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by Twiga
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The Wild Kratts return to the Space Beasts universe, but things don't go as planned
[Introduction] The Wild Kratts had to go home after their first adventure in the Space Beasts universe, but for a long time wanted to return, but their was the tricky issue of that Creatures who stay too long out of the universe of their birth tend to get really sick and die Aviva attempted to make a means of protection against the 'sickness' but when they went through the portal they were not prepared for the results.

Turns out in order to not get the sickness, they were placed in Animal Bodies native to the Universe, each member got an animal body that corresponded with their personality.

Christ Kratt-Practical-Reliable-Organized-Beaver
Martin Kratt-Humorous-Whimsical-Silly-Baboon
Aviva Corcovado-Tool User-Feisty- Humorous-Crow
Jimmy Z-Big Eater-Heavy Sleeper-Clumsy-Grizzly Bear
Koki-Sassy-Tool User-Performer-Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

So they get reunited with their friends, but they lack opposable thumbs, The Humanimals give the Animals an emergency transformation to Humanimals, in order to prevent the Wild Kratts from losing their minds to their Animal Bodies
Aviva was tuning the last adjustments on her portal

"There!" She exclaimed "Now we should be able to go to other universe without the danger of the sickness!"

"Awesome!" Chris Kratt said "Let's see how it works!"

Aviva turned in on, they were all sucked into another universe
All five members blacked out.

When they woke up, they all felt strange.

They were in cages, Everyone had his or her own cage.

"Martin!" Chris exclaimed "Where are you?!"

"I'm over here." Martin said "And I think I' wearing my Baboon creature power suit."

"Martin." Chris said "I don't think that's a creature power suit."

"Guys!" Aviva called, they looked up and saw a Crow in a bird cage "We're underwater!"

From their cages everyone could see they were in a laboratory under the water
"That's not the destination I set the thing for," Aviva said.
Meanwhile Dr. Bubbles was showing the Fellowship Crew around his undersea lab.

"So you see this is where I monitor underwater currents, so I can know when a Tsunami is going to be headed towards a populated area." Dr. Bubbles said

"Very interesting..." Matoaka said

"Oh!" Dr. Bubbles exclaimed "I almost forgot to introduce you do my friends!"

"Friends?" The Fellowship crew wasn't sure what he meant

Dr. Bubbles pulled back a curtain revealing two dozen or so animals, there was a Zebra, a Raccoon, a Bald Eagle, a Goanna, several Tropical Fish in a tank, a Giant Tortoise, An Capuchin Monkey, A Cow and a Calf all were kept and cages not much bigger then playpens, all looked absolutely miserable

"Oh..." Ichabod moaned "You still haven't given up your Animal Hoarding have you?"

"At least I gave them a home!" Dr. Bubbles tried to defend himself, these were the last Animals on a planet that Humans had drove into the ecological ground! If I hadn't taken them the Humans would have left them to rot on that toxic planet.

Among the Animals were are heroes, Martin noticed them "Hey guys!" He said "It's the Fellowship crew!"

The Five Heroes, tried to get their attention, although they were speaking in Animalese, Animal Animalese is rougher and not as easy to understand and Humanimal Animalese, it's like comparing caveman language to modern human language

"It looks like they're trying to communicate with us." Edward said "Do you understand what they're saying?"

Minsk said "My Beaver is a bit rusty and it's a been a while since I heard Baboon dialect, but they seem to be saying 'Help' 'We're trapped' and 'We're friends' and that's all I can make out."

Suddenly Koki realized 'I'm a Parrot! Parrots can talk in Humans language!'

"Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi!" Koki said.

"That's cute!" Minsk said. "This parrot's been watching Star Wars."

Koki felt very frustrated. Her parrot human talking ability only allowed her to mimic human speech, not create it. Then she had an idea.

"That's cute!" Koki said. "This parrot's been watching!"

"Whoa!" Minsk said. "Did you hear that?"

The others gathered around the parrot. "That was strange," Edward said.

Koko said, "Strange."

"Notice how it only mimics part of what we say?"

Koki said, "Notice what we say?"

Minsk got a weird look on her face. "Guys, I think it's trying to communicate something, but it only knows how to mimic us."

Koki jumped up and down. "Communicate something! Communicate something! Only mimic!"

"Are you trapped?" Minsk said. "Do you want us to help you?"

Koki flapped her wings. "Trapped! You help!"

Koki was really struggling to communicate then Martin got a bright idea

On the dust of his cage floor he spelled out 'I'm Martin Kratt'

The Fellowship crew gasped

Martin then spelled out 'We're trapped in Animal Bodies'
Matoaka knelled down to Martin and asked "Which of these Animals are your friends?"

Martin wrote 'Beaver = Chris Crow = Aviva Grizzly Bear = Jimmy Cockatoo = Koki'

Matoaka quickly opened the cages for the respective animals
"Excuse me, Doctor, but how exactly did you come by all these animals?" Asked Mataoka, helping Jimmy squeeze out the door of his cage.
Dr. Bubbles sat in his chair "It's a long story." He said "And now you all have to hear it."

So a long time ago Humans colonized this planet they called Odin after the Norse King of Gods, to say they spoiled the land is putting it mildly, the entire planet became a toxic waste dump, all the Humanimals died, leaving no slave labor, the last remaining animals were kept in one small overcrowded zoo, finally the Humans decided to leave the planet I bought the Animals they were going to leave behind."

"How awful!" Matoaka said "But really Doctor you should have given these Animals to a wildlife sanctuary and underwater laboratory is no place for large animals or any wild creature."
"Shipping them off-world would have been too much of a hassle," the doctor said. "I didn't know of anyone who'd be willing to take them."
Meanwhile the Wild Kratts' enemies Zach Varmatech, Donita and her servant Dabio and Gaston Gourmand were investigating the Tortuga as soon as our heroes dispeared they came across the portal

"What's this thing do?" Zach asked absentmindedly pressing the big red button, and all the villains were sucked in

The next thing Donita knew she was in the air, hovering, she had no idea why

"Wait?" She said "What happened? Where am I?" Then she looked at her hands, or more accurately what used to be her hands

"Oh...My..." She then screamed "I'M A BUG!"

Indeed she had turned into a Wasp, she buzzed around in a panic screaming

"Dabio! Dabio where are you?!"

"I'm over here!" Came Dabio's dopey voice

Donita looked down and saw a yellow Great Dane dog smiling up at her

"Dabio..." Donita said "Why are you a dog?"

