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A story of life and death in the arena.
This is the story of Anthro Gladiator, as you've never seen it before!
"Nana... Is that you?"

Blood Claw woke up with a start, it was the same dream over and over, she dreamed she was back home with her family again...But it ended the same way each time, she woke a Mutated Cat/Human hybrid trapped in Gladiator Game where she must fight for her freedom.

"Stupid." She said to herself, she got out of her little blue bed, her dainty little cat paws flexed their claws on the stone floor.

Blood Claw's head hair or 'head fur' as it was called by Humans and Anthros was a mess, Blood Claw walked to her little bathroom area and started brushing her head fur in few minutes it was done perfectly

"I stink." She said "I need a shower."

Blood Claw was unlike other cats as she actually liked water and bathing.

Human Name: Jennifer Lumm

Anthro Name: Flerl

Gender: Female


Species: Flying Squirrel

Personality: Nervous, flighty, fast. Loves to talk.

Appearance: She wears a fur cape that she can use to glide short distances. Mostly she is dressed in grey, including soft leather boots and a soft leather cap.

Primary Weapon: Crossbow

Secondary: Hunting knife

Flerl was dreaming of victory. That was good. To dream of defeat was always a bad omen. But when you are small and fast, sometimes you are fast enough to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
Blood Claw had finished her shower, she dried off with her fluffy green towel. She quickly got dressed and headed out to the cafeteria to get Breakfast

When she got to the cafeteria it was crowded as usual, Blood Claw decided she would get her usual scrambled eggs and bacon with a glass of milk.

"Now..." Blood Claw mused to herself "Where to sit?"
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Talon awoke with a thud, as he had fallen out of his bed. He scratched his head in a confused manner, and rubbed his eyes as he realised what had happened. Talon was no different to the other competitors of these sick games, he too was once human, but now nothing more than an anthropomorphised freak of nature. He was an anthro Harpie Eagle. Talon couldnt remember most of his life as a human, or his name, couldnt or just chose not to. Talon doesnt have wings. Talon wore a hooded robe, that went to his waist. His weapon of choice was a bow, and he had a hunting knife just in case. He had a three arrow quiver, strapped to his left shoulder, his bow was slung over his head and rested on his right shoulder.
Suddenly his stomach began to rumble. "I should probably get some breakfast" he thought to himself. Talon left his room and headed to the cafeteria, once there he got his breakfast, and sat at a table by himself.

Flerl woke up by jumping straight up out of her bed and chittering nervously. "What was that? What was that? Oh... just a dream. Whew!"

She tiptoed to the door of the washroom, peeked around the corner with her knife drawn, and then when she was satisfied that it was safe, stepped daintily inside. A rhinocerous woman was washing her toes in one of the sinks.

"That's gross!" Flerl said. "I might want to brush my teeth in that sink."

"Mine are soaking in this one," the old rhinocerous said and reached into another sink to pull out a gigantic set of false teeth.

"Double gross!" Flerl said. "Excuse me if I stay as far away from you as I can."

"You're excused."
Blood Claw had finished breakfast, she was quite satisfied with her meal.

"That was a really good breakfast!" Blood Claw said cheerfully "Now onto...Onto the fight."

Blood Claw grabbed her mighty sword and headed to the arena
Human Name: Stephen Williams

Anthro Name: Snapjaw

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Species: Alligator

Covered in Green scales from head to tail with a white underbelly, black eyes and dressed like a muskateer.

He attends to be a little egotistical to challenge his opponants, and a bit of a show off.

Primary weapn: Rapier

Secondary: Dagger

Snapjaw woke up from his dream, the same dream he had night after night where he and his father were getting ready for a flight to Loa Angeles, CA. for his interview with an executive at Warner Brothers studio for his oppotunity to finally draw cartoons and follow the greats such as Tex Avery and Bob Clampett but he dreams soon blew off when his father is framed for drug smuggling. Now he volunteered for the games so he can use the prize money to pay for the $10,000.00 bail.

He picked up the picture of his father "I don't know who did this to us, but I promise dad. I will win this tournament and help bail you out." He picked up his rapier and dagger and head out to the games
Blood Claw was ready to face her opponent when suddenly a Human rushed up to her

"Excuse me Miss Blood Claw." The Human said "But your fight has been canceled."

"What? Why?" Was all Blood Claw could say

"Well...You have a Doctor's Appointment." The human said nervously

"Aw Crap! Not another one!" Blood Claw whined "Didn't I have a Vet Appointment last month?!"

"There is a bad case of rabies going around in the wild animal populations around town." The Human said "We want to give all our gladiators their booster vaccinations."

Blood Claw growled, she hated shots

"Is that all?" She asked "Just some shots?"

"That and the usual check up." The Human said

"Fine..." Blood Claw sighed "I'll go with you."

Like many of the other gladiators, Flerl had been hustled off to the rabies clinic where she sat waiting for hours to get her shots. She nudged the fox girl sitting next to her. "Zheez! They made it sound like an emergency and now we're here we got to wait forever!"

"Tell me about it!" said the fox girl. "Hurry up and wait! This place is so disorganized."

Then Flerl's name was announced over the loudspeaker.

"Finally!" Flerl said and bounced off to the lab room where a nurse and doctor were positioned. "Yow!" she said. "Is that needle for me?"

"Oops!" said the doctor. "We thought you were horse-sized. Sorry about that. Nurse, get me a smaller needle, please."
Checks for who his fighting and match time, he is scheduled to fight at 11:30 AM and it's only 7:30, "Sense I have time, might as well go to that 50s style diner for some breakfast." He always loved their country-style biscuits and gravy because it was just like the way his grandmother used to make. But one of the guards blocked his way "Sorry Snapjaw, but you need to report to the infermary for your rabie shots and check up." Might as well get this over with, sooner I get this done the sooner I have breakfast. I reported to the infermary and the nurse told me to sit and wait for my turn. The waiting room is full of anthros of all species each waiting for their turn. I sat in the only available seat, a female cat anthro sits in a seat across from me. I notices that she's a bit scared, as for me I had shots before mostly flu if these rabie shots are anything like them, I can take them no problem.

"Hey Snapjaw." Blood Claw said "I just talked to Flerl...She said the Vet made her take her shots in the backside."

"Ouch." Snapjaw cringed

"If the Vet tries any funny stuff with me I'll give him a quick kick in the gonads!"

"Hey Blood Claw..." Snapjaw said quietly

"Yes?" Blood Claw said quietly

"Can you...Cook?"


"I'm sorry," Snapjaw said blushing "It's just, you've always gone on and on about how your Mom was the best cook in the world...How she always made the best pasta, the best meat sauce...I was wondering...Do you know how to make biscuits and gravy?"

Just then an Eagle Anthro walked into the Vet's office.
"Hey Talon..." Blood Claw said waving meekly

Talon just sat on an empty chair ran his hand through his head feathers and sighed deeply

"Anyway Snapjaw," Blood Claw said "I never really learned that much about cooking, I mean the most I can do is make decent sandwiches."
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Only moments before Talon was told to report to the Vets office, for a rabies vaccination. Talon wasnt too fond of medical centres, before he was abducted for this sick experiment, his last memory was a loud crash and screeching sound, then him waking up in the middle of a surgical operation. The nurse then called "Talon, the Vet will see you now" As Talon got up there was some commotion as the others who were waiting longer got angry. "He just got here, why does he not have to wait?!" One said angrily. The nurse replied "Think of it as a benefit of being an Apex" Suddenly the noise died down. An Apex is a fighter, who either never lost a fight, or who has had a sufficient streak of wins since their last lost, they are the crowd favourites and the ones who receive benefits, befitting their stature. Talon entered the room, and sat down on the operating table, while the vet readied the needle, the vet then made a crummy joke "We should probably be giving you a shot for bird flue never mind rabies, eh Talon" he chuckled. Talon watched as the vet gave him the shot, it didnt bother him, he was used to wounds much worse than a little prick. Then the vet pulled out another needle, that came from a container that had only three more of the one he was holding. The vet then said "Now Talon, this shouldnt hurt you a bit". As soon as he injected him, Talon felt a surge of adrenaline, and he grabbed the vet by the neck and pinned him single handily to the wall. The vet screamed and the nurse yanked the door open, the wave of adrenaline had washed over, and Talon had become aware of his surroundings, he looked at the vet, then at his arm, then the nurse and the other competitors who could see into the room, from where they sat in the waiting room. Talon released the vet and left the clinic without looking at anyone.
Snapjaw and Blood claw watched Talon as he enters the office, you think about what the nurse says about being an Apex, "Sorry Snapjaw," she said "Even if I tried to cook Biscuits and Gravy, the biscuits may end up burned to a crisp." Snapjaw shrugs "Maybe I'll have something else afterwards. Looks like this check up is going on longer then I thought." The nurse calls out different names. Blood Claw says "Sense this is going to take a while, why don't we have a chat and kill some time?" Snapjaw nods "That sounds great, what shall we talk about?" Blood Claw says "How about we talk about our backgrounds? I'll start..." she told him about her Nana and how she was kidnapped from her. "Wow," he replied "and you were just snatched from her backyard?" She nodded, "How about you Snapjaw? How did you get kidnapped?" Snapjaw told her about how he graduated college and about to head to Hollywood for an interview at Warner Brothers, but his father was somehow framed for drug smuggling. "Drugs? Was there any in the bags?" Snapjaw nodded. "In a bag we don't remember checking in, it contained about 1,000 kilos of both marijuana and cocain. I know dad. Only kind of drugs he smuggles was a bottle of Tylenol. When they arrested him, I tried to bail them out but it was $10,000.00." Blood Claw just whistled "That's a lot of money." Snapjaw nodded "So when I head bout the Anthro Gladiators, I arranged for a friend to inject me with gator DNA and came here hoping that the top prize will help bail my father out." Blood Claw says "You realized that won't be easy, you have to be what the nurse described Talon. An Apex." He nodded just as the Nurse says "Blood Claw, your next." Blood Claw got up "See you later." She enters the office just as a Doctor comes out "Snapjaw, I will see you now." He said.
Nurse Daisy was one of the kinder people who worked here, she didn't force the Anthros to do anything embarrassing during their check ups.

