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forced assassins
You wake up in a room with no recollection of the past. You do not know how you woke or up in this room or your own name. A man dressed in a suit opends up the door and calls you by a number and says if you want to live you must learn to kill for him without question.He claims that there is no escape from your fate and that you have no where to go because he is a boss of crime bosses and he can track you no matter where you go. After your training you will become part of his small elite team of assassin known Ghost
At first you might try to be rebellious and run away but upon further inspection of the building you it is fortress build in a desert with a couple of other rooms just like yours he explains this is where is your new home and you'll never see the outside he decides to let you see it. He tells you will willing start your training tomorrow or be killed. You accept his unfair offer.
You begin to train. You lean how to lie cheat steal, and most of kill.Your beat daily for no reason. You slowly start to lose your humanity and what is left of it you either hide or show to a select few. When your training is complete you have one final test. Which is to kill a scared broken down civilian or be killed and still have the civilian killed by the next ghost trainee.You hesitate but you pull the trigger and you become full Ghost. for a week you fill depressed but soon you get over it and than killing become much easier for you to commit and you begin to murder for you own survival without question.

Ghost is a small team with a few operatives working together all having their memories erased

1) you have will have 3 days too finish your turn or you will be skipped (unless you message me)
2) If you are skipped 3 time in a row with no excuse you will be kick off and your character will be killed in action...
3)have fun you can cruse get bloody i don't care just you can't kill other players character with out permission from the creator or me(i only give permission for rule 2)
4) your bio must approved by me before you post it send mail it to me

the bio

Number ( make up your number)

Nickname(what every ghost member calls you plus a the reasson why they call u it )

Age( you dont you true age)



Best Ability


Team Position


example of how it should look ( this is my character profile)

Number 67

Nickname Cloud ( called this because he always looks at the cloud outside of the base thinking)

Age: looks to be in his twenties

Appearance: he has dark black hair that is spiked up a little he is almost 90 precent of the time wearing black suit unless he is undercover

Personality: Quite emotionless

Best Ability: He can lie and act better than anyone once got a man to kill himself by getting in side his head

Weapon: Hk7 and 9mm with silencer on both guns

Team Position:Leader

Additional: He is the currently the closest to being the original member of Ghost the previous leader 66 was the original member but 66 was killed in action body never found and cloud was the second most experienced so he got the job even though he doesn't like it but he cant let anyone know that

Approved bio's

Number 93

Nickname Majyxs (called this because of his knack of slipping past defended areas unnoticed, one way or the other).

Age: Late teens

Appearance: Dark brown hair, athletic build, black jacket and cargo pants strapped to a tight fit.

Personality: Very high-brow, polite, and passive externally. Internally, he is generally
loathing, but respectful.

Best Ability: Stealth/Surveillance

Weapon: Colt .45 modified for .22 cartridges, fiber wire, and a 5" combat knife

Team Position: Lean-on and support

Additional: He is usually first to infiltrate and secure his team's entrance. This
means he mostly works on his own and rarely is given any support (different tasks might require him to take other measures and methods on his approach, though).


Number: 128

Nickname: Serenity : She always seems to have a look of complete peace on her face, even when she kills.

Age: Looks to be in her late teens.

Appearance: She is fairly short, standing at 5'1" and very skinny but fit. She has long dirty blond hair, usually in a ponytail or a bun. She has clam blue eyes that seem to stare through someone rather than at them. She usually wears a loose fitting black slacks with a white button-up shirt.

Personality: Emotionless as well as peaceful. Most would describe her as a blank sheet.

Best Ability: "Blank Sheet" as she has been described as is fitting. She can have any personality a job requires. That sheet can become fun and outgoing, timid and reserved, back to emotionless as if her personality is erased and replaced.

Weapon: Her specialty is sniper rifles, any rifle put in her hand, she can use. She is also skilled with knives for close quarters.

Team Position: She's the sniper and information gatherer(right word? I think there is a different word for that but I can't think of it)

Additional: She is one of the newest members of Ghost. She showed promise even before training took place. There are times when she shows emotion, mainly anger, when not on a mission, but these are few and far between.


Number: 78

Nickname: Gilgamesh(comes from his enormous size and increadible strength he has)

Age: looks to be in his 30s

Appearance: Gilgamesh is huge and tall, walking in a manner of disinterest! He has brown hair and grey cold eyes that detect any irregularities! He wears usually sport wear

Personality: This brawny brute is cold and sometimes often agressive to the outer world, having been seen to attact members of his own team for the slightest reason! Whether it is enemy or friendly unit! He tries to keep teamwork as swift as possible! His face never shows doubt or fear, and neither does it show remorse! He is the only one no one has ever heard talk! He is obviously a sociopath!

Best Ability: As if his increadible strength wasn't enough, he found out he can handle himself perfectly with swords and knives!

Weapon: His special dark blue suit is filled with shuriken and he has a 1,40 feet katana strapped to his back. He also has 5 granades hidden in his chest!

Team Position: Grunt

Additional:Gilgamesh is the first to cover his initiation without wasting time to think it over! When he was told to kill he killed without asking! He seems to be more dangerous to the team, but his abilities make him an irreplacable part of it! Perhaps if someone melts his ice cube of a heart he might become even better!


[Saracen Warrior]

Number 82

Nickname: Eris (Greek name meaning "strife", also the name of a war goddess, sister of the Greek god of war Ares) Name given to Number 82 because of her aggression.

Age: Early twenties

Appearance: Attractive, 5' 5" tall, long black hair (nearly always in a
ponytail), prefers to wear black skirt suits and high heels, unless undercover.

Personality: Femme Fatale

Best Ability: Is able to use her feminine wiles to penetrate even the most
tight-knit enemy circles without a shot being fired.

Favored Weapon: Sig Sauer P226 with hollow point parabellum rounds, supressor.

Team Position: Executive leader.

Additional: Classfied as one of the most effective female members of the 'Ghost' organization, "Number 82's ruthlessness can rival or even surpass that of any man"... to quote another, unknown assassin.
Number: 35

Nickname: Phantom (due to him being silent unless spoken too)

Age: late teens

Appearance: Depending on the job, he either wears a black suit or black skin tight clothing. His light brown hair goes down to his shoulders and his eyes are dark blue.

Personality: Silent and merciless. He kills without question or regret and has done so ever since he trained. He never wanted to escape and still embraces his life as an assassin.

Best Ability: Silent kills. He is very skilled when it comes to killing someone without alerting anybody else.

Weapon: He either uses knives or a silenced sniper rifle.

Team Position: Mid-rank.

Additional: While he embraces his life as an assassin, Phantom is constantly looking for any evidence of where he used to live. He looks through old newspapers and searches for old photos which might point him in the right direction.

_____________________________________________________________________--Light and Dark ~Wings~

Number: 11

Nickname: Spirit

Age: Late teens early twenties

Appearance: Medium length chocolate brown hair that falls just above his green eyes with hints of gold. Stands just under 6’0 and has a lean incredibly toned build. He only wears a suit when dealing with the higher ups. Very attractive you would never know he was a skilled assassin from looking at him.

