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by Twiga
Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #1705999
We can't have everything we want... or can we? Love never dies...Or does it?
[Introduction] Falco woke up to the sound of his Alarm clock....Lazily he reached one feathered arm over and made the damn thing stop buzzing.

Falco sleepily yawned and stretched...He looked at what the clock said and yawned again before doing a double take

"1 A.M?!" Falco said "How is that possible?!"

Falco knew at this point he would not get back to sleep...So he got out of bed and stretched his back...He walked over to a mirror and admired his naked body...Yes he had been sleeping naked...Doctor on Ava recamened young Males Sleep naked because it kept their sperm count High...

Falco stroked his hooked beak and sighed with displeasure...What good is having a high sperm count if none of the ladies think your attractive enough to be a mate.
He threw on a robe and headed to the kitchen...He plucked a golden fruit from the fruit bowl and nibbled it...He leaned against the wall and sighed...Only one woman had ever loved him...And that woman happened to be from anouther species altogether
Falco looked outside his window...Somewhere amongst those millions of stars and planets Earth would be sillently spinning around the Sun...And on the Earth would be Rose

Rose... She was so beautiful. Until he met Rose, Falco had thought he knew all about life, how mean and ugly it was, how you couldn't trust anybody, but Rose was a ray of saunshine beaming into the darkness of his heart and finally letting him see the real beauty of everything.

Falco sighed. But he was here on Ava and Rose was far away on Earth.
Falco threw away the core of the Golden Fruit...yawned and stretched once more and scratched the back of his head...

"Might as well take an early morning flight to get the blood circulating." He said to himself...He got dressed in his Servant's uniform of blue sleeveless shirt with golden bells on and matching blue slacks

He hopped onto the rail of the balcony flapped his wings once and jumped into the wind...

Flying...You really can not discribe it to someone who can not fly....Falco soared low over a clear blue lake admiring his soaring reflection in the moonlight filled water.

Meanwhile on Earth...Bill happened to be minding his own buissness...On his way to see Jim...When his nose caught a scent.

"Even when I'm in human form I can still indentify that scent." Bill said he heard something as well

"Experment E.....Type Texas Longhorn...."

That voice...Those words...Bill thought he had heard the excact the before but he could not remember when or where
Bill decided he would screw with the heads of whoever this person who happened to be attempting to mess with him.

"Oh Gee!" Bill said turning on the sarcasm mode "I do sure hope no one is following me. Espescilly not some dickweed named Bishop."

"Bishop!" Said the assistant "He's on to us! What do we do?!"

"Take him down." Bishop said "He's only a juvinile he can't take down all of us."

But before he could issue the command something Bishop something Bishop had never seen before flew down from the sky....

Three...Creatures...Bishop did not know how to discribe them...Vaguly reptilian with Batlike wings...One was yellow and smallish with wings on the side instead of on the back like the other two...One Greenish and largeish..with an enormous girth...One Red...and had the least human like face.

Bill looked at the creatures shocked...He had never seen these things before...And he had seen quite a bit.

The Red Creature spoke..."Are you Human/Animal hybrid known as Bill Brandy?"

"I...Am." Bill said

"James Jefferson told us to find you...He says it is not safe for you to be in town tonight."

"Why?" Bill asked

"He says tonight is the night you come into your own power." The Small Yellow creature said "Something about an implant inside you."

"Fuck." Bishop thought "The Wolf knows of the Implant?"

The Red Creturere spoke again "He told us to take you to him before you become a danger to yourself or others."
"How long would it be?" Bill asked.

"At least a week," said the green one.

"A Week? But I have school and-"

"It is better for you to come with us, than for you to hurt those that you care about, such as your friends and family."
So the three creatures took Bill...And for lack of a better word Air lifted him to the forest.

"By the way." Bill said "Who are you guys?"

"I'm Brooklyn." The Red One said

"I'm Broadway." Replied the Green One

"And I'm Lexington." Said the small Yellow One

"Why are you guys doing this?" Bill asked

"Your friend James knows the Time Traveler..And the Time Traveler knows the future...The Same Future that will bring judgement day for your kind will do the same for us as well." Brooklyn replied

"Oh." Bill said not really understanding

"You are the 'succesor to the throne' Brooklyn continued "So your fate is espessily important to us."

"You'll meet Goliath when we get to the forest." Broadway said "There he'll tell you what's going to happan."

Meanwhile Falco rested on a small island in the middle of the lake and watched the sunrise.

"Rose metioned something about having an implant inside her." Falco said as stroked his beak with thought..."But I never found out what that meant."

He cupped his clawed hands into a small pool of water, brought the water to his mouth and drank deep...

As soon as he looked back into the pool he gasped...For he saw not his own face in the water...But Rose's

"Even when I'm awake I see her face!" Falco moaned in dismay
"That's because I'm behind you," said a familiar voice.

At this, Falco turned, and gasped in shock. "How'd you get here?"

"I know a guy who can hotwire a spaceship and drive it."
Falco looked at Rose "Why....Did you follow me?"

Rose looked at her scaly feet and than back at Falco

"Angel and I...Came to an understanding...We loved each other...But...My biological clock is ringing...Instinct rises up in me...I need something that Angel can't give me."

"And what's that?" Falco asked hestantly

Rose kissed Falco's hooked beak.

"Cubs." The Dragoness said


"I'm sorry I mean children...Offspring....You know what I mean." Rose chuckled nervously..."I attended too many Furry Conventions when I was human. "

"Why me?" Falco asked "You could have any Humanimal man..."

"I don't want any man I want you!"
Meanwhile Bill found himself in James' hut in the forest...James his Old Mentor happened to be standing next to anouther of those winged reptilan creatures...A lavender one who seemed much larger than the three who had airlifted him.

"I'm glad you could be here." James said "This Gargoyle you see before you is Goliath...I met him last year...He saved my life from a run in with Bishop."

"I've been told I have an Implant inside me." Bill said "Why did you never tell me?"
"Sometimes they can be taken out, sometimes they can't," James said.

