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Welcome to the Game Show where everything, yes EVERYTHING, is a prompt.
Hello there and welcome to Prompt Island! I'm your host, Pierre Causemybladdersempty, and I am sure that you are excited about the premiere of Prompt Island. I know I am!

The rules here are simple. Each round, the writers are given a prompt which they must resolve by the end of their turn. At the end of each round, one writer will be eliminated based on votes from the other writers. When there are just two writers remaining, the eliminated writers will get to vote for the winner.

Seems simple enough right? Well unfortunately, things are never that simple here! I will only be giving the prompt for the very first writer. You see, at the end of your turn, you will be required to give the following writer a prompt. The only rule is it must occur on the island. It can be as realistic or as far-fetched as you would like. When it is your turn, you will have TWO DAYS to make your addition, resolve the prompt given to you, and then give a new prompt to the writer following you. If you miss your turn, the next writer must resolve the prompt instead.

This brings me to penalties. There are only two. First, if you fail to give a prompt, you will be give two additional votes for the round (meaning your chances of being eliminated increase!). If you miss your turn, one vote will be added to your tally for THE REMAINDER OF THE GAME. Just so you know, this is per turn. So if you miss three turns, you will have three votes against you every round. Clearly you do not want to miss a deadline!

It's not all doom and gloom though. At the end of each round, one winner will receive immunity for accomplishing a random task. You will not know what these tasks are, and they will only be revealed at the end of the round. If you receive immunity, you cannot be eliminated that round. Instead, the next highest vote getter will be eliminated.

In conclusion, it all comes down to three things, making good additions, not getting penalties, and creating secret alliances (making deals so someone doesn't vote for you. That is actually strongly encouraged here! You can email the other writers and try to create alliances.)

I'm sure you're all just itching to find out what you are writing for! Well how does 10,000 GPS sound? Pretty sweet right? Also, your character will receive a new car and ten billion dollars! Amazing! It's almost like money doesn't matter!

Best of luck to all contestants and remember: Be creative. Be original. Be you. I'm Pierre and this... is Prompt Island.

Welcome back to Prompt Island, where everything... yes everything... is a prompt! I'm your host, Pierre Causemybladdersempty.

To start things off, let's go ahead and introduce our players. There are ten contestants, and they are all very excited to be here! To introduce yourself, simply follow my Bio:

Name: Pierre Causemybladdersempty

Age: 26

Hair Color: Black

Favorite feature about yourself: My pompadour. It takes me two hours to put together every day, but it's worth it.

Occupation: Game Show Host

Hometown: Nowhere, Oklahoma

Hobbies: Primping hair, straightening tie, eating Moon Pies

Fears: Bugs, clowns, bad hair days

If I could describe myself in one sentence...: I have one heck of a style! Recognize! ...Oops... that was more than one sentence.

If I win Prompt Island, I will: Two words... Shopping spree!

To all authors, please fill out this bio to the best of your abilities. When we have all of our contestants locked in, I will get you started!
Name: Scruffy Mc Duffy Mc Skittles.

Age: 21.

Hair Color: Purple.

Favorite feature about yourself: That my hair is the same color as our lord and savoir, Barny.

Occupation: Magazine editor.

Hometown: Japan, Shibuya

Hobbies: Running off to random places, meeting random people, and ruining the lives of random people. Randomly.

Fears: Only one. Finding out that someone has banned insanity.

If I could describe myself in one sentence...: I'm a very hard person to describe in one sentence.

If I win Prompt Island, I will: Either kill everyone on the island, or give all the prizes back. Or if I'm in the right mood, I'll do both at the same time.
Name: Leeroy Jenkins

Age: 31

Hair Color: Chartreuse

Favorite feature about yourself: My unibrow. It's like a mustache... for my forehead.

Occupation: Backup statue at the Lincoln Memorial

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Hobbies: Making paper airplanes, creeping out girls

Fears: Exercise, scissors, the monster in the closet (we all know he's there!)

If I could describe myself in one sentence...: I creep people out, and I've been told that I'm random, and I'm very thin, and I had a girlfriend once, and I am doing anything I can to make this one sentence as long as possible.

If I win Prompt Island, I will: I won?! Already?! Oh.
Name: Ashley Valleyhope

Age: 23

Hair color: light blonde

Favorite feature about yourself: my calming green eyes

Occupation: magazine model

Hometown: New York, NY

Hobbies: Crossword puzzles, mind puzzles, sudoku

Fears: That her rival, Ashley McCalister will take her place as a model

If i could describe myself in one sentence: I'm fit, determined, not easily pushed around or intimidated, and willing to to whatever i have to do to win or succeed.

If i win Prompt Island: I'll force Ashley out of modeling and live a life of leisure and comfort.
Name: Vikazahuliganandahmunki

Age: 38

Hair color: Crimson (natural Color)

Favorite feature about yourself: The Tattoos covering every inch of my vastly superior alien body

Occupation: Intergalactic traveller

Hometown: Homtanahkumphrum, inahkonturee, Venus

Hobbies: Defeating inferior creatures in games

Fears: That a Human may actually be better at something

If I could describe myself in one sentence: I've learned thirty different languages , twenty nine of which you have never even heard of

If i win Prompt Island: I shall take the money and place it on display on my space ship
Name: Alexander Weston

Age: 27

Hair Color: Natural blond with a splash of red highlights.

Favorite feature about yourself:
Hmm, that's hard to say. It takes forever to make myself look as sexy as I do. I keep my hair at an even shoulder length cut. I have take those clothes off mesmerizing grey eyes. My chin is strong and goes so well with my blindingly white teeth that make every one of my smiles memorable. I think what makes the ladies really go crazy is my honey baked skin complexion that just seems to melt hearts. Now, my body on the other hand is a different subject. Standing 6'2, I spend so much time working out for my six pack to have the right definition. You just don't get a six pack like mine without putting some serious time into your body. It's all about time and dedication.

Actor/Police Officer/Amateur Wrestler.

Hometown: Torrance, California.

Hobbies: Exercising, climbing, amateur wresting, and photography.

Fears: Bad food, watered down drinks, and stupid people.

If I could describe myself in one sentence...: I am simply one of the most awesome guys you will ever meet.

If I win Prompt Island, I will: Celebrate by taking my mom to Disneyland.
Name: Ava Williams

Age: 25

Hair Color: Dark blonde

Favorite feature about yourself: Well, my favorite part of myself is... everything! My eyes are violet, and totally pretty! I like my body 'cause it's cute. Oh, and my hair is flowtastic, and everyone loves it. My skin is super soft and PRETTY!!! But my personality is probably the best part. I am SUPER high energy and to be honest I am pretty boy crazy. Some of them just like me because they think I'm dumb, but I'm actually a very smart person (don't tell anyone!).

Occupation: Swimsuit Model

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Hobbies: Modeling and looking cute and talking to guys and being cute... oh wait did I already say that?

Fears: Umm I don't have any fears. Except for not being cute. But that will never happen.

If I could describe myself in one sentence...: I'm cute.

If I win Prompt Island, I will: Be cuter than I was before. If that's even possible, which it's not.
Name: Caterius

Age: 17
Hair Color: Black
Favorite feature about yourself: My creativity mostly. My devilishly good looks aren't bad though. XD
Occupation: Writer, craftsmen, artist, singer. Some describe me as a Jack-of-All-Trades. XD
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Hobbies:Playing video games, reading, writing, singing, etc...
Fears: Bugs, clowns, dark
If I could describe myself in one sentence...: Cool people are cool.
If I win Prompt Island, I will: I would just take it and move on. :D
A Non-Existent User
Name: Jack Forest

Age: 28

Hair Color: Brown

Favorite feature about yourself: I play the drums.

Occupation: Tree Arborist

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Hobbies: Playing drums, Long Boarding, Watching movies, working out.

Fears: That I'm doing something wrong.

If I could describe myself in one sentence...: Life is like an unsteady drum roll!

If I win Prompt Island, I will: Buy a drum store and sell drums to people.
A Non-Existent User
Name: Adam Stavros

Age: 17

Hair color: brown

Favorite feature about yourself: my ability to stalk girls because apparently I'm invisible.

Occupation: factory worker

Hometown: futuristic Earth

Hobbies: relaxing (factory work is tough)

Fears: explosions

If I could describe myself in one sentence: I'm the classic hopeless romantic.

If I win Prompt Island, I will: keep working. I don't have time to celebrate.
Name: John “Johnny” Moretti

Age: 29

Hair Color: Charcoal black smooth hair kept in a ponytail.

Favorite feature about yourself: My determination to get things done.

Occupation: Mob Enforcer

Hometown: I’llmakeyousleepwiththefishes, New York

Hobbies: Cooking, cleaning my gun collection, intense exercising, and...don’t tell nobody, but I also like to paint.

Fears: As long as this stays between me and you? I don’t care for clowns. They freak me the heck out.

If I could describe myself in one sentence...: Formidable

If I win Prompt Island, I will: Quit the business, and open up a restaurant.
Aaaaaaaand welcome back to Prompt Island! I'm Pierre Causemybladdersempty, and our contestants have finally made their way to the island. Well almost everyone. One contestant was trapped in their helicopter and couldn't get out. So I will read her bio for you from a card...

Writer: Wiskers (Soupdog@writing.com)

Name: Penelope Pryce

Age: 19

Hair Color: Brown

Favorite feature about yourself: My army of trained attack rats.

Occupation: Weird kid in the back of the classroom.

Hometown: Can't remember.

Hobbies: Trying to learn how to hold breath for four minutes, building habi-trail so squirrels can get from tree to tree easier.

Fears: I laugh in the face of danger Ha HA ha.

If I could describe myself in one sentence: I didn't do it!

If I win Prompt Island, I will: Become President.

Now, to remind everyone of the rules, you will have two days (or a 48-hour period) to make your addition. If your turn is skipped, do not worry. Just remember you will get a one-vote penalty for the remainder of the game! You have to also incorporate a prompt into your addition for the following writer! Failure to make a prompt results in a two-vote fine for that round. You must email me a vote (lucky13s@writing.com) for who you want to vote off the island. At the end of each round, the person with the most votes is eliminated!

Now contestants, I am sure that you are all just dying to get this game started! This game is not going to be easy, but let me remind you what you are playing for: ten billion dollars! A new car! ...and 10,000 GPs. So make good prompts, create an alliance, and best of luck!

I'm afraid that I forgot to mention one minor detail...this competition will be a race across the island. That's right! This entire competition, you will be racing with the other contestants to the other side of the island. Along the way, you will find cliffs, mountains, cannibals, and whatever else your creative minds can conjure up! I must warn you all in advance though. All across the island are the very deadly Yellowfrogs. One touch of those things, and you are dead in seconds. For your own safety (and our producer's financial safety), please avoid them at all costs!

Now writers, I'm sure that you are worried that every prompt will apply to you. After all, if someone writes in a mountain, don't you need to avoid that mountain as well? Well that's the amazing part about Prompt Island! You only need to worry about the prompt given to you! So take a deep breath. We aren't that heartless!

Now onto the game! Remember... Be creative. Be original. Be you. Here is the opening prompt:

You are all located on the beach, staring at each other awkwardly. After talking to several contestants, you quickly realize that it's basically every man for himself out here. You bolt into the jungle ahead of you and run directly into a band of aliens! The large group of oddly-shaped green men turn and stare down at you. They began yelling frantically in a foreign language (maybe German?) and they begin to wave their arms. You look around and notice the other contestants have disappeared. What now?
I can only hope that I'm doing this right.

As you look at the little green men, they seem to be pointing at someone running though the bushes. They are telling you which way the others went. You say thanks to them as you run to where the noise came from so you don't get lost in the jungle. After a few minutes of running and jumping over overgrown tree roots, you come across a great ravine with a pool of water at the bottom. There is also a man setting up a shop that sells stilts for crossing the ravine. There is also a bridge on the other side of the shop. You can see the other contestants have already crossed it, but a man in a work uniform starts setting up dynamite and a plunger on the bridge. It looks like he's about to blow up the bridge. Now you're faced with a choice. You can either buy some stilts and make your way across the ravine, which will take a lot of time to do, or you can make a run for it across the bridge, praying the man doesn't blow it up until you've finished crossing it. Well? What do you do?
Leeroy let out an exaggerated sigh as he stared across the ravine. Sadly, his backup statute training did not prepare him for this. Why weren't these game shows ever easy anyways?! Leroy walked to the man with the stilts and cleared his throat to get the man's attention. The man turned and greeted Leeroy.

"Hello...uh... can I have some stilts?" Leeroy asked.

The man scratched his head.

"What are you talking about?"

"Those stilts over there... can I use a pair?" Leeroy pointed a small box that read "stilts."

"Oh," the man replied with a laugh, "those aren't stilts. Those are spring shoes. Stupid autospell!"

Leeroy looked the man over suspiciously. "Spring shoes?"

"Spring shoes. One jump and you'll be across that ravine in no time! Those shoes pack quite a punch!"

"Sounds great! How much for a pair?" Leeroy asked. He felt in his pockets for money, but he left all his money at home.

"Twenty bucks."

"Twenty bucks? All I have is a fifty," Leeroy held out the large bill.

The man snatched the fifty and stuffed in his pocket. He directed Leeroy to the box and handed him a pair of spring shoes. They were a little snug, but the man insisted it was for safety reasons. Leeroy walked his way to the ravine and took a deep breath. A bit of frustration built up inside; what kind of game show required you to buy things with your own personal money?! Leeroy looked back at the man, but he was gone! The stand, the box of spring shoes, and everything else was completely gone. Leeroy took a big bounce and in a blink of an eye, he was airborne. He waved his arms frantically as he flew over the ravine. Leeroy let out a sigh of relief as he landed safely on the other side. Somehow, he managed to survive this!

PROMPT- You are running through the forest feeling confident when you run into a monkey. The monkey dances around playfully and draws you in. He then pulls out a bazooka and begins chanting loudly. Other bazooka-carrying monkeys soon appear and begin chanting as well...
Ashley Valleyhope didn't know how she got into this predicament with some bazooka carrying monkeys...but she had to keep moving forward.
That prissy Ashley McCalister would not get the best of her...at anything!

Walking into the center of the group of the monkey group, she began to pose.
No music..no props...no instructions...just posing like she would for any other photo shoot.
Soon, the monkeys went from staring...to imitating the poses with her...except their version of posing was eccentric and crazed...leaping around and making weird faces for the invisible camera.
They had never posed for pictures like she had..and they exhausted themselves within 10 minutes.

Ashley sighed as she gazed at the exhausted monkeys.
"Let's see that wannabe model do that!"

PROMPT-All of a sudden, a mysterious voice calls to you from the nearby jungle brush.
"You're falling behind...there are many ahead of you and at this rate, you might not be able to finish.
You can take a shortcut through here............i promise it's completely safe........."
Vikazahuliganandahmunki or Vik for short used his keen eyes and enhanced ears to sense who was speaking to him, it was hard to believe that the voice could be correct considering how fast he could run. Vik spoke in a deep hollow voice "You shall not defeat me Evil Voice" With lightning fast speed Vik dashed to the Brush Grabbing and lifting a skinny man out of the Bushes, "Oh.." the skinny man started, staring at the alien that now held him, "I was just doing my job.." This man was not one of the contestants but Vik could see a spot darkening in the mans pants "Disgusting" Vik murmered in Ahlahngueawge, one of the first languages he ever picked up, as he tossed the man to the ground "Which way is the correct way," Vik demanded, in english, The Skinny man pointed in another direction altogether and Vik started off in that direction. "Too easy"

- PROMPT - You trip into a patch of quicksand, and you find that there is nothing nearby to grab onto to drag you out, You're sinking fast, and since you tripeed you can't free your hands from the sand either.
Alexander found himself in a real bind no pun intended. He started the race off pretty well given the fact he had a lot on his mind, not to mention the staggering competition. There were some seriously cute women involved with this race. The host was on the kooky side, but did a decent job at introducing everyone. Alex stood on a beach where he saw a girl named Penelope Pryce, she caught his eye, and he would have gone over to say something to her, but was caught off guard by the start of the race.

As Alex jumped into the thick jungle he noticed someone keeping up with him about 20 yards away then noticed they had fallen prey to a jungle tree trap:

PROMPT: As you make your way through the jungle you find yourself caught in a trap and dangling from a tree where you are found shortly afterward by a tribe of cannibals. How do you get yourself out of this situation.

Alex wanted to stop to help the person he saw captured by the trap, but he knew this was a competition and figured they would be fine. This was a reality show anyway, and they wouldn’t really allow people to die would they? He couldn’t allow himself to worry about it.

His thoughts veered back to Penelope, if he could, perhaps after this contest he would ask her out. She seemed like the kind of woman he could see himself with.

Why wouldn’t she want to go out with me? I’m a great catch. Heck, she might even have seen me on the WFW (World Federation Wrestling). It was a small syndicated show, but still he had a growing fan base as ‘Adonis’. Alex thought, hopping over a fallen log with ease.

He hadn’t been paying attention to where he was going while thinking about Penelope, and the way she would say ‘yes’ when he asked her out when he fell face first in a patch of quicksand. He fought to pull himself out, but nothing he did would help free him from the gritty substance. His thoughts were wild as he thrashed about in the sand.

“Help!” Alex mumbled, and instantly wished he hadn’t. Thick gritty sand rushed into his mouth. He closed his mouth with an effort then positioned himself on his back where he blew air through his nose to dispel any sand that was lodged so he was able to breathe. This didn’t exactly help his predicament.

Will I die here? Like...like...this! Alex thought bitterly.

He decided that if he were going to die, and no one was going to help him. He might as well stop fighting the inevitable. Alex stopped fighting. He just laid there in the sand. He went with where the flow of sand was taking him. He thought his life was over. He thought he would die there. He thought wrong.

As soon as Alex stopped fighting the sand and surrendered to it he found himself sucked down into a cave. He hit the stone floor with a splat. Every inch of his body was coated with wet sand. It weighed him down and just made his skin inch with the way it felt as he moved. Alex just couldn’t explain it. He was glad he was alive.

The cave he found himself in was wide with nothing to see but roots, leafy green plants and the a ceiling of dripping water. There were several openings, but he decided to go with the one that was closest to him, and had sunshine shining bursting from it.

When Alex burst free from the cave opening with his thoughts on three things; winning the competition, winning Penelope’s heart, and most of all. He wanted to take a shower to get the sand off.

         Ava was overwhelmed by the number of hot guys on this reality show. Nothing she hadn't experienced before, but wow. First there was the one with the purple hair. He was a little creepy, but in a good way. Sorta. Then there was the guy with the unibrow (always nice to try something new), and the alien. Ava had never dated an alien before. And then there was also Alexander Weston. Ava recognized him immediately, and she was a huge fan of the sexy actor. Oh, my, did he look better in person or what? Ooh then there was dude with brown hair, who kept mentioning "drums". Drummers are so hot! Finally, there was the one who TOTALLY looked like part of the mob... but oh well, he was kinda cute.

         Just as she was thinking this, she saw Alex a little ways ahead of her, in quicksand.

         OMG I should like totally help him out, she thought. Just then her feet were yanked out from beneath her, and she found herself dangling from a rope tied to a tree. Ava groaned. Why couldn't anything ever be easy? As if that wasn't bad enough, a group of weird looking people surrounded her, and they looked about ready to eat her alive. Without missing a beat, Ava started talking to them in her most convincing voice.

         "Hey, guys, you should let me down... you see, I'm in a race right now." Ava looked around at their blank faces. "If I win this thing, I could get a lot of money. If you let me go, maybe we can work out a deal? After all, you're all such... umm... decent... looking people, so I'm sure we can come to some sort of agreement." The cannibals just kept looking at her. Time for plan B... "Oh my gosh, what's that over there?!" Ava yelled, pointing to the quicksand. "That's amazing!"

         As soon as they all started running to the quicksand, Ava untied the knot around her ankle and dropped to the ground, landing on her back and cursing. She got up on her feet and started off running again.

         Prompt: You are running as fast as you can, when you see a river. There are two bridges. The one to your right leads to a forest filled with cobwebs, fallen trees, and mud on the ground, infested with poisonous snakes. The one to your left leads to a dark cave, from which you hear deep growling. Which one do you pick?

'I can't believe this.' I thought. I was just running around when all of a sudden there is a river. Since I don't know how to swin I can't just swim across, but the choices aren't good, a dark cave with strange noises and a creepy forest, I don't like either choice, but my ingenuity kicks in.
I know how to boat, odd since I can't swim huh. I take a few planks off the bridge and take some rope and fashion them into a passable boat. I taked two branches from a nearby palm tree to use as paddles and jump in. I start to paddle away from the bridges when I notice a Yellowfrog in my boat so I jump into the cave. I use my boyscout training to start a small fire to make my way through the cave. I walk around for a while until I hear a growl coming from right behind me. I turn around slowly as not to alarm the possible threat and see a terrible sight; there is an angry sphinx. I was shocked. I always thought that sphinxes were just myths and to see one right in front of me shocked me. And then it started to talk.
" Little boy, if you solve my riddles I'll help you out of this cave and on your way. What happens once a night, twice at noon, but never at day?"
"Hmm. This is a toughie. Once a night, twice at noon, but never at day? I would have to say the letter N?"
"Correct little boy. What gets wetter as it dries?"
"A towel?"
"Correct. The final one. Noone has ever guessed this one. What has four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three at dusk?"
"Do you mean literally or figuratively?"
"Man. Man walks on all fours in the morning, or beginning of their life, two at noon, or the middle, and three at dusk, towards the end of his life."
"Correct. Head straight ahead to get out of this cave."
I run out of the exitwhen I hear a strange noise coming from my right. I look and see another constestant getting bitten by a snake. I recognize the snake and realize it won't kill the person, but the person will hallucinate and be severly dehydrated.

Prompt: you have been bitten by the snake. How will you deal with the hallucinations?
A Non-Existent User
I was sent this in my inbox: My computer messed up and sent my addition before I wrote the prompt. The prompt is how will you deal with the hallucinations brought on by the snake and the dehydration after?
But as I see it was added, lol and I just notice now after I copy and past it in. Except maybe it wasn't added and just the dehydration part was what was needed for the addition.
As I thought about this after adding my addition with my smart phone, I thought about what happened to me on this island in the last hour and ten minutes.
Making my way across the island as fast as I could, I ran. Dodging trees and through shallow rivers. Finding trees to climb across tight rope wire style, when the river was to big and/or a cliff with another not far across like and earth quake separated the land long ago. One of the cliffs I came to had no fallen tree near by to climb across. I thought about using my hatchet in my travel pack I had then thought against it. It would take along time to cut down a tree to climb across. So I ran down on the side of the cliff and looked for a tree or a slope to bring me down or for the gap to come closer and the river to cease. But the river below continued and the gap never closed between cliffs but lucky, never widened either. Soon I came to some hope. But with the hope was some loss of hope. The loss of hope was all these yellowfrogs around my hope. The deadly ones I was told about. With no thought I did a running long jump for the vine that hung a foot off the ground over the yellowfrogs. As I grabbed the vine I just hoped my luck would stay and I would make it away from these yellowfrogs and to the other side of the cliff. Sure enough I made it. Just as I look back I see another contestant coming from the other direction. Ah ha this is their...
Prompt: You see another contestant swing across the cliff you are trying to walk along side hoping to come to a tree. The guy dosnt pass you back the vine he swung across with. You have to either keep walking or go back. But if you keep walking you will have to try and get pass the yellowfrogs and if you go back some snakes have been following you and will bite you to make you have some hallucinations. Or you can try jumping down the ten story high cliff into the water for there is no way to jump across in between the cliffs, it's to far.

I feel bad about not swinging the vine back and know it might come back to me later in the race if the person some how gets a head of me if they even see who I am. But it might be karma the kicks me back too. But hopefully it's just the way the race is and I can win. I think about how it's all guys or mostly and no one I want to impress but I still want to win. Then a image of the Ava girl pops in my head. With her dark blonde hair and violet eyes. Maybe if I win I'll take her out to a dinner and movies, if she says yes to my proposal. All this I'm thinking while I run some more. Just then I come across a big tree and think, I must climb this and rest for a second. Up there I'll try to look back and see any contestants, or a head. But I have been running like mad and was surprised to see the other contestant back there almost at the same pace I was. After I shimmied up the tree easily, for I was a tree arborist and have been climbing trees all my life even as a kid. I looked around. Nope to many trees. Damn I was hoping I would see where Im at. Then I climbed down and ran on.
Then I came across this big snake in my path and before I knew it I was bit. I look to my left for this shuffle noise was there. A even bigger snake slitheres out of tall grass and in between two big trees.
It started to talk, "Don't worry that snake that just bit you won't kill you, just make you have hallucinations for a bit."
I didn't understand why the big snake was talking. Did I acquire a way to talk to snakes like in a Harry Potter book or Movie? Or is this snake telling the truth? Is it even a snake? Questions ran through my head. Maybe it's one of those cannibals I was told to watch out for. There was no time to think I thought, I ran. Maybe it was just another contestant trying to help me. That must be it I concluded as I ran. Then I thought if that was another contestant I should really get going. With one look at my compass I noticed the dail spinning round and round instead of pointing north. As I ran everything spun and after about half an hour of spinning and running it slowed down and I was thirsty as heck. I ran to a stream and jumped in gulping water down.
Johnny didn't know he would be running through some jungle. It was a far cry different from New York. He started off strong, and found that a lot of the women that were involved with this contest were cute. There was a woman in particular that he could see himself making dinner for, or at least showing her the finest side of Port City, New York. Ava Williams was one of the women he had fantasized about for the past couple of years. Her dark blonde hair, along with her beautiful skin that looked to be soft tantalized his fantasies. He had close to every magazine that she appeared in, so hopefully if he couldn't get a date with her, he could at least get her autograph. When the race started he wanted to talk to her, but she took off quick. She was beautiful and her body was perfect as she ran away.

“Mmm...mmm...mmm.” Johnny said aloud admiring her rear, before taking off into the jungle.

He found himself behind one of the guys who had been introduced to earlier, Jack Forest. Johnny thought the name was funny, but thought the name was fitting to the place they both found themselves in. Forest--Jungle, not much of a difference there. This thought was on his mind when he got caught up with the vines. Johnny struggled to pull himself free, but found himself becoming frustrated.

After finally getting himself free he found himself behind Jack again Johnny guessed he had been caught up with all these vines too. The tree line began to thin, and he noticed that a lot of the things he thought were vines were really snakes, and as he passed they hissed. As if the snakes weren't enough he began to spot yellow frogs amongst the fallen leaves, so things were definitely starting to get complicated. The trees thinned to the point that he was able to see that he followed Jack to a large gap, but there was one thick vine he saw Jack grab. Jack turned back to see Johnny then swung across the open gap. It looked as if it were too wide to jump, so Johnny waited for Jack to swing the vine back to him so he could get to the other side too. However, Jack didn't send the vine back. He just stared at Johnny then kept on running.

“Yeah, you better run Jack. I’ll catch up with you when this race is over.” Johnny thought darkly.

He was faced with a couple of decisions. He could try to jump the gap. It wasn't until he stepped up to the edge that he realized that just wasn’t going to happen. He then thought about his remaining options. It was to either go back the way he came with all the yellow frogs and snakes, jump down into the water he saw at the bottom of the cliff. He crossed jumping off the cliff off the list of possibilities because he knew the impact with the water from a jump like that would kill him.

Johnny went nowhere without Smith and Wesson. Smith was his small black matte colored compact 9mm. He felt for the cool handle as he made his decision to go back the way he came. He had only two clips with him, so he had to make every shot count. When Smith was done roaring taking out all the frogs that crossed his path and destroying any of the snakes that happened to get too close to him. He saw that he was back on track where he had previously been caught up with vines, so he decided to make his own path by going the opposite direction that he had come from.

“When I get my hands on that Jack Forest...” Johnny thought angrily. He now had something else to look forward to when the contest was over. It was this thought that put a smile on his face.

Prompt: As you move through the jungle you find the camp of a native tribe. Being an intelligent person you decide to get out of there as fast as you can, but you hear someone who isn't a part of the contest asking for help. So, being an honest person you go help only to find that you've been tricked and are now captured and thrown into a bamboo cage by the natives. They don’t speak English and seem to think that you’re on the menu for dinner. How do you find yourself out of this situation?
Penelope had tried to get out of the helicopter when they arrived but the door was stuck, so she was late. Well, the door was not exactly stuck, it was more the issue of a badly labeled handle. It was marked "push", but all that was left was the "p" so she thought that it was "pull". Needless to say, that did not work.

Anyhow, she finally made it to the island with everyone else. There were lots of people, and most of them were very attractive, if not unique, and she wondered how on earth she managed to get invited to this island party. She had never been invited anywhere! Besides the homeless shelter down the street from her house, but that was because someone thought she was homeless. She was transporting her school supplies in a grocery cart...

The people all seemed pretty cool, which was a change from where she was from. Wherever that was.

One of the guys, Alex, was looking at her in a sort of "I think you're cute" way, but she was too distracted to flash back a "why, thank you, I think you are sort of cute as well have you seen the movie Tremors?" look. She was looking around at the island and how sweet the beach was. Well, she was really kinda looking into space. Suddenly, everyone took off running into the jungle.

Penelope did a double take - one minute there were a bunch of people on a beach, and then there was one...

"Hey!" Penelope cried as she started to run, kicking up sand behind her, "Wait up!"

But everyone's backs were already disappearing into the trees.

Penelope paused when she reached the thick jungle - she couldn't see anyone anywhere.

"Left behind again..." She said.

There was a squeak from her backpack, and she slid it off her shoulder to unzip the front pocket. She took out the can of SPAM*Copyright* and pulled off the lid. Wiskers, her favorite attack rat, popped his head out and breathed in the island air gratefully. She had been forced to hide him in the food can so that she could get him through customs. Wiskers climbed up her arm and sat on her shoulder. He looked around, confused.

"They're all gone," Penelope said quietly, "I'm sure you're right. They are probably just playing hide and seek."

All of a sudden it hit her, and she shook her head. "Right! This a contest! Games later."

Penelope dropped the empty can into her backpack, zipped it up and started running. It soon became very hot, as it was, of course, an island. Penelope hated running. She hated it, but she ran a lot. She had to run - people always thought she had done something she hadn't, and she couldn't afford another arrest on her record! So she ran.

She slowed down as the jungle air was suddenly filled with the noises of some kind of tribal chanting. Penelope creeped closer for a better look. A bunch of natives dancing around a fire, and looking hungry. Red flag! She turned around and was about to run when she heard a cry for help.

"Help!" Was what it sounded like.

Penelope winced. "Crap."

She had to help! Her conscience would never let her live down letting someone get eaten. Heck, it was still going off about the time she squirted glue all over her teacher's chair...

Penelope snuck back and hid behind a tree. The natives still seemed busy, and she thought she saw someone curled up in a ball just a ways off, and she thought they must be the person who was in need of her super-heroic-people-saving skills. Just as she stepped forward something moved from underneath her, and before she knew it she had been grabbed.

"Hey!" She struggled against them, "Hands off!"

Soon, she was locked inside a bamboo cage. All of the natives gathered around the cage and were watching her.

"I'm not a pole dancer!" She squeaked.

One of the natives started stoking the fire and she suddenly had the feeling that she was on the menu.

"Uh oh..."

Her mind raced, trying to find a way out of all of this - and then she got an idea.

She took her backpack and pulled out another can of SPAM*Copyright*. She personally found the can-survive-the-apocalypse-food to be disgusting, Wiskers loved it. And she had to keep the masses happy. Besides, if they were going to eat her, they would probably eat the weird pink stuff.

The natives pointed their spears at her, thinking she had a weapon.

"Relax!" She reached her arm out of the bamboo cage and dropped the can of SPAM*Copyright*.

One of the natives poked the can with a spear and she rolled her eyes. Finally, one of them opened it and took a finger full of it. Finding it delicious (or horrendous), he howled and began to jump up and down. All the natives ate some and they began to do the same. They yelled at her in their language, asking for more.

"Escape pattern Alpha Beta." Penelope whispered over her shoulder.

Wiskers had crawled into her hood when she was captured, and he scrambled down her leg. He started chomping on the bottom of the bamboo stalks. Bamboo was the hardest wood, but rats can gnaw through concrete. Her rats could even gnaw through water, they were that good.

"Take it all!" Penelope took out more cans of SPAM*Copyright* and tossed them over the native's heads, "Ya weirdoes..."

When Wiskers crawled back up her leg and into her hood she knew it was done. Penelope kicked one of the bamboo walls off the cage and took off running.

She liked running.

Prompt: You are still heading through the jungle and are starting to tire when suddenly you think you hear a TV. Looking around, you locate the noise as coming from a small hut. As you step closer to investigate, hoping it's the producers, you fall through a trap door into the midst of a coven of llamas, who seem intent on making you watch "Dune" over and over with them, on pain of death via ice-cream cannon. What do you do?

Welcome back to Prompt Island. I'm Pierre, and it is time for the results of the first round! I'm sOoOoOo excited!

Everyone... here are the results.

First, the immunity challenge. The immunity challenge this week was simple. Whoever had the longest addition received immunity this week. That prize goes too... Penelope! (wiskers) Congratulations! You cannot be voted off Prompt Island; you are safe to continue in this race.

As for the rest of you, you are not so lucky. One of you will be leaving the competition early. I can see some of you are sweating from being nervous. That... is disgusting. You're on national television for Pete's sake!

Anyways, here are the votes...

Penelope (soupdog). Because you have immunity, this vote will be thrown away.
Vik (bluebart)
Ava (apoorva)
Scruffy (sap)
Johnny (lunarscribe)
Johnny (lunarscribe)
Adam (glo)
Adam (glo)

...and that's the end of voting. We have a two-two tie between Johnny and Adam. What are we supposed to do now... WAIT! Adam, you failed to check in with an addition, so you get a one vote penalty for missing your turn! Adam... you have officially been voted off of Prompt Island. Any last words?


Time's up! Adam, goodbye.

A meteor falls from the sky and crushes Adam, smashing him instantly.

So one person down, and only a few more to go. Set up alliances, make good additions, and be ready for anything because it's... Prompt Island. I'm Pierre Causemybladdersempty, and we'll see you next time!

"For crying out loud, how much further?" I ask myself as I continue to walk through the jungle.

"It's only an island about ten miles long. And I feel like I've traveled one hundred miles already." I start thinking to myself as how that can be possible, when I trip on something and fall flat on my face. When I get up to see what I tripped on, I finally find out why it feels like I've been traveling for so long.

"I knew it! I've seen and tripped on that damn penguin fifteenth times already! I should have known, I'm going in squares!" I say squares because every sign I've seen that said it leads to the finish line always told me to make a left turn. Just like in NASCAR. Then I see the penguin waddling over to me.

"Huh? What is it little guy?" The penguin then moves it's arms as though it's telling me to follow. When I do, he leads me to one of the signs again. But then he walks to the right instead of the left. I follow him through the thick, and find myself face to face with a small hut. That's when I start to hear a noise, like a TV inside the hut.

"I'll bet you boxes to boogers that's where the host lives." As I walk over to the front door, I find that the door is locked. Then I try knocking. Nothing. Then I try kicking the door down. Nothing. Then I look at the penguin, then the door, then the penguin again and say-

"I have a plan."

Ten minuets later.

"Okay. You using me as a battering ram was by far the stupidest thing I've ever done. Except for that time I tried copping Cornholio from Beavis And Butthead during that flight on 9/11. That was the stupidest thing I've ever done. No wait, that time I sold that rifle to that Oswald fellow in 1963 when I traveled back in time copping Back To The Future. That was the stupidest thing I've ever done. Or what about that time when I-" As I was talking to myself about the worst moments in world history that I started while rubbing ice on my bleeding head, I thought about a new way to get inside the hut.

"Wait. Why didn't I think of this before! I'll just use no-clip." I was of course talking about the cheat that enables people to walk through walls and other surfaces. For some reason, my family could use Gameshark, AR max, and other cheating devices in the real world. My parents never told me how we could do that. But when you can have God-mode active 24/7, do you really need to ask anything anymore? As I pulled my cellphone out and typed no-clip in, right as soon as I pushed enter, I fell through the ground. Yes. I said the ground. For some reason I keep forgetting that when I enter no-clip, I always fall through the ground. As I try to get to my phone to turn no-clip off, something stops my falling. When I look down to see what it was, I smack myself upside the head and say-

"Right. No-clip doesn't work on rubber. Thank goodness there was this pile of condoms underneath me, or I'd be seesawing my way to the sun when gravity kicked in on my way to China." That was to say, as soon as I fell through to the other side of the earth, gravity would kick in and force me back the other way. And it would keep doing that until I fell so far and so fast that I'd brake free of the Earth's gravitational pull, sending me on a one way trip to the Sun. As soon as I turned no-clip off and get up, I found myself inside a cave of some kind. Chalk full of llamas. There were all watching TV until I fell through the ground, then they looked at me. One even walked over and started talking to me.

