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Preaquel to Jocks VS Nerds, Learn how Marzipan met Ichabod
[Introduction] (This takes place before the battle of the Jocks and the Nerds, Ms Iris isn't a teacher yet and Crane hasen't reaveled himself to his son)

Marzipan and her friend Melissia Mallard were walking along the fence one evening, Marzipan was a few days away from her first Estrus soon she would come into heat.

"Now remember Marzipan." Melissia said "Just take your pills on the first signs of estrus and you won't be a slave to your horomones."

"But the males will still be able to tell I'm in heat." Marzi sighed "And they'll flock to me like Anthro Pigs to a Chinese Buffet."

"Just stick with me and Rodney and nothing bad will happen, I promise." The Duck quacked

They walked through the neighborhood not aware what they would find would change their lives forever.
Marizipan sighed, she ran her fingers through her fur and purred.

"Melissia." She mewed "I've always wondered Why do you love Rodney?"

The Duck looked at her in a funny way.

"I mean... Your a duck and he's a roadrunner it's not like you could ever have kids if you got married."

Melissia frowned "Not everyone gets married because they want to have kids." She said "And their is nothing preventing Rodney and me from adopting."

"Yeah...but it still doesen't make sense." The cat meowed

"Marzipan," Melissia said quitly "Have you ever heard of the concept of serendipiy?"


"Yes." She whispered "It's the idea that you will find good things if you do not look for them, or more acuratly, you will find something fortunete while looking for something else entirly." She sighed "What I'm saying is don't try to calculate love like a game of chess, just let love happen."

"Marzipan twitched her whiskers "I'm not the kind of cat who let's feeling sneak up on me, nothing ever takes me by surprise."

Suddenly a noise startled them, a light from a nearby house shone on them and the cat and the duck ducked down behind the fence.

They peeked out from the knotholes and saw a scrawny, red haired human boy enter a green house, he was carrying a sickly looking plant

"I know him!" Melissia said "That's Ichabod Crane! The son of Poison Ivy and the Scarecrow, they say he's the creepiest kid in school!"

"He doesn't look so creepy to me"
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Ichabod was inside the Greenhouse. He set the plant under a shower hose and tendered the plant. At first, the girls think that Ichabod couldn't just revive a sick plant. But as Ichabod turned on the shower, he sprayed a green powder onto the plant. The water fused with the powdered dust on the soil and sank inside. The plant slowly looked to become greener and less sick.

Marzipan's eyes opened wide a bit as she watches Ichabod tend th eplant.

"Wow... I think Ichabod is more likely, a kind gardener. almost as much as his mother." she said.

Ichabod wiped the sweat beaded on his head. It was hot outside, perfect for the plants.

"There we go! Now.. I should get ready for school." he said to himself walking out.
(Um...MS, it's evening, sunset, unless Ichabod goes to night school I don't think...I won't edit or delete it I'll just work around it.)

Just than Ichabod collapsed wearily into a hammock, he had seemed delirious for a few seconds

"Get ready for school?" Melissia said shaking her head, "It's sunset! Unless that kid goes to nightschool..."

Marzipan looked at Ichabod more closley, he looked very pale and pasty, he was so thin! His gangly arms and legs really did make him look like a charcture scarecrow.

Than she looked at both his hands, they were covered in band-aids

"Why do you think he has all those scars on his hands?" Marzi asked

"He's probaly crumsy with pruneing shears, come on! We're late for Band Practice!"


"Come on!"

Marzipan coulden't stop thinking about Ichabod for the rest of the trip to Rodney's house, he was just so thin and frail! Marzipan knew she wasen't in love, or at least she thought she wasn't love but she pited the poor human boy, she wished she could tuck him into a cozy bed and than force feed him bucket and bucket of chicken soup until the color reterned to his face more meat grew on his bones.

"It's about damn time!" Woodrow the Woodpecker snapped as the two girls appeared

"We got distracted." The Duck-Woman said as she picked up her tamborine

"Look." Rodney said as he picked up his guitar, we can stand around and argue, or we can practice."

Marzipan hit the lights and opened the garage door, Rodney sang and played guitar, Melissia played the tamborine, Woodrow was on the keyboard and Chanticleer the Rooster played the drums

Rodney began

"Animals came from miles around
So tired of walking so close to the ground
They needed a chance, that's what they said
Life is better walking on two legs"

"But they were in for a big surprise
Cause they didn't know the law..."
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(Im sorry... Umm please edit... I didn;t know! D: I just thought, you know, since its the beggining of the story I thought it was morning! D: SORRY SORRY SORRY!)
(That's OK, You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemon pie I'll just exuse Ichabod's comment and say that it's a symptom of a sickness... which I'll reveal later in the story)

After band practice Marzipan went home, Her mother was busy making dinner.

"How was band practice?" The mother cat asked as Marzi entered

"It was pretty good." Marzi sighed "I think I'll go to my room to get some homework done."

"OK, Sweetheart, just remember to come down to set the table."

Marzipan stopped by the kitchen bookshelf and looked for a cookbook sutible for humans, she found a really large old one on the bottom self.

She quickly took it up to her room and thumbed through the various recipies.

"I don't have any idea, what Ichabod likes." She said to herself just realizing that now "So I'll have to go out on a limb."

She thought she would try making a soup for him tommorow so she searched the soup section for what she thought was a good looking soup.

"Here's one." She said "Bouliabase, some French fish soup, that uses a variety of fish shelfish and spices."

The next day at School, she coulden't stop thinking about Ichabod, Melissia kept having to remind her in class to pay attenion.

When Homeroom ended she saw Ichabod in the hallway, she wasen't sure weather to approach him or not
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(Oh..K! ^^ Though I'd like Apple pie.)

Marzipan tried all she could what to say. Her thoughts kept streeming into her head figuring out what to say. She didn't notice that Ichabod was coming closer to her, and the only word she heard was,

"Hi." from Ichabod.

Marzipan yelped and jumped facing Ichabod.

"Uhh...H-hiya..." she said a bit jumpy.

Ichabod chuckled a bit figured that he spooked her a bit.

"Hey. Im Ichabod. And well I need a bit of help, do you know any places where I can get more pencils? I ran out after writing in class.."
"Oh..Pencils," Marzi gushed "I got one in my pocket if all you need is one."

She pulled out a pencil

"Thanks." Ichabod said as he tucked it into his pocket protector.

Marzipan didn't quite know what just happened, she felt she was in a fog until she got to cooking class.

She got into her personal mini-fridge and began to get out the ingrediants to make her fish soup, just as she got the the soup boiling, a smokey smell filled the cooking class!

Marzipan coughed as the smoke filled her lungs and saw a small blonde girl was trying put out a fire on her stove

"That's the third fire this week!" Marzi said "Who is that girl?"

