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The epic romance you've been waiting for! Learn how Ichabod met Marzipan
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Captain Matoaka and Captain Tiamat, were in a crisis...they didn't know what to do about Planet Alderbaren.

"How is it..." Matoaka asked "That Duke Vortex can 200 years and not age a day?"

"I'm over 700 years old." Tiamat said "And I'm still in my prime."

"Dragons and Unicorns can live a long time." Matoaka said dismissively "But Vortex is a human...or at least he's supposed to be...I don't know many Humans who can tower over Elephant Humanimals...those pachyderms can grow to 10 feet in height!"

"He is more of a mountain then he is a man." Tiamat said nodding her head sagely
"Try Uber-vitamins," came a voice on the com-link.
"James..." Matoaka said hesitantly "Is that you?"

"Yes Captain Redfeather it's me." James said

"What do you want?" Tiamat asked

"Kong came to me with a plan." James said "Since trying a full out siege on Castle Vortex would be suicidal...Why not get one of our human allies to infiltrate and liberate the slaves from the inside?"

"Sounds risky." Matoaka shook her head

"Yeah I know it's risky but it's just perfect for someone who lives for danger." James said "How about that one we reformed? Edward Green? How about sending him there?"

"No Good." Matoaka said "We can't send him there because he's a formal wrangler and a former prince nonetheless! They know him too well and they've got his DNA and file, they would never believe that he was coming back to them."
"We could send in a native then," James said. "What about the boy Ichabod? According to the medical examiner, he is a relative of Johnathan Crane, a known thief and occasional murderer. It wouldn't be too far-fetched that the relative of a criminal would become one themselves, especially if the criminal was talked about constantly. Had a cousin who took up thievery because of the stories he'd heard about our one great-uncle."
"Hmmm..." Matoaka said "Isn't it true on Alderbaren boys can join the military at 14?"

"That is correct." Tiamat said "But...I hear they have some sadistic qualification exams! I hear to get in you have to sodomize a Humanimal to prove your loyalty to the Wrangler cause!"

"Oh Pish-Posh!" Matoaka "No one would be that wasteful of slaves! They barely have enough slaves to go around on Alderbaren as it is!"
Ichabod meanwhile, was in a park looking at his reflection in a pool of water

"Something in my life is missing." Ichabod said to himself "Something important...But I don't know what..."

With that he began to sing a song
Something is missing; I do not know what.
Could it be kissing? I don't think so, but...
How can I know it? Will someone show it?
What's missing, what's missing, for meeeeeee?

From the distance came a female voice singing a similar song...

Oh, each night I sit here and sing.
My life doesn't mean anything.
Something is missing, I hope it's not kissing.
I don't need a boy and his ring.

Then together the voices rose in harmony...

Something is missing; I do not know what.
Could it be kissing? I don't think so, but...
How can I know it? Will someone show it?
What's missing, what's missing, for meeeeeee?
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In another part of the park, a few older women were putting their hands to their ears. "I can't believe they allow that garbage to pass for music nowadays."
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Ichabod found his soliloquy rudely interrupted by a chipper Irish accented voice

"Ichabod!" Jim called

Jim ran up to Ichabod

"Hey Ichy!" Jim said "What are you doing over here having your big musical number?"

"Uh...You could say that." Ichabod said bashfully

"Come on!" Jim said "The captain wants to talk to you! We have a big mission ahead and I mean REALLY big!"
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"What do you mean?" Ichabod asked.

"I can't say what it is, at least, not here," Jim said. "Although you might want to steer clear of Bob, he's in a pinching mood."
Ichabod came up to Matoaka "You wanted to see me Captain?"

"Ichabod." Matoaka said "You're 14 years old now, at this age boys can join the military."

"What are you getting at?" Ichabod asked

"Ichabod." ,Matoaka said seriously "You don't have to agree to this mission, if you want to stay behind I'll understand..."

"Well what is it?" Ichabod asked, the suspense was killing him
"We need someone to infiltrate the Wrangler HQ on Alderbaren," Matoaka said. "For obvious reasons, a Humanimal wouldn't normally make a very good infiltrator. A human, such as yourself, might be able to. Also, you'd be very likely to make one successful, due to the fact that you are a relative of a known criminal, one Johnathan Crane."
"Yeah...But Captain..." Ichabod said "Because I am a criminal's child I was supposed to be killed remember?"

Minsk looked thoughtful

"Maybe you could disguise yourself as a street urchin." Minsk said "I don't think the government knows your name or even if you were a boy or a girl for sure...Crane is a fairly common last name on your planet, Many Cranes not related to Jonathan Crane."

"I need to think about it..." Ichabod said as he walked out

Ichabod walked over to the park where he found he could think best, especially near the reflecting pool...

As he stood there looking at his reflection in the water, a song formed in his heart and came surging up out of his mouth...

Now I know what is missing, it wasn't the kissing
Instead it was adventure and the thrill of the fight
I'll run back to Matoaka and tell her I'm on boarda
Yes, I'll make my decision tonight.

I will fight! (At this point all the casual park goers nearby turn in his direction and sing the next line together)
HE WILL FIGHT! (then just Ichabod by himself...)
I will infiltrate the bad guys (then everybody...)
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In another section, two certain old ladies are plugging their ears.

"They really ought to make a law against singing such garbage," the one said.

"I agree," said the other. "Also, that whole spontaneous group thing went out before even our grandparents were born."

"I hope our next visit is more peaceful, without any singing."

"That's twice our outing has been ruined by that singer."
(Actually it is a musical )

Ichabod came back to Matoaka and said he wanted to infiltrate the Alderbaren Headquarters.

Meanwhile on Planet Alderbaren, Marzipan was in her bunk with the rest of her fellow slaves, she was dreaming a recurring dream, one she dreamed often

She dreamed she was running on all fours on a grassy meadow towards a beautiful rainbow, she knew on the other side of the rainbow was freedom,

The little birds sang a song to her as she ran

"Born free! As free as the wind blows! As free as the grass grows! Born free to follow your heart!"

As Marzipan ran through the meadow the little birds surrounded her singing then she woke up.

She never reached the rainbow...
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What does it all mean? she wondered.

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Marzipan woke up, Her bunk was just below her gay best friend, Rook the Fox Boy

"Have that same dream again?" Rook asked

"Yes." Marzipan said

"I have that same dream too." Rook said "It happens often with me, you see the rainbow, you know freedom is on the over side, you run toward it with all your might and just before you reach the rainbow...you wake up."
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"So what does the dream mean?" Marzipan asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Rook said. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose. No, wait. That's something else. I think the dream means all our life we will search for freedom."

"And never find it!" Marzipan said. "That's discouraging."

"No! I don't think it means we won't find it. I think it means we will find it."

"Oh," Marzipan said. "Funny. It seemed to mean the opposite to me."

"You know what we need to do? Consult a professional dream interpretrer."