Personality: Spirit has yet to be fully broken, unlike most who come through Spirit retains a genuine smile, and a laid back attitude. However when the higher-ups are around he has to act very different, he is quite his eyes become cold and calculating and all his movement become very deliberate and precise.

Best Ability: Speed, They call him the spirit because of one of his many speed based abilities, he can disappear before your very eyes using pure speed. He has also been known to doge bullets to a certain extent, kill in a large crowed without being seen. Also it is nearly impossible to catch or hold him for long.

Weapon: He tends to use whatever is available at the time, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t keep a couple knives hidden away… and a katana or two short swords on his back(whenever possible)

Team Position: Spirit doesn’t have a specific position, he had been on the team long enough to be second in command but he likes to rely on intuition and killer instinct rather than thinking things through(it takes to long)

Additional: Spirit is somewhat shameless with little to no respect for anyone and anything.(other than the organization) Also if its female chances are Spirit will hit on it(a lot of the time very successfully,)

Play Clue with Mee...#1531761

Number (5150)

Nickname: Silk - I'm smooth and soft and sexy. Also, my hair is staright black and silky

Age: Mid-twenties

Appearance: Long black hair, green eyes, olive skin. 5'9" tall, and nice to look at.

Personality: Quiet but a quick wit and deadly calm.

Best Ability: Acrobatics and stealth as well as planning and organization.

Weapon: Up close and personal. Knives and light guns.

Team Position: [needs to be fixed]

Additional: She is a planner, but can change her plans at a moment notice as needed. She likes everyone - at least they get the impression that she likes them- but can quickly discard anyone who doesn't follow her orders when in a mission.

sorry for any errors while writing this i am not proofreading or checking for mistakes i will go back later and fix these mistakes.. and sorry for the briefness my other additions will be much longer
<<<<<outside of the base>>>>>>

"Is this all one big nightmare it all looks so real the sky it relaxes me the only thing where I can find peace in this nightmare" cloud thought to himself said standing up looking up at the the sky the desert surround this horrid place not a sigh of life anywhere the stench of rotten flesh was the best smell you would find on the outside of this reached base or so that we call it.
A red jeep pulled on the side of Cloud and the cars back windows began to role revealing a fat old man. This man was the boss. The puppeteer of the puppets and we were the puppets. Cloud continued looking in to the sky.

"67 our knew orders have arrived" The boss said handing him folder

"yes i will inform my team immediately" Cloud said sounding if he was a robot

"before you do that 67 my sister would like another meeting with you again 67 get in the car now" Cloud opened the door he door and got in the car it than began to drive off. Cloud hated his sister she was fat and ugly and she wanted him but cloud had no choices to obey his orders and to fulfill all her needs no matter what they are for his own survival.

With in two hours cloud was back ready to give his men a briefing of the mission.

The silence was like death within the base, as if all the life had been swallowed by the despair that lurked within it's dark recesses. Only a faint noise, like a thunk, penetrated the concrete walls. The sound always constant, emanating in intervals of exactly ten seconds.

In Majyxs's room though, every time his knife drove into the board, more than just the insipid noise was heard. Every time the knife left his hand and flew to meet the target with it's steel, sounds of death's approach echoed through his mind. The screams of agony that escaped the throats of countless victims before their bodies fell lifeless, the following death indistinguishable from the following silence.

He walked back up to the target, cut out in the shape of a man's head, and pulled his knife out. Such practice was child's play to Majyxs by now. A skill suitable as a last resort, but nonetheless fatal in the hands of the experienced.

Distancing himself now, Majyxs sheathed his blade and stood facing the opposite wall. Reaction time and precision was key in many circumstances and desperate times call for desperate measures. All the variables must be considered in a situation before proper action is taken. Any skill at disposal must be used to successfully complete the objective. These thoughts ran through his mind as he considered the variables.

Quickly spinning around while drawing his knife, Majyxs launched himself backwards in an evasive tactic, throwing his knife at the target in the process. As the knife sliced through the air, Majyxs arched his back in an attempt to perform the flip, but he wasn't quick enough in midair. His head was first to impact with the floor and he was too jarred to maintain any footing.

Majyxs was met with yet another disappointment as he heard the knife clatter on the concrete floor. He got up and looked down at his knife, not only had he failed the evasion, but also the attack. If a situation had called for him to take such a measure, successfully executing either attack or evasion would have been rewarded with valuable time. The slightest error would only result in consequences.

To think that at any time Majyxs's skill wouldn't be enough to keep him alive would also mean he is jeopardizing the lives of teammates. The team relies on every individual to have the ability to flawlessly carry out their tasks. If he kept them alive, they would do the same for him. The only fair trade ever made in this place.

"Numbers," came the voice of Cloud, outside of Majyxs's room. the only time he referred to them as 'The Numbers' was when they had new orders. Majyxs picked up his knife and sheathed it again, taking the time to brush himself off. The other members of Ghost had already gathered and were awaiting to hear about the next assignment, Cloud stood facing his team.

"Cloud," said Majyxs, nodding in acknowledgment.
Eris was sat in the confines of her room, classical music played a low volume could be heard by anyone just outside the door. Her lithe, nylon-clad legs were crossed in the typical manner as she gently shaped the tips of her long fingernails with a file.

"All Numbers report to the briefing room" she suddenly heard on the speaker system.

Rolling her head, Eris let out a long sigh as she put the file down on the table and got to her feet, she ran her hands down her black skirt to neaten it and then exited her room, passing two other assassins on the way to the briefing room, not a word shared between them. Arriving in the BR (briefing room), Eris looked around, everyone seemed present, though a couple of stragglers entered the room after her, and at the head of the room Cloud was stood silent, arms behind his back.

Without uttering a word, Eris nodded at her superior, then clicked over to the front of the room in her 4-inch stiletto heels, sitting down in a chair located near Cloud. She crossed her legs and waited for Cloud to begin the briefing. As she did so, she looked over the room of trained assassins, each one a proven killer with no regrets, she knew that she and Cloud had a superb team to work with.
(sorry for the short addition, I don't have a whole lot of time right now.)

Silence, it was a beautiful thing. Serenity was surrounded in it as she sat outside the base. It was one of the few things she actually liked. It gave the sensation that everything was peaceful. She had just gotten back from an easy job. Killing people had become second nature for everyone at the base. They had to kill to become a member or they had to die themselves. Serenity remembered that kill the most out of all hers.

She had to kill a man, a simple man. He had no riches, no mansion, and no power in the world. He didn't even see her all heard was the click of the hammer and the fatal shot. Serenity's first kill, she felt the weight of his life land on her shoulders. After a while, she had gotten used to the weight. She didn't feel it anymore, nor did she feel the weight of any of the others she had killed.

"All Numbers report to the briefing room," she heard over the speakers throughout the base.

Serenity stood up and walked to the briefing room. Most were already there. She looked at Cloud, he acknowledged her entering the room with nothing more than a look. Talking wasn't necessary for most at Ghost.