"It will just be a quick couple of shots." The Nurse said "Then I'm going to look in your eyes, ears and mouth then you'll be free to go."

"OK." Blood Claw said "When you're giving me my shots can I squeeze your hand?"

"Of course Blood Claw."

After the shots were done, Nurse Daisy looked in Blood Claw's eyes and ears.

"Hey Nurse Daisy." Blood Claw said as the Nurse was looking in her ears

"Yes Blood Claw?" Daisy said

"Was there ever a guy who...liked you I mean REALLY REALLY liked you, but you only liked him as a friend and wished it would stay that way."

"Why you ask?" Daisy asked

"Because there is this guy...A human, who says he is a fan of mine...He seems to be in love with me, but I don't love him, not in that sense, I just want to be his friend."
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Talon felt woozy after his shots, he began stumbling through the halls, and corridors. He got odd looks from everyone that he had passed. He began to feel feverish, and started to perspire heavily. All sounds from the outside world became muted, his vision had turned distorted, the only things he could hear were his own heavy breathing, and his throbbing heart.
He came upon two guards, who caught him as he nearly fell. They both walked him to his room, where they laid him on his bed and called for a doctor. Talon had started to become frightened of his surroundings, fear alone was a complete stranger to him, so he didnt know what to expect.

Flerl studied the list of fights for that day. She would be fighting against a Ninja rabbit. She chuckled. A rabbit! At least it wasn't a fox or a weasel. She couldn't stand weasels. They always fought dirty.

She made sure all her crossbow points were sharp and shiny. Then made her knife shine like silver. When she could think of nothing else to do, she sat calmly staring at the wall doing her meditation exercises until it was her turn to fight.
Snapjaw followed the doctor and ended up in a small examination room, He sat in a small examination table where the doctor gave him the shots, "You're quite brave for someone who's getting rabie shots. Most of these anthros are usually afraid of them." Snapjaw said "I just pretended that they were flu shots sense I had them before." the doctor nodded as he finishes he gave Snapjaw some check up first he held up a rubber pole "Now bite this on hold on to it." He opened up his mouth revealing two rows of sharp fangs on the upper and lower jaw and bites into the pole with an audible snap. The doctor moves the pole a bit and pulling it trying to pull it out of Snapjaw's mouth with unsuccessful results. The doctor nods "Okey, let go." Snapjaw lets go of the pole. "Wow," The doctor said "I see how you got the name, Snapjaw." Then it was most of the basic check ups such as checking his blood pressure(117 over 75) and weighing in. (195 lbs.) and his Cholesterol Levels came in, his HDL and LDL both measured at 75, his Triglycerides measured at 130 and his Total Cholesterol is 185. The Doctor gave Snapjaw a smile "Your free to go." Snapjaw leaves hoping that the diner is still serving breakfast.
Blood Claw wandered the halls after some time, she didn't know weather their was going to still be a fight for her or not.

Suddenly she bumped into a familiar face.

"Hello Rod." Blood Claw sighed grouchily

"Hello Blood Claw." The Human Boy Rod said helping her up

"I've been looking all over for you, you're supposed to be having your fight with Snapper the Coati!"

"Snapper!" Blood Claw growled "I've always hated that girl she's so prissy and arrogant...Kind of like someone I used to know!"

"You're five minutes late!" Rod said "I'll help you get your stuff so you're not anymore late."
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The doctor came into the room, unlike the vet, this doctor made no attempt to make his patient feel better. After minutes of examination he said "You`re fine. go get to the arena, you`re fighting in five". Talon looks at him, through his blurred vision he couldnt make out any details. The two guards entered the room, and they both walked Talon to the arena, And as the fight was about to be called off, they pushed him through the door.The crowd cheered upon his arrival, but his opponent was less than happy, now that he had to fight again.

Flerl entered the arena to the sound of loud boos from the audience. Her opponent, a ninja rabbit named Usagi Boku, received cheers and applause. This is not good, Flerl thought. They like him and they hate me. It was always better to have the energy of the crowd on your side.

The starting horn sounded and Usagi Boku leaped straight at her. She could see he was equipped with a flamethrower, the kind they call the Flaming Carrot because of its bright orange cone-shaped flame. She jumped straight up and only got her feet singed.

When she reached the top of her jump she snapped open her cape and glided in a circle around the rabbit. As she glided she unloosed several quick bolts from her crossbow. They all missed except for one that went right through one of the bunny's ears. Yes! Flerl thought.

Usagi Boku positioned himself where she would have to glide to a landing and turned his Flaming Carrot up to the maximum setting which was labeled "crispy critter".

Flerl glided straight into the flame with her crossbow aimed at the rabbit's head. She aimed well because her crossbow bolt went zinging right into the rabbit's brain and he fell over dead. His blowtorch went out as his grip loosened on it.

But Flerl's cape was on fire and she quickly unsnapped it and stomped on it, crying "Hot! Hot!" as her little feet got burned even more. But the cape cost a thousand bucks and she wasn't going to watch it burn.

It didn't look too damaged. Her prize money would cover the repairs. She walked out of the arena. There were no cheers. The crowd was sullen after watching their hero get killed. One news reporter shoved a microphone at Flerl but when he saw she wasn't going to say anything he backed off.
Snapjaw made it back to the diner, he sat on an available seat by the counter where the waitress was there with a menu "I'll have the biscuits and gravy, and a glass of skim milk." The waitress jotted down his order "Very good." before leaving. Suddenly Runaway by Del Shannon is soon drowned out by Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water and most of the patrons said "Oh no," "Not him again." A black panther anthro wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans sits next to Snapjaw and puts his boombox down next to him. Snapjaw says "Well well, if it isn't the no-hit wonder Rockpanther." Rockpanther just chuckles "I never lost a match and your calling me a no-hit wonder?" Snapjaw says "You also have no fans, I maybe the underdog here but I have fans." The waitress comes up to Rockpanther "Sir, could you turn off your music? It's ruining the atmosphere." Rockpanther touches the volume knob only to turning it up. "The people will come around, as soon as they find out that I'm the ultimate apex, they'll all worship me." Snapjaw grunts in disguest, he can't believe how egotistical Rockpanther is. Snapjaw says "Get to the point, why are you even talking to me?" Rockpanther says "Haven't you seen that you and I face each other this morning? After I'm done with you, you'll make a great belt." Rockpanther picks up his boombox and leaves as Snapjaw's order came in.
Blood Claw rushed to the arena their she saw the Coati Girl Snapper!

Snapper had a bright red coat of fur with white underparts, her only real weapon was a pair of brass knuckles, she dressed rather... provocatively in a leopard print bikini, whereas Blood Claw was much more modest, dressing in a T-Shirt and blue jeans.

Blood Claw wasted no time taking the fight to Snapper, she yowled with all her might and charged.

But then she saw the Coati's eyes, those soft brown eyes, eerily familiar to the ones Blood Claw herself used to have before her eyes turned yellow.

Then, Blood Claw stopped in the middle of her charge, she knew something was wrong, this Anthro was someone she knew from when she was a human!

"Stephanie..." Blood Claw whispered "Is that you?"

"Amanda?!" Snapper whispered "Are you really my..."

"What is the hold up!" The crowd jeered

Amanda held up her sword, a sign she would not fight any longer

"I will not fight!" She shouted "I know this girl! This Coati is my little sister!"
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Talon could barely stand let alone fight, whatever that vet had gave him, had some really bad side effects. The horn blared to start the fight, and Talons opponent, an anthro rat. To must not really an intimidating opponent, but this rat had venomous claws, and the slightest scratch could be fatal. The rat growled to himself and then ran at Talon. Talon was seeing double at the moment and was unsure what to do. The rat leapt at Talon, and at the final possible second, Talon as if fighting by instinct, kicked the rat in the gut, disemboweling the rodent. Talon then pinned the rat down, and grabbed the rats two arms, and ripped them off. There was a sudden silence from the audience as they witnessed a gruesome act of brutality. But then there was an uproar of cheers, as that is what they all expected to see. Talon was announced the winner, and he began to think straight again, as he left. He then looked at his clothing which was bloodied, his snow white feathers and claws also blood stained. Talon just felt confused and wanted someone to talk to about what had happened.
Snapjaw just finished his country-style breakfast and now headed to the arena, he made it to the arena with 15 minutes to spare and waited, he was thinking of a stratigy against Rockpanther. He saw Blood Claw and the Coati Snapper coming in "Blood Claw?" Snapjaw said "I thought you had your match." Blood Claw said "Well, I did, sort of. I like you to meet my sister." Snapjaw said "Snapper is your sister? I wish I could get to know her a little better but my match is up shortly."
Snapper says "There's something you should know about Rockpather, he uses phsychological warfare with that music of his and he is known to cheat." Snapjaw nods "I see, I'll do what I can to keep him from winning while I think of a way to turn off that music box of his for good." Snapjaw got up and went inside while Blood Claw and Snapper says "Good luck, we'll be rooting for you."