"Do you know one?"
"Eh, not really."
Meanwhile on the journey to Alderbaren, Ichabod was conferring with Kong

"So...Who should I look for?" Ichabod asked "Who are the key figures in the Humanimal Resistance?"

"Marzipan was the one who helped me get away." Kong said "She shouldn't be to hard to find as she is the only cat in the world with naturally pink and purple hair."

"OK," Ichabod said. "Golly, I hope they aren't making a mistake by sending a 14-year-old to do this."

"Lost your confidence again?" Kong said. "It seems like every 4 hours you lose your confidence. Then in between it's like you're a super spy who can't lose."

"Yeah, well my ideas keep changing about it. You don't want me to be over-confident, do you?"

"I guess I'm old," Kong said. "I'd just like to see some steadiness."
"I am worried though."
They turned on stealth mode when they entered Planet Alderbaren's star system

"Now remember to be careful." Matoaka warned her troops, "There have been a surge in wild dinosaur populations on this planet particularly raptors!"

"We've handled wild dinosaurs before." Bill said

"These dinosaurs are much more vicious!" Minsk said "They are larger then they are on Earth and will not hesitate to attack mammals!"
"Will we need any additional weapons?"
"Perhaps." Matoaka said "But remember, we are to get Ichabod to the iron road and leave and go back to the forest where we are parked. If the the Alderbaren Patrol catches us, we are 100 pieces of dead meat!"

Matoaka turned to Ichabod "Do you have your street urchin disguise?"

"Yes." Ichabod said holding up the disgusting tattered clothes "These clothes look and smell like they were run over by a fright train 100 times."

"Just put them on," Matoaka said. "Once the action begins, things may move very quickly."

"Did you hear that?" Minsk said.

"It was a raptor, Bill said. "Everybody look alert."
"Um, what's the worse that could happen?" Ichabod asked.

"We could get eaten."
There was one Raptor, a single Utahraptor (Which is larger and more vicious then its cousin the veloicraptor...)

"What do we do?" Jim asked

Kong took a shotgun "I'll try to frighten him." He said "Make him think we're humans rather then tasty Humanimals."

"Are you going to show him the shotgun?" Jim asked.

Kong cocked the gun."I'm going to fire a warning shot."

There was a huge boom as Kong unloaded in the raptor's direction.

"He's just staring at us," Jim said.
"I think that's bad," Kong said. "You'd best check over your shoulder, make sure he doesn't have a buddy sneaking up on us from the side."
Bill, knew this was the time for action, so quick as he could, he leaped out of the Fellowship and raced off out of the Forest, the Utahraptor following him

"What's he doing?" Kong asked

"Trying to draw it off I suppose." Jim said

Suddenly there was blood curdling screech that made them all wince.

"Oh good god all mighty!" Edward said

But soon Bill came rushing back leaping into the Fellowship.

"We got to hide in here." He whispered

"What..." Ichabod exclaimed 'Aren't you wounded?"

"No! Never better!" Bill said "But...I can't say that for a certain soldier..."

"I hope it wasn't Fred," Ichabod said. "He's got a wife and kid."

"Not OUR soldier," Bill said. "One of theirs."

"Are you sure? Because I don't see Fred around anywhere."

"Ichabod, make for the Iron Road when I give the word. You know what to do, right?"
"Um, could you clarify that one more time?"
"Get dressed in your street urchin disguise." Matoaka said "We're going to leave you under the Iron Road and you're going to wait for some soldiers to come by..."

As they exited the Spaceship, Matoaka talked with Bill

"What were you thinking?!" Matoaka scolded

"I just lost my head Captain." Bill said "I've been worrying about this mission all day!"
"How do you think I feel?"
"Ichabod." Bill said "You're a human. Humans are put on a pedestal and called 'the beauty of the world' and 'the paragon of animals' while the rest of Earth's creation can go hang if the humans aren't happy."

"It shouldn't be that way," Ichabod said. "Although... sometimes I feel guilty because I think I might be secretly glad that I am a human."

"THere's nothing wrong with that. I'm proud to be a humanimal. The important thing is that humans and humanimals are proud of each other and what they share and are not proud just for their own personal existence but for ALL of existence."

Matoaka ckapped her hands. "Well said!"
Zander was flying above them, scouting for patrol officers.

"Mattie!" Zander said "Soldiers! Two O Clock! Coming this way!"

"Got it!" Matoaka said. "In the bushes everybody!"

The group hid and waited. After a while the tramp of soldiers feet could be heard.
"What's the deal with those overgrown lizards?" came the voice of one. "I think I have enough boots made from their hides."

"At least you're not wearing one as a suit, like the one that got Edgar," came another.
Unknown to our heroes, two slaves, were waiting in the bushes for a chance to escape

They were Marzipan the Cat and Rook the Fox

"We're in a fine pickle now," Rook said.

"Just be quiet," Marzipan whispered. "If they can't see us or hear us then we'll have made good our escape."

"Nothing ever goes right for me."

"Hey, did you hear something?" asked one of the soldiers.

"You'll hear me slapping you if you don't shut up."
"Ok..." Rook said "The soldiers are leaving...We can make a break for it."

Marzipan left the safety of the bushes

"Be carefull Marzipan." Rook said

Meanwhile Ichabod had changed into his street urchian clothes and was waiting under the Iron Road for the soldiers to come by."

"I sure do hope they don't reconyze me as one of the kids they were supposed to hunt." He whispered to himself

Suddenly, one of the soldier's noses started twitching

"What do you smell?" Asked one

"Cat." Said the other

The two of them saw Marzipan trying to run for the northern meadow, they gave chase, suddenly without warning Rook dashed in front of them confusing them.

Ichabod was waiting when a fox-boy ran by him
What's going on now? he wondered.
Two solders, One who was African and had kind brown eyes, the other was White and had yellow eyes and a beard like a Billy Goat, caught the Fox Boy and started to beat him up, in fact, the were so engaged with beating him that they did not even notice Ichabod

Finally Ichabod had to make the 'Ahem' noise to get them to notice him.

"How long have you been here?" The Billy Goat Beard man asked

"Oh...I've pretty much been here the whole time." Ichabod said

"Oh... A wise guy eh?" Yellow Eyes sneered "Let's see how you'd like it if we snipped off that pretty nose!"

"Wait Vervain." The African Man said, The other Soldier's Name was Commander Cornelius Oolou and he seemed different from the rest.

"This young man had neither done nor said anything out of turn, let's take him to the castle."
"I say we just kill him," Yellow Eyes said. "There's something about him I just don't trust."
"No!" Oolou said "Our job is to serve and protect man! We are soldiers! Not mad dogs! If I see you treat anyone like that again you'll answer to me! I say we take him to the castle!"

"Hey, where did the fox boy go?" But Rook had managed to wriggle free and escape.

The soldiers took Ichabod to a large castle made of black stones. The walls were tall and had many towers. Commander Oolou noticed how Ichabod's mouth dropped open. "Never seen anything like that before, have you?" he teased.

