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by Twiga
Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Novel · Animal · #1712964
Zander has a close encounter with Bishop, starts a train of events
[Introduction] Zander happened to be walking along minding his own buissness...Suddenly he heard an anguished cry and saw an injuried Bat on the ground, Zander took pity and held the little thing in his hand, That's when something strange happened.

Zander felt a strange warmph flowing through his hand at once the Bat's injury healed and it flew away
Zander felt a burning rush go through him after the Bat flew away, he clutched his his right hand and watched in wonder as a what looked like a unicorn shaped birthmark formed in his palm.

"What the Hell?" Zander asked "What the F*ck?!"
Then, the mark vanished.

Must of drank something I shouldn't have, he thought.
Zander looked around confused He didn't know what to do.
Just than a Red Fox, not a Manimal but an Animal Fox came up to the bird alien and said

"You must leave this section of the forest at once"

"I can understand Earth Animals now?" Zander said looking at the Fox in disbeleif

"Don't ask stupid questions." The Fox said "Just get out of here! The One known as Bishop seeks you."
"Now why would he want me?"

"You're an alien birdbrain, that's why. Now get going."
Meanwhile Matoaka Redfeather had been dreaming strange dreams the night before and looked for an answer in her dream interpretation books

In her dream an Old Woman known as Grandmother made this statement

"My Child." Hath said Grandmother "You need to take out those books your mother gave you and brush up on your knowladge of the Animal Totems."

"Why?" Matoaka asked "Do my fellow Manimals need them?"

"Not the Manimals per se..." Grandmother said "But any Humans or Aliens they sleep with need knowladge of the totem that reprisents their lover's species."

"You mean.." Matoaka said whisperingly "Samatha Star would need to know about the Bull totem because..."

"Let me put it this way." Said Gradmother "The Transfer of Animal bodily fluids can... transfer that Totem's power into a human's or alien's body."

"That husband needs to brush up on unicorns. He'll need the information! Gosh, I hate how things have change, far more than just the whole walking five miles uphill both ways to and from school most elderly people talk about."
Zander flew high above the forest...He knew it would be safer for him to be on the ground but he could fly faster than he could run.

Bishop stood under a tree smokng a cigarette, he knew he did not need to rush this appointment, He knew that the Ave would fall into one of his traps

"Excuse me Sir." Said one of Bishop's henchmen "But we've know about this Alien for quite some time...Why are we tracking him down now?"

"Because there are some questions only he can answer." Bishop said taking a long drag on his ciggarette "I need those answers from both his voice and his body."

"You mean to say you'll interveiw him than dissect him?"

Bishop gave the asshole a funny look "No Idiot." He said "He won't need to die...I just need some fluid samples blood, waste matter..Semen than I'll let him go to his pathetic exsistance."

"Someone's shooting at us," said the hunchman as he got behind a thick tree.


"That's mine," Bishop said, sticking his hand into an inside pocket and pulling out a ringing cell phone. "Hello."

"Look to your two OH Clock," said a familiar voice.

Bishop slowly turned to his right and saw a figure in the distance.

"I sugest we retreat for now," Bishop said. "We'll come back for the alien later."

"Who is that?" the henchman asked.

"Just the guy who took out your predicessor," Bishop said. "And he was better trained than you."
James snickered "So much for them."

Zander came to Matoaka's cabin in the woods...He kissed the ground in front of the doorstep he felt so glad to get home safely!

Matoaka opened the flont door "Zander I'm so glad to see you!" The Lady Unicorn kissed her husband on the beak.

"Listen Zander there are some things we need to talk about."

"Do those 'things' include talking foxes?" Zander asked.

Meanwhile Bill happened to be at home scarfing down a large piece of Rubarb Pie when his cellphone went off.

"Yeah this is me." Bill said gulping down that last bite of pie

"Hi Bill this is Sammantha." Said the voice on the other end of the phone "I've got a small...Problom."

"Well, tell me about Babe-Honey..." Bill said raising his glass of milk to his lip "I'm all ears."

"Ok Well Bill...Do you ever get hungry after sex? Or Masturbation? I mean I don't think it's normal for me to wolf down an entire Chocolate Cake after giving you one blow job!"
"Um, how big was the chocolate cake?" Bill asked.

"A triple layer, about a foot in diamieter."

"That's a large cake."
Bill thought for a moment..."Are you pregnant?" Bill asked "Because I don't remember penatrating your...you know..."

"Oh Hecks No!" Samantha giggled "Trust me I would have known about something like that...But something has appeared on my body."

"What's that?"

"Well it is kind of like a birhmark of the port wine stain varity It is on the sole of my left foot...Thing is...It's shaped like a Bull's head!"

Meanwhile Matoaka had told Zander about her weird dream...

"That is a weird one." Zander said cuddling little Ama in his arms
"So how was your day?" Matoaka asked.

"Some bat bit me," Zander said. "Then a fox told me that Bishop was looking for me."
"Oh..." Matoaka said "How very curious."

"You look like you know someting." Zader said "What's up?"

"It's jusr that... ever since I first got my unicorn powers when I first lost my virginity I've been able to understand the languige of normal animals."

"Really?" Zander asked

"Well...Almost all animals." Matoaka said "I can't understand what fish say...Or invertibrates."
"So, what do they say?"

"Depends on their mood. Sometimes it's about the weather. Other times they are rude, and ask how would I taste. Then there are those who don't like to talk."

