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Can the heroes of New Wolf City stop the Hyena or will he have the last laugh?
This is the special holiday edition of Anthro Viliains and Vigilantes, The Hyena broke out of Grey Vault Prison so he can celebrate Christmas his way, but he kidnaps the following people.

Police commisioner Lyons(lion morph male)

Reporter Cindy Spots(cheetah morph female)

Detective Eric Sharpfang(Wolverine morph male)

And the worse part he threatens to kill these three at midnight if the Heroes don't find him, he uses a device that keep them from pinpointing his whereabouts which makes it extra challenging for the heroes. Can they stop the Hyena or will he have the last laugh.

Note: You might find some of hertzman's entry's familiar because he's remembering an episode of Batman T.A.S. episode entitled Christmas with the Joker.
It's Christmas Eve in New Wolf City, everyone is in spirit even in Grey Vault Prison prisoners are celebrating the Holdiday and on this night some of the prisoners are caroling in the main yard as the tree gets decorated, The Hyena is chosen to carry the star to the top of the tree, but as he is about to crown the tree, the tree itself begins to shake as it's revealed to be a hidden escape rocket, the guards try to climb the ladder to stop the Hyena but he kicks down the ladder as the tree takes off, he laughs menacingly and sings his own version of Jingle Bells "Blasting off I go, in a one-horse-open tree, busting out I go, LAUGHING ALL THE WAY!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!" The tree/rocket streaks accross the sky into the city.
Ruby the Crocodile Anthro feels a twitch in her tail

"Something's not right," She says "My women's intuition is acting up."
Johnathin Tabbis is helping Ruby with her last minute shopping, "Anyone else you need presents for Ruby?" He sees Ruby looking around "Ruby?" She snaps out of it "Oh sorry, I suppose that's all of them." Suddenly one of the TVs in the store caught John's attention a Newsbreak reveals a daring jailbreak and the anchor wolf says "This is just in, The Hyena as escaped from Grey Vault Prison in what appears to be a christmas tree rocket, it is unclear on why he broke out but he could be armed and dangerous." Ruby seems to be wating the same story. She says "The Hyena broke out? What do you think he's gonna do?"
Johnathen just shrugs "Far as I know, he is planning something big. Let's not worry about it now, let's get these presents to your car."
Ruby felt the twitching in her scaly tail grow more and more urgent, but she kept quiet, she didn't want to reveal to her crush Jonathan that she was the Night Crime Fighter Crocodilla
Johnathin helped Ruby's presents in the car, but he was more focused on the Hyena story. An he knows that this is an inaproprate time for him to reveal to Ruby that he's the Tomcat Avenger. For now he has to wait until he gets home before going on patrol, as Ruby and Johnathin got in the car, Ruby says "I might take a raincheck on the movie, something came up." Johnathin says "Fine with me, I'm fine with that."
Meanwhile the Lioness known as Melody was on patrol when she saw the Christmas tree rocket in the air

"This is not good." She muttered
The Hyena's homemade rocket lands on a beach just on the outskirts of New Wolf City where a van lays waiting. Two of Hyena's henchwolves wait patiently and sees the Hyena appoach "How did it go boss?" one said "It went gloriously, the guards tried to stop me but as usual, I outsmarted them. Did you get what I asked for?" The other one opened up the van door "They're right here." Hyena smiled "HAHA! Excellent! Laurel, Hardy, this is going to be the night that they all will remember." Hardy asks "So when will we start broadcasting?" Hyena says "Eight O'clock. Soon we'll have the heroes all over the city looking for us. Merry Christmas to me."
Melody was hurrying towards the spot wear the rocket landed

Along the way she saw an Enormous Brachiosaurus munching apples from a tree

"Massive!" Leona exclaimed "What are you doing here?"

