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A group of special kids all end up in the town of Greenlawn. They seem to be drawn there.
[Introduction] Hey! I'm Marella Lakewood, or at least that's what the people here call me! Please feel free to write!

Basic instructions:

1. Be creative
2. Follow the story, I don't want some random thing in the middle that makes no sense at all.
3. CHARECTER WISE: Please reframe from adding too many characters. If there is one that you think is good feel free to add it, but let people know what they are like (happy, hyper, down to earth, compulsive liar...etc) and NO MORE THAN ONE MAIN CHARECTER ADDITION PER PERSON! we don't need a million...it's hard to keep track. SEND ME A NOTE SO I KNOW WHO HAS BEEN ADDED AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE!
4. Don't contradict someone just because you think it was better. If they put it was rainning that day don't put it was a bright sunny day.
5. Use common sense and you should be alright!
6. I didn't put ammount restrictions on this story, but please, if you are getting on here to write two words...just don't, and don't go over board.
7. MOST IMPORTANTLY::: DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT end the story. That privlage is left for ME and ME ALONE!
8. Lastly, just have fun!


Two girls Julieanna and Emily end up having to help fight along side her friends against an older and much more experienced group of teen boys. It's Ten against Fourteen, with Seven fighters anainst Eleven (Because some are more like behind the scenes smart people and non-fighters but are important for other things on the good side. The bad side it is the leader and his right and left hand men who don't NORMALLY fight, but probably will at some points). What can be expected in this sure to be thrilling tale?
I looked up and saw Emily staring out the window. I laid my head back into my arms. We were on a train heading to my aunts house. They had a LOT of money. We were in the most luxurious car on the train with unlimited food service. My arms were folded on the table. I was waring a white gress with a pink floral design. It wasn't too fancy. I didn't really like frills. Next to me was the elegant light pink dress that my aunt and uncle expected me to put on. It was very light, so light infact that it was more white than pink. I dreaded putting it on. I shook my light brown curls and lifted a green eye to take a second glance at me sister.
Emily had the same curls as me. They weren't over the top, not even medium, but mare than just waves. She had brown hair as well, but whereas my eyes were bright gree, hers were bright blue. We were exactaly one year apart. Not only were we born the same day, we were born at the same time. It was strange, like she had to come. She was born early even.They probably have some name for what we are but who knows. She was shy. Rarely spoke to anyone. She always seemed to read people well. She would know things about people. Like if they were nice or not. She never tells me how she knows things, she just says she guessed or something like that.
A Tragedy marks her birth though. Our parents got in a car wreck taking her home from the hospital. I was in the car with her. It was a miracle we even survived. At least that is what they said. I don't remember it, but I wonder if I had my talents then. I can make a clear shield around me and can spread it about five feet in a circle. Mabey that is how we survived. I also can run really fast, which is why I don't play sports. I'm waaay to competitive. The last thing I can do is make a computer with my hands by waving my hands infront of my face. I can make messages that I throw and they go to that person. When the person recieves it the message appears in front of them. I never use any one my talents. People would think I was a freak.
Emily's never mentioned anything strange, so I don't know to much about her really. I know when she fell out of a tree she hovered over the ground, but then she dropped and ran off. When I asked her about it she denied everything. So I don't know if she can fly or just do what ever she did. She can see vague things from the future in visions. We have telepathy...or what ever it's called when you can talk to someone without talking.
"Ma'am, we will be ariving shortly." A train attendent said popping his head in
"Thank you, sir." I said, but he had already left.
"Let's get these dresses on and put your old one in the suitcase." I said to Emily who was staring at me.
Mine and Emily's dresses were basically the same, except hers was light green. Less than five minutes later we stumbled off the train with our single suitcase. We set out walking down the distantly familiar road. The mansion was two miles away. I tried to remember our cousins. . .
Anabell was nine. She was blond and very hyper. She had brown eyes and was a little short for her age. From the letter they had sent me when they decided to take us in, she had a imaginary friend named Andrietta. It was strange though. Naturally she would act as if she was real, but she swears that this charecter is infact a human being. And comming from the girl who names her porclin dolls things like Baby, Pinkie, or Lil'girl....how could she come up with that. I guess she heard the name somewhere.

