meeting they almost ended up killing each other. They both left with a friend and and a powerful ally.

Abilities: (angel then demon then angel then demon and so on) Due to the fact that Uriel is both demon and Angel he doesn’t necessarily need a physical form…so he can take whatever form he chooses he doesn’t exercise this ability very often only when he is in dire need. Some of his angelic abilities are; healing himself and others, the ability to talk to animals and nature, and slight clairvoyance. Some of his Demonic abilities are; demonic magic, controlling human minds, possession, fire resistant (not fire proof). The ability to summon demon minions( this is a luck of the draw at times they can be a real threat and others they could just end up being cute sidekicks.)

than that he uses two blades one black and red and the other white and gold. He is very skilled in fighting with swords, although he is equally skilled at hand to anything else combat as well.(Give him a weapon that isn’t a sword and he may up injuring himself)
Appearance: Uriel has medium length black hair in the back and sides, and long white in the top and front that falls over his left and sometimes right deep crimson red eye (think stereotypical emo hair cut). Uriel is tall just under 6 feet he is very muscular but its all lean muscle. Uriel has one white wing and one black. He gives off a very faint divine golden glow, but his shadow has bat wings and a demonic aura however it also has a halo.

Name: Haydan Rivera
Age: 16
Where he lives: Honolulu, Oahu

Level of Addiction: 5 (right in the middle)

Appearance: A full Hawaiian native he has tan skin, golden-brown almond shaped eyes in a slightly wide but anglular face framed by a strong jaw. Broad nosed, full lipped, big teeth. Black hair that hangs in long dread locks about his face: some strands are died blond while others have reddish highlights from exposure to the sun. A big guy: broad shouldered, tall and a bit stocky. White circular birthmark on his left shoulder the size of an egg.

Personality: Charismatic, he has a sense of humor, but he's quiet and perfers a smaller circle of friends (all about quality rather than quantity). Easily irritated by overly-hyper or high-strung personalities and extremely protective of his friends and family. Usually a calm, peaceful person, but a force to be rekoned with in a fight, largely because of the advantage he has in size. On the lazy side, he settles for average in almost everything he does exept for surfing, which he always strives to excell in, though he does so without getting too serious about it. Likes to sing and plays ukelele, guitar, and drums. Thinks with his heart more than his mind.

Character Name: Erlik Thundermace

Age: 235

Fantasy Character: Thunder Drawf

Where he lives: Pelluvarath Mountains on the edge of the Barbaric Lands (overlooks Dunwood Hollow)

What his life is: Erlik is of the rouge class, who makes his living as a hired bounty hunter. He is hired by higher-level players, those whose characters are part of the game world's hierarchy, to "take out" other characters.

Abilities: The drawves in Living in Fantasy all have different natural elemental powers: Erlik is a Thunder Drawf, meaning he has the ability to control electricity. Weilds the coveted "Mace of Thunder" which consists of a long golden handel, the butt of which is the graven image of a lion's snarling face, with a thick iron chain on the end of which is a large medal sphere the size of Erlik's head covered in two and a half inch, platnum, retractable spikes. Is called the "Mace of Thunder" because of its ability to conduct electricity (can only be used by thunder dwarves). He also caries a leather whip and small hammer. Quick and agile in combat, but not extremely skilled in his elemental control, which limmits him to throwing high-energy bolts of lighting and delivering close range electrical stun-shocks; not yet able to summon lighting storms.

Appearance: Stands four feet and is muscular, but slim for a drawf. Has rough, but pale skin, with fiery golden eyes set deep in a reddened, angular bull-dog like face marked by one black stripe that runs down his left cheek. He has a goatee on his bull-dog like chin accomidated by a long mustach. Has a large, square head and bright red mane of boar-like hair with four braids tangled together. Black armor decorated by gold runes and designs, with studden gloves.
Jezibelle grabbed a water bottle from the fridge as she came in from her after homework jog. She had a daily routine of school, which ends at 2:45, then to drive home, 'cause she got her licence last month, do her hour to hour and a half homework then a 15 minute jog anywhere around her neighbourhood, and then gaming until showering and bed. You could safely say during the school week her day was full. But, now she was at her laptop in her room logging into Living in Fantasy. She was working on expanding the market within Versaillaeria and fighting off thieves at the same time. She was also waiting for Lord Phoenix to give her more information about the urgent message he sent her. He needed help, but how and with what she just didn't know. "What a wonder Lord Phoenix is." Jezibelle said as she sipped her water leaning back in her chair. "Can't wait to see what he has in store for me."
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"Okay, I'm done!" Cade called over his shoulder as he rushed out of the kitchen and down the hall into his room. He had been called out of his room by his mom, to help clear the dishes. he thought he'd evaded her, but no such luck. Now he had to get back to help Lord Phoenix.

The elven vampire lord was still locked in battle with some unimportant Flame Minion, but he knew he had to do something, and fast. He also knew from previous encounters that this was the work of Seraphine. Why she was attacking, he didn't know.

