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Losted in the Alps with a storm and sun down on your heels what are you going to do now?
[Introduction] There's a group of people flying over the Alpine Mountain range for various reasons. Just as the plane reaches the crest (top) of a mountain, the plane engine stalled out and down the plane goes. After about an hour of moaning and groaning their pains, patching up each other wounds and crying over the dead, the survivors gather together to take a head count.

Suddenly someone gets their ipod, laptop, mp4 (whatever) to work, gathering around the person, the group listens to a PSA announcing that a heavy snow storm was to hit the range within three hours. Someone suggests that maybe the group should stay put, surely someone noticed that they went down but someone else points out the sky.

The group of survivors looks up to the sky to see that the sun was setting and they had at the most an hour more of sunlight. Making their way back to the plane, the survivors find that though the cargo area is demolished, the carryon bags were still there. Grabbing whatever they can, the survivors set off to whatever shelter that they could before nightfall and the snow storm caught them.

This is where your story begins. In your first bio after your bio post, gloss over the story, telling what had happened in you character’s point of view, then tell us what you have with you or have taken from the plane and how you are feeling about the oncoming race of survival.

1. No Godmodding. (aka don't have a magic bag that has everything you ever needed to survive in the wilderness or have another plane on speed dial, etc)
2. Cussing is at a min. Crashed with impending death in the near future, most people are not going to be cool calm and / or collected.
3. Romance? Ummm it’s okay though I don’t see the reason but whatever but no cybering.
4. The timeline is the present and human so no vampires, drows, lycans, nekos, etc.

Reason for being on the plane:
{color:violet}Name: Alexandra Nesle
Age: 28
Appearance: Alexandra is small and slender with soft curves. Her long jet black hair extends down to the small of her back and a few loose strands are always falling in front of her piercing green eyes. She usually wears jeans and vintage shirts in mostly dark colors.
Reason for being on the plane: Taking a year from med school, Alexandra decided to visit her brother that was station at a base in Japan but she want to first have a whirlwind shopping spee in Paris, Rome, Milan, Greece, and London.

NAME: Benjamin "Ben" Brant
AGE: 33
APPEARANCE: Khaki trousers, blue shirt, no tie, black-rimmed eyeglasses. Short, scruffy, brown hair.
REASON FOR BEING ON THE PLANE: He's a software engineer going to Japan for his company on a 2-week assignment to help with a new product.
Name: Charlotte Jaymee (Charlie) Amiel
Age: 24
Appearance: Charlotte has medium length, light blonde hair that is pulled back into a loose bun. Small ringlets escape and frame her face. She has long, dark eyelashes and light, grey/blue eyes. A petite, albeit curvy, frame.
Reason for being on the plane: Heading to Switzerland for closure, and answers. A tumultuous year of failed university courses, cheating boyfriends and broken families chased her away from Australia to her parents' homeland.
Name: Sean Hanson

Age: 27

Appearance: Sean stands slightly taller than average with a lean yet muscular build. His hair is a dark blond, his eyes dark brown, and his skin tan.

Reason for being on the plane: Work. Sean is a writer for a semi-popular travel journal. After a successful venture to Australia, he was on his way home to the States.
Alexandra leaned her head back against the head rest of the plane digging her nails into both armrests when the turbulence started. She could feel the fabric tearing under her panicked grip. Taking a deep breath, Alexandra was wishing that she took the train instead of flying once again. Whimpering slightly when the plane started shuddered harder, she squeezed her eyes tightly shut when the captain of the plane came onto the p.a. system. All passengers it seems that we are having a bit of engine trouble it should clear up as soon as we are out of this mount-

The p.a. announcement was short as breathing bags dropped from overhead and the plane gave a heave and jerk before tilting forward. Biting her lip till she tasted blood, Alexandra grabbed her neighbor digging her fingers into their arm. Tears streaming down her face amidst the screams, crying and prayers as the plane fell steadily towards the earth. The plane lost one of its wings causing Alexandra to hit the back of the seat in front of her knocking her blissfully out.

Alexandra came to with the sun shining in the face and cold at her back. Opening her eyes, she moaned and closed them again. Trying to sit up, Alexandra groaned and grabbed her head, touching something warm. Touching her head again, Alexandra pulled her hand back to see blood. “Blood…I’m…bleeding…” Suddenly the crash flooded her mind with memories; she whimpered and tried to curl in on herself. After a while when she could finally sit up, Alexandra grabbed a hand full of clean snow and rubbed it into her head wound. Grabbing a end of her shirt, Alexandra ripped it all the way around and tied her head as tightly as she could bear before looking around for others.

Seeing the other gathered around another person, Alexandra slowly crawled her way the before someone spotted her and lifted her into their arms and carried her to the gathering of survivors.

“Th-thank you.” She muttered through the spell of dizziness from being moved so fast. Turning her attention to small noise that the others were listening to so intently and then to the ensuing argument, Alexandra only caught a few words here and there. At a lull in the argument and when she wasn’t thinking of throwing up, Alexandra spoke up, “I’m not too sure about the rest of your guys but I have a head wound. I do not think that night air or this storm I think I heard will be any good for any of our injuries. It spells frostbite, gangrene, pneumonia and a whole slew of other of things that will be deadly.” Alexandra paused here and took a deep breath and leaned against the person that had carried her over here. Having caught her breath, she looked at the others, “Maybe there’s a cave or something near? This is a mountain.”

Thinking her words over the other slowly came to agree with her. Making their way back to the wreckage, Alexandra held on tightly to someone’s arm not wanting to be a burden knowing that in dire situations, people tend to leave the weak behind, living Darwin’s theory of survive of the fittest to the tee.

Arriving at the wrecked plane, Alexandra pulled herself into the plane behind the others making her way to where she thought she sat at; she started looking around for her carry-on bag. Spotting it several aisles ahead of her, Alexandra moved to her bag. Pulling out several things so that she wasn’t weighed down too much, Alexandra was happy that she had packed aspirin and popped two. Swallowing them dry, Alexandra slipped on a coat that she had packed in her carry on and looked through her carry-on, secretly glad that she had a backpack as her carryon.

Another set of clothing, matches from the hotel, a lighter, two bottles of water, animal crackers, her first aid kit, I.D., the four piece knife set that she got for her brother in London, and other random things that people bring with them in a carryon. Alexandra went over the list in her head before taking out her first aid kit.