"That's Alice." Said Martbell Porc the pig chimera "She always starts a fire when she cooks, makes you wonder why she even bothers coming to cooking class at all."

"What do you know about Ichabod Crane?" The cat asked the pig

"That's he's a creepy nerd." Martbell sniffed

"Aside from that." Marzi said "What does if have for lunch?"

"Normaly a sandwhich with only a single cold cut in it." She said "I don't think his mother is a very good cook, he has said that he normaly has salad for dinner every night, JUST A SALAD!" She exclaimed "Without dressing!"

"No wonder he's so thin!" Marzipan exclaimed "Is there nothing else he eats?"

"Not to my knowladge." Martbell said "But I think he doesn't enjoy eating for the most part, I've herd him say that he finds eating a hassle as he takes valuble time away from studying."

"Oh geez." Marzi said as she added spices to the soup "I know those types, I call them apathetic eaters they're usually the children of apathetc chefs."

Just as she said those words Ichabod came into the room, he saw Alice and walked over to her, he touched a bruise on her cheek that Marzi had taken for granted

"He did this to you didn't he?" Ichabod asked

"No he didn't." Alice said blushing

"Don't lie to me." Ichabod said firmly "That Quarterback has been hitting you."

"Won't you try the soup?" Alice asked trying to change the subject

Ichabod turned slightly green, Marzipan could tell that Ichabod didn't trust Alice's cooking.

"Uh..sure." He said, but as soon as he picked up the spoon he 'accidently' dropped it.

"Oh, er Clumsy me." He said blushing than he reached into his sock and pulled out anouther spoon, but Marzi could be what Alice did not, the spoon had holes in it!

"Won't you try my soup?" The cat purred hold a bowl of soup under Ichy's nose

Ichabod looked suspious "What is this mess?"He asked

"Bouliabase." Marzi said firmly "Here, use THIS spoon."

Ichabod grumbled and reluctantly sampled the brew, but when it touched his tougue his eyes lit up, he tasted a second spoonful, than a third

"This is good!" He exclaimed "What's in it?"

Alice got angry "You like that cat's cooking better than mine?" Ichabod blushed and put down the spoon
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Alice groaned and turned around crossing her arms. Ichabod felt a bit bad for Alice.. He didn't know what to say anyways. Just before Alice began to throw her usual tanthrum, there was an announcement on the loud speaker by the vice princible.

"Attention all students! As you know, there has been less street racing through streets and city roads! Gotham is back to its safer streets for now but the board wants to advise all kids to keep an eye out just in case any more uncontrollable road races wreck the poor student's, and my chystler ca...err... I mean my DAUGHTER Chystler! And anywas, that is all for today thank you." he said.

Alice sighed and tapped on the table.

"Hey Ichabod... Can I tell you something?" she asked.

Ichabod, still didn't dare to eat the soup to hurt her even more, walked over to her.

"Sure anything." he asked.

"...This school... I hate it... These teachers... They do no help at all and they always make every excuse about their so called 'sceduals' and the only one who ever cares about students is that dragon Shelly. Yet, even she can't help because they always drag her elsewhere for something more important. I just wish there were someone new, or at least, wish to run away from here..."

(Oh one question. Does Iris make an appearence as a new teacher in this chapter?)
(This story takes place several weeks before the battle of the Jocks VS Nerds, Iris arrives the day of the battle but anyway what about Mr. Quaxo? Or Momo? I'd be sure they'd care about the students (Momo at this piont still masqerades as a human so no one knows she's a half-breed yet, Mr Quaxo is actually based on a real teacher know)

Ichabod sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know." was all he could say.

Soon it was time for lunch, most schools have only to options for lunch, bring lunch from home or buy it at the cafiteria, but the High School of the Dr Moreau had a third option, free lunchs for friends of the cooking club members.

Mrs. Migillcuddy the Cooking Teacher knew the cafeterias food was terrible, while the freash ingridiants and products of the cooking class were good, so she decided that the class that right before lunch should be allowed to make generous overportions so that they could serve they're friends.

Often the class before lunch had no assighnment other than to cook whatever they felt like cooking. Marzipan could make any dish that was not dessert, because like all felines she could not taste sweetness.

Marzipan sat in her usual corner all by herself, she lapped up her soup like a kitten does milk from a saucer.

All the while she observed Ichabod Ichabod sitting across the way, She saw what he was eating, only a single slice of turkey on a roll. He ate slowly but didn't seem to savor it he looked more bored than anything and lonely. Alice was sitting with her quarterback boyfriend, she didn't seem to want to but she did so more out of fear than anything.
Suddenly a shout of fear echoed across the lunchroom! Paul Small (The smallest boy in school) Was being harassed by Taren the green dragon!

Ichabod sighed and put down his half eaten sandwhich and determened to put a stop to it.

Taren already had Paul by the ankles shaking down his loose change

"All right Taren you had your fun." Ichabod said sharply "Now put him down!"

"Why should I?" Taren sneered

"Because I know you're greatest fear." Ichabod said, the human students gasped in shock!

"He's right Taren!" Said Sammy Smith "You better do what he says." But the dragon was not phased

"I think you're bluffing." He growled "You don't really have any such power

Taren bent over to see Ichy eye to eye but just than his pants split down the middle!
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(Oh.. I didn't know. I thought they came in later as well.My bad. And how long will this campfire go on? Will it go into the weeks right at the Jock and Nerd battles?)

Taren screeched and covered his lower body with his arms and legs. Everybody laughed and squealed seeing Taren's half naked butt. Well underwear on of course. And it was filled with, uhh... Power Ranger characters. The original brand... O_O

Taren yelled and ran out of the cafeteria dropping Paul. Ichabod lifted paul by his arm.

"You ok Paul?" he asked.

Paul shooked his head and chuckled a bit fixing his hair.

"Yeah.. I am.. Thanks Ichy." he said.

Alice watched from across the room. She smiled a bit and think how brave Ichy was. Though, she couldn't help but cower feeling abused these times.

"Heh.. That so called Ichabod won't be so smart ass anylonger." said the quarterback man.
(I don't think, that it will go into the weeks of the battles this story is more about the founding of the nerd's club, also I sort of state in the interactive that Quaxo was the first anthro teacher at the school)

Just than the class bell rang and everyone had to retern to class.

As Ichabod headed up the stairs, Marzipan ran up to catch up with him.

"Ichabod!" She called

He turned around

"I don't think I've introduced myself properly." She said "I'm Marzipan, she said "Marzipan Cheshire."

"As in Cheshire Cat?" Ichabod asked

"Yeah that's pretty much it." She gushed "Anyway I think you were really brave standing up to that dragon, Most chimera woulden't even look a dragon in the eye not even the most vorasious predator!"

"Well it helps if your parents were two of the biggest murderers this side of Vlad the Impaler." Ichabod chuckled

"Yes, but I've been thinking and I've decided I want to be a bodygaurd for you nerds!"