She leaned on the back wall and waited for Cloud to speak.
<<<sorry for the errors once again writing this in a hurry>>>

"We have two new targets these targets must be taken out around the same time it is unknown why .......... the first targets is a old male in his 60s named Jason Carter. Jason Carter is a weak old man guarded in his mansion that located on a island he owns with more than a hundred men trained men guarding him.One of the men is know as the black reaper who has recently appeared. This black reaper dresses in all black and wears a white mask covering his face. He is better trained than all of the men on the island combined and comfrentation with him is forbidding." cloud said

"tell that to Gilgamesh"Spirit said laughing

Cloud continued his speech "the second target is a little harder to find he his name is Justin Strickland early twenties, he has last been spotted in New York city on the streets. He has no home friends or family so finding him will take some investagation" cloud said walking to his seat

"I'll just do the first misson that seems more fun " Spirit chuckled

Silk who had already been given the order to think of a plan from cloud began to speak

"82 and 67 will act a couple along with 128 who will act as our adopted daughter and we will search for any information on Justin Strickland in new york city I already have thier passports made and the hotel called................... the rest of us will assault the base and will be brief more accordantly" Silk spoke as Cloud, Serenity and Eris walked out the room

"I hate how silk always thinks she is in command" Eris said when they were far enough the other could not here them

" she will never be a leader no one will listen to her they only listen because i tell them to do so " cloud said walking outside

"were are we going"Serenity interrupted emotionlessly

"to wait for the ride to pick us up outside" Cloud said

A Non-Existent User
Number: 11

Nickname: Spirit

Age: Late teens early twenties

Appearance: Medium length chocolate brown hair that falls just above his green eyes with hints of gold. Stands just under 6’0 and has a lean incredibly toned build. He only wears a suit when dealing with the higher ups. Very attractive you would never know he was a skilled assassin from looking at him.

Personality: Spirit has yet to be fully broken, unlike most who come through Spirit retains a genuine smile, and a laid back attitude. However when the higher-ups are around he has to act very different, he is quite his eyes become cold and calculating and all his movement become very deliberate and precise.

Best Ability: Speed, They call him the spirit because of one of his many speed based abilities, he can disappear before your very eyes using pure speed. He has also been known to doge bullets to a certain extent, kill in a large crowed without being seen. Also it is nearly impossible to catch or hold him for long.

Weapon: He tends to use whatever is available at the time, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t keep a couple knives hidden away… and a katana or two short swords on his back(whenever possible)

Team Position: Spirit doesn’t have a specific position, he had been on the team long enough to be second in command but he likes to rely on intuition and killer instinct rather than thinking things through(it takes to long)

Additional: Spirit is somewhat shameless with little to no respect for anyone and anything.(other than the organization) Also if its female chances are Spirit will hit on it(a lot of the time very successfully,)
Gilgamesh was alone! His room was far lower than those of the others! It was at the basement! A moldy, chilling obscurity lurked in the corners of the room and the under the chair and table at the far end, eating away the light every time that the omniscient lamp above shimmered! Loud songs of Marilyn Manson ripped through the stereo, that laid on the table, next to a few loaves of bread, a sausage and a big roll of cheese! The stereo had been a small token of gratitude towards Gilgamesh, for being a good boy recently! None of the teammates were attacked so the dog got a biscuit!

“I’m no dog!” he growled in his mind, as he jabbed the boxing bag! No one controlled him! He was here for a good reason! “I am NO DOG!!!” He started punching the bag as hard as he can! The silly thing started beating against the wall, which irritated the brute even more! He stepped forward, not allowing the bag to get back, and continued hammering it into the wall! The concrete started cracking and falling! The heavy blows created a hole in the bag, where the berserk’s unprotected fists were slamming against the wall. How much punches did he need to break through the wall, he thought. Four more? No he already did that much… six…eight? It took him a while to see that the wall already had a hole inside. This accomplishment made him rejoice, as his right drove itself in the bag and punctured it! He then let the bag fall on the floor, which reminded him that he had broken the chain as well!

He took off his clothes and went out of his room. He went to take a shower on the midlevel bathrooms, where he met Spirit who had already gotten out. This man was perhaps the only person after Cloud who could beat Gilgamesh! After taking a shower he got back to his room and sat on the ripped sack of sand. It had been awhile since he turned off the stereo, and the residing silence cleared his head. The muscle ache had made him realize just how more powerful he had become since a month ago! He was NO dog! He was a GOD! He got up, and went to the table and fixed himself a few sandwiches with a lot of cheese in them! He loved cheese, especially swiss cheese! He did not know why, he just loved it! As Gilgamesh ate his first sandwich he went to the bag to get rid of it! As he pulled it up the speaker of the far side of the room replaced the silence:

"All Numbers report to the briefing room" Up until now he had felt powerful! The room was a small fortress that he had! Every time that the speaker sounded, his fortress was infiltrated, his power shattered and he sent back to the harsh reality, that the strong and mighty Gilgamesh was only a pawn in some organization’s hands! He felt his heart quicken as his hands quivered for a second! As his anger could kill the voice, so did the flanged bag smash the speaker into a pulp!


" We have two new targets these targets must be taken out around the same time it is unknown why ..........” said Cloud. The briefing room was more silent than a graveyard. Everyone listened caregully. Counting Gilgamesh in as well, even though he gave himself a look of absolute disinterest. “The first targets is a old male in his 60s named Jason Carter. Jason Carter is a weak old man guarded in his mansion that located on a island he owns with more than a hundred men trained men guarding him.” continued Cloud. “A weak, old fart with a few punks” thought Gilgamesh. ”One of the men is know as the black reaper who has recently appeared. This black reaper dresses in all black and wears a white mask covering his face. He is better trained than all of the men on the island combined…” with the last said the berserker’s eyes had glued themselves to Cloud, a prickly itch appearing in his mind. “…and comfrentation with him is forbidding." Cloud finished the sentence. Gilgamesh went back to his quite, passive behavior.

" Tell that to Gilgamesh"Spirit said laughing, Gilgamesh let it slide as he listened close.

"The second target is a little harder to find he his name is Justin Strickland early twenties, he has last been spotted in New York city on the streets. He has no home friends or family so finding him will take some investagation" Cloud said walking to his seat. Gilgamesh was not interested in the second one at all! Search and Find was not exactly his area of expertise.

"I'll just do the first misson that seems more fun " Spirit chuckled.

"82 and 67 will act as a couple along with 128 who will act as their adopted daughter…” “Briliant” thought Gilgamesh. For him this idea did not really need a lot of brains, Even he knew that only Cloud Eris and Serenity could do the second mission, but the family idea was very simple as well! Of course to pull this plan in motion was far beyond his abilities. Such small details made Silk more useful now than Gilgamesh had thought; knowing that in the beginning to him the black-skinned bitch was only slowing him down. “…and they will search for any information on Justin Strickland in new york city I already have thier passports made and the hotel called….” She continued, making Gilgamesh yawn! An act that did not went unseen. “The rest of us will assault the base and will be brief more accordantly" Silk ended as Cloud, Serenity and Eris walked out the room. As the door closed Gilgamesh took out a sandwich from a small bag he carried with himself and started eating it in front of her.

“What do you think you’re doing?” asked Silk, her eyes drilling a hole in the brute’s head. Gilgamesh opened his mouth showing the chewed food! “Uncivilized bastard!” Silk retort.