Turning to the others, Alexandra gave a warily smile, “I know I’m not much and I’m wounded myself but I’m a third year med school student. I have a modified first aid kit and some aspirin if anyone wants me to look at them. ”

Name: Xin Lao
Age: 35
Appearance: Shaven head, Asian, wearing saffron robes and bead of rosary in hands
Reason for being on the plane: Dalai Lama's spokesperson; to attend an international delegation and rally support for welfare of Tibetian people.

"What do we do now? We are doomed", Ben cried out, "This is it. This is the end."
"Stop it, pal", Sean cried out, "I've traveled around the world - been in worse situations than these, I tell you. Such situations toughen you up."

The group carried their belongings and settled down in a nearby cave as the snowstorm started. Sean tore out Ben's leather laptop-bag (to which he screamed and cursed, reminding him its cost) and set it on fire with his lighter. It was a campfire.

"If I survive this and tell the story", Alex said rubbing her hands together, "It will look great on my resume. I will get calls from all of the best med schools."
"You will never survive", Ben pointed out with tears in his eyes, "Neither will I. I never even got to have sex before I die."
"Is that a line?" Sean teased him, "coz you aren't getting laid with that, right Alex?"
"Don't be rude, Sean", she said, "Ben is right. This is the worst it can get."
"Not for me", Charlie popped in as everyone turned to look at her, "There is no place like home. That's why I am running away from it. Seriously, I would prefer stranded on a mountain-top any day over spending any more time at my old place."

Ben sadly watched his laptop bag burn. He shuddered as he relived the last minutes before the crash...

The captain's announcement had sounded calm enough at first - All passengers, it seems that we are having a bit of engine trouble. It should clear up as soon as we are out of this mount-
- but suddenly the oxygen masks had dropped from their ceiling compartments as the plane went into a dive. Ben wasn't surprised when his life flashed before his eyes.

The crash had been horrendous, but he had to give the pilot credit for not killing them all. The plane had settled into the snow relatively smoothly, all things considered. In the rush for the exits Ben had not forgotten to grab his carry-on bag.

He was a little ashamed about his moment of panic right after the crash, and he was a little mad at Sean Hanson for burning his laptop bag, but Ben was not a man of strong emotions and even when he did flare up emotionally for a moment, he quickly calmed down again. As a software engineer he made his living by thinking cooly and rationally. Even now he was considering the possibilities of survival and what steps to take next.

Charlie was looking at him. "Why so thoughtful, Ben?" she asked. He was glad he had introduced himself to Sean, Charlie, and Alex. He already knew a bit about them and now after the crash they would need to work together to survive.

"I was just thinking," he said, "that we don't know where we are and it's going to be dark soon."
When the oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling, that was the moment Charlie knew she was in trouble.
"Damn. Damn. Damn," she cursed amidst the desperate screams of the other passengers.

She pulled the seatbelts over her body, tightening them as much as humanely possible without suffocating. Closing her eyes and gripping onto the arms of the chair tighter than she'd ever held anything in her life.
Charlie was a practical thinker, but in the almost last-moments of her life, she substituted science for religion and prayed to whoever there was in the sky to save her.

Someone must have been listening, because she blacked out and when she woke up she was still strapped into the chair of the plane. A warm trickle slid down her face and dropped onto her hands - blood.

Dazed, she looked up - hoping to see anyone who could get her out of this seat. Try as she might, the shock of impact prevented her motor functions working as quickly as they should be.

A tanned young man, only a few years older than herself caught her gaze and smiled - relief flooding over his face.

"Another one!" he called out, and strided towards her. She hazily picked up the twang of his American accent.

"Hello there," he knelt down and untightened her seatbelt.

She gasped loudly, the pressure from her stomach gone.

"Hi," she answered.

"You were lucky. It was a smooth landing - for a crash - but not many of us made it. Mostly people at the front got the impact, nose hit first." he shook his head sadly.

Survivors guilt kicked in.

"Hey," he looked at her and smiled "Don't feel bad for making it. We're a long way from safe anyway. I'm Sean."

She smiled, her eyes wet with tears. "Charlotte. Charlie."

"Let's get you out of here."

The two joined the group and Sean left her to light a fire with a man named Ben's laptop bag.

They sat together around the fire, and Charlie studied Ben. He seemed morose, for a survivor.

"Why so thoughtful, Ben?" she asked him quietly, hoping she wasn't being too forward. She'd only just met them all.

"I was just thinking," he said softly, "that we don't know where we are and it's going to be dark soon."

She looked up at the sky and realised he was right.

She regretted saying anywhere was better than home. Whilst stuck on a mountain was better than anything Australia had to offer her anymore, she'd prefer a cabin, or at least a tent, to the ground.

Sean chuckled.

The three looked at him with horrified expressions.

"How can you laugh?" Alex asked him accusingly.

"We haven't ransacked the plane yet. Flares, radios, a tent, torches - they have to have something!"

Ben sounded doubtful. "They were probably stored up the front, near the nose...and..."

The dead, Charlie thought.

Alex answered him quietly. "It's worth a try. My kit won't last us much longer."
He remembered sitting with a satisfied smile, along with a bunch of other tourists, primed to be on his way home, but mostly because of the great stories he wanted to tell his friends and families. He was riding coach, which he preferred—there were more interesting people in the back. Next to a window he was seated as he always made sure the Journal booked him a seat next to his window—it was his only request—Leaned against the wall, he looked across the wing of the plane and grinned. As he studied the outside world, he felt someone sit next to him. With a glance, Sean saw it was a young pretty girl. This ride couldn’t get any better.

“Hi.” He offered a friendly smile.

“Hello,” she responded, returning the smile.

“I’m Sean.”



Sean stared rigidly into the flames whipping in the icy winter wind, pulled the collar of his jacket tighter around his neck, and smiled. “Who’s comin’ with me?” His smile was as frigid as the snow at his feet.

Silence answered.

“It’s almost dark…”

“Yeah, we’re going to need those supplies more than ever. Who’s comin’?”

Alex stood, shrugging. “I’ve seen dead bodies before…”

Being careful not to wince, Sean stood. “Anyone else?” His jaw locked as he subconsciously gripped his side. It hurt so damn much!