"And what would this implant do to me if it isn't taken out?" Bill asked.

"Depends on the type," said James. "It might just be an annoying tracker, or a dangerous controler."


"Nasty, and even worse than a band," said James. "A band, a guy could take it off your head. An implant controler, have to cut it out, or kill you."

"Forget cutting it out," Goliath said. "Your implant is of a type we call embedded. It sends out tendrils into the body, specifically the nerve system, and attaches itself permanently. There is no way it can be removed."

"But who did it?" Bill said. "And why?"

"Those questions are not easy to answer. Power changes hands rapidly in the noesphere and we-"

"Wait!" Bill said. "The noesphere? What's that?"

"Hmmm, something else that's difficult to explain. To simplify it, you might say it's where creatures like I and the other Gargoyles primarily exist, where we have our full life force. I don't think I can explain it much better than that."

"So it's like another planet or something?"

"Oh, it's still this planet... but more like a parallel dimension. Does that help?"

"A little... So power changes hands rapidly in the noesphere. What does that have to do with my implant?"

The big lavender Gargoyle shrugged his bony shoulders. "It means I don't know who put the implant in. You're lucky we are aware of it and know a little about it, which is why we have contacted you. You are about to acquire great power, power that could be dangerous if misused. We want to make sure you don't do something stupid with it."
"OK" Bill said sounding confused "What's going on here?"

"If it is a controller." James said slowly "Than my friends the gargoyles are going to disable it without removing it."

"Oh." Bill said "And how are they going to do that?"

"When the implant starts to take over your mind." James said "They'll fight you."

Bill gulped nervously

"You can relax Little Bull" James said chuckling "They'll go easy on you."

Goliath seemed to also be tickled by Bill's nervous reaction "You know." The Lavender Gargoyle said "After we met James Jefferson we wondeered if there happened to be any truth to his story..So we made a secret trip to Area 51."

Bill looked around at the other Gargoyle's face and saw a look of genuine despair

"I'll telll ya." Brooklyn said "I don't know if there is God or Heaven...But I know for sure Area 51 is Hell"

Bill looked around at the Gargoyles "What...What happened?"

"Let's just say that there was a Tuesday in September of 2001 that came close to what we saw," Goliath said, shaking his head. "And frankly, I wouldn't know what was worse. Me and the other Gargoyles didn't see the towers fall, but a friend of ours did. She lost more than a few friends that day, and she took it hard. Also, we had to remind her a few times that she didn't have wings, especially when she took to the bottle for a few months after it."

"As for Area 51, well we knew why she had felt the way she did," Brooklyn said with a sigh. "We couldn't do anything, much like she couldn't do anything."
"But...The Gargoyles were able to give us valuable information." James said "Even though we could not do anything about it."

Bill had now settled into his bull form and perked up his ears.

"The terrble news is..." James began "Is that now there abducting younger and younger kids...Some as young as five!"

"And I thought those Bastards couldn't sink any lower...." Bill growled

"I know." James said "But...One good thing did get accomplished."

"We snuck into the 'finished product chamber' Lexington said using ample use of finger quotes "Where they store the people they've finished mutating."

"I was able to talk to one." Brooklyn said "A kid named Hadrian who had been mutated into a Wolf Cub...Real small kid couldn't have been older than seven."

"Uh huh..." Bill said not knowing where this would be going."

"And he gave this!" Lexington said holding something up "This Microchip had been attatched to his ear like an earing...Why I have absolutly no idea."
"That's because that's an ID tag," James said, releasing a sigh. "I have several of them, including my own."

"Why do you have them?" Bill asked.

"To remind myself of what happened to me," James said, turning his head, showing off a scar on his ear. "And to make me remember those that I had no choice, but to kill."

James looked at Brooklyn. "If you thought Area 51 was Hell then be glad you never got into Area 52."

"Area 52?" Brooklyn said. "I thought that was just a fairytale they used to scare junior gargoyles with."

"Oh no. There's an Area 52 all right. But I don't like to talk about it. The memories are too painful."

"Listen, you guys," Bill said. "I'm not ready for all this weird stuff. I just want to be Bill the Bull and live a quiet life. I don't want any areas or powers."

"That's what we're trying to help you with, son," Goliath said. "Don't let them scare you. We're going to fix it so you can be Bill the Bull and not worry about a thing."

"I don't want a lobotomy or anything."

Goliath laughed. "No lobotomy, no drugs, no electroshock treatments. It's going to be fine."

Meanwhile on Ava...Falco found himself sharing a late breakfast with Rose as they walked to the palace where Falco worked.

"OK." Falco said gulping down a slithery Eel he bought at a cart "So...You want me to be the Father of your children?"

"I've considered all the options and I think you are the Best Man for the Job." Rose said gulping down hot drink
"Well, there is a little clause in the whole 'One mate' thing," Falco said. "Of course, it's normally for royalty to make sure that there is an heir to the throne in the case that the current ruler has a mate of the same sex."

"Manimals have it easier," Rose said. "We can have who we want, when we want. Then again, it would be hard to convince a priest to get two of us married, and I wouldn't know of any who were turned."

Falco grabbed Rose's shoulders. "Rose, I won't let anything get in the way of you and me coming together. If we can't do it on Ava, then we'll do it on Earth. I've made my decision.What is impoertant is you and me and not whatever silly rules our two cultures might have."

Rose hugged him. "Oh, Falco. I hoped you would feel that way. It's the way I feel too. That's why I made the trip here. From now on it's you and me, babe, against the world. Or worlds."

They kissed. Nothing could stop them now.
Falco noticed some Old Timer Aves were looking at them funny and broke the kiss

"Let us go somewhere more private." Falco asked "The Palace?"

Meanwhile...James adminestered an herbal barm on Bill's belly that smelled sweet and helped the Young Bull relax

"There are special lotions for every breed of Manimal." James said "This one is espessily good for herbivores...It has the combined scents of chomomile and lavender."