"Just taking a quick snack break." Massive said

Tomcat Avenger arrives on the beach seeing the downed tree examines the tree and sees that the trunk is really made of metal and sees that he's not alone, "So, I'm not the only one investigating Hyena's escape craft."
"That's right." Melody said stepping beside Tomcat

"Ah Melody! Good to see you!" Tomcat replied

"It's good you're here I could use some help, as The Hyena seems immune to my Hypnotic Voice."
Tomcat responds "Maybe he's tone deaf." Melody just shrugs as he examines the tree, "One thing for sure, he certainly picked an interesting way to escape." Tomcat says "He'll soon go back to prison as soon as we find him. He wasn't alone here either looks like another vehicle was waiting here for him, no doubt his henchmen." Melody says "How do you know that?"
"I think I saw them in the down town area." Massive said (He was shrunk to a more 'normal' size about nine feet tall)

"When did you see them?" Tomcat asked

"Well..." Massive said "I was at the skating rink putting the star on the town's biggest Christmas tree, I was so tall I could see their vehicle from ten feet away."
Massive, Melody and Tomcat headed downtown the see the tree and with Massives's help, Tomcat climbed the tree to the top to look around, Melody yelled "Do you see anything?" Tomcat says ""No, no signs of the Hyena or his getaway vihicle. He must've have found a hideout." Massive asks "How are we going to find him?" A voice familiar to Melody says "We better find him, because it got worse..."
(Um? Who is the voice familiar to Melody?Is it Crocodilla or someone else?)
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The canine Dan Shephard was the owner of this familiar voice, he had once been NWPDs selfmade hero titled the "Enforcer". However an event months earlier, had him killed in an explosion only to be reincarnated by a hero, who is burdened with the immense power to call spirits back from the other side. Since then Dan, decided to remain dead, and learned through several experiences and close encounters, that the event that killed him, was co-ordinated so, that it was sure to kill him. He now hunted those responsible for his death, with no mercy and little remorse. The Hyena was next on his list.
Dan stood before the group of heroes, masked and wearing black and grey tactical padding.
Tomcat stared at the canine who stood before them and asked "And who might you be?" Dan replied "My name is Canis, and lets just say I have some business to do with that mangy Hyena, and if its no trouble, may I tag along with you?". Massive was the first to reply "Sure, the more the merrier" as he extended his large hand to shake with Canis`s, who returned the gesture. Melody approached Canis and said "Your voice its very familiar, have we met before?". Canis replied "Im sorry, we have`nt met before, trust me I`d remember a voice as sweet as yours" (Dan/Canis is still not ready to make a comeback to the world as his old self)
Tomcat looked Canis in the eye and said " Now what was it you were saying about it getting worse?" (He still has no powers, just a pistol and knife)

"The tire tracks of the getaway vehicle," Canis said. "Notice anything odd about them?"

"No," Tomcat said. "I'm not a specialist in the study of tires."

"Well, I am," Canis said, "and those are no ordinary tires. You've heard of black helicopters and invisible tanks?"

"Only the first."

"Those tire tracks were made by no ordinary tires. Unless I am mistaken, and I seldom am about tires, those tracks were made by an experimental vehicle stolen from a government Weapons of Mass Destruction laboratory."

"What does that mean?" Tomcat asked.

The eyes of Canis glowed like amber marbles. "It could mean anything form nothing to total destruction, but it's why I believe things are going to get worse."
The Television displayed on a nearby store is showing something everyone is soon peaks their interist.

The narriator says "Live from New Wolf City, the show no one wants to watch but watch anyway it's the Hyena's Holiday Special Here's your host the Hyena!" The Hyena is seen in front of a Fireplace turns to the camera and says "Greetings, and Merry Christmas and do we have a show for you tonight, it's full of surprises, special guests and Holiday Jeers. This goes to all your heroes out there watching, rumor has it that Christmas is the time to spend with family." The track cheers in the background. The Hyena continues "And sense I don't have one of my own." The track goes "awwww" Hyena continues "I decided to steal one."

The curtain in the background opens revealing 3 silohets and as the spotlight shines on them it reveals Comminsioner Lyons, Cindy Spots and Detective Sharpfang tied up with wrapping paper and ribbon and each muffled with a candy cane.

Hyena says "Here they are, the Awful-lawful family," he goes to Lyons "Here's daddy lawful." he removes the cane from his mouth in which Lyons blurted out "YOU DISEASED MANIAC I'LL..." He quickly puts the cane back "I guess I'll have to teach daddy some manners." He goes up to Cindy Spots "Here's Mommy Lawful." He quickly removes the cane from her mouth where she says "HELP US SOMEONE I..." he quickly puts the cane back patting her head "Isn't she jolly." Finally here's Baby Lawful." He goes up to Sharpfang with is dressed like a baby and removes the cane from his mouth, Sharpfang blurts out "WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU! I'LL.." he quickly puts the cane back he then turns to the camera "There they are, I bet you wished you had a family just like mine, all you need to do is to find me before Midnight or else.." He does the slit the throat gesture complete with impression. He then laughts menacingly.

