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Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Fantasy · #1772855
An unmotivated college student discovers another universe. (CLOSED)
I've added everyone I want to add - but you are still welcome to read and review!


I am going to leave this pretty open. The plot will sort of develop as we write it. The premise that we will build off of is this:

Ava Wolfe lost her memory and her parents in a car accident at 16. She is now almost 21, and a Junior in college. She is unmotivated in college and life, and would like only to slide through life doing the minimum. However, on her friend's 21st birthday, she and her other friends get attacked by a very strange group. This leads to the discovery that this group is from another universe, and for an unknown reason they are after Ava.


The main character is going to be Ava Wolfe. She will also have a few friends who are the supporting characters of the story. I will create the character profile for Ava and maybe one other person. The others in the Campfire Creative will be able to create bios for one or two characters each. However, keep in mind that this story will remain in the POV of Ava.


I will only choose two others for this Campfire Creative. Pretty much the first two people who respond, as long as they have proper grammar and a writing style that I think would work well for this story. I don't want to add more than two people, because I find the story can get kind of confusing if there are too many different people writing it. I retain full rights to edit anyone else's addition, but only to correct grammar.

Everyone's first addition will be character bios, and then we will get right into the story.

I'm going to attempt to flesh out Ava as much as possible, since she's the main character and all three of us are going to need to have the same idea of Ava in order to write her consistently.

Name: Ava Wolfe
Age: 20
Birthday: July 19th
Physical Description: Long, straight, dark brown hair with bangs. Light brown eyes with bits of green when you look close enough. Pale. 5' 1". Large eyes and mouth.
Personality: Can be sarcastic, but not in an obnoxious way. Not shy, but sometimes quiet. Very kind-hearted, but doesn’t always show it - it’s something you kind of discover as you get to know her. Very loyal. Not very motivated at the beginning of the novel, but surprises herself and others by how determined she is when it’s something she believes in. Can be absent-minded - not air-headed, just forgetful. With people she doesn’t know, she tends to be aloof - not shy, aloof. Is generally irresponsible. Very disorganized - is always losing things and forgetting things. Avoids talking about anything real - it makes her feel weird. Avoids confrontations about emotions, and generally doesn’t start any confrontation, but can’t back down when someone confronts her (except if it’s about anything to do with emotions). Before she lost her memory, she wasn’t quite as closed off. She still wasn’t entirely comfortable with sharing her feelings, but she had grown up with loving parents who taught her to be more comfortable with those things.
Habits/Mannerisms: Tends to mumble to herself. Bites her knuckles when she’s nervous. Doesn’t like hugs.
Background: Her parents died in a car accident when she was 15 and she lost her memories in that same accident. After that, she moved from Washington state to a small town in New York about a half hour away from Boston, where her Aunt Alexandria, Uncle Jasper, and cousin Soleil lives. They are her only relatives. Her Uncle’s family lives in France, from where her uncle and mother (siblings) moved when they were in college. Her Aunt is an orphan who was in foster care. Her aunt and uncle thought it best that Ava be removed entirely from her past life. She had to move to New York where her aunt and uncle lived, and it didn’t make sense for Ava to meet friends she didn’t even know anymore just to move all the way across the country. In her new High School, Ava met her two best friends - Zaafira Lone and Katarzyna Zielinski. She has never been very motivated in High School, and when she, Zaafira, and Katarzyna went to college at Boston University, it didn’t change. She’s very intelligent, but she just doesn’t care about academics. She doesn’t remember now, but she grew up as the Crown Princess of Saelyn Dova. As a child, she was never much interested in her Crown Duties. She enjoyed her training in fighting and horseback riding, and she always loved to read, but her other classes she didn’t take any interest in. She was outgoing and well loved by the Court and the Kingdom. As a teenager, she began taking more interest in her Crown Duties, particularly politics. She was a huge favorite with the Court and the Kingdom. She wasn’t extremely different from who she is now. She was perhaps a bit more responsible, more studious. She played the part of the Crown Princess very well - now, she feels like it’s a lot to live up to. Drake comforts her by saying that she’s the same person, she is still a great Crown Princess and she will be an amazing Queen. When she was in Saelyn Dova, she was very skilled in martial arts, pretty good with the sword, and adequate with the bow. When she returns, she finds that although she lost her memory, and she does have to relearn certain techniques, she still has her skills. She has been taking martial arts on Earth since she arrived there.
Internal Conflicts: She feels like she can’t live up to the person she was before. She lacks motivation at first - she doesn’t actually want to have all this responsibility. A lot of that has to do with the face that she doesn’t think that she can handle it, that she isn’t a good enough person. Sometimes she just wants to give up. She gets that she needs to be protected, and she’s fine with that, but she doesn’t see why she needs to be the Crown Princess. She’s not the same person she was before she lost her memory. After she finally decides that she’s going to get into this situation full force, and she even tries to be the Crown Princess, she still doesn’t have confidence in herself.