“You okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Ben stood. “Fine. Let’s get this over with…”
Alex looked up as Ben and Sean stood, "Are you guys sure that we can't pull things from in here? I mean the snow sort of erases everything, what if the storm hits before you get back. Besides you need your side looked at or at least wrapped tightly."

Everyone turned and looked at her, "What? I'm a med student, I notices things."

Sean shrugs slightly, "Well we have to do something or well freeze during the night."

Xin nodded, “I will stay with the girls. I shall gather as much firewood as I can and see if I can find something edible around.”

Jumping up, Charles turned and started digging through her bag. Muttering to herself for several long seconds, she found whatever she was looking for. Straightening back out, in her hands she held a plastic box of some sort about the size of two boxes of cereal stacked together. "Here, never really expected that I would actually need this but I guess you never know.” Stepping over to the entrance of the cave, Charlie sat the little boat on the ground and pressed a small button on it before jumping back.

The covering of the box sprung open allowing the contents inside to expand rapidly. “This here is a life raft that I keep with me. Maybe the guys can take the raft part of it and those of us remaining here can find a way to get the roof of this thing attached to the roof somehow? It’ll help block out the cold when the storm hits.”

Everyone looked in awe at the raft. Ben turned at asked, “How many people can it fit, Charles and why do you have a thing like this?”

Charlie chuckled, “It can hold four and as to your other question, when you life is crashing around you, you tend to get paranoid.”

Sean nodded and grabbed the ladder to the thing after the others had pulled the top off the raft. “Alright with this we should be able to get more things and last a bit long. Me and Ben’ll be back as soon as we can.”
As they left, the girls and the monk warmed their hands around the fire. Xin closed his eyes and started chanting an old Buddhist hymn. When he finished, Charlie asked him what it was. He said, "It is a prayer that asks man not to forget he has many more lifetimes to come. We believe in reincarnation."
"How convenient", Charlie smirked, "So you've lost hope."
"No I haven't", Xin smiled, "I have been brought up in the Himalayas. The mountains there are twice as high and as cold. We are going to be fine. Have faith."
"We need a signal", Charlie said to Alex, "In the morning, we have to carve out a giant SOS on the ground after the snow clears in case everything else fails."
Xin smiled sardonically. He said, "Whatever you do, the snow will cover it all."
"No it won't", Alex replied after a lot of thinking, "We need a dye that will colour snow when falls over it, so that it is recognizable from above."
"Where will you get such a dye?" Xin Lao enquired.
"Of course, blood", Alex said to the horror of others, "There must be dozens of dead bodies inside the plane that will provide sufficient amount of blood. When snow mixes with blood, it becomes recognizably pink. What? I am a med student. To me, all those bodies are nothing but cadavers that can be put to good use."
"It sounds so wrong", Xin said, but more to himself.
Charlie raised her brows and said, "I have done a lot of crazy things in my life, but even to me, this sounds gross."
"How about a smoke signal instead, like how we do in Tibet?" Xin popped up.
"No point", Charlie answered, "They know that the plane has crashed, we need them to know that some are still alive. Besides, we can't keep giving SOS smoke signals all day and night. And I am pretty sure we are outside the realm of any form wireless communication. An SOS on the ground would be the only way."
"And besides", Alex reminded, "After we are done with the blood-engraving, we can use the bodies as fuel for our fire."
Charlie got up with a look of disgust on her face. "Next what? You'll tell us to eat them when we run out of food?"
"No no. A species cannot eat its own kind. It gives rise to many diseases as medically proven with the mad-cow disease. Besides the human body can go without food for even a week. You know what - you two can stay here and discuss ethics all you want, I am going out there to talk to Sean and Ben about this."

Ben was surprised to hear Alexandra explain her proposed actions. "You've got to be kidding!" he said.

She looked puzzled. "Why?"

"I mean, come on! Use the blood of the dead to make a signal marker? We're not vampires!"

"What does vampires have to do with anything? I didn't say we're going to drink the blood, just use it as a dye to color the snow."

Ben shook his head. "Zheesh, Alex. Haven't you ever heard the phrase 'desecrating the dead'? The only thing you can do with a dead person is give them a decent burial. You definitely cannot use their blood for anything. Nothing! Not even if it would help save your own life."

"So you're willing to just lie down and die here just so no little silly social rules would be broken?"

Ben shrugged. "I wouldn't put it that way. I'd say I would rather die with honor than live because I did something dishonorable."

"Honor! You men kill me with your honor! You drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and kill thousands of women and babies and that's honorable to you but letting the blood of a dead man stain the snow? Ohhhh, that's a big deal. That's so dishonorable."

Ben shook his head. "You're still in shock from the crash, Alex. Your thought patterns are abnormal. You need to rest and take some deep breaths. We'll get out of this somehow. When we are rescued we don't want stories in the news about how we drained blood out of the dead passengers' bodies. Use some common sense."
Charlotte watched the boys argue with Alexandra.

Alexandra stormed back towards Xin and Charlotte and sat down on a stump.

"Are you okay?" Xin said quietly to Alexandra, anticipating a nonchalant answer.

"NO!" yelled Alexandra, "Do I look okay? I'm sore, I'm lost and any attempt to try and get me out of this situation is being voted against!"

"Actually," Charlotte spoke quietly "I think it might be a good idea."

Alexandra looked up, her eyes glistening with tears of frustration.

"While we are here, wherever here is, we cannot be fussy about how we choose to survive. We don't have another practical, immediate option. We can't afford to go without it. Our only choice is to survive or not, and since fate had it that we should survive, I think we ought to grasp it. Even if it feels immoral in our hands."

Alexandra smiled softly.

"Thankyou, Charlie."

Sean and Ben returned the the camp.

"What's happened?"

"Charlie agrees with me." Alexandra stood up, her height matching the boys. Her authority exceeding theirs.

Sean looked at Charlie, questions searing in his eyes.

"Can we talk?" he asked her, indicating for them to take a walk.

She looked back at Alex and Xin. They nodded in encouragement. They wanted her to defend her views, for different reasons, and Sean was sure to contend them.

There had been an instant connection. Abby was amazing, Sean could tell the first moment he began speaking to her. He didn’t know anything about her, but she spoke with an unabashed energy and sincerity that is hard to find in a good friend much less a complete stranger. Within in the first ten minutes of their meeting, he was a goner. Never had considered himself a man to easily fall in love—on the contrary, he guarded his heart fiercely—but she had rendered him completely helpless.