"I don't know." Dabio said "But I sure like it!" He thumped his tail on the ground

"Where are we?" Donita asked

"If I'm not mistaken this is Sothern California..." Came Gaston's voice "Probably Malibu..."

Donita and Dabio looked, nearby was a petting zoo and in a pen was a large white pig

"Gaston!" Donita exclaimed "You're a pig!"

"Yes." Gaston growled "And I don't like it one bit!"

"Wait!" Donita said "So we're all here...Where's Zach?"

"I'll find him!" Dabio said and he started sniffing "I found him!" He said

On the beach was a big fat sea sponge, it had no eyes or ears or mouth but it shivered and quivered as if in rage or disgust.

"Oh...My..." Donita quivered
"This is big trouble!" she yelled, as best as she could.
Minsk says "Did that Sulpher Crested Cockatoo said big trouble?" Dr. Bubbles said nervously says "No, it said big errr...rubble. I found it in a half distoryed building after an Earthquake." Edward says "Yeah right."
(That was Donita who said that...Not Koki)

Matoaka approached the newly freed animals "You're really our friends the Wild Kratts?"

All five of them nodded enthusiastically

"Well how did you get in our universe? And how did you get in Animal bodies?"

All five of them shrugged

"I think you need some help." Matoaka said she turned to Belladonna "Do you still have those...vials?"

"You mean..." Belladonna said She took a vial of purple liquid "The sacred water the the dark crystal is suspended in?"

"Yes." Matoaka said "Inject an animal with this stuff and they will slowly evolve into Humanimals...It does take a while."

The Five Heroes eyes widened

"It's OK." Matoaka said "It don't hurt."

Matoaka and her crew took the Kratt creatures and put them in the veterinary lab, Belladonna gives Matoaka the vials of purple liquid and she puts one in a syringe "Don't be scared, this stuff will transform each of you into humanimals like us. Trust me, you'll be fine." She goes up with Chris "We'll start with you." She takes puts him on the examining table and then injects the liquid in his back Chris winces a bit in pain and then, he begins to transform as human DNA mixes in with his beaver DNA, he began to grow and grunt as his body transforms, a minute later Chris Kratt is now a Beaver humanimal.

(Um...Hertz, you kept writing his name as Christ Kratt...We all know Chris is a great guy but he's not the lord and savior of all animals)
"You were right," Chris said. "That didn't hurt."

Matoaka aimed a syringe at the bear. "Now you, Jimmy Z."
"Here goes," Said the grizzly in animalese, putting out his forearm, wrist-up. Mataoka gently squeezed the precious liquid into his bloodstream, and he was soon huffing and puffing as his body changed, shrinking and shortening, paws twisting to become hands, spine realigning for a permanently upright configuration.
"Whoooh! That felt weird. It dose feel nice to stand on two feet again..." He said, stretching a fresh set of shoulders.
Very soon every one was now a Humanimal.

"All right." Matoaka said "How is it that you came to our universe in Animal bodies?"

"Well..." Aviva said "I was looking for a way to get into other universes without the sickness that comes from being out of your home universe for so long..."

Meanwhile the Villains Donita, Gaston, Dabio and Zach, now a Wasp, Pig, Dog and Sponge respectively were traveling down a Southern California beach, Donita was resting on Dabio's head and Zach was being carried in Dabio's mouth
"We need something that has hands," Donita said. "And something bigger in my case."
The villains found themselves on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills "Perhapse we'll find someone here to help us." Gaston says. Donita says "I doubt it. With our luck we'll end up with a snooty movie star with a taste for pork and hates insects, I don't know how he or she will treat dogs like Diablo, what do you think?"
"Movie stars love dogs," Diablo said. "Everybody loves dogs."

"Oh shut up," Zach muttered. He was half dried out from the sun. "Somebody dunk me in some water! I refuse to become soaked with dog slobber!"
Meanwhile after talking with the Wild Kratts, Belladonna had deduced that in order to not get the sickness that comes from being out of your home universe, the Wild Kratts' bodies must have become non-corporal and had gone into the animal bodies to use as vessels.

"Kind like my situation." Belladonna said "I was born human, but because I had an incurable genetic illness, my mind had to be transferred to an Animal body, My Grandpa chose a dragon because they are both long lived and powerful."

"Oh." Jimmy Z said "So it's kind of like that."

"With one important difference." Belladonna said "You see I was transferred into a Dragon embryo, one who had not formed an identity yet, your minds went into already adult animals who had minds and identities of their own...When your minds go back to your home universe the Animals' minds reemerge but will be in new Humanimal bodies without much idea of how they got there."
Then Marina Snow comes in "Sorry, didn't mean to barge in seeing that you have company." Matoaka says "That's alright, come on in and call in the rest of your squad." Marina comes in and in a few minutes Freddie, Wingate, Geronimo and Juan comes in "Freddie and I were in the Aviary when you paged us Marina." says Wingate, Juan says "Who's your friends?"
"These are the Wild Kratts." Matoaka said "Though only two of them are actually named Kratt, we met them some time before we met you, they are visitors from another universe."

"Other Universes have Humanimals too?" Juan said

"Actually no." Matoaka "When they first came they were Humans but now they are in Humanimal bodies...It's really complicated."
Matoaka says "This is Chris and Martin Kratts, Aviva Corcovado, Jimmy Z and Koki. Wild Kratts, meet the Endangered Species League." Marina says "Pleased to meet you, I'm Marina Snow, this is Freddie Freedom, Wingate, Geronimo Giraffe and Juan." Juan goes up to Jimmy, "If you like, I can introduce to you to Gluttony." Jimmy says "Hey, I maybe a bear but I don't have that big of appetite." Matoaka says "Gluttony is one of the sin girls, you'll all meet them later."
"I just hope no trouble followed us," Aviva said.
Jimmy Z says "I just hope that Zach Varmatech and his men didn't follow us here." Geronimo says "Zach Varmatech? Who's he?"
Jimmy Z looked around. "Zach Varmitech thinks he's the world's greatest mind. He is no friend of animals. As far as he's concerned, animals are a good source of cheap labor for his hotels."

"He has hotels?"

"He wants to have hotels. So far he has been stopped. Just keep an eye peeled for one of his zachbots. You never know."

Geronimo looked around. "A zachbot? OK, I'll keep an eye out."
Matoaka stamped her hoof

"Before we do anything fun." She said "The first thing we have to do is get the rest of these animals out of here to decent homes."