Zander thought for a moment. "So what has happened is that some of your powers have transferred into me? That's why I can understand animals now? That's why the birthmark appeared on me?"

"Yes, Zander," Matoaka said. "That's what I am saying. And I imagine some of your powers have also transferred into me."

"Uhhh... I don't really have any."

"Well... that's all right, darling. I still love you anyway. And with all my powers to worry about I guess we don't need even more."

Zander shrugged. "But it does make me feel a little bit inadequate."

"No! Don't feel that way! You may be inadequate when it comes to powers, but you're great in bed and you have that cool 'alien bird' look going for you. Other females always ask me, 'Matoaka! How did you ever land an avian hunk that like that?' Of course, I feel a little insulted that they don't think I'm good enough for you..."

"Nonsense!" Zander said. "You are TOO good for me!" He hugged her. "I love you, baby!"
"Ah Thanks..." Matoaka said grinning sheepeshly...Just than A timer dinged in the next room.

"OMG!" Matoaka said breaking free of the hug "I got to get to the kitchen or my Pot Pie will burn!"

Zander laughed and laughed...Poor Matoaka always felt so inadaqute just beacuse of her amatuar cooking skills!

Little Ama crawled over to her Father's feet, Zander picked her up and kissed her cheek

"You know something little Ama." Zander said "I hope you become a better cook than your mother if only because it won't cause as much stress if you are."
Meanwhile, James was doing some stalking. Bishop was still in the woods, along with a few of his heanchmen. It was always a dangerous game of Cat-and Mouse between them, as sometimes the roles could change, depending on what happened.

But at the moment, James was the cat and Bishop was the mouse. At least, that's what James thought. Actually Bishop was aware of the stalking and was preparing a trap. So maybe Bishop was the cat and James was the mouse. We'll have to see how this plays out...
Meanwhile Edward Green happened to be taking a little walk when all of a sudden his nose caught the scent of Ginger and Pearlfruit Jelly

"Rose..." The Former Gentlemen Theif said darkly

"I'm so glad you noticed Edward." The young Domintrix said as she entered through the bushes "You know I felt quite surprised when you and your beasts defeated my zookeepers."

Edward looked to his left and saw a stream next to where he stood, for some reason he had a a powerful feeling to escape this situation through the water...
"Um, got to go," he said. "My wife wants me to buy her some sardines for some reason, emphises on buy."
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he slowly backed away as she took a step forward edging him back further she knew she had to get closer if she wanted to make her attack count she had to be meticulous about it her steps were sure as she approached Edward with calculating eye's.

Just at the moment that Rose leaped forward, Edward did a backflip into the water. Rose jumped in after him, but she was at a terrible disadvantage because he could swim and she could not. They struggled for a few moments before she realized her mistake and broke loose and climbed out of the water.

"So long!" he laughed as he let the current carry him away.

She shook her fist at him. "This isn't over yet!"
Edward climbed out onto shore a few yards away...Than the realazation hit him

"Since when can I swim like a fish?" He asked himself "I mean I know I could swim but I never thought..."

Edward felt a burning heat over his heart, he ripped open his shirt to cool off, that's when he saw...Over his heart, what looked like a birthmark shaped like a Mink had appered.

"What the..." Edward began to say...

Just than he got interupted by Minsk's little sister Anya (Minsk had brought her family from Russia when her Mother died and she took over the family)

"Edward!" Anya said "Minsk told me to come find you to come in for supper We're having Beef Stew! Your favorite!"

"Anything for sister makes is my favorite." Edward said buttoning up his shirt so Anya couldn't see the mark

"Huh?" Anya said "Are you OK Edward...Why are you soaking wet?"

"Just..." Edward hesitated...."I just went for a swim...With all my clothes on."
"You fell in the water right?"

"Um, yeah. The bank is quite slippery you should know. We should get away from it, yes."

"You speak English worse than me."

"Do I?" Edward said. "But I run faster than you. Race you home!"

Edward and Anya ran back to the house, both of them laughing and giggling. Edward let it end in a tie (because he really was faster).
Zander enjoyed a late supper with his wife, Matoaka ate the Vegtable Pot Pie while Zander ate a fat squirming Eel he had caught himself.

"All in all." Zander said "I'm glad you can't understand fish because...That would make me feel horribly guilty about eating them."
"Well, at least James isn't here eating some of his favorites," Matoaka said.

At this, Zander shivered. "There is that," he said. "Course, it could be worse."
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Ichabod was heading to his house after spending most of the day with Bill he was glad to know his friend was ok but was a bit worried about him why would he be ranting on like that about how cats correlate to everything leading back to some women he don't know "Maybe I should go visit him more often" he thought out loud as his nose twitched at a sudden scent that made his mouth water he turned to look and was surprised to see it was coming form his house sure his mom wasn't the best cook and all but he was a bit astonished that it was a delicious smell. He walked up and went in through the side door that was located in the kitchen as he went in he noted that his mother was sitting at the table while some women was bending over and pulling something out of the oven, his mother smiled at him as Ichabod closed the door "hey sweetie. I got a surprise for you." Ichabod looked at her curiously as the women stood up her hands full with some pot roast as she turned to look at them Ichabod took her features in. She had brown hair that was done up in a pony tail the end falling between her shoulders her eye's were a soft shade of blue which was strange enough but her skin was golden as if kissed by the sun, he looked at her for long moments as her smile touched her eye's adding a twinkle in them she moved over to the table and set down the roast it looked so good but Ichabod was pressed for more important matters.