Abby was a student about to start her last semester studying physics. She was on her way home to Canada from summer vacation. Sean, used to being the smart one in a conversation, was stumped by her intelligence and, when some men might be threatened, found it incredibly sexy. She would go off about her work, and he, not knowing what she was saying, was content just to watch her. Her love for her work was obvious by the way her eyes lit up and she seemed to forget everything—the flight attendant asking her if she wanted something to drink, the captain announcing they were experiencing some turbulence and needed to buckle-up, even Sean, but he didn’t mind.

That’s when it all happened…


Sean and Charlie walked against a cold, stiff winter wind. A silence had fallen between them, awkward and tight, yet neither was willing to break it. Finally, Charlie turned to him, opening her mouth to speak, but Sean beat her to it.

“Listen, Charlie…” he paused, looking down at his clasped hands. They were red with dried blood. When he had become conscious, he had crawled out of the plane, cutting his palms on rocks in the snow and not feeling it. He hadn’t felt anything; a fantastic numbness had taken him. He preferred the numbness to what he was feeling now. “You’re probably right—under the circumstances, we should use any means necessary to get found, but…” The image flashed before his face, the same image that had haunted since he had wakened to this hell. “I…I can’t let you…I…” His fingers were shaking.

Charlie took his hands in hers, stilling them. He looked up into her clear blue eyes, full of concern and understanding, so steady, so still. “What is it, Sean?”

He could have wept had he the strength. “Those bodies—her body…she’s in there…You can’t—she was alive, so alive and now…I can’t let you do that to…She’s gone…I didn’t even know her and she’s gone…Abby’s gone…” He withdrew his hands and ran his fingers through his hair, feeling the world turn…or was it his stomach? He couldn’t see anything but blood and her face, hear only the scream of the plane engine and her screaming, feel his body whipping and her fingers in his hand…

“Sean! Focus! I’m right here…look at me…”

His eyes found her face and he became still, tears finally forming in his eyes. “How can someone be there one moment and gone the next? I don’t understand it.”
Name: Liam

Age: 15

Appearance: He is more fair skinned but has darker brown hair and darker green eyes. He keeps his hair pretty short but not buzz cut. He has more of a smaller build and it pretty light framed, there’s not much to him besides a bit of muscle, skin and bones. He hasn’t reached his full height yet. He usually wears jeans and hoodies or sweaters and dresses pretty casually.

Reason for being on the plane: Liam is French and Irish, living in Canada with his two siblings and mother. He was on the plane with his twin brother, Finn, on their way home from visiting their father who lives in Europe.


He hadn’t heard the announcement. He had been dreaming of nice things. Dreaming of warm summer days and green grass fields where he could run around with Finn and their dog. He could imagine it, almost smell it, and almost feel the sun on his face. But something was wrong. Finn started yelling and pointing at something in the distance. When he looked he could see a plane with smoke trailing behind it, going down. Maybe he really had heard the announcement, but his dreams had tried to protect him from the truth.

When he darted awake, Finn was shaking him and yelling something in his ear.

“Liam!” his brother said, “Liam, wake up!”

“What’s going on?” He asked, seeing the frightened look on his brother’s face. Finn took a deep breath and then spoke quieter, but Liam could hear him clearly.

“I don’t think we’re going to make it home after all, Elem.” They looked at each other. The way that Finn had said his nickname, Liam felt like it was true. There was something final about that statement. As if Liam would never hear that nickname again. He reached out and hugged his brother.

“Have courage, Fionn.” Liam whispered in his brother’s own nickname in his ear.

“Be strong, Liam.” Came the answer, and they both tried hard not to cry.

It was the last memory Liam had.

When he woke up he was cold, and lying in a position he couldn’t remember ever putting himself in. He felt blood caking on his face, and arms, and his body was sore. His first thought was of Finn. He couldn’t yell, he could barely move, but he looked around desperately for his brother.

He found him just an arm’s length away, and forced himself closer.
“Finn.” He forced his words out painfully, “Finn.” He said, “I think we made it. I think we made it.” He reached his hand out to shake his brother awake, but his hand was met with a coldness that was unnatural. He looked at his brother, brought himself close to him and really saw him, and he knew Finn was gone. “No.” He whispered quietly. “No.” He shook his head and now he couldn’t stop the warm tears from coming.

Liam lay himself down next to his brother and wrapped his arms around him, crying into Finn’s shoulder. He sobbed quietly, hoping that if he waited long enough, he would die, too.

No such luck. The next thing he could remember was feeling arms touching him—his face, his arms. And voice saying, “I think he’s still alive.” Someone far away, a woman’s voice, asked, “The other?” No response came from the first voice.

“I can’t believe it.” The first voice said, “I thought everyone this close to the front would’ve… would be…” but the voice never finished his sentence.

“We have to get him out of here, Sean.” The woman’s voice spoke.
“Get what we came back for, Charlie, hurry up. I can’t be in here much longer.” Liam heard steps going away from him. He heard the man sigh, "This is wrong..." The man whispered to himself.

Liam felt arms around him, felt himself being lifted up and cradled against a warmer body. He didn’t open his eyes, he didn’t move. If he had to be separated from Finn, it wouldn’t be on his own accord by any means. He wouldn’t consent to this, he wouldn’t agree with it. He would just let it all happen around him.

“How is he, do you think? Oh my gosh, he’s so young.” The woman’s voice said again, coming closer.

“They both are..." The man said quietly.

"Oh..." The woman let out just one soft word.

"He's really cold, I don't know if he'll even make it through the night," The man's voice spoke again, a little more assertive, "Let’s get him back to camp. It’s all we can do for him now.”

Liam felt himself moving. He could feel himself getting farther and farther away from Finn. He wanted to cry again, but felt as if he didn’t have any more tears left.
Sorry, sorry everyone, crazy things happening since spring break has past. Anyways quickly note about the campfire; I LOVE it however there is one little problem we all seem to have made it out totally fine (besides a few shock issues) and it just seems a bit too unrealistic. I don’t want anyone to fall over with a broken leg or missing arm but please become a bit more wounded.

Alex looked up from her search for broken wood to see Charlie and Sean coming back pulling the boat a bit slower than before. Hurrying over, Alex grabbed a section of the rope nearer to Charlie as Ben grabbed a section closer to Sean to help them pull the boat faster to their makeshift home. Twilight was, seemingly, seconds away and the temperature was already dropping readying the mountainside for the impending nightfall and storm.