Bill felt sleep coming on him...For a moment he resited sleep

"What about those kids at Area 51?" He asked "Is someone going to rescue them?"

"They may or may not be rescued." James said "We don't know yet."

"But...Are there any other Manimals with Implants like mine?" Bill asked

"Well...Rose the Dragon has an implant ...I don't know what kind." James said "But we sent her offworld where hopefully none of them can reach her."
"And where would that be?" Bill asked, dazidly.

"A place where she'd be taken care of if something happened," James said. "Besides, there was someone she wanted to see there."

Then Bill's eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep.

"Is this procedure as safe as you claim," James asked the Gargoyles.

"Who knows?" Goliath said. "His is the first implant of this type we have seen. Either the procedure works or it doesn't."

"You wouldn't be so casual if it was your own son sleeping there."

"Is he your son?"

"No," James said, "but in some ways I feel like his father."
After all, James thought. He is the one who will take over the group when it's my time to go.

"Why do you care about him?" Goliath asked.

"I'm mortal," James said. "Unlike you, I can't last forever. After all, I'm not made of stone."

"Lasting forever isn't the blessing you might think it is," Goliath said. "We have to live with our mistakes forever. We have no sense of danger or urgency. Our hearts are cold as stone. I would trade places with you."

"I imagine you would," James said, "but we must all accept who we are and the destiny that goes with it."

"So true. And young Bill here? Do you know his destiny?"

Why is he asking me that?, James thought. "I'm not a fortune teller. I don't know the future."
Meanwhile Rose and Falco had made it to the palace in reletive safety

Rose giggled "So... when do we plan to do it?"

"Do what?" Falco asked

"You know..."Rose murmured "Consumate the affair."

"Please don't call this an affair I don't like that word"Falco said disapprovingly "I like to think of this relationship as a partnership if nothing else."

Meanwhile on Earth Bill found himself waking up

"Bill! Bill!" James said patting the young ones cheek "You allright?"

Bill sleepily tried to get up... but slipped and landed gently on his naked rear

"How many pudding pops you to get Wayne Braidy's Autograph?"

"Ah he's OK" Lexington said "He's just 'drunk' off painkillers"
"Buddy, I keep a mace in my celler," James said, his face deadly serious. "Don't even think of joking like that again."

"Touchy arn't you," Lexington said, with a grin.

"You haven't seen me touchy," James muttered.
Meanwhile on Planet Ava...Falco found himself being confroted by Doctor Noir...One of the Skeksis' conspiriters

"Falco? Falco Lombardi?"

"Uh...Yeah?" Falco said slowly not wanting to be seen with any of his Late Uncle's Posse

"Falco My Dear Boy!" Noir said All Too Sweetly "I have not seen you in ages!"

"It has been a while." Falco said wishing more than anything he could be somewhere else right now

"You know." Noir said with a sly look on his face "The Word from Friends is that you were seen having breakfast with a forginer...And I said to myself...THE Falco Lombardi with a Non-Native?"

'Geez...' Falco thought to himself 'Now I understand why other races refer to Us as gossipy hens'

"But they also noted that the two of you were speaking rather loudly about 'ahem' the fathering of children...Now I'm not one to play Judge Jury and Executioner...But are you planning an experiment in interglactic crossbreeding?"
"I wouldn't know," Falco said. "But the woman has some friends who might be interested in you. I hear that some of them are as skillful in bed as you are."

At this, Falco gave an evil smile, causing Noir to gulp.

"What are you talking about?" the doctor asked, with a nervous chuckle. "I've only slept with one woman."

"That's not what I've heard. After all, the walls have ears."

Doctor Noir became very nervous. "Oh they do, do they? Well, they won't hear anything listening to me. I keep my affairs quiet. I mean-"

"Yeah, yeah, I know what you mean," Falco said. "I guess nobody has completely clean hands. Don't let the pot call the kettle black."

"Is that some kind of Earth expression?"

"Yes. It means don't criticize someone else's egg if your own egg has a crack in it."
Doctor Noir looked very stern but than his face softened

"I have no buissness with you." He said darkly "I came to the palace to see my son."

"Who is your son?"

"The High King himself." Noir said evily

Falco gasped "You...You were the one who raped Madame Xanadu?!"
(Question, who is Madame Xandu?)

Noir just gave a wicked smile.

Falco said, "But I always thought the rapist was a mysterious stranger dressed in a black cape. That's what the story was."

"So I can't own a black cape?" Noir said.

"I don't believe a word you are saying. You wouldn't tell me this so freely if it were true. Do you really expect me to believe you are the High King's father?""
The High King Revel happened to be watching from the shadows...He knew the truth... Noir did rape his Mother...The NobleWoman Madame Xanadu.

Instantly Revel understood what this meant...Noir wanted to blackmail him.

"But why did he tell Falco so freely?" Revel wondered "It makes no sense!"

Falco just stared at the Middle aged doctor
"And why would you tell me this stuff?" he asked. "It wouldn't be very good for you if you told people that you raped the High King's mother."

"Who said that I'd say that I did it?" Noir said, with an evil smile. "I could easily say that your uncle told me that he did it. Then you'd be in an interesting situation. You'd have to defend the honor of a man who was a known traitor, and had been plotting to overthrow the throne anyways."

Now Revel understood. Noir could use his knowledge to blackmail anyone he chose since he and Revel were the only ones who knew the truth, that Noir's father had raped Revel's mother. Revel couldn't come to the victim's aid without revealing that he knew the truth himself.

But Falco just laughed at Doctor Noir. "What in the world makes you think I want to defend the honor of Skeksis? My only allegiance now is to King Revel. I will defend him from any attacks. In fact, I conside you a danger to him." Falco drew out his sword. "On guard, Doctor Noir!"

King Revel leaped out of the shadows. "Falco! Stop this nonsense! There has been enough killing!"

Falco grabbed Doctor Noir by the collar. "This scum would do you harm, sire."