"Mom who is she?" Ichabod asked as the women moved away closing the oven door she took off her ovenmits and gathered a tall pitcher of what looked like sweet ice tea while his mother stood up and hugged him "I got us a house keeper since I'm going to be working more hours, is that ok with you sweetie?" Ichabod looked at her and nodded slowly "Yeah why wouldn't I?" he didn't really understand his mothers concern about a house keeper she was going to be busy at work now so it was actually good that she had hired a house keeper "Well she's going to be staying in the extra room we have above the garage" Ichabod nodded and shook his head laughing a bit "Mom it's cool, don't worry about it" Ichabod smiled as he sat down looking at the roast "Well ok Ichabod her name is Sarah she's going to be here because I got to go to work in a bit so enjoy dinner you two." she started to head out the door as Sarah handed her a bag "Miss do not forget food and be safe" Sarah had a thick accent to Ichabod's surprise but he shrugged it off and started to serve himself some of the pot roast as his mother swung back and gave him a quick kiss goodbye "Be home late so do your homework and get to bed on time" Ichabod smiled at her and nodded seems like things were looking up for him now as his mom left Sarah served him some Ice tea "Is it good little one?" Sarah asked as Ichabod took a big fork full of the roast the meat savory and tender to his delight he nodded as he ate.

Ichabod was surprised by how delicious the food was. His mom had never cooked anything that good. Sarah watched him while he ate and smiled but said nothing. Finally, he sat his fork on his empty plate and wiped his lips with his napkin. "That was so good, Sarah!"

She held up her finger. "Now it is time for dessert."
Ichabod stammered "Um Sarah Ma'm I can't really...Eat dessert Sweets...they...they uh make me vomit."

"Really?" Sarah said "Even fruit?"

"Oh Fruit I can handle." Ichabod said

He reached into the fruit bowl and plucked out a big delishious apple and bit into it.

Sarah took two cherries attached to two stems...Put them in her mouth...Popped them and tied the stems together with her tougue.

Ichabod swalled his bite of Apple and stared amazed 'Who is this woman? And Where did she come from?'

Just than the TV came on and it happened to be one of those sad ASPCA funded advertisements where they show a bunch of puppies and kittens, shivering and shaking to sad music.

Sarah stopped and looked at the TV...The TV paused at one scene and showed a sad little brown kitten with one ear.

Sarah started crying and fled the room
I don't like this sort of music, or these commercials, Ichabod thought. Reminds me of a crazy dream in which I was in a world where there was two of me, and there was this catgirl who followed one of us all the time.
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the women came back in once the commercial was over she sniffed and looked at Ichabod "Sorry little one songs of that make me sad I had kittens once and they sadden me to see that people are bad to them so shame" she wipes at her face and moved back to the kitchen smiling at Ichabod and pats him on the head "Now little one since you are full you go and relax Sarah will clean all this" she pushed him gently to the living room as she did he felt a warm sensation on his back where her hands had touched "Um actually I'm going upstairs" with that he bound up to the bathroom where he removed his shirt and quickly grabbed a hand mirror to find what was on his back looked like a tattoo of wings on his back he went wide eyed at the sudden appearance of them.

"What's going on?" he murmured and ran back downstairs with his shirt off. "Did you do this?" he said.

Sarah smiled that Mona Lisa smile of hers and nodded. "Yes, now you are a soul angel."

"Did I ask to be a soul angel?" Ichabod said. "I've been having a lot of problems with tattoos popping up on me lately."

"Silly! It's a good thing, not bad. It's just a little protective spell I put on you. It will keep you safe, or at least safer than what you would have been. I can't guarantee that nothing at all bad will ever happen to you. No one is that powerful."

"But what's my mom going to say when she sees these wings?"

Sarah smiled. "Does she still see you naked?"

"No. Not really. But she could see my back. Maybe in the summer when my shirt is off."

"It's fall now. It will be six months before you run around with your shirt off. You worry too much."

Ichabod sighed and fell into a chair with his long legs over the arm of it.

Ichabod did not like this postion...He would be trapped with these tattoos his whole life long.

Than he thought of something

"Will you excuse me Ma'am?" He said to the Woman "I think I hear my friends calling."

"He rushed right out the front door and crashed into Bob Buttz..In the confustion Bob's hand landed on Ichabod's ass
Nice and plump, he thought, giving Ichabod's cheeks a squeeze. Then he looked at Ichabod and saw that he had some very angry, and pissed-off eyes. Uh Oh!

Ten minutes later, the two of them were walking down the street, with Bob having some tissues stuffed up his nose.

"It was just an accident," Bob said.

"Mayby your hand ending up on my butt," Ichabod said. "But the squeeze was not."

"You didn't have to break my nose though."

"It's not broken, just bruised," Ichabod said, "like your feelings and my pride."

"Damn that heterosexual pride!" Bob said. "Aren't you just willing to experiment a little? Most guys are."

"No! I want to have a girlfriend, Bob, not some dude who squeezes my butt cheeks."

"Well you don't know what you are missing."

"I know enough not to miss it at all. Don't flatter yourself, loverboy."
Ichabod and Bob found Bill and Jim at the Local Pizza Joint

"Hey guys." Bill said...Than he saw the tissues stuffed up Bob's nose "Did something happen?"