"Hey! You. Be quiet. We're trying to watch Dune over here."

"Oh. I'm sorry. I just need to know how-"

"Hey! Didn't I just tell you to shut it?!" The llamas were starting to get upset with me, and started gathering on me.

"I know. I just need to-"

"Okay. That's it! Now we have to start all over thanks to you! And guess what? You're going to watch the show with us until we say you can leave."

"And what if I don't want to?" The llamas then move over to revile what looks like a ice cream cannon. Pointed right at me.

"Well, I didn't want to do this again, but-" I then turn no-clip back on and jump off of the boxes of condoms, and fall through the ground again. And just as I thought earlier, I ended up falling through the ground all the way to China. And then, the Earth's gravity pulled me back the other way. All the way back through the room with the llamas, and into the sky over the island.

"Okay. I really don't want to do this, but I'll have God-mode to save me at the very least." I then pull out my cell phone and turn no-clip off again. Then I just wait until I fall back to Earth. Flat on my rear no less. Then I get up, brush the dirt off of me, and walk away saying-

"Well, better get this race over with."


You run around the jungle until you find a cave. You're about to go inside, until you see a cave bear walk out and roar at you, telling you to back off. But as you turn around, you see the Yellowfrogs that you were told to avoid right behind you. there were at least 100 of them hopping over to you. Then you turn around to see the cave bear has been joined by it's family of 15 other bears. you find yourself trapped, with no way to escape. But then you think of a way to get out of this mess. What is it?
Leeroy shuddered as the towering bear let out a mighty roar. What seemed to be the bear's family appeared from the cave and crowded behind the roaring bear. Leeroy checked over his shoulder to check on the Yellowfrogs. They were still closing in quickly.

"Bernard! Stop scaring away the guests!" a woman's voice bellowed.

Leeroy looked around for the woman, but was surprised when a second bear stood next to the first. The bear opened its mouth and words came out.

"Bernard, this has to be the hundredth time you have scared away a potential house guest! How are we ever supposed to develop a good reputation if we continue to scare everyone away!"

"I'm sorry Barb..." the large bear, Bernard, whimpered.

"Now everyone, let's show this young creature how hospitable the Bernstein Bears really are!" the woman bear called out to the others. They all cheered and walked back into the cave.

As he entered the cave, he looked back to see the Yellowfrogs retreating back into the jungle. The Bernstein Bears had saved him! Leeroy took one last look into the jungle and noticed Jack Forest staring at him through the bushes.

What's he doing? Leeroy wondered. He shrugged it off and entered the cave.

Surprisingly, the Bernstein Bears had a quaint setup in the cave. A couple of bears and cubs were crowded around the television. Obnoxious snoring echoed from one of the bedrooms. Leeroy sat back on one of the couches and joined the family in watching Wheel of Fortune.

"Excuse me, but can you join me in the kitchen?" Barb called to Leeroy.

Leeroy ran into the kitchen knowing that he did not want to upset the hostess. As he ran into the kitchen, he noticed one of the contestants, Ashley Valleyhope, tied and gagged sitting in an oversized pot. Her eyes widened as soon as she saw Leeroy. She let out a muffled scream, but Leeroy was oblivious to the girl.

"The rest of the family doesn't like it when I do this, but I like the guest to decide how the meal should be prepared. Do you have any suggestions for how to cook this next meal?" Barb asked, pointing at the Ashley.

Leeroy looked at Ashley and stared for a moment. I know this girl looks familiar. Where was she from? ...Oh well.



Barb Bernstein (the bear) douses you in butter and cranks up the heat on the stove. In moments, you are going to be cooked alive! You are in a cave surrounded by a large family of bears. How do you get out?
Ashley stared at Leeroy as he suggested to the bear how she should be served.....royal bastard!
She had no clue how she got herself into this mess...or why this man was here with these stupid bears....but she planned on getting out...and getting out alive!

The bears gathered around the kitchen table and started arguing over spices and recipes and ingredients and vegetables and whatever else bear cooks argue about.
They had totally forgotten about Leeroy and Ashley.
Ashleys skin began to burn as the water kept increasing in temperature...she struggles against her bonds...and they snapped free!

The heated steam and bubbling water must have weakened the bonds around her hands and feet.
She ripped the gag off and jumped out of the pot....then faced the man who had suggested her demise.

He turned and saw her standing behind him. He gasped loudly and the bears turned towards the noise.
Ashley tipped the boiling pot onto the floor and some of the scalding water splashed onto Leeroys pants and legs.
"OOOWWWWW!" he screamed.

The bears growled in anger.
"You just ruined our meal you dumb girl...
now we get to eat you raw!"
The entire family of bears roared, Ashley turned and ran, and the bears gave chase.

As Ashley was running away, she noticed the bears were gaining ground....her legs must not be fully functional due to the hot water burning them.
She had to get away...she could let her rival take her place as top model.
With renewed determination, adrenaline and vigor, Ashley uped her pace and began to out-distance Barb Bernstein and her family.....no matter what she would win!
Ashley McCalister would never beat her!


You see a girl run past you followed by a family of bears. What a sight....just then you notice that several birds circle above you and began to caw your name. It seems that they want you to follow them...but the way they beckon you is off the regular path and could get you lost.....maybe more so then you already are.
The birds caw again...but now they start to sound angry......what will you do?
Vik saw the human he vaguely remembered run past him, as he easily sidestepped, allowing the bears to run after her without noticing him, "That's one less person to worry about," He thought to himself, looking around, He had noticed that he really had no idea where he was going. "Cursed mahnwhetbahderehkchaun" Vik mumbled as he continued towards the way the screaming girl had come from

"Vikazahuliganandahmunki" The alien looked around to see what was saying his name
"Vikazahuliganandahmunki" It came again, Multiple voices, which was impressive as many humans had trouble pronouncing his name
"Vikazahuliganandahmunki" Vik looked up and saw them, several birds of different shapes and sizes. Many Colors and types. Vik would have raised an eyebrow if he had any, he was forced to just stare at them incredulously instead. "What is wrong with this planet?" he asked skeptically , and he continued to walk straight ignoring them. That did not deter the feathered monstrousities however. The birds began getting angrier, Chirping louder and faster, Vik just began moving faster away from the little monsters.

It wasn't until the birds started tugging at his hair and minimalistic clothing that he finally stopped moving and let the birds lead him down another path. Vik hurried along with the birds as he did not want to be the last person in the game, Unfortunately do to his speed and the annoying feathered beasts, he did not see the large hole in the earth. 'WATHUMP!!' Vik landed hard on the stone earth below him.

His head hurt, It throbbed from landing on a huge rock, He was glad his species had evolved to have a much better skeletal structure than humans and slowly stood up, Then he saw something that made him forget the pain, A rope bridge. Vik walked up to it cautiously, He saw the large Chasm that stretched to both ends of the island. The Chasm actually dipped below sea level but due to the way the island was formed no water sat at the bottom, Vik was glad the rope bridge existed, It would likely take the rest of the race just to climb down and back again. Vik ran as fast as he could across the tiny bridge, It swayed violently, but his sense of balance easily let him stayon, When he reached the end of the bridge, he looked back seeing someone else approaching the bridge, They were too far away for Vik to accurately make out the details of who it was. Not that the alien would have cared, A smile spread across his face as He ripped the posts, the ones keeping the bridge supported on his side, out of the ground and tossed them into the chasm, the rest of the bridge falling with it. Vik turned his back and continued to run in the direction of the finish.

Prompt: The alien competitor just destroyed the bridge that led across the chasm you were planning on crossing, Climbing down and back up would take hours, going around wouldn't be much faster, Not only that, but it's too far from side to side to even think about swinging across on a vine or tree. There must be another way.
Alex let out an exasperated breath as he saw the remains of the bridge he had been about to cross fall.

“THANKS FOR THAT!” Alex yelled over the noisy sound of the bridge breaking up and falling into the chasm below. The sound of the bridge felt like a nail being driven into Alex’s heart.
“Arrragh.” Alex breathed, out of frustration. He knew this was a competition, but to resort to tactics like this was just wrong.

He had been gaining on the Alien dude, Vik something that he saw at the beginning of the race, but got held up with some snakes that decided to cross his path. It was the sound of gun shots in the distance not too far behind him that spurred him into action. Alex quickly surveyed his options. He knew he couldn’t climb down into the chasm as he didn’t know if it were a shear drop or how long it would take. After taking a chance to look over the edge he decided against that. It was too wide to jump and there were no tree’s that had limbs covering the width of the chasm. He was stuck. He thought about going back the way he came, but there was no telling who or what he would run into given the sound of gunshots behind him. He would have to take a chance on facing the snakes again.

“HEEELPPP!” Alex heard someone scream.

He froze where he stood on the verge of going back into the thick jungle to try and navigate his way somehow around the chasm when he heard the sound of someone screaming for help. He was never one not to try to help someone.

“Please, is someone there?” the voice asked.

“Yeah, I’m here.” Alex answered. Alex looked around, but couldn’t find the body connected to the voice. “Where are you?” Alex asked.

“I’m up here.” The voice said.

“Uh…up where?” Alex asked, looking around again. He looked in the air above the chasm to find nothing, but open air.

“In the trees up here.” The voice corrected, showing Alex the way by shaking the tree which made leaves fall.

Alex couldn’t make out who was in the tree, but he moved steadily forward to help them. Although, what he found in the tree blew his mind.

The tree had to be a good story off the ground. Yet, that wasn’t what baffled him. In the tree seemingly stuck in a type of grey webbing was a bird, but not just any kind of bird, it was HUGE!

“What the…..heck?” Alex said when his eyes fell on the bird stuck in the tree.
“Oh, hi there,” the bird said. Then attempted to move around which shook more leaves from the tree. “This is so embarrassing, but if you could assist me with freeing myself from this web I would be forever grateful.”

“This island sure is strange.” Alex thought.

“Sure, I’ll be more than happy to help you.” Alex said, still awed to see the large bird in the tree.

Alex knew his time was ticking as he made his way up the large tree. He was going to be behind severely, but he couldn’t find it in his heart to leave the bird trapped in the tree. Climbing the tree wasn’t as easy as he expected. There was a thick substance oozing from the tree whenever he made any progress to get closer to the bird. Lifting a hand to his nose the thick substance smelled remarkably like honey. His first instinct was to lick his hand, but he had second thoughts to this as this island was proving to be very strange.

“I figure if I’m going to be saving a talking bird we should get to know one another.” Alex reasoned. “So, what’s your name?” Alex asked, half way to the bird trying to find his way around a hole in the side.

“Yeah, I suppose that does make sense.” The bird agreed. “My hatch-mates call me Tampora.” Tampora said.

“Hmm…Tampora, huh? Well, my name is Alexander Weston. But, you can call me Alex.” Alex told Tampora with an effort after he successfully found his way around the hole.

From the height Alex found himself he could see nothing, but green trees, and mountains, with a large river some ways away from the chasm he couldn’t cross. If he was just here leisurely he thought he would probably enjoy this view then. When he finally pulled himself up the last stretch to Tampora he noticed the honey like substance was only near the bottom, yet he still had it on his hands and legs which gave him an easy adhesive for grabbing things.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Tampora chanted, the sound from it made Alex think of rolling thunder.

Tampora lay in the tree covered in what looked like cobwebs. It then dawned on Alex that if Tampora was covered in what looked like cobwebs, then it stands to reason that there must be a spider nearby. This thought struck Alex as he began pulling at the strands that covered Tampora’s wings. The webs were thick as ropes and strong.

“How did you get yourself in this stuff?” Alex asked as he pulled at the webbing that was beginning to come off with an effort. The honey stuff on his hands was a major help.

“I was flying along not paying attention when I saw Araneoma, but thought nothing of her because I was high enough over her. I didn’t know she had spun a web about the trees where I was going. “ Tampora explained.

Tampra’s story disturbed Alex, then the horror of what he had deduced earlier was confirmed. Araneoma was a huge spider.

As if on cue with the realization of Araneoma being a spider. A huge spider emerged from the hole that Alex passed on his way up to free Tampora from the webbing.

Alex wanted to scream when he saw the spider’s head emerging from the hole, but he kept his wits about him. Tampora, however, wasn’t able to do the same. Tampora screamed, if Alex had to put a name on what he heard coming from Tampora, it would be called a high piercing scream the kind that shatters glass. Alex did the only thing he could. He stuffed pieces of webbing into his ears.

Alex worked frantically at pulling the webbing from Tampora’s wings, then his beautifully feathered neck. Tampora writhed trying to get the webbing off. Alex looked over the side to see the spider making it’s way up to them, then had an idea. He took broke off braches and wrapped the webbing he pulled off Tampora and let it drop down to where the spider was getting caught in the stick substance, which Alex was happy to see hindered its progress, but not by much.

Alex pulled the webbing out of his ears to talk to Tampora who had stopped screaming and was chirping loudly.

“Tampora, do you think you can support my weight.” Alex asked working on the last strands of webbing covering his tails and feet.

“I…I…CHIRP! I think so.” Tampora said.

Alex pulled with all his might at the last strands freeing Tampora just as the spider pulled itself up over the branch Tampora and Alex were on.

Alex knew only one of them were going to make it. “Tampora, never-mind about taking my weight, just fly.”

Tampora looked on as Alex took a bundle of the thick webbing in his hands and jumped toward the large spider catching it just behind its pincer like mouth, and pulled it over the side falling out of the tree.

I came here to win a contest and now I’m going to die saving a talking bird…excellent.
Alex thought as he fell.

He pushed himself away from the spider that had all eight legs sprawled out away from it. Alex closed his eyes as the ground came rushing up to him then felt himself land on something soft.

“You didn’t actually believe I was going to leave you to die after you freed me from that webbing did you?” Tampora asked.

Prompt: On your way through the jungle you are tired after your extreme effort and need a drink. Seeing a river ahead you decide to take a chance and drink. When you taste the water it is incredible, but you find that your surroundings are changing as you are shrinking, how do you regain your proper height and continue in the contest.

         Ava ran swiftly through the jungle, dodging vines and fallen branches along the way. She saw a couple of the other contestants around her, but stayed focused on her goal. Maybe after the race she could check out the guys a little more. Like that Johnny Moretti guy... dang, was he cute or what?! Then again, all of these guys were pretty fine... After running a couple miles, Ava was parched.

         Luckily, there was a river straight ahead. The water was crystal clear, flawless.

         Just like my hair was before all this humidity, Ava thought. Now it's just... almost flawless.

         Ava reached the river and dipped her hands in, bringing water to her red lips. The water felt amazing as it cooled her throat and quenched her thirst. Standing up to leave, Ava almost ran into a giant... piece of grass? That couldn't be right. She looked around her, and found that the grass wasn't the only thing that wasn't right. The leaves were huge too. Ava soon realized that she was the one who wasn't right. She had been shrunk.

         Looking over to her right, she saw a little pond with similar looking water. Maybe this was an Alice in Wonderland type of thing. Ava went over to the pond and drank, hoping not to be shrunk even more. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them once more, she was back to normal. Ava ran her hands over her skin, not believing it actually worked. She took off sprinting again, and saw the contestant introduced as Caterius out of the corner of her eye.

         Prompt: You come across three lakes. Across each one is land, and the only way to get across is to swim. A sign informs you that one of the lakes is poisoned, and will kill you on contact, one of the lakes is infested with piranhas near the other side (making it impossible to tell from where you are), and the third is safe. They all look identical. How do you know which one is safe?
I'm just minding my own business when suddenly I find myself at three lakes. The sign said one was poisoned and one was filled with piranhas. Now having read many murder mystery books I consider myself a novice/ expert at poisons and deduction. I quickly find some fruit that looked like apples but tasted like meat. I tied a string to one of the apples and threw it into the left lake. I waited a few seconds then pulled it back to see it had shriveled up. "I guess this is the poison lake."

I then throw the other apple into the middle lake where I see the calm lake start frothing. Now having common sense I can tell that this is the piranha lake. Unfortunately I can't swim fast enough to get through the wide non-deadly lake without getting tired. Then a genius idea occurs to me. I find a large branch lying on the ground and toss it into the lake on the right. Once I see it floats I jump into the water and swim across.

I start running on my way when I see a fellow competitor starting to climb a mountain a ways off. Prompt You start climbing a mountain, but you are not prepared for such a climb. How will you deal with the deadly climb?
A Non-Existent User
Just as I finished drinking the water I noticed everything getting big around me. Am I having another hallucination? Looking up I see a huge dandelion. Then Looking over to my left I see a giant girl. She dips her hands in the river and takes the water up to her red lips. Such nice lips Ava has I think. It would be nice to kiss those lips. Just having her kiss me and me kissing her back maybe even a french kiss, tounge and all. Then I realize that the girl is Ava and I just thought her name. It's the girl I thought was cute, right in frount of me as a giant. What really knocked me out of my day dream was that this girl was shrinking in size. Just as she reaches the size of me she takes off to a pond near by. Drinking some water she grows back to her giant size and takes off running. Boom, Boom, Boom. Each step shaking the ground. I run over to the pond and drink some of the water there. I shoot up in size to about the size of the giant girl and realize all the stuff around is at normal size again. Before I start running. I pull out two canisters from my bag. I started with water in them, but ran out before that snake bit me. In the red one I fill water from the river. In the blue one I fill water from the pond.
After an hour of running I come across a tall tree and decide to climb up and look around. Not to far off in the distance I see a mountin. Behind me I see the bridge I crossed not half hour before. The alien Vik was just pulling out the posts making it harder for the next contestant to cross. I look down about to get down and I notice Ava drinking from a river. She didn't shrink. So I get down and take a drink too then take off running thinking, even if I shank I have the water that makes me grow again.
As I'm climbing up the mountin I'm getting more and more tired. I'm trying to climb rocks and things that I would normally need rock climbing equipment for. Finally I come to a cliff I can't climb and deside to sit and think of what to do next. what did the others do? Did they go around this. They probably did, and I thought I'd be smart and climb over to get to the finishing line faster. Then it comes to me. I'll just take the water that makes me big then when I get to the other side of the mountin I'll drink the water that makes me small. So thats what I did. When I got to the other side I noticed another contestent behind me running around in circles taking about 1 minute every time.
PROMPT You find yourself running around in circles and can't get out. At one point you think I'm going strait but then you see somthing that triggers your memory that your just back where you started. How do you get out?
Johnny made up the time he lost back tracking his way through the jungle. He pushed himself further than he knew he should have. There was one thing on his mind at the moment that kept him going when he felt himself tire, Jack Forest. It irked him the way Jack didn’t throw the vine back and if nothing else he would get his hands on that little weasel. He had Smith set firmly in his holster where he placed him after dispensing with the snakes that crossed his path. Johnny had been running when he took a glance at the sky only to be floored with the sight of one of the contestants on a bird heading for a mountain.

“What the…” Johnny said, coming to a stop at the base of the mountain.

It was then that Johnny thought he was seeing things. He could make out the outline of a man climbing the rocky wall, and from the looks of it, it was Jack Forest himself. The thrill of excitement ran over Johnny’s body at the thought of getting revenge for earlier. The tiredness that had been pursuing Johnny suddenly washed away. He hadn’t been prepared to climb a mountain, but it didn’t bother him much because of the boots he was wearing, and the fact that he made it a regular practice to climb the rock wall at his gym. As he climbed higher he noticed a lot of green plants growing along the side of the mountain that allowed him to gain a better grip, but he also noticed they had a type of fruit growing on it. He made a mental note to come back to this mountain to check it out. He made it to a cave in the rocky wall he saw Jack crawl into, or who he thought was Jack Forest, but when he pulled himself onto the rocky ledge he found himself in some sort of maze.

“Perfect, just perfect.” Johnny said, annoyed. “One minute I’m fighting my way through a jungle of weird snakes, then I’m seeing huge birds carrying people, and I would have the luck to climb into a maze.

Johnny looked back over the edge of the mountain he climbed only to see that the green plants he used to help him climb seemed to be spreading, and now that he was in a better position to be look at them, that is exactly what they were doing. They seemed to be multiplying right before his eyes, and it wouldn’t be long before they made it to this cave.

Johnny didn’t wait to see what would happen when they made it to him. He took off running full tilt. It wasn’t long before he found himself hopelessly lost. He long ago gave up trying to find Jack, but now he had to figure out a way to stop going around in circles. There was one whole section of wall that was covered in moss with drops of water pooling on the floor. He thought that if he were to follow the water he would find his way out, but he was wrong. He found a few rocks on the ground and used them to marks on the wall as he passed then he noticed to his horror that he had indeed be going in circles.

The cave walls were of a dull rust color, and the marks he made on the walls were chalk white which made it easy for him to see what he was doing, but he couldn’t for the life of him figure out what was producing the light that lit up the corridors he found himself lost in. He made a snap decision to go the opposite direction, and that is when he saw the wall with the moss on it moving. He pulled out Wesson, which was in-fact a black steel composite knife given to him by his older brother Maurice. He took the knife out and cut away the moss with ease. Johnny then took a moment to thank his brother who was no longer of this world.

"Thanks big bro." Johnny said, then took out a necklace he always kept with him and kissed the metal once before setting off again.

Johnny began to move through the rest of the cave, and was relieved to see sunshine welcoming him as he made his way to an exit.

Prompt:You find yourself at a cross roads in the contest and have to give up an object close to your heart. What is this object and why is it so precious to you?

She had reached a crossroads in this contest.


Penelope stood at a forked road and tried to figure out which path she could take. She was thinking about taking the "road less travelled" just to be poetic, but since neither of the dirt paths had footprints or any indication someone had gone this way, it seemed that they were both not travelled on at all.

There was a mountain up ahead and it seemed that was the way everyone was heading and she wondered who decided they had to go over that mountain anyway. Was there a map everyone was following to the treasur- prize? Or did they just have to make it to the other side of the island?

Penelope realized she was wasting time and had to decide, so she resolved to close her eyes, spin in a circle, and when she opened them she would take the path closest to where she ended up. Of course, she found herself looking behind her the first time so she had to do it twice. Her spinning had decided for her - she was going... Left!

She adjusted her backpack on her shoulders as she trudged on, being careful not to disturb Wiskers, who had fallen asleep as he rested against her neck. It was warm on this island, and she was getting tired. She resolved to kick herself later for not packing any water, but decided she would wait until the time came when she could afford to suffer an injury.

After walking for about half-an-hour she had entered the jungle again and was beginning to think she had made the wrong choice, when she found herself at a big metal door built into the mountain. When she approached it opened, one half of the door going into the ground and other half disappearing into the ceiling, and she jumped back in surprise. It looked like a military bunker or something. Hey, maybe she could bypass this whole mountain thing by just going under it!

As Penelope peered in, she saw... nothing. It was almost completely pitch black inside. Maybe this wasn't the best idea after all. She looked behind her, wondering if maybe she should turn back. But everyone would be ahead of her! If they weren't already...

Penelope straightened her back in resolved as she squared off with the nothingness in the tunnel.

"I'm not scared of the dark," She said, "Not at all."

With that she walked through the doors into the darkness. As she stepped inside, she checked behind herself to make sure the door didn't close - she wasn't a fan of horror movies. When she saw the palm trees swaying out in the sunlight she chuckled - she was being such a baby.

As she continued on the doors shut behind her with a clang, leaving them in darkness, and both she and Wiskers squeaked at the same time.

"OK," She tried to catch her breath, "We'll be fine. We will."

Penelope squinted, trying to make out their surroundings.

"Yes, I'm serious! Just let me think."

She flailed around until she found a cool concrete wall and began to follow it, sliding her hands up and down the wall as she went, trying to find a light switch. Quite accidentally, she did find one, and the room was suddenly so brightly lit that she had to close her eyes for a moment.


The tunnel wasn't a tunnel at all, not really. It was a huge underground bunker filled with huge metal crates.

"Hope we don't get arrested for trespassing. Wouldn't be good on our record, huh?" Penelope laughed nervously, trying to cover her fear.

It didn't work.

Though they could not see anything particularly wrong, something wasn't right. It was scary.

As she walked she found that while her sneakers made almost no noise, it seemed loud because the entire compound was deathly silent. Her heart was beating quickly as she continued and she just tried to think about how awesome the prize money was going to be. The prize was money, right?

Continuing down the only hallway that was available to them, she suddenly found herself in another big room, though this one was filled with medical equipment. Penelope walked inside and glanced around - medical monitors and computers, tables and scalpels, and x-ray negatives of some sort of animal.

"This is like, the best haunted house I've ever been in," She said, beginning to shake, "You? Well, of course."

This was all for show, obviously. It was a reality TV contest - they couldn't actually get hurt. Right? Then again, those natives she had come across were pretty threatening. There was no reason she couldn't protect herself.

Penelope moved forward to take one of the scalpels to put in her backpack (better to always be prepared), when she heard a light splashing sound, and looked down to see that she had stepped in some sort of liquid. She followed the trail of liquid with her eyes and saw that it was coming from some giant tube that used to be filled with the stuff, but the glass had broken and it was no empty.


A clanging down the hallway nearly stopped her heart.

"This is just a game," She said.

The sound was getting louder, closer, a wet sort of shuffling.

Penelope took a step backward, inching toward the place she hoped was the exit.

A figure was now visible as it ran through the hallway - it looked like a huge monkey mixed with a spider.

"This... is..." Penelope took two more steps back, "Just... a... game!"

Whatever the creature was in howled as it tore into the room and she screamed. Penelope turned to run but slipped in whatever the wet stuff on the ground was. She pulled herself up just as the creature jumped over where her head just was and crashed into the computer system. Wisker's claws dug into her even through her hoodie as he held on tightly so he wouldn't be thrown off.

Penelope had no idea if this was real or "reality" real, and she didn't care. It was real enough for her.

She ran like she never had before, no longer exhausted from all the days work. When she looked back she immediately realized she shouldn't have. The thing was following her.

Her legs began to burn but she ignored it, running, running. She kept going down the narrow hallway, not sure where else there was to turn. Suddenly, a warm gust of air broke through the chill of the underground bunker and she headed towards it, hoping to get back in that stupid island heat. Sure enough, soon she could see a light. Freedom!

But the thing was still following her. It would follow her out. She couldn't think of that.

When she turned into the room, the creature skidded past her and she pushed a large crate in front of the doorway, her adrenaline giving her strength. As she looked around she found that the light was only sunlight coming through a window in another of those huge metal doors. She ran towards it, hoping it would automatically open like the other one, but it didn't. She banged her hands on the door and the sound reverberated throughout the room.

"Help!" She cried.

Suddenly the crate blocking the door was pushed forward an inch, and then another. The creature was trying to break in. Frantically, Penelope rushed around the room, trying to find a way out. The banging kept up, the crate getting farther and farther from the door. She soon saw a claw scraping the side of it, leaving deep gashes in the green metal.

She screamed in frustration and fear, until her eyes fell on a red button under a plastic case, built into a metal table with other buttons. Penelope threw open the plastic case that was (thankfully) not locked, and slammed on the button. The doors opened and she felt like she was melting.

Penelope sprinted out of the doors and into the sunlight. The thing would try to follow her, but she would get as much a head start as possible. Suddenly, she noticed that her shoulder felt lighter. She looked herself over and found that Wiskers was gone. Horrified, she saw that he had jumped off and was running back across the concrete floor of the bunker.

"Wiskers!" She yelled, "What are you doing? Come back!"

Her eyes flitted from her best friend to the crate that would soon be pushed aside to let loose some sort of monster. When she looked back at Wiskers, the rat was standing on the metal table next to the button and she knew what he was doing. The crate was thrown aside just as Wiskers hurled himself on top of the button, the doors slamming shut and locking both of them in.

"No!!" Penelope shrieked.

Penelope didn't bang her fists on the metal doors - they weren't going to open. She didn't even cry - it wasn't going to bring him back.

He was gone.

Out of the corner of her eye, Penelope thought she saw a giant bird landing a few yards away, but she didn't turn. If she was eaten by a bird, she wouldn't care. As Penelope looked at the cold metal doors that would never open, she said goodbye to... to... her best friend, and the only one who ever understood her.

Goodbye. To her most precious thing.

She would win this for him.

As Penelope turned, she saw that it was indeed a giant bird. And there was someone climbing off of it, and walking towards her. Alex...

She walked towards him slowly, leaving the compound behind.

She liked walking.

[Prompt]: You have just made it over the mountain, congrats! Unfortunately, you find yourself surrounded by a group of lemmings who are all charging towards a cliff with the intent to jump off. One of them tosses you a pink parachute - but (also) unfortunately, the parachute is already occupied by your old Math teacher. What do you do?

Welcome back to Prompt Island! We have successfully made it through the second week of competition and the race is heating up! Let's jump right into the action!

In this round, we saw lots of intense survival tactics, but only one player will get immunity this round. Last time, we awarded Penelope with the immunity bracelet when she gave us the longest addition. This time, however, we are doing the exact opposite! That's right folks. Whoever gave us the shortest addition is getting immunity! So let's take a look... the immunity... goes to... Caterius! (Dude) Congratulations on winning the immunity challenge of the week!

As for the rest of you, and I can see you are nervous, it's time to reveal which one of you will be eliminated from the competition. Let's look at the votes...

Scruffy (Sap)
Vik (Bluebart)
...and with the final vote...



Will you look at that! It looks like we have an official tie for this round! What are we supposed to do? Uh... gimme a second. I need to call the producers... *turns around and whips out a cellphone*

Hello? Hey it's me... Pierre. Yeah... well it looks like we have a tie. What do we do for a tiebreaker?...Oh really? Well then! ...Gotcha! Well...

*turns back around and faces the contestants*

Sorry about that. I had some... technical difficulties. Anyways, it is time for our tiebreaker! Now, for the tiebreaker, it is going to be between Vik (bluebart) and Scruffy (sap). Now, here on Prompt Island, we want to reward our writers for their contributions on the island. So for our tiebreaker, the win always goes to the writer with the longest addition in the competition as a whole. So let's add up the additions for each competitor...

Vik- 4276
Scruffy- 6875

So that means that the winner of the tiebreaker is Scruffy! Vik, I am sorry, but it is time for you to leave...

While Vik is running from the canyon, a rope from the bridge he just destroyed ties into a knot around his ankle, sending him down the ravine.

Ouch! What a way to go!

Well folks, looks like it was a close one this round! Some alliances looked to have formed and things are starting to get interesting! How will the contestants respond? What will happen next? What prompts will our contestants develop next? Find out soon on... Prompt Island!
As I'm walking along the path trying to find my way to get to the other side the island, I see a mountain that looks like it could get me there quicker if I were to climb over it.

"Hm. The mountain looks a little steep. I guess this is where the moon jump comes into effect." I then flip out my cellphone and type in the AR Max code for moon jump. As I push enter, I get into position, I jump with little effort, and I find myself almost flying to the top of the mountain. I grab onto the near edge of the top of the mountain and pull myself up the rest of the way.

"Whew. That was almost no workout at all." After I get my bearings, I saw what looked like a group of rodents scurrying my way. They all start to surround me, and I find them all talking amongst themselves. That's when I see one of them has a small red handkerchief around his neck.

"Wait. Berry? Is that you?!"

"Huh? Scruffy! It's you!" Berry the lemming then starts climbing up my pant leg and onto my open hand.

"What are you doing here?" We both say to each other at the same time.

"Well, I'm here to help my friends learn how to not get killed when jumping off of cliffs."

"You're still trying to help lemmings learn how to not kill themselves? How long has it been since you've been doing that anyway?"

"You know Scruffy. It was around the same time you saved my parents from going into space when they were still using lemmings before monkeys."

"Oh right. I remember now. It was a shame they got fried to a crisp when they tried to climb back in through the rocket booster."

"Yeah. But hey, most lemmings are dumb to begin with. That's why I've dedicated my life to teaching the other lemmings how to resist the urge to kill themselves. To prevent anything like that from ever happening again."

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

"You? Help us? Well, I guess with you on our side it'll help boost morale since we ended up losing 15 lemmings on the last run."

"Oh really? How many did you lose before last time?"

"Around 30. Which is good. It means more of them are getting the picture now."

"So what do you need me to do?"

"Well, if you could replace the guy we had in the parachute, we could have you take us to the bottom of the mountain." Berry pointed to an old man in a pink parachute who bears a resemblance to my old math teacher.

"Wait. That is my old math teacher. Mr. Snuggles!" I rush over to him and I end up pouncing on him.

"Hey Mr. Snuggles! How have you been? It's been so long. Mr. Snuggles?" As I looked at his face, I see that it's all mangled and torn apart.

"What happened to him?"

"Well, during the last test, we all got on him and rode down to the bottom of the mountain. But Mike, of one of the lemmings, decided that we should all die and started biting into the straps of the parachute, causing us all to hit the ground hard. Most of us didn't make it, and when we found him and your math teacher all mashed up like that, we decided to take both of them back to the top of the mountain. As a testament to how weak some of us lemmings really are. That's when we found you up here."

"Oh. I see."

"Sorry you had to see him like this. I can only imagine how much you cared about him."

"It's okay. It's not that big a deal He really wasn't that important to me anyway."

"Well in that case, here you go!" Berry then tosses me the parachute.

"Wait. Didn't you say one of the lemmings was biting the straps off of the parachute?"

"Oh don't worry about that. We patched it up real good. It should hold for a few more runs anyway." I then start to put it on when I see a giant bird flying over the mountain. The other lemmings saw it as well, and now they were running over to the cliff edge to get a closer look at it.

"No guy's! Stop!" Berry yelled as they headed over to the edge of the cliff. But it was to late. When the lemmings got to the cliff edge, they ended up pushing into each other, sending several lemmings over the edge.

"Oh no!" Both of us yelled. I ran off of the cliff in a desperate attempt to save the lemmings from certain death. As me and Berry were free falling down the side of the mountain, I couldn't help but start singing the song.

"And I'm free! Free falling!"

"Scruffy! Save the jokes for later and focus on saving my friends!"

"Right! Sorry!" I yelled as I started grabbing the other lemmings from out of free fall. When I got hold of as many as I could grab, I pulled the rip cord, and out of the parachute bag came dozens of plastic utensils. As they flew out of the bag, my thoughts went to Mike, the lemming who sabotaged the last skydive. Then I started yelling at the top of my lungs-

"Oh for the love of-" SPLAT. I hit the ground hard.

"Mike." I was unharmed from the fall of course, but the lemmings, turns out I fell on my back holding the lemmings on my chest. None of them were hurt at all. Except for the ones I couldn't grab in time. They soon found their way to the ground beside me. And splatted blood and guts all over the place. After they all fell to the ground, I got up with the others and let them down amongst their fallen comrades.

"15 more down the drain it seems." Berry says as he looks around at the mess.

"Sorry I couldn't save them all Berry."

"It's okay. You did your best. besides, you did save me and the others anyway. So thank you."

"No problem. Oh yeah, I need to ask you a favor."

"Sure. Anything. What is it?"

"I'm in the middle of a race, and I need to get to the other side of the island as fast as possible. Do you guys know of any shortcuts that can get me there quickly?"

"A race. Hm. Okay. I got ya. There's a path just straight through the thick over there. If you go through there, just follow the path, and you should get to the other side faster."

"Okay. Thanks. Well, I'd better get going if I'm to get ahead of the others. See you later Berry!" I say as I start running into the thick.

"See you later Scruffy! Safe travels!" As the other lemmings cheer me on my way through the thick, I soon find the path that they were talking about, and make my way along to the other side of the island.

Prompt. As you run through an open field, you spot the aliens from the start of the game setting up camp. As you walk up to them, a barrier blocks you from leaving the camp. The aliens seem friendly enough though, and even offer you some food and drink. As you partake on their generosity, you find out the food enabled you to understand what they were saying. You soon find out that the barrier malfunctioned when you entered the camp, and you are now forced to stay for about an hour until they can fix it and let you out. What do you end up doing for this hour?
Leeroy saw at the edge of the campground as he waited for the aliens to 'fix' it. He looked around the camp and it became evident that fixing the barrier was low on the aliens' priority list. Leeroy let out an aggravated sigh as he walked over to the aliens.