Ichabod looked surprised, than he sighed and took out a wallet.

"All right." He said "How much do you want to be payed?"

Marzipan was dumbstruck than she laughed merrily "You misunderstand!" she chuckled "I don't want money, I want to help you!"

"What really?" Ichabod asked

"Yes really." She replied "I feel bad for you nerds actually that everyone picks on you for being smart."
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(Ahhh I see. Then I WON'T introduce Greg in until before the battle. XD)

Ichabod smiled and chuckled a bit.

"Well... Truth is, not most nerds let themselves get pushed around. But thank you for the offer, I bet you can be a great asset~!" he siad smiling.

Meanwhile, the Vice Princible, Tatsujin Ken Chikan, keeps on circling around his Chystler car mummering to himself about keeping it fixed. Tatsujin is a big rat anthro. Except he's less ugly then any normal rat. But he is perverted at times and too in control over the school. That is, unless princible Pana the female princible human takes charge.

"Nope. No jocks on my Chystler, no nerds jacking on my Chystler, no one doing anything to my Chystler at all." he mummered to himself.
When Ichabod got home, he began his usaul chores and such but when his Mother got home, he asked a question that would be the turning point in his development as a sensual being and lover.

"Mum," He asked her as he watered the prize roses "Have you ever heard of Bouliabase?"

"I beileve it's some kind of fish soup from France." Pamela said looking up from her work "Why you ask?"

"This cat-girl named Marzipan made some before lunch and asked me to try it." He replied turning his attetion to a purple pansy, inhaling it's fragranes "For a cat, she's a pretty good cook..."

"Hold on a second." Pamela held up her hand "This Cat made you a bowl of soup?"

"Well...The cooking club usually makes enough portions to feed most of their friends."

"Isn't Alice in the cooking club?" Pamela asked

"Yes." Ichabod said "But...she's a terrible cook. She can't even boil water without setting the stove on fire!"

"Well you seem to like this Marzipan's cooking." Pamela said "So if it's all the same to you why don't you let her make your lunch instead of me? If you can get a free lunch at school than it means so much less work for me."

Ichabod was a little surprised by this, Was it so much a hassle to cook? But Ichabod loved his mother and wanted to please her

"Well, if that's what you want, I'll do it." He said quickly, than he noticed something

"Mum?" He asked "Are you...Crying?"

"No. I just have something in my eye."

Pamela walked out and went to her room, For the first six years she was married to Jonathan Crane it seemed like domestic bliss, She had never known a gentler more tender father, she remembered one evening when Ichabod was three when Jonathan decied to read him The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He read in a hushed but romantic reading voice, it wasen't until three or four pages into the story, Jonathan looked down and saw little Ichabod had fallen asleepn at his side. Jonathan merely smiled, held Ichabod closer and continued to read aloud only a little quiter.

But when Ichabod was six, something changed Jonatha reterned to his crimanal ways, only hiding it from his family. He developed new fear drugs at work and using his co-workers as test subjects, he was soon fond out.

Jonathan fled Gotham and was now living eight years on the run. But a few years back he sent a postcard to her. He had briefly stopped in Gotham just to see how his family was doing, and he didn't like what he saw.

Pamela pulled out a postcard. It was from Jonathan.

'Dear Pamela'
'I'll make my message brief, but I came to Gotham a few days ago just to see how my dear little son was getting along he seems happy, but something seems wrong, horribly wrong. He's pale as a ghost! I know he was always a little pale but now he seems chalk white! And he looks too skinny! I know I am thin myself but he is even thinner than I was at his age! I don't like to swear but I feel I have no other option. GIVE HIM SOME GOD DAMN PROTEIN WOMAN!'
'I am now beginning to regret allowing you complete controll over our child's diet'

Pamela was cut deep by this message, the fact that she was wrong hurt her deeply. So to make sure she never got a letter like that again She gave Ichabod a sandwhich with a cold cut for lunch everyday
Once Pamela had left the greenhouse Ichabod turned his attetntion to the plant he had been nurtureing.

It had looked healthy in the morning but now it was beginning to look sickly again.

Meanwhile Marzipan and Melissia were walking along the fenches again.

They stopped when they reached Ichabod's house, they hid themselves behind the fench and watched as Ichabod held the little plant close to his heart

Ichabod sighed deeply as he caressed the plants leaves, he stepped outside, he looked around to see if no one was looking and began to sing

"I've given you sunshine
I've given you dirt
You've given me nothing
But heartache and hurt!
I'm begging you sweetly
I'm down on my knees
OH please! Grow for me!"

Marzipan coulden't believe her ears! She never thought a human could sing like that! She had heard bird-song and cat-song and dog-song but this was more lovely than anything she ever heard before!

Ichabod continued his song

"I've given you plant food
and water to sip
I've given you pot ash
You've given me zip!
Oh God how I mist you
Oh pod how you tease
Now please...GROW FOR ME!"

Marzipan felt things stir inside her because of that voice, she felt a warmpth deep inside, his warm, melodious bluesy voice reached down inside her and touched parts of her she didn't know she had!

Ichabod took a small knife and sighed

"I've given you sunlight,
I've given you rain
Looks like you're not happy
Unless I open a vein!"

He let out a moan and made a small cut in his palm

"I'll give you a few drops, if that will appease."

Marzipan did not hear the rest of the song as she collapsed into feverish giggles! Apparently Ichabod songs had caused her to come into heat early.

Melissia was worried "Um...Marzipan?" She asked

"Oh Melissia!" She purred "I do believe in serendipity!"
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Melissia chuckled a bit and questioned Marzipan's intelligence.

"Uhh wait... You mean to say..."

"Ichabod! I can't believe it but he is so... Wonderful. His voice, was better than any Chimera voices combined. Did you listen to him?" she said frantically.

Melissa smiled a bit and rubbed the back of her head.

"Yeah.. I guess... But he's human. And from where I heard, he has a bit of a crush on Alice."
Melissia knew she had to get Marzi home before he horomones took over her brain, so with the cat leaning on her shoulder She took her home.

Marzipan took her estrus pills and went to bed without dinner, she was too happy to eat! She fell asleep and collapsed into a dream.

The next day she was still in a dream world she coulden't conentrate at all on her work.

Ichabod on the other paw was having a hard time, having to feed the plant his own blood had taken a toll on his body.

He was in Mr. Quaxo's English class when it was time for a Pop Quiz.

Ichabod felt himself grow feverish as he tried to focus on the probloms but the harder his brain worked the hotter and hotter his skin grew.

Suddenly he let out a moan and passed out, collapsing on the floor!

"OMG He's dead!" Some student exclamed!

Mr. Quaxo rushed over to Ichabod's side, he felt his brow, checked his pulse and than he noticed all the scars on Ichabod's hands...