"But who will take them?" Dr. Bubbles

"I'm sure their are plenty of good zoos that would love to take them in." Matoaka replied
The doctor sighed. "Do you know of any?"
Matoaka says "I know one in Los Angeles that'll take some."

Meanwhile the villiains manage to put Zach in a bowl of water "Where are those Kratts?" Diablo says "I don't know boss." Zach says "I'm sure they're somewhere helping the animals. Our first course of action is to build some Zachbots, then make the Kratts lives miserable."
"Just got a text from the Chicago zoo," Matoaka said. "Animals needed! Send us as many as you can!"

"That's good! Maybe we should reserve space on a train."
Meanwhile in Malibu, two Wranglers, Edward's own cousin Duchess Bimbolurlina and another Prince of Wranglers (Edward was merely A Prince of Wranglers not THE Prince of Wranglers there were many more on other planets) Prince Jean Lafitte named after the famous Pirate who helped win the War of 1812 he was a Prince of Planet Gaul like Edward was when he was a Wrangler Jean considered himself a Gentleman Thief though he was really more like a Gentleman Kidnapper...Currently at the moment they were not capturing Humanimals...This time they were playing it safe by capturing normal animals (i.e. raw materials) in order to make Humanimals out of them.

"So many Humanimals walking about..." Bimbo's mouth watered "All of them could make perfect..."

"Be quiet!" Hushed Jean in his admittedly put upon French accent "We are here to gather raw materials not the finished product!" Jean had to talk like that to avoid suspicion from any sharp eared Humanimals.

"Honestly Bimbette!" Jean called Bimbo often by that pet name "Your hatred for the Wild Folk (Code name for Humanimals) has become so great it has caused you to bungle every mission you've been on since! Can't you forget your hatred for even a minute just to do your job properly? You don't even any Wild Folk slaves anymore because you have killed everyone you had...They are supposed to be slaves Duchess they can't serve you if they are dead!"

It's true Bimbo had murdered everyone of her Humanimal slaves ever since Edward became a member of the federation...Ever since that day her hatred of the Humanimals had intensified to point she would lash out at any Humanimal she saw with no rhyme or reason...It had gotten so bad that Lord Darksied told her more then once he may be forced to lock her up in a padded room for days upon end until she gets her rage under control...When Bimbo in her vanity cursed at him for suggesting such a thing, her Aunt Nastina, Edward's Mother sharply rebuked her and slapped her face chastising her for her lashing out at the emperor.

Lord Darksied at that moment felt a moment of regret...The System of Conditioning was supposed to make sure Humans felt no sympathy for Humanimals that there would never be a Humanimal civil rights movement...But in the end it didn't work...Some people still sympathized with the Humanimals and a civil rights movement came anyway...But for the people for whom it did work on, losing sympathy for Humanimals quickly meant losing sympathy for fellow humans as well the process of shunting down the brain's ability to feel any emotion other then anger caused some Humans to murder their own children and finally tear themselves apart.

But that fleeting moment of regret passed quickly and Darksied did not even think of trying to adjust the Conditioning.

Back to the story, Jean frustrated that Bimbo could not keep her mouth shut for a moment put a ball gag on her and said

"I'm going to take a moment to enjoy my lunch." Jean said "If you ruin my lunch break I shall become very angry with you..."

At that moment as Zach, Donita, Dabio and Gaston were traveling feeling very hungry, Gaston's nose caught a a heavenly scent

"I smell something...I smell many delicious things! I smell..."
"...A tuna melt on french bread with sea salt potato chips on the side." Diablo puts Zach down "Be right back with your share." Diablo with Donita and Gaston rushed over and knocked Jean's lunch onto the ground "MY LUNCH!" Jean Bellowed. Diablo and Gaston each have an end of Jean's Tuna melt sandwich and started pulling either way like tug-of-war. Bimbo just shrugged when Jean looked at her he goes up to Diablo, hits him and says "Filthy Mongral. Get your own lunch." Then it dawned on him, the dog and the pig are raw materials he needed to find for his mission but what about the wasp?
Donita the hovering wasp said, "Leave my friends alone!" and showed him her huge stinger.

"Yow!" Jean said. "That's bigger than a veterinarian's horse syringe! Don't sting me!"

Bimbo said something but her ball gag made it sound like mumbling.
Of course Jean did not understand what Donita had just said all he heard was insect buzzing.

Quickly as he could he took an empty glass and a postcard and trapped her.

"We don't make many Insect Humanimals in general." Jean said "As insects are really hard to train, but this wasp looks unusually strong and healthy, I think I'll take all three of them!"

So we loaded Donita, Dabio and Gaston into his spaceship disguised as an animal control truck, Zach was left behind on the beach, but Jean would not have taken him even if he did see him, almost any Animal can be made into a Humanimal as long as that Animal has one very important anatomical feature...The brain! Tests had proven a Sponge could never be made into a Humanimal because it had no brain...Jean knew this and would not have wasted time with things that would not lead to profit.

Meanwhile back at the undersea lab, the Fellowship crew and Wild Kratts were waiting for the submarines that would pick up the rest of the animals and take them to their new homes.

Jimmy's stomach rumbled

"I'm hungry..." He murmured

"I have snacks in the kitchen." Dr. Bubbles said "You can have some of those."

Jimmy did not need to be told twice, off he was.

Aviva and Koki inspecting their new Humanimal bodies noticed their bird bodies lacked certain anatomical features.

"Am I the only one who feels something is...Missing?" Koki asked feeling her feathery chest

"You're not the only one." Aviva said feeling her own chest

"Well you two ARE birds." Chris said "Since you're not mammals you don't have any need for...Mammary glands..."Chris very hesitantly said those words
"I can relate to that." Freddie says, Chris asked "How long were you a humanimal?" Freddie responded "All my life, I was hatched as one." Martin says "Interesting, perhaps you could help Aviva and Koki get used to their new bird lifestyle."
Suddenly Matoaka's wristwatch beeped

"Captain Matoaka." It was Marissa Tort "We just got a report that a Wrangler Spacecraft has just left the Solar System."

"Wranglers?!" Exclaimed "On Earth?! Did you find out who they took?"

"It appears that this one of their missions to gather normal animals for turning into Humanimals." Marissa said "So whoever they took they can't be properly called people yet, we checked all the zoos and aquariums no missing animals in their inventory, the Wranglers could have just taken common rats and pigeons for all we know."