“Gilgamesh, please!” Majyxs begged him. Gilgamesh turned towards him and pushed the sandwich to him, as if offering him some. “Thanks, but no thanks”

“Will you two knock it off! Let’s just get this over with!” Spirit shouted and Gilgamesh hid the sandwich in the bag.
After the briefing, Cloud entered the armory, where Eris was equipping herself with ammunition for her Sig Sauer 226, she blew on a supressor that had been in there for a few months and watched the dust spray in the air. "Not being used for a while obviously" she grumbled, disgusted by the state of the organization's weaponry.

"You two okay with this mission?" Cloud asked, staring rather sternly at the two female agents.

Serenity was the one to answer, while Eris remained deathly silent. "Naturally, why shouldn't we be?" she said, as she inspected an XM-21 sniper rifle, a blank expression on her face.

"No reason," Cloud responded, shrugging his shoulders. "But er...some of the others are talking about how you two seem to get the most interesting missions lately" he them mumbled, causing Eris to turn and look at him, a look of annoyance clear on her face.

"Interesting?? Try routine. If the others have anything to say then they can say it to our faces" she said firmly, referring to herself and Serenity. "Now when does this mission start anyway?" she inquired, calming herself down a little. When annoyed, Eris had a fiery temper, and everyone on the base knew it, luckily though, Serenity, being the closest thing to a best friend that Eris had, and Cloud both knew how to handle her.

Having tucked her pistol into the back of her skirt, Eris paused to relieve an itch on her ankle, lifting up one of her lithe legs as she did so, Cloud, normally one to ignore his feelings, admired his subordinate's legs for a moment, before switching back to topic. "The mission starts as soon as we're off the base, you know that" Cloud grinned at Eris, who couldn't help but smile herself.

"Sweet!" Eris grumbled sarcastically, as Eris slung her acquired sniper rifle over her shoulder.

"I'll meet you two at the front gates at the appointed time" Cloud then informed the two agents, who looked at each other and frowned a little.

"And what time would that be?" Serenity asked.

Cloud turned in the doorway and smiled again..."I'll let you know" He then closed the door, leaving Eris and Serenity to finish preparing themselves for the mission ahead. On their way out of the armory, they literally walked into Gilgamesh and Spirit, who were themselves going to get their favored weapons. Spirit couldn't help himself. "Hey, if either of you ladies want me to comfort you before the mission, I'm here!" he said in a conceited tone as he gestured to his crotch.

Eris ignored him, but Serenity turned quickly..."No thanks, I like to satisfied when I'm with a guy" she retorted, causing a smile to appear on the face of Eris.

"Ouch!" Spirit remarked, shaking his hand, before he disappeared into the armory with Gilgamesh. Eris and Serenity meanwhile went about their final routine business in the base, like they always did before embarking on a mission.
Majyxs entered the armory when he supposed that everyone else was equipped. It wasn't that he was deliberately trying to avoid anyone, by now it was part of his nature to be stagnant. Interaction between the rest of the team resulted in short, rather dull replies, making conversation trite and pointless.

He took a .45 automatic down from it's usual place on the rack. Underrated and rarely used, it was only good for collecting dust if it wasn't in his hands. Always taking the time to check everything, he first depressed the stud and action spring. Next he swiveled the bushing and that allowed the spring to go free. Majyxs dismouted the slide assembly, removing the barrel and holding it up to what little light he had. It was clean as always. Using rags and cleaning solvent, he cleaned every surface of any dirt that may have collected before lightly oiling the weapon. Finished cleaning, he then converted the Colt for .22 cartridges before reassembling.

From a drawer, Majyxs took two magazines, one loaded with fifteen .22 rounds for his Colt, the other with fourteen .45 ACP rounds. Holstering the weapon and placing the clips in his belt, there was just one more thing left. On the edge of a shelf sat a roll of fiber wire. A true strategist's tool. Basic, yet effective.

With weapons taken care of, Majyxs returned to his room. He would take this time to prepare himself. In a matter of time, he and four others would be briefed on an assault operation. Plans already began to assemble within his mind. Forethought and imagination were his deadliest instrument. Perhaps considered the lowest rank on the team, Majyxs had his advantages. Objectives were relatively simple and engagement was flexible, as long as the support would clear a path to the primary target. But it didn't matter to him that he never went on a solo mission, or had to remain on the sidelines. He didn't have as many restrictions. Thus, he could sharpen the edges of his skills with...practice.

Time passed quickly, and once again the speaker sounded. This time it called The Numbers to the gate. Majyxs was as ready as always. Of course, by now this had all become routine.
Boredom was something that didn't exist anymore for Serenity. If it was there, she never noticed it. She had come to accept the routine of working as a Ghost. Kill, come back to base, rest, rinse, repeat. Sometimes a curve ball was thrown in and an interesting target land in their hands but most of the time it was the same thing over and over. It was comforting in a way.

Eris and Serenity were finished any business they had in the base and were waiting outside for Cloud. It was ironic that the only person Serenity truly considered more than a comrade was named Eris, after a goddess of war; but it also made perfect sense. Peace and war, can't have one without the other. At least, that's what Serenity came to believe. One was known for a very short temper and the other was known for her calm demeanor and peaceful expressions. Just like Serenity knew how to cope with Eris' anger, since there really was no "dealing" with it, Eris knew how to "deal" with Serenity on the rare times her anger showed itself.

"So, what do you think?" Serenity asked trying to start a conversation.

"About?" Eris responded in a still slightly annoyed tone.

"The new target of course," Serenity said with a small smile, once again routine kicked in. Every time Eris and Serenity went on a mission together Serenity would ask the same question.

"A homeless guy with no family, I have no idea what sort of threat a guy like that could pose to anyone."

"Seems like the final test all over again, I wonder what he looks like."

"I know what he will look like when we find him, just another corpse for some people to bury, he's taking too long," the conversation topic somehow switched to Cloud's absence in that sentence.

"He always takes longer, he's like a girl getting ready for a date."

"And what would you know about dating people?"

"Oh, I wouldn't know anything, mother," Serenity said, slipping into her character for the mission, "just what I've heard at school."

Why she had to act the part of a daughter while looking for a homeless man, she would never know, but if Cloud said that's what she would do, she would do it. He was the leader after all, or in this case, the father.

"We aren't on mission yet, so drop the stupid voice," Eris said, clearly not liking the preppy version of a daughter.

Almost immediately, like an eraser over a dry erase board Serenity was back to usual, "Just practicing, you know, for the 'most interesting' mission."

"Yeah, right. Finally he arrives," Cloud stepped out of the base carrying a case.

"Ready?" He asked, as usual.

"Naturally, why shouldn't we be?" Serenity answered while Eris remained silent, completing the routine.
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the outside was dim in dull the only place were Cloud could ever find peace and time to think was the outside

"that's the thing this mission doesn't feel like routine we normally we use our skills to kill someone who is on a much bigger level than this man and why do the have to be killed at the same time and most who is this black reaper " cloud said thinking out loud these question were risky things to be asking a bullet would be put in cloud head immediately for asking such free though Cloud knew he was over thinking it but when saw the picture of black reaper it look as though he had seen through the mask and he knew who he that person was he just couldn't put his finger on the name.