Canis says "I stand corrected, it just got worse."
Melody felt sick to her stomach, she was scared, her powers had always been...Unreliable at best, she wasn't sure she would be able to help.
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"Alright, whats our plan of action?" Canis asked turining away from the tire tracks, and back towards the group of heroes who were each distraught in their own from the previous news.
Tomcat and Melody looked at each other. Each was thinking the same thing: I don't have a plan.

"Well?" Canis asked.

"Don't look at me," said Massive.

"Alright," Canis said. "At least we know the Hyena is somewhere in New Wolf City. And he wants to be found. It's not like we have to search the entire universe. Anybody got any ideas?""

Suddenly an engine of some kind starts up, which sounds more like a tank then a truck. Harmony asks "That doesn't sound good." A vehicle then comes out from a nearby alley, it looks like an armored RV. The sound of the Hyena's laughter is heard from it's speaker planted on the top. "What's wrong, stumped already?" Tomcat says "Where are you Hyena and what is that?" Hyena says "Hahahaha, do you really think I can make it easy on you and tell you where I am? As for my armored beauty, a present from my henchmen in which I feel like sharing with all of you." Massive asks "You? Sharing?" Hyeha says "Why not? Though I'm not sure about you, but as for me..." A panel opens up from the roof and a tank cannon is revealed from the panel and the Hyena continues "It's gonna be a blast! HAHAHHAHA!"
All the heroes suddenly felt very cold.
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Canis followed the others examples and took cover. At times like this he really missed his armor.

The tank cannon started firing with a sputtering sound - put-put-put-put - and small globules of compressed energy were flung out of its barrel. These little balls of fire went bouncing around through the area until they connected with something they could hurt.

A scream from a downed bystander made Canis realize there was no place to hide. Eventually an energy ball would bounce his way. "We've got to get away from those energy balls!" he yelled. "They home in on you!"

"Maybe I can jam them!" Tomcat yelled back and flicked the search button on his wrist whip. There were only seven listings for How to stop homing energy balls. "Can you lower your metabolic rate to hibernation levels?"

"Are you kidding me?" Canis yelled.

"How about erect a low frequency sonic shield?"

"Tomcat! If you've got nothing, say so! Staying here is not an option."

"Let me try something!" Melody yelled. "I know a great Aversion Yodel that I learned in Switzerland."

"What the heck is... never mind. Try it!"

Melody put her hands to her mouth to amplify the sound, took a deep breath, and blasted out a strange undulating yodel.

"Ow!" Canis yelled. "Sensitive ears here!"

But the energy balls stopped homing and almost seemed to be dancing as they bounced up and down in place while Melody yodeled at them.

Unfortunatly Melody couldn't keep up the yodling and as she paused to rest, the energy ball shot upward and hits a nearby room sending a shower of debris downward onto the street, Melody blushed "Sorry!" Tomcat saw a big piece of debris and picked it up "You did your part, but I have an idea." He shot his wristwhip where the end hits a fire escape "Keep it busy." The cable retracts where Tomcat is hurdled onto the fire escape as the armored vehicle advanced towards Melody, Massive and Canis. Tomcat jumped onto the roof of the attacking vehicle made his way to the tank cannon and jammed the debris into the muzzle of the gun. Tomcat rejoined the rest where Canis asks "Do you think that will work?" Tomcat responds "I hope so, by my calculations when the cannon fires there should be a tremendous reaction cauing the cannon and the vehicle to..." The vehicle blows up spreading metal all over the area the speaker lands where the vehicle was. "Explode." Hyena's voice is heard from the speaker "MY TOY! YOU'VE BROKEN MY TOY!" Massive responds "Get used to it, your next Hyena."
Hyena growled irritably.

Melody once again felt she had not done enough
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An ambulance arrived on scene, with a police escort. Canis assisted the paramedics with helping the injured bystanders of the Hyenas attack, while the others gave a report to the police.

"Hyena got away!"

"It's only a matter of time before Hyena acts out again," Melody said.

Canis nodded agreement. "Don't I know it. I called a friend of mine in the government and now any spy satellites flying over New Wolf City are searching for Hyena."