Snapjaw got inside with a cheering audience. A few minutes later, loud music was piped into the arena's speaker system
giving Snapjaw a nasty headache as the audeince boos on Rockpanther's entrance. Rockpanther is a bit angry "Why is everyone jeering? they should be cheering at me." he faces Snapjaw, "I hope you had a good meal, it'll be your last."

Snapjaw unsheathed his rapier while Rockpanther got to his guitar and reveals that it's one of those concealed swords, made to look like a Fender stratocaster, it's headstock the sword handle while it's neck and body the sheath. The horn sounds singling for the match to begin. They both rush to each other but Rockpanther has the advantage, he attacks with each beat of the piped in song with Snapjaw can only defect each blow. Snapjaw tries to think of a stratigy but only distracted by the loud music. He can only back up "What's wrong?" Rockpanther says sarcasticly "Can't stand my music?" Rockpanther tries to rush to Rockpanther and get lucky but ended up being scrached in the face. 4 bloody slash marks are on his left side. Rockpanther chuckles "Futile effert, but nice try." Rockpanther then tries to slash his face with his sword but Snapjaw held up his sword but he manages to slash below his chest. Rocpanther says "As long as I have my music, I'm unstoppable." Then unexpectedly, a fireball out of nowhere flew into the arena and hits the speaker piping in Rockpanther's music, a huge burning bullhorn falls from it's spot and onto the arena floor. Snapjaw is relieved that the music is off and so is the audience but one thing is on Snapjaw's mind, where did that fireball come from? Rockpanther looks at the speaker in near panic "NO! MY TUNES! I'M NOT MOTIVATED WITHOUT MY TUNES!" Snapjaw then uses Rockpanther's distraction to his advantage, he takes out his dagger and stabs Rockpanther in the back. Rockpanther's head snaps back "No. I had plans for my big debut and this is not how it...supposed...to..be." He said before doubling over and lay on the arena floor dead.

First everything is quiet and then soon the audience is in an uproar as Snapjaw is announced the winnder of the match
Blood Claw walked side by side with Snapper, she saw her 'favorite fanboy' again.

"Hey Blood Claw!" Rod said cheerfully

"Hello Rod!" Blood Claw said irritably

"Snapper?" Rod said blinking a couple of times "You two know each other."

"Snapper is my little sister." Blood Claw said

Snapper stared at Rod, "And what interest do you have in my sister?" The Coati asked

Rod blushed "Oh boy." He said rubbing his head "This is awkward."

"Rod..." Blood Claw said there was a dark tone in her voice "Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Well..." Rod said "Before I saw you...The first Anthro Gladiator match was a double female match, Snapper VS Behemoth the Hippo Woman, I'm sorry Blood Claw, I know I said you were my first crush but that was a little fib, my first crush was Snapper."

Blood Claw was seeing red by now

"You were hitting on my little sister?!" She seethed

"Well...I approached her, I gave her a bouquet of flowers just like I did you...She wouldn't even accept it, She slapped me in the face."

"So what you're saying is..." Blood Claw said "I'm the substitute girl, Snapper is the one you really wanted..."

"No! No!" Rod said "I really do love you Blood Claw! Believe me! I was not interested in Snapper as soon as she hit me...What I mean is...Well now that I know you're the older sister I can see you're clearly the more mature..."

"So you're saying I'm a brat?" Snapper asked
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Talon collected his rep points for winning the match, and headed back to his room. He was given dirty looks by the competitors who saw how he had killed his latest opponent. Talon himself didnt even know, one minute he felt he could collapse from fatigue, then the next he is delimbing his opponent. As soon as he got some rest, and time to clear his head. He was going to have "words" with that vet. He got into his room, which was medium sized, and as soon as he had closed the door, he collapsed onto his bed, and went asleep. As he began to wake up, he could make out an outline of another anthro standing in his room...
Snapjaw is relieved that the fight is over, but confused on what happened out there. He shrugs as he collected his points and went to a nearby vet. He covered up the slashmark on his chest with a bandage and covered it with gauze, afterwards he applied a styptic solution on the scratch marks on his face. He decided to head off to his room along the way he was greeted by other anthros, some jelous on what he did but mostly greatful. Rockpanther was the most unpopular anthro in the tournament. As he enters his room he notices that someone is in his bed, it's the Harpy eagle Talon, what's he doing in his room? Snapjaw doublechecks the door and it's defently Snapjaw's room.
Talon stirs as he is about to wake, hopefully he'll have a good explanation.
Former Name: Eric Matthews
New Name: Scar
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species: Mutated Naga
Large, long, and decently muscular. Scar is covered in light and dark blue scales. Stands at a height of 8' 6" and his tail is 12 ft long. Scar's back is covered in thick black armor plates. He also has six arms, due to some wierd mutation. His eyes are a deep blue and his claws are black. On the sides of his head is a menacing cobra hood.
Fights almost mercilessly, fighting till the end. Although his rough exterior, Scar is emotionally troubled. He always wanted to be loved by a family.
Primary Weapon: Sword and Sheild
Secondary Weapon: Hand-to-hand combat or constricting
(up to date version)

Scar was sitting in his room. He won today's battle, but he hated fighting. He hoped that some watcher would pay him out, but with his looks who would? He felt hungry, so he slithered out of his room and to the complex. As he approached, he saw a small group of anthros and a human sitting at a table. Not wanting to eat every meal alone, Scar slithered to them. "Uh...excuse me" he properly said, "Can I j-join you...?"

(First time, did something wrong tell me)
"Oh! Hey Scar." Blood Claw said a little meekly

"What's for supper?" Scar asked

"Well..." Blood Claw said "Snapper and I both ordered pasta dishes, I ordered spaghetti and meatballs, Snapper ordered Fettuccine Alfredo."

"Would you like to eat with us?" Snapper asked
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Talon opened his eyes, to see the anthro "gator" Snapjaw looking at him quit annoyingly. "Hey, Snapjaw, What are you doing in my room?" Talon asked bewildered. Snapjaw looked at him and said "No Talon, you are in my room, and I would like an explanation as to why you are here"
Talon looked around the room and noticed he made a big mistake. "Sorry about that Snapjaw, I havent been feeling right today. I hope you can forgive me". Snapjaw nodded in understandment. "Why are you covered in blood?" Snapjaw asked. Talon replied "Dont worry its not my blood" Snapjaws reply was "Some how after all this time, that is not a comforting statement, come on Ill help you bacl to your room"

Flerl the Squirrel only had 2 days to rest before her next fight. Her burned feet still hurt, but she could walk on them without too much pain. Her opponent was a Cobra named Black Beauty, which was an odd name since the cobra was grey, but someone told her Black Beauty had once been deep black in color until an unfortunate arena experience with an acid-spitting rock lizard from the planet Zenobar.

Black Beauty was equipped with two water pistols filled with venom. His own venom, of course, saved up over several weeks so he would have plenty of it. Flerl wasn't too worried about getting venom on her fur, but in her eyes or mouth it could be instantly fatal. So she wore goggles and a breathing mask.

"That's cheating!" Black Beauty hissed.

"No it's not!" Flerk responded as they faced off on the arena floor. "Your scales resist my crossbow bolts. Why isn't THAT cheating?"

"Because it's a natural part of me! You weren't born with goggles on!"

"Yeah, yeah," Flerl said and aimed her crossbow. Unfortunately, a snake is almost impossible to kill. It can take hits almost anywhere and survive. Except in one place - the brain. But unfortunately the brain of a snake is so tiny that just hitting their head will not guarantee you also penetrate their brain.

Flerl decided an eye shot was the only thing that could end the fight. Already her fur was wet with venom and she was afraid she would accidentally get some in her eye or mouth. But to hit Black Beauty in the eye she would have to be very close to him. However, when she got close, the snake reared up and its head became even further away. It was a dilemma.

After a while the crowd started booing. They liked to see blood and these two were just shuffling and slithering around the arena, each trying to get the advantage over the other. Someone threw a beer bottle that konked Black Beauty on the head. He looked that way and hissed, "Who is the asshole who threw that bottle?"

It was the opening Flerl was looking for. With his head sideways to her she slipped in and loosed a bolt right into his eye. Instantly he began writhing and coiling in a death agony. The crowd booed loudly. No action and then a sudden death ending. They felt very ripped off. The best arena seats were expensive.

