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Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Death · #1718008
What it would be like to comprehend nonexistence
[Introduction] The beginning and end have no meaning to you... you were there before and will be after.. the constant flow never stops.. if only for a moment could you pause.. attain a moment of pure nonexistence then would the irreversible be reversed.. the impossible become possible...time would stop you would have that one pure moment.. the moment were all the all the weight worries and wonders are laid before you. all that will be has been and all that was did.. you stop.. motionless but not in a sense that you were moving the agony is over but it was never painful.. only you can comprehend what is happening... you do not exist all that you ever were all that you could of been is gone your eternal flow is over... the all knowing have forgotten the all seeing have gone blind.. peace finally

The End!

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