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Link loses his soul and its up to Tetra to save him.
[Introduction] Rated 13+ for Violence and mild cussing, hints of fluff between Link and Tetra.

Several weeks after the events of Phantom Hourglass (about a year after Wind Waker). Link, Tetra and the rest of the pirate crew arrive at a new island.
Ruins of of a large town line the shore, and Link and Tetra decide to investigate.
It doesn't take long however for them to discover what happened to the rest of the people, the very land was cursed. Link loses his soul like the people who lived here before they arrived. In order to save Link, Tetra must now free the scattered peices of Link's soul from the monsters they've attached themselves to, AND find what the people here failed to do, find the soulwell.

“Land ho!” Mako called from the lookout. Tetra emerged on the deck “Should we set anchor?” Link called from the wheel. The ship lurched forward “What are you doing?!” Tetra cried. “Let go of the wheel Ganzo! I know how to man a ship thanks to Linebeck” Link muttered something, before approaching Tetra seeing as Ganzo had take over the wheel.
Tetra shook her head “We’ve finally found it” she stated looking ahead towards the island. “What are those ruins?” Niko asked, his question was left unanswered as Tetra and Link were both staring intently at the island with high hopes. “Ganzo take us closer” Tetra called.
“Bring us down” Link called as he sat down in the small wooden boat with Tetra. As the boat was slowly lowered into the sea Link picked up a paddle, Tetra simply nodded brandishing a scimitar.
As Link pulled the small boat to shore he shuddered violently for a moment thinking ‘this place feels like the Temple of the Ocean King before I defeated Bellum.’ He looked back over at Tetra, it still came as a shock when they had discovered that she was Princess Zelda, and that he was the descendant of the hero from the old legends. However both of them had given up on Hyrule fallowing Daphnes Nohansen III’s(the king of hyrule) advice. “What do you think happened here?” he asked, taking out his own sword and shield. “Lets find out” Tetra smiled fallowing Link’s lead into the ruins.

One of the buildings seemed to be intact, “Hey Tetra” he called drawing her attention as he walked into the building. On the table of a highly persevered desk was an opened book. He peered over it as Tetra walked in. “Listen to this” he called “We though Vaati was destroyed with Hryule… but the wind sorcerer still haunts us… we though he wouldn’t find us tucked way on this uncharted island. He cursed our land when he refused to bow to his will. We where unprepared, without the triforce our most holy of items our replaced monarchy was powerless against his power with the four sword gone as well there was nothing we could do…” Link cut off suddenly “these people where Hylian’s like us” he said Tetra took the book from him. Reading the last piece of information ‘in our desperation we made a deal with the skullkids that roamed the island… they told us of an artifact that had the power to destroy Vaati and break our curse…’ after that the page was covered with what looked like blood.

Tetra looked back over at Link, he looked pretty bad actually, like he had taken really ill all of a sudden. “Are you okay?” she asked. She hadn't realized it because of her power as the princess of Hyrule, but she was protected from the curse on the land, Link was completely unprotected especially since he no longer had the Master Sword or the Phantom Blade for that matter and the Phantom Hourglass once again rested in the temple of the ocean king. “Tetra we should get back to the ship”
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As they rushed to the ship with the book, Link began to limp badly. Finally he collapsed on the ground.
"Link! Are you alright?" Tetra asked, backing up to him.
"Tetra... I feel so... distant," Link croaked, "I can't... go on..."
"Link! Drink this!" Tetra said, handing him one of the red potions she was keeping in a rucksack.
"There's no... point... Tetra..." Link said, before his eyes glazed over.
"Link? Link! Link!!! Wake up!" Tetra said, crying. {i]"Is this what happened to everyone else who lived here? He died, just like that," she thought. She took his sword and shield, and ran back to the ship by herself.
"Tetra are you alright?" Ganzo asked as she was pulled aboard by Nudge. Niko walked up to her, "where is Link?" Tetra whipped her eyes slowly "Im fine but... Link... Link is dead." All of the pirates turned to her in shock. They nodded their heads sollemly, Ganzo on the other hand started crying "But the wee lad had so much to live for." everyone nodded. "But how Tetra?" Niko asked hardly beliving Link had died so easily. "I dont know Niko.. he just did... It was like what happened with me on the ghost- THATS IT!" she cried suddenly.