Charlie shook her head at Xin and Alex as she came up. Nodding, Xin took the armload of wood he was carrying into the cave as Alex cursed under her breath. Shaking her head, she looked over the people in the boat. Touhing them lightly, she quickly checked their pulse and took a rough estimate guess of their blood pressure. Turning back to Charlie and Sean, who was watching her closely, she motioned to the persons in the boat.

“You guys did check all of the pulses back there right? You guys didn’t leave anyone?” Alex glanced up at the sky before turning her eyes back to the boat filled with carry-ons, a few people and what looked like the food cart from the plane.

Sean snapped at her still miffed about her SOS solution, “Hoping that there will be enough bodies for your butchering?”

Alex cut her eyes at Sean, “Oh go to hell, Sean. I want to be a doctor, I can’t get hung up on every little life that is extinguished around me or I’ll become a basket case. People live, people die. That is the way of life. I was only asking since there is a storm coming, it is bad enough with the higher altitude and lowered temperatures of nightfall. To think that someone can suffer a slow death of hyperthermia isn’t something I’d wish on anyone.”

Charlie stepped between the two “Okay, shut up you two. Alex, stop being so unconcerned the dead and Sean leave her alone about it. Different perspectives are what make the world go round. Yes, we checked all the pulses that we could find, Alex. Now let’s get this load in, the wind is picking up and I want to be well bunked down before the worst of the storm hits.”

“Well I have the tarp from the boat’s top secure to be tied down all we need to do is get inside. Also while you guys were gone, Xin and Alex collected a nice size stack of firewood.”
"Where did you get those?" Sean cried out, "Why if you have found a source of life........"
"Don't get your hopes too high", Xin explained, "We found these on a road-pass. They would have been most likely fallen off a carrier truck."
"But then, we have a road, if we follow it...." Charlie trailed off, "wait, it could be a highway. There is no guarantee that we have a town nearby. Also, there would be no more transportation over them because of the snow."
"We're screwed", Sean exclaimed, "But we have a hope until the storm clears. So, we don't need any bloody SOS signal, right Charlie?"
"It was my idea, Sean", Alex cut in, "and a fantastic one. Besides, its winter for heaven's sake, all roads will be blocked for quite a few weeks at least."
"We cannot lose hope", Liam exclaimed as everyone turned to him, "There's a road nearby which means we are not stranded in the middle of nowhere. There is a way out, no matter how difficult. My brother died here, and I don't want to die like him."
"There, there", Sean patted him on the back, "Calm down. You have been very brave, but don't talk much. You need rest. By the way, where's that Ben guy?"
Alex and Xin looked to the floor in guilt. "What the hell?" Charlie snapped, "Where is he?"
"Well", Alex began, "He kind of fell off the steep side."
"And you guys just left him there?" Charlie cried out.
"I am going", Sean declared, "Tell me which way. Even if you two cowards could not, I will not abandon a living man. I will bring him back."
"Wait", Charlie stopped him and handed over a flashlight, "If you are in danger, flash this. I will look out for you."
As Sean took the flashlight and hurled out into the storm, Xin whispered in Alex's ear, "Maybe we should tell him the truth about the firewood and Ben. He might get himself killed"
"Shhh, Xin", Alex warned, "Let him die. He will endanger our survival as well. The SOS signal is visible only from above. Sean wouldn't make out."
"But poor Ben...."
"It was necessary, Xin."

Ben lay at the bottom of a slope, moaning. "What the hell happened to me?" He rubbed the bruise on his head.

Snowflakes filled the air. It was bitterly cold. "Anybody?" Ben called. "Hello?" Then louder, "Help!"

A flashlight appeared in the darkness above him. "Is that you, Ben?"

"Sean! I'm down here!"

"What happened?"

"I don't know. I guess I tripped and fell. But why did you guys just leave me here?"

"I'm going to throw you a rope, Ben. Then you grab it and try to climb back up while I pull."

"OK. But why did-"

"Don't ask," Sean said. "Something's going on that I don't understand. Just be carefruil from now on, OK?"

"Yeah, sure. I see the rope! Got it! I'm coming up."
Charlie wanted to scream.
That wasn't violent enough.
She wanted to pull her hair, kick things, yell and shout at all the idiots who were screwing up any chances of survival.

Why they couldn't just be honest, open and considerate was beyond her.

Someone falls off a cliff, your rescue them.
Someone is alive, you keep them that way.

It wasn't just common sense, it was something deeper.
Whatever happened to 'tribal insticts'?
All for one and one for all?

Instead of the tantrum she hoped for, all she did was sigh and sit down.
The hushed voices of Xin and Alex bothered her.

Who were they conspiring against?

"I thought we were all on the same side." she exclaimed, eyes downcast as she stormed off.

Charlie stumbled towards the plane, certain none would follow her.

She sat down on the snow, apathetic to the cold seeping through her clothes.
The threat of pneumonia or hypothermia didn't bother her.
What was another death? To them anyway.

After a time, she hear footsteps behind her, but was determined not to face them.

The person grabbed her shoulder roughly, and turned her around.
This is a fine mess, Sean thought as he pulled Ben up. When at last the man appeared, grunting as he pulled himself next to Sean, Sean sat down with his arms propped on his knees. The wind was savage, rough, signaling a storm, clouds boiling in the darkening sky. He should have been running to shelter now. A storm was coming and it was going to be tough.

"Even if we do find shelter, what hope is there?" he though aloud, drawing a puzzled look from Ben. "Think about it. They would've left you down there to die--now they're going to butcher a bunch of bodies--desecrate bodies so they can form a signal. Honestly, it's not a bad idea, but...they just don't care. They just want to survive. I don't know about you, Ben, but I think there are worst things than dying--in fact, I'd rather die than abandon my integrity. Life is nothing when you can't look yourself in the mirror without flinching." He pulled his coat around his neck tightly. "When is this going to be over?"

Ben answered, rising from where he sat, "Soon if we don't get going." He offered his hand to Sean. Almost with reluctance Sean accepted it and pulled himself to his feet, wincing in pain. Damn side wound.

Shoulder to shoulder they stumbled their way through the wind, snowflakes meeting them head on, slowing their travel.