Flerl trudged out of the arena feeling the hostility pour down on her. Zheez! You would think they would love a winner, but... This time when two news reporters approached her she snarled and aimed her crossbow at them. They ran off and printed stories about "that crazy fighting squirrel" and uploaded some video. Unknown to Flerl, she began to develop a fan base on YouTube.
Snapjaw helps Talon up, Talon says "Looks like you've seen some action yourself, judging by those scars on your face." Snapjaw says "Yeah, just finished a match with my opponant, Rockpanther." Talon "The self titled Ultimate Apex? Yeah, I heard of him. I was hoping for a match with him and show who the true Apex is." Snapjaw walks Talon out into the hallway and on their way to Talon's room. Snapjaw says "He had the match, not only did he had his music piped into the arena speakers, not only did it motivate him but it made me hard to think." Talon says "Ahh, he used Psychological warfare, how did you win?" Snapjaw says "That's a mystery, somehow durring the match, a fireball hit the speakers and stopped the music. I just stabbed him in the back with my dagger while he was distracted." Talon nods "Pity you killed Rockpanther." Snapjaw says "Sorry Talon, but who do you know that shoots fireballs?" Talon just shrugs "No one I know." Snapjaw helps Talon get to his room. As they enter Talon sat on his bed but before he leaves Snapjaw says "Okey, I don't want to know what happened to your opponant but can you explain how did you end up in my room?"
Scar was glad they accepted him. Blood Claw was pretty nice for one of the only female fighters. But she did NOT want to be touched. "T-Thank you..." Scar moved a chair aside as his tail coiled around the bottom, making his seat. "I'll just t-take what you had Blood Claw..." Scar wasn't much of a talker. Sure he liked this human girl, but other than that he was always alone. He reissued his fingers, all thirty of them.

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As Blood Claw ate her pasta A wounded Flying Squirrel walked by, she walked with a limp and her tail dragged behind her.

"Hey Flerl." Snapper said "Why the long face?"

"Am I a bad fighter?" The Squirrel asked forlornly

"Why you say that?" Blood Claw asked

"The crowds keep booing me when I kill my opponent!" Flerl said

"They probobly have a prejudice against herbivore animals." Snapper said

"They preferred the Ninja Rabbit to me!" Flerl exclaimed

"I think they just prefer the dirty fighters to the honest ones." Blood Claw said...Suddenly an idea popped into her mind.

"Snapper, Scar, Flerl...I had a thought!" She said "Maybe we can find a way out of this hell hole if we stick together and team up!"

"What do you mean?" Snapper asked

"Let's meet at my room at midnight!" Blood Claw said "Bring any friends you can, if any human asks what's going on...Say you're going to a sleepover."
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Talon sighed and said "Im not too sure how, I ended up in your room, I thought it was mine. Truth is I havent felt well since, I left the Rabies clinic today". Snapjaw looked at him and said "Maybe your are just having bad side effects from your rabies shot". "Or the other shot" Talon added. Snapjaw seemed confused and asked "You had another shot?". Talon said "Yeah, I got my rabies shot, then the vet took out another syringe, and injected me with it, from that point on I felt really ill, and after they made me fight, I just wanted to collapse, and I guess in my haste and confusion, I came in here mistaking it for my room". Snapjaw stared at him, he seemed to be deep in thought, then said "Hmm... I see, Ill talk to you later, Talon". Talon replied "Alright, Ill see you later, if you need me for anything, you know where I am". Snapjaw left and Talon sat on his bed, and went into a deep thought.

At midnight Flerl wrapped her cape around her shoulders like a vampire and went sneaking down the passageways until she located Blood Claw's quarters. She gave the secret knock and Blood Claw opened the door.

"I'm glad you came," Blood Claw siad,"Come on in. You're the first one here. Do you want something to drink?"

"I heard you brew a mean herb tea," Flerl said.

Blood Claw laughed. "It's an old family recipe. I'll put the pot on."
As he left Talon's room, Snapjaw could only think on who threw that fireball. He asked around most anthros h*anging around the market and none of them know, he spotted an information kiosk and called a search pattern of anthros who use pyro but one name came up. Usagi Boku a female ninja rabbit who uses a flame thrower disguised as a carrot. "Wow," Snapjaw said out loud, "these anthros have interesting gimmicks." but the words over Usagi's face "DEAD!" disappointed Snapjaw. He walked away from the kiosk more puzzled then before then a voice says "Snapjaw?"
Scar came in and brought with him Snapjaw.

"I invited him over." Scar said meekly

Snapper was last to come, by the time she arrived, Blood Claw had bowls of chips and dips and small dishes of cookies and cucumber sandwiches laid out on the table.

"It's about time you showed up Little Sister." Blood Claw said hotly "Help me get this bowl of punch on the table!"

"What's with all the snacks?" Snapper asked as she put the bowl of punch on the table

"We don't want to get caught plotting against our...'masters' so I did everything I could to make this look like a real slumber party." Blood Claw said

"What about Rod?" Snapper asked "Is he invited too?"

"No." Blood Claw said firmly "I put a sign on the door that said NO HUMANS ALLOWED! So there!"

"So what are we going to be doing?" Flerl asked as she reached for an enormous oatmeal raisin cookie.

"Planning!" Blood Claw said "But first let's choose some music!"

"Music?" Scar inquired

"Yeah...What's a slumber party without music?" Blood Claw got out her CDs "I mostly have Broadway musical CDs, I'll put on the one everybody wants to hear."

"I don't know much about Musicals." Said Scar

'I'd rather listen to one of those old fashioned Rock n Roll albums." Said Snapjaw

"Do you have Oklahoma?" Flerl asked

"No." Blood Claw said flatly

"Do you have In the Heights?" Asked Snapper

"No." Blood Claw said "You're the one who likes In the Heights not me."

"Do you have Wicked?" Asked Snapper

"No." Said Blood Claw

"Do you have Avenue Q?"

"Um...I don't think any Anthro is allowed to have that." Blood Claw said "How about we just listen to The Lion King?"

Everyone shrugged "Fine by me." They said

With the music playing softly in the background they started talking

"So what's the plan?" Flerl asked

"I don't really have one." Blood Claw said

"Then why did you invite us over?" Snapper asked

"So we could brainstorm!" Blood Claw said "If we put our furry and scaly heads together I'm sure we can come up with something!"
In a way. Snapjaw was sure glad Scar invited him over to this party. He may not know who's the one that threw that fireball durring my match butthe one who did will be revealed in due time. Just for now he munched on a cucumber sandwich while listeniing to the Sir Elton John version of a Circle of Life while coming up for an idea.

Snapper says "So Snapjaw, do you have any ideas?" He shrugs "None yet, but I'm thinking of some." Blood Claw said "I have an idea, why don't we analyze our fighting styles?" Scar says "How do we do that?" Blood Claw opens up a laptop computer "Ever heard of YouTube?" Everyone gathered around as She showed her match with Snapper which ended in a draw. Then comes Flerl's match and finally my match, but in the footage was revealed that fireball came from the audience. A close-up of a human with looks like burning hands threw the fireball. I don't recognize him but Blood Claw looked at him with a surprised expression.
Snapper says "Is that who I think it is?" Blood Claw says "It can't be, that's....!"
The mutant naga did not recognize the human. Despite their shock, Scar was excited. He has never been involved in many activities before. This "sleepover" sounded nice, but it sounded like it was against the rules. "Uh...do you think this is a good idea?" Scar hated to sound like the worrywart or the buzzkill of the group, but he couldn't help but to be himself. "I know its a way to...get out of here...but what if we get caught?"

(Hey, I know I'm new at this, but I feel like your twisting Scar's personality a bit. He's usually reclusive and quiet. Sorry to be a bother, just account for that next time. I might not use your characters until I recognize their personalities.)
"So...who's the redheaded kid with the flaming hands?" Flerl asked

"That kid is Rod McBan." Blood Claw said "He is some punk kid who has a romantic interest in Anthros, he tried dating both me and my sister Snapper."
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Talon was sitting in his room, it was pretty late, and he felt like he was going to faint from the sickness that has been plaguing him the entire day. He leaves his room, to go for a walk so he could get some fresh air. He wanted someone to talk to, but he didnt want to bother any of his friends at the hour of the night, he thought that they would have been asleep.
As he was walking he put his hand to his head, and looked at the floor, suddenly he bumped into someone. He looked up to see that it was the person that all the Anthros referred to as "The Doctor" he was the one who came up with the idea, to fuse human and animal DNA. He also had the sufficient wealth to make it legal to publicize the gory arena violence on a daily basis.
"Ah hello Talon, hows my favourite Avian Apex? You are out pretty late" The doctor said to him. Talon replied "Hello sir, I havent felt well since my shots today, and I just needed some air"
The doctor nodded and said "Ah so they successfully administered the shot good, I have been anticipating this with awhile". Talon was confused and unsure of what to make of it. The doctor continued "Now if you`ll come with me Talon"....
Talon awoke the next morning in the lab, he couldnt help feel that something was different..

"Rod McBan," Flerl said. "That's an easy name to remember."

"It's a name I'd like to forget," Snapper said.

"Not me," Snapjaw said. "I want to remember that name until I get even with him for those fireballs he threw at me."

"He was probably drunk," Flerl said. "At least some of the audience was cheering for you. For me they got nothing - just boos."

"No offense," Snapjaw said, "but you're just a squirrel and you are grey. There is nothing exciting about you. Not like me." And he snapped his big toothy jaws shut with a loud smacking noise. "Or like Bloodclaw here or Snapper. That's why they don't cheer for you. No excitement."

"I win my fights," Flerl said. "That's exciting."
Snapjaw says "Do you know that errr...your lovesick fan can manipulate and control fire like that?" Blood Claw says "If you mean Rod, that part he left out." Snapper says "Perhapse he wanted to keep it a secret and as for why, perhapse he's jelous of you."
Snapjaw laughs "He thinks I'm in love with you Blood Claw? I know we're friends but that all we are, right now the only goal I need is to win the tournament. If you all excuse me, I'm going to take my leave and head for my room." Snapjaw said his goodnights and head on to his room where he layed in bed, forgot to change the sheets sense Talon layed on it but he's too tired to care and in the next morning....
Scar now overheard their conversation. "What's wrong with a human falling in love with a anthro? A girl fell in love with me..." The group of gladiators all looked shocked. The naga slunk back, hoping to make himself look small to turn the attention away from him. It was Snapper that finally spoke.