Name: Drake Knightly
Age: 20
Birthday: June 15th
Physical Description: Black hair - short, but not cut close to the head. Grey eyes. Light brown skin. 5' 10".
Personality: Can never seem to stay serious. He deals with everything with a joke. He is very intelligent, loyal, and protective. He cares a lot about other people, but he is sometimes insecure so he doesn't let those people know.
Habits/Mannerisms: He tends to be quite touchy-feely with his friends. He gives a lot of hugs, and generally invades personal space.
Background: His father is the younger prince of a neighboring Kingdom, Vadiya. His mother is the daughter of a Duke from Lith. He has an older half-sister, with whom he shares his father. His father was given a Dukedom upon his marriage to his mother, which Drake will inherit instead of his elder sister, because she will be inheriting her mother's Dukedom.

Name: Zaafira Lone
Age: 21
Birthday: December 18th
Physical Description: Long black hair, thick and wavy. Brown skin (Pakistani). Large, dark brown eyes. Thin lips. 5’ 4”. Thin.
Personality: Intelligent, but often doesn’t seem so. Can be girly. Very nice and loyal. Very insecure. Very ambitious, but not in a way that she’d step over others to get where she wants to be. Generally avoids confrontation, but will stand up for herself and others if she’s very compelled to. A bit of a hypochondriac. Worries entirely too much.
Habits/Mannerisms: Has a habit of repeating what someone says when she’s agreeing with them. Zones out a lot - she’ll be staring into space, her eyes blank.
Background: The younger princess of another Kingdom, Lith. She has an older brother who will be King. She had to leave Lith at the age of 13 because of Civil War. She went to seek haven in the Saelyn Dova palace. Her parents and older brother still live in Lith, but not Zaafira because she’s not a good fighter. The Civil War ended while she was on Earth - her parents and older brother were able to put down the Rebels. Zaafira is very skilled with the bow, but she isn’t very skilled in any close-range fighting. Zaafira has her own Ladies-in-Waiting. Since Zaafira arrived at Ava’s castle at age 13, they have been best friends (as well as Addy and Zyna).
Internal Conflicts: She is very insecure about her body and herself.

Name: Katarzyna "Kat" Zielinski
Age: 21
Birthday: April 8th
Physical Description: Tomato-red hair - straight, just reaches her shoulders. Large, blue-grey eyes. Peachy complexion. 5' 6".
Personality: Very cheery, happy-go-lucky. Very loyal. Can be silly and slightly air-headed, but is still quite intelligent. Gets along with everyone - very approachable. Can be slightly melodramatic. Gets very excited about things. Speaks every errant thought.
Habits/Mannerisms: Almost always hugs people in greeting and goodbye. Shrugs her shoulders a lot. If she's not listening she'll just smile and nod and giggle. Tends to screech when she's surprised.
Background: The daughter of a Duchess and a Duke. Kat lived in her parents' Dukedom at the edge of the Saeyln Dovan Kingdom until she came of age at 13 and begged her parents to let her go to the Court. She became good friends with Ava, Zaafira, Addy, and Drake upon arriving, and she was invited to be Ava’s Lady-in-Waiting. She is very skilled with the sword and adequate with martial arts (awful aim, though, so not good with the bow).