Mr. Quaxo lifted the boy up in his big paddy paws and began carring him to the nurses office.

Along the way they passed the office of Prof. Irving Diedrich, a new teacher who no one knew very much about.

"Quaxo?" The dark-haired man asked "What on earth are you..." Than he saw the boy in the tabby's arms "Oh God!" He exclamed "What happened?"

"Ichabod just collapsed." Mr. Quaxo explained "I think he's somehow lost a lot of blood, I'm not sure if he should be sent home or not but I think the first thing he needs is the attention of the nurse."

The nurse of the High School was Ms. Stripes the skunk-woman, she was a kind nice person, but you had to get used to her ...pungent oder.

Suddenly Mr. Quaxo's nose twitched as if he suspected something. He sniffed Prof. Diedrich's face

"Do you mind?" The Proffessor asked getting annoyed

"You smell awfully similer to Ichabod." Quaxo said narrowing his eyes "And you look quite similer as well, is there something you're not telling me Professor?"

"There is plenty I'm not telling you," Professor Diedrich said. "I believe in personal privacy. Do you?"

Quaxo almost blushed. "I'm sorry if I seemed too nosey. Sometimes my curiosity gets away from me."

Ms Stripes had her hands on her hips. "Quit gabbing and lay that boty down on this bed! Loosen his shirt."

Ichabod moaned a little but Ms Stripes assured the two teachers he would be okay. "You two better get back to your classrooms."

On the way Quaxo studied Diedrich some more. Diedrich's resemblance to Ichabod was remarkable. Even the way he walked.
Marzipan had seen Ichabod being carried to the nurse's office by Mr. Quaxo. She wondered why he would faint in the middle of class but then she remembered what she saw last night. Him cutting his hands to feed his plant his own blood.

Marzipan wasn't sure if she would see Ichabod for lunch or if he would be sent home but she was determend to make him the perfect food to heal him.

In cooking class Mrs. Milgillicuddy had a theme for them, 'Lunch for a valentine' Marzi was a little surprised but she quickly realized that today was Valentine's Day.

"So today class," The Teacher said "I want you to make the ideal lunch for that special someone!"

Marzipan didn't waste anytime she quickly thought of what she was going to make for Ichabod, creamy clam chowder like the kind you get in Boston, she got out clams, cream, potatoes onions and other things and began to work, it seemed so naturaul to her she felt like she was in a dream.

Meanwhile Alice just sat by herself, looking at her oven and and stove, She looked at Marzipan across from her she was already peeling vegtables and measureing in ingrediants.

Alice knew by know that Ichabod wasen't going to eat what she gave him, and that whatever Marzipan made it was going to be wonderful.

Martbell the pig chimera walked over to her "Is something the matter?" She asked

"Whatever that cat cooks is going to be better than my cooking." Alice said nearly crying

Marzipan was nearly finished with the chowder, she only needed to add one more ingrediant to make it perfect.

She took out a smile vile full of catnip, she opened it and put one tiny iota of the herb in the creamy soup.

Heavenly pink fumes rose from the pot, Marzi breathed the scent and mewed with delight.

That day at lunch Ichabod had recovered he was shaky, his legs were wobbly but he insisted to the nurse that he complete the school day.

Pandora sat beside him at lunch "Geez Ichabod you really fainted today!" She exclaimed "What happened?"

Ichabod mopped his brow "I felt so sick..." He said "I don't know why."

"I'll tell you why." Marzipan said plopping the bowl of soup under his nose "It's because you were hungry Ichabod! All this time you've been working too hard and not listning to your body, You've been draining yourself of blood!"

"How do you know that?" Ichabod gasped

"I saw you last night." Marzipan said "You should be glad I did."

"You mean you were spying on me?" Ichabod grumbled

She handed him spoon "Eat." She had and walked away

Ichabod felt annoyed that she had been spying on him but he knew she was right, and reluctantly he grabbed the spoon and placed the brew in his mouth.

The minute it touched his tougue something magical happened the taste catapalted his senses into a anouther plane of exsitance! The soup was perfect! It was perfectly made!
Ichabod felt himself go into a trance as he tasted that chowder, he realized right than and there that he really truly had been hungery! The fact that he had never even noticed his hunger before surprised him.

But for once he was happy to be eating, the clams and the potateos were of equal size, and the generous bits of onion and cerery only added to it.

Marzipan watched from her usual corner, She purred in satisfaction. She knew how to stoke the flames of a man's appitite!

Ichabod felt himself melting into a reverie, the world around him melted away there was only himself, the bowl, the spoon and the warm creamy brew....mmmmmm!

Suddenly a sharp cry brought him out of his daydreams, he saw that Alice was trying to flee from the Quarterback.

Ichabod reluctantly lowered himself back to reality, his bowl was clearly empty. He felt fuller than he had ever felt before, he felt stronger than he ever felt before so quietly and surely, he walked over to the quarterback who was trying to follow Alice up a flight of stairs.

"I woulden't recomend you do that." Ichabod said

"Or you'll what?" The Quarterback spat harshly

"Or I'll reveal to everyone what your real name is..." Ichabod didn't have time to finish his sentance as the Quarterback grabbed him by his shirt coller and pressed him against the wall

"You have no power over me!" He hissed angerly "I'm gonna make you pay for stealing my girlfriend!"

Suddenly The Quarterback let out a scream! He turned around to see Marzipan had bitten him in the butt!

"OMG!" He screamed "A cat! I hate cats! I'm scarred of cats!"

Marzi rolled up her sleeves, "Than boy is today your not lucky today!"

The Quarterback dropped Ichabod and ran away screaming, for such a big guy he had a really high-pitched scream!

Ichabod brushed himself off "Thank you Marzipan." He said "You saved me."

"No problom." She purred "How did you like the chowder?"

"It was good." Ichy said "It hit the spot Thank you so much for making it for me."

"I can make you lunch everyday if you so desire." She purred "Just tell me what you like and I'll make it for you."

"Why are you so interested in feeding me of all people?" Ichabod asked

Marzipan mewed "Um well, pull up your shirt and suck in your gut ok?"

Ichabod raised his eyebrow "Just do it." Marzi meowed

Ichy pulled up his shirt and sucked in his gut,"See here's your problom right here." She said poking him in the ribs with a claw

"Ye-ow!" Ichabod jumped to the side "Don't poke me like that it tickles!"

"But don't you see?" Marzi said "You're so thin I can see right through you! I can like see your organs and stuff!"

"What really?" Ichabod asked looking at his stomach with shock

"Yes, really"
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Ichabod groaned and rubbed his back.

"Ahh well then. But actually... Marzi I think you saved Alice for the most parts." he siad.

Marz mewed and looked up the stairs seeing Alice panting and kneeling down.

"Alice? Why didn't you tell anyone about this?" she asked.

Alice didn't want to answer and turned away letting down a tear.

