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A Funny campfire story about a Dragon. Join in please!!
[Introduction] Once upon a time, there was a dragon named Shaun. He had green scales, yellow eyes, and was as big as an elephant. His claws were as sharp as knives, and his teeth were sharper than swords. With one look, Shaun could scare anything away in seconds. Most dragons were dangerously jealous of Shaun, but he didn't care.
He hated himself instead.
Shaun wasn't amused by scaring anyone. He didn't enjoy eating animals and humans. He didn't want to anyways, he was a vegetarian. In fact, he was a gardener.
HE had tried to buy vegetables from the local market but scared everyone off. He tried to garden by his cave but the soil was far to rocky.
"Hello the Patrick why so glum?:
"Ah Shaun a fine leprechaun I be. My pot should be overflowing with gold but alas it is filled with vegetables from me wifes garden, I mean peppers as bigger than a mans fist and a lot more. It seems the garden won't stop producing."
"Oh what I would give for such a garden. It isn't near humans is it?"
"The only humans that venture around would be blinded to all by the magic that protects, well what should be my gold. How disappointed they be if they were to see through it all and only see vegetables."
"Well I have a horde of gold here and no human tries to come near for they believe all the lies they have heard of dragons.So would you be intrested in a trade, my gold your garden?"
"Done and done Shaun."
Shaun flew to the pot of veggies as Patrick swam in his new gold.
Shaun was so excited. His dream had come true, he was going to get his own garden. With his sharp eye sight, Shaun saw the pot of gold right next to the garden. He flew with all his might to the treasure when WHAM! He ran into an invisible shield. Even with his size and strength, Shaun could not get through. His dream blocked his common sense, everyone knows that you can't trust a leprechaun. Shaun got cheated.
The dragon opened his huge wings and flew to his cave, but it was too late. Patrick had stolen all the gold and escaped.
Shaun's eyes filled up with tears. He sat in his cave and whimpered for who knows how long.
After many long hours, Shaun heard something moving. "Why so sad?" echoed a voice in the dark.
"Who is it?" Said Shaun, trying to distinguish the voice from the echos. "Need not bother. Now tell me, why does a mighty dragon like you cry?"
Needing to let his sorrow out, Shaun told the voice how so very much he wanted a garden. "Well," replied the voice. "I believe that I can help you."
He step out of the shadow's. "Name's Smith as good as name as any other." I have a , well had a lovely garden." He closed his eyes and envisioned it. "Peppers of all sorts. Dragon breath flowers even a orange tree."
"I have been fooled once already today I won't take kindly to being fooled twice."
"Do old to try to be fooling anyone. Just want to know would you be interested in tending my garden. Well it will have to be replanted. You see I have a problem with goblins." saying the first word low in case any might had followed him.
" I fear goblins nor ghost."
"Oh I am so happy to here that. For truth be told I am a ghost."
Shaun held back a scream. When he had said that he was not afraid of goblins or ghosts, this was a half truth. He was terrified of ghosts! But to have his own garden, Shaun would take any risk.
"Follow me." said Smith, the ghost. "My garden's not too far from here, or at least where it last stood. Those horrible goblins annihilated it. I hate those hooligans."
"What did they do to your garden?"
"Well, first they scared me away. Did you know goblins can kill ghosts? If they do, the ghost will be scattered into oblivion. Anyways, after they scared me back into my house, they ate some peppers and stomped on the rest. They destroyed my orange tree! And the worst of it all, I am SCARED of them! But now they will be the ones running. Right, Shaun?"
"Running? My dear Ghost I dare say that they will not be seen anywhere near your garden or you for that matter Smith."
"Oh thank you so much for that for tho I am not flesh and blood like yourself I would rather be a whole ghost than one with a piece here and a piece here scattered through oblivion." Smith took a few steps and winced. "Even as a ghost I still have leg problems."
"Would you like to fly there?" With that they were on there way to the garden
The ground heaved when the couple landed. Shaun shivered. Even with his dragon layers, he felt the cold.
" Feels.. like.......... a cemetery."
Smith chuckled. " You usually get the feeling of death when you are in a residence of a ghost." They walked towards an enormous gate which was half open leading to a long driveway that ended up at a big house. It was an old house, the shutters were hanging by one corner and the roof was falling apart. Thick ivy crawled up the walls and through the windows. The house was surrounded by overgrown trees and undergrowth. The place could officially be called a Haunted house. Which it could of course, there was a ghost who lived in it.
"Welcome to my house. Here, I'll show you to my once magnificent garden"
Shaun carefully walked making sure none of the loose floorboards flew up to greet his face.
"Are you the only one that lives here?"
"Oh heaven to besty no the rent on these house will kill you, get kill you."