"A human fell in love...with YOU?!" Snapper shouted.

The anthro was quickly silenced by a punch in the shoulder. The origin, Blood Claw. Scar sat up, "I...I think I s-should leave..." Scar started to slither out of the room.

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"Scar! Wait!" Blood Claw said "It's not that falling in love with a human is bad in itself, it's just..."

Blood Claw hesitated

"When it comes to Rod, I feel he's a gold digger, he's not safe."
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Talon awoke to find himself in a lab, he was lying on an operating table, and he was behind a large glass screen. On the other side he could see a few people in lab coats, some were reading charts, and others looking at monitors.
He stood up, and when he took a step forward he noticed he was wired into a few machines, and they were pulled with him when he walked. He approached the window and said "Whats going on?". None of the scientists looked at him. He said it again this time louder. They still didnt respond, he assumed that the room was soundproofed. He raised his right arm and tightened his fist, then banged it on the glass. All the scientists looked up, they all had a look of shock on their faces. Talon then began to bang repeatedly, harder each time, trying to break the glass. When a crack appeared, one of the scientists pushed a button, and one of the doors opened and guards armed with rifles entered the room. An intercom that was in the room with Talon, activated. "How are you feeling Talon?" He recognized the voice as the Doctors. Talon replied "Im confused, where am I, whats going on?". The Doctor replied "Dont worry Talon, all will be explained in time. But for now, you are part of a select group of Apex, for which I have many plans instore". Talon comprehends what he is told, then nods slowly. A panel moves on the wall, to reveal a mirror. Talon looks at his reflection, and is shocked at what he sees. The doctor said "So what do you think?"

Flerl listened to the talk of humans and anthros falling in love with each other with increasing disgust, but she didn't say anything. It wasn't her job to tell anybody how to live. As long as she kept herself pure, it didn't matter if the rest of the world were sinners. They would get their reward in Hell. She would get hers in Heaven.

"Excuse me, Bloodclaw," Flerl said. "This has been a delightful evening, but maybe I should go to my room and rest. I'm not sure I can sleep here."

"Nonsense!" Bloodclaw said. "It's a slumber party! You aren't supposed to sleep. You're supposed to stay up all night and tell jokes and stories."

Flerl sighed. "Well, I'm pretty tired and I don't really know any jokes."

Bloodclaw put a hand on Flerl's shoulder. "Why don't you take a little nap in the back room. Then you'll feel better. It's right down that hall. Here, I'll show you."

Flerl curled up on the little cot in the little room at the end of the hall. "Hmmm, kind of comfy. I guess I can nap here." Within seconds she was fast asleep.
Snapjaw got up in the morning, and wonders how can a human like Rod have such powers. He does his normal morning routines, Shower and brush his teeth, gotta keep those snappers clean. "Rod is like a puzzle, perhapse if I invite Talon for breakfast, maybe he has the answers on what kind of human Rod is." He thinks to himself. He leaves his room and head back to Talon's room and knocks on the door "Talon? It's me Snapjaw. I hope your feeling better today and I like to invite you to have breakfast with me, are you interested?" He waits a minute for a responce but none, "Hmm, he must still be alseep." Snapjaw says to himself, "Oh well, he needs it after yesterday." Snapjaw shrugs and heads to the cafeteria, he selects some pancakes and a cup of coffee but as he sits down he sees Rod in the next table talking with some buddies. Then Snapjaw came up to Rod which he and his buddies says "Hey there's Snapjaw, that was a close match you had yesterday." Snapjaw says "Saw the footage of my match, you nearly fried me." Rod says "Nick, Richard do you mind? Snapjaw and I needs a little privacy. Richard and Nick stood up and stepped away from the table out of earshot. Rod said "For the record, I wasn't trying to fry you, that music was giving me a headache. So I hit the speaker to shut if off." Snapjaw said "Still, how did you handle fire like that? No human can do what you did." Rod staid "That's a long story, I'll tell you tonight by the electronic store in the market."
Scar sighed, "I'm sorry Bloodclaw... I... I just need to be alone. I knew this was a bad idea." Scar left the room very slowly. As he made his way back to his room, the thoughts of his human lover went through. "Am I... Am I too much of a freak to have love?" Once Scar entered his room, the naga locked it. He didn't want anyone disturbing him. He went to his bed, which was still too small for him. A single tear fell from his eye as he fell asleep.

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Blood Claw was half asleep the next morning, she got herself a soda for breakfast to help wake her up.

"You have a fight today." Rod said as he handed her a piece of paper

"Why are you still hanging around?" Blood Claw asked irritably "Have you found a new Anthro Woman to sexually harass?"

"No." Rod said "I entered the tournament."

Blood Claw's sleepy eyes snapped open

"YOU WHAT?!" She yowled

"Me and two other Psychics, Nick and Richard entered the tournament to see if Humans with Psychic powers can beat Anthros with animal powers, the Guys who run these games say that if we win we get the Anthro of our choice."

"I suppose you think of this as a means of rescuing me?" Blood Claw said coldly "That you'll be my knight in shining armor and take me away from here?"

She looked at her program "Who am I fighting today?" She sighed she looked at the program and gasped

"I'm fighting Flerl?!"
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Talon looked at his reflection, if it were possible his jaw would have literally hit the floor. His upper body seemed normal, except for his lower jaw which was no longer a beak, instead a lions jaw, with lions teeth. His lower body was no longer that of an eagle, from the waist down he was an anthro lion, but what surprised him the most was that his tail was a serpent of some kind, he watched the snake shift from side to side. He looked over his shoulders to see that he now had large eagle wings. To his dismay, his snow white feathers had become a rotten grey. He then said "What did you do to me!?". The doctor replied "You see Talon, the only thing I find more interesting than anthros, are Chimeras, your new form is based on a Gryphon. You see, three boys approached the Board of Directors, these boys have astounding psychic abilities, and they want to pit their powers against our animal powers, well we`re going to show them real animal power. Should the regular fighters fail, you will enter, and show them the mistake they made. On the off chance you should fail, we do have extra chimeras in backup.". Talon nodded, he himself didnt mind putting people in their place, and the added strength was something he could live with. The doctor said "However, the fighter Talon will now be marked as deceased, you are a new fighter, a new breed, you may choose your new name,also you will have to wait here until you are needed for a fight, we dont want those boys finding out what they may be up against". He thought about it and replied "I think Gryph seems pretty appropriate". The doctor replied "Very well, but you need a more intimidating name for when you are in fights". Gryph thought about it and replied "How about Grim Feather".

Flerl did her usual morning routine: 100 situps, 50 squats, 50 pushups, 50 pullups. Then she sat down with a cup of ginseng honey tea and read her fight schedule. She sat her cup down with a gasp. Blood Claw!

She knew eventually she would have to fight someone that was a friend, but she had hoped it wouldn't be this soon, and not Blood Claw! She thought for awhile and then got her crossbow quiver and sat it on the table. She took out half of her sharp pointed bolts and replaced them with slammers. Slammers were flatheaded bolts that packed a wallop, but didn't penetrate much and were unlikely to kill unless you took one in the temple.

At least now she had some options other than the total kill. She would be satisfied with a knockout win. She just hoped Blood Claw didn't ask her to lose the fight. Losing was not an option.
As Snapjaw heads back to have his breakfast, a guard comes up to Rod and hands him a slip of paper.
Rod comes up to Snapjaw and says "It seems that you're in luck, all 3 of us will be in action today against some new gladiator named Grim Feather. I hope you'll get a chance to see us in action." Snapjaw said "Good luck with that." As soon as he's finished with breakfast he heads out and decides to head to the training room only 2 guards stand in front of him "Snapjaw, the doctor wants to see you." Snapjaw says "Again? I had my shot yesterday." The guard said "It's about something else." Snapjaw said "Okey, let me go to the training room and I'll see him afterwards." As Snapjaw was about to leave for the training room both guards tackle him and hold him down "He wants to see you now!" Snapjaw struggled but he's unable to break the guards grip as he is dragged towards the doctor's office.
Blood Claw was not taken to the regular arena, this was going to be a special fight

She was going to fight Flerl on top of a skyscraper! One wrong move could mean a thousand foot drop to a blood splattering finish.

Blood Claw sharpened her sword, she didn't know how she was going to get out of this match alive without killing Flerl.

As the two girls stood in the respective corners, the bell rung and the fight began.

"Before we begin." Blood Claw said "There is just one thing I always wanted to ask you."

"What's that?" Flerl asked

"Why do you need a cape to glide?" Blood Claw asked "I thought flying squirrels had their own built in wings."

Flerl looked slightly annoyed

"If you must know..." She sighed "Something went wrong with my mutation, my wings aren't big enough to glide with!"

