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A contest to award the best campfires on Writing.com. LAST DAY!
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"Campfire Creatives are a fun and interactive way of writing with a group. Imagine sitting around a campfire with a group of your friends."

These words captured my attention when I first joined WDC almost two years ago. Now, after meeting many greet friends and writers, I want to shine a light on one of the best parts of Writing.com. Unfortunately, Campfires are often overlooked in recognition. With this contest I hope to honor some of the most outstanding writing experiences out there on the web while spreading the word on this great activity.

*Note* Campfires must have at least five entries. Entries do not include bios.
*Note* Is the campfire still burning? Has it extinguished? Doesn't matter - you can enter either. However, they can not have a creation date past March 31st, 2009.
*Note* Each person can enter up to 2 (two) campfires in this contest.
*Note* Contest entries must be post by June 15th, 2009.
*Note*In at least 300 words, write a small essay answering the following questions:

                   What was your inspiration behind your campfire?
                   What makes this campfire your favorite?
                   Why do you think it deserves recognition?

*Note* You can enter your Campfires two ways: asking for an invite to the campfire or placing your campfire and essay in a post in the forum link provided at the bottom. In both cases campfires must be posted in Bitem format. To learn how to post Bitem check out:
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*Gift5* First Place: a 25k awardicon and a Campfire Merit Badge
*Gift5* Second Place: a 10k awardicon and a Campfire Merit Badge
*Gift5* Third Place: a Campfire Merit Badge
*Gift5* Honorable Mention(s): 2000 gift points


Want to help be a judge? Just drop me an email or review this item.

Entry Fees & Donations

There's a 250 gift point entry fee for each entry you submit. All points go straight to the contest. If you have a problem with gift points, email me and we'll work out the fee.

 WDC Samaritans Guild  (E)
Formerly known as We 3 Kings Guild; Group to help members with upgrades.
#1504065 by LdyPhoenix

To enter via forum post, click on:

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Happy Blazes!
Contest Open!

When it is your turn simply post your campfire in Bitem format (Click on the link to get help with working bitem format - "Invalid Item) and your essay answering the following questions from above.

If you have any questions feel free to email me or Lonewolf . I look forward to reading your work.

Good luck everyone! *Smile*

 Freaks [Currently full]  (13+)
People discover hidden powers.Is it chance? Or is there something more sinister behind it?
#1408086 by Wiskers

Well, the inspiration for this campfire is that ever since I was little... I always wanted to be a super hero. :P I was the girl who ran around with a towel for a cape and an extra pair of underwear for the outside. I absolutely adore this campfire. Why? Well read it! The characters all seem very real, and form very real, yet sometimes unexpected relationships. Also it was one of my first campfires and was how I got to know a lot of my good friends here. And all the writing is awesome, as we all seem to have good chemistry with one another. I claim no sole appreciation for this work... because without the others and their characters, it just wouldn't be the same story. :)

What was your inspiration behind your campfire?
What makes this campfire your favorite?
Why do you think it deserves recognition?

 Crystal Fire  (13+)
The tribe of Shinar flee for their lives from the Eloin. Where do you fit in?
#1215633 by Arwen9

I created the campfire Crystal Fire as a way to bounce ideas and concepts off the reactions of other people, and to have fun while doing it. I have always enjoyed world-building, but sometimes the best way to do it is with other writers who can point out the flaws in one idea, or give ideas in another. What makes this campfire work so well stems from the writers themselves, who are superb in their respective skills, and the addition of a forum.
 Crossroads: Crystal Fire & Desert Blood  (13+)
A forum where writers of the related campfires Crystal Fire &Desert Blood can talk shop.
#1482665 by Andante

The forum helped us to keep the plotlines, characters, and other elements in a consistent flow that we all agreed on as it developed. It also helped greatly when we decided to take the set of characters from the original campfire and interweave them with the characters of our second campfire.

Desert Blood  (13+)
Step into a world where life exists from one drop of water to another.
#1406727 by Arwen9

The combination of these two campfires, interweaving events and plots together, is what makes this campfire unique. It keeps new ideas spinning, characters adapting, and plot unfolding while keeping us with plenty of new material.

 Legends of Loresad  (18+)
This is the tale of the struggle between Jonas and Lourntav, and all caught between them.
#1524526 by neohuman

Many of the writers I've invited are those who I've worked with in the past, and who I knew would make this story anything but a typical fantasy. I've invited other writers I've never written with, as well, and their unique writing styles have caused for some unexpected turns to the story.
This campfire is really just starting, and everyone who reads it seems to agree with my sentiment that it has the potential to become something truly amazing. We're not quite there yet, but I know we will be.
Winners announced! To check the results, click here: "Invalid Item

The End!

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