Name: Soleil Vieux
Age: 23
Birthday: September 15th
Physical Description: Light brown hair with natural blond highlights - long, wavy. Dark brown eyes. 5' 3". Very thin. Small, elfin features.
Personality: Responsible, but still able to have fun. Protective. She would be the one to inherit the Throne if Ava were to die or never return to Saelyn Dova, and she would make a very good Queen. Very stubborn. Very careful.
Habits/Mannerisms: A perfectionist. Sometimes overly responsible.
Background: The daughter of Princess Alexandria, who is the younger sister of the King, and Prince Jasper, the son of the younger prince from a neighboring Kingdom. She is Ava’s cousin. She has always been the role model to Ava. As a child, Ava was unmotivated, but Soleil helped her get motivated. She does the same thing after Ava loses her memory.
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Name: Adina "Addy" Knightly
Age: 21
Birthday: December 15th
Physical Description: White-blond hair, loosely curled, just reaching past her shoulders. Green eyes. Thin face, but quite attractive. 5' 5".
Personality: Very assertive. Outgoing. Responsible. Very intelligent. Very loyal and protective. Everything needs to be clean - she hates messiness and anything disorderly. Always has to be in control, but not manipulative.
Habits/Mannerisms: Cracks knuckles when she's frustrated and feels she's losing control of a situation.
Background: Drake's half-sister. Share a father, the younger Prince of another Kingdom. Their father was with Addy's mother first, who is a Duchess in Saelyn Dova, descended about 5 generations from Royalty. When their father found out Addy's mother was pregnant, he proposed, but she said no because she didn't want to have to leave her Kingdom. He then left Saelyn Dova, and quickly married the woman he had been informally betrothed to his entire life, Drake's mother. Addy has been best friends with Ava since they were children. She becomes Ava's First Lady-in-Waiting, a very prestigious position. She is skilled in martial arts, swordplay, and the bow (although not quite as skilled as Ava at martial arts, Kat at swordplay, or Zaafira at the bow). She couldn't come to Earth right away because her mother was ill and she had to run the Dukedom - but her mother finally got better and she could go to Ava in her first year of college.

I don't remember much about the night it happened. There are parts I remember well, other parts my mind sort of floats through in a general way, and other parts I've forgotten completely.

But I do remember leaving the bar. And I remember it happening.

Kat was taking another shot of Peach Schnapps with two guys who had been buying her drinks all night for her 21st birthday. It was almost 4 in the morning, and the bar had finally emptied out, so that only the two guys, Kat, Addy, Zaafira, Drake, and I remained. We had been looking forward to Kat turning 21 since Addy and Zaafira had turned 21 in December. Drake had a fake ID and I used my sister's ID, so we were so close to five of us being able to go out to the bar together, except that Kat was too nervous for a fake ID and didn't have an older sister. So it was our first night that all five of us could go out, and we were all way, way too drunk.

"Alright, Kat, you're done," Addy said, cutting between Kat and the cuter of the two guys. She flashed a smile at him before turning to the bartender. "We'd like to close our tabs, please."

Addy and Drake both had the ability to appear relatively sober when they wanted to, even when they were beyond drunk. I envied this, and tried to emulate it with not much success.

"Yes," I echoed, standing down the bar from the others. "Uh, sir. Please."

"Ava! Avie-Ava!" Zaafira literally bounced over to me. She did not attempt to emulate Addy and Drake at all. "Can you close my tab for me? Please? Oh my God, that guy is cute."

I giggled and then remembered I had been trying to seem sober like Addy and Drake. "Fira. That guy is Addy's. And your tab is my tab! And Kat's. I promise you. You have no money, remember?"

Zaafira laughed. I didn't think too hard on what exactly she was laughing at, I just joined her. Drake came up beside me to close his own tab, and asked us what we were laughing at.

I stopped abruptly and gave him a strange look. "I don't remember. Something about tabs. And money or... Je ne sais pas, dear. Leave me alone."

Drake laughed. "Alright, Ava, whatever you say."