"That will help," Melody said.
Tomcat says "One things for sure, Hyena could be somewhere close by." Melody says "Are you sure?" Canis says "Tomcat's right, that armored vehicle was controlled remotely and you can't control something that big from a distance." Massive let's go before he decides to attack us with a helecoptor." The 4 heroes walk down the street to the city square "So what's next?" asks Melody, "Mad Panth?" Tomcat says "I wouldn't worry about him, he died months ago." Melody asks "How did he die." Massive says "I suppose someone who deals in explosives with a temper to match is bound to die by his own goods." Tomcat says "Poetic Justice."
Melody felt a bit sick to her stomach after that attack by Hyena, she felt scared, helpless.

Massive put his large hand on her shoulder "It's OK." He said "I'm scared too."
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Canis felt sorrow, when hearing about Panth`s death. Sure Panth was a bad guy, but before that he was his closest friend, after all it was because of Panth that Canis ran into the burning prison without thinking things through.
The others looked back at Canis who had stopped walking. Melody asked "Canis is something wrong, are you alright?" "I...I`m fine" Canis replied slightly grief stricken. He then caught up to the others.

A whistling noise in the air above them alerted the heroes to impending danger. Using their fast reflexes, they each leaped into the nearest cover just as an incendiary bomb exploded above them, showering them with a rain of fire. The amplified voice of Hyena came from the sky: "Hahahaha! Jump little, doggies, jump!"

"Everybody OK?" Melody asked.

"Just a few singes," Canis said, as he slapped at a smoldering patch of fur on his leg.
Tomcat brushed his padded armor "We're going to make sure your sent back to Grey Vault once we find you Hyena!" Massive says "No doubt, he's close. Now all we need to find is where that bomb originated from but how?" Just then Superdog landed in and said "I just saw a bomb drop in this area, is everyone okay?"
Melody says "We're fine, just one of Hyena bag of tricks. Can you help us find where the bomb came from." Superdog says "Yes, I can see the vapor trail and I'm going to follow it, be right back." Superdog flew up.
Massive grew ten feet taller hoping at this size he would be more useful

Within a few minutes Superdog was back with good news. "Hyena is in his armored vehicle and it's bogged down in Wolf City Park. He tried to drive across the grass and went right into an area where they were digging the foundation for a monument to World War K-9 Warriors."

"Let's go!" Massive said and lumbered down the street toward the park with the rest of the Heroes at his heels. In his excitement, Canis started yapping like a hound after a fox.
As they reached the park, they saw what Superdog described an oversized armored humvee, built like a sherman tank. Hyena said "So, you all finally found me, but can you catch me?" Two pop-up turrants extend on the cab of the vehicle and began shooting the heroes with it's gattling guns while the Hyena is laughing menacingly. Massive says "We need to disable those guns somehow."
Massive grew even bigger and put his hand through the window and grabbed Hyena

Hyena bit massive's hand.

"He bit me!" Hyena said and pulled his hand back.

"Now you'll need a rabies shot," Canis joked. "Hyena! Can you hear me? Come out of your little tin can. We've got you surrounded. You know you will run out of ammo."

There was silence.

"Why do I get the feeling he's not in that vehicle anymore?" Canis asked.

Massive reached inside again. "Hey! You're right! It's empty! Where did he go?"
Tomcat Avenger looks under the vehicle and sees an open manhole "He's escaping through the sewers. Massive quick, push the vehicle to one side." Massive pushes the vehicle until the manhole was exposed and "You threee go on ahead," Massive says "I can't fit through there." Tomcat, Melody and Canis goes through the manhole and follow the path.
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Almost as soon as they dropped into the sewers, Canis began gagging. "Are you alright?" Tomcat asked. Canis replied "Yeah I`m fine, my nose is just sensitive, especially to these smells". They followed the Hyenas path until the reached a ladder. Canis said "Well now the only place to go is up"

Their footsteps clattered on the metal ladder, then there was the clang of opening the manhole above. Canis stuck his head through first, if only to escape the smells of the sewer.

"Oh my God!" he muttered.

"What is it?" Tomcat said. "What do you see?"
Canis says "He's got hostages." Canis climbed up allowing Tomcat and Melody to get up as they looked, they see Commisioner Lyons, Detective Sharpfang, and Reporter Cindy Spots tied up where they immediatly untie them and removing their gag "Tomcat, Melody," said Lyons "Thank god you showed up." and he sees Canis in which he says "Name's Canis commisioner." Melody asked "How did you get captured?" Sharpfang said "The commisioner and I were planning a special event for New Wolf's needy while being interviewed by Spots that's when Hyena's goons showed up." Spots said "And now Hyena is planning a real crazy crime, something that is affect New Wolf City." Tomcat asked "What is he planning?"