Revel patted Falco's shoulder and winked. "Didn't you say you wanted to return to Earth? Perhaps you could take a passenger with you?"

"Very good, sir," Falco said. "Doctor Noir can have the guest suite in my ship. I'm sure he would enjoy a little vacation on Earth."

"Get your hands off me!" Noir said. "This is kidnapping! You can't abduct me from Ava!"
Meanwhile on Earth..Bill felt wonky after his 'operation' Jim, Bob and Ichabod came to see him.

"How you feel Bro?" Bob asked handing his half brother a tall glass of milk.. Goliath had said Bill must not eat or drink anything for an hour after the operation and after that only very mild and soft food

"I'm OK I guess." Bill said sipping at his milk "I had this weird dream while knocked out though."
"What was it about?" Bob asked.

"I saw a man with dark sunglasses in it," Bill said. "Also, I saw Jim, Minsk, and several others in these cerlindrical tubes, being injected with something."

"...Then the man in dark sunglasses laughed and said, 'Soon it will all be ours!'"

"That's weird," Bob said.

Bill held up his hand. "There is more. So I was there in the room looking at Jim and Minsk in the tubes and the man said to me, 'What do you think? Will the modifications be enough?' and I said, 'There is only one way to find out.'"

Bill stopped talking and stared off into the distance.

"What's the matter?" Bob asked.

"I don't know. I never had a dream so clear and precise before and especially one that I could remember so well. It's almost as if it really happened."

"It's the medicine. You're still wonky."

"Yeah. I guess so."
Bill sighed and finished his glass of milk....

"I feel sleepy." He said "I need a rest."

"You've had a tough night." Ichabod said "You deserve it."

Meanwhile Rose and Falco had snuck into the Basement of the palace for 'erotic play'

"I hope I'm doing the right thing." Falco said to himself as he unbuttoned his shirt "This King and Queen are more forgiving of interspecies sex but if any Skeksis old Posse finds out...."

He did not bother to finish his sentece...He looked at Rose...already the fully naked
"Oh I wouldn't worry about them," she said, walking up to him, her hips gently swaying back and forth. "If they try disturbe us, they'll end up having a little 'accident' and will be in a coma long enough for our children to have had children before they wake up."

"Are you sure about that?" Falco asked, his eyes captivated by Rose's movements.

"I'm very sure."
Meanwhile Matoaka happened to be tucking in her daughter Ama to bed when the door burst open...Zander tromped into the room soaking wet.

"Something bad is going to happen." He said

"What's going to happen?" Matoaka asked

"I have a feeling Bishop wants to capture our daughter as well as all the other hybrid children."
Falco began to enter his beloved's warm tresure...He felt a rush...At last his time of virginity OVER.

But Rose was not comfortable...Somewhere inside her there was burning and stinging

"What's happening to me?!" Rose thought to herself in panic "This has never happened to me before."

Back at Area 51 Bishop was getting a report from a panicy assitant

"Sir..." Said the Runty Assistant "One of our escaped experments is havingan overload...The Implant we planted in her it's burning inside her!"

"That would only occur if the creature in question happened to be having hetrosexual vaginal intercoarse..." Bishop said He froze "Wait a minuite..." He said "The computer indicates the creature is offworld."

He grabbed the runt by the collar "Log on to the Master Computer and disable all implants!" He yelled "If this thing kills her than we'll be revealed to the entire universe!"
The technician then began punchung a series of codes into a computer. He was not in the mood for facing Bishop's wrath if he failed.


Meanwhile, back at James's place, the old wolf was monitering one of the implants that he had managed to retrieve when he noticed it starting to fluctuate strangely.

What are you up to this time Bishop? he wondered as he started to take readings. Then, the readings seemed to flatline, and nothing was being picked up. Interesting.

James then turned his head towards a computer and grinned. Time for a scare Bishop. I wonder how you would like it if I popped up on YOUR screen and said "Hello." That will be spooky, for you anyways.
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(Hide the young children and anyone who isn't comfortable with BROWN CHICKEN BROWN COW. I hope that this is OK with you guys just had to do it you had set it up and I felt it would be a nice addition sorry I don't get on often the twins are keeping me busy and I'm happy with my babies ^_^)

Roses claws suddenly gripped tight onto Falco's shoulders she cried out at the feeling of him within her the completion of them was so incredible that it had moved her to tears of joy and fulfillment as they became on in body their souls were already close this was the final step and Rose could feel it in the way Falco felt within her, he didn't move at first just stayed in her letting her body prepare for the next part it was hard for him to stay this way. Rose felt warm and tender all over regardless of her scales he shuddered at the feeling of her walls as they pulsated encasing him in her heat causing him to let out a long groan of pleasure that made Rose blush "Rose..." Falco panted in need of movement "Please... I want you... mmmmmm" he couldn't finish his sentence she began to kiss him and bucked into him giving him a push to start and once he did he felt he could not stop.

Rose rocked her hips back and forth against Falco's thrusting that pushed deep within her pressing into all the right spots heat flared deep within her spurred on by him as their love making grew fierce her talons dug into his back as they grow louder which made Falco grow bolder he began a hard pumping rhythm that drove Rose over the edge she cried out in as she suddenly came hard shuddering against him as her walls tightened on him with pleasure in turn making him spill his seed deep into her womb hot spurts that filled her to overflow. Oh yes sleeping naked had payed off he held himself in her making sure he was fully empty before he began to pull out of her a whimper escaping his mouth it was to perfect how they felt together the heat he felt off of her was incredible.

The face of Bishop's runty assistant turned pale. "Sir?"

"What is it?" Bishop said.

"A... a text message from one of the implants."

"What are you talking about? Implants just send data. Implants don't send text messages."

"This one just did, sir."

Meanwhile Bill woke up from his nap...He felt devilishly hungry but than he noticed something felt wrong....

Than he looked down...."Ah Geez..."He said

His Father Charles Brandy came into the room "You call Billy Boy?"