Beth was my age, fifteen. She had straite blond hair and brown and green eyes. She always calls Emily my twin, even though she's fourteen. She is very down to earth. Her older brother Peter was also blond, but with blue eyes. He is tall and shy, but very self confident. They weren't spoiled even though they had a lot of money. They even had a big radio to listen to shows and music. We had a little one at the orphanage.
We climbed the steps to the whit mansion.
"Come on!" I whispered to Emily agrivatedly.
We had walked two miles and she drug her feet the whole way! I knoked on the door and a buttler opened it.
"Uh, Hello. My name is Ju-"
"I know who you are." He said annoyed, "The master and mistress of the house our out as well as the you manster and his sisters."
"O-oh ok then." I said frozen to the step.
Emily coward behind me and for a moment I wondered if he was going to allow us to enter, or if we were ment to stand on the front stoop untill our relatives arrived.
"Well, we'll just go to our rooms." I said not moving.
The butler moved and I hurried up the familiar marble staircase. I hadn't realized we were being folowed untill he spoke.
"Your room, Mistress Julieanna, is the fifth door to the left." He said dully, "Your room, Miss. Emily, is the third door to the right."
"Thank you sir." I said turning, but he was already gone.
I walked down to my room. The walls were a peach color. I put out suit case next to my bed. I only had three dresses, two pairs of shoes, and a few undergarments, so it only took but a moment to put them into the big dresser next to a vanity table with a big oval mirror atached. I was at a lose of what to do, so I took out my beaten up copy of "As You Like It" by Mr. William shakespeare and sat on the cusioned window seat.
"Take your clothing to your room please, dear Emily." I said and she obeyed
Just a few minutes later, my relatives arrived. I half ran to the foyer. I was looking at the steps so I wouldn't fall in my haste, when I was almost knocked over by a small blob of pink.
"Julie!" It squealed happily
" Hello, Anabell!" I said out of breath as she let go and ran upstairs.
"Emily!" She yelled
Then I was wrapped in a gentler hug, "Sorry about that." Beth said appologeticaly, "Peter didn't manage to grab hold of her in time." She said rolling her eyes at her brother as she let her hands slide away.
I glanced down as I dropped of the last step, and as soon as I looked up I was lifted up in a big hug from Peter. "How's my girl?" He asked swinging me in a circle.
"Your. Girl. Can't. Breath." I choked out
"Oh." he said laughing.
"Peter has always been very strong." My aunt said at the door
"We wish we could stay, but we have important business to attend to." My uncle said grabbing some bags from by the door, "We'll see you children later."
"Be good for Albert!" His mother added as the door closed
"My parents work at the army base in Massachusetts, right next to the border of New Hampshire." Peter explained
"Albert?" I asked
"The butler." He clarified
"I'm going to Agatha's house." Beth said running out the door.
"That's Beths best friend."
"Oh I remember her, Peter. She doesn't like me at all." I said remembering how she constantly teased me.
" She doesn't like anybody." Said a new voice
"Oh!" I started
"Oh! Sorry Ryan." Peter said, "Julieana this is Ryan. He practically lives here, so you'll get to know him. He even has his own room here!"
They both laughed.
"It's time to go." Ryan said.
"Oh yes! I'll see you this evening Julie." Peter said, and they left.
I sighed. Just then a blue ball flung its self at me. I caught it and a message appeared in front of my face. I almost choked.
"I SEE YOU..." Is all it read
I thought of a message back and a yellow ball formed in my hand gettin larger with each word.
"WHO ARE YOU?" I asked and threw the ball at the door. It soared right threw it and I jumped.
Peter and Ryan were standing by the door.
"We just forgot something..." Ryan said trailing off
"You have to come with us then. Your a member of The Light Spectrum now too." Peter said with a hint of sadness in his voice.
"What's..the light spectrum?" I said not falling for it.
"It's the name of our group. Have you ever see a prisim turn light into a rainbow? Well our name is The Light Spectrum, becuase light is usually a term for good, and Spectrum is basically a group of different things." Ryan said
"Not here!" Peter whispered, "Who sent you that message just now?"
"I don't know!" I said remembering the wierd message I had just got.
"Let's get to head quarters!" Ryan said and they both grabbed hold of me and started running.
We ran for a while. It was like a mile or two tops. We walked into what looked like a old abandoned warehouse. It was old and dreary on the outside, with old newspapers plastered to the dingy windows. They opened a big medal door and Ryan et me go. Peter grasped my hand and led me in. I coward into my cousins side. I looked around. Everyone was staring at me.
"Jonathan, look her over." Ryan said
"What?!" I said confused
"He can see what exactly you can do. It makes it easier not to fall for some kid who was recruited by the other side." Peter said stepping away.
Jonathan stepped in front of me and his eyes lit up green. He looked me over silently. Then his eyes lit up red and a confused look played across his face. "That's strange." He said, his eyes tuning back to normal, "I can see she's powerful, but not what she can do...I also red scanned her and there is a place in her right arm the lights up. I don't know what to make of it. It's probably nothing though. I mean, I've seen it before, but nothing has ever come of it."
"If you sure. Julieanna, that thing you did... What is that exactly?" Ryan asked
"Why didn't you ever tell me?" Peter asked
"I don't even know what this is. This is too much." I said overwhelmed, "Between you all talking at the same time, getting weird examinations like I'm some kind of freak, and everyone is staring at me!" I yelled putting my face in my hands
"It's okay. We just need to know what you can do. You can learn the rest slowly. You have nothing to be afraid of." Said a unfamiliar voice. Some one put their arm around my shoulders. I looked up at a young blond teen about a foot taller than me. He had warm brown eyes and a gentle smile. I felt instantly safe.
"Who are you?"
"My names Charlie. I'm the leader of The Light side of the Spectrum." he said softly, "Now can you talk to me?"
"You wanna know what I can do?"
"Yes, please."
"You won't make fun of me?"
"Make fun of you?" He laughed, "We all can do stuff, but more of that later." He looked at me expectantly
I sighed, "Okay. I'm not sure all I can do, but I can make a computer with my hands, I can run super fast, and I can make a shield." I blurted out
"You can do all that? Wow. And you never told me?" Peter said throwing his hands in the air
" I didn't know! Now what were you saying about the things you people can do?" I asked Charlie who removed is arm from my shoulders
"Well, Peter has super strength, Ryan can teleport and fly, can control emotions and can jump really high and fight fairly well." Charlie said
Now it made sense that I felt so safe earlier.
"You can fight fairly well?" a girl with red hair rolled her green eyes, "i would never challenge you, even if I was immortal!"
"That is Stephanie. She has diamond hard skin. So you pretty much are immortal. Even when Chris accidentally shot you with a fire ball you didn't even get a scratch!" Charlie said
"Chris has fire, Samantha has he ability to move things with her mind, Amanda can shoot lightning." He said pointing at different people in the room. "The others aren't here right now. They are on a scouting mission."
"Can Beth or Anabell do anything?" I asked looking at Peter
"Beth can make people do things wit her mind, and Anabell is a shape shifter." he replied, "I really don't want her in this." He said looking at Charlie
"It's her choice." The girl named Samantha said. She was shorter than me with jet black hair and eyes.
"I want to." I said looking at Charlie
"Hey Charlie! Look at what my cousin can do!" Anabell shouted running in, "Show them."
Emily kicked off the floor and flew in a circle.
"She also read my mind! And she can see Andrietta as well. I TOLD you I wasn't lying!" she shouted
" We don't care about you fictional friend, Anabell." Said the boy named Chris. They all looked at my sister.
"Well, there are two of you. Get to wok people." Charlie ordered
"Sir. I can sometimes see things in the future as well and I can talk to my sister in my head and she talk back." She said to charlie. This surprised me. She was usually shy. Everything was just too strange here.
Back in my room that night I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. It had been a LONG day.
When morning came around, I was awoken by Emily softly calling my name and gently shaking my arm. “What’s going on?” I said, still half asleep.
“Anabell said that Peter wanted to talk to us about what happened yesterday.” my sister said as she sat down on at the end of my bed, “Aren’t you excited about finding out that there are other people with powers like us?”
I sat up and looked at her; she was acting so different after the previous evening’s events. “Is he going to take us to see Charlie and the others again?” I asked, hesitating a moment as my feet came into contact with the cold wood floor.
“Anabell didn’t say,” Emily said jumping up and going over to the door to my room. “Come on, let’s go.”