"Whoever those Animals are..." Matoaka sighed "They will be turned into Humanimals in the very heart of the Wrangler Empire, even if they are rats and pigeons they don't deserve they fate they are going to get...The be broken in by the meanest Wrangler Lords this side of the Milky Way."
"They probably want rodents and birds because of how fast they can breed," the Doc said. "After all, one female rat can have, under optimal conditions, over a thousand descendants during the course of a year. If this group of Wranglers have any sort of brains, they'd wait before turning them."

"What do you mean?" Aviva asked.

"Do you want a million dollars tomorrow, or do you wait two years, and get ten billion in profit," the Doc said. "Personally, if I were in that line of work, I'd take things slow- turn a few for my daily bread, while breeding the others, as normal animals, and then hit the jackpot, by turning several thousand of them, and jack up certain prices."
Chris asks "What are Wranglers?"
"Kidnappers," Freddie said.

"More than just kidnappers," added Matoaka.
Meanwhile aforementioned Spaceship that was heading back to Wrangler territory was carrying Donita the Wasp, Dabio the Dog and Gaston Gourmand the Pig.

All three were very frightened because they didn't know what the hell was going on!

"Where are they taking us?!" Donita asked in a panic

"I don't know." Gaston said as he tried to remain steady on his feet "But wherever we're going I hope it's someplace with good food! I'm still hungry!"

Meanwhile, after the last of Dr. Bubbles' Animals had been picked up, the Fellowship crew along with their newly transformed Wild Kratt friends, decided to head back up to the surface.

Ichabod felt his cell phone ringing, he picked it up

"Hello?" He said "Oh hello Mother! Oh...You're coming to visit me? With Jervis Tetch and Edward Nygma...Mr. Nygma's bringing Pandora as well? ...Well OK...See you there, Bye."

"It seems like your parents visit every month." Marzipan remarked "And every other month they bring their friends with them."

"They are probobly very bored." Ichabod sighed putting his cellphone in his pocket "They probobly have nothing better to do, besides there is a reason, on Alderbaren now that it has been officially converted to a Federation planet is now trying to integrate Humanimals into formally human only schools, Pandora, Riddler's daughter has made a few Humanimal friends and wants to learn how to better relate to them."
After the Fellowship crew left Dr. Bubbles lab many went on their separate ways, Ichabod and Marzipan went home to see Pamela and company, Freddie and Wingate helped Koki and Aviva with their new avian lifestyle, while Edward and Minsk decided to take a beachside stroll though Malibu. Minsk asks "Arn't you going to see your father?"
Edward says "Maybe later but first, it's not everyday you see a sunset like this then California." He points towards the ocean as the sun sets. "See how beautiful it is?" Minsk says "Wow, it is beautiful." As Minsk stepped towards Edward, she stepped on something. She looks down and sees that it's a sponge. Minsk says "Who left a sponge in the middle of a beach?" Edward says "I don't know." he kneels down to examine it, "Strange, it has a face on it."
"That's right," the sponge said. "I have a face."

Edward threw the sponge down. "A talking sponge!"

"Stranger things have happened," Minsk said. "Hello? Sponge? Can you hear me?"
"Who are you?" Minsk asked

"Zach Varmatech." Said he Sponge "What's it to you Weasel Thingy?"

Insult aside when Edward and Minsk heard the words 'Zach Varmatech' they realized what had happened the same thing that had happened to the Wild Kratts had happened to Zach only he was now in the body of a much more loathsome animal...A Sea Sponge.

Edward, realizing Zach was more or less helpless in his new form, and didn't seem to have a clue what was going on asked "Do you remember anything that happened before you came here?"

"I was zapped by one of the wild rats technology thingies..." Zach said not knowing his was giving himself away more and more and before I know it me and my fellow villains are stinking beasts!"

Edward was not sure weather to chuckle or be afraid, you would have to be a pretty stupid villain to identify yourself as a villain to complete strangers not knowing how they would react to self-proclaimed villains."

"Well..." Edward said "Maybe we can find your companions... What sort of creatures did they become?"

"A stinking dog, a disgusting pig, an ugly wasp! AND I BECOME THIS STINKING SPONGE!" Zach seemed to shake with rage "This place is absolutely disgusting! It's got all kinds of disgusting animals walking around! They're wearing clothes even!"

Already Minsk and Edward could tell that this Zach was very clearly an animal hater.
"Oh we'll help you out," Edward said. "But first, you need to take a bath."

"What?" Zach asked.

"In soapy water," Minsk finished. "That ought to clean up your language."
Edward and Minsk takes Zack back to the Fellowship and puts him in a galley sink filled with diswashing liquid. Chris notices Edward and Minsk's activity "Hey, what is that?" Edward shows him Zach "A sponge with a familiar face, hey that's..." Chris stifles to a laugh. "...Zach Varmatech!" Zach says "Ho ho ho, laugh it up wild rat. It's your fault that I'm a sea sponge."
Zach coughed and spluttered as he had to taste the soapy water. "Hey! This stuff is nasty!"

Then they rinsed him in fresh water.

"There!" Minsk said. "Feel better?"

"Much better!" Zach said.
Zach started shaking with rage again

"This is all your fault wild rats!" Zach shouted "It's your fault I'm stuck as this stupid sponge!"

"We didn't do anything." Chris said sticking his Beaver face up in Zach's face giving zoophobic Zach a case of the heebie jeebies. "When we stepped through the portal we had no idea we would be transformed anymore then you did, and you went through our portal after we had left so there is is no way you can pass any culpability onto us."

Minsk unceremoniously dumped Zach into a saltwater tank and put a firm lid on it.

"He told us that his comrades, Donita, Dabio and Gaston are now a Wasp, a Dog and Pig, respectively." Minsk said

Chris and Martin had to stifle a laugh

"You know..." Chris said "It's almost funny..."

"But it's also a horrible insult to Wasps, Dogs and Pigs, everywhere." Martin said "I don't even think Sea Sponges would like to be associated with the likes of Zach."

Meanwhile at the laboratory where Animals were turned into Humanimals, Donita, Dabio and Gaston waiting nervously still in the trunk while Jean Lafitte talked things over with the Manager.

"That's all you've brought us?" The Manager said "A pig, a dog and a wasp?"

"Sure." Jean said "I was told to come back bringing good animals meaning large animals, I could have easily brought many rats and pigeons but we have enough of those already."

"Yes but domestic animals and bugs are also fairly common," the Manager said "By good animals we were hoping for one or two tigers, a crocodile, three seals and at least two different herbivore species."