"I'd rather not talk about it." Bob said
"Is there a new gang in town?" Bill asked. "You haven't looked that beat up since the last time we had to fend off an alien invasion."

"I said I don't want to talk about it."
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they looked at one another knowing it was better to drop the subject for now. "Ummm so anything new happen Bill?"

"It sure did!" Bill said. "This joint has Hawaiian pizzas now! Mmmm!"

Ichabod shrugged. "You mean those ham and pineapple pizzas? Barfo! I'll stick with pepperoni, thank you."

"I like any pizza," Bob said, "even anchovy."
"Only these Pizzas don't have ham." Jim said "They have extra pineapple."

"Oh." Bob said "Cuz you and Bill are vegtarians."
Then, Bill felt a vibration in his pocket.

"Dang cell phone," he muttered. "What is it?"

"It's Tuesday and there is a pizza joint having a special on Meat Supream pizzas tonight," came James's voice. "I'd like you to get one for me."

"I'm a bull, not a gopher," Bill said.

"Huh?" James replied.

"Just joking. You know... A go for? Go for this, go for that?"

"Oh... But you're still getting me that meat pizza, right?"

"Sure thing! Go ahead and tie your bib around your neck."


Bill sighed. "James, you have got to learn my language. How are we going to talk to each other?"

"I know your language, kid," James said. "It's called smart ass."

Bill laughed and James did too. Then Bill clicked shut his cell phone and bit into a slice of pineapply pizza.
Bill was bringing the Pizza to Jame's house in the wood

Along the way he felt a strange feeling...He was in human form but his prey instincts were coming out...He felt as if someone was watching him.

He sniffed the air he smelled a bird-like smell

"Zander? Is that you Zander?"

"You're sense of smell never fails." Zander said as he walked out of bush "James asked me to 'test your senses' whatever that means."

Zander cleared his throat "Actually Matoaka asked me to find you...Have you talked to Samantha recently?"

"She called me this afternoon." Bill said
"Did she say anything unusual?" Zander asked.

"Well, she did say something about eating more than normal."

"Tell me that you didn't get her-"

"No, we're a little young for that still."
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Bill blushed at the thought that Zander had placed into his head he shook his head to stop the thoughts from going out of control. "So ummm Zander shall we go?" Zander nodded at Bill and they headed off toward James place as the rounded closer the moon was raising high into the sky it was beautiful and lit up the dark night, Zander looked up to find James sitting on his porch smirking as he saw Bill and Zander come up to him "Well what brings you two to this neck of my woods?" he chuckled as he joked with them.

Bill laughed. "James, have you gotten so old you can't remember ordering dinner?"

"Aw, don't say ordering. I thought you were bringing me that pizza as a friend."

"If that means you aren't going to pay for it then no, not as a friend."

"I'll pay for it, you little miser. And thanks for bringing it."
Meanwhile Zander had gone to bed with Matoaka he had a dream...A dream about his father and how he died at the hands of the Bettas
He could hear the screaming.
Zander woke up sweating bullets

"Something the matter Zander?" Matoaka asked beside him

"It's nothing..." Zander said he headed for the bathroom for some water.

Meanwhile Jim Buckwheat was having a dream...It was very similer to a dream he had when he first became a a Manimal

A Woman dressed in white came to him and said "Jim, Do you remember where they put the Space-Sword after you first used it?"

"What?" Jim said squirrel ears perked "I don't understand the question."

"You are the one chosen to weild the Space Sword." The Woman said "But the Wolf James has it now...You must retreive the Space Sword for it has chosen you to weild it!"
"Why do I need the sword now?" Jim asked.

"The Earth is in danger, and you are needed."

"But the Earth is always in danger," Jim said.

"Don't argue with me," said the Woman in White. "When I make the effort to warn you of the future and to point out your place in it, then don't go all nutty on me and pretend you don't understand what I'm talking about."

Jim hung his head. "I'm sorry. OK, I'll retrieve the Space Sword, but James isn't going to like that. Can't you visit him too and explain things?"

Then Jim woke up. "I've got to stop eating snacks at bedtime," he muttered.
Zander sat in the cabin's kitchen drinking on a glass of water...For some reason he had developed a sore throat...Which is a very annoying thing for and Ave to have because if you're from a species that prizes singing so much...You obviously don't want you're singing capicity limited
"This is annoying," he muttered hoarsly.

"There are worse things than a sore throat," said a familiar voice.

Zander whirled around, spitting the water out.

"James," he said. "How'd you get in?"

"The door was open," the wolf said, as he walked into the kitchen. "You really ought to get a better lock or something for it."

Zander grinned. "Is there actually a lock that can keep you out?"

"Probably not," James said, "if I really wanted to crack it. But I would knock on your door. It's a lot easier to get in if someone just opens the door for you."

"How was your pizza?"

"Does everybody know my business? It was a good pizza. Can I ask you a question?"
"Yes." Zander said rubbing his throat.

"How well do you Know Minsk's husband Edward Green?"

"I know him fairly well I suppose we have not talked all that much since He and Minsk brought all of her siblings back from Russia."

"I suggest you contact him soon." James said "And One more thing...Have you felt an increase in appitite after you got your...Totem mark?"