"You won't believe how dastardly a crime it is," Spots said. "You see, he is going to-"

"Hold it right there!" came a gruff voice. "Hands up, everybody!" It was a huge bear holding a machine pistol in each hand. Canis and Melody put up their hands but Tomcat did a lightening quick backflip down into the sewer. He had been closest to the manhole.

The bear fired a quick burst in that direction but it was too late. He kicked the manhole cover shut while keeping his automatic pistols trained on Canis and Melody. "Alright, you two, start walking. That way!" He gestured with the pistol toward a doorway.
Fortunatly, Tomcat was prepared for such a situation. He took a small pole and touched the sealed cover and pushed the button on the side causing the cover to fly up and land on the side with an audible clank "Nega-magnet." Tomcat mumbled "Never leave home without it. Now to deal with Battlebear. Leave it to Hyena to hire him." Tomcat peeks into the doorway and sees Hyena, Battlebear along with Hyena's goons lookinf over a huge device. He sees Melody and Canis tied to a pipe along with Commisioner Lyons, Cindy Spots and Detective Sharpfang tied to the pipe next to them. Canis says "What are you planning to do Hyena?"
"My own Christmas Special!" Laughed The Hyena

(I don't really know what I'm doing with this campfire)
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Canis said to the Hyena "Im going to guess you were the kinda kid who got a lump of coal for Christmas". "Be quiet you!" The Hyena said.
(See subtitle for story ideas)

"Who's going to make me?" snarled Canis. "I was bullied as a pup by thugs like you, but I'm grown now and you don't scare me!"

"Maybe this will though," Hyena said as he touched the end of a cattle prod to Canis and pulled the trigger.

"YEEOOOOWWWW!" Canis screamed and slumped over unconscious.

"Anybody else got a big mouth?" Hyena asked.

Tomcat peeking through a slit in the door silently cursed. "He will pay for that one. I'll cattle prod his privates."
Tomcat checked the room, not only it's a makeshift studio complete with remote control cameras but the room is full of pipes, there are pipes riddled overhead in which Tomcat can use stealth overhead and sense it's a big room, his voice will be hard to pinpoint so he slipped in gently closed the door, propelled himself to the pipes. "I always knew you like to bully others Hyena!" Tomcat bellowed. Hyena said "Tomcat Avenger? I thought you locked him in the sewer." Battlebear said "I did, I guess I'll just finish him off." Battlebear aimed his guns but Hyena stopped him "No you fool, those pipes will fall and cave in the room!" Tomcat says "It's time I cancel your little show. You're going back to Grey Vault."

Hyena laughed. "You always were overconfident, Tomcat. Always so proud of your little tin can gadgets. You know why you hide behind your gadgets, don't you? Because you can't fight like a real fighter."

Tomcat laughed back. "And you hide behind your big dumb hairy henchmen like that mangy old bear there. What is he? A reject from a Russian circus? Did he get too old? Drinks too much? How did he get that stupid look on his face?"

"Let me shoot him, boss!" growled Battlebear.
Hyena says "Didn't you hear me earlier, if you shoot one of those pipes. They'll fall on top of us, do you want to get us all killed?" Battlebear says "No boss." While Hyena and Battlebear are having a conversation, Tomcat takes out a PDA and after a quick programming an image of a camera appears and with the words Access Accepted. He peaks over and sees Battlebear is in front of the camera, Tomcat pushes a button and the camera speeds to Battlebear knocking him into a huge pipe. Canis winces saying "Ooh, extreme closeup." Hyena also sees it and yells out "Hey! No fair! No fair!" Tomcat laughs "There I too can remote control devices as well, not bad for tin can gadgets."

Hyena opened a cabinet and took out two gas masks, one for himself and one for Battlebear. "Wear this,Bear. We are in a situation that requiires gas."