"No," Ichabod said. He was wondering if he would ever get back out if he went in.
"If you join up, you'll get a map," Oolou said. "Helps out until you know your way around."
They brought Ichabod to Duke Vortex

"Sir." Vervain said "We found this Runt and brought him in."

"What's your name." Vortex asked

"My name is Ichabod Crane." Ichabod said

"Why have you come to us?" Vortex asked

"I've come to join the military." Ichabod said

"You don't look much like a soldier," Vortex said.

"That's why I want to join, so you will toughen me up and make a man out of me."

"Good attitude!" Vortex said and grinned. "Issue this boy a uniform, give him a bunk to sleep on, and start training him immediately."
"Yes sir," said the soldiers.
Rook and Marzipan were later captured by Sergeant Srybill...Rook was going to be beaten for trying to run away but Marzipan bribed the torture technician with candy so they let it slide

(Nobody could beat up Marzipan because it might damage her cooking ability and then the soldiers would have to go hungry)

Meanwhile in the safety of the forest, Matoaka and the Fellowship crew were trying to figure out a plan

"I have an idea." Bob said "Of someone who can fight Vortex!"

"Everyone was silent."

"She's big..." Bob said "She's strong, she has five heads!"

"Tiamat!" Minsk exclaimed "But...Will she be willing to fight for us?"

"If we only had something she wanted," Bob said.

Matoaka looked thoughtful. "Maybe we do..." But she refused to say anythingmore until contact with Tiamat could be made. This proved to be difficult because Tiamat was on the road with the Fight Club and they didn't know exactly where she was.

Rook was in the kitchen with Marzipan. "So what's the new escape plan?" he asked. "Things didn't work out so well."
"We wait a few days..." Marzipan said "It took the highest quality chocolate in order to get that soldier not to bash your face in! Remember Dear Rook you are only alive because my cooking is the best this putrid castle has ever known!"

"Yes. Marzipan." Rook said humbly

"There is a new soldier joining us today..." Marzipan said "From the looks of it he's only 14 years old, I'm going to let my food seduce him so he knows full well what my power is in this castle."

"You're going to seduce him...With an egg salad sandwich?" Rook asked

"He looks like a nerdy type to me." Marzipan said "Nerds love anything with mayo."

"Hello, new soldier," Marzipan said. "Are you hungry? Try this."

Ichabod's face lit up in a big smile after he took a bite out of the sandwich. "Mmmmm... you must have a really good cook here!"

"I made it," Marzipan said.

He looked at her closely for the first time. "You? Then you are a wonderful cook!"
"They all say that," Marzipan said, with a chuckle.
Ichabod, realized he was talking to a cat with pink and purple fur, and realized she was the one he needed to talk with

"M-Marzipan..." He stammered but too late she was already gone with out a trace.

The Yellow Eyed Soldier named Vervain sneaked up on Ichabod from behind startling him

"Fancy her do you?" He chuckled "She's Marzipan Cheshire...But I'd look elsewhere for a pleasure slave if I were you she's a trouble maker, the council has its eye on her."

"Pleasure slave?" Ichabod asked
"You really are a kid."
"I guess Vortex forgot to mention to you that you can have a female slave for your own 'personal pleasure' if you know what I mean." Vervain gave an evil chuckle, and Ichabod turned beat red.

But he managed to stammer out, "Then I want that one."

Vervain raised his eyebrows. "But I just told you she's a trouble maker."

"I like my women spicey!" Ichabod said with false bravado.

Vervain looked him up and down. "Since she's probably going to be the first one you ever had, maybe you should choose something milder with less spice."
"I think I can handle her."
Ichabod wandered the halls for quite some time looking for Marzipan, then he entered the garden, he saw a fox boy, the same fox boy he saw before tied to a pole like a common dog.

It was the evening feeding where the Humanimal slaves were turned out to pasture to graze or hunt vermin for their meals.

"Aren't you going to go hunt?" Ichabod asked

"I don't hunt at this time Sir." The Fox said meekly

Vervain came by he sneered at the fox

"Tell them why you're here Rook." Vervain said

"I come here for the..."

Vervain punched Rook to make him speak louder

"I come here for the slaves to see me!" Rook said "I'm being punished for trying to leave the castle!"

After Vervain left, Ichabod whispered into Rook's ear, "I'm looking for a certain humanimal, a beautiful pink-and-purple cat."

"That would be Marzipan," Rook said.

"Can you take me to her?"
"I'm kind of stuck at the moment human," Rook said. "Try the kitchens."

"And where it that?" Ichabod asked.

"You could use your nose to find it," Rook said. "That is, if you had anything worth calling a nose."
Ichabod felt angry, but didn't bother to say anything, so he headed off for the kitchen.

But before he got out of the garden however, he saw Marzipan, she was in the garden plucking mushrooms, and putting them into her basket

'She must be gathering ingredients for her meals' Ichabod thought to himself

Then Marzipan did something strange, she walked through a bush and disappeared!

Ichabod couldn't believe his eyes! He rubbed them multiple times but there was no other explanation.

Finally he decided to see if he could walk through the bush himself...he could.

When Ichabod walked though the bush he saw he was now in the Forest of Alderbaren, where soldiers could not go and where he could play safely as a child.

Marzipan was just up ahead. He decided to surprise her so he quietly snuck up behind her and tweaked her ear.

Marzipan swirled around with her claws out and almost slashed off Ichabod's nose. Fortunately, he jumped back quickly enough so he just got a small scratch.

"I'm so sorry!" Marzipan said. "You startled me!"

"My fault. Never sneak up on a cat. I should have known that."
"Well, what are you doing here?" she asked. "Soldiers aren't able to come here."

"I'm not a soldier," Ichabod said. "I'm with Fleet."
Marzipan was hesitant to speak with him, so he spoke up

"Listen, Marzipan listen carefully! I'm from a planet where life is free! Where you can live as you wish! I'm here to liberate the slaves here...As many as will come."

"You might be a spy." Marzipan said "Sent by the council."

"You know I'm not." Ichabod said "Will you join us, I promise you my friends are not far away!"

Marzipan looked at him hard, she want to believe him, but it was so hard, she started to cry.

"My courage, my spirit is...so much less then it was..." She started sobbing

Ichabod wasn't sure what to do, but she looked so sweet with tears running down her furry nose, so he kissed her on the cheek

"You kissed me." Marzipan said

"Sure," he said. "Why not?"

"But... but... you're a human and I'm a humanimal!"

"So what?" Ichabod said. "Don't you understand that's what it's all about? We're building a new world where everyone will be free. No more slaves. No more hate. No more oppression and intimidation."

"It sounds so wonderful. If only I could believe it's possible!"
"Do you remember someone named Kong?"
Marzipan felt a strange sense of hope

"You...You know Kong?" She said

"Yes." Ichabod said "He told me to find you."

Marzipan looked hesitant again

"We can escape for Alderbaren!" Ichabod said "Believe me!"

"Yes." Marzipan said "I think I do..."
"Yes, but we have to be careful," Ichabod said. "If we get caught, we could end up dead."
Marzipan and Ichabod walked back towards the portal bush.