She looked at the book in her hands. she flipped to the last page, the blood had an odd shape to it. "Mako, Niko and Nudge take the look out, Ganzo take the helm, Zuko man the sails, Senza come with me" she ordered. They gave her and odd look before rushing to their tasks before their pirate princess got mad at them.

"But this is impossible... yet how could it be a considence" Tetra called looking at the sea chart on the table. "That blood stain looks just like outset island..." Senza stated.
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Tetra's eyes drifted off into unconsciousness as the boats rocking lolled her to sleep. She awoke back on the island. The small hut surrounded her. Suddenly the door swung open and outside floated a clear form.
"Link!" Tetra yelled running to him only to feel a cold gust of air as she ran through it.
Tetra turned too her friend tears in her eyes, "I'm so sorry." Links voice was distant and far off
"Why! Why are you apologizing?” She yelled tears running down her face.
Link opened his mouth to speak but instead he let out a scream. Making Tetra fall to her knees. She watched in terror as links body begin to rip apart.
"No!" Tetra screamed as she stumbled to her feet.
She tried to grab his arm but her hand gust passed through the pale silver light. Finely Links screaming stopped. He than split into eight pieces which slowly turned into different flowers before her eyes.
"Link!" Tetra yelled as seven large claws recede in from no were and began stealing the flowers away.
Tetra grabbed the green rose in front of her and ran. A beast followed in hot pursuit.
"Stay away!" she screamed.
Tetra sat start up in bed screaming. Niko held her arm scared to let go.
"Captain?" he said in a small voice
"Leave!" She screamed
Niko flied the room to hide in his under ground bunker. Tetra than realized in her right hand she held a single green rose. Tears gathered in her eyes. She held the rose to her face. Tears ran down her face as she realized it smelled just like link.
'What was that dream!' she thought, 'what did it mean-'
"Captain! Outset Island straight a head!"
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Aryll sighed looking up at the sky, something black on the sea caught her attention. A smile appeared on her face, and she quickly abandoned her watchtower hideout and ran to the edge of the dock.
She waved out towards the ship, however as the pirate ship approached to where she could see the crew, she was only greeted by a grim faced Tetra. “No…” Aryll breathed as she ran up to the ship who had finally docked.
“Tetra!” Aryll cried, as the ship’s she-pirate princess stepped off the ship onto the dock. “Hey Aryll…” Tetra replied slowly. The green rose, she had gotten from Link rested in her hair, the steam sticking out slightly, but she had been too afraid to cut it. “Where is” Tetra shook her head before the question was even finished knowing exactly what she was asking. “No!!!!!!” Aryll cried out, falling to her knee’s in a heap of tears. Tetra almost joined Link’s sister in a fit of tears but she told herself to remain strong and asked “where can I find your Grandmother?” Aryll sniffled slowly standing up, she walked slowly towards the house farthest from her hideout. Aryll opened the door, bursting out into tears again “Aryll what’s wrong?” Link’s grandmother asked, as Aryll simply ran off to her room. Tetra walked inside “I’m…very sorry” she mumbled trying not to cry again. It was bad enough for her to have done that in front of her crew. “What happened?” Grandma (as I will now refer to her as) asked.