A red jeep pulled up in front of cloud and his team followed by 2 black vans and with cloud went back to his normal cold self

"team 1 will get in the red jeep and take the red jeep to the air port and take a plane to New york I have your passports in my hand cloud said handing Serenity and Eris passports

" We will be known as Justin Strickland's relatives who have come to look for him Eris you will be known as Victoria Strickland and Serenity you will be known as Madison Strickland and I will be Jacob Strickland"

"Team 2 will go in the black vans the first one will only have Spirt and Gilgamesh in it the other will have the rest of the team in it you will be driven to a chopper and will be flown to the base were yo will be gan your assault on the base remember do not attack the black reaper it is strictly forbidden and with that said the briefing they began to start their mission
Number: 1526

Nickname: Clean

Age: Looks around thirty

Appearance: 1625 is 5’10, 180 pounds, caucasian, brownish blond hair, brown eyes, and go tee color reddish brown. Has a scar on his right palm bout two inch’s long. Ears are pierced only wears studs silver in most cases. Often wears glasses to doesn’t like the feel of contacts.

Personality: 1625 is abusively clean. Always cares wet wipes with him. He often cleans what ever he has touched. Straitening and organizing things around him is impossible to stop completely. Only time he seems to have control over this abusive behavior is during the job turning cleaning into a art form of removing traces of what’s not supposed to be there. Between jobs he prefers to run the kitchen (actually a really good cook). He also a constant talker. What he says doesn’t all have to be important. In fact a lot of the time what he is saying he isn’t even aware of and comes out in whispers that won’t pass his ears.

Best Ability: Chemicals including all forms there of drugs, acid, truth agents and the likes.

Weapon: Simple pistols. Clean sees it as a shame if he ever has to use it however. Often times he sees it as a failure on the other teams part if does. He prefers to just clean the mess up he doesn’t like the dirty work before.

Team Position: Cleaner yea the body’s and stuff after wards some ones got to take care of them. Is used for small stuff until his part comes mostly information gathering as long as it’s not infiltration.

Addition: Clean is very easy to get along with if you don’t mind his abusive behavior. If you are in listening mood he will talk you ears off. He knows tons of useless information about pretty much any useless subject to ghosts sports, movie gossip so on or just food he knowing how to cook pretty much anything out there. Never tell clean how to do his job this is the one thing that will piss him off.

Clean waited at the air port. The constant traffic of people moving around him. He was dressed in a black and gray stripped suit. With a night blue button shit and gold tie. He was arms where folded. He was absently repeating the news report that was coming form one of the TV’s above his head. He would absently look down at his watch ever minute on the minute. If anyone was watching him he doubted they would notice his precision.

“Flight 257 has now landed” came the voice of lady in the speakers above his head.

Clean moved around people until he got in a spot where he could watch everyone getting off that flight. Seeing cloud and the rest of his team move out he moved to intercept them.

“Hello Mr. Strickland” he said to Cloud extending his hand. “I am Mr. Green. I have car waiting outside for you and your family ready to take to you to the pent house. If you don’t mind the numbers of your baggage. I’ll collect it and be right behind you. I am sure you are al tired from the trip and will want some rest.”
"Nice mom, we have a penthouse!" Serenity muttered quietly, leaning towards Eris and assuming her character again that she would need for the mission. "Yes dear!" Eris replied, as she, Serenity and Cloud were all escorted to the waiting car, which slowly pulled out into traffic once they were all inside.

"I hope the vacation goes as planned honey" Eris said to Cloud, acting the part of the loving wife just incase the driver was listening in to their conversation.

"I'm sure it will sweetheart" Cloud responded confidently, as he looked out of the window.

Serenity suddenly turned to Eris and Cloud. "Where did Mr. Green go?" she asked inquisitively.

"He's in the car behind us Maddy" Eris replied, as she got her compact mirror out and checked her make-up. She then snapped it shut and smiled at Serenity.

Eris then turned to face Cloud. "I sure hope we can find Justin, I'm so worried about him" she said in her dulcet tone, acting the part of a concerned relative perfectly.

"Relax darling, I'm sure everything will work out in the end" Cloud mumbled back, as he held Eris' hand.

"How long before we get to the penthouse?" Serenity suddenly asked the driver, who glanced behind him before focusing on the road again. "Its about a 30-minute drive Miss, but if you're in a hurry I can cut it down to about 25 minutes, that's if we don't meet any cops on the way" the driver replied with a grin.

Eris quickly interjected. "Er...no thank you, we don't want to have an accident" she said, before looking at Serenity and raising an eye brow. Serenity just smiled and blew a bubble with the gum she was chewing. "How charming!" Eris muttered acerbically, before sitting back into her seat.

After another five minutes driving, Cloud caught a glimpse of a suspicious black sedan with tinted windows that seemed to be tailing Mr. Green's car.

"Something wrong honey?" Eris inquired, looking at Cloud.

"Maybe!" Cloud quietly responded.

Eris got her compact out again and used it to look out of the rear window, she then passed it to Serenity who also pretended to fix her make-up.

"Maybe it wouldn't hurt if you speeded up a little" Cloud suddenly told the driver, as he leaned forward and patted him on the shoulder. "You got it boss!" the driver grinned, easing his foot on the accelerator. As their car started to pull away, Mr. Green also increased speed, as did the black sedan behind him. Glancing back, Cloud knew that Mr. Green was aware of the situation, and he nodded to him slowly.

Meanwhile, Eris and Serenity sat calmly, waiting for something to happen....
Gilgamesh felt stiff! The warm-up he did before the briefing had not worn off! He was walking slowly after Spirit, thinking deeply, noding his head from time to time instinctively to hide his disinterest in what Spirit was blabbering. Gilgamesh was thinking so hard on something that he did not even realize when they had passed by Cloud. On their way to the armory they met the Serenity and Eris! While they talked with Spirit, the brute's eyes were sliding around the corridor up and down. He really was not paying any attention to his surroundings. They continued to walk! As they got closer to the armory, Gilgamesh began waking from his stupper!

"I tell ya just a little longer with those two alone and they'll want to make a threesome with me." he said looking at the brawny hitman. As they entered, Gilgamesh raised his hand and picked his katana from its rightful place. The brute took the blade out and turned around, trying to strike from high his team-mate. Spirit was quicker! He leaned on the right, far away from the blade, even before it could come close to him. He grabbed the nearest object that he could and thrusted it in the brute's stomach. It turned out to be a pistol with the handle pointing towards his opponent. The huge hitman grabbed his opponent for the shirt.

Gilgamesh thrusted. this time swifter, but as the blade came closer to Spirit , the shorter and skinnier hitman had already disappeared, leaving only a torn piece of his shirt in the large hand. Gilgamesh was prepared for it. His left hand released the piece of cloth and turned around, grabbing something. It was the slim Don Joan. The large gorilla grinned, because he had finally caught his deceitfully transparent oppponentfor the neck, and once he had caught something, it could not get free. Suddenly Gilgamesh felt a prickly pain in his stomach. "Chess... and mate!" Spirit said. He was holding a long katana, which tip was slightly piercing Gilgamesh's flesh.