Zander had to think about that for a moment

"I don't believe I've been eating anymore than is normal for me." Zander said

James' rubbed his chin in thought "So the increased appitite is only a symptom in humans or is caused by sexual contact."

"What?" Zander was baffled by this point

"You'll see." James said as he walked out the door

Meanwhile Edward Green found himself heading to the Kitchen for a 'Four in the Morning Snack' He looked in the fridge saw a bottle of Mineral Water and grabbed it and took a swig of it to quench his thirst...He didn't notice his Wife Minsk had followed him downstairs
Then he heard something that startled him.

"Honey, what are you doing up this early?"
"Oh." Edward chuckled nervously "You'll never belive I woke up devilishly..."

Minsk said nothing
Then she smiled.

"Well since you're up, perhaps you'll help me with something," she said.

"And what would that be?" Edward asked.

"I'm going to be trying out some new clothes, and I need your opinion on what looks good with what."
Edward grinned "You've been treating me real special." He said putting his arm around her shoulder "Is there something on your mind?"

"Well...I have been thinking about the future..." Minsk said reluctantly

"The Future?" Edward asked

"How will our Son fair in a World where he is considered a freak?" Minsk asked "I mean I know he has to power to switch between Human and Manimal like I can but I wonder if he can controll the changeing."

"Well, there might be some way for him to learn how to control it," Edward said. "That James guy might know a way."
Matoaka's cell phone rang...She was still asleep.

She woke up startled but quickly reached into her duffle and said "Hello."

"Matoaka...It's me Uncle Eagle."

"Oh Uncle Eagle!" Matoaka said "How are you? How's it going?"

"They...They got me Matoaka...I don't know how but they got me."

"What do you mean?"

"I took the Greyhound from Arizona to New York...I'm running the rest of the way...Don't be startled when you see me."

"Uncle Eagle do you mean to say that you've been..."

'Dial tone'

Uncle Eagle now in the Form of an Anthropomorphic Velociraptor...Used his new form's speed and senses to guide him through the forest to his niece's cabin.
Oh how will I explain this to her? he thought. I was careless. I can't believe that those guys did this to me. I thought that I was smarter than taking a nap on some bench.
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As the night seemed to crawl Ichabod was laying on his bed looking out his window as he wondered about his new marks the tattoo looked like pale new skin perhaps he could make others believe that is nothing more than a trick of light as he sat up and took off his night shirt suddenly feeling warmer than usual he moved to his window to open it and get some fresh air, as he lifted the window he was suddenly pushed back by a large pawed hand that caused him to give a bit of a yipe of surprise as the creature entered fully. It was a large manimal looking creature it looked like a lion manimal yet it appeared to look more like a real lion rather than just a manimal the tall manimal looking creature stood tall it's head touching the ceiling while it's whole body seemed to make his room seem cramped with it in there with Ichabod. "What are you?" Ichabod sounded breathless as he looked up at the lion whom surprisingly sounded like a women

"There is not much time for questions such as that, Ichabod you are needed... There are things beyond you that are happening but that require your help. Please come with me" The lion moved out the window once more and waited for Ichabod

Ichabod quickly dressed and followed the lion into the darkness. They moved swiftly and came to a clearing in the woods. Several manimals were there waiting.

"Good!" said a Cheetah. "He came with you willingly."

"I still don't know what this is all about," Ichabod said.
"Something very Evil is going to happen to the Forest." Said a Large Wolf Manimal...Who didn't appear to be James "The Powers of the Animals are not enough to defeat him...We need the powers of the plants as well."

A Giant Panda Manimals walked up to Ichabod and offered him a jeweled Goblet that was full of Water

"Thank You." Ichabod said taking the Goblet from the Black and White bear "I was rather thirsty."

No sooner than Ichabod had taken a small sip of that Crystal Clear water than he felt a tingle in his stomach

Meanwhile Uncle Eagle had come to his niece's cabin in the woods...He checked his reflection in a pool of water...He still had his long shiny black hair...But now that hair sat atop a scaly fiece looking face with yellow eyes and pointy teeth

Matoaka opened the door "OMG! Uncle Eagle how did this happen?"

"It's a long story..." Uncle Eagle said "And not a very pleasant one."

"Come on in!" Matoaka said "You must be freezing out here i that new reptilian form!"
"I'll say I was," Uncle Eagle said as he walked in. "All I had for warmth was this clock that I stole when I escaped from that place."

"What happened to you?" Matoaka asked.

"To be honest, I'm not sure. One moment I was on the beach, the next thing I knew I was in some labratory," Eagle replied. "At first, I thought that I'd had a heart attack and had been taken to a hospital, as the place had that clean, steril smell. Then I realized that wasn't the case. It was Hell."

"Truly Hell?" Matoaka asked. "Did you see Satan?"

"No, no, not truly Hell, Matoaka. You take my words too literally. I mean it was a thoroughly evil place, at least for me. It was full of sharp needles and tubes and probes and men in white coats who asked questions."

"It sounds awful, but... what was the place and how did you get out of it?"
"When they turned me into a Velociraptor I used my claws to slash the walls of my cage."
"Sounds like you were at a minor facility if you escaped that easily," said a voice.

Eagle spun around and saw a wolfman standing behind him. "Who are you?" He asked, getting into a defensive position. "If you're here to capture me, you'll end up dead."

Then, he felt a hand on his shoulder and heard Matoaka speaking.

"Uncle, James is a friend."

