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A rare medical condition is nothing to laugh about... or is it?
[Introduction] Ms. Artemis, a young lady in Cardiff, Wales, was living a very comfortable life on her college campus. But one night, something bizarre occurred. She woke up early in the morning to see her feet were slowly but surely starting to grow. Not only that, her feet began to feel a little more sensitive than before. Not knowing what else to do, she decided to see a doctor as soon as possible. But she did not want anyone to notice her sudden "growth spurt" so she turned to a phone book to look for the closest physician. Luckily, the closest medical clinic belonged to a Gwynfor Jones. Wasting no time, she found the biggest pair of shoes she could find in her closet and left her dorm. Meanwhile, Dr. Jones decided to get an early day in and drove to his medical clinic. However, he did not count on seeing a lone girl sitting beside the entrance. From there, our story begins...

1. Nothing above the 13+ level. Obvious reasons.

2. At this time, there is only two people involved in this campfire. However, if we decide other people can join, remember: don't call us, we'll call you.

3. Limit the amount of cursing in the additions.

4. Anything involving feet and tickling is fine. Of course, it may not be restricted only to foot tickling as other parts of the body can receive the proper tor - I mean treatment. But as far as feet goes, please keep it realistic (no micro/macro or anything like that). The only exception is Ms. Artemis' condition which is mentioned in the above introduction.

5. IF we do decide to let other people/characters into the story, please provide a short bio of your character when you make your first addition. You can use this template:

(optional) Ticklishness/ticklish spot:

6. Please keep some consistency with whatever is established in the plot. That's not a problem, is it?

That's about it, I guess. Have fun. *Smile*

Name: Gwynfor Jones
Age: 25
Occupation: Physician
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 183 pounds
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark brown (short and layered)
Personality: Cheerful, observant, understanding, and can be a little whimsical at times.
Likes: Cheese pizza, popcorn, cute girls, the sea, reading, tickling, the color green.
Dislikes: Pineapple, rude and unfriendly people, the color white, not being accepted by his peers.
Ticklishness: Not too ticklish but very much so on the sides of his stomach.
Name: Artemis IvoryWings
Age: 20
Occupation: Fashion-designer-in-training
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 pounds
Eyes: Bright blue
Hair: Very dark brown and wavy, chin-length
Personality: A bit shy, but very fun loving and creative. Generally content and always looking for adventure.
Likes: Fashion, cooking, ballroom dancing, watching movies, and eating chocolate
Dislikes: Arrogant guys, closed in spaces, being made fun of
Ticklishness: Very ticklish. Basically ticklish everywhere. Most ticklish place is hips and ribs.
I look up as the roar of the car engine was abruptly shut off. A relatively handsome young man stepped from the green mercedes, running a hand through his hair. He only looked to be a few years older than me. I got unsteadily to my feet, still uncertain of if they would hold me or not.

"Uhm.. hi." I said uncertaintly.

"Hello." He replied cheerfully. Somebody was a morning person....... I told him my problem in a rush and with my eyes focused on the ground. Then, he politely asked me to come inside, showed me to one of the rooms and left again, apparently to get his stethoscope and other doctor things..........
My horoscope told me today would be unlike any of my other work days. I guess it was right. This morning started out as it usually does: I get up, shower, shave, get dressed, grab a coffee and head over to the clinic. Never have I gotten a patient to show up this early, let alone one as attractive as the young lady sitting by the entrance. Not that I am complaining, mind you. I normally don't see patients on short notice, let alone at seven o'clock in the morning, but in her case I can make an exception. I introduced myself to her and she did the same. Artemis was her name. An uncommon name for sure but such things don't matter to me.

When I asked Artemis what brought her to my clinic, she told me things I did not rightly understand about her feet and increased growth, and something about higher sensitivity. It didn't help that she told me everything in one breath. Nonetheless, I agreed to help her as I unlocked the door. I chose a room closest to the washroom and allowed her to sit in the brown cushion chair sitting in the middle. I told her to sit and make herself at home while I get the necessary items for examination. She smiled as she propped her large feet up on the footstool and said, "Fine by me."

