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Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1810052
Silky surface decorated with sunny laces As pure as water but as white as snow...

Silky surface decorated with sunny laces
As pure as water but as white as snow
Warm soft kisses trailing it, leaving morning traces
Taking away the emptiness through a beauty glow

Golden eyelashes blinking, inspiring the observer
Concealing the beauty of icy blue oceans
Linen of Golden light beard draping like shining armor
Wide shoulders and strong chest where sports lay all their burdens

Blue skies stand jeweled by warmth and affection
With a sharp shine just like a hawk
The blue deeps take you to fantasy worlds, to explore beautiful creations
Those eyes are the most beautiful; they melt hearts and shatter rocks

A fragrance of pure beauty
More compelling than honey, vanilla and musk
Woven with extreme delicacy
On a velvet silky skin protected by an elegant husk

Golden waves sway along with the wind
As soft as wind breeze on one summer’s day
Whenever the wind blows, those waves transcend
Hearts grow fonder as strands of hair sway

You are a beauty of a painting coming to life
My heartbeats intensify at your sight
I thought such beauty was only in books, that it was not alive
Just observing you from afar, turns the gloomy day bright

Copyright 2011

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/campfires/item_id/1810052-Beauty-Analysis