Uncle Eagle relaxed. "In that case... any friend of Matoaka's is a friend of mine."

"I'd be interested to hear more details about that facility where they turned you into a Velociraptor. We're making a data base which will be used to overthrow the oppressors."

"Who is 'we'?" Eagle asked.

"Ah... can't be too specific, of course, but it's everybody who realizes that things have gone wrong, very wrong, and wants to change them for the better."

"Then include me in that group," Eagle said. "And yes, I will tell you whatever you need to know."
Uncle Eagle looked from side to side wondering if anyone was watching from the windows.

"Could I have something to eat first?" He asked "I have not had anything for hours and I'm famished!"

Zander went into the Kitchen and brought a nice fat salmon he had caught earlier that week.

Eagle was so glad to see the fresh meat that he tore right into it. Blood and Fish Guts flew everywhere!

"Boy." James said to himself "And they say I eat like a beast."

Meanwhile in the Clearing in the Forest Ichabod felt a strange warm feeling rise within him after drinking that strange water

He looked down at his feet flowers were sprouting all around him
Shit! he thought. I knew that I was part plant but this is unheard of! I hope that they don't try to grow on me.
The Wolf put his mighty paw on Ichabod's shoulder

"You are ready." He said "Your flowery scent will hide us from our enimies."

"And what enemies would those be?" Ichabod asked. "After all, I need to know who I'm protecting you from."

"Stinkbats," the Wolf said without blinking an eye. "Giant meat-eating Stinkbats."

Ichabod looked around at the Panda, who was also deadly serious. "Uh... I never heard of Stinkbats."

"They used to feed only at night and there were only a few of them and they mainly ate dead animals or anything with a good stink to it. But recently they mutated into something a little more intelligent that breeds faster and now they have become a serious threat."

"I see," Ichabod said. "So the flowers around my feet will give us a pleasant smell that will keep the Stinkbats away?"


"Why don't we just sprinkle perfume on ourselves?"

"Because most perfume stinks, especially the cheap stuff, and we can't afford to douse ourselves in expensive perfume every day."
Meanwhile after Uncle Eagle had eaten he began to tell of his journey

"It was awful!" He said "There was this strange man who sprayed with some kind of pheromone...I don't know why."

Meanwhile Ichabod was taken to a certain place in the forest...The Wolf (Who Ichabod learned was named Jake) Took him to the darkest place in the forest.

Ichabod noticed a man wearing dark shades and dark glasses standing under an oak tree

"Sir." An Assistant said "We can't seem to find the Velociraptor."

"It's because this flowery scent that's all over the place." The Man with dark glasses said "The Geneticly Engeneered Bats are becoming confused
Okay, Ichabod thought. Who are these guys and just what are they after? They most certainially don't look like hikers.
Ichabod followed the Wolf and the Panda to a clearing in the forest.

"These are the Stinkbats." The Panda said in a Chinese accent "See how they are sick and dying now that the scent of flowers is everywhere."

A Manimal Ichabod had not seen before poppoed out of the tall flowers An Eygptian Cobra.

"Here take this." She said handing him a bright red apple

"No thanks." Ichabod said "I'm having enough trouble since the Panda gave me the water that made the flowers grow, besides there is a welth of literature about not taking apples from Snakes."

"Sir." The Cobra said "This is no ordanary apple you are correct but this apple will allow you to wield the Space Sword."

"The what?" Ichabod asked

"A great sword the color of the night sky, that shoots the fire of love at those without love."

"And you'd want to be careful about giving a weapon like that to a kid," said a familiar voice.

Ichabod turned around and saw James just wading through the crowd.

Jake growled as the older wolf drew near. "What are you doing here?" he demanded.

"Making sure you don't get this kid in over his head young pup," James said, glaring at Jake slightly.
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Ichabod was confused not understanding it fully but knew that if James was here it was serious. "Listen maybe I should just get going" Ichabod said in a tired tone he was feeling a bit groggy he didn't stay up late so being out in the light of the night was different for him as he looked up the words around him seem to just disappear the moon calling to him in a calm loving voice "Please help Ichabod you must help your friend learn how to wield the space sword, he has the strength but lacks your discipline"

"I'm not ready," Ichabod said.

"Ready for what?" asked the Panda.

"For anything. Not for a space sword, not for an apple, not for that big talking moon..."

"You've kept the kid up too late," James said. "He always gets like this when he's sleepy. And what's the deal with the space sword, Mister Cobra. You're recruiting kids to be your heroes now?"

"We've always recruited kids," Cobra said. "They're more flexible and easier to teach new stuff to. Don't you remember you were just a kid yourself when I gave you that cosmic slingshot."

"That slingshot sucked!" James said. "You told me it could sling pebbles at the speed of light and knock a man down who was standing on the other side of a planet."

"I had to oversell it," Cobra said. "Kids need exaggeration. You give them the straight info and they just shrug."

"That's your opinion," James said, "but when I saw how shoddy that slingshot was, it just made me distrust you and all the other odd beings who offered me weapons."

"So what?" Cobra said. "It's probably healthy to distrust people like that."
The Cobra looked at Ichabod firmly

"The Choice is yours." He said pressing the Apple firmly into his left palm

Ichabod looked at the Apple in his hand, he seemed mezmerized by it as if being hypnotyzed

"Wait Kid!" James said "Put that fruit down!"

But Ichabod for some reason took a bite out of the Apple.