Tetra looked at the book in her hands “We found an island far to the west, there where ruins of a town along the shore line. When we got there I could tell he was unnerved, but we kept going…” she broke off starting to cry again. “we found this book there… when I looked back at him…. he looked very… ill… and on the way back to the ship… he…he…died”
“Tetra dear… may I see this book?”
The she-pirate whipped her eyes, before handing her the book. Link’s Grandma’s eyes widened considerably. “my… you should never have gone there… now Vaati will… no…” she shuddered remembering how she had been the only one to escape that cursed island.
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"Could you... please, tell me who Vaati is," Tetra asked.
"It doesn't matter now!" Grandma said, turning to Tetra angrily, "Why did you go there? That very island was cursed! Noone who walks on will ever walk off! Ever!"
"Please! I walked off, didn't I? And you still haven't answered me," Tetra said, attempting not to flinch from the constant glare Grandma was giving her.
"Yes, you walked off. And how, I don't know. But to answer you, Vaati is a wind sorcerer. He cursed the island that you walked on, causing the souls to lose their bodies. I have a feeling that's what happened to Link."
"Then my dream is true. And my flower..." Tetra said to herself.
"A flower? What are you talking about?" Grandma asked.
Tetra pulled the green rose out of her hair gentally. "I had a dream, and when I woke up I was holding this" she explained handing the rose to Grandma.
Her eyes widened a bit "Thats... I see... Vaati never let go of that grudge... for him to have torn Link's soul appart..."
"What do you mean?"
"Thats a Soulflower Tetra , its a peice of Link's soul" she explained
"I mean about Vaati"
Grandma glared at her for a moment before explaining "In order for you to understand, a very long time ago before my time, Vaati was still as he is today an evil mage. He took to kidnapping younge women whom he fansiced, however, he was done away with by a traveler with a 'cursed' blade. The man used the power of this sword to split himself into four beings. Using this power he was able to defeat Vaati and seal him withen the blade that had now been remained the foursword."
"But according to this book the foursword was destroy" Tetra commented becoming bored with the story.
"Yes, the foursword and the trifource are gone, but you didn't let me finish" Grandma relpliedsharply seeing her bordem.
"Links anscestor defeated Vaati, after he had escaped the foursword, he swore revenge against my entire family."
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"So, let me this all straight. Link's soul was torn apart by a mad sorcerer who's still on the loose, and the Foursword, which is supposedly the only way to defeat him, is destroyed completely?" Tetra asked.
"Putting it all simply, yes," Grandma replied, "However, if you didn't read it, it says the Skullkids told us of another way. They called it the Soulwell. I don't know where it is, and I'm not even sure what it does, though."r
"So, do you think that there's any way to save Link?" Tetra asked, sounding silly to change the subject in such a serious conversation.
"Well, yes, there is. However, it could be dangerous," Grandma replied.
"I don't care if I'd need the Triforce of Courage for it! Tell me what to do!" Tetra replied determinedly.
"To save Link, you'd have to unite his Soulflowers," Grandma replied simply, "Now, then, Tetra, if you need anything else from me, I'll be upstairs."
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Tetra stared blankly out the cabin window. She softly rolled Links spirit flower in her fingers.
“I will save you this time link. I promise.” She mumbled
Aryll appeared behind her. Her eyes red from crying, “Please Tetra bring me with you!”
“I sorry I can’t….”
“You have too!” She yelled,” He’s my big brother! I’m not the worthless little girl you saved from Gannon’s fortress any more! I can fight with a sword and ….”
“I Said NO!” Tetra glared down at her. She looked jest like her brother, “Link would never forgive me if I put you in danger. I will find him, I promise.”
“I hate you!” she screamed as she tour out of the house leaving Tetra alone once again.
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Tetra stared at the crying girl running out of the building. She wondered if she'd made the right choice. However, she was decided. She left the house, and headed toward the ship.
"Alright, boys, I've found out what we need to do," she said when she'd gotten onto the ship, "Apparently, Link isn't exactly dead-"
"But we've seen him! He was as dead as anything!" Niko said.
"Not exactly," Tetra said, glaring at Niko for interrupting, "As a matter of fact, his body is alive. But his soul is separated from his body by some curse laid on the island that we went to. There's some wind sorcerer called, uh, Vaati. All we need to do to revive Link is find his Soulflowers, one of which," she pointed to the flower in her hair, "I have right here."
"So, to shorten that speech, find the Soulflowers, revive Link, and defeat a sorcerer?" Mako asked.
"Er, yes. And this book should have some clues to help us," she continued, holding the book from the island up.
"Well, then, what are we waiting for? What is our first destination?" Gonzo asked.
"I'll check," Tetra said, flipping through the book, finding a page which showed several X's- six, to be exact, "What luck? Most of these can be found on the Great Sea! Set course for Pawprint Isle!"

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