"You had your fun, now let go." contiued Spirit. Gilgamesh opened his palm and turned around disappointed. "Hey, Gilgamesh? Lets get something straight. You do that one more time and I don't care how much good a distraction you are for the enemy, got that?" shouted Spirit in the gorilla's face, as he turned him around. 78 nodded, but did not show a flicker of remorse or fear. "Can't you for once answer with words?" Gilgamesh just shook his head still looking at his team-mate. "Christ, I swear, I'll put on a party the day I hear you speak!" he said irritatedly, as he pushed slightly the huge shoulders of berserker.
Silk had explained her plan in the van. She and Spirit would enter the stronghold as guests. They would arrive by helicpter and take positions within the mansion, the heli would then drop Gilgamesh, Phantom, and Majyxs into specific locations in it. From there, they were to make their way to the outer wall, taking positions on the outside of the mansion and await Silk's orders.

Silk and Spirit had already stepped onto the helipad, surrounded by armed guards. They had entered the lion's den. The next phase of the plan required speed and precision. A helicopter hovering for too long would attract attention, so Gilgamesh and Phantom had to be quick when descent.

Majyxs was to be dropped near the distant shore of the island - said to be less guarded - and scout a possible exit. The helicopter flew close to the ground as it approached the shore, Majyxs already easing himself down his cable. A cliff appeared in his view and the heli lowered it's altitude, just barely passing over the treetops. It slowed down a little, but wasted no time, nor did Majyxs. He efortlessly slid down, and landed hard on his feet. The heli immediately increased it's throttle and left the island.

The cliff was an exceptional area for a drop, given that it was hidden under the cover of darkness. But Majyxs wasn't one to be cocky. He took cover from the open behind the nearest tree and pulled the Colt from it's holster. A clip of .22s already loaded. The guards would most likely be patrolling closer to the mansion, but if Majyxs' anticipations were correct, the sparse forest would hold traps for any intruders who would seek cover. If any attention was brought upon the team, Majyxs could memorize a safe path and the extraction could be carried out at the far beach.

Then again, the black reaper had to be taken into consideration. Majyxs would keep his plan for that to himself for now. First, he had to make his way deeper into enemy territory. He took one more moment to look over his equipment before disappearing into the shadows.


Most of the windows were lit in the mansion. A party for anyone who had enough money to get there. Someone living in such luxury must be soft. Letting strangers into their house because of a hundred intimidating thugs with automatic rifles are protecting them. Somewhere along those lines of personality was the reason why this man would be in his grave soon.

Sitting on his perch in a tree, gave Majyxs a vantage point. From the southwest corner, he could survey the patrols in the front yard. Using nightvision binoculars, he could also make out several cameras set along the stone wall surrounding the property. No doubt were there more inside. Somewhere was a monitoring station which should be disabled before taking any action. If anything suspicious was seen, it could raise an alarm. It might be bad with that black reaper around somewhere.

Majyxs would follow his oders though. He would always move when they told him, but from then on, they were his rules as long as it got the job done. The gears were already turning in his head, thinking about the move that should come after the next. This was his greatest hour. His meaning to what his existance had become.

Now that he was waiting for the next phase, he decided to find the other two on standby. He lifted the binoculars back up to his eyes. Looking for his team's positions. If he couldn't see them, good. If he did, they'd best be undercover.
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Serenity sat still, anticipated the events to come. What would happen, she didn't know, but she was wondering why someone was following them. It didn't make sense. Only the Organization knew that they were here for a specific purpose. There is no reason for someone to be tailing them unless they knew who Ghost was. Unless this mission was a set-up, but then that would imply that the Organization wanted them dead. If so, why?

Serenity was confused and, despite her efforts, it showed on her face.

"What is it?" Eris asked quietly noticing Serenity's confusion.

"This feels wrong, very wrong. No one should know we're here," she responded in an equally quiet voice. They both knew that having doubts about a mission wasn't permitted in Ghost, but both had come to the same conclusion, this was either a set-up or someone had learned of their mission. The former meant they wouldn't live much longer, the latter meant someone had got into the Organization and was leaking information out.

The fact that the mission was to kill a homeless man that posed no threat to anyone lead Serenity to believe that it was a set-up; and if the Organization wanted them dead, they would soon be dead.

"So what's the plan?" Serenity asked Cloud, pushing her thoughts aside.

"For now, we act oblivious, I want to see who they are and what they want. Once they make their move, which will probably be at the hotel, we make ours," the look in Cloud's eyes told both Serenity and Eris to be ready to kill once they arrived at the hotel.
Sometime later, their car pulled into the grounds of the villa, followed swiftly by Mr. Green's car, they stopped just outside the entrance and and quickly exited the vehicles. Looking back, Serenity noticed the black sedan had parked up outside the grounds, its windows heavily tinted so as to block any views inside.

"Looks like we're definitely the targets" she muttered, looking at Cloud and Eris.

Eris bit her lower lip for a second, then looked at the sedan. "Any idea who's following us?" she asked Mr. Green, who was slowly approaching them.

"I wondered why you speeded up" he replied, before he too turned to look at the suspicious car. "And no, I've no idea who may be following us" he added with a shake of his head. Cloud stayed silent for a moment and then got out his cell phone, intending to make a call to his superiors.

"Humph, the number you have dialed does not exist" Cloud muttered with an acerbic chuckle, before closing his flip phone and looking at his colleagues.

Eris just stared at him for a moment. "Maybe it's the organization that are following us" she said.

"But why? Why would they be tailing some of their top agents?" Cloud grumbled in reponse, as his mind ticked over. The mission was taking a sinister turn and he didn't like it.

"Whatever the answer, I think we should get inside" Mr. Green suddenly suggested.

"I agree" Serenity nodded, as she took another quick look back at the sedan, the four of them then disappeared into the building and out if sight.

Cloud maintained his efficiency throughout. "Serenity, your weapon should already be in your room, I suggest you go and keep an eye on our friends out there, and Eris...I suggest you rig the doors with blasting charges just incase we have any visitors tonight, I'll keep trying to contact the organization" he said.

"Okay!" Serenity sighed, before glancing to Eris, smiling...and then going upstairs.

Eris turned to Mr. Green, who knew what she was going to ask. "There are some semtex charges in a hidden compartment behind the toilet in the bathroom" he said, gesturing upstairs. Both he and Cloud then watched as Eris made her way upstairs, her hips swaying provocatively.

"You may want to contact the other members of our team, see if they're being followed too" Eris suggested, as she paused on the stairs, she then disappeared from view when Cloud nodded at her.

"Okay, lets get down to business, I need to know everything possible about our intended target, and I also want to know anything you know about our superiors. If we're the actual targets of this mission I want to know WHY they want us out of the way" Cloud said to Mr. Green, still not quite believing that his superiors could want them dead.

Meanwhile, the black sedan remained stationary outside, a sinister stream of cigarette smoke seeping through the top of one of the tinted windows....
“I am sure you will find the pent house in good order Mr. Strickland.”

Two of the works for the building where carrying in some of the baggage. Clean continued to chatter. However what ever it was that flowed out of his mouth flowed out of his mind with the words. He barely was able to keep his mind far enough ahead of his mouth that it at least made some sense to who ever could have heard it. While they finished hauling in the baggage. His mind was thinking hard trying to see if there mite be a link between the car that had followed him and his recent activity.

“Alright clean tell us what you know” Cloud voice pierced his rambling.