Soon yellow fumes were drifting up toward Tomcat. Hiding amongst the pipes looked undesirable. He scurried throuigh the maze of pipes and wiring with the gas on his tail. Finally he outdistanced the gas cloud, but now he was three rooms away from Tomcat and Battlebear in a room with no pipes. He heard Battlebear's heavy footsteps coming.
Tomcat may have lost his cover, and he may have been outgunned but not outwitted as the room he's in is a storage room, he quickly sees a bottle of floorwax and grabs it, he then pours the contents on the floor near the door. Battlebear opens the door and sees Tomcat and rushes towards him "Prepare to YAAAAAH!" he slips on the wax and hits the metal shelving and is knocked out by the falling metal "Nighty night big bear." Tomcat mumbled and as he left the room he says to himself "One down, one to go."

Meanwhile, Hyena was having trouble keeping his eye on all 6 of his hostages. He was afraid if he put his gun down to tie any of them up, the rest would jump him. "I should have made that bear wait," he muttered to himself. Then he heard the sound he dreaded hearing.

Tomcat's voice came echoing down the hallway. "Hyena! Mister Bear decided it's time to hibernate. It's going to be a cold winter."
Hyena growls in fustration "That cat has more lives then I can count." He turns to his henchmen "Laurel! Hardy! Get him!" His two henchmen says "Right boss and rushed right down the hallway, where the sounds of battle is heard until nothing is heard. Tomcat's voice is heard "Is that the best you got? Your two lackys are pathetic. Your next Hyena."
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Canis began to regain consciousness after he had been knocked out by the Hyena. Canis then noticed some of his ropes became undone when he had fallen over. He wriggled for a moment and they came off completely. He stood up and unholstered his pistol, the Hyena was facing the other way awaiting Tomcat. For some reason Canis felt if he was to shoot the Hyena, it should be at point blank. He put the gun to the back of the Hyenas head. Melody said "Nice work Canis, call Tomcat and tell him to untie us, then we can bring the Hyena back to Grey Vault!"
Canis cocked his pistol. "What are you doing? A hero never takes a life, even from someone as low as him" Melody said. This time Canis turned his head and looked at her and said "First off, Im not a hero, just a guy whos life got really screwed over, partly because of this lunatic. And secondly bringing the Hyena back to prison, was always your job not mine" Canis said angrily.
That time Melody and even the Hyena recognised something in his voice as it faultered. The Hyena who had been quiet all this time which was unlike him, finally made a move, since Canis was distracted, He quickly tunred around then grabbed and twisted Canis`s hand, in the struggle Canis ended up firing a shot, which hit a pipe, it was a steam pipe so the room began to fill with white steam. In the steam, the twos struggle had ended but the pistol was knocked away from both of them. The Hyena hit Cans across the face, and one of his claws pulled the mask off. When the Hyena saw who Canis was he froze "Yourè supposed to be dead!" Canis tackled Hyena, then unsheathed his knife and put it to his throat. The Hyena only cheered him on "Go on do it, that first time always gives you the most rush" Canis couldnt bring himself to do it. He got up, picked up his mask, and decided to leave, on the way he cut the hostages bounds. Melody couldnt see clearly through the steam but she was sure she saw his face.

"Who was that masked man?" asked Comissioner Lyons.

"I'd rather not say," Melody answered. "I can't be sure. But maybe... just maybe..."
Tomcat Avenger ran back into the room and found it all steamy, and he sees Hyena on the floor, Hyena saw him quickly got up and ran to him "TOMCAT! I'LL GET YOU!" Tocat is quick on the draw as his wristwhip quickly entangled Hyena, "It's over Hyena." Melody ran over to a struggling Hyena "No no no no, it can't end like this." Comissioner Lyons says "Hyena, Your going back to Grey Vault, and directly to isalation until after New Year's." Tomcat saus "His henchmen are hanging ten in the hallway while Battlebear is hibernating in the storage closet." He looks around "Where's Canis?" Melody says "He left, funny thing. He looks familiar somehow, could he be...?"

Tomcat looked hard at her. "If you mean who I think you mean... then no."

"Who do you think I meant?" Melody asked.
Tomcat said "Nevermind, let's get Hyena and his goons behind bars."

Shortly everyone is out of the building, Hyena, Battlebear and Hyena's goons are escorted to a waiting prison bus. As everyone is on, Detective Sharptooth gave the signal to transport Hyena back to Grey Vault.

Comissioner Lyons says "Tomcat, Melody, care to help me with New Wolf's needy?"

Tomcat says "Sure, let's go help those in need."
And so it ends, Hyena is back in Grey Vault and our heroes help out the homeless, this is certainly the season of giving.

Merry Christmas

The End!

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