"I would have to pilfer a zoo for those creatures." Jean said "And that's a bit of a dangerous business...Besides with the small space truck you gave me I'm pretty certain the animals would devour each other in a matter of moments."

"Well I guess what you got will have to do." The Manager said
The Manager said "Let's just hope that we don't repeat the Cauldron incident. Okay, let's put the subjects in the lab for their injection?" Jean says "Excuse me? The Cauldron incident?" The Manager "There was another test turning animals into humanimals on the Cauldron, long story short a wolf humanimal rebelled and disembowled the project leader, Lord Voltaire." Jean says "Now you tell me this?" The Manager says "Relax, these subjects you bought me are domesticated. What could go wrong?"
Donita, Dabio and Gaston were terrified! They didn't know what was going on, and they knew that the Humans couldn't understand them

Trying to think of a way to communicate, Gaston took his hoof and wrote on the dust on the floor (The floor hadn't been dusted in weeks, very untidy place) he spelled out I AM GASTON GOURMAND

"Is that Pig...Writing?" The Manager asked

"A Pig who writes." Jean said dropping his French accent for once "That's weird."

Gaston seeing he had gotten the Humans' attention further wrote A PIG I AM NOT I AM A HUMAN TRAPPED IN A PIG'S BODY SO ARE THE OTHER TWO...

"A likely story," The manager said. "His owner somehow taught him to write."
Jean says, "No owner can teach a pig to write like this. The owner has to be way advanced to teach it this." The Manager picks up Gaston "Okay Gaston, this won't hurt a bit. I'm just going to evolve you into a humanoid state so we can communicate verbally." he turns to Jean, "Help me with him if you please."
Gaston squealed like a pig as Jean and the manager picked him up and threw him into the transformation tank. He splashed around spluttering and squealing.

"Can pigs swim?" Jean asked.

"More important," the Manager said, "can they drown? But in this case we want the transforming fluid in his lungs, so let's hope he can't swim."
Meanwhile Chris and Martin were talking to each other

"Boy being a Beaver sure is cool!" Chris said "But the constant chewing to keep my teeth sharp gets tedious after a while."

"Good thing Jimmy gave yoo that big box of peanut brittle to gnaw on!" Martin said

"Do you find it a bit ironic?" Chris asked innocently

"Find what ironic?" Martin asked not knowing what his brother was getting at

"Well, swimming and flying has always been your specialty and climbing has always been mine." Chris said "But now, you're in the body of a climbing animal and I'm in the body of a swimming animal..."

"Don't sweat it Chris." Martin said "I'm sure there was some reason we went into these bodies."
Gaston is now a humanimal pig while it's Diablo's turn in the Transformation tank, Gaston says "At last, I have hands. Well, sort of." Jean says "Okay Gaston, you said you were once human?" Gaston says "That's right. I was until our enemies, the Wild Kratts turned us into what you see now. There was one other. Zach Varmatech. He was transformed into a sea sponge. The other two is Donita the Wasp and Diablo the Dog, her servant. Once your through with us, we need to head back to Earth for revenge on the Wild Kratts." The Manager says "What makes you think we're going to send you back to Earth and tell us more about these Wild Kratts?"
On the Fellowship, Minsk and Edward were talking...

"What are we going to do about Zach?" Minsk said.

Edward shrugged. "Why should we do anything about him?"

"We can't just leave him in that salt water tank."

"I suggest we put him in an aquarium."
"I have a better idea." Bill said "Why don't we interrogate him for information? After all he is entirely at our mercy!"

"That's not a bad idea really." Edward said

"How should we interrogate him?" Minsk asked

"Well..." Bill said "He's kind of shaped like a basketball, so we could use him as a basketball a couple times, then we could use him as a bowling ball and then we could just stomp on him a couple times."

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Chris said as he overheard "That is not cool! I mean I know Zach isn't the nicest guy in the world but we can't just use cold blooded torture techniques on him!"

"I don't see why not." Bill said

"Because it's not nice." Aviva said, she had just returned from her flying lesson

"Whoever said good had to be nice?" Bill asked "When you've got a sick criminal on your hands you don't pull punches when lives could be at risk."
Chris says "Sick or not, he's also helpless in this form. All he is now is talk and no action he problibly didn't have had time or recources to build his Zachbots."
"Well, we are getting nowhere interrogating each other," Minsk said. "Let's go ask Zach a few questions."

So they gathered around Zach's tank and he stared at them. "Is it time for my funeral?"

Minsk laughed. "No we didn't come to kill you, silly! We just want to ask you a few questions."

"And if you don't answer them," Bill said. "THAT is when we will kill you."
"First things first." Minsk said
"Where are your friends at?" the mink asked.
Zach says "Last I saw them, they were going to scavange for lunch at a beachside cafe, near where you found me. I've been left there all day." Jim says "They could be captured by the Wranglers."
"Wait a minute." Matoaka said leaning in "You've never been to this universe until just today how do you know about Wranglers?"

"I over heard some people talking about Wrangler capturing animals while I was laying on the beach." Zach said feeling intimidated by the Unicorn
"Where's one of those vacuum cleaning fish at?" Minsk asked. "Put him in a tank of those, and we ought to get a straight answer."
"That's what I know," Zach says, "I don't know who the wranglers are or if they have my friends, Unless you enjoy tormenting the sponge. That's all I know."
"Well, guys?" Minsk said. "Do we enjoy tormenting the sponge?"

"Not really," Jim said. "I think he's telling the truth."
"All right." Bill said "So the Sponge doesn't know anything."

Meanwhile the newly evolved Humanimal Villains were describing their life's work and the ways the Wild Kratts had stopped them to the Wranglers, Donita was telling them about the way she paralyzed living animals to make clothing and jewelry.

"How wasteful!" Remarked Jean

"Huh?" Donita was not expecting this reaction

"I mean honestly!" jean said "What a waste! Using wild animals to make accessories? They are much more useful if they can move! We are not interested in animals as ornaments Donita we are interested in their labor, think of it...A quick Cheetah can be used as a mail carrier and a water walking basilisk lizard could make a great life guard!"

"Well." The newly evolved Donita running her new hand through her antennae "You do things your way I'll do things my way."

"You want Humanimals for their labor." Gaston said "We want them for other reasons..."

Gaston looked around

"How about this?" Gaston asked "We see you have the technology we can use to recreate the machines we use at home, we can help you capture a whole mess of Humanimals for you if only..."