“Seems I’ve been rambling hunger everyone?” Clean laughed at the looks he got from saying that. “Don’t get the wrong idea cloud I just think better when I am cooking. Serenity stop looking at me like that. Do you have any idea how unnerving that is?”

Cloud sighed and turned to the kitchen. He could still feel Serenity glare on his back.

“Alfredo sound good to everyone?”
"Excuse me madam and sir," said Spirit politely to the guests as he lightly brushed past them. The two simply turned and quickly engaged in conversation, much too conceited to pay him any mind, much too aloof to notice they had been pick pocketed. Spirit smiled, now holding two invitations, surreptitiously handing one to Silk who was by his side. She made it appear as if she pulled it from her coat which concealed wearing a black dress that ended just above her knees, high heels, and a black coat.

"Looks like I am Ms. Hansen for tonight," said Silk after examining her invite. As they walked towards the gates of the stone wall, many other guests were waiting to enter. They sat at tables sipping their wine from glasses that they must have brought along, idly chatting amongst themselves under the eye of armed personnel as one by one they stepped through the gates. "Looks like we might have some VIPs here tonight," Silk added.

"I should watch my manners then," chuckled Spirit. As they approached the gates, an armed guard had just returned a man's invitation. It disappeared into his tuxedo jacket and he continued on his way to the mansion. The guard then turned towards Silk and Spirit with a nonchalant expression, vapor escaping his nostrils in the cold air.

"May I see your invitation, please?" he asked, not even attempting to conceal his machine gun from the eyes of guests.

"Ladies first," smiled Spirit. Silk ignored him and handed the man her invitation. He shined his flashlight onto the invite and inspected Strickland's handwriting and signature.

"Welcome Ms. Hansen," he said handing the invite back. Silk pulled a cigarette from her inside coat pocket and put it to her lips. The guard instantly had a lighter out. "Allow me."


Majyxs watched quietly from the tree, spying on Silk and Spirit with his binoculars. They both passed the gates, Silk taking a few puffs of a cigarette before tossing it aside. That was the signal. Phantom and Gilgamesh also noticed, their movements concealed by shadows from the naked eye.

Majyxs jumped twenty-five feet to the ground, landing with little noise. Though several patrols circled the perimeter, Majyxs had a wide gap to enter unnoticed. A direct entry wouldn't be as inconspicuous. Moving further along the wall, Majyxs found a doorway with a camera rotating above it. Pressing himself against the wall, Majyxs avoided it's sight and quickly moved under it. "A security terminal should be beyond this door," he thought. A careful aim and flick of the wrist, Majyxs's knife sailed through the air and detached a protruding wire and the camera stopped rotating on it's axis.

Majyxs retrieved his knife and moved to the left side of the door. A patrol was to pass in perhaps less than a minute, so time was no luxury. Security in this case was. The door opened sooner and a guard emerged. His gaze first shot upwards towards the sabotaged camera, a fatal mistake on his part. Majyxs seized the man's head in his left hand, covering his mouth, then driving his knife into the base of the skull and twisting. The body went limp and an automatic clattered to the ground and blood oozed from the wound. majyxs didn't want to leave blood behind for the dogs to sense. Holding the body up, he let the blood drop down into the corpse's shirt and pulled it through the open door.

Conveniently, the room he entered was a locker room for the staff. The body found it's way into an open locker along with the automatic. Majyxs had no use for such weaponry. Quietly moving to the door on the opposite side of the room, Majyxs found what he expected, a security terminal with a guard resting in a chair. He tightened the fiber wire in his grip.

Majyxs quietly approached, but not quiet enough for the guard not to hear. "Hey! I still have no movement on number five. You--" He could neither finish his sentence nor turn to face his killer before the wire constricted around his throat, muffling his cries to wheezing.

"It seems the problem was irreparable," Majyxs spoke calmly as the body slumped lifeless in the chair, "I need this terminal." Majyxs found that the terminal only controlled the external cameras to an extent. A security mainframe must have been located somewhere else. Nevertheless, he replaced the current footage with an older recording and disconnected the cameras to buy time.
"Almost a waste of my time," Majyxs spoke to no one in particular as he dragged the corpse away.

Majyxs found himself in the courtyard when he opened the next door. The gardens blooming with flowers seemed to be there almost deliberately to conceal the ominous appearance of the patrols roaming the grounds and pacing the ramparts. Moving closer to the mansion, the patrols increased, but not enough to convince Majyxs that there were over a hundred men on Strickland's payroll. Majyxs darted from one shadowed hiding place to another. He came upon a ventilation shaft. It would provide his entry, but Majyxs first had to wait for the others to make it in first.
Night soon fell and the penthouse was in darkness, but the temporary residents were very much awake inside. Cloud, Eris and Mr. Green were downstairs in the large dining room, drawing up the plan for the assassination of the target. While Serenity was situated in a darkened room upstairs...with her silenced sniper rifle pointing out of the window, which was slightly ajar. The black sedan was still sat outside, moonlight glinting off the roof and a steady stream of cigarette smoke emerging from an opening in one of the front windows.

20 minutes later, the other came upstairs to check on their colleague, who spun around instinctively and aimed the small pistol she carried with her at all times. She lowered her weapon when she saw who had entered the room.

"Nice to see your reflexes are still sharp as ever" Cloud grinned, as he slowly approached the window.

Cloud peered outside, being careful to stay in the shadows. "Any sign of any movement?" he inquired of Serenity, who just rotated her aching neck and then shook her head. "None, but they must have gone through about two packs of cigarettes" she muttered in reply.

"That's to our advantage, nicotine-filled lungs make for heavier breathing, if they should manage to penetrate the perimeter we should hear them. Eris suddenly said.

"You must have ears like a bat my dear" Mr Green mumbled, looking at Serenity.

"Its all in the training!" Eris replied with a confident smile. She then went over and put her hand on Serenity's shoulders. "I can relieve you for a while if you like" she offered.

Serenity, smiling, looked up at her friend. "No its okay, I'm not tired yet, my senses are still focused" the agent said in her dulcet tone. "Well, keep your eyes fixed on that car, any movement at all you let us know" Cloud instructed his subordinate, as he pointed out of the window.

"Understood!" Serenity replied sharply.

"I'll remain here a while, keep her company" Eris told Cloud, as she quietly brought another chair over to the window and sat down, crossing her elegant legs. "Very well, Mr Green and myself will make sure the perimeter is secure" Cloud nodded, as he and Mr Green turned and left the room. That left Eris and Serenity, sat in the dark, quietly chatting to each other...and never talking their eyes off the mysterious black sedan.
"Tripwires," muttered Majyxs to himself, "where ever I go, no one seems to want my company." Inserting metal rods into the holes drilled in the metallic wall of the ventilation structure, the wire could no longer move forward or back. Both cut by a pair of side cutters; they would no longer be a threat. "In this case though, you have no choice."

One obstacle down, perhaps a dozen more lie ahead thought Majyxs. It was in his experience that upon entering the lion's den that things become more difficult. One may attepmt to hide in the shadows, but if one meddles with such a shady bunch of lions, those lions are bound to be constantly monitoring their blind spots.