She spread out her arms, indeed her wings were punt, the flaps of skin only went down to her elbows instead of her wrists.
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Grim Feather remained in the room, awaiting his call to battle. His mutation gave him lengthened arms for extended reach, due to this it was easier for him to walk on fours, as the room wasnt designed for his new height either. On his fours he was 8 ft at the shoulder. As far as his knowledge went, he assumed that the serpent he now had for a tail was a Bush Viper, he learned that, the vipers movements were all controlled by his thoughts.
The door opened and a guard said "It is time for your fight". Grim Feather followed him through the halls, he learned from the guard that the route they were taking was closed off for all other competitors, and personnel. The Doctor really wanted to keep Grim Feather as a surprise.
Rod, Nick, and Richard readied themselves for their fight. "They must be going easy on us" Richard said "After all, we only have one opponent between the three of us". Nick said in reply "I dont know about that, they must have a tough fighter, waiting in the wings for us". Rod was in thought and said "For one thing, you`re probably right about wings, they said his name was Grim Feather". "So?" Nick replied. Rod said "You know I have ornithophobia, if his name is anything to go by, he is most likely a bird, and Im not too happy about that"
The trio entered the arena, there was a mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd. The cheers from those who were just there to see bloodshed, and the boos from those who wanted value for their money, and assumed the fight would be over quickly. Areas of the battlefield shifted, the trio were now at the bottom of a large pit. There were multiple pillars and ledges of different heights, so this new arena was designed for being agile. The roof of the arena opened, and everyone looked up to see the blue sky. The announcer said "Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together, this is his debut fight. It is my pleasure to welcome to the arena Grim Feather!"
A blur shot across the opening in the roof, then back again, then settled mid air. It then dropped, using his agile feline feet Grim Feather landed on a pillar. He then let out a roar that was a mixture an eagles cry, and a lions roar. There was cheer of glee from the crowd, that they were surely going to see something interesting now. However the trio, looked less than pleased upon seeing their opponent. Rod used his pyrokinetic powers and created two fire balls in his hands, Richard looked straight at Grim Feather and readied his telepathic powers to read the chimeras mind, and Nick began levitating with his telekinetic powers.

Flerl realized right away that her gliding ability would give her an advantage over Blood Claw since they were so high in the air on top of a skyscraper. But she almost didn't get a chance to use it as Blood Claw came hurtling toward her, sword ready. Flerl had forgottten how fast Blood Claw was! She jumped out of the way but there was a ripping sound as the sword went through her cape.

That wasn't good.

Flerl fired two of her crossbow's slammer bolts at Blood Claw and one of them hit her thigh. That slowed the cat down a bit.
The guards dragged him to the doctor's office, the doctor says "Snapjaw, glad you could make it. I have plans for you." Snapjaw says "What's going on here?! I was about to train for the next match!" The doctor says "I have reviewed your performance yesterday, and it was pathetic. How could you let Rockpanther get the better of you?" Snapjaw shrugged and said "Rockpanther was using psychological warfare with his own music." The doctor said "So what? Alligators are known to loose their tempers, you were lucky Rod was there to save you and it's about time I make some improvements to you." Snapjaw says "I didn't volunteer for this, I will not be your guinnea pig." The doctor snaps his fingers and the two guards holds down Snapjaw as the doctor injects him with something knocking him out cold, The doctor says "If the Alligator can't do the job, then how about it's distant ancestor, the Deinosuchus? Boys, get him ready for his de-evolution."
Scar awoke the next morning with dried eyes. He must have cried all last night. He sat up, stretched, and slithered to the broken shard of a mirror he had. Being a low rank fighter didn't give him much. He had a lot of points, but the fighter decided to save those for when he gets out. His eyes were red, so his night crying theory was true. As Scar turned, he saw something in his room that he never saw before. It was a TV, a half decent TV. Resting on top of it was a note. Scar slithered over and read it aloud.

"Scar, thought your room needed something good in it besides yourself. Love Clink."

Scar smiled. Clink was the nickname of his human admirer. He kept the note in one hand and started the new TV up with his others. Having six hands was good for something. It came on, surprising him entirely. There was this...hybrid anthro battling three humans. The one was Rod, the human they spoke of last night. A knock onthe door scared him entirely. "Scar...open up. It's your turn..."

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(Yeah You can do it! You just have to believe in yourself!)

Flerl, started firing more arrows, Blood Claw had to dodge and weave to prevent anymore from hitting her!

Then she got too close to the corner she fell off!

As she fell, her life flashed before her eyes, she thought 'Is this really how it ends?'

Then she saw a flagpole sticking out of the building, she reached out with both paws and grabbed onto it!

Flerl ran to the edge and looked over. There was Blood Claw clinging for her life to a flagpole. A rescue helicopter approached her while a news helicopter recorded the event. Flerl felt sorry for Blood Claw. It would be on all the sports channels tonight - Blood Claw clinging to a flagpole.

She could hear the loudspeaker declaring the fight was a draw. A draw! Technically she was the winner. But she didn't feel like arguing with anybody. Another day, another battle. Now home to a hot bath and a steaming mug of honey gingseng tea,
Snapjaw woke up with a start, things seem smaller to him especially the cage he's in. Outside the cage he sees the doctor watching one of the matches going on, a gryphon vs. Rod and his two friends. "Come on Grim Feather," He said, "show those three that your more superior then them." One of his assistance sees Snapjaw and whispers into the doctor's ear and he responds "What?" He turns around "Ahh, my new masterpiece is awake." Snapjaw says "What have you done to me?" The doctor points to a mirror on the other side of the cage "See for yourself." Snapjaw goes to the mirror and sees that he's changed a lot. His scales are more armor plated and especially his jaws, his teeth resemble stalagmites and stalagtites, he could easily bite through an elephant but he's almost 10 feet tall. "AHHHHHH!" The doctor says "Like it? You are now an anthro deinosuchus, a prehistoric form of alligator. Like Grim Feather there, one of my ultimate weapons." Snapjaw says "I don't like it, change me back. CHANGE ME BACK!" The doctor says "I have big plans for you so you better get used to it. Oh, forget about your father. Once you and Grim Feather finish the competition, I'm going to have train you two for the next tournament and so on." he points to a table at the end of the cage "Now put on your new costume, your next match is against Scar. We're going to fight in a Replica of what the Romans used to fight in." Snapjaw examined the table and on it is a greek armor not any kind of greeks, the armor of the Spartans with shield and longsword but theres also a collar that Snapjaw felt uncomfortable. It's like a dog collar but with tesla coils about 5 of them measuring 3 inches in length. As Snapjaw puts on his new costume, the doctor says "Almost forgot, you are no longer Snapjaw so you have to pick your new name." He tought a bit "How about Deathbite?" The cage opens to the the arena pathway, Deathbite lumbers out while the doctor gives a controller to one of the arena guards "You know what to do if Deathbite tries to get out of the fight. Press the button to give him a shock but be careful, too many jolts could trigger his bloodrage."
Scar had no time to question as his room filled with guards. One carried a long pronged rod, crackling with electricity. Scar backed into a corner from fear. "No...wait WAIT!" The guard jabbed him, send a paralyzingly shock through his spine. Scar collapsed onto the ground, the world going blurry in a few seconds.


Scar awoke with a loud pounding in his head. Very slowly, he rose and leaned against the bars. He felt them, bars. That meant one thing, he was in a cage. The sudden realization made the naga straighten up. Scar hit his head once more, sending more pain into his system. He realized something else, he never hit his head that soon before. Scar was leaning over and he his head was resting on the ceiling of the cage. "Ah...awake are we?" Scar turned, seeing a horrible memory. The Arena had many doctors, and that doctor was the one face he met the very first day here. "You seem to have taken in the changes quite nicely."

Scar's blood ran cold. "Ch-Ch-Changes...?" he stammered, "Wh-Wh-What ch-changes...?"

The doctor pointed to the mirror that laid on the opposite side of the cage. Very slowly, Scar slithered his way over. He could already tell something was wrong, his scales never made that sound when he slithered. It was always smooth, not sounding like sandpaper. He eventually came into the mirror's light. Scar nearly screamed if he did not know it was him. If he thought he was a freak before, he needed to find a whole new term for him now. The basic shape stayed in play, six arms, human body, long tail. But everything was off. Scar now had three heads, each one nearly identical with a severly sinister hood and four eyes on each head. The hoods of his heads were spiked with long and short white spikes. His necks were longer, but not too long. He gained muscle, a lot more muscle. His chest, abs, and arms showed it greatly. On his elbows were armor pads with two spikes on the ends. His claws appeared to be much sharper. Scar gulped as he coiled his tail. The markings across his tail were all different. Another thing to notice that the scales were rough and his tail was thick. The end of it was barbed, the spikes protruding in all directions. Scar turned, showing his new armor. The plates were black and thick, spikes of the same color jutting out. If he had to guess, his tail was nearly 30 to 35ft long. His height was about 12 to 15ft tall. Scar wanted to cry.

"Like it?" he asked. "You see, we discovered that our ratings were a bit low. Viewers weren't really being convinced by our fighters. So, we decided to show them what they want. You now have DNA of every snake species out there. We added a few extra precautions for extra protection. You must be getting ready, your first match at the new you is about to start! Get dressed!"

Scar slithered out of the cage, getting dressed in the new outfit. Most of it resembled Roman armor, his taking on mostly red and hold. Scar carried two rectangular shields, a sword and a mace. Strapped to his back was an extra shield and sword. The doctor chuckled, "I will think of a new name for you after the match. I just cannot wait to see my work in action.

Scar slithered to the arena hall. A single tear fell from his eye as one thought crossed his mind, What will I tell Clink...?

(I fell sorry for him now.)
(OK...All this angst and mutations is growing to absurd proportions...Time to shake up the system)

Amanda was rescued from the flagpole and sent to her room to sleep, she slept till Eleven AM the next day and only awoke because a doctor came into her room.