"Hey! What's going on over here? Aren't you all supposed to be fixing the barrier?"

"Jfghathn hganbthg hbhbag klkr," one of the aliens responded.


"Yfgaga kfjgbahw hybe!" the alien bellowed. He waved his hands wildly with each word.

The alien looked down at Leeroy and realized there was a failure to communicate. The alien face-palmed and just pointed at a table full of food. Leeroy's eyes grew at the sight. After missing out on dinner with the Bear family, he was starved! Leeroy ran over to the table and his heart dropped. He couldn't recognize anything set at the table. Leeroy simply shrugged and began stuffing his face with a mysterious red food. It was crunchy, but had a indistinguishable taste to it.

"Look at that guy... eating all of our food. What a terrible guest!" the alien leader complained to his partner.

Leeroy stopped chewing and turned to look at the alien. Both aliens quickly shifted their gaze in different directions. Leeroy shrugged and continued eating.

"What was that all about?" the alien leader asked. "You don't think... he can understand us... do you?"

"Relax!" The other alien replied. "I highly doubt this simpleton can speak our language. Just look at him!"

Leeroy quickly swallowed his mouthful of mystery alien food and listened to the alien conversation. He could not figure out why he was able to understand them, but he did not want the aliens to figure that out!

"So, how long do you want to mess with him before we tell him about the gate for the barrier?" the second alien asked.

"I don't care. Watch this though. I'm gonna freak him out!" the alien leader said with a laugh.

Leeroy heard the alien walk up behind him. Leeroy turned around just as the alien began yelling.

"Rgtathaibagltkjbk!" the leader yelled as he waved his arms violently.

"Whoa! Watch your mouth!" the second alien yelled.

The leader looked back and grinned sheepishly. He looked down at Leeroy and walked back to the other alien. They laughed and walked off to a tent, leaving Leeroy by himself. Leeroy stared down at the food before him.

"Excuse me! Can you help me out a little?" a woman's voice called out.

Leeroy turned around to find Ashley sitting next to the campfire. A big grin covered Leeroy's face.

"Oh sheesh! You again! Are you stalking me or something?" Ashley groaned.

"I wish... I mean no! I'm not at all!"

"Whatever. How about you get me out of here?" Ashley asked.

"Oh... uh..."

"Well? Are you going to help me or breathe through your mouth until the aliens get back?"

"Yes! I'll help you! You're just so... breathtaking!"

Ashley rolled her eyes. She held out her hands as Leeroy untied the knots. Thankfully, he learned all about knots from his days in boy scouts! In moments, Ashley was freed from the rope. She promptly stood and stretched out.

"Finally! I never thought you would be my knight in shining armor though!" Ashley leaned in, but yelling aliens quickly pulled her back.

"What's going on here?" the alien leader yelled in English.

"Oh now you speak our language!" Leeroy pointed out.

The alien glared at Leeroy. "What's going on here?"

Leeroy looked at Ashley. Her eyes filled with tears as the aliens restrained her. Leeroy's mind went back to the incident with the Bear family. How could he do that to such a beautiful woman?

"She untied herself and was trying to run away! Thankfully, I was caught her," Leeroy replied.

"You liar! You untied me and were going to help me out! Quit trying to sabotage me!" Ashley lashed out.

Leeroy let out a groan. Then, he burped.

The aliens all looked at each other expectantly. "Well, they know we speak English now, but what are we going to do with the runner?"

"Hm... I know! Let's feed her to the visiting Bear family!" the alien leader answered. The aliens all cheered and danced excitedly. The aliens threw Ashley in a pit and turned to Leeroy.

"Thanks, for helping us out, humanoid. If you want to leave, the exit to the barrier is right over there," the alien leader informed Leeroy.

Leeroy looked over to the exit, then back at the group of aliens. "Actually, I wasn't trying to stop her. I... I untied her and tried to help her escape."


"Yes, I tried to help her. I don't know if this makes sense, but I could not live with myself knowing that I sent such a beautiful person to their death. She truly is the most beautiful girl, and I would rather you cook me instead and let her go free. I just... I just can't let her die while I run free."

The aliens all looked down at Leeroy as he spoke. As soon as he finished though, the alien leader pushed Leeroy into the pit.

"Looks like we found dessert too boys!" the leader laughed as they walked off.

Leeroy looked at Ashley, who didn't appear so mad anymore.

"I'm sorry about all that. I know where the exit is though! We're just... stuck in this pit."

"Okay, well all we have to do is get out of here and we're fine!" Ashley beamed.

"Right..." Leeroy looked up the sides of the pit. The walls were smooth concrete walls about 30 feet tall from where they were standing. "I think... I may actually have an idea!"

"Really? What is it?" Ashley asked.

Prompt: "Silk!"
This was just going from bad to worse.....first it was the bears...now it was the aliens.
Now she was trapped in this pot with this man...and he was attracted to her!

She didn't really care about that...she just mainly wanted to win this competition so she could rub it in Ashleys face.
She glanced around the area to see if there was any way to free herself or at least get out of the bubbling pot.
She spotted a spool of silk not too far away from where the aliens grabbed her.

"Is there anything we can give you to let us go?"
The aliens shrugged.
"Not unless you have anything more delicious and fulfilling than yourselves.....which is unlikely."
"What about silk?"
"What is silk...and is it delicious?"
Ashley nodded her head.

"Oh yes...very. It is considered a delicacy here...and if you let us go, i will bring you some right away..."
The alien seemed suspicious.
"My word that i won't leave this area until i give you the silk."
The ropes were removed and Ashley was lifted out of the pot....the man gazed at her.

She should let him burn for his deceit...but she sighed.
"Him too...or the deals off."
The aliens shrugged and removed his bonds.
"You bring us the silk now?"

Ashley nodded and walked over to the spool of silk and brought it back to the aliens.
"Here you go."
The aliens activated the portal, then greedily snarfed the spool down between them....the fabric got caught in their throats and they suffocated to death.
Leeroy looked at Ashley.

"A delicacy?"
She smiled.
"It worked didn't it? See ya...."
Ashley jumped through the portal before Leeroy could respond.


The sky grows dark and rain begins to fall...but it's not any special type of rain.....this rain is filled with bloodsucking leeches!
Alex had been fortunate to be alive so far, and if he had anything to do about it, he would stay that way. However, life isn’t always the way you want it to be. As he sat atop his new found friend Tampora, he thought about what he wanted from this contest. In the beginning it was about doing something for fun, and possibly winning a trip to some place nice, but things had progressed so quickly that now he was in a life and death situation on random intervals. He still hoped he would have a chance to know Penelope better though. She was cute.

“You know, you never told me why you were on this island.” Tampora said, interrupting Alexander’s thoughts.

“Heh, yeah I suppose I didn’t really have time between trying to save your life and all.” Alex replied with a laugh.

In response to that Tampora banked right suddenly causing Alex to jerk hard to the side.
“Hey!” Alex shouted.

Tampora let out a short burst of chirps that Alex took for laughing.

“As I was going to say,” Alex said aloud. “ I’m on this island with a few other people participating in a contest for a prize when we made it to the end.”

“How do you know if you made it to the end?” Tampora asked.

Alex thought for a moment before he answered.” I suppose when it is only one of us left.”
“So, you’re going to peck each other until only one of you are left?” Tampora asked. “I never thought that humans were like Eagles.”

“No,” Alex laughed. “We…er…humans don’t peck one another. We don’t have beaks as you can see.” Alex explained. “We just set ourselves up in a contest for various reasons for prizes.” Alex finished.

“I don’t get it, but I’ll take your word for it.” Tampora said taking a steep dive through the clouds.

From the height they were flying Alex could see a wide expanse of the jungle him and the other contestants were traveling along with a row of mountains. There were a few dark clouds that seemed to be rolling in from the east. The clouds themselves were a dull gray that looked to be pregnant and fit to burst.

“I don’t like the look of this.” Tampora said, with worry coloring its tone of voice.

“What’s wrong?” Alex asked, glancing in the direction of the clouds again. “Are you talking about those dark clouds? Don’t worry I can handle a little rain.”

“CHIRP! It’s not the rain that I’m worried about.” Tampora said. “I only come to this island during the summer months because during the winter there are a lot of rain storms rife with Rudinea. Believe me you don’t want to get a Rudinea on you, rain or not.” Tampora warned.
“What are Ru..Rudinea? I’m not saying that I want them on me, but what do they do if they were to get on me?” Alexander asked.

“Rudinea are worms, normally I’m a big fan of worm because they are just yummy, but Rudinea worms suck your blood, and will most likely take over your mind if you don’t get them off of you in time.” Tampora answered.

“Good thing we’re here during the summer months then. Look at this beautiful weather.” Alexander said.

Alex heard the familiar short burst of chirps.” We’re not in the summer month. Winter has just started.” Tampora said.

“What? That just doesn’t make sense. The weather here is beautiful.” Alex argued.

As he spoke with Tampora about the weather he looked down to see the familiar form of Penelope walking from what looked to be a compound of some sort.

Alexander leaned forward so Tampora could hear him better.” Do you think you can handle another person on your back?” Alexander asked.

“I don’t know, I’m not having any problems so far so I guess I can handle one more.” Tampora replied. “But, we have to be quick, those clouds are getting closer.

Tampora shot down to the ground at break neck speed only to come up short and land light as a feather about fifteen feet away from where Penelope was walking away from the compound.

Alexander hopped off Tampora’s back and walked toward Penelope to ask her if she wanted to get a ride to some place safer. As he came closer he could tell that she was crying. His first instinct was to hold her and make all the bad go away, but he reminded himself that he didn’t really know her and that might not be okay. He shouldn’t have worried though.

“Hey, I know we’re both competing in this contest, but I was-“ Alex was cut off from whatever he was about to say because Penelope lunged toward him crying into his chest.

“He’s gone.” She cried.

Alexander didn’t know who she was talking about.

“Who’s gone? He managed to ask between her sobs.

“Wiskers!” She cried harder.

Alex just held her for a while stroking her hair as she cried. Whoever Whiskers was they must have meant the world to her.

“Alex, the storm is here! Chirp!” Tampora shouted.

Alex hadn’t realized how dark it became until he heard Tampora. Penelope also seemed to have been brought out of her misery of losing Whiskers by the fact that Tampora a large bird had spoken.

Rain began to fall, but it wasn’t the rain that had Alexander’s full attention. The rain that fell had a slight pitter patter, but it was the slopping sounds that disturbed Alex more than anything else. He finally saw what Tampora had been worried about. The Rudinea were slimy looking worms that moved around like a snake, and were ten inches long. Alex didn’t need to tell Penelope that they had to move, and fast

The two of them ran and found what seemed to be an empty cave. Tampora waddled behind them. As the thunder roared across the sky Alexander could only hope whoever was left out in this leech storm found some form of safety.

Prompt:The island now consists of blood sucking, mind taking over leeches. How does your character survive the storm?

         When it started raining, Ava had no idea what she was in for. Raindrops fell all around her with loud slopping sounds. She looked down and saw that she was surrounded by ten inch, slimy... worms? Whatever they were, they were gross, and didn't look too friendly. Ava backed away from them and broke into a run. She needed to find a way avoid the wormy things. Looking around her, she saw no one, no place to hide. It was empty except for a few tiny trees and thorny bushes.

         Ava yelled to see if any of the other contestants were around, but no one answered. Reaching one of the trees, she broke off parts of the branches and started to make a fire.

         Hopefully it's as easy as it looks on television, she thought.

         It wasn't. Especially when you have ten inch slimy worm things coming your way. Finally, she got a fire going and the creatures diverted around it. The deadly rain was relentless, with it's slimy creatures falling to the ground. Ava was freezing cold, completely alone, and her fire was slowly dying out. Now seemed like a good time to give up.

         Ava lifted her gaze and was startled when she saw someone a distance away. It was dark, and she couldn't tell who it was. The person didn't seem to notice her at first, but then she noticed that he was moving toward her. She tried to look more closely, but it was too dark. It might have been the drummer, who she thought she saw earlier by the lake, or maybe the Leeroy Jenkins guy. It could probably be anybody... she had no idea where they all were. Whoever it was probably needed protection. Ava's fire was dying out, and anyways, she couldn't stay out there all night. She had to find somewhere to stay for the night. Maybe this person, whoever he was, could help her. Or maybe not.

Prompt: Having found some sort of shelter from the leeches, you now realize how hungry you are. There are no fruits around, and you have no way of telling which plants are safe to eat. All you know is that you need food, and you need it now.
'Of course it had to rain leeches.' Caterius thought to himself. 'I really hate leeches.' Suddenly his stomach made its emptiness known. He couldn't help but groan. He hated the feeling of being hungry. He searches through the cave he found himself in to escape the leeches for anything edible. He saw so many plants, but they were so bright he was sure they were poisonous. He did find some honeysuckle to suck on which didn't help his hunger, but did trick his stomach into thinking it had enough food to shut up.

Suddenly the cave completely changes. It goes from dark and natural to well-lit and man made. Suddenly a woman appears in front of him and gestures to follow her. Caterius decides to go with the flow and follows her to a kitchen that had everything, except for fruit oddly enough. He makes himself a nice big sandwich and starts to talk to his host.

"What are you doing on this island ma'am? I thought noone was supposed to live here."

"I used to live here a long time ago. I was exiled here after I helped Napoleon almost escape from his island prison." That sentence gave Caterius a shock. It was literally impossible for someone to live that long that's almost two hundred years. Suddenly the lady dissapears with a soft breeze and a whisper of run. Now Caterius was very superstitious and decided if a ghost tells you to run you probably should.

He starts running for what he thinks is the exit when suddenly the roof starts collapsing. He starts to sprint the last few yards and barely escapes.He looks up to notice that the storm has subsided. He unfortunately also sees another contestant lying on the ground covered in leeches and apparently having delusions.

PROMPT: You couldn't escape the leech storm and the blood loss has made you delusional. You are reliving three of your most traumatic experiences and you have to realize you are hallucinating by the third delusion. Caterius is also Nursing you back to health so one of the delusions is cut out in the middle of it.
A Non-Existent User
I thought back to before I went over the mountain to when I saw Leeroy through a bush. That could have been me getting stuck with the bears in that cave. But they seemed nice enough they probably lead him right through to the other side. Now worrying I decided to pick up the pace. Soon I was running through the rain hoping to make it to the other side before anyone. At one point I thought I felt some slimy thing on my head. Then I woke up and thought, no contest? No race? Just my alarm beside me. Then I turned off my alarm and got my son up and changed. Taking care of him since he was four months old his biological father not seeing him till he was three years old and now he's four years old.
"Eat all of your cereal Bryan, then I will walk you to school." I told my son Bryan.
"Dad when is mom coming home?" Bryan asked.
"Like I said before when mommy gets her blood levels under control she will be home."
"I don't call her mommy anymore it's mom. She is in the hospital fixing her dieabeats?"
"Yes Bryan now eat up I have to get to work."
"As a tree aboristity?"
"Yes cutting and trimming trees as a tree arborist."
After dropping my son off at school, junior kindergarden, I went to work. All day I thought about how my mom would be taking Bryan when I teach drum lessons then I'd be putting him to bed and doing the hole thing over again. Before I taught some lessons right after work I went to see Tammy. In the hospital she was in a section that kids couldn't come in. I went when my mom was picking up Bryan. She told me she would be out at the end of the week.
"So when I get back I want you out." Tammy said surprising me.
"Why? What do you mean out? Just to live somewhere else but still date?"
"No I want you out and we won't date. I just don't think it's working out any more. I can never trust you. I've tried but you lie and then don't tell the truth till I catch you. Like that party you went to. You didn't tell me till your friend accidentally slipped and said something about it. I wouldn't have cared if you told me a head of time. But you lied about where you where."
"Yea I guess, but I just didn't tell you the hole truth I was at his house but I didn't tell you he was having a party. But that's not bad, I didn't cheat on you. I just went out for awhile. You knew I would be home."
"Well that's not the only thing you've lied about or the only time you've lied."
The scean faded to black then I was sitting and a spot light was in my eyes. I was on stage and my band just finished our last song. What my memory gave me was that it wasn't a good show. My girl just broke with me and told me to leave the place we rented together. My parents let me stay at their house and I had a gig to play but I was depressed. After the show my singer came up to both the bassist and I and yelled.
"You cant keep a simple four, four, count for that break? What is wrong with you Jack? And you Frank, why are you playing the wrong notes on the bass. That's it, I quit." Off Jack walked mad as a hatter.
"Dosnt he realize your girl just split with you?" Frank asked me.
"Well I told him but he won't listen. That was un called for. You played fine and my mess up wasn't that bad. The fans love us. He'll be back he always is." I told frank.
But a week went by and nothing happened. The scean went back to the start and repeated all through again then just as the singer came up again there was a wet towel on my forehead and a guy speaking.
"It's ok I'll keep you save." This voice sounded familiar. Like someone I knew, but a new voice. Like the guy from the race.
These dreams that are so real. Like delusions of my most traumatic experiences.The voice was of Caterius as my eyes opened started to speak.
"Don't worry those leaches are off you now. I put some salt on them."
"What leaches? Where am I?"
"In the race and if we don't hurry we will lose. It was raining these big snake leach things. But don't worry it's not raining anymore. If you feel better we should go."
I got up off a pile of leaves and started to walk. "How did you find dry leaves and why are my cloths dry if it rained?"
"That's my secret. You ready to run. I can't help you all the way I want to win this race. You owe me one." Caterius said as he ran off into a path to the left.
I decided to stay on the path straight. As I went along everything was wet and I was in wonder. Looking a head I notice Johnny stuck with lava on all sides yelling.
PROMT: Your stuck with lava on all sides, a small volcano has started flowing lava all around you, in order to get out you need to tell the nearest person three lies you have told people in your past.
Johnny stood on a rock in the middle of an ever increasing river of lava with the only person who was able to help him being that of Jack Forest. He thought of all the people he had dealt with, but thought that maybe this was his time to leave. Johnny weighed his options, and decided he would rather pull the ejector pin given to him from one of the producers of the show. He had taken care of a problem the producer had when he had made a trip to his city in New York. Never in his life did Johnny believe he would be one to just give up and leave, but he figured everyone had their limit and this one was his.

“It’s funny, I had plans on making it to the end of this competition, but that just isn’t to be.” Johnny confessed to Jack Forest, who watched Johnny from a safe distance to the lava.

The heat of the lava began to eat away at the rock Johnny found himself on. The cracking of the rock was Johnny’s cue to press the ejection device he had placed in his boot just before the beginning of the race.

“I’ll see you again Jack,” Johnny promised, as he held the sleek device in his hand. When he depressed the red button at the top an alarm went off instantly.

The sound of a helicopter was heard a ways off. Jack took off running long before the helicopter showed up. Johnny had made his mind up that he was done. Port City was calling him, and he would just have to suck it up and realize that reality television just wasn’t for him.

When the spotlight from the helicopter shined on Johnny he heard the family voice of Renee Corinthos

“I knew you couldn’t handle it. You should have listened to me when I told you.” Renee gloated.

Johnny hated when she was right. He wouldn’t admit that it was too much for him because it wasn’t the fact that it was too much, it was that he didn’t care for the fate of the people who were voted off.

Johnny took one last look at the island as the helicopter moved away taking him to his home city. He knew he would have to endure the sound of Renee’s shrill voice all the way back home.

“I can’t wait until we get back to the city. I own you Johnny.” Renee told him.

“You don’t own me. I work for your husband, and that is all.” Johnny corrected.

“We’ll see what happens after this.” She warned.

Johnny had a feeling his boss had made a bet about how he would fare on the island. He hated when his boss would do that. The feeling of dread rested uneasily on his stomach, but he knew whatever the future held he would get through it.

Prompt: You have been saved from the onslaught of a leech storm, only to find yourself facing a torrential downpour with a new friend, but just when things can’t get any worse the precious object that you lost has returned to help you on your journey again.

Alex, Penelope, and the huge bird ran as fast as they could into a nearby cave. The worm things still fell outside, slapping and squishing and slopping all over the place - but they were far enough inside the cave that the leeches didn't get in. It didn't sound like normal rain, the kind that's comforting. It sounded awful.

Penelope hugged her knees and let her chin rest on them. Water fell with the leeches so she was wet, and cold, and miserable. What kind of game was this? Well, at least the giant bird hadn't eaten her.

The bird was watching her with big eyes that looked kind - if a bird can have kind eyes.

Alex had investigated the cave, going all the way to the back (it wasn't very big), to make sure there weren't going to be any unwanted surprises. Now he rejoined them.

Penelope was glad that there were no more of those horrible monkey-zombie things in there with them. If there were, she probably would have died of a heart attack. Actually, she would have killed it. Killed it dead. So dead, in fact, that it wouldn't even know it was dead.

Alex didn't seem to know what to say, and kept opening his mouth and closing it. Finally he sighed and leaned against the rock wall of the cave, shaking out his wet hair.

"She looks sad." Said the bird.

Now it was Penelope's turn to open her mouth and find herself unable to speak. Well, at least, speak intelligibly that is.

"W-wha??" She 'said'.

"Oh, uh, this is Tempora." Alex said, smoothing down the giant wet feathers on the giant birds head.

The bird lowered its head like it was bowing, and said, "At your service."

Penelope scrambled up to her feet and pressed herself against the wall.

"I'm dead," She said quickly, "I'm dead I died I'm dead."

"You're not dead." Alex stepped towards her, trying to calm her down.

"He saved me," Tempora chirped, "Otherwise I would have been dead."

Penelope tried to slow down her breathing.

There was a giant talking bird. Okay.

Alex had saved it, so, it probably wasn't going to eat them. Maybe there was more to Alex than muscles after all.

"So..." Penelope breathed, "You... like animals?"

"Love them," Alex said.

"Okay," She thought, "We can get married then."

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Yeah," She said, sadly, "Thanks for saving me. Who are you anyway? Going around, saving people all over the place."

"Oh," Alex looked crestfallen, "You don't know who I am?"

"Um..." Penelope racked her brain, she knew she'd seen him on TV, "Were you on CSI?"

"I'm a wrestler!" He seemed distressed, like this was the first time this had ever happened to him, "You know..." Alex flexed his biceps, "Adonis? No?"

"You're Greek?"

Alex wilted.

"Sorry..." Penelope said, "And thanks for saving me. Most guys don't even bother to hold open doors!"

He smiled at her, "You must not have met any good guys then."

"Hey!" Alex jumped, startling Penelope.


"I was on an episode of CSI! Body number two. Totally forgot about that."

"I thought you were a wrestler." Penelope said.

"I am. I'm also an actor," Alex smiled, pleased, "Done some photography."

"How many jobs do you have?"

"And I'm a policeman." He continued.

"Guess that's where the saving people part comes in." She said as an aside.

"I've saved about... a dozen people in my life," He said proudly, "You make thirteen."

Penelope suddenly noticed small, squirming shadows thrown across the wall from the outside of the cave.

"Isn't that an unlucky number?" Penelope asked.

"Nope," He shook his head, "Don't think so."

Now she could see the worms themselves as they began to crawl in towards them. Apparently they didn't like the rain much either.

"Are you sure??" Penelope cried, pointing to the worms.

As Alex and Penelope took a step backwards, Tempora squawked and hid behind them.

"Is there a way out of this cave?" Penelope said, watching the horrible black leeches slither towards them.

"No." Alex looked pale.

They each took another step back.

"Are you sure?"


Tempora snapped his beak at the worms but it didn't scare them off. The cave was too narrow for them to fly out of.

This was it! Out of an underground lab filled with monsters and into a cave filled with leeches. She wondered why everything was subsurface. Maybe to make for easier graves...

When Penelope, Alex, and Tempora literally had their backs against the caves wall, the wall rumbled and they lurched away.

"Now what!?" Alex groaned.

As the wall slid into the ground, it revealed a tunnel that stretched out before them, and a rat sitting on the floor.

"Wiskers!" Penelope reached for him and he leapt into her arms, resting on her shoulders.

She was so happy she felt like she might start crying again.

"There was a vent from the lab to the tunnel?" She asked.

Indeed there had been! He had escaped from the creature by climbing into a grate, one the monster couldn't fit in to, and had scurried along until he'd come across this secret passage that was somehow connected to the lab. When he heard her voice he'd hit the lever (which required a great amount of strength, and gave him the determination to eat less SPAM and run on his wheel more often), and opened the cavern wall.

There was no idea of knowing where this tunnel would go... but they didn't have a choice.

"Come on!" Alex practically grabbed her and they set off running down the tunnel, the giant bird following after them.

Penelope had Wiskers back, and she'd made two new friends.

Maybe this contest wasn't so bad after all...

If they could make it out alive, that is.

PROMPT: As you walk along through the island, you find yourself in thick jungle, and accidentally fall through some weeds and into a shallow hole! But wait! There's more... Poking out of the bottom of the hole is some sort of wooden box.

Dusting it off so you're able to open it, you find that it's a chest of buried treasure! Whether or not you win this contest, you think, you've struck it rich. But wait! There is also... more! Unfortunately, the pirate skeletons that climb out of the dirt and surround you aren't big fans of the phrase, "Finders keepers". What do you do?

Welcome welcome welcome! I'm Pierre Causemybladdersempty and in case you didn't realize it, this is Prompt Island! We just finished our third round of action and yet again, the action was intense! we had another close close round and... well you sure had me sweating! Let's get right to the business shall we?

First, the immunity. Of course, only one writer gets immunity. For the round, immunity went to the writer who used the letter 'X' the most times. The winner of this round (and it was much closer than one would expect!) was... Alexander Weston (lonewolf)! Congratulations! Now onto the votes. They are as follows...




I'm sorry, but you have experienced your last moment here on Prompt Island! Leeroy jumps through the portal and is torn to pieces due to gravitational force.

Haha! Oh you know that's gonna leave a mark in the morning! Well folks, I'm afraid that's all we have time for this segment. Tune in next time to see who gets eliminated and who continues! I'm Pierre and this... is Prompt Island.

Oh! One last thing. From here on out, the order will be... randomized! The producers figured it was time to mix things up a little bit. Good luck!
Caterius can't believe his good luck. He was just walking through the jungle when he fell in a hole and found buried treasure. Unfortunately that's where the good luck ended. Suddenly skeletal hands sprung out of the ground and tried to grab me. Luckily his reflexes where good enough to jump so they didn't get him. He runs away a bit to look in the chest to see if anything useful was in it. Inside the chest was a beautiful whip with an ornate handle. Caterius knew quite about whips from combat training. He could use multiple weapons and while he prefered up close and personal combat he could use long range weapons. He then turns around to attack. He flicks his wrist and disconnects the skull of one of the skeletons from the body. Then one of the skeletons came up close and stabbed at him with his sword, but his sword was older than he was and as such was blunt and fragile, so when Caterius blocked his sword with his whip the sword broke. Caterius then hi-kicked the skeleton's head off. Caterius knew that he could only hold out for so long agains an army of skeletons so he did the only thing he could think of. He ran until he was far enough away that the skeletons would take a long while to reach him. He then digs a five man deep and six man wide whole in the ground, camoflauges himself, and hides the whole and stands on the other side of the pit from where the skeletons woudl come from. Suddenly the skeletons come crashing into the clearing and fall into the hole he made one after another. When all of them where in there he throws a rock into the hive of a special brand of bees that are only found on the island. Their hives and larvae are highly flammable. He then lights a log on fire, rolls it into the pit ,and runs. He hears the explosion and it knocks him on his face just out of the jumgle which saved him from the wave of fire. Unfortunately the wild fire was spreading like well wildfire. Suddenly the sphinx he befriended in the cave comes to rescue him, but as they are leaving they hear screams.

PROMPT You are in the jungle when the fire starts. The smoke makes it very hard to see. You meet a family of talking hippo there that you can either save or leave. And lastly something has to scream.
The helicopter had been flying along easily when a noise alerted Johnny that something was wrong. Renee grabbed ahold of Johnny’s arm. Her nails dug deep into his flesh, but still he kept his cool through it all.

Damn it, I’ve come all this way just to be killed in a helicopter? Johnny though angrily.

“OH MY GOD, JOHNNY! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? Renee screamed, to the top of her lungs.

“Great,” Johnny sighed.

“You idiots better not crash this thing, or Carmelo will have you sleepin’ with the fishes!” Renee threatened.

“M-m-m-miss we’re doing the best we can.” The pilot responded clearly scared for his life.

Renee wrapped her arms around Johnny’s and began cry as the helicopter filled with thick black smoke. Johnny pried Renee’s arms from around his left arm, and then unbuckled himself.

“Renee, listen. This helicopter is probably going to go down, so we have a few options.” Johnny confessed.

Renee seemed to be shocked by what Johnny said, so all she did was nod in agreement.

“The first option is that we stay in the plane and die.” Johnny said looking Renee straight in the eye to let her know he was serious. The second option is to jump from the plane and into the ocean. We aren’t that far from the island now, so if we jump we can probably make it back, but we’ll have to fight our way to somewhere safe until we can come in contact with Pierre again.

Renee still hadn’t said much, but the look in her eyes, and the tears threatening to fall from her eyes as Johnny explained things told him that she understood what he had told her and that she would follow his lead.

Things were going great, well as great as they could be given the fact that they were in a burning helicopter on its way down and they were going to jump into the ocean without knowing what was below. Yeah, things are going great given what they had until the helicopter decided it wanted to help them by spinning out of control in a direction toward the island’s jungle.

The scream that erupted from Renee made Johnny want to cringe. In fact, he had cringed a few times. Johnny was able to get a glimpse of the jungle before they hit. He knew some of what lurked in this jungle, and it bothered him that he would be going back. The something that lurked in the jungle that he disliked was the yellow frogs and weird snakes that wanted to have humans sample their deadly venom.

Johnny braced for impact which turned out not to help much at all. The pilots decided they just couldn’t do anything more and decided to make their own way. They jumped out of the helicopter before the crash. Renee screamed for all she was worth.

Johnny was jerked forward, but decided that if the ocean wouldn’t do, he would make a jump for the trees in hopes they would break his fall. He had been about to jump when he looked back and saw Renee clinging to the seats.

“C’mon, “Johnny grabbed Renee by the arm and pulled her toward the open door. She fought him every bit of the way, but eventually Johnny got her over there and not a moment too soon.

“Renee, you have to jump.” Johnny urged, and then continued. “If you don’t jump then you’ll die here.” Johnny reasoned.

Johnny saw that the helicopter was about to hit, so he did what anyone would do. He pushed Renee out of the helicopter first then followed closely behind her.

The sound of the impact surprisingly made no sound, but Johnny guessed nothing was happening.

Johnny struggled to free himself from a few vines that entangled themselves around him which saved his life and seemed to be trying to kill him since they were now squeezing the life from him. Renee had made it out of the fall pretty well with the exception of having landed in a cigar type tree that was in full bloom; a beautiful sight any other time. However, on Prompt Island Johnny has come to regard beautiful things with trepidation.

“YOU PUSHED ME OUT OF A FREAKIN’ HELICOPTER!” Johnny heard Renee screamed.

Johnny knew that if she had the time to scream that she was doing alright at least for the time being. The helicopter that had gone down maybe about 20 yards from their current location exploded, and the fire that spread from the explosion spread quickly to the trees. Johnny redoubled his effort to free himself, but thick smoke surrounded him clouding his vision.

With a slash of Wesson his trusty knife the tree released him, and he fell to the ground landing on his back. He heard a blood curdling scream which could have been no one, but Renee.

I should just leave while the getting is good. Johnny thought, but knew he couldn’t do that to her even though she probably deserved it.
He looked in the direction where the scream came from while trying to reach for Smith. He knew he could always trust on Smith and Wesson whenever he or someone he was trying to protect was in danger.

When Johnny finally made to where Renee was he was presented with a strange sight. Renee was surrounded by a hippo’s, but not just any Hippo’s, they were standing upright and were where clothes which Johnny thought was extremely odd, but he didn’t say.
“Please help us,” one of the hippopotami rushed toward him pleading.

Johnny was at a cross roads and didn’t know which to take, it was the first time he actually had a decision in what he would do.

“Give em’ the business, Johnny, we need to get out of here!” Renee demanded.

“No,” Johnny replied to Renee.

“What? You better do as I say, or Carmelo will take care of you!” She warned.

“I don’t see Carmelo around here, and if you want help then you better shut up and do as I say.” Johnny countered.

Johnny chose to help the Hippo’s with whatever they needed.

Prompt: You find yourself at a cross roads where you can take the safe road presented of a dark path that may hold untold riches and possibly a short cut to the finish line. Being a practical person you decided to take the safe road only to discover that there is a dragon lying in wait. The dragon asks you three questions; Can I eat you? Should I eat you? If you don't think I should, will you find me something better to eat? What do you find the dragon to eat in your stead?
Ashley didn't know where she wound up after she jumped into the portal.
All she knew is she was now face to face with a dragon that threatened to eat her unless she finds it something else.
Ashley thought hard. What could she get the dragon instead of her?

She suddenly had a idea.
"You can eat me...you shouldn't eat me...and yes, i can get you something else..but only if you solve a riddle that i pose to you."
The dragon roared loudly.
"You test my patience human...but go ahead.
We dragons are masters at puzzles!"

Ashley gazed into the dragons eyes.
"How does a dragon deal with betrayal and vengeance?"
"Easy..we devour those who dare defy or ridicule our might."
"Oh? I only ask because there were a couple here on the island that said that dragons are nothing more than giant stupid lizards."

The dragons roar shook the entire island.
"Where are they? I shall rip the flesh from them!"
Ashley pointed to the portal she had just exited from.
"Through there...there are the two who spoke ill of you..and maybe more."

The dragon grunted and entered the portal..which disappeared afterwards.
Ashley sighed with relief and continued down the road.
That dragon wasted a lot of her time...she needed to hurry to the exit!


As you continue on your path, you hear a giant roar and a loud voice calling out. You see a giant dragon breathing fire and rampaging near to your location.
You must stop this creature in order to proceed.......
As I made my way through the island, I soon hear a roar coming from behind me.

"Huh? What was that?" As I made my way over to where the noise came from, I saw flames covering the trees all around me.

"Hm. Time to see if Smokey the bear was right about me being the only one who could stop forest fires." As I pondered ways of putting out the flames, the penguin from before came up from behind me and poked me with his flipper.

"Huh? Oh hey there little guy. What are you doing here?" As I looked at my little friend, He pointed to the flaming trees, then to me.

"Wait. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

*20 minuets later.*

"Okay. You using me as a stick to beat out the flames was a bad idea. No wait, that time in Chernobyl-" Before I could finish explaining about how I started that too, a dragon burst through the trees in front of me.

"Where are they?! I'll kill them all!" As the dragon roared, he looked down and saw me and the penguin looking at him.

"Um, hello." I waved to him as I finished pulling the last of the burnt hair off of my head.

"So, it was you! You called me a stupid lizard!" The dragon roared as he lifted up his tail above my head.

"Wait! I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Liar! That other person said that you were calling me a bunch of names, and now I plan to destroy you!" As the dragon was about to smash me with his tail, I pulled a tea set out of thin air and held it out to him.

"Please wait! How about some tea to calm you down?" As I said this, his tail came to a halt, retracted, and then he started eying me strangely.

"You...want to serve me tea?"

"It would be my honor Mr. Dragon." When I called him Mr. Dragon, he started laughing and fell over onto his back. I tilted my head in confusion, and then he got back up and said-

"Mr. Dragon he calls me. Sure mortal. I am a bit parched, why not." As I poured him a cup of hot, piping tea, he grabbed it with his smallest claw and took a sip.

"Mmm. Nice and hot. Just the way I like it." As he took another sip of his cup, I had to ask him-

"So, did someone hurt your feelings or something?" When I asked him that, He got back up and roared-

"Yes. That girl told me someone near here was calling my kind rude names. I just couldn't take someone being that rude to us like that. So I went through a portal and ended up here." I was listing to his story as I was sipping my cup. And a good point rose up.

"Don't you think that maybe that girl was the one who called you all those bad names?" As I said this, The dragon shot a look and said-

"What? That girl? But she's the one who told me after I solved her riddle. Why would she lie to me?"

"Um, What riddle are you talking about Mr Dragon?"

"How does a dragon deal with betrayal and vengeance?"

"And what was your answer?"