Bill blushed looking embaressed "Uh...No..No I didn't"

Charles looked at a yellow stain on the sheet "Did you...Wet the bed?"
"I don't know," said Bill. "You try having the dreams that I have, and wonder if you arn't crazy."

"What sort of dreams? Ones with naked ladies in them?"

"No. Ones with secret agents and scientists, and other such things."

"Well someone is still going to have to clean these sheets."


Meanwhile, James was busy sending Bishop something, a computer virus. It was one that was easy to get rid of, but was highly annoying.

"I hope you have fun with this bad girl," he said, as he looked at the programming. This virus was designed to open one's computer windows to several porn and erotic sites, and was virtually untraceable. Of course, to get rid of it, one had to restart their computer, and not just use a cleaning program or anything over the top. It was harmless, if annoying.
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Hitting the final keys to send it to Bishop he grinned knowing it would set him back a few since it was his own design it should prove to be a thorn in Bishop's side. James couldn't help but feel a bit giddy from sending it.

Bishop slammed his fist in anger as the screen was suddenly swarmed with ads as innocent as wand massagers to the explicit ones of women showing their all to get men hooked on their site he growled it irritated him to no end that such a thing could get through his custom fire wall and yet there is was crowding and fragmenting the data he was currently working on, he looked down at the man at his side and was about to yell at him when an image that popped up caught his attention. A beautiful women with semi long raven black hair appeared she had feline qualities. Bishop narrowed his eye's and smiled then began laughing but it was a shade to dark to be called laughter... "Find her." he turned away to let the man work "Sir?" the man squeaked at Bishop's back "We found one of our missing hybrids." he shot over his back as he left the room.
James felt satisfied the day had gone well.

He lay back in his favorite red velvet chair and sighed contently.

Just as he felt sleep coming on Bill burst through the front door.

"Ack! Give me a heart attack why don't you?"

"I had a dream!" Bill said panting "I saw the room where the kids are being held and I know how we can free them!"

"How?" James asked

"Underneith those cages is a labarynh of undergound passages if we could get underneith them.."

"Bill..." James said slowly "Those exits were probaly sealed off long ago The Gargoyles would have used them if they were there."
"Also, I was there before, at Area 51, Area 52, and their main base on the Moon," James said with a sigh. "While I've managed to block out many of those memories, I can still remember the many traps and such that they had. You could be the most experianced artist at breaking and entering, and you would have trouble. In addition to the normal sort of locks and alarms to scare off curiosity-seekers and normal thieves and burglars, there are machinegun nests, missle turrets, lasar guns, knockout gas, and a whole lot more. Highly dangerous."
Bill sighed with displeasure...He sat on a little stool and put his head in his hands

"It's coming back to me." Bill said tears streaming down his face "The night I turned into what I am today."

James hesitated...He knew what this meant "It's OK." The Old Wolf said clapping Bill on the back "I knew this would happen when Goliath described what the operation would entail."

Meanwhile...Rose and Falco were enjoying the Morning after at his house...They were enjoying a long slow breakfast together.

"These Ra'k Berries are sublime!" Rose said popping two or three rainbow colored berries at a time

"Glad you like them." Falco said sipping his Giga Root Tea "They saw the more Ra'k Berries you eat the more happiness you recive."

Rose took a sip of Tea and licked her lips "How strange...Tastes like a mixture of ginger and cinnamon."
"You know, you've never told me about your childhood," Falco said. "Perhaps you could tell me."

"Well, there isn't much to tell."
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Falco lay next to Rose who had her arms wrapped around him basking in the warmth of him that radiated so lovingly from this man that was kind with stern features that hid his true self and Rose wouldn't have it any other way she loved him as he was, it was one of the things that had made her fall for him so completely. "I love you Falco" Rose said softly with a blush at her cheeks looking at him from a low angle he looked to be a strong warrior one that would protect her from harm... That's how she saw him her prince that had come to rescue her and love her for a happily ever after.

"There was always a lot of pressure on me when I was a child," Falco said.

"Pressure to do what?" Rose asked.

"To be excellent, to do everything well, to live up to the aristocratic ideals. I worshipped my Uncle Skeksis back then. He seemed to me to be the perfect nobleman. He was a man of learning and manners who could also fight and lead other men into battle. Little did I know that his heart was corrupt and he saw me as a tool he could use for his schemes."

"You were just a child," Rose said. "It's understandable that you trusted him and believed in him."

"You don't understand. I modeled myself after him. I wanted to be him. That's how I became who I am. And now to know that he was a corrupt fraud. What does that make me?"

"Oh, Falco, you're not like Skeksis at all. Don't you see? You had an idealized vision of who Skeksis was and that's who you tried to be. You couldn't be like the real Skeksis because you didn't even know the real Skeksis. You just knew your mental image of a perfect nobleman."

"I think I see what you mean. It's like a kid wanting to be like Luke Skywalker. And then discovering that Luke Skywalker was really Mark Hamil who was not a real Jedi Knight. But that wouldn't mean that being like Luke Skywalker wasn't still a worthy goal."

Rose sighed. "It didn't take you long on Earth to learn our myths and legends."
Meanwhile at Area 51...Two young children turned manimals were talking two each other.

One a 7 year old Wolf Cub named Hadrian...The Other a 5 year old Grey Squirrel Kit named Tipp.

"Tipp." Hadrian said pawing the metal walls of his cage with his claws "Are you in there Tepp?"

"Yes." Said a small frightened voice
"I'm scared," said the younger child. "When will those gargoyals return to save us?"

"I don't know," Hadrian said. "I only saw the one by chance. However, I have a feeling that they'll be back."


"I don't know."

Tipp began crying.

"Stop it!" Hadrian said. "It makes me sad when you do that."

"I can't help it. I don't like being in a cage."

"Maybe soon they will let us out."
Bill rested on James' sofa whilst the wolf decided the think some things over.