"Come on Alice.. You can't let this happen to you all the time.."
Alice's shoulders shook.

"She's crying," Ichabod said. Neither Ichabod nor Marzi were sure what to do. Ichabod patted Alice's shoulder.

Marzi growled, "That Quarterback is too much. I don't like to hate anyone but he is not one of my favorite people."

Alice wiped her eyes. "It's alright. It's my fault. He loved me and I- I- I guess I let him think maybe I loved him, too, but I didn't really. I just liked the idea of him loving me. And then I pushed him away when he really needed me..."

"You used him?" Marzi said.

"Marzi!" Ichabod said.

"That was harsh," Alice said. "I kind of thought I did love him. Oh, it's all so confusing!"

Alice started crying again.
Marzipan realized that she was most likly of no use to this situation and removed herself entirely.

Ichabod tried to comfort Alice but he wasn't sure what to say or to do. He sighed heavily and walked her back to class.

On the school bus home a thought crossed his mind 'Am I really as skinny as she said?' He thought to himself
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He looked at his body seeing himself still Pale. Almost colorless.

"I guess I should eat a bit more..." he said to himself.

Ichabod sighed and leaned back on his seat wondering what to do. With Alice, himself and everything. He still feels the need to report what's been happening.
What also crossed his mind is if he were to eat anything heavier.

"What to do?"
When he got home Ichabod looked in the mirror, he took off his shirt and sucked in his gut

"Oh God it is true! I can see my organs!"

Ichabod was horrified every rib stuck out like a sore thumb. He quickly put his shirt back on because he coulden't stand looking at himself.

"How could this happen?" He asked "I eat three square meals a day and I look like I haven't eaten in a year!"

He went downstairs and tried to look back and try to remember what went wrong.

He tried to think about past meals, did he eat any less than a normal child his age? Not to his knowladge. He always ate what was placed before him, but than again he never asked for second helpings, and coulden't remember the last time he had a between meal snack.

"Maybe I should eat more." He said to himself patting his ribs "I always assumed that because my father was skinny I was nauturlly at my ideal weight. But...I don't think my father was ever this boney!"

He tried to think of what else might be wrong with his diet, could it be possible that what he was eating was the source of the trouble?

He tried to think of what he ate for breakfast...than he realized this morning he had skipped breakfast...so he could nurture his carnivorus plant.

"No wonder I was so famished!" Ichy murmured "How many other times have I skipped breakfast?" He thought for what he had lunch yesterday, he had a sandwhich with a slice of meat in it...like every day for the past eight years...

That's when it struck him, school lunchs was the only time he ate meat, or bread for that matter, for nearly every other meal he had nothing but fruits and vegtables.

"Come to think of it..." He said "Mother has never taken me to a meal at a restaraunt, every meal I've ever eaten has been at home or at school..."

"Ichabod I'm home!" His mother's chipper voice came from the hall. She noticed a grim look on his face "Something the matter?"

"Mother," He said shakily "I have a rather silly question to ask you...In all our years of meals together, have I ever asked for a second helping?"

"Second helping of what?"

"Anything!" Ichabod exclaimed "Have I only eaten what was placed before me and nothing more?"

"Why do you ask?" Pamela inquired

"Look at me!" Ichy nearly screamed "I'm so thin you can see right through me!"

Pamela was taken aback by her son's outburst

"Why have I never felt hunger?" Ichabod asked with tears in his eyes "Today is the first day I've ever felt hungry despite the fact that I'm so thin my bones stick out!"

Pamela sighed "Ichabod." She said "I believe it is because of the cloroplasts in your bloodstream, Like me you can take sunlight and water and create food in your own bloodstream."

"Then why isn't that happening?" Ichabod shouted. "Why am I so skinny?"

"You don't get out in the sun enough," Pamela said. "You sit inside at the computer or the television. The sunlight can't help you grow if you hide from it."

Ichabod was silent. It was true. As a child he had seldom played outside. Even now... But how could that be? He loved plants. He loved working in the greenhouse. But always in the evening or early morning... In the middle of the day he was inside, either at school or here in his house. Had he ever just lied out in the sun and taken a sun bath? No. And he hated to go swimming or go to the beach... because he was so skinny. But he was so skinny because he didn't go outside! Like to the beach!

Ichabod started laughing.

"What's so funny?" Pamela said.

"I don't like taking my shirt off because I am so skinny but I am so skinny because I don't take my shirt off! Hahaha!"

Pamela smiled. "You're also a growing boy. It's not unusual for someone your age to be skinny."

"I'm going outside right now to lie in the sun for awhile."

"Don't overdo it. Your pale skin will burn quickly. Just a few minutes and then put your shirt back on."

"Okay, Mom!" Ichabod grinned. He had made a great discovery. It would be fun telling Marzipan about it.

Ichabod thought it was funny inthally, but than the more he thought about it the less funny it seemed.

"So basicly I'm a freak." He said to himself as he lay there in the sun, "I'm a freakish plant-human hybrid." He wasn't sure if he wanted to tell Marzipan now, or anyone for that matter."

Suddenly his belly rumbled the loudest he had ever heard

"I'm in the sunlight." Ichabod said to himself "Why am I still hungry?"

Than it struck him "Of course!" He said "The cloroplasts are in my bloodstream! And I've been draining myself of blood to feed my plant, so no matter how long I lie in the sun, I'll still be hungry because I don't have enough blood!"

He looked at his scared hands "Some genius I am." He said sadly "I'm oblivious to my own body's needs all because I want to succeed."

Ichabod shook his head "I shoulden't be dependant on sunlight anyway. I should try to make myself more like normal people and just eat normally."

He walked into the kitchen, as the sun was setting

"So what's for dinner?" Ichabod asked

"Your favorite." Pamela said warmly "Steamed Chard."

Ichabod's face fell when he heard that "Oh, Right." He said "What we eat every Thursday night."

As they ate Ichabod felt something inside him, something strange, his stomach seemed to be kicking against his walls of his insides and Ichy knew why! He ate the same excact thing every week for eight years!

But Ichabod didn't want to raise a fuss he just gulped down the veggies even though every bite tasted rancid in his mouth, he washed it all down with water, even though his stomach was crying on the inside.
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After forcing himself to eat. Ichabod excused his mother from the table to go outside for a bit. When she said yes, Ichabod literaly jumped out of the chair and out the door. He was still hungry and that Steamed Chard wasn't making his stomach any better. He walked around town to find himself a restraunt. While on the way he spotted Shelly inside eating.

"Miss Shelly?" he said to himself.

Miss Shelly, got up and saw one of her pupils standing outside her window.

She went outside. "Ichabod Crane?" She asked "I had no idea we were neighbors!"

"Yeah, um...Neither did I." Ichy chuckled nervously

Than he slapped himself on the forehead

"Shoot!" He cursed "I forgot my Cash at the house!"