"Rise and shine Miss Blood Claw." The Doctor said

"Go away." Blood Claw muttered her eyes still shut, "I died yesterday, I need to sleep."

"You...Died yesterday?" The Doctor murmured

"Metaphorically ASSHOLE!" Blood Claw yelled sitting up "Don't you scumbags have any poetry in your souls?!"

"I'm afraid no one is interested in poetry these days, what they are interested in is bloodshed..."

He spoke in such a...eerie tone of voice that Blood Claw started getting a gnawing feeling in her gut that something was wrong...Very wrong."

"You have a Doctor's appointment." The Doctor said

"Again?!" Blood Claw whined

""A special Doctor's appointment..." The Doctor said laughing in an evil way...With that evil chuckle, Blood Claw knew enough was enough...She had to get out of here NOW!

"NO!" Blood Claw screamed she took her sword and cut off the doctor's head!

Blood Claw didn't have time to get dressed. clothed in only for fur she ran down the hall searching for any exit possibly.

In her haste she tripped over Flerl, who was half asleep herself and on her way to breakfast

"Blood Claw!"The Squirrel exclaimed "What is wrong with you! And...Why are you naked?"

"QUICK! QUICK!" Blood Claw shouted taking Flerl's paw "We don't have much time! Something really bad is happening and it's going to get us too, if we don't get out!"

"What in blazes are you talking about?" Flerl asked, Blood Claw simply yanked her paw and dragged her along.

They then ran into Rod, who was limping slowly and rubbing his very sore behind.

(During the fight, Grim Feather did a very good job of beating the three boys up, and was about to kill them, thankfully for them, the institute that kidnapped them to develop their psychic powers recognized them on TV, they called the Gladiator Games and said if Grim Feather killed those boys they would get out their planes and drop atomic bombs on the entire arena (And they weren't bluffing!) So thankfully the boys were spared and had their wounds treated)

"Rod!" Blood Claw exclaimed "Oh Dear Beautiful, Wonderful Rod! Help us get out of here!"

"What?" Rod muttered

"There is no time to explain!" Blood Claw shouted "We're all in very real danger!"

Suddenly, handsome black haired Nick appeared, he was with Snapper!

"Snapper!" Blood Claw exclaimed "Thank the Gods! You're safe!"

"A doctor came into my room!" Snapper said "Said he was going to make me more interesting to the audiences, I threw my vanity mirror at him, and that's when Nick found me!"

"Nick..." Rod said "You wanted the Coati?"

"No time for talk!" Blood Claw said "You two guys got to help us out of here!"

"We can get you into the sewers." Rod said "The sewers were the places we hid in when we were on the run, from our captors."

Rod used all his fire power to bun a hole in the floor, Nick used his telekinesis to get everyone to float gently into the sewer.

"Wow!" Snapper said "I thought it would smell horrible! But with my new animal sense of smell...It doesn't smell that bad!"

"I can smell something that smell like... Pepperoni pizza!" Flerl said

"That's not fecal matter you're smelling." Nick said "That's the smell of Heaven!"

"What do you mean?" Flerl asked

"We're not out of danger yet." Rod said "We need to get to the safe place, where we psychics went to in our time of need, down here are our friends...Sewer Monks..."

"Sewer monks?" Blood Claw was confused now

"Do you trust me?" Rod asked "Do you trust me?"

"Yes." Blood Claw said

With that, Blood Claw, Flerl, Snapper, Rod and Nick all dove into the sewer water, to swim to the lair of...the sewer monks.

The Sewer Monks were not exactly a religious group. It's hard to be religious in the sewer. But they did have their rules and regulations and their vows and their penances. They lived a simple life, but a meaningful life, and they were always willing to help an anthro in need.

One of the oldest of the monks, Jethro Turnbottom, also had the best hearing. No one knew why. It was almost a super power for him. Anyway, he could hear the splashing ofanthros coming down the sewer long before anyone else could. "I think maybe we be having visitors soon," he said. "Let's send out the boat."

The boat was small but it had a motor and made sewer travel a lot quicker. Two of the younger monks cranked it up and went putt-putting up the pipes looking for the guests.

"Do you hear that?" Rod said. "There's a motorboat coming. Maybe it's the monks or maybe it's the police. When I say duck get as low in the water as you can until we know what it is. ... Duck!"
One of the doctors accomanied Deathbite as he makes his way to the arena "Ooh, this is going to be ratings gold. I can't wait when these two giants clash. Remember, this is both their debut fights and it's for show, not to the death." Then the doctor's cell phone rang "Hello? What was that? Call off the fight between Grim Feather and the 3 psychics? Why? I see. okay call it off." He hung up the phone "Damn Institute. When they treaten to bomb us they're not kidding. Oh well. We'll use Grim Feather on someone else. At least the next match is won't be called off scense we own both warriors."


The announcer says "Our next match is an exhibition match, a debut of two brand new warrirors. First up weighing in at 1000 lbs and with the hight of 10 feet even, the prehisotic killer, here is DEATHBITE!" Deathbite comes in wearing his Spartan armor raising his sword and lets out a battlecry which is a reptillian roar. The announcer says "His opponant..."
"Weighing in at over 2000 pounds of muscle, I give you the new Scar!" The naga slithered out, all three heads hissing at the crowd. Most of the people went silent. They have seen Scar before, but not like this. However the cheering continued after a few more seconds. Scar looked menacing on the outside, but inside he was crying. He was hoping that he would find a way to tell his friends without them seeing the fight.

The buzzer sounded, signalling the two fighters. Scar had to admit, Deathbite looked familiar somehow. But it was a fight, and these fights were never able to be determined a win, loss, or tie. Scar simply placed his two shields together, awaiting an attack.

(just curious twiga, will Blood Claw see her mutant friends again?)
(Oh yeah! In fact, after a brief interlude she plans to break them all out!)

After the three Anthros and two psychic humans were brought to the Sewer Monk's lair, they were given towels and fresh water to drink.

Flerl's nose twitched "I smell pizza again..." She said

"We just had some." Said Junior Monk Leeroy Jenkins "There's the box right over there."

"Whoa!" Snapper said "Look at all the grub you guys got! Popcorn, candy corn, ice pops!"

"Do to our swearing to celibacy." Said Monk Mortimer "We indulge in junk food as a substitute for love."

"Can you help us?" Blood Claw asked "We got to rescue our friends from the arena!"

"Actually..." Jethro said "You have all the power you need to defeat the evil in the arena you just haven't discovered it yet."

"What do you mean?" Blood Claw asked

"You see." Jethro said "There is such a thing as real magic, it doesn't come from fairy dust or magic wands or the rotation of far away planets, it comes from within."

"Within?" Snapper was curious

"The soul." Jethro said "In reality the soul is the source of all magical phenomena...Yes the soul is real it is the part of you that creates emotions...Without your soul you can't love, you can't hate you can't feel anything."

"How do we use our souls to rescue our friends?" Flerl asked

"You're going to have to look deep inside yourselves and find 'your truth' your kernel of being"

Jethro, put his hands on Blood Claw's head

"Think Amanda..." Jethro said using Blood Claw's real name "What is your earliest memory?"

In their brief moment of mind connection Amanda thought of this

We're tiny! We're toony! We're all a little loony

Jethro quickly took his hands off Blood Claw's head

"I see..." He said "You were one of those kids whose earliest memory is being plunked down in front of the TV."

"Yeah..." Blood Claw said sniffling a little "TV stopped being fun after the 90s were over...I wish they'd bring back Channel Umptee-3...And The Backyardigans...They're just a rip off of Muppet Babies!"

(No offense to anyone who like The Backyardigans)

"OK." Jethro said "Blood Claw, Snapper and Flerl you three will need to spend some time in the quiet chambers until you find your magic."

"Quiet chambers?" Flerl asked "What will we do in there?"

"Search your souls for the magic that lays within."

The three girls were put in three different rooms, Blood Claw was frustrated

"Why do monks have to be so vague?" She fumed "My kernel of being? What does that mean?"

Nonetheless she searched her memories to find 'her truth'.

A thousand childhood memories flashed in her mind, playing in the park, jumping on a trampoline, going to the zoo, eating ice cream at Baskin Robbins, playing with her first dog Casey, remembering when her Mom told you that Casey had died at the Vet's office

Suddenly among swirls of images of flowers, jewels, lollipops and gumdrops and seeing a parade of cartoon animals from elephants to kangaroos, to sea lions to tigers all the animals that ever interested her as a child

And that was when she found it!

"It was there all along!" Amanda exclaimed, she felt something warm over her heart she looked down there was flower growing out of her fur, the plant bloomed, it was a red rose! Suddenly Amanda's clothes changed, she was in long red gown with the red rose on her right breast,

Amanda stepped out of her room she found the other two girls had transformed as well!

Snapper was wearing a white dress and had a white daisy over her heart, Flerl was wearing a blue dress and had a blue pansy over her heart

"So..."Blood Claw said "Are we ready?"

"We're ready!" answered Snapper and Flerl together.

Flerl was beaming. She had her blue pansy magic now. Nothing could stop her! She hadn't felt this good since a truckload of ding dongs overtuened on her street and she ended up with enough ding dongs to last a year stashed in her closet. Of course now she hated ding dongs because she got sick from eating too many of them.