While Bill slept he had a nightmare...The dream started out pleasant enough...Dreaming of playing a games of malbles when he happend to be seven but than it got ugly

The Big Bully Dirk Rictor came by to kick him in the face...Bill got mad...he turned into a bull and charded Dirk Rictor

Then, things got really messed up. One of his horns pierced Dirk's ribcage, causing the bully to start coughing up blood. Bill became scared as he watched this.
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He shot up straight sweat dripping down to his sheets yet it was cold in the room not freezing but comfortable he rested his elbows on his knees as he tried hard to forget the image in his mind's eye as he looked to his clock noting that it was only 3:32 am he hanged his head down then proceeded to lay back down looking up at his ceiling he watched as shadows danced about forming shapes... he starred at the forms that morphed and took on a deeper color he watched in fright as one shape became a face it's mouth opening on an empty scream that didn't come out yet the terror was still etched all over it he covered his face whimpering pulling away from the gruesome specter that was facing him. He tried to swat at it but his hand sailed through air as if nothing then he heard it out in the distance yet so close he could not ignore it.

The sound called to him made him forget all that he was seeing he ran without thinking dashing out the door as the sound called out to him bringing him closer to the it, then it stopped and he looked up to see two small eye's looking down at him then it did the unthinkable and took steps forward on little white paws falling down he jerked and caught it in his arms as it mewled helplessly in fear of the fall. He looked down the small female kitten that now purred happily in his arms it was black with with a whit spot on its forehead white little paws that were softly kneading at his shirt. His hands gently petting her as she snuggled up close he made his way back to his house climbing the stairs to his room laying down with her in his arms cuddling her as he went back to sleep his dreamed suddenly took a turn towards to other matters. Matters most boys think of. In his dreams he was talking to some girl he didn't know but she was nice and he felt warm all over as she and he walked hand in hand laughing with joy as she smiled at him "Oh Bill you are too funny"

as he dreamed he hadn't noted it yet but his mind had looked over where he was not knowing that while he had slept Jame's had had him transported to his home without a person noticing him at all.
Meanwhile on Planet Ava Falco had found some Garuda Flowers growing in his yard, he decided to pick them as poor Rose had developed Morning sickness
However, Falco was wondering something. How come Rose has morning sickness now? I thought that happened later, much later.

Bill woke up to the sound of the kitten meowing. "Are you hungry?" He took the kitten into the kitchen to see what food he could find for it. Maybe some milk?

"I think I will name you Boots," Bill said, "because of your little white paws."

The kitten walked back and forth rubbing herself against Bill's legs.

Falco took the Garuda Flowers and steeped them in boiling water to make a tea. "Try this," he told Rose. "We use it all the time on Ava to cure stomach upsets."

"But I am not an Avan," Rose said.

"I keep forgetting that," Falco said. "But just take a sip and see how it tastes to you. You eat Avan food and make love to an Avan male so maybe Avan medicine is not that strange for you."

"Maybe not," Rose said with a smile.
Rose breathed in the fragrance of the tea and felt amazed
"That's good," she said. "Smells a bit like Vick's Vapor Rub or something."
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Bill got out the gallon of milk then moved to the cupboard to retrieve a saucer for the kitten as it playfully pounced on his socks batting them around with large fascinated eye's "he he you think you are a tough little girl aren't you?" he called sweetly down to her making her look up at him and giving him an innocent look of 'I didn't do it'. He placed the saucer at her and poured out some milk which she quickly lapped up without hesitation, she placed her front paws in the saucer as she did this her face practically dipping all the way into the milk Bill had to pull her out as he chuckled "You're silly you can't eat milk through your nose". Boots meowed up at him then began to purr as she nuzzled against him.

"I kinda get now why girls love cats" he said to boots as he set her back down to continue drinking the milk.

Rose sat on Falco's couch as he rubbed her stomach trying to ease her discomfort.

Suddenly Rose emitted a huge belch. "Excuse me!" she said.

Falco chuckled. "I think we know what your problem was... gas."

"Maybe it was because I sure feel better now after that burp."
Rose sighed got up and looked out the window

"For some time I wondered ." The Dragoness said "If I would lay eggs or give birth."
"Well, what happens with other manimals?" Falco asked.

"Depends on what spieces they were mixed with," Rose said. "And each pregnancy is different. Also, the father of the child does have an efect as to what will happen."

"Well, what normally happens with bird or reptile types?"

"A mix. Sometimes it's a live birth, sometimes it's an egg. Of course, if the father is a mammal, it's a fifty-fifty chance either way. If the father is another bird or reptile type, seventy-five percent chance that an egg will be laid, twenty-five percent chance that it will be a live birth."

"What if the mother is a mammal type?"

"Live birth for the most part, though if the father is a bird or a reptile, there is a twenty-five percent chance that an egg will be laid."

"How do you know this stuff?"

"Records of course. The higher ranked manimals keep records of who is whose child. That way there isn't any accidental incest between half-siblings."

"Then in our case," Falco said. "It will most likely be an egg since you're a reptile and I'm a bird."

"I guess so," Rose said. "I suppose that explains why I've had this weird urge to pile straw in the corner of the room."

"Is it necessary that we build a nest?"

"No, I think a pile of blankets on a bed will be fine."

"What if it rolls off."

Rose put her arms around Falco. "You're right. Let's build a nest!"

With that idea out in the open they both felt much happier about things.
As the two of them started to build a nest something started happening in the palace.

Revel had been taking his turn incubating the egg when he felt, something stir underneith him

He saw the egg had a tiny crack.

"Gear!" He called "Come quick! The Egg's hatching!"
"Well, it took its time," said Gear's voice. "Now where did I put those towles at?"
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He shrugged as he began to search around for some towels as the egg began to shake back and forth in short bursts as a small peeping noise began to emit from the within causing both to take pause and be in awe of the creation of the life that resided in the egg.

Suddenly a small part of the top of the shell fell away.