"Your cash?" Shelly cocked her head

"It's a long story." Ichabod said "My mother refuses to cook any new dish so I've been living on the same four or five things for the majority of my childhood, if I have to eat one more salad I think I'm going to vomit!"

Shelly looked at Ichabod sympatheticly "Poor child." She said "It must be awful to want something new but never getting a chance."

A thought occured to her

"Didn't Marzipan make you lunch today?"

"Yes." The Boy said "She did."

"Marzipan and her family live at the house at the corner, right over there. If you want ask her if you could stay for dinner."

"Really? She'd let me do that?"

"In truth I think Marzipan's been expecting you."

"Expecting me?"

"Cats are a little psychic." The Dragoness purred "Dragons are too."

Marzipan indeed knew Ichabod was coming deep down in her bones, so she had been preparing hot Beef Stew in advance.

"I'm the luckyest cat who ever lived." She snickered to herself
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Ichabod smiled and bowed to Shelly.

"Thanks for the info Miss Shelly! It was nice seeing you. Oh by the way, maybe later, can I talk to you about something?" he said.

"Sure Ichabod. But come to me during school lunch hours." she replied.

After that, Ichabod went of waving back at Shelly. He took a shortcut through an ally and headed up straight towrds Marzipan's house. He pants a bit, tiredly and rung the doorbell.

As soon as Marzipan heard it, she squealed and mewed as she ran towards the door opening it.

"Ichy~!" she called out.

"Been expecting me eh?"

"Come on in," Marzi said. "I made some beef stew for us."

Ichabod was a little bit freaked by Marzi's psychic awareness that he was coming, but that stew sure smelled good. Psychic or not, Marzi knew how to cook. Soon there was only the sounds of spoons clinking against bowls and the slurping of mouths on spoons.

When his second bowl of stew was finished, Ichabod leaned back and patted his stomach. "That was delicious, Marzi! How did you become such a good cook?"

"There are some good cooks in my family. My mom, of course, but also my Aunt Tabatha. From her I learned that it doesn't matter what foods you have in the house, there is always something you can do with them that will be good to eat."

Ichabod smiled. "You're lucky to have all those good cooks in your family. My Mom cooks the same seven vegetables over and over. She has one for each day of the week."

"I hope you have room for some dessert," Marzi said.
"Err... What is desert?" Ichabod asked

"Raw meat cake!" Marzi said happily "You never tried it?"

Ichabod was considering re-thinking about what he said

"You don't like the idea of eating raw meat?" Marzi asked sadly

Before things could get akward the phone rang

The Father Cat answered "Ahoy hoy?" He said (He always answered the phone like that)

"Is my son over there?" A voice asked

"Is this Pamela Isly?" Halcon asked

"Yes. And someone told me my son was at your house."

"I think she wants to speak with you." Halcon said passing the phone to Ichabod

"Yes Mum?" Ichabod said worriedly

"You had me worried sick!" Pamela exclaimed "I didn't know where you were..."

"Listen," Ichabod said "Don't be upset I'll come hom right now."

He turned to his hosts "Sorry I won't be able to stay but I better get home before my Mother gets really angry."
After Ichabod left Halcon turned to his daughter. "You're feeding that skinny boy? He doesn't look like he knows how to eat. You should date a fat boy. They appreciate good cooking."

"Dad!" Marzi said. "I like Ichabod. And he'll be heavier when I get through feeding him, but he won't be fat. A fat boy? Haha! Maybe I should date Russel Blubb."

Halcon grinned. "Now you're talking. What does Russel weigh? About 100 kilograms?"

Marzi frowned. "Dad, do you have to use the metric system? Nobody else does."

"The whole world does, honey. It's only here that Russel weighs 200 pounds. Everywhere else it's metric. I'm just trying to get you used to it."

"Why? I don't want to live anywhere else but here."
Ichabod ran home to where his mother was,

She was standing by the front door, tapping her foot

"Why didn't you tell me where you going?" She asked
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Ichabod panted a bit and looked up.

"I did... But I didn't say how long.. Im sorry mom..." he said.

Palmela sighed and walked back inside.

"Ahh well... I guess it can't be helped. But for now on you won't go anywhere's before 7 O clock. Got it?" she said.

Ichabod nodded and sighed.

"Yea I got it ma."

Ichabod sighed heavily, He didn't like it but there was noting he could do about it

The End!

(I felt the need for an epilouge since there were a few strings left untied)

Ichabod looked away, ever since dinner dark thoughts had been brooding deep inside him. But he still kept them contained, Ichabod still loved his mother and he just didn't want to raise a fuss.

"Ichabod?" Pamela asked "Is something the matter?"

"No Mum I'm fine." Ichabod said as he turned to exit to his room.

"Ichabod..." His Mother touched his arm "Are you sure you feel all right? You look a little sick?"

"I do?" Ichabod wasn't sure if this was suprising or not

"It's just...your eyelids..." Pamela gestured to his own "They've turned black."

Ichabod went to the mirror and looked in it indeed his eyelid turned a dark smokey color as if he had been vomiting...his eyes were red as if he had been crying and as if on cue tears started forming in Ichabod eyes as he looked at his reflection disgusted by what he saw.

He turned to his Mother, he knew he coulden't keep his feeling bottled up any longer

"Mother." He said "I've got to confess why I ran out on you."

He sat down on the foot rest to brace himself for his own venting.

"It's just..." He began

"Yes..." His mother pressed

"I'm just tired of the same tired old things you feed me every week!" He burst out "For the longest time I haven't actuallly tasted what is my mouth my sense od taste more or less shut down!"

He took a deep breath to calm himself down, he wrapped his arms around himself and sighed.

"I wasn't origanlly indending to go to Marzipan's." He said lowering his voice "I was origanally searching for that Jewish Deli at the Corner, what's that place called? Schmendrick's?"

"I believe that is its name" Pamela said sitting herself down on the sofa.

"But halfway out I realized I forgot my cash. That's when I bumped into Miss Shelly who told me where Marzipan lived and that I could invite myself over if I wanted. Seeing as I didn't have any money..."

Pamela thought to herself, this was the first time her son actually complained about dinner...She never thought she was hurting her son by giving him only vegtables on the contrary she thought she was doing him a world of good by keeping away from all that was fattening.

But she never realyzed that her son's sense of taste had shut down, in this light Jonathan's letter was a warning not an insult, trying to tell her that she was being selfish trying to monopolyze her son's diet.

"I still think you ought to date Russell Blubb," Halcon said.

"Dad!" Marzi said. "Will you give Russell Blubb a rest? It's Ichabod that I like. OK? Nobody else."

"Why hasn't he called you?"

"I don't know... He seemed to like my cooking a lot... Did you see his face?"

"I also saw how he went running out of here when his Mommy called him and told him to get home."