Liam was shivering cold and he could barely move. His whole body ached. Something must be broken he thought. But even as the thought crossed his mind, he didn't seem to care too much. What was life now, anyway?

Stuck here in the middle of nowhere, half frozen to death and half wishing to be dead, with no family and no way out and no Finn... He wanted to cry again. He was utterly alone. Even though he was surrounded by other survivors of the crash, he expected nothing from them and he felt even less emotion towards them. There was no connection. He could die right here and care less about it.

He rolled over onto his side, wincing as he did and opened his eyes a little. There was a fire going, he could see it's flames and see figures huddled around it, but he couldn't feel it. He was too far away. He sighed and just stayed on his side.

A woman lowered herself into his field of vision, placing her face in front of his. She looked at him but he just stared through her, his eyes didn't move or focus on hers. She looked questioningly at him. Maybe she thought he was dead. She reached out and he felt a cold hand against his neck, he twitched a little at the touch. She gasped.

"So you're alive..." She said quietly. Liam didn't say anything. She looked at him curiously and he focused his eyes onto hers.

"Physically." He whispered back.

"And you talk, too." He thought she almost smiled at him. He tried to shrug but it hurt too much.

"I'm Liam." He said.

"Charlie." She answered, touching his hair softly.

"I like your accent." Liam answered her quietly.

"Listen to me, Liam." She said, her voice getting more serious. "Something strange is going on here, I know you just met me but I need you to trust me."

"What do you mean strange?"

"I'm not exactly sure, but I'm worried for all of us." She paused and spoke quieter, "Especially kids like you."

"I can be strong." Liam said, "I can help you."

"Rest for now, okay. But be careful. I'll be back to check on you in a bit, alright?"

He just nodded. She lifted her hand from the top of his head and disappeared. As he watched her go, he saw her running out to greet two figures stumbling towards their small camp. He wondered about what she was trying to tell him, but even so he was reluctant to build connections to anyone.

Alexandria pinched the bridge of her nose as everyone save for Xin started casting her disgusted/angered/wary/betrayed looks every few minutes while they waited for Charlie to rejoin the group after checking up on the boy. Obviously they didn't trust her even though she had told them that he was alive.

Opening her eyes, she turned her eyes to watch the makeshift door holding its own against the wind. Thanking God for that small favor and hoping that it continued, Alex continued to ignore the stares that were burning into her body. Finally fed up with the looks, Alex slapped her hand down on the cave floor and glared at the group as a whole.

“Look how many times do I have to apologize before you people get it through your thick heads that I wasn’t trying to leave Ben in the snow on purpose. He bloody fell and didn’t move or answer when Xin and I called down to him. Gods I would have become a lawyer if I was that cutthroat. Besides why would I kill one of the few people in this ragtime group of survivors that I can actually get along with despite our difference of opinions?”

Sean glared at her, “Maybe you decided you needed warm blood for your little crop circle. Maybe the chilled blood of the people that’s already dead isn’t enough for you.”

Alex’s eyes flashed in anger, “And again Sean you can go to bloody hell. I deal with bastards like you everyday back at med school. Simply because I’m a girl you believe that you know my every thought and decision. My butchering plan as you want to call it went out of the window the moment you returned with none of the dead bodies simply because you didn’t have the guts to actually ask me how I was going drain the bodies of blood. I bet you thought that I was take pieces of the plane and carve each limb off of each person before dragging the limb around behind me like some primitive beast, grunting while I working. Pausing every once in a while to lick the blood that had splattered onto my face….”


Charlie had returned to the circle and slapped Alex. “Stop Alex, just stop, we get the point. Sean doesn't think that.”

Alex licked her split lip and shot a fury-filled smirked at Charlie before motioning at Sean with flashing eyes, “Look at his eyes, Charlie, that exactly what he thought I was going to do and like I said before he never thought to ask how, just jumped to whatever his narrow-minded brain told him I was going to do. I dealt with this enough when I was safe and sound at school I refuse to deal with it when there's a 50% chance of death in the future.”

Getting up, Alec moved out of the circle and sat against the wall behind Xin who cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Well before we get into story time again, Alex and I came up with another plan while Sean was bringing Ben back to camp. Since it seems that some are, as Alex states it ‘are too delicate to see blood’ we thought that we could take the bodies of the dead and create an SOS with them, that is if that isn’t too against whatever beliefs that you guys are into.”

Charlie cleared her throat, “Is that what you guys were whispering about earlier?”

Xin nodded, “Yes, Alex had stated to me that since we didn’t act to at least collect the blood before the storm set in it will be impossible now since they will be icicles in the morning. However we should be able to dig up enough bodies in order to align them in a crude SOS and pray that there isn’t another storm on the horizon.”

Sean glared into the fire rather than agree that is seemed like a sound idea so Charlie and Ben agreed over his silence.

Ben glanced over to Alex, “So Alex, not to get you riled again but how would have gotten the blood?”

Charlie groaned and opened her mouth to stop the answer but Alex answered anyways. “Artery in the inner thigh, I would have nicked it and gathered the blood in whatever container I can find or make from the wreckage, wouldn’t have even noticed the cut afterwards.”

Sean looked taken back, “Why didn’t you say that in the first place?”

Alex threw him a look before going to check on the newest person in the group without answering.

Ben gave a low whistle as Xin looked at Sean, “She did tell us that she was a medical school student from the start. You however took your shock and anguish out on the most unconcerned person in this situation. I would advise you to apologize but I do not believe that will be the best or safest course of action for you. At least if you like your body unmarred from life threatening cuts that is.”

Charlie looked at Xin, “Really?”

“Would you allow someone to refer to you multiple times in the course of a very stressful day, several things that you knew were untrue about you?”
Sean gave a half-smile at Xin and said, "You don't have to worry about me, your holiness. I am a globetrotter. I have been in situations worse than this. Everyone, the next thing we need to worry about is food. So, while Alex and our monk was figuring out the brilliant SOS signal, I got some food from the pantry of the plane. Here."

He took out some garbed mixed up food-like stuff from a huge plastic bag. "People, the plastic spoons, cups etc have got pieced and mixed up with the food, so, we need to sort each piece out before eating. We are lucky though that the snow has kept it fresh."

The bag was passed around and everyone took a handful of something. Then, they began to carefully sort the food and eat it bit by bit.