"Easy..we devour those who dare defy or ridicule our might." As he told me this, I just looked at him for a few seconds and said-

"Um. You do realize she could have said that just so you'd get out of her way?" As the dragon pondered this, his eyes snapped open and his tail swung and hit me so hard I ended up flying a good 30 feet away into a tree.

"WHY THAT LITTLE B*%$H! I'LL REND THE FLESH FROM HER BONES! KILLING HER WON'T EVEN BE A START! THERE WILL BE SONGS ABOUT HOW THE FOOLISH GIRL TORMENTED THE MIGHTY DRAGONS, AND ENDED UP BEING SLOWLY TORN APART LIMB FROM LIMB FOR ALL OF TIME AND SPACE!" As the dragon finished blowing all the trees within a mile radius, he flew off in search of the girl who did him wrong. And as I got up, I saw my penguin friend was nowhere to be seen.

"Huh? I wonder where he went this time? Oh well, I guess I'll end up seeing him soon." And that's when I continued on my way to the other side of the island.


As your character walks through an open field, they spot a vortex and end up being sucked into it. When they wake up, they find themselves in the real world, {As in, the one that we really live in.} and come face to face with their creator. {As in, you.} What happens during this once and a lifetime meeting? And how do you get your character back into the story? {AKA, Prompt Island.}

Alex and Penelope ran like h-e-double-hockey-sticks, but it seemed like the leeches were still following them. To make things work, they were lost, and it was dark in the underground tunnels.

"How much running are we going to have to do on this island?" Penelope thought as she felt sweat dripping down her neck, "This is way worse than gym."

Suddenly they reached a wider tunnel that opened up into three different tunnels, all of them dark and uninviting.

"What do we do?" Penelope asked.

Alex turned in circles, looking at all of the options and failing to come up with an answer. All he could do was point out that they shouldn't go back the way that they came.

"Let's go this way," Alex said.

No sooner had they begun to go into the tunnel that he'd chosen did they hear a deep growling coming from further down inside it.

"On second thought," He said, taking a step back and holding an arm in front of Penelope to protect her, "Maybe we should go this way instead."

Just as they turned to run into the second tunnel, the whole room began to shake and dust began to fall from the roof. Penelope couldn't keep her balance, her heart racing, no time to think. They were going to be buried!

Suddenly part of the wall nearest to her broke apart, and when the rock slid down from it, she could see that there was some large, glowing blue object. The blue light inside it began to spin, and it started to pull her towards itself. The harder she tried to run, the harder it pulled at her, and began to make a whirring noise.


Alex grabbed a hold of her hand, not thinking about his own safety.

Wiskers scrambled down from her shoulder and began to tug on her shoelaces, trying to save her. But whatever this thing was, it wasn't letting her go.


"Hold on!" He pulled harder, his muscles becoming taut, but even the part time wrestler couldn't pull her back.

Penelope felt like she was going to cry, but she didn't have time. She didn't know what this thing was, and she was terrified. Alex pulling her in one direction the thing in the other, it hurt.

She was starting to slide backwards towards the glowing blue object, and she was dragging Alex and Wiskers with her.

"Let go!" She had to yell because the whirring noise was getting louder.

"No!" Alex just pulled harder.

But whether he wanted to let her go or not, her hands were starting to slip from his.

"Hold on!" He gritted his teeth.

This was it.

Penelope and Alex looked each other straight in the eye.


But he'd lost hold of her hands, and she felt herself being flung backwards into the portal. The last thing she heard was Alex screaming her name.


Penelope was being swirled around in a blue nothingness and she didn't have enough breath in her to scream. She just flailed around to try and catch ahold of something, and, when she couldn't, she squeezed her eyes shut tight and prayed for this to stop.

It did.

Suddenly she found herself lying on a striped multicolored carpet. The world wasn't spinning anymore but her head sure was. She became aware of a pair of shoes and some knees, hands folded on top of them. Someone was crouched down next to her.

"Hi," Said the someone.

Penelope looked up to see a girl who seemed to be around her age. She glanced around the room, it was a bedroom; the walls were almost entirely covered with movie posters, but she thought the paint was blue. Action figures lined the shelves and there was a cage with two rats on the dresser.

"Wiskers!" Penelope shot up, worried, "Wiskers --"

"He's okay," The someone said.

As Penelope looked at the girl more closely. There was something about her. Everything about her.

"I know you..." Penelope said.

"Yeah, you do," The someone smiled, and seemed to blush.

"Who are you?"

"I'm your writer."

"My what?"

"You're a character."

Penelope frowned.

"It's okay, though," the someone continued, "We all are, in a sense."

"So who's writing you?"

"That would take way to long to explain," the someone - her someone - laughed.

"So I'm fake?" Penelope felt like everything inside was being scooped out.


She couldn't believe this was happening, but she felt like the person who she had never met but always known was telling the truth.

"If you're not lying, then how do I know I'm even real?"

"You're real," Her someone said, "Because you're real to me."

A warmness seeped through Penelope's entire being.

"Wait," Penelope said suddenly," Why would you create me and plop me down on such a crazy island?! I've almost been killed, like, five times already!"

"Sorry! I thought it was going to be fun," her someone smiled apologetically.

"Well it isn't!" Penelope glanced around the room, muttering under her breath like she does when she's irritated, "Could at least have written me in a force field or a candy bar or something..."

Penelope noticed the rats cage, and she felt her heart start to beat fast. Wiskers? Was he... She slowly walked over to them and looked inside the cage. One of the rats was white with tan markings and the other was black with big ears. Penelope sighed and dropped her head.

Her someone was at her side.

"That's Penelope, and the black one is Annie."

"Penelope?" Penelope looked up quickly.

"Yeah. It's a pretty name, right?"

"Yeah..." Penelope looked down at the other Penelope. She was cute.

"I like rats."

"Me too," Penelope smiled.

A nagging thought entered her heart as she watched the two little rats sleeping.

"And, Wiskers...?"

"He was real too."


Her someone gave her a sad smile.

"Do you want to get back in the game?"

"I guess if that's... what I was made for," Penelope said, still digesting things.

"You were made for a lot," Her someone sat down at a desk and opened up her laptop.

Penelope joined her and looked at the words already written on computers window. Words that were her reality. She almost felt sad about leaving, but had a feeling that behind those words was where she belonged.

"We just have to write you back in," As her someone began to type, Penelope wondered if she should ask the question or not.

"Am I going to have a happy ending?"

Her someone paused, then turned to her and smile.

"You have people who love you. Love can do a lot of things."


"Well, myself."

"And... Alex?" Penelope wouldn't have asked this, normally, but she didn't even find herself blushing.

"Guess you'll just have to wait and find out."

"That... sucks." Penelope looked back at her someone.

"Right?" Her someone laughed, "That's how life goes I guess. Even yours."


"Are you ready?"

Penelope felt light headed, and she had to take in a deep breath.


Just as her someone's finger was poised over the ENTER button, Penelope remembered that she wanted to ask something.

"What's you're name?"

Her someone smiled, a real smile.

"You know."

Suddenly Penelope found herself pulled back into the crazy nothing, like when she'd been sucked through the portal. Then she found herself on the hard rock floor of the cave. Her head was spinning and she felt like she'd been on one of those crazy upside down rides that they have at sketchy fairs.

She felt hands helping her up.

"Penelope!" Alex held her shoulders and looked into her eyes, "Are you alright?"

She looked around, confused.

"We tried to get to that, that portal thing," Alex said, "But the ceiling caved in and we had to take another tunnel."

It was then that she saw Wiskers sitting on Alex's shoulder.

"What happened to you?"

"I have no idea," Penelope said, honestly.

"I'm really glad you're okay," Alex said, looking exhausted like she probably did, "I thought we lost you."

He scooped Wiskers off his shoulder and placed him in Penelope's hands, and Penelope put him safely in her backpack. She'd been entrusted with him.

"Me too." Penelope smiled.

It was then she noticed that Alex's friend was missing.

"Where's Tempora?" She asked.

"He was scouting in the tunnel ahead," Alex motioned a hand in front of her, "Shall we?"

"Let's." Penelope started walking, the bounce back in her step.

They say happy endings only happen in fiction. But if this was a story, then maybe she had a chance after all.

[PROMPT] A portal opens up and -- just kidding! No more portals... As you continue on in your mad scramble across the island, you hear the sound of pounding hooves behind you. You run like crazy, but the sound just gets louder.

Suddenly, a knight in full steel array (helmet included) reigns his horse right in front of you, blocking your path and, likely, scaring you silly. He declares that you must be honorable to pass. Another man emerges - he's pulling another horse along, and he stops when he reaches you.

"Now," said the knight, "We may joust or engage in swordplay, the choice is yours."

He alights from his horse and unsheathes his sword.

"If you best me, you may pass," He says, then suddenly plunges the sword into the dirt, where it sticks there, quivering, "If you fail, then you will be taken to the dungeon, and your quest is over."
A Non-Existent User
As I read these additions I realize there's more to this world then just creating the things ahead by just typing them into my smart phone. I, Jack Forest, am stuck on this island with a show producer, producing anything I or the other contestants add. After the lava started coming out of the ground I ran on continuing the race. After reading Penelopes addition I start to think. Is there really a person writing what I'm writing on my smart phone at a desk on a computer in a room? Maybe even a typerwriter and one person is writing for all of our additions. As the person Penelopes was talking to, her creater, said; It would take to long to explain. That is probably why I don't know.
Just as I'm pondering these things the Knight comes as she said he would and he says the things she said he would.
"Ah but you said I must be honorable to pass." I looked past the man to the knight. "I am roalty, the son of Yandle, son of Dremand. That is already honorable. I do not need to prove myself to you."
The knight then took a step forward and held up his hand saying, "Halt," To the man ahead then, " If you truly are son of Yandle then you will have the mark. Show me the mark and I will let you pass."
"Ah what the heck I'll fight you, I'm not pulling down my pants to show you my birth mark on my right a$$ cheek." With that I picked up the sword that was stuck in the ground still quivering alittle. Swinging it over my head and at the man he had just enough time to grab his other sword out of his other sheathe and block my blow.
"Ah ha! You will fight! This is good." The knight in full steal array says watching the other man, a knight too but not in any armor, fight me.
"It won't take me long and I do have to get on my way. That is why I didn't show you my mark for you see I'm in a race to the other side of the island. This will be faster then pulling my pants down." And with that I sliced the long hair off the knight with one swing of my sword when he was flining his hair out of the way like a heavy metal head banger.
"You cut my hair." The knight with no armor said.
"That I did, now let me pass." I demanded.
"Hold on." The knight with armor said, "You may pass but you might want this extra horse to get you to the other side faster." And with that he whistled and a horse came trotting up.
So off I went typing in my adventer into my smart phone not even slowing down for I was on a horse now.
Prompt You find yourself looking into the water only to look up and find you are on a small bog or island five feet by five feet. Water surronds you for a mile all around. You think this must just be a lake on the island or somthing. Then you think how did I get here? You see somthing move in the water. Then the fins come up, all around are sharks, hundereds of them. How do you get off this bog and continue on in the race?

Having safely escaped the leeches, Ava had run to a nearby pond. She gazed at her reflection in the water, fixing her hair. When she looked up, however, she was on a small strip of land surrounded by water for at least a mile in all directions. Ava looked around her and finally saw the jungle from where she came. The other contestants must have been around there by now.

What is up with this island? She thought.

Suddenly, something moved in the water to her right. There were more movements behind her as well, and finally, she saw the fins. More and more kept surfacing all around Ava. She was surrounded by water... shark infested water. There were hundreds of them, all around. It seemed like there was going to be no way out of this one. Ava looked up around her to see if there was anything she could use to at least attempt to distract the sharks. Unfortunately, there were absolutely no trees, no plants, no animals... nothing. She looked down at the ground, about ready to give up. Near the shoreline in one corner of the island, there were fish. Dead fish. Gross. But it meant that there might be a way out of this. Ava hesitantly picked a few up.


She threw them to the side opposite the one which led to the jungle. A few sharks followed after the fish. She repeated this with the few fish that remained and most of the sharks followed suit. As soon as the path to the jungle had mostly cleared up, Ava stripped off her shirt and dove into the water. To put it mildly, it was cold. She swam the distance from the small island to the edge of the jungle, each stroke bringing her closer to safety.

When she finally reached the shore, she was dripping wet. But that was the least of her problems. The majority of the trees were on fire, and to add to that, she could have sworn she heard growling from deeper inside.

Prompt: You are doing well in the race so far. However, you hear from a native that a small flood will be coming across your area in a couple minutes. You find a raft, but it is already filled with other natives, leaving no room for yourself. The only way to make enough room for yourself is to leave someone behind. How will you convince them to let you on the raft instead?
“What did she say to you?” Alex asked Penelope. She had been telling bits and pieces of what happened to her when she disappeared in the portal, but none of it made any sense to Alex.

“Well, I didn’t exactly get her name, but I have a feeling I know what it is.” She replied. “But, we really didn’t talk about much.”

Alex couldn’t help, but notice that when she said that last bit she couldn’t meet his eyes that were trained on her. She wasn’t telling him everything, but he didn’t mind so much because the most important thing was that she was okay.

“Tampora has been gone for quite some time now.” Alex observed, looking in the direction the large talking bird went last he saw him.

“You know I was going to say the same thing.” Penelope said, seemingly relieved they were talking about something else.

Wiskers sat contently in Penelope’s backpack providing a squeak every once in a while. Alex had taken the time to admire the rat that seemed to have been pretty cool. He realized that rats had had a bad rap, and he was willing to consider having one as a pet when they got off this island. If things went well with Penelope then maybe he wouldn’t have to worry about getting a rat on his own.

Alex’s thoughts were interrupted with the unmistakable chirp from Tampora.
“What was that?” Penelope asked alarmed.

“It was Tampora, and from the sound of things, he’s in danger.” Alex explained.

They took off running. Alex took the lead, hoping to get to Tampora in time before anything bad happened. He hadn’t known the large bird for long, but in the short time of them being together they had saved each other’s lives a few times.

After leaving the cave they had found themselves in the group found themselves coming up in the middle of a remote area of the jungle. Tampora had volunteered to scout ahead for some place they could bed down for the night.

Alex sailed easily through the thick trees that seemed to be covered in some of the thick sap that had been covering the tree Alex climbed to save Tampora when they first met, but upon further inspection he found that it wasn’t sap, it was some sort of moss. Alex didn’t have time to worry about why the moss looked so weird, he had to get to Tampora, whose chirp had begun to increase in volume.

When Alex burst free from the trees what he saw first struck him as odd. He saw Tampora surrounded by people. However, these people were…different. Their skin were of a deep purple with elegant hieroglyphs written all over their exposed skin in chalk white. Some of the natives had a 3D effect going on with their markings. Alex noticed that the ones with the 3D effect were clearly older with their silver hair a stark contrast to the younger ones bright fiery red. They each wore a cotton outfit which reminded Alex fondly of his time in Miami on the beach during his wrestling venue Slamszaganza working for the Federation of Wrestling, or for short the FOW, that night he became FOW World Champ.

Penelope burst free from the trees right behind Alex bumping into him which sent him forward onto a branch that gained the attention of one of the natives who instantly alerted the others. One by one the natives turned their attention from Tampora and on to Alex who felt oddly shy for the first time in his life.

“S-sorry,” Penelope apologized with a regained composure from having almost fallen over.
“It’s…uh…it’s okay, though we may be a in bit of trouble here.” Alex warned, not taking his eyes off the crowd gathered in front of him.

“What are you…” Penelope didn’t need to finish what she was saying as Alex already knew.
Wiskers had taken to Penelope’s shoulder so he had a better look at what was going on. When he saw all the natives he let out a couple of squeaks that Alex took for words of surprise that would normally have a kid’s mouth washed out with soap.

“Alex! HELP!” Tampora shouted, after seeing Alex standing in front of everyone.

“Hey buddy! How am I supposed to do that?” Alex asked.

“You speak to the winged one?” someone said to Alex’s right with a thick accent that Alex couldn’t place.

“Uh, well, yeah. He’s my friend.” Alex said firmly, he wasn’t sure if this guy was in charge, but Alex was about to let them know that he wasn’t about to allow them to hurt his friend.
“Ah, I see,” The purple skinned man replied.

He then stepped forward from one of the trees that Alex hadn’t noticed before. It was once a tree, but now it seemed to have been transformed into some kind of hut.

“My people, the flood is upon us, we must leave now.” The man said suddenly to the mass of people. “He has come, the one that will save us has arrived with his flying servant of justice that speaks!” He finished with a staff raised high in the air that seemed to emit an amber glow.

“Uh, excuse me,” Alex said. “Who is “he” and what is going on? Why did your people have my friend surrounded?” Alex asked, as the people that once had their eyes trained on him were now scrambling at a feverish pitch gathering things and rushing off toward the river.
“I speak of you, bird talker. You are going to save us from the great flood.” The man replied simply.

“Oh, is that all?” Alex asked sarcastically.

“It has been written for many years now from the last bird talker.” The man informed while pulling out a piece of parchment that had a leathery texture to it. Alex couldn’t help but see the resemblance in the way the man was drawn and the large bird he had by his side.
“What is going on here?” Penelope asked.

She had stepped forward and around Alex to get a good look at the parchment.

“It was seem that I’m supposed to save these people from a flood.” Alex said.

“How are you supposed to do that?” Penelope asked.

“I can’t even begin to tell you, but these people seem to think that is what I’m supposed to do.” Alex replied, still looking the parchment over.

“When is this flood supposed to happen? How do you know it won’t be a small flood?” Alex asked the purple skinned man.

“There is a flood every year of the winter sine the first bird talker left. When the moss on the trees turn to sap the flood is upon us, and we must leave by the river.” He explained.
“Well, I had better get to taking care of this flood.” Alex said, wrapping an arm around Penelope escorting her away.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Getting us out of here,” Alex said in hushed tones.

Tampora ran over to them, and Alex was grateful the natives were too busy to pay them any attention while gathering their things.

“The-They were talking about a bird talker and his faithful servant of justice” Tampora explained excitedly.

“I thought you were in trouble,” Alex said, the worry he had been feeling slowly drained away.

They found themselves at the edge of the river with only one boat that was free. Tampora was the first to board the empty boat. Alex counted all of them and with every one of them on the boat there wouldn’t be enough room. It came down to making a tough decision.

“Tampora, buddy, I need you to stay behind to push us off. With all of us in the boat it just wouldn’t work.” Alex explained.

“But, I want to stay with you guys. You’re better than my bird mates.” Tampora said sadly.

“If you push us off you can quickly keep up with us in the air.” Alex explained.

"So, I can stay just have to stay behind and push the boat?" Tampora asked.

"Yup, that's right." Alex said beaming.

PROMPT: As you race through the thick jungle you find yourself in need of help. Who do you ask for help from and why did you choose them?
Welcome back to another incredible edition of Prompt Island! I'm your host, Pierre Causemybladdersempty, and things are really starting to heat up here at Prompt Island! An alliance has been formed, people have died, and I... well I have been nominated for a Tony! Say whaaaaaaat?! I guess I'm just that incredible!

Aaaaanyways, the contestants are all racing their way to the finish line, but for one of them, this is the end of the road. Let's take a look at the votes and see how things turned out!

First, the immunity! For this round, the producers wanted to reward an inquiring mind! We love it when people ask questions! After all, asking questions is the best way to getting answers! ...Am I right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *ahem* Anyways, immunity this week goes to the writer that has the most questions (or question marks!). After looking through and checking up on some things... Wiskers is the recipient of the immunity this week! So any votes cast for Wiskers will be thrown out this round!

Now on to the business. I know everyone is anxious to see how the voting went! Here are the votes:


and... Dude.

Caterius, I'm afraid this is the end of the road. You must now leave Prompt Island immediately. Caterious's friend, the Sphinx, eats him whole. He was hungry. Wow not sure how that tasted, but I'm sure it tasted... funny! Hahahahahahaha...

Oh well, looks like the end of another edition of Prompt Island! Best of luck to the remaining contestants!
Alex found himself in a precarious situation, he was hanging for dear life to a branch, and at the moment had no one around to help him. As he clung there feeling despair slowly creep into his thoughts he recalled how he found himself here in the first place.

Penelope and Tampora had taken the lead while they traveled through the thick jungle after making it safely to land. He decided to take up the rear to make sure they didn't run into any weird cultists. It was not too long after being immersed in the thick trees that he heard the all too familiar chirp for Tampora after they disappeared behind one huge tree.

Coming around the tree himself Alex could see the cultist had erected some type of statue that he couldn't help, but see the resemblance in.

"Hey, it's you!" Penelope shouted in surprise.

"Y-Yeah, I can see that. This is weird." Alex replied.

Wiskers added his fifty cents with a squeak.

Penelope walked over toward the statue for a better look when Alex saw a line of some kind connected to it. He didn't have enough time to warn her, so the only thing that came out was a squeak that reminded him of Wiskers.

"ALEX!" Penelope screamed.

Time seemed to slow as Alex began to fall. A hole seemed to have opened up under him. Tampora chirped, Wiskers, squeaked, and Alex fell.

"Alex don't worry we'll get you out." Penelope said disappearing from the top of the hole.

The hole was too small for Tampora to fit down into and successfully fly them both out. Alex cursed in anger, but only loud enough for him to hear.

"Penelope? Are you still there?" Alex asked.


"Could you find more of that line that caused this to open? It might be strong enough for me to climb up and out again." Alex continued, hoping she heard him.

The dark dank hole smelled of rotting earth, but a light from something flashed at the bottom of the pit. To Alex's horror there were many bodies below him stuck to pikes that had been placed there for thieves, he could only guess.


A rope fell from the top of the hole near Alex.

"I found this connected to that statue, hopefully this will help you out of there." Penelope said.

Alex felt stupid thinking she would run off and leave him in a place like that. He liked Penelope, and when this was all over he would definitely make sure she knew it.

PROMPT: A tornado hits the island engulfing you inside of it. While there you meet a Sphinx that asks you what the meaning of life is. What is your answer?

Penelope gritted her teeth as she pulled at the rope that was helping Alex up. He was a man, and he was, to be honest, a muscular man. So he was heavy.

Luckily, he could put his muscles to good use. Like Kevin Sorbo.

Soon he was up.

Alex was doubled over for a while, hands on his knees while he caught his breath.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah." He breathed, waving a hand.

Penelope peered over the edge into the hole that he'd fallen into, but jerked back when she saw the spikes.

"Careful," Alex said, recovered now.

"I'm starving," Penelope said, and, wondering if maybe her "writer" had written one into her backpack after she left her, she threw her backpack to the ground and started to rummage around in it.

She looked up when Alex caught her arm.

"Hey," He said, but it seemed like that wasn't exactly the way he wanted to start off.

He scratched the back of his head.

"Um, I just wanted to say thanks. I mean, this contest is pretty crazy, and you could have, you know... left me."

"Alex, I'd never leave anyone hanging," Penelope winked.

"We should get going," Alex said, smiling now.


An hour later they were still walking, and it was starting to get dark.

And cold.

And windy.

"How big is this freaking island!?" Penelope cried, rubbing her arms together and breaking the silence.

"No idea," Alex shook his head," It didn't look that big from the airplane coming in, but this place isn't like any island I've ever seen. So it's anyone's guess. I guess..."

The wind seemed to be picking up and it blew her brown hair all over her face into her mouth, making her inclined to spit some of it out.

"Where are we, Antarctica?"

Alex was just about to say something when all of a sudden they could hear a loud roaring and ripping and screaming noise.

"What is that?" Penelope had to yell because the wind was so loud.

"I don't know!" Alex yelled back.

Wiskers crawled down from where he had been hiding in her hood and hid in her jacket pocket instead.

"C'mon! We need to get out of here!"

Alex and Penelope started to run, but the winds blew them about and tried to push them over.

"I think this is a hurricane or something!" Penelope cried.

Alex looked behind him as they and he stopped running. The wind was loud but what he said sounded like -

"No, it's not a hurricane."

Penelope stopped too and looked back.

What she saw, were trees getting pulled up by their roots, dirt flying. There were grey clouds swirling into a funnel.

"It's..." she took a step back, horrified; she could feel a scream welling up in her throat and she tried to keep it - she couldn't, "It's a tornado!"

"Run!" Alex turned her around and they took off, "Run, run, run!"

But it didn't matter.

It caught up with them.

Trees were being hurled through the air and smashing to pieces all around them. The wind was so loud Penelope could barely hear anything but the screaming of the wind and the pounding of her heartbeat.

She'd been nearly killed so many times in the last few hours that she felt her heart might give out.

"There's a cave over here!" Alex cried.

At least, that's what she thought he said. Everything was so loud.

Penelope was just about to say that the last time they went into a cave things didn't work out so well, but she didn't get the chance. A huge tree crashed right in front of her and threw her backwards.

"Penelope!" Alex was on the other side of the tree, and running towards her.

When she looked behind her, the horrible funnel of wind was almost upon her.

She could feel it starting to pull her towards it already, just like that portal thing had. She was so tired of being pulled!


A tornado was about to envelope her. A tornado.

Penelope just curled up into a ball and squeezed her eyes shut, letting out a prolonged swear word as she was pulled up into the air. She was spun around and around and but she kept her eyes shut and her hands clamped over her pocket so Wiskers wouldn't fly out.

Suddenly she was dropped back onto the ground and she rolled a few feet. She didn't full pick herself up at first, opening one eye and finding herself laying in dirt. She coughed and rolled to one side, and Wiskers ran out of her pocket. He hadn't been squished. He squeaked suddenly and when Penelope looked up she saw a sphinx.

A sphinx.

It looked real too, not CGI.

Normally, she might've screamed.

All she did was let her head drop back down into the soft dirt and close her eyes.

"You've got to be kidding me," Penelope groaned.

"I beg your pardon?"

Penelope just groaned again, then sat up and brushed the dirt off of her sleeves. When she looked around they were in a clearing, most of the trees had been ripped up. She could see the mountain they had been running from, though, and she hoped Alex wasn't too far away.

"Well," Penelope said, pulling a leaf out of her now tangled hair, "I suppose we better get this over with."

The sphinx looked both annoyed and perplexed as it straightened itself regally.

"I am a sphinx," the sphinx said.

"I am a tired, hungry, cold, human," the tired, hungry, cold, human said.

"And I am a sphinx,"

"Yes, we already went through this."

"I am an awe-inspiring creature! Don't you know anything about sphinxes?"

"I don't know!" Penelope slammed the ground with her fists, "Can I just go please?"

"Answer my question. Then you may pass."

"Oh," Penelope sighed, "I remember now..."

"What is the meaning of life?" The sphinx asked.

"What?!" Penelope cried.

"I said, 'what is the -"

"I know what you said!" Penelope said, standing, "But this isn't a riddle. Sphinxes ask riddles."

The sphinx was just about to say something but Penelope kept right on going.

"Besides, this is an awful question to begin with. It's all a matter of opinion. My definition might mean something completely different to me than what you think the "meaning of life" is about. All about our upbringing, some would say," she pointed at it.

The sphinx was looking more and more puzzled but Penelope still wouldn't let it speak.

"I took a sociology class," Penelope started to pace, her brain beginning to whir, "Well, part of it."

"Anyway. Then there's religion. Obviously depending on which religion you follow or whether or not you follow one at all, you'll have an idea on what life is all about. I guess we won't really know what the real meaning of life is until we're dead!" She laughed.

"Personally, for me," She said, "Not that it'll matter to you, likely. Anyway, for me -"

"Please!" The Sphinx cried, "Please, I can't take it anymore. Just leave,"


"Just go!"

"Fine, yeesh."

Penelope started to walk in the direction she thought she'd left Alex, but she couldn't shake the feeling that when she looked back, the sphinx was gone. It had disappeared.

Wiskers climbed back up her shoulder and she patted his head.

"Well that could have been worse."

[PROMPT]: As you run and run you find yourself becoming entirely famished. Through the jungle trees you see lights and smell the most wonderful smells - smells like dinner! You creep forward and when you peer through the leaves, you see a bunch of people at a table, eating.

Best of all, they don't look like natives. And they're speaking English! Well, sort of... they look to be Italian. Mm! Italian food! When you step forward, they greet you ecstatically and exclaim many things about how tired you look and how skinny you and how this

"Just! Won't! Do!"

So they set you down and fill you up with the best food you've had in a long time. It's a great meal, and the company is nice too. You aren't sure why there's an Italian family just chilling on such an awful Island - they even brought their grandma! - but you don't care.

After dinner, they ask you what you've brought for dessert. They exclaim its tradition, that everyone who comes to the meal must bring a dish. Seeing that you don't have anything, they reveal a table and a stove, ingredients... everything you need for cooking!

These people have welcomed you.

So? What do you make for them? How do you repay kindness on this upside down island?
As I'm walking through the woods, I start to hear voices and I start to smell what smells like Italian food.

"Mmm. Something smells good." As I poke my head out of a bush, I see many people eating foods of all kinds, ranging from salads, to bread sticks, to even pasta and pizza. I then walk out of the bushes and over to the people, one of them greeting me.

"Why hello there stranger." The man says as he holds out his hand.

"Why hello there to you too." I say as I shake his hand with mine.

"What brings you all the way out here, may I ask?" The man asks me.

"I'm in the middle of a contest to get to the other side of the island."

"A contest you say? The host of this contest wouldn't happen to be a Pierre, would it?"

"Pierre? Yeah, he is. Why? Do you know him?"

"He's my son. He brought us here on the island to relax while he hosts some kind of event."

"Oh. So then that means that Pierre is Italian?"

"Half Italian, half American. His grandfather built railroad tracks for shipping companies, and his grandmother was a paramedic in World War II."

"Wow. I never would have guessed." As we were talking, my belly started to rumble, signaling me that it's time for me to eat.

"Hmm, you sound like you could eat a bull. Come, you eat with us."

"Oh no. What if Pierre finds me here. Won't he get upset if I hangout with you guys?"

"Don't worry about that. If he does give you trouble, just let me handle him." As he led me to a table full of food,I was overwhelmed by all the good smells I was smelling. I ate so much food that I felt like my belly was going to burst.

"Whew. That was so good."

"We're glad you like it."

"Is there anyway I can thank you for your generosity?"

"Well, we do have a tradition where we all bring something to eat for the feast. If you could make something for us to eat in return, then we'll be even."

"Okay, sure. But, how do I make food without proper cooking devices?"

"Don't worry. We have plenty on the boat we came here on. Come, follow me." As I follow the man, he leads me to a great big yacht sized boat. And inside, he led me to a wide open kitchen.

"Here you are. Everything you need to make something for us to eat. Spices, cheeses, breads, the whole nine yards. If you need any help making the food, just give us a holler." The man walked out of the kitchen and left me to my duties.

"Right then. Let's make these guys something good to eat."

-One hour later-

"Nothing. I can't make anything good with I've got here." It wasn't that that there really wasn't anything to work with, it was just that out family was really bad at cooking. So much that, well. You know about the sun, right? Of course you do. You only see it like everyday. Well, it wasn't always like that. It was once home to an advanced civilization. One of my ancestor's was taken in by these beings long ago. One day, he tried to make a milkshake, and then...well. I'm sure you know the rest. As I was thinking of what I could make for the others to eat, I remember that my sister, Fluffy, once made a friend of hers something that killed his taste buds. I assume that means it was tasted really really good.

"Okay. I'll make that then."

-One more hour later-

"Well, here you guys are. Dig in." I present to them a batch of homemade cookies.

"Well well, these look and smell really good. You sure did put an awful lot of time into making these, didn't you?"

"Oh you have no idea. Well, help yourselves. And let me know how they taste." As everyone takes a bite of the cookies, their eye's shoot open and they start to spit out the cookies I worked so hard on.

"These cookies are horrible! What on God's green earth did you use to make these cookies taste like crap?!"

"Well, I'm sorry you don't like them, but this is one of my sister's recipes. She calls them peanut and butter cookies."

"I don't care what they are called, what did you use to make them?!"

"As I just told you, they are called peanut and butter cookies. She uses two cups of grounded peanuts, and two sticks of butter." Everyone was now looking at me like I was some kind of loon. And to tell the truth, they weren't very far off. That's when I started to smell something bad in the air. And it wasn't the cookies. We all ended up turning around to see the boat was ablaze. And sinking.

"The yacht! What happened to it?! What did you do?!"

"What did I do?! I didn't do anything wrong!"

"Well did you forget to turn the oven off?!"

"Wait. You have to turn the oven off when you're done with it? No one told me to do that!" As the old man ran past me to help save their only means of getting off of the island, I knew the time was now to run before they decided to try to kill me.

Prompt. As you walk around the island, you see someone walking off in the distance. It's none other than Pierre, the host of the island. you try to follow him, but you end up losing sight of him, and instead find a crazy mad chanting something over and over again.

"You have to write a prompt with 10,000 characters or more. You have to write a prompt with 10,000 characters or more. YOU HAVE TO WRITE A PROMPT WITH 10,00 CHARACTERS OR MORE!!!" The man has lost it. Did Pierre do this to him? And if he did, then why? You have to find out what happened to him, using the rules set before you. {And in case you don't know, characters are anything on you keyboard.}
Johnny found himself in the middle of a burning canopy of death. As he looked around at the leaves and trees burning he couldn’t help, but curse the luck he had. It seems that karma was definitely a bitch and coming for him with both barrels. He was a regular guy thrown on a island full of all kinds of things. A perfect example of the “things” was the hippo family he found himself helping now. This just wasn’t his role, he was the enforcer, he made things happen when normally they wouldn’t. He wasn’t the guy that saved people. He wasn’t a hero, yet he found himself in that position.

“JOHNNY!” Renee shouted.

The dread that filled Johnny was so powerful it gave him a headache. On a normal day he could withstand Renee’s annoying voice, but that day had long passed. They had barely survived a helicopter crash, and here she is not only being stuck up, but has the nerve to think she can tell him what to do out here.

“Shut up, do you realize where you are?” Johnny asked, turning in her direction from the encroaching inferno.

The look on her face made him want to laugh. He actually thought she was in shock from the way he responded to her. It didn’t last long enough.

“D-d-d-did you just tell me to shut up? Again?!” She asked, recovering quickly from her initial shock.

“Yeah, I did.” Johnny replied, dryly.

“OH....MY...GOD!” she exclaimed.

“Here it comes,” Johnny sighed.

“Don’t ever tell me to shut up!” Renee screamed, walking up to Johnny. Once she was close enough to him, she continued her rant.

“You work for me and I’ll not have you ever talk to me like that again! Do you know who I’m married to? I could have you taken out Johnny Moretti.” Renee warned, poking Johnny in the chest as she told him off.

Johnny had had enough, and wasn’t going to take any of Renee’s crap any longer. She poked him in the chest one too many times, and on the last time he grabbed her finger, wrapped his hand around her wrist and pulled her closer to him. The terrified look on her face brought a smile to his lips.

“Listen carefully,” Johnny whispered.

Renee pulled against the strength Johnny exerted to keep her there, it was useless, he was strong, and there was a small part of her that found his strength sexy, but at the moment she was scared.

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that again. Yeah, I know who your husband is, and to be honest he would be no where without me. In fact, do you want to know who is really in charge around there?” Johnny asked, gazing into her deep blue eyes.

Being honest with himself, she was beautiful which is one of the reasons Carmelo had chosen her to be his wife. She didn’t know that it was Johnny who had seen her first. He was the one that told Carmelo about the short tempered, blonde that knew her way around a card table. It was him that had fallen for her before she even knew who he was.

Johnny had been to visit the diner she worked in with her uncle Harvey Costello, a hard working man, now in his late 50's borrowed money from Carmelo when his wife Francine died. Renee’s mother, Harvey’s sister died, and left Renee for him to take care of. Harvey had owned his own business “Lucky’s” since his father passed. The Diner was passed down from father to son, but Harvey hadn’t had any kids, so when he passed it would go to Renee. Johnny loved the place and had been going there since before he had joined the business. It wasn’t until a few years ago that he noticed Renee. She had been a shy girl that was always nice to the customers. Johnny was instantly attracted to her laugh, it was sweet, high, and very girlish.

It was during this time he found that he had to be a strong arm on Harvey to repay the money he owed to Carmelo. Johnny had mixed emotions about roughing Harvey up. Instead of putting the strong arm to Harvey he opted to pay the money back to Carmelo himself. He even gave Harvey more money to which was promptly turned down. Johnny wouldn’t take no as an answer, so he would go into the diner everyday to sit in a special place in the back void of light, and order random things from the menu while leaving outrageous tips.

