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A story about a casino and having some good luck but not in the sense of winning money.
[Introduction] I followed your "GPs for Words" invitation/contest. This idea was borrowed from another contest with a timeframe on it that I could not meet. I liked how the characters rolled off the top of my head and would like to see where the story goes from here. I've never partnered up on a writing piece and it sounded like fun.

My only criteria is to stay true to the initial premise of the piece...Write a story about being in a casino and having some good luck but not in the sense of winning money....while utilizing the genres selected above.

This will be fun!
The Black Bear Casino was the last place Patty expected to be on the final Friday of summer vacation. She had come begrudgedly as a favor to her best friend and gambling addict Sophie. Well….Sophie wasn’t really an addict but she felt a lot more comfortable dropping an easy $100 at the blackjack table than Patty did. They had worked so hard this summer earning meager wages at the Sand Lodge Resort. The earnings were supposed to help them cover extra living expenses during their last year at UMD. Sophie however never ceased to believe that a $100 could become $300 hundred at a table with a good dealer and some luck. Patty didn’t believe in luck. She believed that even the best of plans and the strongest commitments can land you short of your goals and dreams. Everything seemed to come hard for her and taking chances was not something she was interested in dabbling with today or maybe ever.

“Oh come on Patty! It’ll be fun,” Sophie said enthusiastically as they entered the lobby of the casino/hotel. “The room is complimentary and if we do well enough at the tables we’ll eat for free.”

“There you go again with your pipedream of winning big!” Patty replied. “You better be careful how much cash you whittle away at the tables tonight. Our cash has to last the weekend and I am not covering your food bill if you lose.”

“I’m going to lose my good mood if you keep up your complaining,” Sophie rebuttaled. “Relax! Let’s have some fun this weekend.”

Their hotel room seemed like a palace compared to the accommodations they endured as boarding employees at the Sand Lodge Resort this summer. The room was clean and appeared brand new. Fresh towels were neatly stacked on the shelf in the bathroom and best of all, someone else made the beds this morning and will do so again tomorrow! Two particularly enticing amenities in the room were a stocked refrigerated bar and a whirlpool jet bathtub.

“Can we really drink the room liquor for free this weekend, Sophie?” Patty asked.

“Yes! I told you the room and all amenities are comped due to my Gold Player status.” Sophie responded. “Crack open a of couple beers while I take a quick shower. I’m anxious to get down to the casino floor and see what’s going on.”

Why go down to the casino, Patty thought. Relaxing in this tub while enjoying my cocktail seems much more fun, but she knew this thought was fleeting. There was no way she’d talk Sophie into a night in and with little energy she opened her bag and picked out her clothes for the evening.

Patty and Sophie drifted across the maroon and green carpeting of the casino, just enjoying the sounds and sights.

"I never get tired of this," Sophie said. "I think I might become a professional dealer."

"You don't need to get a college degree for that," Patty said.

Sophie tossed a hand high. "It never hurts to be educated. Don't you love this place?"

"Not as much as you do. Here come the free drinks."

They both took a glass from the tray offered them by a passing hostess. They stood for a moment sipping and watching the action. There was a noisy group of players around one of the dice tables. "Let's see what's happening there," Sophie said.

The man with the dice wore a turban. Otherwise his clothes were Western and looked expensive. Patty wasn't sure. She didn't know enough about men's tailoring to judge. She thought he might be from India or be pretending to be from India. After several months of working at the casino she had acquired a suspicious mind set about whether people were who they seemed to be.

There was a disappointed groan as the man crapped out and Sophie grabbed Patty's arm to pull her away. "Let's go before they blaim our arrival for his bad luck."

"Would they do that?" Patty said.

"You know gamblers. So superstitious. Have I ever shown you my lucky pencil?"

"Yes. The one you were using when you were 8 years old and beat your dad at miniature golf."

"Don't laugh. That pencil stub has more luck in it than any rabbit's foot."

They arrived at a Roulette table where one solemn man was gambling.

"He looks so lonely," Patty said.

"The crowd will get bigger. Well, shall we try a little Blackjack?"

"I guess so. Do you feel lucky?"

"Of course!" Sophie said. "Lady Luck is smiling on me tonight."

Patty chuckled. "OK. Let's turn the smile into cash."

"Now you're talking!"

They sat down at a table where four people were already playing: a middle-aged couple, an older man with white hair, and a man about their age.

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