"Sean", Liam cried, "You have been really helpful. You must be our leader."
"Yes, I agree", Ben seconded, "He has saved us all."
"Buckle down, Liam", Sean responded, "Take rest. Here, let me hand out your part to Charlie."
Charlie sorted Liam's food and he had to literally lick the garb up from her fingers. Charlie felt strong urges and enjoyed it as well.

Xin bent over and whispered in Alex's ear, "That Sean's face looks somewhat familiar to me. Something is not right about him."
"Well, he is our leader now", Alex retorted, "And we are his bitches. I thought Charlie was on our side, but she has switched over too."

"Wait!" Ben said. "Did I say I agreed to Sean being the leader? I thought you were asking me if I wanted a chicken pot pie. That's what I was agreeing to."

Charlie frowned. "But you said, 'He saved us'."

"No, I said he saved the chicken pot pies."

Charlie stared at Ben. "Okayyyyy... Maybe you should rest for awhile."

"Thank you, Mommy," Ben said and lay down curled up with his head on his hands.

Charlie looked at the rest of the group and shrugged.

Xin twiddled his thumbs. "It's beginning."

"What's beginning?" Alex said.

"The craziness. You coop a bunch of people up together all winter and they are sure to go crazy and try to kill each other."

Alex shivered. "Don't talk like that. And all winter? It hasn't even been 24 hours yet! That reminds me, we better make sure we wind our watches."

"Wind our watches? Who wears winding watches?"

"I do," Alex said. "I don't like to have to buy batteries."

"That's silly. A battery lasts like five years or something."

Ben raised his head up. "Everyready bunny. Got to keep going. Just keep going and going..." Then his head dropped back down and he began to snore.

“Whoa! Whoa! I’m not anyone’s leader. We don’t need a leader; we need to work together as equals all right,” interjected Sean hurriedly. What was going on here? Everything was spinning out of control. “Listen, I’m not gunna tell anyone what to do. And no one is going to tell me what to do.” He sighed, running his fingers through his hair.

I can’t believe this is happened, he thought to himself as he stared at the ground. The campfire crackled and popped, the heat radiating from it hitting Sean full in the face. He just wished he was home. He wished he could fall asleep and never wake again. “This is crap…” he whispered too low for anyone to hear. “I’m going to die out here—we’re all going to die out here…” A mad chuckle. “I can only hope it happens before we kill each other. God, I wish I could get warm!” He wrapped his arms around his shivering form and glanced around the camp. Nobody was paying anyone attention to him—everyone was too exhausted—except Alex; she kept shooting him dark looks over the dancing flames of the fire.

How stupid of me, he reflected, to get on bad terms with the doctor! I’m screwed!

He rose and, pursing his lips, walked to where Alex seemed to be preparing to sleep. He put on the most earnestly harmless face he could manage. “Alex…”

There was fight in her eyes when she looked up at him.

“Can I just talk to you…privately?”

“What’s the point, Sean?” The steel in her face softened slightly, sadness creeping into her eyes.

“I just want to talk, okay?” Sean pleaded. He had to do this. If they were going to survive someone had to put themselves out there and try to do the right thing.

“Fine.” She began walking away. He followed. They strode in silence until a good distance separated them from the others.

Finally he mustered the strength to speak. “Alex…” He cleared his throat, not daring to look at her. “I-I-I—this is stupid! Us fighting like this! I mean we were just in a plane crash for God’s sake!” He took a deep breath, finally glancing at her face. “I know I’ve been acting like an ass and I’m sorry, okay. It’s been hard to think straight—all I can think about is escaping this nightmare! When you suggested…using blood from the bodies to make a signal…all I could think was how awful this was and it was like you were making it worse.”

She opened her mouth to protest, but he cut her off with a gentle touch to the shoulder. “I was wrong, I know that now. You’re just trying to save lives like every doctor is taught to do…I should have trusted you. Again, I am so sorry.” He fell silent for a moment. “I don’t want to be here, Alex.”

“None of us do!”

“I know…”

Liam lay on his side huddled by the fire. Everyone's voices seemed far away and his body hurt. His head was getting too cloudy to really know what was going on with the others and most of them he had not yet even officially met. He closed his eyes for only a second before he felt a hand on his shoulder. His vision was blurred when he opened his eyes but a woman's face met his gaze.

"Hey..." She spoke softly. She lifted his head slightly and placed a rolled up blanket under it and another. "It's okay."

He didn't say anything but he must have had a confused look on his face.

"I'm Alex, I'm going to help you, okay?"

"Can I trust you?" He asked.

"Yeah... We're all on the same team here." She added quieter, "At least I think so."

"I'm Liam." He said, "I don't feel very good."

"Well, good news, kind of..." She said. "I'm studying to be a doctor so maybe I can help. What do you think?"

He nodded a little.

"How old are you, Liam?"

"I... I'm-" He gasped a little, trying to make the words, "I'm fifteen."

Alex nodded with a kind of sad expression on her face.

"Can you tell me where it hurts?"

"It's just... everywhere. I can't move without hurting and I'm really cold."

"I'm going to roll you onto your back, is that okay? I'll be careful."

Liam nodded and winced a little as she did it.

"Can you hold out your arms for me?"

Liam lifted both of his arms slowly. When he got to a point a little past his body he let out a groan.

"I can't lift my right any higher, I think my left is okay."

"I'm going to have to lift up your shirt so I can see up by your shoulder. See, your arm out here is okay, that part doesn't hurt, just when you lift it. Is that okay with you?"

Liam nodded. "Just do what you have to, I won't complain."

She lifted his shirt slowly and gasped a little as she did. There was a lot of bruising over his chest area and some blood caked on the outside. A small piece of metal was lodged in Liam's side. She tried not to let him see how nervous it made her, but he could already tell something was wrong.

She felt along his chest bones, there were multiples of them broken. And she felt around his shoulders.

"Your clavicle bone is broken." She said. She wanted to say more but didn't want to scare him. "It's okay, we'll make a sling for you and it should heal just fine. Even back home we can't usually cast broken clavicles, just reset them and sling them."

Liam nodded again.

"I'm going to feel along your legs to see if any of your leg bones are broken." He just nodded again.

She ran her hands down his legs, feeling for any odd angles or breaks.

"Nothing is seriously broken she said, but you might have some smaller fractures and bruising."

"I just hurt all over." He said, "I can't move without it hurting."