I headed over to the supply closet next door. A sneaking suspicion grew inside me as I entered the room. From the hasty description Artemis gave me, it sounded like she has something I remembered from medical school. One of my former professors told me of a rare condition that causes feet to grow and skin to become more and more sensitive. If left unchecked, both of these symptoms could make the victim's body more susceptible to harm, making their life unbearable. If this condition is linked with this scenario, then she could be in trouble. No. Not on my watch. No cute little lady is going to suffer if I have anything to say about it! Miss Artemis, I will get you back to normal! Just you wait and see!

Not only do I know about this condition from my professor, she also told me how to treat it. Of course, she also mentioned the treatment was both strange and dangerous. But the method of treatment didn't sound strange to me. To perform this method, if this is the very same medical condition Artemis has, I took a large green box off the shelf above me. I walked back to the room with the box as quickly as I could, for the sooner I start treatment, the sooner this lady will be happy.

I walked back into Miss Artemis' room to find her shoes were beginning to break at the seams. Struggling to stay in good cheer, I put the box on the counter and sat on a stool in front of her.
'How strange he must think this is...' I think to myself as Dr. Jones sits on the stool in front of me. Of course, I thought it strange as well, but, he was a doctor. And a guy. It was just... different.

"So... what do you think, doctor?" I asked him hesitantly. He seemed to become startled from his thoughts and then turned to me, a slight smile on his face.

"Hmm?" He asked me, confirming my suspicions that he hadn't really been listening.

"What do you think about all this? Can I be.... fixed?"

"yes... oh, yes, you can be fixed. This is a very rare condition, but I did learn about it in school. Which is a very lucky thing for you indeed, isn't it?" I couldn't help but smile at him. He smiled kindly back. "However... treatment for this... condition is rather unique. First things first however. We have to get these shoes off of you before they hurt you. Apparently, this condition increases skin sensativity."

"I did notice that." I told him. "It started just at my feet, but it has been slowing including everywhere else now too. Are you sure there's a cure?"

"Positive, dear. We'll have you better in no time."

I thanked him and went to remove my shoes, choosing to ignore the fact that he had just called me 'dear'......
My suspicions earlier may be true after all. This definitely sounds like the condition my professor told me about. Everything seems to check out; but I needed to see how sensitive this young lady has become.

Whatever my other thoughts were, I forgot when Miss Artemis took off her shoes. From there, my gaze became fixed on her gorgeous feet. The bottoms of her large feet looked very soft and silky smooth, not to mention they were as pink as cherry blossoms. Her long toes were just as cute, for the neatly trimmed and unpainted toenails only added to their natural beauty. Clearly Miss Artemis takes good care of her feet.

"Helloooo? Are you still there?" I snapped out of my daze to see the young lady in question still waiting patiently, albeit with a bemused expression.

"Sorry, Miss Artemis" I sheepishly replied. "I was just a little distracted by how beautiful your feet look."

The whole room went silent for a moment. I could feel my face getting warm and the young lady did naught but blush. Breaking the silence, she said, "Thank you... um, doctor."

I chose that moment to pull myself together. "Alright, Miss Artemis. Before I begin treatment, I need to get a more thorough analysis."

I pulled my stool a little closer to Miss Artemis' feet and began to firmly yet gently massage her huge, beautiful soles.
My blush deepened as after he complimented my feet, he started to massage them. At first, I was a little.... nervous. I mean, I didn't know the man, and although he didn't seem dangerous or anything, I just couldn't be sure. But a few moments, I relaxed a little. I felt like I could trust him. Besides, he was very expertly massaging my feet. I usually didn't like people to massage my feet because they were usually too rough. But he was very gentle, though firm enough for it not to tickle, which was kinda nice.

"Does this hurt?" He asked quietly, his focus still on my feet.

"N-no." I stuttered. "It, uhm... actually feels rather nice."

A small smile flitted across his features and he glanced up, his hazel eyes meeting mine. I almost, just for a second, thought I saw a glimpse of mischief in those soulful eyes, but it was gone so fast, I must have mistaken it........
Let me tell you; the benefits of massaging Miss Artemis' feet are threefold. One, it sent her straight onto Cloud Nine. When I looked up a couple of times, her eyes were closed. And how about the purring? Perhaps I'm better at foot rubs than I give myself credit for. Who knows?

Two, the massage felt nice on the giving end. The unblemished bottoms of her feet are so soft and fluffy. Now I don't have a foot fetish like most other guys do, but I could not help but fall in love with her long and beautiful feet. Heck, I would be content with just massaging them all day for her... *ahem* Anyway...