Shaun pulled a cobweb off his nose. "But the place is in shambles.:
"For a host and a gargoyle it fits our image fine."
Soon they were walking out the back door the yard was covered in moonlight.
"Brought some help I see."
"Yes indeed Shaun this is Hambric; Hambric Shaun."
"Nice to make your acquaintance." The gargoyle lead the way to the garden. "Hope you can help I am so tired of not having orange juice for my nightly meal."
"ha..." Shaun was starting to feel his dragon hairs rising.
"Here it is," Hambric pointed. There it was, or what was left of it. When Smith said the goblins completely destroyed it he wasn't kidding. The goblins must of been totally crazy to create so much havoc.
"Well at least we won't have to dig it up." Shaun glanced at the destroyed vegetables. "Do you have any more seeds?"
"We've got a full wheelbarrow load of seeds. We just need a gardener."
Shaun smiled. " Then I would like to apply for the job."
There were gasps in the distance as all but one goblin ran off.
"Shouldn't we go back for him? He is young and knows not of dragons." One said to the leader back. Upon no reply he ran with the others.
Smige was way to young to know about the danger and even i she did she would just have shrugged it off.
"I understand that you fear not I or Smith, but this is a dragon." Hambric said the last part loud as he pointed to Shaun.
"Dra--gon." Smige said it slow considering the word. "have never seen one before and I am curious."
"Curiosity killed the cat."
"Well dragon" Smige said with more confidence. "I am a troll not a cat. And even if I were I would be a kitten and one would have to kill me nine times."
"I like your spunk" Shaun saw the uncertain look in her eyes. "Your bravery. I am the new gardener here. If you want you can help me."
"Let me consider this dragon Shaun." Smige rubbed her chin. "Build instead of destroy sounds much better I will help." She took a handful of seed and started. then she reached into her pouch and pulled out two oranges. Handing them to Hambric "Sorry, tree can be fixed, watch ...
"Orangea treeath chometh thoht lifethe. shauneth hartheth thaka ofeath youth." Smige chanted. " help me!"
"Ummmhmmmmhmhm" Shaun mumbled nonsense quietly.
Out of the destroyed plants and weeds came an orange, than leaves, than a branch, until a sapling was shining in the sunlight.
"Whoa...." Hambric said in wonder.
"I can do more..... need help with house?'
"Nah..." Smith looked at Shaun. "Well actually, Shaun? would you like to live with us? The basement is big enough, or the garage."
"It is not good that we let Smige behind to be captured."
"You dare challenge my leadership Nixo?" Fitax looked him down. "We all know the dragon caught us by surprise. We need a plan we need to find out more."
"Like if he is a magic dragon"
"Like if his is a magic dragon." Fitax said ignoring the fact that Nixo had said it first. "What kind of magic and can we counter it and if we can't defeat him this way we have to find another weakness. No matter which it is imperative we find out before they find out the witless Smith finds out we have been destroying the garden to disguise we have been harvesting the magic." Fitax saw the question in Nixo's eyes. "What does his have to do with Smige you all may wonder.? Well Smige is cute and will yse it to survive and at herat he is one of us. I am hoping he will act like a spy and find out what we need to know. Then and only then we strike!"
"You guys are my best friends!" Smige said. She didn't care that no one except Shaun was listening.
"Why do you say that?"
'Well the other goblins didn't like me. Fitax and Nixo were especially mean to me. The only person who was ever nice to me was Tshira the maid. She's human. Her real name is Sarah, but we renamed her Tshira. She got kidnapped by us, and she didn't want to go back because she was an orphan.
"When i was born, my mama deserted me and ran away. Tshira found me, and begged to let me be part of our Goblin Tribe. They accepted me, only hoping for a bigger number of goblins, but they realized that it was a mistake."
"Because I am part human. My mama married a human. He died when my mama's papa got mad and killed him. Mama ran away and had me on the side of a road. Then she dropped me and ran."
"I'm Sorry." Shaun insides felt heavy.
"It's ok. When Tshira found me, she loved me like I was her baby. I wish she were here." Smige started to cry.
"Please don't cry!. We will find Tshira and then we can be happy taking care of the garden and living here." Shaun wished he were smaller so he could comfort Smige.
"I hope!"
"Nixo, what should we do to get Smige to spy for us?"
"I don't know, Fitax. She doesn't like us very much, why should she spy for us?"
"we could get Tshira to find Smige and convince her to do it."
"That hag? Well i guess..."

"NO!" Tshira screamed. "I will not trick little Smige."
"If you don't," Fitax threatened. "I will personally torture you."
Tshira gulped, tears flowing down her cheeks. "Fine."

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