I glared at him as the bartender brought us our tabs. I leaned close to see my tab as I signed and wrote in the tip - something near 40%, because I was entirely too drunk to figure it out and it was better to tip too much than too little.

Addy began shepherding us out. The guys were asking us if we wanted to go to Jim's Steakout with them, but Addy was pushing us out too fast and Drake was giving them a death glare.

The apartment I shared with Addy, Zaafira, and Kat was only a 20 minute walk away, so we began walking down Elmwood, a main street in the city. I don't really remember anything about this walk, except it was warm for the beginning of April and I think I may have fallen down a lot.

I do remember the walk down our street, West Delevan. Drake lived a couple of blocks closer to Elmwood than we did, on the same street.

"Addy, Addy, Addy," I lectured her as we start down our street. "The guy. He was cute. You - you should have went for it!"

Addy laughed and batted away the finger I was pointing at her. "Right, because you go for it all the time."

I did not like the way she was looking over at Drake. A couple of months ago, when I was drunk, I had told Addy that I thought Drake was cute, forgetting momentarily that I had never planned on telling her, as Addy and Drake were half-siblings. Then Zaafira, who was there as well, took that as her cue to tell Addy about how every time I get drunk I want very badly to make out with him. She didn't include the fact that I wanted to make out with every cute guy when I was very drunk - although I never gave in to this desire, unlike Zaafira.

My confession to Addy, however, somehow transformed into me being in love with Drake or something, so now all my friends have that mistaken idea in their heads. And they often get very close to letting it slip to Drake. Even though it's only, you know, when I'm drunk that I want to make out with him. And that doesn't even count.

"Addy," I hissed, elbowing her.

"He's not listening, Ava," Addy said, rolling her eyes.

I looked frantically behind us at Drake and yes, he was talking to Kat and not paying any attention to us. But he could be very good at hiding it! He's very good at hiding the fact that he's drunk. Makes sense. And so probably he heard everything and now he's never going to talk to me again because he thinks I'm some stupid little girl with a crush when really I just have a little problem with my brain, which I am getting control of, alright, and wow those are creepy guys. Like a lot of them.

"There are a lot of really creepy guys behind us," I whisper loudly to Addy. The others hear and look around. There were at least five or six of them, and they were dressed strangely. They were wearing tunics and belts and brown pants. And boots. And - swords?

"Go, go, go, go!" Addy was pushing me forward and suddenly I was running, stumbling, something between the two.

The men were running now too, except they weren't drunk so they could actually run. And they were going to catch us way before we got to our apartment.

"Ava, here, take my keys." Drake was in front of me, shoving his keys in my hand. "You guys go to the apartment and wait for us."

Nothing was making any sense to me. I was way too drunk for this.

"I'm way too drunk for this," I told Drake. "What are you and Addy doing?"

"We'll give you guys time to get to my place," Drake said. "We'll be right behind you."

Fira and Kat were pulling me forward, fast, away from Drake and Addy. And the strange, threatening men. I kept looking behind me as we ran, not wanting to leave Drake and Addy behind. But Zaafira and Kat were surprisingly strong.

We stumbled in the front door of Drake's apartment and collapsed on the couch.

"Oh my God," I said. "I have no idea what is going on. What is Drake doing? Those guys had swords! And Addy! Why aren't they here? He said they would be right behind us! This is not right behind us!"

Zaafira shook my arm. "Ava, you're freaking out! Listen, listen, listen. Drake and Ava can handle themselves. They're excellent fighters!"

I shook my head. "But those guys had swords! I need to help them! No, Fira, let me go, I can help them!"

I managed to get free of Fira's hold, and headed to the door. I had always been the best at martial arts, since I had started taking them at 15 with Fira and Kat. Apparently I had taken martial arts before that time as well, but I didn't actually remember before I was 15, due to a car accident that had killed my parents.

I was the best at martial arts, but I was also very drunk, and Fira and Kat managed to subdue me before I could get out. Relatively speaking, of course. I was struggling against them as they held me down on the couch, and they didn't release me until Drake and Ava came running through the front door, out of breath and dirty.

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