Three, and most importantly, the foot rub helped me find Miss Artemis' hot spots. As I gently stimulated her feet, I noticed some areas were more sensitive than others like the center of her arches or on the balls of her feet. How do I know this? She moaned a little louder and her toes wiggled in delight when I stimulated those parts. One part in particular, this little spot under her big toes on the ball of her feet, made her realease a blissful moan and caused her toes wiggle and curl in the cutest way. In mid moan, however, she blushed an even deeper shade of red and sat straight up.

"Uh...um... Sorry about that, Dr. Jones."

I raised an eyebrow. "Sorry for what, Miss Artemis? Sorry for enjoying that foot massage too much?" I joked.

Miss Artemis placed her right hand on her right cheek, still blushing. "W-well... yes. It just felt so wonderful that I forgot my manners and my self-control and... my manners. I just couldn't help it."

I could not help but release a hearty laugh. Of course, I had to clarify I wasn't laughing at her lest she get upset. "Don't sweat the small stuff, Miss Artemis. If you liked it that much, then it's only natural. Formality isn't something to worry about in here."

Miss Artemis began to calm down, but her blush still lingered. "That's good to hear, then. Thanks Doctor."

"Not a problem, my dear."

Miss Artemis said nothing after that. There I go again, uttering a strong term of endearment to a young lady I barely know and making her feel awkward. I need to learn when and when not to do that. In any case, she broke the silence once more.

"So... doctor. Are you almost finished analyzing my feet? I'm pretty sure they just grew an extra size."

I stroked my chin. "Well, do you think I was thorough enough?" I asked playfully.

"I'm no doctor, but I think you should double check." replied Miss Artemis, sticking her tongue out.

With a snicker, I said, "As you wish, my - Miss Artemis." And with that; I began to rub her feet again. But not before I took a bottle of peach scented foot lotion from the green box and rubbing its creamy contents into her soles.
I blush and grin to myself. What had gotten into me? Was I seriously flirting with this doctor????? Well he was handsome, there was no mistaking that. But there was something more. I met many handsome men on campus. But this doctor, well, he had a sense of playfulness about him, even in the face of such an odd case as mine. And he was gentle and kind. Those things were not often found in combination.

And soon he expertly went back to massaging my feet, slowly working the lotion into them. I don't think I had ever had my feet pampered like this before. It felt nice. I'm not quite sure what it had to do with my treatment, but then again, at that point, I wasn't sure I cared either.

After a few more minutes of massaging, the massage slowly, ever so slightly, started to lessen. I felt an odd tingling sensation in the soles of my feet. And then, all of a sudden, he made a slow, light sweep with the back of his hand across each of my feet. A jolt traveled through almost all the nerves in my body then and, much to my embarassment, a small giggle escaped from my mouth.

He glanced up. His face was expressionless but I thought I saw his eyes twinkling. "Ticklish?" he asked quietly.

I blushed even further and bit my bottom lip in an expression of upmost embarassment. "Yeah. Maybe a bit." I replied quietly. Just then, I shivered. I kept getting colder. I wondered vaguely if it had something to do with the continuing of this.... condition.

"Something wrong?" He asked, suddenly concerned.

"Just... a little cold. That's all." I replied.

He slowly nodded. "It happens. I'll be right back. I believe we have a few extra jackets lying around. One moment...." And with that, he got up and left the room.
He came back in, carrying a bright blue jacket, several minutes later. I smiled at him as he draped it around my shoulders. "Thanks." I said quietly.

"No problem." Was his only response as he got out a folder and started writing things down.

"I apologize. I feel I am taking you from your other patients...."

He looked up slowly and sighed, shaking his head. "Miss Artemis, we are a clinic. We see patients on a first-come-first-serve basis. You were definitely and unarguably the first to come." He placed his pen on the little table to the right, then turned to me again. "Now... here is where this gets complicated. I believe I have taken a full enough survey of your feet at least to know how far the sensitivity has travelled as well as how deeply it has penetrated. This next part of the treatment will be tricky. Do you trust me?" He asked.

I blinked at him. That should have been an absurd question. But, somehow... I didn't see it as such.

"Y-yes." I stuttered.

He regarded me in silence for a few moments. "Good." He finally said. "Now let's get started..."

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