But the magic would be put to a good cause, to rescue the arena friends. Monk Mortimer gave the three girls a ride in the motorboat back to the arena. He left them near a drain that would be like a secret entrance into the service areas.
As the fight begins, Deathbite and Scar clash their swords in true Hollywood style, the sound of metal on metal fills the arena stirring up excitement in the audience. Scar pulls out a second sword and adds it to battle and soon the clashing of swords turns into a power struggle, even though Scar has an advantage of two swords, Deathbite is holding his own Deathbite made his signiture jawsnap in which Scar immediatly recognize "Snapjaw?" Scar whispers "So, they got to you too." Deathbite responds in a whisper. Scar whispers "Why are we fighting each other when we shold be helping one another and what's that around your neck?" The guard with the control says "What is this a dance competition?" He presses the button causing a painful shock in Deathbite's neck "AAAH!" Deathbite yelled. Scar stared in horror and whispered "My god, that collar is inhumane, take it off Deathbite."
Deathbite was in too much pain to even attempt it. Scar hissed in anger, turning his six eyes to the man. The man saw him, he looked ready to wet himself. Scar spoke, one word coming out of one mouth. "TURN. IT. OFF." The guard did no such thing. Instead, he smiled and turned the dial up. Deathbite's screams of pain were now louder. Scar's minor heads looked back, but his main head had other plans. Scar quickly bit the guard in the neck, getting silence from the crowd. The remote smashed when it hitthe ground, causing Scar to do other things. The fighter took all six hands on the collar, getting as shocked as his friend. With a great tug, the band broke. But all the electricity caused him to faint.

Several guards came out, grabbing either Deathbite or Scar. "Put them in their rooms in lockdown" the head guard said. "These two need some...persuasion..."
Suddenly an explosion distracted the guards!

Suddenly Three Feminine Forms gracefully floated into the arena

They were a black and white cat, a Coati and a flying squirrel, but they seemed so different, they didn't seem at all the gladiators they were.

"This reign of terror is over!" Shouted the cat she took a rose that was over her heart and it turned into a sword! She aimed the sword at the speakers and a rocket of fire shot out at one of the speakers.

The Squirrel took the blue pansy over her heart and the flower turned into a sword

"And I command the element of water!" The Squirrel said suddenly a wave of water struck several of the spectaors

"Sorry about that," Flerl said. "It's a new weapon." She made a majestic whirling move to show everyone how well she could handle a sword.

"To the main office!" Blood Claw wailed. The Coati, the Squirrel, and the Cat ran down the hall and up the stairs to where the arena had it's files and controls. "We'll burn what we can and what we can't burn we will soak. And anybody who gets in our way is toast!"

"Yaarrrrgghhh!" Flerl yelled.
Deathbite is struck with a shower of water, he wakes up sputtering water only to see a black and white cat over him armed with a sword "DIE MONSTER!" She yelled but he overheared Scar say "Blood Claw DON'T, that's Snapjaw or at least it was him." Blood Claw, Fleri and Snapper looked at Deathbite and Scar with surprise, Fleri says, "Those Doctors did this to both of you?" Deathbite says "Yes, and it's about time they pay." More guards attack Scar then chops down the guards easily while Deathbite easily pushes back the guards enough for him to run his sword through them. That's when one of the doctors come out "What's going on out here?" Deathbite grabs him "Time for some payback." Blood Claw says "Snapjaw, wait!"
Scar quickly grabbed the doctor from Snapjaw and threw him to the ground. The naga then coiled around Snapjaw's body, keeping his arms down. "Snapjaw calm down!" he exclaimed. "Your not like this, don't do this.

Snapjaw growled, straining against his friend's grip, "I need to get my revenge!"

"I am mad at them too, but getting your revenge is what they want. Prove to them, prove to everyone, prove to yourself that you are not the monster everyone believes."

The giant anthro slowly began to calm down. Blood Claw and the others just finished the remaining guards. Scar quickly unwrapped Snapjaw before leading the others back into the hall. Humans and anthros alike screamed when Scar entered the common area. He was depressed about it, but he continued. "No Scar this way!" shouted Flerl. Scar turned to see the others move ahead of him. The fighter was about to follow, but one of his side heads saw something. He turned, his blood ran cold. Standing in an empty hallway was the lead guard. He had a pistol, cocked and placed against the side of a human's head. Blood Claw rounded the corner, "Scar what..." She nearly screamed at the site of it.

"No one move, or the girl gets it!" the guard said. Scar still stood dumbfounded. The human he had at gunpoint, was Carol, his lover.

(I thought I could do something more interesting.)
"Now it is my turn!" Said Snapper holding up her white daisy "My power is the most powerful of all! It is the power of light, healing and wisdom!"

He flower did not turn into a sword rather it turned into a magic wand, and from it's tip spurted white fluffy snow

"What the hell?" The guard said as the snow fell on his face, suddenly both the guard and Carol fell asleep.

"You can relax Scar." Snapper said "MY magic snow causes no harm it will only make them sleep for a few hours, and the snow only affects humans not Anthros."

The snow fell on Scar's three heads and Snapjaw's snout, suddenly something happened, Scar and Snapjaw returned to their base forms, Snapjaw became a normal Alligator, and Scar became they way is was when he first met Carol, no cobra hood and only four arms

"I'm sorry I can't return you to human form." Snapper said sadly "That is beyond the strengh of my magic. I only hope you are happier in your more normal forms."

Flerl wiped a tear out of her eye. Things were turning out quite well. Then it occurred to her that she hadn't gotten paid yet for any of the fights she had won.

"Dammit!" she said. "We deserve some compensation! Does anybody agree with me?"
Snapjaw looks at himself admiring his old form "Wow, that's some potent magic, you tsught you that Snapper?" Snapper responded "The sewer monks. They agreed to help us fight back." Scar says "I thought the sewer monks were just a fable, I never thought they exhist." Blood Claw says "We'll take you two to them after we're finished but right now..."
"...we need to escape." Scar quickly grabbed the sleeping Carol. As he followed them, Scar couldn't help but feel a small pain forming at his sides. Blood Claw looked at him, "Are you alright?"

Scar breathed deeply before he looked at her. "I...I think I'm fine." Scar followed the group as they made there way back to where they came. Scar hoped that they did nothing to Carol, lord knows what he would do to himself if she was hurt because of him.

(It is okay for me to add my own little thing in here right? If it's not then remove it or something. Plus, I like the new Scar.)

Hours later, several doctors crowded around a table. "What a waste" said one, "All of that DNA, gone..."

One doctor chuckled, it was Scar's. "Oh...I wouldn't say that..." he said with a smile. "I believe Scar will return to himself in no time." the others were baffled by the strange behavior he was showing.

"Uh...Scar returned to his original form...remember...?" Snapjaw's doctor explained. "You saw how he and Deathbite changed back."

"Yes but I took an extra precaution..." The doctor walked around the table as he explained. "While the rest of you were worrying more about what specific genetic coding to use, I made a special batch. The mutagenic I created stabilizes when hit with electrical impulses. When he gets hit with enough electricity, the genetic will activate again, returning him to his most recent form. And unlike the ones you Science Fair rejects made, Scar will remain in his form no matter how much of that magic he gets!"

The other doctors looked at each other in fear. The one before them was now laughing like those mad scientists from a monster movie. "Uh...Dr. Howard..." The mentioning of his name caused the doctor to stop laughing. "Do you realize that even more electricity could mutate him even further?"

Dr. Howard smiled, "...Yes..."

(Bad, is it? Sorry I just really like the freaky Scar)
(I guess it's OK, I just wanted to make a happy, happy ending, besides the just how far the mutations were going were beginning to seem a bit...Absurd)

Blood Claw, Snapper, Flerl, Scar, Snapjaw and Nick and Rod and Carol were in a deep forest, having a picnic, with some of the junk food that was given to them as gifts by the sewer monks.

"OMG!" Flerl said "I think we forgot someone!"

"Who?" Snapjaw asked

"Talon..." Flerl said

Everyone was silent they didn't know what to say.

"Um...I hate to ruin the mood even further..." Blood Claw said blushing "But I think I'm starting my period for the month...Anyone got a pad?"

Flerl stood up and grabbed some thick napkins.

"I'll help you." The Older Female said "This is no job for a man!"

Looking like a gargoyle, Grim Feather perched on the edge of the roof of a tall building and gazed at the city. Once he had been Talon, but the memory of that life was cloudy, as if he had read it in a story instead of living it.

His eagle eyes looked far and wide and some hidden sense told him that his arena companions were in a certain direction. He stared in that direction but they were too far away to see with his eyes.

His serpent tail twitched, an enormous lion roar came from his mouth, his eagle wings stretched out and he took to the air, at first soaring downward to pick up speed and then up and away, toward the forest.
As Carol helps Blood Claw, the boys Scar and Snapjaw take turns keeping watch on the camp. Scar says "I heard something in the distance." Fleri says "What is it?" Scar says "Like some giant bird coming this way." Rod and Nick recognize the sound and said "I think I know what it is, and it could be big trouble." Snapjaw says "What do you think it is Rod?" Rod said "A huge gryphon, they called Grim Feather." Nick says "We faught him before, but thank god the institute intervened and stopped the fight before it finished us off." A roar is sounded, Blood Claw said "Stand ready everyone."
I think I will extinguish this one for now, mostly because Shane doesn't have time to participate, I may rekindle it, or start a new story

The End!

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