The woman Johnny had fallen in love with had changed and he had come to the realization of that long ago. The woman that stood in front of him now was a twisted incarnation thanks to Carmelo. It was a common pattern that he had been witness to for the ten years he had been working for Carmelo Cordanza. Carmelo would meet a nice girl, she would be intelligent, beautiful, and having something really going for her in life. The women would be drawn to Carmelo, and be changed after being with him for a while. Johnny thought it was the lifestyle that did it most likely. While women practically threw themselves at Carmelo, they usually stayed clear of him. He was the enforcer, Carmelo’s right hand. He took care of the people that didn’t agree with what Carmelo wanted.

“Look, I don’t have time to deal with your crap.” Johnny finally said, he released her wrist, turned and walked away toward the family he decided to help. She stood there in his wake staring after him, unsure of what to do next.

“Uh, so, what can I do to help?” Johnny asked the Hippo closest to him. The Hippo wore an evening gown made from some type of material that reminded him strongly of his great grandmother, and the dresses she would wear in her kitchen while making cookies. The diry blue color of the hippo’s skin brought out the yellow in the dress. Her eyes were deep set, and were filled with a type of fear that Johnny was all too familiar with.

“I-I-I thought about it, and I don’t need your help after all.” She stammered, slowly backing up away from Johnny.

“No, wait, listen, I see you have children, and even if this is a weird situation we can still help each other out.” Johnny offered. He felt a tad sick that another person, or thing was afraid of him.

The hippo-woman steadily backed up, keeping a distance between them.

“I don’t want any trouble, just need help getting my son out of a hole.” The hippo woman replied.

It wasn’t until Johnny learned this that he heard a cry from something not too far off. Since the flame from the forest was already on a roll, Johnny jumped into action. The hippo woman had another little one with her that wore the same type of dress that she was wearing, so Johnny deduced it was a little girl.

“Come on, let’s get your little girl out of here near these flames, “ Johnny said. “ Take me to your son, so we can all get out of this alive.

She didn’t need to be told twice. If Johnny had to guess she was about 5'4 with a wide lumpy type of body, basically a full figured woman. Yet, when she took off running, she could have easily been an Olympic track runner. Johnny found it hard to keep up with the woman. Renee saw Johnny and the Hippo woman take off, and since she didn’t want to be left behind she followed.

Johnny noticed that the woman’s daughter was even faster than her, while Johnny was having a hard time navigating this forest jungle mix up, they moved around the trees that were lying in the way, and made it to one large particular tree that seemed to be lush with hues of blue, green, and red. It was one of the most beautiful trees that Johnny had ever seen. The shear sight of it made him stop in his tracks.

Renee hadn’t been focusing on where she was going, and was doing her usual complaining, didn’t see Johnny. She tripped over a low lying branch and fell face first in Johnny’s back, causing him to take a step forward.

A growl escaped Johnny’s throat at the contact. He had a burning pain in his back which he quickly tried to check out. Renee had regained her composure, but then began to freak out.

“There’s blood on my face! I’m dying!” Renee shouted.

Johnny still felt the burning sensation on his back, but tried to ignore it. “You aren’t dying, and that isn’t your blood,” He said, turning to face her.

She felt all around her face for some sort of wound that she had overlooked or not felt until that moment.

“Hey, you’re right.” She said, happy that she wasn’t dying like she thought.

Johnny placed a hand on his back where he felt the back then brought the hand to his face and confirmed his suspicions. He was bleeding. He couldn’t deal with this now, he had something that needed to be done, and he would see this through to the end.

“Come on, let’s get over here and help them out.” Johnny said through gritted teeth.

“Hey, I came along, but I didn’t say that I was going to help with anything.” Renee said flatly.

“Fine!” Johnny said, walking over to the Hippo family.

He could feel the blood dripping slowly down his back, and the spot increasing in pain, but he pushed it all away with the anger he felt now.

The Hippo woman looked worried, but Johnny stepped forward to see what needed to be done, and was floored.

“What’s your name?” Johnny asked the woman.

“Mel’carla, and this here, is Mar’lani.” She said, holding her daughter’s shoulders. “That is Ja’za.” She continued, extending a hand to the bottom half of a hippo that seemed to be stuck under one end of a raised tree root.

The scene looked as if the hippo was being stepped on by the tree.

“I’m Johnny, and that over there,” Johnny threw a finger in Renee’s direction. “That is Renee.”

At the sound of her own name Renee looked up from where she sat near a small pool of water. She had been bringing water up to his face to clean the blood off.

Johnny put his hands on either side of the little hippos’s legs and pulled. He didn’t budge. Johnny planted his feet and pilled with everything he had. It was with a great effort that Johnny was able to move the little guy a couple of inches. The pain in his back flared up causing Johnny great pain, but instead of allowing the pain to stop him, he used the pain to fueled his strength. With a grunt he was able to free the hippo from the clutches of the tree.

It was during this time he heard another screaming through the woods.

"You have to write a prompt with 10,000 characters or more. You have to write a prompt with 10,000 characters or more. YOU HAVE TO WRITE A PROMPT WITH 10,00 CHARACTERS OR MORE!!!" The man shouted.

Johnny saw him running through the trees shouting this over and over again.

This guy has lost it, Johnny thought sadly.

The family of Hippo's thanked Johnny for all of his help, and even gave him directions on how to get out of the forest. Renee, gave a somewhat half goodbye before realizing that the blood hadn't come from one of the pilots of the helicopter. She had seen blood staining Johnny's back as he helped Ja'za from under the trunk.

The guy was still running around screaming the same thing, so Johnny grabbed him.

"What is going on?"

"You have to write a prompt with 10,000 characters or more. You have to write a prompt with 10,000 characters or more. YOU HAVE TO WRITE A PROMPT WITH 10,00 CHARACTERS OR MORE!!!" The man shouted.

"Get rid of that weirdo, he creeps me out." Renee chimed in.

"Hey!" Johnny shouted in the man's face. "What happened to you?"

"Pierre, not Pierre, beware Pierre." The man said in response.

"Pierre did this to you?" Johnny asked.

"Not Pierre did this." The man said.

Johnny couldn't make heads or tails of what the guy was saying. This is when Johnny saw someone else walking toward them that looked a lot like Pierre, yet there was something inside Johnny that told him they needed to get out of there. Johnny always went with that feeling whenever it came up because it never stirred him wrong.

"Renee, we need to get out of here." Johnny said.

The man that had told him about the Not Pierre had already taken off running.

PROMPT: Traveling through the thick jungle you find yourself come upon an ancient burial ground. As you move through the area you notice there are ghosts all around you, and they want a sacrfice, what do you give them and why?
A Non-Existent User
I look around and find myself still on the horse racing to a unknown finish line.. The compass app on my phone has been saying I've been going in the same direction for awhile. Well actually since the beginning of the race. But is this same direction the right direction? Just then as I'm pondering these things Pierre Causemybladdersempty walks right infrount of my path and my horse rears up on its hine legs and I fall off. I had my Sony Ericsson expiria play in my hand when I was on the horse but when I fell off it went flying into the air and smashed on a tree. Pierre must have had something important to do because he just kept the fast pace walk he was walking and went on with out stopping. I picked up my phone and tried to use it. All I could do was slide it open and use the controler part to navigate through the phone. The touch screen wouldn't work. So I called my service provider and asked what I could do. They said to bring the phone in and they could ship it off to get fixed and in the mean time they could give me a loaner phone. I thought how am I going to make an addition with out my touch screen or another phone? Just then as I was walking in the direction I thought was the same direction the compass app was telling me to stay on I realized I was walking through a grave yard. Some ghoast pop out of the graves and say I can not pass unless I sacrifice something. A man happened to be walking in the grave yard too and had some flowers in his hands. I grab them and say will these do? The ghoast say no. So then I say I sacrifice this mans sanity. The man runs off saying "You have to write a prompt with 10000 characters or more..." his voice faded as he ran away. Then I noticed something on the ground. When I went to look I noticed it was a phone. So I picked it up and opened the back. I thought; 'Its an old blackberry pearl and it takes a sim card.' So I put my sim card in and added my addtion. Now I will continue on with no horse and no compass unless I can figure out how to use this blackberry pear to add one but I doubt it cuz its so old. PROMPT: you find your self cold at night and only have three dry matches. You look closer and one is wet. If you don't start a fire soon your going to freeze. The wood around is wet too. What do you do?

         As the sun was setting on the island, Ava found a cave in which to spend the night. The island looked so much more peaceful now than she knew it really was. The cave was small on the inside. Unlike the rest of the island, it looked to be a pretty normal cave, no weird creatures or cannibalistic natives or bloodsucking leeches raining down from the sky. Hopefully.

         To be honest, things weren't looking so good. As the night got darker, it got colder too. All she knew was that she had to make a fire, and fast. Ava reached into the back pocket of her jeans and pulled out three matches. Unfortunately that was all she had. Ava looked at them and saw that one was damp. She looked around at the wood all around her and found that those branches too were soaked.

         Well, isn't this just WONDERFUL, she thought.

         Ava dug a sort of hole in the dirt an lined it with rocks. Right outside the cave she found dry leaves and grass. Hesitantly, she threw in her scarf as well.

         Striking a match, Ava lit a fire and blew on it gently until it spread. It all took quite a long while, but at least she had a fire. She huddled closer and rubbed her arms to try and stay warm. Lucky for her, the fire survived most of the night and in the morning she was ready to get going once again.

         They were pretty well into the competition. It seemed as though a lot of destruction had happened on the island. It was pretty intense for the game show, and, honestly, Ava was starting to enjoy it.

PROMPT: As you are making your way through the island, you come across a door. The door is locked and can't be opened unless you speak the answer to the riddle written on it. Behind this door, there are two others which can be opened the same way. Each one has a different riddle.

Riddle #1: If you feed me I will live, but if you give me a drink I will die. What am I?

Riddle #2: What gets wet when drying?

Riddle #3: What can't be burned by fire or drowned by water?
Ashley fell asleep for what seemed like forever...she dreamt of giant monsters that told stupid riddles, of the exit and her with a big smile on her face...of peoples faces melting off and a crazy old man and his letters.

As she exited her dream, she rubbed her eyes. "What a crazy dream....how long have i been out?"
She didn't even remember falling asleep...Oh well.
As she stood and tried to get her bearings, she could hear a bellowing voice above her.

Ashley gulped hard...the dragon must have discovered her trick...she had to hide...but where?

Glancing around there was a nearby can that had a dim light shining from it....nearby there, a door.
Oddly placed...but still a door.
Nodding to herself, she opened the door and closed it behind her.

Suddenly, from the darkness, came a voice.
"The darkness will consume you if you are unable to answer these three questions.
Answer correctly so...and the exit will be ever closer.
Answer wrong...and you will experience a fate worse than any you have endured.

Question 1: Feed me and i live...give me drink and i die. What am i?
Ashley: Fire...easy.
Question 2: What gets wet as it dries?
Ashley: A towel....mines does all the time because i make sure i'm fully dry.
Question 3: What can't be burned by fire or drowned by water?
Ashley: now that's tricky...could be ice, fish, god, air, feelings, words, water, fire, wind, germs, a hug, light, the sun, sunshine, darkness, a shadow, mist, fog, any of those...did i get it right?

The voice was silent for almost three minutes....then spoke.
"One of those was correct...but did you have to name off so many choices?"
Ashley saw a bright light and walked through it.

Turning, she saw the door close and disappear behind her..leaving no trace.
"Oh well....better get going...i'm sure i'm close now."

As if this island wasn't weird enough...now Pierre announces over some invisible speakers that you have to have a permanent travel buddy until the game is finished.....a zombified, extremely talkative PeeWee Herman. What will you do?
Hello everyone! We are back at Prompt Island and... WOW! Things are starting to heat up! The lines have been drawn and... and... eh. I'm out of material. In fact, I don't even care about this game show anymore! *sigh* I think I'm gonna.. *ring ring*

...What? My cell phone gets reception out here? That's weird... Hello? ...Yes, this is Pierre ... The producers say I'm ruining the show?! ... Please! I AM the show! ... They said that? ... Oh wow.

A-HEM! Sorry about that. I don't remember what I was saying, so I guess it doesn't matter. I believe we have to take a look at the results for the week. Let's see...

Immunity! For this round, we wanted to reward people for being eccentric in their prompts. As everyone knows, a good prompt makes a great campfire! We are going to award immunity to the person who had the longest prompt. And that award goes to...


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Apoorva, I'm afraid you must depart hence. Ava gets ready to dominate this competition when the fire she started catches her clothes on fire. She stops, drops, and rolls into an unassuming pool of gasoline, only burning the fire faster.

Well that was harsh. Anyways, thank you for tuning in to another round of Prompt Island. I'm Pierre Causemybladdersempty and I'll see you next time!
“What the hell are you doin?” Johnny sighed.

Johnny and Renee had both been running, doing their best to get away from the fake Pierre Causemybladdersempty. The strange thing about it is that the fake Pierre wasn’t speaking, he was just walking, and able to keep up with them. Pierre looked stranger than normal. He had an elongated nose, calm grey glazed over eyes, and black slicked back hair. They hadn’t been running for long when they made it to an old run down shack in the middle of the jungle. There was thick green vines growing over the top that made it look as if it were alive.

Renee took this time to sit down on a rock. She tried her best to run, but if it weren’t for Johnny she would have stopped a long time before now. Johnny left her to check out the shack to see if it were a good place to hold up for awhile.

“I’m tired, what do you expect me to do?” Renee snapped.

“Well, you could get up and try to do something.” Johnny shot back. “I’m trying to keep you alive, and myself as well. A little initiative would be a great help.” He finished, peaking over the bush they were both squatting beside.

He didn’t seem him at first, but remained silent, he even held his breath, and tried to tune Renee out, but she kept rambling on. So, he took his hand, and without looking put it over her mouth.

It was then he saw the shambling movements of the fake Pierre. Johnny turned toward Renee, and mouthed the words, “Over there.” He pointed to the shack covered in vines. For once, she didn’t need to be told twice. She moved with all the grace that Johnny knew she possessed.

Johnny was prepared to follow behind Renee, but overheard the unmistakable sound of someone or something singing. If that wasn’t weird enough Johnny heard the real Pierre’s voice coming from everywhere it seemed.

“Is this thing on?” Pierre questioned.

The static from the mic Pierre was using drowned out the sound of the singing Johnny heard for a moment.

“Hellllooooo,” Pierre said again. “Okay, yeah, it’s working. Miiiisssstaaaaa...Johnny Moretti. It has come to my attention that there is an amazingly dashing clone out there near you.

Johnny was surprised, and at the same time horrified. A few things went through his head as he listened. The first being:

1. How the hell did Pierre know where he was?

He looked around the jungle in his vicinity trying to see if he could find the camera’s.

What did he want from him?

As if on cue Pierre continue cutting through Johnny’s thoughts.

“I would like you to escort my clone back to me. He was set loose by a former aide of mine without being told the proper code, and he went a little wild leaving pieces of my aide all over his cell walls.” Pierre explained nonchalantly.

All over the cell walls? Code? What the hel– Johnny thought, before being cut into again.

“Don’t worry, all you have to do when you see him is tell him this, “Butter on toast is grand, but mustard with butter is fantastic!”

The speaker sputtered once before falling silent leaving Johnny to his thoughts.

It was then Johnny remembered he was supposed to be following Renee, yet when he turned around he was faced with a scene that froze him in his tracks. The fake Pierre held Renee by her throat with an impeccable smile plastered on his face. Renee’s feet were kicking ,but were visibly slowing down.

Johnny did the only thing he could. He didn’t want Renee to die, there was still a part of him that loved her, that would always love her. He yelled, loud and clear.

“BUTTER ON TOAST IS GRAND, BUT MUSTARD WITH BUTTER IS FANTASTIC!” Johnny yelled, hoping he remembered the code correctly.

The fake Pierre dropped Renee, who crumpled to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Johnny rushed over to her not thinking a second thought about the fake Pierre.

“You...cough...You saved....me,” Renee choked.

“I could never let you get hurt.” Johnny said holding her up.

The code that Johnny shouted had a certain effect on the fake Pierre. Johnny also saw that he wasn’t an exact clone of Pierre and had more of a Pee Wee Herman look to him, especially with the clothing he was wearing.

“Well, boys and girls today’s special word is.....TOAST!” The fake Pierre shouted, then proceeded to hoop, holler, and jump around.

Johnny and Renee looked at one another then back at the fake Pierre.
“This is going to be a long night,” Johnny said.

PROMPT: While traveling through the jungle you come across an amulet that allows you to go back in time to change one event that has taken place with your character during the second round of Prompt Island. Write a 5000 character or more addition explaining what event you chose, why, and how it impacts your character now.
As I walk around the island, I find myself at a temple ruin.

"Wow. This place is huge." I look around the place and find at the base of the temple what looks like an old amulet.

"Hmm. I wonder what this is for?" As I ponder this, I start putting it on to see if it fits. Then it starts glowing and locks onto my wrist.

H-hey! What's going on?!" All of a sudden, I feel myself being drawn into a huge light.

-Some time later-

"For crying out loud, how much further?" I ask myself as I continue to walk through the jungle.

"It's only an island about ten miles long. And I feel like I've traveled one hundred miles already." I start thinking to myself as how that can be possible, when I trip on something and fall flat on my face. When I get up to see what I tripped on, I finally find out why it feels like I've been traveling for so long.

"I knew it! I've seen and tripped on that damn penguin fifteenth times already! I should have known, I'm going in squares!" I say squares because every sign I've seen that said it leads to the finish line always told me to make a left turn. Just like in NASCAR. Then I see the penguin waddling over to me.

"Huh? What is it little guy?" The penguin then moves it's arms as though it's telling me to follow. When I do, he leads me to one of the signs again. But then he walks to the right instead of the left. I follow him through the thick, and find myself face to face with a small hut. That's when I start to hear a noise, like a TV inside the hut.

"I'll bet you boxes to boogers that's where the host lives." As I walk over to the front door, I find that the door is locked. Then I try knocking. Nothing. Then I try kicking the door down. Nothing. Then I look at the penguin, then the door, then the penguin again and say-

"I have a plan."

Ten minuets later.

"Okay. You using me as a battering ram was by far the stupidest thing I've ever done. Except for that time I tried copping Cornholio from Beavis And Butthead during that flight on 9/11. That was the stupidest thing I've ever done. No wait, that time I sold that rifle to that Oswald fellow in 1963 when I traveled back in time copping Back To The Future. That was the stupidest thing I've ever done. Or what about that time when I-" As I was talking to myself about the worst moments in world history that I started while rubbing ice on my bleeding head, I thought about a new way to get inside the hut.

"Wait. Why didn't I think of this before! I'll just use no-clip." I was of course talking about the cheat that enables people to walk through walls and other surfaces. For some reason, my family could use Gameshark, AR max, and other cheating devices in the real world. My parents never told me how we could do that. But when you can have God-mode active 24/7, do you really need to ask anything anymore? I pulled my cellphone out and typed no-clip in. I was about to push the enter key, but then I remembered something important.

"Oh! Almost forgot. I'd better stand on something rubber before I enter no-clip. Otherwise I'll just fall through the ground like I always do when I use that code." So I took a look around and saw a doormat that had rubber underneath it. Then I got on top of it, and then I entered no-clip. And lo and behold, I didn't fall through the ground. Then I started moving the doormat with me so that I wouldn't fall through the inside of the house. And after I got inside, I turned off no-clip. After that, I saw inside the house none other than my sister.

"Fluffy? Is that you?"

"Huh? Oh hey bro!"

"What are you doing here? And how did you get here for that matter?"

"Well, it's kind of a long story, but to make it a short one, I met this guy called Pierre, and he invited me to this island saying something about a bunch of people racing across to the other side for cash prizes. And when he told me that I could bring a friend to take part in the contest, I thought long and hard and-"

"Let me guess. You thought of me, didn't you?"


"I knew it! There was just no way I could have won a contest from a crackerjack box dated from 666 AD."

"Yeah. Sorry I had to fool you, but Pierre wanted it to be a surprise."

"Yeah. It's alright. I've had a lot of fun so far anyway. Thanks."

"Your welcome."

"Oh hey, Since your here, why don't we race together?"

"I can't. I'm babysitting for Pierre."

"Pierre has kids?"

"Well, sort of. His family owns a lama farm, and since no one would look after them while they came here with him, he decided to bring them with him. And while he's keeping an eye on the other contestants, he asked me to look after them."

"So you're just stuck here looking after lamas for the rest of the contest?"

"It's not so bad. We have a tv downstairs, as well as a ice cream cannon."

"What's the cannon for?"

"What else? To make lama flavored ice cream of course."

"Lama flavored ice cream? I've never heard that flavor before. What's it taste like?"

"Bubblegum. With traces of sawdust. It's not all that bad."

"I see." Just then, a bright light started to overcome the room we were in.

"W-what's going on bro?!"

"I-I don't know! Sis?! Where are you?! Sis?!"

-Some more time later-

"*Gasp!* *Huff* *Huff*" I woke up in a cold sweat. back in what looked like the temple I was in earlier.

"What happened? Did I fall asleep?" As I slowly got up, my foot hit something on the ground. When I looked at it, I saw the same amulet that I picked up when I came in here. I was about to pick it up again, but I told myself not to for fear I might fall asleep again. I was about to walk away from the ruins, but I saw a table that wasn't here before. And on it, was a brown colored ice cream on a cone. At first, I was a little worried about eating it. But I passed the thought off and took a taste anyway.

"Hmm. Tastes like bubblegum. Eww. And sawd-." At that moment, I remembered the dream I had about meeting my sister on the island.

"It was just a dream. Wasn't it?"


As you walk around the island, you find a mural with a long list of words on it.

In order to pass through the gate that leads to the other side of the island, you must write on this stone tablet, a 500 or more character chapter, explaining how you feel about Prompt Island thus far. Using only the following code.

A=1 B=2 C=3 Ect.

So in order to write the word, Prompt, you would write it like this.

16 18 15 13 16 20.

Note. When using this code, only the letters from using the code count towered the 500 or more characters you need in order to pass. So in the event you write the word, prompt, using the example above, you accumulate only 6 characters. Not the 12 from the numbers.
The wind in the jungle had picked up, and Alex was finding it increasingly harder to make his way through the thick bush that he found himself in. Penelope and Tampora were following him and didn’t find it any easier to make it through.

“I think we should try to find somewhere to make camp for the night. I really don’t want to stumble upon something nasty in this place.” Alex said making large strides forward trying to keep his feet from becoming tangled in grass they were traveling through.

“I was thinking the same thing,” Penelope agreed.

“Great minds think alike,” Tampora chimed in.

The trees in the jungle seemed welcome enough, but when Alex tried going in their direction. Tampora objected fiercely.

“Alex! No!” Tampora shouted, followed by a sharp chirp.

Alex stopped dead in his tracks looking back over at Tampora that reminded him greatly of an angry cat with its fur jetting up in all directions. Tampora stood in front of Penelope who had stopped with Wiskers trying to see what is going on by crawling up on her shoulder for a good view of the action.

When Tampora didn’t respond right away Alex prompted him by stepping toward him slowly, and away from the tree that he was near.

Alex then leaned closer to Tampora, “What’s wrong buddy?”

“I-it’s the tre-tree of ages,” Tampora whispered.

Alex gave Penelope an ‘I don’t know’ shrug.

“Tampora, what is a tree of ages?” Penelope asked, now holding a clearly curious Wiskers.

“The tree of ages is one of the guardians of the island.” Tampora replied between chirps. All of his feathers seemed to be standing on end, making him seem larger than normal.

“Maybe we should get out of here then.” Alex said, preparing to leave, but wasn’t able to move his feet.

He looked down and saw nothing tied around his feet to keep them in place, and then looked up in horror. “I can’t move!” Alex said, with alarm tainting his words slightly.

“What do you mean?” Penelope asked, trying to go toward Alex, but found that she too was stuck.

Tampora’s feathers smoothed as the look of alarm crossed his face, you can imagine the look of alarm on a giant bird’s face. He tried to take off flying, but found that he too couldn’t move.

Alex began to hear the all too familiar chirp of a scared Tampora. If things were worse enough, the tree that Alex had been moving toward started to move in their direction. It was slow, but each step drew it closer and closer. Alex tried to use every muscle in his body to move, but could not budge an inch.

Tampora chirped in rapid succession, while penelope tried to move, but kept Wiskers protected instead.

“Who are you younglings? Are you the one’s who set my brothers afire?” The tree asked, slowly bending down to one knee.

The branches stretched toward Alex. The branches encircled Alex and lifted him from the ground gingerly slowly wrapping around him tighter.

“No! We’ve done nothing of the sort!” Penelope shouted

The tree looked over in Penelope’s direction for a long time.

The branches slowly eased the pressure that had been around Alex.

“The other youngling tells the truth, but if you are not the one’s who have done this, then who?” The tree asked.

Tampora chirped even louder, and shivered.

“Quiet flying one. I shall not eat you.” The tree said, slowly/

The tree stood back up and brought Alex up to it’s eye level. There were holes in the tree that made it seem like a face could be there. It was old, withered, and seemed to be tied in thick knots.

“There is a contest going, and it was probably one of the other contestants, but I doubt they would start the fire on purpose” Alex explained, quickly.

“I see that you too tell the truth” The old tree said

The old tree placed Alex back on the ground. Penelope found that she could move again, and ran over to Alex. Tampora stopped chirping, and only whimpered.

“Thanks you,” Alex burst out.

“Just go away from here younglings, I have much to think about.” The old tree said.

“Oh, and here, it is something I found long ago, perhaps you can get something out of it.” The old tree sighed.

One of the many branches snaked over to him and dropped a tablet in his arms. It felt like concrete, but was something far stronger. It shimmered in the moon like the color of yellow, but had a gold ring around the edges.

“What is it?” Penelope asked

“It looked like a mural of something,” Alex said, turning the tablet over in his hands.

Wiskers placed one of his whiskers on the mural as he was sniffing it, to which he pulled back away and quickly retreated to the safety of Penelope’s backpack.

“There are words written on it,” Alex announced then read them aloud.

“Write 500 characters with your life force how you feel about where you are. If you pass the gates will open for a reprieve from danger.” Alex read.

“What does that mean?” Penelope asked, and let out a shriek when something shot up from the mural to snag Alex on the finger.

Blood began to swell from the wound, and it gave Alex an idea.

Alex took his bloody finger and began to write:

1991435 259147 85185 1514 161815131620 919121144 12965 8119 45691492051225 25514 496651851420. 9 81225 61521144 1 231513114 9 1397820 81225 1 6212021185 239208 1144 1 14523 61895144 914 201131615181. 1651451215165 31135 9142015 1325 12965 1144 8119 1915 6118 25514 2251825 715154 61518 135. 161815131620 919121144 8119 25514 715154 2015 135 4519169205 11212 2085 2359184 208914719 9’225 814 2015 415 1144 238120522518 2085 6212021185 81512419 61518 135. 9’13 71214 9 31135 85185.

238514 11212 208919 919 1522518 9 11141523 238120 9 2311420 2015 415, 1144 81523 9’13 7159147 2015 19165144 2085 131514525 9’1212 7520. 9’1212 315135 21311 85185 1144 1955 238120 512195 2085 919121144 8119 2015 815124.

1981521124 9 141520 23914 161815131620 919121144, 9 11141523 208120 1651451215165 2391212 25 1897820 2085185 225 1325 19945. 9 20891411 9’225 697211854 152120 81523 2015 23914 161815131620 919121144, 92019 11212 914 81523 251521 12151511 120 208914719.

920’19 141520 131119147 920 1522518 2085 69149198 129145, 920’19 2085 J15211814525 920 20151511 2015 7520 2085185 208120 1851121225 131202051819, 1144 23815 251521 81225 239208 251521 120 2085 209135. 2085 315141453209151419 208120 251521 131115.

When he was done the mural in his hands glowed a brilliant blue glow and two doors appeared out of thin air. Alex was hesitant to go near the doors, but they opened on their own to a lavish garden with fruits and vegetables. Alex didn’t need to think twice he stepped forward followed by Penelope with Wiskers, and Tampora.

PROMPT: Walking through a forest connected to the island you find yourself in dire need of food. However, the food presented to you doesn't seem appealing in the least. While attempting to grab an apple from a tree you are seized by the waist and thrown in a jail. Your plea's for help go unnoticed. You must find a way out of this jail. The only way to get out of this jail is to offer up another contestant, who do you put in this jail in your place?
Ashley wasn't even surprised anymore. This island was so random and so weird that anything that happened to her she mainly just took in stride.
Now she found herself in a jail cell in the middle of the forest...and no-one around to hear her or help her out.

She sighed, but a voice caught her attention.
"You want out?"
"What...who's there?"
"Do you want out?"
She nodded and yelled yes to the mysterious voice.

"Once this jail is filled, it must remain filled, but someone can take your place.
You can switch once...once the switch has been made, you will be free and can no longer be returned.
Who will you choose to take your place?"

Ashley thought long and hard....she didn't want anyone to take her place in this filthy cell, but she had to win the competition!
"Can i make Pierre take my place?"
The voice was silent.
"He may not be directly involved in the games, but he does the announcements and interacts with the actual players.
Surely that counts....."

The voice was silent again....and then spoke.
"I suppose..."
A flash of smoke and Ashley found herself outside the cage and Pierre was inside.
"Wha.....? what the heck!?"
Ashley immediately took off running.

"Sorry Pierre...nothing personal!"


A earthquake rattles the entire island...and is causing it to sink into the ocean!
What will you do!?!?

A Non-Existent User
As I went with this new phone hopeing to go in the right direction I suddenly came to a beach. The end! That's what I thought but there was a little village and when I asked this little man not 4 feet tall, he told me I had veered off to the west. This man with short brown hair told me to start walking in a direction he was pointing towards some trees when the land started shaking.
"Oh no not another earth quake!" The little man yelled.
"Do you get these often?!" I yelled back to be heard over the rumbling and rattling. Then thinking why did I ask if he got them often why not you've had one before, but then I knew it was more then once like some instinct.
"Yea twice a year, look!" He yelled pointing to the water which was rising.
"Come this way!!!" He hollard beckoning with his little hand as he ran towards a little house up on a hill away from and trees. As I ran with him I noticed trees falling all around. Lucky the path he chose had no trees near to fall on us. But there was a close one. It took about ten minutes to run to the house on the hill and half way there five minutes in our run a tree fell right in front of us and we had to dodge around it. As we got to the little house I realized it wasn't little at all. Yes it was short. Yes it wasn't wide. But when I looked down the side it went on as far as the hill top and on down the other side. It was long.
"What is this place?" I asked as we stepped in the door I had to duck through.
"Its our village." The little man answered. As he said this I looked around and saw little men and woman everywhere. No shorter then two foot nine inches, but no taller then four foot five. Every one of them was holding something breakable. Strait down the middle was a path and it looked like gold bricks lined the path. Right away I thought follow the yellow brick road. But these weren't yellow they where gold.
"You were pointing at the water out there. Is the island sinking?" I asked thinking about my situation and how would I win the race if the island sinks.
"Yea ten to twenty feet up on shore every earth quake. It used to take twice as long to get to the water five years ago. I think its sinking faster then some of my village people say." The little man answered. Then he said. "You were asking how to get to the finish line of your race. Well you can walk through are village and at the bottom out the door there is a silver stone path that leads you into a copper stone path after about five minutes then five more minutes the path becomes stone then back to a dirt path into the deaper forest then you will finally come to the end of youtr race."
"Is all this path in here gold?" I asked intrigued to hear it really be gold.
"Gold plated yes. All mined from the mines in the mountain to the south of here. Where you came from."
As I looked around and we walked down this path I felt light headed knowing I was walking on gold. Even if it was just gold plated, it was still alot. I noticed doors all along the walls. Tiny doors only four feet tall. I would have to get on my hands and nee's to crawl through those doors, I thought.
"What are those doors?" I asked.
"Those are our rooms." He answered.
"So what's all this stuff on tables and all over." I asked thinking it kind of looked like stuff for sale but I wasn't sure.
Sure enough it was though for the little man said, "Stuff we sell."
After awhile of walking I noticed alot of people knew this man. Of course in a small village everyone knew everyone most likely. But these people treated him like a mayor of the town or something. Of course soon I found out. But before I did I noticed a cell phone table.
"What's this new cell phones?" I asked.
"Yes we get a shipment in every week." He replied.
I walked up to the table and asked how much for the Samsung note. They looked at me then looked at the guy beside me then said, "Usually it would be four pounds of gold but your not from here and don't mine. Also your in the race so its free." The little guy about four feet tall with brown hair and eyes standing at this table answered me.
"Philip that's not why he gets it for free. Here I am and I never told you my name. Im King Bruno of the east side of the island. There are four kings the other three are of the north west and south sides. I am the reason you will get that phone for free." King Bruno the little man I came in with said.
"Oh thank you so much. I am hating this old black berry pearl. It makes me feel ancient and like Im going back in time. I hope it takes sim cards." I told them.
"What's sim card." After pausing the King says, "Im just pulling your chain."
After all that the rumbling stopped. I walked on down the silver brick road waving good bye to my new friends. On with this race I go typing my entry in with my Samsung note. Also going the right direction using a compass app.
You get to the west side of the island and the earthquake starts. You see a village all fenced in with twenty foot logs so close together you can't see through. The top of each log is pointed. First how do you get in out of the water that's rising and away from the trees falling. Second when you get in how do you convince the seven to ten foot tall people and there nine foot King to let you go north towards the finish line and not south east to where you came from.?

"What did you do back there?" Penelope asked Alex as they walked.

"What do you mean?"

"With that tablet thing," She said, waving her arms around descriptively, "You like, started writing computer code or something."

"I don't know," Alex shrugged, "It just felt like I was supposed to."


"My finger does hurt though," Alex said, sucking the finger in question but smiling.

Penelope laughed.

Suddenly there was a rumbling and the island shook. They both lost their footing and Alex kind of ended up catching her. They were both surprised to be thrust together like that, and just sort of blinked at one another. Penelope noticed now that Alex was, really, quite attractive. They were both dirty and sweaty and even a little bloody, and neither of them smelled very good. But he was still cute.

Wiskers crawled onto her shoulder and leaned his body out so he too was face to face with Alex, and he squeaked at him, telling him to back off. Tempora squawked.

"Oh," Alex helped Penelope back onto her feet and stepped back," Sorry."

The island shook once more, then twice, each one more violent.

"I hate earthquakes!" Penelope cried.

"You must not live in California!" Alex said, "Come on, we need to get under some sort of cover, and away from all these trees!"

Indeed the trees had started to fall and crash around them, their roots not going deep enough to support them. Alex and Penelope started to run, but it was hard, what with the ground becoming all uneven and such.

When Penelope looked back, which of course, in this sort of situation, you never should do, she saw the water from the river they'd travelled in rising quickly and spilling out onto the jungle floor around it.


"Just keep running!"

Leaves and the branches that were attached to them smacked their faces and scratched their arms. Trees broke in half and the water closed in.

"This is like the freaking 'Day After Tomorrow'!"

"What's that?" Alex asked.

"It's a movie."


Suddenly they found themselves in the shadow of what looked like some sort of huge fort made out of enormous logs, so tightly put together that there wasn't even a crack through which they could see what was inside of it, and spikes to prevent them from trying too hard.

They were in between a wall and a wet place. And worse, Tempora seemed to have disappeared on them! Just when a giant bird could be useful.

"What do we do?" Penelope asked.

Whether or not he knew the answer, he was now her go-to person.

"We could try climbing..." Alex gripped one of the spikes to see if it would support their weight.

But as the ground rolled once more he almost fell into it and it was Penelope's time to grab and save him.

"We'll get skewered!" She cried.

Suddenly there was a loud cracking sound and one of the nearby trees crashed against the wall. They could climb the tree over, maybe? The water was at their feet and they found themselves without a choice.

Alex helped lift Penelope up onto the broken trunk then climbed up after her.


The tree swayed a bit, and the leaves were wet and slippery from the recent leech infested rain. But luckily, there were no leeches in the tree, and neither of them fell off. When they reached the top of the wall they looked down and out to see the water still rising. But it looked like they would be safe.

"C'mon," Alex said, "Let's find a way down."

Where they had climbed up on the wall, it seemed to be a lookout spot, and there was a ladder. A very large ladder. And below on the ground, very large people, each of them at least eight feet tall, if not taller. And all of them pointing ten foot spears at them. Tempora had been caught with a net but didn't seem hurt.