"By the way." Ichabod said "What are you doing here?"

"Oh..." Marzipan said "I come here to gather edible mushrooms for the meals I prepare. No one knows where I go and I always come back so no one punishes me."

"I see." Ichabod said

They walked back into the Garden, Marzipan and Ichabod quietly whispered to another

"In my seven years of servitude at Castle Vortex." Marzipan said "I have not lost my virginity even once...I'm much too valuable as the cook! I know all the soldiers favorite foods! And three times a year at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter I prepare I holiday feast, so good that the soldiers are too full and stuffed to rape or hurt anybody!"

"Do you know Vortex's favorite food?" Ichabod asked

"Now that's the confusing part." Marzipan said "I've never seen him eat or drink anything even once! He never shows up at mealtimes and for that everyone is grateful."

Ichabod thought a while. "Then he must have his meals brought to him or prepared in his quarters."

"I know he doesn't eat anything I cook. Do you think he has his own private cook?"

"I don't know. Maybe he doesn't require food to survive."

"Is that even possible?"

"Who knows? In this crazy, mixed-up universe who knows what strange things are possible?"
"At least there isn't any vampires or werewolves to worry about," Ichabod said. "And thank goodness ghosts aren't real."

"Actually, the ghosts are real."
"What do you mean?" Ichabod asked

"I have reasons to believe that my cookbook is possessed by all the cooks who lived and died before me." Whipping her cookbook seemingly out of nowhere "I truly believe they guide me to be the best cook I can be!"

Then she looked at the time "Oh my gosh! I got to get moving!" She started running "Today is the day of the Easter Feast!"

"Is it really Easter?" Ichabod asked he thought about it and realized "Oh right it is Easter on this planet!"

Ichabod started a long walk through the orchard." He noticed a Bat Woman in her late twenties gathering fruit, he also noticed an ugly looking dark haired teenager who looked about one year older then Ichabod, He took a close look at the teenager, and he guessed by the way he was salivating over the bat woman he guessed that he wanted to rape her, Ichabod was torn, he didn't want to see anybody get raped, but to tell a soldier not to rape a slave and you could get branded as a sympathizer...what to do...what to do...

It turns out he didn't need to do anything for as soon as the young boy tried to 'sneak up' on the bat woman a large branch from a very old tree came crashing down on him, pinning him.

Ichabod rushed over, the boy wasn't seriously injured but obviously trapped

"Dear Me." The Bat Woman said in a tone like a Mother would use with her child "Charlie Briggins what are we to do with you? You always get yourself in the most horrible accidents."

Charlie spat venom at the bat "You nasty old bat! You made this happen! You put a spell on me!"

"I did nothing of the sort!" The Bat Woman said "That branch was old and rotting and probably would have fallen anyway. Here comes another soldier...we'll ask him!"

Ichabod walked over

"Sir." The Bat said "I'm Iris Ogg, I'm the fruit gatherer, did you see me perform any magic when that branch fell?"

"No..." Ichabod said confused "I did not see any magic."

"That proves it then. If you'll help this poor boy I will be on my way."

Ichabod tugged Charlie Briggins out from under the limb. "Bad luck about the rotten branch."

"Bah!" Charlie said. "That bat woman used a spell. I'll get her for this."
"Well, I hear it's bad luck to just sneak up on someone- you might get scratched."
Later at Suppertime, Ichabod took his seat next to Commander Oolou, the feast that was spread before them was beyond mere words

The Easter Feast that Marzipan had made...she had really outdone herself.

Marzipan herself had a cowbell, with which she called the soldiers over

She said "DIG IN!" And the soldiers started eating

Ichabod himself wasn't sure where to start, so he started with the mashed potatoes...

The instant the potatoes went into his mouth, Ichabod felt he entered a different world, a world where everything was sunshine and rainbows!

He exclaimed "This is good!"

"Is is good isn't it?" Oolou said "Want some more butter for your potatoes?"

"Yes please." Ichabod said

As soon as he was done with the spuds, he helped himself to the various meats with obvious gusto

He popped a forkful of roast beef into his mouth and blushed

"I know I'm going to gain twenty pound if I keep eating like this but I just don't care!" He gushed

"No one cares!" Oolou said. "Soon we will all be fat, but happy. Mealtimes now are like a liitle piece of heaven on earth, thanks to our wonderful cook Marzipan! Let's hear it for Marzipan!"

Everyone cheered. Marzipan blushed but also beamed with pleasure.

Ichabod kept eating. Even the peas were superb, better than any he had ever had before.
However, he kept his eye on Marzipan.
Later that night Oolou stood in the garden looking at the moon.

"Sometimes..." He said "I don't know why I keep on living, I've become everything I ever hated...a soldier like them."

Oolou sighed, he didn't like hurting Humanimals, he knew what Humans were doing to the animals now was no different from what white plantation owners did to his African Ancestors thousands of years ago

"Talking to yourself again?" Came a quiet voice

"Quaxo I told you do not eavesdrop on my private conversations." Oolou said to the Tabby Cat Humanimal

"I think I know the reason you keep living." Quaxo said as he licked his lips "You live for us! You can't bare the thought of not being here to be there for us when we need you."
"Yeah, but still, one has to make a living."
Quaxo mewed and started licking himself

"I have a good feeling about this new soldier...His name is Ichabod isn't it? I have a good feeling about him."

Oolou's might have vanished if he could see inside Ichabod's mind because the last thing he was thinking about was how to be a good soldier. Instead his mind was filled with thoughts of food and Marzipan.

When she served him the apple pie he said, "You are the most exciting person I ever met. You make the world a better place just by being in it."

Marzipan didn't know how to answer that so she gave him a piece of her special chocolate fudge.

When the extra smooth chocolate confection melted on Ichabod's tongue he almost had an orgasm.
This is so good, he thought.
Later that night, Jim, Bill, Bob, Edward, Zander and Kong were looking at the Moon of Alderbaren and feeling homesick for Earth.

"This is the most dangerous mission we've ever undertaken." Jim sighed "I hope everything will be OK."

Bill put his massive hand on the squirrel's shoulder "It will be OK." Bill said "We just have got to have faith in ourselves and in our dreams."

Filled with hope for a better tomorrow with freedom and equality for all intelligent beings, the men of the Fellowship started singing a song...

We are the people of tomorrow
We'll banish all the sickness and the sorrow
We'll lift all beings high
Our dreams will touch the sky
A brave new world is forming as we sing...

Yes, tomorrow is our mission to achieve
In sanity and health we all believe
The past will be forgotten
It was so awfully rotten
It's the future that's the up and coming thing!

And so late into the night the hearty songs of faith, fellowship, comradery, danger, and adventure filled the air around the band of freedom fighters. All who heard it were inspired and inhaled deep breaths of fresah air and said, "Yes! It must be so!"
"Okay, let's get some sleep."
Ichabod woke up, he felt itchy...Really itchy...On his groin.