She nodded and looked in his eyes, "I know. And I'm going to try and help you as best I can, okay?"

He nodded back, "Can you bring me something to drink?"

"Sure." She said and left to go get him something. She didn't go far, though because Liam could still hear her talking to another person.

"I'm just worried about him," he thought he heard, "He has a lot of bruising which could point to lots of internal bleeding. And he does seem to have lost a lot of blood, his body temperature is down and he's really weak. I don't know what we can do to help him..."

"We did find him at the front of the plane." A man's voice said, "He was the only one still alive up there. I'm not surprised that he seems to be in the worst shape out of all of us."

"I just know that at the least we need to get that piece out of his side and stitched up. It could get infected if we leave it in. We'll have to do it in the morning when there's more light. If he even makes it 'til the morning. Why did you let him go so long without me having a look?"

"Probably because we wanted nothing to do with each other..." The man's voice trailed off.

He heard footsteps approaching and then Alex was back next to him.

"Here." She held up his head a little and poured something cold into his mouth. He swallowed it with a little bit of difficulty but his throat felt a little better after. Didn't help much with how cold he was feeling, though.

"Am I going to die?" He looked Alex straight in the eyes. She looked back at him without an answer. "It's okay if the answer's yes." He said, "I think I'd want to die."

"No, Liam." Alex said, "No you don't want to die."

"You don't know me. You don't know what it's like for me now... and I think I would want to die. You don't have to save me."

"Well, if you like it or not, I'm going to do everything I can for you." She said, getting assertive, "You have a piece of metal lodged in your side and in the morning we're going to have to get that out and stitched up, okay?"

"Sure... if I'm even here in the morning, isn't that right?"

Alex ignored him.

The night was long and cold and Liam spent it between bouts of unconsciousness and times of being awake. But the whole night was very hazy. In the morning Alex came to check on him and brought him some more water. He felt a little better than the night before but his body still hurt in every place he could feel. His mind was less fuzzy, though and he felt like he was thinking clearer than all the days before.

Sean and Charlie came over to help Alex when it was time for the procedure to remove the piece of metal. Alex had recovered a small doctor's first aid kit she had been carrying with her. There wasn't much in there but there were a few alcohol wipes and a small suture kit.

"We have to do this without any medication because we obviously don't have any, I wish I could lie to you but, this is going to hurt." Alex said to Liam.

Sean and Charlie had a hold of Liam under each of his arms, the right of which hurt enough just being pulled on. They held him steady and upright so that Alex could work and so that he wouldn't thrash about while she was working.

"I'm going to count to three." Alex said. It was a warning to Liam but mostly to those holding him to be prepared for whatever might happen.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Liam said. "What if it's lodged in something? You could rip a hole in my stomach or something."

"Just try and relax, it's not deep enough to be hitting anything vital, trust me."

"I'm trying, but it's not working." Liam answered.

"One." Alex said.

"Please, we don't have to, we can leave it in."


Liam let out a scream as Alex pulled hard on the piece of metal. His arms flailed and Charlie and Sean held him tight. The thrashing hurt his arm more which made him scream more. He was panting heavily and trying not to keep screaming when Alex held up the piece she had taken out.

"That's not pretty." Charlie muttered.

"Bigger than I thought..." Sean whispered.

"Now for the hard part." Alex said, "The sutures are going to hurt and not be over as quickly. But I'll do my best to be quick."

"Just do it." Liam said.

He winced and groaned while Alex stitched up his side. He clenched his teeth and tried hard not to cry. Crying was the last thing he wanted to do. Even when Alex was done, it wasn't like he felt any better. His side ached and his body was sore and uncomfortable all over.

They made him a sling and Alex had to set the bone (another pain) before she wrapped his arm in the sling and told him to try to move it as little as possible.

After all the ordeals were over, Liam was finally able to sit up with the help of a rock to lean against. Everyone else started to gather around the fire as well.

"Anyone got a beer?" Liam said, "I could sure as heck take one right now, after this morning I've had..."

Xin stood up to get everyone's attention. He said, "Listen people, we need to have a plan here. One of the two should happen. Either we try to live on here until help from outside arrives, or we make an active effort to reach help. Both options have risks."
"I want to stay here", Alex replied, "Help is bound to arrive. We need to live off this hellhole till then. If we try to move along the highway in this way, we are sure to die. I know the limits to which the human body can push itself. I am a doctor."
Sean stood up now and everyone expected him to contradict Alex, but he just said, "I second that."

Back when everyone were sleeping, Xin and Alex woke up to speak in whispers.
"When Sean went to rescue Ben", Xin said in a hushed voice, "I checked his stuff. Remember when I told you he looked familiar?"
"Yes", Alex begged him to continue. Deep down inside she loathed Sean.
But Xin merely smiled.
"Go on. We intentionally let Ben behind so that Sean would go for him and we could have time. What happened? What did you find out?"
"Well he is a renowned globetrotter and author. He has published two novels in the past - 'The Aweful Amazon' and 'The Hopeless Himalayas', both about being stranded with a couple of survivors drawn from his real life experiences."
Alex's eyes widened.
"Do you think", Xin pressed on, "that it is merely coincidence that he finds himself in exactly the same situation."
"I don't understand", Alex gasped though deep down she did.

Ben woke up in the middle of the night and listened to the other survivors sleeping. It reminded him of summer camp, but not the benign pleasant camp of his youth. This was an evil camp where some kids would die and some kids would live. He shook off that image and tried to think clearly. Then he heard Alex and Xin whispering about Sean...

Do you think that it is merely coincidence that he finds himself in exactly the same situation?

What was Xin implying? That Sean had caused the plane to crash so that he could write a book about it? That was insane! Wasn't it? How could Sean know that he would survive? Still... a truly amazing coincidence that he wrote books about survival.

And who was Xin really? A spokesman for the Dalai Lama? Ben had no way to judge the truth of that claim. Xin looked the part with the shaved head and the robe. And why pretend to be that if he wasn't? Ben could see no advantage to it.

And was Alex really a medical student?

Ben shook all the questions out of his head. What good was it to speculate about everyone? It didn't matter who they were. They were all in this together. Survival. That was what it was about.

The next time he woke up it was morning. They better start making marks to keep track of the days. He wasn't even sure whether this was the second day or the third day. Had he been out of his mind for awhile?

Alex was bending over Liam and doing something. There was a worried look on her face.

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