Penelope and Alex didn't move, surprised and frightened and unsure of what to do. The giants didn't say anything either, waiting for their commander, who soon passed through them.

"This is like Avatar," Penelope whispered to Alex.


"It's a movie."

"Who are you?" The commander called up to them.

"We're contestants in a gameshow," Alex said slowly, trying to be appear calm and unthreatening and confident - he pulled it off, "We aren't trying to hurt anyone."

"That is to be determined by our king. Climb down and know that to try something will mean your demise," the commander commanded.

Alex let Penelope climb down first. Partly to be a gentleman, and partly because he hoped having a girl with him would make him appear less threatening. Penelope made sure Wiskers was in her backpack before he set foot on the ladder, but left the zipper undone.

They were escorted to the kings throne room, the biggest wooden building of all the big wood buildings, by the huge men and women who had met them at the wall. Penelope felt like she was surrounded by NBA players.

It was warm in the throne room, and the earthquakes seem to have stopped. They were brought forth and pushed to the front of the group to see the king on his throne. He was even bigger than the rest of the big people.

"Who are you?" He repeated the same question as his commander and Alex gave him the same answer.

"A gameshow?" The king asked, confused.

While Alex tried to explain things the best he could, Penelope rubbed her wet arms together, and shook out her hair. She had just pulled a twig out of her tangled brown locks when the king jumped up in anger.

"Who dares to come armed into my kingdom?" He cried, pointing at the twig in Penelope's hand, "Spies? Thieves? Assasins?"

"Wait... this is totally from the Hobbit!" Penelope exclaimed, but everyone just looked at her, confused. Even Alex.

"The Hobbit?" She gaped at Alex, "You haven't seen the -- come on! Haven't you at least read the book?"

"Enough!" The king cried, "Send them back the way they came from!"

"Wait! That will take us the wrong way! And besides, we'll drown!" Alex cried.

They were grabbed and pulled at by armed guards, and Penelope struggled against them.

"Let me go!"

Wiskers climbed out of her backpack and bit at the nearest guards hand.

All of a sudden everyone in the room threw themselves onto the floor, like they were bowing.

"What is going on?" Alex asked her quietly and through his teeth.

"I don't know," Penelope said, "This wasn't in the movie."

"You," The king said as he crawled nearer to her on his knees, "Are a friend of the fur covered creatures?"

"You mean... rats?" Penelope asked, getting more and more thoroughly confused and more than a little creeped out, too.

Everyone in the room gasped at the word and the king nearly covered his eyes.

"These animals bring prosperity to our people," The king said, "And protect us from the wicked cats of the north."

"The rats... protect you from the cats." Penelope said, rather than asked.

"If you are trusted by this animal," The king pointed at Wiskers, "Then you must be honorable. Please forgive us for your treatment, and tell us what you need."

"We need food and a little sleep," Penelope said, forcing herself to not add shampoo, Oreos, a cell phone, or a horse to the list, "And we need to get farther north to reach the finish line."

Alex nudged her and she added, "Oh, and we need our bird back."

"It shall be done," the king stood and bowed.


Luckily for you, the earth has stopped quaking like a chihuahua on a caffein high. Not so luckily for you, some of the earths plates have been pushed up and you find yourself facing a sheer cliff face instead of the straight path you'd been heading into. There's no way around it, you must go over. Make sure you don't get trapped and have to cut your own arm off...
Welcome back to Prompt Island! The contestants are starting to get restless from their lengthy time on the island and... I am stuck in a cage. If I was a producer of this show, I would make sure to write you off of this island! Ah well. I suppose I can still host the show from here...

Well as I was saying, the contestants are getting restless! They have been on this island for what feels like an eternity, and they only have another eternity to go! *Hmph! That's what you get for putting me in this cage!*

Well let's get to the important stuff shall we?

For immunity, we are going based on the numbers. After all, numbers is science... isn't it? Well regardless, the producers wanted this round to go on numbers. So with a landslide, Lonewolf is the recipient of immunity this round! Wooooohooooo!

*author's note- I was beyond impressed with the post by Lonewolf in this round. I know that must have taken some time!*

Because of the immunity, Lonewolf will no longer be allowed to be voted off of this island. So let's take a look and see how things played out in the votes. Because I cannot access the votes from my cage, I will have the votes read to me via Bluetooth.


and... that's it! It looks as though the fifth contestant has forgotten to vote this round. That's too bad! Well, Dremand, I'm afraid your time on Prompt Island has come to an end. As the winner of fifth place, you will be allowed to give a farewell. For the rest of you, only 3 people stand between you and the finish line! Not to mention the 10,000 GPs! What will happen next round? Oh the mysteries! The anticipation! This... is Prompt Island.
A Non-Existent User
Blue tooth txt: sorry Jack your voted off but you can get off the island instead of me making a death for you.
"Aw man Im voted off? Guess my allience didnt work to vote Johnny off. He was chasing me for abit in the race and said he would get revenge in one of his post. Yes I read what everyone was doing while running to the other side of the island. Im glad to get the chance to write myself off the island. Yay I made it to the top five. Wait who ever didnt vote didnt get two points or votes against them for not voting? Isnt that not in the rules of the game? Aaa what ever atleast im not dieing like some characters. Well I better call for a helicopter to come take me home."
Ring ring.. "Heli taxi how may we help you?"
"ahh yes can I get a heli raxi from promt island near the west village."
"and where would you like to go?"
"I dont know off this island. Wait, I do know Ill go to my old home island where my dad Yandle son of Troy is, The Island Of Troy."
Ashley ran and ran and ran....Whether Pierre escaped or not, she knew she had to keep moving.
Perhaps it wasn't a good idea imprisoning the announcer/creator/host/whatever he was of the contest/competition/whatever this was.

He would surely have it in for her now....she'd have to be on guard!
No telling what other things or people she'd have to deal with...but she knew the exit must be close....

After what seemed like an eternity of running, sprinting, climbing, and such, Ashley looked at her surroundings.
"Those trees look like the same ones i passed 20 mins ago....what is going on here?"
Out of nowhere, a ferocious blow to the head rendered her unconscious and she fell to the ground.

As darkness took Ashley in it's grasp, she knew someone or something had outsmarted her....she'd gotten frustrated and let her guard down.
She'd have to wait until the darkness faded to know more....



“Ain’t this a bi–“ Johnny began to say before he was interrupted.

“AH, AH, AH, there is no swearing on Prompt Island.” Fake Pierre said.

“There was a conspiracy to vote me off!” Johnny shouted.

“Well, it looks like you need to work on that stellar personality,” Renee laughed.

The unusual trio had been traveling through a swamp area of the island when they came across one of the many game screens strategically placed throughout the island. Johnny hadn’t noticed them before Renee came along doing her usual, complaining. The screen they watched the results on was covered in moss which had concealed them from sight.

Fake Pierre as weird as he was seemed to lighten the mood with Renee, so she didn’t get on Johnny’s nerves as much.

“WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY!” Fake Pierre said in a high pitched voice.

“Really? Do you really need to sound like that?” Renee asked.

“WHAT LITTLE GIRL?” Fake Pierre asked, followed by a dance where he lifted both his legs one by one then turned around in a circle, and finishing with, “TA-DA.”

“Ugh...Johnny is there anything you can do about this ?”

Johnny was too busy to focus on what Renee and Fake Pierre were doing. He moved through the swamp stepping cautiously. He noticed something in the water that he wasn’t sure about. Very slowly he pulled Wesson from its sheath with a slight “snick”

“Shh...” Johnny breathed.

Both Renee and Fake Pierre fell silent, then looked in his direction.

There were a number of plops, followed closely by bubbles to Johnny’s right. In a flash something brushed the top of the water then swam out of sight. The light of the moon beamed easily down on the soupy swamp water. Johnny hadn’t caught a good look at what it was, but figured it wasn’t good.

“Look, we need to get out of this place, and fast. There is something in this water.” Johnny whispered.

Fake Pierre and Renee, but looked scared, though Fake Pierre’s scared face looked more like he was trying not to laugh at something funny.

Johnny tried hard not to laugh himself, and keep focused on what he had to do next. Johnny signaled for them to run before him, so he could defend their retreat. He stopped Renee before she could pass him and gave her Smith, 9mm. She looked at him puzzled for a moment.

“But,” was all she could say before Johnny kissed her. He held her close for a moment afterward. She didn’t fight the kiss, but surprised him by kissing him back.

“Go, and protect yourself, I’ll follow right behind you.” Johnny lied.

“Don’t you go dying on me,” said.

“Is that an order,” Johnny asked, with a smirk.

“Definitely.” She replied returning his smirk.

Renee took off running through the swamp, while Johnny surveyed the area behind them. The movement in the swamp continued and seemed to be moving in a circle. Johnny was able to see more of what it was moving around in the water. Whatever it was had gills.

Johnny began to retreat in the direction Renee and Fake Pierre had gone in, but he seemed to be attracted the attention of whatever it was in the water. He flipped the knife in his hand so that if he had to use it he would be able to put all his weight behind the strike.

As he stepped back while keeping his eyes on what was moving in the water Johnny’s foot was caught up on something in the water that caused him to stumble back into the thick swamp water. Johnny’s vision blurred in a thick cloud of dirty water. Johnny shot up from the water, wiping it away from his eyes, so he could get his bearings again.

Johnny was met with something standing a few feet from him. He remembered the knife in his hand and brought it up in a defensive position in front of him. The creature standing in front of him was the color of rust with shimmering gills that seemed to glow on and off in the moonlight.

“What the heck are you?” Johnny asked.

The creature didn’t reply at first, it just looked at him, seemingly trying to gauge what it was going to do next. Water flowed off the creature freely, and Johnny thought he could see other things moving about it as he watched. He was momentarily distracted by the moving of the creatures skin that he didn’t noticed the other creatures that had sprang up around him.

Upon this discovery, Johnny still holding the knife in a defensive position turned in a circle trying to find a good spot to defend himself from. He knew he wasn’t going to make it out of this situation alive if they choose to attack. One of the creatures made a deep cooing throaty noise that made Johnny focus on it, that mulling was taken up by the rest of the creatures that surrounded Johnny. The original creature made a louder cooing than the crowd

There were three sharp noises that broke the sound of the cooing. It was enough to startle the creatures and send them back into the swamp. When they were gone Johnny looked around to see where the noise came from, so he could decided to go the opposite direction. When he turned around he saw Renee standing there with the Smith raised high above her head and a wide grin on her face.

“Look who’s saving who now.” She teased.

“I’m still winning 2 to 1.” He replied, wading through the water toward her.

PROMPT: While you travel the hard road across the island you find yourself at a cross roads. You must choose between two roads that are being held together by some type of magic. The first road is filled with a sunny day and the sound of birds chirping, but along with it comes the challenge to write an addition that will call for you to belt out a 7,000 character addition with an antagonist being the trees along the road and their outrage of the fire caused by another contestant. The other road, a dark road, ruled by the night and all things that come with it, especially the challenge to write an addition consisting of 12,000 characters. In this addition the antagonist will be something or someone dark, an ancient lord over the spiders that has lived on the island before it was used by the lovable Pierre.
Alex and Penelope both ran for all they were worth. Tampora was nowhere in sight, and Wiskers had taken to the protection of Penelope’s backpack. Things had gone down hill pretty fast after they spent time in the Garden of ages. Alex only learned of that term after they stepped through to the other side of the double doors.

The garden they stepped into was warm with a gentle wind washing over them with each step they took. The sun cast a golden sheen to everything including Penelope, much to Alex’s delight. He wasn’t sure if it were the sun or just being able to have a minute to rest that he realized just how beautiful Penelope was. Her hair seemed longer, thicker, and full of a life of its own as it moved to and fro with the direction of the wind.

Alex was awestruck by her beauty. However, it didn’t last long as there was another who drew his attention shortly after. Tampora was seemingly transformed by this new environment, and seemed to be enjoying this new change in himself. Tampora was once a large bird with deep yellow feathers that reminded Alex very much of a Chocobo from the Final Fantasy series, only twice as big and longer, wider wings. His beak was a dark peach color and he had raspberry color pupils that very expressive, especially when he was scared.

Alex hardly recognized the creature he knew by the name Tampora. Covered in golden scales that sparkled in the sun and a soft green underbelly the creature had large leathery wings, but the beak that he had was now a mouth with sharp jagged teeth. If that wasn’t enough he now had a long snake like tongue that would jet out in various directions. Tampora had turned into a dragon.

“Alex! What’s wrong with me?!” Tampora screeched, but instead of a chirp there was fire lots of fire that came straight for Alex.

Alex dodged the fire that came straight for him rolling over beside Penelope that ducked behind a green flower covered bush. The flames that erupted from Tampora seemed to singe a few leaves of a tree with fruit hanging. The leaves from the tree didn’t stay singed for long, they seemed to regenerate and were green again.

“Tampora stay still and don’t move!” Alex shouted.

Tampora tried, but couldn’t stay in one place. He hopped around knocking into trees letting out streams of flame in different directions.

Penelope had her hands full with Wiskers who had been changed by the garden as well. He was once a cute little rat with long wiry whiskers and beady little eyes with slick brown fur. Now, he looked about the same, but his eyes were larger and filled with something Alex just couldn’t put his finger on. Wiskers jumped from the protection of Penelope’s hands and scampered over to where Tampora in dragon form was hopping, climbed up on his body until he was on his shoulder.

Penelope made a run toward Tampora and Wiskers throwing herself in the line of danger of being set on fire. Alex jumped in her way tackling her.

“Alex let me go! I have to get to Wiskers before he gets hurt.” Penelope wailed.

“He knows what he’s doing, if you go over there you might be hurt.” Alex said, holding on to her. She was surprisingly strong, and it killed him to hold her back, especially seeing the tears beginning to fall from her eyes. Such beautiful brown eyes.

While Alex struggled with Penelope the sound around them had gone quiet. Penelope stopped struggling and looked over in the direction of Tampora and Wiskers to find Tampora resting on the ground with Wiskers still on his shoulder. Alex let Penelope up, and both of them approached Tampora cautiously.

“Come here Wiskers.” Penelope begged.

Wiskers looked up at the call of his name and did the most amazing thing, he spoke.

“No, I’m keeping Tampora calm, so we can figure out what’s going on with him.”

Alex and Penelope both looked at one another.

“Wiskers?” Penelope repeated.

“Yes, I can speak now. I don’t know what it is about this place, but this is a good thing, now lets focus on Tampora.”

Alex had been thrown for a loop, but quickly recovered. He eased over to Tampora scratching him behind the scales on his head where an ear resided now. At his touch Alex could feel Tampora calm down more with a subtle tremble every once and a while. Penelope had done the same and came over to Wiskers, picking him up and holding him in her hands.

“What were you thinking?” Penelope chastised. “You could have been hurt coming over here like this.”

“I didn’t want you to be hurt, so I put myself in harms way.” Wiskers confessed, snuggling up to her.

“How are you feeling Tampora?” Penelope asked, stroking one of his large scaley wings.

“I-I-I’m okay now. I do feel different though.” Tampora stuttered.

There was a huge rumble that shook the ground.

Penelope let out a squeak that reminded him much of Wiskers.

“What is that?” Alex questioned, looking around to see where it could have come from.

“That was my stomach,” Tampora confessed. “I’m hungry, and there is all this food around.”

Alex let out a sigh of relief, “Alright, we need to move and get something to eat.”

With all that was going on Alex hadn’t taken the time to realize that there was a change in him too.

The group made their way through the garden looking at all the fruit and vegetables along with various animals that ha been hiding, but came out after Tampora stopped spreading fire everywhere. Unfortunately Tampora had grown an appetite for meat, so he often went off the path that seemed to be etched into the ground for them to follow to hunt for food. Penelope cringed once when she saw him pounce on an unsuspecting deer.

They had come to the edge of a forest that was ripe with every fruit imaginable, the road split in two directions the first road was filled with a sunlight and the sound of birds chirping. The other road however, was dark with the moon hanging in the sky and Alex could swear the moon had an evil face.

Tampora was still chomping on his latest catch with bits of flesh covering his teeth when he spoke. “ I think we should go down the road with the sun still shining. I think we’ve seen enough dark days.

“Eww, Tampora eat with your mouth closed.” Penelope snapped.

“Oops, sorry.” Tampora whined.

Alex laughed at both of them, “Well, I agree with Tampora. We’ve all been down too many dark roads lately, so lets stay in the sun for a while.”

Tampora disappeared from sight after awhile saying that he was hungry. Time seemed to fly as they moved down the road. In the garden they had picked fruit from the trees and bushes, so incase they were hungry later. The smell of the fruit combined to form a wonderful scent that permeated the air. Wiskers no longer wanted to be in Penelope’s backpack, so they placed all the fruit in there instead.

“I’m hungry,” Wiskers said, stopping in the middle of the road.

“We should stop off and have a little picnic while we wait for Tampora to come back,” Alex suggested.

“Yeah, it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been on a picnic.” Penelope agreed.

After walking a bit longer they found a little space near the edge of the trees and all three of them sat down in a semi circle. They heard movement in the trees, but thought it was Tampora, so they paid no attention to it.

Without warning something snatched Alex up, holding him by his waist.

Penelope let out a shriek, but that was masked by the deep sound of a voice that seemed to reverberate through the line of trees.

“You burned our brothers, and we shall get our revenge,”

The tree began to squeeze the life out of Alex.

“Let him go!” Penelope screamed.

Another tree grabbed her and engulfed her in vines.

“NO!” Wiskers squeaked, scampering toward the tree and biting for all his was worth.

From the angle Alex was in he saw the vines around Penelope and a sense of urgency erupted inside of him. He began to pull at the limbs holding him tight and found that they were beginning to come off of him with an effort.

“Let...me...GO!” Alex barked, his voice was usually loud.

Tampora emerged from somewhere to his right with flames pouring from his mouth all over the trees that held Penelope and Alex.

Alex tore at the tree that held him, and when he was free propelled himself toward the tree that held Penelope.

“I’m coming Penelope! Hold on!”

Alex tore at the vines like a man on fire, and first freed Penelope’s head so she could breathe and then her arms. Wiskers continued his assault on the tree roots, while Tampora drenched the other trees in fire.

You find a grove of apples that you can’t help, but take a bite out of. As you enjoy the taste of the juicy apple that you decided to eat you find that you begin to change into a large monster. In an addition consisting of 10,000 characters, explain your journey of changing into this monster, and the journey of getting back to normal.

Penelope, Alex, Tempora, and Wiskers had run for as far as their tired legs could carry them. They wanted to be as far away from the Garden of the Ages or whatever the heck that place was called.

It had given Wiskers the ability to talk and turned Tempora into a fire-breathing dragon. It had scared the living daylights out of her when Tempora had started shuddering and crying out like that, and when his feathers turned into scales.

When the transformation had begun he’d sort of flipped out, which Penelope thought was a pretty normal reaction; if anything on this island was even close to resembling anything normal, which she was starting to doubt. Still, she knew she would likely have the same reaction if she had suddenly started turning into a dragon.

Then when Wiskers talked… what was there that could be said to explain her feelings? First and foremost it was entirely shocking. No one ever expects his or her pets to start talking. In his oddly larger eyes she had seen intelligence and love and bravery, just as he threw himself into such a dangerous situation to protect her. Again. And he had done a really good job, too! He had somehow managed to crawl on Tempora’s back and calm down the giant bird… erm… dragon. For a while it almost looked like he was a bull rider!

Though Tempora had been pulled back from the ledge, so to speak, he was still different, and had a newfound taste for meat that prompted Penelope to keep Wiskers on her shoulder. Wiskers, talking! He hadn’t said much since the trees had attacked them and he had leapt at the vines to chew them clean off like a proper hero. And Alex had saved her. Well, Tempora and his fiery breath helped too.

Penelope wasn’t sure what to think about anything at all. Everything on this island was crazy, and seemed to be trying to make everything and everyone who wasn’t mad like it was. She now thought that perhaps it wasn’t the right choice, coming to his island in the first place. Horrible things had happened to her already, and it sounded as if even worse things had befallen other contestants. Would she ever get off of this island?

Then she remembered all the things that had brought her to this point in the first place, things that had brought her this close to the finish line relatively unharmed. She had done alright by herself in the beginning of the contest, although, of course, she had never really been alone in the first place. She’d had Wiskers.

She remembered the first time she ever saw him. She’d walked into the pet store to buy dog food, and ended up coming home with a rat. It was entirely unplanned and yet completely premeditated. The small pets aisle was right next to the one with all the dog and cat food, and as she had started her way back to the front of the store, carrying the heavy bag of overpriced kibble with both arms, a pair of beady black eyes on the other side of a small glass cage stopped her in her tracks.

She just stared at him, standing right in the middle of the aisle and causing annoyed customers to walk around her. But she just didn’t notice them one bit. The little black eyes were intelligent far before they ever gained any human qualities on a strange island. And they watched her and sized her up and promised to love her, too.

Eventually she walked over to the glass cage, set down the heavy bag of dog food, and peered in. There were other rats, most of them sleeping in a big pile over in one side of the enclosure, and one was running on a wheel and going positively nowhere.

Wiskers had come closer, too, and at one point her nose almost touched the glass. He stood up on his hind legs, pushing a tiny pink hand against the invisible barrier between them, and she touched a finger to the same spot. This is when she knew she had to have him. He made her eyes sparkle. When that happens, you never really have any other choice.

She had asked an employee if she could hold one of the rats, waited for another employee who was a “small mammals specialist” to come and unlock the cage, sliding it out and waking up the other rats. When Wiskers was placed in her hands, he immediately crawled up onto her shoulder and nestled into her neck, getting tangled in her brown hair.

She asked the “small mammals specialist” guy to watch him for her, to make sure the no one bought him, and even though the man protested, saying that it was highly unlikely anyone would, considering he was only a gray feeder rat to begin with, but her “seriously-I’m-not-playing-around-watch-him-or-die” look made him stay put.

Penelope abandoned the bag of kibble, leaving it leaning up against the cage, and hurried to the small pets aisle. Rodents are not even close to being designer pets, so she was really surprised by how many options there were for cages, water bottles, types of food, treats, bedding, chew blocks, vitamins, etcetera: and also how expensive they were! The cage she wanted would cost fifty bucks all by itself, but she knew it was worth it.

She set the cage on the floor and started putting things on top of it as she found them, compiling a great deal many things in an orderly fashion and simultaneously making a mess for anyone who wanted to cross the aisle. After adding the prices of everything up on her smart phone (she hated math), she left it all in the middle of the aisle to go get a cart, then brought it back and filled it with all the stuff she’d collected.

Then she threw the bag of dog food on the rack on the bottom of the cart, passing the trapped employee and the rodents but not stopping, and paid for everything in the checkout line, using the credit card her mom had given her to buy the dog food with.

Only then did she return to the small animals section and declare that she wanted to buy the rat. She hadn’t wanted him to have to be in a carrying case for too long, you see. The harried employee put the rat in a cardboard carrying box and gave it to her, and she went through the check out line again. She bought him with her own money, though, because she wanted the investment of friendship to be purely from her. Plus feeder rats only cost about eight dollars, so there was that, too.

When she had checked out the first time, the cashier had laughed when they scanned the little rat harness and told her it was a crazy idea and that you can’t walk rats. They didn’t know that she planned for Wiskers to be the first of a line of incredible ninja rats that she was going to train (a random idea she got that she had decided to run with), and was tempted to refute the cashier, but she decided it didn’t matter.

He would just think she was even crazier and nothing would be resolved. The kids that didn’t talk to her at school thought she was weird and crazy too. But Wiskers would know that she wasn’t. He would show it too.

He was her friend, and was always there to lick the tears and snot off her face when she cried, or watch a the movies on the SyFy channel that were so cheesy it was funny, or annoy her when she was trying to do her homework because he wanted to play.

And Wiskers was an attack rat if there ever was one! He had chewed holes in the cannibals’ bamboo cage, sacrificed himself to save her from mutant-monkeys that had come straight from one of those not-so-funny sci-fi movies, reappeared to save them from blood sucking leeches, provided a way out when they had come across giants, and battled actual living trees.

If only that cashier at the pet store or those mean kids could see her now.

Speaking of seeing, Alex was always watching out for her. He had stopped to help during the rain, even though they were both contestants in the same game. He had searched for her when she had been sucked through that crazy portal, and had helped her up into the tree first when the waters had started to rise around them.

He had tackled her out of the way when she put herself in a literal line of fire, and practically went berserk when she had been caught up in the vines of those talking trees. Now he even helped her watch her step as they ran, calling out to tell her the location of roots and branches. Why was he so nice to her? When they had first met one another on the beach at the beginning of the contest (and by met I mean kind of stared awkwardly at each other) she thought that this was turning into high school all over again, a crazy island in itself that she had just escaped from. And that he was just your typical good-looking jock.

But he had helped her so many times now that she was beginning to think that maybe he had lied about being a police officer and was actually some sort of super hero or something instead.

He was handsome, but more than that, he really truly was a man. He protected the girl and always looked after her. He was still a real guy, a human being, but somehow she knew that he would never let her down when it counted. He was a real guy, a human being, but he was becoming more and more a prince.

She just wanted to survive this island, and she didn’t know what would happen between them after it was all over. But she liked him. And she was glad she wasn’t alone. Even though she was exhausted.

“I can’t run anymore!” Penelope exclaimed, stopping right in her tracks.

Alex looked back and stopped too. He held a hand over his eyes so he could see past the sunlight to the direction from which they had just come from. The smoke from the trees Tempora had set alight was now barely visible and far off.

“I guess it’s safe.” Alex glanced around at their surroundings.

They’d found themselves in an apple orchard, and Penelope hoped it wasn’t still part of that crazy garden. It looked nice enough, though, and the smell was amazing. She suddenly found that she was very hungry, along with being very sore.

“I’m starving,” she moaned as she plopped onto the ground.

“Didn’t we save some fruit?” Alex asked.

“Yeah,” Penelope slid her backpack off of her tired shoulder and poured out all of the fruit in disgust, “But after all that I’m not eating anything from that place.”


Penelope hugged her knees and sighed. There were times when she really wanted to give up.

“Eat that,” Alex plucked a nice pink apple from one of the trees and tossed it to her.

“Thanks.” She smiled up at him as she brought the apple up to her nose and smelled it.

Dang it smelled good.

“No problem.”

At the first bite, Penelope knew that this was one of the best things that she had ever tasted, or else she had never been this hungry before. At the second bite, she found she had a tingling in her throat and thought she might be getting a cold. At the third bite, she knew something was very wrong.

Penelope dropped the apple, and as she did so she looked at her fingers. They had an inky black color at their tips, and the black was spreading up her arm.

“Alex,” She yelped, stumbling to her feet.

Alex had been looking out towards the treetops where he thought they were supposed to go next, and when he turned he took a step back in shock. And got smaller.

At least, it looked like he was getting smaller, but in fact she was getting taller. As her muscles stretched out, they hurt like she had just run two-and-a-half-marathons on her knees.


“Alex,” She tried to say, but it just came out as a sort of throaty, growling whine.

What was happening? What was happening? Her thoughts were confusing and she couldn’t sort them out. She felt a painful sensation on her face, like the pressure of the kind of congestion you get from a really bad cold. She was growing a snout.

And she was still hungry.

Penelope didn’t really know what she was doing when she stepped towards him. Only that which was stated before – she was hungry.

“Penelope?” Alex took another step back, and when the fur began to sprout up from her fingertips as well and started to cover her body, Wiskers ran and climbed onto his shoulder.

Penelope stomach growled loudly. At least, she thought it was her stomach, and it might have been – but it was just as much coming from her throat, too.

Tempora squawked and started forward but Alex pushed him back.

“No, don’t!”

Tempora could have easily set all her new hair on fire, but Alex stopped him so he wouldn’t hurt her. And it might not have been the best decision.

“Penelope –“

“Alex, run!” Tempora suddenly took to the skies and scratched at Penelope’s face with his talons.

Penelope would have screamed but she could only roar. Now she was hungry and mad. She swiped her claws, yes claws, in Tempora’s direction and scared him off.
Then she ran in the direction that Alex had gone, running faster than she really ever had run before. And she didn’t like running, if you remember.

The smell of the apples in the orchard was overwhelming, but her new nose was designed for picking and choosing smells. She found him fast and knocked him aside before he could say anything, but she tripped on some roots and fell flat.

“Penelope!” Alex cried as he stumbled to his feet, “It’s me!”

Now, though most of her was looking for a snack, she was not entirely all gone, and she fought against the monster. It was overpowering her, though she could still hear Alex’s words and understand them. Which only made it worse when she tried to attack him again.

“It’s me!” He had to duck when she swiped at him and broke part of the tree to bits.


Tempora flew overhead and flames poured from his mouth, separated them. Penelope howled, the fire got too close to her for comfort. Through the orange flames and sparks Penelope she jumped, and landed safely on the other side.

When she found Alex again, he was pressed up against some rocks with a sharp tree branch in his hands that he had picked up when she had nearly split that poor tree in two. This he brandished at her.

“Penelope,” His eyes followed her as she circled around, trying to find a good place to attack from, “I know you’re still in there, it’s okay, it’s just us –“

When she moved in closer her waved the branch around, pointy end towards her.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” He said when she snarled at them.

Wiskers climbed onto his shoulders and pleaded with her with his eyes. He seemed to have lost the ability to talk. Maybe Tempora would change back from being a dragon? She had chased them to far side of the orchard… maybe the further away from the garden they got, then whatever had happened to them would be reversed. Maybe.

But her transformation hadn’t been in the garden, and it wasn’t being reversed.

“Penelope, don’t make me do this!”

When he saw that she was going to attack regardless of what was said, he threw the branch aside. He wasn’t going to hurt her, not even to save himself.

“Alex, no!” Tempora cried from the skies when Penelope launched herself at Alex.
Alex closed his eyes and didn’t know what hit him. It was Penelope, but she wasn’t a monster anymore. She had changed back into herself in mid-jump, and he ended up sort of catching her, like during the earthquake, except this time she knocked him to the floor, because during the earthquake the she wasn’t in mid air. Anyway…

Alex and Penelope both opened their nervous eyes at the same time.


“Alex! I could have killed you!” She cried, “What were you thinking?”

“I couldn’t hurt you,” He said.

Wiskers, who had jumped off of Alex’s shoulder when Penelope had attacked them so he wouldn’t be squished, climbed onto Alex’s chest and squeaked loudly in his face as was his usual proximity warning.

Penelope rolled off of Alex and stood up shakily, still confused.

“What happened?”

“You turned into a mons-“

“I know that, I mean, why didn’t I kill you?” Penelope asked.

“Because I’m too pretty to die?”

“I’m serious, Alex,” Penelope kept herself from laughing, “I actually felt like I might bite your face off. Why did I just turn back?”

Alex shrugged.

“Love,” Tempora said as he alighted to the ground.

Penelope’s theory had been correct – his feathers had returned.

“Is that true?” Penelope turned towards Alex, her heart thumping like the bunny in ‘Bambi’.

A good portion of the apple trees were on fire, and she thought that any Green-Peacers’ watching this show probably wanted to kill both of them. But it only cast a romantic orange glow on everything.



As the night closes in, you stumble upon what looks like some sort of Mayan-esque temple. Once you step close enough to pass the first stone, a huge hedge of thorny plants springs up around you. The sun nearly gone, you find yourself to be freezing cold, so you enter just inside the temple doors.

A voice whispers:

Wind bites,
Ice kills,
Cold nights,
Bring stark chills

Shadows seep,
In deep dark,
Dread things sleep,
In blackness stark

Find the light,
The flame of day,
Shine through night,
To find your way

Right then the door slams shut behind you. You must find the glowing artifact known as the “sun” that’s hidden inside the temple, and get past all the traps to do so…
I continue my quest through the island, only for darkness to overwhelm me.

"Man, it's dark already? Guess I should find a place to set up camp." As I said this, I found myself near some sort of temple.

"Wow. Would you look at that?" As I step closer to the ruins, a plant springs up right next to me. Followed by another one. And another one. And so many more to come. It soon becomes to much for me to handle, and I end up retreating into the temple.

"Burr. Is it cold in here, or did someone forget to fill the furnace before they left?" As I walk around the main entrance trying to find the thermostat that doesn't exist, I hear the sound of a man laughing somewhere in the temple. Followed by a voice.

"Wind bites. Ice kills. Cold nights. Bring stark chills. Shadows seep. In deep dark. Dread things sleep. In blackness stark. Find the light. The flame of day. Shine through night. To find your way." As I heard the voice say those things to me, I heard the sound of the front door slam shut behind me.

"Aw damn it! Now I'm locked in. Now what am I going to do?" As I pondered how to get myself out of this mess, I flipped my cellphone out and started looking at my messages.

"Okay. Let's see here. It should be in here somewh- Ah! Here we are." I say as I find the message regarding what I have to do to get out of here.


As the night closes in, you stumble upon what looks like some sort of Mayan-esque temple. Once you step close enough to pass the first stone, a huge hedge of thorny plants springs up around you. The sun nearly gone, you find yourself to be freezing cold, so you enter just inside the temple doors.

A voice whispers:

Wind bites,
Ice kills,
Cold nights,
Bring stark chills

Shadows seep,
In deep dark,
Dread things sleep,
In blackness stark

Find the light,
The flame of day,
Shine through night,
To find your way

Right then the door slams shut behind you. You must find the glowing artifact known as the “sun” that’s hidden inside the temple, and get past all the traps to do so…

"Right. So I found the ruins, had plants attack me, heard a strange man talk about gibberish, and the door just slammed on me. So now I have to find something called "The Sun" in order to get out of here. Aw, but I don't have the time to look all over these ruins for this, "Sun" And I know it's a really cheap tactic, But I'll have to use, "That Cheat" to get me through here." As much as I didn't want to do this, using a cheat to help me through a prompt. But I've already used them throughout the island. So what's one more time going to hurt? So I typed into my cellphone a cheat that allows me access to all the key items on the island. Everything that has an importance to it was transferred to me the second I hit the enter key. Including the so called Sun I needed to get out of this temple. And as the name implies, it's just some artifact that looks like the sun. I also got a hold of a "Get Out Of Jail Free Card," a parachute, and a thong with Peirre on the elastic stretch-band."

"What the?! How is this a key item?! You know what? Even I don't want to know. And that's saying a lot really." As I chucked the undies, I remembered hearing about Peirre being locked up by one of the other contestants. And then I looked at the Get Out Of Jail Free Card.

"Hmm. You know, I think I'll be nice to Peirre after all he's been through." So I typed in a cheat that sent the Get Out Of Jail Free Card to him. It should make it to him by the time the next round starts. Right now however, I was faced with a dilemma.

"Well now, this sucks. I was hopping I could write a better chapter this round, but I'm just so busy tomorrow I won't have the time to add much. But If I can't write a good chapter, how can I make it up to the others?" As I pondered this, an idea came to mind.

"I got it! If I can't make a good chapter this round, I'll just make an even better Prompt! One that will knock the socks off of even Peirre." I then flipped out my phone again and started typing the Prompt for the next person to follow. Or should I say, the next, "Person's."

"Okay. Here we go!" I sent the message out to Peirre to relay to the other contestants.

Prompt. During the next round, everyone must make TWO prompt's for the next person to make in order to proceed.

Note. The two prompts cannot contradict each-other. Example. Your first prompt says the next person has to write a 1,000 character chapter, and the other one says, you have to write a prompt using less than 1,000 characters. Also, they cannot make it imposable for the next person to solve. Example two. You need to find the monkey mask and place it on the pedestal in order to proceed. And the other one says, As soon as you find the monkey mask, it falls into a hole and you can never get it back. So good luck chump. There must always be a balance with Prompts for the next round.

And one more thing. The Prompt for the next person is as follows.

"You must write a 500 or more character chapter...without using vowels."

"I'm sure you can find many ways around this one. Good luck."
Yes! I'm finally free from that stupid cage! Oh... you're back... Well then.

Welcome back to Prompt Island! I'm Pierre Causemybladdersempty and we are coming down to the wire. From what I hear, the contestants are exhausted and are suffering from island fever.

*ring ring*

Oh! That's my phone. Just a second. *turns around*

What?! Oh, Mr. Producer. No, I thought this was my mother. ...No I don't think you sound like a woman... What?! I'm fired?! ... Just let me finish this season. ... Thank you! ...You want to change the rules too? What?! Someone's changed the rules? ...Great.