Moving as silently as possible through the dark tunnel, Majyxs could tell he was suspended above a room. The sounds of a busy crew, seemingly moving large objects by hand, echoed below him. He could also hear the incoherent chatter of the people. The area must have been quite big. Suddenly there came the sound of engines starting.

Quickly as possible, Majyxs made his way to a bend in the shaft. One direction went left, the other went up. Up might have taken Majyxs to the upper levels where the target might be when not fraternizing with the guests. As Majyxs wiped his eyes he disturbed dust gathered on the walls, his curiosity remained with the activity under the ground.


"Oh, will you excuse me," Silk said to Spirit as her cellular phone had begun to ring, "It must be my boss calling."

"Do what you must, but don't keep me waiting!" Spirit spoke with his seductive tone. However, Silk was familiar with this and countered with a smile and a mock giggle. Her way of saying, "You wish."

Silk turned and walked off into a crowded hallway, only checking her phone. The moment she turned it off, her earpiece crackled to life.

"The rats are in the walls," came the voice of Majyxs. "Enjoying the party?"

"Yes, I'm having a great time. It's too bad you couldn't be here."

"Gilgamesh should be on your floor, Phantom's on the third floor balcony, and I'm below you, and I mean that literally."

"I know how you can squeeze through the cracks. Anything unusual?"

"There is an operation under ground — In the cellar that is — the security system has a backup somewhere in the building and no sight of the reaper. Other than that it's the usual."

Majyxs was keeping it short and sweet, but he could really go into detail about what was at hand. It would have been useful information to hear if time was not a factor. "Okay. Stick to the plan. I want you to recon. Find some slack."

"Roger that."

The earpiece went dead. Silk wasn't worried, as long they would stick to her plan, things would go smoothly. Silk returned to the ball room which was playing music and people began to dance.

"So how did it go?" asked Spirit when she arrived.

"I was promoted." Silk smiled smugly which evoked a chuckle from Spirit..

"Would you care to dance to your triumphant occasion?"
Cloud and clean stood on the stairways and suddenly the power in the hotel shut off only the brightness the moon's light shined down on the hotel. The few civilians who were awake were either in their rooms or out for the night. It was evident that they would make there move soon and try to take us out.

"Clean check the second floor while I check out the first floor" cloud stated

"very well i would much rather clean up the mess I'm going to make " Clean said racing up the stairs

Cloud than slowly began to walk slowly towards the first floor door with hk7 armed and ready to fire. He than slowly opened the door and behind the door stood the Black Reaper

"hello cloud" the black Reaper said as he began to sprint to cloud
Cloud than squeezed the trigger

Clean heard the bullets being fired even though they were silenced rounds and rushed down the stairs to help his partner. When clean got to the stairs Cloud was on the floor beatin up with the Reaper towering over Cloud

"I just came here to deliver the message cloud and now you have it so here some advice take your team and flea or I will kill them all " The Reaper said

it seemed the Reaper hadn't noticed Clean and Clean aimed for a shot at the reaper but than it all went white. A flash bang had been thrown into the air .

When Clean's senses came back to him he heard the reaper say in the distance say " time to give the same warning to your other team"

Clean than rushed to see if cloud was still alive but before he cloud said with no emotion "I'm fine we need to worry about the henchmen they'll be up here any minute"

Clean could tell by Clouds eyes that Cloud knew something and cloud was different now.
Serenity and Eris were startled when the door to the darkened room opened, and in came Cloud and Clean, both looking a little worse for wear. "What happened?" Eris asked inquisitively, as she got to her feet and strutted over to her fellow agents in her 4-inch high heels.

"Has anyone got out of that sedan?" Cloud asked, as he wiped some blood from his lower lip.

"No, not a movement!" Serenity replied, as she momentarily took her eyes from the target outside in the street, by the time she looked back she saw several figures disappearing under the balcony below. "Downstairs!" Serenity exclaimed, pointing to the door, Eris immediately pulled out her Sig Sauer 226 as she, Cloud and Clean exited the room.

"You keep watching that sedan, and also watch your back!" Cloud told Serenity, who just responded with a firm nod of her head, she then trained her sniper rifle onto the sedan and prepared the fire.

"What happened downstairs?" Eris whispered to Cloud, as Clean led the two of them down the stairs, firearms at the ready and senses alert. "The Black Reaper happened" Cloud mumbled in reply. A frown appeared on Eris' pretty face upon hearing Cloud's words. "It can't be, HQ said he was killed two years ago in Cyprus while trying to take out a target"

"Yes but they never found his body, and now we know why" Cloud told his fellow agent, as Clean suddenly stopped descending the stairs and crouched down. Seconds later, amid the defeaning silence...he resumed his descent, and Eris kept watch on their six as best she could in the dark. "I think I should go back and assist Serenity" Eris suddenly said to Cloud, who...after a moment's thought, nodded his head "Agreed, head back upstairs, we'll take care of down here Eris" he whispered.

Grasping her gun tightly in her delicate hand, Eris retraced her steps and headed back to the room where Serenity was still watching the sedan outside. Meanwhile, downstairs...Cloud and Clean slowly made their way towards the front and rear doorways of the building, preparing to take on the Reaper's henchmen.

Cloud flinched as he saw the silver door knob on the front door being turned.....
Back upstairs, Eris had no sooner entered the room when she saw a figure at the window, and Serenity was momentarily distracted by her reappearance. "Get down!" she shouted to Serenity, who dropped out of her chair and to the ground, allowing Eris to fire several shots from her silenced pistol, shattering the window and putting two rounds just over the head of the figure in black, who quickly dropped away from the window.

Serenity then clambered back to her feet and looked at Eris. "You missed, there's a rarity" she joked, before aiming her rifle out of the window at the black sedan, which was pulling away fast, its tires screeching.

One well placed shot blew out the left rear tire and another tore through the driver's door, a third shot punched straight into the gas tank and the car exploded in a huge fireball, creating a shockwave that broke every window in the building.

"On target as usual" Eris complimented Serenity.

"Always!" the young agent replied with a smile.

Just then the sound of gunshots downstairs got their attention, Eris, her pistol tight in her hand, exited the room and went to the top of the stairs. She saw Cloud engaged in hand to hand combat with one masked intruder, and Clean was exchanging gunfire with two more, who were just outside the main doors.

Having removed her silencer, Eris fired one shot into the back of the man fighting with Cloud, and he dropped to the ground, to be finished off by Cloud himself.

Eris then sat on the banister and slid downstairs before jumping off at the end, firing several further rounds at the same targets Clean was aiming at.

Several minutes later, two high velocity gunshots were heard outside, and both enemy intruders fell dead at the doorway. Glancing at each other, Eris, Clean and Cloud were perplexed, that is...until Serenity walked in through the door, wearing a big smile. "Thought you could do with some help" she said, having made her way out of the upstairs window and flanked the enemy agents.

"Nice work everyone!" Cloud said, nodding his head.

Clean, holstered his weapon and walked over to one of the dead men, kicking him. "We need to find out who these scumbags are working for exactly, and the Reaper!" he grumbled angrily.

"Agreed!" Cloud said.

"I'll head back upstairs!" Serenity mumbled, holding her rifle towards the ceiling.

Eris, proud of her friend, decided to accompany her, while Cloud and Clean secured downstairs.

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