"If only..." The Wranglers leaned in with anticipation

"If we split the booty 50/50." Gaston said "I for one am keen on the most endangered Humanimals that we catch."

"Oh good gravy!" jean remarked temporarily losing his French accent again, but considering the circumstances the Wranglers agreed to the Eco-Villains terms.

The Manager says "You got a deal, but we need the humanimals alive for testing." He gives Donita seven photographs "You can start with these, they are called the Seven Deadly Sin Girls. You can tell by their names." Gaston asks "Why them?"
"An old, um, friend, wants them," the Manager said. "Preferably, alive. They owe him some money, you might say."

"Really?" Donita asked.

"They reneged on a contract," said the Manager. "They were hired to do a job, but switched sides; my friend plans to use them as an example. All seven will die, in ways that I don't dare imagining."
"And where will I find these Seven Deadly Sin Girls?" Donita inquired.

"If I knew that I wouldn't need you, would I?" said the Manager, "but you are welcome to look through my files for clues."

Where were the Sin Sisters? Well currently they were in Burbank California performing an ancient ceremony called 'The Initiation of the Rainbow' each Sin Sister wore a color of the Rainbow, Lust wore red, Gluttony wore orange, Pride wore yellow, Wrath wore green, Greed wore blue, envy wore indigo, and Sloth wore purple the head of the ceremony was an Ave named Thaloo, and the Humanimals in attendance of this ceremony were all the Humanimals from this interactive (i.e http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1890147-Anthros-IN-SPACE) plus Starglow and the cub she had with Hunter.

A Spaceship with a cloaking device approached menacingly.

"All right..." Gaston said "Time to suck'em up!"

A tube like a giant vacuum appeared and sucked up everyone in the park, no one had a glue what was going on!

"I don't approve of their methods." Jean whispered to the Manager "What if there was a Human n that park? And that Human got hurt?"

"But there wasn't any Human in that park." The Manager said "It works for them, it can work for us."

While being sucked into the ship, Starglow grabbed a piece of metal that stuck out, she clung to it for dear life (Her cub was in a sling held close to her body)

Starglow could only watch helplessly as everyone was sucked deeper into the ship, and they all fell into a big pill in the galley, Starglow how ever, once the suction had stopped, climbed through a hole into the engine room
Hunter found himself in a big plastic pill "Is everyone alright?" Envy says "I'm fine, but where are we?" Hunter says "I don't know, looks like some big pill." Pride says "Who would take such a pill?" Hunter looked around "Starglow? Wildvulp?" Greed says "Who?" Hunter says "My mate and daughter, they're not here." Wrath says "That should be good, they managed to escape capture."
A voice came through the air vent. "Pssst! Hunter! It's me! Starglow! I'm free to roam the ship. What should I do? How can we escape?"
"Starglow!" Hunter called "Whatever you do, don't get captured!"

Suddenly an evil laugh forced Starglow to flee, the pill opened up dumping everyone on the floor.

Now the Wranglers and Eco Villains came to study their catch.

"All right." Jeans said "We get the Seven Deadly Sin Girls by default, that leaves twelve for us to divide amongst ourselves.

That's when Jean noticed Thaloo, the Ave seemed ready to attack, so quickly he bound the Ave's wings behind his back and put a napkin ring on his beak to keep his mouth closed

"What's that one?" Donita asked

"This is not a Humanimal." Jean said "This is an Alien, an Ave, they are not for anyone to enslave."

"Why not?" Donita asked

"Because they're are naturally evolved people is why!" Jean exclaimed frustrated "You can't harm Aliens due to a treaty Earth made with other Extra-Terrestrial species, besides, harm the good aliens and the bad aliens might take an interest in you!

"Bad aliens?" The Villains asked

"Yes!" Jean said "The Bad Aliens who might like to poke a straw through your skull and suck up your brains, while your awake and conscious!"

This made the Eco-Villains quiet, so Jean said "Now, choose from the remaining Humanimals."

Gaston counted "12..." He said "Have of 12 is 6 and half of 6 is 3 so that means we get 3 Humanimals each."

Gaston was about to reach for one he wanted but Donita glared at him

"Er...Ladies first..." Gaston said weakly

"That's better." Donita said "Dabio!"

Dabio came to her side, Donita looked at Amanda the Giant Panda."

"I'll...Take this one."

Dabio hefted the Panda and put her on his shoulders

"And...This one..."

Dabio hefted Jack the Green Gecko and put him on his other shoulder.

"Donita looked round and round seeing which one would be her third choice, then she spotted the prettiest brown eyes she had ever seen.

"They belonged to Olga the Okapi." Donita didn't know what an Okapi was, all she knew is she liked the soft red fur and pretty brown eyes.

Donita lay her wasp hand under Olga's chin and looked deep in her eyes

"Such a pretty face..." Donita purred in her insect voice "I must have this one!"

Olga was too big for Dabio to carry so Donita got a leash for Olga.

Gaston was fuming "Darn it!" He said "She took the Panda AND the Okapi!" He turned to the creatures left

"OK." Gaston said "I'll take the Bison," Robots bound and gagged Key the Bison "I'll take the Penguin." Ivan the Penguin was bound and gagged

"And I'll take this Monkey." Gaston said grabbing Maka the Monkey's arm "I don't know if this Monkey is endangered or not but I'm taking it!"

"Great," Jean sighed "That leaves us with a Vampire Bat, a Wolf, a Beaver with no tail, a Raccoon, a Snake and a Husky."
"You're going to pay dearly for this," Hunter growled. "Our friends will come, and you'll be sorry."

"My people will hear about this," Thaloo hissed through his restraints. "They'll place a bounty on you so big, your own families will be tempted to turn you in for the money."
Meanwhile Starglow with Wildvulp found their way to the ships radio room, "Now you wait here while mommy makes a call." She places her on the seat by the radio, locks the door just in case and grabs the radio microphone and tunes to Federation emergancy fequancy "Attention Fellowship, this is Starglow. Me, Wildvulp and Hunter are captured along with the Sin Sisters and several other humanimals by Wranglers."
Back came the answer: Starglow, this is Matoaka. Message received. Sit tight. We are on the way.

"Thank goodness," Starglow said. "Now come on, Wildvulp, let's hide somewhere until Matoaka gets here."
Matoaka said "Well crew it looks like the Eco-Villains and Wranglers are working together!"

She turned to the E.S.L if this mission goes extraordinarily well, your tutelage with us will be over you will be granted your own spaceship."

