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by DeeDev
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Fanfiction · #1938706
Three teenage girls went to a mysterious daycare. But what kind mystery does it hold?
[Introduction] You may create a story about three girls with this:

Emily, 14 : She is a the smartest of the group, but somewhat short, 5'1 feet. She hates to get dirty, and doesn't like disgusting stenches. Her best friend is Amy.

Amy, 14 : She is the most athletic of the group as she could run the fastest. She is also the tallest of the group, with 5'9 feet. She is also a slight tomboy, but she is also like Emily, who hates getting too dirty or disgusting stench.

Megan, 15 : The oldest of the group. She is sometimes a hard head, but she doesn't mind getting a little dirty. She is 5'6 tall, and she sometimes she's a athletic.

The girls must either be shrunk to 1 inch to 1 1/2 feet tall. Here are the rules you MUST follow:

1. NO death!!!
2. The girls are indestructible, but how, you may use whatever you choose it.
3. NO sex!!!
4. NO naked stuffs!!!
5. NO feet stuff, it kinda bothers me. But toilet humour, diaper pail fun, dirty diapers fun and soft vore are allowed. Remember, the girls are also immune to the stomach acids.
6. NO hard-core vore!
7. End the story with the girls back to normal. Don't just end them being a toy for the babies. (Eg. In the end, Emily ended up being a toy for a baby. End.)
8. You may add some characters of your own, but it must be some relation with the characters.
9. The baby diaper will never leak, and they can grow to any size from normal size to the size of a house.
10. Lastly, you MUST finish the story with just one go. Other people can post their own story, but MUSTN'T continue others.
11. One more thing, I realised that most of the daycare stories rarely includes diaper pail punishment, so please add some. I really want to know what you people will write here.

If any of the rules are broken, I will officially delete it or rewrite it (Except for rule #11). That is all. Happy creating.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1938706