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Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Poetry · Arts · #1810057
Copyright May 14, 2011

Come, let’s run away
Let’s cross the ocean
Let’s overcome the tides
Let’s sail through hardships side by side
Even when the sun is hidden
And the wind is cold
We can still make it through
Together, this is the place to unfold

We’ll find the treasure...
The secluded paradise that only encompasses us
Let’s make that paradise our own
Let us lie on the sand next to each other
Come with me, let’s run away to a far away land

Run away with me let’s ride the tides
Come with me, do you hear it?
The ocean calls
It's calling for us to leave this world behind
It’s calling for us to sail away in life
Oh please sweetheart come take me away today

Together we'll sit on the sand
And watch the panoramic sunsets
The same Sunsets that are made just for us
Come, let’s feel the morning dew on our faces
Let’s go far far away from the dangers of this world

Let’s create our beach
Let’s drown the tears
Let’s soak our bodies with the sun
Let’s be together
Let’s sleep with our arms entangled
Let’s build a cottage together
Let’s eat food from the sea
Let’s use trees as clothes
Let’s be in each other’s arms
To keep each other warm

Our paradise awaits
so please let's go away
Let us leave this ordinary place
Let’s grow old together
run away with me
Let’s hide in the ocean
Let’s overcome the tides
We'll be together forever
Never leaving each other’s side

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/campfires/item_id/1810057-Lets-Run-away-together