He started scitching himself but it made the itching worse...Finally it felt like his groin was on fire!

"Argh! WHO DID THIS TO ME?!" Ichabod howled

He heard some snotty laughter...from a familiar voice.

"Charlie Briggins." Ichabod said darkly

"Pretty funny, eh, Ichabod?" Charlie said.

"I'll wipe that sneer off your face!" Ichabod said. "What did you do?"

"Just a little itching powder in your underwear. I wouldn't do it if I didn't like you."

"Ha! Now I'll show you what I do to you and it's NOT because I like you, because I DON'T like you!"

"Aw, don't be a big baby, Ichabod!"
"One day someone will kill you."
Ichabod suddenly felt very afraid...What if they suddenly found out he was a convict's child they were supposed to hunt? Ichabod had heard terrible stories about the terrible things that happened to boys who were convict's children who joined the military, some were put to death, for others things far worse then death.

He did not join the other men in the shower room, he was too afraid that in his naked form, they would recognize him as the son of Jonathan Crane

But his groin really hurt right now, not just itched, it hurt! He had to wash off the itching power off somehow.

He made his way to the garden pond, stripped himself naked and dove in.

It was cold, terribly cold...But Ichabod stayed in the pond and splashed himself all over, trying to wash the itching powder off

Marzipan was up early as usual picking mushrooms for the soldiers meals, for breakfast she could saute the mushrooms in thick cream, or put them on toast for a crunchy delight.

Then she saw Ichabod, Naked in the pond

"Ichabod!" She exclaimed "What the hell are you doing in there?! That's the pond we drink from! You...You better not be urinating in there!"

"I'm not!" Ichabod said, humiliated that she would think that. He quickly explained about Charlie Briggins and the itching powder.

"Oh, that Charlie Briggins!" Marzipan growled. "I'll fix him! Wait until he eats lunch today! Mwahahahaha! There will be a surprise for him!"

"Marzipan, you don't need to do anything. It's between me and Charlie. Uh... what were you going to do? Put rat poison in his food?"
"Oh, no," Marzipan said with a chuckle. "It will be a laxative."
"Please don't" Ichabod said "I don't want you to get in trouble."

Ichabod got out of the pond, Marzipan tossed him a towel

"Here." She said "Don't catch your death of cold."

"Thank you Marzi..." Ichabod looked around he didn't see Marzipan, then she noticed she was standing behind him.

Ichabod tried to turn around but she skitled back so that no matter how much Ichabod turned around Marzipan was behind him

"What? What is it?" Ichabod said at last "Is there something with my rear end or something?"

"No..." Marzipan said "No...It's just...It's just..."

"Marzipan my face is up here." Ichabod said

Marzipan blushed she realized she had been staring at his crotch!

"I'm sorry!" She gushed "It's just...It's so big!"

Ichabod folded his arms "Flattery will get you nowhere my dear."

"I wasn't trying to flatter you." Marzipan said flatly

That was when Ichabod understood what she meant. With the threat of violent rape in the air she was afraid of his penis.

He couldn't think of anything to do about the problem other than putting on a pair of pants. "You know my penis is friendly and will not hurt you, don't you?"

"Don't even talk about it," Marzipan said.

"So what should we talk about?"

"Not your penis," she said.

"I KNOW that! But that's what we should NOT talk about. What is it that we SHOULD talk about?"
"Let's talk about food." Marzipan said quickly "Do you like food? I know I like food! When I first came here I ate as much as I could to make sure I would get fat so the soldiers would find me less attractive...The scary thing was when I got fat they still found me attractive anyway...Oh Gee now I'm getting back to the subject of penises again! What's your favorite food Ichabod? I like a lot of different foods, I like hamburgers, pasta, curry..."

"Marzipan calm down." Ichabod said "I've got pants on now see?"

"Oh...OK." Marzipan began to slowly walk away.

"Well to answer your questions I do like food especially any food you make" Ichabod put on his shirt even though his hair was still wet,

He noticed Marzipan smiled at his compliment.

"And as for my favorite food..." Ichabod paused "Golly that's a tough one! Because before I met you I didn't think much about food very much."

Marzipan was now curious

"I guess..." Ichabod "I like herbal tea a lot...But that's more of a beverage then a food...Let's see...I'm having trouble remembering what I ate when I was a child!" Just then Marzipan kissed him on the cheek, Ichabod blushed

"I think I like your kisses most of all." Ichabod gushed

"I'll see what I can do," she said.
Ichabod felt strange, He never felt like this in his entire life, he checked to see that no one was looking then he kissed Marzipan on the cheek

"I promise I'll never hurt you." He whispered
"Just be careful about what you promise," Marzipan said.
Ichabod knew what he had to do, he went to the Tam-Tam Forest that bordered the town.

He was on patrol, or was supposed to be...He gave his fellow officer the slip and headed for the forest.

There he would wait for Zander to tell him what the plan was.

He opened his lunch to see what Marzipan had packed for him

"Ah..." He said "Egg salad, good! She remembered.

He took a bite of his sandwich and Zander flew down next to him

"Hey Zander..." Ichabod began to say

"Don't talk with your mouth full!" Zander said "That's a filthy habit!"

Ichabod swallowed his bite of sandwich "Sorry." He said bashfully "The cook is really good here!"
"Well, you might want to not eat that anyways, at least until I leave," Zander said.
"Sorry." Ichabod said "So...what's the plan?"

"We have Tiamat." Zander said "The five headed dragoness will fight for us!"

"You sure she can take Vortex on?" Ichabod asked

"Are you kidding?" Zander said. "Tiamat is a Fight Club champion. And unless Vortex has six heads I don't think he stands a chance against five."

"You're really confident about this," Ichabod said.

"You have to talk a good game to play a good game. Never go into a fight until you have psyched yourself up to win."

"So what's the plan? Shall we sneak up on Vortex from behind? Shall we challenge him to a fair fight? Shall we ambush him? How is this going down?"
"We're still working a few minor details," Zander said. "We need to know where he is at all times, and his routine."
Ichabod thought about it

"Meet me at the Iron Road at sunset tomorrow." He said

"Is that all you're going to tell me?" Zander asked.

"Yep," Ichabod said. "I need to do some more thinking to perfect my plan."

That night Ichabod had a secret meeting with Tiamat. The boy and the five-headed dragon talked for over an hour and when he left the meeting Ichabod was smiling.
Ichabod had to leave Tiamat quickly because tonight was one of the Gala Balls held every year for the military and the aristocracy of Alderbaren, all of Castle Vortex's slaves would be doing to work of cooking and cleaning and Marzipan would be head of the cooking.

As Ichabod was getting dressed in his fancy suit, something he hated, he heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Ichabod asked

"Rook Reynardo." Came a soft cockney accent "Can...Can I come in?"

"Of course!" Ichabod said he let the fox boy in.

"Marzipan wanted this to be given to you." Rook said

He pressed something into Ichabod's hand it was a flower, a snowdrop to be precise.