And that was why he was calling upon the help of his beautiful and esteemed Queen, Ramerria. Send help at once- Western Lands being attacked by Seraphine. There- short, sweet, and to the point. He dispatched a messenger to the Queen and waited for a reply.
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Katera sat on the futon beside her sister and propped her feet on the table. She pushed her dark hair behind her, letting out a sigh as she did.

"When is the last time you left the dorm?" she asked.

Mya shrugged. "Yesterday, I think."

"You do realize exams are next week."

"Uh-huh. Are you playing?"

"Nah. My level's too low, we wouldn't be able to play together anyway."

"Fair enough. Get me a soda."

"Get it yourself."

"I can't. I have to help Lord Phoenix."

Katera rolled her eyes and walked over to the fridge. When her sister was that into the game, all she could really do was watch.
The air brushed through the evergreen leaves of the trees as Eve closed her course book with a satisfied smile. The last of the weeks work was finished. In less than a month she could consider herself a high school graduate.

At the sound of closed book, her teacher and mentor looked up from grading his class papers. He pushed his askew glasses back into position with the tip of his finger. "All finished?"

"Yep. Two days early." Eve ran her fingers through her short curls and grinned. "Now I can go back to my battle strategy. I almost have Lord Phoenix where I want him."

Mr. Tokugawa frowned in consideration. "You spend far too much time with that game of yours. It is better to get fresh air and enjoy the outdoors."

Eve laughed, wheeling herself out from under the wooden picnic table on the patio. "Which is why you moved our sessions outside."

"Precisely." He gathered his papers, placing them in his satchel, and swinging it over one of his broad shoulders. "No matter how well you strategy skills rival age-old conquerors, you still must live with this reality Eve. Losing yourself in a video game won't solve your problems."

"Mr. Tokugawa," Eve replied in soothing tones, hoping the fact that what he said wasn't far off the mark didn't show in her eyes. "The game is a way for me to connect with friends. Nothing more. I'm not hiding."

He gave her a squinted look, but said nothing as they headed through the house towards the front door. He stopped his stride before heading to his car. "Eve. Just remember the bright future you still have ahead of you."

He turned his back to her, leaving Eve feeling oddly ashamed. "I'll see you on Monday."


"Blasted fire minions!"

Eve watched the screen as she read the report on what happened to Lord Phoenix's land. Her plans where created on the basis of evasion and invisibility. The minions' attack deflected from that purpose.

She rubbed her temples as she reworked her plans. Lord Phoenix and the Queen, Ramerria were not her enemies, just naive rulers who had no true understanding of what her people had lost. Unfortunately, the only way to rebuild the Aurchon kingdom was to take down theirs. This sudden battle was not one she could retreat from.

Quickly, she wrote a note and sent a message. Hopefully, Seraphine wouldn't regret collecting on the favor due to her.
This was the action Jezibelle was waiting for. Once she got the message from Lord Phoenix she had acted very quickly by making sure her kingdom would be looked over by her loyal subjects and went to help him.
They both had the fire minions dealt with, but knew there would be more. "What do you think she's up to?" Ramerria asked Lord Phoenix still in defensive mode. "I. Have. No. Idea." He said. He had been battling for a while, which was tiring him out. "She's planning something though." "If it is important she just has to ask." Ramerria was always ready for a battle, but when fighting didn't have to take place, she got angry when fighting did happen it the place of peace. This may be one of those times. The battle seemed over, so Ramerria said her good byes after yelling Lord Phoenix to send word if more support was needed and went back to her peaceful kingdom where she finished expanding the market and all the thieves had been killed off.
Oh to have such fun with a video game. Oh the things her ,so called, friends say to her, but she doesn't care. Only one person really understands her.....

Jezibelle sits in her room, lounging on one of her soft chairs as she spends late in the night, fixing her kingdom from attack after attack. Such humble ways to kill people...

As she remodels and expands her kingdom, a thunderstorm starts, and the fun begins...
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Once midnight hit, Cade felt his eyes starting to droop. But he couldn't leave now! He had a job to do- and plus he couldn't leave his lands unguarded as long as threats still remained. Maybe he should call Jezibelle, who played the beautiful Queen Ramierra, and suggest that they trade off sleeping and watching their lands.

But Jezibelle wouldn't pick up the phone for his call. She was one of those pretty, popular, smart girls that wouldn't look twice at him! In fact, she hadn't. Their only interaction was in English class and through their video game Characters.

Cade sighed and reached in his minifridge- a wonder he had talked his mom into letting him have it- and grabbed a Monster, the last he had. He'd have to go out and get more tomorrow. He popped it open and took a long swig before turning his attention back to his computer screen.

He felt more energetic already!

Cade almost jumped as a sudden clash of thunder and blaze of lightning came from outside the window. he felt as though he had been electrocuted and then suddenly he was not in his room anymore.

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