Marzi's face fell. "Do you think his mother doesn't like me?"

Marzipan was getting sleepy and went to bed. After Ichabod managed to vent his fustrations out his eyelids returned to their normal color he also went to bed feeling tired after a long night
Ichabod's mother, Pamela, could not sleep. She lay in her bed, tossing and turning and thinking about the events earlier in the evening.

Ichabod's little rebellion had surprised her. He had always been such an obediant kid. Maybe her cooking was a little monotonous and veggie but he had never complained before. No, he didn't complain until that Marzipan chimera came into the picture. Marzipan had turned Ichabod against her. Maybe not intentionally, but just by being a good cook and showing Ichabod something good to eat. Or maybe it was intentional. Pamela realized she didn't really know much about Marzipan. Maybe now that Ichabod was forbidden to go out of the house in the evenings he would not hang out with Marzipan so much.
(Just a bit of vocabulary Manimal is what Jim and Bill of the Manimal Saga are, Chimera is what Marzipan is...Marzipan makes a cameo as a Manimal in the Ultratech stories)

Ichabod got out of bed after tossing and turning from bad dreams, he got out of bed early and fould an apple in the fruit bowl.

He nibbled it lightly, for the first time he noticed its flavor.

His mother came down from her room looking equally tired "Good Morning." She said

Ichabod swallowed his bit of fruit "Good Morning." He said "Sorry if I got snappish but I truly am tired of the same old stuff day after day."

Pamela found the apology qute disarming "I suppose.."
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Ichabod took another bite of the apple this time savoring it. The taste was there now, the flavor. Pamela looked at him and wondered.

"Ichabod? Have you ever... Well... Tasted flavor of vegitables and fruits before?" she asked.

Ichabod looked back and stopped shewing for a moment. He shook his head and said no. In fact, he also wondered how he finally was able to taste the flavor.
Ichabod thought for a moment,

"I think to compensate for the lack of balence in my diet," He said thoughtfully "I became more dependant on water and sunlight for nourishment...I feel that sunlight became my main source of food."

"And..." Pamela said "There's more isn't there?"

"I became like a plant in nature," Ichabod mused "I ate more out of habit than out of any genuine interest in what I was eating. Food was just of no importance to me and so my sense of taste just shut off because my brain didn't aknolwadge my tougue."

"Do you think your lack of interest in food..." She hestated "My have been caused by me feeding you the same thing everyday?"

"Most likely" Ichabod said "But also my body had never experianced real hunger because I was using sunlight as a substitute but when I started draining myself of blood...My only source of support I was subjected to the first real hunger I've ever felt."
"Do you blame me?" Pamela said.

"No, Mom. Whatever you did you did because that's who you are. I know you would never deliberately do anything to hurt me."

"That's true, son. Because I was perfectly satisfied eating the same veggie meal every day, I thought you would be too. I didn't take into account that you would be growing up to be a different person with different tastes and needs from me. I'm sorry about that."

Ichabod hugged his mom. "Don't be. It's okay. Really. And now I have Marzipan to cook me food that I like."

Pamela felt a bit of anger at the mention of Marzi's name but she tried to stifle it. It wasn't right to be jealous of her son's
friend. One day Ichabod would be leaving home and Pamela needed to get used to that idea. She smiled. "That's good, son. I'm glad you have a nice friend like Marzipan."
(This is a prequel, to the actual love story, right now Marzi and Ichy are just friends)

Later at school, Ichabod bumbed into Alice.

"Hello." She said quietly

"You seem to be spending a lot of time with that Cat-Girl lately." She said

"You're not actually jelaous are you?" Ichabod asked inquiringly "Look Marzipan is just a friend not my girlfriend, you're still my one and only."

"I suppose..." Alice said

"Look." Ichabod said firmly "All Marzipan wants is to protect the nerds from lager predators and to prepare my meals, the only reason you're not making my lunches is because you can't make anything remotly edible."

Alice looked hurt so Ichabod had to soote her

"Listen I didn't mean to offend you or anything, I'll always love you more."

With that he was off, he was on his way to class when something grabbed him by the scruff of the color.

"Hi Ichy." Said a low growly voice

It was Taren the Dragon!

"I'm gonna make you pay for humilating me two days ago." He hissed taking Ichy to the basement

"What are you going to do?" Ichy asked

"Something that should have been done a long time ago."

With that Taren put Ichabod over his knee and began spanking him!

"Ow! OW!"

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Alice sighed as she walked down the hallway. She was about to even cry. Why did Ichabod have to be so rude and unfair? Why did she have to cook anyways? She passed the basement and heard Ichabod yelling.

"Ichabod? Ichabod?!" she yelled out.

Taren didn't hear her as he was too busy spanking Ichabod with a paddle. Marzipan walked down the same hallway hearing Alice's yells.

"Alice? What's going on? Everyone's in class where are you?" she asked.

"Don't you hear Ichabod yelling?" Alice said.

"Is that what that is? Gosh! Let's go help him."

The two girls raced down the stairs to the basement.
Ichabod was almost exausted from all the spanking he had been taking by this time he had stopped yelping in pain.

"Oh Please stop." Ichabod whispered to the dragon

The nasty dragon merely chuckled and laid his hand on Ichabod's rump

Ichy realized much to his horror, just how mssive the dragon's hand was. The pinky touched one hip, while the thumb touched the other.

Marzipan and Alice fould Ichabod and Taren in a corner, Marzipan sprung like a spring and bit Taren's tail

(Evreyone knows Dragon's have sensitive tails)

"OWCH!" Taren screamed and dropped Ichabod,

Ichabod rushed to his feet and with the help of Alice and Marzi hurried away to safety.

"That was scary," Ichabod sighed "If you'll ladies will pardon I think I've got to lie down for a while."

With that Ichabod collapsed at his desk.

Marzipan and Alice left him alone to rest, Alice turned to Marzi

"You seem awfully keen on helping him." She said

"Yeah so?" Marzi asked "Taren is a jerk who woulden't want to bite him?"

"What are you making for his lunch?"

"Chicken soup."
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Alice turned away and hold two of her hands together. Marzipan didn't understand a bit till she figured out why Alice is looking and acting like this. Ichabod liked her soup then Alice's, but why would Ichabod want to hurt her feelings for?

"Alice... Im sorry...": she said quietly.

She turned around a bit irritated.

"For what? Its not like YOU made a comment about my soup!" she said.

Marzi looked down at Ichabod and back at Alice.
Marzipan took a deep breath and tried to keep calm.

"I'm sure Ichabod didn't mean to hurt your feelings." She said "He was just being honest...Come to think of it if you two ever got married you'd have to live entirly of take-out or he would have to cook."

Alice bit her lip, it hurt but it was true, she was a terrible cook.