"Marzipan was aware you loved flowers and she wanted you to have that...It is very symbolic in Humanimal language it means she has complete trust in you."
"Alright," Ichabod said. "I'll do what I can."
Later at the Gala, Ichabod stayed close to the wall...not wanting to be noticed by any aristocrats who might recognize him as a convict's child.

He looked to his left and saw Marzipan carrying an enormous bowl of fruit to the table. Ichabod offered his assistance.

"Don't help me!" She said in a harsh whisper

"What?" Ichabod was confused

"I said don't help me!" Marzipan said "You want to get recognized as a Humanimal Lover?! Let me work!"

Marzipan had to struggle but she managed to get the fruit bowl to the table, she stopped to mop her brow.

Suddenly from the Men's lavatory there was an explosion! A gush of water came flooding out!

"What was that?" Vortex asked

"All the toilets are broken." Oolou said "Someone flushed a cherry bomb or something..."

"Who did this?" Vortex demanded

"It was HER!" Charlie said "It was the Kitty Cat Cook!"

Marzipan was terrified, she tried to use logic to diffuse the situation.

"It couldn't have been me!" She exclaimed "How could I have done it? I've been cooking all night long! Ask anybody!"

"Then who did it?" Vortex asked

"I...I don't know..." Marzipan fell to her knees and wept, because she had no answer she would be punished as a scapegoat, the soldiers started to surround her.

Suddenly Ichabod's voice shouted "I'll punish her!"

"What?" Vortex asked

"You said I could have any slave girl I wanted." Ichabod said quickly "Fell I want that one! And I want to punish her myself!"

Vortex flickered for a moment, but he said nothing as Ichabod took Marzipan's paw and led her to the garden

"Oolou." Vortex said "Follow him...Make sure he does it."

Ichabod knew he was between a rock and a hard place, he knew he had to do 'something sexual' or else his cover would be blown.

"Marzi...Stop crying." He whispered "I'm going to ask you to give me oral sex."

"You mean...A blow job?"

"I think oral sex sounds nicer."

"But it's still a blowjob, right?"

"Yes! If you insist on calling it that."

Marzipan looked sadly at Ichabod. "Would you feel less friendly toward me if I told you this is not the first one I've given?"

"It isn't?" Ichabod said. "No, I won't feel less friendly. I'm a bit surprised, but... uh, we better stop talking and do it. Oolou's looking at us funny."

"He's going to WATCH?!"
"I think he's under orders to make sure I punish you."
Ichabod looked at Oolou, he hoped the older soldier didn't hear what was just said. He saw other soldiers too, gathering round to watch the spectacle.

Ichabod pulled down his pants and underpants, exposing his pale white nerd flesh much to his shame and embarrassment, Grabbed both Marzipan's wrists and held them aloft and growled in his gruffest voice possible

"Now Wench! Pretend it's a teat and suckle!"

Marzipan bowed her head "As you wish...Master."
"Let's try and make it quick," Ichabod muttered. "I'm feeling embarrassed."
Marzipan pressed her paws against Ichabod's belly and started sucking, it was the most disgusting thing Marzipan had ever had to taste

'Ick...Disgusting...' She thought to herself "Doesn't he know how to wash down there?"

She was very gentile, her sharp cat teeth could easily injure Ichabod but instead she sucked as nicely as she could

Ichabod had never felt such pleasure before! But at the same time he felt shame for feeling pleasure...He let out a load moan, and he quickly covered his mouth as the over soldiers laughed.

He felt himself about to climax...

...but he didn't.

Marzipan felt him go soft. "What's the matter? You didn't come."

"I know," Ichabod said. "Suddenly all desire left me. And now I feel a cold wind on my head."

"I feel it too,"Marzipan said and she shivereed a little.

Then from high above them came an echoing laugh, as though it were far away and close by at the same time. It was a high-pitched and insane laugh.

One of the soldiers exclaimed, "Madre Dia!" and crossed himself.

"It's a witch!" Marzipan said. "She is viewing us in her crystal ball!"

"A w-witch?" Ichabod sputtered. "Can she hurt us?"

"She can ruin a good blowjob," Marzipan growled and her eyes were two angry slits.
"Perhaps we could just walk away- I'd think the others would understand."
Later at midnight, as Ichabod led Marzipan to the slaves sleeping quarters to make sure no one assaulted her on the way over...He whispered in her ear

"I hope you don't mind me asking...but...who was the one you gave your first...um...er..."

"It was Rook." Marzipan said quickly

"Oh." Ichabod said "Are you by any chance in...love with the fox?"

"What?" Marzipan snapped "I'm not in love with him! He's gay! Didn't you know that?"

"I...wasn't aware..." Ichabod said bashfully "He's a very manly fox..."

"I wasn't even aware I was giving a blow job." Marzipan said ruefully "I did it in my sleep."

"What? Really?" Now Ichabod was confused

"I have a problem called sleep eating OK?" Marzipan was now very cross "I was dreaming I sucking milk from a cow's udder...I wasn't aware that the cow's teat was really a fox's Wang!"

Ichabod sighed "Is that the only 'blow job' you ever given before tonight?"

"Yes." Marzipan said

"Now I've got something embarrassing to confess." Ichabod said blushing, because...of what the soldiers saw tonight, me committing my first slave rape as it were...They took me to the forbidden dungeon and said I was now one of them."

Tears started flowing out of Ichabod eyes

"They branded me!" He sobbed "I told them I didn't want to be branded but they said it was mandatory!"

Marzipan put her paw on Ichabod's shoulder "Where...Where did they brand you?" Marzipan asked

"Oh you know...The most embarrassing place possible!" Ichabod lowered his pants and showed Marzipan where the brand was...there on his left butt cheek was a brand the shape of a heart.

"Isn't it the most disgusting thing?" Ichabod sobbed as he pulled his pants up "Now I am truly one of them!"

"No, you're not!" Marzipan said. "Just because there is a mark on your butt cheek that doesn't mean your brain has been changed! Your mind is still your own. You know how you feel, don't you?"

"Yes, you're right. It's just a mark. But when people see it they will know that I am..."

Marzipan held up her hand to silence him. "It's on your butt cheek. How many people are going to see it?"

"Right. Good point. I wonder why they put it there?"

"Because in their barracks they have group showers and so if there is anyone who does NOT have the mark, then they will notice it and take action."

Ichabod looked at her. "How did you come up with that answer so fast?"

Marzipan blushed. "OK, sometimes my imagination is working overtime. I'm guessing that's why they do it. I could be wrong."

Ichabod grinned. "You ought to write stories and sell them."
"The only way that'd work would be if I used an assumed name and hid my race."
"Good night." Ichabod whispered he kissed Marzipan on the cheek "Sleep tight...my love."

Marzipan was in a dream world..."He loves me..." She whispered as she climbed into her bunk "He really...truly...loves me..."

That night she had a dream, the she was a slave girl in ancient Pompeii

"Bring me some more water, slave girl!"

Oh, shut up, Tiberius, you old fool! she thought, but of course she would never say that out loud.