Ichabod looked down at his right hand
and collapsed.

"You're a damn fool," James said, looking at Cobra. "Training an eighteen year old to fight is one thing, but something like this is foolish. I'm going to take him to his house and put him in his bed, and hopefully he'll think that this was some sort of crazy dream."

"And what will you do if we try to stop you?" Panda asked, crossing his arms.

James reached to his waist, pulled out a revolver, cocked it, and pointed it at the others. "Let's just say I won't hesitate to pull the trigger. I'll kill you, and anyone else who tries to interfere. The kid's not ready."
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"I know you have concerns about this but sometimes we must do what we must to ensure that others will live and have a better chance at a tomorrow" The lion's voice was shaky with unspoken words of sorrow that lined around the eye's perhaps tragedy had struck the creature thought James but even so he looked down at Ichabod, how could the need of the many out weigh the need of one. "Listen he needs to grow up and have a normal life and you would force him to do this only thinking of yourself?" The lion looked at him and nodded the others not so happy about this "I'll help you take him back" the voice seemed sadden and yet in the eye's were the concern light of understanding that made James trust the lion, the lion set down on all it's paws and motioned for James to climb on "I can travel faster than you would on foot." James didn't ask he just climbed onto it's back and the lion took off at a fast pace leading them quickly back to Ichabod's window "You are fast, there are few that I know of that can achieve that kind of speed besides me." he hopped off the lions back as it stepped up onto it's hinds legs "You know I didn't want to bring him but he was a blood relative to one of the original wielders of the Space Sword... He has the charter mark on his head" James narrowed his eye's at the words the lion spoke making him suspicious few knew of the charter marks and even then it would be rare for anyone to call them charter marks now a days "How do you know of that word. Only those from the Old Kingdom remember such words" the Lion shook it's head "I'm sorry but I can't tell you that James... I wish I could but there are things that I can't speak of... at least here where the wind could carry it away for any to find me..." The lion looked as if it might say more but closed it mouth again as they stood in silence for the longest of moments till James reached out and touched the lion's forearm light brushing at it's fur causing it look at James once more eye's filled with sorrow.

"Find me in the reflection of the river, it's a day's hike away from your place be sure that you bring nothing that is not necessary to your journey" with that the lion leaped into the air and bounded away leaving James holding a sleeping Ichabod, he looked down and smiled at him chuckling as he began to climb the tree that was at the side of Ichabod's house that was close to his room. James went in without even struggling a bit he laid Ichabod down and tucked him in as he did this he was suddenly hit in the back of the head with a frying pan making him stagger as he felt vibrations going down his head from the force of the impact as he heard a woman's shrill voice ring out bringing him back to the moment that faced him. "EEEEEEEEE Molester! Child Molester!" James was taken a back how could anyone think he would do that he turned to look at the women increadiously as she screamed louder and the pan sailed through the air at him again.
James looked at the Woman, it was the Crane's new Housekeeper

But that was not all...James looked at her she now had Cow ears and Cow tail and Cow Horns!

"You're a Manimal!" James exclaimed

Sarah realised what this meant "Alas Yes." She said tugging on one Cow ear "But I became one a differnt way than most...I transformed by the kiss method."

"Kiss Method?"

"My late Boyfriend...I called him Wizard..was mutated into a Bull...I don't know how...One day, a Large Bat bit me and nearly mauled me to death...But than Wizard kissed me...Somehow his bovine DNA transfered to me, healed my wounds and gave me life...At the price of turning into a cow."

Ichabod stirred dizzy "Sarah?" He asked sleepily "Why you have cow horns?"
James quickly pinched one of Ichabod's nerves, knocking the boy out.

"I'd rather the boy not know about you right now," he muttered. "Kid had a rough night."

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked.

"He ran into a few of my associates, who think that the kid is ready for some big role," James whispered. "They don't know the difference between a kid and a soldier."
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she then hit him again "How you know a kid his age and you being a man your age" her gaze accusing as her tail swayed side to side looking at him in a untrustworthy manner making James sigh as he tried to explain it again to Sarah who looked him not believing a word he said.

Finally, after they sat at the kitchen table for an hour and each drank a cup of coffee, Sarah believed his strange story.

"But you must keep this to yourself and tell no one," James said. "I only trust you because you are a manimal."

"Yes," said Sarah. "The story is safe with me."

In the morning when Ichabod woke up, he did think he had dreamed the night's experiences, so he never mentioned them to Sarah and her promise to remain silent was not tested.

James found a place to sleep for a while (he never slept more than a couple of hours at a time) but before he fell asleep he thought again of the Lion and its parting words: "Find me in the reflection of the river, It's a day's hike away from your place. Be sure that you bring nothing that is not necessary to your journey."
Meanwhile Zander had gotten over his sore throat...He took a walk in the Woods to test his ability to talk to Animals

He found a Wolf Cub in the Woods

He knelt down beside it "Hello Little Friend." He said "Are you lost?"

"No." The Wolf Cub said shivering "I'm just waiting for Mama."
"Your mother-"

"Hey you! Get away from my baby!"

Zander turned around and saw rushing towards him a female wolf. Zander had only one thougt: Get away from there as fast as he could. He started running and flapping his wings, trying to get lift. All the while the wolf was saying something along the lines of, "I'll get you, you over-grown stork! Kidnapper!"
Zander lifted into the air just as soon as the Mother Wolf was about to spring on him...