"Look!" Revel said. And he and Gear held each other in their arms as they watched the miracle of life happen. Another small piece of the shell fell away. A tiny beak poked out.
Furthur peices of Egg began to break free, the parents got a good look at the gender of the child

"It's a girl!" Gear cried out in joy

"What should we call her?" Revel asked moving shell away from the chick

"I think we should call her Selina."
"I can't wait until we show her to Zander. I'm sure he'll be happy."

"Yeah, and he'll want to come here."

Zander whooped with joy when he got the telegram. "It's a girl!"

"What's a girl?" Matoaka asked.

"Gear and Revel's baby!"

"Happy Day!" Matoaka chortled. "Now Ama has a cousin!"
Bill found himself feeling better than ever now that he had his kitten.

He felt happier and less likly to think about the memories that were slowly creeping back on him
"You know kitty, you'll find this funny," he said. "I had a dream last night and you were in it. Also, there was this cat-girl to, and a second Ichabod as well."

The kitten meowed, as if to say "Really?"

"Oh yes," Bill said. "And the cat-girl bit the second one on the hand."
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the kitten purred against Bill's chest happily as he told Boots his story Ichabod knocked at Bills door he had come over to check on how things were going for him since it had been a while since he last saw him and he wanted to make sure that Bill was feeling better, he looked up as Bill answered the door he was wearing a pair of black shorts with a red t-shirt in his hand was Boots who meowed at Ichabod in a sweet tone of greeting. "Oh hey there Ichabod" Bill sounded happy and it did a lot to comfort Ichabod as he stepped in he looked at the kitten quizzically "ummm?" Ichabod had begun to ask the question but it seems Bill had already guessed what Ichabod was wondering about "I found her a while back. I named her Boots on account of her cute little paws" Bill smiled at the kitten who meowed up at him happily.

Ichabod raised an eyebrow but decided not to say anything to upset Bill it was just a pet and pet's did a lot to help people get rid of stress and other stuff he smiled and gently petted the kitten who purred happily at all the attention she was receiving. Ichabod followed Bill up to his room where he set the kitten down she only walked around the room looking at everything exploring her surroundings she jumped on top of Bills desk as the boys were talking she jumped up and down on the keyboard setting the browser page to one of the sites Bill went to when he was curious the screen cued up and the volume at full blast scared the kitten as music started to play causing Boots to meow and jump towards Bill and Ichabod as they both turned to look at the screen Bill felt a sense of De Javu as he watched a cat girl stripping. sure he had watched a few clips of different girls but it felt like he had met her had talked to her and maybe even known her as friend but that couldn't be he didn't know any strippers and that women was definitely older than him.

Ichabod hit Bill with a pillow to get his attention "Bill snap out of it. She's just a girl online" Bill turned to Ichabod "I think I have met her Ichabod... like in real life."

Ichabod laughed. "Yeah, in your dreams!"

Bill's face got serious. "I just saw all the connections."

"What connections?"

"I dream about a catgirl, I find a kitten, I see a catgirl stripper on your laptop, I have vague memories of seeing her before in real life. I don't know what's going on but it obviously involves cats."

"Just coincidence," Ichabod said.
Meanwhile James happened to be reading a book when he got a burst of intuitian.

He closed the book and sniffed the
...one cigar he had.

"Paramelo," he said. "I wonder if you're sill good after all these years. I stole you from Bishop a nice long time ago, just before he could light you up. Of course it has been over twenty years almost. You might not be too good now."

James struck a match and put the flame to the end of the cigar. He drew in a breath and started coughing. "Not too *cough* bad... *cough*... Mmmm... *cough* ...tasty."

Soon the room was smoky and the light on his book grew dim. "I guess I better open a window."

There came a knocking on the front door. "James! Wake up!"

He ran to the door and yanked it open. "What is it?"

The little possum manimal was trembling. "I think your house is on fire! There is smoke coming out the window!"

"That's my cigar!"

"Oh. Well then... nevermind."
Meanwhile in the dungeon, Doctor Noir happened to be planning his escape.

He found a knife on the dungeon floor with which to cut the ropes
Okay, he thought. When would the best time to escape be? Before the guard comes, when he comes, or after he leaves?
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as he pondered this he heard loud repeated slams against a door accompanied with angry shouts of cursing it sounded like a woman's voice "Bishop you bastard I want out!" she had a Russian accent as she continued to yell some words were hard to make out with the accent as he watched he realized that the women was opposite of him he could make out cat green eye's that gleamed with fury that was barely contained.
"How did you know I had moved to anouther planet?" The Catwoman asked her eyes full of hatred

"Simple Felonia." Bishop said "That Choker around your neck contains some writing...Of a languige that does not belong to any people of the Earth, furthurmore the gold pendant is an image of the Phoinix...The Aves cheif God."

Noir's elf like ears were perked "This could be usefull." He said to himself

"Now." Bishop said "I know that the Aves have a law against interacial breeding so...What do you do when you come into heat?"

"I'm a...Prostitute." Said Felonia in a whisper

Meanwhile Rose and Falco were planning to go back to Earth and take Dr.Noir with them for some 'friendly Earth hospitality'

Just than the Gaurd Naveen handed him a letter

"The King and Queen want you to give this letter to Zander." Naveen said
I wonder what it's for, Falco wondered. Maybe I should take a look. But what if it's something personal? Or even Top Secret?

"Don't even think about it," Naveen said. "That letter is sealed with the King's personal seal."

"How dare you accuse me of snoopery!" Falco said. "This letter is safe with me!"

Meanwhile Doctor Noir was cutting through the ropes that bound him. When he was done he rearranged them to make it look like he was still tied up. "I hope this works," he muttered as he waited for the guard to return and open his cell.

Zander happened to be with his little daughter Amalthia, he cuddled her and gently tossed her up in the air when he felt a cold feeling in the bottom of his cheast.

"Something the matter?" Matoaka asked as She had been studying a rare breed of wildflower she had not seen before.

"It's just...." Zander said "I felt a premonition...That my sister and brother-in-law are in danger."
"But who would be a danger to them now?" Matoaka asked.