Her fellow slave, Marcello, looked up at the mountain. "Do you hear it, Marzipania? Do you hear that rumbling?"

"Yes!" Marzipania said. "I hear it! And now the ground is shaking!"
"I hope it's nothing too serious."
Marzipan woke up, she looked out the window, it was sunrise...Marzipan had never seen such a beautiful sunrise in her life.

"Tomorrow is a new day." She whispered to herself

"She went outside, stooped low at the pond and drank some sweet water, She put on her Chef's outfit and began to sing 'I'm in love with a Wonderful Guy' From the Musical South Pacific.

But the Wonderful Guy didn't show up for breakfast. Oh well, Marzipan thought, maybe he overslept or he had something to do. But when Ichabod failed to show up for lunch, Marzipan became worried...
I need to ask someone where he is, she thought.
Ichabod came into the kitchen, he was covered in tomatoes and other produce.

"I'm sorry I'm late for lunch!" He said "I was forced to go on the early morning patrol...And some street urchins...I think they recognized me from when I was six...Through fruits and vegetables at us."

Marzipan wiped some tomato puree off his face with her finger and put it in her mouth "Not bad." She said

Ichabod laughed. "So cook me and call me Ichabod stew."

"Maybe I will," Marzipan said. "I saved you a sandwich from lunch."

"A sandwich? That's all?"

"It's a big sandwich."

"What do you want to do tonight?"

"Do?" Marzipan asked. "You mean, like you and me together?" Like a date?"
"Well, if you want to put it that way..."
Ichabod noticed some soldiers were coming, if they overheard anything that was said they would be done for so Ichabod quietly led Marzipan away

"Tonight is the night we make our big escape!" Ichabod whispered "Are all you're friends ready?"

"We'll be ready." Marzipan said

"A dragon with five heads will fight for us..."

"Five...Heads?" Now Marzipan was baffled

"Trust me, not even Vortex will expect this." Ichabod chuckled

"I know I didn't expect it," Marzipan said. "What if the heads argue with each other?"

"Don't worry, the heads have it all worked out. They take turns being boss. And Tiamat is one of the greatest fighters ever to come out of Fight Club. Think of it this way, with five heads you can be five times as alert."

"I have trouble getting one head to work right. If I had two I wouldn't be able to walk straight."

"If I had two heads," Ichabod said, "I would want one facing forward and one facing backward and then no one could ever sneak up on me again."
"But, when will it happen?"

"I'm not exactly sure, but it will be tonight."
Marzipan checked with all her friends to make sure they were ready.

Taren, Lea and Rook were of course agreeable, then there were the three adults, Iris the Bat, Quaxo the Cat and Momo the Triceratops.

Iris willingly agreed, when she came to Quaxo

"Sure I'll come along." He said "About time I got out of this hell hole."

"Ichabod said a five headed Dragoness will fight for us."

"I don't doubt it." Quaxo said "And while we're on the subject of Ichabod, I'd suggest you don't let him slip away! Hold on to what you've got you know!"

Momo said the exact same thing, Momo, seemed under the impression that Ichabod was Jewish, as she said "Nice Jewish Boys make good marriage material."

"I'm...Pretty sure Ichabod is not Jewish." Marzipan said blushing "I had his dick in my mouth last night and I'm pretty sure he is uncut."

Momo fanned herself and blushed. "Oh my! The young girls these days! The things they say!"

Iris shrugged. "I wish I had a nice Jewish boy's dick in my mouth."

"He's not Jewish!" Marzipan repeated.
"Jewish or not, just don't let him go," Quaxo said with a chuckle.
Ichabod walked up to his room, He felt something stirring in his heart, he remembered a song from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame...He didn't sing it aloud but it played in his head

So many times out there, I've watched a happy pair, of lovers walking in the night, they had a kind of glow around them, it almost looked like Heaven's light...

Ichabod walked over to a mirror and examined his face

I knew I'd never know that warm and loving glow, though I might wish with all my might, no face as hideous as my face was ever meant for heaven's light."

Ichabod put on his military jacket as the rest of the song completed in his head

But suddenly an angel has smiled at me, and kissed my cheek without a trace of fright! I dare to dream she might even care for me, and as I ring these bells tonight my cold dark tower seems so bright, I swear it must be heaven's light
"Yeah," Ichabod muttered. "That sounds nice."
Ichabod approached Sergeant Srybill who was guarding Rook the fox boy to make sure he didn't escape.

"I've come to tell the evening feeding has been cancelled today."

"No one told me anything about it." The Sergeant responded

"Well look over there and you'll see why." Ichabod said

The officer turned to see the Humanimals escaping over the fence

Ichabod then took the time to stab the officer in the back and shove him in a tool shed. He then took off Rook's collar

"There you go Little Guy." Ichabod said "You're free."

This took a moment to register in Rook's mind.

"I'm...free?" Rook felt his neck Then he saw Marzipan on the other side of the fence waiting for him

"I'M FREE!" He whooped with joy! He climbed over the fence with Marzipan's help and together with Ichabod they made a break for it towards the setting sun.

Vervain came into Vortex's quarters "The new officer Sir! He's gone!"


"He's wounded Srybill taken at least half a dozen slaves with him!"

Vortex grumbled "Bloody hell...I'll kill him...I'LL KILL HIM!"

It was, of course, impossible for Duke Vortex himself to lead the chase because he was a mountain of a man that no beast could carry. The job could have gone to Vervain or Oolou, but Vortex dug deep into his Special Forces section and selected Captain Feretta for the job. Feretta had the unusual ability of having an almost psychic awareness of the location of his prey. With Feretta the old saying was true: YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!

"But I want to kill him myself!" Vortex thundered. "Capture Ichabod alive and bring him to me. The rest you may murder as you see fit. Although, economically speaking, save what you can for brainwashing and recycling."

Feretta set out with aband of armed men. He was confident he would have Ichabod in his grasp within 24 hours.
Meanwhile, James was nearby in his ship, monitoring the various stations the soldiers used. He was picking up quite a bit of chatter, mostly about escaping slaves, and a renegade recruit leading the escape.

"Good work boy," he said to himself. "Now to pass this information on to the others."
James called Matoaka

"Ichabod seems to be leading the escaped slaves to the iron road." James said "But I don't see the Hydra."

"Tiamat isn't there?!" Matoaka exclaimed

She turned to Edward.

"Edward" she said "Go to the Iron Road see if they need help."

Edward saluted and headed off.

Tiamat meanwhile was about to reach the iron road, she had gotten hungry and needed to hunt to build up strengh for her fiery breath

Luckily she had found an entire family of wombats and her five heads quickly snatched them from this world to the next. Little baby wombat was the last to be eaten and he cried Wee Wee Wee all the way home. Reinvigorated and ready to fight, Tiamat found the Iron Road and Ichabod and the slaves.