The E.S.L. felt their hearts go slightly faster hearing that
"Let's get to work," Matoaka said. "We've got people to save."
Freddie asks Chris "Besides Zach the sponge here, who else are we going to deal with and what are their habits?"
"OK Gaston Gourmand is this chef who likes to cook endangered species, in fact...He only cooks endangered species and he never makes the same dish twice."

"And Donita puts Animals in suspended animation to make clothes and jewelry out of them." Martin said

Meanwhile Donita was trying to make a suspended animation machine to use on her three captives.

Amanda whispered to the other two, "OK when I give the signal we all start blubbering on the count of three...1...2...3..."

And then Amanda, Jack and Olga all burst into tears as loudly as possible

Donita banged her head on the machine she was working on when she turned to her three captives

"What are you blubbering about?" She buzzed angrily

"We don't want to go in suspended animation!" Amanda said "We want to live our own lives! Follow our dreams! Find our hearts' desire!"

"Why are you so worried?" Donita asked "You'll be living clothes to famous people! You'll go places everyone wants to go! Hollywood, Paris, Broadway!"

"Would you like to be paralyzed for the rest of your life?!" Amanda snapped "Would like to be unable to move or speak for for the rest of your life!"

That was the moment Donita came to fully realize that Humanimals were not merely animals they were very much people, who did all, the things people do...She thought about reconsidering, but then decided she had come this far, why go back?

"I assure you..." Donita said coldly "The golden rule argument will not work against me."

Jack and Olga were horrified by her callousness! Amanda gathered her strengh and sang one long loud note she sang so high that a glass of water on a nearby table shattered!

Donita was amazed by what she heard

"Wow!" She said "I have never heard pipes like that ever!" She looked at her three captives

"Tell you what." She said "You won't become part of my fall line."

The three looked hopeful

"Instead I'll make you my models!" Donita said "With talent like your's I'll make millions!"

Donita then walked out of the room, Olga and Jack looked at Amanda

"Is this the frying pan or the fire?" Olga asked
"The one that get us free," Amanda said, as she looked at her restraints. "I've got an idea; we'll try singing at our restraints. It might weaken them enough for someone to get loose enough to free the others."
While Amanda is trying to keep Donita busy, the Manager went up to Hunter, "Somehow you look familiar." Hunter says "I've never seen you before." Then the Manager did recognize him "Now I know you, from the Cauldron! You're the one who killed Lord Voltaire!" he turns to Jean, "Take our lupine friend to the brig with the Sin Sisters, he's long overdue for execution," Hunter gulps.
The Manager and Jean stood outside the brig looking at their captives.

"This is my lucky day," said the Manager. "To think that I shall be known as the one who captured Lord Voltaire's assassin! I'll be famous!"

"And me too!" Jean said.

The Manager looked at him. "Hmmm... I suppose so. As my assistant. Yes, some fame might rub off on you."
In the subsequent second, from the brig to the comm. station, the stasis chambers to the bridge, everyone on board the Wrangler ship Longchain suddenly heard a soft plopping-humming sound. "Hullo? What was that- Wait, that was the heavy-radiation shields coming online! We're back in the fourth dimension!" Said the Manager, knowing full well the irregularity and dangers of an unscheduled entry into 'real-space'.

"Attention! All hands to stations! All hands to stations! Code Orange. This is not a drill!" the auto-pilot started beeping cornily, as Wrangler deck-hands began darting about the ship, chiming in with orders of their own.

The Manager's wrist-watch whirred. The Captain's voice spoke up, hazy with the electro-magnetic distortions of deep space. "Sir! We're caught in a grav-net! A Federation ship has hailed us!" A pause, "Sir, it's the Fellowship!"

"What the devil? How could they find us?" Yelled Jean, one hand reflexively going to his weapon.
The Fellowship and the Longchain were about to engage each other when suddenly a nearby alien planet pulled both ships in with an energy beam, neither ship knew what was happening. but the beam put both ships gently down in the middle of a beautiful garden.

Strange creatures approached the ships, they looked like Anthropomorphic Duck Billed Dinosaurs (The flat headed kind not the kind with crests) Their scaly skins were all some variety of blue, green or purple, and their eyes were all a bright red color.

One of them said in a deep echoing voice "Do not fear Fellowship, we mean you no harm. We are the Saurs and we are friends of the Federation, we are trying to help you."

One Purple Saur simply pushed down the door of the Longchain with his immense strengh and using some sort of laser canon left all the wranglers and Eco-villains stunned so they could free the captives.

"Many Thanks for helping us." Matoaka said "We've never heard of Saurs before."

"We're generally a very quiet race." The Blue Saur who spoke said "We don't like to raise a fuss unless with have to."

The Captive Humanimals nearly burst out of the ship into the garden, they were mad with freedom!

"We will keep the villains paralyzed for as long as you want." The Blue Saur said "Until you want us to do something else with them."

"I'll think about it." Matoaka said
"Alright," said Hunter. "Who has jurisdiction for this mess?"
Starglow came up to Hunter with Wildvulp by her side "The Saurs stopped the ship, can you believe that." Hunter says "They did? For a moment there I thought I was going in front of a Wrangler firing squad overseen by Lord Darkseid himself." He picks up Wildvulp "Let's go thank them."
That night there was a traditional Saurian Festival, complete with pineapple and sweet potato pie.

Minsk and Edward sat under a giant fern watching two long-necked water lizards dance a ballet.

"They are so graceful," Minsk said.

"Are they?" Edward said. "I thought there was some pie left."

"Just get another pie," Bob said. "I saw a table full of them. These Saurs are alright!"

"You would like any species that served pie."

A delighted snuffling heralded Bill, passing by with the delicious substance in question throughorly smeared over his blunt snout. "Sure is, Edward. I thought I would never get enough when I started out, but now, ah..." He burped contentedly, then noticed their stares. "Oh, sorry." Wiping himself with another fern, the bovine hominid wandered off again.

"He's got a point; potatao-based or not, our hosts can sure cook pie." Edward said, snickering in a way that was almost tipsy at the gross understatement.

Minsk nuzzled against his neck, whiskers tickling. "And how about these fireworks? I've never seen a kind that goes off without noise, or that have smoke which glitters in the air like an irregular galaxy as it drifts down and makes everything smell lovely."

Some peaceful moments later, they both nearly succeeded in escaping the confines of their prospective hides when a saurian similar to the ones that had greeted them earlier let out an unearthly trumpeting sound. Elsewhere in the garden, other Saurians lifted their heads skyward at the signal, crying out eagerly.