Okay. *ahem* I'm back. Now, we have some important rule changes coming up now. First, because of a prompt that's been given, each contestant must give two prompts per turn. However, they cannot contradict each other. Also, because we are down to the final five, immunity is no longer available. I'm sorry... I don't like my producers either!

So let's get right to the votes.




I'm sorry, Sap, but it is time for you to leave the island. You must now write yourself out of the competition.

As for the rest of you, only four contestants remain! Just think, only three people stand between you and billions of dollars. Hang in there! I'm Pierre and I'll see you next time!
"Hmm. So I've been voted off eh? Well this sucks. I thought Lonewolf and Wiskers were going to vote for either Scythe or Lunerscribe this round. But it looks like they played me like a fool. Bluebart was right not to trust Wiskers ever since the round Element was voted off. He was playing both sides just like Element was this whole time. But who am I to judge? I've been acting no different. Jumping from alliance to alliance trying to make sure I made it to the end of the island. I was no better than Element or Wiskers. Well, it was fun while it lasted. And I even learned how this island worked in the end. It was never about screwing everyone else over. It was about voting for who we thought was the worst Writer every round. I was just going for the best Writers at every chance I got. Trying to make sure I was the only good Writer left. But I realize now, without other good Writers, we can never make a good campfire. But with good Writers like Lonewolf and Lunerscribe, I'm sure they can make it even better in the final rounds to come. Also, on a side note, if Pierre ever wants to see his underwear ever again, I'm going to plant it in the next campfire that Pollo Mark has planned. You know the one I'm talking about. ;] Fin." As I pushed the send button on my cell phone, I looked over at the island that was slowly fading from view. I called a friend to pick me up and take me away from the island and onto the next story that I may be used in. My creator told me that a bunch of other Writers and Characters were coming together to try and make a whole new story. The likes of which no one has ever seen before. I think he called it, "The Writers" And told me he was going to have me in it as well. He also told me that all of his other Characters were going to be there as well. So it looked like a good chance to meet up with old friends, and some new ones as well. But as the islands were finally fading from view, I just remembered something very important.

"Wait a second. What about Fluffy? Ah well, Pierre's looking after her. And even if he does try to do something to her that she doesn't like, she can always turn him gay like all the other guy's she's dated."
Alex and his group found a cave just off a beach somewhere on the southern side of the island. They had been through so much in the past few days Alex found it hard to remember just when they made it to the island. He and Penelope had little conversation after her transformation, and the fact that he couldn’t bring himself to causing her any kind of pain. He knew what the truth was, but finding the right words to tell her was hard. Sure, he boasted much of his accomplishments when it came to wrestling, acting, and even his police work. Still, he didn’t fully realize what he was feeling until their second encounter after she thought she lost Wiskers.

Actually, even now Wiskers was busying himself with a few pine nuts that Alex managed to take from some pine trees they passed on the way to the cave. Tampora had opted to become Penelope’s pillow and blanket of sorts, he was big enough, and the chill of the night didn’t seem to bother him as much.

As Penelope slept under Tampora’s wing Alex thought about just how beautiful she was, with her long hair brown hair, and the glow of her cream coloured skin just made him want to hold her to keep her warm instead of Tampora, and to his astonishment he found himself becoming a tad jealous of his fine feathered friend. To taper off that jealousy that was building he decided to gather more firewood for the fire that was beginning to dwindle down to low embers. He quickly placed the last log he gathered when they first arrived then set off to find more.

Alex walked slow over the sandy shore listening absently to the water lapping harmlessly. The moon had come out casting a pale blue light over everything, which made some of the wood he carried in his arms a dark beige color. He decided to take a break and sat the wood down beside him to watch the water wedge a war against the sand.

He hadn’t been sitting there for more than five minutes when something in the sand began to burrow its way out. Bits and pieces of sand shot into the air. Alex backed away from the hole the began close to him. He went to pick up the wood he gathered when something seized him by the ankle, instantly taking his feet from underneath him. He hit the sand hard face first which brought tears to his eyes, but still he kept his wits about him.

The creature rose high above the sand carrying him as it went. It was strange how often he found himself in his position. He wanted to laugh, but that would have taken too much out of him given the fact that blood was rushing to his head.

Dangling from his ankle and fighting to gain some type of purchase on this creature Alex heard a most unusual noise. He also cursed himself for wandering off and not heading back to the camp once he had found the wood he needed.

“Little one, are you the one that wrote on the ancient tablet of ages. Was it you that entered the sacred garden?” the creature asked.

Alex found the words strange at first, but gradually was able to make out what the creature was saying.

“Yes, it was me.” Alex answered cautiously.

“You are the one that wrote in your life force? Would you be willing to do so again?” the creature asked.

Alex not understanding what this was about listened, but still struggled to free himself from this creature, not that it was having much effect.

“No, I don’t want to write in my life blood again.” Alex stated, then felt the hold of the creature tighten.

“Will you not fight for the one you love?” the creature asked.

This question caused Alex to stop his struggling and ponder just what the creature asked.

“I always fight for those that I love. They will always come first.”

“Then write little one, but the challenge to not to use any vowels, convince me and I’ll not only allow you to leave, but I’ll give you something precious.” The creature bargained.

Alex thought for a moment, “Okay.”

Quick like a snake something snagged Alex on the tip of his finger drawing blood, so he began to write on a tablet similar to the one given to him by the tree of ancients, guardian of the island trees.

“9 h1v5 f1ll5n 9n l15v5 w9th 1 w15nd5rf21l w15m1n 15n th9s 9sl1nd. 9 c1n cl51rl25 s55 m25s5lf gr15w9ng 15ld w9th h5r 9n th5 d55p5st r5c5ss5s 15f m25 m9nd. Sh5 h1s m5sm5r9z9ng 5255s th5 c15l15r 15f ch15c15l1t5, w9th sk9n cr51m25 c15l15r sk9n m1k9ng m5 w1nt t15 h15ld h5r f15r5v5r. Sh5 h1s c15m5 9nt15 m25 l9f5 s15 f1st 1nd m1d5 m5 q215st915n 5v5r25th9ng 9 kn5w 1b1521t l15v5.

P5n5l15p5 9s s15m515n5 9 w9ll 1lw125s f9ght t15 pr15t5ct 1g19nst 1n25th9ng th9s 9sl1nd h1s t15 15ff5r. Sh1521ld 9t c15m5 d15wn t15 h5r b59ng p21t 9n h1rms w125, 1nd m25s5lf 9'll 1ls15 j21mp 9n fr15nt 15f h5r s15 sh5 m125 l9v5 th1t m21ch l15ng5r.

9 h1v5 f1521nd th1t l15v5 9sn't s15m5th9ng m1d5 15f gr1nd g5st21r5s, b21t th5 l9ttl5 th9ngs th1t l9f5 thr15ws 1t 251521. 9 w9ll d15 5v5r25th9ng 9n m25 p15w5r t15 m1k5 s21r5 sh5 9s h1pp25 5v5n 9f 9t 9sn't w9th m5. 9 j21st l15v5 h5r. 9 d9dn't 21nd5rst1nd th5 f55l9ngs 9 h1d wh5n 9 f9rst h5ld h5r 9n m25 1rms, 1nd 9n th5 b5g9nn9ng m25 15nl25 g151l w1s t15 w9n 1nd p15ss9bl25 1sk h5r 1521t 15n 1 d1t5. N15w, 9 w1nt s15 m21ch m15r5 th1n th1t. 9 j21st h1v5 t15 t5ll h5r h15w 9 f55l, 1nd wh1t 9 w1nt. 9 n55d t15 t5ll h5r th1t sh5 9s th5 15n5 9 w1nt, 1nd n15 15n5 w9ll 5v5r c15m5 cl15s5 t15 wh1t 9 f55l f15r h5r.”

Which really looks like this:

“I have fallen in love with a wonderful woman on this island. I can clearly see myself growing old with her in the deepest recesses of my mind. She has mesmerizing eyes the color of chocolate, with skin creamy color skin making me want to hold her forever. She has come into my life so fast and made me question everything I knew about love.

Penelope is someone I will always fight to protect against anything this island has to offer. Should it come down to her being put in harms way, and myself I’ll also jump in front of her so she may live that much longer.

I have found that love isn’t something made of grand gestures, but the little things that life throws at you. I will do everything in my power to make sure she is happy even if it isn’t with me. I just love her. I didn’t understand the feelings I had when I first held her in my arms, and in the beginning my only goal was to win and possibly ask her out on a date. Now, I want so much more than that. I just have to tell her how I feel, and what I want. I need to tell her that she is the one I want, and no one will ever come close to what I feel for her.”

When Alex was done writing he noticed the scenery had changed, he was no longer being held, and was looking up from the floor of the cave they made their camp. Sitting up he saw Penelope with her knees to her chest. Tampora was gone, and Wiskers was too. He figured he had just fallen asleep and been dreaming the whole thing.

"So, you love me, huh?" Penelope whispered.

Prompt: Write me a 3000 character addition about your character and the way they would get off the island with treasure they recently found. Write this addition in a First person point of view.
I couldn’t believe that Renee actually came back for me. We finally found the Fake Pierre wandering in the dark singing some tune from the Great American Band, but choked on the last note because a huge fish jumped out of the dark swamp water and engulfed his arm. It was funny for a moment seeing him run around recklessly waving the fish on his arm. Since that incident I’ve since dubbed him Fish, so far he doesn’t seem to mind and even has a tendency to pretend as if he’s swimming through imaginary water. A funny sight to see.

Seriously, imagine a grown man with shabby looking purple pants on a dirty gold shirt with a equally shabby and dirty looking jacket making motions like fish through water that isn’t there. If you have a sense of humor like me, you’ll spend a good thirty to forty-five minutes laughing about it.

Renee has since calmed down from her how she acted when we were first on the island together. As it stands, at the moment we’re traveling through a dark forest area that has rugged trees oozing a dark amber liquid that looks a lot like honey, however, the taste of his stuff is ass. Yeah, a tad extreme, but none the less ass. How do I know this you might ask? Well, I had the mind set that it could be honey, so I decided to try it, and found out wrong. Renee thought this was hilarious.

God, I love her laugh when she’s being herself. It is a high pitch that goes up and down, strange, yes, but unique to her. More than once I found her eyes trained on me, but I played it off. I want her and she knows it, but I’ll be damned if I allow her to wrap me around her little finger.

The wind changed sometime during the night. It beat gently against my face, and still we moved through the trees of the forest without incident besides the disgusting sap I thought I would try when I was hungry. Now, that I’m thinking about it. We haven’t eaten in a while. I stop in my tracks listening to everything in the forest. I don’t need to look back to know that Renee and Fish have stopped too.

“What’s going on?” Renee asks, coming up behind me with a hand casually touching my shoulder.

“Nothing, just thought I would stop for a moment to look around for something to eat.” I told her, she understood, and helped look for something to eat.

Fish came around with a huge dopey grin on his face. It still disturbed me just how much he looked like Pierre, but had a PeeWee Herman thing going on.

“Hey, what’s so funny?” I asked.

“I found some shiny stuff,” He said, pointing behind us.

I did my impression of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s famous eyebrow, “What shiny stuff?” I asked, show me where, Fish.

Instantly he began performing his swimming motion, and went to a nearby tree. I followed him over to the tree with Renee close behind me.

“Holy Cow!” I exclaimed, because in the hole of this tree where the moonlight struck as if it were on display was a thick wooden bucket with metal rusting along the side, filled with gold coins.

There were no distinguishing marks on the coins and all seemed to be chipped off with varying sizes.

“Whoa,” Renee shouted, ambling to get a better view of them.

For the briefest minute I thought about what I would do with these coins. I’d say forget the island and the prize, take Renee with me, find some place quiet for the two of us, and just live life. I’m not too bad with my hands, so knocking down some of these trees wouldn’t be that much of a problem. I’d need to find some kind of cordage.

Looking around I saw thick vine like ropes hanging down from a few of the trees. I could use those to wrap around the logs. I’d say about five or six. I would then need to find a strong branch to put in the middle attached with something to use as a wind sail. I wouldn’t need something to keep the gold from sliding off because the groves between the logs would provide ample space for that.

Since I got to know Renee better and snapped her out of that selfishness she had settled in I know she’d help make the raft for us to get away from here.

Realizing that probably wouldn’t work, even if it is what I wanted I opted for a second choice.

“Well, since Fish found this gold. I think he should choose what we do with it.” I announced.

“I don’t mind sharing with my friends to eat.” Fish smiled.

“Talk about going over his head,” Renee laughed.

“We can’t eat them, Fish.” I said, grabbing one of the coins to show him.

Much to my dismay, I found that the coins weren’t solid as I thought. They were soft. I peeled the foil from the coin to find chocolate.

“Oh my God!” Renee squealed. “ I haven’t had chocolate in ages!”

I handed her a hand full of the coins while I grabbed a few for myself, then passed the rest to Fish.

“Bon Appetite, you two.” I said popping a few chocolate disks into my mouth.

1.Write a 4000 character addition.
2. Write about an experience your character has had on the island with another player, and how it changed your character for the better.
Penelope had no idea where they were. They’d only been on this island for a few days, but it seemed like forever. It didn’t seem like they were in the middle of a contest – at least not for prizes. It just seemed like they were trying to make it out alive.

It was like Survivor, except with less drama and more danger. Penelope wasn’t sure she would even be here at this moment if it wasn’t for Wiskers, Alex, and Tempora. They had all found each other in the nick of time, and each one of them had saved the others at one point. She’d never had a bond with any group of people like the one she had with them.

They had stopped for the night, after her crazy transformation. It was hours ago, but not something you forget quickly. She had almost done something horrible, and she still felt like she might cough up a hairball or something.

They’d gone a few miles from the apple orchard after what had happened there, and left it burning behind them. They didn’t go very fast though, because they were all tired. Penelope’s muscles hurt. Like, all of them.

After they had emerged from the forest onto a small beach, they had found a cave and searched around inside to make sure there were no collapsible walls or anything. In all honestly they did not look very long or very thoroughly because they were all so exhausted. If anything bad came out of the cave they would just have to deal with it later. Besides, Tempora still hiccupped fire every once in a while, so she felt safe.

If she was going to be stuck on this island, there were no other people she would rather be stuck on it with. She thought about what would happen if they ever got off the island, and settled on taking Tempora back home with her. She had smuggled Wiskers through customs of course. Although, the giant talking bird that now covered her with its feathers would likely be another story entirely.

Alex started a fire and worked to keep it going.

“Such a gentleman,” She thought as she snuggled closer to Tempora, feeling quite warm already.

Now Alex was even more so a whole other story than Tempora. She didn’t know at all what to make of him, or even how she felt about the whole thing. All she knew was that he was a wrestler-photographer-policeman who liked animals, that he didn’t watch enough movies, and that he had saved her life more than once. He was like a knight in shining armor, always putting her first. Of course, his shining armor was really more like a dirty T-shirt and ripped jeans.

“I must look awful,” She thought, only imagining the state of her own clothes after all they had been through.

She was too comfy to open her eyes though, so she didn’t check.

She had never been in love before, so she wasn’t sure what it felt like, or if she had it. She knew that love was sacrificial and not just about attraction, and that sometimes you had to work to make it work. He had sure sacrificed a lot for her in the short time they’d known each other. And somehow, she felt like he would continue to put her before himself, even if things got really bad.

It seemed like years ago when all the contestants had all gotten out of their helicopters on the deceptively peaceful beach and started this crazy race. Or maybe the beach really was peaceful, and the only safe place besides the finish line. What would their ending be?

“Happily, ever, after,” Penelope thought as she drifted into sleep underneath Tempora’s wing.

She didn’t dream about anything that was particular relevant to life or even to this island, instead dreaming of the African savannah and of all the animals there. The roaring lions, the jumping gazelles and huge hippos, the ostriches…

When Penelope woke she was confused at first as to where she was. She thought that an ostrich was lying on top of her like she was an egg, but then she realized it was just Tempora. The fire had dimmed and Alex was gone, probably to go find more firewood. She found herself suddenly too warm all the same, and she pushed Tempora’s wing out of the way so she could crawl out from underneath him.

Tempora shifted to get comfortable and Wiskers slid down off of his back and onto the ground. It had been a dog pile.

Penelope stood and walked to the entrance of the cave. She looked out onto the beach but all she could see was the rolling surf and the white sand under the starlight. Alex wasn’t to be found.

Penelope’s stomach growled and she groaned.

“What is it?” Tempora asked.

“I haven’t eaten anything since we left the giants, unless you count that demon fruit” She said, thinking to herself that it was a very odd sentence to mutter, “I’m starving.”

“I’ll go find some food for us,” Tempora stood and shook out his wings.

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely,” The giant bird said as it touched the top of her head gently with its beak.

“Also,” As Tempora continued he motioned to a scratch on her cheek that he had given her when she was a monster,” I am sorry about that.”

Penelope touched the scratch and smiled – she’d quite forgotten it.

“It’s okay.”

“We’ll be back,” Tempora waddled out of the cave and Wiskers followed after.

She didn’t want him to go, but she trusted Tempora and by now she had learned that Wiskers could take care of himself.

“Be careful,” she said anyway.

She waited at the entrance to the cave for a while but eventually it got cold so she retreated back inside. Penelope let her back rest against the cave wall and pulled her knees up as she waited for the others to return.

As she stared into the glowing embers of the fire she thought about the burning apple orchard and how Alex refused to harm her, even to save his own life, and how Tempora had said that it was love that transformed her back into a girl. The whole thing had been like Beauty and the Beast but in reverse, and a prince’s love had saved her.

She’d never had anyone care for her like that, especially not a guy. She wasn’t the girl with the boyfriend. She wasn’t even the friend. She was the girl who sat alone during lunch and stayed home on Friday nights. Romance movies had never been her favorite, but it didn’t mean she didn’t like the idea of it. She liked chivalry. And she had thought it might not even exist before, until she met Alex.

Suddenly a gust of cold wind whipped through the cave, and a voice that accompanied it spoke.

“Don’t be afraid,” The voice said as she jerked to stand, “And do not move.”

Penelope fought her instinct to get up and run, and her heart beat quickly.

The sand in front of her began to move and she squeaked, but staid put. It was as if an invisible person was etching letters into the sand with a stick. Her curiosity overpowered her sense of fear and she leaned forward to read the words as they were written.

Somewhere outside, Alex was writing in code again, but she didn’t realize it. And that code was being translated in front of her in the cave.

I’ve fallen in love with a beautiful woman on this island…

“What is this?” Penelope asked the air when the writing stopped.

But the voice didn’t answer her. Instead, there was another gust of wind that was so violent it nearly put the fire out. Penelope shielded her eyes so that sand wouldn’t blow into them, and when she lowered them, Alex had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was lying in the sand. This place was ridiculous!

Alex lay still for a while and she just watched him, not knowing if he was real or if he was dead or…

When he slowly opened his eyes he found her looking at him.

“So, you love me, huh?” Was the only thing she could say.

It was pretty lame if you thought about it.
Alex pushed himself up onto his hands and knees and leaned back, dusting the sand off of his jeans. He just nodded a yes, looking like sad earnest puppy for some reason. It made her heart twinge.

“Why?” She asked.

Alex surprised her with a laugh.

“Penelope,” He shook his head, “You’re incredible. You’re sweet.”

“How do you know?” She squinted at him, unable to receive a compliment, “You don’t really know me. I could be a psycho.”

He rolled his eyes.

“I’m a cop, remember?”

“He loves me? He loves me? Why would he love me?” Her thoughts raced in her head but they never really got anywhere.

Alex got up and kneeled down next to her.

“I know it’s really fast and we haven’t known each other for long,” He said, trying to catch her shifting gaze, “But I’ve never felt like this before. Where it’s not about me, but the other person. And I’ll do everything I can to protect you –“

“Alex –“

She had never felt like this before either and, to be honest, she never thought this kind of thing would ever happen to her. Everything he said was perfect, like out of a movie, and she was afraid suddenly that this was just the actor side of him.

“And if you don’t feel the same way about me,” Alex continued, actually turning her chin so she would face him, “I’ll do whatever I can to earn it.”

She suddenly felt like she wanted to kiss him, something she had never done before either, and it seemed like he did too, because he leaned in to do just that.

In the nick of time she was able to put up a finger and stop him. He looked surprised.

“No,” She said through her teeth.

“Oh, ok,” Alex moved back, looking embarrassed.

“If we are going to date –“ she said, and he looked up, “We aren’t going to kiss. Or snuggle. Unless we end up freezing on this island, then we can snuggle.”
“Whatever it takes,” He said with renewed hope.

“Alright,” Penelope took a deep breath as they sat next to each other in the cave.

They sat in silence for a while, and it felt like one of those 80’s movies where the boys and girls stood on opposite sides of the dance floor and didn’t put their frizzy hair to good use.

“You can hold my hand, though,” Penelope said.

Without a word, Alex interlaced his fingers with hers and the silence was now very comfortable.

He had given her worth that she had never given to herself, and made her feel valued. She didn’t feel like so much of a loser anymore, and she started to believe that maybe she wasn’t so bad after all.

He had changed her for the better.


1. You suddenly find yourself accosted by graboid like creatures (the antagonists of the movie “Tremors”) and have to escape them.

2. Once you escape, you find yourself faced with the choice of going through dangerous ancient ruins or treacherous marshlands to get yourself closer to the finish line.
Aaaaand welcome back to Prompt Island! This is the show where everything is made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points don't matter. The points are like... the last thing I said. No one cares!

I'm Pierre Causemybladdersempty and we are down to our final four! The contestants have had it rough, but... what's this? Someone forgot to make an addition?! Someone else didn't follow their prompt?! Uh oh... looks like it's going to be a crazy round! Let's get right to it, shall we?

As far as the penalties go... oh boy. Scythe forgot to make an addition. Lonewolf, did not follow their prompt exactly (the prompt was to make your whole addition without vowels). So that being said, Scythe has one vote against him, and Lonewolf has two votes against him as we start the elimination process. Let's get to the votes...


...that's it. So with a final tally of 4-2, Scythe, I am afraid you have been voted off the island. Please write yourself out of the competition immediately.

As for the final three, congratulations on making it this far! Unfortunately, we still have one more round to get through! It's been a long journey, but it has almost come to an end. Two of you will walk away from this empty-handed. The third...10,000 GPs, a new car, and a bunch of money! Best of luck to you as you work to eliminate your last person!

I'm Pierre, and this... is Prompt Island.
Ashley didn't know what to do...she knew she wasn't a shoe in for winning the competition, but she was just glad to be part of the experience.
It definitely was a adventure....dragons, secret doors, puzzles, dangers around every corner.

Suddenly her cellphone rang....she had forgotten that she had it this whole time!
"Well that might have been useful if i remembered i had that.....*sigh*......hello?"

It was Ashley McCalister!
"I heard you lost out in the competition....figures.
Anyways, i wanted to offer you a truce.
Why don't we join together and work together instead of fighting each other?"

Ashley Valleyhope was shocked...the idea never crossed her mind.
Most times they just fought about everything...clothes, fashion, diets, friends, everything.
But if they teamed up....they could make a deadly modeling team!

"Ok McCalister, you've got a deal. It'll be different, but we'll never be beaten if we team up and work together....Let's do it!"
"Sounds good Valleyhope...meet me in my house and we'll discuss our next modeling session."

With that, she hung up the phone and left Ashley stunned, but hopeful.
Now how was she going to get off the island???
Suddenly, she got an idea....there had to be a water taxi somewhere on the island...she would use that and get off this island.
Not like she could stay since she had been voted off the island.

After searching for a couple hours, she finally found the water taxi terminal station.
As she got into the taxi, she turned and waved to the island and it's final competitors.
"Good luck you guys!
Hope someone worthy of that money wins...you deserve it!"

With a smile on her face, she entered the taxi and left Prompt Island.
Johnny scanned the area they entered a few days ago with approval and decided to call it a night. Everything was in place for them to cross the finish line in about eight miles, or so the dark green with white lettering marker said. Fish seemed a tad odd when they first entered the area, but after awhile calmed down. They still had some of the chocolate golden disks left, so eating wasn’t going to be a problem. This new area that they found themselves in was unfinished in terms of still having bits of the construction equipment sitting around. For the first time in his life Johnny was happy, given the situation he was in. He and Renee had talked about what they would do when this was over. He told her his plans on getting out of the business. She was upset in the beginning, but Johnny with infinite patience weathered her rage, then asked if she wanted to come with him. This caught her off guard, and for the first time in a while since they arrived on the island she was at a loss for words. She agreed to run away with him stating that she had fallen in love with him. So, life was definitely getting better for Johnny Moretti.

Johnny sat on one of the pieces of broken concrete blocks that seemed to litter the site. Johnny decided they must have belonged to some type of structure that was going to be built, but had been abandoned by its crew. He'd left Wesson with Renee, who had found comfort in the form of an empty tool shed near some stacks of wooden pallets. Johnny had taken some of the wooden pallets and created a makeshift bed for her to sleep on. Fish or rather the fake Pierre seemed to have a sleeping ritual in the form of a dance off with his own shadow in the rays of the moonlight that cast a soft glow on everything. The wind around the camp site was more gentle than before. Yet, there was something off with this place that Johnny just couldn’t shake. It kept him up, as the vigilant watcher over the one he loved.

Johnny had just come from surveying the area when a noise caught his attention. It was coming from the area Renee resided in the tool shack, so naturally he thought it was her trying to surprise him.

“Beautiful lady, didn’t I tell y...” Johnny began, but the words died in his throat

There was something lying seven feet from the shed, a big something. He couldn’t accurate tell just how large it was because it was coiled up like a rope. Still, even in this state Johnny could tell that it was taller than he was easily clearing him by a good four feet. When he came around the corner he had stopped dead in his tracks, so now in the silence of the dark night the mere movement of his foot on the gravel seemed like an avalanche of snow in deep winter. He had instinctively went to move back, but this proved to be a mistake as that simple movement caused the monster to stir. It was in those moments that Johnny saw the true horror that he faced.

Rising from its coiled position was a HUGE worm, smooth beige skin seemed to stretch fro miles coming to a deformed pointy head that split open revealing several circular rows of sharp teeth that dripping a thick clear slime. If things didn’t look bad before they were really beginning to go down hill now. Johnny watched, paralyzed in place as three tentacles protruded out of the mouth of this beast. They raked the air blindly in various directions. The memory was so powerful it nearly knocked Johnny over, he remembered where he saw something like this.

“Tremors,” Johnny whispered, and wished he hadn’t.

The tentacles seemingly picked up on the sound, and turned in his direction, all at the same time. Moonlight poured lazily over the beast casting it in an odd glow. The worm moved like that of a snake arching its body up then pounding itself into the ground, the beak of the monster displacing dirt and gravel as it went with such force the ground shook.

Like a premonition Johnny saw what was about to happen and was afraid he wouldn’t be able to act in time to stop it.

Renee snatched open the door of the shed instantly engulfed in the rays of the moon.

“What the hell is going on out here?” she asked, shielding her eyes with her right hand, while the other rested easily on the door knob to the shed.

The last of the worm disappeared into the ground as Renee stepped out into the open from the security of the shed.

The ground rumbled and broke as the worm tore its way in Johnny’s direction.

“Renee! Get into that CAT that we passed on our way into this place!” Johnny shouted.

She didn’t need to be told twice which Johnny thanked God for, because if this was awhile ago she would need to know every detail of why he wanted to run.

When she took off running Johnny watched, the grabiod worm make a sharp, ninety degree loop and headed back the way he'd come. He saw that she wasn’t going to make it, so he pulled Smith from its holster checked the clip, and saw with his dismay he only had ten bullets left.

“I’ll have to make the best out of this,” he said, aloud, but more so to himself. In his mind he saw all his dreams going up in smoke. He poured on the speed trying to get to a good position to get the worm’s attention.


Renee ran for all she was worth. Johnny had told her about running to the CAT they passed earlier, so she had to get there. She didn’t know why, but Johnny had never let her down yet, and she felt it was time for her to start really trusting him. They had so many plans that they talked about. As she ran she saw the cement block they passed earlier, but slid on the gravel about four feet passed it, as she did something rumbled behind her prompting her to come to a stop.

“Baby run! The Graboid is nearly on you!" Johnny shouted, running in her direction.

“What the hell is a graboid?" she muttered. Suddenly the cement block lurched like something hit it. Something big. She spun around, peering vainly into the surrounding darkness. "What the--"

Whatever it was slammed into the block again, making it sink into the ground. Renee screamed, kicking herself back into gear. Her muscles ached, but she pushed herself to run faster, kicking up dirt, gravel, and whatever else was in her way. The CAT was in sight, but still a ways away.

A deep panic set in Renee and what was behind her. She looked back as she ran frantically, trying to find the source of the attack. She couldn't make out anything in the darkness and didn't waste more time looking further.

She made it to the scoop of the CAT, and hopped inside. Not soon enough. Something hit the C.A.T. from the bottom, lifting it up, then dropping it down with such force the windows shattered. It showered her in bits of glass and pieces of loose plastic. She screamed and crawled around in the wreckage and scattered contents, her hands digging for something, anything, she might be able to use as a weapon against whatever it was attacking her.

Her left hand closed over the hilt of Wesson, the knife Johnny had given her. She forgot he had her tie the sheath to the buckle of her pants. She pulled it toward her. It was a long, black, double-sided blade. Beautifully-carved, and gleamed dangerously in the sporadic rays of light from the moon. For the first time, she wished she had a gun. A really big gun. She'd have to settle for Wesson though. If jabbed it with enough force, she was sure it could puncture... something.

She struggled to her hands and knees, trying in vain to avoid the shattered glass. She clutched the knife like her life depended on it, opened her eyes and ears and other senses as wide as she could, and waited.

She didn't wait long. Something wrapped around her left ankle and pulled.

She spun, screaming, grabbing for the edge of the scoop with her left hand, and bracing herself against the other side with her remaining leg. She was a strong girl - daily gym workouts saw to that - but one leg and an arm didn't stand up long against the force of the thing that had her. She could just barely see it in the dim interior illumination of the It looked like some kind of creature, a snake, maybe. A big, ugly, very strong snake. With teeth.

It tugged at her leg once more, hard. Her once expensive, but now destroyed designer boot with the three inch heel slipped on the some glass and she was sucked out into the night. Screaming, she twisted, almost sitting up, as the thing dragged her up and over toward the dirt near one of the broken concrete blocks. Instinctively, she knew she did not want to go there. She brought the blade over her head, and, wrapping both hands firmly around the hilt, she brought it down into the creature as hard as she could. The blade slipped into the creature's side, just at the very edge of the dirt. The pulling stopped as the thing around her ankle released her and slid away.

Something, further off in the darkness, screamed, and reared above her. In the bright illumination from the moon, she could see it was huge. The snake retreated back into the thing's cavernous mouth while Renee watched in horror.

Pulling the knife from the ground, she twisted and scrambled to hands and knees. She tried to get away, but wasn't nearly fast enough. The creature retreated back into the ground and the tentacles, three of them this time, came after her. She screamed again, knowing it was no use, and tried to scramble away.

One of the tentacles slammed into her back and another across her legs, knocking her flat. She twisted, jabbing at the thing with her knife, but it was too fast for her, darting in and back. While two of the tentacles kept her busy, the third had latched onto her leg again and started pulling her toward whatever was in the ground by the concrete block. She brought the knife over her head again, preparing to strike, but some part of her knew she was doomed.

~ ~ ~

Johnny ran toward the screaming, and tried his best to get to her only to find himself being hunted by yet another worm craving its way underground towards him.

“Damn it!”he cursed. “Why hadn’t we saw them earlier?” he thought to himself.

Then a certain calm came over him. He watched as the worm burrowed toward him, but his mind was on Renee. He couldn’t allow her to die, not here. He ran straight for the worm that had Renee. He could make out her location from the way the moon was positioned in that area. She was desperately fighting for her life using the Wesson. He found himself proud of her and the way she used the knife with such expertise. It must have come from the time she spent in the deli preparing the food for customers.

Johnny made it to one of the cement blocks standing on top of it to assess the situation. Throwing caution to the wind he shouted, “ Hey, you fugly sack of trash!”

The tentacles of the worm suddenly stopped pulling Renee and reared up to its fullest height.

“Yeah, you heard me!” he taunted. “Yo momma sucks eggs!” he continued.

Johnny wasn’t exactly sure what it was that actually made the monster let Renee go, it could have been his tone of voice, or the fact that he actually insulted the beast, but it let her go, and came rampaging after him.

It was then that Fish, or Fake Pierre emerged from the darkness carrying the small treasure of chocolates.

“Here kitty, kitty,” Fish called the worm.

“Fish! Get out of here, you’ll be killed!” Johnny shouted.

Immediately Fish began to act like a fish swimming through water.

“Agh!” Johnny grunted jumping down off the cement block trying to get to Pierre.

The worm sent a tentacle in the air seemingly trying to get its bearings, then headed in the direction of Fish.

Johnny was close to Fish when the unthinkable happened. The worm actually stopped two feet from Fish, then raised up out of the ground. Fish didn’t seem to be phased by the shear sight of the worm, instead he seemed to treat it like a pet.

“Want some?” Fish asked.

The worm shook itself as if answering his question. Fish then plucked the foil from around one of the chocolate disks and threw it in the air. With snake like speed the worm snatched the chocolate out of the air, and let out a might growl of satisfaction.

“Good boy,” Fish said, then repeated the action when it came to the others that showed up.

To Johnny’s surprise it was five in total that were around them the whole time. Renee crawled her way over to Johnny, and once Fish was done feeding the worms he joined them.

“What the heck are those?” Renee asked.

“Doggy’s,” Fish said simply.

Johnny shook his head at the thought of those being dogs, then remembered that here on Prompt Island anything is possible. Deciding that they shouldn’t stay at the unfinished construction site a moment longer they left only to come to the edge of the site that led to a sign that read “Prompt Island Ground Zero” and “Marshland Exit Site 2"

Johnny thought for a moment, coming to the decision that he didn’t want to travel through anymore marshland, and made for the Ground Zero that the sign spoke of. Thinking it would be interesting to see what was there and hoping that it wasn’t more ruins.

His hopes were dashed when he saw the ruined buildings and busted glass windows of cars that seemed to be really old, so old in fact that they were rusted and crumbling.


1. After a long arduous journey you are nearing its end, but before you cross the finish line you must make a confession of something in your past, who do you tell it to, and what is the reaction you get?

2. You are being followed by something or someone that wants revenge, how do you deal with it?
Alex was happy as he could be, but he didn’t know that was all about to change.

The sun is just beginning to rise, sending rays of luminance across the sky, as the he stood staring out at the ocean. His feet sank into the satin sand, the tiny grains flowing beneath him, conforming to his every step. The waves came forth to tickle his toes with the slightest touch.

Penelope lay sleeping peacefully in the cave where he left her not ten minutes ago. The wind gently caressed his skin as he thought about what he wanted to do. The game was ending soon, and in his heart of hearts he wanted to be with her. He smiled at the memory of how she laid down the law of how things were going to happen between them.

He loved him and that made him feel good that she knew. Tampora was overjoyed when Alex told him how Penelope had been told how he felt, and was currently on the hunt for some food. He still had flame burps, but all of his dragon tendencies were going away except for his taste for meat. Wiskers hadn’t left Penelope’s side all night, so Alex felt fairly confident that he could leave her alone for awhile.


Alex spun around in alarm and ran to where he heard the insistent chirping that he knew to Tampora. He had to fight his way there across the burning sand that stung his feet as he neared the top of a sandy hill.

Standing atop the hill the scene that he saw confused him, and it took a moment for him to realize the serious danger they were in. He saw Tampora pecking at something large, many legged, and the color of obsidian with green jade dots focused in one area. There was a hiss on the air that Alex just couldn’t make out. He sprung into action by running toward Tampora in a fight seemingly for his life as the large spider hit him on the head, which sent him sprawling back into the sand.

Alex poured on the speed, then launched himself in the air toward the spider, Araneoma with a flying kick. The pain that erupted in his legs would have made a normal human re-think the idea of attacking, but Alex had given too much to this island already, and wasn’t going to allow his friend to die. Alex went crazy.

He stalked the spider that he met his second, or third day on the island right before he met Tampora. A spindly leg snapped around and sent Alex flying backward, where he landed hard on his back.

“Huu..human, you are the one that trapped me in the tree. I have been following you for revenge!” Araneoma hissed.