Zander perched on the branches of an Elm Tree. He breathed a sigh of releif

Than a Brown Bear lumbered out
The bear looked up and saw Zander.

"Looks like Thanksgiving came early," the bear said, licking its lips. It then started to climb the tree.

Not again, Zander thought, as he prepared to jump and start flying.

The Bear stopped climbing the tree...All the Animals held still

Suddenly there was a White Bison...Zander had never seen a Bison before...but he knew from what Matoaka had told him they don't live in the Northeastern United States

"This Bird-Creature is Mated to the Last of the Unicorns...Therefore he must be respected."

"Well...Thank you." Zander said "Who are you?"

"I am no ordanary animal." The Bison said "I am the spirit of the Souix...I protect the People and animals of the woods."
"That's nice to know," Zander said. "So, is there anything you want to tell me?"

"Yeah, I'd get off that branch if I were you. It's about to break."

There was a loud crack and Zander furiously flapped his wings as the branch fell to the ground.

"You don't fly very well," the Bear commented.

"That's because I was born on a different planet where the atmosphere is thicker. It's hard for my wings to get a grip on this thin air you Earthies live in."

The Bear felt a little insulted. "If you don't like it you can go back to your pea soup planet."

"No fighting," the Bison said.

The Bear shrugged and went back to eating honeycomb.

Zander tapped the Bison's shoulder. "How did you know that branch was about to break?"

"I have some limited psychic abilities," the Bison said. "I can see into the future, but only 10 seconds into it. Still... even that little bit is sometimes useful. I've dodged a few bullets with it."
Zander felt confused...The more he learned the more he was confused...

'Matoaka sent me to do something else' He thought to himself 'Gather mushrooms was it?'

Matoaka had taught him which wild mushrooms were safe for humans to ingest and which were not.

(After the incident with the strawberries) Matoaka decided to do a blood test so to make sure no other bad stuff happened.

Zander plucked a mushroom and decided to to taste it, it seemed to taste all right, but than there was a gurgle in his stomach...He knew that mushroom was going through him like grease through a goose.

"I got to find a bathroom quick..." Zander said putting down his basket

Meanwhile Jim came knocking on James' door "Um Hi." Jim said "Do you still have the Space Sword?"

"I do"The Old Wolf said

"Well can I have a look at it?" Jim asked "Just for old times sake?"
"Nice try squirrel," James said, heading back inside. "You're not ready to truely weild it."

"What to you mean?" Jim asked, entyering the place. "I used it during the one invasion, and I was able to beat many of the enemy with it."

"I know," James said. "I read the reports and saw the remains, and I have to say this, you were a damn fool, and you only managed to stay alive through sheer dumb luck."


"You're lucky that your tail is still attached to your spine, and your head is on your shoulders and not over the fireplace at some enemy alien's house," James said, glaring at him. "Between you and Bill, I don't know which one is the bigger fool, him for being stubborn, or you for not thinking about your actions."

"Well, the Space Sword is mine by right," Jim said. "I'd like to have it."

"Arthur didn't get Escaliber through right," James said, removing a panel from a wall. "He got it because he was ready."


"Don't they teach you anything in school? Arthur was a mythological king of England, and he pulled a sword called Escaliber from a stone, and was crowned brcause of it."

"And what does that have to do with me?"

"The sword only let you use it because of the situation," James said, pressing a few buttons. "If you were to try and grab it now, you'd end up somewhere between fried and baked, and well-done. As it is, I can only handle it, and many other special and legendary weapons, through the use of a special glove."

"Other legendary weapons?"

"Of course," James said with a smile as a doorway opened up, revealing a large number of weapons from all over the world and of all types. "Among them would be The Sword of Mars, which was the sword that Atilla the Hun used during his conquests of the Roman Empire, The Spear of Destiny, which was the spear that killed Jesus Christ, and of course, Escaliber, the sword of King Arthur."

"How did you get them?" Jim asked as he looked into the vault.

"I have my methods," James said walking in, and looking at a long sword with a gold handle that was in a glass case. "Methods which are best not talked about."

"So, what are we doing here?" Jim asked.

"If you're going to use a sword to fight with, you need to know how to use one," James said, stepping back from the case. "Head down this row until you get to the end. I'll be along in a bit, after I check out my friend Cal here for dust and such."
Jim huffed and thought "I thought the sword would wield for anyone who had a good loving heart." He said

"Well they were wrong than were'nt they?" James said

Meanwhile Ichabod got up...He had a roaring headache and felt as if his world had been turned upside down....

Than he looked at his right hand...A Mark was on it, a brown mark that looked like neither a scar nor a bruise, it looked like a flower,

Meanwhile Zander came out of a nearby outhouse looking quite ill, after eating that mushroom, it was quite painful coming out...Zander decided he would have no more Earth Mushrooms...Untill he knew for sure which ones were safe to eat...

Meanwhile Jim was walking by Ichabod's house when Ichabod came out

"Hey Jim." Ichabod said weakly "Can I walk with you?"

"I don't know Ichy you sound kind of weak

"I just need to get out of the house."
"Rough night?"

"Yeah, I had a bunch of crazy dreams."

"It couldn't have been worse than what happened to me."

"And what was that?"

"James decided that I need to go through a bunch of training before I can have my sword back."
100 additions should be enough

The End!

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