"They are right behind me!" Ichabod yelled. "The henchmen of Duke Vortex!"
"Good," shouted Tiamat. "I could use the warm-up."
Suddenly, Ichabod herd some footsteps that sounded like thunder! Vortex had arrived! Vortex got the report from Captain Feretta that a massive five headed dragon was at the iron road. Vortex came using the secret tunnels that were interwoven all over the town.

"Ichabod!" Vortex shouted "You traitor!" He turned to Oolou "Oolou get these miserable slaves back to their marks

Vortex drew his sword "I'm going to deal with myself Ichabod, there's no need to take you back."

Ichabod drew his own sword


That was all Tiamat needed she flew up to Vortex and breathed fire in his face. That was when the horrible truth was revealed

"VORTEX IS A ROBOT!" Tiamat screeched

Every soldier was flabbergasted!

"Yeah, that's right!" Vortex howled. "I am a robot!" He raised one of his arms and a laser beam shot from it. Only Tiamat's lightning quick reflexes saved her from losing a head.

Ichabod looked at the sword in his hand and realized it would be no match against robotic weapons. "Tiamat!" he yelled. "We must retreat!"

But Tiamat had nothing in her brains that allowed for retreat. She was trained to fight, not to run away.
"He's mine," she shouted. "You can run if you want."
"Don't just stand there!" Vortex shouted at his men "Attack them!"

The soldiers just stood there, now that Vortex was revealed to be Non-Human, it would be a crime against the Human Empire to take orders from him now.

"Attack them!" Vortex said

"Sorry." Oolou said throwing down his gun "As much as Humanity hates Humanimals I think Humanity hates robots more."

The other men threw their guns down.

With that Tiamat let out a roar and she slammed into Vortex with all her might, breaking an arm in the process, vortex lost an arm and a leg.

If Vortex had been human the fight would be over but Vortex scrambled around like a crab and aimed his laser at Tiamat.

"Noooo!" Ichabod yelled and threw himself at the laser arm, knocking off the aim enough that Vortex missed.

"Thanks!" Tiamat said as she moved in for the kill. With her claws as powerful as steel she ripped off Vortex's remaining arm.

But even reduced to just a body, a leg, and a head, Vortex still had one weapon left...
Vortex just grinned.
"Tiamat come back!" Ichabod yelled "There is no need to fight him any longer! He's lost his followers and he's lost all his power! Once the Empire soldiers arrive they will turn him to scrap metal anyway!"

Tiamat snorted fire out her nostrils but she knew Ichabod was right, she followed Ichabod and escaped slaves into the forest,

Just then from behind a bush a Human stepped out, the slaves, got frightened and wanted to run away. But Ichabod reassured them

"Keep going! It's friend!" Ichabod said

"You did it!" Edward said slapping the younger human on the back "You did it!"

"I did didn't I?" Ichabod himself was amazed how well that went

"My hero!" Marzipan said. "I'm going to cook you the best meal ever!"

"Thanks," said Icashbod. "I am kind of hungry after the battle."

Tiamat didn't mind Ichabod getting so much credit. After all, the boy had practically saved her life, or anyway, one of her heads.
(And now...For the grand finale! Let's end with script format and a big musical number! I'm not just a movie lover I also love Broadway Musicals, Phantom of the Opera rocks my socks)


Aye Captain! (Blushes) Did I just say that out loud?

(The ship Blasts off blowing the soldiers off their feet leaving several of the men temporally deaf.

The as the ship leaves the Alderbaren system it slows down to a nice even pace, The members of the crew and the escaped slaves reflect on the adventure.

Taren the Dragon Boy and Lea the Dragon Girl nuzzle and console each other after the trauma, Quaxo Iris and Momo have a conversation about what the future holds, Marzipan looks for Rook she finds him laying down on a sofa panting for breath)


(Marzipan runs up and hugs him)

I'm so glad you're OK!



Marzipan, you're the best friend a gay guy could ask for!

What do you think will become of us when we reach planet Earth?

I don't know. We can only hope for the best. Marzipan don't worry about me, I'll be fine and I think a certain Homo Sapian wants some time with you...

Spend time with me?

(She looks to the doorway, Ichabod gives a wink and disappears behind a beaded curtain, Marzipan blushes)

I'll be right back! Don't go anywhere!

(Marzipan heads off after Ichabod)

I don't have much of a choice.

(Meanwhile, Tiamat is holding her broken arm close to her body, to avoid damages it any further. Matoaka comes up to her)

Oh Tiamat! Would you like me to get you some water? Some Ice? Would you like me to get Ichabod to treat that for you?

Water and ice would be good, but I think I'll leave Ichabod alone for now, he seems to be needing some private time.

What do you mean?

(Tiamat does not say anything but instead gestures with her left white head, and Matoaka looks to the left, Ichabod and Marzipan enter a room called 'The Privacy Room')

Well surely you would at least want that put in a cast don't you?

I'll wait it out! I'm 700 years old, I'm broken bones multiple times! But Young Love is rare and precious! I'm not going to stand in the way of some puppy love...or in this case kitty love.

(Meanwhile Ichabod and Marzipan look out the window admiring the vastness of the cosmos)

Somewhere, out there, among the stars is Planet Earth, the Home World of of all humans and humanimals!

Ichabod...I'm worried...

Worried? Whatever about?

I'm worried about Vortex! What if he comes after us? What if he...

(Ichabod puts a finger on Marzipan's lips)

Marzipan, don't worry! Vortex is finished! Through! Now that he is revealed to be a robot he'll be melted down into scrap metal! We have nothing to worry about!

I...I just don't know...He did rule for 200 years with no one opposing him! What if...


(The Music starts, Ichabod hugs Marzipan close and starts singing)

No more talk of darkness, forget these wide eyed fears, I'm here, Nothing can harm you, my words will warm and calm you, let me your freedom, let daylight dry your tears, I'm here, With you beside you...To guard you and to guide you...

(Marzipan starts singing in response)

Say you'll love me every waking moment, turn my head with talk of summertime, Say you need me with you now and always...Promise me that all you say is true...That's all I ask of you...

(Ichabod and Marzipan start waltzing around the room, As they sing, Bill, Jim and Bob enter without being noticed, look confused then leave)

Let me be your shelter, let me be your light, you're safe, no one will find you, your fears are far behind you...

All I want is freedom, a world with no more night...And you, always beside me, to hold me and to hide me...

(Ichabod sweeps Marzipan off her feet and holds her close)

Then say you'll share with me one love one lifetime, let me lead you from your solitude, Say you need me here beside you...Anywhere you go let me go to...Marzipan...That's all I ask of you...

Say you'll share with me one love one lifetime, say the word and I will follow you...

Share each day with me, each night, each morning...

Say you love me...

You know I do...

Love me-that's all I ask of you...

(They kiss passionately, we show the Fellowship crossing the solar system, and the sun rising on Planet Earth

As the Fellowship lands at Earthport just as the sun starts to rise, Ichabod and Marzipan appear in silhouette)

Anywhere you go let me go to...Love me-That's all I ask of you...

(Fade to Black)

The End!

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