Emily was standing a little ways down the hall when I came out of my room a few minutes later. She and Anabell had been talking as they were waiting for me.
“Good morning, Julieanna,” my cousin said as I approached the two of them.
I nodded to her, returning the greeting, “Did Peter tell you what he wanted to talk to us about?”
“No,” Anabell said smiling a little, “but I can tell you that he is probably going to try and talk you out of joining the group. He tried to get both me and Beth to change our minds after we asked if we wanted to join the group.”
“Why?” I asked as we walked down the hall towards Peter’s room. Anabell only shrugged her shoulders in response.
“Where is Peter’s room again?” Emily asked, we had come to the end of a hall that split in either direction.
“This way,” Anabell said as she turned down the right hallway, “Peter’s room is right down here.”
A few second later, we came to arrive at our destination. I knocked on the door and a voice from within called out to us.
“Come on in you guys,” Peter said as the door opened to let us into the room, “Good morning Emily, Julie.”
“Why did you have Anabell come and get us?” I asked, already having an idea of his answer.
“I wanted to talk to you guys about your decision about whether to join the Light Spectrum or not,” Peter said as Beth came into the room, closing the door behind her.
“We want to join! We want to help,” Emily and I said at practically the same time.
“Well,” Peter said frowning, “I think it’s a bad idea. It’s too dangerous.”
“Then why do you do it?” I asked.
My cousin only looked at the floor in response to my question.
“Peter, it’s their decisions, just like it was ours,” Beth said sitting down in a chair by one of the windows.
“I’m not glad that you and Anabell joined, either,” Peter said as he looked up at his sister.
“When can we start doing stuff?” Emily asked, looking to Beth for an answer.
“You will be able to start helping us soon, but first you should know more about the group, the members, your powers, and what you will be going up against,” my cousin said with a smile before turning to look out the window.

The End!

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