"What in Mars..." Minsk asked, trailing off as she followed their collective gaze space-ward. A second moon was rising to join the first. The golden rim climbed over the horizon like a maestro walking to the podium, and rose to heaven's centrepiece. And rose. And rose.
         Already it filled the sky; the hazy glowing pumpkin orange of a vast harvest moon vivid against the cool black of the clear night on an untouched world. Close to it's master planet as it was, it clearly wore a veil of bright cloud, reflecting the system's star like a mirror. A slowly shifting, liquid mirror, the intricate dance of bands of bright and light coloured gases across it's surface only hinting at whatever alien landscape lay shrouded beneath.
         To the observing sapients, it hardly mattered. This moonrise was special; the Saurians had felt it's effects a million times, but the visitors could only experience it in awe for this first once.
         All, including the thickest ex-slaves, knew that a full moon did strange things to a sentient; gave them energy, put them in touch with their animal selves, heightened their senses in a way felt only rarely, and specially because of that. This was amplified when one was beyond the protective boundaries of their genetic homeworld, when one was a humanimal, and when the moon in question was at it's nearest and greatest.
         And this magic moon was very full, and very close.

"Do you feel a bit strange, Ed?" Asked Minsk innocently, enthralled by the sight of the beautiful moon-rise.

"A bit." he whispered. "Like I could run around this world eight times or so before stopping to take a breath. You?"

"I feel very strange." Minsk said "Like something is about to happen..."

The Large Blue Saur stood up on a large Rock, and said "My Fellow Creatures! It is with great pleasure that we have more then just fellow Saurs to celebrate Starry Night with, we have both Humans and Humanimals from Earth and at least one Ave from Ava, it is time to reveal the great truth of our existence, We Saurs are uplifted animals ourselves."

The Humanimals were quiet

"Long ago." The Blue Saur said "We were merely ordinary Hadrosaurs on Earth, but one species, a Species of intelligent insects who called themselves The People saw potential in us, The People were a dying race, they were among the oldest races in the universe and they were dying, wanting someone to care for their world when they were gone, they scanned the universe for a suitable species, and they found us."
"Of course, we weren't alone," the Blue Saur continued. "These People looked upon all dinosaurs, and all other reptiles living at the time, and uplifted various members of the other species. Thing was, there was some minor problems."
Blue Saur says "Like intelligence, so when the people died off, they transferred their intelligence to us."
Chris says "Wow, that's quite a story." Hunter gets up and Matoaka says "Hunter, where are you going?" Hunter says "Wildvulp fell asleep so I'm putter her to bed."
"And now," continued Blue Saur, "we Saurs are going to sing our Ode to the Sisters of the Moon. I know most of you don't know the words, but feel free to join in. This is one of the oldest songs we have. Some say it dates back all the way to the Time of the Uplifting and was a gift from the Ancient Ones, the People."

To the ears of Minsk and Edward, the trumpeting song of the Saurs was like being in the middle of one of those Medieval fanfares played on long horns, but Matoaka found great beauty in it and listened closely.
Later that night when almost everyone was asleep, Matoaka requested that the villains be released from Paralysis and put in the nearest jail at bedtime, Matoaka asked for this because being paralyzed for to long can cause a coma and she would like the villains to be healthy for trial.

There was a Jail specifically tailored for people smaller then the Saurs, the Green Saur leading the villains in had to walk on all fours in order to fit.

Zach was there too, he was in a glass tank, he too was to stand trial.

"In case any of you are hungry." The Green Saur said "Rest assured you will be fed, we don't starve our prisoners."

A cart with several covered dishes came in underneath each dish was a fragrant hot soup.

"Apologies to any meat eaters." The Green Saur said "But we Saurs are strict vegetarians."

"Right now..." Gaston said "I'm so hungry I could eat old boots! This'll do just fine." And he stuck his face in the bowl and ate just like a pig

"Seems Gaston's instincts are finally getting the better of him." The Green Saur said "I hope you know that by inhabiting animal bodies you will become more and more animal like, at some point you may forget your original identity as the original animal mind stats to reclaim the body...Your old self will slowly die and a new self will be born."

All the Eco-Villains suddenly looked up and felt very cold

"Sleep well tonight." The Green Saur said as he left

Jean Lafitte could not sleep, he felt distressed, he had such a bright promising career, no he was probobly going to end up dead.

He looked out his window, and spotted the Okapi Girl, she was on all fours, grazing on the sweet flowers in the garden

'Maybe she can help me' Thought Jean 'If only I can earn her trust.'
"Okay," Jean said quietly. "Let's see if the 'Hey Pretty Lady' call will work on her."
Chris spoke up "I request a sentance for the Eco-Villians, Zack, Gaston, Donita and Diablo." The Green Saur says "What do you suggest?" Chris says, "Me, by brother and our friends are going back to our home demension soon. We would like them sent back too but there's a catch." The Green Saur says "What's the catch?" Martin says "They'de be sent seperately with no knowledge of what happened here." Both Kratt brothers nodded at each other in agreement. Chris says "Do you think that sounds fair?"
"To me, certainly. But I think their -your- fellow humans and humanimals should be the ones to decide the final sentence." Said the hyper-evolved dinosaur. "I believe that you should wait until you have returned to your space before holding a trial, or eating them, or however your race deals with legal offenders."
Matoaka said "I think I agree with Chris's plan...I think the Eco-Villains should be sent to their home universe."

"Glad to see you agree with us." Martin said

"Though I have a reason you might not have thought of." Matoaka said

The Wild Kratts were not sure what she was getting at

"The Animal Bodies you are currently wearing." Matoaka said "They were not made from scratch, your minds are currently residing in an already existing Animal Body, when your mind goes back to your home universe, The Animal Mind will reclaim his or her body, but will be very confused as to how he or she got to where he or she is now, the villains are inhabiting the bodies on innocent animals, I don't think the hosts should die."
"Good point," Martin said.

Chris nodded. "Count on Matoaka to see the full picture."
The Green Saur says "In that case, when their minds do go back. It's up to you Matoaka to guide the true humanimals so there will be less confusion." Matoaka says "Of course I'll need help with them and they'll need a place to stay. I know. Paradise Valley."
The Wild Kratts left their Animal Bodies the Humanimals looked around and asked "Who am I?"

Meanwhile Jean Lafitte said he was willing to do anything to not get the Death Penalty, The Earth Government was willing to compromise saying he was sentenced to 100 days of community service in addition to his reprogram

The End!

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