"Look." Marzi said "If it will help you feel any better I'll give you a one on one lesson during cooking class. I'll show you how to make a perfect chicken soup ok?"

"Sure why not?" Alice grumbled As much she hated to admit it she knew she was a terrible cook.

"To begin." Marzi said as they walked in "Begin with cold water, never warm or hot."
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Alice took out her notepad and jotted down Marzi's instructions. As she continued to speak, Ichabod fell asleep on the desk snoring.
A few minutes passed and Alice had down the basics on cooking. She didn't smile, but she had shown a bit of appreciation.

"Thanks Marzipan." she said.

(Sorry couldn't get into detail. Don't know much about cooking. XD)
But of course by the time,Alice had finished jotting down notes Marzipan had made hot bowl of chicken soup.

Ichabod woke up from his slumber, He noticed it was almost time for lunch.

"How long was I out?" He asked as he rubbed his eyes

"Half an hour." Mr Quaxo said "Ichabod is there something you are not telling me?"

"No, I'm fine really..." He said and he quickly left for the cafiteria

He sat down in his usaul spot. Marzipan placed before him a hot bowl of chicken soup

"Thanks Marzi, you're a life saver."

"In more ways than one." She said knowingly

Ichabod sampled the soup, it was just as good as the soup she made him yesterday.

Than he remembered he planned on talking with Miss Shelly this day during lunch, he noticed her walking about the cafiteria and he waved to her to call her over

"Yes, Ichabod?" She said "What is it you wish to talk about?"
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Ichabod looked over at Alice who was sitting back with the other football players. There was the same quarterback, but he looked a bit more scared then mad since Marzi and Ichabod stopped him from hurting Alice.

"Its about Alice... I think she's being abused by one of the quarterbacks." he said.

Shelly meeped and gasped.

"God! Ichabod why didn't you or Alice tell me this sooner?" she asked.

That's the question that Ichabod wanted to know. But it was better to tell her then never. He explained what happened during the past few days to weeks.

Shelly took it all in with a grim face. "I'll have to notify the authorities, of course. But first I'll need to talk to Alice to verify what you have told me."

"She might deny it," Ichabod said.

Shelly looked hard at Ichabod. "You should hope she doesn't deny it or I will wonder if you are making it up."

"No!" Ichabod said. "I'm telling you the truth! Let me talk to Alice first. I'll tell her to go talk to you."
Ichabod walked over to Alice, The Quarterback looked somewhat nervous as he approached, afraid the he would be attacked by cats.

"Listen." Ichabod said "Miss Shelly is coming to talk to you." He said to Alice "I want you to tell her the absolute truth or else I suffer too."

"I promise." Alice said

Miss Shelly walked over to Alice

"Would you like to come to my room and talk?" Ms Shelly asked "It must be awfully hard to talk to teachers in front of your peers"
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Alice gulped a bit but nodded her head. The Quarterback didn't seem to care since he continue to watch Ichabod. When Alice and Shelly came out of sight, Ichabod made an imitation of a cat meowing freaking him out. Food fliped from his seat as he jumped. Most of the kids laughed and Ichabod smirked.

Alice and Shelly walked into the classroom. They both sat down on seperate desk and Alice started to explain what was happening with the Quarterback and her.

When Alice was done with her story, Shelly shook her head sadly. "You realize this means the Quarterback is going to be expelled and he was our best player so we will probably lose the rest of our games and when the other kids find out it was because of you then they are going to hate you?

Alice gulped. "N-No. I hadn't thought about any of that."
Alice sighed and rubbed tears from her eyes

"Now, now don't fret." Miss Shelly said "If the Quarterback is truly as bad as you said than we have to expell him, We'll try to find a replacement quarterback maybe Taren the dragon would like to try."

"Oh yes, Taren..." Alice did not think warm thoughts when she thought of Taren.

As Alice left Miss Shelly's room, Shelly became quiet and reflective she looked out the window and saw the sunlight.
Alice reterned to Class, Ichabod came over to Marzipan.

"If you're going to be with us nerds now than I have to show you something."

He opened a locker and pressed on a poser on the back of it.

The back of the locker opened up and a secret staircase opeded up!

"How did you know that was there?" Marzi asked

"Albert discovered it." Ichabod said "When he was shoved in his locker last month."

Ichaod took Marzipan by the paw and led her down the staircase."

"The only other non-nerd I've shown this place to is Alice, so consider yourself in a lucky postion."

They entered a massive dimly let chamber, filled with books and furiture and all the comforts of home!

"Welcome to the secret sanctuary of the nerds!" Ichabod said

"How can this place exist?" Marzi asked "Within the walls of a school?"

"I'm not sure but I think students have discovered this place again and again for generations." Ichy said
(OK Steve I had to delete your entry because like I said before Marzipan and Ichabad are not a couple in this story!)

Ichabod rested against a sofa, "Geez my feetb are killing me" He said as he began unlacing his shoes

Marzipan watched with interest as he took off his shoes, she gazed at the long narrow feet that came out of them...They were enormous!

"Ichabod..." She "Your feet..."

"I know, I know," Ichy sighed "They're so big they might as well be used for shovels" He flexed his toes, they made a rather odd 'cricking sound' as he flexed them "Just anouther oddball trait to add to my homely appearance."

He lay down and rested on the sofa, but Marzi was mezmerized by his socked feet, she wondered what would happan if she touched them..
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Ichabod sighed and rubbed his head. He wished he would had eaten some meat to fix his problem so that Marzipan wouldn't view him as wierder as he is now.

Marzi poked his foot feeling a bit of bones which made Ichabod shiver a bit.

"Ahh! No wait don't touch! It really wierds ME out even."
"Oh no, no, you misunderstand!" Marzipan said "I didn't mean any harm, I was just trying to tickle your foot."

"Tickle?" Ichabod raised an eyebrow, Marzipan suddenly felt embaressed, had she gone to far? Would Ichabod think she was a pervert?"

"Sorry I snapped." Ichabod said "It's just I'm a little self-consious about my feet, more so than the rest of me, everyone keeps telling me I have big feet and it just embaresses me so much."
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Marzipan hugged him and purred.

"Don't be so down about it... Don't listen to what other people think of you." she said.

Ichabod smiled and nodded, but sighed and looked down in embaressment.

"I know.. But its just, seeing them makes me wonder why I was born like this..." he replied.

Marzipan didn't know what to say. She was going to say, "Instead of asking why you were born like that, why not ask why you were born at all?" but in her head it sounded like a cruel thing to say. She wasn't sure why, because it's what she would ask. But she didn't think Ichabod would hear it the way she meant it.

Finally she said, "I think lots of people feel that way about themselves. But I'm glad each of us is different. It would be boring if we were all exactly alike."
Ichabod sighed but he agreed, there was nothing he could do about his big feet.

And there you've heard it children, how the Comrades of Intellect came to be...

The End!

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