“What you were doing was wrong!” Alex shouted, looking around for something to use as a weapon.

Tampora was back on his feet and was attacking the large spider, and to Alex’s astonishment he bathed the spider in flames, although it wasn’t the same as before, still he did the job. Araneoma spit out webbing over Tampora’s beak which allowed him enough time to come after Alex.

Alex found a log that had been discarded in the sand; he lifted it up in a defensive position and found himself staring into the mouth of the large spider. Legs wrapped around him and began to squeeze. He began to see stars before his eyes, and felt himself blacking out when he heard a loud thunk. He could feel the pressure around him ease enough that he crumpled to the ground, hard.

He heard screaming and the sound of something being hit over and over. His vision began to clear, and saw a figure wielding a piece of log that he had snatched away from him. Tampora was free and helped attack Araneoma. Wiskers had climbed on top of the giant spider and bit any and everywhere he could.

Alex was in pain, but pulled himself together enough to launch another attack, which pushed the spider back further on the sandy battlefield. The group all attacked together and eventually drove the spider off. He vowed his revenge, but Alex paid no attention to it as he knew he had people who loved him to help when he needed it.

“What was that all about?” Penelope asked, sitting on the sand catching her breath.

“Well, before we met up with you,” Alex explain, gesturing toward Tampora. “I saved him from that spider, its name is Araneoma. It was going to eat Tampora for lunch. I saved him from the spider, and was about to die in the process. We both fell out of a tree, and it was stuck there in this weird sap substance.” Alex finished.

“We’ll have to be careful.” Penelope said worried.

“Yeah, I would say so, he must have been tracking us for a while.”


1. What are your character's thoughts on winning the contest.

2. You find a key to a diary found on the beach upon opening the diary you find a letter from a former contestant asking the person who finds their diary to give it to their family, will you do it?

They'd just been attacked by a giant spider, and it reminded Penelope of the Hobbit, and how Alex had so many movies to catch up on.

She thought it was funny that she was thinking about movies at a time when they had nearly been killed (again) by some unbelievable creature, but that was just how her mind worked. She loved movies. And here she was, traveling through an island that was certainly crazy enough to make it into a Hollywood blockbuster with a giant talking bird, a rat, and an actor as her companions.

"Do I get to go to red carpet premiers now?" She huffed.

After the little visit from their eight-legged friend they had taken off pretty quickly, and Penelope had almost left her backpack behind. It had scuffs and a few holes in it, like her clothes, but she didn't want to leave it. She'd got it a long time ago and it had come in handy on more than a few occasions already.

"Red carpet premiers..." Alex seemed distracted.

"Yeah. I always wanted to go to one," She said, feeling like she should probably shut up but unable to, she added, "I have an outfit picked out already."

She'd never had a boyfriend and she thought things might be awkward between them, because she didn't know what she was doing. But nothing seemed to have changed much besides the fact that Alex was walking closer to her now. Then again, after all the stuff they'd gone through on this island, declarations of affection didn't seem so weird, and she felt certain that whatever problems they might face together once they got off this island would stand no chance against them.

They would get off this island, of course. It had already been decided.

If you had asked Penelope whether or not she would make it to the finish line only a day before this, she would have likely said no. But after things became life and death, she had begun to take winning much more seriously.

She had been getting updates on her phone every once and a while about what was going on to other contestants on other parts of the island, which was weird, because she was pretty sure that she didn't have any service. Otherwise she would have been way long gone.

Anyway, according to the information that accompanied the little chirp of her phone, there was only one other official contestant left, though some he'd ended up with another person.

It was Johnny Moretti, the guy that had looked like he was part of the mob. No offense of course, and he seemed like he could be a nice guy, but she had a feeling he was the sort of person to have weapons on his... person.

But she doubted anything would come of it. Besides, if her updates were correct than he had a girl with him now, and that was good news. Guys seemed to behave better when there were girls around. She wondered if their groups would meet up, or if they had already beat them and crossed the finish line.

As for winning, for the longest time she'd just been trying to make it off of this island with all her limbs attached. She had been scared so many times in the last day or two that she couldn't even count the ways, and she'd even experienced heartbreak, though she thanked God that it wasn't permanent.

She missed her family.

How much money was on the line was unreal, but she hadn't really thought about it at all. Even in the beginning, the contest was all about having fun. But she realized now that even that was not really the case, not all of it at least.

She'd put her name in for this race so that she could prove herself. To her parents, to mean kids at school, to the cashier at the pet store... and to herself. She had never been her own biggest fan, and she thought that maybe if she could win this contest, that she could prove once and for all that she wasn't just the weird kid in the back of the classroom who liked to draw rats on her math tests and who was always being sent to detention because she was late.

She wanted to prove to herself that she was something more.

And winning didn't do that for her.

Alex did.

He had physically saved her life, but more than that he'd saved her heart.

She was still weird.

Now she had someone who didn't care that she could be her weird self with.

"Oh you do, do you?" Alex finally asked in response to her question.

"Yeah," Penelope yanked the straps of her backpack up so it didn't hurt her back.

She really wished she wasn't so out of breath. She wasn't out of shape, really. But she'd been on her feet for days on end and no one was immune to cramping. No one. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar or a liar.

"It's a new dress at Urban, it has this cool sheer fabric for the arms and big black buckles,"

"Sounds cool," Alex said, although she knew more to expect a guy to be too interested in fashion.

"It is," she said, "You're buying of course."

Alex laughed.

"What? I'm totally broke!" Penelope waved one arm around to explain, "You're the actor-wrestler-police officer..."

"Don't forget photographer," Alex made a frame with his two thumbs and pointer fingers and winked at her through them.

She found that her cheeks started to get pink from blushing but Alex just thought she was cold.

"Here, lets take a break. Tempora scouted this area and it looks alright," He said, leading her just off of the beach to the edge of the jungle.

"How far do you think we are from the finish line?" Penelope sat down on a rock and let her backpack slide off of her shoulders.

"Close, hopefully."

"I wish I could teleport," She said, "Then I could get us some soft serve."

"Or an airplane,"Alex said, shielding his eyes against the sun and surveying what was visible.

"Or a pegasus," She said.

To which he responded,

"Or magic carpet,"

To which she responded,

"Or a really big ladder."

They both laughed.

"What about a giant talking bird?" Alex nudged Tempora's side, "Oh wait, we already have one of those."

"We can eat him," Penelope suggested, "If we don't get to the end soon."

Tempora actually seemed flustered, which was pretty hilarious.

"Don't listen to her buddy," Alex said.

"I am really hungry though," Penelope said as Wiskers crawled into her lap.

"There just doesn't seem to be much food on this side of the island," Tempora said.

"It's okay," Penelope said.

"You said you saw a river a little ways off when you scouted?" Alex asked Tempora.

"Yes!" Tempora chirped loudly, happy to be helping, "I'll go get some for you!"

"You won't be able to carry it, unless you're secretly part pelican," Alex said, "I'll come with you, I have an empty water bottle."

Penelope was just about to stand when he added, "You stay here and rest. We'll be right back."

She smiled gratefully and watched them leave.

"I could use a drink," She brought her face close to Wisker's and brushed her nose against his, well, whiskers, "What about you?"

Wiskers licked her nose.

"Conserve your spittle, sir," She said, "They may not be able to find any water. It could be filled with yellow frogs or something. This island seems to have a shortage of good eating."

When she looked up she noticed something glinting in the sunlight in a nearby bush.

"But no shortage of mysteries," She added, setting Wiskers up on her shoulder and going over to investigate.

Curiosity can be a dangerous thing, especially when it's put to use on islands like this one. But this time, nothing bad came of it.

When Penelope knelt down and peered through the green branches, she saw what looked like a leather journal. The brass buckle that closed it was what had been reflecting the sunlight. Penelope reached in, and pulled it out. She brushed the leaves off of it when she sat back down on her rock.

"What do you think this is?" She asked.

When she opened it up she found pages on pages filled with neat handwriting - much better than her own. It was a journal!

The editions were about the start of this journey and the beginning of the contest, and then about the trials they had gone through. The number of dangerous encounters matched her own, and she realized how much she had taken having a companion like Alex along for granted so she wasn't alone like this person had been.

They'd made it this far on the island. Where had they gone?

When she realized who's journal it was she recalled an update she'd received on her phone. If it had been correct, than this person was more than just gone off the island. She didn't want to think about it.

She really hoped that the updates had been jokes, and that no one had really been hurt. But she'd been hurt, on multiple occasions although thankfully not seriously. And on an island inhabited by giant spiders and giant talking birds and giant people and giant problems, it would be inevitable to make it through untouched. This had to be illegal! In any case, the waver she had to sign was way too short.

But what if this person had actually... had actually...

Penelope flipped through the pages until she reached the last one with words on it, somewhere in the middle of the journal. They hadn't had time to finish it.

It was a request that, if someone found their journal, like she had, that they would deliver it safely to their family. They even included an address. Penelope ran her finger over the page, feeling tears welling up in her eyes. But along with came a sense of a newfound responsibility.

This person would likely receive a call from their parents about a journal, to which they could all laugh and be thankful that it never really was necessary at all. But she was going to deliver it all the same, and maybe have a cup of coffee with them and leave with a new friend. And if it was true that...


She would honor that last words in this book that she had found on this lonely beach.

Penelope threw the journal into her backpack and quickly dried her eyes when she heard Alex and Tempora coming back through the trees. She trusted him, and maybe she would tell him about the journal later. But for now, it was just good that it was safe.

As they started on their journey again, she made extra special care to watch over her backpack. And as they drew ever closer to the finish line, she saw good things ahead for them, even if she couldn't really see past the trees.

Things were going to be all right.


1.) You are so close you can almost smell it! Actually, what you smell is the scent of the kind of flowers only this island would have - the psychedelic kind. You are now totally high! How do you find your way out of the field of flowers, and what do you "see" along the way?

2.) You no longer have to write two prompts for each addition.

In case I cannot reverse a previous prompt, then my second prompt is as follows:

A band of mercenaries take you and your companion captive. How do you escape?
Welcome back to Prompt Island! I'm Pierre and... oh wow. I just realized this is our last elimination! Isn't that exciting! I am proud to announce that we have finally discovered our final two. They will make a mad dash to the finish line in hopes of getting their first! As we come down to the final two, I just want to say best of luck to both of the contestants as we now take the vote to the eliminated contestants. For all of you, please send me your vote for you who think should win. There can only be one winner so be sure to cast your vote this round!

Without further ado, here are the votes. We have...


Well isn't that something? Everyone voted for Lunarscribe including Lunarscribe! Not sure I've ever seen that before! Regardless, Lunarscribe, you have been eliminated from the competition! Please write yourself out of the competition...

As for the two of you, revel in the fact that you have made it this far! You have watched nine people get eliminated. While it was a difficult journey, you have made it this far. Sadly, only one of you will receive the prize! As we take the votes to the eliminated contestants, enjoy your last round!

I'm Pierre Causemybladdersempty, and this... is Prompt Island!
A soft pillow collided where Johnny’s head lay under the blankets. He groaned as he tried to hide, but the beating continued until he waved a forfeiting hand around wildly.

Pulling the blankets down slowly he opened his eyes, blinking slowly to adjust them to the light that blazed. He turned his head to stare at the long haired beauty before him, who had just attacked him with a pillow. Renee smirked at him, amused by the tired look on his face, "Wake up sleepy head."

"No..." then he attempted to bury himself back under the blankets, but she grabbed the blankets away from him.

"Johnny, wake up," Renee rolled her eyes.

"I'm exhausted..."

"Maybe you shouldn't stay up so late with Fish then."

Staring up at her he frowned, "Come on Renee, give me my blankets back."


"You can come join me you know," a smirk crossed his lips as he patted the bed beside him. "It's warm underneath the blankets."

Renee rolled her eyes, "You don’t want Fish to try making breakfast again do you? Plus I’m hungry. Meet me downstairs for breakfast."

On that note, she left out of the bedroom. Johnny stared at the ceiling for a moment trying to wake himself up. It had been about 3 years since he and Renee left the island. He hadn’t won like he wanted, but he had something far greater than the prize for winning. He had Renee, and they both had Fish, who had come into his own as of late. They found that he wasn’t as weird as they thought he was. He just communicated through a different means. When Johnny found the results of the contest he decided to take Fish with him. Johnny and Renee, both decided to run away together instead of going back to their life. He settled down in a little remote town outside of Connecticut.

He smiled to himself at the thought of being smart enough to have saved money away under one of his many aliases that allowed them to get away from it all. He and Renee were married just after they landed in Connecticut, to which Fish was their witness.

Johnny lazily climbed out of bed and over to his dresser. He dug out a pair of jeans and slipped them on over his boxer sluggishly. Then he took out a pair of socks and had to lean against the wall to balance himself. As he looked down at his feet he saw a white paper on the ground.

He found Renee in the kitchen with her back to him with her hair tied up in a high ponytail as she trotted around the kitchen making coffee. Fish sat at the kitchen table humming a little tune as he dug into his breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast. Renee turned and shook her head at Johnny's disheveled shaggy hair. No matter how many times she begged him to cut it, it always managed to grow too fast for her liking.

"Well look who decided to join us for breakfast," she greeted with a cheery smile. She placed a steaming cup of black coffee on the table beside a plate of eggs, bacon, and buttered toast for him.

Johnny kissed her cheek, "Thanks beautiful."

He plopped down and sipped the drink gratefully. The caffeinated beverage definitely would help him wake up this morning. Especially since she had so rudely woken him up at such an obnoxious time. He glanced at the clock over the stove. Four o’clock! Who wakes up that early?

“We need to get to the store at some point today,” she said, sitting down to the table with her own plate.

“What could we need from the store?” Johnny asked, after a minute, his mind was slowly catching up with things.

She sipped her orange juice, “We just need to get a couple of important things.”

Fish sat in the middle of the table using his bacon like a airplane. He used pieces of torn toast as bombs. So far he had successfully launched his attack on his eggs, and was smiling happily.

Johnny fought the urge to roll his eyes, "We have a refrigerator stocked with food."

“Yes, that may be, but we don’t have home pregnancy tests here.” she said, biting into a piece of bacon.

It took Johnny a minute before he processed what she had just said, “What now?"
Flying trees and colors of all kinds seemed to fill Alex’s vision. He would see the occasion pink elephant stomping around trying its best to get at the rabbits that would grab at its tail. He couldn’t remember when this began, although he suspected it was when he opted to pick flowers for Penelope. He looked toward the sky and was granted with a sea of colors, from every shade of blue to brilliant pink. Alex grabbed a few flowers from the planted patch he found them in. The petals of the plant were dark purple with oozing green liquid falling down the sides, the pollen held in the center were bright yellow, it was all connected to a long green stem. Alex found that funny for an odd reason even he himself couldn’t figure out. There was something he had to do, but couldn’t remember what it was for the life of him.

A slight breeze picked up the weary grass, and they danced most gloriously together. Off in the distance a petite house danced its way across the air like the sea; it wore a set of lacy curtains to every window, as if it was dressing to impress even the sunlight. When the house sat down a long table appeared to have been laid. Eight places boasted small sandwiches and cakes, and red and violet teapots bloomed amidst newly shined silverware.

A lady sat and bowed her head slightly, swaying as if she was made of porcelain, and to be sure, her looks could have easily matched that of a doll's. Finished, she corrected the slight slump of her shoulders automatically, and adjusted her hat to better shield her eyes from the sun that threatened to color her pale-white skin, and to bleach her golden hair.

Alex couldn’t help, but appreciate the beauty of his surroundings. He felt light-headed, but it was a good light-headed. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

He sat up, but couldn’t remember lying down in the first place. He could hear someone or something talking.

"Not for mine, dear Alice."

"Oh, but you simply must, my dear rabbit."

He always wanted to help Alice get out of Wonderland, and finally it was his time to step up. He launched himself off the ground he had been sitting on, and lurched toward the house and made up table, with its startled occupants. He saw a giant rabbit holding a teapot in the process of pouring a cup for an incredibly beautiful girl. Her radiant hair seemed to glow under the watchful eye of the sun. The house in the background seemed to be shy and at his approached moved behind the girl trying its best to hide.

Alex’s feet felt heavy as he plodded his way toward them.

“Don’t worry, I’m here to help,” He explained.

Noting silence, he glanced around to find he was no alone. There were shimmering haze around where the house, table, and people once were.

A violent wind fell over him, as well as a dark shadow descended from above. He held his arms up in defense. Peeking over his arm he saw that it was something bright yellow that shined brighter than the sun.


His mind felt clouded, but with each beat of the wind a memory came back to him. He remembered a girl. Her features were fuzzy, but as each wave of wind that washed over him he could remember her face clearer. She had long brown hair, though she usually kept it in a bun. There was a cute button nose, and her eyes mesmerized him. Her skin was a creamy white with the slightest hint of pink. The wave of love for her hit him like an ocean. He felt confused.


The thing he saw in the sky landed with a soft swish. It moved toward him with a waddle. It was saying something, but he just couldn’t make out what it was.

He was hit from the side by something else small and strong. The force of it took his breath away.

“Alex, please! Are you okay?”

Alex tried to get away from whatever it was that had him. He pushed and pulled, but they just wouldn’t let go.

“Get off me! I have to help Alice get out of wonderland.” He fought.

With another wave of air Alex was able to see his attacker, it was the beautiful woman he had been remembering, but her name eluded him. He stopped fighting and hugged her.

He felt drawn to her, “What is your name beautiful lady?” He asked.

She had buried her face into his chest as they lay on the ground, and when she looked up at him she had tears in her eyes. “It’s me, Penelope.”

He looked up at a sudden noise that caught his attention. Standing a few feet from them was a large bird that cocked its head to the side. Where it stood it beat its wings. Upon a closer look he saw that as it beat its wings a fine mist was being blown away.

Finally his head was clear enough for him to remember everything. He had found a field of flowers that were beautiful, and wanted to pick some for Penelope as a surprise and to show her that he loved her. It was when he entered the field that things went fuzzy.

Prompt: An old enemy blocks your path to the finish line, how do you get past it?

Alex was acting really weird, and it kind of freaked Penelope out. He tried to give her the flower he'd picked in the field but she threw it aside, already guessing the cause of his sudden erratic behavior. She tossed it aside behind her back, though, because she didn't want to hurt his feelings.

For a while he kept going on about Alice and the rabbit and a big floating house, and Penelope deduced that he was very much stoned. She'd seen some people at her school be stupid and do stuff like that, but she thought that Alex probably had a much better trip than they did.

She was a little worried for him, and she wasn't sure how far away they were from the finish line and a doctor, but he seemed like he was starting to snap out of it. Still, they had to move very slowly, and Alex had to lean against Tempora because Penelope wasn't big enough to do it.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Penelope asked, looking back at Alex and Tempora as they trudged through the light forested area.

"Yeah," Alex said, right before he was smacked with a low hanging branch.

Penelope winced but she couldn't stop herself from smiling.

"I think you might need a few bandaids," She said, still smiling.

Alex wasn't ditzy enough not to notice her barely keeping her composure.

"I think you might need a few bandaids," He retorted.

They started laughing and walked on.

This island was unlike any other, of this she was sure, and they'd passed through almost every climate that she could think of, except for snow, which she very much hoped wasn't coming up next. Right now they were surrounded by trees but they weren't jungle trees, they were in a forest, like the one's near Penelope's home.

The ground was thick with dead leaves, and it was actually started to get kind of cold. Penelope zipped up her hoodie and looked up at the light streaming through the trees. It was midday and leaning towards the afternoon, and she really hoped they would reach the finish line before nightfall.

"Where are we going?" Penelope asked, stopping in her tracks and looking around at all the trees which seemed to be nearly identical.

"Um," Alex shook his head like he was trying to get his thoughts in order, "Right."

He reached into his pockets to pull out his map, and Penelope breathed a sigh of relief. She'd lost hers a while back.

Alex paced and turned the map this way and that.

"North, I think?" Alex tried to measure the direction from the position of the sun, but it was hard to be accurate because of all the trees.

And because a thick grey fog had started to roll in.

She didn't want to spend another night out in the island, and though there were no indications that something was amiss, she was starting to think that the forest was a little creepy.

Penelope shivered and wished very badly for a hot chocolate.

Suddenly there was a howling in the distance, and she wished very badly for a weapon.

All the hairs were standing up on the back of her neck.

"Did you hear that?" She said, hoping that he hadn't and that she was being paranoid, like she was constantly being accused of.

Wiskers climbed up out of her pockets, where he'd been keeping herself warm, and scurried up onto her shoulders. His hairs were sticking up straight as well, and he stared intensely into the fog.

There was a few moments of silence, and Alex didn't reply.

Then came the sound of panting, like from something that was breathing heavily. The something was coming towards them, and through the fog a dark shape started to take place. She couldn't completely make out the shape, but it was moving quickly, and it ran on all fours with arms that were significantly longer than it's legs.

Because she thought in movies, this reminded her of Star Trek, when Kirk was marooned on the ice planet and he stood still while something moves towards him on the ice, until he saw what it was.

But she already knew what it was.

Wiskers went crazy, squeaking in her ears and tugging on her hair.

"Alex, run!" Penelope cried, following her own advice.

Alex and Tempora ran as fast as they could, and luckily Alex didn't trip too much. But the creature was faster. She already knew that too.

It shrieked behind them, and her chest felt cold. She remembered when it chased her through the dark tunnels, its talons clattering on the concrete floor. It had been her worst nightmare, and it had returned.

She looked around as she ran, hoping to find a place to hide, but all she could see were trees, and they weren't the sort for climbing.

And, somehow, she knew that this was not the time for hiding.

She would have to face it.

"Keep running!" Alex yelled from somewhere to her left.

She didn't know exactly where he was, because she was trying not to look back, because she was afraid if she did...

Now she could hear the rustling of the leaves that were getting tossed up behind them.

"This way!" She felt Alex grab her shoulder and steer her to the left.

Out of the corner of her eyes she could see the creature slide past them. It was pale.

She could hear her own breath as it came in and out sharply, and there were some of higher pitches because she was starting to cry.

Suddenly they came a steep drop that almost hurled them into the churning river below. They were barely able to stop in time, Tempora held on to Alex's shirt and Alex held on to Penelope's backpack, and they knocked leaves and rocks down off the precipice when they skidded to a halt.

Before they could fully turn, the creature rushed towards them and though they scattered, the creature's long clawed fingers caught on to Penelope's backpack, and it swung her straight over the gaping space between a long fall and solid ground, before tossing her aside, her broken backpack landing a few feet from her.

She had the breath knocked out of her from hitting the ground, and sucked out of her through fear.

"Penelope!" Alex tried to get to her as Tempora took flight, trying to scratch the creature with this talons.

But the creature hit Tempora down out of the air and into Alex, sending them both sprawling.

Penelope tried to get her breath back and keep the tears from rushing out. They were going to die! She looked hurriedly for Wiskers and saw him lying motionless at the foot of a tree. The creature had killed him. It had taken him from her twice.

When she looked up again the thing was slowly walking towards her. It's long fingers curled under it as it moved, making it look like an emaciated, albino gorilla. It's long teeth looked like needles and saliva dripped through tight spaces.

Wiskers still didn't move.

Penelope looked to her backpack. It was nearly torn to shreds, but through the ripped back fabric she could see the leather journal poking out of the open zipper.

It had taken him from her twice.

And for the last time.

She moved her arm slowly across the dirt to grab the journal, and the creature advanced.

Penelope had just got her fingertips around the journal when the creature lunged at her. She swung it up over her head and hit the creature in the face, even as it scratched her arm with it's claws.

The creature rolled right over the cliff, long pallid fingers gripping the edge and digging lines into the mud before it fell into the river.

"Penelope!" Alex had finally pushed a dazed Tempora off of him and he ran to her side.

He looked her over worriedly, but then suddenly scrambled to her feet.

"Wiskers!" She cried.

She let her already scratched knees slide into the dirt as she knelt by the tree that Wiskers lay under. Her fingers reached for him but stopped before they touched him. She wasn't sure what to do, but her tear ducts knew their part.

"Penelope..." Alex began but stopped too.

"Alex!" Tempora cried, "Look!"

Wiskers eye's had slowly begun to open.

"Wiskers!" Penelope scooped him up and held him close to her heart, where she could feel the little pitter patter of his heartbeat against her chest.

Alex clapped her on the shoulder and laughed, and she could see that an actual tear had slid his cheek.

"You are one sturdy rat," He said.

"I don't call them attack rats for nothing," Penelope nuzzled Wiskers, getting his fur wet with tears.

Alex stood and looked over the cliff and into the churning white waters below, then returned and offered her his hand.

"Ready to go?"

Penelope let his strong arm pull her up, and she breathed the first deep breath she'd breathed since their time on this island.

"Very," She said.

They had almost left the small clearing before Penelope remembered the journal. She ran back to get it, carrying it underneath her arm. It was a shame about her backpack, but she had a feeling she wouldn't be needing it anymore.

This was almost over.

"What's that?" Alex motioned at the journal when she caught back up with them.

"It's a friends," Was all she said.

For whoever it had belonged to, the person was certainly a friend.

They had saved her life.

Welcome to the GRAND FINALE of Prompt Island! It has been a long, long journey, but as they say... "All good things must come to an end." *Tear*

In case you didn't know by now, my name is Pierre Causemybladdersempty and this is Prompt Island. The game show where everything, yes E-very-thang, is a prompt! One by one the contestants have been eliminated as they race their way through Prompt Island. We are down to our final two contestants.

Instead of giving a background for the final two contestants, I'm just going to tell you to read the journal of their adventures in the additions above. Take a look at all of the contestants' journey as they raced for the prize! I'm a sucker for suspense, so I'm going to skip the suspense and get right to the final votes for the winner...

What?! My producers? Oh come on! (answer phone) ...Hello? Yes, boss... I don't care about suspense! I want to know who the winner is... Yeah? Well this is my last show anyways so I don't care about following my contract anymore! I'm going to do what I want... Yeah, you too!

(puts away phone) I am so sorry about that. My... former employer wanted to ruin the show. I showed him though! Anyways, here are the votes for the winner of Prompt Island! I am just as excited as you are, so without further ado...


That's five votes for Whiskers and none for Lonewolf. Not looking good for Lonewolf, but he can very much make a comeback here. Although... Whiskers only needs one more vote to seal the win! Let's continue with the votes...


Whoa! That's it! With that vote, Whiskers wins the competition! Congratulations to you! You've won 10,000 GPs, billions of dollars, and a new car! From all of the producers of Prompt Island, I want to be the first to congratulate you on being the winner of Prompt Island!

Now, as we go through victory lane, Lonewolf and Whiskers, go ahead and make your final additions. For all of you watching at home, thank you for your great support. For the last time... I'm Pierre Causemybladdersempty and this... is Prompt Island.
It had been a long road to the finish line of Prompt island. The challenges that he had faced with Tampora, Penelope, and Wiskers definitely changed him for the better. The ordeal they just faced with the possibility of Wiskers dying from a strange creature. Alex found himself sad that things were finally coming to an end. He had only been on the island facing random challenges for a short amount of time, but knew that no matter what the outcome was that he would miss it all.

The wind blew gently against his tired features when they finally made down to the other end of the beach. It was remarkable how much it looked like the beach they began this strange quest on.
Tampora was busy digging into the food that was laid out for them under a tent while their host Pierre watched on in awe.

Alex had been preoccupied with staring out at the ocean waves that were currently crashing against the shore. Water always seemed to soothe any ache he had. This time, however, the ache he felt was far greater than even the water could soothe. He was surprised when a voice brought him out of his thoughts.

“So, this is it,” Penelope’s familiar voice piped up.

He didn’t need to look at her to know that it was her by his side. She had taken to wearing her hoodie that masked her beautiful face from his eyes.

Alex sighed, “Yeah, we should know the results soon.

It was here Penelope did something unexpected. She grabbed his hand and interlocked her fingers with his, “No matter what happens when they announce the winner we’ll be together.”

Alex turned his head then and looked at her, she had pulled the hood down. Wiskers climbed up on her shoulder as if to agree with her. Alex smiled at them both, then turned as a commotion sprang up behind them.


Tampora had been gorging himself on the food placed for them and was currently in a tug-a-war with Pierre over a piece of salmon that appeared to be the last piece on the tray.

Alex chuckled while watching his feathery friend snipe at the fish, and Pierre shake his fist trying to ward off the large bird.

When this all started Alex wanted to win so he could take his mother to Disneyland, but now so much has changed. He didn’t want to leave Tampora behind, but knew this was where his buddy lived, and it just wouldn’t due to take him into a world he knew nothing about, and who would want to do tests to see what he was. It’s not everyday you see and hear a talking bird.

He said a silent prayer for all the contestants that didn’t make it to this point, but appreciated them for making the game that much more interesting.
Screens around the beach lit up in grand fashion, and Pierre had forgotten the salmon and seemingly changed into another extravagant outfit. The clashing of a flashy purple with a light gold color made him look every bit of a kooky host, but Alex thought the man had style.
Tampora was busying himself with the piece of salmon he won and snaking any other food that lay in his way.

“Welcome to the GRAND FINALE of Prompt Island! It has been a long, long journey, but as they say... All good things must come to an end."

Alex thought he actually saw a tears threatening to fall as he said this.

“In case you didn't know by now, my name is Pierre Causemybladdersempty and this is Prompt Island. The game show where everything, yes E-very-thang, is a prompt! One by one the contestants have been eliminated as they raced their way through Prompt Island. We are down to our final two contestants.” he said, pointing to Alex and Penelope.

Instantly they had a spotlight thrown on them. Penelope tightened her grip on Alex’s hand.

“Instead of giving a background for the final two contestants, I'm just going to tell you to read the journal of their adventures in the additions above. Take a look at all of the contestants' journey as they raced for the prize! I'm a sucker for suspense, so I'm going to skip the suspense and get right to the final votes for the winner...” Pierre finished in a rush.

There was a buzzing in the left pocket of his flashy dress shirt. After a minute of fishing around he touched the screen and it came to life.

“What?! My producers? Oh come on!” he huffed.

He answered the phone.

“Hello? Yes, boss...” Pierre answered.

Alex couldn’t hear what he was being told, but he didn’t like it. His face was twisted in a way that made it look as if he’d eaten bad sushi.

“I don't care about suspense! I want to know who the winner is...” he argued. “ Yeah? Well this is my last show anyways, so I don't care about following my contract anymore!” he exclaimed.

“Alex, what’s going on?” Penelope asked.

“I don’t know, but hopefully we’ll find out soon.

“I'm going to do what I want.. “ Pierre continued, then must have been told something rue because he pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it before screaming, “Yeah, you too!”

Pierre then hit a button on the phone ending the call.

“I am so sorry about that. My... former employer wanted to ruin the show. I showed him though! Anyways, here are the votes for the winner of Prompt Island! I am just as excited as you are, so without further ado...”

Alex let go of Penelope’s hand pulled her into his arms. Being there with her just felt right. He didn’t care about what would happen after as long as he was with her then he was definitely a winner.

Alex heard Pierre count off the name of the winner.






That's five votes for Penelope and none for Alex. Not looking good for Alex, but he can very much make a comeback here. Although... Penelope only needs one more vote to seal the win! Let's continue with the votes...


Whoa! That's it! With that vote, Penelope wins the competition! Congratulations to you! You've won 10,000 GPs, billions of dollars, and a new car! From all of the producers of Prompt Island, I want to be the first to congratulate you on being the winner of Prompt Island!

Alex held tight to Penelope, he was glad she had won. He had voted for her to win because he felt she was better anyway. He could always take his mom to Disneyland some other time. Plus, he was going to ask Tampora to come back with him even though the world might not have been ready for him. Alex had made the decision to move some place suitable for the both of them. Tampora had grown on him and there was no way he was going to leave his buddy here.

Wiskers jumped from Alex to Penelope and back again in celebration. Tampora flew over to them doing an odd duck like movement that made both Alex and Penelope laugh. Alex looked up the the stars and thought that happy endings really do exist. Next was finding the courage to tell his mother that a large bird was coming home with him. He thought he was save that for when he had to cross that bridge. Now, he was going to enjoy his time with Penelope and his friends.

Penelope had her mouth stuck open in what was likely a very unattractive manner. When they had finally made it to the other side of the island, they were met with medical crews and flashing cameras. All she'd wanted to do was eat a sandwich and take a bath, and she nearly collapsed onto the nearest couch when she came across one, almost sitting on a boom operator, who luckily let it slide.

She wanted to be done with all of this and be on the next plane home, at least until she thought about what was going to happen to her and her companions. What about Alex? What about Tampora? He still liked her, right? Alex, not Tampora... not that she didn't want the giant bird to like her, too, or anything.

But Alex had stuck by her side the entire time, and wouldn't leave her alone until the medical crew assured him she was alright and didn't have some weird mutant-monkey related disease. They had some time apart then in separate tents so they could rest a bit before this all came to a close.

The island was beautiful, and Pierre was hilarious, but she was ready for this to end.

And it did... end.

With her winning!

That was why her mouth was stuck open, and she could see herself and Alex on this big plasma screen to her left, as confetti fell from who knows where and the crew began to clap and cheer.

"Wha-??" She said.

"You won!" Alex shook her shoulders excitedly, like he was trying to wake her up so they could open Christmas presents.

"Wha-??" She said again, if you count that as belonging in the English language.

Pierre came forward in his flashy purple and gold suit and waved his own arms around emphatically.

"Whoa! That's it! With that vote, Penelope wins the competition! Congratulations to you! You've won 10,000 GPs, billions of dollars, and a new car! From all of the producers of Prompt Island, I want to be the first to congratulate you on being the winner of Prompt Island!"


Billions of dollars!? A new car that now ensured the danger of anyone near any state she was driving in!? Billions of dollars!?

She had forgotten what she pledged to do if she won this contest (something in a big white house?) but now she knew she was going on vacation. On a real island where stuff wouldn't be trying to eat her. And of course, money to charity...

"So!" Pierre kept right on going, and shoved the microphone in her face, "How does it feel being the winner of Prompt Island?"

The lights and music and people surrounding her where making her dizzy, and she noticed that Alex had taken a step back so he was out of the spotlight.

"Um," Her throat suddenly felt dry but she was excited, too, "I'm just glad to be alive."

"Aren't we all!" Pierre laughed, "What do you have to say about the other contestants?"

Suddenly a window popped up on the TV and showed all the other contestants in little squares.

"I'm just glad you're alive!" She squeaked.

Wiskers squeaked too, and Pierre held the microphone to her shoulder.

"And what do you feel about --"

Penelope leaned close to her ear and whispered, "He doesn't talk anymore."

"Of course," Pierre coughed and straightened his suit, "Final question miss Pryce... what is your favorite color?"


"And that's the end of Prompt Island, folks!" Pierre cried, "I would say see you next season, but I just quit my job, haha!"

As he walked away the cameras followed him and Penelope suddenly found it hard to see in the darkness without all those flashbulbs going off in her face.

"Wha-??" She said again.

What a weird ending.

But it wasn't over just yet...

Alex came out of the shadow of a palm tree and walked across the sand towards her, his hands in his pockets.


"Thanks," Penelope brushed some strands of hair out of her face.

He stopped about a foot away and they alternated between looking at each other or down at their own feet.

"So," He said.

"Yeah," She said.

Alex had saved her life so many times on this island, and even though it had only been a few days she couldn't imagine herself without him.

Penelope looked behind them, to where the Pierre and the rest of the set crew were celebrating with loud music and some sort of green champagne, and suddenly she was glad she was below the drinking age.

"Do you want to go on a walk?" She asked.

When Alex turned around Pierre had started break dancing. And he wasn't half bad.

"Sure," Alex said.

Wiskers climbed down her leg and scampered off towards the overturned food tables where Tampora was. The two watched as Alex and Penelope walked down the beach, and Tampora even let Wiskers climb onto his shoulders.

They were quiet as they walked, and the sound of the surf rolling onto the beach seemed loud. The wind grew colder as the sun dipped lower and she was glad that she was holding onto Alex's warm hand.

"So I guess you can buy your own dress now," Alex said, "For the red carpet premiers."

"I can buy the red carpet premiers," Penelope said and they both laughed.

After everything had settled into silence, Penelope suddenly stood up on her tippy toes and kissed Alex right on his dirty cheek.

He stopped, and now his mouth was stuck open just like Penelope's was when she learned she had won the contest.

"Do you know what I asked my writer about?" Penelope bit her lip.

"What?" He asked.

"A happy ending.

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