"I don't know," Zander said. "I wonder how I can find out?"
Meanwhile Falco about to get ready to get Rose and head for Earth...Found himself suddenly approached by the King himself who seemed to appear out of nowhere!

"How do you appear and dissapear like that?" Falco asked

"You and I both know the answer to that." King Revel said "We both dabbled in Magic in our Youths...You only practised Black Magic while I practised White Magic as well."

"What is it you wish of me Milord?" Falco asked bowing low

"Falco." Revel said slowly looking around to make sure no one would be listening "I'm going to let you in on a little secret...Doctor Noir...That...Man in the Dungeon...Is my Father."

"So...It's true?" Falco said hestantly

"Yes." Revel said quietly "That fact alone is why I...Hesitated to persicute him when I first became King."
"Family is always difficult to deal with," Falco said, looking the other way. "Especially those with power."

"Could be worse," Revel said. "We could take after the darker parts of the family tree."

"There's one in every family, or so I hear."
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Rose heard them a bit baffled at that thought but quickly pushed it out of her mind soon she and Falco would be back on earth together and would try to start a family of their own

Revel gripped Falco's shoulder. "There is a favor I must ask of you. It has to be you because you are a dabbler in magic and also know the secret of who is Doctor Noir."
"I want you to make Noir impotant." Revel said firmly

Falco gasped "Sir...You do know excatly what you are asking for."

"Yes I know full well...Than...Monster has harmed countless women and intend to make sure he never does it again!"

"Falco thought for a Moment and than reasoned "The king does have a point."

"I will Milord."

Rose did not her that part...As the Dragoness had already started parking her bags

Meanwhile Bill happened to be cuddling Boots whilst watching TV, Than one of the commercials came on...One of those ASPCA commercials where they show a bunch of animals in cages while playing sad music
I hate this music, he thought. Of course it would probably work better if there was an action movie where the hero had to save a bunch of animals. Nah, they wouldn't do that. They'd make it a comedy.
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The kitten looked up at him tilting her head to the side and mewed up at him as he ate some potato chip as his mind wandered absently around.

While off in the thick of the Forrest Zander looked up suddenly as he felt a shift around him something that he hadn't felt before in his entire life

"What the hell was THAT?" he said. When he got back to the cabin he asked Matoaka, "Did you feel something happen about an hour ago?"

"You mean the earthquake?" she said.

"Earthquake? What's an earthquake?"

"When the earth shakes. Sometimes they are so strong they cause buildings to collapse."

Zander's mouth fell open. "We have nothing like that on Ava. It's solid as rock. What's the problem with earth? Why does it shake? Is it hollow? I've heard it might be hollow."

"No, not hollow, but liquid. Hot molten rock. Do you have volcanoes on Ava?"

"You mean those mountains that spew out melted rock? Those are for real? I thought it was just a story earth people used to fool visitors. Wow, this place is more alien than I thought. What else do you have? Are there floating castles and giant three-headed monsters?"
Zander felt something touch his foot and he looked down.

A Grey Squirrel with a wounded paw had crawled onto his foot

"Hello, little squirrel," Zander said. "What happened to your foot?"

"Let me see that," Matoaka said, instantly going into her nurse mode. "Zander, get a bowl of hot water. We need to clean and dress his little paw."
Zander got the bowl of hot water
Of course, the squirrel was having its own thoughts, like: Who were these strange people? Where did I bury that last acorn? Why are chestnuts so hard to find?

And then Matoaka dipped the squirrel's foot in the hot water and his thought was: why are these people trying to kill me?!

"Hold him down, Zander," Matoaka said. "Be calm, little squirrel. I'm just washing your paw."

And after his foot was cleaned and dressed the squirrel thought: This feels so much better. These are nice people. Maybe I'll tell them the location of my secret chestnut tree. Nooo, that would be overdoing it. It's just a foot. It's not like they saved my life.
Matoaka put a bandage on the little Squirrel's foot
Suddenly, the squirrel smelled something that made him cringe in fear, the scent of a wolf.

"Don't get excited," Zander said. "I guess I'll have to give you a quick lesson about friendly predators. Believe it or not, sometimes you can trust the guys who would love to make a meal of you. Why? because they have advanced toa higher level of civilization, a level where they don't eat everything that moves."

All the squirrel heard was yabba yabba yabba since he didn't have the gift of language, but he sensed that Zander was trying to calm his fears. Oh well, the squirrel thought, if they were going to eat me then they wouldn't have bothered to fix my foot up.
James entered he saw there was an injured squirrel his mouth watered at the scent of blood but he controlled himself.

:I came to tell you something."
"Bishop's been in the area."

"What does he want this time?" Matoaka asked.

"The usual, us, and he'll get the usual, my foot up his ass."
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"I hope that you are sure of that one" A voice cut through their talk suddenly as a spray of bullets came out of blue as they heard Bishop laugh "Ah James you think you are clever with your smart ass remarks at me." Bishop stood outside next to a women in full armor that was smiling "Hello there boys." the grin on her face was familiar yet James would have remember a women like that who was good with weapons. "Meet my sister boys. Rena" Rena smiled and aimed at James "Nice to you kill you prey" she said as she pulled the trigger unleashing another spray of bullets.

But the bullets went through empty air since James was already cartwheeling away to the side. Zander pushed Matoaka to the ground behind a table. The injured squirrel leaped for a window, chittering with fear.

Rena fired another burst in the direction James had gone, but the bullets only tore a dozen holes in the wall.

While Rena and Bishop were concentrating their attention on James, Zander and Matoaka scuttled out the other door and headed for the woods, snatching Ama from her crib as they went. They muffled her cries with her blankie and ran deep into the forest.

"What about James?" Matoaka asked.

Zander gasped for breath. "Let's hope he can handle it."
The Two of them Bishop and Rena were baffeled as how the two of them could dissapeir
OK I think this campfire has gotten a bit out of hand I 'm extinqiushing it!

The End!

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